It’s WMD All Over Again. Why Don’t You See It?

By Peter Hitchens

Assad says, ‘”We are not responsible.”

April 05, 2017.    Actually knowing something, remembering history or having experience of the world is becoming a disadvantage. How much easier it would be to join in with the flow of opinion about Syria, to listen happily to, and read contentedly, media reports on the subject. As it is, I feel something close a physical pain as I do this.

Today’s frenzy over alleged use of poison gas in Syria is the 2017 version of Anthony Blair’s WMD in Iraq. Why can you not see it? Did you think they would do it in exactly the same way again? You are being assailed through your emotions, to act first and think long after, and far too late.

How *can* trained journalists (and experienced diplomats) be so lacking in the desire or ability to question what they are told? How come that they accept without hesitation reports which have not come from their own staff, but instead come from within terrifying war zones where gangs of fanatical murderers are the only law? One or two at least have the decency to refer to the new reports of gas attacks as ‘suspected’ or alleged, but most present them as established fact. ‘All the hallmarks’ means in such cases what? Though millions believe this has been proven, past accusations of gas use by Damascus have never been independently shown to be true.

Well, how can facts *be* independently established about such events? Not easily. Alas, that makes it appalling simple to make propaganda without ever facing serious checks .

The pressures on anyone communicating with western media from such places can only be imagined.

And then there is this simple point. Why would the Syrian government use gas at this stage in a war it has recently begun to win with conventional munitions? You don’t have to believe that the Assad state is saintly to ask this question, and I don’t believe that. Please see

Carla del Ponte, for the UN, has in the past accused the *rebels* of gas use

Wicked and brutal they may well be, but they would have to be stupid and possibly mad to do such an thing, just as an important conference convenes in Brussels to discuss the future of Syria.

The military advantages would be tiny. Chemical weapons have not been widely used since the 1914-18 war not because soldiers have been especially tender, but because, though very nasty, they are not an especially effective weapon of war. In the 1939-45 war, many barbarous things were done … But gas was not used on the battlefield.

The political and diplomatic disadvantages would be huge. If Syria could be shown ( as it has not yet been) to have used gas to kill children, it would mean total diplomatic isolation, and renewed calls in Britain and the USA (which only a few days ago abandoned its aim of overthrowing Assad ) to intervene against Assad.

Two points occur.

One, the western powers , by consorting with such people, demonstrate that their exaggerated disgust at the Assad government is selective and unreal. Two, they demonstrate that our continuing desire to be on good terms with Saudi Arabia lies beneath our whole foreign policy in this region. And which state loathes President Assad more than anyone? Why, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, which despises Assad for his Alawite heresy, and hates him for his alliance with Shia Iran.

Well, here are some thoughts as to why this has happened now.

This has come just as Russian policy in the area had begun to look successful. That would never do.  Never underestimate the current desire in western foreign policy circles to increase hostility between Russia and the USA.

It comes as Britain’s absurdly close and servile client relationship to the despotic and aggressive (ask a Yemeni) Saudi Regime is underlined by a visit to Riyadh by Theresa May. And it comes as Egypt’s tyrant General Sisi, who we are not allowed to call a military dictator, though he is, and whose forces gunned down hundreds of demonstrators in Cairo, visits Washington.

This article was first published at The Daily Mail

64 thoughts to “It’s WMD All Over Again. Why Don’t You See It?”

  1. Israel and the Pentagon are PO that Syria destroyed their ‘Liberty Gas,’ so Trump will get revenge for his buddy Nuttyahoo.

    Trump is an ego-maniac that needs constant praise to survive and he hasn’t been getting any love from the press, but if he uses Obama’s plan of sending in 600 cruise missiles into Syria, the (((MSM))) will be heaping praise on him.

    Americans need to face the fact that they don’t control their nation, the FED, Wall Street and Israel does. And what they WANT, they usually get.

    1. Greg –

      “Americans need to face the fact that they don’t control their nation, the FED, Wall Street and Israel does.”

      Yep. Correct.

      ALL National Leaders are LIARS..!! Many are MASS MURDERERS..!!

      1. agree 90%, which is a high degree of agreement considering my skeptical nature.
        Thanks Pat

    2. @ Greg Bacon

      “Trump is an ego-maniac that needs constant praise to survive and he hasn’t been getting any love from the press, but if he uses Obama’s plan of sending in 600 cruise missiles into Syria, the (((MSM))) will be heaping praise on him.”

      Trumpster seems to be a real life “Greg Stillson” psychopath, and I believe he’s much more dangerous than Clinton would’ve been.

      “Americans need to face the fact that they don’t control their nation, the FED, Wall Street and Israel does.”

