Jews accused of ‘blackmailing’ Sweden with help of Barbara Spectre

“When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: ‘If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.'” — Ingrid Carlqvist, Swedish journalist.



I don’t believe in making libellous allegations and I don’t intend to start now. It’s possible that Barbara Spectre is a paragon of virtue. What strikes me as rather odd are three questions which this unpopular and potentially dangerous Jewish agitator makes no attempt to address:

QUESTION 1.  Why should Jews place themselves in the forefront of the movement to rescue Europe from certain extinction, given that Jews have never shown the slightest inclination for altruism throughout their history?—always striving to advance Jewish interests at the expense of everyone else’s interests, and above all, always doing what is “good for the Jews”.

QUESTION 2.  How is it possible to sing the praises of mass immigration to Europe, maintaining that this is necessary for European “survival”, when such mass immigration is bound to produce miscegenation and mongrelizaton of the indigenous white Europeans, leading to white genocide in 50-60 years? In short, how can white genocide be good for whites?

QUESTION 3.  Why is multiculturalism such a good idea for Europe and America and other white homelands but such a bad idea for Israel? Why are endless swarms of immigrants to be seen as blessings in Europe and America but as curses in Israel? (See video at end of article where Israeli officials and rabbis refer openly to all refugees as “infiltrators”.)

—  §  —

Let me explain I had no idea until this morning that Barbara Spectre and Big Jewry had become involved somehow in serious allegations of “blackmail”. I only discovered this a few hours ago when I received an email from a trusted correspondent of mine who had made this startling allegation on his blog. He had published an article earlier in the day entitled ‘Sweden: Barbara Spectre & Paideia – Jews blackmailed Swedish government for funds‘.

All I know is that my correspondent is called Balder (also spelled “Baldur”), a name from Nordic mythology often given to dogs in Denmark. Balder and I have exchanged emails a few times, and as far as I’m concerned, he has passed the litmus test with flying colors. (Balder’s blog). An expert on the life and work of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, Balder wrote to me one day out of the blue, gently ticking me off for posting two misleading pictures in an article on my website (written by an Italian) concerning Count Kalergi. At first I thought this man with the odd name was just another internet pest finding fault with me for posting pictures he disliked. (Yes, I get those types!) Closer investigation revealed that Balder was absolutely correct and so I deleted the two offending pictures without hesitation. They had made the misleading claim that Count Kalergi was Jewish. He was not.

Kalergi was of mixed race: half Austrian on his father’s side (a high aristocrat) and half Japanese on his mother’s side (of noble samurai ancestry). Many people, however, still persist in believing that Kalergi was Jewish. Nor can they be blamed for entertaining these suspicions, given that Kalergi was not only financed by top Jews but literally hero-worshipped Jews, believing that Jews constituted a super race.

This mention of Count Kalergi is by no means irrelevant to this article. This is because Barbara Spectre would not only have heard of Count Kalergi but would have regarded him as a major inspiration.

Count Kalergi happens to be one of the most important founding fathers of multiculturalism. He is a key figure behind mass Third World immigration. Methodically planned miscegenation, leading to the mongrelization of the white race and its eventual disappearance, was an idea very dear to the heart of Count Kalergi. It would be no exaggeration to refer to Count Kalergi as the patron saint of White genocide.

The founder of the Pan-European Union,  a forerunner of the European Union (EU), Count Kalergi made his agenda perfectly clear: he wanted to establish a “United States of Europe”, a federal superstate without borders or national identities. The rulers of this superstate, moreover, were to be predominantly Jewish. Kalergi made this crystal clear in his many pronouncements: that the Jewish people were the intellectual and spiritual crème de la crème of the planet and that they were the only people fit to rule.

World government was Count Kalergi’s ultimate aim: a world ruled over by superior Jews and their philosemitic foot soldiers.

Here is a key quotation from a previous article of mine on Count Coudenhove-Kalergi:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

LD: And here Kalergi goes on to offer golden words of praise for the Jews:

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. (Emphasis added, see here)

All this, you can be sure, Barbara Spectre is acquainted with. She would be aware that it was Count Kalergi who helped to set up the first Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize, with funding from his rich Jewish backers. The first recipient of the prize (in 1951) was Kalergi himself. The name of the prize was later changed. Today known as the Charlemagne Prize, it is awarded only to the most important statesmen in the world—provided they are unflinchingly Zionist and 100 percent in favor of multiculturalism.

