Israel threatens to destroy Syria’s air defence systems ‘without the slightest hesitation’

Syria fired three missiles at Israeli warplanes as they struck several targets in the most serious military exchange between the two hostile neighbours

Sourced from The Independent

Four Israeli jets struck several targets inside Syria last week and were attacked by three Syrian surface-to-air missiles

Israel‘s defence minister has threatened to destroy Syria‘s air defence systems if they are used to target Israeli fighter jets again.

The Israeli military said it shot down one of several anti-aircraft rockets fired at its warplanes by Syria last week in the most serious military exchange between the two hostile neighbours in recent years.

Air force officials said four Israeli jets on a mission to destroy a weapons convoy destined for the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah were attacked by three Syrian surface-to-air missiles, one of which was intercepted by the Israeli Aerial Defence System known as “Arrow.”

“The next time the Syrians use their air defence systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Avigdor Lieberman said in remarks broadcast on Israeli public radio.

Damascus claimed one of the jets was shot down in Israeli-controlled territory and another was hit – a claim the Israeli military denied, saying none of the jets had been hit.

Israel had carried out strikes near Palmyra to help “Isis terrorist gangs and in a desperate attempt to raise their deteriorating morale and divert attention away from the victories which the Syrian Arab Army is making in the face of the terrorist organisations”, a Syrian army statement said.

Most Israeli air strikes in Syrian territory over the last few years have been aimed at preventing weapons from being smuggled to Hezbollah, which fights alongside the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against rebel forces.

While the Israel Defence Force (IDF) does not comment on the nature of its operations, Hezbollah, like Iran, is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.

In highly unusual comments confirming the operation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Our policy is very consistent. When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah, and we have the intelligence and the operational capability, we act to prevent that. That is what was and that is what will be.”

Israel has been largely unaffected by the Syrian civil war raging next door, suffering only sporadic incidents of spillover fire that it has generally dismissed as tactical errors by Assad’s forces.

It has responded to the errant fire with limited reprisals on Syrian positions.

The skies over Syria are now crowded, with Russian and Syrian aircraft backing the regime’s forces and a US-led coalition striking Isis and al-Qaeda targets.


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  1. Syria has the international right of self defense and should strike fast and hard, even nuclear!

    1. Mark the Shyster:
      As you know, your Terrorist Theocracy of Eretz Israel stole the active ingredients for your sleazy “Samson option.”

      Just as you keep stealing more & more Arab lands, while forever sniveling about your dopey victimhood.

      You cowardly war criminals owe most of the world reparations from here until approximately the 27th century.

      Wouldn’t you love to nuke all us uppity goyim?

      PS: Have a nice day.

    2. Mark (& Lobro),

      I apologize.

      The “nuclear” reference I automatically associated with Israel, not Syria.

    3. & with the S300, it will be a piece of cake ??
      But I think that the comments from Israhell, is just lot of kvetching ??

  2. The article says, “Hezbollah, like Iran, is committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.” Can you show any evidence for that other than that being what Israel and our Jewish-controlled media continually regurgitate?
    Then you say that “a US-led coalition [is] striking Isis and al-Qaeda targets.” Again, where is the evidence other than it being what the controlled media tells us? In fact, the US and its allies in crime support both of them, using them as proxy warriors in subservience to Jewish plans to destroy Syria and Iran.

    1. The usual suspects project their own hostility to others as a justification for their own warcrimes and misdeeds.
      Please is there a psychiatrist between the posters on this site who can explain them what projection is?

      1. The point being, who’s to say that the “jewish” plan isn’t to set up Iran as the fall guy for destroying Israel, thus prompting a general war when the time is deemed right? It could be that this has been the planned end-game in having brought about the state of Israel from the very outset.

        Consider that there is a deeper state under what’s under the pile, and sacrifice with it’s twisted logic of being of service to the satanic master is the highest form of tribute

      2. My evidence is all over, including several articles on this site. If Israel supports ISIS, then of course the USA, ipso facto, supports ISIS. And whom did we fund and arm for the destruction of Libya? Al-Qaeda. Maybe you get your info from the jew-controlled mainstream media. But maybe you haven’t seen the evidence because your mental vision has been impaired by the barrier of the lining of your intestinal walls 😉

      3. Here is some evidence, right from the horse’s mouth:
        When those with the facts reported truthfully that the Obama regime was arming the Al-Nusra terrorists that Obama claimed to be fighting, the presstitutes screamed in unison “conspiracy theory!”
        Here is an interview with Al-Nusra commander Abu Al Ezz in which he describes the weapons delivered to Al-Nursa by Washington and its vassals and says, unambigiously, “The Americans are on our side.”

      4. Darrell

        For you to say that I get my info from the jew-controlled media is insulting, and not to single you out, but you are a prime example of one who isn’t penetrating the myriad layers burying the truth of what is going on.

        My many posts on this site over the years speak for themselves

      5. Darrell

        Put away the checkerboard and learn how the game is played

        P.S. I grow alot of cabbage up here in N. New England. My intestinal tract is just fine, but thank you for your concern


      6. Israel will fall
        in tribute to Baal
        history’s divot
        one hundred year pivot
        whose coven is broken
        its ending a token
        of stark immolation
        for victimization

  3. Typical Jewish “moral indignation” when one of their victims tries to defend itself. As “good Goys” the Syrians should allow Israel destroy their country by their false flag terrorist organization ISIS. But the Syrians refuse to be “good Goys”. With the help of Russia (another nation that refuses to be a “good Goy”) Syria is in the process of defeating ISIS and thus saving itself from the fate of Libya (a former successful Jewish nation destroying mission). There is no greater cause for anger for the Jew than a Goy who refuses to be destroyed. It is the anger of the predator when his beast of prey escapes his claws.

    1. There is no greater cause for anger for the Jew than a Goy who refuses to be destroyed. It is the anger of the predator when his beast of prey escapes his claws.

