Jewish settler group invited to Donald Trump’s inauguration amid concerns over President-elect’s stance on Israel

Yesha Council says it has received invite to ceremony
after UN condemns illegal settlements

Donald Trump has pledged to move the US embassy
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Reuters

An Israeli settler group says it has been invited to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration as controversy continues over the President-elect’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Yesha Council represents Jewish settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that are held to be illegal under international law.

Its foreign envoy, Oded Revivi, said his group had been invited to Mr Trump’s inauguration on 20 January but did not immediately confirm whether representatives would attend.

The Yesha Council, which lobbies in the Israeli government and abroad, was formerly headed by Naftali Bennett, now leader of the right-wing Jewish Home party and Israel’s education minister.

Mr Trump’s transition team has not responded to The Independent’s request for comment and confirmation on whether any groups representing Palestinians or Arab Israelis had also been invited to the inauguration.

A record $90m (£73m) has been raised in private donations for the event, which has already sparked controversy over the lack of A-list performers willing to sing.

resolution adopted by the UN Security Council last month condemned settlements in the West Bank as “a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the achievement of the two-state solution and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace”, and demanded Israel halt all construction.

The outgoing US administration’s choice to abstain from the resolution, rather than veto it, was condemned by Mr Trump. He responded by tweeting: “As to the UN, things will be different after Jan 20th.”

The President-elect has also appointed several pro-Israel figures to prominent posts and pledged to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is claimed as a capital by both Israelis and Palestinians.

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, warned that the move would have a “disastrous impact on the peace process, on the two-state solution and on the stability and security of the entire region”.

Dozens of countries are expected to reiterate their opposition to Israeli settlements and call for the establishment of a Palestinian state as “the only way” to ensure peace in the region a day before Mr Trump’s inauguration.

France is hosting representatives from more than 70 countries at a peace summit on Sunday, where delegates are expected to urge Israel and the Palestinians “to officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution.”

It will also affirm that the international community “will not recognise” changes to Israel’s borders after the Six Day War of 1967, when Israel captured the Gaza Strip from Egypt and East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan, without agreement from both sides.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out a return to the 1967 lines, and many members of his nationalist coalition oppose Palestinian independence and support expanded settlements in the face of condemnation from Britain and other allies.

Israel has settled at least 600,000 of its citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which the UN considers a violation of the Geneva Convention, which bans a power from transferring its civilians into occupied territory.


LD : And now, to give an entirely different perspective on these events, let’s listen to Rabbi Yoesf Tzvi Ben Porat explain why Hitler hated the Jews.
On the surface, this 10-minute video may seem to have no bearing whatever on the article posted above. But it does. All things are inextricably linked, even the superficially unrelated.
If Hitler was hated by the Jews and vice versa, it was for a rational reason. And there is also a rational reason for hating the Jews if they steal Palestine. As there is a rational reason for hating Trump if all his most influential advisors are Jews (or Zionist non-Jews) who are egging him on to assist them in the destruction of Palestine.

VIDEO : 10 mins

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  1. Jews have been playing games since the beginning . consider the people of Sabbath , they asked God for a day of rest . God granted them what they asked for and tested them by making the fish abundant on their day of rest . They got upset and so they started casting the nets in the sea before the start of Sabbath and came back on Sunday morning to collect the huge catch . God punished them and told them to be Apes and Swines ,and they were .
    As far as I know they were the only people in history who received such a punishment . Having said that , I wouldn’t brag to the world about being God’s chosen people .

    Whether Trump moves the embassy from Tel aviv to Jerusalem , as a Paletinian I couldn’t care less. Both places are stolen lands .


    1. “Jews have been playing games since the beginning. consider the people of Sabbath, they asked God for a day of rest.”

      Actually the sacrificial priesthood recognized the diminishing returns of having people work constantly. This is an observable fact, performance and production go down appreciably when there is no day of rest. Not to mention the Temple needed a day reserved for sacrificial tribute and prayer to their mighty god. These ancient, sacrificial priests discovered that six days of consistent work before resting provides the best performance.

      To this day, Jews are pragmatically Machiavellian in their control over people. As a psychopathic race they, have no concern for anyone, outside how they might advance the Jews’ avaricious ends. Nor do Jews have any concern for the vast numbers of people who suffer and die from their greed driven pursuits.

      They view humanity in the same manner a biologist observes the workings of tiny organisms in a Petri dish and then use their observations to alter the organism’s actions. To Jews, the world and its nations are naught but their Petri dish personally delivered to them in God’s lab.

      Ancient Jews used a base seven system. Thus six was as far one could go on a regular basis without tripping the counter back to one. The idea behind the 666 of Revelations is that this was the ultimate limit one could push people to before they would trip the counter of discontent invoking a revolt of the workers. Thus the “beast” is a slave driver. His mark, 666, is that of a Biblicial slave driver’s constant demands for maximum effort driven into the minds of the people.

      Here is a web site that links base seven to Biblical times. However, I do not agree with this individual’s concepts about it’s connection with prophetic numerology. Never mind the magical, mystical mumbo-jumbo, look at the points he makes about the Biblical connection with the number seven.


      “Why do you believe the number 7 holds so much power?

      “For me, the reason that towers above all other possible explanations is that it is the most important number to be found in Holy Scripture. In the Book of Genesis it is the very first number to which we are introduced. God made the heavens, the earth, and all living creatures (including man) in six days and rested on the seventh. Thus, is based our concept of the seven-day week.

      “We are later told that human beings are alotted three-score and ten years of life. That is seventy years (10 x 7 years). There are the seventy weeks concerning Israel mentioned by the prophet Daniel. It is these absolutes (amongst many others) that reveal what the authors of the Bible may be trying to drum into our minds: the secret of time is not a secret.

