In homage to Ernst Zündel

By ROBERT FAURISSON                                             

This newsletter No. 6,000 salutes a prestigious hero of revisionism, Ernst Zündel, born in Germany in 1939. Those who, given their relatively young age, do not know just who this amazing figure is can ask us for a brief biography.

Zündel has shown such energy, such inventiveness and such disinterestedness that one may rightly assert that, without him, revisionism would never have been able to amass so many victories, victories that have resounded throughout the world.

When finally the collapse of the “Jewish Holocaust” myth comes about, the tribunal of History will have to render justice to a sizeable number of revisionists and, to begin with, the Frenchman Paul Rassinier and the German Ernst Zündel, who never met but who, united in heart and spirit in one and the same truly heroic venture, have indeed fought not only for the honour of their respective homelands but also for the honour of Europe as a whole.

Bocage, July 1, 2017

Our final message will be a tribute to Ernst Zündel, the German-Canadian revisionist to whom revisionism owes so much!

For revisionists, Ernst Zündel has played an unparalleled role: with his leaflets, his periodicals – always punctual – in English and German, his help in disseminating so many books in various languages, his radio and television broadcasts, his videos, he has been everywhere, and always present to inspire the movement. In 1990, thanks to a formidable undertaking organised as he knows how, our cause achieved a particularly fine victory: the elimination from the plaques at Auschwitz of the figure of four million dead, replaced later by that of a million and a half.

And it is above all he who, in the manner of an orchestral conductor, masterfully coordinated his two trials in Toronto (1985 and 1988), bringing revisionists and opponents of revisionism from all over the world there, especially in the 1985 trial, in order finally to organise a courtroom confrontation between the two camps (needless to say, when subjected to the inflexible cross-examination of barrister Douglas Christie, advised by Professor Faurisson, the opponents bit the dust so hard that a man like, for instance, Raul Hilberg, the “Pope of exterminationism”, would refuse to return for the 1988 trial!).

We think anyone wishing to be informed about revisionism should begin by reading Michael Hoffman’s The Great Holocaust Trial, published by Independent History & Research.

Therefore an end had to be put to Ernst Zündel’s exuberant and iconoclastic activity and it was on February 5, 2003 that this “hero” (the word is Professor Faurisson’s) was literally abducted at his Tennessee home; from that date, i.e. for the past 14 years, this man was to find himself gagged, completely unable to express himself on the subject that was his life’s work: to cleanse Germany, his country of origin, of the false accusations by which she is overwhelmed.

After seven years in prison, amongst which two in Canada in conditions close to torture and the rest in Germany, he would have to pass a probation period of three years, but the 10 years of silence were not to stop there: in order to maximise his chances of obtaining the right to return to his house in Tennessee, he would carry on maintaining a near-complete silence for four years… and our readers will indeed have noted that at our end we did our best to respect that silence.

Alas, on March 31 of this year the dreaded final decision was issued: while the door stays open to so many migrants, the United States, through the voice of a certain Ron Rosenberg, chief of the Administrative Appeals Office of the US Citizen and Immigration Services, which acts by delegation of the Department of Homeland Security, refused the eminent revisionist entry to its territory for all time, thus forbidding him forever from returning to his own home there, to be beside his wife.

However, the law is clear: a person convicted abroad who seeks entry to the United States is to be barred only if the conduct having led to conviction is “deemed criminal by United States standards”; but “denying the Holocaust and expressing anti-Semitic sentiments [which in fact E. Zündel has never done – Bocage] is just not a crime under American law”, noted UCLA law professor Eugene Volokhin a Washington Post column published, cynically, on April 24, Ernst Zündel’s birthday!

It was only on May 9 that we received a copy of that iniquitous ruling signed “Rosenberg”: readers who wish to have their own copy may request it from us.

On May 17 we asked E. Zündel for his reaction, and he replied as follows:

Ernst Zündel’s Response

Hi! I have read and reread that US ruling by Ron Rosenberg and am ever more disgusted.

I am so disgusted by this hypocritical charade that I find it nearly impossible to force myself to write something about it!

But here goes:

I had engaged a top immigration lawyer with over thirty years of practical experience with immigration law in the USA. This lawyer handled my case from the beginning!

I followed all his advice and US rules and regulations to the letter.

All things progressed well, I already lived with my wife in the USA at our own property, running our publishing business; I had been granted a work permit, a social security number, had a comprehensive health check-up, including x-rays, aids test, in short, I was fingerprinted by the FBI, even interrogated by a special agent of the FBI, passing all tests required, with flying colours. There was only one more visit to be undertaken with an immigration official before I would be granted permanent residence and could live and work in the USA for the rest of my life!

