Is Israel trying to force America into WWIII?


An abridged version of an article published by the Unz Review

“Today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”
— Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS). Doing this would achieve the following goals:

— Bring down a strong secular Arab state [Syria] along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.

— Create total chaos and horror in Syria, justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.

— Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.

— Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon. 

— Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.

— Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.

— Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

— Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and force Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.

Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.

— Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.

That was an ambitious plan, but the Israelis felt pretty confident that their US vassal-state would provide the resources needed to achieve it. And now this entire plan has collapsed due to the very high effectiveness of an informal but yet formidable alliance between Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

To say that the Israelis are seething with rage and in a state of total panic would be an understatement.

Why? Because:

— The Syrian state has survived and its armed and security forces are now far more capable than they were before the war started.

— Not only is Syria stronger, but the Iranians and Hezbollah are all over the country now which is driving the Israelis into a state of panic and rage.

—  Lebanon is rock solid, even the latest Saudi attempt to kidnap Hariri is backfiring.

— Syria will remain undivided and Kurdistan is not happening. Millions of displaced refugees are returning home.

—  Israel and the US look like total idiots and, even worse, as losers with no credibility left.

This is all a disaster for the AngloZionists who now are falling back to their typical attitude when met with resistance: if we can’t control it, then let’s destroy it.

The plan: force the US to attack Iran

The Israeli record of completely illegal military interventions is so long that we can safely assume that the Israelis will be involved in *any* ugly or evil plan to lay the region to waste. The main problem for the Saudis and the Israelis is that they have bad armies. Their problem is that their only true area of expertise is massacring defenseless civilians. They are real experts at. But in terms of real warfare, especially against truly formidable adversaries like the Iranians or Hezbollah, the “ZioWahabis” (what a combo!) don’t stand a chance.

And they know it, even if they never admit it.

Imagine how frustrating that must be: you basically control the US which you have turned into a vassal-state, you spent billions and billions of dollars in equipping and training your bloated armed forces, but at the end of the day the Shias are just laughing in your face. And, for some reason you cannot fathom, every time you try to “teach them a lesson”, it is you who has to crawl back home in total shame to lick our wounds and try to hush up the magnitude of your defeat. That hurts, badly.

So a plan to make the Shias pay for it had to be concocted. Here is what I think it will be.

First, the goal will not be to defeat Hezbollah or Iran anywhere. For all their racist rhetoric and hubris, the Israelis know that neither they nor, even less so, the Saudis have what it would take to seriously threaten Iran, or even Hezbollah. But their plan is, I think, much cruder: to trigger a serious conflict and then force the US to intervene.

I have written many articles explaining that the US military does not have the means to win a war against Iran. And that might be the problem here: the US commanders know full well that and they are therefore doing whatever it takes to tell the Neocons “can’t do, so sorry!” (that is the only reason why a US attack on Iran has not happened yet). From an Israeli point of view, this is totally unacceptable and the solution is simple: simple force the US into a war they really don’t want. After all, who cares how many US goyim will die?

As for the Iranians, the goal of a Israeli-triggered US attack on Iran would not be to defeat Iran, but only to hurt it. Very very badly. That is the real goal.

As far as the Israelis are concerned, not only don’t they give a damn about how many non-Jews will die (Judaic ethics teach that all non-Jews are most likely deserving to die anyway) as long as their Master Race benefits from it. Simply put: to them we are only tools, tools capable of thought, but tools nonetheless. That is also how Neocons view us, of course. In fact, I can just about imagine the glee of the Israelis seeing that the Shia and Sunni Muslims are killing each other. Throwing in a few Christians only makes it even better.

So it’s all simple: have the Saudis attack Lebanon and/or Iran, observe how they lose, then switch on the propaganda machine at full power and explain to the average TV-watching goy that Iran is a threat to the region and the aggressor here, that the Saudis are only defending themselves from Iranian aggression. And if that is not enough, they scream “oy gevalt!” in the US Congress and have the prostitutes on the Hill explain to the American people that the US must “lead the Free World” to “defend” the “only democracy in the Middle-East” against Iranian “aggression” and that the US have a “responsibility” to prevent the Iranians of “seizing the Saudi oil fields” etc. etc. etc.

It’s a win-win situation for the Israelis as long as there are not caught red-handed manipulating it all. But we can count on our beloved Ziomedia to make sure that no such “anti-Semitic” accusations are ever made, even if Israeli fingerprints are all over the place.

The Israelis are now offering to share “intelligence” with the Saudis. How touching it is to see these two medieval, backward and generally evil regimes so willing to work together. At least they are both now showing their true, ugly, faces!

Needless to say, if the Anglo-Zionist Empire joins in and unleashes its full military might against Iran, something which I consider a very real possibility, then all bets are off and Iran should, and will, retaliate with a full set of symmetrical and asymmetrical responses, including strikes against Israel and the Saudis, and even strikes against CENTCOM bases in the entire region. However, such a situation would have catastrophic consequences for Iran and should therefore be avoided if at all possible.

At the end of the day the best hope the world has is that a US American patriot will see through this rather obvious plot to “wag the dog” and tell the ZioWahabis “not on my watch” like Admiral Fallon did in 2007 (will that honorable man ever get the historical recognition he deserves, say a Nobel Peace Prize? Possibly never in this world, but in the judgment of God he shall be called a “son of God” (Matt 5:9)).

By themselves the Israelis and the Saudis are just a gang of medieval thugs which even Hezbollah can terrify and force to run. Their only real power is the power they have in Congress and the US Ziomedia: the power of corruption, the ability to lie, deceive and betray. I know for a fact that there are many US officers on all levels in the US armed forces which see straight through these Zionist smokescreens and whose loyalty is to the United States and NOT to the nasty little Zionist Entity in Palestine.

Finally, I have not lost all hope that Trump could do the right thing. Yes, he is a weak man, yes, he is now cornered and has no allies left, but when faced with the horrendous consequences of an attack on Iran he still might say “NO!” and order his staff to come up with some other plan.

Trump might also realize that refusing to wage war on Iran would be his best revenge against those who have smeared him and who are now apparently trying to impeach him.

Conclusion: will the attack happen?

In short, probably yes. The simple truth is that the nutcase regimes in power in Israel and Saudi Arabia are cornered and desperate. The rise in power of Iran over the past decade has been immense and irresistible. The recent failure of the ZioWahabis to bring even tiny Qatar to heel is indicative of the tremendous erosion in power and credibility these wacko regimes have suffered. I believe that the recent trips by Bibi Netanyahu and even the Saudi King to Moscow are all part of an effort on the part of the ZioWhabis to gauge the Russian response to an attack on Iran.

At this moment in time it is pretty clear that an attack on Iran is being prepared and that such an attack is possible and  even likely.

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  1. It’s not only the US and Israel who look like total idiots. News has it that that Habib el-Adli, the feared Egyptian security chief who earned a reputation for brutality while working under Hosni Mubarak and is now Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s chief torturer may be in trouble. Having run out of Princes to extort money from at the Ritz Carlton, el-Adli made the mistake of grabbing bin Salman’s favorite butler – the one with the English accent bin Salman is so fond of. Mistaking him for a British spy and after going too far with his ‘technique’, el-Adli is said to have fled the country after having a waiter at the Ritz text Prince bin Salman with the terse message “tell the Prince his server is down.”