      And the FED, Wall Street and Israel are all just instruments of the Jewish collective, i.e., the first beast of Rev 13.

  2. Read the book d political ponerology about psychopatic and narcistic ‘ leaders’.
    Find out who of them fits the shoe?

  3. Iraq has been the CIA’s poison gas DEPOT in the Middle-East since the 80s.

    Jared Kushner – Pharisee-Jew – made a secret trip to Iraq with the most senior US Military official….
    …. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff – *CHAIRMAN*. THEY…. arrived in Baghdad on Monday afternoon.

    WASHINGTON –  The Trump administration’s failure to keep senior adviser Jared Kushner’s trip to Iraq secret isn’t standard practice for top U.S. officials visiting warzones. Such trips are usually kept quiet, with the cooperation of journalists, until the officials arrive in order to ensure maximum security.

    A senior administration official told reporters Sunday evening that Kushner — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law — was in Iraq, even though he was still en route. For the military and security professionals managing the mission, the public disclosure of the unannounced trip was a security breach. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff – *CHAIRMAN* – also was on board.

    Kushner meets with agents AND Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the fight against the Islamic State.

    Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, traveled to Iraq along with Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the – *CHAIRMAN* – of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as part of the general’s planned trip to discuss the battle against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL.

    THE NEXT DAY….. there is a poison gas attack using missiles FROM…????

    …………..THE SKY..!!??

  4. Bannon butts heads with Kushner…Bannon fired.
    “Five people, including a senior administration official and several sources close to the president, tell POLITICO that Bannon, one of Trump’s closest advisers, has clashed with the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who’s taken on an increasingly prominent portfolio in the West Wing. Bannon has complained that Kushner and his allies are trying to undermine his populist approach, the sources said.” -POLITICO

    The war criminal (see Tal Afar) McMaster may also be responsible…
    ” The shift was orchestrated by Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, who insisted on purging a political adviser from the Situation Room where decisions about war and peace are made.”

    And just days ago, the US administration was rather accepting of idea that the popularly elected President Assad need not step down as part of peace process.

    Kushner goes to Iraq…

    Folks, this was all staged and planned. All the media actors in place. The Pentagon creeps want war, first in Syria, then against Russia.
    China will shortly be offered concessions in order to abandon ally Russia. Nuclear war ensues.
    The ‘policy’ of the USA ruling oligarchs (not that the citizens would ever be privy to it) is sheer madness. As Lasha might say, put your affairs in order. Get ready for big changes.

    1. @ S. W.

      “And just days ago, the US administration was rather accepting of idea that the popularly elected President Assad need not step down as part of peace process.”

      Of course that was just another tactical lie; pabulum for the “true believers” who demand to be fooled.

      Trumpster’s deceptions are absolutely breathtaking.

      “Folks, this was all staged and planned. All the media actors in place. The Pentagon creeps want war, first in Syria, then against Russia.
      China will shortly be offered concessions in order to abandon ally Russia. Nuclear war ensues.”

      Probably by now the Russians have concluded that Trumpster’s a fraud and war is inevitable. I believe that “America” will not survive this Satanic Jew-controlled madman.

    2. SW –
      Harold –

      The NO DEAL ‘ARTIST’… ‘Buffoon-In-Chief’ 🙂 … placed ‘Bannon of Breitbart’ 🙂 in a worse position for the US NOW..!!!

      Where there are…. $$$$$$Trillions at stake…!!

      **“It would be foolish to read this development as a diminishment of Bannon’s influence on the president’s domestic portfolio.”

      **“Bannon is taking the lead on the trillion-dollar infrastructure package the White House is preparing to present to Congress – paired with tax reform – later this spring. “It’s Bannon’s project,” the White House aide confirms.”

    3. @ S.W.

      Giving credence to information coming from the mainstream jewish controlled media, Politico & NYT, is not wise since jews are notorious liars and have been that way since 2,600 BC. The opposite should be assumed. Bannon said that his job on the NSC was to de-politicize it, un-Obama it, which he said had been accomplished so it was time for him to leave it.

      The choice is to believe Bannon or the known lying jewish media. The choice should be easy.

      Just two days ago, China informed the USA that bombing North Korea would be met with force. If the USA wanted a nuclear war, all they would have to do is bomb North Korea and China would oblige, with or without Russia. The point is, that if the USA wanted nuclear war, it is easily attainable without jockeying for any position. All the USA would need to do is launch a nuclear weapon at either China or Russia and the war would ensue. Consequently, the USA wanting a nuclear war is just misinformation.

      1. Ungenius,
        The ‘USA’, or rather the people of the USA, do not desire nuke war.
        But who asks them what they want? They’re simply told lies by media propagandists, ideological children
        of those who wrote 100 years ago that German soldiers were eating Belgian children.
        Not even the warmongers want to be disintegrated into their respective atoms. But one foolish step leads to another.

