Is Trump a Psychopath?

“If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry,
he will be a psychopath worth voting for.”

According to recent research done by Oxford University psychologist Dr Kevin Dutton, Trump scores two points above Hitler on the Psychopathic Index and an astonishing 20 points above the bloodthirsty Emperor Nero. 

The Trump Question is basically this: Who rules America? A “moron” doubling as a “psychopath” known as Donald Trump—he has been called both—with his finger on the nuclear button? Or a military junta doing its best to restrain this moronic psychopath? (See here, Donald Trump and his Military Minders). Or are both Trump and his ostensible “minders” working in secret collusion, while pretending to be at loggerheads? Are they taking orders from others? Are they puppets of the Deep State? And who exactly are the Puppet Masters?

The article about Trump and his military minders begins with these alarming words, a direct quote from an original article in the Independent published a week ago:

“Some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes. They have renewed their pact to ensure that not all of them will ever be abroad at the same time. They will ensure that at least one will remain in the country to monitor orders coming from the White House.”

Approval ratings for Trump have recently hit an all-time low. According to a survey by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, approval ratings for Trump have “plumbed new depths”, slipping a full 10 points since March. More than two-thirds of the nation (67%) strongly disapprove of their President and only 23 per cent think he is honest. More than 60 per cent disapprove of how he is handling race relations, foreign policy and immigration. His stock is falling even among Republicans. In March, his own party gave him an 80 per cent rating. This has now slipped to 67 per cent.

A senior Republican figure, Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, has accused the President of treating his office like a reality show. This comes only a few days after US secretary of state Rex Tillerson refused to deny that he had called Trump a “moron”. Corker added that his concerns were shared by virtually every Republican in the Senate, insisting that Trump had set the US “on the path to World War III” and had turned the White House into “an adult day care center.”

Trump seems to have an extraordinary knack of doing all the wrong things to damage his own image. On a recent visit to Puerto Rico to show sympathy toward hurricane victims, he began to throw paper towels into the crowd at a relief center, much to the eye-popping astonishment of the natives. (The Independent, ‘i’, p. 11, 9 October 2017).

The powerful quartet standing up to Trump, playing the role of “good cops” in contrast to Trump’s “bad cop”, are Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, General James Mattis, General John Kelly, and Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, all pictured below:

These four give the impression they are doing their best to hold the fort for America and keep it on the right track, while Trump meanwhile behaves irresponsibly and shoots his mouth off in embarrassing tweets from which they need to distance themselves at once. They then contradict him in public, much to his annoyance. Officials are even forced to apologize for his speeches.

Trump is widely seen as a loose cannon, if not a psychopath.

No other American president has been characterized as a dangerous madman by so many of his contemporaries, including top psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. How he got into the White House is therefore a mystery. He has been widely condemned as a “lunatic”, a “delusional narcissist”, a “sociopath”, “utterly amoral”, “unbalanced”, and told  he “needs therapy”. (Here he is, pictured in a straitjacket). Psychiatrist Lance Dodes,  a former Harvard Medical School professor, says Trump’s “sociopathic characteristics are undeniable”, adding that his speech and behavior patterns show signs of “significant mental derangement”. Another medically trained specialist, clinical psychologist John Gartner, a veteran alumnus of the John Hopkins University Medical School, describes Trump as a “malignant narcissist who evinces the most destructive collection of psychiatric symptoms possible for a leader.” (See here)

The Trump admirer will grind his teeth with rage at this point and claim, without any solid evidence to back him up, that all these professionals—unlike himself—are intellectually myopic in some way. They have been allegedly “brainwashed” by the media. However, it is easier to dismiss the Trump admirer as a well-meaning wishful thinker than to ignore Trump’s many medically trained and highly respected critics.

“A new study of psychopathic traits by an Oxford University psychologist,” one reads with astonishment, “discovers that Donald Trump ranks above Adolf Hitler and only just below Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Henry VIII. Hillary Clinton ranks between Napoleon and Nero.”

To rank above Hitler, the article states matter-of-factly, is no mean achievement. The psychologist conducting this research is no lightweight either. He is Oxford University’s Dr Kevin Dutton who has been exploring the psychopathic traits of the US presidential hopefuls and historical figures using a standard psychometric tool – the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R).

Dr Dutton has spent much of his career looking at psychopaths and researching psychopathic traits, identifying those which can be of benefit and those which can lead to incarceration. He contends that being a psychopath is not an all-or-nothing affair. Instead, psychopathy is on a spectrum along which each of us has our place. There are several professions which seem to attract more than their fair share of those high on the psychopathic scale, among them business, surgery, the law, military and… politics.

Dr Dutton explained: “The PPI-R does not say that someone is or is not a psychopath. It scores them on eight traits that contribute to a psychopathic character. Some of those traits, such as fearlessness or stress immunity, can be positive. Others, such as blame externalisation or being unconcerned about the future, are more likely to be negative. One, cold-heartedness, can contribute to good and bad leadership.”

The results clearly show Donald Trump to be higher scoring than rivals, achieving a total score on a par with Hitler and Idi Amin. Of particular interest, Trump outscored the other candidates in ‘fearless dominance’, the area associated with successful presidencies, and in ‘self-centred impulsivity’, the set of traits considered negative. (See here)

To summarize: Donald Trump is officially recognized as a “psychopath” because he possesses many of the qualities, both negative and positive, associated with ruthless alpha males who get to the top of their respective professions. (See ‘Traits of Psychopaths‘, with special reference to Donald Trump).

However, these so-called “psychopathic traits” can apparently be shared by surgeons as well as serial killers, by charismatic religious leaders as well as genocidal warmongers. Trump admirers who also happen to be Christians will be astonished to learn that Jesus Christ (on 157 points) and St Paul (also on 157 points)  score higher on the Psychopathic Scale Index than Napoleon Bonaparte (153 points) or the Emperor Nero (151 points). The all-time record holder is Henry VIII—with a staggering 178 points.

I never liked Henry VIII all that much, but who would have thought he was worse than Genghiz Khan or Ivan the Terrible?

Donald Trump? He doesn’t do too badly in the Psychopath Olympics. At 171 points, he is only 7 points behind the deplorable Henry VIII who, as everyone knows, liked chopping off the heads of his wives when he grew tired of them. Trump is amazingly two points ahead of Hitler (169 points) and a mindboggling 20 points ahead of the Emperor Nero who scores a mere 151 points. Given that Nero was a torture-loving serial killer who kicked his wife Poppaea to death and jumped up and down on her lifeless body, one finds it all the more shocking to learn that the Roman tyrant is rated so much lower than the American president as a dangerous psychopath.

See Dr Dutton’s chart below, allotting  points for “psychopathic traits” to various historical figures. Trump is not listed here for some reason, but we know he scores 171 points from an article in the Guardian.


It’s possible that the conflict between Trump and his top aides is bogus, purely for public consumption and to keep official enemies guessing and on tenterhooks. The unpredictability and volatility of Trump could be a put-on act, forcing Russia, China, North Korea and Iran to walk on eggshells, never quite sure what to expect from Uncle Sam—an olive branch or a first-strike nuclear attack. Meanwhile Trump and his top military aides, ostensibly at loggerheads, could all be secretly pulling in the same direction—toward a Zionist New World Order.

The “conspiracy theory” that our leaders are all lackeys of international Jewry is either true or false. It’s too early to accuse Trump of being a semi-moronic stage actor, covertly advancing world Jewry’s agenda while simulating a concern for America’s “huddled masses yearning to break free”.

The proof will lie in the pudding. We must wait and see what America is like at the end of the Trump presidency, and, above all, if the state of Israel is a stronger place as a result of his Jewish son-in-law’s efforts to grab hold of more stolen land for the Israeli occupiers. The litmus test will be the Palestinians. If their lives are far worse after Trump has come and gone, it will be patently clear to all except the wilfully blind that Trump is no more than a Zionist stooge—something he is already suspected of being by many intelligent observers.

Another litmus test will be Iran. If Trump attacks Iran, we will then know for sure that he is clinically insane. A psychopath working for the Zionist new world order.

I will let Philip Giraldi have the last word:

“The claims that America’s Middle Eastern wars have been fought for Israel are not an anti-Semitic delusion.

The crowd stoking fears of Iran is largely Jewish and is, without exception, responsive to the frequently expressed desires of the self-defined Jewish state to have the United States initiate hostilities. This often means supporting the false claim that Tehran poses a serious threat against the U.S. as a pretext for armed conflict.

The friends of Israel rule by coercion, intimidation and through fear. If we suffer through a catastrophic war with Iran fought to placate Benjamin Netanyahu many people might begin to ask “Why?”

We Americans will stand by mutely as we begin to wonder what has happened to our country. And some who are more perceptive will even begin to ask why a tiny client state has been allowed to manipulate and bring ruin on the world’s only super power. Unfortunately, at that point, it will be too late to do anything about it.

If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. There is a big difference between a psychopath and a sociopath, although one can be both. A psychopath is capable of great self-control, is sticking to a theory [created by him/herself or someone else] like a programmed machine, and is lacking empathy. A sociopath is programmed by his ego and personal desires, and as such can exhibit empathy for the mind-like comrades. Sociopaths are always followers.

    It is a pity that people, for various reasons, cannot discuss the very programmes that direct human actions. Without such discussion in a sensible manner, we can never have reasonable and balanced laws.

    1. One more thing: Jews didn’t “invent” psychiatry [and psychology]. They have corrupted it like everything else.

    2. Note : Every political ,and religious leader Jews ,who fought / disdain the Jews are on the list . Despite Trump’s flaws ,they distrust him still. Is Trotzky ,Stalin , Lenin ,FDR ,Churchill here ? LBJ ,Bush family ? None of the Jews Left / Right Talmudic hero’s mentioned . Jesus Christ made it of course . Old time Christianity knew he was their enemy . A break ; New Covenant, from the tribal Jew diety of the Old Testament. Paul ,the former Pharisee. Adolf Hitler of course . They will never get over him. The most vilified human being in modern history. A man declared war upon personally,and his nation by the Jews . First in 1933 upon election ,then finally the Jews power got the British ,and French world empires to declare formal war September 3, 1939 without threat ,or attack by the Reich. Any old fossil who does not know REAL history on this forum,or anywhere else cannot dispute this fact. ( See HITLERS WAR , David Irving ) Those ” I hate Jews ,and Hitler too, ” types who run in circles . The Jew version of events they fall for ,( Kosher Nationalism ,IE Breitbart ) which they think gives them cover. It doesn’t . Jews are sharp. Anyone who wants to fight the eternal Jew ,must purge themselves of the Jews poison theologically ,and politicaly, or be doomed into their matrix forever .

      1. @ Dante Ardenz
        A very profound post indeed, regarding Adolf Hitler. David Irving relates how he became interested in AH from reading a copy of his table talk and discovering that he agreed with most of his views. Leon Degrelle was a Belgian, who met and talked with Hitler many times. In his memoirs he recounts his amazement at the depth and breadth of Hitler’s knowledge on a vast array of subjects. Hitler was a true autodidact who schooled himself from extensive reading in his youth. Comparing Trump to Hitler is an affront to truth. Hitler was a decorated frontline soldier, gassed in WWI. In WWII he forbade Germany from using it. Germany had thousands of tons of Tabun and Sarin and had they used it in the early stages of the war would have achieved victory. Hardly the actions of a psychopath. Contrast Churchill’s use of gas on Iraqis.

        I always believe that any political leader demonised by the Jewish MSM must be doing something right. I’m sure you remember the demon du jour, Slobadon Milosevic, of the early 90’s. In 2014 the ICC totally exonerated him of all charges. Nary a word of remorse from the filthy and despicable BBC and other media.
        We see the same today with Putin, Assad, Kim Jong Un et al.

        Also we have no mention of the greatest mass murderer and psychopath of all time, Mao Tse Tung. According to Jung Chang in her book “The Unknown Mao”, using sources and contacts within the Chinese Communist Party, he was responsible for 77 million deaths during his years of misrule. Of course to the left wing Jewish intellectual this “little” detail is propaganda designed to detract from the one and only, sacred Holocaust of the “six million”.

      2. Germany had thousands of tons of Tabun and Sarin and had they used it in the early stages of the war would have achieved victory.

        So why use a fumigating agent like Zyklon B to gaaaaz da Jew? Inquiring minds want to know!

      3. Lasha BAGEL-Snapper DarkJ00n is KIKENVERMIN. David Irving is also KIKENVERMIN. He is there to minimize JEW criminality, and neuter the goyim, just like all ‘leaders’ in the movement against International Jewry. Most of the ‘leaders’ are MK Ultra mind controlled SLAVES. Trump is also a JEW, real name Drumpf. “We will LEAD all revolutions against us.” From the Protocols.

      4. Oh dear, where are Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly when they are needed most?

        Who will defend Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation, if not them?

        Pity that many of the regular readers here do not appreciate, let alone comprehend irony or satire.

        1. @ JFC

          “Oh dear, where are Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly when they are needed most? Who will defend Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation, if not them?”

          Yes, it’s a pity Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly are no longer around to defend Lasha’s honor. Would you like to volunteer for the job? 🙂

          1. It strikes me as rather sad that Lasha needed these defenders in the first place. And it is doubly sad that they were driven from this website so as to leave Lasha defenceless. Lasha’s attackers are now in the ascendancy.

      5. D.A.,
        Great observation. Not a single mass-murdering Jew on the list. A psycho who does the Zios bidding will get a noble peace prize. A descent nationalist will always be labeled a psycho like Adolf Hitler who showed zero symptoms of being psycho.

      6. @ Sister Monica

        Yes, it’s a pity Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly are no longer around to defend Lasha’s honor. Would you like to volunteer for the job? 🙂

        Lasha has my support 100%. I find nothing wrong with this article. Lasha Darkmoon is not endorsing Dr. Dutton’s Psychopathic Scale Index; she is satirizing it! This is underlined (twice) by the opening and closing statement of her article: “If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for.”

        Why isn’t this statement clear to others? I am truly puzzled. Perhaps in the future Lasha would have less grief if she didn’t cast pearls of irony before the swine.

        Best Regards,

        1. @ Justice For Chinese

          I am truly impressed by your intellectual acumen and wisdom. Lasha will be so pleased to know that at least one person on this site is on the same wavelength as she is and understands her true nature. Lasha sees Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly as her Praetorian guard. They were 100% loyal to her and defended her tooth and nail against covert attacks which usually took the form of sneering at the articles she took the trouble to write or publish, implying that she was intellectually subnormal or emotionally stunted in some way for being critical of Donald Trump and hostile to Stalin.

          We expect these indirect attacks on Lasha and this website to continue, perhaps with renewed force, now that Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly are no longer around to defend Lasha and stick up for the site and the articles it publishes. Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly have not been “banned” from posting on this site. They volunteered to become silent readers instead, recusing themselves from all further comment until things get a bit better. They recognize they were very wrong to resort to the language of the gutter in defending Lasha and the articles we publish, but this is inevitable when hatred springs up as a result of the clash of personalities.

          Thank you for your personal contributions to this site. Lasha thinks very highly of you and wishes you all the best.

      7. Sister Monica,
        responding to this

        Lasha sees Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly as her Praetorian guard. They were 100% loyal to her and defended her tooth and nail against covert attacks which usually took the form of sneering at the articles she took the trouble to write or publish, implying that she was intellectually subnormal or emotionally stunted in some way for being critical of Donald Trump and hostile to Stalin.

        We expect these indirect attacks on Lasha and this website to continue, perhaps with renewed force, now that Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly are no longer around to defend Lasha and stick up for the site and the articles it publishes.

        There is a lot of ingredients, seen and unseen in this pot and we do need to come to some direct understanding, of a sort called “clear margins” in cancer surgery, otherwise the cancer continues to metastasize from the site.

        • The identity of the covert attacker is unmistakable: it is me, Lobro.
        • No one else defends Trump as vociferously and staunchly, no one else ever raised a word of defense or exculpation of Stalin – only I, lobro.
        • The Praetorian Guard went underground in the aftermath of online war with me, lobro.

        Do you see anything wrong with the above 3 statements?

        I ask you to answer the following questions, fairly posed and easily (for you) answered.
        • Does you above post reflect opinions shared with Lasha or are they your own?

        The reason I asked is the following: in Oct 13 email to lasha, i offered to quietly, without fanfare, leave the site and plague it no more, but I didn’t want her to think that I bore her any personal grudge and i wanted our personal friendship to continue.
        Part of her response:

        I refuse to accept your “resignation”. I think you are overreacting. Read Sister Monica’s measured response to your latest comment and know that she has nothing against you.

