How the Jews have taken over Britain

By Tobias Langdon

Sourced from The Occidental Observer:
Fake Jews: Deceit and Double-Think in Britain’s Hostile Elite

“Britain is not a White democracy. It is a Jewish oligarchy.”
— Tobias Langdon

Here’s a quiz about Israeli politics. Are there any strongly identified Muslim or Christian Arabs high in Israel’s ruling conservative party? Do those Arabs write for Arab newspapers setting out the central principle of their lives: “Arabs must come first”? Finally, do those Arabs lavish praise on an opposition leader who opened Israel’s borders to the Third World and duped Israel into a hugely expensive and disastrous foreign war?

You have no guesses. You won’t need any. The answer to every question is the same. No, there are no Arabs like that in Israel. Not one. Furthermore, Israel has never opened its borders to the Third World or poured trillions of shekels into a disastrous foreign war. Israel is a Jewish nation where Jews are firmly in control and intend to remain so. That’s why they don’t allow Arabs to have genuine power or influence in politics, culture and academia. Arabs would have their own agenda and would not make Jewish interests their only concern, even if they weren’t hostile to Jews or determined to undermine Jewish power.

Tremendous respect for Tony Blair

In short, Israel is a sane country that keeps its large Arab minority where it belongs: out of power. Now compare the United Kingdom, a White and historically Christian nation. By comparison with Israel, the UK is insane, because it allows outsiders to exercise enormous power and influence. Worse still, those outsiders are both hostile to the White majority and determined to undermine it by promoting mass immigration and minority worship. Here is an article written for the Jewish Chronicle by Daniel Finkelstein, a strongly identified Jew high in the ruling Conservative party:

Corbyn must lose — for our sake  [i.e., for the readers of the Jewish Chronicle]

Tony Blair — a man for whom I have tremendous respect — has been arguing that, as Theresa May is going to win, what we really need is a strong opposition. … I have a lot of friends who vote Labour and I understand their dilemma. They have supported Labour all their lives and they don’t want to abandon their party to Jeremy Corbyn. Unfortunately, not abandoning the party to Mr Corbyn means supporting the party while he leads it. Despite the acuteness of the dilemma, this is unconscionable.

I realise that I am a Conservative peer and this point concerns party politics. But, still. Forgive me for this is a point I feel I must make as a Jew. If Jeremy Corbyn and his followers do not suffer a gigantic defeat in this election, it will be an utter, complete, ghastly disaster for Jews. It will mean that despite all that has happened in the past two years, all his supporters have said about Jews, people — even Jews, for goodness sake — can still support him. … Jeremy Corbyn mustn’t just lose. He must be crushed electorally. It must be impossible for his supporters to say that it wasn’t too bad and they should have another go. …

So it needs bravery now to secure the long term future of Jews on the centre left. Maybe I’m not the right person to give this advice. I can see that. But forget it’s me, I am right[,] aren’t I? (Corbyn must lose — for our sake, The Jewish Chronicle, 4th May 2017 / 10th Iyar 5777)


“A man for whom I have tremendous respect.”
— Daniel Finkelstein (pictured here), The Jewish Chronicle

Daniel Finkelstein: “Corbyn Delendus Est!

Beside being a Tory peer, Finkelstein is also an “associate editor” at the influential Times of London. He’s not a good writer, but he sets out his views and psychology with perfect clarity in that article. The British Labour party was founded to defend the interests of the White working-class. It abandoned that group decades ago and, at the behest of strongly identified Jews like Lord Levy, worked to harm their interests instead. Finkelstein doesn’t care. His only concern is that perennial question: “What’s best for Jews?”

Repent or be destroyed

If any political party in Britain doesn’t put Jewish interests first, Jews like Finkelstein see only two options. The first is that the party must be kept out of power until it repents and returns to the path of righteousness. That’s what Finkelstein wants for Labour. Alternatively, the party must be destroyed. That’s what Finkelstein and the rest of the Jewish elite wanted — and got — for the British National Party, which won millions of votes only a few years ago but has now collapsed, losing its two Members of the European Parliament and all but one of its local councillors.

