ISIS claims stunning attack in Iran which left 12 dead, more than 40 wounded

TEHRAN, Iran – The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Wednesday for a pair of stunning attacks on Iran’s parliament and the tomb of its revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which killed at least 12 people and wounded more than 40.

Tehran Police Chief Gen. Hossein Sajedinia announced late Wednesday night that five suspects had been detained for interrogation, according to a report in the semi-official ISNA news agency. Sajedinia did not offer any further details.

Reza Seifollahi, an official in the country’s Supreme National Security Council, was quoted by the independent Shargh daily as saying that the perpetrators of the attacks were Iranian nationals. He did not elaborate.

The bloodshed shocked the country and came as emboldened Sunni Arab states – backed by U.S. President Donald Trump – are hardening their stance against Shiite-ruled Iran.

The White House released a statement from Trump condemning the terrorist attacks in Tehran and offering condolences, but also implying that Iran is itself a sponsor of terrorism.

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“We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times,” the statement said. “We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote.”

In recent years, Tehran has been heavily involved in conflicts in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State, but had remained untouched by IS violence around the world. Iran has also battled Saudi-backed Sunni groups in both countries.

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard indirectly blamed Saudi Arabia for the attacks. A statement issued Wednesday evening stopped short of alleging direct Saudi involvement but called it “meaningful” that the attacks followed Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, where he strongly asserted Washington’s support for Riyadh.

The statement said Saudi Arabia “constantly supports” terrorists including the Islamic State group, adding that the IS claim of responsibility “reveals (Saudi Arabia’s) hand in this barbaric action.”

The “spilled blood of the innocent will not remain unavenged,” the Revolutionary Guard statement said.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader, used the attacks to defend Tehran’s involvement in wars abroad. He told a group of students that if “Iran had not resisted,” it would have faced even more troubles.

“The Iranian nation will go forward,” he added.

The violence began in midmorning when assailants with Kalashnikov rifles and explosives stormed the parliament complex where a legislative session had been in progress. The siege lasted for hours, and one of the attackers blew himself up inside, according to Iran’s state TV.

Images circulating in Iranian media showed gunmen held rifles near the windows of the complex. One showed a toddler being handed through a first-floor window to safety outside as an armed man looks on.

The IS group’s Aamaq news agency released a 24-second video purportedly shot inside the complex, showing a bloody, lifeless body on the floor next to a desk.

An Associated Press reporter saw several police snipers on the roofs of nearby buildings. Police helicopters circled the parliament and all mobile phone lines from inside were disconnected.

Shops in the area were closed as gunfire rang out and officials urged people to avoid public transportation. Witnesses said the attackers fired from the parliament building’s fourth floor at people in the streets.

“I was passing by one of the streets. I thought that children were playing with fireworks, but I realized people are hiding and lying down on the streets,” Ebrahim Ghanimi, who was around the parliament building, told the AP. “With the help of a taxi driver, I reached a nearby alley.”

As the parliament attack unfolded, gunmen and suicide bombers also struck outside Khomeini’s mausoleum on Tehran’s southern outskirts. Khomeini led the 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled the Western-backed shah to become Iran’s first supreme leader until his death in 1989.

Iran’s state broadcaster said a security guard was killed at the tomb and that one of the attackers was slain by security guards. A woman was also arrested. The revered shrine was not damaged.

The Interior Ministry said six assailants were killed – four at the parliament and two at the tomb. A senior Interior Ministry official told Iran’s state TV the male attackers wore women’s attire.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani called the attacks a cowardly act.

Saudi Arabia and Iran regularly accuse each other of supporting extremists in the region. Saudi Arabia has long pointed to the absence of IS attacks in Iran as a sign of Tehran’s culpability. For its part, Iran has cited Saudi Arabia’s support for jihadists and its backing of hard-line Sunni fighters in Syria.

Trump’s first overseas visit to Saudi Arabia last month positioned the U.S. firmly on the side of the kingdom and other Arab states in their stance against Iran. His assurances of Washington’s support emboldened hawkish royals in Saudi Arabia, which is at war in Yemen against Iranian-allied rebels.


Trump Attributes Iran Terror Attack to “The Evil They Promote”

by Jason Ditz

While officially the White House is condemning the ISIS suicide attacks in Tehran today, in keeping with their policy of being against ISIS, President Trump’s own statement on the matter appeared less than wholly sympathetic, attributing the attacks to Iran “falling victim to the evil they promote.”

President Trump has made clear since the campaign that he does not like Iran, and spent much of his recent trip to the Middle East pushing hostility toward Iran, as well as portraying Iran as being to blame for most of the terrorism in the region.

That ISIS is the world’s biggest terrorist organization, and that Iran has been heavily supporting both Iraq and Syria in fighting ISIS, doesn’t fit into Trump’s narrative, and the fact that ISIS just launched terrorist attacks in Tehran is particularly unwelcome to the US agenda of trying to spin everything wrong in the Middle East as being Iran’s fault.

President Trump’s answer to this, then, is to remind everyone that Iran is a “state sponsor of terrorism,” an official designation by the US government which means effectively nothing, and only currently applies to three countries that the US doesn’t like, none of whom has anything to do with ISIS, al-Qaeda, or other major international terrorist groups.


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  1. “the perpetrators of the attacks were Iranian nationals….The bloodshed shocked the country and came as emboldened Sunni Arab states – backed by U.S. President Donald Trump – are hardening their stance against Shiite-ruled Iran.”

