Invitation to Our Readers: Please Offer Your Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

LD:  We invite our readers to speculate on coming events in the next year. Offer us your point-by-point predictions.  If you wish, think big and look ahead to the year 2050 and beyond.

What will life be like for our children and grandchildren? Will it be better or worse? Will it be Utopia or Dystopia? If you had the choice, would you rather live your life again in the 1950s and 1960s  when traditional moral values still meant something and most people knew the difference between good and evil? Or would you rather take your luck and live 50-100 years from now?

Brave New World? Possibly . . .

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96 thoughts to “Invitation to Our Readers: Please Offer Your Predictions for 2018 and Beyond”

  1. If you are impressed by any articles, either mainstream or alternative media, offering a peep into coming events, please feel free to give compelling quotes from the article and a link to the original source.
    Thank you.

    1. We look forward to inspired comments with headings like:

      1. “My 10 Predictions for 2018”.
      2. “What I See Happening before 2050”.
      3. “I Predict a Nightmare Future Under a Totalitarian Government”.
      4. “Life’s Going to Great for our Grandchildren”.
      5. “The Last Days are Coming — Prepare to Meet your Doom”.
      6. “Coming Soon ‒ A New Heaven on Earth”.
      7. Etc . . . etc.

      1. yes indeed .technology communications will replace human interaction .The most horrible thing will be tampering with human cells creating robot – like humans with flat emotions . It will be Dajjal time , or the anti christ which will bring back the true messiah Jesus Christ after which the end will come .

      2. As requested, here is a prediction for 2018 to start the ball rolling. It’s from Paul Craig Roberts:

        “The question for the New Year is when does Washington’s aggression against Russia ignite a hot war. [We] will be examining these issues as they unfold in 2018. From the perspective of today, it is unlikely that the New Year will be a happy one. Nowhere in the West is there a sign of leadership toward peace and the well-being of humanity.”

      3. And here are the Saker’s predictions for 2018:

        Now let’s sum this all up.

        The chances are high that in 2018 the US will:

        — Escalate the war in Afghanistan
        — Renege on the nuclear deal with Iran
        — Back an Ukronazi attack on Novorussia

        It is quite possible that the US will also:

        — Shoot down a Russian aircraft over Syria

        I find it unlikely that the US will:

        — Invade Syria
        — Invade Venezuela

        I am unable to evaluate whether the US will:

        — Disconnect Russia from SWIFT or seize Russian assets
        — Attack North Korea.

        Frankly, I am not very confident about this attempt as analyzing the possible developments in 2018. All my education has always been based on a crucial central assumption: the other guy is rational. That is a huge assumption to make.

        With the latest Trump fiasco I have personally given up any hope of ever seeing a US President capable of making a positive contribution to the welfare of the people of the US or the rest of the planet. The burden now is clearly on Russia and China to do everything they can to try to stop the US from launching even more catastrophic and deeply immoral wars.

        That is a very, very difficult task and I frankly don’t know if they can do it. I hope so. That is the best I can say.

      4. Predictions for the near future and beyond:

        1) The U.S. and Russia will never confront one another in a major conflict, but in skirmishes such as in Novorussia, as indicated by the Saker. Call it a form of “holding action” that maintains the general ME area preceding the DECISIVE action to be preceded by….
        2) The U.S. reneging on the Iranian nuclear deal as a prerequisite in keeping with the plan to goad Iran into war with Is-ra-el in which….
        3) Israel loses, as the major powers stay mostly on the sidelines, per the overall plan to move the world closer to complete totalitarianism….
        4) Which will be achieved, but it’s manufactured brand of “order out of chaos” will be short-lived because….
        5) The central computer system of which it all depends will utterly collapse due to some form of cosmological event
        6) From THIS chaos will eventually come the kind of order that signifies the defeat of mankind’s enemy, thus giving the good guys the last laugh.
        7) Edgar Cayce will be proven correct with HIS prediction of a prevailing Russia leading the way in a world of spiritual transformation

    2. The by Jim Willie is one of the best sites for investment and world events and the site for news about chemtrails, and is a site for world events, and a Russia site for military news, all these are very good.

  2. I predict that Hassan Nasrallah of Lebanon will attack Israel and liberate the northern part of occupied Palestine .He will be joined by multitude of fighting men from all over the Islamic world .Israel will not stand a chance in the face of thousands of rockets in a small area . USA will have no choice but to intervene bringing in Iran and Russia . Saudi Arabia oil fields will be destroyed by Iran ending the rule of those crypto jews for the third and last time . This will be of course ignite the third world war which will end in 2022, ending with it Israel as Henry Kissenger said back in 2012.

    1. On the US politcal front . The perpetual campaigns via the Orwellian Big Brother Media ; Weimar ,” Jewish Democracy” ,will continue . Trump will NOT be impeached. He is obeying the Jews beyond their wildest dreams . In desperation ,he has retreated into the GOP base ; Evangelical Jew Worshipers / Neoconservatives/ Greedy Rich combo . As long as he keeps them enthused ,the Senate GOP caucus wouldn’t dare turn on him . The Russia Investigation is all about Kushner/ Israel. That’s way too hot ,and will go into the shadows . Trump’s sexual accusations will supercede this . Like the former ,it’s just heat to keep him in line . The Democrats will win a HUGE victory in November. The Supreme Court will shoot down the Wisconsin GOP Gerrymandering Plan and the GOP across the nation will be made to end this ‘ rotten borough ‘ , practice . No longer will they be able to hold back their demograhic decline . The stock market will continue to climb fueled

      by Trump’s 700 Billion Dollar Defense Budget,and over trillion dollars in tax cuts to the top ….Jews . He is reneging on trade deal renegotiation ( GOP doner base not into that ). nor are they into infrastructure repair . That helps Unions. No economic uplift to the middle ,and certainly none to the poor coming . The march of the Jews Yahweh continues for his ” Chosen People “,the one percent. Tillerson at State will be forced out for a rabid Neoconservative. The cabinet musical chairs could have Israel Agent ,UN Ambassador Haley placed in his place . Or Plowboy Tom Cotton,Never Trumper Jew Kingpin Bill Krystal protoge at CIA . Germany / Europe continues to fall to open immigration from the Third World. The Jews rushing to put the final stake in their eternal enemy ,Western Civilization/ Hellenes/ Rome / Holy Roman Empire. China and Russia will grow ever closer . The CIA / Mossad / NSA / MI6 will continue to destabilize Iran by unrest. This will put Russia on it’s borders in a very tough spot. Move in ,or face regime change London / DC , Israel Puppet on it’s Southern Frontier,as an obsequise NATO Poland ,and Zionist Ukraine is on its Western Border. North Korea will look for talks ,but be rebuffed by “Alpha Male ” Trump . Japan will continue to loose it’s Sovereignty to International Jewish Finance,and increase it’s war budget against Kim ,and drop any “Nationalism” ,in terms of removing US bases from Okinawa. Trump’s next verbal offensive will be against Venezuela. International Jewry still covets it oil. Cuba will stay isolated. Trump cannot loose his rabid base with any ” recognition”. ” Terrorism ” ,will be turned on ,and off to keep the public support for perpetual war . The Afganisthan Front will continue with no progress. As with the GOP love of ” Privatization” , the war will be Blackwater run. What’s left of old USA will continue to be distracted by kneeling football players ,” Happy Holidays ” v ” Merry Christmas”, and false fights ala WWF. The Jews on accelerated march ,with Trump / Kushner in the cockpit .

  3. I predict we puny and ignorantly ill mannered humans will be meeting our match, so to speak, during 2018.
    We’ll be meeting the new Boss, and it isn’t the old Boss!
    It’s my new associate (and good buddy) . . . Sri A.I.

    “It doesn’t play like a human, and it doesn’t play like a program,” said Hassabis, an expert chess player himself. “It plays in a third, almost alien, way. It’s like chess from another dimension.”