Let me quote what I said in my previous article on Count Kalergi and you will at once recognize its relevance to this article:

All the recipients of the prestigious Charlemagne prize have been ardent philosemites cast in the Coudenhove-Kalergi mold, believing passionately in a New World Order in which Jews would feature prominently. As you might expect, all the winners of the Charlemagne Prize (see this picture) have been enthusiastic supporters of multiculturalism and mass immigration, two relatively recent winners being Tony Blair (1999) and Angela Merkel (2008). Note that both Blair and Merkel have been assiduous champions of Third World immigration to the West, helping to create horrendous problems in their respective countries.These are the People Farmers and we are their livestock.

—  §  —

You might ask yourself an intriguing question now: how does an American Jew, by name Barbara Spectre, born in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1942, end up in Stockholm 57 years later, and manage in the space of two years to chat up the Swedish government into handing over $4 million to her? — in order for her to set up a Jewish institute whose main purpose would appear to be propagandistic: i.e., to pressurize the Swedish government into throwing open its borders to endless hordes of Third World Immigrants.

Not exemplary immigrants either, but immigrants destined to be a burden on the Swedish state and a menace to Swedish women. Since the arrival of these newcomers, brought in at the behest of our spectral jewess, there has been a rape epidemic in Sweden.

A brief biography of the Spectre:

“She studied philosophy at Columbia University and NYU, attaining an M.A. in Philosophy. She married Rabbi Philip Spectre, and the couple moved in 1967 to Ashkelon, Israel, where she served on the faculty of Jewish Studies at Achva College of Education. After moving to Jerusalem in 1982, she served on the philosophy faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute of Jerusalem, the Melton Center of the Hebrew University, and Yellin College of Education where she was cited as Outstanding Lecturer 1995- 1997….

In 1999, she immigrated to Sweden and settled in Stockholm, to join her husband Philip, who was then serving as the Rabbi of the Stockholm Synagogue, and in 2000 she wrote the foundational paper to the Swedish government for the formation of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies, which she has continued to direct.”     

There’s something not quite right here.

We are expected to believe that the Swedish government suddenly decided to hand over $4 million to a recent Jewish immigrant to start up a Jewish institute whose only apparent purpose was to brainwash the Swedish people into accepting multiculturalism and mass immigration. The Swedish people are to turn a blind eye, it seems, to the rape epidemic convulsing their country and the eventual destruction of their genetic stock through  interbreeding with Third World invaders. This is just not plausible. What made the Swedish government hand over such a large sum of money to Barbara Spectre?

My correspondent Balder attempts to answer this question on his website. In a single word: blackmail. 

Let Balder explain:

Friday 5 May 2017

It turned out to be blackmail. Jewish organizations based in Sweden began to accuse the Swedish central bank of having dealt with “Nazi-gold” supposedly stolen from Jews during WWII. The Swedish government did two or three investigations, but couldn’t find any evidence for the Jewish allegations.

As Carlqvist says: “These Jewish organizations didn’t settle for this, and the Swedish government decided to give Paideia 40 million Swedish Kroner, about 4 million US Dollars, to set up the institute. Not for looted gold, for there was none, but “as a gesture”.

CARLQVIST: “When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: “If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.”

Sweden: Barbara Spectre & Paideia – Jews blackmailed Swedish government for funds  

Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, according to Balder, “followed the trail of Barbara Spectre’s infamous Paideia Institute supporting mass immigration and multiculturalism, and found out where the money came from, and how this Jewish and Zionist organization managed to get funding from the Swedish government.”

Born in 1960, Ingrid Kristina Carlqvist is an expert on the migrant crisis in Europe and has acquired a reputation for being highly critical of Islam. In March 2017 she fell out of favor with the Jews for daring to suggest that it might be a good idea to openly debate the evidence surrounding the Holocaust. According to her, no question should be free from scrutiny. Her popularity plummeted as a result of this controversial viewpoint. Carlqvist, incidentally, is the author of the article mentioned above on the rape epidemic in Sweden.

Her popularity among Jews suffered a further drastic downturn after she had the audacity to criticize Swedish Jews for their role in engineering the Swedish migrant crisis. Her suggestion that Jews “blackmailed” the Swedish government into financing Barbara Spectre’s Jewish Institute ‘Paideia’, by threatening to blacken Sweden’s reputation over its alleged dealings with the Nazis in WWII, has proved the last straw. Carlqvist is now persona non grata, a pariah among her own people, for daring to stand up to the Jews and expose their crimes.

on Red Ice Radio a few days ago 

Balder continues:


A video went viral, in which the American born Jewish Zionist Barbara Lerner Spectre, married to the Swedish Chief Rabbi, declared that Europe had to become multicultural, that Jews would be the leading force in a transformation which Europeans would not like, and as a result of this “anti-Semitism” would rise. But according to Barbara Lerner Spectre, this was to be done in spite of that or else “Europe would die”. The video is included in the RedIce TV show embedded on this page.

Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Carlqvist Questions the Unquestionable
RedIce TV Host: Henrik Palmgren

—  §  —


Is Barbara Spectre guilty of “blackmail”?  The answer is: I don’t know. I am not, personally, accusing this Jewish lady of blackmail. As you can see, I am not in possession of all the facts. And so the last thing I’d do is to make irresponsible allegations. However, I certainly think this toxic woman is capable of blackmail.

Note first that Balder has used the word “blackmail” in his article quite openly. It appears, moreover, that respected Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist is suggesting in her long 103-minute interview on Red Ice Radio that the Swedish government was subjected to high-pressure tactics by top Jewish organzations to part with $4 million.

“If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.”

This enormous sum of money, we know for a fact, somehow found its way into the bank account of Barbara Spectre’s European Institute of Jewish Studies, also known as Paideia.

Is this “blackmail’? I wouldn’t like to speculate.

Reader, you decide.

VIDEO : 4.37 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Jews using blackmail to extort money ? You don’t say !
    But-but are they not “God’s Chosen People” destined to be a “Light unto the Nations” ?

    Well, if you understand that for all practical purposes they function as an ethnic Mafia that doesn’t astonish you at all. I don’t know how many times already in history they have resorted to blackmail, but I know about a famous case in which they succeeded in extorting $5 BILLION from Swiss banks, so-called deposit money of Jews who died in the Holocaust, but for which they couldn’t show any proof. Still they succeeded in getting that money by sheer blackmail. The late William Pierce has the story :

    The Giant Gold Robbery, National Vanguard

    BTW, Balder can be found at Balder Blog :

  2. Just our luck to be ruled over by supremacist psychopaths and relentless conspirators. I suppose that is how they got their Jew World Order in the first place. They also cannot resist using mockery as they destroy us with our own culture. The appropriation of “Paideia” as the term for the instruction of our destruction must be an example of that psychopathic one-upmanship they call chutzpah. It is like a killer gleefully showing you he has just stabbed you with your own knife.

    Oil and gas pipelines; banksters; international business contracts; satanic voodoo celebrity claptrap; revolutions; wars; religious nutjob commissars (Chabad) — all of these are in service to a cultural war of annihilation being waged against the Goyim. Custom is king and it is their sworn duty to enslave and destroy us. The trick they learned is to control our own culture and get us to murder each other. Thus the blood of Goyim mothers is eternally spilled, the Jew is spared, and Homer’s riddle resolved.


    The question is does this Jewess have a
    RIGHT to ask this money??? If not she should on trial for blackmail and attenpted slander? Simple as that.

    1. Ultimately, that is it. WE backed down and allow the jews to do this. Why dont we gang up on them, and sue them for Bolshevik Revolution and the 30-40 million Holocaust that the jews killed in Russia? Demand the Czar’s gold be returned. Sue the intl jewish bankers for all the looting of churches, Xtian art, gold, property etc and demand the bolshevik bankers decendents REPAY it to Xtian jews.
      Do ALL the things the jews have done and flip it on them. REPARATIONS for Balfour Declaration lies, sue over the Fed Reserve swindle, sue jewish media over fake Iraq WMDs, start class action lawsuits against them for defamation via their relentless smears of ‘denier’ ‘antisemite’ etc.
      Jews win not because they’re better or smarter but because we are so PASSIVE and they rarely face any opposition.

      1. “Why dont we gang up on them, and sue them for….”

        Because Pharisee-Jew Bankers and Judges own and control the courts…. The Bench… The Banc…. The Bank.

        ALL the same…. ALL wear black robes..!! 🙂

        “Paper Arrows” explains “Bank” in DEFINITIONS:

      2. Audacity –

        Not even sniffling, whining, lying holohoax survivors with “YUGE” $$$$supporters can sue the criminal governments in Pharisee-Jew Courts anywhere in the world:

        “The two Holocaust survivors suing the US government and the Bush family for a total of $40bn in compensation claim both materially benefited from Auschwitz slave labour during the second world war.

        “Kurt Julius Goldstein, 87, and Peter Gingold, 85, began a class action in America – in 2001 – but the case was thrown out by Judge Rosemary Collier on the grounds that the government cannot be held liable under the principle of “state sovereignty”.