      “God has revealed the truth to us right from the start: Time operates in cycles of seven. Since the number seven holds so much significance early in the Bible, we should not be surprised to find it taking centre stage at the conclusion of Holy Scripture: in the Book of Revelation! It is there we are revealed the final era of human history and geological history.

      “There are seven seals to be opened, each of the first six representing an unique, history-changing event. When the seventh seal is opened, seven trumpets sound in sequence. Each of the first six of these also describe a peculiar and devastating event. When the seventh trumpet sounds, seven vials are emptied upon the earth. The first six of these describe a specific plague and the seventh brings about the end of human history as we know it. The number 7, therefore, must be a sacred number since God has invested it with so much power as is witnessed in the Holy Bible.”

      1. I wonder if the slave/inmates of the Jew run Soviet Gulags got a day of rest. If by chance they did it was most likely because their overlords needed a day of rest from cracking the whip.

    2. @ Al Jazareh

      You bring up the sabbath quite timely. I just finished some research on the sabbath according to the Torah versus what Jesus had to say about it.

      The Ten Commandments say, “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” and the Torah lays out what keeping it holy means with some rules which I will paraphrase.

      On the sabbath, no work is to be done within thy gates by anyone (family, servants, visiting strangers, and animals) which includes preparing food or lighting a fire.

      On the sabbath, everyone is supposed to say at home. Based on this rule, all synagogues should be completely vacate on the sabbath. Apparently, the enforcers of the sabbath laws must be permitted to wander about looking for violators although the Torah does not say so.

      On the sabbath, two blemish free, first years lambs along with flour, oil and wine are to be burnt offerings beside the continual burnt offering. Apparently, preparing the lambs, etc. and maintaining the fire for the burnt offering must not be considered work although the Torah does not say so. Otherwise, there would be a conflict with the first rule above.

      The rules for the sabbath are forever and a covenant.

      The penalty for violating the rules of the sabbath is death by stoning.

      Commentary on the Torah rules for the sabbath: Obviously overlooked is that following the rules for the sabbath require that the sabbath observers are well off since they have to have gates in the structure surrounding the dwelling, have to have availability of 104 first born, blemish free lambs per year (not counting the 13 animals for the harvest ritual), and have to have wine. The Mosaic Law is for the well off unless the poor are visiting with the well off.

      What Jesus had to say about the sabbath as paraphrased from the Gospels is:

      Jesus never recognized the sabbath as a commandment. Jesus did not stay at home on the sabbath. Jesus did not offer a burnt offering on the sabbath. Jesus acquired food on the sabbath while not at home. Jesus did good on the sabbath and said that doing good on the sabbath was okay, but he also taught that everyone was supposed to do good everyday. Jesus said that God works on the sabbath so he does also. Jesus said that the sabbath was made for man, not man made for the sabbath. None of what Jesus taught or did on the sabbath required anyone to be well off.

      Basically, Jesus nullified the sabbath rules of the Torah/Mosaic Law making the forever covenant concerning the sabbath in the Torah not applicable.

      Conclusion: Since Jesus was before Abraham, he would certainly know what God’s laws really were, so obviously, someone (the lying jews) made up the Mosaic Laws to fit their desire for control over their fellowman.

      The jews do not follow the sabbath laws they made up in the Torah/Mosaic Laws. How anyone can say there are no conflicts between the Old Testament and the teaching of Jesus is not understandable.

  2. Trying to look at it from a positive, American perspective, it stands to reason that if the boundaries of the rogue state are sufficiently enlarged, an exodus of Jews from North America will result. 🙂
    We can say “If you don’t like it here, go on the hell to your ‘promised’ land!”. Hopefully, they will. (Trump is just making it easier for them.)

    1. It would never work. Jews are by nature parasites who require a host to suck off (fellate). Parasites do not live off other parasites, they need a nice juicy host to thrive i.e. America.

      1. WIggins,

        What you are saying is similar to what the father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, said. Jung said the Jews never learned how to form a society of their own. Instead, they learned how to insinuate themselves into the upper part of an existing society and survive there.

    2. Gilbert,

      That is exactly what happened at the turn of the twentieth century. Supporters of establishing Zion were considered anti-Semitic, both Jews and Gentiles, because they wanted to send the Jews away. Today, opponents of Zion, both Jews and Gentiles, are considered anti-Semitic. A girl just can’t win.

  3. From being placed in Auto-moderation to Straight on the board, and then back to Auto-moderation, today. Wow, what a Loop di Loop! Did someone at NSA let down their guard? If they are screwing with anybody they are with me.

    Inexplicable but explainable. I understand Arch Stanton shares the same fate.

    ADMIN: Yes, the same thing is happening to Arch. Console yourself with the fact that ALL comments are moderated on most other sites. Very few sites allow aotomatic posting nowadays. We allow this because it makes dialogue between posters much smoother and easier. BTW, I still think your problem is a technical one rather than that some sinister internet surveillance authority is keeping its tabs on you! Mind you, Google may have had complaints about you from other websites and has decided to make your life tough. (SrM)

    1. Sister M> Thanks for the reply. I would take action on my end if I had even an inkling of what to do or where to look! I don’t mind the moderation detour. I do not like not knowing where the problem is, just out of professional habit.

      I have tried different browsers, BTW. I have desecrated the entire Google Leadership-the two Jew boys and the execrable Schmidt many times. These punks actually started out with the motto, “First, do no evil”, which was quickly abandoned when they found out how fun, profitable, and power enhancing evil can be.

      I will make some enquiries on my end with some tech savvy types and see what they say.

      Warmest regards, SM

    1. Cuss all you want – but if you’d rather see that fat-assed commie bitch KILLARY in office than Mr. Trump, go out and march with your baboon buddies marching “for equality”, with Al Sharpton! At least Mr. Jew isn’t asking to be recognized as something he isn’t…

      1. Gil –

        DJT agrees …. Tweeted….

