Is Trump’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East beginning to materialize?

The appearance of a new alliance in the Greater Middle East
by Thierry Meyssan

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President Trump’s policy in the Greater Middle East is beginning to materialise.

While up until now, the United States and their allies have been attempting to destroy states and impose chaos, they are now legitimising alliances against the jihadists. Although in theory, Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah are still enemies to be defeated, in practice, they have become partners. In the end, this new deal could enable the states of the region to force the multinational companies out of the political sphere and re-establish peace.

Little by little, President Trump’s foreign policy is taking shape.

Concerning the Greater Middle East, he has managed, with the help of his National Security advisor, General H.R. McMaster and his Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, to put an end to to the secret programmes which offer help to the jihadists.

Contrary to the innuendos published by the Washington Post, while this decision was taken just before the Trump-Putin meeting at the G20, it had in fact been taken a little more than two weeks earlier, during the preparation of the mid-May summit in Riyadh. Its objective was not to kneel before the Tsar of Russia, as the Washingtonian political class purport, but to put an end to the use of terrorism, as Donald Trump had declared during his electoral campaign.

The lying insinuations of the Washington Post were adopted by the whole of the Western Press. Perhaps this is due to the gregarious spirit of Western journalists, but perhaps – more probably – it demonstrates that the major medias are owned by the partisans of war in the Middle East and against Russia.

The Bulgarian revelations about the existence of a vast arms trafic set up by General David Petraeus when he was still Director of the CIA, in 2012, and continued by him from his offices at the financial investment fund KKR, leave one stunned at the power of these war-makers.

At least 17 states participated in operation « Timber Sycamore », in which Azerbaïdjan took care of the transport of 28,000 tonnes of weapons and Israël supplied false documents concerning their final destination. In all likelihood, David Petraeus and KKR were helped by the Assistant Secretary General of the UNO, Jeffrey Feltman. Of course, this gigantic traffic, without precedent in History in terms of its volume, will lead to no legal action, neither in the states concerned, nor on the international stage.

Clearly, for the last four years, the People of the Levant have been fighting not only against states, but above all against a consortium of private multinational companies, including the international media and mid-range state powers who give their orders to small states charged with doing the dirty work.

In any case, the difficulties encountered by Donald Trump in imposing his will on the CIA and the Pentagon, as well as the existence of this parallel half-public, half-private network, enable us to note the complexity of his task in a world order subverted by private interests.

So far, the offensive by the Iraqi and Syrian armies aimed at re-opening the Silk Road have not been stopped by the US forces, despite various incidents.

The offensive launched in the Jurd d’Ersal by the Syrian Arab Army, with Hezbollah and in coordination with the Lebanese Army, is the first visible fruit of Washington’s new policy. While harshly criticising the presence of Hezbollah, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, at the request of Saudi Arabia, authorised his army to participate in the operation. This is the first time that the two armies – Lebanese and Syrian – and the Resistance, have officially acted together. Riyadh, without disarming in the face of the Party of God and Iran, decided that it made more sense to work with Hezbollah and finish in priority with the jihadists.

Finally, this war, which was intended to destroy the states of the region, is now taking the opposite direction – the unity of the forces of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.


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  1. “The lying insinuations of the Washington Post were adopted by the whole of the Western Press. Perhaps this is due to the gregarious spirit of Western journalists, but perhaps – more probably – it demonstrates that the major medias are owned by the partisans of war in the Middle East and against Russia.”

    Indeed that is more probable, but who – pray tell – are those “partisans of war in the Middle East and against Russia”? Perhaps the same people Alex Jones calls “the Globalists”, Justin “antiwar” Raimondo calls “the war party”, Paul Craig Roberts calls “Washington”, and others prefer to call “illuminati” or even “reptilians”?
    Can you say : JEWS ?

    1. FR –

      “…..against Russia.”

      Poor, little ‘Put-On’ and Russia. With a GDP less than New York. The workers there make $100/month less than workers in Mexico..!!

      If Russia and ‘Put-On’ are so strong… the whole narrative would be changed in favor of ‘Put-On’ and Russia… if he were to arrest ALL of HIS CHOSEN oligarch buddies… and run ALL of the West’s NGOs out of Moscow. There are dozens of them within walking distance of the Kremlin.

      ‘Put-On’ is a fraud as much as HIS buddy… the Buffoon on the Potomac..!!

    2. After America built a nation on the skulls of the Indians, mankind had no comfortable days.
      How much does more blood America want?
      The grudge of those spirits touches the sky.

      In the above article, the US is also lying. Do not be fooled.
      But now America is at an end.
      The confrontation between North Korea and the United States is a confrontation between good and evil, capitalism versus humanism.

      North Korea is about to end its long, long 70-year war with the United States before this year.
      Thus, tensions between North Korea and the United States will be much more severe this year than it is now.

      As long as Israel is, the Middle East will never be comfortable.
      Therefore, in the above article, American rhetoric is a deception.

  2. Superb article by Thierry Meyssan, who’s knowledge of French politics and players is highly informative, a notable older article exposing Rothschild connections from De Gaulle to Sarkozy. Macron/Rothschild /GoldmanSachs is well exposed on the source page Voltaire Reseau (network) by another author. Let’s hope Mr. Meyssan is right in the ME analysis; his previous article observed the US (zionist jew) Establishment and the criminally insane desire to return to the utterly contemptible, failed, and universally despised “Wolfewitz” ‘doctrine’ (doctrine? – as in let’s steal Iraq’s oil to pay for the destruction of their country – didn’t work out too well, did it?). The collapsing Israel/al Saud/USA/UK terrorist policy speaks for itself. Fortunately Russia has led with skill and forbearance, the US seems to be awakening at long last.

    A new detente with Russia would be wise, it would be easier to deal with Chinese aggression toward Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bhutan, Sikkim, and India, as well as help give striking power to inevitable economic sanctions necessary. Detente with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and recognition of the failed Iraq, Yemen, and Libya policy would indeed demonstrate a far wiser and experienced course and could well produce significant positive results.

    Domestically, time is running out. It would be great if the wiser elements of the deep state indicted the Clintons and forced the losers in Congress to get busy.