      Beautifully put, Franklin! But oh, so antisemitic! Be careful you don’t end up in a Fema camp! 🙂

      BTW, I’m wondering if the big crackdown on freedom of speech on the internet has already begun? Because I can no longer gain access to many anti-Zionist sites, including the article about JB Campbell on Metapedia.

      1. I confirm that link goes nowhere.
        A list should be posted of sites publishing truth.
        For a start there is the 200 Washington Post list.
        We need a truth memorial website

  4. So-called Israel constantly and without fail makes up a version of reality that contradicts nature. The seriousness of the crimes committed by Israel is the only thing that prevents humour from ever being used to describe that sham of a nation.

      1. As a concerned American, I realize my country has been sorely misled and misused in its support of Israhell.
        The truly world-shaking nature of Israhell’s indignation is the inevitable involvement of our own armed forces. Escalation is a foregone conclusion. It is not a laughing matter!

  5. I thought Syria had a formidable air defense system, comprised of Russian S-300 and Pantsir-S1, yet it seems little more than an annoyance to the Jewish aggressors.

    Anyway, with servile-Jew-puppet-and-PNAC-warmonger Trumpser fraudster in the White House, the Jews are apparently feeling emboldened, and will no doubt keep it up.

    1. At this time, I favor Mr. Trump – but that is certainly subject to change if he gets us into another war on Israhell’s behalf. I have the feeling, though, that his jew-wooing was more a political strategy than a heartfelt gesture (I hope!). Mr. Jew’s suspicious antipathy against Trump may be that he feels it, too.

      1. Trumpster’s already shown the world that he’s a heartless, mass-murdering war criminal:

        I don’t understand why Trumpster fraudster gets a pass where Obama would’ve been criticized. Why should we keep lowering the bar for Trump?

        He’s surrounded himself with Jews and establishment warmongers, illegally invaded Syria, escalated the genocide in Yemen, embraced NATO, antagonized Russia with the continuing military buildup in Eastern Europe, he’s threatening Iran, China and North Korea, he’s boosting the already excessive military budget and promising to spend a trillion more to achieve global nuclear supremacy.

        Obama and his handlers put the world on the road to WW3, and Trumpster fraudster, who presented himself during his campaign as an alternative to war, has stepped on the gas, rather than change course.

      1. KOLO –
        Give Smitty a break…..

        Trump deserves it. He is really bad for the health of Russian officials…. Who know about his connections to Putin…. And his casinos being built in Crimea..!!

        Yalta will soon rival Atlantic City…!! Then, Trump advises bankruptcy numerous times for sorely needed $$$ for Putin..!! 🙂


        Another Senior Russian Official Has Died

        Since the day of Donald Trump’s election, high-ranking Russian officials have been dropping like flies and today’s reports that a top official of Russia’s space agency has been found dead brings the total to eight.
        As we noted previously, six Russian diplomats have died in the last 3 months – all but one died on foreign soil. Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown. Note that a few deaths have been labeled “heart attacks” or “brief illnesses.”

        Another Senior Russian Official Is Dead

        Published on Mar 19, 2017:

        Since the day of Donald Trump’s election, high-ranking Russian officials have been dropping like flies and today’s reports that a top official of Russia’s space agency has been found dead brings the total to eight.

        As we noted previously, six Russian diplomats have died in the last 3 months – all but one died on foreign soil. Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown. Note that a few deaths have been labeled “heart attacks” or “brief illnesses.”

  6. “Russian Army is in the Levant to STAY”….

    ….And Israel invited them….. Good BIDNEZZ..!! $$$$ 🙂

    Gazprom’s LEVANTINE Adventure

    Gazprom Signs 20-Year LNG Purchase Deal with Israel
    A subsidiary of Russian energy giant Gazprom has signed a 20-year deal with Levant LNG Marketing Corp. to exclusively purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Israel’s Tamar offshore gas field in the Mediterranean.


    Gazprom’s Levantine Adventure

    A few years ago Gazprom declared it was planning to export natural gas to Israel—under the Black Sea through the Blue Stream pipeline, across Turkey, and then via another underwater link in the Mediterranean. By late 2010, its managers admitted they had changed their minds and were seeking a role in developing offshore gas fields of Israel. Today, Gazprom is eager to just buy gas from an Israeli project.

    A Swiss branch of the Russian gas giant’s trading arm Gazprom Marketing and Trading (GM&T) recently announced it had signed a 20-year contract to resell Israeli gas from the Tamar project. The other offtaker under the contract is Israel’s own Levant LNG Marketing Corporation.


    Gazprom signs 20 year deal with Israeli firm
    February 26, 2013, 12:21 pm

  7. Good luck destroying mobile S300, S400 air defense systems mounted on the backs of trucks.

    1. @ Donaldo Colina

      According to everything I read on this incident, the Syrians used an S200, a 1960’s USSR system. One of the missiles hit by Arrow fell in Jordan. It does not appear that the Russians have given Syria control of an S300 or S400 even though they are both in country. The indicator that this is true is that Israel keeps bombing Syria about once a month or so which they would not do if the S300 or S400 were being used.

  8. “The next time the Syrians use their air defence systems against our planes [on their own territory] we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,”
    Quel culot!
    Cancer is known to spread non-stop until it destroys its host.

  9. Russia uses Israeli Technology… “BIGLY”.!! 🙂

    Israel KNOWS everything Putin does. Israel made his communications security programs…. and would know where ALL the missiles are…. even the mobile launchers on trucks.

    GAZPROM hosts Israel’s Technology Day

    Russia’s Gazprom hosted Israel’s Technology Day last April.

    The event took place at the premises of Gazprom VNIIGAZ.

    Israel’s Technology Day was attended by the representatives of Gazprom’s structural units and subsidiaries, including Gazprom Inform, Gazprom Proyektirovaniye, and Gazprom Space Systems.

