Israel’s Never-Ending Crimes

Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide
but has done so with absolute transparency

By Stanley L Cohen

Stanley L Cohen is a lawyer and human rights activist
who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa.


Last week, the world stood fixated at a largely symbolic gesture by the United Nations in which it found the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank of Palestine to be illegal. Or did it?

Although the UN Security Council, with rare uniformity, chastised Israel for flouting the law of occupation, the resolution, crafted with ambiguous lawyerly precision, left experienced thinkers on the subject debating just what it means.

In its most ambitious read, some would argue it appears that the decree concerned the occupation as a whole, and swept within its prohibitive reach all settlement activity since 1967 when Israel seized the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Arab-Palestinian control.

Others view its advisory language as helpful through its continued embrace of the time-tired two-state solution and its apparent call for a return to the status quo ante of some 15 years ago when illegal settlements had not as yet swallowed much more than 60 percent of the West Bank.

In its least appealing landscape painting, it would appear that the resolution seemingly bestows upon already completed settlements de facto legitimacy and addresses only that part of the building glut currently under way or planned for tomorrows yet to come.

To make matters worse, despite its gratuitous dicta, the resolution remains very much a toothless declaration without any enforcement mechanism whatsoever – essentially relying upon a sudden burst of Israeli conscience to reverse a steady march of indifference to international law that has led Israel’s way since the very first day it was manufactured from stolen land in Palestine.

Predictable in immediacy and urgency, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw his weekly tantrum, accusing the world of a dark conspiracy organised by the soon to be ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama, who on his way out of the door after years of obsequious obedience to Israeli will, has suddenly discovered that it’s OK to say no … well … maybe … or perhaps, to its glaring intransigence.

But then again, it’s kind of hard to take seriously “pressure” exerted by a country that has just enriched Israel’s military coffers and occupation to the tune of $38bn.

Netanyahu told the world just what he thinks of the UN and its resolution when he announced plans to proceed with the building of thousands of new housing units in Jerusalem in particular.

“Israel will not turn its other cheek,” Netanyahu proclaimed as he went on to prophesy a “plan of action” against the UN directly. Not long thereafter he suspended working ties with the UK, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand, those countries that supported the resolution.

Netanyahu should quit while he’s ahead, but he just can’t. There is no incentive. Like the hundreds of earlier resolutions critical of Israeli policies, as worded, the most recent condemnation by the UN can do little more than cry out for justice in the night from a state built from the marrow of genocide.

I get “bombast”, “brash” and, at times, even “bully”. However, it’s the two-legged beasts that feed on the innocent I do not. Netanyahu is very much that kind of beast – an ogre who lives in a world surrounded by dark, deadly thoughts. With delusion his ally, dishonesty his friend and death his messenger, he thumbs his nose at the world as his reign of state terror consumes more and more civilian victims guilty of no offence other than breathing the air that surrounds them and seeking a free life.

When the history of our times is written, an honest accounting will no doubt add Netanyahu’s wicked shadow – and that of his predecessors – to the list of fiends that have seen the world as little more than a playground within which to use their toys of death and despair – always, of course, for the right reasons and always, of course, against the meek and defenceless among us.

—  §  —


One need not rest upon obtuse historical footnotes to find abundant, indeed systemic, acts of extermination carried out by Israel since 1948 against Palestinians.

Beginning with its mass expulsion, rape and murder at the onset of the Nakba (the Catastrophe) Israel has devoted itself to 68 years of non-stop genocide coming up for air only periodically to retool or to change the nature of its weaponry of choice.

What started out with the expulsion, at gunpoint, of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral homeland set in motion a refugee stampede that has grown to more than seven million displaced and stateless people, providing the world more than a disturbing glimpse of what was to come decades later in Syria.

Over the years, Israel has found diverse ways to kill more than 400,000 Palestinian civilians and injure or cripple two to three times as many, including tens of thousands of women and children. Whether by tank fire, rockets, or cluster or phosphorus bombs, it has given new meaning to the evil of willful group slaughter.

In its thirst to ethnically cleanse all of Palestine of its remaining inhabitants, it has made use of starvation, in violation of Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, as a method of war targeting foodstuffs, crops and livestock throughout the occupied territories.

In particular, it has destroyed more than a million olive trees which not only serve as an essential mainstay of Palestinian culture but, along with hundreds of thousands of razed fruit trees, constitute key products of a Palestinian national economy largely in various states of ruin.

In Gaza, Israel has targeted hospitals, schools, daycare centres, multi-storey apartment complexes, UN Relief and Works Agency shelters and mental health clinics with a deadly proficiency that would make historic war criminals blush with envy.

It has laid waste to thousands of its hardscrabble built homes and left upwards of a hundred thousand Palestinians internally displaced, indeed homeless – leaving many families at a breaking point.

For the survivors of the Gaza killing fields, Israel has made life unbearable over the past decade though a criminal embargo that not only guarantees insufficient caloric intake, fresh water and medicine, but denies to its 1.8 million survivors building materials essential for the reconstruction of its beleaguered, and largely levelled, infrastructure.

Not satisfied with physical pain alone, with cruel, wanton abandon, it is no stretch to find that its master plan has consciously induced levels of post-traumatic stress disorder unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Given all these palpable elements of ethnic cleansing, it is reasonably projected that Gaza will be uninhabitable by 2020, thereby once again driving several million traumatised refugees out on to the road of an uncertain and dangerous diaspora.

In the West Bank, Israel’s calculus of pain and punishment is largely a difference without a distinction: one that varies in form but not intent or ultimate goal.

Not satisfied with the 531 villages and localities it depopulated and completely eradicated during the early days of the Nakba, since 1967 Israel has stolen, resettled and annexed almost all of the West Bank, including much of East Jerusalem, in clear violation of Article 4 of the Geneva Conventions which prohibit an occupation force from doing little more than erecting limited bases for its own security needs in occupied land.

During this criminal land grab, it has approved, indeed subsidized, the building of illegal housing for some 800,000 – largely immigrant – settlers at the same time it has destroyed almost 50,000 Palestinian structures, largely homes, many of them ages-old, rendering tens of thousands of its indigenous population homeless, often destitute or dependent upon the largesse of already overcrowded housing of family or friends.

Claims of Israeli genocide have been substantiated time and time again by a host of independent human rights organisations and NGOs with no axe to grind.

Israel has not just committed unspeakable acts of genocide but done so with complete transparency, as if to say to the world: “Yes, we did it! and we are beyond the reach of international law.”

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“When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem”  — President Elect Donald Trump, who means what he says and will be Israel’s best friend.

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  1. When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem” — President Elect Donald Trump, who means what he says and will be Israel’s best friend.

    Yes, that needs to be said. It is wiser at this stage to take a man at his word rather than persist in the comforting delusion that he means the opposite of what he says. There are clear indications that Trump is working for the top Jews and that he is a Zionist through and through, though he has alienated the rank-and-file small Jews who do not matter all that much.

    There are two classes of Jews here, as Israel Shamir noted in a recent article, and they are at loggerheads — and Trump has given his absolute support to the Jews with the most money and influence.

    A pattern is slowly becoming discernible.

    Trump is above all an Islamophobe. Nothing could be clearer. He appeals to the White Nationalists in America because he has said, “No more Muslim immigrants in America until we can check up on these guys!” And his promise to crack down on illegal immigrants from the south (Mexico mostly) and deport them has great appeal for the White Nationalists who voted for Trump en masse.

    Trump was their man, the White Nationalists’ hero, only for this reason: he promised to put a stop to unlimited immigration to America and in particular to single out Muslims for exclusion. He promised to “keep America White”, or at any rate, to stop America tumbling helterskelter into the hell pit of multiculturalism and White genocide that we see in full swing right now in Europe.

