Israel Is Here To Stay


Franklin Ryckaert here argues that “Israel is here to stay” and suggests that the Palestinians would do well to accept whatever little land Israel is ready to offer them.      

“The only realistic choice for the Palestinians 
is to accept a rump state or no state at all.”
— Franklyn Ryckaert

All the peoples of the world are descendants of invaders. That is a fact. Europe originally belonged to the Neanderthals. To do “justice” to everyone, we would need to remove all peoples everywhere from all the places they now live in and relocate them somewhere else. This is just not feasible.

To hope that the former “Palestine” should be handed back intact to the present-day Palestinians is as unrealistic as hoping that Australia will be given back to the Australian Aboriginals or America to the native American Indians. This is neither realistic nor possible. Dream on.

I’m not going to justify Israel’s injustices and crimes here. All I want to say to the Palestinians is that they have the choice between a little mini-state with some hope of happiness or no state at all — without any hope of happiness. It is a choice between reality or illusion.

This is the reality you Palestinians have to face:

(1) Accept the existence of Israel as a “Jewish state”. Why not accept the idea of an ethnic state? What’s the problem?

(2) Accept a Palestinian state on the West Bank. The major Jewish settlement blocks here will go to Israel in exchange for other territory from Israel which will be given to the Palestinians in compensation — in a negotiated and fully agreed upon swap.

(3) Gaza will be part of that Palestinian state, connected to the West Bank by a special road.

(4) The capital of Palestine will be in East Jerusalem. The Jewish holy places of Jerusalem will be part of Israel. The Dome of the Rock will go to Palestine, but will be accessible to Jews for  Jewish religious ceremonies.

(5) The Palestinian state will be demilitarized so as not become a security threat to Israel, like Hamas controlled Gaza became.

(6) Israel and the international community will render financial help to develop the new Palestinian state.

(7) Since the new Palestinian state will be too small for all the 12 million Palestinians who have grown from the original 1.4 million, the majority of the Palestinians in the diaspora will have to stay where they are. They will not be allowed to return en masse to the new Palestine.

All this is acceptable to all reasonable Israelis, to America, and to the majority of the international community. This is the only reality you can hope to get.  It is not “historical justice”, it is a pragmatic solution — the best you can get IF you are realistic.

If you refuse to accept reality, if you keep on dreaming about your illusion of “liberating all Palestine”, you will get nothing. Nothing but continuous suffering. The Jews will build more and more settlements on the West Bank and will drive you into ever smaller “Bantustans” where you will vegetate in poverty. New intifadas and spectacular terrorist attacks will be met with harsh suppression and accomplish nothing.

So the choice is yours!

—   §  —

I am talking in practical, not theoretical terms. The Israelis would never agree to “repatriate” to their countries of origin, no matter what august international body should demand that. Israel has been recognized by the United Nations. So the only realistic choice for the Palestinians is to accept a rump state or no state at all.

We cannot compare the situation in Europe with Israel/Palestine. Muslims in Europe have no legal right to stay there if they are unwanted. Many went there as “guest workers”, like the Turks to Germany. Or they entered Europe as “refugees”. Their presence was always assumed to be temporary. Apart from this, they have no historical claims on Europe as the Jews have on Palestine — not without some justification.

After all, Jews once lived in the Holy Land, but Africans were never a part of Europe.

—   §   —

In demanding a Palestinian state, the Palestinians are not being realistic. To obtain that state, the very least they would need is the full support — both moral and military — of other Arab or non-Arab Muslim states. They would need solidarity. This they lack.

Consider that  “legendary Arab Leader” Jamal Abdul Nasser was happy to make peace with Israel because it suited Egypt. Jordan did the same. Neither Egypt nor Jordan rallied round he Palestinians and gave them the unflinching support they might have done.

In addition, Israel has open relations with Turkey and secret relations with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Morocco. The other Arab states are too weak to be a nuisance to Israel. No Muslim state, not even Iran, is really interested in waging a war with Israel for the sake of the Palestinians, about whose fate they don’t really care that much — beyond the occasional rhetoric.

So that leaves the Palestinians all alone against the army of Israel with its 160,000 soldiers, 4,170 tanks, 684 aircrafts and 26 per cent of the Jewish population with active reserve status. A hopeless situation, it would seem. A handful of pygmies against an army of giants. Of course, the Palestinians can always throw stones and shout “Allahu Akbar!” if they wish. Will throwing stones and shouting religious slogans liberate Palestine? I doubt it.

So let’s have some realism.

—   §   —

Let’s get back to basics. What is the realistic choice facing the Palestinians? Under the present conditions — i.e. a Jewish state infinitely more powerful than the Palestinians and unwilling to abolish itself — the Palestinians have only one choice: either a rump state or no state at all. The third choice often mentioned, generally presented as just and fair in international as well as natural law, is of course the repatriation of the Jewish invaders and occupiers to their countries of origin. For most of them, this would involve sending them back to Europe or Russia. This is not realistic and will not happen. They won’t want to go. And who can force them?

The only international legal body that could demand the Jews to repatriate would be the United Nations. This is most unlikely to occur, given that the UN was the first official body to recognize the existence of Israel. Whether the UN was created by the Rothschilds or not, or was not entitled to “give away land that did not belong to it”, is totally irrelevant to this debate, which is about realistic possibilities.

As for the settlements on the West Bank being “illegal”, if Israel would make an agreement with the Palestinians that the major settlement blocks go to Israel in exchange for other land of Israel, then the UN would accept that, and thus those settlements would become legal too.

