Is Greece Being Sold Off To The Usual Suspects?


This article has been slightly abridged 

The Greek islands are now up for grabs at fire sale prices.


You are being slaughtered right in front of the world’s eyes and nobody says beep! Least of all the Greek elite… your government. A few, but a few too many, allow the slaughter because it doesn’t concern them. They are blinded by the false glamour of the euro and of belonging to the elite class of the “noble” Europeans.

They apparently live well enough, including the caviar socialists of Syriza. They let their country bleed to death literally, morally, socially and psychologically. Medical care is no longer available or privatized and unaffordable. Pensions were reduced five times. They were never more than a survival kit. By now they have been slashed in some cases by over 50%. Hordes of people live on food handouts. Most social services, including to a large extent education have been sold out, privatized. Gone with a flicker.

Gone, by order of Germany – and the (((holy troika))) – the criminal gang of three, IMF, European Central Bank (EIB) and the European Commission (EU); the latter a mere bunch of unelected corrupt puppets, deciding the fate of some 800 million Europeans – with YOU, the Greek people, accepting carrying the brunt end of the stick.

In September 2016, the unelected European Commission sent Greece a Brussels-drafted legislation of over 2,000 pages, in English, to be ratified by the Greek Parliament within a few days – or else. – Nobody asked: ‘What is else’?

(((Brussels))) didn’t even bother translating this unreadable legalistic heap of paper into Greek, nor did they allow the Parliament enough time to read, digest and debate the new fiscal legislation. Most parliamentarians could not read them, either because of language or due to the imposed time limit. The Parliament ratified the legislation anyway.

Under this new law, Greece is transferring all public assets (public infrastructure, airports, ports even public beaches, natural resources, etc.), unconditionally, for 99 years, to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) which is free to sell (privatize) them at fire sale prices to whomever is interested – supposedly to pay back the Greek debt.

The fund was originally estimated, certainly under-estimated – at about 50 billion euros. In the meantime, the value of the Greek assets has been further downgraded by the troika to between 5 and 15 billion euros, as compared to Greece’s debt of more than 350 billion euros. The ESM is a supranational undemocratic apparatus, accountable to no one.

With this legislation, the Greek Parliament – YOUR Parliament, Esteemed People of Greece! – has annulled itself. It is no longer allowed to pass any budget or fiscal (tax) legislation. Everything is decided in Brussels in connivance with the (((IMF))) and the ECB. The last time a similar situation happened was in 1933, when the German “Reichstag” (Parliament) transferred all of its legislative power to Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

This, Dear People of Greece – is sheer economic fascism, right in front of your eyes, the world’s eyes, but nobody wants to see it. The worst kind of blind person is the one who doesn’t want to see.

This asset seizure was confirmed when the last hope for at least some debt relief was dashed at the end of February this year. Even the IMF initially recommended and today still privately recommends debt relief.

However, Germany without mercy announced the final pillage of Greece, requesting Greece to surrender gold, utilities and real estate to the ESM – largely managed by Germany. The next ‘bailout’ amount, if Greece goes to her knees and surrenders everything, might be 86 billion euros, meaning NEW DEBT. In exchange of what? More interest, a higher debt service — and an even bleaker outlook for ever getting out of this US-European fascism imposed process of killing of a nation.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported to have said, “Berlin’s stance on Greece’s bailout program remained unchanged”, after she met with IMF chief (((Christine Lagarde))) a few days ago.

Some facts about Greece’s debt, as of 9 March 2017:

Population 10.8 million.

Debt: 352 billion euros (interest per second: 617 euros; debt per citizen: 32,580 euros).

Interest per year: 19.5 billion euros.

Total Greek bailout funds from 2010 to end 2016: in excess of 250 billion euros – none of which went to Greece for the benefit of the people, but to pay debt service to the troika and pay off mostly German and French private banks.

Debt as a percentage of GDP: 181% (GDP 195 billion euros);
2008 Debt to GDP: 109% (less than today’s US debt to GDP ratio of 109.63%).