    But do these White Nationalists give a fig for Palestine? No, they couldn’t care less what happens to Palestine. The Palestinians, after all, are Muslim. They practice Islam, the most hated religion of the West, associated with terrorism — the religion the Jews hate and teach the goyim to hate also by their control of the mass media.

    As far as Trump is concerned, the Palestinians can go hang themselves. Judge Trump by his own words on Israel. Only a purblind self-deceiver will mutter to himself, “Ah, Trump means the opposite of what he says! When he says he will treat Israel with utmost respect from day one of his presidency, he means he will do the opposite and treat Israel with utmost disrespect!

    Only a political self-deceiver thinks like this, a person whose entire world view is driven by wishful thinking. Wake up, people! It’s time to see things as they are, not as you would like them to be.

    Trump’s Islamophobia becomes even more obvious in his attitude to Iran. He is hostile to Iran. So here are the Jews Donald Trump is pleasing: (a) the neoconservative Jews in Washington who want Iran removed as a threat to their hegemony of the Middle East, and (b) the Israel First Jews in America (i.e. mostly American Jews) who want a Jewish state in Palestine built on stolen Palestinian land.

    * * *

    “Ah yes!” these Trump supporters tell themselves, “Trump must be a good guy because he gets on with Putin and he isn’t going to risk World War Three with Russia over Iran!”

    This perception is accurate in so far as it goes, but it lacks subtlety; it is too simplistic .

    Trump is above all a negotiator, a businessman who cuts deals. And Putin is a pragmatist, a chess player skilled in the arts of realpolitik. These two will cut a deal. They will reach an agreement not to trespass on each other’s vital interests.

    You give me this, I’ll give you that.

    And so the deal will be cut. Each side will get what they want, but will have to make concessions to the other party. Yes, and so the two lions will agree to share the cadaver rather than tear each other apart in fighting over it.

    It’s clear that part of this deal involves the complete handover of Palestine to the Jews. Why else the recent $38 billion “gift token” from America to Israel? This money gift is to make Israel strong, and to allow it to expand until Palestine is no more.

    Most Americans don’t give a damn for Palestine, a country full of brown-skinned Muslims they hate. How can American interests be served by making the Israelis play fair with the Palestinians? In no way at all.

    Bottom line: if you support Trump, you will be supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews.

    You will be a traitor to the Palestinian cause. And the picture above, showing a Palestinian child with her head blown off by an Israeli sniper’s bullet, will mean nothing to you.

    How will you be able to live with yourself then, you sad little conniver in child murder?

    1. Israel grabbed over 13,000 dunums of Palestinian land in 2016

      Palestine Information Center – December 31, 2016

      BETHLEHEM – The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have seized about 13,295 dunums of Palestinian land during 2016, according to a report released on Thursday by the Palestinian Land Research Center (LRC).

      Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian land increased by 43 percent during the current year compared to 2015, the report said.

      During the reporting month, 9,700 fruitful trees, including 6,550 olive trees, were uprooted or sabotaged by the IOA and settlers.

      The center also recorded 110 direct Israeli assaults on farmers and Bedouins and 195 attacks and violations on religious and historical sites, 100 of them occurred at the Aqsa Mosque.

      The IOA also established 802 road barriers, most of them makeshift checkpoints, during the same year in different areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

      Note. An acre is roughly 4 dunums. So 13,295 dunums of stolen Palestinian land in 2016 works out to 3,285 stolen acres. Why does America support this Israeli land theft?

      1. Why does America support this Israeli land theft?

        Allow me to tell you why, you numbskull! For two reasons.

        (1) America itself is a stolen land, built on the genocide of over 10 million Red Indians. Why should the Americans give a f*** for the genocide of the Palestinians by the Jews when they stole their own country from the Red Indians? There were an estimated 10 million Red Indians in America in the 15th century when the first European explorers arrived. By 1900 there were only 300,000 left. That’s genocide!

        There were quite a lot of paleface scalpers there, no?

        (2) According to the Jewish narrative, the Israelis aren’t stealing any Palestinian land at all. Not one inch! All this land belongs to the Jews because G-d gave it to us. And he wants us to have every bit of land from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Arabs have been squatters all these centuries during our long exile in the lands of the hated goyim.

        Just you wait, you paleface bastards who genocided 10 million Red Injuns, you’re gonna get a taste of your own medicine soon! We’re gonna genocide you, too, after we’ve polished off the Palestinians. Once we have Palestine in the bag, we’ll expand into Eretz-Israel, the land of our forefathers!

        The flag of Israel will fly free all over the Middle East — from Tel Aviv to Cairo! — and from Jerusalem to Beirut and Baghdad! Wait for it, gentile dogs, you will bite the dust under the Jewish heel and rue the day your misbegotten mothers ever brought you mewling into the world!

        Yea, and the heads of your little ones will be dashed against the stones and your rivers will run with blood. Thus have I spoken, I, Seymour, latter day prophet of doom in the honored tradition of Daniel and Isaiah and Ezekiel.

        G-d curse you, evil goyim!

      2. That’s where you’re wrong, Seymour Zak,

        The future of whites is bright. Eastern Europe is where the short term future of whites lies. And over time we will re-conquer western Europe again. Not only are they against muslims and other 3rd world immigrants, but (((leftists))), which are so confident in western countries would get their skulls bashed in fast in Poland. And watch the open anti-jew sentiment at 7.00 minutes. That kind of display is simply UNthinkable in any western country.

        Israel, on the other hand, has no future. 🙂

      3. Seymour Zak is correct – only he, himsellf (and most of the rest), doesnt seem to understand the huge distinction between “Israel” and “Jew”. The names are not synonymous – but one CAN include the other. The geographic state of “Israel” is a name intended to conceal a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. It is an intentional deception used by Jews; yet, some Jews ARE of the nation Israel (as are most white Americans and white western Europeans). The Palestinians are possibly Biblical Edomites – as are many Jews.

        To get on to the proper understanding, consider that the term “Jew” is only mentioned in the Bible around thirty-six times – but “Israel” and the Sons of Jacob are to whom the Promise was made.

      4. The tumultuous ‘foreign entaglements’ could be avoided if America GETS OUT OF THE UN! As it now stands, America is sullied by association with the State of Israel, and cannot easily ignore it. The poor Palestinians are victims of circumstance – as are soon to become many white Americans, quite possibly.

      5. Seymour said:

        “America itself is a stolen land, built on the genocide of over 10 million Red Indians.”

        Seymour. Seymour. Seymour. You cannot say “Red Indians”. You can say “Indians”, or “red people” (Oklahoma), like black people or brown people or yellow people or white people. My all-time favorite, though I have never actually seen one, is ‘olive people’. I image they are green people with a red dot in the middle, perhaps skewered, perhaps not.

        Joking aside, the American Indians were incited by French fur traders into acts of violence against the European settlers. The European settlers did not rise up out of hate and attack the red people. There is no one causing incitement of the Palestinians, no one causing incitement of the Israeli Jews. So, your analogy is not appropriate.

        That said, Andrew Jackson, seventh President to the United States (1829-1837), wrote in a speech (given by someone else), “the American Indians welcomed the Europeans into America. Look how well that worked out for them (the American Indians).” I think about that when I think about how the Palestinians welcomed the early Eastern European Jews into their territory, saying “there is room enough for everyone”. Look how well that worked out for them (the Palestinians).

        If a two-state solution is not possible, to be fair, Israel has to go. I have no idea how Israeli Jews would go about finding another home. Where would they go? Who would take them?

      6. “Palestine Information Center – December 31, 2016”


        An outstanding and extremely well (internationally) respected source for statistical information on Israel/Palestine is Yesh Din, a non-govt organization (NGO) of Palestinian and Israeli lawyers that perform pro bono (free) legal services for Palestinians, criminal cases excepted. They do not defend Palestinians against criminal charges. They compile, analyze, and publish statistics of events that affect Palestinians.