  2. Israel is the banksters and MIC’s tool in the ME. I think that the MIC is a trans-national network closely connected with the banks, and that mafia all around the globe have shares in it. Defeating anyone is not the goal – it’s about keeping the conflict alive for the purpose of depopulation, forced migration and funneling wealth upwards. Saudi absolutism is probably maintained by the banksters as an experiment to see how compliant population would be in so much totalitarianism. The 3 dogmatic religions present in the ME and the west are great help for the trans-national mafia network.
    ‘Powerful elites can misuse their role in society and be the source of perturbation, threatening all who would dare seek to include the collective spirit in the business of running the country. Using invective to curdle the milk of human kindness, they . . . the elites . . . stomp on every effort that might include social justice in the equation because that could represent costs inimical to their private interests. Forced to march to the beat of an insidious canker, the masses are in danger of being coerced by the weight of nihilistic propaganda that could lead them, pied-piper fashion, into servitude.’ – Frederick Nietzsche, 1884

    1. “I’m the commander – see, I don’t need to explain – I do not need to explain why I say things.”

      -George W. Bush

      “I’m the master of low expectations.”

      -George W. Bush, aboard Air Force One, June 4, 2003

      1. Winston,
        Some of these Western “leaders” are very brazen regarding their own misconduct. Amazing but not surprising. Joe Biden even fondled girls in front of the camara. Unfortunately most of those videos have already been seriously “watered-down.”

      2. Yes,and ” Murican People ” supported ” ,that evil Jew idolizing Christain Fundamentalist…..a total tool . There are people still longing for him. Just as the Clintons are not ” Liberals ” , Bush 2 was no ” Conservative” …both in the matrix of Left / Right Talmudic game . Millions injured .Tens of thousands killed ….About a trillion ” spent “…but truly borrowed from International Jews banks .

  3. This article is a brilliant analysis of Israel’s nefarious plans with the Middle East.
    Whatever the Two Crazies (Israel + Saudi Arabia) will try to do, Russia will not allow it. It has not allowed the destruction of Syria, it will not allow the destruction of Iran (its ally) or even of little Lebanon. If Saudi Arabia wants to attack Lebanon it has to fly over Jordan or Iraq and Syria or Israel. With the help of Russia Syria can prevent the Saudis from violating its air space. Then the Saudis will have to fly over Israel itself, thus demonstrating to the whole world that it is in cahoots with the hated Jewish state. It is also not clear what excuse they have for attacking peaceful Lebanon. I think a Saudi attack on Lebanon is doomed to failure. Lebanon itself is pretty stable now, and a “civil war” between Hizbollah and the rest of Lebanese society is very unlikely.

    Israel cannot attack Iran on its own and the American military is reluctant to take the enormous risk. Keep in mind that Israel is warning against a nuclear Iran already for more than 20 years :

    “…in 1996, Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress where he darkly warned, “If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only for my country, and not only for the Middle East, but for all mankind,” adding that, “the deadline for attaining this goal is getting extremely close…”

    Source : The Intercept, March 2, 2015 : Benjamin Netanyahu’s Long History of Crying Wolf about Iran’s Nuclear Bomb.

    In all that time Israel has not succeeded in pushing the US into a war against Iran. In the mean time Iran has become much stronger and the US military knows that. I don’t think a US attack on Iran is very likely.

    1. F.R.
      The military doctrina of Iran and Hezbollah is described as asymetric warfare. Using minimum, but highly-trained, man-power, as well as extremely cheap but very potent weapons, they can defeat vastly larger conventional armies with devastating effect. In 2006 Hezbollah defeated Israel without even calling in their reserves. Asymetrical warfare resembles the ancient Kung Fu system of Wing Chung which was invented by a woman.
      A practicioner of this martial art can easily defeat an opponent who is stronger and faster by attacking the most vulnerable points of the body, namely the eyes, throat, neck, groin, knees and ankles. In 2006, drones captured the footage of a Hezbollah training exercize in a Lebanese valley. Hezbollah fighter would use dirt bikes. Reaching speeds of over 60 m.p.h., the fighter would go on one wheel lowering his torso parallel to the ground. Then, by way of radio, hed wait for the command to shoot an r.p.g. through the center of a suspended, swinging tire at a distance of 200 yards. The exercize had to be repeated until the fighter could hit the target 9 out of 10 times. Pretty amazing stuff and its only the tip of the iceberg regarding what we knew about Hezbollah 11 years ago. God only knows their capabilities now. My advice to the U.S. and Israeli militaries……leave these bad-asses alone.

    2. FR –

      You wrote the title:
      “The Intercept, March 2, 2015 : Benjamin Netanyahu’s Long History of Crying Wolf about Iran’s Nuclear Bomb.”

      “US’s Long History of Crying Wolf about Everyone Else’s Nuclear Bombs for $$$” would be a fitting title as well. 🙂

      I’ll repeat your best statement yet..

      I don’t think a US attack on Iran is very likely.

      1. Yes, the banksters’ goal is to make Sunni and Shia fight and need weapons – depopulation, forced migration and funneling the wealth upwards. While people believe those who preached “I am the voice of God on earth”, the banksters are playing God.

  4. While distracting the US population with fear of WWIII through its MSM, the banksters’ hydra is sucking in the wealth of the helpless population [like everywhere else!].
    ‘Under the Senate version of the measure, households earning under $40,000 annually will face higher federal taxes in 2021. Those earning $75,000 or less will pay higher taxes… . Following Thursday’s House vote, the executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF), Frank Clemente, issued the following statement, saying: “227 House Republicans just voted to increase taxes on millions of working families and add trillions to the deficit… All to give massive tax cuts to corporations and millionaires… Millions of Americans in the middle and at the bottom will be the losers from this tax plan, while the wealthiest will benefit… Showers most of the tax cuts on the richest 1% of taxpayers. They would get nearly half (47%) of the tax cuts after 10 years—a tax cut of nearly $53,000 on average. (Tax Policy Center) It gives 75% of the tax cuts to wealthy corporations and businesses… A real jobs killer… the plan encourages multinational corporations to outsource more jobs and shift more profits offshore. Hands a $500 billion tax cut to offshore tax dodgers. American corporations have $2.6 trillion in profits stashed offshore on which they owe $750 billion in US taxes (Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy). Makes the middle class pay more”…’

    Perhaps, it would be better if something big could happen – something that could shipwreck the international mafia!
    ‘There was no doubt that the cataclysmic scene to come would mean the end was here, but the end of WHAT? For incalculable eons of manufactured time Life has existed in galleries whose distorted paintings are canvassed in illusory frames of reference. It would be the end of Life as we’ve known it. Or rather, the end of NOT knowing, and the beginning of knowledge in Truth. On the verge of remembrance, and with it an integration.’ – Thomas Paine

      1. AD –

        I agree.

        TP was so ‘reasonable’ … that only 5 people attended his funeral.
        One preacher. One undertaker, who was the driver of the wagon, and her son. There were also two freemen who dug the hole.

        Not many praised that ‘founder’ after he published ‘The Age of Reason’ against warnings not to do so while alive, by Madison or Adams. I forget which.