    4. WW3 will NOT happen over small change.
      We see our president Trump is, scary as hell.
      But he is a business man and every business person knows atomic war is NOT good for business. Not even Atomic bomb building because we already posses enough to absolutely destroy the world for human habitation.

  5. When this happened in 2015…. 1,300 people were murdered with sarin gas in Syria.

    In 2015…. MOST commenters here – including me – (and Russia) blamed the US President for helping ISIS….. and increasing Defense(sic) Spending..!!

    NOW…. let’s ALL blame the President… for helping ISIS… AGAIN..!!

    I shall do just that..!!

    The “YUGE” expert deal maker(not)……did it “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂

    In case some might have forgotten:

    The Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was a False Flag By Turkey and ISIS
    December 15, 2015

    “Some In the Turkish Government … Believed they Could Get Assad’s Nuts In a Vice By Dabbling With a Sarin Attack Inside Syria”

    Two members of the Turkish parliament gave a press conference in October saying that they have wiretapped recordings and other evidence showing that Turkey supplied the sarin used in Syria.

    Over 1,300 people were killed in the sarin gas attack in Ghouta and several other neighborhoods near the Syrian capital of Damascus, with the West quickly blaming the regime of Bashar al-Assad and Russia claiming it was a “false flag” operation aimed at making US military intervention in Syria possible.

    1. Pat, et al

      Why oh why doesn’t it occur to any of you that it just may be that Trump and his entourage are WAY over their head in these games of the HIGHEST stakes and are being played like cheap fiddles by the MASTER of the GAME!?

      I contend that Trump needs Putin’s help in the worst way

      Lobro, we need the input I’m sure you’re workin on as we speak. You can elaborate in ways that aren’t my forte to do so, and like you, I feel that I’m posting to deaf ears.

      Good luck

      1. @ Brownhawk

        “Why oh why doesn’t it occur to any of you that it just may be that Trump and his entourage are WAY over their head in these games of the HIGHEST stakes and are being played like cheap fiddles by the MASTER of the GAME!?”

        That assertion simply isn’t believable anymore. He’s a psychopath.

      2. Not believable?

        Your STATEMENT is what’s unbelievable. You obviously underestimate how masterful is the treachery of mankind’s enemy, that which has been plying its trade for literally EONS

        That too is a believable assertion

      3. The only possible explanation in defense of Trump being legitimate would be that this is all hot air to get the press off his back about being in collusion with Russia, and that later on when evidence is revealed this was not Assad’s doing, he would taper off about it and thus it would open up more room for working with Russia.

        However, I’m doubtful that’s the case, but it’s still to early to tell. If Trump starts anything in Syria, though, that’s the red line for me. I pray it would be his and America’s grave if that turns out to be the reality.

        Also, here’s a tweet about how an anti-Assad reporter was reporting on the attacks 24-hours before the attack –

      4. B-Hawk –


        Because Ivanka is running the show…. and selling Amway….. which keeps everyone distracted when she bends over…. in the Oral Orifice..!! 🙂

        Soooo… the ‘Buffoon-In-Chief’… gave his support to Bill O’Loudmouth, in his sexual perversion lawsuits, at Jew-Murdock’s Fox before he spoke about Assad.

        At least his priorities are in order..!! 🙂

      5. @ Brownhawk

        “Not believable?”

        Absolutely not believable, and becoming even less believable by the day.

        “Your STATEMENT is what’s unbelievable. You obviously underestimate how masterful is the treachery of mankind’s enemy, that which has been plying its trade for literally EONS”

        Actually it’s you who underestimate “mankind’s enemy”; you seem to believe that they could not and did not fool us (Trump supporters) from the beginning – by running a campaign that was a carefully planned fraud.

        You also seem to not fully appreciate the Satanic spiritual “need” of “mankind’s enemy” to get us to destroy ourselves; e.g., by getting us to install the instrument of our destruction into a position of power over us, and then being incapable of admitting that we were fooled.

      6. @ LSPM

        Your first paragraph is correct except that Trump could care less about what the mainstream media says. He has proven it repeatedly.

        “If Trump starts anything in Syria, though, that’s the red line for me.” Me too.