    Which probably indicates that Iran has its fifth column actors just as Russia does .
    I would like to offer up my perception of the unfolding world-wide terrorist scenario which the MSM would probably label “the mother of all conspiracy theories” . It is however, only tangentially related to the news in this blog item.
    It is as follows: We see that our politicians in the West have actively sought to bring Muslim invaders into our nations (granted that some of them are only guilty of looking the other way while this goes on) and that religious organizations here in the US are involved in this as a for-profit business enterprise. Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Charities and the HIAS (Hebrew Immigration Aid Society) are involved in this along with others which are paid by the US State Department.
    The same effort has gone on in Europe and in Great Britain although it involves different organizations and state actors; a somewhat different mechanism but having the same effect in bringing in Muslim invaders. We see the chaos that this brings and many wonder at the purpose of it all though we can see the surface effect of the destruction of Western Civilization. I suspect that there is an end goal involved beyond ending our traditional way of life and security in our home nations. Bear with me, please.
    The resulting terror of this insurgency gives our governments the excuse for instituting martial law though they are doing this by degrees and not declaring it outright. The process is nearly complete in England at this juncture with the military being brought in to patrol the streets of London and eventually will expand across that nation. Police in Western European countries are increasingly ineffective in their attempts to control the violence there. Here in the US, police departments have been increasingly brought under Federal influence through a system of “educational efforts” and ties with the Dept of Homeland Security including instruction in Israeli police and military tactics.
    We know that private ownership of guns in Britain is almost nonexistent, in Europe it is severely controlled and gun ownership has been under attack in the US for many decades now. This of course is intended to make the populace victims of the invaders as well as dependent on police for protection (ineffective, of course). So what will be the “final solution” to all this orchestrated chaos? In the early stages it will be military presence to provide “security”. I claim no powers of prophecy, but I can envision this entire drama as a prelude to the claim that we need a system of “world governance” in order to solve the growing chaos and violence.
    In short, what I am proposing is that ISIS is a tool being used to provide the excuse for a transition to the world government so dear to our aspiring Global Oligarchy. Islam, in the eyes of our elite, is the perfect system of government for totalitarian control of the masses.

    1. “…Islam, in the eyes of our elite, is the perfect system of government for totalitarian control of the masses…”

      On the contrary, Islam is the greatest obstacle to their Global Dominance. However, “islamic terrorism” is their best tool to destabilize Muslim countries and thus justify an invasion, while in the West it is used to justify a police state.

      ISIS is used to destabilize Syria. Apparently it is now also used to destabilize Iran. A conventional or nuclear war with Iran is too risky, so now they try terrorism. Expect more of it in the near future.

      1. FR –

        “ now they try terrorism. Expect more of it in the near future.”

        Thanks for being level-headed and not emotional.

        That has been my MAIN point since at least 2003.

        There will be NO “mushroom clouds”… as pushed by Condoleeza Rice and Paul Craig Roberts.

        Condoleezza Rice: “I don’t want The Smoking Gun to be a Mushroom Cloud.” 🙂

        You are NOT scared yet.. GOOD for you..!! 🙂

      2. @ FR

        “ISIS is used to destabilize Syria. Apparently it is now also used to destabilize Iran. A conventional or nuclear war with Iran is too risky, so now they try terrorism.”

        I don’t see how ISIS (or any other terrorist mercenary army) would ultimately be more than an annoyance to Iran unless it is openly supported by the U.S. air force, which would cause direct military conflict anyway.

        With the arms deals and open embrace of Saudi Arabia, the attacks on Shiite militias in Syria, and now the terrorist attack inside Iran, I think Orange Clown and his Jewish-supremacist handlers are trying hard to provoke a military response.

      3. @ Pat

        “There will be NO “mushroom clouds”… as pushed by Condoleeza Rice and Paul Craig Roberts.”

        The question is: Would Russia be willing to accept the loss of its allies by way of these portentous, terrorist-proxy-wars-of-attrition that it wouldn’t accept by direct U.S. invasion? While knowing full well that the epicenter of all this evil is the “U.S. government”? While knowing that the ultimate goal is the imposition of Satanic, Judeo-communist world rule?

        You apparently say, yes, they would, and many others (myself included) believe that they will not.

        My present view is that with the advent of Orange Clown’s treacherous betrayal, Russia by now understands that direct military conflict is unavoidable, and they will try to delay it until they can deploy the “game-changing” hardware that is now in the pipeline.

      4. Harold –

        Thanks for asking.

        You wrote:
        “While knowing full well that the epicenter of all this evil is the “U.S. government”?”

        “While knowing that the ultimate goal is the imposition of Satanic, Judeo-communist world rule?”

        Neither of us KNOW what ‘Put-On’ is “..knowing” or “knowing full well” at all. We would be GUESSING there at best.. 🙂

        I don’t claim to KNOW what anyone else “knows” in any way. I don’t KNOW what anyone else is “thinking” either.

        I look at the results of words and actions over the decades.

        ‘Put-On’ told Megyn Kelly that he liked Americans. He said liked the thousands of American tourists who visit every year. He welcomed them.

        He went on to quip,”There are hundreds of TOP American businessmen at a convention in St Petersburg right now. I like them just fine.”

        ‘Put-On’ was referencing this last week… where he BEGGED for HELP for his failing economy:

        Putin asks U.S. businessmen to help restore normal dialogue with Washington

        Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a business roundtable session…. ”Russia – USA” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, June 2, 2017.

        “Help us restore normal political dialogue,” Putin said. “I ask you on behalf of Russia and I address the American side: help the new president and the new administration.”


        From what I have seen since 1917…. Russia is a satellite of the US. Russia NEEDS the US and the US Dollar… “BIGGLY”… especially right NOW..!!

        ‘Put-On’ will gladly pick up the crumbs left by US military excursions, actions and interventions around the world. It helps him get military $$$$$ also… and he can sell oil for fuel used by all the other militaries globally.

        It makes.. Dollars and Sense..!! 🙂

      5. “Neither of us KNOW what ‘Put-On’ is “..knowing” or “knowing full well” at all. We would be GUESSING there at best..” 🙂

        Guessing? Seriously? With his country surrounded by U.S./NATO; with a robust history of post “cold war” U.S. illegal, immoral wars of aggression; with the U.S. stated goals of overthrowing Syria and Iran; with labeling Russia the biggest international “threat”; with unilateral withdrawal from the ABM treaty and the positioning of missiles and a potential invasion force on Russia’s borders; with the increasing military spending and promise of global nuclear supremacy; with the refusal to engage in any meaningful talks on anything of importance; etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., I thought it a safe bet to speculate that Putin and his staff might have come to the conclusion that they’re not dealing with Mister Rogers’ neighborhood.