    1. @Winston,
      “A new détente with Russia would be wise.” Since Trump cowardly signed the sanctions bill that he claimed to be against, isn’t it a little late for that?

  3. And maybe Trump’s (((handlers))) are content with the level of destruction in Syria, knowing it will take decades for Syria to recover, if she ever does. Which will be difficult to do with those 10 Pentagon bases in NW Syria.

    Israel now wants its bitch to attack Iran, and with all the depraved mutterings coming from President Kushner, sorry, President Trump about Iran and the agreement, it looks like things are going to get hot in October, no doubt helped along by our Overlord Israel and her loyal Jew sayanim.

    Maybe another ‘found’ laptop that suddenly falls into the CIA/FBI’s lap, courtesy of some Israeli or American Jew that shows in detail all of those non-existent Iranian nukes?
    And maybe this time they won’t be so stupid to put all the technical drawings in English, instead of Farsi.

    Makes one wonder why the sudden decrease in the weekly Allahu Akbar™ FF specials that we saw last Summer?
    Or were those courtesy of that sadistic, depraved bitch Clinton?

    1. greg, with all due respect, this is the last, highlighted line of the article:

      Finally, this war, which was intended to destroy the states of the region, is now taking the opposite direction – the unity of the forces of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

      a true muslim (mostly shia but by no means exclusively so, syrian army is predominantly sunni, also christians) chain or resistance, extending the silk road to the mediterranean.

      somebody thinks the jew is happy?!?

      1. October isn’t that far off and as we’ve been told before by Bush the Mad’s PR man, “You don’t roll out new product in August,” so let’s wait and see if we get a BIG Halloween, complete with flying witches of Haley and depraved Kushner vampires sucking out the life of another generation of Americans.

  4. With due respect to French philosopher Thierry Meyssan who once told us that Iran must acquire a nuclear bomb to defend itself from the US-Israeli Shaitan – and president Hassan Rouhani is fool to expect United States to let Iran in peace without a pro-Israel regime change – he is totally wrong about Trump the JUDAS GOAT.

    When Donald Trump said, “Let make America Strong” – he actually meant, LET MAKE ISRAEL STRONG. And he is doing it since the first day of his presidency.

    I don’t know which ALLIANCE Thierry Meyssan is talking about which is “changing the Middle East.” For the last six years there have been only two alliances, 1) US lead Israel, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, etc. which says: “Assad must go”, 2) Assad-lead Iran, Hizbullah, Iraqi Shi’ites and later joined by Russian airstrike, saying: “Let Syrian people decide what they want.”

    Trump is not only speaking in “Netanyahu tongue” about Assad, Iran, and especially Hizbullah – he continue signing new sanctions on his so-called ally Putin’s Russia. Turkey on the other hand, has built alliance with Russia to stop the on-going bloodshed in Syria – but to stop the emergence of a future pro-USrael independent Kurdistan along its borders. Erdogan has not drop his demand of “Assad must go” as yet.

    And who is gaining from this bloodshed like the 9/11 in the past? Netanyahu and Jared Kushner, of course.

    No rational person expect any positive changes in the region other than as what former lawmakers Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney said in the past: “Stop sucking Israeli AZZ.”

    Donald Trump is even worse MORON than Dubya Bush. He just compared Hizbullah with US-Israel created ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    1. Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization but a genuine Lebanese self-defense force. Israel has never forgiven Hizbollah its successful defense of Lebanon in 2006. To equate Hizbollah, that is fighting in Syria against ISIS, with ISIS itself is the height of stupidity.
      Trump is an ignorant and clumsy fool, a tool of the Jews and not a genius strategist as Lobro and Thierry Meyssan believe.

      1. Quite right Franklin, though Mr. Trump is far preferable in domestic and immigration policy to Mr. Soetero, who like the Clintons, has profited very handsomely from his ‘excellent adventures’ with accounts to “Barry Soetoro, LLC” a legal entity operating in at least three countries with deposits totaling at least $400 million in the Cayman Islands, Caledonia, and Ireland – as always, taxes are for little people (see's-$400-million-in-offshore-accounts ).

        In any event, belligerent Chinese expansion is not possible to contain unless far less money is squandered in the ME on insanely destructive zionist grandiose ambitions. Mr. Soetoro’s legacy has left Hizbollah and partners, including Russia, on Israel’s Eastern border, which is good news – someone has to hold the zionist animals in check. The Japanese and peoples of Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, Sikkim as well as Australia and New Zealand can see where Communist China very openly is headed and it’s making them all very nervous. I would be too – and if they want peace, as the old saying goes, better prepare for war.

      2. @ Winston

        If it wasn’t for the lawlessness, aggression and threats against the whole world – by the Jew-controlled U.S. “government” – China would probably not be engaged in any “belligerent expansion” (whatever that exactly is); North Korea would probably not have (or even want) nukes; Russia would not be preparing for doomsday; etc., etc., etc.

        The Satanic Jew-controlled U.S. “government” has single-handedly trashed the rule of law, has now removed the mask of faux humanitarianism, etc., and is making its move toward straight might-makes-right global rule with an iron fist.

      3. Harold – We’re in agreement about “jew controlled US government”, but not about China. In 1978 I was located about as close to the Kmer Rouge regime as any sane person would want to come. I’ve spent years in Asia, mostly Thailand. The Chinese backed the murder of well over a million people in Cambodia who’s only crime in many cases was ‘they were educated’. The murders were were preceded by tortures in many cases, and extensive documentation may be found at a former Catholic facility abandoned with photographic and documentary evidence when the Rouge were forced to flee. It is well known the Chinese butchered over a million Tibetans in the conquest of Tibet, and are currently in the process of destroying yet another Tibetan City and remaining cultural treasure, Larung Gar, in Eastern Tibet.

        I neglected to mention China’s recent hostile threats to South Korea over the deployment of the THAAD system – contrast that with Russia, who may object, but not in the manner of a greedy mad dog. I’m sure you are aware of the jewish marxists who provided assistance (Rothschild money) to Mao and his fledgling movement, such as Israel Epstein and many others, and later were the only non Chinese to sit in China’s communist politburo. The communist murder in China itself by live burial, starvation policy, and so on is a record that is exceeded in history only by what the jews did in Russia. Russia finally woke up, China is very, very dangerous.