        Donald J. Trump Verified account @realDonaldTrump
        4:22 PM – 14 Jan 2017

        “Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S. I can use all the help I can get!”

  4. I feel sorry for you Yankees, but Trump seems to care more about Jews than about you.
    Less than 2 % of the US population is monopolizing 98% ( not that far I hope ) of Trump’s attention…
    I can’t help but compare the influence of this tiny community to the effect of a powerful poison.

    1. But Trump is taking positions and moving against traditional Frankfurt School Cultural and Social Marxist Jews. There are pragmatists and there are idealists. Pragmatists make things happen by dealing with and shaping Reality. Idealists take and write about it, and could preface every sentence by….”If only”.

  5. ten years ago I was invited to some kind of gathering of witches ,seers and monks
    that place was guarded by dogs who gave me the creeps ,they looked like beasts with the exception of two ,wolf one and wolf two who kept my company during the visit and somehow protected me.
    I was not allowed to attend their meetings or ceremony.
    but was told at the end of my visit and.. ..seems to me it was the real reason i was invited…..
    That Israel will disappear in the year 2020 ,their exact words were as i remember
    Israel will be no more in 2020
    how and why ,they refused to answer
    and I’m writing this now ,because i doubted their prediction then.but these days the world has changed.
    who would thought that a psycho path ignorant arrogant clown would be elected to the most powerful office in this planet.
    maybe the loony would take stupid arrogant actions which will lead to chains of unpredictable reactions which will result in many unknown results one of which will be the dismantling of Israel the rogue one
    who knows maybe the witches ,seers and monks got it right.
    time and the coming years would tell

    1. during the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2012 .Kissinger said , in 10 yrs Israel will be no more .
      This was reported in the NY times .
      Moreover, a Muslim scholar deduced from the holy Quran that most likely 2022 will be the end of Israel .
      I think it was Begin the former PM of Israel said his country will last one generation or so . A generation being 40 yrs.

      “who would thought that a psycho path ignorant…”

      Who had thought that a gay with a forged identity ( fake birth certificate), married to another gay, ( Michel or Michael ) borrowed children to make “a family” would become the President of….?
      The only thing I am sure of is that this national, pure deception couldn’t have happened without the consent and even the blessing of the CIA,the N.S.A and other Alphabet Agencies.
      Someone or rather some “monitoring comity” is/are managing the Security Services just like an administrator with full control manages an anti-virus: filtering targets, adjusting the depth of scanning, enabling in some sections and disabling in some others. The examples abound: Pearl Harbor,JFK assassination, Operation Gladio, the USS Liberty cover-up, 9/11…
      I don’t know of a major threat having been thwarted by these agencies but I know a lot
      where they miserably “failed” their duty.( seen from their perspective, the above were fully successful !).
      Trump should dismantle the “comity” which is hijacking this lethal tool – the Security Agencies. Unfortunately, he bound himself with strong ties to the Jewish lobby which is benefiting from this very tool.
      I am afraid Trump is drifting from “making America greater again” to ” making Israel greater than America”.
      This is not the program he was elected for.

  6. Everyone knows that jews are liars, but now we are supposed to believe that they are telling the truth about being invited to Trump’s inauguration because the Independent has said so based on what a jew, Reviv, has said. The clue that it is a lie is “…but did not immediately confirm whether representatives would attend.” They will not attend so that the lie will be considered the truth. This is so typically jewish.

    1. i was invited to the inauguration but turned it down due to timetable conflict since i booked a lane at the local bowling alley.
      devastated, trump decided to cancel the inauguration and quit presidency.
      luckily i was able to prevail on him to continue for the sake of country and nielsen tv ratings, which will understandably be low due to my absence.

      the point (obvious): don’t let jews bullshit you.

  7. @ Lasha

    “As there is a rational reason for hating Trump if all his most influential advisors are Jews (or Zionist non-Jews) who are egging him on to assist them in the destruction of Palestine.”

    If is a most important word. If means it may or not be. The only way we will know for sure is after Trump begins to take action after 1/20/17.

    One thing is for sure. Since every Senator in the US Senate has taken an oath to support Israel, any Trump cabinet position that does not meet that criteria will not be approved. Once approved, those cabinet positions may sing a slightly different tune than before their Senate approval. It will all hinge on what Trump does after his cabinet positions are approved since he will be calling the shots as to what his cabinet does. Again, only time will tell.

    1. @ Ungenius

      If is a most important word. If means it may or not be. The only way we will know for sure is after Trump begins to take action after 1/20/17.

      LD’s “IF” comment is perfectly reasonable. As I have pointed out repeatedly (and as Pat here has also stated more than once) Trump has ALREADY BEGUN TO TAKE ACTION before his inauguration. Why is it so hard for you to see this?

      Trump has ALREADY taken certain steps that justifiably cause concern among his supporters: (1) the appointment of Jews and Zionists to important positions in his administration, including his own Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner who will have access to top secret information which he could then leak to Israel if he wished; (2) Trump’s clear indication that he has NO INTENTION of stopping Israel build more illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land. (3) His appointment as Israel ambassador a hardliner who backs Israel 100% and who favors more illegal settlements and future (potential) Gaza atrocities.

      Your comment that Trump has not yet taken any negative actions in regard to the Arab-Israeli situation is therefore false. This is a bit like making excuses for Mr X by saying, “Mr X is okay. He hasn’t killed his wife yet, so relax! He’s only said he hates her guts and would like to see her dead.”