  6. “People don’t like to hear the truth ,because ,they afraid ,it will destroy their illusions ”
    having said that ,I’m hoping and looking forward to read ,what ,Lobro might envision ,for trump’s sudden change of heart ,regarding the Assad regime , kushner visit to amerika’s bi*tch “,iraq” ,just a day before ,the newest false flag chemical attack from the “sky” ,
    reports from open source intelligence , talking about ships carrying military hardware ,from Romanian Port ,some heading to Lebanon ,others heading to The Jordanian Port, besides loaded strike forces ships , cruising in the Mediterranean Sea ,waiting for orders……………………………..
    any way ,this is my 7th attempt to post in this article ,with no success ,something is not right ,the past 48 hours
    in cyberspace ,it’s not just this site , it’s widespread ,something in the air ,and it’s not kosher !
    The saker wrote a nice piece ,
    The Trump Administration Goes Neocon-crazy

  7. Once again the West sits idle at the Shia Crescent Project maneuvers….
    Assad, who- in exchange for a fucking seaport –
    went and got the Kafir Mafiosso in Moscow to do the dirty work by killing muslims in his own country smiles at the camera when pointing a finger -blaming the victim-all while calmly accuses the Islamic State (just like Bush did to Iraq)..of possesing wmd -wmd that the IS would have obviously and logically already used in mosul or Paris or New York -if it had them–
    Will people ever see that there is something very wrong with the picture when Putin is friends with Israel while, at the same time, he is a very good friend of both the Assad and the Iranian regime who are supposedly archiememies of Israel?
    Trump is friends with Israel … but Trump is an enemy of Iran and therefore an enemy of Assad who is an Iranian puppet
    Trump wants to be friends of Putin BUT he cant because (alledgedly) Putin helped him beat Clinton in the elections and -supposedly- his Jewish son in law has business deals in Russia
    Putin is a friend of Iran and Assad who, like i said, follows Teheran orders
    on the other hand
    Turkey is a friend of Trump because they are both nato members but Turkey is no friend of Assad and Iran whom Turkey blames for the area`s troubles
    Turkey recently went back and made kiss and make up gestures to Putin -after dropping their stupid fighter plane a few months ago-because Turkey wants to sell its products in Russia

    Qatar is gone solo and while it hates Iran and Assad,
    some say they “speak” to Israel, and that it built a 5 billion military airport for the American airforce
    But Qatar wont do shit regarding Syria because it prefers Assad at the IS because the Islamic State wants to downthrow all these sick child molesting beduin regimes -like Iran doesnt want to do the same –
    the Saudis, also Beduin, (they too hate Iran and Assad)are no friends of Qatar but they too are friends of the Americans and they too “speak” to Israel.
    They hate the IS and al Qaeda because Bin Laden –may Allah keep him in his glory forever-wanted them dead
    do the children of Syria and Iraq have any friends at all?
    are all those i mentioned
    (except The Islamic State and Bin Laden)

    1. The sooner the “Rabbi” takes his permanent dirt nap the better. The World will be a somewhat better place.

  8. Anyone who cannot see that this chemical attack is a false flag must be brain dead. In false flag chemical weapons attack 1.0, Obama at least showed some diplomatic skill when, after his so-called red line was crossed, he bowed to US public opinion, as well as Putin’s plan to remove all chemical weapons, and cancelled his plan to shoot a few missiles into Damascus. Trump has foolishly backed himself into a corner by implying that Obama wimped out. Therefore, Trump may feel that he must do something, no matter the consequences. Perhaps Bannon, a nationalist, had to be fired from his security council post because he was the only one telling Trump to wait for the evidence. If Trump waits too long to act, public opposition may again mount against Syrian strike 2.0. If Trump acts hastily and things go wrong, his presidency is finished. Kushner could wind up being the man who brought his father-in-law down.

  9. Uncle :

    Why are my posts to this commentary thread about Trump and Syria being CENSORED? My posts aren’t off-topic, I make good points in my posts, they’re NOT long posts, what’s the problem this time?

    1. I have told you repeatedly to keep your comments SHORT, ON-TOPIC, and relatively FEW in number. You refuse to cooperate. So why should we have to trawl through 10-20 longwinded, flippant, abusively off-topic spam comments every day?


      Censor you? Who are you kidding? Are you Solzhenitsyn?

      1. Here is one of your mercifully shorter comments. Sorry I “censored” it. Really important stuff that needs to be carefully “censored”, right?


        @ Pat

        And what ZOG Think Tank pays you your salary, Pat? Is your ZOG Think Tank employer located in Washington or in Israel? I’m sure your ZOG Think Tank employer pays you a handsome salary, its just TOO bad your ZOG Think Tank employer doesn’t give you any vacation time off, not even one day off, 🙁

  10. For those that have forgotten, or never knew … Oh, and the last paragraph is particularly troubling. Excerpts from a BBC article:

    Q&A: Syria chemical weapons disarmament deal

    30 January 2014

    The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is implementing an agreement, reached by the US and Russia on 14 September, to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. The deal placed indefinitely on hold the prospect of US-led strikes on Syria as punishment for a deadly chemical weapons attack in Damascus on 21 August 2013.