It is all a question of the realism of power: realpolitik. Moral “principles” don’t enter into it. The world doesn’t function according to moral principles. In the struggle for existence in a red-in-tooth-in-claw world, might is right. The victors write the history books and the winners call the shots. That’s how it is.

Whether the Jews are “God’s Chosen People” or not, and whether the Holocaust is a fraud or not, the Jews have a state of their own in Palestine right now. They are not going to give that up. They are there to stay.

As for the Jewish historical claim on Palestine being “ridiculous”, well yes, it is partly ridiculous, but it’s also partly justified. The Jews once had a state in Palestine. That is an historical fact. True, that state existed roughly 2000 years ago, which is the ridiculous part of it.

If the Jews have managed to get back a country they lost 2000 years ago, then there is nothing to stop the descendants of the present-day Palestinians trying to get back Palestine 2000 years from now. Ultimately, all conquered lands are taken by force and can only be kept by force. They cannot be kept if there is weakness.

My advice to the Palestinians? Make peace while you can. Better a rump state than no state at all.

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  1. This excellent article by Franklin Ryckaert has been put together by myself with the help of 4-5 separate comments recently made by Franklin on the Arab-Israeli problem.

    In order to unify into a coherent whole these disconnected comments, written at different times, I have had to supply the connective tissue myself. My sincere apologies to Franklin if I have added anything to his text that he would not have said himslf. In any case, this is 99 per cent Franklin’s article and 1 per cent my own editorial insertions.

    I will be writing a separate piece on the Arab-Israeli problem in response to Franklin’s article. This will be published, hopefully, sometime within the next few days.

    1. It seems franklyn shows his true colours,
      as a jew because only a jew writes like him in this article. There are obvious many crypto-jews on this world on this site.

      1. John,
        Many crypto Jews indeed. F.R. says “Jews” have historical rights to Palestine. He ignores the extremely elementary fact that most “Jews” living in Israel are Ashkenazi of Khazar, Southern Caucas origin. They have no ties to Palestine. Anyway, despite his lack of diligence investigating this point, he is right. The millions of motley-crew people living in Israel arent going anywhere. Ive always been bewildered by Palestinians who stubbornly cling to patches of desert with no natural resourses. There are many Palestinians living in U.S. now and prospering. Let the “Jews” have all of past Palestine. Come to the U.S. and settle in the West where millions of square miles of uninhabited desert wilderness is awaiting you.

  2. Ultimately, all conquered lands are taken by force and can only be kept by force. They cannot be kept if there is weakness.

    The “force” is international jewry backed by stupid goyim (especially Americans at this point).
    jews, in “Israel” have no strength that isn’t handed them on a silver platter.

    I say Palestinians should resist until the jew disappears from their lands.

    1. The sentence you quote was one of Lasha Darkmoon’s editorial insertions. Though Franklin Ryckaert did not himself write that, LD believes that Franklin would not object to the addition. This is because it reinforces Frankln’s general viewpoint that Israel is the boss here and that the Palestinians have very little bargaining power.

      — Sr Monica

      1. Who can bargain with the ‘either-or’ of a morbid mind? Israel is the boss to the entire western world. We are all at the door of the Palestinian desperation.

      2. @ ADMIN (SR. M) :

        Where’s the post I sent you this morning about the Palestinians and the jews and the onus is on the jews to make peace? Well yes, I know its in Spam, but why is it in Spam and not on the commentary board? What’s wrong with the post? Hey bitch, what exactly did I say in the post that you don’t approve of ?

        Why do you keep calling yourself “Sister” as if you’re a “Catholic nun” when you aren’t a Catholic nun, you’re not even a Catholic laywoman, or layman, whatever the fuck your sex/gender is, you’re not even a Catholic, let alone a Catholic nun. You were never a Catholic nun and you’re not a Catholic and you never were a Catholic, so why the bullshit about this? It’s called LYING, you mendacious bitch.

        1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

          Your comment was posted as soon as it was seen. It’s on the board. Scroll down the thread and you will find it.

          Don’t bother to comment again for the next 10 days. Nothing of yours will be posted again until the first week of October, if even then. That will be the punishment for your insolent misbehavior, you pathetic little piece of pond scum.

      1. Sister Monica,
        Isnt your reaction a little harsh? Show R.O.J. a little compasión. Hes obviously unstable. Dont lower yourself to that level. Besos.

  3. “The only realistic choice for the Palestinians
    is to accept a rump state or no state at all.”
    — Franklyn Ryckaert

    This article is misleading, the so called fake state of Israel, which the pseudo Christians, as well as the author of this article refers to, is about the come to an end. It is true that ” The world doesn’t function according to moral principles” , however this corrupt world as we know it, is soon coming to an end.

    The writing is on the wall.
    Refer to my references about the impending judgment in the previous article: “The Concluding Words of the Book of Ecclesiastes”

    1. How is the fake state of Israel coming to an end? Based on some Bible verse written 2000 years ago? Maybe it’s time to use some logic, as Franklin did, rather than pin our hopes on some fable whose origin is lost to the mists of time.

      1. Folly –

        “….fable whose origin is lost to the mists of time.”

        I agree…

        AND hundreds, if not thousands, of translations where numerous letters and characters and WHOLE words don’t even exist from one translation to the next.

        Some countries have numerous languages which cannot be understood by the inhabitants….. such as Afghanistan, India, Russia and China.