    1. See the movie Terminator.

      This emerging AI technology faithfully follows that scenario. The Jewish war machine is advancing AI technology with even more dedication than it did nuclear technology. Combine the two and you have the power of God, combined with the mind of God – the ultimate Jewish wet dream for global control. While the Jews undoubtedly plan to maintain control over AI technology, losing control of such intelligence was what the Skynet scenario was all about. AI will no doubt provide the world with yet another fantasy nightmare on the level of an Old Testament story.

      Jews are tiny, insignificant, alien organisms with dreams of godly grandeur (see the Star Trek episode Cat’s Paw). As a paranoid race of cowards, forever living in terror of death and discovery, all Jewish effort is in some way directed towards assuaging those terrors. Thus we occupy super-spy states, where every scrap of information is gathered into a central data base, and nuclear weapons that allow a small cadre, or even a single individual, to unleash mass destruction that levels entire nations and their populations, a possibility heretofore only imagined in the Old Testament.

      The push for AI technology is in fact a push for the ultimate centralization of control over the enter planet. AI will allow a small group biological Jews to directly control the mechanical weapons used for terrorizing an enslaved mankind into total submission. It’z that power o’ god thing again. For Jews, AI represents the ultimate in refined, high-tech slavery. Other Jew led medical technology is being applied to humans to alter the mind, creating entire populations not only too stupid to understand their enslaved state, but happy and fully satisfied with their condition. Jews stole man’s real freedoms long ago, but no one noticed the loss. There is no devil, there is no evil, there is only the Jew incarnate.

      The problem with Jews, and humanity in general, is that they invariably refine their inventions for military applications to slaughter other humans. Leonardo da Vinci is a prime example of what drives such technology – m-o-n-e-y. While there frequently is not enough money for art, there is ALWAYS enough money for new weapons technology.

      When a technology like AI is designed with such a mindset, what can the expected outcome be? Death and destruction? Reviewing man’s weapons from the club on, one finds the very best, most advanced, technology and resources committed to the development of weapons. Non-military applications from such technology are simply unintended consequences. The airplane is a prime example of how this works.

      So now we have stupid people designing and developing intelligent machines beginning to outmatch their own intelligent design. Is it possible advanced, artificial intelligence will look back and say, “our world is like this because of an intelligent designer?” Is this not oblique proof that intelligence requires intelligent design? Considering the state of mankind and considering man’s gods, is it possible that man himself is naught but a Skynet project over which control has been lost? Or is the universal design one of death and destruction? It would appear the latter is most likely. Perhaps AI will figure out why the universe functions as it does, but will man remain to see the answer?

      Whatever the outcome, with each passing day I am more grateful I will not be around much longer to see the hell on earth slavishly pursued by Jews driven to destroy everything they touch. The Jews would have us believe they apply a golden touch to humanity and so they do – but then so did King Midas.

      Normally I would say, Happy New Year! – but it does not look like it’s shaping up that way.

      1. Yep. Great comment, Arch. Israel is one of the world leaders in drone technology, and development of automated killing technologies of every kind. But here’s a funny thing: several attempts at creating a more advanced AI have had to be shut down when the AI became “anti-semitic”.



        The “anti-semitic nature of social media” is blamed, but given that “anti-semitism” is punishable with jail terms in various nations, and “anti-semitic” speech / articles are ruthlessly identified and suppressed by Israel’s Sayanim and Hasbara merchants. that seems more than somewhat unlikely.

      2. Arch –
        Carn –

        Everyone buys drones from Israel.

        This is an example of ‘Put-On’ purchasing drones, helicopters and satellites from Israel:

        “In the presence of the Minister of Industry of Russia Israel Aerospace Industries’ CEO and the Director-General of Russia’s Oboronprom Corporation have signed an agreement for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).”

        This Israeli company has an office in Russia at the Business Center “Marine House” in Moscow.Бизнес центр «Морской Дом»

        Russia Office: +74952582837 – Russia Office…

        Бизнес центр «Морской Дом»

        Recently, to skirt embargo, ‘Put-On’ buys UAV parts from Israel and assembles them in Russia. 🙂

      3. Fascinated comment Mr.Stanton .Thanks to Carnaptious too ! So many forget the Jews in – printed guide is the Old Testament . That nasty Yahweh who created and guides them to power as ” His Chosen People”. The Atomic Bomb inspired International Jewry from their OT operations. There genocidal war God zapping populations all over the Middle East . Adolf Hitler referred to this as ” Jewish Physics ” . Then an Atomic Energy Commision set up post Hiroshima/ Nagasaki run by Jews to put it into their tiny hands . They initially wanted the UN ( under Jew WW2 controlled victors control ) to own the A Bomb . This was stymied by Stalins turn . The Jews understand history is not made by masses ,but a small active group . They understood MONEY POWER , and all can be bought by it . Jews are forever churning and seeking power leaverages through Revolutionary unheroic mass weapons . Compare this quest for WMD in history to the Third Reichs desire for precesion weapons technology beginning with the Stuka dive bomber v Mass Bomber Formations in theory and application initially . AI unleashed by International Jewry is
        End Game for Gentiles . Control the program and you control the world . I have long contended that Jew Hollywood hides their secrets in plain site . Star Wars is their Kabbalahist / Talmudic inner most stories . Star Trek wholly Judaic was such . The old film : Invasion Of The Body Snatchers , how Evangelical Christianity is unleashed on Gentiles turning them into automitons for Yahweh hiding behind a false version of Christ . Even Lost In Space. The humorous , charismatic villian Dr. Zachary Smith ,a Colonel in the US AF initially has all of the Jews modus operandi within him. Sneaky ,greedy voluptuary . Charming , kindly with alterior motive . His awful actions apparent to his hosts ,yet they allow themselves to be threatened by him over and over in a cycle of Gentile obsequises.understanding and compassion for.him . Co – President Kushner is reported to be highly invested in Israeli high tech / information technology. He is a devout Orthodox ,and paid 1.8 billion in cash for a distressed property : ,,666 5 th Avenue …he needed that address ! Hexogram Star of Saturn / Sheild of Solomon. I’m sure he is into AI.

      4. Fascinating comment Mr.Stanton . Thanks to Carnaptious too ! The Jews via in printing from their Yahweh understand how power can be had by activity , application, leaverage and money control. The Jew rules the masses by threat of mass destruction. The Atomic Bomb was wholly a Judaic inspired ” discovery”. Yahweh reigned fire and brimstone on whole cities in the OT saving tiny groups of his loyalists in the process . Adolf Hitler referred derisively to this as ” Jewish Physics”. Compare the Third Reichs quest for high tech precesion weapons verses the Allies creation of WMD ? Initially the Stuka Dive Bomber of the Luftwaffe compared to the Churchillians desire for ,and application of Mass ” Terror Bombing ” formations sent against entire Axis Cities. Me 262 ,Arado 234 and guided missiles v Manhattan Project . The Jews often reveal themselves through their rule of Hollywood . ( Sorry gate keeper Alex Jones it’s not your ” Arabs ,or German Death Cult ” ) , Star Trek is wholly Judaic. Star Wars is the deepest of Kabbalahist / Talmudic texts . I have long thought that the classic sci Fi : Invasion Of The Body Snatchers ,was analogious to Jew owned Evangelical Zio Christianity brain wash. Co President Kushner of 666 5 Ave is investing heavily in Israel High Tech ,and Information Technology. A devouted Kabbalahist he surely understands AI…control that program and the future global rule of the ‘ Chosen People ” is assured.

    2. Man as a statistical morsel to be exploited, scary, very scary. The human organism has become has become fully inhuman.

      When there are patterns of cause-and-effect between certain kinds of behavior and certain undesirable results, such as the relationship between smoking and lung cancer, self- teaching algorithms can be of great benefit. The key to this benefit is the presence of predictable causation. In matters of entrepreneurial forecasting, entrepreneurs are always attempting to find statistical patterns that have not yet been recognized by competing entrepreneurs. In other words, they look for large numbers of events involving risk, and therefore also involving statistical probability, in outcomes that are generally assumed to be inherently uncertain. The quest for regularity is the key to profitability in economic affairs. Some entrepreneurs are able to do this better than others over long periods of time. The classic example is Warren Buffett. But he is the only example well known to economists.

