Is America On The Path To Suicide?


Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with added pictures, captions and brief commentary

Some people think America a great country.
Others see it as a loony bin whose rulers belong in padded cells.

“I issue warnings and no one hears.
How do I get through to you?”

Top Russian officials are concerned that a bill passed by the US Congress will do more than increase sanctions on North Korea. Moscow claims H.R. 1644 violates its sovereignty and constitutes an “act of war.” 

On May 4, 2017, House Resolution 1644, the innocently named “Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act,” was quickly passed by the US House of Representatives by a vote of 419-1 and it was just as quickly labeled an “act of war” by a top Russian official.

What caught the eye of Russian critics was Section 104, the part of the bill that presumed to grant the US “inspection authorities” over shipping ports (and major airports) far beyond the Korean Peninsula – specifically, ports in China, Russia, Syria, and Iran.

The bill identifies more than 20 foreign targets for intrusive American inspection, including two ports in China,  ten ports in Iran, three ports in Syria as well as Damascus International Airport, and three ports in Russia.

Under the proposed law, the US Secretary of Homeland Security could use the National Targeting Center’s Automated Targeting System to search ANY ship, plane, or conveyance that has “entered the territory, waters, or airspace of North Korea, or landed in any of the sea ports or airports of North Korea.” Any vessel, aircraft, or vehicle found in violation of this US law — [including Russian and Chinese ships] — would be subject to “seizure and forfeiture.”   

“I hope this bill will never be implemented,”  Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the Russian Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, told Sputnik News, “because its implementation envisions a scenario of power with forced inspections of all vessels by US warships. Such a power scenario is beyond comprehension, because it means a declaration of war.”

“No country in the world, no international organization, has authorized the US to monitor implementation of any resolutions of the UN Security Council,” Kosachev observed. 

Kosachev’s Upper House colleague, Alexey Pushkov, underscored this concern. “It is absolutely unclear how the bill will be implemented,” Pushkov stated. “To control Russian ports, the US will have to introduce a blockade and inspect all ships, which amounts to an act of war.”

Pushkov argued that the lopsided 419-1 vote “indicates the nature of the legal and political culture of the US Congress.”

Andrey Krasov, the First Deputy Head of the Defense Committee in Russia’s Lower House, greeted news of the US move with a mixture of disbelief and indignation:

“Why on Earth did America assume these responsibilities? Who gave it such powers to control the seaports of our country? Neither Russia nor international organizations asked Washington to do so. One can only answer that any unfriendly step by the US administration against Russia and our allies will receive a symmetrical adequate response. 


America claims it has the right to invade Russian territorial waters and forcibly inspect ships in Vladistock and two other Russian ports. (See map above). There is no doubt whatever that this amounts to an act of war. Surely Russia would then have the right to bomb US air carriers in retaliation? (LD)  

Krasov suggested that Washington’s “saber-rattling” was another sign that the US has no interest in accommodating other members of the world community – especially rivals like China and Russia. “These are heavyweights which, in principle, do not fit into the US’s overall concept on governing and ruling the whole world.”

Vladimir Baranov, a Russian ferry line operator whose vessels ply the waters between Vladivostok and the North Korean port city of Rajin, told Sputnik News that “the US physically cannot control Russian ports – you have to visit the Port Authority, demand documents, that sort of thing. This is essentially a bluff by the US, an attempt to show that it controls the world.”

Alexander Latkin, a professor from the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, was similarly skeptical: “How could the US control our ports operations? It might have been possible if the US possessed a percentage of the port’s equity but, as far as I know, all of the shareholders are Russian. It is essentially a political move by the US. The Americans don’t have any legal or economic basis for controlling our ports.”

Adding to the growing uncertainty over rising US/Russia tensions, top Russian military officials have expressed alarm over signs that the Pentagon is making preparations for a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia.

—  §  —

On March 28, 2017, Lt. Gen. Victor Poznihir, Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces, warned that the placement of US anti-ballistic missiles near Russia’s borders “creates a powerful clandestine potential for delivering a surprise nuclear missile strike against Russia.” He repeated this concern again on April 26, when he alerted the Moscow International Security Conference that the Russian General Staff’s Operations Command is convinced Washington is preparing to exercise the “nuclear option.”

This terrifying news went virtually unnoted by the US media. On May 11, columnist Paul Craig Roberts (a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan and former associate editor of The Wall Street Journal) cited Poznihir’s comments in a clearly agitated blog post.