You can see the same unblushing ethnocentrism and selfishness in “How the SDP failed the Jews,” another article in the Jewish Chronicle that puts Jewish interests first and Gentile interests nowhere. The SDP, or Social Democratic Party, was formed by rebels from the Labour party who thought their old party had become too left-wing to win elections. And look who was among those rebels:

Another youthful recruit [to the SDP], Danny Finkelstein — now a Conservative peer and JC columnist — joined Labour as a schoolboy. Delivering literature for the party during a local election campaign, he found some SDP leaflets stuck in a letter box. He fished them out, intending to throw them away but, having read them instead, promptly joined the new party. Two years after the SDP’s launch, Finkelstein became chair of the Young Social Democrats. He went on to become a political adviser to [David] Owen, a member of the party’s National Committee, and fought Ken Livingstone in Brent East in 1987. Indeed, fighting that year’s general election in alliance with the Liberal party, the SDP fielded more Jewish candidates than Labour. (How the SDP failed the Jews, The Jewish Chronicle, 13th March 2017 / 15th Adar 5777)

However, the SDP proved insufficiently pro-Israel, which is why the article concludes that it failed the crucial test for any British political party: are Jewish interests its first priority? The revelation about Daniel Finkelstein’s early political history is no surprise. Is it any wonder that he praises Tony Blair and is a good friend of the Jewish Labour supporter Jonathan Freedland? Finkelstein is a Conservative peer who isn’t actually a conservative — but of course, that’s true for a great many Tories.

That’s why the BBC are happy to allow him on the radio panel-show The News Quiz, where he sits happily with far-left folk like Jeremy Hardy and the Trotskyist Mark Steel (a Sephardic Jew). His appearances there prove that bad writing isn’t his only non-talent. He’s also bad at comedy.

Father and Son

Hugo Rifkind is another true Jew and fake conservative who airs his lack of comedic talent on the News Quiz. He’s the son of the former cabinet minister Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who, like Dianne Feinstein in the United States, has had a vital role overseeing the intelligence services. He became Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee in 2010. Are you reassured to hear that Sir Malcolm thinks the surveillance state is doing an excellent job and keeping strictly within the law? You shouldn’t be:

On Tempora, it has been well known that the fibre optic cables that carry a significant proportion of the world’s communications pass close to the British coastline and could provide intelligence opportunities. The reality is that the British public are well aware that its intelligence agencies have neither the time nor the remotest interest in the emails or telephone conversations of well over 99% of the population who are neither potential terrorists nor serious criminals. Modern computer technologies do permit the separation of those that are of interest from the vast majority that are not. (What rubbish, Sir Simon! Our intelligence agencies are not outside the lawThe Guardian, 20th September, 2013)

Deep-state defender Malcolm Rifkind

Malcolm Rifkind is yet another strongly identified Jew who has enormous power and influence in the White and historically Christian nation of Britain.

The contrast with Israel is even starker when you consider that Jews, at about 1%, are a far smaller minority here than Arabs, at just over 20%, are in Israel. Britain is not a White democracy: it is much more accurately labelled a Jewish oligarchy. When the so-called Labour party was in power, it was firmly under Jewish control. Now the so-called Conservative party is in power and firmly under Jewish control.

Vibrancy and violence

That explains why mass immigration continues as freely under the Tories as it did under Labour. It also explains why the Tories introduced “gay marriage” and, with the fake conservative Theresa May as Home Secretary, told the police to stop persecuting down-trodden Black youths in London and other ethnically enriched cities. The result can be seen in vibrant news at Breitbart: “Knife Crime Soars to Five-Year High After Kerb on ‘Racist’ Police Stop and Search.”