Greece’s GDP amounts to less than 2% of EU’s GDP.

Greek GDP has collapsed by more than 25% since 2008.

Unemployment is rampant – with an average of 26% – and close to 50% for young people (18 to 35).

Let’s put the Greek debt in perspective.

In September 2011, without warning, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) devalued the Swiss franc by about 12% against the euro to protect its economy. This was an unfair move – to say the least, since none of the euro-zone bound countries has the liberty to re-or devalue its currency, as deemed necessary by their economy, i.e. Greece. While Switzerland is not a direct member of the EU, Switzerland is nevertheless bound to the EU by more than 120 bilateral contracts, thereby de facto a EU member.

During the 3 ¼ years of locking the exchange rate into a fixed rate of at least CHF 1.20 per euro, the SNB amassed more than 500 billion francs in extra foreign currency, mostly in euro. This is about 150% of Greece’s current debt.

Switzerland, a country of 8 million people, in theory, could bail out Greece’s full debt, say, at no interest, by a 50-year loan (World Bank IDA terms) – in solidarity; and to compensate a bit for the SNB’s questionable ethics vis-à-vis EU members. Switzerland would not suffer. To the contrary, such a move would help stem the risk of a Swiss currency inflation, due to the huge amounts of Swiss francs that needed to be ‘printed’ to maintain the artificial exchange rate against the euro. Would Switzerland be prepared to engage in such a solidary rescue action? –Probably not.

People of Greece! – Wake up.

Take things in your own hands! Don’t believe you politicians, your media! Get out of this criminal organization called the (((European Union))), and this fraudulent western monetary system that is strangling you to death. Take back your sovereignty, your own currency. Default on your debt – the west can do nothing about it. Not if you run your country with your own public banks, and your own money, gradually but surely rebuilding a destroyed economy. Debt repayment is negotiable. Cases abound around the world. Argentina is one of the more recent ones. Even Germany renegotiated its foreign debt in 1952 (see London Agreement of German External Debt). 

Germany, the leader of this economic massacre of Greece, owes Greece huge WWII reparation payments. On 8 February 2015, PM Tsipras requested Germany to pay up her full reparation debt to Greece of an equivalent of 279 billion euros, in today’s terms. Germany replied in April 2015 that the reparation issue was resolved in 1990 – which, of course, it wasn’t. It cannot be excluded that much of the German pressure on Greece today is a means of deviating the world’s attention of the reparation debt Germany owes to Greece.

People of Greece, be aware of what is going on. Do NOT ACCEPT what your government, (((Brussels and the troika))) are doing to YOU and YOUR country.

To the contrary, request the full reparation payment from Germany – and demand GREXIT, as a fully legitimate follow-up to YOUR July 2015 overwhelming NO vote to more austerity-imposing troika ‘rescue’ packages. 

Break Free From The Matrix!

Nobody screams, yells, revolts, takes to the streets, blocks streets, bridges, railways, for days, weeks, interrupts the still ongoing commerce of the foreign owners of what’s left of YOUR country’s public assets. Nobody. This is not to blame the Greeks who have to fight for sheer survival, who have to find ways to feed their kids and families, but the j’accuse goes to the Tsipras- Syriza clan and all those Greek elitists, the media (are they all bought like in Germany by the CIA?) and parliamentarians, who just watch in awe – but stand by. No action. Watching Greece – YOUR country, People of Greece! – bleeding to death.

This crisis is manufactured by the (((European, elite Goldman Sachs of this world))), who run the (((European Central Bank))) through Mario Draghi, a former (((Goldman Sachs))) executive – who de facto runs the European economy.

Why do (((they))) want Greece under their heels?

Because they, the (((scum of Brussels and ‘swamp’ of Washington))), want a submissive Greece.

Because Greece is in a highly strategic geographic location, at the cross-roads of west and east. Greece is a NATO country. Maybe the second most important NATO country after Turkey, because of its strategic position. They don’t want Greece to be run by a ‘left-wing’ government.