According to Roberts, a Google search revealed that this “most alarming of all announcements” had only been reported in a single US publication – the Times-Gazette of Ashland, Ohio. Roberts was alarmed to discover that no “US senator or representative or any European, Canadian, or Australian politician has raised a voice of concern that the West was now preparing for a first strike on Russia” nor had anyone reached out to “ask Putin how this serious situation could be defused.”

“Never in my life have I experienced the situation where two nuclear powers [Russia and China] were convinced that the third was going to surprise them with a nuclear attack,” Roberts wrote. Despite this existential threat, Roberts notes, there has been “zero awareness and no discussion” of the growing risks.

“Putin has been issuing warnings for years,” Roberts writes. “Putin has said over and over, ‘I issue warnings and no one hears. How do I get through to you?’



The US Senate now has a critical role to play.

The bill is currently before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The committee has an opportunity to acknowledge the grave risks created by H.R. 1644 and make sure that no companion bill ever makes it to the Senate floor.

If this ill-conceived legislation is allowed to survive, our survival — and the survival of millions of others – cannot be guaranteed.

LD:  A new word is now being used to describe America by millions of people in China: the word “baizuo“, a derogatory term expressing contempt for “ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviors.” 

The word is frequently applied to America’s ruling class: its liberal elites who look down on their own people and treat them as cannon fodder for endless wars on behalf of a foreign country in the Middle East whose chief raison d’être appears to be land grabbing and world domination.

That the US House of Representatives should vote 419 to 1 for invading Russian territorial waters, in what clearly amounts to an act of war, is all the proof we need that 419 out of 420 American politicians are not altogether sane. 

It looks like the patients have taken over the asylum.

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  1. Our Lady of Fatima said back in 1917 that men must cease offending God so grievously by sin if we are to prevent another and more destructive World War. “War is a consequence of sin.” She also asked that we pray the rosary daily.

    1. Our Lady of Fatima said that Russia will convert to the Catholic faith, and this is propaganda itself God’s mother, which is the desire of her heart, and the desire of the West and America. God’s mother broke down both times Russia is not Winnable.

      1. Our Lady of Fatima only said Russia “will be converted,” which could very well mean from atheism and persecution of Christianity to relative religious freedom and the resurgence of Russian Orthodoxy. We know that she asked that the pope in union with the bishops of the world consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, whereas Pope Pius XII in the early 1950s made the consecration without the bishops joining him in the act and John Paul II made the consecration of the world to the IHM without mentioning Russia. So we may be seeing a partial fulfillment of her promises in response to a partial fulfillment of her requests, beginning with the breakdown of communism in 1991 and a gradual return to Christian moral principles animating Russian life and culture.

      2. Conversion isn’t a punishment..And the “conversion” of Orthodox Russia would do more to help the Western Church ( which has clearly lost ANY sense of militancy in the face of Judeo-Masonic despotism )…than the Orthodox..the Orthodox have never lost sight of the fact that the Church is the soul and the state is the body…When you forget that you end up being ruled by the Lodge and the Synagogue..which is what we have here in the USA..

    2. DARRELL
      Well, stated mate! The path to peace will be found there. As one of the very few Welsh Catholics, I can attest to the truth of your words. “The Miracle of the Sun” which occurred in 1917 was witnessed by over 70 thousand people who were gathered there. What is really astounding is that the Masonic newspaper, “O Século” sent reporters to report on this “non-event”. However, they were astounded and honest enough to report the facts as can be read by anyone who wants to know the truth.
      Dduw bendithia chi.

  2. H.R. 1644 was sponsored by Ed Royce, one of Israel’s best friends in the House. Which means Israel is behind this madness.
    Maybe they hope to set off a nuclear war between Russia and China which will leave ‘Stolenland’ untouched, letting them to put into over drive their JWO?

    Kim has also dared to talk back to Israelis making threats against NK, surely a sin in Zionist eyes.

    1. LD: “That the US House of Representatives should vote 419 to 1 for invading Russian territorial waters, in what clearly amounts to an act of war, is all the proof we need that 419 out of 420 American politicians are not altogether sane.

      It looks like the patients have taken over the asylum.”

      Lobro recently summed up this mindset in a pithy phrase of his own that made me laugh:


      1. Who was the lone brave House Rep who voted against this monstrosity? Tulsi Gabbard, maybe?

      2. FoF,

        tragedy is human, comedy, divine.
        which is the source of inspiration for the dramatic masks, one on each side of theatrical curtain, the emoticons of antiquity (antiquitons?)

    2. Israel is the size of a postage stamp – it will not take much effort to wipe them off the face of the earth.
      Is Israel – the homeland of the Jews – the land of milk & honey – promised to the father of the Jewish faith Abraham – by the Jewish God YAHWEH not sacred land – that they risk it’s annihilation ?