      1. Yes, Sard – –

        “(1) the appointment of Jews and Zionists to important positions in his administration, including his own Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner who will have access to top secret information which he could then leak to Israel if he wished;”

        Victor Ostrovsky showed why that is needed by Israel, and what the Mossad accomplished giving the big businesses to Israel with it in the 1980s… without a favorite son-in-law to help Israel make $$$Billions:

        Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception
        St Martin’s Press, New York 1990.

        NO research costs…… Can sell for less…. Get the bid…!!

        Suppose, for instance, McDonnell Douglas wants to sell U.S.-made airplanes to Saudi Arabia. Is that a U.S. issue or an Israeli issue? Well, as far as the Institute is concerned, it’s Israel’s business. When you have something like that in place, it’s very difficult not to use it. So they do.

        {p. 270} One of the more famous of Al’s activities involved the theft of research material from some major U.S. aircraft-manufacturing firms to help Israel secure a five-year, $25.8 million contract in January 1986 to supply the U.S. navy (shipboard) and marine corps with 21 16-foot-long drones, or unmanned Mazlat Pioneer 1 aircraft, plus the accompanying ground control, launch, and recovery equipment. The drones, which have a television monitor mounted underneath, are used in military reconnaissance work. Mazlat, a subsidiary of the state-run Israeli Aeronautical Industries and Tadiran, “won” the contract after outbidding U.S. firms in a 1985 tender.

        In reality, Al stole the research. Israel had been working on a drone, but was not nearly far enough advanced to enter this competition.

        When you don’t have to include research recovery costs in your bid, it makes a substantial difference…!!

        After winning the contract, Mazlat went into partnership with AAI Corp. of Baltimore, Maryland, to complete it.

        Al is similar to Tsomet, but it does not come under the jurisdiction of the head of Tsomet. Rather, it reports directly to the head of Mossad. Unlike normal Mossad stations, it does not operate inside the Israeli embassy. Its stations are located in safe houses or apartments.

        The three Al teams are set up as a station, or unit. Let’s say that for some reason relations between Israel and Great Britain collapsed tomorrow and the Mossad had to leave the United Kingdom. They could dispatch an Al team to London and have a complete clandestine setup the next day. The Al katsas are among the most experienced in the Institute.

        The United States is one place where the consequences for messing up are immense. But not working through the embassy creates difficulties, especially with communications. If Al people are caught in the United States, they’re jailed as spies. They have no diplomatic immunity. The worst that can happen to a katsa in a normal station, because he has diplomatic immunity, is deportation. Officially, the Mossad has a liaison station in Washington, but nothing else.

        {p. 271} The Americans don’t realize how much information is given to us through NATO, information that can be manipulated to present a much more vivid picture. …

      2. Sard said: “Trump has ALREADY taken certain steps that justifiably cause concern among his supporters: (1) the appointment of Jews and Zionists to important positions in his administration, including his own Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner …”

        Look for Kushner’s departure within 2 to 4 years. Just saying …

        Hint: Trump divested himself of ALL of his business holding. He did not have to, it is not required of a President to do so. But he did it anyway to avoid any future appearance of impropriety or appearance of conflict of interest. TO AVOID THE APPEARANCE … Do you really think he does not know how so many pro-Zionist appointments looks? Perhaps energy is better spent asking how the appointments benefit America, keeping in mind it may not be immediately obvious.

        Now, back to Mr. X killing his wife … ?

      3. @ Sardonicus

        I would assume that you would expect non-jew friendly cabinet appointments to be approved by those pledged to support Israel. Trump without a cabinet would certainly be a waste of time except that it would give the jew controlled congress a good excuse to impeach him which would fit with the jewish global agenda, no Trump.

        Trump cannot act in a fantasy vacuum. He must initially survive in a jewish dominated government environment if he is to accomplish anything contrary, nationalism, to the jewish global agenda. It is a one step at a time process, not a bull in a china shop dictator coup. Again, time will tell for sure.

        As a point of consideration, by aligning with Israel concerning the UN resolution against settlements, the ground is laid for pulling the plug on the jewish global UN with the backing of the jewish controlled congress. Trump has already voiced his distain for the UN. Of course, if Trump were to manage to collapse the UN, the naysayers would immediately claim that he was acting in the best interest of the jews.

  8. I have thought about this move to Jerusalem and it does seem ominous as well as Trump’s son-in-law being orthodox. Add to that Trump’s less than favorable opinions of Muslims, or at least it seems like that to me. But on the other hand I expected peace to arrive any day with all the brokered peace deals from every president since Nixon. For some reason Carter’s Camp David Peace Accord stands out in my memory like the one that really was suppose to stick. It seemed as if with every peace deal the carnage just got worse. In other words, nothing works with Israel. I actually stopped paying attention because it seemed like every day a soldier would use a Palestinian child for target practice or some totally cruel policy would be implemented that left people without water, food, employment.

    Is there anything good that can be said about the occupation? Why not try a one state solution? Maybe the move of the embassy to Jerusalem is the first step in negotiating a one state solution. The Israeli’s get their symbolic gesture from the U.S. and in return the momentum may be there to end this grizzly occupation and figure out the solutions. Instead of more wars for Israel there might be reparations for the displaced people….The ones in Jordan would not get the reparation if the deal included the right of return, but they could get a generous reparation for staying in Jordan. The same would be true of the people in Gaza, etc. They would get the generous reparations for not insisting on coming back to villages that no longer even exist. Water resources would have to be shared because it would be one country. Justice would have to be equal because those in occupied territories would be citizens. Now that Israel has brought the wrath of the world against them, a new solution has to come forward. At least I can hope this is the beginning.

    1. In the 1960s, Dr. Patrick Moynihan, one of the last sane and mentally normal Democrats, coined the term “Benign Neglect”, regarding the American Negro’s problems, family disintegration etc, etc. He saw quite clearly and honestly reported that ANY government intervention or “help” was causing more harm (especially long term) than any helping. Better to just leave it The F Alone as the best course of action. Let Nature take its course, stop patronizing these people, stop making them addicts, and developmentally retrogressive.

