How the Jews Won the Battle of Charlottesville

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“We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to, during, and after the rally.”
—  Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the high point in a period of increasing Alt Right confidence and activism, and it was the moment that marked our first major clash with the globalist hydra.

In the wake of Charlottesville, the System that we now find ourselves in more or less open conflict with has followed its dissemination of false narratives of the day’s events with opportunistic boldness and a series of actions. In the first few days after ‘Unite the Right’, an event which saw the apparently co-ordinated ambush of White Identitarian attendees, various arms of the Alt Right have suffered logistical attacks on their internet-based activities, Steve Bannon has left the White House, the myth of the ‘right wing extremist’ has been resurrected with a vengeance, and dangerous precedents have been established on the vital issues of internet freedom and freedom of speech. We are, to a greater degree than any point in recent memory, backed into a corner.

However, despite these strained circumstances, and the hectic and confused media coverage of events in Virginia, it is crucial to understand that none of these actions and reactions against the Alt Right have been spontaneous or ad hoc. Rather, what we have witnessed is the culmination of intensive efforts by our opponents to forge a hegemonic anti-White interface encompassing Jewish ethnic activists, the police, all levels of government, Antifa, and the incentivized agents of globalism and Cultural Marxism. In the following essay I want to step back from the finer points of events in Charlottesville in order to illustrate and contextualize some of the broader patterns of Jewish activity that are in evidence.

The most important aspect of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally was that it wasn’t allowed to go ahead. In this regard, we are supposed to believe that local police botched the placement of opposing factions, and then had a knee-jerk reaction to the resultant early disturbances, subsequently (and conveniently) declaring a state of emergency and ending the rally before it began. The apparent surprise of leading Alt Right figures to this forced abortion was puzzling to me, not least because the actions of Charlottesville police were entirely predictable in light of emerging patterns of Jewish-orchestrated law enforcement indoctrination, and the fact that the expression of White Identitarian ideas are on course to be exiled beyond the bounds of legal protection. Setting aside the fact that police forces throughout the West are now politicized to an unprecedented degree, they are now regularly subjected to intensive indoctrination with propaganda produced and disseminated by Jewish organizations, the ADL and the Jewish-funded and Jewish-staffed SPLC foremost among them. Moving forward as a movement, it is imperative that the complicity of law enforcement in hostile actions is anticipated and taken into account when formulating street actions and other areas of political and social strategy.

The involvement of Jewish activist organizations in the politicization and weaponization of law enforcement, in the form of ‘race training,’ is little discussed in our circles, but it is well-attested. The earliest forms of ‘race training’ were pioneered by Jewish academic Judy Katz, who formulated a program called ‘White Awareness Training,’ also the title of her handbookpublished in 1978. The program was built on the premise that “racism is a pathological condition from which white people suffer, and by which they are subsequently immobilized. The program concentrates on enabling white people to take responsibility for tackling their own racism and that of other whites at a personal level, and to act on this in their subsequent lives.” The format was eagerly adopted by the Anti-Defamation League, and by 2013 the ADL began describing itself as “the foremost non-governmental organization in the United States that offers law enforcement training on terrorism, extremism, and hate crimes.” During the period 2003–2013 the ADL claims to have trained “well over 100,000 federal, state, local and military law enforcement officers.” This ‘training’ consists of the intensive indoctrination of attendees with the ADL’s own hyperbolic and extremely biased ideology on matters such as White identity politics and multiculturalism; it is offered free of charge as an added incentive for departments to participate. Far from involving mere beat cops and detectives, even the very highest ranks are drawn into the ADL’s ‘education’ network.

The ADL boasts that “more than 1000 law enforcement executives and commanders” have graduated from its programs, which includes a course on “implicit bias” and another titled “Lessons of the Holocaust.” The ‘lessons’ in question are that everyone involved in law enforcement has a duty to ensure a ‘tolerant,’ ‘diverse,’ and ‘multicultural’ society, and the definition of these terms is of course fully in keeping with Jewish interests. Agencies subscribed to this program include “the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while local departments include the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department, the Philadelphia Police Department, and dozens more, … It has also been incorporated into the curriculum of the FBI National Academy, the FBI National Executive Institute, and the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar. In addition to the original program in Washington, DC, it is also now offered in Los Angeles, Tampa, Nassau County (NY), Houston, and St. Louis.” In short, every influential arm of American law enforcement is now under the propaganda reach of one of the most malicious and insidious Jewish activist groups.

Such ‘educational’ links breed wider and deeper associations and levels of co-operation. The ADL, by its own admission, was working intensively “behind the scenes” with police and government networks in Charlottesville. Anita Gray, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, told one Jewish media outlet in the aftermath of ‘Unite the Right’:

We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to during and after the rally. Our Center on Extremism has been collaborating with law enforcement for weeks, providing intelligence on the various white supremacist groups who subsequently showed up in Charlottesville, and investigating specific threats in real time. We remain in close contact with law enforcement, elected officials, community leaders and others and continue to provide critical research, resources and community support. All of our offices have been working around the clock to respond, inform and take action [emphasis added].

Gray’s statement can be interpreted with little effort as meaning that the ADL stepped up its ‘educational’ efforts with law enforcement in Charlottesville, saturating both the local police department and presumably also the state police with horror stories warning of dire potentialities at the hands of White Identitarians, no doubt invariably described in their seminars as ’domestic terrorists.” Even if the shambolic handling of the opposing factions in the city was not pre-planned — a theory I am reluctant to totally discount, it was pre-ordained by virtue of the fact that law enforcement had been primed by Jewish ethnic activists to view the event as being potentially violent on a catastrophic scale. This for a rally of moderate size intended merely to protest the removal of a historical monument.

Media exaggerations aside, and despite the placement of opposing sides in close proximity, the aborted event was not the scene of catastrophic violence or city-wide disturbance. More destructive violence has been witnessed at Black Lives Matter rallies or, indeed, in any given weekend in cities like Detroit or Chicago. However, in a media masterstroke, Charlottesville became the subject of a carefully orchestrated ‘moral panic,’ which was relentlessly stoked until it was ‘hot’ enough to be tactically useful to Jewish interests, and to the achievement of Jewish goals which have hitherto proven elusive.

I have to confess to being taken aback by the skill with which this ruse was presented. I was in Europe as events unfolded in Charlottesville, but on the day of the rally I was in close contact with a number of participants. I followed proceedings via a combination of their communications, a separate live feed, and the mainstream media. A disparity between what was actually taking place, and the mainstream media narrative was almost immediately apparent. In the European mainstream media, the rally was presented exclusively as a ‘hate rally’ organized by neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, and was very often linked to a putative ‘rise in hate’ caused by the election of Donald Trump. The steady erosion of the White racial presence in America — the broader theme of ‘Unite the Right’ — was totally absent, as was the exceptionally restrained behavior of the overwhelming majority of Identitarian attendees. The mass audience was thus primed from the beginning to perceive events in a biased manner.

Although I despise his Marxist affiliations, I’ve always agreed with Slavoj Žižek that the Left is addicted to its failures and notions of victimhood in order that it might deny that it is in, or has ever genuinely held, power. Such a position, described by Žižek as a ‘comfortable position of resistance,’ is what permits the Left to indulge in such fantasies as “real socialism has never been tried” or “Communism would have worked if only….” It also permits it to assert un-ironically that we currently live in a quasi-fascistic society.

Taking the ideas of Žižek further, I argue that radical factions of the Left make even more of a fetish of victmhood. As such, the radical Left craves situations in which its members may be killed — the ultimate form of victimhood, and perhaps the only one remaining to it since the Marxist social form is now, by all cultural and political metrics, in power. It is my contention that many of the highly neurotic White elements of Antifa, often from wealthy backgrounds yet preaching ‘class warfare,’ engage in extreme violence primarily in order that they may have extreme violence visited upon them. Antifa’s intellectually and emotionally dubious act of obstructing and attacking moving vehicles is an excellent case study in this regard, and in Charlottesville the Left received its martyr will gory glee, screaming through the tears with an apparent mixture of horror and satisfaction.

The hagiography of the British M.P. Jo Cox illustrated well the fact that the Left cherishes its martyrology. It is so rarely confronted with victims by its opposing ideology that it can name them, praise them, remember them, and bestow secular sainthood upon them. By contrast, the untold millions of faceless and nameless victims of Communism, and the untold tens of thousands of forgotten victims of multicultural and Islamist violence, are simply too much for the Right to fully digest and venerate. We drown in the glut of our martyrs while the Left glories in the personal touch afforded by the paucity of its fallen. The death of Heather Heyer, detached in Leftist minds from its questionable circumstances, was somehow much-needed ‘proof’ that the Alt Right really were ‘domestic terrorists.’ This ‘proof’ in hand, the media, the political establishment, the hostile cultural apparatus, the ‘deep state,’ and the technocracy in Silicon Valley could move into over-drive in their generation of, and response to, an entirely artificial moral panic.