    The trade show featured the latest products from 13 Israeli companies:

    Modcon Systems LTD,
    Teldor Cables & Systems Ltd,
    A.R.I Russia 
    Ortech Defence Systems Ltd,
    ESC BAZ,
    Mellanox Technologies,
    BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.,
    Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd,
    Check Point Software Technologies,
    Supergum Corporations

    These companies specialize in technology and product development in the fields of:

    integrated automation of production processes,
    information security,
    data collection and storage,
    network interconnections and server services,
    satellite communications,
    video surveillance systems,
    specialty cable manufacturing,
    development and implementation of innovative solutions in cable systems, etc.

    Russia does not make much on its own… Economy too sick..!! 🙂

    1. pat,
      up to your usual tricks.

      all these are israeli (jew) businesses registered to operate in russia, as long as they abide by the russian law, they can do so.
      that ARI link shows a plumbing supplies shop, wow, Russian bear doesn’t need to shit in the woods anymore!
      The notion that opening a manufacturing facility in Russia circumvents the sanctions on both sides, cheap, qualified labor, ready access to the market instead of shipping … how? Suez, red sea, around the Horn of Africa, up yemen coast and then what, let’s check the compass … on across injun ocean, mollucca strait, past singapore, up along vietnam coast, china, korean peninsula, keep going cap’n shlomo, another 2,000 miles to kamchatka … made it, now how do we sell pvc pipe at profit in vladivostok?

      you could open “pat’s southern fried catfish shack” in omsk and then use that to claim how russian technology can’t manufacture a fishhook and how putin was near starvation until you opened your truck stop.

      this is basically all you are doing when it comes to dropping loogies on any news involving russia:
      “russia cannot build a soccer field” is the star example.

      maybe you can explain to the reader how is it that although paper bear can’t build a paper plane without israel’s help, russia spent a few bucks to win the syrian war in less than a year while usa failed miserably in 6 years after having spent hundreds of billions (russia did it for less than 1/2 billion, now the road show moves to libya, whereas the us burns $2 billion/DAY in a giant incinerator called Pentagon).

      trillions were spent to lose every conceivable war that usa entered into with its mighty army, its mighty showoff technology, star wars junk, seals, lesbian special ops, night vision, american sniper, chuck norris, satellite death rays, laser guns, hyperloop-de-doop shit and for what?
      to drop care packages on ISIS?
      even ISIS is laughing at you, showing Mccain videos at night to village kids.
      but they are not laughing at russians, oh no, ask “palestinian avatar”, he be mighty pissed and shivering in the corner.
      Russia can’t build a radio transmitter but every US politician readily admits it can easily hack into every device in the US, NSA, FBI, CIA and 17.4 intel agencies so secret even they don’t know they exist … but no problem, got a question, ask Russian Quora.
      the senate intelligence committee should move its show to Moscow, along with CSPAN cameras because that is where the answers are, they are all too happy to say it, Pat’s Fried Catfishsky on the menu.
      Want to know who wins the next election?
      Putin will testify behind closed doors, can’t reveal the lucky winner before the public, he’ll throw in Oscar winner into the swag box, after all he’s in tight with the jew.
      Sure Pat, it explains why Jew likes Putin and Russians so much, brains still intact it seems, the smartphone microwaves haven’t cooked them into Pat’s Jambalaya Stew yet.

      If it doesn’t make sense, it must be true, right?
      a real goy self-confidence builder …

      1. Lobro –

        I see you are up to – YOUR – USUAL TRICKS with your dubious circuitous and meandering spin..

        That doesn’t work for me…..
        ……and “everybody knows it”… “BIGLY..!!” 🙂

        You will portray Russia as a country of strength even though their industry machinery is made by others. Putin pays with oil and gas. He has no money and no one takes rubles…. he has to use USD…. OR SHEKELS..!!! 🙂

        You claim that ARI Russia is JUST a plumbing supply shop. That’s a REAL joke..!!

        Either you are intentionally misleading the readers…. or you know nothing of industrial components.

        They are hardy a small plumbing supply shop, as YOU suggested.

        This link to their site shows they are leaders in components and valves for the mining industry. Also for the OIL & GAS industries…. and offshore components.

        ARI Russia make components which control the flow of Putin’s MONEY…. HIS means of payment… HIS OIL AND GAS..!!

        Theses 20 inch valves can be operated remotely and cut off the flow of OIL – MONEY – any time. That’s even better than controlling printed money..!!

        Israel makes Putin’s military and communications satellites and has THE KEYS to the hen house. Remote control abilities from orbiting satellites.

        That is NO real worry for Putin. He and Netanyahu – his PARTNER – meet several times a year to coordinate their plans.

        There are numerous Putin-Netanyahu joint-ventures….. for industries which have military capabilities… like these:
        information security,
        data collection and storage,
        network interconnections and server services,
        satellite communications,
        video surveillance systems,
        jet engines

        I thought you were smarter than this, Lobro… 🙂

        Putin and Israel have been partners for decades.

        Here are some snipits about Israel Military Industries – IMI Systems – building Putin’s MILITARY for him.

        You likely missed this one in your jumping around the globe to support Russia:

        Jun 11, 2012 – Rapaport reports that IMI has created a new variant of the Hatzav that will fit the barrels of Russian tanks.

        Jul 2, 2013 – The mew engines can be used by the US-made F-15, F-16, and F-18, Russian-made MiG 25,. MiG 29, Sukhoi 27, and Sukhoi 30.

        The Stinger (U.S.), lgla (Russia) and Mistral (France) will use the IMI components. Missiles are launched from a remotely operated pedestal with passive and active sensors.

        ***EXTRA guided rocket offered as a naval weapon:

        Jun 9, 2014 – Flight testing of the Russian. R-30 Bulava (SS-NX-3Z) submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) will resume in late September 2014.