        So now we are at impasse; do you consider the implied, yet unmistakable content of your post, measured – i.e., I, Lobro am “implying that she was intellectually subnormal or emotionally stunted”?
        • WHO is saying this, WHO holds this opinion, beside you and the Paetorian Guard (and i would then count the rest of the listed posters, Gombrich, Bradley Arnold, Yggdrasil, Silent Reader, Dr Parker … to be either full time or auxiliary members of the said Guard defending Lasha from my “sneering” attacks and character smears)?

        take note, Sister: I will continue to serve what I perceive as truth, whether for or against Trump and Stalin and as such will continue to raise strife here, because clearly, many cannot handle such claims in a calm, objective way, focusing on known facts rather than personality issues, i.e., expect no Measured response but friction.

        Here is a general question: are all the articles republished here, i.e., not product of Lasha’s pen and analysis and imagination, equally sacrosanct and in no way ever to be criticized?
        Because if so, you ought to include it into the official guidelines regulating the use of other sacrosanct prohibitions against the use of N-words and K-words.

        After having done your best to answer my above questions, I propose the following:

        I will not abide by Lasha’s emailed refusal.
        I want to do this in fully open, democratic way.

        I want you and every member of the said Praetorian Guard to vote here, in this thread, whether they want me to stay or to move on, let’s tally the vote and the majority decide:

        Sister Monica: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Madame Butterfly: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Sardonicus: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Gombrich: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Yggdrasil: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Grammar Fiend: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Uncle Toby: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Bradley Arnold: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Silent Reader: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)
        Dr Parker: Lobro – Yes (stay) or No (quit)

        Lasha has already voted “yes” but is free to take another one.
        I will be the tiebreaker in case of an even split.

        Let’s do this once and for all.
        This site owes its astronomic rise to two magical ingredients: Lasha’s genius, moral, intuitive and intellectual, and the wild, swirling creativity of the outspoken, well informed commentariat.

        But excessive strife and personal infighting damages the site and no poster whose presence, otherwise justified or not, should endanger the magical mix, which is why I will gladly go if voted out.

        1. @ Lobro

          I want you to stay. I’ve already said that. So do the others in Admin. There’s no question of anyone here wanting you to leave. Toby will write when he has the time and try to explain the situation to you a bit more fully, but I must rush now as dinner is about to be served and I mustn’t keep the others waiting. Cheers! 🙂

          Sister Monica

      8. Lobro proposes using “Voting”. Voting is a tool of demon-crazy (Democracy) rhetoric.

        Many people can see the Democracy (demon-crazy) Deception and refuse to vote, so the wily politicians made-up special rules to allow themselves to rule using only a majority of the votes, even when the number of people who vote is only a minority of the population. How can that possibly be conceived to be the rule of the majority? Of course it is not the rule of the majority; it is a confidence-trick.

        The alternative would be doing what is right versus continuing to make the wrong choice.

      9. Lobro –


        Stop playing victim… Just tell ’em they are wrong and be done with it..!! Then keep commenting.

        Hell….. I even had Winston on my ass the other day. 🙂 🙂 I told him he was wrong…. as I usually do to character attackers. I keep commenting. So does he. Good to go… We reply to each other again.

        Right and wrong is ONLY in the mind of all readers.


      10. pat,

        Lobro –
        Stop playing victim

        i don’t see myself as victim – DAMMITT!!!
        all i want is closure to neverending impugning of my character directly and indirectly by those who either matter to me or mattered at one time, ie, tightly or loosely connected to lasha.

        let me use an analogy, pat: suppose i or someone totally irrelevant to you, some stranger, says: “F.U. Pat, you crazy old goat”.
        easy to laugh it off, right?
        But what if one of your daughters or grandchildren said it?

        in order of relevance, Sister Monica and Uncle Toby matter, because they are intimate friends or kindred of Lasha, so does Grammar Fiend, albeit to a lesser degree, sardonicus matters to an ever diminishing degree, concurrent to our diminishing friendship, going, going … MB doesn’t matter much, seeing her bewildering chameleon changes of names, life tales, moods, opinions … the rest are absolute non-entities in my book but i throw them in merely because they seem like the self-appointed Praetorian Guard auxiliaries – i am certain that Lasha considers them just as irrelevant in her personal life.

        Other than that, let everyone else attack with everything at their disposal, I don’t mind, especially if the target is my opinions rather than the person, in which case they damage the site’s reputation.

        Aside: i was sad to see harold Smith call Homer Paul (hp) a jew, very unfortunate and self-demeaning, especially given that i’ve known homer the longest at this site, longer even than Lasha and Lucy.
        But it was the one and only such egregious slipup by Harold and i am giving him a pass – for now.
        It is an illustration of what i keep railing against and in this case, no one can accuse me of playing the victim card – DAMMITT!!!

        You are a hunter, right?
        When you walk around the bush with a loaded gun, do you fire at anything that moves or do you distinguish between a fellow hunter and the quarry?

        (Aside #2: spotted something disturbing when i hit the “submit”: at the bottom left of the screen, a notification says:
        transferring data from and then
        transferring data to
        What’s all this got to do with FACEBOOK, the mossad front? on the other hand, a moot question)

      11. @ Lobro

        Why should I wish to see you voted off this website when I have already recused myself from posting here at Lasha Darkmoon’s special request? I left the site voluntarily, as did Madame Butterfly, in order to make things easier for you.

        ADMIN: The rest of this comment has been deleted at Sardonicus’ request.

      12. @ Lobro

        In other words, since you asked, you have my vote to stay on this site and continue posting. I have no wish to vote you off the site. Even if I did, I don’t think my opinion should be taken into account.

        I can’t answer for Madame Butterfly and Grammar Fiend, but I don’t think they are vindictive enough to wish to see you defenestrated. They recognize your virtues, your many good points, just as I do. As for the other ragbag of posters you mention, forget them. They are fly-by-night trolls. In one moment, out the other. I doubt if they will even read your comment as I’m sure they have already migrated to some other website where they continue to do their mischief. Pay them no attention.

        My honest advice to you is to continue posting here as long as Lasha is happy to see you posting here. Forget everyone else. They don’t matter. As long as Lasha wants you here, don’t abandon her to the wolves. She values you, believe me, and I have a sinking feeling she won’t be with us for much longer … so hang on while you can, please.



        1. @ Sister Monica

          I don’t understand why lobro can not share his thoughts and opinions and dare I say, his insights, without getting hassled by so many Darkmoon commentators. Even if one disagrees with lobro, his posts are always thought-provoking. THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Thought provoking posts are a GOOD THING. We learn more from those who have a different viewpoint — debate is a GOOD THING.

          To have everyone think the same, have the same exact opinion about everything, does NOT lead to acquiring more knowledge or a deeper understanding of anything. Everyone having the same opinion about everything and constantly patting each other on the back for thinking exactly exactly exactly alike very soon devolves into a circle jerk of jerks jerking each other off.

          lobro contributes ALOT to Darkmoon, STOP hassling him. Surely, the Darkmoon ADMIN doesn’t want a website where someone who has a different opinion, a unique opinion, a thought-provoking insight, gets hassled no end. What’s next, DM labels lobro a “thought criminal”? We all can’t be know-it-alls like Pat. So everyone is to be hassled because we don’t know it all like Pat? lobro does provide DM with Balance. lobro balances the debates here at DM. And in doing so, we all learn more about the subject matter being debated and learning more is a GOOD THING.


          1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

            Well said, Joe! I’m glad I saw this, tucked away among 20 other posts in Spam. This is one of your best posts so far. Bless you!

            Sister M

      13. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sard, it is meaningful to me.

        And remember, always, no exceptions:
        I would NEVER speak a single word against Lasha and I don’t care how long is Never.
        If something I say gives you pause in that regard, ask for clarification, you have my guarantee that you shall have an honest one, come hell or high water.

        As for never criticizing articles by OTHER, non-Lasha authors, I think that all, including you, will agree that it is a ridiculous restriction straitjacketing any substantive discussion and would consign this site, so vital, full of unexpected twists and turns, like Cap’n Solo dodging asteroids in space, to the graveyard of boring blogs.
        Not the greatest homage to Lasha.
        Because what can be expected by way of such threads?
        Poster 1: great article.
        Poster 2: second that.
        Poster 3: count me in.
        Poster 4: comment deleted.

      14. @ Sardonicus

        I can’t answer for Madame Butterfly and Grammar Fiend, but I don’t think they are vindictive enough to wish to see you defenestrated. They recognize your virtues, your many good points, just as I do.

        I agree with everything you say in this extraordinary comment, Sard. I have been very abusive to Lobro but I am not a vindictive person and I don’t feel the slightest hatred for him. So I have no wish to vote him off this site. I have recused myself from posting here at Lasha’s specific request and I will only come back if Lasha gives me the go-ahead — AND if Lobro consents. Without Lobro’s consent, I would not return.

        But even if Lobro gave me permission to return, I wouldn’t return until Lasha said it was the right time. This is because what she said to me in a private email made a big impression on me. I’m not going to reveal what she said, because it’s private, but what she said to me was like an instant EXORCISM. Something evil in me fled out at once. I couldn’t believe it. As I read her email, sitting at my desk, a whole lot of greeny-white foam came dribbling out of my mouth and went over my keyboard. Truly unbelievable. I was instantly calm, as if some slithery worm from hell had been dragged out of my entrails by a pair of forceps. That’s the only way I can describe it.

        I still can’t believe this experience happened to me. I am full of euphoria. Dancing on air. My addiction to alcohol has also vanished. I just went and poured a whole bottle of whisky down the sink. I don’t need it any more.

      15. Madame Butterfly,

        … AND if Lobro consents. Without Lobro’s consent, I would not return.

        You should know by now that there is not a vindictive bone in me either and asking for my consent is a cinch.
        And what good is a blog that doesn’t have at least one poster able to upchuck a giant, slimy green, foamy worm – i am green with slimy envy but no cigar, even worm-shaped one.
        Just one question and please don’t disappoint me: did you take a selfie?

        One thing i’d like to mention and you tell me if my hunch is correct:
        Your romancing the bottle is a fib – you were never an alcoholic – the green worm makes more sense because that’s where butterflies come from, right?
        And sometimes, as we just learned, green worms also come from butterflies.
        Long may your genus prosper!

        1. When Madame Butterfly was an alcoholic pill-popping addict and out of her mind, she came here to Darkmoon all the time. Under the influence of alcohol and pills she started alot of trouble; Now that she’s cleaned up her act and is NO longer an alcoholic and no longer a pill-popper she decides to “recluse” herself from Darkmoon, after causing alot of trouble for lobro and causing alot of trouble for the ADMIN and after turning Darkmoon’s commentary threads into a forum of animosity and discord. She should at least apologize for the trouble she caused when she was an alcholic and a pill-popper and then after apologizing, then “recluse” herself to some troglodyte existence [ which she deserves due to her own lousy anti-social behavior].

          I have NO problem Butterfly is gone, I do have a problem with all the trouble she caused and how she left Darkmoon without an apology and all of us are supposed to be full of good will for her because [ supposedly ] she’s not an alcoholic/pill-popper anymore, which I for one do NOT believe, not for a second.

          Butterfly will come back and she will be as HIGH as a kite and as trouble-making as ever, if not even more of a trouble-maker, and that you can take to the bank.

            1. I don’t know why Lasha even bothers to hire monitors/moderators and why she would want to spend alot of money paying their salaries when the DM monitors/moderators can’t even monitor-moderate the 50% of comments that come in which are childish inane nonsense.

              They’re TOO busy to monitor-moderate, they say. What exactly do the DM monitors-moderators do in the office which make them TOO busy to do the jobs they were hired to do? And why does Lasha put up with up with them?

              “WE were hired by Lasha to monitor and moderate Darkmoon BUT WE are TOO busy to do the job we were hired to do”.

      16. Duke –

        There has never been a “democracy” anywhere in history. No government can have one.

        ALL government systems ARE Monopolistic Capitalistic Oligarchies..!! 🙂

        AND…. with secret ballots…

      17. @Lobro
        Though I’m not eligible on the ‘stay or quit’ voting list, I’d defo vote that you stay. You’ve got a unique way of expressing and explaining the whole jew thing which is a big factor in making this site worth visiting. Yes there is some weird shit going down but it’s only in the sense of the jew Borg trying to assimilate, control and in time assassinate your input. Take it as a compliment that you piss them off so much 😉

      18. Lobro, just saw the Homer Paul (hp) comment and only wish to add . . Paul is my middle name. (lol)

        1. Funny that James Gillian who spent his career working with mass murderers NEVER analyzed Hillary Clinton and her behavior, she played a big role starting ISIS so she could foment alot of KILLING ALOT OF MASS MURDER ALOT OF WAR ALOT OF DESTRUCTION ALOT OF DEVASTATION. Trump, for all of his faults, Trump does NOT have any part in starting any of the Islamic Jihadist groups going around the Middle East KILLING ALOT OF PEOPLE and trying hard to destroy whole countries. Trump, who is NOT a mass murderer, gets labeled a “mass murderer”

          [ that’s the implication , that Trump is somehow a “mass-murderer”. Hillary, who is a MASS MURDERER, gets a Free Pass from America’s psychiatrists and psychologists. Nothing political, nothing politically biased, about America’s psychiatrists and psychologists, sure Pat, 😉

      19. Good point Joe. Mr. Gillian’s (I believe) premeditated hypocrisy is blatant and telling.
        Not just with the psychopath Hillary but also with miscreant husband Barnacle Bill the Raper. Trump’s excoriated to this day for locker room talk even as Barnacle Bill gets a pass for rape and well, his domestic body count which would likely include Mr. Gillian, need be..

      20. Gosh! Trump compared to a man who was irrefutably the most peace -seeking, progressive, creative, inspiring political leader at least of the twentieth century. A man who,s country and plebeian Europe screams in silent anguish for his like to return. A man who led his country against hugely overwhelming forces in a brilliantly successful pre-emotive attack and surely saved preoccupied Europe from Communism. A man who today is increasingly the most admired best known, most read, most demonised, most misunderstood world leader veRussia ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. America refused. It abandoned the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

        Moscow eliminated its chemical weapons. Putin called the achievement a “historic event.” America failed to meet its commitment. It remains the world’s largest holder of these destructive weapons.

        It pushed back its deadline for eliminating them from 2007 to 2023, virtually certain to continue extending it.

        CWs Russia eliminated were enough “to destroy life on the planet multiple times over.”

        It’s “time to abandon” today’s failed agenda…Never before has humankind possessed such power as it does now.”rRussia ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. America refused. It abandoned the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

        Moscow eliminated its chemical weapons. Putin called the achievement a “historic event.” America failed to meet its commitment. It remains the world’s largest holder of these destructive weapons.

        It pushed back its deadline for eliminating them from 2007 to 2023, virtually certain to continue extending it.

        CWs Russia eliminated were enough “to destroy life on the planet multiple times over.”

        It’s “time to abandon” today’s failed agenda…Never before has humankind possessed such power as it does now.”

    3. Trump is in Sheldon’s pocket as far as Iran goes, Sheldon has set the route, he ( Sheldon ) and his ilk are also happy to let trump turn the slow demise of the Anglo American empire, into a nose dive, that type of parasite is already moving on to its next victim.

      1. Since 2010, Jews have been aggressively entering China and India, and marrying rich and influential natives. This infiltration speaks volumes of the next move in the Zion’s protocols.

      1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a comment in the box marked “Leave a Reply”. If no box is there back out to main page and re-enter the article you want to comment on.

    4. Listen to Prof Robert Hare’s recital of the psychopathic mind and behavior.
      Prof Hare designed the 20 point check list that is used around the world and used by Dr. Kevin Dutton. Trump, Clinton whom ever. The world has been and is run by psychopaths and has been for 7000 years. The problem is not the psychopath. The problem is government. It is in government and through government in all it’s various forms, that the true psychopath has caused or has lead others to cause to much damage throughout world history. The founders of the American experiment in little or limited government seemed to be very aware of certain individuals who have used government as a platform for their mischief. We all know now that the American Republic, almost from it’s inception, has been converted from a limited government to a world wide ranging global empire, and like all empires, the perfect platform for the ambitions of the psychopath.

      According to -“Stephen M. Stahl MD PhD (who) is professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and Honorary Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has worked on mental health programs for the US Army, Navy and Marines and has consulted for the Pharmaceutical Industry including for Tonix. He is the author of best selling textbooks in psychopharmacology and a recent thriller on PTSD, Shell Shock.” -Trump is not!

  2. I am wondering where this opening quote came from:

    “If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry,
    he will be a psychopath worth voting for.”

    I say, “If anyone still thinks that Trump has any intention of rescuing America from jewry, they are idiots.”