      According to The Holy Bible / Revelations – St John: it is End Time & Israel is where the event will happen.

      Or, is Israel just a strategically, convenient location – for the Banking Interests of the Jewish faith to launch their Zionist take over of planet earth – using America as it’s exclusive fighting force ?

      1. R Davis

        It’s been long in the works for the location of Israel to be strategic for the reasons you stated. By the same token, those with it’s fate in their hands have no qualms about sacrificing it and sweeping it into the dustbin of history in accomplishing their greater goal.

        Call Israel a “geopolitical booster rocket”.

  3. The frightening thing is that the average Western acquaintance of mine in Thailand remains totally oblivious to the danger we face. It’s a tough job educating them. I am making slow progress. As Darell rightly points out unless we turn away from sin and wrongful behaviour, and turn to religion, we will reap a terrible whirlwind and we have only ourselves to blame. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!

    1. Felix,
      Isn’t religion, especially certain religions, the biggest part of our problems?

      1. Folly of War!
        No religion isn’t the problem! It’s the failure to adjure to the teachings and the corruption of religion which is the problem. Every religion today is in decline. Even the Buddha predicted that the practice of Dhamma would cease and that it would be renewed by Maitreya, the Buddha to come, only after most of the world’s population is wiped out. We’re certainly on course towards an extinction event, even someone who is non-religious can see that!
        Let’s talk Karma, cause and effect, reaping what you sow.
        All Empires arise through perpetrating evil. Take the British, they stole massive amounts of gold from India which was used to fund the industrial revolution. Along the way, due to rapacious taxation they caused the deaths of 30 million Indians through famines. In turn during WW2, they were punished through America stripping them of most of their assets e.g. gold, atomic secrets, cavity magnitron, island bases etc. The US also stole gold and other assets from the European countries occupied by Germany. At the end of the war they stripped Germany of her technological assets, rocketry, jet engines etc. Marshall Aid was a scam to render Western European countries debt slaves. However the biggest theft in history occurred in 1971 when the the US went off the gold standard! William Simon, the US Treasury Secretary at the time, had this to say! “The world has allowed us to carry out the largest theft in history, even more than the British!” (Alluding of course to the British rape of India). So yes, you may not like religion, but the law of Karma operates justly and fairly. One can certainly see how it operated in the case of Britain and now we are witnessing its coming to fruition in the case of the US. Yes, the Americans will whine and blame everybody but themselves. But they surrendered their country to (((them))) the (((swamp creatures))). They’ve also war murdered millions around the world at the behest of their (((infernal masters))). So yes, Europe and the US are reaping exactly what they deserve! “The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small”!
        It all reminds me of joke the South Africans and Rhodesians would make back in the good old days of B. J. Vorster and Ian Smith. “Europe is no place for a white man”! Of course that joke is now on the White South Africans and Rhodesians.

      2. @Felix,
        That’s all very well and good but the human race has been waiting for a long time for (((them))) to reap (((their)) karma.

      3. PB
        Patience! Don’t forget the vast majority of Americans and Europeans are complicit in their crimes. They too will be punished. My definition of a Jew is based on the definition of a communist in the old South African Suppression of Communism Act. i.e. anyone likely to further the aims of Communism. So in my book anyone likely to further the aims of Jewry is a Jew, hence the majority of the stupid, ignorant animal masses in the US and Europe are Jews and fully deserve their fate. If one thinks and behaves jewishly, you’re a Jew. So you’d better hope that you are dead, when the the karmic debt comes due.

      4. @ Felix

        “All Empires arise through perpetrating evil.”

        All is a big word. I’m not sure that what you say applies to the longest lasting empire in the history of mankind, the Byzantine Empire, a Christian theocracy, that lasted 1,200 years. It is not surprising that ed-jew-cation ignores the Byzantine Empire since it lasted so long due to their effective oppression of jewish tactics of control.

        “If one thinks and behaves jewishly, you’re a Jew.”

        Yep, it has nothing to do with who had sex with who. Doing the lusts of the devil is all it takes to join the cult.

  4. “Is America On The Path To Suicide?”
    Perhaps. But, it definitely has gone insane. This is quite natural and to be expected when one allows a (((parasitic bacillus))) not only into their body, but willingly into their brains. From there, the soul of a nation is eventually killed as all morality is tossed to the winds. It’s all part of the Protocols, which have been followed to the letter for our eventual destruction and enslavement. But, being blind, stupid and afraid… we continue to allow ourselves to be infected and destroyed. There’s an easy solution. Just as our bodies fight to remove invading deadly germs, so must we collectively. Maybe when it gets to the point of death, we will spring to life and execute this ONLY solution.