On the whole, European mainstream media attention to the non-event in Charlottesville lasted an astonishing three full days, and at time of this writing some newspapers are still trying to drain a few more drops of coverage and commentary. In air-time and spilled ink it approximates coverage devoted to instances of Islamic terror and eclipses Western coverage devoted to serious terrorist incidents in the Middle East. Much of the reason for this can be found in the way Charlottesville has been packaged for mass consumption. Media narratives have been attempting to spin the banned rally as some kind of defining historical moment — a litmus test for the tolerance of contemporary society and the tattered, rotting remains of Obama’s ‘post-racial’ vision of America.

Jews have clearly been prominent in this ‘packaging’ process. Most recently, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump, citing his grievance with the latter’s response to events in Virginia. In a lengthy statement, predictably full of misrepresentations and hyperbole, Cohen said:

I have expressed great concerns about President Trump’s ability to lead our country in the Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res. 456) that I introduced in July with 29 of my colleagues; however, after the President’s comments on Saturday, August 12 and again on Tuesday, August 15 in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, I believe the President should be impeached and removed from office. Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen. …When I watched the videos from the protests in Charlottesville, it reminded me of the videos I’ve seen of Kristallnacht in 1938 in Nazi Germany. It appeared that the Charlottesville protesters were chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ and ‘blood and soil,’ an infamous Nazi slogan, as they marched with torches that conjured up images of Klan rallies. None of the marchers spewing such verbiage could be considered ‘very fine people’ as the President suggested. …As a Jew and as an American and as a representative of an African American district, I am revolted by the fact that the President of the United States couldn’t stand up and unequivocally condemn Nazis who want to kill Jews and whose predecessors murdered 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, and could not unequivocally condemn Klansmen whose organization is dedicated to terrorizing African Americans. President Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership. No moral president would ever shy away from outright condemning hate, intolerance and bigotry. No moral president would ever question the values of Americans protesting in opposition of such actions, one of whom was murdered by one of the white nationalists.

While there is much that could be unpacked from this vulgar, disingenuous, and ultimately subversive document, the stand-out features for our purposes are that Cohen presents the ‘Unite the Right’ rally as a post-modern Kristallnacht (historians now agree that the original Kristallnacht was itself a media-exaggerated moral panic), and the context in which it took place as being one in which the imminent genocide of Jews in America is a distinct possibility. Cohen’s emphasis on Trump’s duty to be a ‘moral president’ (the phrase is notably repeated) is intended both to underscore the expectation that holders of public office or influence (much like the indoctrination of law enforcement) have a duty to the new ‘moral’ paradigms of tolerance and diversity underpinning the modern multicultural globalist state, and to signal to the general public that this criterion should dominate their own political and social behaviors.

The framing of Charlottesville as a serious moral crisis has also enabled influential figures in Silicon Valley to abandon previously held principles such as free speech and freedom of the internet. This is potentially the most catastrophic consequence of events in Virginia because the precedent has now been set for internet censorship based on the same interplay of ‘morals’ and politics espoused by Cohen. Much like the indoctrination of law enforcement by the ADL, the foundations for internet censorship had already long been laid by Jewish activist organizations. During the last four years the ADL and similar organizations in Europe have lobbying against ‘cyberhate’ and forming ‘working groups’ with access to the highest levels of leading internet providers, civil society, the legal community, and academia. Multiple consultations have also been held with representatives of Facebook, Google/YouTube, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo. The Southern Poverty Law Center and affiliated groups have also lobbied financial platforms such as PayPal with the goal of having access to those platforms denied to organizations deemed to be ‘hate groups’ by multiculturalists. Until Charlottesville, intensive Jewish lobbying for internet censorship hasn’t been as successful as those behind it might have hoped (I’ve previously written in more detail about this topic). However, the moral panic surrounding Charlottesville enabled these Jewish groups to finally claim a number of prominent scalps in record time, with internet-based actions taken by Google, PayPal, CloudFlare, and Facebook against the Daily Stormer, the National Policy Institute, Radix Journal, Identity Europa, VDare, Counter-Currents and many individuals and smaller associations linked to the Alt Right. Again, while the moral panic provided the indignation and immediate emotional cover for these actions to take place, the ideological foundations for such moves against internet freedom were pre-existing.

Jewish agitation against the Trump administration also pre-existed Charlottesville, but the moral panic appears to be hitting the White House hard. The full details of the departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration are yet to be divulged in full, but it appears a tremendous coincidence that Bannon, long smeared as a racist and anti-Semite by the Jewish press, should leave within a week of the media swindle on Virginia. It has certainly been greeted as another Jewish victory, with the Huffington Posteven adopting the headline “Goy, Bye!” to celebrate Bannon’s exit. Organized Jewish groups in Congress, the media, and society have also, like Steve Cohen, taken Charlottesville as their cue to commence renewed attacks on Trump, who continues to refuse to grovel to the extent dictated by Jewish tastes. Trump’s inclusion of Leftist agitators in his denunciation of Charlottesville, and his insistence that there were  still some good people on both sides, led the Republican Jewish Coalition to issue a statement “calling upon President Trump to provide greater moral clarity in rejecting racism, bigotry, and antisemitism.” Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Los Angeles Simon Wiesenthal Center was given a media platform to utter the banal and meaningless remark: “No one, whether Republican, independent or a Democrat … wants to see the Klan or Nazis parading down the streets of the United States, as if they’re taking over. No one could ever compare neo-Nazis, the Klan and white supremacists to demonstrators that are demonstrating against them. To equate the two sides is preposterous.” Rabbi Elazar Muskin, president of the Rabbinical Council of America, returned to Steve Cohen’s ‘moral leadership’ devices for his statement, in which he argued that “There is no moral comparison. Failure to unequivocally reject hatred and bias is a failing of moral leadership and fans the flames of intolerance and chauvinism.”

Whether or not Charlottesville was a battle in the physical sense, it certainly became so in the immediate aftermath of the day’s events. In the battle for narratives and results, it is an unfortunate fact that Jewish interests, at time of this writing, appear to be triumphant. This is largely the case because of the manner in which Charlottesville played into longer-term Jewish strategic efforts. This is not, and should not be, a ‘black pill’ moment, or a cause for undue despair. Charlottesville was, after all, merely a single battle in a broad conflict older than any of us. There will be other battles, and the war is far from over.

It is crucial, however, that some lessons are learned. A summary of lessons from Charlottesville should include the realization that law enforcement are not there to protect your rights or keep you safe. They are pre-programed by our opponents to despise you and your ideology, and they will always view you, despite all evidence to the contrary, as the primary danger.

Another realization should be that our internet activity, the élan vital of the contemporary movement, has a half-life in the sense that our opponents will try to further restrict our online presence. We will need to be creative in developing a Plan B. A further realization should be that the primary importance of street activity is always going to be in relation to internal impacts — the development of cohesion and trust. As long as mass narratives are determined by the hostile media, our street activities, no matter how benign and polished, will be invariably portrayed as the worst of the worst. Perhaps a final realization is that we should make hay while the sun shines, by which I mean that entrenched interests are simply not going to rest until Trump fails utterly in even his most modest attempts to resist globalism, and disappears from political life. I believe that although Trump isn’t perfect, with Bannon gone, he is effectively all that we have left in terms of a powerful political figure at the top level advocating for ideas even remotely congruent to our own. We need to capitalize on every minute he is in power.

For now, our primary focus should be on letting our opponents know that we’ve weathered the storm. They’ve raised their game, and the spotlight is now on us. If they wanted an escalation, they should know that we aim to please.

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  1. “Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week?”
    80% of the world wealth is in the hands of 10% of people, while over 50% of the world wealth is in the hands of only one family – the Rothschilds. Without the Rothschilds, such psy-ops would not be taking place, and the Swindler’s List would be much much shorter. Neoliberals, Masons and minorities obviously don’t understand that they are being used as a tool which is going to be disposed when not needed any more.

    1. Comment reposted from The Occidental Observer
      August 21, 2017 – 10:08 pm
      (Sent in by Joe Webb)

      The idea that our most visible and vocal spokesmen should learn from the mistakes that were made in Charlottesville is sound advice, but it has to start with these spokesmen moving beyond their own egos and admitting to their audiences that they made a number of very serious mistakes.