        Upper left-hand side — click on ‘EN’ for the English language version of the website.

      7. @ Sardonicus

        Just to keep your record straight.

        1. The $38 billion gift to Israel was under Obama, not Trump. Trump has said that he thinks Israel should be paying the USA for protection.

        2. There are many Christians in Gaza and Jerusalem. Many times, Christian leaders in Palestine have asked their Christian counterparts in the West, including the Vatican, for help pertaining to their oppression. The United Methodist Church in the US officially backed their concerns along with many other groups.

        3. Being opposed to open borders does not make a person a White Nationalist, just a rational person. Skin color has very little to do with opposition to open borders.

        4. Waiting for action versus rhetoric to make judgements does not make a person a supporter of that person. It just makes them rational and not easily mislead.

        “Why does America support this Israeli land theft?” Because the jews own and control the US government just like every other western government along with numerous eastern governments including Japan.

      8. @ Gilroy Kelly

        What you said about the fur traders is true, but you left out the efforts by the jewish slave traders of New Port, RI and Charleston, SC to incite the American Indians to conflict with their unlimited supplies of their West Indies rum. Drunk Indians were easy to manipulate into war and there has never been a land that jews have not wanted to own and/or control.

        Once that fuse was lit, loss of land by the Indians to the expansionists (what’s yours is mine) allowed the wars to continue. Obviously, the American government won the wars except for one, the Seminoles never signed a treaty and are technically still at war with the USA. After chasing them the entire length of Florida, Andrew Jackson would not pursue them into the great swamp, the Everglades.

        With their population decimated, all American Indian tribes were contained on what was considered then to be worthless restate at the time except for one, the Comanches. They were completely irradiated not needing a reservation.

      9. @ Gilroy Kelly

        Oops. The last paragraph should have been, “They were completely eradicated not needing a reservation.”

        With auto spell correction, a simple typo can result in a completely different word appearing.

      10. “the American Indians were incited by French fur traders into acts of violence against the European settlers.”

        Which American Indians among the 500 nations?
        That’s funny though, strong lobby the French furs traders and their Indians wives. Don’t forget the Jesuits who converted the Indians in Nouvelle France. A white man who couldn’t recite Pater Noster in Latin was systematically put to death by the Red Skins 🙂 . French people, in small number as the Crown wasn’t deporting en masse and by force the subjects, were invited by the Indians. The puritans Anglo-Saxons and their OT, who considered Catholics as demons and Indians as sub humans, were not.

        You remind me of Paine in 1776 who accused England and the loyalists of building an alliance with Indian nations “to cut the throats of freemen in America”, “the barbaric and infernal power which incites Negros and Indians to destroy us”.

        Sorry for the quick translation:
        “The “biblical Christian” of race and European origin who has settled overseas among people of non-European races inevitably ended up identifying himself with Israel that obeys Yahweh’s will and fulfills the Lord’s work by taking possession of the land that was promised, while on the other hand he has identified the non-Europeans he met along his way with the Canaanites that the lord has delivered into the hand of his chosen people so that he would destroy them or subdue them.
        Under this proposal, the English-language protestant colons of the New World have wiped out the North American Indians, as well as the buffalos, from one side to the other of the continent.”
        AJ Toynbee, A study of history vol.1, Oxford UP 1962, p211-212.

        After that, in addition to Josue’s book, you have the liberal justification of territorial and commercial expansionism that lead to the progressive extermination after Louisiana acquisition, but I am too lazy to translate Tocqueville, Grotius, Locke, Jefferson and Franklin, who sounds a lot like Ben Gurion.

        « Le mensonge du progrès, c’est Israel. » Seymour is right.

      11. a native canadian hero.

        He was a Canadian hero, the British phony Canadians have Mc Donald.
        Afaic, the only Canadians are French speaking , not the British loyalists colons from USA, who have usurped the Canada name and put their drug dealing queen on the bills of their mining company. In order not to be confused with them, the Canadians called themselves Québécois or Acadiens and others. Native Americans know this.
        “It was stated at one time that Sitting Bull, while hating the white Americans and disdaining to speak their language; was yet very fond of the French Canadians, that he talked French, and that he had been converted to Christianity by a French Jesuit, named Father De Smet. How true this may be is uncertain, but probably there is some foundation for it. The French Jesuits have always been noted for their wonderful success in winning the affections of the Indians, as well as for the transitory nature of their conversions, and it is very possible that Father De Smet may have not only baptized Sitting Bull at some time, but induced him and his braves to attend mass, as performed by himself in the wilderness. The benefits of the conversion seem however to have been only skin deep, as far as preventing cruelty in war is concerned. “
        Whittaker, A Complete Life of General Custer

        By the way, not to come back on the fur traders’ attacks, the first ethnic cleansing of the continent was the progressive expulsion of Acadians by New England Planters, ending with the Great Upheaval in 1755, mostly Catholic white people and Mi’kmaqs, from what is now cynically called New Scotland.

        Letter of Charles Lawrence, governor of Nova Scotia, to the Board of Trade and Plantation in London, his superiors.
        “I will propose them the oath of allegiance one last time. If they refuse it, we will have in this refusal a pretext to deport them. If they accept it, I will deny them the oath by implementing a decree which forbids someone who has already refused the oath to swear it.
        In both cases, I will deport them.”

        Another great English hero, Israel, oh, Israel, how nice it is to steal some cleared land.
        Sorry for the off-topic.

    2. Sardonicus
      I want to thank you for your courage and honesty ,these days telling the truth is considered an act of defiance and rebellion against the deep dark forces which control this wicked world
      Palestine thank you

    3. I have a gut feeling that Trump’s love of Israel will lead us all into WW3. It should have been made clear before the election.

  2. Thank you, Mr Cohen, for this reminder.

    I wonder how the Drumpfster qualifies the Palestinians if he regards Israel as a second class citizen.

    If he really intends to put his money where his mouth is than for God’s sake, let’s hope that he will not make it to office. It just goes to show that one simply cannot trust anyone who’s wearing a long haired rodent on his head.

    Looking at Drumpf suddenly makes me feel a Jackson Pollock is coming up.

  3. The jews make such a big stink about their Israel and how they love their Israel. I was in Israel. I spent 3 weeks in Israel touring Israel. Alot of jews I met there tried to get me to sponsor them, so they could come to the United States and get green cards, I was supposed to sponsor them so they could come to America. They love Israel so much, but tons of jews in Israel want to leave. I saw that myself when I was in Israel.

    So much violence against the Palestinians so the jews can have a “homeland”, yet many of the jews in Israel are yearning to leave Israel for the United States and other countries. I saw that when I was in Israel.

    So much violence against the Palestinains so the jews can have a “homeland” and a lot of jews in their “homeland” can’t wait to get out of their “homeland” of Israel.

    BTW, I did NOT sponsor any jew in israel, I did NOT help in any way any jew in israel get a green card. AND NO, touring israel, it does not necessarly follow the tourist touring Israel is a Jew. There were lots of NON jew tourists in israel when I was there, and I was one of the NON jew tourists.

    Thank you, TROJ.

    1. @ TROJ

      Unfortunately, we can’t believe word you say. You are making it all up. You have already lied so often in the past, calling everyone on this site a Zionist agent, including Admin, that anyone who believed you were a model citizen who visited Israel and behaved with impeccable virtue would have be an idiot.

      If you visited Israel, you did so as a Jew, checking up on your old buddies and visiting the numerous brothels in Tel Aviv where underage girls from Russia and Eastern Europe — lured into prostitution by Jewish pimps — are on sale to Western pervs like you.