Does this have any connection with vibrant news in the Guardian: “Reported rapes in England and Wales double in four years”? Yes, of course it does. Mass immigration from violent and corrupt Third-World nations inevitably increases crime in Western nations. Israel doesn’t suffer from this crime because it doesn’t allow mass immigration from the Third World.

“It is tough working for the Jews…”

Daniel Finkelstein, the Rifkinds and other members of the Jewish elite don’t care about the harmful effects of mass immigration. They think it’s “Good for Jews,” because it atomizes British society and provides ample excuse for authoritarian laws and mass surveillance. Most of them are wealthy enough to insulate themselves from non-White violence — not that this stops Jews demanding subsidies from the government for security against threats that they themselves created.

And although Jews claim to be deeply concerned about the welfare of minorities in Britain, the minorities in question often have different stories. Here are two extracts from a book called This Is London: Life and Death in the Big City (2016) by the Jewish author Ben Judah:

The Jews, they are a strange people. They like to talk to the Filipinas [who work for them as domestic servants]. “We are an immigrant family like you,” they say. And when the Filipina goes, “Oh, when did you move to Britain?”, the Jews say, “1880.” And the Filipina is stunned and confused. The Jews, they only ever talk about Israel — Israel, Israel, Israel, all day Israel — and it is as if they are living here in St John’s Wood [a wealthy suburb of London] but they are really there, in precious Israel. …

And it is tough working for the Jews. They make many Filipinas cry. They are more likely than anyone else to bring the Filipinas inside the family — but this is mostly a charade. They never, ever want to pay — as little as possible, as late as possible. And there are many, many Filipinas who burst into tears when they realize after seven years that the Jews have been cheating them on national insurance, their weekly salaries, or even more. (Op. cit., “Knightsbridge,” pp. 229 and 231)

If Ben Judah weren’t himself Jewish, he might have risked prosecution for spreading hate-stereotypes about Jewish venality, deceit and ethnocentrism. His book describes an atomized city full of crime, alienation and competing tribes.

Twenty-first-century London is a Jewish creation, formed by policies dear to Jews and their liberal allies, but never supported by the White majority. In a supposed democracy, Jews have got their disastrous way on mass immigration.

—  §  —

No to Nassim

If you want to understand how a minority can control the majority like that, an excellent place to start is Nassim Taleb’s essay “The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dominance of the Stubborn Minority.” Taleb is an Arab Christian from Lebanon, a highly intelligent and insightful economist and statistician who predicted — and warned against — the financial crisis. Surely Taleb would make an excellent director at the Bank of Israel or a senior adviser in the Israeli government?

Nassim Taleb: No good for Israel

No, not at all. Taleb is precisely the kind of person Israel wants to exclude from power, not invite into it. He’s an Arab and a Christian. He wouldn’t make “What’s best for Jews?” the central principle of his life. In Jewish eyes, his intelligence and insight make him less suitable for high office in Israel, not more. And he’s even dared to suggest that the great Jewish intellectual Susan Sontag was obnoxious and uncouth.

Lascivious Priest

Politics in Britain inverts the Israeli rule: it doesn’t discriminate in favour of the majority, but against it. Any hint that a party seeks what’s best for the White majority will elicit loud accusations of racism, xenophobia and fascism. That’s what happened to Ukip and that’s why Ukip were delighted that their candidate in the mayoral election in Manchester was an Orthodox Jew called Shneur Odze. Alas, Mr Odze has let the party down. The Jewish Chronicle, which doesn’t like Ukip or Orthodox Judaism, was happy to report the following:

A strictly Orthodox man standing as Ukip’s candidate in the Manchester mayoral election has been accused of conducting an affair with a woman he met on a bondage sex website. Shneur Odze, who had declined to shake hands with a female political opponent on “religious grounds” earlier in the election campaign, allegedly posed as a Catholic priest on the site, which is described as a social network for the “fetish and kinky community”.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Odze described himself on his profile as having been into bondage and sadomasochism “for a number of years” during which he said he had “tried a great deal and enjoyed even more”. The Mail reported that Mr Odze had met the woman for sex. She discovered his real identity when she put his mobile number into Google and found his Ukip Facebook page.