        ALL guesses..!! 🙂

  4. Franklin,
    assuming the prior validity of your argument: “Grab what you can, while you can”, do you know of a single instance when yielding to JEW in order to score some deal resulted in him honoring that deal?
    Any truce, armistice or ceasefire lasted only as long as it suited him, the master and inventor of the false flag industry that rules the international relations today.
    For instance, what good did the Balfour Promise do to Great Britain in the long run or even until the King David Hotel bombing?

    IUDEA EST DELENDA – there can be no deviation from this objective, the cancer must be rooted out completely or it will quickly metastasize into an even more virulent form.
    Cutting out a single tumor does nothing, in fact, promotes the recolonization by a more resistant strain.

    My advice to Palestinians is the exact opposite: accept nothing short of judenfrei palestine.
    And yes, it is our common duty to help our fellow man, the co-sufferer and brother-in-arms to get rid of the diseased invader and well poisoner that ceaselessly works to divide us among ourselves.

    And i mean: get rid, with extreme prejudice, as they say in business.
    Judaism in any shape or form must be as punishable as child snuff porn, because that’s what it is at its base.

    1. Yes indeed, “there can be no deviation from this objective, the cancer must be rooted out completely”.
      The curse will be removed , once and for all. This is the only solution, there can be no compromise between good and evil.

    2. lobro

      I hope Franklin is able to grasp your cancer metaphor because it is totally appropriate. I’ll go a step further in relating info from my sources by saying that it was never meant for Israel to stay, but as a means to an end, which I’ve been writing about for months now. The projected “end” is the seemingly innocuous, but truly insidious Agenda-21.

      Immediately after 9/11, George “Shrub” Bush first proclaimed the new “axis of evil” – Syria, Iran, and N.Korea. Since then, for all intents and purposes Syria has been put in a “holding pattern” waiting upon events in N. Korea, and primarily Iran to play out. N. Korea is where the present action is, and my understanding is that it will soon be effectively neutralized without sparking a war.

      Iran is the key, the crucial element of getting them on board so Agenda-21 can proceed full speed ahead. But for this to occur, in addition to promulgating the U.N. sponsored “climate change” scam, Is-ra-el must be sacrificed to the psychopathic gods as a burnt offering.

      How this may all play out I’ll leave to the imagination of the reader.

    3. Franklyn Ryckaert starts off by saying -” I’m not going to justify Israel’s injustices and crimes here”.

      JUSTIFY Israel’s INJUSTICES, and CRIMES (spoken ala John Cleese)?

      Clearly he believes there ARE legitimate reasons for Israel’s nazi-like oppression of the Palestinian people, and goes on militarily laying it out in a -take it or leave it- olive branch, his ” choice between reality or illusion” manifesto. This 7 point paper, (papers vitch seem to be in order) doles out his own mashugina Jewish perspective proposing a swiss cheese Palestinian state where all the good land goes to the Jews and Palestine will have interconnected special roadways. Even Palestinian holy sites would still be available to Jews for religious ceremonies. All forms of self defense capability removed and any Palestinians who were previously forced out of there homes and country (by Jewish thuggery) would not be allowed the right of return.

      Gee Franklyn, sounds great, where can they sign up!

      Then he has the gall to suggest if they don’t accept this they “will vegetate in poverty”, where there will be “nothing but continued suffering”, and the building of “more settlements”. To propose this all because Jews have some 2,000 year old historical claim to the area is just ludicrous. These Ashkenazi identity thief’s have absolutely no shame and have brought a new worldwide generation of hate upon Jews themselves.

      “In the struggle for existence in a red-in-tooth-in-claw world, might is right. The victors write the history books and the winners call the shots. That’s how it is”.

      I guess if one day, the world has had enough of the endless obnoxious behavior of “God’s Chosen People” and they rise up, red in tooth, claws extended and decide to exercise their overwhelming power, might is right should apply here as well. I mean, its just the corollary to your well thought-out argument right Franklyn?

      1. You clearly lack the mental capacity to understand what your intellectual superiors are saying.

        You give out bad vibes.

        Why don’t you take a hike?

  5. Mr. FRANKLYN RYCKAERT, as a Palestinian I swear I would accept any state if the Jews would leave us alone.They will not . Evil to most Jews is what Friction to a mechanical engineer , it is impossible to totaly get rid of it . Just look at it this way , to worship God is to constantly strive to enjoin what is good and forbid what is bad . But when your God is Satan , you enjoin what is BAD and forbid what is GOOD . A satanist must always please Satan by spreading lies and deceipt and murders and invert the natural order of things that God almighty put out together for us so we may prosper and may become worthy of heaven in the hereafter . And what makes the Jews dangerous is that they have no concept of Hell after they die , they believe they will go straight to Heaven .So they do what they do with impunity . The late rabi Yousef Obeida said , Goyim exist only to serve Jews . Try to demand equality from people like that .

  6. this article reflects word by word , I call it a mirror of the extremist views of the far right wing of Israeli factions ,the main reason that the Palestinian-Israel negotiations for peace are dead ,ever since Likud and the rotten yahu came to power in Israel is the adoption of these extremist views by the rotten yahu.
    one source quoted a member of the Palestinian delegation ,that one Israeli official told him ,”if you keep refusing our offers ,the Palestinian State will end up in one flat in a small building in Ramallah.”
    That show you the utter Israeli arrogance.
    The Camel is very tough beast ,a survivalist ,very patient ,can take so many beatings and abuse but yet a hay will break his back ,and then the gates of hell will open. .