      1. I never claimed to be a “model citizen”, never claimed to be a model American citizen, and I never claimed I “behaved with impeccable virtue” when I toured Israel [ and I never claimed to “behave” with “impeccable virtue” anywhere, israel or anywhere else ] . I just said there’s lots of jews in Israel who really want to get out of Israel, that’s all I said — that I observed that in Israel and relate and share what I observed when I toured Israel does NOT logically necessarily follow I think myself a “model” American citzen and a pillar of “virtue”.

    2. I happen to believe TROJ.
      Lots of Christians tour holy land to follow in the footsteps of the Nazarene and check out the churches, tombs and so forth.
      I myself couldn’t imagine going while the Jew controls that space, nothing could entice me to go, although if there was a direct link to Gaza or the West bank that bypasses the Jew, I might consider it.
      TROJ probably went as part of a church organised package tour.
      Nothing criminal about that.

      Although how he managed to hold back from spewing obscenities for a week or more is a question – why can’t he treat Sister Monica and Lasha with the same restraint as Jews?

      1. @ Lobro

        Although how he [TROJ] has managed to hold back from spewing obscenities for a week or more is a question – why can’t he treat Sister Monica and Lasha with the same restraint as Jews?

        FYI, Troj has NOT managed “to hold off from spewing obscenities for a week or more.” He spews them forth on a daily basis but they just don’t get published. Spare my blushes, but here is one his latest, copyposted for your benefit so you don’t get the idea he is a really clean-minded guy. His mind is a sewer.

        And this is one of his “milder” posts:

        I bet “Catholic” sista monica, Mother Superior of The “Catholic” Moanastery on the murky dark black side of the moon,I bet she’s Moaning and groaning with her Horus dildo up her asshole playing with herself she ever published this bit of “fake news” trying desperately to forget how stupid she really is . Sista is TOO REAL to do fake news.

        Lots of dildos feature in Joe’s posts. He has dildos on the mind.

      2. But I did not “hold back from spewing obscenities” when I toured israel, and I didn’t go to israel in any kind of “church organized package tour”. I went with a friend. I hope that wasn’t criminal or in any way “Anti-Christian” of me, not to go to Israel with a “church organized package tour”. I “can’t treat Sister Monica and Lasha with the same restraint as Jews” because I myself am not a jew, so I treat Sister Monica and Lasha as a NON jew, a NON jew who gets CENSORED and sent to Spamblinka over every little thing, so I’m UN-Restrained, a NON jew UN-Restrained in my criticism of the TWO. As a NON jew I feel no need for “restraint”. Gee, thank you very much for your “support”, knowbro.

      3. ok, got you Sister Monica, obscenities are never in short supply, you just choose to trash them – a big enough job.
        But TROJ caught onto what I was saying and proposing, that if he is able to get through a week with Jews without self-destructing in a paroxysm of invective of the foulest sort, why can’t he extend you the same consideration.
        Because you sure can’t talk to Jews in that manner, certainly not in Israel, they know how to shoot while preserving marketable organs and TROJ did make it back alive.
        Or maybe he thinks that Jews are that much nicer than Sister Monica that they don’t deserve such talk …

        But he says “I did not “hold back from spewing obscenities” when I toured israel”.
        Well, now we have an interesting situation, namely who did he spew obscenities at:
        a) TROJ spews obscenities at Jews in Israel – REALLY? and made it out alive, didn’t end up vivisected in soundproof torture rooms at Abu Kabir “hospital”?
        b) TROJ spews obscenities at Palestinians in Israel … exactly what Jews there do for sport.
        c) TROJ spews obscenities at Christians and their holy sites in Israel … exactly what Jews there do for sport.
        So which is it, TROJ?
        I did try to support you but you just won’t let me 😉

  4. He could have used a pen name. But no, Stanley Cohen wanted you to know he was a Jew and that some Jews do not agree with Israel, but still Mr Cohen remains a Jew and still he tries to manipulate and control, just like a Jew.

  5. Full marks to Stanley Cohen for making no attempt to conceal his name.

    . . . “but still Mr Cohen remains a Jew and still he tries to manipulate and control, just like a Jew.”

    That is an unfair comment.

    There is not the slightest evidence in the above article that Mr Cohen is trying “to manipulate and control, just like a Jew.” He is giving you the hard facts, unflinchingly, so why are you whining and complaining about him?

    Has the name “Cohen” spooked you?

    1. At what point did we begin applying concepts like “fairness” to Jews? These are the original backstabbers and cutthroats that scream out in pain about being “victimized” as they carry out their subversive, criminal intentions! It’s like saying one is being “unfair” in their treatment of cancer.

      Concepts like “justice” and “fairness” are occidental in origin, developed by the white man for his culture. When applied to Jews, such words are not only oxymoronic, but absurdly inappropriate as well.

      Can one find any inkling of fair play in the Old Testament? Those books are all about kill or be killed and the criminal attainment of wealth through means of subversion and extortion. The “Lord God” of the Old Testament is typically described as “wrathful” and “judgemental.” Nowhere is the slightest hint of fairness to be found on the part of that ancient, hoary, god of death and destruction.

      What about The Protocols of Zion, can this document be considered a doctrine of fairness? Is the Hallowedhoax lie “fair”? To whom? How might one term what the Jews did, not only to Germany but to all Europe? Can their actions be considered “fair” to the Jews’ host nations? What about the Palestinians, have Jews played “fair” with them?

      To psychopathic Jews there is no “fair” or “unfair,” there is only “winner take all.” Whether one knows it or not, they are in an all out war with Jews and as the old saying goes: “all’s fair in love and war.” One can only wonder if that concept is Jewish.

      Above all, this comment highlights one of the white man’s most problematical issues; that of applying his own moral and cultural standards to races totally undeserving of such honors; races that do not understand or care for such lofty, idealistic concepts.

      This is the very problem underlying modern Christianity. The reason the Bible is completely misunderstood is because Christians invariably apply their present day moral concepts and scriptural definitions to the ancient Jews. When one has absolutely no idea about present day Jewish religious and cultural beliefs, how might they be expected to comprehend those of the Jews’ ancient ancestors?

      Like their murderous, mirrored, Negro counterparts, Jews have only one goal, i.e. get what they want by any means possible at any expense. Jews have no room for concepts like “fairness” or “justice” within their arrogant, self-obsessed culture, so why should white people provide them any benefit of the doubt by applying such civilized niceties to them?

    2. There is a choice offered to every Jew, salvation through Jesus Christ. Cohen has rejected Christ, continues to do so and is united in his contempt for Christ and Christians with his fellow Jews.

    3. But still Cohen rejects Christ and prefers to worship a vengeful God, a God that murders innocent children in their sleep and Cohen along with his fellow Jews continues to celebrate that mass killing of innocent children 5,000 years ago as one of their holiest of days.

      1. @ Tim

        You have been unable to provide any rational reason for condemning Stanley Cohen apart from the fact that he has “rejected” Christ — a charge that would apply to two-thirds of the world’s population who happen to be non-Christian.

        Than you clarifying that you disapprove of roughly 4.7 billion people on this planet, including Cohen. I’m sure Cohen can live with your disapproval! 🙂

    4. Arch, you touched upon something quite interesting

      Concepts like “justice” and “fairness” are occidental in origin, developed by the white man for his culture.

      yes, they are very prominent in white culture, a basic building block of white culture.
      But not unique to white culture or even humans for that matter.
      Studies have shown that justice and fairness are readily recognized by animals such as monkeys and that they are greatly hurt when justice and fairness are violated, long story made short, monkeys were taught the idea of using money to buy stuff and when one was given the opportunity to buy a tasty fruit and the other one ended up with a boiled potato for the same purchase, he complained quite loudly.
      And i know full well from having lived all my life with dogs that they have a perfectly developed concept of justice and fairness, you can’t fool them.

