Is North Korea ‘begging for war’?

By Peter Symonds

Wiping out 25 million people—”total annihilation”—won’t be easy

Trump was asked on Sunday: “Will you attack North Korea?”
He refused to rule out pre-emptive military strikes,
simply declaring: “We’ll see.”

September 04, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The North Korean nuclear test yesterday, its sixth and most powerful, has once again exposed the extremely volatile and precarious state of global geopolitics and the great danger of a descent into a nuclear world war.

The unstable regime in Pyongyang has concluded that its only hope of self-preservation, in the face of provocative threats from an unstable Trump administration, is to try and expand its nuclear arsenal as quickly as possible. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is acutely conscious of the brutal end of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, after they abandoned their so-called weapons of mass destruction.

While the actions of North Korea are certainly compounding the risk of conflict, prime responsibility for pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war rests with US imperialism. Moreover, as the reckless and belligerent statements from Trump and his officials demonstrate, North Korea’s limited nuclear weaponry and reactionary nationalist bombast will not prevent the US from using its military might, including its huge nuclear arsenal, against the North Korean people.

After a meeting between Trump and his top military and national security advisers, US Defence Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis warned North Korea that it faced “a massive military response” to any threat to the US or its allies. “We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea,” Mattis continued, “but as I said, we have many options to do so.” President Trump “wanted to be briefed on each one of them,” he added.

Trump himself warned of a US nuclear attack against North Korea when he declared last month that it confronted “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” A White House readout from his phone call yesterday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe explicitly declared that the US stood ready to use “the full range of diplomatic, conventional and nuclear capabilities at our disposal.”

Trump was asked on Sunday: “Will you attack North Korea?” He refused to rule out pre-emptive military strikes, simply declaring: “We’ll see.”

The US president has repeatedly said that he would not signal a military attack in advance, compounding the uncertainty, and hence fears in Pyongyang. Furthermore, as the crisis on the Korean Peninsula has escalated, the divisions in the Trump administration have resulted in an incoherent policy, which swings wildly between threats of all-out war and suggestions of talks, further inflaming the already explosive situation.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s nuclear test, the White House, along with the American media, has turned its fire on China and Russia, underscoring the fact that the US confrontation with North Korea is bound up with far broader strategic aims. American strategists regard domination of the vast Eurasian land mass as the key to US global hegemony and China as the chief obstacle to that goal.

NBC presenters Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd on yesterday’s “Meet the Press,” repeatedly emphasised the accusation that China and Russia were providing “economic help” to North Korea. Republican Senator Roy Blunt added: “There’s some sense that they have been more helpful than they should have been and more sustaining to the economy than they should have been.”

Last month, both China and Russia voted for, and have begun implementing, crippling UN sanctions on North Korea that will slash its exports by one third. What is now being actively discussed in Washington is a total economic embargo—itself an act of war—and the cutting of trade with those who continue to conduct any with North Korea—above all China and Russia.

Trump, who is already preparing trade war measures against China over its alleged “theft” of intellectual property, tweeted yesterday: “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin confirmed on Fox News Sunday that he was preparing “a sanctions package to send to the president, for his strong consideration” to do just that.

The implications for the global economy are immense—a collapse of trade, plunging the world into economic depression, as in the 1930s. That such a possibility is being actively considered is a measure of the depth of the economic and geo-political tensions wracking the world. Moreover, the threat of all-out trade war between the world’s two largest economies is being accompanied by the preparations for all-out military conflict.

The Trump administration has accelerated the diplomatic, economic and military challenge to China begun by President Obama under his “pivot to Asia.” The massive US military build-up in North East Asia, including the installation of anti-ballistic missile systems and huge and highly provocative joint US-South Korean war games, is directed more at fighting a nuclear war with China than a conflict with the small, backward country of North Korea.

As well as ramping up the confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, the Trump administration has given the green light for more “freedom of navigation” operations in another of the region’s volatile flashpoints—the South China Sea. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that the US Pacific Command is preparing to sail warships and send military aircraft directly into waters and airspace claimed by China around its islets, two or three times in the next few months as part of a regular schedule.