    1. The Observer strikes again! I have deep suspicions about this character. Something not quite right about him. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s a troll.

      Though I don’t agree with the pragmatic approach adopted by Franklin Ryckaert, and would prefer it if the Palestinians refused to accept a crappy postage stamp state built on 10 percent of the original Palestine, the article Franklin has written is well argued and lucidly presented. Far from being the views of a right-wing extremist reflecting the outlook of the Israeli Likud party, I see Ryckaert as a realist and pragmatist who is ruled by common sense and realpolitik.

      Though his views are unlikely to please the average Palestinian,
      they are likely to appeal to the average American and European.

      1. Here is Franklins article on the Truthseeker, a site renowned for its anti-Zionist views. Do you honestly think the editor of the Truthseeker, a man who has published scores of articles attacking Israel and rubbishing the Holocaust, would publish an article by a Zionist crypto-Jew? No way!

        You guys have misunderstood Franklin. He is a bona fide anti-Zionist who has actually written an article for this site called “Why I am an anti-Semite”. And another article called “Franklin Ryckaert on ‘demonic Jews’. Try and get some perspective, people! 🙂

        FR’s article presents a perfectly valid viewpoint. You can reject his viewpoint if you wish. But do try and avoid the crude ad hominem attack. That should be below your dignity.

      2. Franklin Ryckaert is a veteran commenter on the Occidental Observer and Counter-Currents, both of them sites renowned for their anti-Zionist and White Nationalist viewpoints. He’s been posting there for maybe 10 years and never once has he said anything nice about the Jews! 🙂

        He thinks the Jews did 9/11. He thinks the Holocaust a fraud. So calling Franklin a crypto-Jew is just plain crazy! 🙂

        Check out this article by Franklin. It’s classified as “Recommended Reading” on this website. An outstanding article in every way.

  7. Israel is the Jews’ holiday and hide your investments/launder the American taxpayets’ money here, state. It is merely their sentimental, token state. It offers the perfect opportunity for mega corporatists to eventually control all the oil fields of the ME. As Dr Greenspan said: “It is really all about the oil.” The jews’ serious state is the Jewnited States of America. What rich and powerful Jew really wants to live in the horribly harsh, boring environment of the little piece of squalid land along the eastern Mediterranean? What’smore who would really want to live among all the ugly, gaping mouthed Jews? The rich Jews I used to mix with actually hate their own kind; especially the loony-toon religous wowsers. What better way to live than in heavily protected, gated communities in the USA, from which you can safely observe the yahoo behaviour of the beast like Goyim? Yeah, the mega powerful Jews won’t give up on Israel as it is a regular fun palace and Tel Aviv is really the sex and party capital of the planet – my favourite hoIday destination. Many Muslims make use of the American whores who flock their in droves.

    1. Max

      What’s comin’ in the new and improved “Babylon-on-the-Euphrates” will make Tel Aviv look like a young teenage boy fumblin’ for a bra strap (:>)

    2. You’re right again, Max. Israhell exists solely by complicity of Uncle Sam – but Uncle Sam ain’t doin’ so well, himself! America is suffering the symptoms of disunity, and Israhell will suffer as a consequence of that disunity. The Jews here in America are caring less and less, because their own, immediate desires are requiring more of their attention. The “assimilation” works both ways! Jews are not as “Jewish” as they were in times past. 😁

  8. Ever notice hold the illegitimate state of Israel resembles a dangling turd just about to fall into the toilet?
    So beshitting, er… befitting.

  9. “…..After all, Jews once lived in the Holy Land, but Africans were never a part of Europe…..”
    You confusing RACE with a religious group. There is no genetic marker for JEW. It is, and always has been, and always will be a RELIGION only. There are Chinese Catholics and Mexican Muslims.
    “…If the Jews have managed to get back a country they lost 2000 years ago….”
    Attempting to paint all people of the one belief system with the same genetic brush is mistaken at least, dishonest at best. I if convert to Judaism, as the VAST MAJORITY of N. Europeans who have invaded Palestine did, does that give me the right to claim a chunk of property in Jewland because of a history of people who I have no connection with? Applying your logic I’d have a right to kick out a Palestinian so I can squat on their land because of a book and a mythical god saying it was given to ‘me’ – even though all my ancestors were from another part of the world.
    Converting to Judiaism certainly does not grant one an historical lineage, and thus no tangible connection with people who may have lived in that area 2 thousand years ago. It simply means I’ve CONVERTED. It DOES NOT mean I have ancestors in that area.

    I have no illusions about the fate of Palestinians any more than that of the Native American Indian. The rogue state of Israel will stay put primarily because it is a Rothschild invention. But your logic here echos the diatribes we hear all to much. The mistake of mixing ethnicity/genetic markers with religious belief as if they were both the same. This is the logic we hear from the Jewish mind itself. I strongly disagree with it.

  10. Palestinians are experiencing what the UK and EU are suffering… Invasions by unwanted migrants…. ‘settlers’ and such.

    UK and EU need to help themselves get rid of their own parasites first.

    Sharia businesses and mosques will pop up even more quickly and frequently than the synagogues do in Palestine.

    Someone’s Lord must want it this way.

  11. Does converting to Judaism involve circumcision?

    The jews have been stringing the Palestinians along for 70 years. The Palestinians are clever people and they will find a way of bringing down Israel.

    The dominance of the USA by Jews is another matter. The gentiles are afraid to even say it.