    1. How can you kill the soul of a nation ?

      A nation is only a land mass – it is the people of that nation that breath life into that nation & bring it to life.
      The American people are not the – few hundred cracked minds that makeup Congress & the Pentagon power structure.
      The American people have been factored out of the equation – yet again – by the self appointed, half-witted, wannabe’s who believe themselves to be invincible matter from heaven.
      The American people are just fine & their souls intact.

      1. @ R Davis

        In my personal experience, there are a surprisingly unfortunate number of “Americans” who agree in principle that “America” should rule the world with an iron fist.

        These people see absolutely nothing wrong with anything “their” “government” does in the realm of “foreign policy”.

        I was talking to some neighbors a few days ago and I brought up the subject of U.S. threats against North Korea. And I heard things like “well he’s a bully (Kim Jong Un that is, not the U.S. government)”, and “if Russia and China don’t like it, too bad, they should do something about it themselves, blah blah blah”.

        The ignorance and stupidity of the average “American” is exceeded only by his arrogance and moral bankruptcy. As evidence, I present the Sand Creek massacre, the Moro crater massacre, the No Gun Ri, massacre, the My Lai massacre, and the ongoing massacres in places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., which are too numerous to mention.

      2. Q: “How can you kill the soul of a nation ?”

        A: With miscegenation.

        From ‘White World Awake!’ by Jurgen Graf, first US edition, 2016, page 83:

        In a consistently “multicultural” (i.e., racially mixed) society, people will not rise to save their homeland against the oppressors, because they will have no home – Babylon is everywhere, everyone is everywhere a foreigner. They will not seek a return to their roots because what kind of roots can a person have if his first grandfathers is European and the other African and his two grandmothers are an Indian and Chinese?
        “A nation is only a land mass – it is the people of that nation that breath life into that nation & bring it to life.”

        What is a nation is something historians have struggled with since the advent of history. At first blush you would think it something simple and obvious … it is not. Suggesting a nation is simply a geographical area both has its merit and completely misses the mark at the same time. Shlomo Sand, professor of Western History at Tel Aviv University has a great book that touches on the very subject of ‘what is a nation?’. The book is ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’, 2009.

      3. Sorry to disagree, R Davis. But, in the most recent election, half of the voting population had a combined shit-fit when their treasonous, murderous candidate lost. That doesn’t say much about their fine “souls”. No. We have the government we deserve because most uneducated “citizens” don’t care about things like morality or ethics. Although it was not perfect, the adults living three generations ago would have never stood for anything coming close to an Obama, Clinton or other such sycophantic lickspittle in office. They would have been drummed out and at the very least – imprisoned. And what do you think they’d have to say about rap “music”, limitless pornography, homosexual marriage, etc… etc…?
        We need a collective renaissance of the spirit before anything changes for the better and in my humble opinion, only a great suffering will bring this about. It’s coming… it’s coming.

    2. Joe, your metaphor about a (((parasite))) entering the body and soul of a nation, thereby leading to the destruction of the nation-host, has numerous parallels in the animal kingdom. There is a particular parasite that infects a particular snail and causes its tentacles to become enlarged and pulsate, thereby resembling caterpillars. Once this occurs, the snail exhibits suicidal behavior by traveling to the tips of tree branches during the day, when it would otherwise be safely burrowing in the ground. The snail is then quickly eaten by a hungry bird, whereupon the parasite’s eggs are deposited in the bird’s droppings. Then, another hapless snail comes along and dines on the bird’s droppings and the cycle repeats itself.

      Like the snail, the U.S. is controlled by a (((parasite))) that has entered its system. And, like the snail, the (((parasite))) is causing the U.S. to recklessly act against its own interests, ultimately leading to suicide.