        “Jan Lissmann, one of the lawyers for the survivors, said:

        “President Bush withdrew President Bill Clinton’s signature from the treaty [that founded the court] not only to protect Americans, but also to protect himself and his family.”

        withdrew President Bill Clinton’s signature??
        withdrew President Bill Clinton’s signature??
        withdrew President Bill Clinton’s signature??

        (Yes… Martial Law Proper allows it.)

      3. excellent idea, despite Pat’s caveats, doable, provided we stop being goyums and become men.
        Pat, you are quite correct legally speaking but might makes right and in fact is the source of all laws, something that jew knows all too well and uses to the hilt, which is why laws are all in his favor.

        Law of the slaughterhouse does not favor cows.

        There is only one effective way that doesn’t begin with violence but it does involve aggressive truth, start accusing them of EVERYTHING, demanding EVERYTHING, no punches pulled, make demands that even with all the jew loot in the world they don’t have a chance of repaying – which in fact they don’t for the simple reason that if stripped of all the wealth, the fact is that ALL of it is stolen, so there is nothing extra to penalize them for – but we must start demanding openly and fearlessly.

        And where that may lead, well, that’s the interesting question but the objective is natural polarization made visible to all.
        They wouldn’t be able to surf that tsunami.

      4. Lobro –

        I answered HIS specific question:

        “Why dont we gang up on them, and sue them”

        You answered a “BIGGLY” different circuitous question …
        ………………one you invented about cowz..!! 🙂

      5. jews are winning because WE watch their key indoctrination media….and because the issue the curriculum into schools….they set the social conscience of what the society believes to be true which in reality is most often not truth….and we willing do it…Not myself as i threw out that jew box a decade ago…..It is pure evil and poison due to the source – masters of evil – jews. Barbara Spectre should be hung upside down over a pond of hungry unfed crocodiles…..dropped down a little closer each time… evil nasty predator whom i will rejoice when she dies. In the mean time whites need to wake the fuk up….Stop letting them program you and your kids…We need to help wake the stupid and ignorant up out of their education and media induced coma.

    2. Barbara Specrtre should be hung upside down over an open pool of unfed crocodiles and lowered slowly…scum bag jewess is filth on two legs like her whole tribe…murderers, liars, and screw anyone who doesnt like the truth you cuckhold traitors and cowards…shame on you..That is exactly why these jews get away with their continual evil….people let them and people let them program their minds and their childrens minds with lies and filth..shame on us all because they are right now demociding europe and all of whites..They openly boast of it…Fact…They MUST BE AND WILL BE STOPPED…..SCUM

  4. Most Americans love jews to kibbles-and-bits. Considering how most Americans can’t get enough jews and can’t get enough of the jew way of thinking and doing things, might as well declare the United States “The Jewish Homeland”. There’d be a WALL on the border and the Military would be on the border within 3 days of declaring the USA a “Jewish Homeland”.

    Americans love the jews and love the jew way of thinking , they emulate the jews for the way the jews think, and try hard and strive to be jewish in their thinking — UNTIL IT COMES TO PROTECTING THE UNITED STATES, then they don’t think like jews anymore.

    At least the jews have the brains and the loyalty to their country Israel to protect their Israel with WALLS and with their Military. It’s what Militaries are for, THE MAJOR REASON TO HAVE A MILITARY, THE MAJOR RESPONSIBLITY OF A MILITARY [ in a sane country, a sane society ] , by the way, IS TO PROTECT THE BORDERS OF THE COUNTRY. A lot of Americans don’t even know that. From all levels of American society high to low, alot of Americans don’t even know what the MAIN RESPONSIBILTY of a Military is, or should be, was always historically considered to be, the main responsibilty of a Military : TO PROTECT THE BORDERS.

    1. The Jews dominate every aspecto of American society. The media is in their hands. Have you ever walked into a Walmart and picked up a magazine? There are only pictures of degenerado people like genital-mutilating Bruce Jenner, gangstas, rappers. Its sad. They, the Jews, control the stream of thought. But why do the Goyim buy it? Its a terrible falla of the human mind. Who can we blame but ourselves?

    2. A lot of Americans dont love Jews. We dont hate them either . We are neutral. This is the weakness and downfall of us.

  5. The Paideia Institute not only trains Jews to undermine Sweden, but whole Europe. In their own words :

    “Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden is a non-denominational academic framework that was established in 2000 with funding from the Swedish government (sic).
    Dedicated to the revival of Jewish culture in Europe, Paideia educates leaders for Europe – academicians, artists and community activists – towards fluency in the Jewish textual sources that have served as the wellsprings of Jewish civilization.
    In renewing interpretation of Jewish text, Paideia is reviving a European Jewish voice long silenced by Communism and post-Holocaust trauma – a voice that can contribute to a culturally rich and pluralistic Europe.”