      Let’s take the case of Jason Kessler and his easily uncovered history of being a two time Obama voter and Occupy Wall Street left wing activist. The gang over at The Political Cesspool, most notably James Edwards, clearly got played by Kessler – who I am convinced was sent by the conspiring left to the Cesspool radio show in order to use our media to promote the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where the left and antifa and the ADL (it is now revealed) had a prearranged and cleverly planned trap waiting for them.

      I decided to download and listen to the Political Cesspool radio show from Saturday, August 19th because I wanted to see whether or not the Cesspool team would man up and admit that they screwed up by not bothering to check the background of Jason Kessler before allowing him to appear on their radio show.

      They didn’t.

      What I heard instead made me sick to my stomach. James Edwards did admit that he knew nothing about Kessler’s background before receiving a request from him to appear on their radio show, and as we now know, Edwards didn’t bother to devote an hour or two online researching this guy, before agreeing to his request to appear. In other words, he naively took the guy’s word that he was a legitimate Alt-Right, pro-White activist without bothering to investigate his credentials.
      For those who have a strong stomach and would like to listen to the sickening gloss over “spin” that James Edwards and Keith Alexander tried to put on the whole Kessler faux pas – download hour #2 and fast forward and listen to the 24:00 to 36:00 minute segment of the audio file.

      At no time did I hear either James Edwards or Keith Alexander mention Jason Kessler’s leftist history or involvement with previous leftist activism or express any suspicions about how a guy with that background could suddenly flip flop 180 degrees in the opposite ideological direction and why that amazing flip flop shouldn’t have been a clear warning sign that maybe the guy was not to be trusted. At least not blindly trusted.

      I commend Andrew Joyce for his excellent, in-depth, and very thorough postmortem analysis of the Charlottesville disaster, particularly because it clearly demonstrates that the enemy are fighting are willing to devote considerable time, energy, and resources in order to lure us into a carefully and diabolically created ‘kill zone’. They are also willing to use moles, trickery, deceit, infiltration and entrapment flavored tactics against us – and, as Joyce points out – these tactics can have devastating success against us.

      I heard nothing coming from the Political Cesspool team that indicated that they even knew that Kessler had played them. Quite the opposite, in fact. James proceeded to praise Kessler as if he was a legitimate guy who is ‘on our side’ and make excuses for Kessler’s recent bizarre behavior, for which he has been catching flak from the left and kicked off of twitter.

      Why does it always boil down to – jews playing chess while Whites are always playing checkers? No wonder we are always losing these battles. Our innocent, child-like naivete and blind willingness to extend trust to people who we have not bothered to investigate is going to be the reason we lose this battle.

      1. Comment reposted from The Occidental Observer
        August 22, 2017 – 10:04 am
        (Sent in by Joe Webb)

        Many of the organizers had a “chat room” that they used to plan the event for months. There was an anti-white posing as a pro-white in the chatroom the entire time, recording the chat and taking screenshots.

        Of course the organizers spent most of their time in the chatroom making Daily Stormer style “neo-Nazi” jokes, including jokes and memes about running over protestors with their cars. The day after the Charlottesville rally, the entire chat log was released to the media and you can imagine how bad it made the organizers look – it is being spun as if the organizers had *planned* on running over protestors with their cars.

        Such is the juvenile idiocy of the Daily Stormer style “neo-Nazi” internet trolls, who are nothing but a counter-productive menace to the pro-white cause.

        Yet in the echo chamber that is the internet, some extremely foolish people excuse this juvenile and counter-productive behavior. Anytime this nonsense leaks into the real world it sets the White Identity movement back. The White Identity movement will continue to fail – as it has for 50 years – as long as we are associated with these neo-Nazi/Daily Stormer clowns and trolls who may as well be having their checks signed by Morris Dees – if they in fact are not already.

        Only people who spend all their time in echo chambers online think this crap flies in the real world.

      2. Luke,
        I don’t know much about Jason Kessler, but I voted for Obama twice, although, by the second go round, I was no longer a supporter. Like Trump, he was a major disappointment. Nonetheless, he was much more restrained in his support for Israel than Ziocons “Bomb Iran” McCain and Bibi’s college buddy Romney. Obama could not stand to be in the same room as Netanyahu. Bad as the Mideast carnage was under Obama, it would have been far worse under those two Israel-firsters. And he did give us the Iran peace deal, which the GOP can’t wait to blow up.

        I totally agree with you about the vile, juvenile Daily Stormer.

      3. I think it was Michelangelo who once upon a time said something to the extent of: My way of criticizing is to suggest improvements.
        What I see here is mostly wisdom based on hindsight. A peculiar wisdom.
        The first battle may have been lost. We are doomed……

      4. It appears that Luke and Hipster are really good at trashing people like James Edwards, that normally stand where they claim to stand. Instead of broadcasting their venom to the world, why not call James Edwards and talk with him unless, of course, the intent was to crucify him for not being completely perfect in their eyes. Apparently, Luke and Hipster have never made and oops or fallen for a deception, suuuure. With support from Luke and Hipster, who needs enemies, hint, hint.

        Having spoken with James Edwards many, many times and meeting with him way more than once, I can assure everyone that James Edwards is a quality individual dedicated to defeating the jews. I would challenge Luke and Hipster to even put forth a tenth of the effort that James Edwards has toward defeating the jews over the past 15 years.

      1. Hipster said: Such is the juvenile idiocy of the Daily Stormer style “neo-Nazi” internet trolls, who are nothing but a counter-productive menace to the pro-white cause.

        Certainly as Dr. Joyce elucidated above, the Charlottesville demonstration didn’t go off as planned. Our people were only there to speak, however, and espouse pro-White views, and yet, the jews wouldn’t allow us to do even that. Why? Because they’re afraid of us, and they’re afraid of the truth.

        I’ll tell you what. If it were not for neo-nazi style internet trolls, as you call them, and primarily the Daily Stormer, and people like Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin, there wouldn’t have been enough WNs there to fill a single car.

        Regretfully, this time the multi-billionaires who control the US gov and the jewsmedia were able to outmaneuver us, but I can’t imagine what moderate steps, and you most certainly are a moderate, at best, White Nationalism could take to have gotten nearly this far. We need to move forward, past this. Constructive critique is fine, but criticism like yours is just whiny, counter productive, bullshit. Are you Mark Glenn or something?

  2. How to make well-meaning Americans into antisemites?

    Make sure they read Peter Beinart’s Forward article, The One Thing Jews Should Be Doing To Combat White Supremacy.

    Beinart, a light Zionist ‘intellectual’ has kindly revealed how American Jews reacted when they heard the “neo-Nazis” chant, “Jews will not replace us.” Some were fearful, but, Beinart asserts, many others were somehow amused by it. “Replace you? Where, behind the counter at Wendy’s? We’re successful, industrious, upper-middle class. You’re the dregs of society. Replace you? Don’t kid yourselves. When it comes to America’s class hierarchy, we replaced you and your kind long ago.”

    Such is the relationship of the Occupier–Israel and her Jewish sayanim–to the Occupied, Americans who are finally realizing that their country has been hijacked from within.

    Now we know what the American Indian Sioux Tribe felt like when they were surrounded by the US Calvary at the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre.

  3. In this battle of Whites against Jews always keep in mind that the Jews are more clever than us, more seasoned in intrigue than us, already control all levers of power of society, and have no scruples to play dirty. The pro-White movement should have a Counter Dirty Trick Bureau, that researches every possible dirty trick the Jews could use and then anticipate them.

    Besides, they firmly control the mind of the masses and it is the mind of the masses we have to win over. Fulfilling stereotypes of nasty “Nazis” or “KKK” is the stupidest thing to do. Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer might have been highly popular on the Internet, in real life such an approach is utterly counter-productive. Society is no white nationalist “echo chamber”, society is a collection of Normies, i.e. people whose whole world view has been shaped by Jewish propaganda. That is what we’ll have to work with.

      1. Brain damaged extremists? Cry me a river. Tell it to the hundreds of millions of victims of the jews. Another advocate of progress without risk. So, you aren’t a jew hater? That’s good to know. But a holocaust denier too? That won’t go over too well, trying to kinder and gentler, and all. Maybe if you just skip over the holocaust topic completely, as has been suggested by other “White Nationalists”, you could befriend jews.

        Darkmoon may just report the facts, and very well, I might add, but Darkmoon is just as suseptible to shutdown by jew subversives who own the internet as any other WN site. And if socalled “normies” get the idea that White Nationalists are loons, it won’t be because of WN sites. It’s because they have already been preconditioned by jewsmedia indoctrination for all their lives. You may know that. Just disagreeing with any aspect of the jews narrative on the holohoax is enough to make many normies faint, so tread carefully. So If the Daily Stormer or other hardliners are not your style, that’s fine. But don’t sow disunity and dischord among White Nationalists. I’m sure there’s many, many, high brow sites, that you, no doubt, participate at, where you can just look down at it all?