      1. @ Donaldo Colina
        From Wikipedia:
        “The green-banded broodsac, scientific name Leucochloridium paradoxum, is a parasitic flatworm (or “helminth”) that uses gastropods as an intermediate host. It is typically found in land snails of the genus Succinea that live in Europe and North America where it infects the host’s eyes making them appear as caterpillars that other birds prey on. Various birds consume these infected gastropods, becoming the definitive host for L. paradoxum to mature and release eggs in the rectum that are later found in the feces of the bird host.”
        * * *
        “The worm in its larval, miracidia stage, travels into the digestive system of a snail to develop into the next stage, sporocyst. The sporocyst grows into long tubes to form swollen “broodsacs” filled with tens to hundreds of cercariae. These broodsacs invade the snail’s tentacles (preferring the left, when available), causing a brilliant transformation of the tentacles into a swollen, pulsating, colorful display that mimics the appearance of a caterpillar or grub. The broodsacs seem to pulsate in response to light intensity, and in total darkness do not pulse at all.[4] The infection of the tentacles of the eyes seems to inhibit the perception of light intensity. Whereas uninfected snails seek dark areas to prevent predation, infected snails have a deficit in light detection, and are more likely to become exposed to predators, such as birds. In a study done in Poland, 53% of infected snails stayed in more open places longer, sat on higher vegetation, and stayed in better lit places than uninfected snails. Only 28% of the uninfected snails remained fully exposed for the duration of the observation period.[5] Birds are the definitive hosts where the cercariae develop into adult distomes in the digestive system of the bird. These adult forms sexually reproduce and lay eggs that are released from the host via the bird’s excretory system. These droppings are then consumed by snails to complete the life cycle of this parasitic worm.”

        If your reference to “[my] beloved Israel” was not meant as sarcasm, you certainly did not form such impression from anything that I have expressed. But, of course, you are free to think whatever you want. Best regards.


    HELL, NO..!! America is being sucked dry by the leeches around the world. Especially by Russia since 1945.

    From the article…..
    “LD: A new word is now being used to describe America by millions of people in China: the word “baizuo“, a derogatory term expressing contempt for “ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviors.”

    Those ungrateful butt-holes in China would not have jobs if it weren’t for Western markets.

    When countries have a problem they call on the US for financial, medical and military aid.

    That includes Russia…. The subject of the article.

    Even during the phony ‘cold war’…. Chernobyl is a prime example.

    Within hours of the reactor disaster Armand Hammer(son of Russian-born Jewish immigrants, Julius and Rose (Lifschitz) Hammer) had numerous jets full of doctors, nurses and medical equipment on the scene.

    Hammer was in total control of the massive aid caravan of jets, acting as if he were president of the world. There within hours… No visas or passports needed..!! 🙂

    Then. the US funded all of Gorbachev’s efforts even when he left office. The US gave Gorby the US Army base, Presidio, in San Francisco…. so he could set up his Green Cross International…. to tell the rest of the world HOW to live..!!

    THAT’s the epitome of “ARROGANCE”…. From a Russian… NOT a Westerner..!! 🙂

    Gorby still sucks off of the US and wealthy Westerners, like Bob Redford and Lenny DiCaprio and Ted Turner, from his Swiss headquarters.

    Westerner, Jean-Michel Cousteau is president of GCI today.–aggressive–swiss-chapter-for-green-cross-woes/42980790

    GORBY is a ‘Man-Made Climate Change FRAUD’ supporter… raking in $$$$BILLIONS from the West. Today, the Green Cross network operates in more than 30 countries:

    President ‘Put-On’…. who is Head of State and not a part of the Government of Russia… is following the same path of using the gifts and welfare from the US. The Russians will hate and envy the US for helping them. Inevitable.


    –-Remember this. It has been reinforced time and time again in my life:
    When you loan a friend anything of value…. that is the first step toward making that friend an enemy of yours.

    It seems that rule applies to GIFTS also when dealing internationally. GIVE a country some help… and they will hate the giver.

    1. Pat

      Trump and the U.S. pulled out of the IPCC Paris Accord. At the very least this can be seen as a positive sign indicating an acknowledgement of the Climate Change scamarama

      1. B-Hawk –

        This will help you understand the Paris ‘play-acting’ by the Buffoon:

        Is Trump really withdrawing from the Paris Accord?

        According to Paul Craig Roberts he’s playing politics with his real controllers since the ” Paris Accord withdrawal doesn’t fully take effect for 3 years…” and he is not actually pulling out of it.

        Just as men in dark suits and dark ties carrying briefcases explained to Trump that it was not Washington’s policy to normalize relations with Russia, they explained to him that it was not Washington’s policy to exit the Paris Accord.

        Trump said something like this: Look, you guys, you have already required me to abandon my peace initiative with Russia and my intent to pull out of Syria. Now you are forcing me off my “America First” pledge.

        **If people realize that I am not really the president, who are you going to rule through? What about a compromise?**

        Here is the deal, as Trump made perfectly clear in his speech. He is temporarily pulling the US out of the Paris Accord while he immediately opens negotiations to rejoin the Paris Accord on terms less burdensome to Americans. In other words, the “pull out” is a face-saving gesture that will result in a small reduction in America’s share of the cost. We will have a “Trump victory” and no damage to the Paris Accord.