Mr Odze is married with four children. He has not responded to requests for comment. His local Ukip branch chairman resigned after the allegations were made, saying he could not support Mr Odze’s actions. A Ukip spokesman said: “This is a personal matter for Mr Odze. He has broken no law.” (Sex claims against Ukip candidate, The Jewish Chronicle, 5th May 2017 / 9th Iyar 5777)

I was struck by the allegation that Shneur Odze “posed as a Catholic priest.” If true, it’s both funny and revealing. Odze was posing as a Catholic rather in the way that Daniel Finkelstein is posing as a conservative. He was both having his own cake and poisoning someone else’s — that is, helping to bring the Catholic church into disrepute.

A devout Catholic exposed for posing as a rabbi on an S&M website would surely be denounced for anti-Semitism. Has the devout Jew Odze, posing as a Catholic priest, been denounced for Christophobia or goyophobia? No, not at all. Those concepts don’t exist in the mainstream, even though the phenomena are widespread among British Jews.



Jewish hostility to Christians: the prejudice no one ever writes about

The case of the Oxford lecturer in Jewish studies who says she was sacked after she converted to Christianity has thrown a spotlight on to an acutely sensitive subject. I have no idea whether Dr Tali Argov was treated unfairly — that’s for the employment tribunal to decide — but let’s not pretend that Jews who become Christians don’t face intense disapproval from their own community.

Christian anti-Semitism, Muslim anti-Semitism, Christian Islamophobia, Muslim persecution of Christians [note lack of a term for this] — all of these are acceptable topics of debate. But not Jewish hostility to Christianity [ditto].

You can understand why Jews might dislike the Christian religion: not only does it deify a man, the ultimate blasphemy for pious Jews just as it is for pious Muslims, but it’s also implicated in centuries of anti-Semitism. (I think its role in inspiring the Holocaust has been exaggerated, but that’s an argument for another day.)

Sometimes Jewish antipathy to Christianity spills over into hostility towards Christians. There was a piece in the Independent the other day by Christina Patterson that went way over the top in describing the rudeness of Stamford Hill’s ultra-Orthodox Jews towards non-Jews:

When I moved to Stamford Hill [in London], 12 years ago, I didn’t realise that goyim were about as welcome in the Hasidic Jewish shops as Martin Luther King at a Ku Klux Klan convention. I didn’t realise that a purchase by a goy was a crime to be punished with monosyllabic terseness, or that bus seats were a potential source of contamination, or that road signs, and parking restrictions, were for people who hadn’t been chosen by God. And while none of this is a source of anything much more than irritation, when I see an eight-year-old boy recoiling from a normal-looking woman (because, presumably, he has been taught that she is dirty or dangerous, or, heaven forbid, dripping with menstrual blood) it makes me sad.

Stephen Pollard, the brilliant editor of the Jewish Chronicledescribed this as “pure, unrelenting unadulterated anti-Jewish bigotry,” on the part of Ms Patterson and indeed some of its undertones are disturbing. But monosyllabic terseness towards goyim? I’ve experienced it, and it’s maddening. Let me recommend a gripping book called Postville by the secular Jewish journalist Stephen Bloom, who records the extreme bad manners of Lubavitch Jews who moved en masse to a town in rural Iowa to run a huge kosher butchery. In the end, angry Christian townspeople, who had initially been welcoming, voted to annexe the land on which the factory was built, so they could tax and regulate it. Bloom, who felt the Lubavitchers had displayed “despicable” attitudes verging on racism, supported the move.