    1. John,
      I understand that an intact man who converts is only required to receive a ritual nick. That also, I believe, applies to many intact Jews, like those from Russia, who came to Israel from non-cutting cultures. But their baby boys will not be so lucky, for they are considered the property of the tribe.

      Did you know that Jew Howard Stern, who hates that he was circumcised, still is glad that he was cut at a ceremonial bris instead of that done to gentile boys in American hospitals? He said the mohels provide a looser cut, instead of the high and tight preferred by American doctors. Wouldn’t you know that American medicine, infected by Jewish doctors, would take a barbaric ancient ritual and make it even worse.

      1. @ FOLLYOFWAR

        give the Jew who circumcises credit , my friend . After all he doesn’t get paid for the cutting , he just keeps the tips . lol .

      2. I dont understand the obsession with circumcision. I was circumcised and still at age 50 happy with the results. Couldnt imagine “it” looking any other way. I havent grown up traumitized by it. All the women Ive been with seem to like it that way…..easier to grip they say.

  12. The global awakening is well underway. No person is more dangerous than the person who has been played the fool and has lost countrymen, even loved ones, and unfathomable ammounts of capital to the Jewish criminal cabal. The false, rogue, terrorist state of Israel has done little else for it’s entire existence but dig it’s own deep grave. There is an actual war of extermination brewing against Judea. There will be no quarter given.

    The Jews have made the mistake of tossing patience aside and have done too much too quickly lately. Their designs are blatantly obvious… even to awakening Americans.

    1. @ Chuck Maultsby

      You are correct. The jews have overplayed their hand.

      I normally peruse comments in articles for pearls. Used to, I never encountered comments negative to jews. Now, there seems to be a least one, normally more assuming a decent number of comments.

      Several month ago, some AI that was supposed to be made intelligent from the web content turned out to be an anti-semite. If jews were smart, they would have taken that as notice, but those aligned with the devil cannot legitimately claim to be smart.

    1. Hey J4,
      Franklin is a good man, just miscalculated imo.
      Everyone can miscalculate, i got some experience in the art.

    1. Jews want the entire planet, but are willing to leave a piece of Palestinian land to Palestinians? Again, dream on.

  13. In 2012 Henry Kissinger said that in 10 years Israel wouldn’t exist. Being one of the top Jews I wonder if this will actually come true. That would make it 2022. In Albert Pikes third world war it said Political Zionism would be facing the forces of Islam. I wonder if that’s why he referred to the state of Israel as not existing in 10 years?

      1. Sorry, I’m a little confused as my name states. Do you mean that the state of Israel is going to open its borders and allow others in?

      2. No, confused Goy. What I mean is that many Jews, here in America (the strongarm for Israhell) are breeding into our goyim stock. Likewise, we seem to be breeding into theirs. I, myself, have experienced Jewish girlfriends who were in no way religiously “Jewish” – or otherwise. Judeaism is a RELIGION, not a “race”. There are fewer and fewer people who mark the difference. (However, I have a good friend, with a Russian Jew surname, who is a staunch Christian who married a WASP girl, and has very beautiful daughters who are now engaged to be married amongst our own kind. Assimilation is gradual, but inevitable. Change is a fact of all situations.

      3. Thank you for your response. Yes, that makes sense and is good. I just still fear for white people though, Europe is still under siege with massive migration and as long as these banker families like Rothschild alive how are we to change anything? We also just finished completion of our own military base in Israel, that gravely worries me. Why do Jews hate us so much anyway? Do they just hate everyone uniformly because I know they are the ones in control of immigration in our countries and they are flooding all of them with many rapefugees. What are your thoughts on these things?

      4. Confused –

        When we speak of Jews, we should remember that they, too, are as diverse as we others. Not all of them “hate” us – they don’t really give it that much thought. What has happened is many have DECEIVED themselves – as we, ourselves, have been deceived – into believing they have a Divine mandate. Many have believed a “strong delusion” (see 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). It is Satan, himself, against whom we all must contend, and he comes in many guises. “Jews” are not a monolithic force.

  14. franklin raps the same toxic gd bs as every other jewish zionist with a media space.
    but at least he’s honest about who and what he really is, without quite coming right out and saying it. franklin is a zionist and i guess so is anybody who agrees with him.
    he even uses the fate of all the aboriginals as proof that the palestinians have no hope.
    like as if anybody could believe the ashkenazim are going to allow the palestinians any space at all, much less peace and dignity. the more jews you get in palestine the more likely any space supposedly left for the arabs will be invaded. and it will. and the moe likely they will push farther and farther into other people’s countries.
    they want to steal what other people have. that’s why the problem.
    but as long as the palestinians hold out the world has hope against the cretins.
    and the world is rapidly catching on. the anti-zionist movement is growing with the free media awareness and i don’t think joogle will be able to scrub it all out.
    the question is – will the average jew ever see all this for the bad idea it is, and turn away?
    besides which, the zionists will never be satisfied with the space they have now anyway.
    there’s no border on israel, because they intend to push their rotten little xenophobic nazi dictatorship all the way as far as it will go.
    they see the arab countries as nothing other that acquisition opportunities; first make money on the military contracts out of the wars they start, then after the countries are wrecked they grab up whatever minerals and other resources, then eventually enslave the survivors.
    he actually suggests this even while the zionists in europe and america are flooding all those nations with unassimilable foreigners, who have no more respect for those natives than the jews have for the palestinians and no intention whatsoever of assimilating.
    and while the zionists are still locking up people in europe and canada for questioning the ridiculous holocaust fantasy tale and now doing their best to pass laws in america making felony crimes out of bds and criticism of “that shitty little country”…
    i hope the palestinians never give up their land and never stop resisting these creeps.
    and i hope all the brainwashed goyim in america and europe wake up soon and kick all zionists, jew and christian, and all their lickspittle stooges out of office…

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “and i hope all the brainwashed goyim in america and europe wake up soon and kick all zionists, jew and christian, and all their lickspittle stooges out of office…”

      They won’t because they can’t because they don’t know how.