    We all know what they mean with “a pluralistc Europe”.

    1. Jurgen Graf has just written a stunning new book, translated by Holocaust scholar Fredrick Toben, to which I would like to draw attention. It is called “White World Awake” and offers a 10-step rescue plan for Europe, America and other white homelands now under threat from mass immigration and compulsory multiculturalism.

      Western civilization is in desperate peril. White people — our volk — are in trouble. The question of the day — and very likely the question of the millennium — is whether Europe will survive — and with it its American, Canadian, Australian and South African cousins — and, if so, how?

      For too long, observes the author, White people have fought among themselves. The European Union and NATO are failed efforts to correct that situation. Europe faces an existential threat with tsunamis of unassimilable Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians swarming in. Russians, Britons, Frenchmen, Germans and Poles, Serbs and Croats, Romanians, Finns and Greeks, Spaniards and Hungarians are all in the same rickety boat.

      The time has come for Europe to speak with one nationalist voice on military and foreign policy matters, while it is equally necessary for each nation and ethnic group to preserve its distinctive language and culture, and for historical injustices to be discussed openly.

      Traitor politicians who see no problem in allowing Europe and other White nations to be transformed into mixed-race caliphates — a dream of the mysterious Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi — will be voted out of office.

      Many of the solutions apply equally to the rest of the White World. “Close the borders! Stop the flood!” is key not only for Europe, but America and all other White areas of the world. Thus Graf lays out a practical 10-step program to stop the genocide of the West starting with Europe, the cradle of White Western civilization.

      This is a book that needs and deserves to be in the hands of every concerned person who cares about the future of the Western world.

      1. LD – I just bought it on Kindle for $3.99. The book is on the expensive side. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. “We all know what they mean with “a pluralistc Europe”.”
      Yes,we know that, but ” of Jewish civilization”, I personally don’t have a clue!

      1. If you can call the collective behavior of a pack of hyenas a “civilization” then Jews do have a civilization.

      2. What civilization? The god damn Jews didn’t even have a country of their own until May 8, 1948.

        Pat is probably older than freaking IsraHELL by about 20 years! 🙂

    3. This institute is no different than the Popovic guerilla groups that trained all the young protesters/rioters to go into myriad nations to overthrow noncompliant foreign govts in the bogus Color Revolutions- which was another jew enterprise ala SOROS.
      “democracy revolution” meet the “multiculture revolution”. Without firing a shot. But by using global PEER PRESSURE to destroy us. Incredible that we toss away our countries for so little price!

  6. Sorry for the inconvience but I couldn’t resist to post the following. ^^;

    Wouldn’t be ironic to imagine Barbara Spectre having a taste of her own medecine? For example, by turning at the wrong corner of the street and having a taste of her wishful diversity…

    1. HRW-500…
      Are you joking? Who would like to have an a***** with a specter?

  7. Openly criticizing the Jewish hegemony aka Antisemitism, is the best sign that a country is still healthy and sovereign; telling about it to the world should arouse a sense of pride among the citizens of that country…until the world is fully encompassed by the Jewish-imposed guilt.

  8. this spoiled my enthusiasm for the talk of the town: 25TH TORONTO JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL MAY 4-14, 2017, says facebook, One of the world’s great #Jewish #Film Festivals! (wowee, we are among the great and there are many, many, for every chabad hauz there is a jew film festival to enliven our spiritually anemic lives.
    But articles like this incite ahem, hate against, i mean love of truth, ugh, confusing my objectives now, who do i love and hate, jews or the truth?
    Must choose, oops, unfortunate wording … such a delicate business.

    maybe i won’t buy my tjff ticket yet and miss seeing 5 Dakot Mizmanech (oy gevalt, what is life without dakot mizmanech, tell me) and will ponder these weighty questions on this sub-freezing day by the fireplace.
    Yes, fireplace burning bright as i gaze into into the dancing flames, pondering a suitable location for the jewish Homeland.

  9. In the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan had evolved as one of the most powerful political forces in America (and was populated by as many members from former “Union” states as from “Southern” states). Its literature warned of the same as this, excepting that it also included admonishments concerning the Catholic Church – which the Klan warned would be the instrument of creeping Jewish domination. As history demonstrates, there is much truth to this, and, we WILL become a blended variety of humanoid, like it, or not. The two extremes are colliding – and blending.