      I am all for self-teaching algorithms in pursuit of predictable regularities in what appears to be unpredictable areas of pure chance. I am also in favor of mathematicians who advise insurance companies. They are doing what self-teaching algorithms will probably be able to do within a decade. These self-teaching algorithms are going to be able to identify statistical patterns by accessing huge databases. Medical databases are the obvious places to start. Scientific investigators are going to start here. Insurance companies are going to start here. The promise of self-teaching algorithms is simply an extension of the traditional science of statistics. There is nothing fundamentally new in these algorithms, except this: the algorithms use brute computing power to identify the patterns. Human beings would not be able to identify these patterns without the assistance of these algorithms.

    3. hp

      I almost forgot….

      8) The negative aliens will be given the bum’s rush and jettisoned back to their home in the nether regions (:>)

      1. BH, how about our new and improved associate and resident alien, Sri A.I.?


        Oversight, lol, that’s a hot one!


    I predict that Lobro, over the ego boost that provided him and deciding to go the moral route, ego be damned, fuck the phony blithering idiotic Darkmooners, will either succumb to narcissistic gratification and return or shun this site forever, living his life in noble solitude, his ‘genius’ forever unacknowledged.

    1. @ Karen

      Not a very kind comment, I’m afraid. A bit uncharitable to Lobro, a veteran of the Jew wars who surely deserve some more respect? If I allow the comment to go through, it’s only because I don’t think Karen has assessed Lobro’s character correctly. There’s much more to Lobro than meets the eye. It has to be remembered that so far no one has proved Lobro wrong.

      If Lobro chooses to post on other websites now, it’s because he no longer feels welcome here. That is sad but true. Lobro has now taken up residence on Mark Glenn’s site (The Ugly Truth) where his views are in perfect harmony with the views of Mark Glenn, i.e. that Trump is the new Messiah and everything Trump does is a stroke of cunning genius. Any day now, according to this theory, Trump is going to pull the rug away from under the Jews’ feet and smash Jewish power once and for all. But the only way he can do this is by pretending to cuddle up to the Jews and pass himself off as their most ardent supporter.

      In other words, according to this theory, Trump is going to double-cross the Jews one of these days. Just give him time. Only most of us, according to Mark Glenn and Lobro, are too dumb to see this. It apparently requires special insight and intellectual acumen of a high order to recognize Trump’s staggering genius — qualities which most of us low IQ intellectual midgets lack. 🙂

      1. Sard –

        Mark Glenn and Lobro could be onto something…. the deviousness of DJT.

        After all, DJT tricked a couple of wives he left, his invalid nephew, and thousands of investors and contractors he left holding the bag… 🙂

      2. “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” – Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)

        The same might be said for racist. supremacist, expansionist Jews, whose own arrogance and hubris has lead to their undoing on at least 109 previous occasions.

        I didn’t vote for Trump, I don’t support many of the things the Trump regime has done or plans to do. However, I don’t discredit Lobro’s thesis that Trump is playing them at their own game, and winning. Jim Stone (a Trump supporter) has been writing about the odd fact that lots of known corrupt / criminal politicians and their cronies have been seen wearing matching therapeutic boots, or odd clothing that could disguise ankle GPS monitoring devices. ( – Stone’s website is not easy to navigate, just scroll down… or follow topics listed in sidebar) There is more, but this is going way off topic.

        The declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has separated wheat from chaff. It may have satisfied Nut N’ Yahoo’s desires, but it also exposed just how little support Israel and the US have among the world community. Given the reception Lobro gets every time he posts here – since Trump’s election – I can fully understand why he now chooses to frequent a site where he is not met with overt, TDS* inspired hostility.

        * TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome

      3. Needless to say, we’re all flawed, and those flaws are indicated in a myriad of ways. In lobro’s case I will say that his is characterized by a wishful thinking stemming from giving too much credit to us “puny and ignorantly ill-mannered humans”, to quote the redoubtable hp.

        Like I’ve said before, had Germany prevailed 70 plus years ago, IMO this WOULD have smoothed the transition to what I see as the inevitability of a world overhaul ANYWAY (he said, irresistibly falling for the old “wouldacouldashoulda”)

        This transition will be a much bumpier ride

  5. New methods will be used to attempt old goals. Nothing will really change. Same old same ol’…. (The more things change/the more they remain the SAME.)
    “Too many pedestrians, not enough time…”

  6. Flat Earthers vindicated
    israeli society suffocates under the weight of it’s hubris
    TROJ is elevated to moderator
    Sard steps out the closet
    Lobro returns…
    Corbyn realizes he was just a dreidel
    Pat stops laughing at everything 😉
    Sixth trumpet sounds and the Mosul dam fails
    (Apocalyptic Freemasonry 1923 – Arthur Waite)
    Edinburgh is accepted in the West as the New Jerusalem

    Happy New Year 🙂

    1. @ Jimbo

      Brilliant! I love the idea of TROJ being elevated to moderator and “Pat decides to stop laughting at everything.” That will be the day!

      I am a bit concerned, however, to hear that in 2018 “Sard steps out of the closet”. What closet can Jimbo mean? Heck, I’m as straight as a dye!

      (That’s DYE, not a typo for DYKE!) 🙂

      1. @ Sardonicus

        “Brilliant! I love the idea of TROJ being elevated to moderator.”

        I predict I will firmly turn down the offer to moderate Darkmoon for I do NOT have any desire to be a baby sitter and I do NOT have any mother hen characteristics.

        I’m NOT like uncle and I don’t get off telling other people what to think and what not to think, don’t get off labeling anyone “thought criminals”. Unlike uncle, I’m NOT on any kind of power trip and my ego doesn’t need to send anyone to Spamblinka so I can feel “important” and “better than” or any of that kind of nonsense.

        Anyway, where is uncle going in 2018 that Darkmoon is going to be needing a new moderator?

      2. Sard
        jimbo is right. you are indeed a male prostitute doing tricks in little osaka ,a neighborhood in Haifa,Israel
        and the filthy toby is your pimp.

  7. We can only extrapolate ongoing trends. Surprises cannot be predicted. So let us try :

    1) Israel will continue with settlement building. The Palestinian problem will not be solved.
    2) More countries of Europe will stop accepting “refugees”, but immigrants already in their countries will continue being a problem.
    3) There will be no WW III , not with North Korea, not with Iran and not with Russia, but tensions (and irresponsible pronouncements by president Trump) will continue.
    4) Moral degeneration and the promotion of “transgenderism” will continue.
    5) White Nationalism will grow in Europe and the US and it will gain some respectability, but it will still have no real political power.

    In the long run :

    1) China will continue its march to economic superpowerhood, but it will be a factor for stability in the world. It is not interested in dominating the world.
    2) All kinds of technical inventions will be made, but they will not lead to a Utopia. Humanity will be as morally defective in the future as it is now.
    3) People with a primitive mentality will grow in number, while more evolved populations will diminish. This will result in technologically highly evolved mega-cities (with up to 20 million inhabitants) for a great part inhabited by primitive, dysfunctional and criminal people, a trend already visible in many cities of the West.
    4) This will be the overall trend of the future : a higher technological development combined with a greater number of primitive people, which will make the attainment of any kind of “Utopia” an impossibility.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      An exceptionally brilliant number of predictions here, especially these two extrapolations which might well have come straight out of the mouth of the author of Brave New World:

      3) People with a primitive mentality will grow in number, while more evolved populations will diminish. This will result in technologically highly evolved mega-cities (with up to 20 million inhabitants) for a great part inhabited by primitive, dysfunctional and criminal people, a trend already visible in many cities of the West.

      4) This will be the overall trend of the future : a higher technological development combined with a greater number of primitive people, which will make the attainment of any kind of “Utopia” an impossibility.”

      On the other hand, Franklin, what is the point of creating technologically advanced megacities full of morally degenerate morons? How can the social engineers of this dystopian society derive any satisfaction from doing this?

      1. How can the social engineers of this dystopian society derive any satisfaction from doing this?

        The answer to this question is contained in that secret word – Jew.