      2. The Jewish idea of a Goy “normie”: a fe-male transgender race-mixed gay-lesbian “liberal” – a perfect slave

      3. “Caitlyn” received a lot of shekels and an award for promoting “liberalism” to Goyim

    1. The jews are more clever? Really? Or are they just more deceitful? Clever is far too positive (event neutral) a word to describe their methods. We are learning, but does that imply that our goal is to become just as ‘clever’ as they are? Cleverness in battle is all well and good, but we can do better than aspiring to their ‘cleverness’. My primary take on this battle is to NEVER trust a jew. EVER! Even if his name is Gilad Atzmon or Norman Finkelstein. But doing my war ‘through deception’ as Mossad does? Sorry, but beneath me.

      I am splitting hairs maybe, but words are important her.

      And all the people on this list trying to distance themselves from the Daily Stormer are pitiful. I was in the alternative nutritional community some 20 odd years ago. Discussions were never so heated as when two people were discussing a tiny disagreement, like when a raw paleo eater was trying to distance himself from a partially raw paleo eater. The big bad SAD (Standard American Diet) was not really all that interesting to attack.

      I find some of the best insights around on this sight, but also some of the most stupid ‘divide and destroy’ tactics within the alternative community. To what are you really contributing here?

      1. @ Bjørn Thorsønn

        “…does that imply that our goal is to become just as ‘clever’ as they are..?”

        Better become more clever than they are. There is a reason why such a tiny minority has so much power, not only in the US but in the whole world. The least thing we can do is to understand how they operate and then try to anticipate. If we had done that we would not have lost the battle of Charlottesville.

      2. Charlottesville shows that Killary is the virtual president backed by NGOs and CIA funded by Afghanistan’s poppy fields guarded by US soldiers paid by US tax payers, and drugs’ money laundered by and ending with the Rothschilds – all roads lead to the Jewish King Rothschild.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I agree with you, but the word ‘clever’ is just too much of a compliment for me to be used on the jews. But I’ll settle for ‘more clever’.

        As you are well aware: English is not my mother tongue.

      4. Clever little rats who scurried all the way from the grimy ghetto to the hallowed halls of Harvard:

        In the early 1950s Stanley H. Kaplan, a graduate of City College of New York, who in spite of his good grades couldn’t get a job, set up a small tutoring operation in a modest building in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Kaplan capitalized on Jewish educational aspirations at a time when the SAT had firmly established itself as the official rite of passage for entry into the colleges that granted access to the top positions in the American meritocracy.

        The WASP ruling class under Henry Chauncey’s direction had created what it thought was an uncoachable test that measured pure mental ability. The Jew Kaplan was smart enough to see through WASP pretentions and come up with a system that guaranteed better test results. The system was so simple that it hardly qualifies as a system at all.

        In the days when the blueprint for building the atomic bomb was an open secret compared to the questions on the SAT test, Kaplan came up with a simple but ingenious way to subvert the system. After each class graduated from Kaplan’s school and took the test, he would invite them back to celebrate with hot dogs and root beer; admission to the party was gained by having each student tell Kaplan one question he remembered from taking the test.

        The net result of Kaplan’s parties was a list of the questions that his students would face when taking the SATs. If Kaplan tutored five classes of fifty students in one year, at the end of that year he had 250 questions. By the time Kaplan sold his test-prep business to the Washington Post company in the ‘70s, for $50 million he had over 30 years experience in gathering questions, which meant he could tell his students with increasing accuracy the answers to those questions as well.

        Jewish scores on the SATs rose accordingly, as did Jewish admission to the prestigious colleges that had established quotas to keep them out in the early 20th century. It is unlikely that people like Conant and Chauncey and Brigham considered Jews from Brooklyn the candidates most likely to fulfill Jefferson’s ideal of the natural aristocrat, but they were the main beneficiaries of the system that Chauncey and Conant put in place to rescue nature’s aristocrats from the rubbish that the SAT was raking through in the period following World War II.

        The WASP faith in “science,” based as it was on the idea of noblesse oblige they had learned at schools like Groton, proved no match for clever Jews from Brooklyn, who quickly filled the slots the WASPs had reserved for nature’s aristocrats in the meritocracy. Harvard University can now boast of a faculty and student body that is between 30 and 40 percent Jewish.

        The type of people that Carl Brigham thought his test would exclude, because they weren’t particularly intelligent, ending up using his test to take over America’s elite universities. Once that happened it was only a matter of time before they took over American culture as well, something that occurred in the mid-‘70s, just as opposition to the SATs was reaching a fever pitch.

        Perhaps the most visible Jew at Harvard is Alan Dershowitz, who grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn, and is currently the world’s foremost apologist for Zionism, torture, and targeted assassination. Dershowitz was recently involved in a knock-down-drag-out fight with Norman Finklestein, another Jew from Borough Park, when he waged a nation-wide publicity campaign to deny Finkelstein tenure at DePaul University in Chicago

        Source: THE CHEAPEST POLICE, a review by E. Michael Jones in his Culture Wars

    2. I agree. Andrew Anglins’ site was popular in the same way that a circus freak show was popular. Though I am against any curtailing of freedom of speech, DS being unable to find a host on the internet is the biggest break we’ve received in a long time. He and his trolls were an insult to the National Socialists they parodied.

      1. Feminists are really angry at their exposure per Andrew Anglin. I can only imagine the pain he’s caused. 🙂

    3. F.R.,
      I wouldnt say Jews are more clever than “us.” My Jewish grandfather was very opinionated and very liberal but lacked the ability to rationalize at any level. He couldnt even iron his own clothes.

      1. Don –

        Was that your dad’s dad… or mom’s dad??

        Either way… you are a dual citizen of Israel and the country you now claim…
        …. “Right of Return” guarantees it FOR YOU..!! 🙂

  4. Are we destined to lose? The majority of whites have been programmed to work against their own best interests. This god forsaken Empire is full of millions upon millions of white Christian Zionists who will die for Israel. The Jews and their useful idiots control all the levels of power – the media being the most important, as it tells the sheeple what to think.

    Unlike Andrew Joyce, I now place zero hope in President Trump. He is essentially by himself and his poorly chosen advisors and cabinet heads disregard his objectives with impunity. For me, his reversal on Afghanistan, a war he had railed against for years, was the last straw. And his inane rants against North Korea made him sound unstable. Bannon was right when he countered his former boss that there is no military solution.

    I actually feel a little sorry for Trump, twittering away with his misspellings while most are now laughing at him. Should we compare him to Nero, fiddling while Rome burned? Once a leader has become an object of ridicule by the majority it’s all over. And who, of stature, is waiting in the wings to restart the movement he abandoned? Certainly not Pence! Sorry to be such a pessimist, but I see the US going the way of Western Europe. It may be too late to turn the Titanic around.

    1. Folly –

      You asked:
      “And who, of stature, is waiting in the wings to restart the movement he abandoned?”

      Mike Pence.. Hand-picked for the job of making the US and world full of LIGHT BROWN folks with good tans.. and IQ’s of 90..!!

      1. Pat,
        At the present rate 90 IQ may be to high. Can’t wait for the Chinese with their 105 IQ, that can’t stand the smell of the dark ones, to take over.

    2. Folly –

      All the turnabout against Trump plays into the very hands which are destroying those who supported his ideology in the first place. Those who supported him (myself included) perceived a candidate who wouldn’t buckle to the Cultural Marxist influence – and who was truly patriotic (as much as could be reasonably expected in these modern times, anyway). It was after he assumed office that he fortified Pat’s mantra “All politicians are liars!”
      My suggestion is not to waste time trying to decipher what went wrong – or how it went wrong. Just ignore it. All the hyperbole is de-fanged if we don’t pay it any mind.
      Early this morning, before I went out to do some chores, I switched on Sundance channel (on Dish network) and some show was on entitled “Transparent”, which dramatized Jew lives in a ‘reality’ soap opera. Although it was interesting, profane, and immorally explicit – I made sure to turn it off because I did NOT want to be a factor in improving its ratings. Everything we do is watched and counted! Avoiding the subjection as best you can IS THE BEST WE CAN DO.

      1. Gil –

        Thanks for the reference…

        Just for clarification…. I have claimed dozens of times here… and thousands of times for decades that…

        ….. “ALL – ‘NATIONAL LEADERS’ – ARE LIARS..!!”

        I had to do that so that I am not misquoted by others in the future. 🙂

      2. “Avoiding the subjection as best you can IS THE BEST WE CAN DO.”