      Well, we know what happened.

      Why is it a choice, a dichotomy between Israeli, Jews, and Palestine, Muslims? I reject it. The Third Option was given by George Washington and his very cool colleagues: stay out of the conflicting affairs of other nations. Which we never did. And which we should have.

      It’s never too late to correct a long serial string of constant error. I believe we should just leave it alone in the Middle Beast. Let Israel stand or fall. Let Nature take its course re: the Palestinians. What is with this deification of just another sub-species of sub-humans, i.e., Muslims. Are they better than any others, Afghans, Kuwaitis, Iraqis, etc? Of course not. They are inbred, murderous, treacherous, hateful toward Christians, and permanently stunted due to Islam and inbreeding. They are all scum. Let them fight it out. Let’s hear for the exit and head over to the diner for some apple pie. Screw ’em, F’ ’em. All of them.

      1. Poupon Marx said: “Let Nature take its course re: the Palestinians.”

        Nature cannot take its course when the Palestinians are in an unnatural position. Remember, there are 2-million Palestinians in Gaza, mostly refugees, living in a territory that will be uninhabitable by 2020, just three years from now. Right now, Gaza residents enjoy a mere 4-hrs of electricity a day. Rolling blackouts means when the lights come on, no matter what time of day or night, you get up and do laundry, take a shower, cook, try to heat the home (it is winter there) and anything and everything else that requires electricity, while you can. I think that is the reason for a push for a 2-state solution, now, to give those Palestinians a place to go – the state of Palestine.

        Then he said: “Are they (Palestinians) better than any others, Afghans, Kuwaitis, Iraqis, etc? Of course not. They are inbred, murderous, treacherous, hateful toward Christians, and permanently stunted due to Islam and inbreeding. They are all scum.”

        No, the Palestinians are not like other Muslims. They are extremely tolerant of other religions. Palestinians have occupied the area now known as Palestine for more than 1500+ years with no wars, no ethnic cleansing, no fighting, no land disputes. Muslims, Christian, and Jews lived side-by-side, in their own communities, in Palestine until the European Jews came in the late 19th century. Initially, the Palestinians welcomed the European Jews. The local, Palestinian Jews immediate hated the European Jews, which hated the Palestinian Jews, in return. (The Euro Jews being atheists and the Palestinian Jews being religious.) Eventually, the Palestinian Muslims revolted against the invading Euro Jews.

        It was similar in Syria, Christians, Muslims and Jews all living happily ever after. Ethnic cleansing only happened when the Kurds were brought in to cleanse the Christians and were promised the northern part of the area (now known to be resources rich) for doing so. The Kurds do not belong in Syria. Today, the Syrian govt is 25% Christian. The Syrian constitution requires the govt to be secular and so far, all sides have respected that. I have no idea of the objective of the US backed rebels fighting the Assad govt with respect to the Jews and Christians in Syria, or if they will keep a secular govt.

      2. @ Gilroy Kelly

        Poupon Marx said: “Let Nature take its course re: the Palestinians.”

        Nature cannot take its course when the Palestinians are in an unnatural position. Remember, there are 2-million Palestinians in Gaza, mostly refugees, living in a territory that will be uninhabitable by 2020, just three years from now…

        An excellent comment, Gilroy, but completely wasted on Poupon Marx who believes, among other things, that none of the buildings brought down on 9/11 were brought down by controlled demolitions.

        He spends most of his time here generating off-topic comments about wind farms and the beauties of complex machinery, also likes posting long off-topic videos about the musical sounds made by certain types of locomotives or automobiles.

        All extremely fascinating, I’m sure, but nothing whatever to do with the important subjects we are discussing on this website. I really do think Poupon should be rationed to 500 words a day like Tyron Parsons. Which is probably 450 words too much. 🙂

      3. “They are inbred, murderous, treacherous, hateful toward Christians, and permanently stunted due to Judaism”, er uh, you said Islam ( my mistake )…ahem

      4. Gilroy –

        “Palestinians have occupied the area now known as Palestine for more than 1500+ years with no wars, no ethnic cleansing, no fighting, no land disputes. Muslims, Christian, and Jews lived side-by-side, in their own communities, in Palestine..”

        I have read that the Crusaders were not really ‘good neighbors’ over the centuries….. Hard to live with. Hard to stay alive with….. Although, head crushing ‘stonings’ ruled the day for Christians when musselmen were in charge…

        In the year 637 the ‘good-neighbor’ armies of Islam lead by the Caliph Omar conquered the city of Jerusalem, the center of the Christian world and a magnet for Christian pilgrims. The city’s Muslim masters exhibited a certain level of religious tolerance. No new churches were to be built and crosses could not be displayed publicly.


        In the spring of 1097, a host of over 100,000 crusaders joined forces on the eastern side of the Bosphorus. The combined army then fought its way along the coast of the Mediterranean reaching the gates of Jerusalem in June of 1099.

        “Exulting with joy we reached the city of Jerusalem on Tuesday, June 6, and we besieged it in a wonderful manner. Robert of Normandy besieged it on the northern side, near the church of St. Stephen, the first martyr, who was there stoned for Christ’s name…… ”

      5. @Pat,

        Thanks, Pat. My fault, I did not make myself clear; I was referring to the local people, Christians, Jews and Muslims as the people of Palestine that did not cause harm to each other, did not fight each other. I was not referring to outside invaders which the local people would have no control over.

    2. KAPOORE said: “Why not try a one state solution? Maybe the move of the embassy to Jerusalem is the first step in negotiating a one state solution.”