      ONLY THE JEW HAS NO CONCEPT OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS, it is completely meaningless to him.
      as are other moral considerations, which is why i don’t really consider jews human, with notable exceptions who by becoming human ceased to be jews.

      that said, jew has learned how to manipulate our concept of justice and fairness in order to manufacture guilt and exploit it psychotically for his control and enslavement of the world.

  6. I was a guest on a local radio show and I talked about living in a big prison with absolutely no rights in Palestine . I mentioned how we used to walk on the streets and a group of Israeli soldiers would spit at us , detain , and beat us up and take us to jail , why ? just because they could do it with impunity and because they felt like it. When I was 8 yrs old , we used to wake up in the middle of the night by hard knocks and soldiers’ screams , they would get us out of bed , destroy the place and leave . They used to tell us they were looking for weapons.

    There was this time in a rare humane situation when I was helping the Israeli soldiers search my home by taking drawers out and flipping them , one soldiers stopped me in a sad shameful way and motioned with his hand to stop . To this day , I remember those nights fighting back tears. We had nothing then , we were three brothers and my mother sharing one small room like a sardine can with a couple of windows .

    the host of that radio show was fired a few months later and became a real estate agent .

    1. @ al jazareh

      I pray that the law of karma applies and that the unspeakable bullies who have ill-treated the Palestinians in this way get severely punished one day for their crimes against humanity. May they reap what they have sown. Feel free to share your memories of Palestine with us. This website is for you and for your fellow Palestinians.

      1. LD,
        thank you very much for all you do . This web site is truly unmatched . From the topics to the comments and to the brilliant feedbacks of the participants . I enjoy it all and enjoy being amongst you like a kid surrounded with toys .
        I believe in karma and I believe God answers our prayers . The answer may not come quickly enough , but it will .One of the best examples of karma is the American sniper in Iraq Chris Kyle . He killed hundreds of innocent Iraqis from a long distance only to be killed from a point blank distance in America .

        Happy new year to all.

      2. LASHA
        Your words are sincere and have touched my heart ,you are a wonderful sincere sensitive person with beautiful soul .I’m sorry that i doubted you and your site before.
        God loves you and Palestine and Palestinians love and appreciate you and your friends.
        happy new year to you and yours.

    2. @ al jazareh
      the sunrise will rise sooner or later but it will rise eventually .
      keep the faith and never doubt that the divine justice will be served.
      Bless you

  7. “Israeli President Reuven Rivlin paid a visit to Pope Francis in Rome, accompanied by his personal secretary Rivkah – an Orthodox-Jewish woman. When a person usually greets the pope, they shake his hand and bow down. But when Rivkah’s turn came to greet the pope, she explained to him that for religious reasons she could not shake his hand, nor could she bow down since he was wearing a cross. The pope then covered his cross with his hand, and bowed down to her!”

    Picture of the Day: Rivkah Would Not Bow,, Sep. 6, 2015)

      ARCH, some food to muse about: have a look, someone presents mitropolit Cyrill (left), former KGB agent Mikhailov/presentday patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ Kirill (Cyril), with golden apple. Do you know this guy?
      And here: pope…kissing the hand… Outrages!!! If he pretends to look like true, humble Christian, he may wash feet to anyone, but the only person that pope can kiss the hand should be God himself, right?
      Now look at him here:
      Great one for joking, no? Pope and Satan the same?

  8. Hmm,great posts and please remember…only jews can be victims and International Law does not apply to “them”…..A Happy New Year to Lasha Darkmoon and all….yes, I do mean all…you see I am not anti-…..vermin jews…I still think..Mr Adolf Hitler was right about a lot of World matters.

  9. I sent in to Sister a very respectful post about the Palestinians, a post which very much shows my support of the Palestinians. Under a Darkmoon article about the crimes the jews commit againt the Palestinians and Darkmoon sides with the Palestinians, I sent in to Sister a post siding with the Palestinians, just as Darkmoon sides with the Palestinians. My siding with the Palestinians is palpably sincere, and Sister knows I’m sincere. I’m waiting for the post to show up on the commentary board. It’s taking much longer than it should. Or, are you going to CENSOR a post in which I’m in agreement with Darkmoon, a post which is very respectful to the Palestinians and is in accord with Darkmoon’s stance concerning the Palestinians? If so, Sista, if you do CENSOR my post about the Palestinians you’re all fucked-up in your head, truly.

    1. @ TROJ

      And how am I to know which post you are referring to, since you have sent in over 10 long posts today? If you can’t the identify the post you want published, how can it be published? No point saying, “Oh, it’s about the Palestinians.” That’s much too vague.

      BTW, nothing you have ever said is worth “censoring”, even your dildo and pussy talk. We’ve heard it all before. You have a common, dirty mind. And you are quite incapable of an original thought, you vulgar little pervert.

  10. Fine article and comments, Sardonicus is probably accurate about Mr. Trump. It would be nice if he was playing them, but like almost all US presidents, you begin the term in office trying to be nice and you leave hating Israel, secretly or less so, like Mr. Carter. State affairs and naivete or misplaced altruism don’t mix well. Fine work Lasha. “The Paradise of the Fathers” edited by E.A. Wallis Budge, recounts the penance of the anchorites of the Egyptian desert. Mystics from many traditions describe the pitiful screams of those whose evil works brings them to the Hell state – we see something like it on Earth in plenty of places, why not elsewhere ? Have they all been delusional, in so many countries, in all traditions, recounting similar experiences? If not, there’s a lot of creatures in occupied Palestine who could be in trouble. Once in a while, the strangest things happen on this side…take the fruit seller of Tunisia, may he rest in Peace. Who would have thought the Tunisian president would have to flee for his life (to Arabia, where else) because of one previously unknown obscure individual…

    1. I believe he is playing them, Winston. If not, then neither is Putin. Both of them will together conceive a plan to de-fang the serpent. The big Jews have intentionally spread their influence throughout the world (especially China, Russia, and America) because they must position themselves as vital components of economies. Non-jew leaders must tire of the constant molly-coddling, and the more friendly they become with each other, the more of a threat they are to the pain-in-the-ass Israhell always whining. The anti-Trump conduct of the Jewish establishment here in America indicates their fear of general exposure and incitement against their crimes.

      1. I hope you are right, Gilbert. The anti-Trump hysteria is a most accurate description and is born out of fear, exactly as you described. Israel’s left wing supporters certainly aren’t pleased to say the least, along with Internationalists on both sides in the USA. A more rational and pragmatic President along the lines of the model shown by Mr. Putin would be most welcome, and an intensive focus on very badly needed domestic repair as well. I am grateful that Mrs. Clinton, an insane and thoroughly corrupt candidate, was defeated. Mr. Trump is after all, a fast learner and an effective fighter. His reaction to inevitable Washington betrayals will be interesting, and keep him pretty busy. Above all, if Mr. Netanyahu attempts some ‘new’ hostility it would be great to see Mr. Trump say whatever he needs to publicly, but let them figure it out when the US stays out of it, relatively speaking.

  11. I don’t go along with the condemnation of all Jews. Mr Cohen is an honest and decent man, just like many Jews I have met. My anger is directed at the Jewish/Israeli Lobby and Neocons in Washington DC. If Trump is to be believed their power has increased with his election.

    I was delighted when he won the election and hoped he would be independent of all the vested-interest elites, but he seems to be subservient to the Jewish Lobby. Should we now expect to be fighting more wars on Israel’s behalf?

  12. Bottom line: if you support Trump, you will be supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews.

    You will be a traitor to the Palestinian cause. And the picture above, showing a Palestinian child with her head blown off by an Israeli sniper’s bullet, will mean nothing to you.

