How Theresa May Helped To Kill Brexit


Abridged from The Sun  newspaper
with extra notes

The Sun can today lift the lid on the Tories’ shambolic election campaign that is being called the worst in modern political history.

Theresa May’s closest aides, Joint Chiefs of Staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, had started the battle convinced of a landslide. Yet by dawn yesterday their catastrophic complacency was laid bare when the teary PM told staffers they would “live to fight another day”.

Furious aides and MPs were last night arguing over who was more to blame for the disaster — Nick Timothy or Fiona Hill.


A campaign source said: “They were so complacent, they thought they had it in the bag all along. They didn’t show anyone the manifesto, so nobody could properly brief it, and we lost control then and there. It was all about Brexit, and that’s why we lost.”

One campaigner branded Fiona Hill “fickle, contrary, spiteful, pointlessly confrontational, hypocritical and cowardly at heart”.

They added: “This has not served the Prime Minister well. She is the PM’s Achilles heel.”

One source said Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill “constantly bickered”.

“Robotic” Mrs May’s dire campaign was dominated by a disastrous social care shake-up.

Mrs May also trotted out key phrases that were winners with focus groups but was criticised for sounding like a machine She was nicknamed the “Maybot” on social media — and by junior campaign staff.

When asked by The Sun if she was robotic, Mrs May replied: “That’s not a description of myself I’d recognise.”

And attempts to humanise Mrs May in interviews backfired. Telling ITV the naughtiest thing she had done was running through a wheat field unleashed more jibes.

But the real reputational devastation was yet to come. One MP said: “The manifesto was the turning point. We were on this gleaming ship cruising toward a majority of 100, and then we sunk it on an iceberg of our own creation.” The controversial proposal to shake up social care policy sent Tory MPs round the bend as furious elderly constituents rejected the plan.

LD: Quite simply, the Tory plan was nothing new. It’s what all Western governments end up doing: making the rich richer at the expense of the poor. In this particular case of armed robbery, the victims were to be Britain’s pensioners, the older and more vulnerable section of the population. Their lives were to be made infinitely worse in order to make the fat cats richer. 

One minister said: “The policy of going to war with our core vote at the same time the kids are flocking to Jeremy Corbyn was f***ing criminal.”

Top Tory Nigel Evans added: “A manifesto should be about apple pie and cream but ours was laced with arsenic.”

LD: Yes sir, that’s what you get when your Leader clobbers the old and poor!

It’s a pity so many old people are poor and need free bus passes to get about in order to do their food shopping. It’s also a pity they need a small handout once a year (£100) to pay for winter fuel. Otherwise they end up with hypothermia, understand? You tried to rob them of these basic amenities. For that you got slaughtered.

One enraged Tory MP who lost his seat as a result of Mrs May’s cruel Manifesto was to say: “It put an Exocet through the heart of our main supporters — older people.”



Never mind, dear,
you killed Theresa May with your vote—
before she could kill you!

11 thoughts to “How Theresa May Helped To Kill Brexit”

  1. Why doesn’t Mrs. May resurrect her damaged image by reaching out to Mr. Nigel Farage? Create a new official platform for him if none of the old ones will do, the kind of job where he can stand up every day or so and blast the Marxist failures of Labor and the human disaster of the EU, as well as inject some life and energy into the Tory Party. As an American observer, I can say that none of us ever grow tired of seeing Mr. Farage stand up, alone and unwanted, and tell the unelected creatures of privilege that make up the filthy subhuman monstrosity known as the EU exactly what they are and where they belong. He is without a doubt my favorite speaker in the best British tradition of outspoken appeals to Liberty, Fair Play, and Common Sense. At the very least, get him as a senior adviser with public speaking privileges, his strongest asset (and potentially yours), he would be well worth a compromise to get him on board, Brexit is the key issue. Or find someone like him quickly – IF YOU CAN…

    1. Nigel Farage is the only person capable of sorting out this Tory mess . Becky should have been sorted months ago but May filled and dallied with deliberate intent at the destruction of Brexit. It was he shook first strated the ball rolling, he should be the one who scores the winning goal.

    2. Winston,

      Theresa would never seek help from Nigel Farage for the simple reason that Nigel is the best man to deliver Brexit. Theresa is all about stalling. She is all mouth and no trousers. The last thing this Zionist puppet wants is to free Britain from the tentacles of the EU.

      All international Jewry wants is a United States of Europe under Jewish hegemony and Theresa is a faithful minion of the Jews. The night after she became Prime Minister she went to dinner at the house of the Chief Rabbi of Britain. Doubtless to consult him and receive her instructions from him.

      “Brexit means Brexit!” rings hollow in our ears now that we know it was said by a woman who betrayed the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit. Theresa sabotaged Brexit. And they all will, these filthy Tory fat cats. And Corbyn and his crowd of slimy Marxists would be just as bad if not worse.

      If I had to vote for anyone, I guess I would vote again for Theresa — even though she’s a dead loss: weak, dithery, cowardly, devious and dishonest.

      1. This is best summary of that most recent of betrayals. Well said.

        Admin should affix Sard’s post as an epilogue to this article — a suffix of indignation. I want to quote Ripley to the Queen Alien…

        “Get away from her you bitch!”

        Please leave Brexit alone; please stop these endless conspiracies.

  2. Let me tell you something. No one is fit to rule. All are pathetic, inept, ignorant, morally bankrupt, blind. Even the Virgin Mary would have a problem putting the world aright. Which is why she doesn’t bother intervening in human affairs.

    So let’s give Little Theresa a break. It’s possible she has her heart in the right place. If she’s going to stick around and steer the ship, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. I’d rather have Theresa any day than the alternatives on offer.

    So I end by saying: Good luck, Theresa — you’re going to need it! 🙂

    1. It’s possible we may get a socialist/Corbyn government, and sooner than you think.

      Because of the Northern Ireland Good Friday agreement Mrs May may not be able to have the DUP in coalition. So then she would not be able to have a voting majority in the House of Commons, whereas a Labour/SNP/LibDem alliance would.

      That would be goodbye to brexit.

      What an unbelievable mess. She should have resigned immediately. She is now prolonging the agony.

    1. RD –

      I believe you are correct.

      Brexit Fears caused major FOREX and stock market movements… and pre-planned swings.

      $$Trillions were made by the architects in London.

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