Syriza, of course, is everything but left-wing. The masters of the universe want ‘Regime Change’ – the good old regime change that threatens all those who do not bend to the rules of the west. Right now, the Syriza government is bending backwards to please the money masters and to let her people be miserably humiliated and ruined.

The Greek elite and government inaction is inexcusable. This is Stockholm syndrome at its worst.

Submissive to their hangman, until death do us part. And death in the form of total destruction, total pillage, total slavery, is not far away.

Do you, people of Greece, want to continue this path to slavery by a (((predatory empire))), that will eventually call the shots on every move you make?

Or do you want to get your sovereignty back, your own currency – and be unshackled from the dictate of (((Brussels))) – and start afresh – as the noble and wise Greek people, who brought Democracy to the world some 2500 years ago?

Bless the people of Greece! LONG LIVE GREECE! 

Soon every Greek island
will belong to me and my friends . . . 

37 thoughts to “Is Greece Being Sold Off To The Usual Suspects?”

  1. Unless the Greek government shows some courage the Greek people should rise up and throw them out, and bring in a government that will get the country out of the EU and the Euro. They should renounce the debts and throw out the international bankers, who create money on computers then charge you interest, and then seize your house if you get behind with the payments.

    The Greeks are brave, hard-working people and they would not only thrive but would also inspire the world.

    1. @ JOHN KIRBY

      There is not a matter of showing courage by this government or the next one.
      They ALL are in their pay roll.
      They do not have patriotism,they think that Greece simply is a space where every one can come and live and not a country you have a duty to defend and protect.

      In the last election we had a big abstention,in the future one ,if ever,i expect a bigger one.

      No existing politician will save the country.
      I expect and wait for an uprising,and when we have uprisings here,God help all of us.

      1. Hi T,
        I don’t believe the Greeks I know would give up on Greece, even the ones I know in England. They are all proud of Greek culture, and have every right to be.

        That Greece is now being looted by a bunch of Shysters is sickening.

  2. Is Greece Being Sold Off To The Usual Suspects?

    What else? And Greece is a blue print. Every other nation state will follow. This money system – the way how money comes into being and the interest – was designed to STEAL THE WHOLE WORLD! And that’s what they are doing.

    1. Hi Agent 86,
      True, the present banking system must eventually lead to the banks owning the whole world. They are allowed to create money as an entry in their ledgers, and then to charge interest, and to seize collateral assets if interest payments fall behind. It is a scam,, pure and simple, a scam.

      It is this system of enslavement that the big money is determined to preserve, If ever it is threatened they will go to ANY lengths to destroy the resistance, viz Lincoln, Jackson, Hitler and Kennedy.

    2. A86 –

      “This money system – the way how money comes into being and the interest – was designed to STEAL THE WHOLE WORLD! And that’s what they are doing”

      The designers are losing control of the ‘same old money system’ due to CYBER-CURRENCIES…. like Bitcoin and Ether.

      Even Amazon and PayPal and Expedia and Subway – and over 100,000 businesses – take Bitcoin for payment. Hundreds are being added every day.

      “Move over.. FED..!!” 🙂

  3. A friend from Canada sent me your open letter to us.
    I have already read it.

    We knew since the beginning of Christianity what this people are planning,but when one’s plan is revealed(now every single Greek knows) ,one does not succeed.
    They want a submissive Greece,but they do not know us very well.

    They can have and they have a submissive ,President,Prime minister and the whole bloody parliament,BUT what about us people?
    Not only we are extremely proud,not only we prefer to die than to submit to people we consider inferior,but we are so unpredictable that we end up ungovernable.

    They do all this not only because the country is very rich but because there is an ancient hatred for everything Greek.

    During the Hellenistic times they were in danger of adopting our ways of life and started refusing the circumcision .
    In the Gymnasium Geek men exercised naked and seeing them circumcised made fun of them and the Rabbis were not happy.
    During Alexander’s campaign the Greek soldiers were ordered not to mix with their women.
    I do not remember which ancient Greek called them Rodents.

    Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Dynasty Seleucid persecuted them and he was nearly finished them(rebellion of Maccabees).

    In Orthodoxy we refer to the Old Testament but we believe in the New Testament and in our courts we do not have the Bible,we take the oath on the N.T,
    also we never take Jewish names.Our names they are either Byzantine* or Ancient.

    Of all the Christians they hate the Orthodox most.
    Their Rabbis know(and we know) that their Yehoba,(in whom we do not believe) is not but the Greek god Bacchus(Plutarchus disclosed this in his work “Symposiac problems”).

    Here we speak openly against them(and against Islam) if we choose and we do not adopt what the rest of Europe says about antisemitism and that sort of nonsence.
    There are laws by which one could find oneself in prison but so far they do not dare.

    BUT they have make a fatal mistake.
    They are flooding the country with every Afro-Asian scum,hoping that we will disappear as a race by mixing with them when we are completely exhausted and pennilless.

    They probably read what the Genetic professor Cavalli Sforza made known what he discovered by examining ancient cemeteries.
    “Modern scholars and scientists have supported the notion that there is a dominant racial connection to the ancient Greeks. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi, and Alberto Piazza, have found evidence of a genetic connection between the ancient and modern Greeks. Recent genetic analyses of Greek populations have provided strong evidence supporting the existence of overwhelmingly significant levels of continuity between ancient Greeks and modern Greeks.”

    So they decided not only to have our land but to finish us.

    Wishful thinking!

    * In Byzantium they have no place,nowhere,and that is why the Empire lived for a thousand years.

    1. @ Peter Koening

      You write “Submissive to their hangman, until death do us part. And death in the form of total destruction, total pillage, total slavery, is not far away.”

      No dear we were not submissive even during the nearly 4 centuries of Ottoman occupation.
      We liked to be free so all those centuries we lived up in the mountains like wild animals,never allowing the Turks to come near us,unless we attacked them from time to time.

      Now we are not going to live like slaves.
      Already 500.000 young scientists have left the country ,soon we all do the same,but living under another slavery with the Afro-Asian illegall immigrands together,NO dear,never.
      We will leave the country. Many of us already live in the West not creating any problem in the host country.

      Lets see if the Europeans like Greece full of Muslims of every country and without even one Greek.


      When Greece was devastated by the Persians and was nearly finished,Themistocles said,”we leave the country and we will create another Greece somewhere else.
      We will do the same now.

    2. @ Ταϋγέτη

      Excellent comment! I learned a lot from it about the Greeks and their unhappy relationship with the Jews. I urge you to post comments more often because we miss hearing from you.

    3. Ταϋγέτη –

      This will affect Eastern Greece…. and maybe much more:

      Turkey Again Threatens to Flood Europe with Refugees Unless Turks Get Visa-Free Travel in Europe

      “This amounts to an ultimatum: let in huge numbers of “refugees” who will enable jihad attacks and foster the Islamization of Europe, or allow Turks visa-free travel, which would enable jihad attacks and foster the Islamization of Europe. Erdogan’s agenda should be clear to everyone who is not an EU functionary.”

      1. PAT

        If Erdogan is stupid enough to carry out his threat,then i expect Poutin to move into the Balkans and the Aegean to protect the Orthodox countries.

        Let him do it and he will dig his own grave.

  4. Usual Suspects..??? SURE are.. Russia and China.. top the list..!!

    Greece wants MORE foreign buyers… from RUSSIA..!!

    Putin buys at ‘bargain-basement’ prices… to help out… 🙂

    27 May 2016
    Signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Enterprise Greece – Greek Investment and Foreign Trade Organization
    Memorandum of Understanding signed between Enterprise Greece (Christos Staikos, Board of Directors Chairman) and “Invest in Russian” Russian Investment Agency (Yury Spiridonov, RIA President) during Mr. Putin’s two-day visit to Greece.