We were able to obtain my FBI file after my arrest and deportation! The special agent of the FBI, called Scott Nowinski, recommended to his headquarters that they close the Zündel file, assuming that I would be given residency status!

Ingrid and I carried on with our lives, being reassured by the attorneys that all was only a matter of time and routine!

We were totally taken by surprise, when out of the clear blue sky I was arrested during a workday without warning, while framing paintings for my soon to be opened art gallery! The US officials did not allow me to call my attorney, and they did not have an Arrest Warrant!

Instead they claimed that I had overstayed my visa, an obvious and blatant concocted lie, their cover story! In order to deport me from the USA.

Due to this deportation, which came after the events of 9/11 (the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon), I was imprisoned in Canada, to determine my status for two years! Then I was declared a security threat to the nation of Canada, where I had lived peacefully and productively for 42 years, and was declared persona non grata by Canada.

I was deported to Germany, arrested on the steps of the plane which had flown me across the ocean in handcuffs from Canada and immediately imprisoned in Mannheim!

There I was tried in Court for my writings and broadcasts done in the USA, which were perfectly legal in America.

After a lengthy and grotesque trial in Mannheim I was convicted and sentenced to the maximum term of five years under Germany’s controversial holocaust-related post war laws!

I lost all appeals, served every minute of the five-year sentence, plus another three years of “probation”, and was finally released on March 1, 2010!

My wife Ingrid and I, we fought in the US courts for 14 years, trying to return to the USA. Virtually always we lost, also lost all appeals. We spent untold sums on legal fees and court proceedings!

The end result is the ruling by Homeland Security, signed by one Ron Rosenberg, which follows! There is also a critical review of this decision, by a US law professor from Los Angeles University by the name of Volkovh (?),which clarifies matters somewhat!

The Zündel case reveals a great deal about the state of justice and human rights in America today!

There is a vast gap in the USA between their “reality” and American propaganda!

 * * *

Ernst Zündel continues to describe himself as unvanquished and defiant, and he will not bend!

Colour photo above: Ernst Zündel, in Toronto in the 1980s, displaying before Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, Robert Miller and DitliebFelderer the building plans of the five Auschwitz and Birkenau crematoria, discovered by R. Faurisson in Poland on March 19, 1976. Those plans, kept hidden until then, enabled the creation of scale models making it obvious that the alleged gigantic homicidal gassing operations were physically impossible.
See, in this regard: 1) An Engineering Report on the Alleged Execution Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek (Poland) prepared by Fred A. Leuchter on April 5, 1988, p. 193; 2) Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988, edited by Barbara Kulaszka, 1992, viii-p. 56

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  1. To prevent any possible confusion, I’d like to point out that Ernst Zundel is still alive and well and that the word “homage” in no way implies that Ernst is dead. I do this at the special request of Ingrid Zundel who writes to me in an email:

    Lasha: There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about this notice. Ernst did NOT die, as has been erroneously reported at some websites and broadcasts…. If you put up this up, please put an explanation that I checked with Ernst, and he is very much alive! 🙂

    1. I read this the day it was issued and was so pleased this was the man you chose to honor on your last piece. How prophetic and somewhat beautiful you posted this a few days ago. He passed yesterday. I’m deeply heartbroken by this loss. This enormous and brilliant soul will be missed. The world owes Ernst Zundel a debt of gratitude it will never be able to repay.

  2. Ernst Zundel’s trials should at least merit “textbook case” status at American law schools. Never has there been more of an egregious miscarriage of justice! It should be studied and examined.

    1. Gil –

      I agree.

      Law schools feed the bar and the court systems.

      Nothing will change as long as the world uses secret ballot voting.

      ‘Touch-Screen’ electronic voting makes it even worse.

      It ALL goes hand-in-hand. The partitions dividing these important issues are very perforated.

      1. It’s all about $$, Pat! My youngest nephew sat for his Virginia Bar exam this month (supposedly the most difficult in the country), and he told me, yesterday, the administration had many questions on there for which NONE of the young lawyers were prepared in their studies. He said they were questions only practicing lawyers would know, about procedural rule changes, and could really only be understood by practicing. He graduated top of his class from a prestigious law school – and is, still, in doubt! He pointed out to me that the administrators were all old “senior partner types” over 60, and INTENDED to make the young exam-takers fail in order to cull competition in their profession. I believe he may be right!

  3. It’s really a miracle that my Canadian fellow Ernst Zundel has not been assassinated by B’nai B’rith Canada which claims that Canada is home to 4 million Jew-haters.