Jewish hostility towards Christians isn’t confined to the ultra-Orthodox. A woman friend of mine tutored the daughter of a Jewish couple in north London. When she said she wanted to take a break for Christmas, the wife went bananas. “We do not allow that word to be spoken in this house,” she said. An unrepresentative incident, no doubt; but my friend’s attitude towards Judaism changed after it took place. And I could tell other stories, of unbelievable haughtiness by the leaders of Anglo-Jewry, which would have led to diplomatic incidents if the Christians involved weren’t afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism.

[U]ntil now I’ve never written a word about Jewish prejudice against Christians, even though I’ve seen it at close hand, at a series of Jewish-run conferences I attended in America in the 1990s at which evangelical Christian believers were stereotyped as fanatics who needed only the right demagogue to turn them into murderous anti-Semites. If the conferences were being held now, I suspect most of the flak would be taken by Catholics.

It would be interesting read a book on anti-Christian sentiment among modern Jews, including Jewish historians who invest heavily in the notion of Christian or gentile collective guilt for crimes committed by others. But such a book would have to come from the perspective of someone without an axe to grind (ie, not one of the anti-Semitic nutcases who are such a depressing presence in the blogosphere). And something tells me it will never be written. (Jewish hostility to Christians: the prejudice no one ever writes aboutThe Daily Telegraph, 29th July 2010)

Christianity has been central to Western life and culture for many centuries. Is it wise to allow Jews, who are so hostile to Christianity, so much power and influence in the West? Anti-Semitic nutcases don’t think it is. They want Western nations to act like Israel and defend their majority race and historic religion rather than working to destroy them.

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  1. Look at the expression on the face of Malcom Rifkind.
    Can you say : “vulture” ?

    Many Jews look like walking caricatures of Jews.

    1. Indeed, you are right, Franklin. “They [Jews] are the carrion birds of humanity…” Napoleon Bonaparte

    2. Thank you so much for the Zoology/Anthropology lesson Franklin. I always suspected they were leaving something out of the official curriculum.

    3. He thinks he looks incisive but doesn’t realize he is only emphasizing his insidiousness…a word he probably quite likes to use.

  2. Jewish financiers funded Cromwell’s campaigns in Britain and Ireland. We really have to start thinking that far back. Recent history only represents an awakening: all the wars and lies of recent decades are a mere hint of what has been going on for 200 years.

    1. Yes Flopot, this article obviously narrows its focus to very recent history but for at least 200 years Britain has been infected and a good many Brits willingly sold out and/or actively brought down other white nations, just look at the Boer War and WW2. The Brits became great perpetrators in the destruction of white people in the 20 century and the USA followed suit, now that southern africa is screwed, the destruction turns inward and Britain and the USA are, as this article points out, in the process of losing their own countries.

      Brits and Americans should listen to information like in the following Lamprecht talk – a couple of parts are too horrific for youngsters to hear, but you get a very CLEAR example of how even after integration and a liberal approach, whites face grave dangers. Keep this talk in mind as weaponised “immigration” reaches your towns.

      Why the Whites Lost Rhodesian War: Portuguese collapse – White hating Britain & USA

  3. “Jewish hostility to Christians: the prejudice no one ever writes about”….
    ….. except the bragging Chabad Lubavitchers… GLOBALLY.
    And – NOW – in the White House..!!

    Chabadists claim:

    “A Jew is responsible not only to teach Torah to Jews, but also to teach the Seven NOAHIDE LAWS to NON-JEWS.”

    –Inside Chabad-Lubavitch–

    More than MISSIONARIES…Chabad Houses..!!

    The Chabad House

    A Chabad House is a Jewish community center in the truest sense of the term-the nerve center of all the educational and outreach activities of the Chabad-Lubavitch lamplighter, serving the needs of the ENTIRE Jewish community.

    *Dershowitz at Chabad (Video)

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    Professor Alan Dershowitz fields questions on diverse topics ranging from his relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe to whether or not international law would permit a preemptive strike against Iran. This Q&A session was filmed at the Chabad House in Miami Beach, Florida.