    How will you be able to live with yourself then, you sad little conniver in child murder?

    there seems to be a severe chronological disconnect here, namely, a suggestion that trump is responsible for the child’s head being blown off, and all of us who prefer trump as the US president share in the responsibility for this unspeakable atrocity – to repeat, supporting trump makes one a “conniver in child murder”.
    Had Trump not won, had we not supported him would that have saved the child’s life?
    Because supporting trump means “supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews”, your exact words Sard, don’t say that i misquoted you.
    Working backwards, it means that today and in the past 70 years, Palestine was NOT handed over to the Jews, so just who was the de-facto owner of Palestine, if not the Jews, was it the palestinians?
    It looks like i need to redo my history, got it all wrong.
    Because it wasn’t FDR, Truman, eisenhower, Johnson, Carter, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW bush and Obama who connived to get the pictured kid’s head blown off – IT WAS TRUMP who pulled the trigger by proxy.
    What about Libya, lots of children there too with their heads blown off, not to mention Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan, does Trump similarly intend to donate these countries to Jew to create Eretz israel?
    Why stop at Palestine when Torah specifically says, from Nile to Euphrates (and whatever else jew wants outside this constricted boundary, eg, Russia which jew similarly considers part of Eretz Israel, lots of children with missing craniums in Donbas region, is Trump responsible for that too?)?

    What a sad legacy Trump’s presidency has, where can i buy a copy of the biography listing all of President #45’s policy failures and betrayals of the American people and the world, that proves once and for all that Hillary would have been a much better choice, if only we, the sad little connivers in the children’s murders didn’t support him (“we came, we saw, their heads got blown off, hahaha”).

    Koans are great Sard, so long as you don’t forget to put your readers on.
    Remember too: tomorrow does not precede yesterday, no amount of mysticism can work around that.

    1. Well said and well-directed, Lobro! The photo of the destroyed child and distraught father wrenches MY heart, too, but I resent it being used to relegate us Americans as intentional sponsors of such crimes. Nor should we be indicted by anyone for trying to stay out of the conflict. We should have never involved ourselves in the first place (just as our more sage statesmen warned against involving Uncle Sam in Europe in 1941).
      Everyone seems to condemn America for not stepping in and righting all the world’s wrongs. We, ourselves, must learn to say “No!” without feeling guilt. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t….

    2. Excellent points, Lobro, and most eloquently expressed! I am genuinely grateful to you for responding to my growing doubts and misgivings about Donald Trump.

      Try and understand three things:

      (1) Like you and most others here, I gave Trump my full support initially and was relieved and delighted when he was chosen as Potus by the American people and Hillary was put to shame.

      (2) I am not anti-Trump right now and realize it is a bit premature to start attacking a man who has yet to set foot in the White House.

      (3) BUT — yes, a big but! — justifiable misgivings begin to set in when negative signs occur which make you think that the man you were willing to endorse so enthusiastically in the beginning is NOT so admirable after all.

      It’s a bit like this, dear Lobro: say you fall in love with a woman and marry her and your adoration is total as you think to yourself, ‘”Ah, my honeydarling can do no wrong!” And then one day you return home early from the office and let yourself into the house and there she is in the embrace of your best friend, kissing and canoodling on the sofa.

      So tell me, Lobro, what will your reaction be to this new situation? Are you so besotted with your honeydarling that you will continue to make excuses for her and kid yourself that she’s just fooling around in an entirely innocent way? Or will you revise your opinion on her?

      It’s the same situation with Trump and Putin. Will you continue to offer them your unstinted admiration no matter what they do? Will you continue to make excuses for them? I am not trying to be confrontational or personal. That doesn’t interest me at all. My question is addressed not to you personally but to all others on this site who are Trump supporters right now. I am not trying to dent your support or diminish it or throw cold water on your adulation. On the contrary, I am trying to guard against wishful thinking in my own case and I am expressing a certain concern that this wishful thinking continues unabated here among Donald Trump supporters, yourself included.

      So I ask myself: when will this dewy-eyed adulation for a potential turncoat turn to disillusionment? when will the gilt wear off the gingerbread? when will the worm turn? when will the scales drop from the eyes of the Donald Trump devotees?

      So this is the question I ask you in all seriousness. It is not a rhetorical question, and it is addressed not to you personally and exclusively but to ALL Trump aficionados on this site:

      What exactly does Trump have to do before you turn against him?

      Betray the Palestinians? Refuse to veto further anti-Israel UN Resolutions? Double US aid to Israel for the building of more illegal settlements? Start a war with Iran? Give military support to Israel as it bombs Beirut and Damascus? Appoint more Jewish advisors? Get a Jewish scriptwriter to write his speeches for him? Give his Jewish son-in-law access to top secret information that Jonathan Pollard would have died to get his hands on, information that would then be leaked to Israel? Move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Continue to kiss and slobber over the Wailing Wall and wear a kippa in the White House? Ban Christmas and make the celebration of Hanukkah compulsory? Convert to Judaism? Declare that his favorite book is the Talmud?

      When — oh when! — will you besotted admirers of your New Messiah, Donald Trump, finally come to your senses and admit that the man you backed has let you down badly?

      1. And then one day you return home early from the office and let yourself into the house and there she is in the embrace of your best friend, kissing and canoodling on the sofa.

        So tell me, Lobro, what will your reaction be to this new situation?

        the immediate result would be to downgrade both my best friend’s and my wife’s status 🙂 – You Are Fired!

        aside: all of us wonder at some point who might be the best friend and it is a shifting dynamics, i suppose, mostly gradual but if i found all of my “best-friend” candidates banging my wife, there would be a massive purge to be sure.
        But a more interesting question is, who is my worst friend?
        ever ask yourself that?
        i guess not a popular topic for contemplation.

        Maybe the best answer to your question, however rhetorical is to hedge your bets, the Muslim Way (Sukia plans to cheat the Emir with his best friend but to Emir it is just a speed bump, not a major crash)

        If trump turns out to be a 100% cheat, two things will result:
        he will still be no worse than Hillary whom we know to be the absolute pits, and
        the downhill ride to damnation will be accelerated, Putin and the Chinks will retaliate in a giant nuclear exchange, Iran will swat the jew hive out of existence and we will applaud with all six arms, our guiness will never get cold due to interior radioactive decay.
        Emir lobro is nothing if not resilient like a hockey puck.

      2. @ Lobro

        If trump turns out to be a 100% cheat, two things will result: he will still be no worse than Hillary whom we know to be the absolute pits, and the downhill ride to damnation will be accelerated, Putin and the Chinks will retaliate in a giant nuclear exchange, Iran will swat the jew hive out of existence and we will applaud with all six arms…. Emir lobro is nothing if not resilient like a hockey puck.

        A thought-provoking post as usual. Many thanks! I experienced this monumental disillusionment you speak off (with a “100% cheat”) in England when I voted for Tony Blair in the fond belief that here was Britain’s New Messiah. All my friends fell for the smarmy charms of this total creep. Love turned to blinding hatred when we saw ourselves betrayed by one of the biggest liars and traitors in history — a man who has made a fortune after retiring, thanks to deferred “bribes” disguised as remunerations from Goldman Sachs and the like. Hillary received the same “bribes” from Goldman Sachs for “lectures”. (I think she got $750,000 for a single 1-hour lecture! )

        As for Trump, who knows at this stage which way he will jump? But your assumptions above that Putin will crack down on Trump if he goes too far (e.g. over Iran) is based on yet another assumption of yours that Pat calls into question: that Putin is one of the good guys. Pat doesn’t think so. Pat says that Putin and Trump will work in unison as Twin Vultures to gobble up their prey, to share the spoils, and to hand over Palestine to the Jews.

        What if Pat is right and Putin, like all the rest of them, dons the mantle of Judas Iscariot? Not a nice thought, Lobro, but surely worth considering as a possible scenario?