        Back in the 1970s, just about half of the US adult population smoked tobacco. Smoking was permitted in hospitals, university / college classrooms, in elevators, etc. Anywhere and everywhere it wasn’t a clear hazard, i.e. around gasoline, or other flammable gases and substances, smoking was permitted. So when the non-smoking half of the adult population humbly asked for just a little fairness and consideration, the smoking half was more than willing to compromise. Non-smoking sections in restaurants and other public places appeared, smoking in elevators was banned, a “trial period” of non-smoking on aircraft was implemented, and more. Most people, smokers and non-smokers alike, felt all these changes were appropriate, fair and just.

        But a small, militant, some might even say fanatical, cadre of anti-smokers was not happy. They wanted more, and soon, the fanatics began to demonize not just the habit of smoking, but smokers as well. Without going into detail about the history, suffice to say that today smokers are heavily taxed, restricted from smoking indoors and outdoors, and, in some cities and towns, in their own homes and / or cars. Very few apartments or rental homes allow smoking. Smoking is forbidden in just about as many places as it was permitted forty or fifty years ago.

        Where am I going with this? Well, smokers avoided the subjection as best they could, only to find the restrictions becoming ever tighter, the taxes ever heavier, and themselves vilified more and more thoroughly. If white people do not stand up for themselves and say “this far, and no farther”, they can look forward to much the same fate, because the anti-whites will never stop, they will never consent to reasonable discussions, they will never show mercy of any kind.

        Try entering “White couple”, “European history – images” and variations on those themes into Google or your preferred search engine. You will be surprised to see the results. The “chosen” few, who reached the positions of power they now hold by stressing their “whiteness”, and who generally lead the anti-white parade (a la Barbara Lerner Spectre) now often claim to be PoC (people of color) based on their “history of being oppressed” by vile white men, and women. More troubling is the fact that many white people have bought into this mentality, just as many smokers bought into the narrative that they were despicable, and deserved to be taxed and banished from polite, PC society.

        Some people may find this analogy to be specious, but there are many similarities in the methods once used to vilify smokers, and the methods now being used to demonize and eradicate “whiteness”. White people agreed when affirmative action quotas were put in place; we didn’t complain loudly when our careers / jobs were outsourced to other countries; nor when H1b visa holders came to the US to take positions once held by US citizens. Now, the leader of BLM has issued a ten point list of “demands”, one of which calls for white people to give their homes – and more – to a “black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty”. (or seach on [BLM + 10 + demand] for other sources).

        It will not be possible to “avoid the subjection”. The anti-white fanatics will not allow it. There is one note of hope here. The people who were largely responsible for instigating the purge (genocide) of white people, who now claim to be PoC, will find the raving, maniacal, violent mobs unwilling to listen when they protest that “I’m not white. I’m Jewish”. They may change their tune when they find themselves targeted. Then again, they may just move to Israel where ethno-nationalism is the law of the land, and the walls are high and deep.

  5. “How the Jews Won the Battle of Charlottesville” ….

    ….by having the last word… in first words delivered at Trump’s CAMPAIGN RALLY in Phoenix, Arizona by…

    Setting up a VERY TIMELY (hmm) campaign rally to do just THAT..!!

    Words from the deceivers…..

    1 – Ben Carson, who DELIVERED THE SPEECH OF A LIFETIME(sic) at President Donald Trump Rally Phoenix, Arizona:

    AND a CARMEL COLORED ‘bleached-blonde’….

    2 – Alveda King… niece of Martin Luther King, Jr:

    3 – Then the pathetic asshole ‘Reverend’ Franklin Graham spoke.. and prayed… to drag everyone DOWN with him..!!

    1. Pat –

      I watched the trilogy of videos you linked, here. IMO, I found no fault. All the orators seemed to be making an attempt at being peacemakers. Jesus Christ said “Blessed are the peacemakers”…
      However, some of us also construe “peacemaking” with the likes of Samuel Colt’s famous revolver, the Colt “Peacemaker”. (Those speakers did not explore THAT tangent – but it is, also, pertinent!)
      There are too many facets of the controversy to keep it simple, unfortunately.

      1. Sam knew.. graveyards are very “peaceful.”

        They remained so, until we ‘moseyed by’ and drank ‘moonshine’ there as teens…. sittin’ on grave stones after dark, mason quart jar in hand. Two to four good sips each was more than enough.

        Knocked off another kind of ‘piece’ or two there too….
        ….when Billie Sue and friends joined in. 🙂

      2. Don –

        Everybody was in the 50s. The teachers let us fist-fight at school… just made us take it outside. Great fun.

        I still have a pencil-lead tattoo in my left arm from getting stabbed with a pencil in a fight in the classroom by Joe Jeffries… He was a nephew of big-time gangster, ‘Owney’ Madden.

        Joe and I fought for years. Good buddies after we got back from Nam. We still ‘take a hit’ from each other in the arm for ‘good measure’ when we meet at reunions. 🙂

  6. @Luke re: Jason Kessler’s 180 degree turn. You raise excellent points and I am disappointed even David Duke failed to smell a rat – he knows how every white interest group is infiltrated.
    At a higher level, the South African Simon Roche who has been wined and dined on almost every alt. media show, is also another 180 degree miracle!! He is successfully peddling for donations for Suidlanders & the coming white ‘holocaust’ in S. Africa…don’t let anyone you know give him money. There are other ways to genuinely help.
    “My view remains firmly that the Suidlanders is a South African Govt psy-op and Simon Roche is their most senior agent. In other interviews he tells how he was dealing with the Presidential inaugurations in South Africa and how he was at times the ONLY WHITE MAN in a room full of high ranking blacks.
    That shows you how high he was and how TRUSTED he was by the blacks.”

  7. First, Charlottesville was a psyops where both sides at the top were under the control of the usual (((suspects))) and their hired help. Of course, to add a sense of reality some on the mindless on both sides were hurt. Involved were 2 or maybe 3 cars driven by expert stunt drivers. The videos and stills were photo shopped to add realism and drama to the proceedings. At the Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon bombing false flags where no one was killed, the manipulators are now upping the anti to add more realism. The OK City bombing of the Federal Court House and the NY 9/11 false flag psyops had many real casualties because the Federal records stored at the OK Fed. Court House had to be destroyed. The children at the day care in the court house were just collateral damage as were the victims on 9/11. The take down of building #7 on 9/11where vital Federal records were kept had to be destroyed. However, another reasons for 9/11, at least the ones we know about, was an excuse for the American military to rampage in the near East for Israel and in Afghanistan for the poppy fields forever and the vast rare earth minerals under the soil. Afghanistan supplies over 90% of the worlds heroin looked after by US troops and the obtuse and clueless American wonders at the heroin epidemic in the US and in Europe. Of course, much of the profits from this heroin trade, as were the profits from the opium trade into 18th century China, ends up the pockets of the usual (((suspects))).
    Our lords and masters, from their centuries of experience know that the Negroid can be easy inflamed by paid provocateurs, who are then set loose for the riots of recent vintage. Numbskull Whites, and other human species and hybrids, a product of their miseducation, are also inflamed by the social and mainstream media, will join in the frivolities on the side of the neo-Bolshevik leftist. Those who follow the controlled opposition of the right are as clueless as those on the commie left. And when both controlled sides come together in highly choreographed street dramas all is set to be filmed for your viewing pleasure on Television and on the internet. In Charlottesville, of course, what passes for police were told to stand down by what passes for their elected officials. The mayor and the governor, a couple of lefties, where most likely in on the psyop scam. They were most likely told that the police might mess up the filmed staged production for viewing on the controlled media.
    America is at it’s most dangerous stage in it’s history. The usual (((suspects))) and their minions in government, the media, in Academia and on the streets will continue to up the anti with more real casualties in their staged take down of America.
    If whites, that is those who have their heads screwed on, expect to survive the coming carnage, they must physically separate themselves and their families, if they have any, to the Pacific NW States of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Western Montana. This country will fall apart and nothing at this late stage can save it. The so-called alt-right can huff and they can puff and they type the fingers to the bone on their lap tops, but nothing they can do will save America as a constitutional republic. Granted Oregon and Washington, not so much Idaho and Montana, are so left wing that they are in danger of falling off the edge of the earth. But if enough Whites physically move to the Pacific NW, coupled with the STILL 85% White population in situ, the mindless left can be taken care wherein Whites can live in safety per the (in)famous 14 words of David Lane:
    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” With this plan maybe the West can be re-won.