In Europe, the US is escalating its confrontation with Russia by taking the first steps towards annulling the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with the former Soviet Union. As Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung warned, the danger is “that the US will construct new missiles and station them in Europe,” raising the terrifying spectre of a nuclear war in Europe between the two countries—the US and Russia—that both possess thousands of nuclear warheads.

The most dangerous factor in this highly volatile situation is the profound economic, social and political crisis of US imperialism—of which Trump is the most malignant expression.

His administration confronts deep internal divisions and a huge and mounting social crisis, which is generating massive domestic opposition, as a result of its incompetence and indifference to the human suffering caused by the Houston flooding.

The danger is that Trump will resort to a war against North Korea with incalculable consequences, as a means of directing acute domestic class tensions outwards against an external foe.


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36 thoughts to “Is North Korea ‘begging for war’?”

  1. I can guarantee that the whole NK issue is a storm in a teacup. Just typical of our Jewish controlled, msm super-hype. Mark my words in 5 years time. The Kid is having fun, knowing full-well that it is all a sham and that, as an anti-hero, he has reached celebrity status. He loves the attention. The stock market in armaments is booming; Jews are making $billions; and all attention is once again off Israel as it devastates neighbouring Arab nations in its quest for its Greater Israel, stretching from Egypt to the Euphrates River.

    Oh yeah, Abraham’s dad, Terah, started the Jewish journey from the city of Ur on the Euphrates, so Ur must be Jewish. Insanity, you bet! Terah was a Semitic Arab wanderer. When the Kid has gained rock star status he will journey to Hollywood to appear on such as the Ellen DeGeneres show. His mate, Dennis Rodman, will tour with his harem of LA prostitutes. All this hysterical hype about a kid with a few rockets, whilst Israel has the real thing and as Rabbi Manfred Davidmann said: “We will follow Torah directions and blow our planet to smithereens.”

    1. maxy, they are all having fun, why do people have such a hard time seeing through the thin smoke of “reverse kol nidre/hasbara”, keeping the jew off balance, while the secret war is fought beneath the surface, behemoth and leviathan warming up?

    2. Max speaks out of his arse and is slowly building up to show us what an arse he really is.

      Whilst most prefer to stay quiet, like well-behaved NKs listening to their controllers, the Truth be told, as many times as it is necessary, until one reaches the point of an epiphany.

      THEY are not following The Torah, but want the people to believe THEY are. Get it yet?

      “Since c. 600 BC, there has been a conspiracy by a few to conquer and destroy the many. The few are identified in the Bible as the Synagogue of Satan who falsely claim to be from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and who ghettoised themselves at Jerusalem under the Talmud. This would be the origin of the people we call ‘the Jews’. A small sect of people ruled with an iron hand of tyranny and fear by a minority of apostate / counterfeit Levitical priests who claimed (falsely) to speak for Yahweh, whose house on Earth was the Temple in Jerusalem and to be His Chosen people, when they are not, but are, in reality, His enemies, whom He hates (Malachi 1:1 – 2:11). Using this deception they have claimed that the Scriptures about Israel refer to them and that they should destroy anyone who will not accept their evil Talmud and lordship; as they did to Jesus.”

      1. @ New Song

        And my dear bitchy, nasty, so-called “Christian”, Newsong, who loves to talk about “counterfeit Jews” and all such dumb-arse crap, if the vile satanist Jews who rule our planet Earth are your fake Jews, then who are the real, true, lovely YHWH-fearing good Jews you contantly make inferences about? Please define your good Jews!

        Are you really talking about good Israelites that existed before the Talmud carrying, counterfeit, returnee “Jews” set up the vile 2nd temple in their Jerusalem? Are you one of these lervly, pre Jew Israelites who have stayed true to YHWH? Do you know any pre-Jew Jews-come-Israelites? Comprehendez vous?