      The latest I am reading is the plan for the US embassy in Israel is possibly changing. Now, instead of moving the embassy to Jerusalem, the Trump administration is looking to move only the Ambassador to Jerusalem, presumably to work from the US consulate there, and leave the embassy in Tel Aviv. I did not see how it was possible to move the embassy to Jerusalem since Jerusalem is internationally recognized, without exception, even by the US, as autonomous, administered by the UN and not part of Israel. I have written about this recently in other posts here. The Israeli hope of having the US embassy in Jerusalem to validate Jerusalem as part of Israel may not happen … at least until the plan changes, again.

      At the same time … I read Israeli press, daily. The overall mood in Israel, as expressed in the op-eds, as I see it, is changing from euphoric optimism for Trump’s unconditional support of all thing Israel, to a more cautious optimism with a suggested posture of wait-and-see what the “shrewd businessman” will do for Israel.

      A one-state solution is no solution for Israel. As Kerry correctly stated, as a single state, Israel will be either a Jewish state or a democracy, but it cannot both. Let us consider:

      As a Jewish state, Jews, and only Jews, will enjoy more rights, protections, freedoms, and get to vote. Christians and Muslims will not. It will continue as an apartheid state with Christians and Arabs suppressed, something that will be short lived in the 21st century. In addition, all Arab states will turn toward Israel, and that it will not make for a friendly neighborhood for Israel to live in.

      As a democracy, returning Palestinians along with existing Palestinians and Christians will rapidly out-weight the vote. Israel, being formerly Jewish dominated, will fade to the pages of history books.

      Israel does not want a single-state solution, for the reasons mentioned above. And Israel does NOT want to annex the West Bank. There is too much advantage to maintaining the status quo for the West Bank. From ‘State of Terror – How Terrorism Created Modern Israel’ by Thomas Suarez, here is why:

      1- It enables the façade of a Palestinian govt, thereby absolving Israel of its responsibilities under international law.

      2 – It allows Israel to deny the Palestinians the vote yet maintain the façade of Israel democracy, even though it is Israel, not the Palestinian Authority, that controls their lives.

      3 – It passes on to the international community the expense of Israel’s crippling of the Palestinian economy, foreign-aid to Palestinian thus being, in truth, disguised money to Israel.

      4 – The political repression of the Palestinians is done in the name of the Palestinian Authority, not Israel.

      Me thinks the bottom line is a two-state solution with a very unhappy Israel. That will inflame the religious Jews against the atheist Jews in Israel, the later likely being unable to contain themselves. I am all about entertainment, so, bring on a two-state solution. And, fwiw, the Palestinians are naturally a very tolerant people. They will not be the problem in a two-state solution.

  9. Gilroy> Right now there are millions of Tibetans under Chinese oppression. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim girls will undergo genital mutilation in a couple of years. Millions of Africans are slaves, slaughtered for fun, forcibly converted to Islam. Europe will be Muslim in 10 years. And so on and so forth. Don’t forget the Christians in the Middle East that are slaughtered, raped and mutilated because they are Christians

    This is to put the Palestinians’ plight into context. If you would but ponder: what would happen if the United States and the West said “hands off”, we will have nothing to do with the Middle East”? That would mean that the Muslim-Israeli conflict would be decided conclusively, yes? And in whose favor, pray tell?

    This is not our neighborhood, not our problem, and their is nothing for us to gain. This is attitude that emanates from the milieu and what passes for thought and wisdom in the West. Notice, Asians and The Orient do not meddle/muddle in these quicksand, bottomless pit useless exercises. THINK!

    I have received your Virtual Signaling that you are compassionate and real “mensch”.

    1. Rationing you to 500 words a day is not “censorship.” That’s far more words per day than any other poster here, including myself, needs or requires. It’s not censorship, it’s compassion on your readers. You overdo it. Someone needs to rein you in and prevent you from indulging in this form of exhibitionistic narcisssism.

      You have a tendency to this tedious vice of verbal diarrhea. That’s why you were banned originally, wasn’t it, because of your verbal excesses and total lack of self-restaint?

      You must be trying the patience of poor dear Sister Monica. Have pity on her if for no one else. I bet she’s can’t like having to monitor 10 new comments of yours every time she logs in to her computer!

      Have mercy on your readers also, dear Poupon. Take it from me: you are becoming a bore. Pack it in and post less. Or I predict you will be given the boot again, sooner or later.

      1. Sardonicus> If I thought your comments came from objective desire to further the interests of the Greater Good of DM, I would take them under consideration. But I do not believe that, and I do not believe you do either. Whatever your personal dislike of me is, from wherever it comes from, is not worth my time to assess.

        You obviously are using a false flag, transparent tantrum to do me personal harm or denigration. I, who wish you no harm or animosity, can but only wonder at your singling me out for baseless, irrational, and wholly idiosyncratic pillory? is this a catharsis for you? Feel better now? Do you feel more potent that you have entreated the management to sanction me, because “you have been here longer”? Do I somehow make you feel threatened?

        I will just leave at this: up to now I have taken caution to avoid any direct comment to you totally.

        Really, S., telling one and all that the length of my posts somehow restricts their access to DM. They are obligated to read my posts? My posts “crowd out” (like a commuter train, perchance?) other postings!!!

        Let’s end this here, I propose. You post yours, and I will mine. I care what certain people on DM think of my comments, but uber alles what Sister Monica and Dr. DM, above all. I am an engineer, and information that is illogical, irrational, and without basis of fact and objectivity is of very little interest to me.

      2. Relax, Poupon. I have no reason to “dislike” you. As an aspirant to the monastic life, I’ve no wish to go around disliking complete strangers. That would be incompatible with my overall purpose, which is to be at peace with humanity. You are free to take my advice or ignore it. It’s up to you entirely. I’m sorry to see you are unable to come to terms wth my genuine desire to help you.