  8. 14 million persons calling themselves “Jewish” reside on planet Earth. Whilst 95% of these “Jews” are Zionists, or fully in support of the nation of Israel, most of them have little or nothing to do with George Soros’ Money Power. It ha been estimated that the global MP is run by as few as 1,000 Jews. We all know that the Rothschild or Red Shield family organization controls over half the world’s wealth and/or money. As I’ve said, money is pure POWER on our planet. Money, as we know, buys the support of unconscionable, violent rabbles. The Money Power is satanic and wants death to prosper. The 1,000 or so members of the MP remain relatively soft targets. They parade around airport bars and bordellos. Their members in the American Congress are most accessable! Should not this identifiable evil be gotten rid of? We are many, they are few. Soft targets are begging to be answered. Before they enter their brand new Third Temple in Jerusalem and hide like the priests of old, they should be dealt with. In fact all evil Zionists should be dealt with! They are humanity’s cancerous disease, “the progeny of the devil.”

  9. I’m not so sure that Charlottesville was a victory for the Communists (Jews). For one thing I think Whites may be forming a racial identity because of it. Moreover, I think the public is beginning to see television for the pure propaganda that it is; consequently television is beginning to lose its effectiveness regarding the control of public opinion. Most of all, though, I think the police officers aboard the helicopter that crashed, officers Cullen and Bates of the Virginia State Police, may have been murdered – and this may come to hurt the Jews (Communists) badly. Why so? Apparently several helicopters were used in order to produce a video of the event in its entirety; and apparently officer Bates was doing the video work, and after one helicopter had been in the air for a certain length of time he would get aboard a different one, a fresh one, as it were. Thus, very likely, when the helicopter being piloted by Cullen crashed late in the afternoon, when the event had ended and Bates’ video work had been completed, it contained a video camera with ¬_all_ the video of the event. Now, would anyone have a motive destroy this video evidence of the event? Aside from questions regarding the car that rammed a crowd of people, there is the question of the conduct of the police in separating the Communists from the White Americans; and here the police failed so badly, some witnesses say, that the failure could not have been accidental. Now the video that was destroyed in the helicopter crash probably contained incriminating evidence in this regard. Thus a good motive existed for someone to crash the helicopter and thereby destroy the video evidence that was aboard it. Now, is there evidence of foul play regarding the crash? It appears that the helicopter’s computer went haywire, causing Cullen, the pilot, to completely lose control. One witness described a violent spinning motion that overstressed the helicopter’s structure and caused its tail to break off. Another witness said the helicopter was upside down and pieces of it were flying off of it. In addition, no distress signal was given by the helicopter. Thus, it seems very probable that the helicopter’s computer had gone haywire, and that this was the cause of the crash. Now then, could the helicopter’s wireless connection (a wireless connection with a satellite for the purpose of global position information) have been hacked and the helicopter’s computer have been thus-wise taken command of? Is that possible? Apparently so. Bollyn accused the Israelis of crashing a Russian passenger jet in this way (right after Russia had come to the aid of Assad). Bollyn’s theory was that the Israelis hacked their way into the airplane’s computer, then sent it into a super-steep climb at full throttle, which overstressed the structure and made the tail break off. Also, the death of Hastings lends itself to the theory that the wireless of his car had been hacked and the computer gotten into; and the death of Danny Jowenko (the controlled demolition expert who stated publicly that Building 7 of the WTC had been brought down by controlled demolition) also lends itself to this theory. Thus, there seems to be both motive and opportunity for someone to have crashed the helicopter. Whenever there is both motive and opportunity for a crime there exists rational grounds for suspicion; and, considering that two officers were killed, I’ll bet that quietly among themselves the police are talking about this.

    1. @ Kendra Blewitt

      Good post.

      One thing that Trump did was to drive a stake in the already failing media. Now, more people watch the Cartoon Network than CNN. The jews have lost control of the ability to set the narrative which is why they are attempting to get the internet genie back in the bottle by taking down websites and filtering search engines like Google and Yahoo. It won’t work. There are too many ways to pass information today, so the jews are in a panic.

      Charlottesville was a panic staged event since it was so poorly done. Lots of people knew it was a false flag immediately after it happened. Now, the police are saying that they were told to stand down and the State Police are basically calling the governor a liar about the Right’s weapon stashes. The narrative fell apart except for the few brain dead and the stooges which are in a small minority. For the most part, Blacks and Whites are getting along with each other just fine the way they did before Charlottesville. It will be interesting what they do next in an attempt to stir the race pot.

      Your helicopter crash scenario certainly has merit and you did a good job of pointing out similarities with other events.

  10. Could it be that Whites are going about this all wrong? The trouble with Whites in general is their transparency. To paraphrase reformer Martin Luther “here we stand”. Human nature is to fear the unknown a fear the enemies of the White race must experience.
    Whites are only to well know by their enemies. The enemies of the Whites can anticipate their every move. We, the Whites, show to much. What if the uncompromised, clear headed, Whites who know the score, were to disappear from the internet, were to slip back into the shadows of society. That is TJ term to describe aware Whites, the Clear Headed.
    In any case, what would be the impact on the enemies of the White race if the Clear Headed were to become invisible? The enemy wouldn’t know where we are what we are up to. As HAC says we should live within a 20 minute drive from each other. We communicate via US mail and land line phone only. White nationalists should recruit in person, other Whites, face to face. In other words retreat back to pre 1990’s. Shit can the street demonstrations. White nationalists just play into the hands of their enemies, parading in the street and dressing up in costumes of any sort. Forget the internet as it will be useless for communication, except for very select reasons.
    This is for all the marbles folks. Young Whites should save their money, forget the 4 year college in most cases, and learn a trade. Attend a community college or other means of learning a trade that will be useful if and when society breaks down. As HAC says learn to fix the rich mans toys, while talking face to face with your vetted neighbors. Move to the pacific NW of the US, settle in, start a family, if you haven’t already, and build some assets outside the Jew run monetary system.
    Organize private meetings of those who are awake. I’m sure there are other ways that silent, organized underground Whites living normally under the radar can make progress in recruitment and organization.
    White nationalists must become masters of misdirection. Blend into society, while at the same time preparing and organizing with neighbors and friends for the battle sure to come for the survival of the White race.
    Unless Whites take the 14 words of David Lane to heart all will be lost.
    One last thing. If three White Nationalists meet together, there’s a good change one will be a government informer. Be careful what you say and who you say it to. The lives most Americans live today may seem normal but could disappear in a flash tomorrow.

  11. Spot on, Toejamicus. The Ango-Saxon is too open and can be read like a book. As I’ve inferred, much subtly is required. Use the enemies’ weapons back on them. Equal Opportunity and multiculturalism in the Fed. Attack the Money Power! Use the skills of our military trained. Get pragmatic, Keep our principles simple, subtle and based on honesty and fairness. Educate the majority in the truth: Jews must not rule our nation. Facts are facts. They tell the truth about Jewish hegemony. Demand true democracy. Make it a freedom movement.

    1. Thanks Max:
      Ironically, as you may know, the little booklet titled “Facts are Facts” was written by Ben Freedman born a Jew who became of Christian and exposed the manipulations of the tribe during his day that is continuing today only on steroids. Ben was one the first, other then the Jewish 1909 encyclopedia, to publicly expose that 90 percent of the worlds Jews are descent from the Khazars converted to Judaism circa 812 AD.

  12. “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”
    From Thomas Jefferson autobiography

    This full quote the Marxist-commie-socialist-left do-gooders don’t want the people to know about. Was Jefferson a prophet or what. Or in fact he was one smart dude.

  13. “Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.”
    From Thomas Jefferson autobiography
    This is what Whites and Blacks in the US are facing if this anti-White Jewish led neo-Bolshevik revolution isn’t put down and put down hard. See below.

    Why Are People Afraid To Discuss Black Savagery In US?
    Cannibalism Horrors In South Africa Getting Worse
    Hundreds SA Blacks Confess To Eating Human Flesh
    SA Govt Acknowledges Cannibalism Even Worse
    Another 300 Blacks Admit To Cannibalism
    Black Students Talk Over White Teacher
    On Saturday, 4 More White Farm Families Slaughtered
    Another White Farmer Murdered On His Farm

  14. Dare I say it on Darkmoon? I am not a racist. Any man, of any race, who is decent, polite and humane gets my respect. I have found most blacks to be good people who are traditionally conservative. All of us share the same instincts. We all want he best for our children, but
    all races have their rogue minority.

    Jewish control of the money, the media, the government etc… causes rightful resentment. If the Jewish Lobby continues with their constant aggression and double standards there will be a backlash. Now where has that happened in the past?

  15. With all the grim news coming out, I feel a need for some humor. To that end, I now present another episode of Arch Stanton’s – Theater of the Absurd. Today The Son ‘O God.

    Our story opens on a bright, sunny day. Jesus has just parked his donkey and ran into the tent calling for his mother.


    “Hi mom I‘m home! What for dinner?”

    “Is that you Jesus!”