        “I don’t claim to KNOW what anyone else “knows” in any way. I don’t KNOW what anyone else is “thinking” either.”

        LOL! Well of course you do; or at least, you clearly imply that you do. For example, you said:

        “There will be NO “mushroom clouds”… as pushed by Condoleeza Rice and Paul Craig Roberts.”

        You didn’t say there “might not” be mushroom clouds; rather, you’re ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, which means you KNOW that the Russians will never use nukes to defend themselves under any circumstances.

        I don’t KNOW but I have reason to believe that you’re just being contrary…again.

      6. Harold –

        “I don’t KNOW but I have reason to believe that you’re just being contrary…again.”

        Please use “STILL” rather than “again.”

        My views rarely match others’ views. That makes mine quite “contrary” to theirs. That’s how my “garden grows.” Even quite “BIGGLY” so..!! 🙂

        When most agree with me… then… I KNOW I’m wrong…. and I’ll do a 180.

        My views are NOT based on knowing any thoughts by others… since.. There are NO ‘MOBILE’ NUKE weapons. 🙂

    2. DMcR,
      What exactly would a police state mean to us? Would all commerce stop? Would people still be able to work? I believe that there simply arent enough military personel in U.S. or Europe to significantely impede the lives of ordinary people. I drive and 18-wheeler in the U.S. and police, Department of Transportation stop me all the time. The DHS harrasses me when I exit or enter U.S. But thats all. What else can they do? Ejecute me on the side of the highway? If commerce stops…..if people cant work….noone pays taxes. Without taxes government cant funciona and military personel dont get paid. What would a “police state” actually acomplish? Im curioso.

      1. THE QUESTION, donaldo, THE.
        the mother of all questions and delving into it is to come face to face with all kinds of existential metaphysics.
        why aren’t people asking it all the time, are they whistling past the graveyard?

        i hear stock answers of the following variety, we are there already, jews are playing sophisticated mind games in order to ramp up financial swindles or through complex socio-political maneuvering, they achieve better psychological control.

        but is it really the case or maybe the case of rose colored glasses, head-in-sand syndrome?
        let’s talk to some experts, the former jews like yossi gurvitz or nathaniel kapner, the self-styled street preacher jumping up and down in agitation, driven by the urgency of the unheeded warning.
        Why not listen to the gloating rabbis expounding on the “bright” future awaiting upon the arrival of the horned+hooved messiah, “every goy a slave, every jew a king” and many other such warnings.

        the infested Palestine offers a stark warning, yet even there, jew does not have the luxury of swinging freely, many weeping hearts cowardly comparing zion to the heroes of Aryan defense, the national Socialists, too many uncontrolled eyes, cameras, cellphones in the region – so clearly, they are not there yet.

        The closest that we can come to a graphic answer, glimpse into the devil’s heart is the pre-Stalinist Soviet, when indeed, jew was the king, goy a slave, so in the next post, huge due to the quotes, however carefully selected, you can enjoy some Judeo-porn.
        And maybe, if Putin’s forces are vanquished, you will get up close and personal with this type of reality.

        Why do i call it metaphysical?

        we, the humans (ie, non-judaics) represent a unique helix of material and spiritual strands, the linkage of the materialist and the spirit worlds.
        The great struggle or bet is to see whether the spirit of freedom, of responsibility, of choice, can establish its identity independent of the meat that binds, of the dead cause and effect that once set in motion runs inexorably like a mechanical watch where the sole control and responsibility lies with the Original Watchmaker, Yahweh – Exodus 23:22

        If thou shalt indeed. . . do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies. . . and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come

        See? this is whay jew has no need to concern himself with morality and individual responsibility, all he needs is to blindly-totally obey the Law.
        Obey the Law and everything will be fine, disobey by a scintilla and the merciless wrath is upon you, as per the endlessly repeated cautionary tale of king Saul in the Destruction of Amalek.
        Obey as Abraham obeyed and butchered his firstborn son because this was the Law (I even suspect that the true Torah, hidden from us, has this version, rather than the last minute reprieve for the bleeding goy hearts).
        Jesus, who represents the other bet, offers freedom and therefore, the true existence of individual spirit that makes its own decisions, something that requires courage of independent thought, guided by inner conscience.
        And so on, it gets even more metaphysical but that is not my thrust now.
        Suffice it to say that the victory of Lucifer represents the absolute enthropy where nothing moves beyond the watchful gaze of the master, Mordor wins, Frodo’s squad is wiped out, forget the soothing elevator Muzak of “financial markets, G7, free enterprise” and such sleep inducing blether.
        Don’t fall asleep now like the disciples in the garden of gethsemane.

    1. Greg,
      Right on the mark. It’s not only the brain dead in Congress that cheers on the Satanic-sadistic worshipers of the serpent Lucifer, but the equally brain dead so-called Christian-Zionists who seem to get their rocks off with all the chaos and mayhem created by the self described and admitted too “destroyers” of the Goyim and their nations: All because (((they))) need a world of (((their))) own. As Preston James PHD said on Rense the other night (((they))) don’t seem to be quite human. As Toejamicus has commented before, Islam is a chip right off the block of Judaism, just as ISIS and all the other Islamic “destroyers” are a chip off the block of the Israeli Mossad and their evil twin the American CIA. But make to mistake here. The US military rampaging in the Middle East and elsewhere is at the direction of (((those))) who need a world of (((their))) own. The trouble with most if not most Christians they confuse the Israelites of the Old Testament with the Talmudic-Kabalistic Jews of the last 2000 years and take no heed as to the very pithy things Jesus and the Apostles had to say about (((them))) in the New Testament.
      Remember the USS Liberty!!