    1. And the Kosher Conservatives will call the tax bill ,” pro growth ” ,and all opposed to it : ” The Left “….. People fall for those superficial labels . Jews who control the Matrix laugh….
      Before Israel , the world British Empire was called ” the New Israel ” . They drew the US into there wars ,to keep ” a balance of power ” in Europe . Creating truncated petty States ,in Central Europe ,and break up Germany it’s economic competition. Israel today does the same in the Middle East today.

    1. @ John Kirby
      Of course we can expect another False Flag attack, 3, 4 or more. Expect a couple on Britain as well. Joe and Jane canaille public will follow blindly as usual. Honestly they deserve everything that’s coming to them. Most of what remains of the world will heave a collective sigh of relief when these countries are eradicated.

  5. Christian America is wondering about what kind of relationship the US has with Israel.
    That the American economy is put at the disposal of Israel where every mad scheme that Israel can dream up is funded by the USA.
    Know that American Organised Religion packs a punch where it counts.
    Interesting times ahead.

    1. @R Davis,

      What do you mean by “Christian America?” It appears to me that the majority are not wondering at all about US relation with Israel. If the 70 million or so Christian Zionists are to be believed, they are firmly on Israel’s side. After all, they see Jews gathering in Israel as a prerequisite for the Second Coming. “American Organized Religion” clearly “packs a punch where it counts.” But I see that punch as being a KO for Israel against all Muslim competitors. After all, given never-ending Jewish cries about the 6 million killed in the Holohoax, no self-respecting Christian dare take the chance of being labeled anti-Semitic. Or were you suggesting something else?

      On another note, I wonder if the Saudis are aware that “the full promised land of Israel” includes a large chunk of its northern territory?

  6. In the map, the land between the river of Egypt to the great river the Euphrates in green, is labelled “the full promised land of Israel”. IT IS NOT. GOD never promised Abraham that that land would be Israel. But God promised it to Abraham’s descendants who were Ishmael, Jacob, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. In Genesis 17:8, God promised Abraham “the whole land of Canaan as an everlasting possession”. In Deuteromomy 34:1-4, GOD showed Canaan to Moses and said, “This is the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when I said ‘I will give it to your descendants'” So if God gave the land between the river of Egypt to the great river the Euphrates to the descendants of Isaac’s seven brothers and the land of Canaan to Isaac’s descendants, HE kept his promise. For GOD is not a man that HE should lie, neither is HE the son of man that HE should change HIS mind.

    1. Thank you, Joe Yang. People should not invoke Scripture in these presentations unless they have an understanding of the biblical identity of “Israel”. (Much mischief has been advanced by the strong delusion.)
      The result is there WILL be a continuation of war in the ME, which has become just about unavoidable.

      1. “The result is there WILL be a continuation of war in the ME, which has become just about unavoidable.”….. for thousands of years.

        No need to change a good event “BIGGLY” pumping out reasons for the money machines..!! 🙂

    2. Point delivered, Joe, thank you.
      Zionism is the spawn of Satan.
      It’s removal , should be the objective of all the righteous.

    1. (ADMIN: DEFECTIVE LINK DELETED. If possible, use embedded link.)

      November 2017 In what can only be termed irony, according to Middle East news sources (the real ones) as well as the government-controlled Saudi Press Agency, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency awarded the “prestigious” “George J. Tenet Medal” to Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Premier and Minister of the Interior, Mohammad bin Nayaf bin Abdulaziz for excellent intelligence performance. The medal was presented to the Crown Prince by CIA Director Mike Pompeo in recognition of his “…excellent intelligence performance, in the domain of counter-terrorism and his unbound contribution to realize world security and peace.”

      1. Flan –

        By singning up and using that service the owners will know and have a catalog of who is using which links…. and might even report the ‘undesired’ links to be deleted.

        The powers and Google… KNOW we like conveniences… and use them as traps, and nets.

    2. Interesting articles, and an interesting comment: “MBS the initials used for the newly appointed leader or Saudi Arabia sounds closely related to the third Antichrist Mabus of Nostradamus fame.” Recall Les Visible’s dictum “It doesn’t matter if we believe it, they believe it.” Strange times…

  7. America is under Zionist control and this was proven by the coverup of the attack on the USS LIBERTY and Israels attack on the WTC on 911 , and so the Zionists will force the U.S. to attack Iran and this will bring in Russia and China on the side of Iran and this will be WWIII in spades,

    Trump is owned by the Zionists and Jared Kushner is in the mossad.

  8. The Saker makes some excellent points in this article, particularly about the ineffectiveness of Saudi and Israeli troops, which function adequately against unarmed, civilian populations, but don’t do so well against armed, experienced adversaries. As noted by the Saker, the solution to that problem lies in persuading or prodding the US, and a coalition of Zionist controlled governments, to expend yet more of the blood and treasure of the goyim for the cause of Eretz Israel.

    The push for yet more war in the Middle East is obvious; the Western MSM is full of vilifications of “our” enemies: Russia, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah – Lebanon. US / Israel proxy forces – ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Kurds – have been neutralized in Syria, and pushed out of Iraq. The USG had to make arrangements for thousands of ISIS / al-Qaeda fighters to be evacuated to safe spaces in Jordan, where they – most of them unwittingly – await orders for the next round of Jihad for Greater Israel. However, ISIS and al-Qaeda – absent air support from US, EU or Israel – have proven to be almost as ineffective as Saudi and Israeli troops against armed, experienced and determined opposition. Kurdish forces are more effective, but they, too, lack an air force, and funds for sustained warfare. Israeli plans for balkanized, easily dominated Middle Eastern nations – drawn up by Oded Yinon and the Neocons of PNAC – are at a standstill without substantial reinforcements.

    To that end, Israel is getting its Zionist Christian “warriors” pumped for war. In April, 2017 an Israeli pundit penned an article titled “The God of Israel is also a God of War” that concludes:

    As thieves and occupiers of someone else’s inheritance, the so called Palestinians rightfully fear the process of history unfolding in our days. Their Islamic lies, their claim of God’s rejection of the Jewish people, are regularly being proven false. The Korban Pesach (Passover lamb), I might add, represents complete faith in the God of Israel and his redemptive process and total rejection of any fear of the gentile.… The same is true today of the current redemptive process taking place. The Arabs, the Muslims, the UN, no one can stop it. Rewriting history, lies, terror, war or threats of war will not stop the forward march of the Jewish people toward their destiny.

    A more recent article blames all conflict in the Middle East on Iran.

    Iran is establishing bases in Syria, but according to some sources, their preparations to engage Israel are motivated far more by Messianic aspirations than military or political ones. Iran has frequently stated its desire to destroy Israel, claiming the Jewish state as the focus of its nuclear and long-range missile program. Iran has also funneled millions of dollars into proxy enemies of Israel, like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    Left unstated is the fact that both Judaism and Christianity also have “Messianic aspirations”, and both Jews and Zionist Christians, for different reasons and in different ways, are actively working to bring about “The End of Days”.

    The articles quoted above appeared in English on websites with large numbers of Zionist Christian readers, the “useful idiots” who may soon be fighting alongside ISIS / al-Qaeda forces to make the Middle East safe for Greater Israel. The site “Breaking Israel News – Latest News Biblical Perspective” is just one of the Jewish owned / managed sites with content written by Jews but directed at Zionist Christian audiences. The site’s administrators invite comments from readers, but remind them:

    Since we are an Orthodox Jewish site,…
    • Comments must be respectful and non-offensive. (to Jews)
    • Comments must not proselytize in any way. (for Christianity)
    • Comments should stay focused on the Hebrew Bible and not refer to (spitting) Christian Scripture.