    2. Pat, didn’t Shrub Bush and Co. sponsor both Primakov and Wolfe to come to the USA?
      Their input for the newly sprouted DHS, (among other things), was much appreciated.
      I remember Primakov being quoted as saying after they were done the American government would have more control over the American people than they ever had in the Soviet Union.
      They’re both gone, but their legacy lives on..

    3. B-Hawk –

      That’s a staged photo-op play. Means nothing. 🙂

      The US still follows UN Agenda-21.. “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”..!!

      And so does ‘Put-On’ in Kremlin:

      XXII International Research and Practice Conference on “Environmental Education for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Safety and Culture”

      “…the “Basic Principles of State Environmental
      Development Policy of the Russian Federation through to 2030..”

      Green Cross Russia
      Founded: 1993
      Town : Moscow
      Address : Gorbachev Foundation, Leningradsky pr. 39, str. 14,
      Postal code : 125167
      Website :
      President : Sergei BARANOVSKY

    4. @ Pat


      HELL, NO..!! America is being sucked dry by the leeches around the world. Especially by Russia since 1945.”

      I disagree.

      First of all, from the context, I think “suicide” means suicide by self-destructive militarism and war more than by self-destructive economic issues.

      Second, it really doesn’t matter because, generally speaking, almost every “bad thing” that’s ever happened – whether it’s outsourcing manufacturing jobs, arming terrorists or provoking wars – is something that “America” deliberately made happen or let happen.

      1. Harold –

        Thanks for the reply.
        I totally agree…. because… to me…
        “self-destructive militarism and war… and self-destructive economic issues”… are inseparable.

        Besides… the rhetoric written by Gar gave me a fine chance – AGAIN – to bash the COMMUNISTS and their leader… ‘Put-On’ … the Paper Bear in the Kremlin.. 🙂

        Russia has been a welfare state… a veritable satellite…. of US since 1917.

        Russia IS STILL the best enemy money can buy:

      2. America is NOT on the path to suicide, WE know America is NOT on the path to suicide because orange head just pumped 19-20 BILLION joo pharisee fiat usury dollars into NASA to MAKE NASA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

  6. Compulsory Retirement should be at the age of 60.
    The mind is a fragile instrument – beyond 60 years of age – one cannot be trusted to be of sound mind enough to make life & death decisions for the people of planet earth.
    The US Congress is made up of the aged – many of whom – should be at home dribbling into a luke warm cup of herbal tea.

    1. @ R Davis

      It is not the age of the members of Congress that is the problem, but who they are committed to, Israel. Congress critters are committed to Israel because most of them are blackmailed pedophiles, considerably enriched, and/or under threat of death, all by the jews. As more people become aware of the PizzaGate/PedoGate situation and understand that the Seth Rich murder is a pivot point for unraveling this evil, the closer everyone will be to ending this supposed insanity.

      The reality of age is what I tell people lately. When I was 20, I thought I was smart, then I turned 30. When I was 30, I thought I was smart, then I turned 40. When I was 40, I thought I was smart, then I turned 50. When I was 50, I thought I was smart, then I turned 60 and realized I had been a dumb ass my whole life which is when I really started being smart. 🙂

      When you get there, you’ll understand.

      1. Great Stuff Ungenius.

        Same here. I always believed the 20th century history we had been fed. Then about 20 years ago I began to see that it was all a pack of lies.

  7. Alexey Pushkov is quoted as saying the ‘lopsided’ vote “indicates the legal and political culture of the U.S. Congress” – which should be considered to mean it (the bill) is nothing more than a pretext for justification for espionage (which is done, anyway, by all parties involved). The bill is meaningless until enforcement is attempted – otherwise, I seriously doubt such a large number of Representatives would have voted for it. (I don’t believe they’re THAT crazy, yet!)

  8. Well since “homeland Security” is no more than a cover for Israeli spying, it’s no surprise ‘they’ will have authority to ‘inspect and steal’ if they wish. The shekelgrabbers never sleep.

    I’ve really stopped watching, listening and reading all news of late. I had hoped for a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s gone dark. There’s certainly nothing I can do about it and I won’t waste any more stomach acid on it. Unless and until dual national Israeli influence is outlawed in the US government, this madness will continue to snowball. It really doesn’t get any more simple than that.

    I would add that Israel is the primary LEECH in the proverbial water.

  9. “Is America On The Path To Suicide?”

    Of course it is. “America” is fully under Jewish control; ipso facto, how can it not be on a path to destruction?