    United Nations (Video)

    A Jew is responsible not only to teach Torah to Jews, but also to teach the Seven Noahide Laws to non-Jews. A Jew is responsible not only to teach Torah to Jews, but also to teach the Seven Noahide Laws to non-Jews.


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      growing demands for many much-needed Jewish services.


        The Jewish Zionists Cabal have infiltrated the Chinese elites 50 years ago ,and built an evil web of corruption . the Chinese proven to be hungry for money and very materialistic.
        and hence an ideal prey for the Zionist hyenas.
        bottom line,, never trust the nowadays Chinese ,they are corrupt to the bones.
        they will sell their own mothers for few shekels.

  4. One wonders what impact the terror attack last night in Manchester, at the end of the rock concert, will have. Last I heard 22 were killed, mostly young girls, and that ISIS has taken credit. The suicide bomber apparently died in the explosion. If this is not enough carnage for the Brits to close their gates to more invasion from Africa and the Middle East what will it take?

    1. What does it mean when we hear, “ISIS has taken credit for something”? This kind of statement never has any credibility. Or is there a Bat Phone between ISIS and appropriate government offices of countries where terror takes place?

      I haven’t seen one drop of blood. I don’t believe it.

      1. “What does it mean when we hear, ‘ISIS has taken credit for something’?”

        It often seems to depend on context. In this case, with an invasion force massed on the Jordanian-Syrian border, it probably means that a pretext is needed to invade Syria (to go after “ISIS” of course), so “ISIS” will come to the rescue, perhaps with a series of nice, juicy pretext-creating terror attacks (of course always directed against purely civilian targets, which have little or nothing to with “government policy”).

      2. @ Folly of War
        @ Rich

        Concerning the Manchester “bombing,” I find this odd. One May 22, 22 are killed, by a 22 year old, 22, 22, 22. This is way too coincidental. I’m not familiar with occult number symbols. I was just wondering what the hidden occult message might be. Any idea?

      3. @Ungenius
        ” I was just wondering what the hidden occult message might be.”
        There is certainly a Kabbalah significance. This link might be useful for some investigation;

        “Clearly, this language is the Hebrew language, which we are taught in the Torah and in Kabbalah is the language that God used to create the world… There are 22 letters to the Hebrew language… In Kabbalah the two letter units are called sha’arim, gates, since if one would perceive each of the letters of the unit as a pillar on each side of a gateway, one can pass through the gateway from either direction, thus obtaining two different permutations of the two-letter units from one gate.”

        Maybe a masonic link also.

      4. Jimbo –

        Freemason’s 22nd degree is known as Knight of the Royal Axe:


        In brief, the degree commemorates the Sidonians, who felled cedars for the Ark of Noah, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Temple of Solomon, even if the two Arks were made of Acacia wood;
        they organized themselves into colleges to worship the Grand ARCHITECT* of the Universe and fell cedars for Israelite projects.

        A high-born Prussian Knight, at the time of the Crusades, finds them in their college, at labor, and seeks admission. He is denied entrance, unless he can perform a year’s worth of labor. This being satisfied, he becomes a Knight of the Royal Axe, which he is given, so he can fell cedars.

        The Axe is inscribed with Hebrew letters, which signify Lebanon, Sidonians, Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth, [the members of this College are claimed as descendants of Japheth]; Moses, Aholiab, Zerubbabel, Nehemiah, Ezra. This then is the Royal Axe.

        Why Israelite names on an Axe significant to the Sidonians, who were pagans, who worshipped a different pantheon? According to William Foxwell Albright, Yahweh and the Gods of Canaan, pp. 148-150, Eshmun and Astronoe were the Chief Deities of Sidon. Eshmun being the god of Healing, like Asklepios, Shulman, Imouthis, I-M-Hetep, and Astronoe being a version of the Ishtar of Nineveh.