  10. Sardonicus, Sardonicus> Still carrying around that weight of whatever towards me? Citing VERY OLD postings before I was banned and stomped off? Are you learning anything in that “monastery” in Japan? Any wisdom on the menu? Do they teach hardtack bitterness and bile? It must be of an Oriental religion I have never heard of. Please enlighten me.

    Advocating censorship? Isn’t that what we rail against everyday, as the handiwork of the Jew? Speech codes, “Hate Speech”, “Protected” Groups”? Is that what you really want?

    And for you and “Not So Silent Reader”: I have not attacked anybody, nor made personal comments toward anyone UNLESS they attacked me ad hominem. Please note that well.

    1. Ha! I go out on the place awhile, then come in and sit down to tea or beer – or whatever – and y’all are fussing about who’s fussing… You’re ENTERTAINING! 🙂
      Keep ’em riled, Poupon! (Sister M. has probably gone for a tryst with TROJ, after his sweet-talking her the other day – so you won’t be monitored tonight, anyway…) (I hope the orderlies cleaned him up and made him presentable!)
      If you’re sweet, I can tell that Madame Butterfly wants you! 🙂

    2. @ Poupon on you mfkr
      hey sonofabitch low life swine ,shut up bitch
      i really really like to beat you up then drag you on to my farm ,give you to the horny monkey
      he will give you the Qaddafi treatment and throw you to my hyenas who will devour you for lunch
      no more poupy the sonofabitch

      1. Your footprints on Mommy’s computer chair will give you away, after she told you not to use it. How many grades have you been put back, now? How can anyone respond in any to a Special Needs child, other than gently admonish him?

        And STOP lifting the dog by his EARS!

      2. @ Poupon Marx
        okey poup you passed the test !
        I was just testing your temperament .
        you know ,,we Jews are weird sometimes .

    1. I haven’t given this question much thought, I have to confess. I’ll get back to you soon, once I’ve formulated my thoughts. Cheers!

    2. @ Madame Butterfly

      You may have inadvertently posted on the wrong site. This is Darkmoon, not Match or eHarmony. 🙂

    3. Madame Butterfly
      if a good Jew liked you and expressed interest on you
      what would be your response

  11. I was afraid that Donald Trump might walk into the quick sand in search of that fantasy castle in the fairytale called Israel. A decade a go I helped my son write his master thesis for college. We chose water resources and the wars in the middle east. It’s easy to dream about little Israel who made the desert bloom. The hard reality is that Israel is nearly a non-viable state because its primary water source is in Syria, that is, enemy territory. There was a time when Israel was lusting so hard after the Litani river that they named their boys Litani. The dark truth is, Donald, that Isis was created to save Israel from certain doom when the water runs out, or even low. Israel came into a sparsely populated land of small villages and dirt farmers. They arrogantly called those water wise peasants backward, kicked them off the land, and made the desert bloom. In the process they managed to salt up the underground aquifers. Now they have a swimming pools, and executives go to the gym and want to shower; while the despised water smart dwellers on the land know that water is too precious for three showers a day, and swimming pools are not required in every settlement. There were two solutions that those genius Israelis came up with: make salt water into fresh water, and have virtual water. Well the salt water into fresh water isn’t so great because it’s essentially distilled water that isn’t good for either people or crops, so they gave that water to the Palestinians (or so the story goes). Then there was virtual water which was water in the form of imported food from areas water rich areas like certain parts of Africa. It’s hard to get all the facts on that but suppose that Israelis bought a bunch of land in a country and displaced the population–that is a fantasy on my part because I’m not sure that happened or not but it might have. Only Israel has no interest in taking in Africans. Then there are other rich aquifers to steal like in Libya–seriously don’t know what is with that either.

    Bottom line for Trump is that his son-in-law is probably like the vast majority of Jews. Let’s say 100% of the Jews I have met who have never even heard of the way that Israel covets Lebanon’s water. If I tell him that we are trying to replace Assad so that Israel can get the Litani he looks blank. Israelis are still proud of making the desert bloom. They are proud of their swimming pools on the hills over the lowly dirt farmers below and they love to take those executive privilege three showers a day. How many of the 29 trillion dollars of our debt is there because we have fought useless wars to try to safe the possibly unviable state of Israel. I say unviable because seriously you can not have more than a dirt farmer and a small village on that land, even if you are the smartest jew in the world. So, the Jews might bamboozle Trump into another war with Syria to get what they will never have, now that Russia, China, and Iran are hip to the problem; they will never have the Litani. And America should not pay for another war.

    Also, I hope Mr. Trump sees that everything Germany does is better than what we do–better cars, better refrigerators, better dishwashers, better faucets, and the list goes on. It’s partly because Germans are so good at engineering but also because they value their skilled work force and haven’t shipped all that work oversees and trained other people’s work force. So we have a long haul back to becoming the “best in the world.” So we have way too much work cut out for us to fight Israel’s wars.

    1. Stunning comment, Kapoore! It’s always refreshing to have your perspective.

      I hear that Trump has just appointed his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to the top position in negotiating a Middle East “peace deal” with the Palestinians.

      Imagine that! Putting a Jew in charge of getting a fair and just deal for the Palestinians! 🙂

      1. I should correct myself. The Golan is the source of the Jordan. So the Golan is most of Israel’s water and that is in Syria. The Litani is in Lebanon. Somehow or other the arrogant Israeli’s have managed to alienate both those countries. The Golan is disputed territory and to get that firmly into Israeli hands probably meant getting rid of Assad. Maybe to destabilize the area–who knows. These are all deep dark secrets packaged in so much lying it’s almost not worth unwrapping the whole thing, if you have other things to do. I think Trump should be courteous to the Israelis and sympathetic if he wants to be, but he should not ever, ever, wade into that mess…oops wrong metaphor. Maybe only Moses can make water come out of rock, not Trump. Stay away Trump… stay far away from that horrible situation.