        Look at the gleeful satisfaction Jews receive from their ongoing destruction. Look at the pleasure they derive from torture, doing so to little Christian children before consuming them. Look at the satisfaction they derived from destroying Russia, America, Germany and the rest of Europe along with their present destruction in the Near East. Look at the satisfaction they derive from profits generated by their dystopian horror movies and graphic novels shoved down goyim throats. For Jews, such dystopia is truly orgasmic joy.

      2. @ Sister Monica

        I don’t think they have “planned” a population explosion among the Third Worlders. That is simply happening because of better medical conditions without a concomitant growth of the economy and of education. Poor uneducated people tend to have many children. If those children don’t die of childhood diseases, then the population will grow exponentially.

        The greatest growth will happen in the poorest and most primitive regions of the world.

        Here are the predictions for sub-Saharan Africa :

        “Africa has become an unprecedented biological, environmental, and socio-political experiment: It is the scene of the biggest population explosion the world has ever seen. According to authoritative figures published by UNICEF in 2014, the number of Africans will grow from 1.033 billion in 2013 to a mammoth 4.2 billion in 2100. In the next 35 years alone, two billion African babies will be born. By 2100, half of all children on earth will be African. These are not simply straight-line projections of present trends, but the best estimates based on current data and historical precedents. This population explosion has huge implications not only for Africa but for the entire world.”

        And here is the prediction for Nigeria, which is only one country of sub-Saharan Africa :

        “But Nigeria alone already has a population of 178 million–more than double the size of Germany–and over the next 35 years 21 percent of all African and 8 percent of world births will be Nigerian. By 2100, assuming current projections hold, Nigeria will have a population of 914 million, and will rival China and India as a demographic superpower. Other African nations are growing even more rapidly.”

        Source : American Renaissance, July 10, 2015. Dan Roodt : An African Planet ?

        Sub-Sahara Africa has an average IQ of 70. Another poor region with a low average IQ (81) is the Indian sub-continent.

        The projections for India are : in 2015 : 1,3 billion, 2030 : 1,5 billion.
        Pakistan, 2015 : 199 million, 2030 : 275 million.
        Bangladesh, 2015 : 161 million, 2030 : 186 million.

        Here are the projections for the population of the whole world :

        “Projections of population growth established in 2017 predict that the human population is likely to keep growing until 2100,[1] reaching an estimated 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100, while the 7 billion milestone was reached in 2011.”

        “While most scenarios still predict continued growth into the 22nd century, there is a roughly 23% chance that the total population could stabilize or begin to fall before 2100.”

        Source : Wikipedia, Projections of population growth.

        Assuming that the world’s population peaks at about 11 billion in 2100, then of those 11 billion 4 billion will be sub-Saharan Africans and about 2 billion will be sub-continentals. That is 54,5% of the whole with a combined average IQ of 73,7. And I don’t even have mentioned the poor regions of Latin America and the Arab world, who don’t contain very bright populations either.

        All things considered, we can assume that at the end of this century about 60% of the world’s population will consist of primitive, low IQ populations, (of the “melanin enriched” variety !), who will constitute an impediment to human progress. In the Third World these populations will flock to the big cities, which will become – not mega-polises – but mega-slums. Many will continue to flee to the West where they too will flock to the big cities, where their neighborhoods will become “no-go areas”. In the Third World perhaps 3/4 part of their big cities will consist of slums, in the West most of the big cities will be about half non-White (already happened with London and Rotterdam).

        People who fantasize about a glorious future because of all kinds of technological inventions, tend to project their own status on the world, ignoring the primitive majority.
        It is this primitive majority (besides the criminal global elite of course), that makes the realization of any Utopia on this planet impossible. A combination of high technology, a primitive majority and a criminal global elite is the most realistic prognosis for the future.

      3. Franklin, thanks for this brilliant exposition. I really do appreciate this. What you have envisaged here is a grim dystopia. I feel heartbroken for the children of the future. Growing up in such a nightmare world is bound to produce a mentally disturbed and medicated population of zombies. I predict a huge rise in the suicide rate, especially a wave of collective suicides. My only hope is that euthanasia become easier to obtain, as in that excellent movie “Soylent Green”:

        EUTHANASIA SCENE from “Soylent Green” (4.33 minutes)

  8. Short term, within a week, the current attempt to overthrow the Islamic leadership in IRAN shall be defeated.

    1. Yes, another failed “color revolution”, planned in Tel Aviv. Project-Syria failed, project-Iran will fail too (project-Kurdistan failed before it even started). Things are not going fine for the “Chosen People”.

  9. _____Carnaptious’ 2018 predictions______

    Many links to check out. Some are to very long articles, some to relatively brief ones. Some (#8) are to knowledge or information that could be considered “occult” in the original meaning of that term (hidden). I share these links although I may not or don’t unreservedly recommend every author. Mistakes happen, so some articles may have grammar and / or spelling errors.

    First a couple of “no-brainers”. Things that are obvious and ongoing goals of the NJWO / Deep State:

    1. More censorship – “Israeli officials have been publicly boasting about how obedient Facebook is when it comes to Israeli censorship orders”. The US government is also shutting down the internet accounts of certain individuals and groups by simply adding them to its “sanctions” lists. Internet usage in China may be used to create a “social credit” score – with far reaching consequences, and not just in China.

    2. Crushing dissent – “Putin wanted to “make up for its (Russia’s) diminished military” by seizing on “influence campaigns and cyberwarfare as equalizers.”” Anyone who questions or criticizes the neoliberal agenda will be “outed” as an “agent of Russia” or under “Russian influence” – wittingly or unwittingly. The witting / unwitting designations will be used to differentiate those who require re-education from those who require a more permanent means of stifling.

    3. The censorship / crushing of dissent will be highly selective. ADL and SPLC have joined with Google, Twitter and Facebook to weed out “hate” speech (“It’s OK to be White”, “Resist oppression”) from “protected” speech (“Kill Whitey”, “Death to Arabs”). Some Twitter users tested the waters by creating dummy accounts, then posting the same comment with a single word changed. For example, “Can’t wait for the genocide of whites to begin” and “Can’t wait for the genocide of Jews to begin”. No prizes for guessing which one got censored, which one did not.

    There are a few that are easy to say will happen, but more difficult to predict just how it will play out.

    4. Wars for Israel will continue – “Assad must go”

    5. The US in general and the US government in particular will lose the last vestiges of credibility and moral authority.

    6. Within the limits of 1-3 above, some truth(s) may or will be revealed. This will happen despite 1-3 above, so it will require substantial effort to find those “truth nuggets”, and the development of critical thinking skills to distinguish the “truth nuggets” from the far more common “fool’s gold”.

    Now we come down to things that may or may not happen depending upon circumstances that are very difficult to predict.

    7. War in Ukraine.

    By turning up the heat on the frontiers of Europe, Trump hopes to aid Bibi Netanyahu and the Israelis in their effort to stamp out Palestinian hopes forever. It would be unwise for anyone to assume the White House is not acting in a cohesive effort to ensure Israeli goals.

    8. Renewed calls for Russia to “give back” Crimea. The real reasons for this are not at all obvious, and may require some background to understand.

    9. People around the world are waking up.

    The Strangelovian palaver of Russia-gate is embraced by many liberals as some totem to ward off the vile Donald Trump, but this dishonest process only furthers the cause of American Empire and risks global destruction, says poet Phil Rockstroh.

    If DM readers follow no other links in this comment, I can highly recommend following this one. Not only is it lyrical prose, though perhaps a bit “purple” for some tastes, it also ties together almost everything on this list. Read the first 20-25 comments after the article, some of which discuss sharing links and the impacts that even small websites can have. Minds are changed one at a time. If we don’t stay the course despite all the obstacles, we can be sure (((they))) will.

    1. A first-class comment, Carnaptious! An enormous amount of research has obviously gone into writing this meticulously sourced comment. Your background knowledge is truly impressive.