      1. Toejamicus,
        The psycho-Jew Talmudist has no regard for life….even his own. A scorpion asks a frog if he can ride on his back to the other side of a stream. Half way across, he stings the frog and they both drown. In the late 90’s in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew a sleazy middle-aged Jew drug dealer at my night job….a bar. I carried ice to the bar all night earning the money I needed to pay for college. He had aids with ugly open sores on his hands and arms. He would sit at the bar and when students from a local college came in to drink, he would cheerfully invite them to the back to sample his menu. He was distroying young lives but didnt care. He already distroyed his. This is the mind of the Jew-psicopath. He died already…thank God. But he was was no different from the “Neocons” running the U.S. Gov. today.

  2. “On the contrary, Islam is the greatest obstacle to their Global Dominance.”
    – How so? Those Middle Eastern countries which are in league with the US (like Saudia Arabia, Turkey, Egypt) are ruled with an iron fist . Expect the same to eventually occur in Europe, Britain and the USA. The ME countries that have not accepted the international banking arrangement (Iraq during Saddam Hussein, Libya under Ghadaffi, Iran ever since the Shah was deposed) or which have opposed Western dominance of their natural resources in gas and oil (the Twin Towers was just a convenient excuse for invasion) are those that have been targeted. The Oligarchs want Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian compliance or else. As always, follow the money. Granted, “islamic terrorism” is the tool used to justify invasion of the ME, but the reason for this was forcing compliance with International Banking and ultimately, control of natural gas and oil flow to Europe and thus squeezing the Russian economy. Once these goals are achieved, Islam will not be considered a hindrance to Global Domination, but a tool to promote it.
    Global Domination requires a totalitarian form of governance, for this a police state is necessary and Islam requires compliance to the state (which is nominally a theocracy, but a political system in reality). The value of Islam to the elite is precisely this requirement of SUBMISSION (caps for emphasis, not for “shouting”). And so far, the population of Europe is submitting, or at least being cowed. I see no real opposition from the populace there or in Britain and I predict there will ultimately be none here in the US either, in spite of all those guns kept in closets or safes.

  3. The difference between murderous attacks in Iran with those in the EU, UK, and USA is that Iranian citizens don’t have to worry that their own government and intelligence services might be responsible for a Cheney style (or Bush, Blair, Hollande style) stab in the back. In the Syrian conflict, it’s quite apparent who is responsible for chemical attacks, and it isn’t the Syrian government. As for the ‘Islamic’ takfiri murderers, the whole world has waited and now fully understands that attacking the zionists and defending Islamic citizens in occupied Palestine is not part of their agenda, in fact, they regularly apologize publicly to Israel for an occasional stray bullet, though never any casualties. Little girls in Britain are easier targets for the great heroes. Israel, Arabia, and the US, UK, and others have much to answer for…

  4. Irán is a real powder keg. You want WWIII? Youll get it. The Persians are noble people. But paciencia isnt one of their virtues. They arent chess players like Russians….patiently making move by move on the board. When a mosquito bites…..they crush first and think about it later.

  5. @ Franklin Ryckaert:

    I know this thread is rapidly becoming old, but I will leave just one more thought in answer to your statement:

    “On the contrary, Islam is the greatest obstacle to their Global Dominance.”

    – If this is so, then why import it to all Western nations? And why is it NOT being imported to Israel?

    1. Donald –

      I agree that musselmen are being used as tools for global dominance.

      They have too many wives to not be the case. 🙂

      1. women number about the same as men, therefore for every Muslim with 4 wives, there are 3 with none, bachelors for life (which is why barbara spectre, theresa May and angela Merkel await them with open arms).
        for every jihadi rewarded with 72 virgins, 71 good Mohammedans go to bed with dog-eared smut.

        i would think that this is self-evident but maybe not.

      2. Lobro –

        BUT… the 3 with none are RAPING every female in sight..!! That puts the women they rape into health-care systems..!! That is the ‘Big BUBBA’ system…!! Global dominance by proxy..

        I would think this is a bit of more “self-evident” thinking.. butt maybe knots.. 🙂

      3. @Lobro

        Our childless leaders…

        Is it pure coincidence that these top European leaders are involuntarily childless? Possibly, but not very likely. In fact, they are a reflection of Europe and that continent’s lack of will to reproduce and place the family at the center, literally as well as culturally. This disturbing trend threatens to bring down Europe.

        I’m posting too much, I know. So I’ll go slow. Too many espressos!!!!

    2. Islamic countries are not susceptible to the moral degeneracy of Cultural Marxism, feminism, gay prides, below replacement birthrate or usury. Muslim immigrants don’t stop the degeneracy in western countries, but they are useful in the race-replacement of Whites and from their ranks from time to time “useful terrorists” can be recruited.

      1. F.R.,
        In public, there are no gay parades. But behind closed doors, many Muslims are heavy drinkers and homosexuality is rampant. The virginity of Muslim Girls is protected by their families. So young men with sexual urges take what is available. ..other young men or boys. When these scum enter Europe, they rape boys and women between the ages of 5 and 90. The bed-wetting liberal law enforcement just slaps them on the hand and the show continues.

  6. Okay, herewith the moap (mother of all posts), wherein i elaborate on the excellent future ahead of us, if Jew Messiah conquers the ragged remnants of existence and wet dream of so many Amerrhoids cheering on for Putin’s defeat and demise takes place.

    Throughout this post, all quotes are from Anelauskas’ Zionism and Russia, unless explicitly identified otherwise.
    Skipping a great bunch of essential reading regarding the Satanic horde’s activities in Russia – material for another lengthy post, I will zero in on just how the life was under the Arrival of Messiah, ie, the Zionist revolution in 1917.
    Early days of the “Tikkun Olam”

    “Working side by side with Yagoda,” notes Arkady Vaksberg about another kindred Jewish government deputy, “was another professional chekist (a euphemism for “professional executioner”), Meer Trilisser.”
    He joined the Party in 1901 (at the age of eighteen) and remained a little-known figure among Bolsheviks
    until he started working in the “organs” … This unknown Jew became a top-ranking Chekist by 1921, heading the foreign section of the Cheka (and later the GPU and OGPU — United Main Political Directorat
    e). “The many actions undertaken by Trilisser’s agents included blowing up the cathedral in Sofia with the Bulgarian tsar and his government inside.” [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 38]

    Wikipedia on Meer Trilisser, the mass killer of Christians

    In the United States, Trilisser provided Soviet visas for couriers sent to supply funds to a number of American left-wing trade unions, African-American worker organizations, and communist movements, including the CPUSA.[2] In January 1938, at the specific request and recommendation of Earl BROWDER, head of the Communist Party of the United States, Trilisser gave Max Bedacht, an American Communist Party activist and former unsuccessful New York Senate candidate, a Soviet visa and employment as a courier supplying funds to the CPUSA and other communist front organizations. Bedacht soon began traveling between the United States, Europe, and the Soviet Union as a courier, using his official cover as an international delegate for the American Communist Party.