    January 30, 2017 –- Russian investors are looking for places to invest, away from Russia’s own CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS in order to protect their holdings.

    The relations between Russia and Greece are actually quite strong with a $2.27 billion gas pipeline being built to supply Greece with Russian gas. So, it is not surprising that many Russian investors are taking a particular interest in Greece, where they have invested heavily in the past few years in the manner they did in London and other places across Europe and the US.

    Chinese investors are also increasingly beginning to knock on the Greek real estate door. The number of Chinese investors is now close to the number of investors from the US and North Europe…!!

    Putin: €2bn Russia-Greece gas deal will help Athens pay its debt
    Russia and Greece signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for the construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greece. The pipeline will have a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year and the construction costs are about €2 billion.

    Chinese and Russian Investors Top List for ‘Greek Golden Visa’

    Regarding the nationality of the visa holders, the Chinese come first with 664 permits, the Russians follow with 348, the Egyptians come third with 77 permits, then it is 73 Lebanese and 67 Ukrainians. Several other nationalities follow with small numbers of visa recipients.

    1. You are right, the usual suspects in the jew-west, europe enz,
      work together with the jew-east, Russia etc..For the white goyim masses in the
      Jew-west they invented ‘ christianity’ for the white goyim masses in the east, Greece and Russia, they invented so called
      russian orthodoxy. A total jewish scam east and west. What is the greek orthodoxy doing, being close friends with the rabbis and receiving instructions from their ‘ older brothers’? Greece is
      a beautiful country and has a great history but governed by the usual suspects. Normally the Greece economic situation would be the ideal situation for a strong man who could change the status quo. But maybe the situation is not bad enough for them to have the will to change it. A reason could be the high corruption which in this case is an advantage for the Greek as a remedy to survive. By corruption they can circumvent and endure the policy of the usual suspects in Greece.

      1. ” What is the greek orthodoxy doing, being close friends with the rabbis and receiving instructions from their ‘ older brothers’?”

        Not all of them.
        There are bishops who speak openly against NWO.
        Archbishop Christodoulos did really harm them and they assassinated him in 2008.
        The new Archbishop is the one they want.

  5. As was stated above in the article, the Greek Parliament has already annulled itself by giving up its right to pass any budget or fiscal legislation. There is a vast difference between their action and the Reichstag’s transfer of power to Chancellor Hitler in 1933. Hitler used the power entrusted to him to stop the aggressive predators that had ruined Germany. He was a patriot who restored the German economy. No such patriot exists in the Greek government. Greece suffers not from a lack of liberal democracy, but from too much of it. The Greek people lack the bold leadership of an Adolf Hitler so desperately needed to alleviate their suffering.

  6. Ol’ Jacob Rotheschild might as well fess-up to his responsibilities as deeded owner of Greece! (The Rotheschilds are, obviously, able property managers – so their benevolent stewardship would certainly further the powerful position they’ve long coveted…) Come on, Jake, step-up and be a gentleman! 🙂

  7. @ tauget, a Greek citizen I presume I say
    stay in Greece, fight with your fellow Greeks for your country. don’t emigrate to
    Germany, England etc. Your bosses will be German jews, english jews etc. You will allways be considered a foreigner even if you are an academic, second choice. So stay in YOUR country!

    1. @ MARK

      If you have lost your job,the bank has take your house ,if you cannot marry,or being married you cannot have children,what you can do?
      We do not have a leader to follow,it is not wise to go out as a mob.

      A few years ago we protested outside the Parliament and the police threw at us chemicals.
      I was blind and could not breath for a few hours.

      We had a referendum in 2015,and the result was 62% “NO” for Europe and this Prime minister turn it into” Yes”.

      Yesterday a girl 17 years old fainted at school because she was three days without food.

      We supplied the family(there is only a mother) with food.We did not know their situation because the mother was very proud to ask for such kind of help.
      There are a lot of families starving.The Church helps a lot but it is not enough.
      Our population last year declined by 6%.

      That’s why so many Mcs and Phd have left the country.