    1. @ BuelahMan

      If you had taken the trouble to read the article to the end, you would have have found that the opening quote of the article — “If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for” — is also the article’s concluding sentence. The “idiot” who wrote that sentence is the author of the article, Lasha Darkmoon. The sentiment expressed here, which is a hypothetical possibility, is justifiable in context. That is, if you actually take the trouble to read the whole article from beginning to end.

      If you were a regular reader of the comments section here, you would know that there are one or two very passionate Trump supporters on this website who actually believe that Trump is trying to do just that — i.e., “rescue America from Big Jewry”. The chief proponent of this idea is Lobro, so much so that this idea that Trump is secretly working against the Jews, is now known on this website as “the Lobro thesis”.

      Most of the writers on this website, including Lasha Darkmoon, do not subscribe to the Lobro thesis. They think Trump is more likely to be a Zionist agent than a secret Zionist hater.

      1. “If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for.”

        This opening quote, which also forms the final sentence of the article, is the crux of the matter. I myself would have no problem accepting that Trump is a “psychopath” if he actually succeeded in rescuing America from the Jews. He would then be “Our Psychopath” — a benevolent psychopath who had helped to get this plague off our backs.

        I can’t see Lobro objecting to this thought-provoking sentence.
        It makes a fine epigram. We could do with more psychopaths like this! 🙂

        However, if the “Psychopath in the White House” is actually working for the Jews — if he is in fact a secret Zionist agent — then he ceases at once to be “Our Psychopath”. He becomes their psychopath.

        A malevolent psychopath.

      2. At this point, such a thesis is so blatantly unsound that it is idiotic to continue to offer it.

        I have enough discernment to have been writing and making videos about Trump’s jewish controllers and even predicted that Trump would be the POTUS in Aug 2015. I have been saying since then that people would see the liar and listen (and BELIEVE) those lies as he uttered them, because it was tickling their ears.

        (NO ONE would say such things against the Establishment, unless they were real, right?)

        Duh. Actors can say anything and change the words sincerely tomorrow.

        I understand the clinging need that the hope stay alive, but for God’s sake, open eyes to see the hope is foolish folly. More like, idiotic folly.

        If this offends people, I am sorry. But at this point, after everything that has shown what a Likudnik, jewish ass-kissing sycophant Trump is, continuing the folly is beyond idiotic. It is misleading and dangerous. Identify the problem clearly. Stop this hopey BS. It ain’t happening.

        Never a R or D Again!

  3. I’m suspicious of Dr Kevin Dutton, which is rather a cheek, since I have not read his work. My suspicion arises from his high ranking as psychopath of Jesus. If we agree that two essential traits of the psychopath are (i) the sense of self as a person with a mission, and (ii) the indifference of that person to the destruction of the lives of others, then Jesus just won’t fit the picture, for He is well short on (ii): It is only Matthew who has Jesus threaten the eternal damnation (‘great will be the gnashing of teeth’ bit) of sinners, whose existence he presumes at the end of time and does not give a fig about. But this biblical one-off is dismissible as ‘Matthew got it wrong’. Otherwise, Jesus’ mission is eternal joyful salvation of all, an end to which he sacrificed his human life. That is not psychopath.

    ‘If Trump can rescue America from Big Jewry, he will be a psychopath worth voting for.’ Yes indeed, Lasha! I find heartening the fact that you put up this rescue possibility at all. I dropped initial hopes in this direction long ago. The rotten thing is that the problem does not confine itself to well-ensconced Jewry in every niche of influence in the States. Ditto Britain. In the States, there is the much greater problem of the Christian Zionists who protect Jews tooth and nail, for they think that being good to Jews ensures the prosperity of a nation, and that they need Jews to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and thereby hurry forward the return of Jesus. This is the case according to Revd Dr Stephen Sizer in his Zion’s Christin Soldiers: the Bible, Israel and the Church. Dr Sizer says also that there are as many as 50 million Christian Zionists in the States, and they would have as guts for garters of any senator who dares to stop beating his Israel-supporter breast. (Dr Sizer refutes the Christian Zionist theology and supports the Palestinians valiantly. The Church of England gagged him, then dismissed him from his ministry. Charming.)

    But am I dreaming, or is it possible that you have cocked a snook at the US legislature, noting perhaps that it has never done anything substantive anyway, and that the work will be done by the Executive, who, it will turn out, are only Trump and the chaps whose photographs you have displayed? And his legion of Jewish personal advisors are nothing more than his life insurance? Hope runs wild.

  4. Jesus as the 6th worst psychopath in a list of these madmen and mass murderers?
    “And may he boil eternally in his own excrement; this bastard product of a fisherman’s whore.” (The sacred Talmud)
    I know this site talks of a need for diversity of opinion, but I am abhorred by the fact that a so-called Christian espousing site, could even think of publishing such left wing, Jewish orchestrated trash.
    Where are the Jewish mass murderers?
    Where are the Bushes and the Obummer?
    I think it is time I gave this site away, as by publishing such evil profanity you are not encouraging freedom of speech. Rather you have invited satan onto your site. Lobro, this is the evil I detect! I know what they are doing to you!
    Yes, do what the Jewish mainstream want you to do and try to destroy Trump, even though he is a damn lot better than his sugar-coated, grossly evil predecessors.
    Dr Dutton, this utter charlatan, well worsed in lunatic Jewish psychiatry, is the real madman. GOODBYE. I am gravely insulted and shocked. My contributions and time have been worth nothing!

    1. Max-

      One for the road… 🙂 🙂

      Steve Bannon Urges Blackwater Founder to Run for US Senate

      Mr. Prince served as an informal Trump adviser during the transition and is the brother of Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education.

      Steve Bannon has urged Erik Prince, the neocon founder of the controversial military contractor, Blackwater, to run a Republican primary challenge for a Senate seat in Wyoming, potentially adding a high-profile contender to a drive to replace establishment Republicans with new lawmakers in the mold of President Trump. Mr. Prince has strong ties to the Trump administration and served as an informal Trump adviser during the transition. Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education. [Does anyone else have an uneasy feeling about this?] -GEG

      The TWO “YUGE” psychopaths could not fit in the Oral Orifice..!! 🙂

    2. Come back Max!
      Consider, these populist articles bring in the readers.
      More readers means more who read your penetrating insights.
      It is certain LD meant no harm. Charlatan lunatic Jewish psychiatry has been widely exposed by publication of that list on DM.

      1. Flan,

        Thanks for this wise comment. You know the score. Max is an erratic genius who flies off the handle from time to time. He storms off this site in disgust if he reads anything that upsets him. He has never been banned, as we only ban as a last resort when it becomes clear to us that the poster is a psychopath or sexual pervert. Max is free to return whenever he wishes. His style and content are invariably entertaining and he pulls in the readers, even when he attacks Lasha Darkmoon for being a Mossad agent. 🙂

          1. Max,

            Im equally disappointed.

            “Darkmoon” has delivered the straw that broke the camels back with this nonsense posted by a so-called profesional.

            1. Dr. Dutton denounces Jesús Christ is as a psychopath. Im not Christian or religious. But how does this “professional ” come to such a conclusion? Lobro has sat at round conference tables with these “professional shrinks” and declared that they were “worse than their patients. ” He was right. Can anyone disagree? Let me know, Darkmoon posters.

      2. @ (((Donaldo Colina)))

        At least you were honest enough to tell us at the start that your grandfather was Jew. It shows. Anyone who seriously believes that Sister Monica is a “Jew bitch” who reads the Talmud can only be described as a Zionist troll. It’s time you were booted off this website. Your locker room talk is not a fraction as entertaining as Max Bilney’s. At least Max has verve and style. All you give us are platitudes and bogus Spanish.

        I can’t help noticing you are one of Lobro’s most loyal supporters. Which puts a question mark over Lobro’s head as far as I’m concerned. If I were Lobro, I’d be MOST embarrassed to be associated with you! 🙂

      3. @ Lobro

        As a matter of interest, are you too of the opinion that Sister Monica is a Talmud-reading “Jew bitch”? Believe me, this is not a hostile comment. I am not attacking you. I just ask out of interest because this obvious Zionist troll, Donaldo Colina, is taking your side.

        P.S. I’ve been reading this site for the last six months and have been quite an admirer of yours, because you say many things I agree with absolutely, but I can’t help noticing that you’ve been the focus of many attacks here that have made you very angry and bitter. I hope this will stop now that your main attackers have been silenced. But can’t you stop finding fault with almost EVERY article published on this website?

        I mean, if you dislike almost ever dish served up on the Darkmoon menu, why not find another restaurant more to your taste?

        Please answer me without getting angry.

      4. @tomas but also @everybody

        the more i see certain dynamics within these threads, the more i suspect a deceptive, malignant entity stealthily at work to bring the site down by fomenting never ending strife through seeding, nurturing and fanning various intersecting antagonisms, in the manner of an HIV virus that if unchecked would (hopefully for the hostile entity) destroy the site by incurable, flesh-eating disease.

        this is the mechanism:
        just like the HIV attacks by infiltrating and internally destabilizing body’s own immune system, its main mode of defense and turning it against the host organism with catastrophic intent and results, so this entity agitates those most loyal and protective of Lasha into a frenzy of antagonism by pointing the long-clawed, gnarly finger at some scapegoat victimized by manufactured charges – just like JEW has forever been doing on the global stage, swindling the gullible goy public into hating whoever JEW wanted on his altar of ritual murder, the more innocent the victim, the more satisfying the ugly deed as per Devil’s inverted scale of deserts – Catholicism, Russia, Germany, Islam, Iran, China, white males, heterosexuals, all that is natural, pure, free and creative …


        Don’t you see the same here?

        What is easier than first posing the question to me, “choose between someone who thinks highly of your opinion or Lasha”, as fake a dichotomy as “choose between Lasha who defends Dutton and Jesus who is defamed by Dutton” and the war-chain is born, needs only occasional encouragement to grow exponentially and wobble out of control.

        Count me out, Tomas, I have no idea what is your interest in this, I will take your advice and NOT get angry, i, in fact, refuse to get angry or participate further.

        I will participate in whatever social interaction I, Lobro choose, not in what is foisted upon me against my will.
        If Donaldo spoke in anger and hastily and/or Sister Monica answered in kind, this is not my fight and i will not intervene, though i hope both will wake up and smell the brimstone.

        “Satan’s smoke has made its way into the temple of God through some crack.”
        -Pope Paul VI, 1972

        let me repeat my mantra in face of evil, seen and unseen: it is JEW, JEW, JEW!

      5. @ Lobro

        I am very disappointed with your answer to my simple question, Lobro. Because you have danced all round my question by giving me a long lecture about everything under the sun without answering my question or even trying to answer it. Now I don’t want to make you angry, Lobro, because I know that you have spent a lot of your time on this website getting very angry about one thing or another. If it isn’t various posters on this website who are driving you crazy, it is the articles published on this website that are driving you crazy and so I am naturally very anxious to understand why you are here in the first place if everything you are finding here is not to your taste. So I beg you, be cool. Don’t get angry with me if I ask my simple question again.

        Let me explain. I like simple, direct answers because I am a simple man. I asked this man in the pub the other day who was obviously Russian, “Have you ever read “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy?” If I had asked you this simple question, I’m sure you would have given me a straight answer, “Yes, I have read it.” Or, “No, I have not read it.” This is because you are an intelligent man, Lobro, and know how to give a simple answer to a simple question.

        So I will ask you my question again and this time, I am hoping, you will answer it quite simply in the simplest possible language: If you dislike almost ever dish served up on the Darkmoon menu, why not find another restaurant more to your taste?

        Do I have to clarify my meaning, Lobro? Surely it is obvious what I am asking? I am asking: Why don’t you go to another website more to your taste where none of the articles will offend you, where none of the articles will make you angry or drive you crazy?

        Surely that would make sense, Lobro, wouldn’t it? It would help to deal with your anger management problem. It would lower your blood pressure. It would make you happy and calm. If you went to a calmer, happier website where every article was tailor-made to your tastes, wouldn’t this make sense?

        Think of the advantages of relocating to a happier environment were every article pleased you, where you could offer praise to Admin instead of blame, where you could compliment the writer instead of suggesting the writer was stupid for not agreeing with everything you said.

        This is a reasonable question to ask, Lobro. I am interested in the psychology of anger. I am naturally wondering what you are doing on a site where everything you read makes you have a fit and stamp your foot in rage. What is your problem, Lobro? Why are you always so angry and complaining about every article you read on this website? No one else is getting so angry as you here. No one else is complaining about EVERY dish on the website menu.

        Can you give me a short answer? No more rambling please! No more long lectures about trolls! I just want to know why you are here if you dislike everything published here. Why not go to another website where you can be happy and smile and never have to complain about the articles, never stamp your foot in rage even once, never have hysterics?

        Please give me a calm and non-angry answer, Lobro: why are you here on this website when you hate every single thing published here? Why not go elsewhere? Don’t you have any other websites which would welcome you with open arms and make you much happier?

      6. @Circassian,

        if it is crime not letting oneself be dragged into an argument whose only possible outcome is destructive to the site as well as emotionally damaging due to hormonal spikes (testosterone, adrenaline, whatnot), then call the cops or pull the citizen’s arrest.
        It is your sacred duty.
        And i always had high respect for your skills in the line of duty 🙂

      7. @sister Monica, uncle Toby,

        read carefully the above posts by circassian (now Tomas) and see the method, how he pulls entire phrases from your posts, especially the combative ones and repurposes them to his ends, it is a striking illustration of the modus operandi that i described and decried, what you two especially, should be on guard against .

        the fact that he addressed donaldo in triple brackets should be taken as donaldo’s alibi and proof of overall, not specific, innocence.

        circassian is the grand master of the black art, take his gambits at your peril.
        And note that I DO NOT advocate his removal, this is your call only, just as you may decide to remove me or anyone else.
        I learned my lesson with circassian and like the cowpox milkmaids, i am vaxed against greater harm.

        The reason i post this is for your education, for the job of a DM monitor is a very difficult one, like George Smiley of LeCarre fame.
        Onward Lasha’s soldiers, marching as to war …

        1. Tomas is not Circassian. Completely different email address and IP number. He doesn’t even sound like Circassian.

      8. and Circ,

        thanks for the honor of singling me out, it means more to me than someone else calling me “brilliant” 🙂

        i must be doing something right, no clue what … lemme see, maybe grammar perfection, like knowing my greengrocer’s apostrophes, the difference between it’s and its, such perfection makes my takedown urgent priority.

      9. @ Lobro

        I have no idea who ‘Circassian’ is. I knew you couldn’t answer my question and so would try to evade it by launching an ad hominem attack against me by accusing me falsely of being some other individual. The more dealings I have with you the more I feel you must be mentally unhinged.

      10. Well, I shall pray for you. You are obviously a very angry and mentally disturbed old man in need of support.

      11. @Lobro
        “I learned my lesson with circassian and like the cowpox milkmaids, i am vaxed against greater harm.”
        Haha, and if the doubting Tomas don’t believe, let him take a look for himself;

        Circassian’s got an interesting nik;
        “The percentage of the army recruits among the Circassian community in Israel is particularly high. Many Circassians also serve in the Israel National Police, Israel Border Police, and the Israel Prison Service.”

        “Tomas is not Circassian. Completely different email address and IP number. He doesn’t even sound like Circassian.”
        Surely one having 2 or more emails and the use of more than 1 computer is not unheard of? I would have thought anyone gratuitously attacking someone on here is enough to raise suspicion. Tomas’s posts on this comment section are divisive and manipulative, evidence enough that exposure of jew bs is not on high on T’s priorities. Plus we don’t know for sure whether T&C are male or female?

      12. Admin –

        I agree with Lobro that the writing style and word selection is similar to the very intelligent and highly educated and very well informed “Circ”…. who lived in US for 20 years. I have had dozens of battles with him over the years to the point he was banned more than twice for his bad behavior towards me, Lobro and Admin… and almost everyone. A real PEST..!! Almost as bad as the ‘Tyranter’ P-a-r-s-o-n-s..!! 🙂
        (I wrote it like that so as to not be hauled into the ‘spam dungeon’ with TROJ. 🙂 )

        Different email addresses are easily had in a few seconds. Some people have dozens of them.

        Different IP addresses can now be gotten through VPN sites. They are recommended for additional security online. is one.

        Not a stretch at all.


      13. good posts, jimbo and pat, evidence that someone is paying attention.

        admin, i am POSITIVE that tomas is circassian and the styles are not merely similar but identical.
        moreover, his last 2 posts, after your denial, are even more convincing, if you bother to look.

        you have a right to your opinion, i, to mine but as the site monitor, your job is a delicate one like i said and crucially important to site’s health and even survival.
        You MUST realize that you are DM’s FBI and that the site is under constant monitoring by external enemy looking for cracks and weaknesses to exploit.
        It is precisely the same enemy that threatens our broader kindred and he uses precisely the same tactics that have served his purpose so well over the centuries – ignore them at the peril of DM.
        All of you self-appointed “Lasha’s defenders”, if you want to do your job properly, should take this into account, just like FBI spends (or should spend, in theory) most of its time rooting out external enemies rather than going after the local rowdies, those perceived as insufficiently well-mannered.