        Whom do you trust … in the end? Answer: no one but your mommy. 🙂

      3. Troj,
        of all the members of this forum, you know well that i never took you for an imbecile, even when you insisted on acting the village idiot i saw high intelligence and a unique literary talent, as a wordsmith and poet.
        Never called you a jew (in the last 5 years at least 🙂 ).
        i appreciate talent, originality and iconoclasm provided the time and place are right.
        iconoclasm is destruction of icons, a tricky operation requiring great judgment because jew wants to destroy every iconic element of every goy culture, so being iconoclast is not an automatic plus.
        You don’t amputate a limb because of skin rash.

        but that also means that throwing a good soul like Sister Monica into a sewer and rolling her around in shit is a righteous thing to do, is it.
        because she has shown great patience and forbearance almost never losing temper with anyone, including you.
        If she has objections to something you wrote, whether due to length, relevance, frequency or format, try to cut a deal with her.
        Hey sister M, what are the parameters that keep me out of spamblinka, how many can get published, how many words max.
        I am sure she will give you all kinds of leeway.
        No one has ever talked to her, Toby or lasha the way you do on more than one occasion and survived on this blog – DO YOU SEE THAT?
        Circassian, gabreal jones didn’t come close to your kind of gutter language when the mood possesses you and they are exiled from Darkmoon forever and yet you are still here.
        Go figure.
        it means that there is some genuine goodwill here for you but like any resource it can be wasted unwisely.
        What do you want me to do, when you call Sister b1tch, c**t, all manners of sexually explicit and perverse images to go: Yesss Joe, way to go, my man!?

        in fact, the next time you fly off the handle, i will be blamed alongside, i can see it in my mind’s eye: “Hey lobro, so you support TROJ, you share his opinion of Sister and Lasha and Toby, do you? Look at you” etc, etc.
        because that is how people are.

  13. Sard –

    “Bottom line: if you support Trump, you will be supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews.”


    Pharisee-Jews make up the majority of Trump’s partners and money men who control Trump’s businesses AND his campaign:

    MEET…. Trump’s Pharisee-Jew “wingman”.. 🙂

    Michael D. Cohen is an American lawyer, best known for his work as an attorney for Donald Trump and The Trump Organization. He joined the Trump Organization after having been a partner at the Phillips Nizer law firm.

    Cohen is a vital part of CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION serving as Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary:

    The Trump Organization and the Trump campaign – in fact, the Trump family itself – is intimately tied to not only the Jewish oligarchs of America and the Israel lobby (including it’s core organization, AIPAC) but directly to the Likud party of Israel.

    Trump is not a really Republican, not a conservative, and a complete outsider to the GOP and its related institutions. His business network is not the business network typical of the oligarchs of the Republican party. Instead, Trump’s is far more typical of the business networks of the Jewish Democratic party oligarchs, especially the core of it, his media concerns:

    Putin is an Israel controlled stooge as well:

    He has met with Bibi numerous times in the last year.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss “the Middle East peace process and the fight against the global terrorist threat,” the Kremlin said. But in a rare move, Netanyahu brought several top Israeli military and security officials with him to Moscow.

    Trump and Putin will partner to strengthen Israel…!!

    1. See Trump…. in person:

      Donald Trump’s Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu!!

      Trump claims…. “Netanyahu is a GREAT GUY..!!”

      “A vote for Netanyahu is a vote FOR ISRAEL..!!”

      Donald Trump, took part in a video showing his support for the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and The Likud Party:

      “Vote for Benjamin, terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

    2. Netanyahu to Attend Trumpa s Inauguration

      “There’s a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu,” the source told the NY Post.

      “They’re talking all the time. And Netanyahu is talking about possibly going to the inauguration.”

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to be invited to attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremonies, if the Trump Transition team leaders, such as son-in-law Jared Kushner, have their way. A source inside the Transition team has told the NY Post that Kushner has been “aggressively courting” Netanyahu, to get him to come to the Jan. 20 celebrations.

      Trump’s Pic with Netanyahu:

      NY Times pundit Thomas L. Friedman, in an irate op-ed last week, titled….
      “Bibi Netanyahu Makes Trump His Chump,” ….!!

      Friedman lamented the fact that Trump is “letting himself get totally manipulated by right-wing extremists.” Friedman, representing the essence of US Jewish leftwing anxiety and contempt about the next president, stressed, citing a global-politics kind of reverse psychology, that “Trump also has no idea how much he is being manipulated into helping Iran and ISIS.

      What is Iran’s top goal when it comes to Israel? That Israel never leaves the West Bank and that it implants Jewish settlers everywhere there,” which would “keep Israel in ‘PERMANENT CONFLICT’ with Palestinians and the Muslim world, as well as many Western democracies and their college campuses.”

    3. @ Pat

      Well, if these are universally recognized facts, it seems very strange that they appear to have no effect whatsoever on the Trump supporters. Perhaps true love blinds its intoxicated devotees to all the warts and pustules on the Beloved’s face. 🙂

      1. Sard –


        I learned this in the 50s…. from my dad’s best friend and a good successful wealthy businessman, former sheriff and politician who supported a corrupt senator running for governor. At our dining table he startled us all when he said:

        “I know he’s a ‘sumbitch’…. but, he’s MY ‘sumbitch’….!!” 🙂

        I never forgot it. It applies everywhere… all the time…. even beyond politics.

        Ollie North is another case…. Drug running, murderous criminal..!!

      2. Lobro :

        Just because I’m not easily classified, just because I’m not so quick to take any side in any of the Hegelian Dialectic Set-Ups so ubiquitous, so everywhere one goes in both the Mainstream culture/media and in the Alternative media also, just because I’m not so quick to take a side in any of the Hegelian Dialectics Set-Ups and become a rigid supporter of any one side of any Hegelian Dialectic Set-Up does NOT mean I deserve to be treated so shabbily and treated so unfairly.

        It does not mean I deserve to have all kinds of ad-hominem slurs slung at me –> Just because I have a tendency towards Iconoclasm. You’re an Iconoclast also, Lobro.

        We just go about our Iconoclastic impulses to destroy Icons and cast much needed Light on various and sundry Sacred Cows using different strategies, but both of us, You and Me, are Iconoclasts. Us Iconoclasts must stick together, that is more effective in overthrowing Icons of various and sundry kinds.

        I don’t hassle you when you overthrow the Icons you want to overthrow, please don’t hassle me when I’m overthrowing the Icons I want to overthrow. Thank You, TROJ.

        Lobro : May the New Year give you lots of opportunity to destroy all the Icons you always wanted to destroy. I mean that sincerely, ?

      3. sard, i want you to set paint-by-numbers rulebook aside for a minute and try to figure out the live game.

        Trump could have picked you or me to run CIA, guys with simon pure conscience.
        Who know absolutely nothing about the diagrams and levers of government, spooks, war games, international deceit, cloak and dagger.
        We might actually do a good job, i am pretty sure that i would, much better than mattis+pompeo, two greasy shabbos.
        But trump would be a total fool to pick someone at random and expect good results.

        First obstacle is clearing the congressional hearings where one bloated senator jew lickspittle after another would trumpet his traitorous wares for his masters to see and approve the next paycheck.
        Mattis+pompeo (what a horrible name, i retch at the sound of it) will likely pass and yet there will be a chorus of david brooks carbon copies writhing in agony about their lack of resolve to bomb iran tonight, not tomorrow, not day after tomorrow.
        but they will get through.
        PCr, ron paul, no way, just a ticket to make sworn enemies in dirty congress.

        secondly, if you own a loaded supertanker and want to steer it past the golden gate bridge and into the frisco bay harbor, you don’t have to know how to navigate and steer the huge beast but you better make sure to have a skipper that does.
        and you and i are not it.

        thirdly: pompeo and mattis are proven SHABBOS, goys who sold their massive asses to jew – for price of getting a push up the ladder of these prehistoric deplorables into the comfy nest of successful traitors.
        Believe it or not, this is a plus in this game.
        because a traitor once is a traitor twice and again if it suits his selfish, narcissist self and after all, he is a goy and knows jews well enough not to want to inhale their odor unless paid, c.o.d.
        They may have smelled the timing being right for the switch, because the tide is turning.