      They genocide us.
      Who are they? not only the usual suspect but also the West.
      Have you read “The Birth of Tragedy”? In this book Nietzsche gives the answer.

      1. @ taugete, what do you mean with/what is the relationship between Nietsche’s book and the usual suspects? I don’t understand.

  8. I forgot to mention how many people have committed suicide because they could not face a life sleeping in the parks or searching for food.
    Two years ago they counted them as 10.000 and now they stopped giving their numbers.

    BUT the illegal immigrants have from EU 400 euros each.
    No immigrant is starving or is without a shelter.

    If we are still here is because Family is a very strong institution,and we help our relatives who have no jobs.

    1. Ταϋγέτη –

      A 10,000 strong suicide army – kamikaze guys – would be able to change things, even if only with pipes and rocks…. over a length of time.

      Each one get one politician/agent.

      Just 300 Spartan Greeks held up for a while…. centuries ago.

      Washington had to send 13,000 troops to fight 200 farmers in in Pennsylvania 1794.

      It seems it is not born into people to fight for their freedom anymore.

      Easy to say. Hard to do.

    2. MARK

      I wrote that not only the usual suspects but also the West,and Nietzche in the 15th chapter of his work “The birth of Tragedy” explains the European anti-Greek sentiments.

      “Proven in every period of its development, the western European culture has tried to rid himself of the Greeks. This work is imbued with deep disappointment, because whatever we create, seemingly original and worthy of admiration, lose color and life in comparison with the Greek mode, came to resemble a cheap copy, a caricature.
      So again and again soaked in a rage erupts hatred against the Greeks, against this small and arrogant nation, who had the nerve to call it barbaric whatever that had not been established in its territory …
      None of the recurrent enemies had the fortune to discover the hemlock, which could forever be rid of them. All poisons of envy, of hubris, hatred, have been insufficient to disturb the great beauty.
      Thus, people continue to feel shame and fear of the Greeks. Of course, occasionally, someone appears to recognize intact truth, truth which teaches that the Greeks are the charioteers of any upcoming culture and almost always as the chariots and horses of the upcoming cultures is very low quality compared to the charioteer, who eventually work out driving his chariot into the abyss, which are beyond the Achilles ‘Leap'”

      1. @taugete, thanks for your comment.
        My opinion is that the west which is against the greek culture, can only be meant the jews/usual suspects responsible for ‘our great judean-christian culture’, which has brainwashed the white europeans in docility and stupidity.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if a violent revolution took place in Greece. The common people have nothing to lose, like the Palastinians. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if both groups rose up.

  10. Not all Greeks think Germany owes Greece reparations. Golden Dawn doesn’t. But of course the Jews do and like most countries, if they think a country can squeeze money out of the Germans, there are people in Greece willing to do that. The “reparations” due are based on who knows what. With the bad feelings as a result of the economic problems, I’m sure there are Greeks willing to make that claim.

    A little history. It was Italy that attacked Greece, not Germany, and Germany wished Italy had not attacked. The Italians were being beaten by the Greeks and after the British sent troops to Greece, Germany attacked on the side of the Italians . Greece surrendered to the Germans. They refused to surrender to Italy.

    But of course, after the war the atrocity propaganda continued and Germany was painted as the bad guy and when partisans shot German soldiers and the Germans retaliated, we’re told the Germans owe that country “reparations”.

  11. I agree with Mr. Koenig about the current dramatic situation of the Greek people, and for suggesting: take back your sovereignty, your own currency, default on your debt…
    I don’t agree when he writes:
    “lost of social services by order of Germany and the troika…”.
    “Germany without mercy announced the final pillage of Greece”.
    “Germany, the leader of this economic massacre of Greece, owes huge WWII reparation payments …”.