    Or, put another way, a reminder that “God blesses those who bless Israel, and curses those who curse Israel”.

    Politicians in Washington, D.C., and in US state and local governments know their jobs depend on the 75 million or so Zionist Christian voters who are fanatically pro-Israel. More than a few of those politicians claim to be Zionist Christians themselves, and there are tens of millions more Zionist Christians around the world. When Bibi Netanyahu met with Evangelical (Zionist) Christians in Nairobi, Kenya, he was greeted with “the sound of shofars.” He told the assembled saps crowd

    “We have no better friends than Christians who support and love Israel” He invited the crowd to come to Israel, the land of the Bible. “Those of you who have come, come again. Those of you who haven’t come, come for the first time – visit Jerusalem, visit Nazareth. You can come and see that. You can see all the places of the Bible.”

    Later, Netanyahu remarked “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”

    Why does Israel need “useful idiots”? Israel needs fresh water. They need fresh water for the fountains and swimming pools in the settlements on occupied Palestinian land. They need fresh water for the fountains and swimming pools in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and other Israeli towns. They even need fresh water for drinking, cooking, growing crops, and occasionally, bathing. Some of that fresh water can be – has been – stolen from aquifers on occupied Palestinian land, but 25% of Israel’s water, some say almost 50%, comes from desalination facilities on the Mediterranean. That source of fresh water might easily be disrupted by war or genuine terrorists. The desalination facilities could also be compromised if Israel’s plans to exploit the Leviathan oil-gas fields result in oil spills that pollute the Israel – Lebanon coastline. But Lebanon has fresh water, and some of it flows out to sea in the Litani River, a source of fresh water long coveted by Israel. Conveniently for Israel, the land the river runs through is part of Eretz Israel, the ancient, “God-given” land grant that Zionist Christians are sworn to uphold, or be cursed by God.

    The Saker is absolutely correct that there will be more war in the Middle East. There will be more war because, as pro-Israel pundits are quick to point out for Zionist Christians, “God wills it”. More to the point, Israel’s leaders, and a lot of others, including international bankers and the MICC, demand it, and soon.

    1. The multidimensional process of dumbing down and numbing “Amuricans” has fashioned a very dull double-edged sword. Hard to whip up a revolution, for sure! Hard to whip up sentiment for new wars, too!! I predict no one will care enough in this geographical containment of humans to take action at all.

      1. A.D.,
        Its football season. The American equivalent of war. Dont expect the American dumbmasses to move from the sofa. Yawn…..David Chu, living down in Sur-America, understands what Im saying, even though he doesnt post anymore. Saludos David! I know your reading!


    Is Israel trying to get ‘Merica into WW3? Does a bear shit in the woods? In fact the Israeli critter has been shitting all over Amerika and getting her into war after war without any resistance from the religious or political leaders. So far Israel hasn’t used force, she has used trickery, like 911. The Jews succeeded with 911 but not with the USS Liberty incident.

    So will Israel try to get America to bomb Iran? Yes, of course. They tried with Bush and Cheney – remember the stolen nuke laden B-52 from Minot that ditched into Barksdale? Wiki: “On August 29, 2007, six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles, each loaded with a W80-1 variable yield nuclear warhead, were mistakenly loaded onto a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H heavy bomber at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and transported to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.”

    They tried with Obama but that also failed, Obama did not launch on Iran, because the whore Amerika didn’t want to commit suicide that day. This willful disobedience to the chosen ones led the editor of the Atlanta Jewish Times to call for Obama’s assassination.

    When the selected resident of the White House didn’t do as told they simply kill it and replace it with a better whore. That is exactly the problem Trump has with Pence, Pence is a true believer in Zion and is anxious to get WW3 started, and if Trump doesn’t perform he will be fired/impeached/executed and replaced with a better whore – the evangelical Vice President waiting in the wings.

    The problem Israel has now is that there has been some resistance building up from the spineless mouse Amerika, the timid pre-selected hirlings (that we mistakenly call elected representatives) are whimpering about all these wars and cost and no longer want or will go to war for Greater Israel. It’s all lip service now, a few bombing raids here and there to keep Netanyahu happy, but there is no spine in America for war with Iran. We won’t do it because we won’t commit suicide.

    So what is poor ‘ole Israel to do if her beat up whore ‘Merica won’t fight no more? (Imagine crocodile tears streaming from Satanyahu’s wretched face). More and more people are waking up to Jewish treachery, why even our traitorous general staff are saying they won’t follow illegal orders no more. What has the world come to – generals not following illegal orders, politicians not kowtowing to Israeli demands? Why it’s a full scale revolt by the mouse.

    Well, have no fears that Jewry has come up with the next devious plan and are manipulating Saudi puppets into attacking Lebanon, which was placed on full military alert yesterday. They will get Amerika to arm the Saudis, who will drop the bombs on those Iranian backed Lebanese Hezbollah militias, which will trigger a response by Iran, which will shoot missiles into the chosen land, and then Amerika will be forced to respond. Something like that. Should we play along and be led by the nose into another war?

    What should we do if we want our balls back? Simple. Nuke the mother f-ckers – turn the Dome of the Rock into the Crater of Glass, then after the smoke clears, build a wall and heave the rest of Heebs into the hole and give them all kinds of hand weapons and let them fight it out to the last on live TV. The problem of Jewish manipulation is quite simple – program missiles for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and then turn push some buttons and turn the frickin’ launch key!

    Nuke Jerusalem? What? How can you say that? that is the holy city of god! I challenge that idea, Jerusalem has had more wars and more blood spilt than any other town. It isn’t holy, it is the center of religious power of the three Abrahamic religions and making it disappear ends the spell on human consciousness and frees us forever from 2,000 years of Jewish mind control. Nuking Jersusalem would be Job 1. if we were sane. But we are not, we are going to war and war and war and we will never figure out how to get out of this mess because we love war and Jews and Israel and the Holy Bible. LOL

    1. The bible is a book of Jewish Fairy Tales, and is no more relevant to us than Greek Mythology.

    2. John Kirby: “The bible is a book of Jewish Fairy Tales, and is no more relevant to us than Greek Mythology.”

      Not quite. But you’re on the right track with the Greek bit.

      The puzzling question for me is why the New Testament, and, in particular, the Gospels of Luke, John, Mathew and Mark were first written in Greek instead of Hebrew or Aramaic? In short, why were they written in the official and imperial language of the Romans?

      In his seminal 2006 book, Caesar’s Messiah, independent Bible scholar Joseph Atwill claims that the New Testament Gospels were written as wartime propaganda by the Flavian emperors: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. In modern Intelligence Agency parlance it would be called a PSYOP — not unlike the Scofield Bible was written or rather re-written by the Rothschilds in the last century to create pro-Israel, pro-nukes, and pro-Armageddon Zionist zealots in America.

      But in the reign of the Flavian Caesars (69 AD and 96 AD), it was written as a PSYOP — if not as a sendup of Jewish messianic fairy tales (Atwill also implies this) — to pacify the rebellious Jews and make them accept Roman rule and to, well, first pay their taxes before they pray to their god.