      Votes are rigged and groups are non-existent.

      Clerks of Court even refuse lawsuits.

      Done deal….. unless someone proves me wrong..!!

  15. Sooo…accept the ‘inevitable’, bend over, and “then there will be peace”. Sure.

    The problem is just as much an American one. We are all Palestinians. As Mr. Giraldi pointed out in the previous article, the apparatchiks in Washington resemble nothing more than the early Revolutionary government in Russia; out of 400 or so “people’s representatives” well over 300 or thereabouts “just happen to be jewish”. When they achieve this kind of critical mass the invariable historic precedent is disaster, regardless what country they happen to be in at the time.

    Disaster is a two way street, eventually – King Bulan of Khazaria was given an ultimatum by his enraged neighbours, Russia and Persia, who were tired of seeing the murders ,rapes, raids on their border areas and seemingly endless depredations on travelers; choose any religious system you care to and get your animal population in line. The official story is he chose Judaism so as to not be threatened by his Christian neighbors on one side and his Muslim neighbors on the other; some say the facts speak for themselves – he chose the Babylonian Talmud with it’s occult promises of power. Something in his own nature recognized a kindred ‘spirit’, if you will. I hope we can have a better discussion on the matter of Jewish Occultism at some point, but I digress.

    Needless to say, it didn’t work out well. Khazaria continued it’s lawless and bloody depredations, and around 1250 AD, the combined armies of Russia and Persia destroyed the Khazar kingdom.

    Guess where Russia and Persia (Iran) find themselves today? Let’s hope they finish the job this time.





  17. It’s far too late but I’ve long fantasized that, to end these endless US wars for Greater Israel, we should have given them a US state, like Texas for example (I never liked Texas), instead of allowing the Jews to cause nothing but endless strife in the formerly stable Middle East. In exchange for getting Texas, no Jew would be allowed to live in Israel. Also, all the Jews, especially those who control the NYC financial demon and the DC Swamp, would be required to emigrate – at the point of a gun, if necessary. Texas could be renamed Israel if they want, and the USA would be free of all Jews. The Jews could also take in as many Christian Zionists as would fit. John Hagee and several Senators should be the first to go. We would need a strong border wall – just as the Jews have walled out the Palestinians from their ancestral lands. Mexico could reciprocate. The Jews would also be prevented from having a standing military other than a national guard to help during floods and hurricanes. It’s a fantasy that could not happen, but it might still be better than the endless wars for Israel that we have now.

    1. I like your thinking. I would make one amendment though; give them Jew Jersey as it’s small, already Jewish and they would be living in high-density squalor.

  18. Don’t be so sure about Israel being here to stay. That nuclear bomb Kim has made is very small and it can easily be smuggled to any where, even Israel.

      1. The jews won’t let the Palestinians make peace, it benefits the jews to keep the situation extremely antagonistic. The onus is on the jews to make peace, for its the jews stealing Palestine land and homes at gun point. So far the Palestinians have been very peaceful, considering what the jews have been doing to them for 60-70 years. And HAMAS was started by jews — the Mossad — to make it look like the Palestinians are causing all the violence in Israel-Palestine and not the jews. And HAMAS gives the jews an excuse to keep attacking the Palestinians.

        Its the jews going around Palestinian areas and spraying their jew shit on the Palestinians from especially rigged tanker trucks and its the jews who hunt Palestinian children down and kill them just for “sport”. The onus is on the jews to make peace with the Palestinians. Again, the jews won’t allow the Palestinians to make peace.

        The jews definition of “peace” is the Palestinians hand over all their land and homes over to the jews and then go kill themselves and disappear. The jews won’t be satisfied with any other Palestinian peace offering. The Palestinians have been very peaceful, considering what the jews have done and continue to do to them.

  19. In a situation like the Israel/Palestine conflict you can be a realist (making the best of a bad situation) or an illusionist (refusing to accept reality and hoping for the impossible). So far I have seen only reactions from the illusionist camp. I think the reason is that most commenters here consider Israel (or Jews in general) as ABSOLUTE EVIL and they think that one should not negotiate with absolute evil. Absolute Evil should be destroyed, not be negotiated with. How that will be done is not explained, but they believe that sometime, somehow it will happen and until that time the Palestinians should resist one of the most powerful armies of the world with their miserable catapults. That such “resistance” will only make their life more miserable and never bring them freedom doesn’t matter, because at least the Palestinians have resisted Absolute Evil, right?