    2. Kapoore> I enjoyed your article and found it very informative. I would add that your relative distinction and between German and American workforce training and expertise is true in many cases, I am sure. You describe a point in time, i.e., now the present on this subject.

      I believe the TREND is negative for Germany and all of Europe due to severe negative population growth of natives and the mass invasion of the lowest IQ/info peoples on the Planet. I recently read that Merkel is jawboning the large German industries to hire these invaders, giving them preference over native Germans. She, ironically, emphasized hiring them as truck drivers. We know how well that worked out. The latest report notes that only 3% of these invaders have found gainful employment.

      An article I have read notes the evacuation of educated technocrats from the Northern European countries, outbound and emigrating to the US/Canada, Australia, and South America. This is normal and expected-for rational thinking people.

      Therefore the TREND is extremely negative, and unlikely to bend away from downward. If the US restores a low tax, more free enterprise-market economy (such as existed before the Marxists started taking over in the 1960s, this talent-and capital-will migrate in large magnitude to the U.S.

      I submit the example of Panama, capitalist, free market, relative to the rest of Central and South America. I lived there for 3 years.

  12. Kapoore says “Everything Germany does is better….”. True. It even applies to farm machinery nowadays (and I had thought America had bested that niche!). I was at the barns today, and a new disc-bine was delivered. It was a Kuhn brand, and I asked my cousin (who orders new machinery) why he ordered a Kuhn instead of a New Holland or Case-International or John Deere. It certainly looks more substantial, but his reasoning was that the bearings and knives, being Germany-productions, would last much longer and take more punishment. (The Big Three American machinery producers are all using China bearings – and they just don’t last as long.)
    Come to think of it – it has been a long time since I have seen the old Timkin bearings in the re-build accessories, too! 🙁
    Germany is STILL producing first-class stuff. (I wonder if Ms. Merkel’s ‘diversity’ will ensure that continuity??)

    1. Gil –

      “(The Big Three American machinery producers are all using China bearings – and they just don’t last as long.)”

      That’s just ONE reason why China is no threat to anyone not within China’s borders. Their cheap crap will not hold up. Even their nails and screws bend and break easily…!! 🙂

  13. Will there also be group of displaced palestinians invited? This is yet another case of the Zionists getting special double-standards treatment, when they are the ones causing the problems.

    I am always amazed that they get away with this victimhood posture. It doesn’t auger well for America. The rest of the world is not living in a Zionist bubble. New generations of Palestinians are growing up and they will not go away. They will continue the fight against a great injustice, and they will have technologies that their predecessors never dreamt of.

    I had hoped that Trump would be a fresh start, a different approach, to the gradual theft of Palestine.

    1. Israel continues to drag America’s reputation through the gutter. The great Republic of the Founding Fathers is being used to support Israel, and that is Israel First, Israel before the USA.

  14. Pat –
    All too often history is colored with biases and especially history that is dealing with something as sensitive as religion. When I was a young boy I was schooled by priests from Wales and formerly taught Christianity and ‘Christian’ history of Muslims, indeed ‘Christian’ history of pagan peoples in general. As I studied more and explored philosophy from all regions of the Earth. I saw in ‘Christian’ history of everybody else, a slant, and an image of everything non-Christian to be foul and in ‘need of cleansing’. I think this is due to the fundamental bias that it is only Christians who are saved and it is the duty of Christians to ‘save’ everyone else.

    When I studied the Quran I saw a different perspective of a generic, no name, innate religion that is native to all peoples. In Arabic it is called Islam (resignation to the will of God).
    Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve. [Quran 2:62]

    It can be said that the Muslims are guilty of the same, only to a lesser extent, and that may be true especially after the first three generations after the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. From my studies, the early Muslims appear to be quite sincere and went to enormous lengths to ascertain the veracity of a report. In fact an entire science became based on people who were known to have sound intellect and were truthful. This science was called ‘Ilm Al Rijaal’. There are literally encyclopedias of listings of names with a short bio of these transmitters. I know of no other tradition before Islam that has this. Even in the Quran itself there are verses that ‘seem’ to criticize the Prophet.

    Anyway, here is the treaty that was signed by Umar and Patriarch Sophronius, along with some of the generals of the Muslim armies.

    The text of the treaty read:
    In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. This is the assurance of safety which the servant of God, Umar, the Commander of the Faithful, has given to the people of Jerusalem. He has given them an assurance of safety for themselves for their property, their churches, their crosses, the sick and healthy of the city and for all the rituals which belong to their religion. Their churches will not be inhabited by Muslims and will not be destroyed. Neither they, nor the land on which they stand, nor their cross, nor their property will be damaged. They will not be forcibly converted. No Jew will live with them in Jerusalem.
    The people of Jerusalem must pay the taxes like the people of other cities and must expel the Byzantines and the robbers. Those of the people of Jerusalem who want to leave with the Byzantines, take their property and abandon their churches and crosses will be safe until they reach their place of refuge. The villagers may remain in the city if they wish but must pay taxes like the citizens. Those who wish may go with the Byzantines and those who wish may return to their families. Nothing is to be taken from them before their harvest is reaped.
    If they pay their taxes according to their obligations, then the conditions laid out in this letter are under the covenant of God, are the responsibility of His Prophet, of the caliphs and of the faithful.
    – Quoted in The Great Arab Conquests, from Tarikh Tabari

    1. Seeb –

      Not much sensitive about religions that I have seen. They ALL are big businesses. That’s it..!!

      Business organizations… ALL..!! Pretty simple….

      Even have collectors….. and pay to pray..

      They even have hit men… mercenaries.. 🙂

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