      2. Russia – PAPER BEAR – is NOT capable of producing successful Ballistic Missiles for submarines..!!

        Israel has to make them for Putin..!! 🙂

        –-One of Russia’s Most Advanced Nuclear Missiles Self-Destructed During a Test Flight—
        September 28, 2016

        The Russian missile industry has simply failed to produce quality SLBMs consistently.

        “The Bulava’s problem is production quality,” said Mike Kofman, a research scientist at the Center for Naval Analyses specializing in Russian military affairs.

        “There are issues with serial production in Russia’s defense industry.  You can ask the SAME question about Russia’s SPACE LIFT industry— component quality/consistency issues.”

      3. pure nonsense on all fronts, Pat, although i am sure a bunch of chicken-hearted jew chests will swell in pride and hubris at such bloviation.
        Israel Space Agency budget increased to $80 million, wow, $80 million, like eight-oh? no wonder they totally control russia’s satellite network, poor russkies cain’t do nuthin’, jist nuthin.
        Except, Russia Will Tell the World Where U.S. Military Satellites Are

        The move would expose the Pentagon’s most secret sats.
        No kidding, Israel’s space capabilities, budgeted at $80 million a year, second hand junk palmed off on russia can dig out all the super secret US sats, their paths and timing, which will enable everybody to hide their stash when they are passing overhead.
        don’t you just love it when everything adds up perfectly, 2+2=whatever you want it to be, eg, russia imports snow shovels from israel because they can’t make their own.

        by the way, i looked up that IMI link of yours and no mention of Russia, their overseas offices are in the US (2), Poland, India and Thailand (I know that BKK address, i will make a point to walk past and give them a long, slow finger).
        Lotsa hot air, pat, the highest molehill in the world, stick the tiny flag at the oxygen depleted height of 2 inches.

        But it doesn’t matter, as long as the putdown works.

        maybe someday you will address the points i raised above, at least i do follow up on some if not all of yours.

        israel’s miltary tech is the strongest!
        israel’s yentas are the world’s most beautiful!
        hollywood movies are nothing but the truth!

      4. more proof of nonsense:
        Israel to ‘Spy on the Middle East, Russia and China’ With US-Funded Satellite

        Seyed Mohammad Marandi, professor of North American Studies and dean of the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran, told Sputnik that the recent launch is not an outstanding event for the US as it already has a number of powerful spy satellite systems and high technological equipment operating.


        so let’s count them:

        · (a) israel provides satellite technology to russia which is otherwise very backward, early stone age,
        · (b) Israel, for its part, does not possess its own technologies which it might use for the construction of unique satellites
        . (c) russia can accurately spot every US military satellite, plot its path and overhead timing at each point along its orbit. It will make it all public.

        not gonna tax your brain with this, maybe someone else can see the absurdity of (a).

      5. Lobro –

        I know that facts of business are “total nonsense” to you.

        You have written that you do not understand business and economics. And It shows.

        I give you facts and press releases from industrial and military websites… and you come back with gibberish and circles within circles.

        It is obvious.. with so many circles and narratives…
        ….You have confused yourself…!! 🙂

        I’m sure you remember this SCAM between Russia and Pentagon….

        Russia’s ENERGOMASH played tricks with RD AMROSS which was a joint venture between Pratt & Whitney and NPO ENERGOMASH.

        Boeing Company and the Lockheed Martin Corporation announced their intention to form a joint venture called the United Launch Alliance (ULA).

        The joint venture – the middleman in the engine deal was RD Amross. The firm’s role is an uncommon one. The Pentagon has rules limiting the use of middlemen in contracts.

        The partners originally planned to co-produce the engine in America for U.S. government space missions, according to a review in May by the Defense Department.

        The engines proved to be CHEAPER for Pratt & Whitney to make in Russia, and Russia’s ENERGOMASH had a ready supply of them.

        On May 2, 2005, The Boeing Company and the Lockheed Martin Corporation announced their intention to form a joint venture called the United Launch Alliance (ULA), combining the production, engineering, test and launch operations associated with U.S. government launches of Boeing Delta and Lockheed Martin Atlas rockets – providing world-class space launch services for the U.S. government at LOWER COST.(IN Russia)

        RD Amross is a supplier of NPO Energomash RD180 rocket engines to United Launch Alliance (ULA) for the Atlas Launch Vechicle.

        Special Report: In Pentagon deal with Russians, big profit for tiny Florida firm

        THE US uses Israel as a $$$ broker and manufacturer for selling to many countries. That includes China.. $$$ 🙂

      6. Peter –

        Join the line. Take a number..!!!

        People do what you did when they don’t like my writings. It’s a real hoot..!!

        Both Ungenius and Felix claimed that a couple years ago. 🙂

        Ungenius called me a “deceiver”.
        Felix wrote that I am “not who I claim to be”.

        They never even met me…. nor spoken to me on the phone. Neither have you…

        Keep guessing..!!! It’s fun… 🙂

        BTW – I have NEVER spoken like that of/about you… as you did behind my back. Please address me directly if you want to call me out…!! More fun that way…

        NOW.. I would like for you to disprove what I have written.

      7. Peter –

        You might not like this either….

        BUT Russia’s “TASS” wrote it.. 🙂

        I stole this ditty from Lobro…

        Refusal to pay attention to facts only hurts the believer in the long -WRONG – run. 🙂


        Israeli lawmakers visit Crimea
        February 11, 2016

        Abkhazia and Nicaragua are so far the only countries that have officially recognized Crimea to be part of Russia


        Netanyahu names “red lines” of Israel’s security at meeting with Putin
        April 21, 2016

        Israel is doing everything that depends on it to prevent the emergence of ultra-modern weapons in the hands of Hezbollah, Netanyahu says


        Russia, Israel to sign documents on bilateral cooperation — lawmaker
        Russian Politics & Diplomacy
        June 06, 2016
        A package of documents designed to expand and deepen bilateral interaction, including a treaty on social security for pensioners, will be signed during a visit to Moscow by the Israeli prime minister.