      4. @ Winston

        Pol Pot was a murdering Maoist whose rein of terror lasted from 1975 to 1979. Those “nasty” Vietnamese that the US fought for so long are the ones who rolled into Cambodia with their tanks and troops to stop the slaughter. Once the slaughter was stopped and a new government established, the Vietnamese returned to Vietnam.

        China is not the country that it was under the communist murderer Mao. China is more capitalist than communist. Only two years after Mao’s death in 1976, a group of farmers made secret agreements to produce more food than the government dictated since they were tired of themselves and fellow Chinese starving. It only took about 10 years for the government to lose control of food production which resulted in almost all government factories to be shuttered by 1999. Private enterprise with government over site/regulation is what is going on there a lot like the West.

        Unlike the jewish Mao communist government that delighted in starving and killing many millions of Chinese people, the Chinese government now goes to great lengths to rescue their citizens that get trapped in West sponsored wars. When US/NATO started bombing Libya, the Chinese military was able to pull 25,000 Chinese out of harms way in 2 weeks. In Yemen, the Chinese Special Forces landed and extracted all of their national, I forget how many, in just a few hours.

        The Chinese are not expanding except to island given back to them from Japan at the end of WWII via the Cairo Treaty along with a couple of developed atolls in the same area to protect their primary trade route. Obviously, they would like to have Taiwan back, but they have not invaded to accomplish that. If China wanted to invade a neighboring state, it would simply do so because they have the military might to get it done, but they haven’t.

        It does not appear that China wants more land. China is as large land wise as the continental USA. It appear they want more customers to support their drive to unseat the global jewish banking cabal that they have been gently undermining for about 25 years.

        As for the THAAD in South Korea, the new government in South Korea was opposed to their presence and wanted them removed. The US government obviously “explained” how the South Koreans really liked THAAD enough to even more missile as well as pay for them. It’s a bitch when you’re owned. It could be that the Chinese are communicating to the South Koreans they they are on their side.

        The problem in Tibet may have a lot to do with the Dalai Lama being on the CIA payroll for many decades. The CIA does not pay people to be peaceful.

        Consequently, in my view, there is much more to fear from the USA than there is from China.

      5. Ungenius – So what about the South China Sea? You say China doesn’t want more land, but they are creating fully armed Islands right next to the Philippines and claim ALL the waters of the South China Sea. The oil aside, if you talk with Philippine fishermen, as well as Indonesian and Vietnamese, you’ll learn that in order to fish where they always have, THEY say they must now risk their lives to feed their families, many claim to have been chased by Chinese navy patrols with live ammunition used. The same goes for aircraft, who are warned out of the area by Chinese military. This was recently the subject of a UK reporter on a Philippino plane who were told to leave or else.

        In Tibet, there are over a million dead and gone who weren’t on the “CIA payroll”. I have the priviledge of knowing a high ranking Tulku and his family who fled Tibet and now reside and freely practice Buddhism in Katmandu, Nepal. There are many more in India – why don’t you ask them about Chinese mercy?

        See and South Asian Times for more local and very recent (non Mao rule) perspectives.

      6. @ Winston

        “So what about the South China Sea? You say China doesn’t want more land, but they are creating fully armed Islands right next to the Philippines and claim ALL the waters of the South China Sea.”

        The Jews always say the same kind of thing about the USSR. But did Stalin really “want more land” or did he want a buffer zone between Russia and the Satanic Judeo-anglo-communist “West”?

        I can’t blame China for what it’s doing in the South China Sea while the empire lays claim to the whole world. I have to go with the theory that China’s moves in the South China Sea are not “imperialist”, but a natural defensive reaction to the empire’s relentless efforts to surround and “contain” China.

        BTW I have to agree with Ungenius about “communism” in China. In a sense “America” is far more communist than China is, especially in some states where there is relatively more Jewish influence.

  5. “…In the end, this new deal could enable the states of the region to force the multinational companies out of the political sphere and re-establish peace.”

    I couldn’t make it past this absurd statement. He says something like this and then expects to be taken seriously? Seriously?

    1. Harold –

      I could not agree MORE..!!
      That was the most ignorant statement I have ever heard this century…. unless he is an outright liar.

      The people who have cell phones – taking selfies for FB – will not give them up..!! Even MORE want them..!! They ALL have McDonald’s and Papa-John’s and Amazon’s APPS downloaded..!! 🙂

      For asylum seekers, a cellphone is a bridge to the future and the past

      No other item can hold the connections to home and make a life-or-death difference like the UBIQUITOUS SMARTPHONE..!!

      Today’s migrants and refugees make up the biggest wave of such movement since World War II, use their phones to navigate, access news and information, connect with home and as emotional support in a way unprecedented in the history of human wandering.

      1. There were 15,600,000 mobile phone users in Syria in 2016.

        The Syrian population is roughly 17.5 million:

        Over 85% of the people in Syria have smart phones..!! 🙂

        There are more today:

        Maintaining basic telecommunications services has become a priority for war-torn Syria

        The years of civil unrest in Syria have taken their toll on Syria’s telecommunications infrastructure and while the capital Damascus has survived reasonably well, it is the outskirts, rural and remote areas which have felt the brunt of the destruction.

        With 3G/HSDPA networks in place, the focus for mobile data has firmly shifted to mobile broadband offerings.

        In early 2017 reports were surfacing that a third mobile operator would enter the Syrian market.
        MTN Syria has experienced recent plateau in subscriber growth due to the challenging environment.
        Syriatel reported net revenue growth for FY 2016.

        **Just wait until Damascus get ITS OWN stock market… instead of having to use London’s and Mumbai’s..!!

        “YUGE” contractors GALORE..!! That “BIGGLY” includes Russia’s..!!

        ‘Put-On’ said SO..!! 🙂

    2. Harold and Pat

      Try this wording on for size:

      “…in the end, this new deal could force the ‘states’ out of the multinational company sphere and re-establish something akin to the ‘peace’ of pre-1914.” But with a caveat: this would imply the non-existence of the state of Israel…only now there IS one, therefore….