        I have noticed, with considerable dismay, how the internecine sniping and ankle-biting has taken root in DM culture and have for the past 4-5 months suspected that the enemy has made the best use of this, to the point where the numerous threads were practically destroyed by it, without anyone’s awareness of the process.

        recognizing Circassian’s presence is a gift because we can dissect his methods and he is the best in business.
        Observe how for example, he will, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, adopt your (admin’s) very language where you admonish someones’ table manners (restaurant simile) in order to pointedly and insistently attack a long-time poster considered a) core contributor, b) promulgating novel notions inimical to enemy’s program and, c) seen as vulnerable to a concerted takedown effort – given my 4-month online war right here, inasmuch as i never tire of expressing my disgust with interpersonal squabbles, they follow my wake like “poltergeists” – it was you Toby, who first used this expression.

        Moreover, the approach i counsel for dealing with JEW (universal entity), namely, immediately upon his identifying someone as enemy, assume the high likelihood that the target is your natural ally.
        Precisely the same should apply to Circassian, which is why i feel gratified to be on top of his hit list.



        @ Jimbo
        @ Pat

        You are all entitled to believe what you want about “Circassian” (whoever he is) being ME in disguise, and Admin is equally entitled to tell you that there is not a shred of evidence for your suspicions.

        Solid evidence of guilt is needed before you pronounce a man “Guilty”. You already know that. If you were serving on a jury,
        I’m sure you would bend over backwards not to send a man to his death on mere suspicion.

        “Suspicions” and “hunches” and “intuitions of guilt” are not enough to send a man to the gallows. But they are enough to send a man to the gallows, it seems, when Lobro is on the jury.

        False accusations and ad hominem attacks are Lobro’s stock-in-trade. He believes in fighting dirty, the dirtier the better. He is the only one on this site who has accused Admin openly of using a wide range of sock puppets to attack him with. He made this bizarre allegation several weeks ago and has yet to retract it or apologize for it.

        Admin has my full sympathy. They deserve praise for their patience. They continue to endure the sly hit-and-run attacks of this mentally disturbed old man. He disses them openly in post after post and is allowed to get away with it. He finds fault with almost every article published on this website. He wears a perpetual sneer on his face. He accuses Admin of the shameful practice of using sock puppets to attack him. He accuses his most vocal critics, Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly, of being “demonically possessed” — for daring to stand up to him. He lectures Admin on their rules and regulations, suggesting that he should be allowed to call negroes “baboons” and “n1ggers” if he wants, contrary to their instructions that posters should refrain from such vile language. He is a law unto himself.

        The question is: why is he allowed to misbehave like this? What hold does he have over Lasha Darkmoon? Is it “emotional blackmail” because he has known her for what, 8-9-10 years?
        I don’t think so. Sardonicus has known her for much longer, ever since she was an art student in Florence long ago, and yet Sardonicus has been driven from the site ignominiously by this maniacal tinpot dictator Lobro! So It has to be more than “emotional blackmail”, doesn’t it?

        I asked my wife, a professional psychologist and trainee Hollywood scriptwriter, what she thought. She is also an avid reader of this website and is a great fan of Lasha’s. This is what she said to me:

        “I think Lobro has been her lover at some time in the past. He has obtained compromising photos of Lasha who is known to be a femme fatale beauty who resembles the silent screen actress Theda Bara.

        THEDA BARA (as Cleopatra)

        He has threatened to publish these scandalous nude photos of Lasha unless she lets him take over the DM site and sabotage it. I think Lobro is a secret infiltrator, a double agent working for the Canadian government and B’nai Brith. I think he is monitoring the Darkmoon website and acting as an agent provocateur and sting agent.”

        Well, all I can say is: I’d love to see those compromising photos of Lasha Darkmoon, if they exist. So the sooner Lobro publishes them the better! 😃

        P.S. I bet this comment will be deleted as soon as Admin reads it, so I’d advise you all to make a copy of it before it’s deleted.

        — Tomas Manuel Garcia
        (Neurology researcher at major university)

      15. I always suspected Lobro was a double agent working for the Canadian government and B’nai Brith. As an agent provocateur and sting agent. A dangerous infiltrator who who has sneaked in under our radar and duped us all. This comment by Tomas confirms all my suspicions.

      16. thanks for a wonderfully entertaining post, circassian, i see that i was right in insisting that the admin doesn’t can your presence here.

        you are not only unintentionally funny but even more unintentionally instructive.
        in the last 3 posts, you just about proved that the idea of truth has no meaning for you – i will hold off on the clue for now – but even more revealingly, the followup comment by the silent reader confirms my early suspicions of 4 months ago, namely, that it is a team effort that intelligently coopts simmering resentments among legitimate forum members into its strategy.

        In a word: THANK YOU! 😀

        nb: as for the pictures, even if i had them, i’d be terrified to show them because Sard would make sure i die a slow and justly agonizing death as the price of such betrayal.
        Just doing his job.

  5. Lasha should remember “It is no measure of mental health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


    There are NO “nukes”,i.e., a “finger on the button” is just rhetorical hyperbole.

    1. Tomas,
      Im not a Jew troll. Lots of Lashas artícles are excellent. Just not this one. Some of the posters on this site are indeed scholars and intellectual. Pat comes to mind. Lobro as well.
      Why moron Dr. Duttons article was even given the light of day is baffling. When Max and I voice our contempt, how quickly we re scolded and ridiculed. As for yourself, think of me as a Jew troll if you wish. Im not. I , as a trucker, spend many lonely nights in often remote places in U.S. My only friend is my Android. Thats where I encountered Darkmoon where I spend my lonely nights reading posts from interesting people. Sometimes I post. Sometimes not. As a whole, I appreciate this website. Its quite unique. Administración has been quite lenient with me and I appreciate that. The World is in chaos. Some people are real. Some are false. Donald Trump? I simply dont know. Only time will tell. I wish, however, that Darkmoon expand its horizons and expand beyond the U.S., Israel, Bibi, Trump, etc. The Universe is huge. Lets explore it.

  6. This is the most ridiculous non-sense article I ever read here. #1 Psychiatry is as fake a Jewish science that can be. It’s on par with “Vaccines are safe and effective”. These fake doctors think they can judge someone as a psychopath because THEY said so? Without these snake charmers labeling and casting judgements on people’s lives we’d all go about living our own lives in relative peace. Psychiatrists are a scourge on the planet and need to be excised from the fabric of our lives. Crushed, like the bed bugs they are.

    1. @ Cindy

      This is the most ridiculous non-sense article I ever read here. #1 Psychiatry is as fake a Jewish science that can be. It’s on par with “Vaccines are safe and effective”. These fake doctors think they can judge someone as a psychopath because THEY said so?

      On the contrary, it is a brilliant article that actually pokes fun at psychiatry and the Psychopathic Index it makes use of. If you knew more about the work of Lasha Darkmoon, you would know that she has complete contempt for psychiatry and especially Freudian psychonalysis. She has written many articles attacking Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Dr Alfred Kinsey. So your superficial comment lacks background knowledge. You need to do more research.

      Anyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that Dr Darkmoon is engaging in her characteristic IRONY when she writes as follows — this is tongue-in-cheek:

      Ironical bits emphasized in bold print:

      Donald Trump? He doesn’t do too badly in the Psychopath Olympics. At 171 points, he is only 7 points behind the deplorable Henry VIII who, as everyone knows, liked chopping off the heads of his wives when he grew tired of them. Trump is amazingly two points ahead of Hitler (169 points) and a mindboggling 20 points ahead of the Emperor Nero who scores a mere 151 points. Given that Nero was a torture-loving serial killer who kicked his wife Poppaea to death and jumped up and down on her lifeless body, one finds it all the more shocking to learn that the Roman tyrant is rated so much lower than the American president as a dangerous psychopath.

      Can’t you see that what LD is saying is that anyone who compares Trump to the Emperor Nero — and regards Trump as MORE psychopathic than a man who kicked his wife to death and jumped on her body! — has to be an idiot?

      Lasha Darkmoon also happens to be a Christian. So do you really think she is is pleased to see Jesus Christ listed as a “psychopath” along with St Paul? Get real, Cindy! You need to refocus and see the underlying irony in this article — an irony completely missed by that Australian imbecile Max Bilney who has used this site constantly to boast about his sexual conquests and describe the length of his “10-inch penis”!

      And this sexual pervert now stomps off the website affecting airs of moral superiority! 🙂

      1. It’s like JMC said before posting the “The Glory that was Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome” article.

        Time fer a little repose and maybe a few laughs too (:>)

    2. “Psychiatry is as fake a Jewish science that can be. It’s on par with ‘Vaccines are safe and effective’.”

      It’s like anything else in this world: it’s a fraud only to the extent that it’s a fraud.

      If a reasonably intelligent person spends decades studying the traits of evil people and comes up with a set of criteria that’s useful in predicting someone’s future behavior based on a set of apparent personality traits, how’s that inherently fraudulent? That’s just observation and reasoning.

  7. I have a serious problem with accepting Dutton’s Psychiatric Personality Inventory in which Jesus and Saint Paul score relatively high. Is this real science or is this prejudice disguised as science ? Yes, religious geniuses (and other kind of geniuses) are not “normal” but that does not necessarily mean they are psychopaths. There is such a thing as supra-normal. Geniuses have minds that function on a higher level than that of normal people. Because of that they are admired by some and despised by others. To call such people “crazy” is often the jealous revenge of the mediocre man.

    Furthermore I doubt real psychopathy can be defined with such accurate scores as Dutton presents, instead of giving an overall impression.

    Let me give here my own overall impression of Trump for what it is worth.

    1) Trump’s character.

    The core of Trump’s character is narcissism. Trump is full of admiration for himself and that gives him the self-confidence and courage to try to achieve great things in which he both fails and succeeds. Both his business life (4 bankruptcies and still rich) and his personal life (2 divorces and still happily married) show this failure-cum-success pattern. In spite of his narcissism he is basically not a bad person, as his employees, ex-wives and children can vouch for.

    2) Trump’s fitness for the presidency.

    Trump’s concern for America and his wish to “make it great again” are genuine, but neither his character nor his ignorance about foreign policy make him fit for this role. Besides, he is impulsive, has no coherent plan and thinks that with brashness you can solve all problems. If his minders keep an eye upon him and can avoid the worst blunders, then at best his presidency (which will be of one term only) will show the same pattern as his business and personal life : a combination of failure and success.

    3) Trump’s Jewish connections.

    Trump comes from a family that for generations has understood that cultivating warm relations with Jews is “good for career”. Trump himself has gone so far in this respect that all his children are married to Jews and his daughter has even converted to Judaism. Consequently we cannot expect Trump to see Jews as “enemies”. Trump is despised by left wing Jews because of his conservative opinions, but cultivated by right wing Jews such as Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson who hope to use him for Israeli politics. Netanyahu hopes for a stronger anti-Iran policy (more sanctions if not all out war) and Trump’s sanctions against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard point in that direction. Hopefully Trump’s “minders” can withhold him from an all out war with Iran until the end of his one term presidency after which a saner person can take over.

    Conclusion : Trump is narcissistic and impulsive but not psychopathic or criminal. His instability and ignorance make him unfit for the presidency but hopefully his minders can avoid him to make the greatest blunders. After the farce of his presidency is over, I hope Congress will adopt a new law that will demand candidates for the presidency be psychologically tested. After all is that not done also for functions in business life ?

    Finally, here is a picture of Trump with the portrait of the man he admires most …himself

    1. “Trump’s concern for America and his wish to ‘make it great again’ are genuine, but neither his character nor his ignorance about foreign policy make him fit for this role.”

      How would a bloodthirsty demon-possessed jew-inspired lunatic like Orange Clown even define American “greatness”? I don’t think that slogan means anything to him. How can a pathological narcissist such as Orange Clown even “think” in such terms? He can’t; he’s simply not capable of it. It’s not his “ignorance about foreign policy” that’s the problem; rather, it’s his complete lack of empathy and inability to discern right from wrong.

      1. “How would a bloodthirsty demon-possessed jew-inspired lunatic like Orange Clown even define American “greatness”?”

        Trump has already been asked that question:

        “The answer, Trump explained, was during periods of military and industrial expansion at the onset of the 20th century and again in the years after World War II.”

      2. So according to Trump “greatness” is something that happens during periods of military and industrial “expansion”? (IOW I was right, it’s just a meaningless slogan?)

    2. Franklin,

      The picture of Trump you sent us in a link has been picked up and used by the Truthseeker site. We didn’t feature this picture on our site (except in a link), not wishing to give needless offense to the Trump admirers in our midst. But the editor of Truthseeker decided to use the actual picture up front. That’s OK with us. It’s a fine picture.

      1. @ Lasha Bashers

        I’d just like to make it clear that Lasha Darkmoon is NOT a “Zionist agent”, any more than Harold Smith or Franklyn Ryckaert are Zionist agents for expressing their doubts about Donald Trump. Before you free speech haters (like Ken O’Neill bloviating above) try to maul Lasha Darkmoon to death for the crime of SPEAKING HER OWN MIND FREELY on her own website, I’d like to remind you guys of Harold Smith’s excellent observation made here a few days ago:

        “2 + 2 = 4 EVEN IF A JEW SAYS IT IS.”

        This universal truth applies to psychiatrists too: 2 + 2 = 4 even if a psychiatrist says it is.

        If a hateful Jew or hateful psychiatrist says “It is freezing cold at the South Pole”, he must be believed if the thermometer backs him up! Understand? Anyone who thinks Lasha Darkmoon deserves abuse and contempt for writing this well-researched and entertaining article is invited to relocate to some other website. If this article is good enough for the Truthseeker, where it is seen as legitimate comment, it is good enough for us. So there! 🙂

  8. I loved the article. However I quibble with this sentence about Trump: “How he got into the White House is therefore a mystery.” I suggest that there is no mystery to it. To their credit, the GOP primary voters demonstrated that they were sick and tired of these endless Middle East wars. (The fact that most voters probably have no idea that the wars are all for Greater Israel is no matter). Trump offered a possible end to the carnage. The only other candidate who was better on that score was Rand Paul. The other fifteen midgets were unlikeable neoconservatives all promising to be more bloodthirsty than Obama. It was predictable, from the time that Megyn Kelly posed that insulting question to Trump, that he would demolish that second-rate field.

    The same occurred with Trump’s Electoral College victory over the sainted, bloodthirsty Hillary. It was a victory by the “deplorables” over the despised mainstream media, and the dysfunctional DC Swamp. Just to see the look on Rachel Maddow’s face when he was declared the winner made Trump’s victory a joyous occasion. And to his victory I say thank God for the Electoral College. I don’t want to see California, our country’s most dysfunctional state, deciding, by hook or crook, that the winner will always be a Leftist. That would doubtless happen if the election was by popular vote. Stay tuned. Trump (whom Lionel Nation, borrowing from Patton, has called a “magnificent bastard”) has made sure that we live in interesting times.

    1. @ FOW

      Your comment was held up because of the typo in your email address. (You left out the letter “c”).

    2. @ Folly of War

      I was going to post a comment about that, but you have done an excellent job.

  9. I just completed what I thought was a pretty good, thoughtful comment only to see it disappear. This has never happened to me before on this site. To Admins: was there a malfunction or is there another explanation?

  10. I’ve always had my suspicions about Lasha Darkmoon being just another Zionist controlled opposition troll, this article just let the mask slip. No mention or inclusion of any Jews in the jew invented psychopath index, yet the prominent inclusion of Jesus Christ and Saint Paul just says it all.

    1. Thank you for this charming comment. Aren’t you pleased we let you “out” Lasha Darkmoon as a “Zionist troll” on her own website? Would you care to write a full-length article for us explaining how you arrived at this sensational conclusion? 🙂

      (You next comment, if any, will be monitored for politeness.)

  11. Psycho-chart or no, the USA, (and the world by extension), has met its karma and its name is Donald J Trump.
    ( J as in Juggernaut)

    Then again, as we all very well know . . ‘if you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything’
    also seems apropos..

  12. Over decades, the Jew power structure in Sewer Nation has “engineered” ignorance/stupidity. The nation is lost and oddly enough, the very ones whom could have saved it have codified ignorance. One look at just the last millenia, one can see the negative influence the Jew has been. W/o a doubt THE most racist/supremacist group on earth. Accurately labeled “The Synagogue of Satan”, Working vigorously to cement this system of things under their g_d’s,(Lucifer), control.