        MOSCOW, June 6 /TASS/. Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Federation Council, the upper house of Russian parliament, said that Russia and Israel would sign a number of important documents, including a treaty on social security for pensioners, during a visit to Moscow by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Moscow.



        Israel fully supports Russia’s actions to fight terrorism in Syria — ambassador
        June 01, 2016
        According to Israel’s ambassador to Russia, the entire “normal” world supports Russia in that issue


        Moscow calls for territorial exchanges between Palestine and Israel
        Russian Politics & Diplomacy
        June 03, 2016

        Territorial exchanges may keep Israeli settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan River.



        Israeli diplomat thanks Putin for consent to return Magach tank to Israel
        June 01, 2016
        Russia agreed to return to Israel a Magach lost during a battle against the Syrian army during the 1982 Lebanon War



        Russians have no reason to hide that they LOVE Pharisee-Jew Israel and London Bankers.

        Russia need their money..$$… and US help brokered thru Israel..!!

      8. What would I not like? That Israel and Russia have relations? Is that supposed to surprise anyone? Or that Netanyahu says he is opposed to terrorists, while Israel has been caught providing medical care to ISIS fighters destroying Syria? There is nothing even complicated here.

      9. Peter –

        “There is nothing even complicated here.”

        You are 100% correct. It is SO EASY…

        Follow the MONEY $$$$..!!

        The US gives aid and $$$$ to Russia and Israel….
        …. supported by Pharisee-Jew Bankers in LONDON..!!

        The wars are part of a devastating destructive ruse..

        Trump will join in..!! 🙂

      10. There is nothing to be gained by arguing with you. If it was my website, I would seriously consider censoring your comments. They’re non-sensical.

      11. Peter –

        You wrote:
        “There is nothing to be gained by arguing with you.”

        You are wrong there. You get to read my responses… 🙂

        “Everybody knows” that Putin and Israel are “BIGLY” partners…!!

        From Putin’s own website, you can see he likes Netanyahu very much.

        I listed ONLY a few.

        Telephone conversations with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu:

        September 29, 2016
        In addition to sending a message of condolences on the death of outstanding politician and former President and Prime Minister of Israel Shimon Peres, Vladimir Putin telephoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express support and sympathy to the family of the deceased and to the Government and people of Israel.


        October 21, 2016
        Mr Putin cordially congratulated Benjamin Netanyahu on his birthday and the Jewish holiday of Sukkot that is celebrated these days.

        November 24, 2016
        The two leaders discussed the situation with forest fires in Israel. In response to the Israeli request for assistance with fighting the fires, Mr Putin promised to instruct Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry to send immediately to the disaster area the needed aircraft and equipment.

        December 21, 2016

        The Prime Minister of Israel expressed deep condolences personally and on behalf of the entire people of Israel over the tragic death of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov. He strongly denounced this crime and expressed readiness to step up cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism.


        December 23, 2016

        The two leaders continued to exchange views on the current situation in the Middle East and reaffirmed their readiness to further actively cooperate in the fight against terrorism.


        December 25, 2016
        Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called Vladimir Putin and expressed his condolences over the Russian Tu-154 plane crash in Sochi.


        December 31, 2016
        The two leaders continued to discuss the situation in the Middle East, including the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.

        They also touched upon aspects of bilateral cooperation.(biznezz..!!)

      12. But you ignore the most important part. Putin is destroying Israel’s ally ISIS and helping their arch enemy Syria and its leader Assad. Ribbentrop went to Moscow and was all smiles, meeting with Stalin. Not long later Germany launched its attack on the USSR.

        You wrote “Israel fully supports Russia’s actions to fight terrorism in Syria — ambassador
        World”. Do you believe that? Who are they supporting? Assad or the terrorists trying to overthrow his government?

        Ribbentrop far left, Stalin in the center

      13. Peter –

        You asked me:

        “Do you believe that?”

        It doesn’t matter what I “believe” or what you “believe” either.

        What matters is… Putin KNOWS IT..!!

        Putin told us on HIS OWN website.

        Putin is the last word in truth 🙂 … according to many here..!!

        ……. He NEVER lies..!! 🙂 ????

        NOW…!! Atta-boy… way to argue…!! 🙂 🙂

      14. Re-read what I wrote and try to comprehend it.

        “It doesn’t matter what I “believe” or what you “believe” either.” That’s correct and it’s irrelevant to the fact that Putin is destroying Israel’s ally ISIS and is helping Israel’s arch-enemy Syria, who Israel bombed again the other day.

      15. Peter –

        You are finally catching on…

        It is ALL a ruse at the top..!!

        are ALL in on the scam at the top levels…
        …. and they ALL follow London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ orders.

        The CONTROL game has been the same for centuries…!! 🙂

      16. Peter –

        Get ready to catch another one.. 🙂

        Putin is planning for…$$$$… and has a lot to gain from…
        “contracts for investment projects in Syria.”

        “Russia is preparing for the rebuilding of the Syrian economy” to bring it into the 21st century world of Pharisee-Jew Banking and technology to control the people, once the demolition rubble is removed.

        Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes

        Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished.

        Russia’s long-term plans ARE to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.

        Picture of rubble from bombing in Syria:

        In an interview Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave the news channel Rossiya 24, the minister said that the rebuilding of Syria’s economy will begin as soon as the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, has liberated large tracts of land from the terrorists.

        According to the executive director of the Russian Union of Gas and Oil Industrialists, Russian oil and gas companies may revive contracts worth a total of $1.6 billion with Syria if investment risks are eliminated and the country becomes stable.

        Everybody will profit..$$$..!!!

        Chinese are wanted to drill for oil in Syria.

        Syrian leaders expressed interest in Russian extraction companies supplying crude oil and other oil products to Syria. The sides also discussed cooperation with Russian and Chinese companies to boost extraction in national fields located in Syrian-government-controlled safe areas.