      Get my drift?

      The plan all along

  6. Zionists control the U.S. government and the Zionists want a fractured Mideast and Trump is under the control of Zionists so any talk of a new foreign policy is a lie and as usual Israel has the whip hand and America will be sacrificed to Israeli interests.

  7. I thought Trump was going to make a very important big announcement last night. I can’t find any info about Trump making a very important big announcement last night. Maybe a tornado came along last night and lifted up my house and sent the house with me and my whoodle doodle sleeping in it flying, landing in some other holographic universe where presidents don’t make announcements, very important ones or otherwise, I don’t know. My whoodle doodle, his name is TEDDY. Should I change his name to TOTO? I don’t think it would matter to him, he doesn’t listen to anything I tell him anyway, nobody listens to me.

    1. You’re always entertaining, TROJ. 🙂
      Just stay on the Yellow Brick Road, and you’ll get there with the rest of us! (It all doesn’t amount to much, anyway, so don’t get your bowels in an uproar over it!)

  8. Thierry Meyssan wrote:

    “Although in theory, Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah are still enemies to be defeated, in practice, they have become partners.”

    I have stated before that Russia will control the whole area one day. Some small pieces of unification are necessary first..!! And Russia has to be made to look 100 times bigger than it is…!! 🙂

    This part really astounds me: (Harold noticed it also)
    “In the end, this new deal could enable the states of the region to force the multinational companies out of the political sphere and re-establish peace.”

    Would that include Toyota pick-up trucks and Apple phones and IBM computers..?? 🙂

    He should have ALSO excepted the “YUGE” industrial equipment from US.. and Italy’s FUNDING.

    Here is an example of “breaking ties” (HA!) with multinational companies in just one industrial arena… railways:

    CFS is the national railway operator for the state of Syria, subordinate to the Ministry of Transportation.

    The Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC) is a railway operating in southern Jordan. The railway was formed in 1979 to transport phosphate to the port in Aqaba.
    TODAY it uses the tracks of the Hejaz Railway.

    Today, railway locomotives used in Syria are mainly built, modified and supported by a MULTINATIONAL COMPANY – General Electric:

    *American built General Electric U17C export model is used almost exclusively.

    Original purchasers of the GE U17C diesel-electric locomotive included Syria’s CFS, and the Lebanese national railway company.
    The GE U17C is also used on the Aqaba Railway Corporation for transporting phosphates from the Mines to Aqaba.

    *Italy’s FS Railways, in October 2010 made plans to set up a joint center for rail studies, and plans to build a rail link between Damascus and Jordan were temporarily revived, SUBJECT TO FUNDING.!!

    That FUNDING will come from Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. (previously Ferrovie dello Stato, FS) which is a GOVERNMENT owned HOLDING COMPANY…. that manages infrastructure and services on the Italian rail network. One of the subsidiaries of the company, Trenitalia, is the main rail operator in Italy.

    Sweet dreams abound…

    1. Pat

      I noticed it, too

      The elimination of Israel is obviously only be a guess on my part. But when you consider the players in the region for whom this would eminently satisfy, it makes perfect sense. Eliminate the Israeli thorn, but at what cost?

      It begs the question of what has been the purpose for the state of Israel from the get-go?

      How about the whole world being strung along for years by machinations in preparation for the international SUPER STATE?

      1. B-Hawk –
        Thanks…. You wrote:
        “It begs the question of what has been the purpose for the state of Israel from the get-go?”

        One of them is to run all shipping invoices from the US through them. They get a cut. Everybody in the gang gets a cut $$$..!! 🙂

        RD Amross was caught at that with Energomash of Russia/Pratt& Whitney… and selling to United Launch Alliance (ULA) purchasing for sales to US Government.

        The RD-180 is the engine that powers ULA’s Atlas V rocket, which is one of the launch vehicles used by the Air Force in their EELV program. The engine is fueled by liquid oxygen and kerosene and features a highly efficient oxygen rich staged combustion engine cycle.  The design features a single shaft main turbopump unit and dual gimbaled thrust chambers with integrated hydraulic actuators to provide thrust vectoring for vehicle steering. The RD-180 was developed in Russia and currently produced by NPO Energomash and sold through RD AMROSS a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and NPO Energomash.

        On May 2, 2005, The Boeing Company and the Lockheed Martin Corporation announced their intention to form a joint venture called the United Launch Alliance (ULA), combining the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with U.S. government launches of Boeing Delta and Lockheed Martin Atlas rockets – providing world-class space launch services for the U.S. government at lower cost.

        RD Amross is a supplier of NPO Energomash RD180 rocket engines to United Launch Alliance (ULA) for the Atlas Launch Vechicle

        THEY used Russia’s cheap labor..!! 🙂

      2. Ben Gurion’s vision of the world in 1987 :

        “With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian State, all other continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…”

      3. @ Brownhawk

        If my memory serves me properly, the Albert Pike plan for Israel was to foment war between the jews and Christians versus Islam so that the nihilists could be unleashed after their exhaustion resulting in a one world government without religion. Israel has been doing a fine job for the plan. The dumb war bait jews in Israel are being played like a violin by their banking elite. Fortunately, the Pike plan has a couple of big holes in it. The planned nihilists, Russia and China, are no longer nihilists with Russia returned to Orthodox Christianity and China rapidly becoming Christian along with both China and Russia forming alliances with Islamic countries. Most probably, it will be the planned nihilists, China and Russia, that will destroy the financial control of the jewish banking elite. Sweet justice is when the evil planners are consumed by their own plan. I guess Pike and the jews did not get the memo that everyone, including them, are on the devil’s hit list.

      4. Ungenius

        “…the best laid plans of mice and men…”

        Yes, the steady extinguishing of nihilism is a saving grace for the World. Pike’s wet dream will not be fulfilled as he and his fellow cretins envisioned it. But in spite of it being a shadow of it’s former self, it seems to me that some semblance of it will make a brief appearance before it all flames out. The bane of materialism created an apostasy that has yet to run it’s course – you get what you pay for in this world, and the bill is still due.