    Canadian Jews have hated Mr. Zundel even after he was deported to the Zionist-occupied Germany. Our Ukraine-born new foreign minister Chrystia Freeland also hate Mr. Zundel and Putin who has declared her persona non-grata.


    Nothing magical about doctors or lawyers , it’s all about insurance money . If you insure car repairs and pay top dollars , then the mechanic becomes rich and respected and important commanding high salaries and working less hours .Auto – part store would not be able to sell you oil or oil filters or transmission fluids without a prescription signed by a licensed mechanic .
    In Palestine for example , lawyers are like starving artists in the West . There just isn’t insurance companies conducting business like a mafia – run casinos . In the early years of the twentieth century , ,medicine was so cheap every body could afford it and doctors were going to patients like a tow truck picking up a “sick” vehicle . Sorry I digressed .

  5. How can I say this in the most polite and diplomatic way as possible?

    FUCK the United States of America and Canada! (My apologies for being so blunt!)

    I have live in both Jewish occupied states and there is nothing these two vassal appendages of the Jews can offer.

    BTW, much thanks to Lasha for reposting that 2014 article by Dr. Ingrid Zündel on that Jew David Cole. I learned a lot about the significance and import of Ernst Zündel to the real truth movement and the fight to restore Germany to some semblance of freedom and liberty. And also this article.

    1. PHUQ is an alternative but most will sympathise with the sentiment.
      BTW, I have left a few “snippets” of info for you on the Real humans vs. fake…article; assuming my comment gets posted.
      I suspect some of my comments have gone permanent walkabout in the Tel Aviv area of Palestine !

    2. David Chu,
      I agree with your sentiments. But where do you live now, grasshopper?

  6. This is maybe only distantly related to Ernst Zundel’s work, but it’s another refutation of the Germans as monsters. From the website Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a very moving video.

    When Germany invaded the USSR in 1941 large numbers of people welcomed the German army as liberators and some republics (Latvia and Estonia) even formed legions that fought alongside the German armed forces. But even large numbers of Byelorussians (these are Russians) and Ukrainians welcomed the Germans as liberators. To understand this, you have to realize that many millions of their countrymen were murdered by the Soviets in the 1930’s, which was largely under Jewish control. Notice the priests and religious folks especially happy to see the German army. The Soviets (no doubt under heavy Jewish influence) had banned Christianity, burned down many churches and committed horrible atrocities against priests and nuns.

    IHR – “Liberation from Bolshevism” WW II German Troops Welcomed in the Soviet Union
    As German forces advanced into the Soviet Union in 1941, many people welcomed the troops as liberators from Bolshevik tyranny. The welcome was especially warm in the Baltic countries, western Belarus and western Ukraine. As this four-minute video (no narration) shows, grateful people express appreciation for the troops who brought freedom from harsh Soviet rule, and restored ancient rights. German soldiers, as well as troops of German-allied nations, often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

  7. Best wishes to Mr. And Mrs. Zundel, Robert Faurisson, Arthur Topham and others. 96 year old Oskar Groening, who worked as a book keeper in Auschwitz, never killed anyone nor has been accused of directly participating in any killing, is awaiting the results of an appeal to the shameless prison sentence passed by the subhuman Orwellian German State because “he was there”. Looking forward to the same standards of ‘law’ to be applied when occupied Palestine collapses and the zionists are brought to justice, then on to their European comrades…

  8. Rest In Peace my hero. I hope we can share our comments and tributes here with Mrs Ingrid Zundel.

    Dear Ingrid, With love and respect, please know many of us continue the battle for truth, a battle made so powerful and frightening by you and Ernest, we at the very least, once again hear and read the words of truth in shadowy corners and almost the entire internet has to run around censoring and blocking us in comment sections!!! “Oy Vey”… “Shut It Down!!!”.
    Tomorrow I will plant a Zundel Tree in my yard, and continue to donate my time to furthering the work you and your husband fought to present.
    By the Grace of Mother Mary our beloved are tendered to.

  9. Ernst Zundel – dead at 78. May his soul never again encounter a Jew.

    Ernst Zündel died of heart failure on August 5 at his ancestral home in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, near Pforzheim, one day before the anniversary of the atomic holocaust in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. He was 78. He passed away seven years and five months after having served seven years in confinement in Canadian and German prisons for thought crimes committed as a publisher, broadcaster and protestor. To make the inquisition against this German human rights activist palatable to the public, his “crime” is monotonously described as “inciting hatred for years with anti-Semitic activities.”

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