      Hence we find in Matthew 22:21 this curious bit of advice from Jesus to his followers: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” as in”Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

      From Wkipedia describing Atwill’s book:

      Typological representation of the Emperor Titus in the Gospels

      Old Testament stories are often found to be echoed in the New Testament, in a relationship in which the Old Testament model is called the ‘Type’ and the New Testament reprise is called the ‘Antetype’. The study of these ‘Types’ and ‘Antetypes’ is called Typology. Atwill claims that similar typological relationships knit together the Gospels and the works of Flavius Josephus.[23][24][25]

      Atwill notes that according to the Preterist school of biblical interpretation, the prophecies of Jesus and Daniel were fulfilled by the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. He suggests that this is evidence that the Gospels (including the prophecies of the coming of the Son of Man) were actually written after the Jewish war, and that the Gospels can then be interpreted ironically as predicting that Titus is the anticipated ‘Son of Man’. However, as Atwill admits, his analysis (as well as the Preterist analysis) disagrees with mainline Christian interpretations of the Biblical prophecy of the Second Coming.[26]

      Furthermore, he argues that Jesus’ mission foreshadows the military campaign of Titus in Judea. According to Atwill, this indicates that the Gospel authors wanted to signal that the character Jesus Christ, as the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies of Hebrew scripture, was a representation of Titus Flavius.[27]

      The Jewish Zealots and Sicarii were also expecting a Messiah, but they expected that their hero would defeat the Romans. Instead, as depicted in the Gospels, Jesus was highly critical of the Jewish priesthood, and the Jews were blamed for killing this Messiah, according to the Gospel texts. Furthermore, Atwill says that Josephus’ narrative in The Jewish War, is built around the idea that Daniel’s prophecy was fulfilled by Titus’ conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple. Atwill sees this as an ironic juxtaposition of events, as Titus Flavius (as the prophesied Second Coming of the Gospels’ anti-semitic Jesus) destroyed the Temple and conquered Jerusalem, and turned it over to the Romans.[28]

      The mythicist Biblical scholar Robert M. Price said that Atwill’s view that Titus’s conquest was the fulfillment of Jesus’ prediction of the fall of Jerusalem, was “one of Atwill’s most attractive suggestions.” He agreed that the Gospels were based on Josephus, but said that the ‘Son of Man’ referred to mankind in general.[29]

      1. Correction:

        Re: my above paragraph concerning Matthew 22:21, it should read:

        Hence we find in Matthew 22:21 this curious bit of advice from Jesus to his followers: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” as in “Render to Caesar [your shekels and taxes] that are Caesar’s; and to God [your love and prayers] that are God’s.”

      2. @JFC

        “…The puzzling question for me is why the New Testament, and, in particular, the Gospels of Luke, John, Mathew and Mark were first written in Greek instead of Hebrew or Aramaic? In short, why were they written in the official and imperial language of the Romans..?”

        The NT was written when Christianity was already an international movement in the eastern Mediterranean and in that part of the world Greek (or rather its current form of Koine) was the lingua franca. Even the Jews outside Palestine would have spoken Greek in stead of Aramaic (let alone the then already dead language of Hebrew). Already in the 3rd century BC the Jews of Alexandria couldn’t read Hebrew anymore and for them the OT was translated in Greek. That is the famous Septuagint. A New Testament in Aramaic or Hebrew as sacred scripture would have been useless for a religious movement that was rapidly expanding outside Palestine, mainly among non-Jews.

        If the figure of Jesus was constructed as a Roman propaganda-myth and Titus as his “second coming”, then it is very odd for a Roman to have concocted a story in which Jesus was crucified. Crucifixion was considered by Romans as a humiliating punishment for heavy criminals. Besides, a Roman would have never invented the unlikely story of a census for which people had to travel to the town of their ancestors, as told in Luke 2 : 1-3. That story was typically invented by Jews who wanted to depict Jesus as the promised Jewish Messiah, descendant of David, who was himself born in Bethlehem.

      3. Mr. Ryckaert,

        I can’t specifically address all your points right now and will need more time to answer them properly. But in the meantime, here’s the big picture:

        The Jews generally reject the New Testament and in particular regard Matthew 27:24–25 as blood libel. There is even an article at Wikipedia dedicated to this highly “antisemitic” passage from the Gospel of Mathew.

        The blood curse refers to a New Testament passage from the Gospel of Matthew, which describes events taking place in Pilate’s court before the crucifixion of Jesus and specifically the apparent willingness of the crowd to accept liability for Jesus’ death.[1]

        Matthew 27:24–25 reads:

        When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. ‘I am innocent of this man’s blood,’ he said. ‘It is your responsibility!’ All the people answered, ‘His blood is on us and on our children!’ (Greek: Τὸ αἷμα αὐτοῦ ἐφ’ ἡμᾶς καὶ ἐπὶ τὰ τέκνα ἡμῶν)

        This passage has no counterpart in the other Gospels and is probably related to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE.[2] Theologian Ulrich Luz describes it as “redactional fiction” invented by the author of the Matthew Gospel.[3] Some writers[who?], viewing it as part of Matthew’s anti-Jewish polemic, see in it the seeds of later Christian antisemitism.[4] St. John Chrysostom wrote of this incident:

        “Observe here the infatuation of the Jews; their headlong haste, and destructive passions will not let them see what they ought to see, and they curse themselves, saying, “His blood be upon us,” and even entail the curse upon their children. Yet a merciful God did not ratify this sentence, but accepted such of them and of their children as repented; for Paul was of them, and many thousands of those who in Jerusalem believed”.[5] — Wikipedia

        There was an article at Darkmoon about 3 or 4 weeks ago in which it was reported that one of the mainline Jewish advocacy groups wanted this passage taken out of the New Testament and condemned it as being responsible for “antisemitism” over the last millennium!

        For the moment, I will add that in light of Joseph Atwill’s thesis, the other highly “antisemitic” passages in the Gospel now make perfect sense to me. I am referring to John 8:44.

        Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. — John 8:44

        In retrospect, much of my own “antisemitism” at Darkmoon comes from the Gospel, as my personal experience with Jews in real life, albeit far and few in-between, were in fact positive. I had a Jewish lady friend in Hong Kong with whom I was close enough that she invited me to her engagement party — to a goy, no less!

        These antisemitic passages seem to me much more inexplicable than the passages you quoted in your argument against Atwill’s thesis. Your argument that the Gospels were written by real Jews seems more and more tenuous with each passing day and insight into the history of the Flavian Caesars.

        Mr Ryckaert, if you are really interested in this topic or wish to debunk Atwill convincingly, I suggest you watch this 30-minute video by Atwill himself explaining his thesis and his “Flavian Signature” in the New Testament:

        or click this embedded link if the above link is (((defective)))

        Lastly, what better way to mock Jewish messianic fairy tales than to have their much anticipated warrior/savior Jesus Christ — in Judaism, “messiah” is a title for a savior and liberator of the Jewish people — crucified? You are correct in saying that crucifixion was the ultimate Roman insult and punishment reserved for low-down “heavy criminals”.