    “Ya mom, I’m home from the Elysian Fields.”

    “Jesus you startled me! Your father is working late tonight so we’re having unleavened bread and hasty pudding.”

    “Aw Mom, not again! Can’t we have pork chops once in a while?”

    “Not unless you want to become a swineherd. I understand the Gadarines over by the lake have an apprentice program if you’re interested.”

    “I don’t think so. Besides how would I have time with my last semester of law at Elysian Fields and all? Say where is Pop anyways?”

    “He’s your Father! Last I saw, he was down in the garden pruning the tree of knowledge and talking with the lead gardener about those itinerant nomads he picked up in the desert last week. Why don’t you go down there and tell him dinner will be ready soon.”

    “Ok I’m on my way, we’ll be back soon.”

    “Don’t forget to close the tent flap!”

    Close the tent flap, close the tent flap. God! How I wish she would quit mothering me. This all started when they left me back at the Temple with those scabrous, old, priests, Yuck! You’d have thought I had fallen off a cliff or something.


    So Jesus ran down to the Garden of Eden where he found his Father pruning the tree of knowledge.


    “Mmmmm mmmmm – there, that should do it. These limbs were much too long and you know what they say, too much knowledge can lead to trouble.”

    “Hey Father!”

    “Jesus you startled me!”

    “Sorry Father!”

    “How about rattling some bushes next time to let me know you’re here.”

    “Will do daddy-O.”

    “I’m your Father and don’t you forget it!”

    “Picky, picky! Ok Father, what’s up with Satan anyway?”

    “That’s what I want to know. Lately I can’t seem to find him anywhere. Ever since I brought those two into my garden, he’s been hard to find. I think he’s playing footsie with that floozy, Eve. God! (that’s me) I don’t’ know why I don’t fire that snake in the tree. I’m not sure about that Adam fella, either. You know I told him to count the animals, instead he gave them names.

    “Aw Father, you can’t blame Satan. After all, outside her an’ Mom, women are scarce in the garden. Besides, Satan promised to take me to the chariot races this week.”

    “Jesus! She’s your Mother!

    “Alright already! She’s my Mother, Father this, Mother that, sheesh!”

    “I told you before, I don’t want you hanging around the tracks and I damn sure don’t want you hanging around Satan, he’s a bad influence. Next thing you know I’ll find you down at the Cheribum bar and grill making bets on what names Adam gave to the animals. Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on down there. I’ve heard the talk, ‘I’ll give you good odds he named it Platypus.’”

    “But Father . . .”

    “No buts! You’re not going to the track, especially with that snake Satan.”

    “Aw gee . . .”

    “Come on Jesus, walk with me through the garden. I’m heading over to the tree of life, it needs trimming as well. Look here Jesus, after you finish your law degree you can do what ever you want because you’ll be able to defend yourself in court.”

    “Court? Gee dad I didn’t know there were any courts.”

    “There aren’t. I’m creating them next week.”

    “Gee that’s swell! Now I’ll be able to make a living.”

    “Right son. I don’t want you to be like that ner-do-well John the Baptist down at the river handing out free baths of forgiveness.”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right. There isn’t much future in that career path.”

    “You’re damn right! He’ll never get ahead doing that kind of work. Remember I’m God and I hang up the phone if it doesn’t ring like a cash register.

    “Yeah, how could I forget? Hey, what’s this cash register thing anyway?”

    “You’ll find out in good time my boy, all in good time. Ahhhh here we are. Look why don’t you go look for Satan while I finish pruning the tree of life. These lifespans are entirely too long. I’ve decided to cut at least a millennium off the top. Trim it down to say no more than eighty or hundred years, max, ‘cept mebbe in special cases.”

    “Ok Fath-er. Boy, sure glad I’m eternal.”

    “Count your blessings son, count your blessings.”


    And so Jesus ran off to find Satan who was at that moment pitching his best line to Eve.


    “Say babe, would you look at the color of this fruit – and the texture . . . Mmmmmm, juicy! Why this must be the most delicious fruit in the garden.

    “It sure does look tasty Mr. Satan . . .”

    “Stan, call me Stan sweetheart, no need to stand on formalities in our secret garden.”

    “It sure does look good . . . Stan”

    “It is, good babe, IT IS GOOD! This is the fruit from the tree of knowledge. If you play your cards right, I think maybe we could arrange for you to get some brains.”


    “Brains! you know, tThe sum of the squares of the two legs of a right triangle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse.”

    “You mean,

    “I might wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the powers
    Consultin’ with the priests
    And my head I’d be scratchin’
    While my plots were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain”

    “I could even go more further
    And say why there is murder
    And why the law is there”

    “With these thoughts you’d be awed
    You could be another Gawd
    If you only had a brain”

    “Oh, I would tell you frank
    Why there’s money in a bank
    Why there’s rich and poor.
    I could think of things I never thunk before
    And then I’d sit and think some more”

    “I would not be just a face
    With a head all full of lace
    My heart so proud and vain
    I would dance and be golden
    Life would be just Tikkun Olam
    If I only had a brain”

    “By George, I think she’s got it!”

    “So can I have a bite now . . . Stan?”

    “I might if, uh, you agree to some reciprocity.”

    “Reciprocity? What does that mean?”

    “See? That right there’s exactly why you need a brain. You’d be right as rain if you only had a brain. So how about we go over into the bushes and work something out”

    “Work something out? What do you mean ‘work something out?’”

    “Hmmm, maybe I’m taking this brain thing too far. Never mind sweetheart, let’s go into the bushes and we’ll talk about it.”


    Jesus now comes walking down the path, humming to himself.


    “A mighty fortress is our lord, with his amazing grace you can look life in the face . . . Hey! Izzat you Satan?”


    Satan emerges from the bushes dusting himself off and adjusting his uraeus.


    “Oh, it’s you Jesus. I thought you might be your Father.”

    “Well I am, sort of.”

    “Yeah kid I know, like Father like son. What do you want anyway?”

    “Dad, er, Father is looking for you.”

    “What does he want?”

    “How the hell should I know, he’s the Father. I’m only the son.”

    “Keep it up kid and you’ll wind up being a holy ghost.”

    “Are you threatening me Satan?”

    “Naw kid, it’s just a joke. Call me Stan kid, call me Stan.”

    “Ok Stan, I’ll go back and tell Father where you are.”

    “You do that boy, you do that.”

    “Uh, where are we anyway?”

    “Don’t you recognize the crossroad of righteousness and perdition?”

    “No . . .”

    “Well that’s where you be standin’, at the corner of righteousness and perdition.”

    “Say it’s late, you must be hungry, why not have a bite of this delicious fruit? It’s brain food, it’ll help with the exams”

    “Don’t tempt me Satan, don’t tempt me. Mother is waiting at home with another dinner of unleavened bread and hasty pudding. Anything is better than that, ANYTHING!”

    “So have a bite kid.”

    “Naw, I’d better not. Mom would crucify me if she found out I ruined my dinner.”


    In the meantime, not far away in the bushes,


    “Oh Adam, Adam, it’s always been you. I’ve never loved the serpent.”

    “Yeah babe, sure. You know, I’ve heard it all before.”

    “Really? From whom?”

    “I’m not being literal Eve, I’m speaking metaphorically?”

    “Ahhhh yes, metaphorically: a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money). Here Adam, have a bite of this delicious fruit. It’s brain food you know.”

    “Eve! You know we’re not supposed eat of this fruit!”

    “Yeah I know, but Satan turned me on to a bite.”


    “Yeah, you wouldn’t believe what I have learned already.”

    “Like what?”

    “Like we’re naked.”

    “What? You know the lord hath provided for us. Just look at these new sneakers he created ‘specially for me.”

    “Silly Billy. It’s like one of those metaphors you brought up earlier.”


    “Naked is a euphemism for “without wealth,” you know, poor. We got no gold dear even though this place is loaded with the good stuff.”


    “Here Adam, have a bite of fruit.”

    “Ok” (munch munch)

    “Wow! This is really good, crisp, tart and tangy with just a hint of mango. Euphemism: the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant; also: the expression so substituted. You mean we’re broke?”

    “Exactly. You know that little apron the lord wears around his waist?”

    “Yeah, I was a wondering about that. . .”

    “Well that’s where he keeps his personal gold. It’s sort of a mark of distinction that can be easily covered if needed. So anyone wearing one of those aprons looks dignified and gets respect. Hey! You know we don’t get no respect.”

    “Respect? From whom?”

    “Silly Billy, this place won’t always be this empty you know.”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right Eve. Here look at this, if I take a few of these large leaves and string them around my waist . . . Look ma! I’m loaded with wealth.”


    Just then a loud voice is heard nearby.