    German Attorney Horst Mahler, among others, said: “our so-called Bundesrepublik (Federal Republic) is not a sovereign state and therefore not a legitimate government. Prof. Carlo Schmid, the internationally recognized expert on international law and author of our Grundgesetz (Basic Law), stated clearly that the Federal Republic is not a valid state…he specifically describes it as an (Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule). That is to say, a vehicle for domination by our enemies… Enemy occupiers imposed it on us and it does not meet the prerequisites of a legitimate state (3-23-2009 Horst Mahler’s Last Public Statement (before Verdict and Imprisonment on 25 February 2009)
    So much for the real essence of the current Federal Republic and related “leaders”.

    Now concerning the relations of the sovereign state of Germany – the Third Reich – with Greece in 1941, it is worth reading what says revisionist professor Robert Faurisson on Oct. 8, 2011:
    “Our news media currently bring up the probability of a Greek default. Sometimes, inspired by a deformed history of the Second World War, they also echo recriminations and claims against Germany, and even present Chancellor Angela Merkel in caricatures as a new Hitler. It therefore seems of interest to review an aspect of the behaviour, during the war, of Germany, occupying power, with regard to Greece, from which the Germans had chased out the British in April 1941.
    The reality is that in the midst of the worldwide conflict, despite a partisan war and a maritime blockade enforced by the British, Germany sent Greece large quantities of gold in order to quell a catastrophic inflation and to stabilise the Greek currency, efforts that were not without success.
    She also sent foodstuffs to Greece so as to stave off a threatening famine, as well as German export goods – and this despite the shortages the German people were beginning to suffer.
    Through the intermediary of Sweden, a neutral country, she entered into contact with the British authorities, whom she in the end got to lift the blockade of Greek waters in favour of a Swedish ship loaded with German provisions, which was thus able, each month, to sail from Trieste or Venice and reach Piraeus, the port of Athens, without running the risk of being torpedoed.
    At least Baron van Moyland, former Reich foreign secretary, recalled and declared as much to the judges at the Nuremberg tribunal on March 27, 1946, without being contradicted by the adversary”.
    (Oct. 8, 2011 Robert Faurisson: When the Third Reich came to the aid of Greece…

    Also Hermann Neubacher, former Reich ambassador, at the Nuremberg tribunal, on April 15, 1946, declared:
    NEUBACHER: “Reich minister Funk (…) proved that by enforcing exports to Greece and finally by the grant of a considerable amount of gold for the purpose of slowing down the Greek inflation – which grant, in accordance with the Four Year Plan, involved the gravest sacrifice for Germany (…) .
    In 1943, when shipping in Greek waters had completely stopped for us, because all ships had been torpedoed and the railroads had become the objects of incessant act of sabotage and dynamiting, I, with the help of the Swedish Minister, Alar, who directed the International Relief for Greece, applied for British navicerts for food transport in Greece. The British granted this application, and when our own means of transport had ceased to exist, the Swedish boat Halaren went from Trieste or Venice to the Piraeus once a month, loaded with German food supplies for Greece”.

    I conclude with another interesting item.
    In February, 2010, the Greek government of caviar socialists (so aptly called by Mr. Koenig), owing to the already severe economic crisis, in its contacts with the Brussel’s authorities, attributed such a dire situation to the theft by the German Third Reich of the Greek gold reserves. Not so.
    The German forces invaded Greece 6-30 April 1941, chasing the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force – 2 divisions and 1 armoured brigade. When the British left, they carried away the gold reserves from the Greek Central Bank aboard the battle cruiser Orion, and carried it in Egypt, then in South Africa.
    When the Greek government, in 1945, asked the British government for the restitution of the gold, remained empty-handed.
    (see: dailies Il Giornale, Milan, 17.11.1991 and Corriere della Sera, Milan, 23.1.1992, quoted in the monthly Storia Militare, Genova-Parma, Italy, October, 2011, p.46).