  10. Israel attacked a second time on Sunday inside Syrian territory, but instead of using fighter jets a unmanned drone was used. What pussies.

    1. @ Robert Browning

      Using a drone may indicate that Syria really did whack an Israeli jet as they said they did. Israel denied it, but everyone knows that jews are notorious liars.

  11. The jews have bought a lot of land in Argentina. I believe they use the bible and book of revelations as a blueprint. There will be a nuclear confligeration at Harmageddon. But before that all top jews will have moved either underground or to Argentina. It has been the plan all along.

    1. Argentina is their “just in case” second option if Israel is destroyed, but that does not mean they have planned its destruction, otherwise they would not have invested so much in it. As a second option for the US as their host, they also have chosen China. Thus the growing number of Jews marrying Chinese or adopting Chinese children, but again that doesn’t mean they have planned Israel’s destruction. They want to keep Israel as their homeland and world center of Jewry.

  12. Could this be the reason that the Jewish elite like the New York Times are doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from even talking to the Russians? And, of course, we have the Golan Heights again—it’s about the water resources and other resources that Israel wants. I just wish that Trump would trust his own better pre-presidential elect instincts and stay out of the neighborhood but no such luck: Cringe… Does he realize that the Israeli’s will do anything to get us involved in their conflicts, their conflicts that have nothing to do with us.

    Syria is the ancient land of Orthodox Christianity. Actually Christianity began in Assyria. The amazing iconic images that were plastered over in Hagia Sophia are also found in ancient Syrian churches. Assad protects the Assyrians. I think the Assyrians are the last native speakers of Aramaic in the world. These are the people the Israelis and Saudis (our new best friends) want to wipe off the face of the planet. We should keep a clear hands off here. Trump should realize that he is being manipulated. His advisers unfortunately are too protestant to have any sympathy for the Assyrians. Oh well. Words can’t describe how I feel about this situation.

    1. @ Kapoore

      “Trump should realize that he is being manipulated.”

      Why do you say that? As the doubts continue to accumulate, why must we always give Trump the benefit of the doubt? Why must we always assume that Trump is not morally responsible for whatever the “Trump administration” does (or fails to do)?

  13. I stand a-dizzy at the precipice, an odd discomfiture in my bowels, no doubt from the height. Staring deeply into the black abyss, I find none of the options good.

    1. Take heart, Arch

      Think in terms of this old dying world as a forest engulfed in an all-consuming fire, after which new saplings emerge from its ashes…like a phoenix

  14. These disgusting threats by Israel to destroy Syria’s ability to resist an attack brings to mind the western refrain, “Israel has the right to defend itself” but reserves the right to attack anyone else, even the U.S., i.e., the USS Liberty in 1967. What better proof do we need that the Jews a) represent Satan on earth; and b) the Jews only attack a weakened enemy, i.e., Syria has been fighting an ongoing war against terrorists since 2011. And a defenseless Gaza. Israel does not dare attack a Russian base because Israel is a nation of cowards and baby killers.

    1. (…) the western refrain, “Israel has the right to defend itself” but reserves the right to attack anyone else, even the U.S., i.e., the USS Liberty in 1967.

      let’s take one more step back to grasp the bigger picture.

      “Israel has the right to defend itself” is pure jew-speak, endlessly echoed in the amen corner.
      And it means precisely that it “reserves the right to attack anyone else”.

      The two statements are identical in jew-speak.
      Consider another example:

      “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children.

      the deconstruct goes as follows:
      jew blames us not only for his own evil but to have even sunk to the bottom of the depravity pit in having been forced to think and act PREEMPTIVELY because we were planning to do even worse to him.

      the fact that we never really did him any harm other than having kicked him out our our midst on few occasions when his behavior became absolutely intolerable doesn’t mean anything: either
      · we had plans but he forestalled them (queen esther and wise mordechai versus the persian plot by haman), or
      · he invents the gruesome atrocity against jews out of the whole cloth (holohoax) and being a pathological liar, lying as the backbone of his worship, he starts believing it and rewrites talmud to incorporate jew’s fantasies as divine creation of reality (jew=g-d=ability to create/recreate the world).

      to learn to fully appreciate jew-speak, you must read talmud standing up.

      ps. deportation doesn’t solve anything in the long run.

  15. HAROLD SMITH said:

    He’s surrounded himself with Jews and establishment warmongers, illegally invaded Syria, escalated the genocide in Yemen, embraced NATO, antagonized Russia with the continuing military buildup in Eastern Europe, he’s threatening Iran, China and North Korea, he’s boosting the already excessive military budget and promising to spend a trillion more to achieve global nuclear supremacy.

    If we judge on actions instead of words, if we judge on direct action instead of action by others then we are nearing the stage where Trump can be accused of evil action, especially in Syria. I give Trump a begrudged pass whilst he is still making obsequious speeches towards Zionists and selling weapons to Saudi Arabia,. He has taken no military action YET. Let us see what these US soldiers will get up to in Syria. Is it to destroy ISIS or assist them?

    However, I admit the signs do not look good.

    1. However, I admit the signs do not look good.

      However, I admit the signs do not look good.
      we must learn to read the head fakes to keep up with the fast paced game.

      Trump sends thousand(s) boots to syria.
      let’s take a closer look at this, the dumbest thing is to read it straight, no, we must turn it upside down, look at the mirror reflection and read between the lines for the truth, using the reactions of those who should be privy to more information, be they friends or foes.
      Start with this, newyork times, 16 june, 2016: 51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria, anyone remember that?
      JewSA diplomacy at best, urging military bloodshed, yes, it passes for diplomacy on these wretched shores.
      Basically, not only did they sit down by the rivers of babylon that they couldn’t take over by force and then they wept, when they remembered zion but they cried for Zion And Yinon.
      And moreover bayed for Russian Christian blood that Obama would not, could not deliver – no war with Russia and such a beautiful pretext wasted!