    Here is what his grandson is up to currently: FINANCIER Bill Browder, thorn in Putin’s side, is on the verge of securing a UK Magnitsky law after a five-year push … tinker, tailor, oligarch, jew … Communist grandfather, thorn in Tsar’s side, financier grandson, thorn in Putin’s side, exactly the same family dynamics as jacob and adam schiff vermin, kabbalistically bent over precisely the same task 4 generations apart.

    And here are some of the sports Jew Chekists indulged in for fun, I will shorten the quote because of the sensationalist, voyeuristic nature and because, after all, it doesn’t add much to the discussion, simply note it in passing, with emphasis on the Satan’s particular joy in torturing the Christian clergy – ask yourself WHY, a damn good question

    The Jewish Chekists liked torturing their victims. The priests in Kherson were crucified. Archbishop Andronnikov in Perm had his eyes poked out and his ears and nose cut off. …
    Eyes of church dignitaries were poked out, their tongues cut off, and they were buried alive. The bishop of Voronezh was boiled alive in a big pot, after which monks, revolvers at their heads, were forced to drink. …
    The Cheka often arrested whole families and tortured the children before the eyes of their parents, and the wives before their husbands.

    Moving on to the wider issues … the GULAG, Glavnoe Upravlenie LAGerei (Chief Administration of Labor Camps),

    “As a Jew,” notes Yevgenia Albats in her book about the history of the KGB, “I’m interested in another question entirely: Why were there so many Jews among the NKVD-MGB investigators — including many of the most terrible? It’s a painful question for me, but I cannot evade it.” [Yevgenia Albats, The State Within a State: The KGB and Its Hold on Russia — Past, Present, and Future (New York: Farrar Strauss Giroux, 1994), p. 147] … [me too/neither].
    The American journalist Eugene Lyons [Jew] was sent to Russia in 1928 as chief correspondent for the United Press [Jew] agency. Arriving as an avowed communist, he was able to experience the Soviet experiment at first hand. He became extremely disillusioned. He described everything in his book
    Assignment in Utopia, published in 1937, in the following terms:

    “Hell broke loose in seventy thousand Russian villages. A population as large as all of Switzerland’s or Denmark’s was stripped clean of all their belongings. They were herded with bayonets at railroad stations, packed indiscriminately into cattle cars and freight cars and dumped weeks later in the lumber regions of the frozen North, the deserts of central Asia, wherever labor was needed, there to live or die…”

    Able to see yourselves and your loved ones heading down that well-trodden path yet?

    The proportion of Jews involved in the creation, planning, and management of Gulag was much higher than even their proportion in the Party elite, where in any case they held a huge part of the
    key positions. Even Louis Rapoport writes, “THOUSANDS OF JEWISH REVOLUTIONARIES helped to spearhead the Terror machine with a MESSIANIC fervor.” [Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, p. 44]
    [right, thousands, i leave you to count the mythical good ones, fingers of one hand suffice]
    Most people found out about it when they read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. He didn’t make a point of it at the time, but he talks about the people who were running the White Sea (Belomor) Canal labor camps, and they were virtually all ethnic Jews. Most of the chief overseers of the Canal were Jews.
    Solzhenitsyn described them as “six hired murderers each of whom accounted for thirty thousand lives: Firin-Berman-Frenkel-Kogan-Rappoport-Zhuk.” [Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, III-IV (New York: Harper & Row, 1975), p. 99.]
    If you don’t believe me, just read this book and see for yourself. You can start reading from around page 71, chapter 3 of part 3 (“The Archipelago Metastasizes”) and go on till around page 100.
    There are even photos of all Gulag founding-fathers on page 79 (some editions may have photos on different pages, but this one is the most complete unabridged published by Harper & Row, in 1975)
    and you can see their names — Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. These were six top administrators of the Gulag — greatest killing machine in the history of the world.
    All six were Jews.
    Why are these names generally unknown to ordinary citizens in America? [another fine one]
    The reason is unquestionably related to the very high involvement of Jews in gatekeeper roles in opinion-forming institutions such as the universities and particularly through ownership and control of the media.
    At the very head of the entire archipelago hierarchy was Matvei Berman, a Deputy Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR. He was also in charge of the construction of White Sea-Baltic Canal performed by the slave labor of camp inmates. [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 98]
    Matvei Berman, had helped to institutionalize slave labor as early as 1922. [Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, p. 44]
    Stanislav Messing, a veteran of the suppression of the Kronstadt rising, set up a vast economic empire. Its nominal head was Lazar Kogan, who had run OGPU’s border guards; Kogan’s deputies were Matvei Berman, who would at the age of thirty-four take over the GULAG, and Yakov Rapoport. [Rayfield, Stalin and His Hangmen, p. 176]
    Other Jewish Chekists who were among founding-fathers of Gulag included Aron Soltz, long known as “the conscience of the Party,” Semyon Firin, and Naftaly Aronovich Frenkel, a Turkish Jew whom Solzhenitsyn
    would characterize as “the nerve of the Archipelago, which stretched across the nine time zones of the vast country.” [Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, p. 76.] [haha, the conscience of the Party Judaism]
    Solzhenitsyn tells us that “a stubborn legend persists in the Archipelago to the effect that ‘The camps
    were thought up by Frenkel.’“ [Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, p. 75.]
    It was Frenkel who refined Berman’s use of prisoners as slave laborers.
    [skipping lots of Frenkel stuff to save space]
    As early as 1927, stories about
    him had reached as far as Paris. In one of the first books about Solovetsky prison camp, a French author wrote of Frenkel that “thanks to his horribly insensitive initiatives, millions of unhappy people are overwhelmed by terrible labor, by atrocious suffering.” [Applebaum, GULAG, p. 32]
    [skipping more Frenkel]
    As I have already mentioned, Frenkel invented the notorious you-eat-as-you-work system, by which prisoners were given food rations according to the amount of work they completed.