        *[MY Note – “…they organized themselves into colleges to worship the Grand Architect of the Universe..” There is a “YUGE” difference between the “Creator” of the universe… and the “Architect” of the universe. That means there are different “LORDS” in writings.]

        Albert Pike wrote: (need for suffering)


        “Let the weary cease to think that labor is a curse and doom pronounced by Deity. Without it there could be no true excellence in human nature. Without it, and pain, and sorrow, where would be the human virtues? Where Patience, Perseverance, Submission, Energy, Endurance, Fortitude, Bravery, Disinterestedness, Self-Sacrifice, the noblest excellencies of the Soul?”

      5. @ Jimbo

        Thanks for the input.

        It is definitely occult. There is that 22 again concerning the Hebrew language along with the Kabbalah reference to the double number. So, it is logical to deduce that the jews/masons did the attack. The two permutations could simply be that they did it and will benefit from it.

        I appreciate the link, but I personally do not study the occult. I prefer to study the opposite of the occult, the teachings of Jesus. I’m satisfied with knowing that the jews did the attack.

        “Maybe a masonic link also.” Yes, it has to have since Masonry was established in 1717 by two jews and was a conversion of the jewish organization known as The Mysterious Force founded in 45 AD to fight Chriatianity. Based on acquaintances that are/were Masons, none of them knew that they were involved in a jewish organization.

        “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Dr. Isaac M. Wise, The Israelite of America, August 3, 1866.

      6. Hi Pat and Ungenius, thanks for the links and info. After recently viewing the video below the number 22 coincidentally appeared in connection with jewish circumcision. The creepy rabbi at 8:53mins makes a tenuous kabbalistic nob sucking justification for jewish ritual child abuse using the number 22. The video is quite interesting and worth a watch from the beginning;

  5. Thank you LD, Mr. Langdon, and commenters for a fine article and insights. British history is a history of conquests; the Belgic tribes, the Romans, the Angles, Saxons, Danes, and Jutes, Vikings, Normans and …the Jews. The Mongols took over China, but had one of the shortest dynasties in Chinese history, the Yuan. The temporary expedient of mongrel immigration at taxpayer expense can work for a while, but what the jew has never understood in centuries of parasite behavior is that wrecking the host that feeds him eventually brings him down with it. Then, like in the recent era with the Soviet Union, survivors emigrate for better pickings somewhere else. Britain’s current hostile infection is mirrored in the USA, Europe, but only partially in China and Japan. It should be noted that Iran’s policy to domestic jews is tolerant, but with the understanding that they don’t want “democracy” like Tony Blair brought to Iraq.The Russian experience is a beacon in the modern world, using gentle expulsion and firm (but reasonably fair) management of what is left. So a policy of subtle internal containment is both highly practical and effective. Don’t buy their products (especially entertainment) and seek education and medical treatment elsewhere. If the jew doesn’t accept this, other measures will be necessary. To rid the occupied countries of the oligarchies (the natural, limited end result of jewish ‘vision’, and like other monarchies unsustainable except as honorable institutions as seen in the UK and Thailand, and elsewhere though always non jewish) is necessary for the survival of the host.

  6. Does the (((tribe))) knows no shame?: (((They))) are (((one))) for (((all))) and (((all))) for (((one))). What if the UN were to make a very modest proposal that instead of a two state “solution” to the Israeli Palestinian conundrum but there be a one state “solution” where the Jews and the Palestinians form one state with liberty and justice for all. Everywhere on earth other then the Jew/Israeli state this is exactly what the (((tribe))) advocates for every one else; multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-diversity, multi-this and multi-that. Why don’t the 99.9% of the non-Jews of this Jew run world pull their collective heads from their increasingly fat hind ends and tell the Jews to practice what (((they))) preach? We all know what the answer would be for the (((tribe))) knows no shame.