        At the risk of opening up sore wounds, I suspect Lasha Darkmoon of being the descendant of an aristocratic Roman family whose wicked sense of irony and humor is matched only by the Flavian Caesars. I am referring to the recent kerfuffle caused by her dark and ironic suggestion that Jesus Christ was a psychopath in her article
        Is Trump a Psychopath? 🙁 🙂

      4. Take a look at this map. Find the two Bethlehems. Jesus was ostensibly a Galilean, so ask yourself which birth place is more likely. Note, “Nazareth” does not exist on this OT map. Outside the Gospels, the village of Nazareth is not mentioned until after the death of Jesus. So what actually transpired? The Essene sect known has the “Nazoreans” built a monastery close to Bethlehem that later became the site of the village.

        Now take a look at this map. Find Nazareth, note its location in relation to the Bethlehem on the OT map, a place that no longer exists on this NT map.

        This is why the census story was invented. To explain why Mary and Joseph were in the Southern Bethlehem located close to Jerusalem. If you look at the road system you will see the obvious route that would have been taken by those traveling form the North to the South. The is all the more obvious for a pregnant woman. The Via Maris was a flat, coastal Roman trade route guarded by soldiers. The other routes were through mountainous regions and beset by bandits and wild animals.

        The reason for the NT being written in Greek was due to a strongly Hellenized Jewish faction. Elite, powerful Jews have long sided with those they feel will provide the best advantage for personal gain. When they feel there is no longer any gain, or worse, that they are being corrupted by an external cultural influence, then they attack. Hellenized, urban Jews went to the point of copying the Greek gymnasium. Since the games were performed in the nude, it was said Jews went to the trouble of hiding their circumcision. How they did this remains unknown.

        To consolidate his empire and strengthen his hold on the region, Antiochus had sided with the Hellenized faction of Jews. He outlawed Jewish religious rituals such as the Sabbath and circumcision. Worse, he defiled the HaMikdash by opening the shrine to non-Jews and erecting an altar to the Greek god Zeus. Ordering the worship of the Greek god opened the Mikdash to sacrificing pigs, a true horror to traditions kept by observant Jews. The new order was blasphemous anathema to Jews. When they refused to comply, Antiochus sent an army to enforce his decree. Because of their resistance, Jerusalem was destroyed. This account is again described in Second Maccabees.

        Antiochus however, was merely another supporting actor in the grand, historical play of the Jews. The Maccabean Revolt was the beginning of the civil war between orthodox and reformist parties forming the main factions of Jewish religion. The revolt of the Maccabees, or “hammers” in Hebrew, was a break between traditionalist Jews in the country and urban, Hellenized Jews in Jerusalem. Traditionalist Jews, with Hebrew/Aramaic names like “Onias”, contested the Jewish Hellenizers sporting Greek names like “Jason” and “Menelaus” over who would ascend as the “Kohein Gadol” or High Priest of the Jews. Of course, it would be far too simplistic to ignore both the social and economic motives that lay behind the religious fervor fueling this civil war. More than religion, ultimately a nation’s wealth and power was at stake – and it was winner take all.

        War between the two dominate factions escalated when the Hellenistic kingdom of Syria sided with Hellenizing Jews. It was during this escalation that Antiochus sided with the Hellenizers by prohibiting the religious practices upheld by the traditionalists. Banning traditional religion of a whole people was a radical departure from traditional Seleucid practice, but among these warring Jews, it was imperative if order was to be restored. Unlike their traditional country cousins, the cosmopolitan, Hellenistic Jews were rapidly assimilating into Greek culture. It was only natural for Antiochus to support the friendlier of the two factions.

        Though many Jews had been seduced by the virtues of Hellenism, persecution by Antiochus had temporarily united the two factions in a common front. When a Greek official tried to force the priest Mattathias to sacrifice to a pagan god, the Jews murdered the Greek. Predictably, Antiochus began harsh reprisals, but in 167 B.C., the Jews rose up behind Mattathias and his five sons to fight for liberation. This family, commonly known as Hasmoneans, soon became known as the Maccabees. Antiochus, underestimating the resolve of his adversaries, sent only a small force to put down the rebellion. When his troops were annihilated, he led a more powerful army into the battle only to be defeated.

        After the death of Antiochus in 164 B.C., Jerusalem was recaptured by the Maccabees and the Mikdash was purified. This triumph is celebrated with the observance of “Chanukah”. Perhaps the most gruesome legend associated with this Jewish holiday is that of a mother and her seven sons. No one knows her actual name, as it was never provided by the authors of the Maccabean book, but the name assigned by popular Jewish culture is “Hannah”.

        The story is told that a woman named Hannah had seven sons who refused to eat the pork sacrifice as ordered by Antiochus. Hannah’s eldest son spoke up for the others, telling Antiochus that he would die rather than violate God’s law. These words angered Antiochus who then ordered all the pans and cauldrons be brought out and put on the fires. The story alleges that as the cookware was heating, the king ordered his men to cut out the boy’s tongue and to amputate his hands and feet. His mother and brothers looked on in horror as the boy was mutilated. The king then ordered the boy to be fried alive. Hannah and her sons knew refusal meant death, but were willing to suffer and die for their piety. Each, in turn, proclaimed that while the king might deprive them of their life, in the afterlife they would be raised up by the King of the world, and that they were willing to die for the laws of that King.

        After watching six of her sons suffer torture and death, the mother was given the opportunity to persuade her youngest to eat the pork or perish like his brothers. According to legend, Hannah told her youngest to follow the example of the others, for it was better to die, than to break the Torah’s strict, dietary commandment to avoid non-kosher meat. Hannah then kissed her youngest son and whispered, “When you die and see the great patriarch Abraham, tell him not to feel too proud he built an altar for the sacrifice of his only son, because I have sacrificed seven sons! While Abraham’s sacrifice was God’s test, my test was real.” In the end, not only were her seven sons martyred, she too suffered the same fate. The message to pious Jews was clear – meat was an issue to die for. – The Conspiracy of Man

        The story is there, but it has been grossly manipulated by Christians to serve their own ends for power and wealth.

      5. @J4C,

        It was not Lasha Darkmoon, but Dr. Dutton, who suggested Jesus exhibited certain traits of a psychopath: “Dr Dutton’s chart below, allotting points for “psychopathic traits” to various historical figures.” – followed by a table that listed the name Jesus. I could, somewhat facetiously, point out that “Jesus” might be Dr. Dutton’s South American gardener. 😉 We don’t really know to whom Dr. Dutton might have been referring, although it is, of course, very likely he meant Jesus Christ. More seriously, Dr. Darkmoon did NOT make the claim – or suggest – that Jesus was a psychopath.

        It’s not at all surprising that certain Jewish people want to excise portions of the NT unfavorable to Jews. The same people have attempted to erase Jewish Bolsheviks from involvement in the slaughter of Russians and Ukrainians, and deny that Jews had a primary role in supporting and sustaining the US slave trade. They won’t even admit to their attempt to sink the USS Liberty, and maintain it was an “accident” that went on for several hours. 😂 In twenty years, if certain Jews achieve their goals, ownership or possession of a copy of the NT will be punishable by death – perhaps by crucifixion.

        1. @ Carnaptious

          More seriously, Dr. Darkmoon did NOT make the claim – or suggest – that Jesus was a psychopath.

          Correct. LD would never do that. She loves Jesus Christ and holds him in the highest reverence.