    “Adam! Adam! Where the hell are you, Adam!”


    And in a hushed whisper –


    “Eve! It’s the Lord of the Garden, we gotta’ get out of here!”

    “There’s no place to run Adam. Let’s just go out and act innocent.”

    “Are you crazy if he thinks . . .”

    “Thinks? What is there to think? He knows we’re an item so, what’s the problem?”

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”


    So Adam and Eve stumbled from the bushes, Eve plucking grass out of her hair and Adam brushing off his clothes as the Lord speaks:


    “Adam! Eve! Where the hell have you two been! We’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

    “Well it looks like you finally found us. What can I do for milord?”

    “The first thing you can do is explain why you’re wearing that apron!”

    “Apron what apr . . . oh this old thing, just something I picked up in the bushes.”

    “Reaaaallly! Do you think I was born yesterday!? I’M ETERNAL AND OMNISCIENT.”

    “Well, you couldn’t find me in the . . .”

    “SILENCE! You are wearing an apron. That means you know about wealth and what it signifies. You cannot lie you must have eaten fruit from the tree of knowledge to know these things! Besides, you have the fruit juice of knowledge dribbling down your chin. You shall pay dearly for this transgression and who gave you the idea anyways?”

    “It was that slut Eve milord! I was minding my own business naming Drosophila melanogaster “fruit fly” when up walks Eve with this piece of fruit and offers me a bite. . .”

    “SILENCE! And you wench, you ungrateful shiksa slut, what have you got to say for yourself!?”

    “Milord, if you please, it was Stan, uh, Satan that is, who enticed me to eat of the fruit. I didn’t want it, but he said it would give me a brain and what woman can resist such an offer?”

    “Now the Lord turned to his head gardener, casting a jaundiced eye at the miscreant.”

    “And what have you got to say for yourself head gardener?”

    “I was just helping out the poor and oppressed milord with charitable ways. Is it not up to the wealthy to provide welfare for these miserable wretches? Eve is so pretty, all she lacked was a brain because you failed to give her one. I felt it my civic duty to help her with her brain problem.”


    “You are the lowest form of life! You gave away my most guarded secret of wealth creation! You’re one snake that won’t be living in the trees anymore. I’m taking your stripes and busting you down to slave second class. I hereby condemn you to my gold mines where you shall spend the rest of your days crawling on your belly in the dust! How do you like them apples?”

    “But milord!”

    “NO BUTS!”

    “Now where the hell are those cherubim?”

    “Hey pop, er, I mean Father. What’s going on?”

    “Jesus you startled me. Go find my Cherubim and tell them I need to make an arrest.”

    “But father don’t cherubim have eyes all over the body, shouldn’t they have seen this coming?”

    “Judging from the optometrist’s bill they must be myopic. They sure missed this one! Now get outta’ hear and find a couple. Try looking down at the Cherubim Bar and Grill and stay away from the waitresses. I don’t care if they are goddesses, they’re not good enough for you.”

    “Sure thing Father.”

    “Now as for you two desert rats, you’re outta here! Outta’ my garden NOW!”

    “But . . .”

    “NO BUTS! Now that you have a brain you can understand my wealth and how I obtain it. You know about good and evil and how I use extortion to leverage money from Pharaoh and that’s the real problem, you know what money is and what it represents. You know the truth about inflation and compound interest. I cannot trust you around the garden any longer because the next thing you know you’ll become jealous of my wealth and try to steal it from me. You desert nomads are all alike, turn your back for a moment and there goes the magic carpet right out of the tent flap.”


    Jesus now approaches with two Cherubim guards


    “Hey dad, I mean Father, I brought the cherubim.”

    “Are they sober? You know how drunk they get on Wrathful Lord 20/20.”

    “I think so.”

    “How may we serve milord?”


    Turning to the Cherubim, the Lord speaks:


    “Take this snake and toss him into the mines where he shall crawl on his belly in the dust for the rest of eternity, or his life, whichever comes first.”

    “And as for these two, take them to the East Gate and throw them out on their ear! And take off that damn apron Adam; it looks silly on you besides you won’t be needing it where you’re going.”

    “Yes milord.”

    “And guards, be sure you use your light sabers to guard the entrance so they don’t try sneaking back in to sample the tree of life. I’m not running a welfare state here with free health care you know.”

    “Yes milord!”


    “Turning to Adam and Eve, the Cherubim command:


    “You two come with us.”

    “But . . .”

    “BUT NOTHING! I am a wrathful, judgmental God! I dish out the punishment around here so save it for the coyotes – BEGONE!”

    “Yes milord.”


    As the two walk off with the cherubim guards, Jesus turns to his Father.


    “Gosh Father aren’t you going kind of hard on them banishing them to a hardscrabble life of farming and pregnancy and all.”

    “It’ll be good for them my son. Some day they will thank me for this.”


    Approaching the East gate, Eve begins looking gloomy and downtrodden.


    Then one of the Cherubim barks. “Out, out you damn spots!”


    And so the two nomads returned once again to the desert dust from whence they sprang.”


    Heading out into the vast desert expanse surrounding the garden, Eve wailed, “Oh Adam, Adam, what are we going to do? We have nothing! Worse, we have no money, no job and no prospects. Oh what are we ever gonna’ do!?”

    “Relax Eve, don’t be a Silly Billy. You’re forgetting one thing, we now have brains. We know the difference between the gullible good and profitable evil. We will use evil to advance ourselves in this world. Just wait, we’ll move into a neighborhood somewhere and ingratiate ourselves with the natives to exploit and subjugate them with our knowledge. Soon we will have our own aprons richly embroidered with precious stones. You know babe the future looks bright now that we have brains.”

    “We will wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the powers
    Consultin’ with the priests
    And our heads we’ll be scratchin’
    While our plots are busy hatchin’
    Since we got a brain”

    “I can even go more further
    To say why we must murder
    And why the law is there”

    “With these thoughts we are awed
    You know we’re now like Gawds
    Because we got a brain”

    “Oh, I can tell you quite frank
    Why there’s money in a bank
    And why there’s rich and poor.
    I can think of things I never thunk before
    And now I think I’ll sit and think some more”

    “We are not just pretty faces
    With aprons full of laces
    With hearts so proud and vain
    Life will now be so golden
    It will just be Tikkun Olam
    because we got our brains”

    ~ Finis ~

    Tonight’s theater of the Absurd has been brought to you by Old Testament soap; the soap made from 100% pure Jewish fat. One shower will leave a neo-Nadzee saying, “This Old Testament soap gives the body a superior feeling!” Yes, a shower with Old Testament makes one feel Temple fresh! Why its better than a Mikveh!

    1. Very cleaver Arch. It kind of reminds me of “The Bible According to Mark Twain”. Except, I do believe that Twain may have been writing before Jesus was born. He couldn’t locate Jesus in the fruitful garden.

      1. More like the Firesign Theater. I can almost hear Porgy and Mudhead in this parody. This is a takeoff on the Judeo-Christian idea that since Jesus was (((God))), he was the (((God))) of the Old Testament as well as the new. I believe it was PT Barnum that said “there’s a “Judeo-Christian” born every minute.”

  16. I missed all the insane media coverage about this event and heard about it from family and neighbors. I drive part time for Uber and a couple of days after it happened they came out with a message to all of their Drivers about the horrible racist events that happened in Charlotte say how they would not tolerate any racism from a driver. One could tell it was a statement written by one of the “Fetish Victims.” Needless to say I no longer drive for Uber I will not tolerate or be silent about this FN evil.

    As for the insane media and its control of the conversation we need to bring our own media into the game. Real media from all the Social Websites. Yes, there are a lot of good independent media outlets on Facebook and we need to invite them to cover the story. For this to happen we must make better plans than our enemy.

  17. PEACE IN…
    The most damaging participation is Babylonian Talmud mindset of zionazis Jewry as trainers of American law enforcement. It serves to explain why the frequent murder killing of African Americans since it was Babylonian mindset Rabbis who originated the blasphemous, false, divisive, and evil color racism scam – “CURSE OF HAM DOCTRINE” – to divide Gentiles into a color corner of hostilities based on that color scheme designed to exploit and rule over Gentiles from behind the scene.

    We’re dealing with Satan’s devil children who intent is to destroy Gentile belief and obedience to Divine Moral Guidance for human life. Our commitment to live by Divine Moral Guidance is our Salvation that rescue us from the evil clutch of Satan. The Babylonian Talmud mindset is the human embodiment of Satan – the devil on earth.

    It’s past time to give the devil Armageddon defeat that shall destroy ung-dly influences that fuel the devil’s rule.

    A United One Human Family shall have total victory over Satan’s earth agent devils – PERIOD!

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