  7. Jews are so selfish, rapacious, haughty, unkind and unfair it’s almost difficult to comprehend how they can even decently act like they are the opposite of these things when busy making appearances. A truly wicked people.

    1. @ All over the place,
      Don’t dismiss this, but generations upon generations of 8 day-old circumcision has a lot to do with it. The USI, in which the goyim has been tricked by the Jews into believing that male genital mutilation is medically beneficial, has been drawn into their web of lies. How can the US turn on Israel when most of its men have been made to look like them? It’s no wonder why we fight their wars for them and give them billions annually even though they are a richer country per capita then we are.


    Madam, thanks for the great article about the Judaists, But I hope you all read the big news.

    Newly discovered 7.2 million-year-old hominid nick-named El Graeco shatters the bogus liberal scam called Out-Of-Africa theory.

    The liberals have been brainwashing the gullible public for decades that ALL people came out of Africa, and they spread worldwide, as the oldest human fossils were found in Africa.

    They probably did this to fool the whites that “we are all the same”, “we are all Africans”, “Africa is out motherland” and that Africans coming here are the same like your ancestors who came here to Europe–from Africa!!

    However, the Out-Of-Africa hoaxters could never explain the common sense question–then how whites became white, but the Africans who remained in Africa remained black. But the Africans who really traveled SE, to South India (black Indians, called Dravidians), SE Asia and Australia (aboriginals) are still black, to this day?

    Though some scientists have been proposing the multi-regional hypothesis for decades (that blacks came from Africa, whites from Eurasia and the Chinese from China), they have been mocked.

    Now finally, in May 2017, science proves the latter group right.

    Liberals now forced to admit that the “out of Africa” theory was just a hoax, as the oldest fossil found is in Europe!

    It is only a matter of time before DNA testing on these ancient European fossils will prove they were whites.

    Time to ban immigration and send all Africans back–to Africa.

  9. I know the Zionists soak up anti-Semitism like Superman* soaks up sunlight. They also stoke up anti-Semitism because they cannot get enough of that goyim wrath. Surely there must be a threshold or a limit as to how much incandescent rage they absorb?

    If there is such a brim, perhaps it spills over uncontrollably, splattering like hot olive oil over all their schemes and machinations. The anti-Semitism generators overload; the Jew-Hate reactor rods go into meltdown and sink into the cultural subtext. All their roots, tentacles and webs start burning red-hot for all to see — the Mark of the Beast is on ’em but they cannot see.

    Fancy that. Now for a cup ‘o tae.

    *or should I say “Super Golem” 😉

  10. To understand the problems in the world, google and read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

  11. Jews hold disproportionate power in government, finance, the media, academia and the professions, yet most of them are loyal first to Israel and other Jews.

    This elephant in the living room is never mentioned by the media, but we all know it is there. The people have been betrayed and they will not forgive these elites who have been telling them that what harms them is right. It isn’t just Jews. Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Gordon Brown and lately Mr Corbyn are all guilty.

    I think we are approaching a 1933 moment, when the people will support ANY party that will end the situation, and I don’t think it will be just in Britain.

    1. John Kirby,
      Obviously anti-nepotism laws do not apply to the Jews, only to Whites. If we indeed lived in a meritocracy there is no way that all the Jews would rise to the top. No race looks out for their own kind more than the Jews.

    1. Fantastic. Great work. I have been looking for a penetrating analysis like this one in all four parts. Thank you so much Katana.

      1. ADMIN: COMMENT RESCUED FROM SPAM. This is an example of what is being done to our site. A perfectly valid comment is being directed into spam by the controllers of the internet. There is no possible reason why we should seek to censor Katana’s harmless comment. Katana is referring to an excellent 5-part article on his website which Winston praised. This is about the takeover of Britain by the Jews, an article that is well worth reading.

        Thanks Winston. In the last part there’s a PDF of the whole thing.

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