    Under the framework deal, the US and Russia asked the OPCW to approve procedures for Syria’s chemical weapons programme to be destroyed, and for “stringent verification” that this has taken place.

    Damascus was given one week to submit “a comprehensive listing” of its chemical weapons agents, types of munitions and location and form of storage, production and research and development facilities. After Syria submitted its inventory, the OPCW team entered Syria on 1 October.

    The destruction of the arsenal began on 6 October, overseen by the OPCW. On 31 October, the international watchdog confirmed that Syria’s declared equipment for producing, mixing and filling chemical weapons had been destroyed.

    1. @ Gilroy Kelly

      There you go again trying to confuse everyone with reality. 🙂 Good job.

      The really cool thing about Syria getting rid of their chemical weapons with this deal was that the west picked up the tab for doing it. The jews were out jewed by Putin and Assad.

  11. On the one hand Trump indicts Assad for being behind the chemical attack, when this would be political suicide on Assad’s part, and nobody in his position is THAT stupid.

    On the other hand, he tells us how flexible he is, implying he would be open to hearing info which indicates that Assad is not responsible, providing that person or persons who would tell him has his ear

    He needs to do a better job of connecting the synapses within his brain before committing his thoughts to his tongue.

    Like it or not, DJT, a politician you must become. Unless LSPM is right, in which case he’s being more the politician than I’m giving him credit for.

  12. Trump’s use of the latest chemical false flag as a pretext to escalate US involvement in Syria places him squarely in the Zionist camp – See more at:

    This combined with the ejection of Bannon and promotion of Ivanka buddy and Goldman Sachs “Marie Antoinette” Dina PowelI to the US National Security Council means we can now draw a conclusion.

    Trump is spineless, not least towards his daughter and son-in-law. We had intimations of this when during his address to Congress he spewed forth profuse compliments about Ivanka’s involvement in Canada’s anti white male program of business support to women-only.

    That’s it. Loboro, who I agreed with to begin with, cannot whitewash over this.

    1. @ Flan

      Is it a matter of “spinelessness” or is it a matter of corruption and psychopathy?

      1. Hello Harold.
        Spineless and corruption are synonyms in this context. He doesn’t have the spine to carry out his electoral promises due to the applied corruption – threats to his person and/or empire. That leaves only Putin and Duterte as confirmed vertebrates, far as I am aware.

        Psychopathy? Sure, all leaders that are prepared to put other people in harms way have this to some degree. He did display empathy for the common man on the campaign trail. Was this immaculate acting?

        I don’t believe so. I think now he is in power he does not have the will to execute on promises.

        I came across more references here:

        Trump had promised to change or eliminate “Obamacare”. He let the Republican party under Ryan come up with a plan. That plan was crazy, disliked by the people and Trump rejected to take responsibility for it. Ryan was left hanging when the plan died in Congress.

        Trump also promised to eliminate ISIS. He let the U.S. military come up with a plan. That plan is to bomb Mosul and Raqqa to smithereens and to kill everyone ISIS. The Pentagon has no viable plan for the time thereafter. Who will rule (and pay for) the destroyed Raqqa when the campaign is over? Who will have responsibility for the larger consequences? If the Kurds get it, the Arabs will rebel. If the Turks get it, the Kurds will fight them. If some (former ISIS) Arabs get it, Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq and the Kurds will fight them and the U.S. military will have to protect them. The Pentagon has no answer to that problem. Trump will let the generals hang just as he let Ryan hang. They will have to take the responsibility. Don’t they smell the trap?

  13. Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”

    2:14 PM – 29 Aug 2013
    1,718 1,718 Retweets 1,705 1,705 likes


    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    “What I am saying is stay out of Syria.”
    10:00 PM – 3 Sep 2013
    2,518 2,518 Retweets 2,155 2,155 likes


    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump


    9:20 AM – 5 Sep 2013
    11,447 11,447 Retweets 12,287 12,287 likes

  14. Trump will not comprehend “YUGE” ideas such as… Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    His vocabulary and reading abilities are too “BIGGLY” limited….
    ….”and everybody knowz it..!!” 🙂

    He uses the word “thing” and it’s variations… hundreds of times a day:

    He makes “things” up… all the time..!!

    He has symptoms of dementia.

  15. Great article up on the Unz Review. 5 problems with blaming Assad for the chemical attack:

    (1) You can’t treat exposure to sarin with your bare hands without falling ill/dead yourself, as the White Helmets were apparently doing in the aftermath of the Idlib attack.

    (2) As Syrian war reporter @Partisangirl noticed, some journalists were apparently discussing a chlorine sarin attack before it actually happened.