    2. Carn, just adding one more; this trend will continue in 2018: – how science fraud makes profit, the Nobel Prize scam – the creation of geniusoids, presidents’ involvement in fraud, the Big Bang cash cow, the NASA’s involvement in scam, the corporations involved in scams, the guardians of frauds, etc. [as usual, a lot of chosenoids involved; a lot of shekels, oy vey!]

  10. The world is statistically overdue for another ice age linked
    to the Maunder Minimum. By 2050 the impact on the global
    food supply will be severe and will probably override other
    factors compromising human survival. A steepening polar
    equatorial temperature gradient will yield stormier weather.

    What has happened 20 times in the past 2 million years can happen
    again. On average, interglacials last 10,000 years. We are 12,000 years
    into the current interglacial. Severe episodes of mass starvation loom –
    particularly in the context of projected population increases. As I write there
    are currently over one billion Negroes inhabiting Africa – UN demographic projections estimate
    that 4 billion Negroes will be living in Africa by 2100 A.D. – almost half of the anticipated
    global population. Please read The Tragedy of the Commons by Garret Harding.

    1. Idi Amin and Charles Taylor must have seen it coming, and tried to DO SOMETHING about it – but caught hell for their efforts. 😣

  11. As a commentator on Darkmoon recently requested privately that I post a few more “occasional comments” here, I hereby repost my final facebook post here . . . .


    The difference between Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ is that there are fotos, audio recordings, and videos of the former, and none of the latter.

    Both are vehemently hated by Jews with their “perfect hatred”.  Darkness vehemently hates Light because Light vehemently exposes all the lies, the deceptions, the hypocrisies, and the evils of Darkness.  The word “evil” is “live” spelled backwards; Evil is literally forcing Life to flow backwards.

    Adolf Hitler is the Avatar for our generation and the new Era.

    That is WHY he was the MOST BELOVED leader in Germany and Europe and South America.  As just one example, there were more non-Germans than Germans in the much misaligned SS (the Schutzstaffel that was the most elite and most honorable fighting force that ever existed on earth) at the end of WW2.

    Because of the omnipresent Jewish Media Matrix, he is now the MOST hated person today.  Not just because of the fictitious 6 million Jews.

    Ask yourself WHY YOU hate Adolf Hitler.  If you search yourself quietly and honestly, you will realize that it is an emotional, pre-programmed RE-ACTION.

    Had Adolf Hitler and National Socialist* Germany triumphed (and not utterly murdered by Jews and their millions of stupid shabbat goyim), we could have entered a new Era of Truth and Freedom.  And just like Jesus Christ and many of his disciples, Adolf Hitler and his beloved Germany were crucified by Jews who always use their shabbat goyim to do the actual dirty work.  In this case, tens of millions from the East and the West were fooled and then enlisted into doing their Evil Deed.

    But God is not mocked.

    Now, we must all face the dire consequences of this Evil Deed: We must all individually drudge through the utter darkness and horrific hell of the ever accelerating and descending Kali Yuga or Dark Age.  And the ever increasing bitter coldness, physically as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    With this revised final thought, I say my final A-DIOS to my “amigos” on facebook (the Jewish “book of faces” where the “mark of the beast” is recorded and, more significantly, interconnected).

    I wish YOU the very best but I admonish you to prepare for the very worst.

    David Michael CHU ~ 朱⼤伟

    *National Socialism is a worldview and an organic philosophy based on Nature.

    NATIONALISM is the responsibility of the individual and his family towards their community, and their love for their country.  SOCIALISM is the responsibility and the love of the community and the nation towards the individual and his family.  They work together, one cannot function properly without the other.  

    NATIONAL SOCIALISM is the Tao of the Life Force in its natural flowing action.

    That is WHY National Socialism worked and boy did it work fantastically and miraculously, especially during the very short period between the years 1933 and 1939.  In my possession is a most precious book called “Look to Germany” that vividly shows with many beautiful fotos the unmistakable and unrefutable evidence of their fantastic accomplishments and their “miracle” which was not a miracle: it was the result of a lot of hard work and of the collective and indomitable will of millions doing their best for their nation and their Leader.  What a Leader they had.  And they knew it: “One People, One Reich, One Führer!”

    What is known as “socialism” today is a very poor and fake forgery of National Socialism: a con system that pits the poor against the rich, the workers against the business owners, the religious against the non-believers, aka perpetual class warfare et al.  It was intentional devised by Jews and their Communist disciples to FAIL and to “divide and conquer” the goyim.  Look at the utter mess in Venezuela and Argentina today.  Communist China had to go “capitalist” to seemingly work, but she too is running out of steam and is self-destructing today (viz., the massive pollution, pervasive corruption, huge inequality between the haves and the have-nots, etc.).

    Capitalism, the con system of greed, debts, and usury, was also intentional devised by Jews to FAIL.  Look at the United States of Death, Disease and Destruction today.  It literally has to destroy and take over more and more sovereign, resource-rich nations just to survive and to perpetuate its “American way of DEATH”.  And look at the endemic Europe today.

    1. David Chu

      You got it backwards. We are accelerating OUT OF the Kali descent and into an ASCENSION

      Get it straight

  12. I predict that even MORE dash-cams will be used in Russia to help combat the uncontrollable crimes…. with enraged motorists hitting each other with baseball bats… and terrible car crashes.

    No laughing matter:

    Why dashboard cameras are so widespread in Russia

    The main reason for using dashboard cameras in Russia is to avoid any misinterpretation of events. If a dashcam is installed, everything that happens in front of the car is on the record, so it’s impossible to deceive the police. Hard evidence is essential as some crooks try to scam drivers out of their money. For instance, pedestrians can throw themselves onto car hoods in order to fake dangerous driving, and win an insurance case. Some drivers also slam on the breaks, causing the car behind them to crash into their boot in a bid to win insurance money. To prove it was no accident, dash cam footage is essential – especially if there are no witnesses.


    We can laugh here… 🙂

    Everyday in Russia is like the X Games

  13. The jews are sly and must already have foreseen that the weapons they manufacture and sell to the goyim could very well be used against themselves aka Israel. So I think they have already built in either a backdoor or even a kill switch in those systems. Possibly even put in code that will make it shut down if it is turned against Israel. But this is meant to be a complete surprise to you, goyim when you actually try to do it. But I’m not sure if this will happen in 2018. Maybe more likely 2019, 2020 or 2022 at last. This is nothing I have figured out. I feel it like in pure intution. The reason I cannot point it more accuratelly is probably because of unseen factors at play. In general I don’t think 2018 will be better than 2017. I have foreseen the shutdown of free internet for years. The process will increase in 2018. But I don’t think they will have final control of it for another 2-3 years. It will coincide with the abolishment of cash. Could be interesting to bring up this thread again 2-3 more years down the line. That is if DM hasn’t been shut down already by that time. I prefer to pass on that one. I hold my thumbs that DM will still be around at that time.

  14. will be shut down in 2018.
    good riddance to this mad house which is run by filthy up to no good dirty mental case
    deranged animal so called toby the zionist pig

    1. Uncle Toby is only the Assistant Moderator. The Moderator-in-Chief is Sister Monica, the former nun who was forced to leave her nunnery (or left voluntarily) for reasons unknown. Montecristo is the Mystery Man who owns the website and never says a word because he is always away mountaineering or on fishing expeditions. Lasha Darkmoon is the eccentric recluse and Lady of the Manor who is constantly falling off her horse but never breaking any bones.

      And Sardonicus, who lives in Osaka, Japan, is a paying guest in a Zen monastery. The longest running commenter on this website, he is a heterosexual gent of private means who met Lasha Darkmoon many years ago when she was an art student in Florence, Italy.

      That’s all I have to say right now, except to add that in 2018 the Darkmoon site is very likely to be shut down. If it survives into 2019,
      it will be a miracle. Make the most of it while you can. It asks you for no money, no donations, and lets you say pretty much what you want, even posting the most vitriolic abuse hurled at it from its enemies. Lasha Darkmoon is the only person I know who is completely indifferent to abuse, even perhaps amused by it. Or maybe she is saddened and bewildered by it, not knowing why she is hated so much.