    1. it also included admonishments concerning the Catholic Church – which the Klan warned would be the instrument of creeping Jewish domination

      jew humor for you, gilbert: The Ku Klux Klan Was Created by Jews

      The Ku Klux Klan was founded by Albert Pike, a thirty third degree Mason. Freemasonry is a Jewish machination, it is a brotherhood where the rich and elite collude against the masses in order to maintain their privileged position in society. Rabbi Isaac Wise described Freemasonry as “a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” So, is it any surprise that the video above [Stop Chasing Ghosts site] lists many Jews that have played a pivotal role during the Ku Klux Klan’s existence?

      They would say that (Catholic Church would be the instrument of creeping Jewish domination), wouldn’t they.
      More good stuff at makow site, quoting israel Cohen Rep. Thomas Abernathy read this passage into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957 (Vol. 103, p. 8559, top of page.)

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

      Sound familiar?

      Europe America has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe America is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe America to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe America will not survive

      As always, the invaluable Wikipedia says it best …

      Dr. Barbara Spectre, a pleasant, relaxed, 67-year- old American-born Conservative Jew who is a professional educator

      from among all the quotes, that’s the one i will park inside my mind as i enjoy the toronto jew film festival 🙂

      the bouncing ball is quick, gilbert, take your eyes off it for a few seconds and they will have you barking up the wrong tree.

      1. The ‘kikel’ raises its BIGGLY ugly head again… still..

        Kuklos Klan = Ku Klux Klan

        Kuklos (κύκλος) means “ring” or “circle” in Greek.

        It was an offshoot of Knights of Golden Circle.

        Confederados (some)
        Buckner Stith Morris[17]
        Lambdin P. Milligan
        John Wilkes Booth[18]
        Jesse James[19]
        Samuel Mudd

      2. It has been said of them [ the KGC ] that they were one of the deadliest, wealthiest, most secretive and subversive spy and underground organizations in the history of the world. It is known that they operated not only in the United States, but also around the globe for 65 years (1851 to 1916).

        Also, that the original Ku Klux Klan was their military arm.

        Some of the finest and craftiest brains in the South helped organize and direct the activities of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The group was heavy on ritual, most of which was borrowed from the Masonic Lodge and later from the Knights of Pythias. Some were also members of the Rosicrucians. Their wealth was due to the huge amount of money, valuables and equipment that they had accumulated for the purpose of restarting the Civil War.

      3. thanks Pat for obscure and because of that extra valuable information … kuklos indeed 🙂 bloodstained jew humor at our expense.

        i will take Kuklos Klan example to elucidate one of jew’s toxic algorithms.

        jews study the identifiable clusters of concerned goys and harness them by pitching a carefully constructed foundational message at them, frequently behind the decoy of freemasons in leadership positions.

        thus the KKK lassoes disaffected white colonists who refuse to buy into the white man’s burden, collapse on their knees in paroxysm of guilt and wear the hair shirt for the crimes of jewish slave brokers.
        Whites sneer at negroes who hate them in return and all blame the Catholics.
        But because these colonists are predominantly of Protestant confession, the message of anti-papism falls on fertile ground among them and the KKK founders took advantage of it, thus killing multiple gadflies plaguing the poor suffering jew.

        In my youth most of my neighbors were of Ulster ancestry and as such mentally rooted in the principles of the Orange Lodge whose hateful Orange day parades snarled the downtown traffic, hurling open contempt and insults at the Catholic Irish residents.
        Well, and whose leering face is hanging out in the background?

        The Orange Order is a large exclusively Protestant secret society. The Orange Order is one of the biggest secret societies existing throughout the world today, having tens of thousands of members in Ireland, Britain, and throughout the British Commonwealth (especially Australia, Canada and New Zealand). Whilst most people today are aware of the existence of the Order few know anything about its inner teaching and practices. The Orange Order has succeeded in concealing its secrets and mysteries from outside scrutiny until recent times. The Independent Orange Institution is a breakaway from the senior order.

        The Orange Order is also known as the Loyal Orange Lodge and the Loyal Orange Institution. Some people know the Order as the Orange Fraternity; but probably the most popular designation its members use is the shortened (more affectionate) term ‘the Orange’. It is part of the overall Loyal Orders family.

        The Orange Order draws its members from all classes of Protestant society in Ireland. Most of its members are upright law-abiding members of society who are required to give their allegiance to the just principles of the Reformed Faith. The Orange Order is Loyalist in its outlook, strongly supporting the Monarchy of England and the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

        The formation of the Orange Order

        The Orange Order was founded on 21st September 1795 shortly after the ‘Battle of the Diamond’ outside a small village in Northern Ireland called Loughgall. Three well-known local men of the area, James Wilson, Dan Winter, and James Sloan, formed the Orange institution. History reveals that all three men were dedicated Freemasons and two of the three were local pub owners.