    (3) It is eerily reminiscent of the aftermath of the 2013 Gouta attacks, in which the Western media and neocon and neocon-in-all-but-name politicians and punditry parroted the official line that Assad’s troops were responsible even though consequent journalistic work by Sermour Hersh and MIT raised serious doubts over the veracity of that allegation.

    (4) The “moderate rebels” have themselves resorted to poison gas on various occasions.

    (5) Unlike in 2013, Assad is now winning. Why on Earth now, of all times, would he resort to poison gas – one of the few things he can do to that is capable of provoking a strong Western reaction – just to kill all of 75 civilians?

    You can read the article here:

    Elsewhere, I read Assad had WEAPONIZED SARIN gas. It is extremely lethal. If it was used there would have been thousands of dead people. See (1) above.

    The rebels last used chlorine gas against Govt troops just this last October 2016. See (4) above.

    The day BEFORE the chemical attack, Orient TV, based in the Gulf, published a notice “tomorrow starting a media campaign to cover the density of air raids on rural Hama and use of chlorine poison against civilians. It was later changed to read “sarin” instead of chlorine. See (2) above. Medical personnel said the victims smelled like their clothes were bleached … evidence chlorine gas was used. If sarin was also used, it was not WEAPONIZED SARIN, the stuff Assad had in the past but does not have now. Assad’s chemical weapons were destroyed, the rebels’ chemical weapons were not.

    1. @ Gilroy Kelly

      Good factual post.

      The way I know that the chemical attack was done by the CIA/MI6/Mossad “rebels”/stooges instead of Assad is simple. When the jewish controlled media is squealing in unison on anything, it is not true.

  16. Has it become a matter of perception with the world outcry when it comes to Assad? Even if he WASN’T responsible for the attack (and I don’t believe it for a second), because of past allegations his position has become untenable. Maybe Trump knows this and is hinting to Assad that he’s got to take the bullet for it. This could significantly alter the dynamics in Syria and pave the way for Trump and Putin to collaborate in destroying the REAL culprit – ISIS, and the vermin under its pile whose aim would be then thwarted.

    1. I quite a few times said during the presidential campaign year that there’s a really high chance the reason Trump wants to make America Great Again, in other words, to make America Strong Again, is so the United States would be better able to fight the wars for the jews and their eretz israel Empire dreams and schemes. I voted for Trump for his domestic campaign platform, though Yes, I did think he was sincere about wanting to put an end to ISIS in Syria and sincere about wanting Peace with Putin and Russia. Either he was sincere about that during the campaign and then when he became president he was made offers he “couldn’t refuse” as they say in The Godfather movies, or he was insincere during the campaign. I’m not sure.

      1. Looks like if ZOG can’t get rid of Assad ZOG is going to destroy Syria and Assad will be the leader of a country in ruins. I hope Putin allows the Christians of Syria to immigrate to Russia. ZOG is committing genocide against the Christians of Syria. Of course, no one in Washington cares about the Christians in Syria, and many of them in Washington call themselves “Christians” yet their agenda for Syria is resulting in the genocide of Syria’s Christians, and the big shots in Washington know it too.

        ZOG is going to destroy Syria, whether Assad is ousted or not. ZOG would prefer Assad be ousted, but if ZOG can’t have its way and oust Assad, ZOG will destroy Syria and then Assad will be ruling over a country in ruins.

        ZOG is chock-full of vindicative cunts from HELL.

    2. @ Brownhawk

      “Has it become a matter of perception with the world outcry when it comes to Assad?”

      Since when do absurd Jew lies = “world outcry”?

      “Even if he WASN’T responsible for the attack (and I don’t believe it for a second), because of past allegations his position has become untenable.”

      Jew lies #1 + Jew lies #2 = “untenable” position for Assad?

      “Maybe Trump knows this and is hinting to Assad that he’s got to take the bullet for it.”

      LOL! Or maybe Trumpster is the corrupt, Jew-controlled puppet that he appears to be and you’ve been reading too many comic books…

      1. Try learning to think outside the box, won’t you Harold, et al?

        See my post on the latest thread

  17. A Syrian airbase just got hit by 59 US cruise missiles.

    As I agreed with LPSM earlier, this crosses my red line. Trump can kiss my ass. I would not piss on him if he was on fire.

    The jews should start openly praising Trump via their controlled media any moment now.

    I await the Russian response. Supposedly, Russia was notified about the attack just before it occurred.

    1. I agree Ung, at this point cannot say anything much, there goes the big picture i was constructing and defending.

      it’s the shits.

      let’s wait for some clarity on this.