    Quote from “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel;
    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. (Pg 155)

    Fat chance in absorbing THEM on an equal footing with the human race!

  13. Having had his (Trump’s) third (3rd) meeting with Henry Kissinger this year, it doesn’t bode well for the ‘free amerika from big jewry’ camp. With only Syria and Iran left on the Israeli ‘kill’ list, and scores of elected representatives having an all expense paid trip to the Disney/Auschwitz theme park in Tel Aviv, we can safely assume that no one person will ever free the US from Joo control, neither will even a small group of highly enlightened men. As long as dual-national israeli citizenship in and around the circles of government remains unchallenged, nothing can change. Nothing will change.

    As far as, “……..he will be a psychopath worth voting for.” : Any election controlled by computers, programmed by people with vested interests in the outcome, is no election. It is a placebo; a fool’s errand; a booby trap. And the dumbed down mindless Hollywood football gawking amerikans are the perfect boobies every time.

  14. Thanks LD and commenters. It seems we have reached a juncture where a clarification of Mr. Trump is useful. FOLLYOFWAR notes the electoral victory as a reaction against more ME wars, and he’s right. There are a number of other major issues, social Marxism and unchecked immigration, the corrupt mismanagement of Globalist/Internationale house servant Obama, destruction of the American economy by wholesale destruction through export of manufacturing and insane legislation, rampant sick pedophile social engineering. Essentially Jewish inspired cultural Marxism, social Marxism, and racial Marxism, as so well once defined by FRANKLIN RYCKAERT coupled with vicious Zionist Neo-con wars of aggression.

    What could have been was destroyed when Mr. Trump began surrounding himself with incompetents and closet Marxists like Gary Cohn, and the insane nepotism of Jared Kushner, almost all jews, but not with the highest levels of competency in far too many cases. Franklin is right about narcissism, the tendency to impulse, and especially ignorance. Mr. Trump is impulsive because he simply is not equipped intellectually to restrain himself or trouble himself to examine in depth, relying on “gut feelings” and instinct to guide him. I would suggest that America needs a civil service competency test for any future (if there is one) candidate for high office. It’s a basic requirement for lower level offices, it’s beyond belief that any telegenic fool can run for the highest offices without certifying basic competency in an increasingly complex world.

    The decertification of the Iran deal is without a doubt the beginning of Mr. Trump’s march to disaster. Coupled with a Globalist/Internationalist Congress impeding vital and badly needed change, which requires a President fully focused on the situation, Mr. Trump has disgraced himself and betrayed America. A remotely honest press would hound him endlessly with the simple question “Why isn’t more being done to get the International Pariah Israel in line with civilized nations ? Iran has signed the Nuclear non-proliferation act, Israel infamously refuses to sign.”

    As I’ve noted before, once the level of Khazar influence reaches a critical mass, there is a non varying repeating historical pattern of national destruction. Mr. Trump is accelerating this pattern at an alarming rate.

    1. Winston –

      You wrote:
      “I would suggest that America needs a civil service competency test for any future (if there is one) candidate for high office.”

      Competency tests are not needed for puppets such as US Presidents. They need only to be able to read the scripts and cards, sign on the dotted lines…. and follow orders..!! 🙂

      1. Pat, like 95% of all employees do..
        You missed a part, though. A spoken and unspoken order.
        The ‘keep your mouth shut’ part. (lol)

      2. @PAT

        Yes, that was the point I was trying to make. Franklin suggested Psychological testing, I suppose that could be integrated into an overall Competency test.

        You are right about reading scripts. Clinton was a floundering disaster before David Gergen taught him some points of Presidential Theater. Spoiled son of wealth “W” struggled to name President Musharraf as Pakistan’s leader at the time in response to questioning. Obama, talented community organizer, let racial resentment and hatred blind him to the very real dangers of the one size fits all Marxist-Globalist Agenda he fully endorsed (Cash from Mr. Soros was no doubt persuasive as well). I don’t expect perfection, but the struggle for same can produce excellence. Khazar corrupt mandates dictate stooges before, during, and after all else.

        More Serial Killer government.

    2. “There are a number of other major issues …”


      You put together a pretty good list of reasons why folks opted for Trump. However, there is one significant omission: Obama-care. Add that to your list and you are spot-on.

      I think another part of his victory can be attributed to Clinton. Folks did not trust her, did not want to see her in the oval office, and tossed a vote toward Trump as a way of voting against Clinton, not necessarily for Trump. This is what happened with the pro-(lying-Ted) Cruz / anti-Trump backers.

  15. “Some of his most senior men have decided that it is their patriotic duty to protect the country from the President’s worst mistakes. They have renewed their pact to ensure that not all of them will ever be abroad at the same time. They will ensure that at least one will remain in the country to monitor orders coming from the White House.”
    there’s nothing new about this. but it’s probably the jewish advisors who really program the guy. the president has had no real power since jfk was murdered by the cia/mossad bolsheviki deepstate in 1963.. one more good american in a long line of such victims.
    i can’t believe anybody who wants to be taken seriously still quotes big (jew) media poles. but even after the last election pole fiasco they still do it. they didn’t even blink about it.
    the hitler comparison is just another personal attack against trump made by people who have no logical argument against his better ideas.
    everybody who isn’t perfect is a ‘psychopath’ in his own way.
    beside which, hitler was no psychopath anyway. he was either a local here trying to defend his country against the commie jews, who had declared war on germany, or he was just another slimy double-agent, like obama.
    take out the holohoax and it’s a different story.
    and college professors being what they are these days i don’t know what thinking person would listen to too many of them.
    what else does this professor profess?
    so far trump is just another jew puppet, whereas they do have to maintain a certain amount of public relations.
    it is disingenuous to malign his actions without saying the word ‘israel’ every time his supposed opposition names his policies – amy goodman, chris hedges, thom hartman, etc..
    if he decapitates iran, like the jews did libya and the rest, it will be no more ‘psychopathic’.. it will just be business as usual.
    but the jews may be able to shift some of the notoriety of their actions off on to trump on account of his personality defects.
    that’s probably the plan all along.
    steve bannon is obviously another double agent. he doesn’t ask who killed breitbart and now he has his job. he was put in place inside the white house to sabotage the trump train people voted for, which he said upon leaving was “over”.
    we all knew trump was covered in jews from the beginning but we thought we had to give him a chance to secure the border, since the rest of field would never have even mentioned it. that’s how far gone things are in the usa today.
    a real honcho would have put the army on the southern border right after taking his oath.
    yet trump did repair the supreme court a little and he did kill the tpp.
    one would think those moves adversarial to the jew banksters’ nwo agenda.
    but now he quits unesco, long hated by the ziocons for its sympathy to the palestinians.
    and by the way, the real reason harvey weinstein is now in the jew septic tank is because of his honest documentary on that subject ‘miral’..
    sure it’s a path to peace harvey – but that’s not what the ziocons want.
    how could a guy as smart as you be so naive?

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “so far trump is just another jew puppet, whereas they do have to maintain a certain amount of public relations.”

      I agree 100%..!!

      ALL US Presidents are deflectors…. dartboards at best… with the power of the office in their hands… benefiting the $$$$ powers globally.

      They are actors and distractors.. 🙂

  16. If Trump is not a Psychopath, then the rest of his team is. They are also not too bright, because nowhere in the world does it get any worse. There is not one person among them that can hold a candle to the team behind Putin.

    1. Tony –

      You wrote:
      “There is not one person among them that can hold a candle to the team behind Putin.”

      The team behind ‘Put-On’ is the Bank for International Settlements and the UN.

      He is a puppet running a country with a GNP the size of NYC..!!

      He begs for help from US corporations. 🙂

      Putin asks U.S. businessmen to help restore normal dialogue with Washington

      Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a business roundtable session ”Russia – USA” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, June 2, 2017.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin called on U.S. businessmen on Friday to help restore normal dialogue with Washington, saying good U.S.-Russia relations were in the interest of both nations.

      Putin, addressing senior U.S. business executives during an economic forum in St Petersburg, said Moscow would continue to talk to U.S. President Donald Trump and the new U.S. administration.

      “Help us restore normal political dialogue,” Putin said. “I ask you on behalf of Russia and I address the American side: help the new president and the new administration.”


  17. pat – true, but they could be the real deal if they would act like it.
    trouble is – the real deal dudes are never allowed to get that far.
    trump said a lot of the right things and he did do a few right things but so far he’s not taking full command.
    the president has to be the boss of them all, first and foremost the security apparatus.
    and that’s a tall order, because those agencies are way, way out of line.
    slamming the southern border shut would be a good first indication he’s got the right stuff.
    all that immigrant invasion is still a big threat.
    my opinion – these latest fires in california were most likely set by mexican cartel gangsters in retaliation for trump’s swat raids against the “bad dudes”…

  18. “Lobro’s Theory” aside (not that EVENTS have ever disproved it, on the contrary but the appeal for event-based analysis has fallen on solidly blocked ears for the most part, counter-arguments amount to simply calling me an idiot), there is a binary choice of judgment of Doctor Dutton, the celebrated healer of minds.

    1. He is the real deal, well worth listening to, his judgments are sound and should be adopted, or

    2. He is a worthless fake, quite possibly a sold out mouthpiece for Jews and Freemasonry.

    Let’s assume the first case, give him a civil benefit of doubt.
    Which means that his linear rating scale for psychopathy is accurate.
    Well, Trump tops it at 171, just ahead of Hitler – 169, and Jesus at 157.
    Note that #2 and 3 are widely acknowledged as the greatest enemies of Phariseism in history, although judging by the existential hysterics of Jew Lugenpresse, Trump is every bit as hated by JEW.
    Oh, people will say, it’s just theatrics … in which case, why not extend this to Hitler and Jesus, ie, Jew actually loves them both.

    And after Jesus come real humanitarians and philanthropists, like Churchill, Cromwell and Nero … all of you who admire and respect Dr Dutton will have to accept that Jesus is much, much worse, more evil and callous than either Cromwell or Churchill.
    Tony Blair is nowhere near, Hillary Clinton not worth even an honorable mention nor is Bomber Harris, true angels of virtue, compassion and mercy compared to Jesus Christ.
    And take note that there isn’t a single Jew on the list, Trotsky, Kaganovich, Yegoda, Ilya Ehrenburg, Ariel Sharon, Netanyahu … any conclusions?
    How about Antichrist?
    Oh, he is simply the best by the simple calculation that if Christ is the worst, then Antichrist, by virtue of being in direct contradiction to Christ must be the best.

    And the 2nd hypothesis, that Dr Dutton is a POS garbage, a dingleberry in a rabbi’s adult diaper, sold for 30 silver plated trinket shekels from the temple moneychangers, should not be contemplated for 3 reasons:
    it is disrespectful,
    it is antisemitic, and
    it paves the road to Trump’s rehab in the upturned eyes of the blind, because it shows to what desperate measures the Trump bashers will resort to score an own-goal.

    1. Lobro –

      ALL national leaders are selected..!!
      All national leaders are LIARS..!!
      ALL national leaders NEED BASHING..!!

    2. Pat,
      I just replace “ALL” by “MOST” and it stands on solid factual grounds.
      There are known exceptions to the rule, e.g., Gaddafi, Chavez, Titus Vespasian … quite a few more that we may not agree on.

      What the exceptions share is getting in by force or stealth, during attention lapse by the Chosen Choosers.

      1. Lobro –

        You getting closer to the mark. Gaddafi and Chavez were taken out HARD…. by $$$$ powers..!!! The rest are irrelevant today.. They had NO Bank for International Settlements or UN to bow down to. No UN Agenda-21 or Agenda 2030 or UDD $$$$ controlling them.

        You wrote:
        “What the exceptions share is getting in by force or stealth, during attention lapse by the Chosen Choosers.”

        I do not believe that for even one second. You have gone limp. 🙂

        I claim that ALL national leaders are put there by $$$$$ powers. NONE are there by stealth…. especially in case of ‘Put-On’…. who was not elected at all to his first term. He was appointed by Yeltsin to succeed him as dictatorial HEAD OF STATE..!! ‘Put-On’ is NOT part of the Government of the Russian Federation. He can do away with the government there.

        The elections are done as a sham – PLACEBO – in US and around the globe.

      2. The most obvious case so far, I think, is [French] Emmanuel Macron, who appeared from “nowhere” [i.e. directly from the Rothschilds’ bank] and in less than a year became a president! If we didn’t know better, we would believe that he is a genius. Before him, two Jewish PMs, [UK] David Cameron, a stockbroker, and [NZ] John Key, a Merill Lynch accountant, had waited for a couple of years, but Macron is Rothschild’s biggest success in quick appointments for Goyim public.

      3. Pat,
        Inherent in your argument is the notion that ONLY in violent death, i.e., assassination lies the proof of a national leader’s patriotism.

        I, on the other hand claim that discernment is possible during their tenure by judicious examination of the effects they stamp upon the national and international affairs.

        This is our main bone of contention and it is far from academic.

        Let’s look at it from a perspective of functionality.

        According to my view, it is possible to lend badly needed reinforcement to such a fuhrer while there is an opportunity to enhance the effects and given sufficient support, the war may be won through a succession of victorious battles and unwavering, morale-boosting camaraderie.
        Whereas, all your method does is provide a sad acknowledgment of an opportunity missed, because the only good leaders are dead ones.

        So you see that there are significant utilitarian ramifications … i believe in living heroes.

      4. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “Inherent in your argument is the notion that ONLY in violent death, i.e., assassination lies the proof of a national leader’s patriotism.”

        That is YOUR false invention – guess – assumption.. 🙂

        I never made that claim.

        You also wrote:
        “Let’s look at it from a perspective of functionality.”

        I have always done that.

        Vote fraud is very FUNCTIONAL as a means to place the ones who are needed as a puppet.

        I have seen the fraud first-hand. My dad won a lawsuit which proved it in the late 60s. The win did not change the election. No new election was held.

        I DO claim….
        THERE IS NO ELECTORATE..!! 🙂 🙂

      5. Snez

        The most obvious case so far, I think, is [French] Emmanuel Macron, who appeared from “nowhere” [i.e. directly from the Rothschilds’ bank] and in less than a year became a president! If we didn’t know better, we would believe that he is a genius.

        Thanks for this aid in illuminating the points i keep hammering on and i wish everybody would give this some thought.

        Compare the treatment the Mainstream Media (Lügenpresse) accorded to Macron (French version of Obama) to Trump, both before and after election – it is a wonderful demonstration of where they truly stand in JEW’s scheme of things.

        How people can go on insisting that Macron and Trump are the product of the same shabbo assembly line is beyond me.

        As to anyone calling Macron (El Maricon) a genius, once again, over my head, I don’t get it, IMO he is just another entrant in tel Aviv’s annual drag queen contest, the spiked heels sprint.

      6. lobro

        It’s all pretty anachronistic by now, isn’t it?

        It would appear that all the would-be heroes are hamstrung, even if they WERE able to see a reasonable path for effecting heroic deeds. Have been since the 3rd Reich met it’s inglorious end. Now, national survival as it is presently perceived is the only focus, Meaning, not national sovereignty in it’s true sense.

        After the exclamation point that was Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the game has changed irrevocably.

    3. Lobro,

      The ranking on this jew fabricated list is too much an honour for a mere puppet like Trump, even in case you are right about him, which I find highly unlikely. ( still, hope you are and I’m wrong, that would be the best thing ). I myself would consider it a huge compliment being regarderd as such. But that’s perhaps because I am a genuine psychopath. There are a lot of people in the world who I could kill without blinking my eyelids. I guess that qualifies.

      1. 1138

        Yeah, nothin’ like an assassination of true import to get the blood flowin’! (:>}

        Not sure if that’s even possible anymore

  19. The very idea that (((they))) would allow anyone they don’t control to attain the presidency is laughable. People should understand that the Pied Piper is NOT just a kids fairy tale. Trump’s daughter and son in law are (Lubavitcher) jews. It is obvious that, as they move their power East, they have to bring down America. A war with Iran ( which also helps them with their Kurdistan gambit) is an ideal start. North Korea would probably get involved also. Trump, and all world leaders, serve the (((banksters))).

    The Turner Diaries is coming to America, along with a horrific hyperinflation. Thanks jews.

    1. ET –

      “The very idea that (((they))) would allow anyone they don’t control to attain the presidency is laughable.”

      YESSS..!!! It really IS..!!

      The same goes for Prezzy ‘Put-On’ in the puny country of Russia…. the welfare state of US business…. USA East… begging for USD… 🙂

    2. The Jew’s phony script is quickly devaluing to worthless. America first had the nickle standard. Many things could be purchased for this single coin. During the twentieth century came the dime standard, then the quarter, then the dollar.