        It could be that the last major act to occur in this particular skein of history stems from a manipulation of Muslim world nations to goad them into a final war in which Israel is destroyed*. This will be the cue that gets out from behind the 8-ball and puts it in the pocket. At that point, time as we perceive it will be movin so fast that any resultant form of satanic reign will be virtually over before it begins. Then and only then will Russia fulfill Cayce’s prophecy of representing hope and leading the way in a transformed world.

        *beneath it all – jew on jew crime

  9. It took the Jew York Times 15 years to acknowledge the truth which every political aware person knew for a long time. On July 15, its Baghdad Bureau chief Tim Arango said in an article, entitled, Iran Dominates Iraq After US ‘Handed the Country Over’.

    Without mentioning the real reason the US wanted to remove its best Arab ally Saddam Hussein who fought 8-year US-proxy war against anti-Israel Islamic regime in Tehran – Tim Arango gives the impression to its readers that if the US occupied forces had not withdrawn from Iraq in December 2011, Iran would not be dominating Iraq.

    “When the United States invaded Iraq 14 years ago to topple Saddam Hussein, it saw Iraq as a potential cornerstone of a democratic and Western-facing Middle East, and vast amounts of blood and treasure — about 4,500 American lives lost, more than $1 trillion spent — were poured into the cause. From Day 1, Iran saw something else: a chance to make a client state of Iraq, a former enemy against which it fought a war in the 1980s so brutal, with chemical weapons and trench warfare, that historians look to World War I for analogies. If it succeeded, Iraq would never again pose a threat. In that contest, Iran won, and the United States lost,” Arango said.

    Such ridiculous conclusion coming from Arango is understandable. The dude doesn’t speak or understand Arabic language and have no knowledge of Middle East history. He landed into his current post by working through various Jew-control media outlets and being a Zionist by faith. All his lies come from Israel’s disinformation project MEMRI or sectarian Arab journalists.

  10. With so many Zionist Jews in President Trump’s cabinet any policies must be at the bidding of Tel Aviv.

    No way out of it for the time being.

    1. Hi Rehmat,
      The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the result of overwhelming Zionist/Neocon pressure on President GW Bush to attack the most powerful of Israel’s neighbours. It was a disgraceful example of just how dangerous an immature president can be. It was well known that Saddam had nothing to do with 911, neither did he have WMD. The consequences of this will be with us for many years to come.

      My fear now is that President Trump is in a similar situation, surrounded by Zionist/Neocons, this time with Iran as their target. Again, for the benefit of Israel.

      1. Hi John,
        The other day, when you said you were 80, it caught my attention. I am happy to see you sharing your ideas on this forum. My mother is in her 80s as well, and like you, she is still sharp. May God bless you and give you many more good years.

        You said: It was a disgraceful example of just how dangerous an immature president can be…….. My fear now is that President Trump is in a similar situation, surrounded by Zionist/Neocons, this time with Iran as their target. Again, for the benefit of Israel.
        The real decisions are made at another level and all of this theater about the ‘president and the neo-cons’ or ‘the president and congress’……It is all to give us a show….to sell us narratives as if they are acting from some moral base on behalf of the interests of the people.

        This is why the show is often repeated again and again and the actual participants don’t matter. All the media, special think-tanks, political parties and the control of the ‘word’ ensures that it works…..and it does.

        To think that Bush did not know about WMDs, well …. is naive. To think Donald Trump is simply stupid when he calls Hezbollah a terrorist organization, – after all he is not the first president to do so – not that he is not stupid, but it is all part of what Donald calls FAKE NEWS……. none of it is real, and he knows it BIGGLY.

        Keep something in mind, all the moves that you see is not ‘only’ about Israel, as an end in itself, but mainly about the ‘new UN’ and Agenda 21. I’m 100% with Pat on this and I agree with Winston about China.

        China is to be a big part of Agenda 21; it is China’s destiny to control one of the 10 regions. If you follow the money and the players it is not just the connection to Mao but also to the ‘Immortal Families’ and the rise of so-called capitalism in recent years. (((Monopoly))) money is BIG in ‘new’ China.

        I agree with Investigative Journalist James Corbett who says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker’s plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track. James says, “At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite.”
        James has carefully documented the “8 Immortal Families” in his report on China and the New World Order which shows how the 8 Immortals are totally connected to Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller-Rothschild banking elite. This is the way they will lead us into a New WORLD Order.
        “The West is being engineered into a world system of governance and government that can only come about through the rise of the East. It’s been puppeteered from the very start. There is no doubt that China’s rise right now is something that has been long planned for and carefully engineered.” (

  11. @WINSTON
    According to internet references Chinese Traditional Religion is the majority in China:

    Beliefs :Dualistic yin and yang; mythological beings and folk deities.
    Practices :Ancestor worship, prayer, longevity practices, divination, prophecy and astrology, feng shui.

    Is this childish magical thinking with no awareness/prayers of/to a Creator the cause of their cruelty? It seems they make natural allies of the Tribe.

    1. Hi Flan – The Chinese government certainly was and still is ideologically jewish-marxist, with some tweaks. LD and others have exposed the tribes first hand participation in the creation of a communist state in China, with the compliance of jews in FDR’s administration. Tribe run US government destruction of US industry by export to China is no coincidence in my opinion – the alliance continues.