    2. Ungenius

      I will appeal to your good reason, knowing that lobro seems to be the only one who has my back in presenting what I believe to be a perfectly plausible scenario. The trick is in staying the course of continuing to look down the road to see what develops

      I’m convinced that Russian Intel was responsible for putting Trump over the top in defeating Hellary. They KNEW that it would have been hopeless working with her, due to her being TOTALLY in the bag for her fellow psychopaths. With TRUMP however, they feel they have a shot at getting through to him in order to provide him with a lightbulb moment in making him see how he’s being duped to a fare-thee-well

      Why is it so difficult for many people to see this? Have you all forgotten how to think?


    ANYONE… still praise and support his ‘BUFFOON-ASS’..!!??

    1. Nope. I suspect not here.

      But Bill Kristol and all the Neo Con former Never Trumpers will and the media will also start to fall in line and show him respect.

      Missiles flying. Rubio’s happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary’s on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs.

      And some thought Barry Goldwater would be trigger happy?

    2. Wait a minute, how many Pats are in here?

      Yesterday Pat said this (let’s call him Pat #1), i will repost the whole thing, so there can be no dilemma.

      ‘Pooh-teen’ is NO statesman…!!

      ‘Pooh-teen’ supports the murderous Assad.

      Now Assad had killed his own people in the most horrible manner.

      Assad is using outlawed weapons of mass destruction – WMD – to MURDER babies; little babies; helpless babies.

      Assad is worse than Kim in N Korea..!!

      ‘Pooh-teen’ supports a mass murderer..!! ‘Pooh-teen’ is just as GUILTY as Assad..!!

      Pat #1 says very clearly, Putin and Assad are murdering babies, OMG, tiny little helpless babies, so tiny you can barely see them, microscopic little babies, careful you don’t drop them, they are the size of dust (helpless dust), OMG!

      So now, it transpires that Trump bombs Assad and in jumps Pat #2 (#2 is not my choice, simple numerical progression)


      ANYONE… still praise and support his ‘BUFFOON-ASS’..!!??

      Well, Pat #2, let me tell you who supports his ‘BUFFOON-ASS’ … Pat #1 supports his ‘BUFFOON-ASS’, so why don’t you two Pats work it out between yourselves.

      We is confused …

      and if it is just one Pat, we’ll be treated to a spectacle of him agitating hatred on both Putin and Trump who are are in direct opposition to one another.
      I can think of another entity capable of such easy cognitive dissonance, eg, hating Muslims and Christians equally and urging them to fight to death.

      1. Lobro –

        You continue to make the narrative about ME…. rather than the guilty leaders – on all sides – following Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ instructions…. to destroy the Syrian infrastructure.

        How many Lobros are there.. “waiting for clarity”..??

        Lobro #1 supports and praises Pooh-teen.
        Lobro #2 supports and praises Trumpster in a dumpster.

        Let us all know how YOUR arguments come out there..!! 🙂

      2. It looks like Bechtel, Halliburton and Fluor will be busy fighting off Pooh-teen’s construction companies to rebuild Syria’s airfields..!! 🙂 🙂

        $$$$ Billions galore…!!!


        Let’s get a few points squared away.

        My modus operandi (m/o) is quite transparent, i could write a high level computer script to make decisions for me.
        It is based not on personalities but actions and background of motives, analysis and so on.
        I have what might be called a Credibility Pyramid, from the few trusted sources at the top, cascading down through the more shady and numerous ones, the devils’ 14 million at the bottom.

        Based on all his deeds to date, Putin stands alone at the top among all the political leaders, everything he has done for Russia, for Christianity for white race, for the humanity generally, speaks well of him, a few soundbites thrown at Jew by way of m meaningless propitiatory statements about Holocaust and how Jews are welcome to Russia. That’s all, in every other instance, he backed Jew’s enemies to the hilt and while Trump was looking like he might offer serious reformative resistance to Jew, Putin backed him steadfastly and loyally.

        And so did I and I also said what the lines in the sand were not to be crossed.
        Well, Trump did cross one in an emphatic way and now my support for him is off, i can no longer be a Trumpist in good faith.
        I waited for him to blame Mattis and soulless US military, the cowardly killers like the celebrated American Sniper but no, he bragged about ordering the strike himself and how 2days after saying that it is up to Syrian people who overwhelmingly elected Assad to decide as a sovereign nation, now The American Psycho will set matters aright.

        So there you have it, Pat, my opinion is result driven and in choosing between Putin and Trump when they are at loggerheads, I don’t waste a second in choosing Putin.

        Let’s now look at you, Pat.
        What is your M/O?
        When Putin and Trump seemed aligned in their principles and goals, you expressed blind hate for both and endlessly quoted Jew for support, because Jew hates them both.
        Jew hates Putin for all the reasons I like him, rebuilding Russian society, political, economic and military strength, its Christian moral basis and for defending the freedom of the nations under attack by Jew, the Yinon Plan and Wesley Clark’s list of countries slated for takedown (favorite jew word).
        As far as I can tell, you hate Putin for the exact same reasons, as per the post of yours I quoted in its entirety.