        I guess the lervly pre-Jew Israelites and their lervly, peace loving, justice infused Yahweh didn’t really take Yahweh at his word and did not commit genocide on the various Semitic tribes that Yahweh wanted slaughtered. Deuteronomy, “leave none breathing”, etc.

        Methinks you are biblically ignorant and a real nasty Jewish piece of work, hiding behind a mock Christian facade. Do not bother to argue as I refuse to read your crapology.

      2. @ Max

        No-one here on Planet Earth is “good” except Christ Jesus Himself. Now with that said, I do believe you living your so-called “good-life” amongst the freakshow of debauchery has damaged you permanently. In my previous comment and the ones before it, I did not say the Israelites were good people, consistently obedient to God. What I did say, is that the counterfeit-jews (counterfeit because they are not Semites and have no connection to Biblical Israelites) are not following The Torah, but THEY want people to think they are.

    3. If someone could advise Jong-un to take a cue from Psy’s playbook who, being from Seoul, hit the top charts a few years ago maybe all would be well.

      Instead of playing around with volatile materials and showcasing boring, military garments as well as an eccentric haircut, Kim should do it gangnam style. Gangnam being a fancy and wealthy district in Seoul.

      Apparently, no one was really able to translate the lyrics, so Business Insider came to the rescue

      No sense in demonizing and fearing a rock star.

  2. The US anti-missile program is getting exposed as a fraud. The Pentagon has missile interceptors based in S. Korea, Japan, Alaska and in US Navy ships in that area, so why didn’t they track, then shoot down Kim’s missile?
    Could it be that all those tens and tens of billions (or maybe hundreds of billions) spent on anti-missile technology and weapons were a waste of money, ’cause the interceptor doesn’t work in real time?

    Sure, it’s not that difficult to shoot down a missile, if you know the speed, flight path and have a homing beacon on the target missile, but the real thing is a lot trickier.

    If Herr Trump wants to stop trading with nations trading with N. Korea, where will Wal Mart get all it’s cheaply made junk from?
    And what about all those cell phones made in China?

    I’ve also noticed that ISIS hasn’t snuck into N. Korea. Could it be China and Russia won’t put up with those thugs on their territory and if they did sneak in, Kim would feed them to the sharks and not give them aid, medical care, air cover, weapons and funds while screaming that its the Muslims fault?

    1. true that, greg, the missile shield is a sham, they couldn’t hit their own asses if they sat atop their patriot/aegis/phalanx missiles.

    2. Greg_

      You wrote:
      “The Pentagon has missile interceptors based in S. Korea, Japan, Alaska and in US Navy ships in that area, so why didn’t they track, then shoot down Kim’s missile?”

      Because they want Kim to shoot off as many ‘bottle-rockets’ as possible.

      Then US and China can build more for him to boost their own economies… keep people employed… while demanding “YUGE” increases in ‘defense'(sic) debt. WIN-WIN-WIN.

      Russia can continue to buy coal from Kim also, so Kim can buy $2 million worth of Hennessy Cognac from France.

      National Econ 101.

      1. JFC –

        Better be careful, Andy.. If you keep this narrative going, some here will tell you to get out more.. and ask yourself some questions…. !! 🙂

        I have maintained for over a decade that N Korea is a CIA run nation, and they are testing a ‘whole nation’ FEMA-type camp…. to see the minimum sustenance required to keep people working and somewhat loyal.

        ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ for a whole nation = ‘N Korean Syndrome’….

        But…. I need more experience and reading…. ya know…

        I’ll ask myself about that, and tell ya my findings…..!!

        I might find a nuke bottle rocket there… Or I might just inhale the ‘mushroom clouds’ as I find them 🙂

      2. Pat, did you find that “information” in Rothschilds’ Reuters and Wikipedia? You seem to trust such “sources of information” unquestionably, without checking it against your own experience.

      3. Snez –

        I carry my experience with me. Can’t seem to shake it… which is why my perspectives differ so much with the infamous fear-porn pundits.

        You are too concerned about my style. Many here are the same way… Don’t like what I write… so, they attack the sources…. then use them later..!! 🙂 I’m used to it. I don’t change.