      Since the beginning of the 21st century it has become the ten dollar standard, then the twenty dollar standard. Today it is rapidly approaching the one hundred dollar standard where a hundred dollar bill will be the standard denomination for transactions. This is not due to “rising prices” as portrayed by the Jew media, but the increasing worthlessness of the Monopoly “money” Jews have created and inflated.

      One of the major economic factors keeping judaized America financially afloat are the low prices due to economic disparity between America and China. The only reason America has lasted this long is due to the flood of cheap, Chinese goods. When that disparity finally disappears – and it will – America and its “service economy” will most assuredly sing its swan song.

      One can only wonder about the eventual outcome of the Jew’s American financial power finally evaporating to worthlessness. One thing is certain, Trump’s election and rising civil unrest are sure signs Jews are preparing for that rapidly approaching eventuality.

      Life in America is becoming ugly – very ugly, but what else might one expect from the parasitical influence of a hideously ugly race that has always created hideously ugly environments for unsuspecting and uncritical people? Very soon people will have to begin making very ugly decisions to survive their ugly master’s ugly destruction.

  20. LD,

    Thanks for this brilliant article. Just saw it on Truthseeker and thought I’d check in here to read some of the comments. You have some very talented commenters here…

    1. And I bet Tomas thinks his compadre Señor Colina is THE most talented commentator here…

      1. I bet if there’s a war with North Korea, after the war, whether Uncle Sam wins, loses, or the war is a tie, doesn’t matter, the USA will be inundated with massive numbers of immigrants from North Korea. The USA always gets inundated with massive numbers of immigrants from countries Uncle Sam has wars with. With the wars in the Middle East, Uncle Sam even allows immigrants from the very countries Uncle Sam is fighting while the fighting is taking place. Uncle Sam just can’t wait for those immigrants from countries Uncle Sam wars against! Amazing!

        1. The USA is on the same side of Israel the country that did 9/11, the country that attacked the United States on 9/11, so the USA already lost WW3 as the USA is on the same side of the very country that attacked the USA on 9/11. Nothing like being allies with a country that commits a MEGA WAR CRIME against your country. The only way to win a world war is by being allied with an enemy country that commits a massive war crime against your country!

    1. Darrell,
      Thanks….gracias. I read “The Greatest Story Never Told ,” several years ago in México. It bought tears to my eyes. One thing is for sure. Whoever Jew hates is doing the right thing. Hes your friend.

  21. I don’t agree with this article. None of the accusations are substantiated. How can psychiatrists analyze someone’s mental health without a personal interview, and testing. I repeat my understanding of Trump as the bull in the china closet where anything unstable is bound to shatter–so he hit a blow to the global warming theory, supposed settled science became a joke. Now it’s safe to say out loud what everyone has known for decades about Hollywood’s sex scandals. I wish Trump would drain the swamp, I wish he would have followed through with his original plan of neutrality in Syria, and peace with Russia. Wishes aren’t reality, though.

    I don’t trust the poll numbers. Apparently, one of the problems with the polls is that they are over sampling Democrats based on the demographics of the 2012 election–at least that was what one commentator said. If Trump were so wildly unpopular why would his comments on the NFL be enough to plummet the attendance by half. If he were so wildly unpopular why can he still pack stadiums. This may be just one more of those Saul Alinsky tactics of making his supporters feel isolated and alone. According to the same exact polls Hillary Clinton was elected president. Polls were so certain about her victory that Hillary didn’t even bother writing a concession speech. Her book, her book tours, the meltdowns of the media, the attempts to impeach Trump, indict him, etc. etc. are all head banging over polls that were off. Trump supporters don’t poll well. Why would anyone admit to supporting Trump when some Left leaning Antifa thug could smash his head with a rock, or a flag pole, or whatever. Trump may have a big mouth but his opponents are violent. It’s scary. The Left ignores these thugs. What would happen to ordinary white people if these racist bullies came to power.

    I live under a Democratic Party California dictatorship in California. If Hillary had won the whole country would be under a Democratic dictatorship. Hillary Clinton ran a criminal network. When someone trashes Trump I can only assume that person would have preferred Clinton—pay to play, private servers with the Awan Brothers, bodies piling up, covering up horrid crimes like sex trafficking. So… I am glad Trump won somehow. Anyone who is promoting a reversion to the mystification of Democratic party rule…. I don’t get it.

    1. Kapoore –

      You wrote:
      “When someone trashes Trump I can only assume that person would have preferred Clinton”

      That is an incorrect assumption in many cases.
      I trash ALL presidents…. the same as Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine and Ezra Pound and others have done.

    2. Kapoore,
      So sad about the dying “sanctuary state” of California. Jerry Brown was called Governor “Moonbeam” his first go round years ago, and it appears that he hasn’t changed much. When I was growing up California was called the Golden State with whites flocking there in large numbers. Their educational system was said to be the best in the country. All these terrible fires will no doubt increase white flight from the state, then who will be left to pay the taxes. I find those Internet rumors about Mexican gangs setting the fires because all those legal marijuana farms were destroying their market share quite credible. Do you?

      1. Folly –

        You wrote:
        “I find those Internet rumors about Mexican gangs setting the fires because all those legal marijuana farms were destroying their market share quite credible.”

        I believe that the fires were started as 99% are, and have been for the last few billion years…… by lightning..!! 🙂

        Maybe you and other will find this article “quite credible” also…

        Proof CA Fires Started by HAARP Matches!

        “The tree pictured above is burning from the inside out! Was it hit by lighting bolts generated by HAAP technology or was it hit by microwave energy from the weather weapons that caused the nano aluminum particles from the chemtrails to spontaneously combust?”

      2. Hi Follyofwar,

        I don’t know how these terrible fires started but it does seem suspicious that in one night about five fires simultaneously broke out—-looks like arson to me but I haven’t heard anything. The state government is criminal and incompetent. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were turf wars going on from Mexican gangs, but for some reason all these recent disasters like Vegas and Wine Country fires seem more professional. Maybe I shouldn’t connect them but I do. One thing I can say for sure, though, is that the state of California does not have the money to buy the necessary equipment to fight these fires because they have squandered so much on taking care of their illegal immigrant voting base. The Lefties really could care less about the residents of California with legal citizenship. Governor Brown allows illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses, and voter registration papers come with the driver’s licenses. I know I just got my paperwork to renew my driver’s license and voter registration was included.

      3. Pat,

        Trees burning from the inside-out is not abnormal. A few of the giant redwoods in Sequoia National Park are hollow, burned from the core, and are still alive, and thousands of years old. I’m pretty sure they pre-date HAARP.


        I read the fire started Sunday afternoon, a week ago, in an industrial park. This is fire season for California; high temperatures, low humidity, everything is dry after the summer, and there are strong, dry winds. Before fire crews could extinguish the fire, embers from the small fire blew to the tops of hills creating several fires that quickly grew in magnitude. It is my understanding all of the fires, I think 8 of them, started on the tops of hills and burned down into the valleys. Strong winds blew embers as far away as Berkeley and Oakland, starting fires in the hills there, almost 50-miles away. Smoke from the fire is blowing south. The air quality in San Francisco is worse than in Beijing, which has the world’s worse air quality.

        My understanding is the pot farms are further north of the fires, from Mendocino to Eureka. This morning I read Puerto Rico’s pot farms were wiped out by the hurricane that also wiped out, well, all of Puerto Rico.

        A few days ago I read the home of the late Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, was completely destroyed. All of the original artwork and memorabilia for Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, et al., is gone.

      4. Gilroy –

        You wrote:
        “Trees burning from the inside-out is not abnormal. A few of the giant redwoods in Sequoia National Park are hollow, burned from the core, and are still alive, and thousands of years old. I’m pretty sure they pre-date HAARP.”

        Hell yes..!!! ‘BeforeItsNews’ is as bad as ‘Enquirer’..!! 🙂

    3. Dear Kapoore,

      Your comments are very well said. Thank you. I agree. I also live under the dictatorship in California and it is a total nightmare — from the Regime decriminalizing some thefts and marijuana to the illegals who are exploiting our state. Hillary Clinton would have also persecuted the churches even worse than Obama did. It’s interesting that no one seems to be commenting that Obama and Michelle and the thugs that surrounded him were sociopaths or psychopaths.

      I agree that a psychologist cannot diagnose someone whom they haven’t evaluated. All of this mud-slinging at Trump is Alinsky-like methods, as you suggest.

      I question why darkmoon had to publish this psychologist’s theory about Trump being a psychopath. It’s like spreading gossip and rumors — not wise or helpful to anyone.

  22. I hate to link to jewish media, but this cartoon about Trump in Israeli left wing on line daily Haaretz adequately expresses the world’s worries about him :


  23. [defending Jews] [defending Jesus]
    The God Of Judaism Is A Psychopath – by Bernard Weckman
    “Gaza is an open air concentration camp where snipers take pot shots at children, aircraft shoot missiles into crowds, and bulldozers randomly destroy homes with impunity.”
    Sociopathy is a syndrome in which either one or both of the orbital frontal association cortices cannot assess socially unconditioned somatic signals. Sociopaths cannot emotionally condition social experience… Sociopaths don’t have an identity, they play roles… The “trans” agenda is currently at the forefront of the Marxist movement. Ten years ago nobody had even heard of the term “transgender,” and now 1.4 million Americans identify as such… Transgender isn’t an identity, it’s a role. It’s not a physiological reality manifested independently, it’s a psychological delusion based on conformity and collusion.

  24. Oh dear, where are Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly when they are needed most? Who will defend Lasha Darkmoon’s reputation, if not them?

    Lies and stupidity need to be defended – truth needs no defense.

    1. I’m a little unclear as to why LD needs “defenders” given that DM comment policies make it clear that comments attacking the authors of articles, and comments that take advantage of “free speech” are specifically subject to deletion.

      Comment Policy #4: “You are free to say anything you want in any way you want. And we are free to delete your comment or ban you from posting if we happen to see your comment and think you are taking advantage of our hospitality. It’s as simple as that. ”

      Comment Policy #10: “WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language… Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent; or go to some other website….”

      The task of monitoring the often unruly characters who comment here is surely not an easy one, and the monitor(s) obviously need time to eat, sleep, and live their own lives. However, it seems equally obvious that several comments on this article could and probably should have been deleted in accordance with clearly articulated DM policies, making it unnecessary for Lasha to need “defenders”.

      I imagine that regular DM readers see comments attacking LD for what they are: unwarranted, ill-informed and mean spirited attacks on a lady who in no way deserves abuse of any kind, particularly on her own website, and even more particularly when the abuse is directed at her because of something written by someone else. Given that Sardonicus and Madame B. have now become silent readers by choice, I’ll venture to predict that one or two others among the regular readers and / or commentariat will soon step forward to defend Lasha from any future abuse in the event that abusive comments are not simply deleted. After all, quite a few of us are old-timers who, some unfortunate run-ins with wild-eyed and radical feminists notwithstanding, still believe that chivalry is not yet dead.

      1. Carnaptious –

        I do not see the problems that many others see.

        I am looking for ‘jewels’ of info to place in the ‘crown of knowledge’.

        A burst in anger or excessive revolt or rebuttal often reveals more than a friendly exchange. Wild belligerents, even intelligent ones, will unknowingly drop their guards. That’s a judo trick… 🙂

        I have come to believe that it is a job of ‘measuring’ more than ‘monitoring’ for admin and LD….. to garner those ‘jewels’ that would otherwise never be discovered. ‘Jewels’ are wanted. Banter exposes them.

        LD reads all of the comments.

        1. Well said, Pat! but I assure you LD does NOT read all the comments. Even the monitors don’t have time to do that. We delete outrageous comments only if we notice them. BTW, you hold the record as the most prolific poster on this site. You have now written 9,333 comments. Most posters here haven’t even broken through the 1000 barrier.

          9,333 approved

          1. 69 shopping days until Christmas!!!

            ¡69 days! to get Monte Lasha and Lucy and Moaner and uncle their COMBO Christmas/going away presents!!! Lasha will be closing down dark m00n on Christmas — 69 days from today!!! Hurry up and do your shopping now!!! Avoid the crowds!!! uncle wants TWO separate gifts, a Christmas gift AND a going away gift so make sure to buy uncle TWO gifts. ¡69 days! for uncle to find a new job!

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            Maybe the jews the Freemasons and the Jesuits The Science MAFIA will put in a good word for uncle to help uncle get a job with Emerick — for everything uncle does to Guard and Protect and Defend the jew’s the Freemason’s the jesuit’s The Science MAFIA’S MEGA PSYOP/GIANT LIE the Heliocentric bullshit from Nimrod’s Babylon AND THE JEW’S QABALAH.

            69 days until dark m00n closes down!!! Now go out there and do some shopping!!!! 🙂


  25. Although I do have some problems with Trump, I think using the term psychopath is nebulous .Most of congress shows more signs of psychopathy than Trump, yet are sacrosanct from any comments on their mental state, prime example John McCain. Trumps transition to the mannerisms of a media stereotyped politician is rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean he has a mental disorder it’s the other way around. Where is the violent social behavior? Is it his. defensive Tweet when some one graphically wishes him decapitated.

    Trump a psychpath?? I rate that analysis 10 steaming piles in pastureland.

    1. Yes indeed, Insane McCain (aka) John McNasty (aka) John McCIA (aka) John McYes he’d kill Abel..

      1. HP, still not close to the Rothschilds’ insanity. We can’t even count how many people these psychopaths have impoverished, destroyed and murdered over the past few centuries.

      2. Yeah, no kidding. I only spit at McCain because his name was brought up to make a point and I detest him. But lol, yeah, after 50 years or so I’m kinda familiar with the Rothschilds, et al.
        And probably one or two no one has ever heard of..

      3. I wrote a little poem on John McCain a while back:

        Jingo Johnny Mac

        Young Johnny Mac, he liked to fight
        And then he’d drink much beer at night;
        When older he killed Viet Cong,
        Then left his wife, which is WAY wrong!
        And then he ran for president,
        And said “I want to leave a dent
        In all the oil-rich countries that
        Keep Uncle Sam from getting fat.”
        It kept his pockets padded well,
        But then he died and went to hell.

    2. “Most of congress shows more signs of psychopathy than Trump …”

      A few days ago there was a news story about the pharmacist that delivers meds for the Concessional critters in D.C., that he was supplying Alzheimer meds to some members. He will not (and cannot, legally) identify who. He did say one member of Congress cannot remember him from one day to the other.

  26. LD subliminally bypasses the issue of whether DJT is a psychopath, and psychopath or sociopath is less of an issue than AGENDA. Kapoore, Follyofwar, and Lobro note as did the American electorate (and UK, respectively) the high desirability of a populist agenda, and the well deserved crushing defeat of failed human being and professional political profiteer HR Clinton. The Populist program is still a good one. Trump as leader is not, unless brakes are applied and quickly.

    A strong leader would stay focused on the vitally needed domestic repairs and fight with all the skill and energy he could muster against the Globalist/Marxist resistance Trump faces from both parties in Congress. Instead, like his predecessor Obama with complex healthcare that was better approached by a gradual chipping away rather than head on collision sellout to big Pharma and Organized Rockefeller medicine, he squandered priceless political capital and showed his true colors (and ignorance) by bending over to Mr. Netanyahu and decertifying the Iran deal. This will have major and lasting consequences. It shows that no agreement, treaty, or deal with the USA is worth the paper it’s written on. Unlike the unratified Trans Pacific Partnership, NAFTA sellout, or “Climate Change” fraud (Climate is always changing, F. Rothschild Agenda 21 is a newer scam to exploit what should have been relatively easy POLLUTION controls) the Iran deal was a good agreement and the Iranians honored their bargain. The entire World is both appalled and disgusted with “The Art of the Deal” author turned “Number One Israeli Stooge”. So Psychopath or Sociopath, he did his job, he ably represented the popular reaction against Hillary, and now he and many others should go. The Agenda can be pursued by others.

    We still don’t see planeloads of Israelis flocking to newly declared Kurdistan. As the Barzanis are very likely soon to become an extinct tribe, the Israeli “Kurds” may put off the inevitable a little longer by remaining in Occupied Palestine. The noose is tightening on the Zionists daily, who blinded by their gluttony and arrogance, don’t see it coming.

  27. What if Trump is a “throw-away” puppet ruler?

    I believe that Trump is easily the stupidest, most ignorant, most reckless, most shameless, most manipulable, most embarrassingly obsequious jew-puppet-ruler I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    In light of this, is it possible that the jew plan is to use their boy Trump to start a war against Iran, for example, to do as much damage to the Iranian infrastructure as possible, kill as many Iranians as possible, etc., and then have Trump impeached or perhaps deploy a “lone-nut” against him?