        You said:
        Assad is a bloody mass murderer of innocent babies, using war gas which the Oscar winning film crewof crisis actors known as White Helmets handled without gloves or protective gear (sarin requires hazmat suits for safe handling).
        Put supports Assad, which also makes him a mass murderer.
        And then bizarrely, you continue to deride, disparage and despise Trump even though he bought into this narrative, meaning that you hate Putin-Assad because they are murdering little babies and you hate Trump because he wants to punish baby murderers.

        Now, who is promoting the storyline of WMD gas massacres of innocent civilians (in ISIS, Yisroel, McCain territory)?
        The same ones who siad Gadaffi is a tyrant, lets attack Libya and torture him to death while utterly destroying the country.
        Who is that?
        The same ones who said Saddam is a brutal dictator, has WMD’s and is gassing his own civilian inhabitants, so let’s kill him and destroy the country of Iraq.
        And who might that be?
        The same ones who blamed Muslims for 9/11 attack and said let’s all hate on Muslims and destroy all their countries not already under Jewish control.
        Who is that?
        The same ones responsible for 9/11 themselves, for London 7/7, for USS Liberty.
        Well and who is that?
        The same ones who spun the Ultimate Lie of Holohoax 6 million dead jews, who fomented and organized bot world wars on false pretexts, who overthrew Russian monarchy and organized murder of 50+ million Christians.

        The same ones you agree with so perfectly, Pat, who now say Assad is the Zyklon murderer assisted by Putin, let’s have a 500 million victim war with Russia and China.

      4. Lobro –

        You are inventing words and phrases which I never used. You do that so very often. YOU are confused.
        I never wrote the words you wrote. It is just that simple.

        I have never once written that I “HATE” ‘Put-on’ or ‘Trumpeter’… you have totally concocted that to fit your circular patterns of waffling. 🙂

        You have MY permission to quote this:
        The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London are getting their way with the ‘Put-on’ and the ‘Trumpeter’ …. both will be fighting “BIGGLY” for the “YUGE” construction contracts to rebuild Syria’s infrastructure..!!

        There are $$$$ Billions to be had, and ‘Put-on’ needs them worse than anyone in the world right now.

        Stop looking to blame others about being so very wrong and taken in by the ‘Made from TV Prezzy’ of the 21st century.

        Stop trying to blame ME for the ills of the world..!!

        Go get some “YUGE” waffles today..!! 🙂 🙂

  19. Mr. Trump has crossed the red line in the sand by attacking a Syrian airbase. What started with hope and promise (though slim, to be sure) just went right down the toilet. Had he shown an ounce of experience and self restraint by the elementary possibility (reality) that an Israeli backed rebel terrorist stockpile went up in the attack he might have made a good leader. Worse, he almost certainly knew. Mr. Trump is no longer his “own” man and is pursuing the same agenda as Bush, Clinton, or Obama. Not that he ever really was his own man, but Oh, what might have been. I hope he enjoys being continually clawed by the liberal wing of the zionist wirepullers, the right wing who do little or nothing to assist whether it’s healthcare or anything else will discard him as soon as he’s outlived his usefulness. A competent leader would have fired James Comey and many others by now, moved to replace rat Ryan and never let a Cohn or Kushner anywhere near, except for dinner parties for charitable organizations. His long hours of work is useless and worse when aimed at the wrong goals. Anyone notice yet another Clinton insider died this week of a heart attack (at less than 40 years of age) just before testifying after being called by Mr. Gowdy? The Gestapo used a French doctor they discovered who used to help clients with inheritance issues – same result, heart attack. Did someone read Trump the riot act?

  20. Trump is a madman, and he’s set a course for nuclear war. Nothing short of that will stop him.

    1. There will be no “nuclear” war – but it is likely there WILL be a great slaughter.

  21. As predicted , the showdown has begun !
    the true colors of everyone ,in the world stage ,will be shown !
    The Whore of Babylon , has struck ,again.
    “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.”
    – The Prophet Isaiah, chapter 17:11
    “Go, Daniel! For the matters are obscured and sealed until the time of the End. They will be elucidated and clarified and refined by many [people]; the wicked will act wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand; but the wise will understand.”
    Daniel 12:9-102

  22. We have now the prove that Trump is a jew by his latest crazy attack. Trump has fooled the white goyim, but finally shows his full colors.
    Stupid goyim, but ‘ fortunately’ we have a real saviour, the jewish nazarener, an invented gift from the jews to the goyim.

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