        “I can’t please everyone so, I’ll just please myself.” Ricky Nelson made that song popular.. 🙂

        Just give me some facts.

        BTW – I have used hundreds of different sites as references here.

        I use the Kremlin site and Tass quite a bit. Then, I don’t guess… they state what I need… for me to use…. and cuts down arguments about MY bad sources.. It shuts up detractors.. 🙂


        ‘Put-On’ wants to mimic US..!!

        Putin urges new Marshall Plan for Middle East to see recovery and growth

        I read this one from Kremlin to see how badly Russians are suffering from cold and no jobs:

        Direct Line with Vladimir Putin

        The annual special Direct Line with Vladimir Putin was broadcast live by Channel One, Rossiya 1, Rossiya 24 and Russia Today TV channels, and Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Rossii radio stations.

        I have also used this Russian site to learn everyday stories, not so different from US:
        Sep 6, 2017… today… in Russia…

        A teenager opened fire in a school in Ivanteevka

        The incident injured four people. This was announced by the interior Ministry.

        Stick around… You’ll see.. People get really mad at me..!!

        Lotta fun, fun, fun…!!! 🙂

      4. Why would I be mad at you? Because I don’t trust MSM and check them carefully? Because I don’t always agree with you? Only indoctrinated and dogmatic people always agree – no thinking and experience matters. The same goes with egotist bullies; they expect you to always agree with them. I’ve been sincere – sorry, if you don’t like it.

      5. @ Pat

        Stick around… You’ll see.. People get really mad at me..!!

        Lotta fun, fun, fun…!!! 🙂

        You old devil! 🙂

        Who is getting “mad” at you? Who are your enemies on this site, huh? As far as I can see, you have no one gunning for you here. We are all used to your wicked ways.

        To Madame Butterfly, you are a source of infinite amusement,
        not of animosity.

        You must be crazy not to admire Putin who is so universally respected. It makes me laugh. Not cry! 🙂

      6. Cheer up, Snez! You’re relatively new to this site. Pat is a gadfly. (Likes stinging). You’ll get used to him. He likes winding people up. Getting him to change his mind about anything is totally impossible. He has all the answers already. A fount of universal wisdom! A walking encyclopaedia!

        Actually, his knowledge is quite impressive. He is a genuine savant. He is a combination of Voltaire and Genghiz Khan, willing to cut your head off if you don’t agree with him. 🙂

      7. Pat: “I have maintained for over a decade that N Korea is a CIA run nation, and they are testing a ‘whole nation’ FEMA-type camp…. to see the minimum sustenance required to keep people working and somewhat loyal.”

        Ditto for Amerika, which actually has a FEMA!

      8. MB –

        I never wrote that I had any enemies here… You wrote that… my cute winged guardian angel..!! 🙂

        I wrote…. that people get really mad at me… and they do.

        Hell…. I’ve had them call me a troll, a jew, a deceiver, an imposter, a jew, a liar, a mossad agent. a jew, an imbecile, a jew, mule-headed(correct), a jew, an old grouch(might be a fact there)… and several have even wanted me banned.
        TROJ even called me a jew… to boot.

        Sardonicus wrote more than once that I have taken more abuse than anyone he could remember over the years. He slapped me a few times also… then apologized.

        I do wind-em-up, though… MB…

        So… I’ll just ‘tippy-toe’ around as usual…. 🙂

        JFC –

        Yeah ‘US of FEMA’….. is about right. Wall will keep us in.
        Trump is having pictures taken of all people exiting..!! 🙂

        Border Patrol Launches Program To Scan The Face Of Every Person Leaving U.S.

  3. If one is to believe the objective of Zionists and Globalists for hundreds of years has been Global Government (GG), then making more money from arms sales is a secondary objective.

    I believe the Tribe might consider the time is ripe for the final push on the aforementioned objective. These are the relevant factors:

    1. The world financial Ponzi scheme cannot continue for much longer.
    2. Manipulation of the minds of the masses is now an effective and reliable science.
    3. CAGW has been a failure to initiate GG.