      Okay, so what about now, Trump sends in the grunts and tanks and NO REACTION FROM JEW, be it israel or diaspora, there was no joy in flatbush.
      So, the Enemy is subdued, not a word of praise, even from the “kissing cousin” Netanyahu and the Chabad.
      this should tell you volumes.

      and what about the friendly side, the Syrians and the Russians?
      well, very muted, perfunctory grumbles at most, i suspect only in order to keep the Congress juden, schiff, feinstein, schumer, Himes somewhat pacified because what else can they do, complain about American regulars on the ground in syria after screaming so loudly for them last year?

      moneychangers, sexchangers, 3-card monty in progress, who is baiting, who is switching – i say trump is playing a subtle game and it will work out for the best – his greatest danger comes from his own traitors as always, could mattis be the one this time, the mad dog that escapes control?
      The fact that Jew is not urging Mattis resignation, Mattis-the-KGB-agent is a bit worrisome, to me it signifies that he must be watched closely, a special fake flag op could happen any time.

      1. You make me feel like an infant boy watching adults play chess! 🙂

        Hope you are right.

        Interesting about Mathis

    2. @ Flan

      “He has taken no military action YET.”

      As I see it, the escalating drone strikes in Yemen and the one in Syria that killed 50+ people are examples of “military action” showing that Trumpster fraudster is a heartless mass-murderer. That is, he is operating on the same moral plane as the Zodiac killer, Anders Breivik, Obama, Bush etc.

      If Trumpster will not be restrained by law or moral compunction, then the only thing holding him back at any time is calculation. Such a monster will not make America “great” in any meaningful sense; he will do nothing but make things worse, most likely catastrophically worse.

      1. @Harold
        I saw this:
        where it is claimed the target were ISIS.

        In todays world we can never know the truth of incidents several thousand miles away where competing political interests cause people to tell lies.

        Obviously if civilians were killed that is regrettable,


        1.Lives might actually be saved by snuffing out psychotic butchers. What is the morality if this is the case?

        2.Any civilian attending any public religious event in the ME is not right in the head due to repeated massacres at these venues. I am not saying killing the stupid is morally correct, but I have no sympathy for such behaviour.

        It is stated that Trump sets policy but leaves tactical decisions to subordinates. There is a publicly stated policy to eradicate ISIS. Are you saying Trump is immoral for setting this policy?

      2. It is not up to Trump to decide who shall live and who shall die in Syria.

        If Trump was acting legitimately, i.e., in good faith, he would be coordinating with the Syrian government. He is not; therefore, he is a mass-murdering war criminal.

      3. @Flan O’Brien

        Trump should know that ISIS is a Mossad / CIA construct, financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and provided with weapons and other materials by the US itself. The whole purpose of the artificially created crisis in Syria is to destroy that country for the sake of Israel. If Trump wants to “fight ISIS” then he simply should stop supporting it. Using drone attacks on mass gatherings in mosques is a form of terrorism. I’m done with this man, he is not better than his predecessors.

  16. The Israeli “Ambassador” was summoned to answer by the Kremlin regarding illegal hostile airstrikes in Syria. Incidentally, the destruction of the nascent Syrian nuclear program a while back (but not too long ago) by Israeli airstrike is not being discussed anywhere at this time. Happy dead David Rockefeller day.

  17. Israel has no need to worry…. Russia is a Paper Bear. 🙂

    Here is another FAA Report on Russian/US defense system and Space Rocket engine SCAM:

    The RD-180 manufacturing deal is a shell game.

    It is actually graft, and possibly fraud, not any secret Russian know-how, which moved the deals through.
    Pratt & Whitney spent $25 million to set up the Energomesh manufacturing plant in Russia to enable their brokerage partnership to make extra fees based on the lower cost of wages and material in Russia.
    P&W actually showed the Russians how to make the engines.

    P&W continued to make the RD-180 engines even after the deals.

    That five-person company, RD Amross, is a joint venture of Russian engine maker NPO Energomash and a U.S. partner, aerospace giant United Technologies. According to internal company documents that lay out the contract, Amross stands to collect $93 million in cost mark-ups under its current multi-year deal to supply the RD-180 rocket engine.


    Russian Rocket Engines for Atlas – Real Story – FAA Report:

    International Partnerships in the Commercial Space Launch Industry

    RD AMROSS (p. 10 of report)
    In 1997, Florida-based Pratt & Whitney and NPO Energomash of Russia established the RD AMROSS LLC joint venture to produce the Russian RD-180 engine for the American market.

    Having partnered to sell other engine models, Pratt & Whitney and Energomash came together again to attempt to meet Lockheed Martin’s need for a new engine for its Atlas 3 and 5 vehicles with the RD-180 engine, then under development.

    Lockheed Martin selected the RD-180 as the first stage engine for its new Atlas models. Government policy, however, required that Lockheed Martin demonstrate the ability to manufacture RD-180s in the United States in order to avoid dependence on Russia to launch national security payloads.

    Therefore, under the RD AMROSS partnership, Energomash will produce 101 RD-180 engines for the Atlas 3 and commercial launches on Atlas 5 at its Khimky plant in Russia, while Pratt & Whitney will build some two dozen more RD-180s in Florida to launch government payloads.

    Pratt & Whitney also contributed $25 million to Energomash for upgrades at the Khimky plant.
    The two companies are 50-50 partners in the joint venture.

    Bottom line….

    Pratt & Whitney makes CHEAPER rocket engines FOR Russia… IN RUSSIA with Russian CHEAP LABOR….. at its partner’s place… NPO ENERGOMESH–Khimky Plant…!! 🙂

    1. I’m glad they’re a paper bear, considering the nuclear arsenal they have. Still, a few atomic bombs and Israel is gone. They had better pay attention and listen. While the US is Israel’s lapdog, Russia is destroying ISIS. Although with Trump, the US has now finally joined the Russians.