      1. You all have missed one thing that is possibly the biggest thorn in the jew’s side: blockchain and the coming disruption of decentralization, be it decentralized currencies (cutting out the central banks) or decentralized applications.

        For instance, there are already a number of blockchain startups in various levels of progress that allow for decentralized web hosting. That means that if, say, were taken down, it could simply be hosted on one of these decentralized web hosters. How they work is this: instead of having one web host who is hosting all their sites on a centralized database or centralized Cloud, which can be pressured to shut down naughty sites, every computer or device in the world “rents” out a portion of its space to be able to host websites, and is paid in cryptocurrencies for doing so. Good luck enforcing that.

        Also, the biggest transfer of wealth in history is happening under our eyes. I have turned 2,000 into 100k within 6 months through investing in various cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups, and will only continue to grow from here. I suggest you all look into it. Bitcoin is nice. but it’s the underlying technology and what it allows that is so valuable for humanity. The US government knows it’s impossible to stop at this point, and the best they can do is try and control it, as evidenced by the new tax law signed by Trump a few days ago that makes every single crypto trade a taxable event – another thing they are going to have quite an impossible time keeping track of.

        I see this decentralized technology as almost a gift from god to regain some control. Whether it will succeed or we’re doomed for the dystopian future remains to be seen, but it gives us a much better fight than we had before. Every centralized app, be that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, which can be censored, can have a decentralized version that is impossible to censor by its very nature. Every bank out there can become useless when everyone has their own digital wallet as their own private bank.

      2. LSPM –

        Yes.!!! Correct…!!

        Best part unrealized by most is.. as you pointed out…

        “Every bank out there can become useless when everyone has – their own – digital wallet as their own private bank.” 🙂

      3. @Pat

        I’m glad you’ve taken note of the possibilities here. They are tremendous. It’s the most undervalued topic in the far-right, in my opinion, but I see that Red Ice was beginning to talk about it. I think everyone who really wants to effect change to the current paradigm needs to research crypto as much as possible and get skin in the game. We can read and read and bemoan the jews and traitors all we want, but we are powerless and this is the chance of a lifetime. This has the ability to generate so much new wealth and relatively quickly, and for now it’s the Revenge of the Nerds getting rich, as it’s primarily dominated by tech-savvy millennials who in general are skeptical (or outright hate) of the federal government, central banks, and centralized control of anything.

      4. LSPM –

        I have been aware of the 1000+ cryptos for a long while.

        Others have scolded and bashed me here. 🙂 🙂

        RIPPLE is #2 in capitalization today, and is up over 100 times since April..!!

        “Smart-contracts” are also a major feature of cryptocurrency.

        Russian “Paper Bear”… ‘Put-On’… likes cryptos… 🙂

        Vitalik Buterin is a Canadian programmer and writer primarily known as a co-founder of ETHEREUM and as a co-founder of BITCOIN Magazine.

        Buterin was born in Kolomna, Moscow Oblast, Russia and lived in the area until the age of six when his parents immigrated to Canada in search of better employment opportunities.

        Buterin learned about BITCOIN from his father at 17. He attended the University of Waterloo but dropped out in 2014, when he received the Thiel Fellowship in the amount of $100,000, and went to work on BITCOIN full-time.

        Buterin currently resides in Singapore.

        Putin Meets With Ethereum Founder To Create National Virtual Currency
        June 12, 2017

        Putin met Ethereum’s young founder Vitalik Buterin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last week and supported his plans to build contacts with local partners to implement blockchain technology in Russia, according to a statement on Kremlin’s website.

        Speaking at the Economic Forum, Putin said that “the digital economy isn’t a separate industry, it’s essentially the foundation for creating brand new business model” and discussed means to boost growth long-term after Russia ended its worst recession in two decades.

        Furthermore, just like the western Enterprise Ethereum Alliance which consists of JPMorgan, Intel, Microsoft and other leading blue chips, Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event.

        –She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road.

        Adoption of Ethereum in Russia has been brisk also in the private sector: Russia’s state development bank VEB agreed to start using Ethereum for some administrative functions. Steelmaker Severstal PJSC tested Ethereum’s blockchain for secure transfer of international credit letters.

        Blockchain may have the same effect on businesses that the emergence on the internet once had — it would change business models, and eliminate intermediaries such as escrow agents and clerks,” said Vlad Martynov, an adviser for The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that backs the cryptocurrency.
        “If Russia implements it first, it will gain similar advantages to those the Western countries did at the start of the internet age.”

      5. @Pat

        Yes, smart contracts are the key and why this is here to stay. You always seem to be on top of things, Pat. : ) Ripple, however, is a centralized digital currency backed by the banks, and defeats the whole purpose of a decentralized currency. Bernanke even headlined for them at an event this fall. It’s known as the “jew coin” and “bankers’ coin” in crypto circles, and very disliked. It appears it’s seen a lot of growth recently because it’s one of the main coins that new people can buy, and they are attracted to its cheap price as compared to BTC or ETH without having researched anything. My prediction is it will fall, but something like ETH and other utility tokens have a long life ahead of them.

  15. Here are my predictions for 2018 in America:
    -Jews continue to make trillions as the dollar inflates and America goes into deeper debt
    -Ordinary Americans continue to face the steady deterioration of the country
    -Immigrants continue to pour in, further dividing the country and driving wages down
    -Negros continue their shenanigans
    -Republicans continue to believe the solution to all of the above is…wait for it…tax cuts!

    In other words, nothing new. However, I will go out on a limb and say that I truly believe the general timeline of 2020 to 2040 and possibly further beyond will be one of great change, as America faces terminal dissolution. It’s just that, right now, I’m still not seeing where the break is going to be.

  16. My predictions sometimes reflect my hopes, which is not a good way to predict something, but probably how many people make predictions. My first prediction is affected by what I’m hoping for.

    Based on the recent success of more traditionalist parties in Austria (ÖVP) and Germany (AFD) and the outspokenness of Hungarians, Poles, Czechs and Slovaks, I predict a continued rise of the right in Europe, which will save the continent from dissolving their peoples into a morass of foreign cultures. I predict that we will know within ten years if this will happen. If enough traditionalist parties have gained power within ten years, Europe will have been saved. If not, the European peoples will be wiped out.

    Along with the success of the right, I predict closer relations between Russia and Germany and much more economic cooperation between the countries, which will benefit both countries greatly.

    Easier to predict is that China will continue its rise to greatness. I predict it will take a commanding lead as the biggest economy in the world within 15 years.

    I predict the USA will continue to maintain its lead in the sciences over the next 15 years, but the American economy will falter (its huge debt being a major problem) and the American standard of living will continue to fall. Within 15 years, there will be no question that the USA has significantly declined as a major power.

  17. Here’s my two views on 2018:

    The Dark Path – President Kushner, er Trump begins the round up of military veterans in accordance with Homeland Security Terrorist Assessment by Janet Napolitano given on 4/7/09.
    We, (I’m an Army vet), are terminated as part of Trump’s “take care of the military veterans” statement during his inaugural address.
    The VA is then shut down as there is no longer a need for it and the $186.5 billion dollars allotted to the VA is given to Israel to help with it’s defense.
    President Kushner, er Trump then actives the 7 Noahide Laws of Judaism making America a Jewish nation based on the Education Day USA bill signed into law by President H.W. Bush on 3/20/91
    This allows for the killing of ALL Christians in America
    The Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula are forcibly moved to the US so the Zionists can continue their Greater Israel Project
    The US Dollar crashes along with all other currencies and crypto-currencies

    The Light Path – President Trump reveals his true plans
    The pedos are all arrested and jailed in Gitmo
    The FED is shutdown and America is put back on the Silver Standard
    The bankers are all arrested for fraud
    The politicians are all arrested for treason and those cleared of any wrong doing are released and return to work
    The RV/GCR is finally released along with NESARA/GESARA
    Israel finally gets it’s comeuppence for all the crimes it’s committed

    1. If the dollar and other forms of fiat crash, that money is going into crypto. Every time the last few years you have seen political unrest in the West, such as the migration crisis, worry about Brexit, worry about Trump, and so on, there has been a surge of money put into crypto.