  12. @ Winston
    I’m afraid I must disagree with you on your analysis of China and correct some historical inaccuracies.
    Firstly, Sino-Indian relations. The first clash between India and China occurred in 1962. India on the orders of Nehru, attacked first in two regions, Aksai Chin and Arunchal Pradesh, the Chinese responded, drove the Indians back and then withdrew. The full history was explained to me by an ex-Indian army friend who told me India was clearly in the wrong and that Nehru had bypassed his defence minister in ordering the attack. Regarding the current dispute, it’s my impression that the entire contretemps is being engineered by the US. After all Modhi is their boy. At the behest of (((USAID))) he withdrew large denomination banknotes from circulation, instantly impoverishing swathes of the Indian peasantry. So why not engineer “Chinese aggression” for his American masters?
    Secondly regarding Sikkim. China was never aggressive towards Sikkim. It was India’s Indira Gandhi, who fomented the unrest against the Chogyal and used it as a pretext to annex the country. Read the book “Smash and Grab” by Sunanda K. Datta-Ray.
    Thirdly, the Khmer Rouge. Yes they did receive Chinese support, however after the liberation by Vietnam they were supported by the US, UK, China and Thailand in their guerrilla war against the Vietnamese backed Heng Samrin government. Dear Doctor “Polack” racial vermin Brzezinski was the architect. Counterpunch has a very good article on the subject. That was the reason for UN backed trials of the KR only covering crimes prior to 1979.
    Lastly, regarding your analysis of South East Asia it could be a little more nuanced. Currently the ongoing terrorism there is being conducted by CIA proxies, ISIS and Uighurs operating out of Turkey. Although not published in the CIA controlled MSM, the average Thai man in the street is fully aware that the CIA were behind the recent bombing of the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. Sure the CIA have plausible deniability, but they gave the game away by letting drop in the Bangkok Post, a well known CIA controlled mouthpiece, that there would be repercussions for Thailand, after they returned Uighur terrorists to China.

    1. Felix – So, what about Tibet (over a million slaughtered, monasteries looted and destroyed) and currently, Larung Gar? As for Cambodia, the Chinese weren’t very pleased when Vietnam invaded Cambodia and began to free Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge subhuman monsters; in fact, they invaded Vietnam in early 1979 for that very reason – no more Khmer Rouge (they still refer to Vietnam as Annam, a former province of China). Fortunately, Russia provided Vietnam with Satellite recon data which showed exactly where they would be coming, a close personal friend happened to be at an airport in southern China and witnessed the casualties being flown in.

      You are right about Thailand. The spoiled jewish run US government backed Mr. Taksin Shinawatra, notable for selling his telecommunication assets for over $1 billion, tax free, under a law he passed himself. I think the “Grey Wolf” linkage you mention in the recent troubles is proven and undeniable, though there’s more – some Thai friends talk about UK Gurkha involvement as well. The Thais rejected Taksin because he threatened the institution of Thai royalty, one of the jews favorite targets.

      The situation in Bhutan is heating up because China wants to build a road there (the Thais turned down the offer in their neighborhood, and Laos and Burma is as far as China got). News-Rt carries very good articles on the current situation in the Himalayas.

      You are in a very good position to see the events in the South China Sea unfold. People who buy the jewish line that China isn’t territorially aggressive should go for a fishing vacation in the South China Sea. I used to hear the same about the USSR from American jews about the USSR “just looking after their interests in Afghanistan” (over a million dead, the US is bad but not quite that level – yet, at least in Afghanistan).

      As I said above re. Mr. Meyssan’s article, I hope that Mr. Trump’s advisors don’t squander a rare opportunity to leave a failed jewish sponsored ME policy behind. The significant jewish involvement in the creation of the communist state in China, the jewish run US administrations who destroyed American industry and lives by exporting it to China speaks for itself. Chinese military maps began to show ALL of SE Asia as Chinese territory beginning in the early 1990’s. I think the recent belligerence in the South China Sea also speaks for itself, the result of an intentional jewish assault on American democracy – what is left of it, that is.

      1. Winston,
        I don’t deny the genocide of 1 million Tibetans, nor the 77 million other deaths of Chinese under Mao. Read Jung Chang’s book, “The Unknown Mao”! However, look at the people who came after Mao. All of them, most notably, Deng, were purged at one time or another and like the USSR, after Stalin, will not countenance a second cultural revolution.
        The South China Sea. China like the US is not a signatory to the UN Law of the Sea. And it isn’t only China, that’s built fortified islands or reclaimed land. All of the adjoining nations, including the Philippines, have done so. Look at the legal team arguing before the ICJ on behalf of the PR; almost all of them were white men. Even Duterte, the PR President, isn’t taking the ruling seriously and is engaging in bilateral talks with China. He even called Obama a son of a bitch and recently, the US a lousy country that he would never visit.

        Back to Cambodia. Yes, you’re correct about the Chinese getting “taught a lesson”, by Vietnam. However, that still doesn’t negate the fact that it was the US that abandoned and betrayed Cambodia to the KR. I’m sure, being an old Asia hand, you’re aware of Sirik Matak’s letter to Gunther Dean, the US Ambassador, refusing his offer of asylum. A truly reproachful letter, that if I was an American, I’d be ashamed to read. Even the US deputy military attache, before choppering out of the country threw his rifle and helmet away in disgust. And here we come to the crux of the matter. The USA is too fickle and cannot be trusted. Hell, they allowed the Israelis to murder US sailors on the Liberty with impunity. Your own people! And that’s the fact of the matter. Even Malcolm Fraser, a former Australian PM, just before he died, wrote a book “Dangerous Allies”, suggesting Australia rethink the ANZUS alliance. Douglas MacArthur, a great strategist, said America should never get involved in a land war in Asia. He was right, America is dying a death by a thousand cuts in West Asia. At the same time squandering a fortune feeding the great succubus, Israel. Forgive the crudity but Israel is screwing the US in every orifice and sapping the country’s vitality. So Asian countries may be distrustful of China, but can they trust the US? History has shown they cannot!

      2. Felix – Sirik Matak was a true patriot and fine human being who went bravely to his death. The US betrayal began in jew run Congress (where else) when material support for both Vietnam and Cambodia was denied because the governments were “bad”. Then came the Khmer Rouge… No one can trust any country run by jew-marxist globalists. The Thais politely asked the US to withdraw military presence, without any serious corrosion of relations. The Thai people made a wise move, but then they know how to govern and protect their country.

        Look at the size of the South China Sea, then ask if there are any other nations even remotely comparable to China who have projected any where near levels of force with armed permanent intended presence, or ferocious hostile response to any perceived transgression whether by sea or air.

        Essentially, the Thais did support the Khmer Rouge after their fall from power, as did others you mentioned, but only in a limited way, not with the intent to restore them to power as China desired. The Vietnamese army that unified Vietnam and threw out the Khmer rouge was formidable, it’s intentions unknown. To Vietnam’s credit, they withdrew from Cambodia unilaterally, as well as from Laos.