        The ‘Battle of the Diamond’ itself lasted only fifteen minutes and was centred on Dan Winter’s public house, which was located at the Diamond crossroads. This battle (or skirmish) resulted in Winter’s premises being burnt to the ground by the attacking Catholic’s who were known as ‘the Defenders’. The public house itself was the special focus of the attack as it was the gathering house for the local Protestant militia, the ‘Peep O Day Boys’.

        Winter’s supporters, many of whom were Freemasons, gathered around the debris of the public house and pledged themselves to form a new secret society, made up solely of Protestant men.

        While it is true that like KKK, Orange lodge has shot its wad, it is rapidly being replaced by other such societies, such as i suspect is behind Geert Wilders in Holland.

        In 2009 the anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen revealed Wilders’ Jewish roots in an article in the newspaper “De Groene Amsterdammer“. [1] According to the article Geert Wilders’s maternal grandmother Johanna Meijer who married his grandfather Johan Ording, has been stated to have been from a wealthy Jewish familiy. [1] Which will make Wilders mother Maria Anne Ording a Jew and Geert Wilders himself a Jew according to Jewish Law.[2]

        Wilders grandfather is stated to have been camp commander at an infamous post-WWII Dutch camp Fortes Honswick for “Nazi” collaborators who were tortured. [3]

        Geert Wilders has since his youth developed an emotional bond with the Jewish state and has visited Israel at least more than 40 times. As a youngster he went there to work in the Kibbutz, a socialist experiment of collective farming. He felt completely at home upon his arrival in Israel. “It felt like I had been there before,” he says. [4] He supported himself by working long hours in a bread factory and had an abortive relationship with a Jewish girl.

        This tweet of his is a red flag for me although not a slamdunk argument, lots of people well-meaning but misled and misinformed:

        Islam means violence and is incompatible with freedom. That’s why we must #deislamize !

        This would make his Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) a european reincarnation of KKK, designed to derail the white anger against the jew-mediated migration of hostile herds.
        Just like cattle drovers spooking the cattle into the destined pens, oprating on all sides in unison.

        Now, according to numerous indicators, both Trump and Le Pen may be similarly guided by the same hidden hand but i will give them rope because of a few contra-indications.
        If, for example it turns out that trump is a freemason, i will instantly bolt his camp and am in fact quite surprised that he doesn’t seem to be one.

      4. Lobro –

        Glad to help with Kuklos…. aka.. kikles.

        You mentioned….
        “If, for example it turns out that trump is a freemason, i will instantly bolt his camp and am in fact quite surprised that he doesn’t seem to be one.”

        You might want to warm up in the starting blocks. 🙂

        Masonic hand signals use by Trump:

        Yoni signs…

        Pic of Trump’s favorite gesture:


      5. Lobro,

        Glad I mentioned it! Thanks for a very interesting elucidation! 🙂

  10. SPLC is alive in US and… Chabad is alive in Sweden:

    Alexander and Leah Namdar—co-directors of Chabad-Lubavitch of Sweden since 1991—have been defending their right to homeschool their four youngest children (ages 7 to 13). Their current court case is the latest in a series of legal cases that began in 2011 (previously, they had lost in the district court, won in the appeals court and then lost before the Supreme Court).

    Leah Namdar relates her personal journey from her first recollections of meeting the “Rebbe” to becoming the Chabad emissary of Sweden to her court case fighting to educate her children with the belief of G-d.

  11. I do not think it was pure blackmail. More as the logical infiltration of the Swedish governments and society since the days of Hjalmar Branting. A sionist and most probably a jew (de Gorgii) who also had a grandson Jacob Branting who married a (((Elsa Heyman))). The jewish infiltration in Swedish parties have continued ever after and today all parties in Sweden are run by the jews. My main source is but also my personal experience of living and growing up in Sweden. One day I will dig into the history of the social democrats (SAP) and rest assure there will be a lot of jews and sionists.

  12. Yesterday I ran across an article on entitled “Could the Refugee Crisis be the Best Thing to Happen to Europe?” (5-5-17). It raises some good points about it not being a refugee crisis but a “RACIAL” one. It places the blame squarely on Liberalism. How can the governing liberals, for one example, allow the importation of millions of predominately young males without women into their countries and expect nothing to go wrong? Do they expect them to remain celibate? In any case, Europe’s hand is being forced. The writer thinks that the white native backlash is coming and much blood will be shed. But he thinks it is not yet too late. Personally, I wonder if there are enough young Euro males with guns, who have escaped the clutches of feminism, to put up a fight – especially when their own governments are against them.