    How then to achieve GG?

    Simple. Create another “never again moment” as existed after WWII, birthing the European Union.

    A sufficiently horrific moment would certainly be use of nukes in Asia with Korea and Japan irradiated for the foreseeable future.

    The advantages of this scheme for Neocons is 1.They are situated well away from the damage. and 2.It does not risk a global nuclear war.

    Voila, New World Order on the back of we must have global government to “protect the people and the planet.”

    1. Other factors suggesting the iron fist of a Tribe GG must be manufactured soon are:
      4. AI and automation will create potentially billions of malcontents.
      5.Technological innovation holds the certain potential to liberate mankind from centralized government.
      (energy, water, food production)

  4. This the kind of rubbish that passes for “political analysis” in the west.
    What is the author’s real purpose in writing this?
    The purpose is to demonise Trump.
    Trump does not have his hands on one single lever of power in the US. He doesn’t even get a semi- accurate picture of what is going on from the security services who leak everything he says.
    I am no fan of Trump.
    If he had any self respect he would have denounced “the swamp” and resigned.
    But Symonds wants us to believe that Trump is responsible for all the bad things the US does. Can’t Trump see he is being played for a fool and a scapegoat?
    The real purpose of Symond’s article is to hide the existence of the Zionist military/ finance cabal which completely controls America.
    Not a word about that, though. instead it is Trump this and Trump that. (He mentions Trump eleven times in one short article, never mentions the US government, just “Trump”) – not even subtle.

    As for his comments on North Korea –

    .”The unstable regime in Pyongyang . . . small, backward country of North Korea.”

    Dream on Symonds –


    Read and weep.

    But of course where does he get his “information”?

    “NBC presenters Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd on yesterday’s . . .” CNN too maybe?

    “Last month, both China and Russia voted for, and have begun implementing, crippling UN sanctions ”

    No they most certainly have not. Yes Russia and China voted for sanctions ( and got kicked in the teeth with sanctions themselves for their mistake ) but they will never allow NK to starve or go down.

    Symonds wants people to think everybody is against North Korea including Russia/China
    China and NK have an active mutual defense treaty. China will not and has said so – allow the Satanists to attack the country.
    Forget it. It won’t happen. America can strut it’s stuff all it wants but it is impotent.
    They seem to be using the crisis which they created to massively arm up Japan and SK. We’ll see how that works for them. Hey Abe -remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Yeah that time when your good buddies the Americans nuked you?

    Those seeking a more balanced report on the real story in NK might enjoy –

    Funny how lefties love to write seemingly critical articles about US “policy” when really what they are saying is “everything that is wrong is Trump’s doing so we need to get rid of him”

    What a pity the big buffoon isn’t bright enough to see it.

  5. There is no use having a good rifle if you’re not willing to use it. Let the boys rattle their sabres – but encourage them, too. I’d like to see, once and for all, if all the bullshit and bluster has any substance. Let the show begin!

    1. Yea Gilbert,
      I remember the Jews on c-span sabber-rattling against Iran as long as 15 years ago. I tired long ago of their threats and bitching. Driving a big-rig has taught me that US highways are far more dangerous than NK, China, Russia or Iran. But if the shit hits the fan, let it! May the truth be told.

  6. The best solution would be a coup d’etat in North Korea, instigated by China, with US support in the form of bribes and immunity.

    Trump likes doing deals, and that would be a good deal for all concerned

  7. One thing for sure is that Orange Clown himself is clearly at the forefront of this imperial militaristic madness. He may be obediently following orders from his handlers, but he certainly seems to be enjoying himself doing it.

    Anyway, with every belligerent act taken, every threat made and every piece of military hardware he deploys, Orange Clown increases the risk of a catastrophic war – even by “accident” or miscalculation – that may end the world as we know it. Orange Clown’s moves are in essence threatening every living thing on this planet.