        What I’ve proposed in regard to Mr. Meyssan’s hopeful article is a re-assessment of not only ME policy but a sober look at developments in Asia. The Iraq disaster and jew run American disgrace of George W. Bush with scurrilous and outrageous jew MSM lies about “Saddam did 9/11” and it’s consequences, Soros/Obama’s attempt to bring in globalist jew-marxist rule, the theft of over $100 billion in gold by the French Rothschilds in Libya, the ongoing disaster in Europe, the aggression in Ukraine demand response. Russia and other sober nations pursue their interests, not the Rothschild’s agenda. Many don’t want to recognize the true nature of the Chinese regime or for that matter, the zionists, and the jew MSM supports this concealment.

        In Korea, there is a US presence because the Kim dynasty invaded. The nations are still technically at war. No matter how much liberal jew-marxist poison affects South Korean students and elements of media and government, it can’t change historic reality – including among others Kim Jung Il’s attempt to cancel the South Korean Olympics by sending agents to blow up a Korean Airliner in the skies above Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The Japanese have no illusions as to what would result if US forces withdrew from Korea, or Okinawa, nor do the Taiwanese. After all, the Japanese tried it themselves not too very long ago. Vietnam is anxiously approaching India in this regard. Containment of the new level of Chinese threat is not possible with endless zionist demands for expensive ME aggression. Confronted by skillful and restrained Russian Strategy in Syria, with a nationalist US president hated by globalists in Europe and North America, the deep state might reconsider – that is the element that told Mr. Cheney “no” to further aggression in Iran. My former Thai employer used to kill 5 Chinese a day on average trying to enter Thailand from Laos to cause trouble, another very close friend used to cook rice for the Sakai (aboriginal people) on the Malay border to gain Intel as to what the Chinese communists were up to in the border jungles, with the harvest of some who lived to regret their actions. The Thais have no illusions, nor should anyone else who bothers to look at what the jews do on their openly professed march to world domination. The Vietnamese expelled thousands of ethnic Chinese over questions of loyalty. Nations have interests, and the Globalists are a regurgitation of the jew Internationale – another failed experiment. Europe is going down the drain while corrupt idiots think they will share power with the Rothschilds. Modi as you rightly pointed out is a Globalist stooge, but I think national interests are the driving force for Indian policy in Bhutan. Nehru was a true dupe and let the Chinese get away with murder, a bitter lesson which led to war and defeat, not easy or sensible to forget. India’s national interests are aligned with those of the US in containment, not jew aggression.

        Deng dealt ruthlessly with the Beijing protests. Can you imagine Trump or anyone else doing it in America? We came very close with Bill Clinton, Rothschild stooge. John Sudworth of BBC has sent many reports of continued utterly ruthless and corrupt behavior by Chinese authorities. I have great respect for traditional Chinese culture, but much has been destroyed in China in the insanely ambitious effort to ‘modernise’. No one can look at China today and say they are a peaceable happy nation. They are a perfect example of elites and slave laborers, which the jew intends worldwide. The coal burning families of Harbin who sleep on top of the stoves illustrates the widening schism. The Chinese love their country but have been seduced by modernism, the promises of the elite. The neighbors are nervous and rightly so.

        It is a pleasure to hear and discuss with you informed thoughts which hopefully will improve mine.

      3. Good points, Winston,
        And it’s not only the Japanese and others that you mention who must be wary. You probably remember the Sino-Russian border clashes in 1969. Russia at that time approached the US asking for their reaction to a pre-emptive strike on China by Russia. Nixon didn’t reply. So the Russians assumed that the US was already working on a detente with China.

        China doesn’t recognise any of what they call the “unequal treaties” imposed on them during the 19th Century and one of those treaties was the ceding of Vladivostok and adjacent territories to Russia. (Treaty of Aigun 1858) Vladivostok means eastern victory in Russian. Which is why I find the Russophobic policies of the West insane for driving the Russians and Chinese together! It’s also the reason for Russia offering free land to anyone willing to settle in Eastern Siberia.

        One last point. Although the CCP is intent on retaining its iron grip on power. I don’t view it as Jewish-Marxist anymore. Not since the death of the junkie pedophile Mao. (Read the memoirs of his doctor) I’d say the CCP has mutated into a “Chinese National Socialist” party. I have a Sino-Thai neighbour who showed me a Chinese language newspaper with Xi Jinping offering immediate Chinese citizenship etc. to anyone of the Chinese race wishing to “return” to China and help rebuild the Motherland. So let’s wait and see how things play out. How will Jung Gwok, the Middle Kingdom undo all the “unequal treaties” imposed upon her? The Chinese don’t call their country China, but the Middle Kingdom and every one outside it are regarded as barbarians.

      4. Winston,
        The pleasure of exchanging views with you is all mine. It’s rare to meet an old Asia hand online these days.

  13. TROJ asks a perfectly valid question and it had me thinking, to see if i can divine deeper undercurrents in all this (finally a chance to be on a solidly on-topic freeway, no speed limit, a true thinking autobahn).

    I thought Trump was going to make a very important big announcement last night. I can’t find any info about Trump making a very important big announcement last night.

    I did watch at least 30% of the speech and similarly didn’t think much of it other than what a masterful crowd-control performance, they were going apeshit in w virgin, all the wasted looking veterans and farmers and coal miners waving “drain the swamp” signs and sure enough, he told them that this is exactly what he promised and he was going to deliver on, how washington and the special interests that run it are enemies of the people while he is the people’s champion.

    i had an idea that i thought is so far in the left field that it is best left there unmentioned.

    Until THIS: Krauthammer Issues Stark Warning Over Mueller Investigation: “We Should Be Treading Very Carefully Here”, no less and he is no trump lover, just a jew worried about his Kristal this Nacht.

    During yesterday’s rally in West Virginia – the state won by the largest margin – President Trump gave a particularly rousing speech, painting a picture of corrupt, Russophobic D.C. politicians trying to invalidate a fair election, rendering their votes meaningless.
    Trump told the crowd “We didn’t win becaues of Russia. We won because of you.”