      6. @JFC

        Joseph Atwill’s thesis is debunked in : A Critique of Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”, on Evidence Unseen (one page only).

      7. Joseph Atwill, a Jew if I ever saw one, although the internet seems to have scrubbed much of his biographical data, in itself a suspicious sign.
        Metapedia on Atwill: Atwill is very pro-Israel.

        According to fans of Joseph Atwill,
        his book ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ delivers the death blow to Christianity.

        This book belongs to the ‘Jesus-did-not-exist’ genre popular with atheists. According to this author, Jesus of Nazareth is a fictional character who was invented subsequent to the Jewish War, in an effort to substitute a pacific religion for Jewish Zealotry. Let there be no mistake: our author means to uncover great wickedness, committed by malefactors of great wealth; indeed, it is not going too far to imply it was the devil who authored the New Testament. The most evil thing of all is to love one’s enemy: “My analysis suggests that what has been seen as most original about Jesus— his instruction to love one’s enemy— was the aspect of his ministry that was most evil.” (Joseph Atwill, Caesar’s Messiah, Kindle location 6435).

        Right, so according to Atwill, Devil himself authored New Testament.
        Nothing to say about Torah, so i guess he gives it the clean bill of health.

        Nice indeed.

        Every single day, this thought is strengthened by additional observation (kind of riffing on Baudelaire):
        Jew’s greatest success is to have rewired America’s brain to attack every single enemy of Jew … incredibly, the biggest attackers of Jew’s enemies are those who declare themselves anti-jewish.

  10. Lebanon’s saad Hariri is back in Beirut, back in his presidential role, and no longer even mentioning Hezbollah , IRAN by name in his speeches, another Zionist plot gone wrong.
    All true American patriots should support the RESISTANCE in it’s plans to remove Zionism, let IRAN destroy Zionism, before Zionism destroys America.

  11. “to your descendants i give this land, from the river of egypt to the great river, the euphrates”

    I cant come up with a good answer to this verse from the old testament when encountered with christians, (Yes! christians) that repeat this line over and over when involved in a discussion in regards to my homeland, Palestine.
    “The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ.”
    oh, ok, is the previous line saying CHRISTIANS get palestine? if so, then this is good news because unlike many christians in the west SEEM TO THINK, christians in Palestine consider themselves Arab and therefore Palestinian, NOT JEWS.
    i wouldnt mind if the likes of Hanan ashrawi or dr eduard said (rip) run Palestinian affairs because many christian Palestinian are less corrupt than many muslim palestinians. its the truth.
    “Jew run wikipedia admits that
    “In the Book of Joshua, Canaanites are included in a list of nations to exterminate, and later described as a group which the Israelites had annihilated.”
    Jew run/probably owned/ wikipedia also says:
    Palestinian Christians (Arabic: مسيحيون فلسطينيون‎) are Christian citizens of the State of Palestine.”
    oh God! how dare they type the words “Palestine and state” in one single phrase when even Jews got a name for us stated by Jew run Wikipedia when they call us in Hebrew: פָלַסְטִינִים‎!
    something is terribly wrong with wikipedia: ass hole of the century Christian American Newt Gingrich will be probably suing Jew run wikipedia for contradicting him because the man asserts that “palestinians are an invented people”..
    here are some more palestinian christians:

    Ashraf Barhom – Christian actor from Tarshiha, .
    Edward Said – Palestinian literary theorist, cultural critic, political activist
    Rosemarie Said Zahlan – historian and writer
    George Antonius – founder of modern Arab nationalist history
    Khalil Beidas – scholar, educator, translator and novelist
    Khalil al-Sakakini – educator, scholar, poet, and Arab nationalist ..
    Tawfiq Canaan – physician, researcher of Palestinian popular heritage
    May Ziade –
    Anton Shammas – writer and translator
    Elia Suleiman – Palestinian film maker and actor
    Hanna Musleh – Palestinian film maker and university professor
    Raja Shehadeh – Chris Bandak Sirhan Sirhan – Wadie Haddad –George Habash –
    Jew run wikipedia also says that “Palestinian Christians and Muslims constituted 90% of the population of Palestine on the eve of the third wave of Jewish immigration under the post-WW1 British Mandatory Authority,”
    they took the land killed people destroyed over 500 towns and erected this fake country.
    and finally jew run wikipedia (may God bless them) says:
    “The Greek toponym Palaistínē (Παλαιστίνη), with which the Arabic Filastin (فلسطين) is cognate, first occurs in the work of the 5th century BCE Greek historian Herodotus, where it denotes generally[65] the coastal land from Phoenicia down to Egypt. Herodotus also employs the term as an ethnonym, as when he speaks of the ‘Syrians of Palestine’ or ‘Palestinian-Syrians’, an ethnically amorphous group he distinguishes from the Phoenicians.
    Most christians in the west love fake israel more than jews do. The jews who (check above what wikipedia says) admit they are wrong.
    what a world

  12. America = Israel, and Israel = America.

    America is the Jewish state in the world today, you must digest this. The Jews will do what they want with America, and not one redneck, negro, or spic will ever rise against them. They are too busy scrambling over each other.

    Game, set, match.

  13. The Saker writes convincingly that the US military still has plenty of patriots of high rank who “see straight through these Zionist smokescreens and whose loyalty is to the United States and NOT to the nasty little Zionist entity in Palestine.” This is backed up by the fact that the military is having so much trouble getting qualified millennials to enlist (most can’t pass the physical); and in keeping specialists, especially pilots, from leaving the military.

    The most worrisome for a potential Zionist Trump War is that he will not have enough pilots to drop bombs, (and, no, I don’t think that Trump will just Nuke Teheran). An article in “Business Insider” entitled “If the Air Force can’t Stop Losing Pilots it may Force them to Stay,” (4-11-17) addresses this. The common name for this policy is Stop-Loss, which amounts to a back door draft. All branches are short on pilots, but the article states that it is worst in the USAF where they were short 1,211 pilots. It is so bad that one idea floated is to pay them up to $500,000 to stay in uniform.

    One hopes that, regardless of the riches offered, pilots would rather have a semi-clear conscience than suffer a lifetime of PTSD over killing tens of thousands of innocent Iranian civilians. In addition, Mattis, Tillerson, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Dunford all went public with their objections to Trump decertifying the Obama-Kerry Iran agreement, which is somewhat unprecedented. So, if push came to shove, would the top brass meekly salute an irrational Commander-in-Chief and carry out a self-destructive bombing order for Greater Israel, or would they do their duty to country and say NO? On top of that, how many pilots (I’ve also read they are short Drone Pilots) will be left to engage in 24/7 bombing sorties? Remember the saying from the Vietnam Era – Suppose they gave a War and Nobody Came? When Trump had the chance he didn’t go.

    1. Carn –

      Those companies in Russia are US companies..

      The stocks of those companies will go up “BIGGLY” with increased profits from from using cheap labor there.. 🙂

      1. Pat, the administrative headquarters of those companies [actually corporations] are in the US, and even that pattern is changing. Among their owners and shareholders of various nationalities, there are also white Russian oligarchs. I can’t repeat enough: only coordinated efforts can remove the head of the trans-national hydra!

      2. Snez –

        You wrote:
        “Pat, the administrative headquarters of those companies [actually corporations] are in the US..”