  10. America is but a dumb beast astriding the world, killing and spreading ‘democracy’ on behalf of it’s parasitical Yiddish Mahout who whispers “You’re Exceptional” in it’s ear. This parasite, once in control, can lead the host into it’s own destruction. America has for many decades been content to inflict ‘Holocausts’ upon any people the parasite considers an enemy, or an ‘Amalek’. Until the world, Gentile & Jew, wake up, this world is destined to continue this madness to it’s own total destruction. Hey!. untill then, lets have really entertaining discussions. Bla Bla Bla…..

  11. ‘Pushkov argued that the lopsided 419-1 vote “indicates the nature of the legal and political culture of the US Congress.”’ Yes, and it is indicative of the power the mainstream media to make or prevent war. Where do you think these congressmen get the information they have that will form their opinion on an issue? Do they read Russian or Korean newspapers? No, it’s doubtful if even one congressman speaks those languages. Do they read any books coming out of those countries or any foreign countries by political analysts there analyzing their country’s politics? Very doubtful.

    Where do they get the information they rely upon? Most of the information everyone receives in a democracy is the constant flow from all sources of the mainstream media, a deeply flawed media that has its own ethnic agenda and across the board pushes narratives such as Russia’s Putin stealing the presidential election to help Trump, a Russian spy (does this blow that theory out of the water yet). To a lesser degree, some might take note of classified information shared with them. Such classified information as Iraq having WMD, which we know was not true, but over 1 million Iraqis were still killed in the war by the US on them.. The people that write these classified reports are also heavily influenced by the mainstream media they read. Politicians have no magic ball or secret source of information. They get there information from the same place we get it and many of them are just as gullible as many citizens. The 419 congressmen that voted for this bill show that.

    How much affect has the many months of anti-Russian propaganda affected this vote? I suspect it played a significant role. Listen to the idiot Clinton speak about how Trump, Russia and Wikileaks, working with Macedonian hackers, destroyed her certain victory in the presidential election. It’s scary to think these are the kind of people that hold the most powerful positions in the US and possibly lead the world into a catastrophic war.


    1. Peter –

      “Where do you think these congressmen get the information they have that will form their opinion on an issue?”

      “Where do they get the information they rely upon?”

      From LOBBYISTS… of course.. They have $$$$$ sent to their ‘John Doe’ accounts on Chicago Mercantile Exchange… where Hillary has had one since Watergate.. She is the “Beef Futures Queen” there.. 🙂

    2. @ Peter

      “Where do you think these congressmen get the information they have that will form their opinion on an issue?”

      It’s not really a matter of “information”, IMO; rather, it’s a matter of extreme moral degeneracy, and to a lesser extent ignorance (and of course the ever-present arrogance which prevents the remediation of the ignorance). To put it another way, is there anything a reasonable person could read, say, in the New York Times, that would make him want to go out immediately and kill somebody on the other side of the world that has done him no harm?

      I believe that the false information being served up by Jews isn’t intended (or expected) to influence reasonable people, but to merely give scum bags an “excuse” for their behavior.

  12. ALERT!!!

    On the premiere of her new NBC show (this Sunday, 7pm) Megyn Kelly will be interviewing Vladimir Putin. It will be interesting to see if Kelly puts a negative spin on Putin’s answers. I hope the translator is honest.

    1. She already did an interview of ‘Bad Vlad’ at the SPIEF this past week, and naturally, she asked him about Russian hacking. Maybe that’s the interview they’ll broadcast, which the Russian channel ‘RT’ has already posted.

    2. Folly –

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll dvr it. I can ff thru commercials.

      This is a reason I claim no war with Russia. ‘Put-On’ is just another wannabe TV face.

      His Reality Show could be The Wannabe Czar… 🙂 instead of The Apprentice.

  13. Not only is the US on a path to national suicide, but so is Western Europe. Looks like they’ll get there first, but we’re gaining on them fast. The only question is whether we’ll go out with a Bang or a Whimper. Given our history of endless war my bet is it will be with a Bang.

  14. When the House or US Knesset votes 419-1, then the bill is either more welfare for Apartheid Israel or a handout to some Jew org that is crying about some bully making nasty phone calls–like that Israeli kid that made over 2,000 harassing calls to Jew outfits–or the bill was sponsored by their Master, AIPAC.