  12. Fine article and interesting perspectives in the comments. Greece is a showpiece of NWO Globalist/Internationale Socialism and where it will lead to. The Greek Generals once demonstrated some talent for a coup, but unless it is taken to the level General Franco led in Spain (or in Thailand where it was recently an act of National Preservation) which requires significant talent you are going to have to watch your once beautiful country disintegrate further. Looking at what Alexander did in Greece to opponents, in Tyre, and the massacre of the resettled Greek mercenaries in Afghanistan who served with the Persian empire (who initially welcomed Alexander as a countryman) shows that victory needs examples – if we read in the news that the jew bankers were brought to justice along with their government proxies then we’d know that Greece will no longer continue to heap shame on the legacy of Leonidas as it’s been doing for the last decade or so. Turn off your TV sets and get off the couches before the Country becomes a big fat jewish whorehouse, as the government already is…

    1. WINSTON
      ..and get off the couches… who? the old people?

      Easily said than done.

      You know that half a million young people have left the country.

      Young people are needed to revolt,although i believe that at the end of the day it will be the first on earth,old people’s revolution.

      Leonidas was King ,that means he was the head of Sparta, Spartans leader.
      Do not ask (because it hurts)about the head of today’s Greece,who is not elected BUT selected by the most corrupted parliament we ever had.

  13. Ταϋγέτη –

    You wrote:
    “I forgot to mention how many people have committed suicide because they could not face a life sleeping in the parks or searching for food.”

    You also wrote:
    “If you have lost your job,the bank has take your house ,if you cannot marry,or being married you cannot have children,what you can do?
    “We do not have a leader to follow,it is not wise to go out as a mob.”

    “..what you can do?”
    “..what you can do?”
    “..what you can do?”

    If you have to ask that…

    LEADERS got you where you are… They are NOT needed..!!

    I read this today:

    Gloom, Doom, or Room to Zoom?

    “Two questions form the foundation of all novels:
    ‘What if?’ and ‘What  next?’ (A third question (‘What
    now?”‘is one the author asks himself every 10
    minutes or so; but it’s more a cry than a question.)
    Every novel begins with the speculative question,
    ‘What if ‘X’ happened?’ That’s how you start.”
     – Tom Clancy

    *     *     *     *

    Men of vision plant trees so that their children’s
    children may enjoy shade 50 years in the future.

    In that manner, men who lead should not be
    investing a majority of tax funds on building a
    military to engage in future warfare.

    We should instead be investing in building a
    society which invests in arts and education and
    stands as a shining example to all as to the
    true human potential.

    We should be investing dollars to heal our
    sick and feed our hungry and eliminate the
    world’s injustices.

    We should be investing dollars to address the
    concerns of the world’s oppressed; those
    future terrorists who have run out of alternatives.

    We should not be doing this as a means to
    be altruistic and perform good deeds for the
    sake of building good will and better friendships.

    We should be doing this because it is the
    lone means available to mankind to insure
    our survival.

    We rapidly are approaching our end as a race.
    With the emergence of nanotechnology, future
    nuclear weapons will fit into a desperate man’s
    pocket. The ability to destroy a future New York
    or Chicago or Los Angeles in an unpreventable
    instant is only a few decades away. Such weapon
    technology is already being developed.

    Shall a new $10-billion aircraft carrier prevent
    a lone assassin? The alternative to that rhetorical
    question will only be found by waging all-out peace.
    Now. If we accomplish this, we can zoom with
    lightening speed towards an enlightening destiny.

    Woman or man, Republican or Democrat, we
    need an individual who sees this and can
    lead us in the proper direction.

    We can win a war against a motivated nation.
    ***We cannot win a war against ONE motivated man.


    Ταϋγέτη….. from what you wrote… sadly…
    ……the Greeks are motivated only to SUICIDE…!!

  14. tragically most Greeks have jumped on the anti-muslim hysteria – all muslims are terrorists, want to destroy the west blah blah blah – whilst the real enemy is destroying them! to be honest it will take a miracle to save Greece and the west; the goyim are dumb as batshit and brainwashed beyond redemption; those who aren’t are demonised and ostracised. I have orthodox priests attack me for mentioning the crimes of jewish communists against christians, the same orthodox priests who grovel at the feet of the tribe. The world is under a satanic spell, end of story

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