        And finally, Trump is not a weak boss, nothing in his resume to indicate that and everything says that he makes his own, well calculated decisions, so mattis+pompis will be wound up twiddledee+twiddledum toys.
        That’s my prediction.

        Please hang on another 2 weeks if you can.
        I will eat crow when the signs are incontrovertible that Trump is following the jew script.
        but i also want you to remember what you said.

        Pat is beyond salvage, trump could well destroy israel and the fed and he would still be in the same black book of pat’s.
        Just like putin, every damn thing he did, with exquisite timing and resounding success and minimal damage was just proof to pat that putin is a jew, son of rabbi.
        Will you go down that route and others here who claim that Jesus is a judaic lackey?

        you can send a blind man to circumnavigate the world or you can set him down in the bathtub an he will report the same thing.

      4. @ Lobro

        “Pat is beyond salvage, trump could well destroy israel and the fed and he would still be in the same black book of pat’s.
        Just like putin, every damn thing he did, with exquisite timing and resounding success and minimal damage was just proof to pat that putin is a jew, son of rabbi.”

        Pat lives to flog. Pat has to be the happiest flogger on the planet now. Before Trump, Pat concentrated on flogging Putin. Now that Trump has won the election contrary to what Pat predicted, Pat can concentrate on flogging two instead of one for the same price, zero, a flogging bonanza.
        However, I sense that Pat prefers flogging Trump more than Putin since he commenced the flogging before Trump was elected and before he could actually do anything. My perception that Pat is an equal opportunity flogger is in jeopardy. 🙂 🙂

      5. @ Ungenius
        @ Lobro

        Both of you are among my favorite posters on this site: highly intelligent, well-informed, sincere. So I ask you to consider this question: Is Pat, about whom both of you speak somewhat negatively here, deficient in intelligence, lacking in information, devoid of sincerity?

        Surprise, surprise! It seems to me that Pat is highly intelligent, extremely well-informed, and that his sincerity is beyond question! Neither of you, I’m sure, would be rash enough to assert that Pat is a moronic and shallow ignoramus.

        So what exactly is your problem with Pat?

        He questions your assumptions. He fails to agree with you. That is Pat’s only fault, as far as I can see. He has failed to acknowledge your supremacy of intellect and to take his place humbly behind you as one of your devoted disciples. 🙂

        How easily Pat would shoot up in your estimation if only he would do a U-turn and join the Putin Admiration Society!

        And if only Pat would acknowledge that Trump was the hero of the hour, he would suddenly become the smartest cookie on the block!

        I happen to be a Putin admirer myself, but I am grateful to Pat for his role of Devil’s Advocate on this site. The point about Pat that strikes me most forcibly is that whatever he believes in he believes in passionately and sincerely and that he is unfailingly polite under the most vicious attacks.

        This site wouldn’t be the same without Pat. The last thing we want is a site of mutual back slappers, all agreeing with each other and telling each other how brilliant they are. We need someone here to question our wisdom and take us down a peg or two when we get too big for our boots — and Pat does that admirably! 🙂

      6. Thanks, Sard –

        Lobro and Ungenius need a few more election cycles under their belts to grasp the total picture.

        Ignorance is mainly due to lack of experience over time. They haven’t had enough time on earth yet.

        It is not their fault that they were born so late. 🙂

        To my point….

        Here is the latest of ‘more of the same’ from Trump. He might pick Ollie North, Reagan’s Chief of Drug Running, as Drug Czar…. 🙂

        Donald Trump has picked lawyer Robert Lighthizer to serve as his U.S. Trade Representative.

        Lighthizer served as a deputy U.S. trade representative with the rank of ambassador under Republican President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

        Lighthizer’s time in the Reagan administration saw him involved in trade policies that were “exactly the opposite of everything Donald Trump has announced to be his own trade policies.

        ALL of the trade agreements that are being complained about now by Ttrump…. were born during the Reagan era, including NAFTA…!! 🙂 🙂

      7. @ Sardonicus

        Thanks for the complement, but I lay no claim to being highly intelligent, hence my selection of the name Ungenius.

        Pertaining to my flogging comment about Pat, how could you possibly consider that “somewhat negative?” I used, not one, but two smiley faces. Have smiley faces lost their charm? I thought the imagine of a frail old guy in South Florida whacking away at two world power leaders, Putin and Trump, with a stick or whatever was humorous.

        Just for the record, I could care less if anyone is pro or con Putin and/or Trump, but that does not mean that I will not add my two cents worth as I see it when I feel like doing so and it’s pertinent to the discussion, well, sometimes when it’s not pertinent. As you point out, if there was no pro comments, Pat’s persistent con comments would have no purpose and, hence, no discussion.

    4. “Bottom line: if you support Trump, you will be supporting a Zionist who intends to hand over Palestine to the Jews.”

      In Realpolitik – Giving Palestine to the Jews could be a good thing, in that Israel will then be shown to be the insatiable beast it is when it demands even more.

      This was an intellectual premise devoid of humanity, and I hope no more palestinians suffer, but Israel must be stopped.

  14. A large part of the commentary includes Trump-bashing repeatedly over and over again.

    Trump never said he was giving Palestine to Jews. He said Jerusalem is the true Capital of Palestine instead of Tel Aviv. He seeks to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

    Trump speaks well of everyone except those who are directly against what he seeks to do. Which, so far, has been positive and uplifting, rather than creating reasons for more strife.

    He has not said he agrees with the wars that have destroyed a large part of the ME and he clearly is working with Putin in a positive manner versus more disharmony. That is good.

    Trump says: “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!”

    Yes, indeed! Ditto. Success does not always look like what we may expect it to look like.

  15. Seymour Zak is not correct. God gave The Holy Land to the Israelites, not the Jews. Palestinians are Semites; and whilst not Israelites, like others they may be grafted-in.

    Many Judahites were cast out because they failed to follow God’s Torah Law and became lost. They were taken captive by Babylonians and later after regime change were released. Jew is a confused mixture of Torah Law with Babylonian Talmudic babble from Satan worship.

    Jesus was racially descended from king David; not a Talmudic Jew, an Israelite. Big difference. It was The Royal House of Judah that Jesus sought to cleanse, but that did not happen. It has since been overturned, as prophesied, when The Stone of Destiny was removed.

    Israelites under God had and still have the Divine Power to thwart all their enemies IF they only KNEW how to be Israelites and KNEW what an Israelite is supposed to DO.

    1. At least you understand and articulate the distinctions, New Song. 🙂
      That being said, I believe some of us are just SO RELIEVED that KILLARY won’t be inaugurated 20 January that we’d be willing to let Mr. Trump say just about anything which might come to mind, for awhile, until we get tired of him! 🙂

  16. More assumptions by Sard and others. Trump never said he was going to flatten or go to war with Iran. He said he will protect the US from enemy attack in the Strait of Hormuz. The war mongering against Iran from the prior US leadership was used to provoke attack. Trump on the other hand is demonstrating preventive measures in protecting US interests in the Strait and in doing so protects the US strategically from all its enemies AND allies.
    The prior US leadership made many enemies. Trump realizes the US has to protect itself.

      1. The oil and drug businesses are the major $$$ businesses in the world…. even in the black markets.

        The US is a leader there.

        About 20% of the world’s petroleum which is about 35% of the petroleum traded by sea passes through the strait, making it a highly important strategic location for international trade for all MAJOR US Oil companies with contracts in that area.

        The US protects its interests there just as Jefferson did with the marines along the Barbary Coast.

        Nothing new. SSDD.

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