  15. On another site……

    “Putin slams anti-Semites as “retards”. Maybe hedging his bets…. 😉

  16. as far as our lady of fatima goes – it’s ok with me if some good spirit comes down out of the sky and straightens everything out for us, but we need more than worn out rumors.
    the us congress is full of corporate officers, whose first intent is to generate profits. sad but true.
    that’s the turpitude.
    the old war machine business has been so profitable for so long; the vast majority are only going to react to opportunities to increase the flow of capital to their own sectors. vote yes or get fired.
    since there is no ‘peace department’, we have nothing but warmongering as the main preoccupation of the political machinery.
    the external threat is programmed into all media traditionally, which means flows and flows of capital going to the places they normally go to. it’s a hard thing to get past. but it could happen if other markets could be substituted. it would be a pretty big shift, but that’s the hope of the future with this free media.
    the question for us peons is – is all this saber rattling real, or is this kim of korea hysteria all just business as usual, as it was dependably with the russians for decades, without any real threat, because the same gang of banksters and bilderbergers control media and run politics in both parts of the world?
    pc roberts says he thinks this is the real deal this time. does anybody trust him, or is he just another threat-propagandizer, since he has yet to elaborate truthfully on the 9-11 hit or any of this warmongering collusion? why doesn’t pc put the finger on the whole jew/zionist problem?
    why doesn’t kim jong brand global nuclear disarmament as his cause celebre, if he’s just trying to protect himself?
    why is north korea’s flag a voodoo pentagram?
    the nuclear threat has been on the fear menu as a major brochure selling point for decades now.
    think of where all those trillions could have gone.
    the threat of blockading russian ports is just a propaganda attempt to keep the russian bear alive, business as usual. the makers of the nuclear bombs and the triggers need the threat to stay in business.
    the three cities empire needs war and the threat of war to maintain the pyramid with them on the top.
    but a global nuclear exchange would ruin the whole planet for ever. they won’t do that.
    the usa may be becoming a bit schizophrenic now, since we may have acquired an actual leader and it’s an abutment to the general feminization process, but i doubt we’ll actually see any nuclear bombs going off.

  17. Some say baizuo, some say bizarro — either way, the whole thing* smells a bit off.

    *The Republic

  18. Baizou run by Yo-tai (“oil sticks” – derisive but well deserved modern popular Mandarin Chinese name for jews).

  19. To understand what is happening in the world with the wars and the debt, google and read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

  20. All these religious references are just mumbo-jumbo. If Abraham ever existed he is described in Genesis as a delusional schizophrenic, preparing to kill his son Isaac to please God.

    If you want to know how America will act, ask the question, “Is it good for the Jews”

  21. “Vladimir Baranov, a Russian ferry line operator … ‘This is essentially a bluff by the US, an attempt to show that it controls the world.”

    A smart fellow indeed. The US does not have enough military power to pull it off even it actually becomes a “law,” especially while under air and sea attack by the resisting nations.

    1. Duke-

      I’m afraid I agree with you. Time seems to be accelerating in that direction. God’s time – and our perception of it – is a widening gulf. A society which no longer recognizes or reveres God is assured of destruction, the wider the separation. As it is with an individual, so it is with a country or culture.

  22. Already happened. What remains is not America anymore. Hasn’t been for a while. There is still a chance of getting it back, however. But doing that would not be pretty.

    1. But what exactly would you be getting back, JOHNC?

      At what point in it’s history would we want to go back TO?

      At the outset of the formation of the great Iroquois league of nations would be where I’d start. Before the European invasion

      1. B-Hawk –

        “…the great Iroquois league of nations”

        Where…. Nations = Groups of People on common land.

  23. Jewish Power is dragging America down, but it can be reversed. I watched Bernie Sanders inspiring and fact-filled speech at Brooklyn College yesterday. Now there is a good Jew, and there are plenty of them. The problem seems to be that big money Jews are Israel-first-zionists. So America is fighting Israel’s wars and wasting lives, money and its own standing in the world.

    America will not get back onto the right track until somebody, some respected public figure, has the courage to say this and lead the country back to sanity.

    1. It is certainly difficult to avoid the jewish identification. Benjamin Ginsberg even brags of the cult’s repeated achievements in economic exploitation in FATAL EMBRACE; JEWS AND THE STATE. He identifies the Magna Carta as being the result of London financiers inducing King John to invade Normandy. The Barons, who would have had to fund and man the invasion, rebelled. The financiers were eventually de-seized and exiled.

      It is interesting that the Rockefeller (Baptist) clan became involved with Wall Street by marriage to the daughter of Nelson Aldrich.

      1. The marriage would be of interest if Aldrich, as organizer of the Jeckyl Island group that formed legislation resulting in the Federal Reserve, demanded considerable ownership shares of the corporate Federal Reserve Board of Governors. It may then have been passed on to his daughter (Abby) and her husband, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who was father of David Rockefeller.

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