    Frenkel’s system was quite straightforward. He divided the prisoners into three groups according to their physical abilities: those deemed capable of heavy work, those capable of light work, and invalids. Each group received a different set of tasks, and a set of norms to fulfill. They were then fed accordingly — and the differences between their rations were quite drastic. The lowest category of worker received half as much food as the highest. In practice, the system sorted prisoners very rapidly into those who would survive, and those who would not. Deprived of food, the weak prisoners grew weaker, and eventually became ill or died. The process was made more rapid and more extreme because work norms were often set very high-impossibly high for some prisoners, particularly for city people who had never worked digging peat or cutting trees. [Applebaum, GULAG, p. 36]
    In the 1930s Lev Inzhir, a Jew, became chief accountant of the Gulag’s thousands of industrial enterprises and building sites, stretching from Dickson Island and Spitzbergen to Kamchatka and Central Asia. As Louis Rapoport writes, “the all-powerful clerk, was kept busy with figures on transit points, rail depots and harbors, human and other freight transfers, length of terms, mortality rates.”
    [Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, p. 45]
    When you read the whole Solzhenitsyn’s book (if you haven’t read it yet), you may realize that the greatest Mass Murderers in History of Man were Jews.
    [lots of skipped stuff]
    Here is only one little excerpt from Solzhenytsin’s book:

    “I love strong opponents! It’s such fun to break their backs! said the Leningrad interrogator Shitov. And if your opponent (e.g. your prisoner) is so strong that he refuses to give in, all your methods have failed and you are in a rage? Then, don’t control your fury! It’s tremendously satisfying, that outburst! Let your anger have its way; don’t set any bounds to it. Don’t hold yourself back! That’s when interrogators spit in the open mouth of the accused! And shove his face into a full toilet! That’s the state of mind in which they drag Christian believers around by their hair. Or urinate in a kneeling prisoner’s face! After such a storm of fury you feel yourself a real honest-to-God man!”
    [Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, p. 70]

    Solzhenitsyn in this magnum-opus, using the research of a Soviet statistician who had access to secret government files, Ivan A. Kurganov, estimated that between 1918 and 1959, at least 66 million died at the hands of the Communist rulers of Russia.
    66 million murdered by Gulag’s mostly Jewish overlords!
    That’s over ten times the number of Jews claimed to have been slain in Nazi concentration camps!
    True, this Solzhenitsyn’s gut-wrenching book, The Gulag Archipelago, went through countless printings — in over 50 languages — just because it was considered as useful tool of propaganda used at the height of Cold War. He was often called the “Conscience of the 20th Century” and recognized universally as
    one of the globe’s prime examples of bold courage and moral conviction. Even the Jewish press initially had nice things to say about Solzhenitsyn. They were reluctant to go up against a man so honored for high moral stature, and recognized by so many as a truth-teller of the highest character. But Solzhenitsyn’s newest book, another powerful and truthful magnus-opus, Together For Two Hundred Years, has been suppressed. No English-speaking publisher, either in Britain or in the U.S.A. has dared to publish it. So far, Solzhenitsyn’s book has only been issued in the Russian language (and also, as I recently discovered, German translation). [one of Putin’s accusers may want to comment on this “anomaly”]
    Clearly, today, after Cold War is over and New World Order is on its way, Solzhenitsyn’s writings about the Jewish leadership of the Soviet Holocaust is viewed as a grave threat to the Zionists Plan for global supremacy.
    Now, again, for those who maybe don’t trust Solzhenitsyn, here is what very Jewish professor Yuri Slezkine has to say:

    By 1934, when the OGPU was transformed into the NKVD, Jews “by nationality” constituted the largest single group among the “leading cadres” of the Soviet secret police (37 Jews, 30 Russians, 7 Latvians, 5 Ukrainians, 4 Poles, 3 Georgians, 3 Belorussians, 2 Germans, and 5 assorted others). Twelve key NKVD departments and directorates, including those in charge of the police (worker-peasant militia), labor camps (Gulag), counterintelligence, surveillance, and economic wrecking were headed by Jews, all but two of them immigrants from the former Pale of Settlement.
    The people’s commissar of internal affairs was Genrikh Grigorevich (Enokh Gershenovich) Yagoda.
    [Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2004), p. 221]

    Indeed, the Soviet secret police-the regime’s sacred center, known after 1934 as the NKVD-was one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions. In January 1937, on the eve of the Great Terror, the 111 top NKVD officials included 42 Jews, 35 Russians, 8 Latvians, and 26 others. Out of twenty NKVD directorates, twelve (60 percent, including State Security, Police, Labor Camps, and Resettlement [deportations]) were headed by officers who identified themselves as ethnic Jews. The most exclusive and sensitive of all NKVD agencies, the Main Directorate for State Security, consisted of ten departments: seven of them (Protection of Government Officials, Counterintelligence, Secret-Political, Special [surveillance in the army], Foreign Intelligence, Records, and Prisons) were run by immigrants from the former Pale of Settlement. Foreign service was an almost exclusively Jewish specialty (as was spying for the Soviet Union in Western Europe and especially in the United States).
    The Gulag, or Main Labor Camp Administration, was headed by ethnic Jews from 1930, when it was formed, until late November 1938, when the Great Terror was mostly over. [Stalin purging Jews, getting ready for WW2]
    As Isaak Babel (himself a onetime secret police employee, a friend of some prominent executioners, and ultimately a confessed “terrorist” and “spy”) described one of his characters, one nicknamed A-Jew-and-a-Half, “Tartakovsky has the soul of a murderer, but he is one of us, he is our flesh and blood.” [Slezkine, The Jewish Century, pp. 254-255]