    So I ask myself, what’s the basis of this breathtaking “recklessness”? And there’s only one conclusion that I come to: With their agenda and their machinations exposed like never before; with sleeper agent Orange Clown being their sitting puppet ruler of last resort; with Russia and China rising – in terms of military, economic and political power – while the U.S. declines, the jews have apparently arrived at their inevitable “now or never” moment.

    It’s not that they seek world war, and its not that they don’t; rather, from their perspective they have no choice. They know that they must either push on, as hard as they can, or start retreating. Russia and China will either surrender, or there’ll be a catastrophic war. The jew crime of 9/11 may have been the act that finally sealed their fate. The jews are riding a tiger, and “he who rides a tiger can never dismount”.

    1. Harold, every once in while you make some very good points. Here is one:

      One thing for sure is that Orange Clown himself is clearly at the forefront of this imperial militaristic madness. He may be obediently following orders from his handlers, but he certainly seems to be enjoying himself doing it.

      I could subscribe to every word of it. But then you go completely off and get lost in the maze. Why? I told you before “why”: One cannot have the puzzle solved with the biggest piece of the puzzle being misplaced.

      I can bring the horse to the creek but I cannot force it to drink.

  8. “The organizing principle of any society is for war. The basic authority of
    the modern state over its people resides in its war powers. Today it’s oil,
    tomorrow water. It’s what we like to call the God business: Guns, Oil, and
    Drugs. But there is a problem, our way of life, it’s over. It’s unsustainable
    and in rapid decline, that’s why we implement demand destruction. We continue
    to make money as the world burns. But for this to work the people
    have to remain ignorant of the problem until it’s too late. That is why we
    have triggers in place, 9-11, 7-7, WMDs. A population in a permanent state
    of fear does not ask questions. Our desire for war becomes its desire for
    war. A willing sacrifice. You see, fear is justification, fear is control, fear is
    money.” (The Veteran, film, 2011)

  9. Me? I’m whistling past the Jew’s historical graveyards.

    Ain’t no ghosts in der boss, ain’t no ghosts in der.
    I ain’t scared of ghosts boss, sure that they can’t scare.
    Specters might rise from those graves boss, specters dey may rise.
    But I ain’t scared of no shadows boss, ’cause I knows de be just lies.

  10. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has replaced Hillary Clinton as the most vile woman on the planet. And President Trump is equally vile by appointing (and keeping in office) this Israel-first idiot to such a prominent position. If Trump had meant what he said about better relations with Russia (what a sick joke that turned out to be) he would never have allowed this lunatic within 100 miles of the UN building.

  11. The North Korea ‘situation’ is beyond stupid.

    It offers the illusion that white european americans still have a country to rally around and defend.

    Meanwhile, the same people are called ‘nazis’ for *actually* defending the *nation*. Nobody is going to shoot off nukes into america because they are bored.

    How many times have we been sold this bill of jew goods about “our enemies” being insane?


    Remove all jews from america, europe and australia.

    Problem solved.

    Anything else discussed is bullshit.

    1. @ Russian Limbaugh

      Remove all jews from america, europe and australia.

      Problem solved.

      Anything else discussed is bullshit.

      Ah, if only it were so simple! Solutions to the Jewish Problem have been sought for centuries, all to no avail. This is because relocating all 14-15 million Jews to a putative Birobidzhan or Madagascar is impossible. And it is equally impossible to exterminate them all. The more you investigate this sensitive matter, the more you realize that there is NO FINAL SOLUTION.

      Anyway, this question has been discussed at great length by Lasha Darkmoon in one of the best essays I have come across on this subject, complete with a wide array of historical facts, figures and quotations. You will see from this essay that all attempts to “solve” the Jewish problem have not only failed spectacularly but have actually led to Jewish supremacy today.

      Hitler tried and failed. He paid the price. And Germany is paying the price today, a nation completely under the Jewish jackboot.

      See this:

      The Jewish Question: A Problem without a Solution

  12. Looking at the photo, anyone who can get that many people to turn off their cell phones for an hour or so can’t be all that bad.

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