    (As a practical matter Russia and perhaps also China might intervene to help Iran if it was attacked, but the jewish collective sometimes seems as delusional as it is calculating, so this doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility, IMO).

    1. Harold

      In linking from a previous comment of yours, this is my reply:

      The true identity of the beast is this “secular god of materialism” as Arch stated, and it’s ancient roots trace to Baal – the “whore of Babylon”. The great tempter who seduced the forebears of Rothschild and his fellow cretins, the one who Christ rejected as the deceptive master of illusion he is.

      It’s characteristics can’t be directly pinned to any individual nations or misleading conventional alliances. This viewpoint peers down a blind alley. Those who hold the reins of temporal power as the “frontmen” representing the “national interest” are primarily interested in the financial survival of their respective nations, while giving short shrift to whatever moral turpitude may result from it’s actions or non-actions.

      I think the money power is planning to put the squeeze on Iran and goad them into a war with Israel, similar to what was done to Japan in the ’30’s and 40’s when they were blocked from accessing those raw materials needed for their OWN economic survival.

      Knowing what the protocolians are up to requires going way outside the box of conventional thinking, and instead of desiring another world war, the aim could be to contain hostilities to the greater ME, and the destruction of Israel could be the cue for a sudden and surprising emergence of an unexpected caliphate*

      This may prove to be the tipping point for an ever-burgeoning central banking authority that fits the final piece of a long playing-out geopolitical puzzle to put a financial stranglehold on the world at large.

      *wraith from the east
      mark of the beast

  28. @ Harold

    Yes, we don’t have to guess much about Neo con/Zionist intentions toward Iran, ‘By way of deception’ went overboard quite a while ago.

    The problem for the Zion Crime Factory is logistics. Col. McGreggor (hope I spelled his name correctly) was a guest on Tucker Carlson on Friday. He was emphatic about the unbelievably stupid move to decertify the Iran Agreement, with Mr. Carlson offering no contrary opinions, and accepting the views of professional experience, as opposed to self appointed expertise. He pointed out that the military assets of the USA have never been spread so thinly, that Russia and Iran have strong mutual interests, and the deal which was good, will never be renegotiated. The worst message possible has been sent to the world (but what do you expect from a Casino cheat as documented in “The Wall Street Journal”). Fred is unable to bail Donny out anymore, not that he could on this one. Further, that all unbiased observers view Sunni Arabia and Sunni elsewhere as vastly greater terrorist threats than Shia Iran.

    Israel, like the spoiled monster that it is, thinks itself immune to realities of logistics and its incessant and costly demands on the USA are incompatible with the required realities leading to military victory – just look at Syria, and Afghanistan. Author Robert Baer pointed out years ago in “The Devil We Know” that the US embassy in Afghanistan resembles a fortress (or prison – take your pick) while the Iranians have a simple low wall with green lawns where embassy families may be seen occasionally picnicking. Who is in control, who is welcome, the US or Iran?

    Now that Turkey and Iran, along with Iraq have decided that a second Israel/Occupied Palestine in the newly declared “Independent Kurdistan” in Northern Iraq is out of the question, we may again refer to Turkish President Erdogan’s statement to the Kurds led by the crypto Jewish Barzani tribe: “Waving Israeli flags won’t save you.”

    1. An independent Kurdistan in northern Iraq would be a landlocked state anyway and how could they then transport their oil through hostile territory ? There are Kurdish regions in Iran, Turkey and Syria, that would like to join such an independent Kurdistan in Iraq. Therefore these countries see such a state as a threat and would invade it if it came into being. No matter what the Israelis want, an independent Kurdistan (controlled by them of course) will not come about.

      1. Franklin, you’re right on the mark.
        A Kurdistan over Turkey’s dead body.
        The hatred Turkey has for the Kurds is legendary.

  29. An interesting Israeli: – from Tzfat, Israel, Wednesday, September 27, 2017
    The most honorable thing that the State of Israel could do is warn the Kurds not to make the same error we did and become a state. No one should ever have to make the kinds of moral compromises to survive that Israel did – and it need not be. To UN: DE-RECOGNIZE STATE CALLING ITSELF ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE, by Doreen Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
    This state has a nerve criticizing Germany. Germany is now a more safe place to be Jewish in than this state, which presumes to call itself Israel is… It’s strange that Jews are going to a country in which there are so many Arabs. They seem to be less afraid of Arabs than they are of the government in this country [Israel] – and rightfully so… Everyone is terrified of the psychiatric facilities here. They are used as special punishment places for whistle blowers who speak out about the financial wrongdoings. This video shows Abarbanel, a typical psychiatric facility in the state that calls itself Israel. They’re all about the same… I reported a social worker for abusing children, and was then tried in court for insulting a public official… people kidnapping children for profit are protected by the government. This society does not allow us to be moral.
    We Suffer from Moral Illness, Not Mental Illness
    Psychopathy and Mind Control
    Jewish Psychopaths: In this part I discuss Psychopathy in some Jewish families, recognizing the fact that there is a strong genetic component to Psychopathy.

  30. There are some pretty darn good and smart people posting here at this Darkmoon website. Some come and go as well.
    This is my favorite worldly news/philosophy connection.
    But all good things, eh?
    Perhaps I’ll pop over to Niqnaq again sometime. If Rowan will have me.
    For longer than five minutes, I mean.. (lol)

    1. Homer,

      By all means go back to niqnaq, but stay here also. We need your Vedantic wisdom here. Lasha has often spoken to me about you, and it has always been in terms of the highest praise.

      Sister M

      1. Sister M, thank you.
        But honestly I don’t believe I’d last even five minutes with Rowan.
        Unless of course he’s . . naaaw, he’s indubitably still Rowan..

        1. Oh, I’ve heard all about Rowan from Lasha. Guy with a beard, right? I’m sure he’d have you back if you tried. He’s banned Lobro more than one, Lasha tells me, and let him back in after a bit. So he’s not a man to bear serious grudges. Mind you, he also banned Lasha many years ago, accusing her of being a dominatrix. First time anyone had called her a dominatrix! She wasn’t upset at all. Tickled pink, in fact, imagining herself striding around in thigh-length black boots and swishing a whip! Good thing she has a sense of humor. Anyway, she has always had a soft spot for Rowan despite his vote of no confidence in her so many years ago. She’s been called far worse things than a dominatrix.

  31. Snez-

    Interesting links, Doreen Dotan is on the right track.

    It’s too late for the Iraqi Kurds, they’ve declared independence in a notoriously rigged vote by the Barzani family (92.something%). Now they are forming defensive (siege) lines around Kirkuk. I wouldn’t expect a rapid transition, probably more of a strangulation, but Ottoman revival Turkey may have other ideas, having long term problems with the Kurds in their own country. The Barzanis are little more than a local crime family, heavily indebted who have resorted to robbing banks in their own territory, despite billions in illegal oil sales to Israel. Masoud Barzani, the son of Mustapha Barzani, was elected to an 8 year term as President of the Kurdish region in Iraq; his term ended in 2013 but he continues ruling with no legal basis. Mustapha Barzani linked with Mossad in the 1970’s when Mossad dispatched Lt. Col. Tzuri Sagi to build up the Kurdish army to fight against Iraq, and was responsible for Israeli assassination attempts against Saddam. There is an interesting photo of former Mossad chief Meir Amrit with the elder Barzani.

    The Barzani opportunistically took the fight against Islamic state in Iraq to steal the territory of minority Assyrian Christians and Yezhidis, who are now, like the Palestinians, denied the right to return to their homes after the defeat of IS. NYT reporter Rukmini Callimachi dispels the widely spread lie that “the Iraqi army fled before ISIS when they overran Mosul, but the Kurds (heroically) stood their ground”. Mt. Sinjar, former home to a large proportion of 500,000 Iraqi Yezhidis, first was disarmed by Kurdish troops before they fled, without bothering to even warn the Yezhidis about the approach of ISIS. Thousands of Yezhidi women were subsequently raped and sold like cattle as a result. They blame the Kurds as well as ISIS according to Callimachi.

    The Israelis had promised to send 200,000 Israeli ‘Kurds’ to resettle in newly declared “Kurdistan”. There have been no reports of any rushing in as the Iraqi army approaches Kirkuk. Israeli agent Senator Charles Schumer has demanded President Trump recognize independent Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. Officially Trump can’t do this because of Turkish and Iraqi sensibilities, but the US has been arming the Kurds in both Iraq and Syria for years, setting the stage for years more protracted warfare. Things may change, however.

    Interestingly, former CIA agent and author Robert Baer, a former school classmate of George Tenet, future 9/11 CIA director, was networking with the Iraqi Kurds who were all set to declare Kurdish independence back in the Clinton years. He was ordered at the last moment to desist and found himself when he returned home in serious legal jeopardy, a candidate for the death penalty under the then existing US law for ‘exceeding his orders’ – a blatant lie. Maybe somebody didn’t want to ‘jump the gun’.

  32. “• The identity of the covert attacker is unmistakable: it is me, Lobro.”


    Before you assume a narcissistic posture, please make room for me, as I was made to understand a dynamic of this website I had previously not understood when I posted a comment critical of the ‘he-said, she-said’ pair of articles regarding Israel and Palestine by LD and Franklin Ryckaert. Please note that SM’s comment makes reference to “attacks”, plural.

    I spend hours, every day, reading and researching the Israel and Palestine issue. The article posted by LD and Franklin Ryckaert were so far off the mark, so much the thinking of 10-years ago, I think I called them ‘sophomoric’. They were, they are, I am being generous. I also said I was never as optimistic about a state of Palestine as I am now. I intentionally left out the explanation of ‘why’ as I wanted my reply to focus on the lack of quality in their postings. It was a (lost) learning experience for them. I was not so much critical of them individually as I was of their articles’ content. I felt let down. I looked up to both LD and Franklin Ryckaert. And both of those articles …

    Neither LD or Franklin Ryckaert or ANYONE else ever replied asking why I was so optimistic about a possible new state of Palestine after saying their posts were sophomoric. The replies left me wondering if they even read what I wrote or if they understand English. And even more surprising, my reply was converted into an article about cosmic-ray sun spots targeting only Israel and the unicorn ranch, or some such absurdity. Obviously, admin did not do their research, either, as they learned. The synthesized article even had the notation, “(This comment has been posted exactly as written)”. I have never seen that on any article posted here, before. It was a clearly an attempt at shaming me for daring to question the “them” on this site.

    LOBRO, your absence from this site would create a vacuum in a sorely needed sanity and balance. You are not alone in your beliefs or desires for a clear, un-maligned perspective. I do not feel the need to try and educate the obviously uneducated-able. I am open to dialog but I am well past arguing. I closely followed Trump’s campaign with regards to Israel. I even wrote a lengthy reply documenting the changing timeline in Trumps support for a Palestinian state as his campaign progressed. I thought better of posting it here. NONE OF THAT is ever represented here, by anyone. With regards to Trump, you are correct. I guess I am happy in my own skin. I hope you could be, too. I am here because some of the folks posting here are so far off into the weeds as to provide endless entertainment. Not you.

    1. “Sorry, I’ve recused myself, so I shouldn’t be commenting here any more, but Admin is free to delete this comment if they wish.)

      @ Gilroy Kelly


      I’m sorry you had to demean yourself, Mr Kelly, by writing such a low-quality comment. Your original article, based on a comment of yours previously published on this website, was so excruciatingly bad it should never have been published in the first place. Why Admin chose to publish it, unedited, is a mystery to me. I can only speculate that it was published as a JOKE — for light relief.

      Indeed, this was the verdict reached by Franklin Ryckaert, one of this site’s most respected commenters. Here is Franklin commenting on your poorly written article in which you reveal yourself as a sunspot crank who pontificates that SUNSPOTS (!!!) are going to destroy Israel, not Middle Eastern wars or Palestinian “terrorism”.


      Gilroy Kelly’s comment [article] is comic relief on this otherwise serious website. A sunspot would destroy Israel! Most sunspots are way bigger than the earth itself, so it would be impossible for a sunspot to affect only a small country on the surface of the earth.

      Quite unconcerned with the political issues raised in two previous articles by LD and Franklyn Ryckaert, in which the One State and Two State solutions to the Arab-Israeli problem are brilliantly discussed, your entire emphasis, Mr Kelly, is on SUNSPOT ACTIVITY! 🙂

      Here you are, holding forth like a cretinous crackpot, sneering at your intellectual superiors and having the insolence to dismiss them as “sophomores” — this coming from a man guilty of the most elementary spelling mistakes:

      “LD, Israel is not doomed. Franklyn, the Palestinians do not need to accept a “rump” state. Both of you need to do some serious fact-checking. As is, both of you come across on this issue as sophomoric, or less.”— Gilroy Kelly

      You quote LD as saying: “The ultimate solution to the Jewish problem will come when the Jews get too big for their boots and Israel is finally destroyed by a hailstorm of nuclear weapons, leaving the entire country a smoldering heap of radioactive ashes.”

      Nothing wrong with that, as far as I can see. At the worst, it’s a bit of wishful thinking. But this upsets you grievously, doesn’t it? It upsets you in exactly the same way as it would upset any Jew or Jewish troll posting on this site. Which I am now beginning to suspect you are by the naked hatred you display toward the DM site that has given you kind hospitality here for so long.

      You state grandly, without providing a shred of evidence: “I disagree. Never have I been more optimistic about a Palestinian state than I am now.”

      Amazing! How amazing you should envisage such a rosy future for the Palestinian state given that you predict the imminent destruction of Israel in the next few paragraphs! — a destruction brought about by “sunspot activity” forsooth! Pray explain, Mr Kelly, how you “have never been more optimistic about a Palestinian state” if Israel itself is to be wiped off the map any minute by antisemitic sunspots! 🙂

      Tell me, are these sunspots going to pick on Israel and give the West Bank and the Gaza Strip a miss?

      1. @ Gilroy Kelly


        Conscious of the absurdity of your bogus science, the stock-in-trade of a crank and crackpot conspiracy theorist who can barely spell his own name, you backtrack suddenly and say it’s NOT sunspots that are going to destroy Israel, it’s the LACK of sunspots! You insist that Admin change the title of your article to accommodate your sudden change of direction.

        Sunspots Could Destroy Israel is not an appropriate title,” you lecture Admin sternly. “Better would be The Lack of Sunspots Could Bring an End to Israel.

        Anxious to please you, Admin changes your title to the more boringly pedestrian title you insist on: The Lack of Sunspots Could Bring an End to Israel.

        Are you happy with that attempt to appease you? No, you are not. You still have lots of sneers and scowls at the ready, ever disposed to quetch and complain and throw tantrums. Yes, you now have the Napoleonic arrogance to take another swipe at Admin for NOT editing and IMPROVING your atrociously written and crackpot comment:

        The synthesized article even had the notation, “(This comment has been posted exactly as written)”. I have never seen that on any article posted here, before. It was a clearly an attempt at shaming me for daring to question the “them” on this site.

        Questioning “the them”? What a joke. Most writers, Mr Gilroy, would be only too delighted to see their ill-written prose given a bit of polish. Not you! The reason, I suggest, you are so incensed with Admin is that they FAILED to correct your lousy spelling and bad grammar! — thus showing you up as even worse than a “sophomore”.

        You are revealed here in your full garish glory as an ill-educated nincompoop obsessed with sunspots. 🙂

        In your pathetic article you refer to “Kissinger’s aids (sic)” instead of “aides”. You do this not once but twice, so you can’t pretend it’s a typo. You can’t even spell “revealed” correctly — you spell it “reveled” (sic).

        Sophomore? No, worse than sophomore. DUNCE!!!

        Stand in the corner, Mr Kelly, and hang your head in shame! 🙂

      1. I’m not really back, JFC. Just popping in briefly to make a few final points. Then I’m off. As you know, I’m in the doghouse and need to do penance for my sins. I’m working on myself. Radical improvements need to be made to my character. I have acted shamefully and have egg all over my face. So I need rehabilitation.

  33. You know what s sooooo distracting and boring on Darkmoon?

    People arguing over nada instead of arguing the article. More than 50% of the comments of this article, I just perused the comments, is about the EGO of this and that commentator. Whether Lobro should come or go??? Where is Sardonicus and Maddam What’s Her Face??? Who cares???

    Is this the new Hasbara in action?!?

    Is the Trumpster a PSYCHOPATH? Damn right, he is!

    1. Good comment, David! But remember, this site is simply a reflection of real life. Walk into any street or your nearest pub or supermarket and eavesdrop on the conversations. 99% of the noise you hear will be idle chatter. So 50% of on-topic relevance on the DM site is not too bad! 🙂

      1. Thanks! That’s why I don’t spend my time in supermarkets or shopping centers. I haven’t been in a shopping center since . . . 2008!