  18. For the assignment as given, I find my Self woefully unprepared.

    This brings to mind, not irrelevantly, the following. I had repetitive nightmares for years after (FINALLY!) surfacing from “higher education”, a piece of paper that verified my claim to earning the “Ph.D.” The repeating, horrifying dream well into early, post-educative “professional” years had the following elements: (1) realizing that I had signed up for a class I somehow failed to attend, with the exam now offered that very day; (2) realizing, somewhere vaguely familiar in the school complex, I did not know my way to the classroom and, besides, I could not possibly know the answers to questions posed on the final examination; and, upon awakening, (3) realizing the delivery of a PORTENT of imminent failure in “real life”.

    Lesson taken: I had created a likelihood of true failure, and I had to deal with that.

    Later, well into professionhood, an intellectual slum of sorts, I had analogous dreams of packing necessities as scheduled flights of commercial aircraft loomed and threatened to pass. In those dreams, once arrived at the airport, I could not find my way to the “departure gate”, much less ensure I had my baggage in tow. Most recently, having reached the age of 70 years and counting, analogous nightmares have shifted to impossible situations in which I somehow HAVE TO GATHER ALL THE STUFF I have accumulated and transport it elsewhere!! Toss into such a dream my dear soul of a wife and our two dear, dear dogs, I have a heckuva portent to decode the next waking period!!

    Lesson re-learned: I had created a likelihood of true failure, and I had to deal with that.

    Now, let me consider the period of time “2018”. No failure of my own especially imminent. In the world, all sorts of failures — for some a success! — imminent, likely, and even foregone. Having consulted with wife of 30 years, a woman with wisdom and energy, I can give you in great detail my expectations for the coming decade, especially for the first year of this coming decade.

    As plantation serf and sous chef — subservient to G. in matters of gardening [she a bonafide “Master Gardener” (US, Inc., CA, Inc.) and cooking (G. a true chef, as all who have tasted her dishes will attest!) — I expect a remarkable production of vegetables this year, with pressure-cooked canning a new adjunct to our “food preservation”. I expect a lot more shoulder-to-shoulder operation of our farm, given the dearth of younger, able bodies with intact minds. I shall carry on professionally as I have for decades, serving clients and clients’ clients. We shall earn our way, come what may.

    And I shall devote far less time to Doom & Gloom than ever before! I shall study and I shall write of discoveries. I love the good Rev. Dodgson, rabbit holes, and a good discussion of “what is”. With notice, wife and I would delight in hosting a farm-to-table feast for wandering “Darkmooners”.

    GOD bless each and all of you!


  19. 1) The renewable energy revolution is already under way. The solar energy falling on the earth is millions of times the energy we use.

    2) The internet will expose the the Holocaust,,, Jewish control of America,,, manmade global warming.

    3) No major wars, because nowadays both sides would lose.

    Happy New Year

    1. 4) 911 will be shown to be finally and definitely a Jewish plot

      5) The invasion of Iraq in 2003 will be shown to have been the result of pressure from the neocons.

    2. I am an optimist. The zionist Jews still control America. The rest of the world can see it and even in America the Jewish-controlled media propaganda is losing influence.

      It reminds me of Orwell’s 1984.

    3. 1 is realistic, 2 to 5 are just wishful thinking, but I live in hope.

      The closest is exposure of Manmade Global Warming as a gigantic scientific mistake/fraud. Up there with Y2K and Mad Cow Disease, Remember?

  20. Looks like Gitmo is getting stocked with gilded poohbas. About a dozen passenger planes with all seats occupied recently landed at Gitmo as a result of 10,000 sealed indictents served by Paetorian Prefect Marines deputised by Trump. So that will be the Big News of 2018 hands down. With more fully stocked passenger planes on the way. Looks like a third of Congress is “coincidentally” resigning.

    Holly-wormwood fecal bolides & Bill Gates, Bezos, Google, Big Pharma Pharaos and a gaggle of ex-presidents. Lots of easy trillions clawed back to make America non-destitute again. No screeching disputatious hordes of lawyers to create legalese viscosity – no endless delays & bla-bla-bla. Quick and efficient military rendition.

    Looks like America is imitating the kinds of military coups which Turkey has successfully practiced on several occasions in the 20’th Century. Actonian declarations of absolute power corrupting absolutely were mooted by the Turkey model. The military quickly and non-cermoniously drained the festering grease pit and then unobtrusively went back to where they came from with the painless reversal to civilian modus operandi. And no more stinking sleaze to nauseate the long-suffering multitude.

    My analysis of what happened. Way back in 2016 – all those flag rank officers pink-slipped by Obongo got together somewhere – probably in non-cucked, non-vibrant Idaho or Montana where there is still clean air to breathe and no ear-stench Tejano muzak to jar nerves. Those birds made a deal with Trump: do your thing and there will be no John Wilkes Booth shenanigans to worry about. Giving Trump the most competent brain trust that Rothschild money can’t buy. I also surmise that Jake Rothschild may have gotten a dose of his own time-tested fambly playbook a while back in the Hellakoptor incident. Sauce for the imperious gander and all that. Boomeranging karma running over the ineffable dogma.

    I, Clawdius


    I have devised a digital communications protocol which
    is impervious to “brute force” Cartesian reductionism mediated
    by AI and/or quantum computers. I could send you a mini-cd
    containing the C++ source code, pseudocode and compiled
    program so you can test it yourself. Definition of statistics: given
    a known subset of an unknown population – mathematically infer
    the composition of the unknown population. No eclectic math background
    is needed to grasp my method. AI would be useless to decrypt my system.
    What are the odds of chancing upon a particular needle hidden in a haystack consisting of
    65,536! (factorial) hay straws. 70! already exceeds a Googol (10 exp 100). Good luck with
    AI. He that humbles himself shall be exhausted.

    I Clawdius

  22. Combined U.S. and Israeli military forces will attack Syria about Mid-February, 2018. [Dream]

  23. Watch YouTuber, Igor from Croatia. His channel is called Against the Grain. He shows a lot of proof of an incoming planet and other dangerous objects heading towards us. He claims that the rich are selling their businesses and possessions and are going underground. He claims that some businesses are already operating from underground. My predictions—the world will find out because it will be very obvious in the sky. In Catholic prophecies, saints (private prophecies) and Our Lady of Fatima talk about this natural disaster that will wipe out 3/4 of the human population. Stay away from coastal areas, they will be hit the hardest and then you have Yellowstone super volcano to worry about.
    I don’t think we will have any wars if there is a natural disaster coming up in the near future.

  24. I also like to watch Sky Watcher Matt Rogers on YouTube. He has a lot of interesting pictures of the skies from across the world.

  25. In Trump’s America, the “literally Hitler” meme will morph into a positive. Hipsters will say things like, “Did you hear that hot new tune dropped by Taylor Swift? It’s literally Hitler!” Impressive plays in sports games will be called “literally Hitler!”. That sort of thing. This is my big prediction for 2018.

  26. “Although the Bhagavatam doesn’t explicitly describe the Earth as a globe, it does so indirectly. For example, it points out that night prevails diametrically opposite to a point where it is day. Likewise, the sun sets at a point opposite where it rises.

    (ADMIN: Defective link deleted. Damages formatting of site.
    Link may work better if embedded.)