        That is correct…. which is why I wrote:

        “The stocks of those companies will go up “BIGGLY” with increased profits from from using cheap labor there..”

        I did not go into great detail. I assumed – imagined – guessed – all would know I meant NYSE… MORE than the Russia’s piddly Moscow stock exchange, which is not even one fourth the volume of NASDAQ.

        MICEX is “BIGGLY” PUNY..!! And ‘Put-On’ knows it..!! 🙂

      3. They all, Poetin included, know that those companies were built on the murdered Russian royals’ wealth. Before that, the biggest company had been the Dutch West/East India company [drugs and tea], which couldn’t come close to the wealth of the Russian royals. Very few Russians know this.

      4. Carn, a lot has been shoved down the Memory Hole or completely fabricated because the chosenoids decide what is taught at school.

      1. Carn –

        Sure. The same ‘cookie-cutter’ template – routine – will be used. IF NEEDED…

        It is well known the Bush-Thyssen-Rockefeller’s holdings and IG Farben and other profit centers were never touched by bombs.!!

        NO NUKES NEEDED.. or WANTED..!! 🙂

        “Bush – Nazi Link Confirmed” by John Buchanan

        New Hampshire Gazette, Oct. 10, 2003

        “WASHINGTON – After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his ‘enemy national’ partners.

        “The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and FBI, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law.

        “Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush’s maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial baron for nearly eight months after the U.S. entered the war… ”

      2. Prescott Bush… A lot has been written about him, much of it not to PB’s credit, but the establishment just lervs him. He was a Skull and Boner at Yale, one of the worthless young scum that dug up Geronimo so Geronimo’s skull could be used to decorate “The Tomb”. A fact filled article for those wanting to know more can be found here:
        A full recounting of Bush cabal crimes and cover-ups would fill several volumes.

        The Bush story is such a fascinating history of capitalist corruption and power that it needs to be presented to a public that is consistently lied to, not only by the corporate media but by our so-called leaders. In Part Two, I’m going to give you the low-down on the Bush family’s involvement in the scams and dealings of the Reagan years, the Iran-Contra scandal and one of the biggest rip-offs in history, the savings and loan scandal, which cost the US taxpayer literally trillions of dollars. Yeah, you read right, trillions!

        Prescott Bush avoided prosecution for his crimes by, among other things, swearing that neither he nor his descendants would pursue careers in politics, particularly the position of US President.

        Prescott’s son, and US President, GHW Bush: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”

        And yet his son, George Wanker Bush, still got elected twice!

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public,” – H.L. Mencken

        Thanks for that link, Pat. Bookmarked it for later. 🙂

  14. If Israel does succeed in dragging the US into a war against Lebanon and/or Iran, it won’t be surprising to see the “White Patriarchy” in the USA get blamed if the war(s) go badly, as they almost certainly will.

    When Jews do terrible things or are associated with negative things, Jews and others don’t dare blame Jews, because Jews use their Jewishness as a shield (Anti-semitism is everywhere and it must be stopped.). As such, Jews and others routinely blame and demonize whites and white sins and pathologies for what are in fact Jewish sins and pathologies. Thus whites bear the social costs of wrongs committed by Jews or social ills associated with Jews, despite their being little overlap between Jews and whites in their behavioral norms, values or wealth patterns.

    Likewise, when actual white people do terrible things, Jews and others attack whites and whiteness. Jews do so because there is no cost in doing so. They don’t care about whites generally or identify as whites generally, and so when they attack whites it simply isn’t personal for them! To Jews, whites are the other. For Jews “white privilege” and “white fragility” and “racism” are the goyim’s problems, and could never be the problems of decent, noble Jews.

    A very recent example of this behavior came about as a result of “hate speech” targeting POC at the US Air Force Academy. Even though the “hate Speech” turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by a POC, the ADL “honored” Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, superintendent of the Air Force Academy, for denouncing white racists for scrawling antiblack slurs on the dorm door of a black student.

    The only problem with the ADL’s ceremony honoring Lt. Gen. Silveria’s “commitment, dedication, and leadership in the fight against hate” was that six days earlier the Air Force Academy had admitted that the graffiti had been a hoax perpetrated by an unnamed black student. In other words, the Air Force Academy incident had indeed been a racist hate crime, but, contra General Silveria, one perpetrated to spread fear and loathing against its white victims. The ADL, however, is not in the business of letting reality get in the way of business.


    Today, one of the things I’ll be giving thanks for is that I wasn’t born Jewish. 😉

      1. Snez, Carnaptious

        Thanks for those links. I didn’t think it got sicker than the “George J. Tenet” award, but the US Air Force and Newsweek are right up there.

      2. @Winston,

        It gets a lot sicker than that. The left / “progressives” are currently promoting pedophilia as an “alternative lifestyle”:

        Salon magazine, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed regularly feature anti-white articles that would be denounced as the most vile kind of hate speech if directed at anyone but white people – men, women, children, and infants.

        That is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. There is a LOT more where that came from.

      3. Not as sick as this:
        When I then addressed the following story with him-one, which involved an already married 62-year-old black African Zulu woman marrying a 9-year-old child, he told me that my” aversion to the union was down to white cultural bias and xenophobia”…and that, “hatred is behind my inability to understand the cultural implications of our criticism.” He added that my “ethnocentrism was behind” my fear of other cultures.

      4. Carnaptious, Snez,

        I was referring to the sickness that has previously appeared in the limited context of the comments of this piece, but you’re both not only right, you are timely. Thanks for the links.

    1. Israel’s physical position in the Near East makes it an obstacle to their own wish to destroy Iran. Any attempt by America or Israel to attack Iran would result in a massive bombardment with rockets, from Hezbollah and others. There would be Israeli retaliation but the damage to Israel would have been severe, and could bring the same kind of ruin that has been inflicted on Syria.

      So I am optimistic, in that I think Israel’s campaign to destroy its neighbors is coming to an end. Most of the world hates Israel and supports the Palestinians. Even the Israelis must realize that stealing a country will bring revenge.

  15. ” […] But their plan is, I think, much cruder: to trigger a serious conflict and then force the US to intervene. […]”

    I’m wondering if Orange Clown’s illegal, immoral and unconstitutional occupation forces in Syria might become the target of a false-flag attack (of course to be blamed on Iran or Hezbollah). The robust historical record proves that U.S. presidential puppet rulers have no problem sacrificing their own people for the sake of their masters’ Satanic agenda. If LBJ can do it, so can traitorous PNAC warmonger Orange Clown.

  16. NO, I don’t think Israel wants a world war because they know Israel would also be destroyed. BUt Israel is trying to destroy Europe by using Muslims and to destroy USA by using Mexico as a poison for killing USA.

    Mexico is ruled mainly by Jews and the Mexican Jews have total control of the US Congress. USA does what Mexico wants them to do. USA has given Mexican Jews billions of dollars every year but the money ends in pockets of Jews. Mexico is Israel 2.0 and it will cause the destruction of USA very soon.

    Most Mexican population, mestizos, don’t know much about this, but they hate USA the same way that Islam hates USA. USA politicians are very foolish and they think Mexico is a friend of USA, so they let millions of Mexican soldiers (“workers”) enter illegally. That is like drinking poison.

    To summarize, Mexico is the poison Israel uses to terminate the USA.

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