    In 1932-33, there was a true genocide in Ukraine. Soviet government determined to force Ukraine’s millions of independent farmers — called kulaks — into collectivized Soviet agriculture, and to crush Ukraine’s growing spirit of nationalism. Faced by resistance to collectivization, government unleashed terror and dispatched 25,000 fanatical young party militants from Moscow — earlier versions of Mao’s Red Guards — to force 10 million Ukrainian peasants into collective farms. Secret police units of OGPU began selective executions of recalcitrant farmers. When those red guards failed to make a dent in this immense number, OGPU was ordered to begin mass executions. But there were simply not enough Chekists (secret police) to kill so many people, so they decided to replace bullets with a much cheaper medium of death — mass starvation. All seed stocks, grain, silage and farm animals were confiscated from Ukraine’s farms. OGPU agents and Red Army troops sealed all roads and rail lines. Nothing came in or out of Ukraine. Farms were searched and looted of food and fuel. Ukrainians quickly began to die of hunger, cold and sickness. [Walmart-Monsanto axis will take care of this little detail today]
    Orders were given for grain to be confiscated from the peasants, whether they had sufficient for themselves and their families or not. Those caught trying to reserve food for their families were “severely dealt with.” By the winter of 1932-3, virtually no food was left in the countryside. By early March 1933, “death on a mass scale really began.” [Robert Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (New York: Oxford University Press, 1987) p. 243]

    The main farming areas of Russia, in the regions of the Ukraine and also North Caucasus, were utterly devastated. Millions of people were forced to eat anything that was available, mice, rats, birds, grass, nettles, bark and even cats and dogs, but even then did not survive. It was a time of great and terrible hunger, a catastrophic man-made famine.

    During the bitter winter of 1932-33, mass starvation hit full force.
    Ukrainians ate their pets, boots and belts, plus bark and roots. Some parents even ate infant children. Yagoda had from the north Caucasus figures for deaths from starvation and disease and for cannibals
    or corpse eaters. In March 1933 he was informed:

    Citizen Gerasimenko ate the corpse of her dead sister. Under interrogation Gerasimenko declared that for a month she had lived on various rubbish, not even having vegetables . . . Citizen Doroshenko, after the death of his father and mother was left with infant sisters and brothers, ate the flesh of his brothers and sisters when they died of hunger . . . In the cemetery up to 30 corpses have been found, thrown out at night, some gnawed at by dogs . . . several coffins have been found from which the corpses have disappeared . . . In Sergienko’s apartment was found the
    corpse of a little girl with the legs cut off, and boiled meat… [Tragediia sovetskoi derevni: dokumenty i materialy (Moscow: Rosspen, 1999-2002), vol. III, p. 649. Quoted in Rayfield, Stalin and His Hangmen, p.188]