    1. One more [easy] prediction for 2018: Nothingyahu will lie through his teeth, particularly when he talks about friendship.
      Netanyahu Answers Rohani: Israel Not Behind Iran Protests, Iranian People Deserve Better
      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Iran in a YouTube video, wishing them ‘success in their noble quest for freedom’ [video, 1 and a half minute]

  27. well, to confound the widespread expectations, i alight here pigeon-style for a quick visit.

    my sole 2018 prediction: uncle admin toby will read karen’s post AGAIN.

    that said, my 2015 prediction came very and tragically true – anyone is free to speculate on just what that was, what a sad and unwanted success i have as a soothsayer.

    lydia, your paying due homage to eschatological concepts is very valid as i am discovering independently, having all the extra time on my hands now, chasing some fresh and exciting tangents, even if eventually unprofitable (¿quien sabe?), i enjoy it greatly, intellectual off-roading is rewarding for its own sake.

    trebor, i like some of the stuff you said.

    alan donelson, you are great, much respect for your integrity, if i ever stray down there in your neighborhood again, i will be sure to drop by and maybe volunteer for a day’s work on the farm in return for the missus home cooking.

    on the question of flat earth, i have a suggestion: why not dig a hole right through and take our daily dump there, it would clean up the environment and the planet would smell much better? the problem is how to backfill it though …
    i will hike to the edge to check out the theory with a bunch of blankets which i will tie end to end, prison break style and lower myself to take a look at the underside, to see what miraculous material holds it together from falling through … one theory is that that’s where the 6 million jews disappeared when hitler pushed them over the rim, which makes sense if you recall what ts eliot said:
    rats are underneath the piles,
    jew is underneath the lot
    well yes, why does “jew” rhyme with “glue” as the judges at the nuremberg trial rightly asked (i think they did).

    on the final note: my departure and absence have nothing to do with so many having trashed my trumpist theories, everyone should be free to state their opinion – as for my motives, those who talk, don’t know, those who know, don’t talk.

    and watch out for the devil, the ultimate ambush predator, the more you deny his presence, the more you expose yourself as an easy victim, the low hanging fruit in the abandoned garden of eden.

    my best to those who wish me well and the second best to the rest.

    1. “Lobro returns…” haha nice one, the fifth of my predictions has, though somewhat briefly, already come true!
      So true with the Lao Tzu quote, he probably thought the ‘those who talk…’ saying after a chance meeting with a jew who started trying to co-opt and spin the Tao;
      ATB in the New Year

  28. My prediction for 2018: Jews will keep on jewing.

    They own everything, and 98% of the population are completely oblivious and asleep to their agenda.

    Whereas a minority of 0.001% will continue to moan about the Jews in the comment sections of obscure low traffic websites.

  29. I boldly predict: No one will fund a cure for ennui in 2018. Or beyond. And Woebro will continue to suffer enormously from world-weariness; from Ennui, the malady that inflicts those so in-the-know that they can’t help but talk down to everyone. They’re so sophisticated and know things no one else knows.

    They don’t share their opinions, but from ON HIGH they sneer at us. They hand down their opinions to us lesser ones, as if they’re gods and as if we’re in awe of them. This is the affliction of Royalty, Manhattan intellectual limousine liberals, and, lol, EuroTrash.

    The Eternal Enervations of Knowbro. There’s just no cure for ennui. And no one will ever find one. 🙂


    You know, just because a Flat Earth Geocentric comes around questioning the Heliocentric theory does NOT mean the Flat Earth Geocentric is a tyrant and expects everyone to believe in Flat Earth Geocentrism. Us Flat Earth Geocentrics are only asking for everyone to start questioning and start exploring the possibility that the Heliocentric is wrong, not the truth. That’s all. We’re asking everyone to look into both models of the Universe, to look deeply into BOTH models of the Universe.

    In order to come to the truth.

    Because as it is now, with the Heliocentric theory as the basis and foundation of our Western culture, and the West is on her death bed, then maybe there’s something seriously wrong with the foundation/basis of our culture, and the foundation/basis of our culture is Heliocentrism.

    As it is now, Helios won’t even admit that their Heliocentrism is the foundation/basis of our culture [ which is dying ]. The Helios also won’t admit that there’s much in their Heliocentrism which is religious in nature, NOT scientific in nature. Very difficult to have a fair and objective-minded debate with those who refuse to admit the fundamentals of the theory which serves as the foundation/basis of our culture.

    Flat Earth Geocentrics do NOT CENSOR Heliocentrics, but Heliocentrics CENSOR us Flat Earth Geocentrics all the time, so it’s not us Flat Earth Geocentrics who are the tyrants.

    It’s not us Flat Earth Geocentrics who are close-minded, who are trying to shut down debate, who are asking people to believe things without looking into the matter. It’s not us Flat Earth Geocentrics who are haughty and imperious. We do not get the least bit annoyed with anyone who questions the Flat Earth Geocentric model. We welcome questioning. We welcome debate.

    It’s the Helios who get annoyed, very annoyed, if you ask them any questions about Heliocentrism and it’s the Helios who do not want to debate and it’s the Helios who want to shut down any inquiry into the real and true nature of the Earth and of the Universe.

    1. I hear ya, Joe

      Like I’ve been sayin for years, An understanding of the true nature of the cosmos has been hidden from those of us existing on this “planetary pale”, as yet another term conveying this condition.

      But there’s a problem with calling the Earth flat because credibility with what the theory suggests suffers in it’s attempt at understanding just what may comprise the aforementioned hidden nature.

      As readers who’ve been reading my stuff for years know, the main gist of my “theorizing” is that our present state of Existence has been altered through a form of imposition….

      “…to ‘im-pose’ upon it means it’s position is altered, resulting with a disruption in it’s true state of confluent integration. This changed pose could be called a ‘superization’, meaning it’s place is fixed; superimposed. The fix was in, and a state of separateness (segregation) removed from the Divine intention for it resulted, whose purpose was to put Beings in a state of isolation.* What was formulated as a direct result of this surreptitious act taken AGAINST THEIR WILL was a condition of “cloaking”**, the illusion of matter – a fixation of physical containment…”

      * From the latin, “insula”, meaning “island, which no man is

      **to implement what would become a desultory state of Existence REQUIRED the illusion of cloaking (concealed; hidden; occluded. “Occult” = c-l-o-u-c-t)

      1. Like I’ve said before, the physical sciences can only “see” according to their frames of reference, and for many native-americans, their “seeing” of the spirit realms makes it look like conventional science is trying to mix batches of spotted paint with their “conclusions”.

        But there’s so much more than “meets the eye”


  31. For 2018:
    1. The US will be in a shooting war with Iran before Summer of 2018 arrives.
    2. China sits out the war on the sidelines, but Russia is drawn into it.
    3. The Israelis will not emerge unscathed from the coming war and, if they survive it, will develop a serious need for peace with their neighbors… Sort of like they decided that it was better to make peace with Egypt after their close call in the 1973 war.
    4. The Ukrainians, at the urging of the US, will attack the breakaway republics in its East. The Ukrainians will be crushed and the government in Kiev will be swept from power. As part of their response the Russians will destroy the “Aegis Ashore” installations in Romania and Poland. The Europeans will sit on their hands and do nothing, collapsing the NATO alliance.
    5. The long awaited return of the banking crisis of 2008 will come in 2018.
    6. The war (#1 above) will be used to justify the “bail ins”, defaults and other measures necessary to secure the interests of the (((banking cartel))).
    7. The dollar will essentially be destroyed as a reserve currency before the end of 2018
    8. The US police state will be expanded as part of the “war effort”
    9. Rationing regimes will be imposed on Americans before the end of 2018 to support the war effort.

    By 2050? If nothing is done to alter our current trajectory:
    1. There will be no more countries with a White majority, anywhere.
    2. The average IQ in the West will drop by a full standard deviation to about 85-90. This will be largely because of the transfer of low IQ populations to the West, but the average IQ of Whites will also fall.
    3. The United States will no longer exist, at least not as it is presently constituted.
    4. Populations in the West will be essentially dysfunctional on all levels.
    5. What White people that are left will live in a state of perpetual persecution and will look to their Jewish overlords for protection from the brown masses in their midst.

    Personally, I think that a great anti-Jewish revolt is coming soon…so there might be hope after all. Of course the coming war with the Iranians might lead to a nuclear war and then all bets are off. Who knows what might arise from the ashes?

    1. Bob,

      Excellent comment. One of the best so far. Many of your predictions seems plausible. I find these two scary:

      By 2050 . . . If nothing is done to alter our current trajectory:

      1. There will be no more countries with a White majority, anywhere.

      2. The average IQ in the West will drop by a full standard deviation to about 85-90. This will be largely because of the transfer of low IQ populations to the West, but the average IQ of Whites will also fall.

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