    Now arguments from the realist camp. Let me refer again to the 7 points for the Palestinians mentioned in the article above and add some more for the surrounding countries. Suppose Iran, instead of threatening Israel with destruction*), would recognize it and make peace with it ? That would remove one of the major threats of a world conflict. Syria was close to a peace treaty with Israel in the 1990s during negotiations between Hafez al-Assad and Ehud Barak. Israel wanted to retain a small sliver land along the coast of the lake of Galilee. Assad refused. Otherwise Syria would have got the Golan Height back and live in peace with Israel. The recent attack on Syria by terrorists would not have happened. If Lebanon (including Hizbollah) would recognize Israel and not allow terrorists attack it from its territory, it would never have been attacked by Israel. If Saddam Hussein would not have shot Scud rockets to Israel during the first Gulf war and would not have paid Palestinian suicide terrorists, Iraq would not have been attacked in the second Gulf war. Peace between the other countries of the Middle East and Israel is as possible as is the peace already established between Israel and Egypt and Jordan. In 2002 Saudi officials declared they and the whole Arab world would recognize Israel if it would withdraw from the occupied territories and allow the Palestinians their own state on the West Bank. Such a state was already offered by Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. The Palestinians however keep on pressing unrealistically for the return of all the refugees of 1948 (and their numerous descendants !) which would make Jews a minority in their own country. Peace is possible if some unpleasant realities are accepted. Israel can be nasty and cruel if it feels threatened, but one can do business with it as the cases of Egypt and Jordan show.

    *) It is true that Ahmedinejad has never said that Israel should be “wiped off the map”, but several Iranian generals keep on making remarks to that effect.

    Again the choice is between reality or illusion.

    1. “Israel can be nasty and cruel if it feels threatened, but one can do business with it as the cases of Egypt and Jordan show.”

      Different strokes for different folks at different times. The Masters of Deception, bringing chaos and ruin have done business many times with “friends” turned angry victims in time, making nice as needed while robbing them blind and much worse. That’s why it’s been thrown out of nearly everywhere, ongoing. I’m surprised at the position you’re taking F.R. I thought you knew your subject well. Hope Lasha Darkmoon sets you straight, sobers you up or whatever is needed.

      1. So when has Israel attacked Egypt or Jordan after it has made peace with them ? Has Israel already reconquered the Sinai after it returned it to Egypt ?

      2. @Franklin Ryckaert- Re. “Peace” (Piece) Treaties with Israel…

        So the Yinon plan has finally been shelved? That would be nice.

        As far as Egypt is concerned, let’s again refer to August 31, 2017 capture of “Abu Hafs” aka Benjamin Ephraim “Mossad Agent Who Infiltrated Daesh Arrested In Libya” ( )This is another al-Baghdadi style Mossad “Arabist” who with his group based in Libya is responsible for the February 12 beheading of 21 Coptic Christians. So that is but one example of the Israeli version of what a peace treaty with Egypt means to them.

        Jordan renounced claim to the West bank in the hopes of seeing a Palestinian State created, but all you need do is see the maps above to see where that went to. Then the Mossad attempted murders on sovereign Jordanian territory using false Canadian passports, more recently Jordan home to yet thousands more refugees from the Israeli/neo con inspired destabilization and mass murder in Syria.

      3. Apologies Franklin and everyone – no more page above. You probably can still find plenty of references on an open search to Mr. “Abu Hafs” – for now. There was at least a page or so last time I looked.

    2. Yep. Plenty of references… here’s one: https:/// As the article concludes, after the shameful multiple Israeli defeats in Lebanon and Gaza the new plan seems to be to infiltrate and attack their neighbors by instigating Civil War. Seems like Mr. Soros (and the neo cons) have something like that in mind for the USA as well.

      So much for peace treaties with Israel.

      1. @Winston
        “So that is but one example of the Israeli version of what a peace treaty with Egypt means to them”.

        Another example of the peace dividents for the Egyptians was the selling of radio active buckles that cause infertility in men , as pointed out by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book “By way of deception ye shall make war”
        As for the peace dividents for Jordan they get to drink sewage water dumped at them from the near by settlements , assissination attempt on Hamas leader in the middle of the capital Amman . Add to that Jordanian POW who are still rotting in Israeli jails . Once you make peace with Israel, they will roam in stealth in society without you feeling anything , much like when you eat you will not feel the food moving inside of you .

      2. @AL

        Exactly. There is an interesting declassified US Military Intelligence Document(s) compiled in August 1919. It was considered “Secret” until its release in 1973. A hard copy of the document may be obtained from the US National Archives in Washington,DC – the number is 245-1 The title is: “The Power and Aims of International Jewry” in which the report authenticates “The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”.

        Part of the report under Part 2 – The Power and Aims of International Jewry, states that “1. the Jews are a nation held together by their common enemies”. If the Jews stop making more enemies, they collapse. Thus they continue murdering and de-stabilizing their neighbors and everyone else on the planet, except when exercising guile and deceit to achieve a goal of some sort.

        But they will collapse anyway. A more accurate title for Franklin’s article might be “Israel is Here to Stay – For Now”. Nothing lasts forever.

        We are all Palestinians.

    3. Just put the Rothschilds to prison, and the illusion is gone. They don’t have a country anyway; so, anyone can do it, but it is the responsibility of those who let them in, in the first place. Also, once the need for oil is gone, the need for Israhell is gone too.

    4. Lol @ “one of the most powerful armies in the world”..
      ask them about hezbollah. Without corrupt western (((democracies))) propping them up they would of withered and died within thirty years. The jew, like all parasites, cannot live on it’s own. It is therefore fair to say Palestinian blood is on the hands of traitorous gentiles, top of this fetid heap is the cancerous USA which has, just like the jews last little feifdom the reprehensible Puke K, engorged this tick to gigantic proportion in exchange for jew geldt and grift.
      As the West goes insane and destroys itself the pariah state will wither.
      There can be no other outcome contemporary western culture is paraphillic.
      Your ‘measured’ points and ‘sensible’ stance Franklin frankly present like an article in the Guardian.