    “If you go now to the Ukraine or the North Caucuses,” wrote British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge in 1933, “exceedingly beautiful countries and formerly amongst the most fertile in the world, you will find them like a desert; . . . no livestock or horses; villages deserted; peasants famished, often their bodies
    swollen, unutterably wretched.” [Quoted in The Boston Globe, December 7, 1995]
    Farmers who took grain or vegetables from their own land were shot. Dead bodies littered the streets of Kharkov, the capital. “It was,” an eyewitness later recalled, “as if the Black Death had passed through.” [Quoted in The Boston Globe, December 7, 1995]
    When OGPU failed to meet weekly execution quotas, the Party sent henchman Lazar Kaganovich
    to destroy Ukrainian resistance. Kaganovich made quota, shooting 10,000 Ukrainians weekly. Eighty percent of all Ukrainian intellectuals were executed. Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich, known as the “Butcher of Ukraine,” watched and gloated from the Kremlin. Eugene Lyons, himself Jewish, credits the Jewish commissar Lazar Kaganovich with the major portion of responsibility for this major crime against humanity: “Lazar Kaganovich . . . it was his mind that invented the Political Departments to lead collectivized agriculture, his iron hand that applied Bolshevik mercilessness.” [Lyons, Assignment in Utopia, p 578]
    The figure of Lazar Kaganovich stands out, and deserves separate discussion. For some time (in the first half of the thirties) he was the second most important man in the country. Many letters from the provinces on current questions of party or economic life were addressed to “Comrades J. V. Stalin and L. M. Kaganovich.” [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 51]
    He was born in Ukraine. Uneducated, writing with an enormous number of grammatical and spelling mistakes, Lazar Kaganovich was brought into the Bolshevik underground before the revolution by his older brother, Mikhail. [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 52]
    He attended his first Communist Party meeting when he was about 18, to hear Trotsky give a speech in a synagogue in Kiev; that’s right: in a synagogue. He rose rapidly in the inner circle of the Communist Party, which contained many more Jews than Gentiles. In 1918, Kaganovich was the Commissar of the propaganda department of the Red Army. [Later under Ilya Ehrenburg]
    His success was due primarily to his aggressiveness and his ruthlessness. In his communist activity he held back from nothing, no matter how brutal or bloody. He even killed his fellow Jews when they got
    in his way. He was a gangster among gangsters. In 1932 he shamelessly proposed himself to Stalin for the post of chairman of the OGPU. The result is easy to imagine. Kaganovich in that post . . . would
    have brought so much personal initiative to the job (as he did to every other) that he might become uncontrollable. Kaganovich did not move to the Lubyanka, but his concurrences, often filled with unprintable words and expressions, ornament dozens of lists of people to be executed. [Vaksberg,
    Stalin against the Jews, pp. 55-56] Need it be said that thousands of innocent Russian victims were on this man’s conscience, as were thousands of others from every ethnic group inhabiting the Soviet Union. [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 54]
    [skipping stuff]
    In 1932, when he was in charge of suppressing a strike by Kuban Cossacks during collectivization in the Ukraine, he transferred whole Cossack settlements to Siberia — a mere rehearsal for the transfer of eight entire nationalities in the forties. Khrushchev, who participated in many of these events and whose own hands were not unsullied, termed Kaganovich “unsurpassed in his viciousness.” [Strobe Talbott, ed., Khrushchev Remembers (Boston: Little, Brown, 1970), p. 33. Quoted in Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, p. 43]
    As the terror fever developed, Kaganovich, who, among his many key posts, was also Commissar of transport, shipped hundreds of thousands to their deaths.
    He oversaw the train schedules and governed the movement of massive human cargos. Kaganovich made sure that even the rail engineers and managers lived in terror, ordering the arrest and execution of many top rail officials and experts. [Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, p. 49]
    As even Jewish writer Vaksberg admits, “The list of his villainous deeds is enormous.” [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 53]
    In Khrushchev’s estimation, Kaganovich had always been “a detestable sycophant, exposing enemies and having people arrested right and left.” [Khrushchev Remembers, p. 33.]
    All the while, he would finger a string of amber “worry beads,” which became a sort of Bolshevik rosary during the time of the “cleansing,” fashionable among high officials. [Kravchenko, I Choose Freedom, pp. 275-76. Quoted in Rapoport, Stalin’s War against the Jews, pp. 43-44]
    In 1987, Stuart Kahan, an American relative of Kaganovich wrote a book about him. The author interviewed the elderly Kaganovich — in Yiddish — and concluded that his relative “was, to put it
    mildly, a devil. That relative exuded evil, an evil that put millions of people to death…” [Stuart Kahan,
    The Wolf of the Kremlin, (New York: William Morrow and Company, 1987), p. 5]
    The book is called The Wolf of the Kremlin, and it’s a fascinating book, this biography of Lazar Kaganovich,
    and if you really want to gain some insight into the Jewish mentality, into the way they justify themselves, into the way they view the non-Jewish world, you should read it for yourself. Kaganovich wants to boast about the power he once held, and at the same time he wants to evade responsibility for his crimes, and one can see this ambivalent attitude throughout the book…
    Of course, Kaganovich certainly wasn’t the only Jew involved. “In Ukraine Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents,” reports W. Bruce Lincoln, an American professor of Russian history. Lev Kopelev, another dedicated Jewish communist (later turned into a fashionable “dissident” writer)
    who witnessed and rationalized the Ukrainian famine in which millions died horrible deaths of starvation and disease as an “historical necessity” is quoted saying: “You mustn’t give in to debilitating pity. We are the agents of historical necessity. We are fulfilling our revolutionary duty.” [Quoted in Kevin MacDonald, “Stalin’s Willing Executioners?”, Occidental Quarterly, Fall 2005]
    The precise number of Ukrainians murdered by Kaganovich’s custom-made famine and Cheka firing squads remains unknown to this day. The KGB’s archives, and recent work by Russian historians, show at least seven million died, almost half of them children. [Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow, pp. 303-4]
    Other millions died from the killings and sickness as a result of the deportations.
    [Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow, pp. 304-7] Ukrainian historians put the figure at nine million, or higher. Twenty-five percent of Ukraine’s population was exterminated. Millions of victims! OGPU counted the deaths by starvation and disease only for a few months; they kept records only of peasants shot, arrested or deported as kulaks, their mortality rates, their escapes, their recapture. [Rayfield, Stalin and His Hangmen, p. 185]
    Allowing for famine, violence, hypothermia, and epidemics caused by the disruption, the number of excess deaths between 1930 and 1933 attributable to colectivization lies between a conservative 7.2 and a plausible
    10.8 million. [Rayfield, Stalin and His Hangmen, p. 185]

    By the way, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich chief mass murderer for Zion, butcher of the Ukraine, implementing the holocaust on Russia’s and the Ukraine’s population he planned, ordered and supervised not only the deaths of millions of the Ukrainians but also the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches, including the great Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Standing amid the
    rubble of the cathedral, Kaganovich proclaimed, “Mother Russia is cast down. We have ripped away her skirts.” [New York Times, September 26, 1995]

    Enough for now … just so you get an idea of the true answer to Donaldo’s question.

    1. Lobro,
      Lets not forget that most of the gulags were run by “rabbis”. One favorite método of torture was to strap a mans arms and legs lying on his back. A rat was placed on the man, or womans, stomach and a basket was placed over the rat to avoid its escape. Later, a red-hot iron rod was inserted into the basket to torment the rodent which to escape the heat would bite his way into the guts until death ensued. This torture was so extreme that étnica Chinese from the far-east were imported for the job. Even many of these Russian -haters refused to take orders and were also executed.

  7. Flopot,
    re. “Our childless leaders“, May, Merkel, Maricon 😉

    there is a good article on henry Makow site on FEMININE DEVALUATION AND SELF-HATRED that ties into this, and as he rightly observes,

    By encouraging women to become “strong”, “independent” and wary of men, feminism is blocking their sexual fulfillment. As result, women become frustrated, angry, and compensate by becoming masculine.

    Dr. Robinson says that millions of American women suffer from frigidity. While she explores many different causes, she notes that frigid women universally adopt the feminist view. This view, that a career as a wife and mother is demeaning and men exploit woman, creates an “emotional logjam” which obstructs sexual response and psychological development.

    Moreover, the same culprits slink in the shadows wearing the pupeteer’s robe,

    In their crusade to destroy European Christian civilization, Cabalists (satanist Jews and Freemasons, i.e. Communists) exploit every division. When they couldn’t foment class war, they turned woman against man.
    Under the guise of women’s, gay and tranny “rights,” heterosexuals are victims of a vicious satanic attack on their human identity. They are being re-engineered and they don’t even know it.

    This is the bottom line, the true meaning of tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”), i.e., re-engineering the goyim, the previously free, wild animals into obedient, tasty cattle.

    Muslims got nothing to do with our impotence and frigidity Flopot, they are just another convenient scapegoat and by adopting this meme, we chain ourselves to the oars of judaic galley.

    Of course, the said Judas has an alternative solution for our frustrations … we all know that all jews are geniuses, all jewesses are beautiful, so here it is all wrapped into a single desirable package.

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