      1. Peter –

        Yeah. Get afraid…. really afraid.. TENSE UP..!!

        ‘Big Bear’ Khrushchev banged his shoe…. and scared the world. Kids hid under desks.

        That ‘death-ray’ Putin has on the moon is very scary too..!!

        Right out of Buck Rogers.. 🙂

      2. It’s all a battle between the jew-west, trump, and the rebel jew putin, jew-east,
        The rebel jew putin who doesn’t want to comply to the orders of tel aviv. Putin the stay in the way who blocks the one final coordinated, jew world order.And we goyim from jew-west and jew-east are being played. We need goyim-leaders not jews. Let them go to tel aviv.

    2. Remember….. according to TASS just months ago:

      Putin, Netanyahu to discuss bilateral ties, situation in Syria
      (Russian Politics & Diplomacy)
      June 07, 2016

      –-This will be a second meeting between the two leaders in Moscow over a period of a month and a half—

      MOSCOW, June 7. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to hold talks on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who will make an official visit to Moscow on the occasion on the 25th anniversary since the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Kremlin press service said.

      This will be the second meeting between the two leaders in Moscow over a period of a month and a half. The previous time Putin and Netanyahu held talks in the Kremlin was on April 21.

      This time, they will focus on how the agreements they reached during that visit are fulfilled.

      The Kremlin press service said the two officials were going to have a detailed exchange of opinion on the Middle East regional issues, with special emphasis on the struggle with international terrorism.

      Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said earlier the agenda of the talks would be expansive, since relations between Russia and Israel were at an advanced stage and had the character of partnership.

      He indicated that both countries had a big potential and a solid groundwork for bilateral trade, as well as for cooperation in security and international politics.

      solid groundwork for – bilateral trade

      solid groundwork for – bilateral trade

      solid groundwork for – bilateral trade

  18. Rehmat knew it was a matter of $$$$$:

    Israeli leaders realized that with the help of 65 million Zionist Christians, they can suck more money from Washington than Moscow.

    Israel and Russia are twin sisters. They will never fight each other.

    If one read Western history from some objective source, he will find out that behind the Soviet regime and Israel were the same anti-Gentile Jewish thugs. Israeli baby was breast-fed by Russian Jews to establish a “Socialist State” in Palestine modeled on Soviet Russia.

    The first president of Israel, Dr. Chaim Weisman, was president of Russian Socialist Party. However, the US beat Russia by recognizing Israeli state two hours ahead.

    —Putin assured Netanyahu during their recent meeting in Moscow that Moscow will never allow Syria to attack Israel under any circumstances. He also assured his Jewish buddy that Assad has promised not to let Russian arms fall into Hizbullah hands.

    “Despite Moscow’s longstanding support for Assad, relations between Russia and Israel have improved dramatically in recent years. More than 1 million former Soviet citizens now live in Israel (most support Netanyahu’s Likud and other Rightist parties), while Moscow and Jerusalem both view the spread of radical Islamism as a major security threat,” Says Jeffrey Mankoff, director at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an Israeli advocacy group on September 21, 2015.

  19. The article showed… “The Russian Army is in the Levant to stay…”

    Putin has to “STAY” to survive..!! 🙂

    This is why Putin is a Paper Bear and in bad shape economically. And he desperately needs help from foreigners:

    Putin does NOT even OWN Russia’s oil production..!!

    “The Unknown Putin” – a documentary by well-known Russian journalist Andrei Karaulov shows that the Product Sharing Agreements (9:50) give most oil profits to Foreign Companies like Shell Oil and….
    they use their own imported workers instead of hiring Russians..!!

    Disagreements and lawsuits bring out MANY hidden facts….

    This argument of Exxon’s tells who REALLY owns much of Putin’s oil production.

    US-Exxon and Japan-Sodeco each own more than Russia-Rosneft:

    –Factual Background and Parties’ Arguments–

    Exxon holds 30% of Sakhalin-1,
    while Rosneft and ONGC (India) each own 20% stakes.
    Japan’s Sodeco holds the remaining 30%.

    ExxonMobil, one of the Seven Sisters, is simultaneously an operator of Sakhalin-1.

    Considering Russia’s unfriendly attitude towards Western oil and gas majors, Exxon managed to maintain a polite relationship with the Russian Government for a long time.

    Therefore, the outbreak of a tax dispute between….
    long-term investment allies(EXXON v Russia) became a surprise for many.

    Putin needs to own more oil PRODUCTION. He owns very little of the OIL PRODUCED in Russia..!! 🙂

  20. wow lots of OPINIONS HERE but no options.
    What are the ODDS on the Isralies keeping all of that Syrian OIL?

    What are the BETTS on WHO gets to keep the Syrian GOLAN HEIGHTS?

    The Isralies test out our gear so go attack some Russians and lets see who has the best JUNK!

    After a few weeks there will be NO MORE Isralies to try to poison US!

    1. Nobody –

      There are many “options” on oil and gas “futures”…… available in the various brokerage trading markets.

      $$Billions of “options” each day of trading…… maybe even $$$Trillions..!!

      Putin has to give up his oil and gas to many NATO countries and Saudis who help him produce and sell into the market. It is NOT a ‘free-market’ at all, but a very tightly controlled market.

      See and hear this at 6:29 or so:

      **Oil sales – Saudi families and entertainers – 169 names (7:25)


      Putin needs NATO countries’ exploration and drilling and pumping and sales and distribution companies. He is cash poor.

      NATO Companies give Russia its oil and gas capabilities in return for OWNING the bulk of the resources – oil and gas – produced.

      Russia uses Oil and Gas – Production Sharing Agreement – PSA

      Examples of PSAs in Russia:





      Russia: ‘TOTAL'(company of France) transfers 20% interest and operatorship of Kharyaga to Zarubezhneft


  21. Some of us like to beat nearly dead horses to death, Pat prefers to beat nearly dead Russian bears to death, 🙂 .

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