  20. No agreement signed by Israel will be effective at any time. They have continuously violated every agreement since the foundation of Israel becoming a Jewish nation. The U.S. has also looked the other way over and over again with only one time whereby they withheld financial aid to Israel. That was in response to the slaughter of 69 civilians, mostly women and children in Qibya (Kibya), Jordan. As Nikola Tesla one said: “Madam, never trust a Jew.” That is the best advice ever given to anyone.

  21. Maybe Palestinians would rather die standing up than live on their knees, experience they obtained after living under the Jew boot heel of tyranny since 1948.

    As opposed to Americans, who exalt in their slavery and never tire of drooping to their knees and ‘servicing’ their Jew Overlords.

    Don’t worry, Wolf and Obama are standing by with rags and some wine to help ease the pain and wipe away any unseemly looking stains.

    1. @ GREG BACON
      I agree whole heartedly . I lost two of my nephews in their 20s fighting for our land , and two of their brothers are in jail as we speak ; moreover, their house was demolitiod which my late brother spent more than 20 yrs building as we don’t have financing . WHY did my nephews fight ? Well that’s the only language the Jew understands . The PLO has been negociating for the past twenty years to no avail . Just picture a negociation between an inmate and a warden .

  22. In order to avoid societal collapse and civil war-come-brutal-chaos, the American Generals must instigate a quick overnight coup. All senior, Jewish office holders in the Fed, Congress, Hollywood, etc will simply disappear overnight and be replaced by the time the morning arrives with patriotic military personnel. No questions asked and the television will simply explain that things will be much better now. Gone is the Jews’ mass usury and gone is the ugly Jewess on the Big Bang Theory. My point: The Jewish terror is crying out to be dealt with. Simultaneously, Gilbert’s Israhell will become a museum for the world’s religions, inhabited by lots of Arab Semites and weirdo religious groups. Imagine the tourist dollar that will be available to charlatan connisseurs such as sellers of Aladdin’ Lamps.

    1. Would be good if possible Max, however Noecon Jews have infiltrated the highest levels of US military and Pentagon.

  23. “…they have no historical claims on Europe as the Jews have on Palestine “.
    What utter twaddle that statement is; the “Jews” claiming Palestine are false Jews, not Hebrew’s but eastern European Khazarian AshkeNAZIs. They have no right to be in Palestine, Africa, or the moon.

  24. The only claim the Jewish commissars have on our planet is total control over global finances. The Jewish Money Power buys all! Silly Cromwell let the Jewish money changers back in. Since then their POWER has resonated around the globe. Janet Yellen, Soros, Adelston, the various Cohens, etc run the planet and control all your conversations. Your senses are dependent on the Chosens’ feedback. Go buy yourself some chains and wallow in your self pity. Or join the lervly Christian-Zionist nut cases! The Muslims are the only force that can take on the Jews. Islam, as I’ve said, is a great boys’ world. You can still own lots of boys’ toys and slap the sheilas into blissful silence, as you rev up the v8..

  25. Yeah, like that religious, mixed up, screwed in the head sheila, Newsong, I, too, speak of the counterfeit Jews who rule. This scum isn’t the YHWH led, murderous Israelites who wiped out the buggery experts at Sodom, nor are they the Israelites who wiped out the Hittites, Jebusites, etc. in Canaan-come-Palestine/Israel. The current crop are Khazarian-Turkish warrior class scum who use the 5 Books of Moses and their lervly Babylonian Talmud, to wipe out as many Arab, true Semites as they can, in order to get the black gold. And these arseholes are supported by most of the counterfeit Christians of the Western world; you know the pro Israel, Christian Zionist scum. Choose who you would like – the murderous old Israelites or the murderous new Israelis. Or you can choose one of the warring princes of ancient Islam. Sunni or Shiite? I’ll settle for being the captain and chief of my super-yacht, as I plow the non-territorial oceans of our planet.

  26. pat – not out to prove you wrong bro. just hoping you will open that door. as soon as you change – it will be changing too. accentuate the positives. there is no way the old paradigm survives the new media. things are changing. catch up.

    i’lll tell you what franklin – next time you leave your house and you come back home later just what the hell are you going to say and do if you find several strangers of whatever kind occupying it. and you can’t even get in because they’ve changed the locks. you tell them this is your house and you have the papers in the desk. but they tell you they burned your papers. you tell them this was your great grandfather’s house. but they show you a supposed copy of some ancient scripture that says god says this is their property and you’re actually trespassing.. so you want to get mad about it but they’re all carrying submachine guns with thirty round clips, and you’re not even allowed to have a gun, since you’re a second-class citizen in this fiasco. so you go to the police and they tell you it’s a civil matter, take the people to court. so you go to the court and find out there’s a big upfront fee and the waiting period is about three years… in fact – no palestinians ever get heard when the jews steal their houses… because the government is totally corrupt. but hey, at least you weren’t in south africa, where the blacks don’t just steal your house – they torture you to death while they’re at it.
    do you really think this kind of robbery should be rewarded just because people have been getting away with it?

    1. You just described how all human history happened since time immemorial. Did you ever consider how Islam spread from the Arab peninsula? Hint : S.W.O.R.D.

      1. @Al

        Spreading religion with the sword, spreading democracy with the sword, what’s the difference ?

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