    Krauthammer’s take was that Trump’s packed rally was a reminder to the establishment that true power lies with the citizenry. “I think that the appearance that he did in W. VA tonight is a way of saying “my numbers may be down, but I command a formidable army,” adding “I think we should be treading very carefully here. This is where we are. We’re sort of sleepwalking into this.”

    basically issuing a warning to fellow jewboys, note his use of “WE”.

    Moreover, i somehow ended up on the mailing list of a generally embarrassingly mindless catholic outfit selling devotional crap, pendants, trips to jerusalem, jews are our best buddies, novus ordo is our faith, etc.
    But today, something interesting and worth pondering, i quote the gist

    Since Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States, it seems like the American Left has lost its mind. Violent protests in the streets and attacks on Trump supporters. The attempted assassination of a Republican congressman. Threats to murder the president, including calls by well-known left-wing activists for “jihad” and gory photos featuring Trump’s severed head. Conspiracy theories about Russian plots. And hysterical rhetoric about a “resistance” dedicated to overthrowing the duly elected commander-in-chief.

    The bottom line is Donald Trump is not just facing political opposition. He’s facing something more. One talk show host, former law enforcement officer and current pastor believes President Trump is facing nothing less than full-fledged spiritual warfare. Pastor Carl Gallups was one of President Trump’s earliest and most vocal Christian backers. And he contends the opposition to Trump is nothing short of demonic.

    Gallups suggested the country itself is under demonic attack.

    “We are in the throes of an attempted takeover of this nation,” he claimed. “And it’s been a long time coming. We are the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen. With all of its evil, we’re the best there is. And that’s it. Satan hates us; we’re his target. The globalists hate us because in order for the Antichrist to come to power, America has to somehow go away. The constitutional republic, the national sovereignty, the military might and the economic engine has to go away or the globalists can’t seize control. We’re watching all of that in action.”

    “It’s spiritual and its demonic,” the pastor intoned.

    doesn’t matter whether true or not, what matters is the possibility of a seismic movement based on this sense or perception.
    And i think that Trump is wiring himself into these subterranean rumbles and yes The Hammer Of Kraut is able to also feel these tremors and doesn’t like it when the odds are incalculable, that’s not the way Meyer Lansky’s casinos operate.
    Trump chose WV with care, the greatest number of veterans and bedrock-redneck-old-stock gun toting, moonshine swilling, arm pumping WHITE hillbillies, if America ever declares secession from Washington and ruling talmudocracy, that’s a good place to start.

    Ok TROJ? maybe nail down a few more floorboards in that Kansas shack, tornado season is only starting.

  14. May I, as an Ancient Brit, address the American commenters to Darkmoon. Charles Krauthammer confirms what I have seen in the USA over the past few years.

    Many people are beginning to think that the ruling elites in Washington DC are out-of-touch with the people. At least that is how it seems, but that is not necessarily the case. Most members of Congress are highly intelligent; even the many lawyers amongst them. They can see that the Zionist Lobby has, in effect, siezed control of the USA and has directed the country into wars and crises that have benefited Israel and not the USA. Congress could soon rebel against that Jewish control. In doing so it would really be in touch with the people of West Virginia. If they disagree with the people why are they in Congress? and how long will they remain in Congress?

    The Zionist Lobby and the Jewish-owned media are like a pack of hyenas tearing at the heels of President Trump, and the ordinary people can see it, and they will not forgive.

    Charles Krauthammer is right.

    1. John –

      You wrote:
      “Most members of Congress are highly intelligent; even the many lawyers amongst them.”

      That is most of the problem. It defies ‘separation of powers’ system in America.

      Lawyers are Officers of the Court, a part of the Judicial Branch… and as such, they should be prevented from serving in the Legislative branch. They are, actually, breaking the law.

      Charles Krauthammer is a CHOSEN psychiatrist. He knows.

      AND… I like to claim…
      …… ALL national leaders are LIARS..!! 🙂

    2. @John Kirby

      “…Congress could soon rebel against that Jewish control…”

      That is very unlikely. In the US if you run for Congress soon you will be visited by a group of Jews. They will ask your opinion about several things, among others Israel. You will have to give them a “position paper” with all the answers. If they accept it, they will support you financially and you will get a positive image in the media. If not, they will support your opponent and you will get a negative image in the media. Thus only “friends of Israel” make it into Congress. But that is not all. You will have to accept several Jews into your staff also. They will keep an eye on you. Thus every member of Congress is a puppet of the Jews. Therefore you get scenes like this : You Tube, Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations in Congress :

      1. Hi Franklin,
        My point is that resentment against Jewish Power has reached such a point in the USA that even Congressmen will find the courage to resist. The media have never publicly considered just how much the vote for Trump was a vote against Jewish Power. That now seems ironic given the Neocon Zionist Jews in Trump’s cabinet and administration; but “Draining the swamp” seemed directed at Jewish Power. Since he appointed all these Zionists I am no longer a big Trump supporter. I was originally, and was dumb enough to ignore the fact that he had a Jewish Son-in-Law.

        There is of course a historical precedent to the situation, that is Germany in 1933. The German people had just had enough of jewish Power, and all the money and arm-twisting could not prevent the outcome. I think America is approaching that point and Congress may be given the choice between siding with the people or electoral obliteration.

        Jewish Power is the elephant in America’s living room. If some politician or political party had the courage to say that they would be swept into power at the next election regardless of Jewish Lobby skullduggery.

        Charles Krauthammer is right.

  15. Trump is a fool – idiot – dupe – or all three..!!

    Evidence That Attorney General Sessions Is Another Mole in The Trump Administration

    We ask again why President Trump would select people for high office who are known loyalists to the Clintons, and who was the influential person who convinced him to do so? Did Trump make a campaign promise with someone like Henry Kissinger?

    President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton gave his weekly update and discussed the documents he received on the talking points drafted pertaining to the Lynch-Clinton meeting on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport.

    Fitton had this to say about the documents, “The talking points are completely blacked out–you heard that right. They’re blacked out.

    Again, they weren’t blacked out by Attorney General Lynch, they weren’t blacked out by James Comey, they weren’t blacked out by Barack Obama.
    *They were blacked out by the Justice Department run by *Attorney General Sessions, an appointee of President Trump. Isn’t that outrageous?”

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