        As for supermarkets, I only go to get the hell out as soon as I possibly can. 90% of the shit they sell is DEATH incarnate in little profit-centered packages . . .

        @Darlington: I wasn’t complaining about Sardonicus! Just all the “idle chatter” about whether Lobro should come or go!

    2. @ David Chu

      With all due respect to you, the long response by Sardonicus to Gilroy Kelly is not “off-topic” or irrelevant to the Trump discussion.

      Gilroy Kelly has tried to diss and defame Lasha Darkmoon for writing this fascinating critique of Donald Trump and has also taken an arrogant swipe at Franklyn Ryckaert. So Sardonicus is putting this bumptious ignoramus (Gilroy Kelly) in his place by pointing out his many intellectual failings. He is holding this Sunspot freak up to ridicule by pointing out that a man “who barely knows how to spell his own name” has no right to assume such superior airs on this website.

      The man deserves a damn good thrashing and shaming — and a thrashing and shaming is what the sonofabitch has received.

      Let’s hope it teaches him some humility!

      1. @ Gilroy Kelly

        I have no idea what inspired you to write such trash:

        And I have no idea why Admin decided to republish your garbage except as a joke.

        So here you are, anxious to get your revenge on the site for publishing your substandard article “as written”, without corrections, because it showed you up for what you are: a sunspot conspiracy theorist with poor spelling and grammar.

        I noticed you spelled the word “revealed” wrong in your above denunciation of Dr Darkmoon and Franklyn Ryckaert. (“As is reveled [sic] in the link LD provided.”). You also talk of “Kissinger’s aids” (sic) instead of “aides”.

        If I mention these minor points, it is not to split hairs or put you down. It is simply to tell you that you have no right to tell Lasha Darkmoon and and Franklin Ryckaert to check their facts if you can’t even be bothered to check your own spelling.

  34. thanks jimbo.

    i am only too happy to move into the deeper, navigable waters of proper debate focused on external issues and will work mightily not to get trapped by the lee shore again.

    for everyone’s benefit, including the numerous detractors (i don’t mind detractors at all, as per TROJs’ excellent observation, they are a gift not a curse), i will provide an outline of what I see as Trump’s brilliant gameplan.
    It is an abstracted method that can be reused and applied to various situations and it is based on proper understanding of Jew’s psyche and age old imperative to serve the Devil with the goal of enslavement and destruction of human soul, God’s finest creation – what I suspect the universe is all about.
    It takes a well-rooted Christian to understand this.

    • every single action JEW takes toward the humans (gentiles) is necessarily evil – NO EXCEPTIONS,
    • JEW has read Trump correctly, is filled with existential fear and loathing toward him and is searching for any means to get rid of him due to the mortal danger the new cadre of national leaders (Putin, Xi, Kim, Dutarte, Orban, Maduro, Rouhani, Assad, Trump) pose to the Plan of Torah (once the balance of power swings decisively eurasian way, the Plan is as good as dead because it was conceived ENTIRELY against the white Europe,
    • given JEW’s overwhelming grip on all the important societal chokepoints in the West, starting with media and legislatures, Trump must tread very carefully, lest he step on any of the numerous mines lining the field, “antisemitism, human-rights, diversity, feminism, free markets, globalism, liberalism-cultural-marxism, racism, antifa” a true killer bee hive already looking for any chink in Trump’s armor in frantic search to take him down,
    • so, he makes all the right noises, warmongering, love of Israel, regime change of independent states, all under phony pretext of international security – he even goes way, cartoonishly overboard, to the point where MSM has no choice but to either praise him and thus trash their own efforts to have him impeached or criticize him as a crazy psycho 😉 bent on the nuclear Armageddon (which is precisely what JEW desperately needs, so ask yourself why these accusations)
    • then, when at the last minute he “very reluctantly” (NOT) pulls back from any of the seemingly pro-JEW moves (TPP, Jerusalem embassy, Syria, NK, Iran (the latest joke on JEW), …), JEW is hoisted on his own petard and cannot damage Trump at that point, since Trump’s hand was “forced against his will”.

    Look at the history of the trump presidency and you will see this pattern replayed in different settings.

    He is a liar but he is our liar, turning JEW’s slickest weapon against him – obviously he was a quick study in his younger days in NYC.

      1. yes, carn, i was aware of maduro’s jew genealogy (partial, thus like our donaldo colina) but i think he was simply being politic, as in “my problem is notwi th jews but with zionism or israeli government”.

        to me, it is just empty diplomatic blather.
        the problem is JEW (judaism, synagogue of satan) just like jesus and hitler spoke openly and fearlessly.

    1. @Lobro
      A maybe tenuous link but when you said;
      “a true killer bee HIVE already looking for any chink in Trump’s armor in frantic search to take him down,”

      …it corresponded with the Borg that I mentioned in my comment to you;
      “Yes there is some weird shit going down but it’s only in the sense of the jew Borg trying to assimilate, control and in time assassinate your input.”

      Are you familiar with the Borg from Star Trek? Yes Kirk and Spock etc are jews and they ride in the ‘Enterprise’ in search of the Magan David with Spock, for good measure, doing his Cohan Priest finger/hand salute, but the description of the Borg is the real mission of the space wanderers;

      ” No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the exception of the Borg Queen), as all Borg were linked into a HIVE mind. Their ultimate goal was the attainment of ‘perfection’ through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, the Borg were among the most powerful and feared entities in the galaxy, without really being a true species at all.”

      ^ interesting and entertaining read as regards the j agenda

      1. @Lobro
        After a quick search of the DM site I now realise the ‘Borg’ comparison has been used many times already over the years, at least 10x, and by as many commenters even at times, in conversation with you. So I guess there was no need for my ‘tenuous link’ after all 😉

      2. Jimbo,
        though i have seen numerous references to the borg over the years, i only had a dim notion of what they were because i never watched the star trek as kid.
        i barely watched tv at all and star trek simply did not appeal to my imagination though i was a voracious sci-fi reader – too stilted and formulaic – note that back then i also had a bare notion of who jews were, other than few somewhat creepy looking and acting classmates that everyone made fun of (the standard “four-eye” jokes and athletic ineptitude).

        so, thanks for your definition, in future i will know.

    2. lobro

      Rationalizing can trip the best of thinkers

      What you want is for Trump to show that he can beat the protocolians at a game THEY INVENTED


      Logic: the art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human understanding

      Ambrose Bierce – “The Devil’s Dictionary”

      You can only find truth with logic if you already found truth without it

      G.K. Chesterton – “The Man Who Was Orthodox”

      Having said all that, if my UNORTHODOX approach has expanded the capacity of human understanding and stumbled upon truth of what the enemy of Man is up to, then the onus would be on Iran for a prescient faction of its leadership to have a lightbulb moment and realize the plan to goad them into an all-out war with Israel that WOULDN’T be on Iranian terms.

      Which is no way to enter into such major hostilities. Just ask Adolph

      1. Then again, after reading Pat’s laestt post on the new thread, maybe not so unorthodox after all?

      2. ooops….make that “latest”… I musta got over-excited. Gotta be careful with that “send” key (:>)

      3. b-hawk,
        bierce was a good man but he lived before kurt gödel’s disruptive theorem, if the 20th century is remembered by something of lasting significance 500 years from now, it will rank ahead of internet and quantum mechanics (relativity is mostly an outcome of gauss’s differential geometry).
        you can look it up for a layman’s explanation but it is THAT important and relates to Bierce’s statement.

        chesterston does make all kinds of sense but we are not talking about truth here but war to extinction of either species.
        And if jews were able to use lying to such devastating degree against human life, what precedents exist for sucessfully combating it with pure truth?
        Easy to say, jesus did but are YOU Jesus or is anybody you know? Not me, that’s for sure, the only way that would work is if every gentile on earth instantly and simultaneously converted to Full Truth and there’d be no one left to hammer in the nails.
        But the reality is, lots of gentiles would be only too glad for the job offer of shabbo goy position, grab the crucifixion toolkit and get to work, your 30 silver shekel paycheck will be electronically deposited in your crypto-currency account, IRS will look the other way.

        Therefore, lying is a weapon that if properly utilized can be turned against JEW, which is what it really looks like Trump is doing, like uprooting a giant, nasty invasive weed, grab it, first pull it one way, then the other, loosen it up until ready for complete removal.

        Understand that JEW screamed and screamed and screamed that the certification, for all the incredibly unjust restrictions it placed on Iran, didn’t go far enough when Obama swung it into place.
        Now that Trump refuses to recertify it, look at the pieces of the puzzle and tell me how it gives JEW an advantage:
        • EU is firmly in support of the deal, so here we have fragmentation of yesterday’s shabbo unity,
        • Iran has in the meantime gotten much stronger and now can pursue its research goals aggressively and without the shackles, firmly protected by interlocking defense treatments with Russia, China and Pakistan, not to mention Iraq, Hezbollah and even Turkey, a NATO member,
        • Israel is more isolated than ever in its putrid history, even the crypto-jew Saudis are shuffling closer to Persia and Russia, even ready to gradually abandon petrodollar in huge deals with China, rats jumping overboard, so it’s shivering naked, reviled and hated … does anyone for a minute seriously think that JEW will dare hit Iran at this juncture, given that it shits itself at the sight of Hezbollah?
        • the onus of recertification is firmly in the Congressional court, so they too are exposed, painted into a corner, damned if they do, even more damned if they don’t, … what are they going to do if they do not recertify, continue to blame Trump? But if they do, he will laugh at them for being cowards and ANTISEMITES! 😀 notwithstanding that they are more owned by Rothschild than Knesset is.

        Who said that the truth is the first victim of war and what is it if not war?

        I like it, I like it, let’s go to war.

      4. lobro

        “I like it, I like it, let’s go to war.”

        I share your nostalgia, as best exemplified by “Deutscland uber alles”. But I view the kind of war scenario you envision to be anachronistic.

        Something else altogether will defeat the jew.

        A shake-up of the cosmos that “gives up the (g)host”.

  35. Trump IS a “YUGE” psychopath..!! 🙂

    President Trump is Unstable, Dangerous and Could Start Nuclear War, Doctors Warn

    President Donald Trump poses a significant threat of nuclear war and is increasingly dangerous, according to leading psychologists who are stepping forward to warn Americans of his escalating threatening behavior.

    The Duty to Warn PAC, an organization of psychologists who believe Trump has a personality disorder called malignant narcissism, will host marches across the nation Saturday to warn people about a perceived increase in his volatility and unpredictability in his performance as president.

    James Gillian, a licensed psychologist of 25 years, has spent his career working with mass murders, serial criminals and overseeing mental hospital programs for the most violent American criminals. He analyzed Trump’s statements for indications of danger for a The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a book with 27 expert psychiatrists analyzing the president’s behavior.

    1. @Pat

      President Trump is Unstable, Dangerous and Could Start Nuclear War, Doctors Warn

      since when do you get your geopolitics from doctors, pat?
      especially when they threaten you with nuclear war, something you really believe in 😉

      why don’t we all take a pfizer geo-pill in the morning to keep us regular and sweet-smelling …

      1. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “since when do you get your geopolitics from doctors, pat?”

        Whenever it annoys you enough to comment… miraculously….
        ……. with only 3 sentences..!! 🙂

  36. I want to apalogize for reposting something from your site and or on your site with eradica who kinda of brushed you off .I did’nt realize that it was a crypto zionist site claiming to be a WN site. although your site is not a WN you are more objective but not entirely and would quailfy for 1. Good site

  37. Trump scores two points above Hitler on the Psychopathic Index where does the commie marxist bolshevik jew’s hero stalin and marx rank if I may ask without being called and intisemite and sent to the gulags in siberia

  38. The media is the tribe.
    And the opposition to humanity.
    Their allegiance is with the egregore.
    Who Controls Big Media?
    Summary: Of the twelve (12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, nine (9) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times (3,750 percent).
    Who Controls Hollywood?
    Summary: Of the sixty (60) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, fifty (50) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times (4,150 percent).
    Who Controls Television?
    Summary: Of the sixty-four (64) senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven (57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times (4,450 percent).
    Who Controls Music?
    Summary: Of the fifty (50) senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations, thirty-nine (39) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 78%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major music labels and trade organizations by a factor of 39 times (3,900 percent).
    Who Controls Radio?
    Summary: Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners, twenty-eight (28) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 61%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major radio broadcast networks and station owners by a factor of 30.5 times (3,050 percent).
    Who Controls Advertising?
    Summary: Of the forty-six (46) senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, thirty-one (31) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations by a factor of 33.5 times (3,350 percent).
    Who Controls the News? (Part 1)
    Summary: Of the sixty-seven (67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven (47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times (3,500 percent).
    Who Controls the News? (Part 2)
    Summary: Of the sixty-five (65) senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines, forty-two (42) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 65%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines by a factor of 32.5 times (3,250 percent).
    Who Controls Social Media?
    Summary: Of the twenty four (24) senior executives of the “Big Players” in social media corporations, eighteen (18) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Players” in social media corporations by a factor of 37.5 times (3,750 percent).

    By declaring war on the media, Trump has in fact declared war on Jews Of the four hundred & thirty four (434) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations along with Hollywood, Music, Radio, Television, Newspapers, News Magazines & Social Media Three hundred & twenty six (326) are Jews or or have Jewish spouses. The over representation by Jews as the CEO’s & senior executives in all these associations averages 3700% including the trade unions, talent agencies, production companies, broadcast networks, station owners, advertising corporations and trade associations. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the aforementioned media corporations by a factor of 37 times (3,700 percent).

  39. PT Barnum or psychopath. He told us in his book:

    “The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That is why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration, and a very effective form of promotion.”
    – Donald Trump, ‘Art of the Deal’

    “NAFTA Isn’t Art of the Deal or Apprentice”

    One Canadian wrote:
    “The likelihood of either Canada or Mexico accepting harsh and unfair demands should be slim to none.”

    “Fortunately for citizens of Canada and Mexico, this isn’t an episode of ‘The Apprentice’. When it comes to NAFTA, neither of our governments can be fired by President Trump if they don’t give him the answers he wants…This isn’t the ‘Art of the Deal’. The United States is seeking a re-negotiated NAFTA that is significantly better for them alone, and significantly worse for Canada and Mexico…President Trump may be the leader of the United States, but he is not the Prime Minister of Canada nor the President of Mexico…”

  40. Idi Amin is more dangerous and scores higher than Adolf Hitler as a psychopath!?

    Did that strike regular Darkmooners as bizarre — knowing, as we do, how much the Jews hated and still hate Herr Hitler?

    Came upon this YouTube video quite by accident last night that explains why.

    Jews Kicked Out Of Uganda by The International Goy

    For those who don’t have time to see it; here’s why: Amin kicked the Jews out of Uganda because they were destroying the economy, and to add insult to injury, he welcomed Palestinian hijackers of Air France Flight 139 (June 27, 1976). But that’s not really why Jews hate Amin more than Hitler.

    When Mossad and the IDF went to rescue the passengers, 246 of them mainly Jewish and Israeli and a crew of 12, only 1 Jew was killed in the rescue operation. Guess who? It was none other than Bibi Nuttyahoo’s older brother. In this instance in Uganda, it’s not just kosher business as usual, it’s highly personal! That’s why the Jews still hate and will forever hate Idi Amin more than Adolf Hitler.

    The operation took place at night. Israeli transport planes carried 100 commandos over 2,500 miles (4,000 km) to Uganda for the rescue operation. The operation, which took a week of planning, lasted 90 minutes. Of the remaining hostages, 102 were rescued. Five Israeli commandos were wounded and one, unit commander Lt. Col. Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed. All the hijackers, three hostages, and forty-five Ugandan soldiers were killed, and thirty[5][6]

    Source: Wikipedia, “Operation Entebbe”

  41. Dark Moon is where I have been gleaning interesting insights , from security of the margins, for the past year.
    I only surface now because I think that the day is coming soon , where sights like these will be censored , and neutralized by algorithm or whatever.

    Afterwards, any further association , will put one in a most dubious category, suffering a fate such as the satirist, Arthur Topham.

    Until then I offer a measure for the ” plants” among us. Essentially I have noticed that these posters are always divisive, interrupting the cohesive flow of the thread.

    This and they always attack the administrators.

    In the time remaining, I say Lobro stays. He bloviates , and can be the antagonist, but his posts always bear considerable merit. His style of post are integral to the site.

    If I have a qualm with him, and that’s if, ; it’s the same I have with white nationalist;
    , who don’t seem to recognize or accept that Americans of all stripes, can put solidarity ahead of tribalism.

    This is so important right now. Well off to the margins….

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