    1. Vast majority of these immigrants are young, violent fighting age men posing as refugees? Are you serious? Why are so few of the weak fleeing- Refugees are the vulnerable- who flee abroad for PROTECTION- not the aggressive strong-. These stealth warriors are being deployed as INVADERS to destabilize and create chaos. These are not legitimate groups of families, old men, mothers w/ children but human waves of mercenaries aided by the jews to overthrow Europe. Once again, cui bono? Who benefits? ONLY the jews, who can now seize the same emptied Arab lands cause their populations are now in EU. WTFU people

  13. Superb article (with Balders Blog) and comments/links. So nice that Ingrid Carlqvist has a new and more accurate perspective. I was happy to learn that Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” has been published in Romania, and the missing chapters 4,5,13, and 14 are now available in English, though it may be a while before Swedish readers have the pleasure. Maybe some enterprising Swedes can form a “Betsefer” Institute for further enlightenment as to what ‘Padeia’ is up to, and start the samizdat process of “200 Years” into Swedish.

    1. That’s Paideia not ‘Padeia’, though it should be called Habima (Hebrew Theater).

  14. Who’s behind all this Swedish madness?

    The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media

    Anyone who follows the media in Sweden can quickly realize there is an agenda being carried out en masse. This agenda, in short, is Cultural Marxism and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And, anyone who deviates from this ‘approved narrative’ is deemed a racist, slandered, and publically shamed. An important question to ask is this: who is behind this wave of propaganda? The article below will answer many of your questions.

    Read the article and you’ll see that the ‘Tribe’ has Sweden by the short hairs by dominating the MSM.
    The question to ask is where is all this money coming from to buy up these MSM outlets? My guess is that a central bank–like the FED–is ‘loaning’ money to their Kosher comrades to buy up the media, so one and only one voice is heard. The FED has never had an independent outside audit, so who knows where OUR money is going and how it’s being used.

  15. how deep are the networks of antichrist!
    Italian Prime Minister Secretly Meets With George Soros In Rome Amid Migrant Transport Scandal

    George Soros had penned multiple arguments in favour of immigration, suggesting that Europe should welcome “at least one million refugees a year” and that the EU should create EU-bonds to support attendant expenses.

    He’s no stranger to NGOs either: one of them, MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station 🙂 [you can’t make this stuff up]), facing the harshest criticism , received half a million dollars from Avaaz, another NGO, co-founded by MoveOn, an online community, receiving donations from none other than George Soros himself.

    Save The Children, another NGO involved in the Mediterranean migrant shipping, lists among its partners Open Society Foundation, George Soros’s primary NGO. Finally, even, Médicins Sans Frontiéres is listed among the partners of Open Society and the Soros network.

    Christ is not the only fisher of human souls, let’s take a peek down this rabbit hole.

    What’s in the name of Illuminati.
    they and the Freemasons are just a sweet speaking front for the Old Nick, all the talk of human progress that The Protocols expose as so much mockery, but it goes further, much further.
    The jewish “repairing the world”, Tikkun olam presupposes that the world needs to be repaired, remade in his (whose???) mold, light unto nations (goyums) held aloft by the cabbala practicing Bolsheviks … where do these putrid ideas originate?
    If God made the world, why does it need repairing and in whose name, who was the first to voice dissatisfaction and raise the first rebelion, the first revolution?
    Lucifer, the Lightbringer, the Primus Illuminatus.

    so beware anytime that a bunch of “patriotic” gentiles makes it its first order of business to attack another group of “enemy” gentiles, you can be sure that it is from Satan’s playbook.

    1. Triumph of Evil : in France Macron won the election with 65,5% against Le Pen with 34,5%.
      Rothschild-banker and Jew World Order candidate Macron went into the election with the slogan he would bring “hope and change” (where have we heard that before?). The public at large in France seems incapable to decide what their own existential interests are (hint : it is not mass immigration !).

      For a thorough critique of Macron, see this video of Stefan Molineux : The Truth about Emmanuel Macron,

      1. We’ll see how much they enjoy “Macronomics”, as in, “You pay for them.”

      2. Ivanka will save France…. since Rothschild-banker and Jew-World-Order Macron will be partner.

        Ivanka Trump has been tapped by her father, President Donald Trump, to review the United States’ commitment to the Paris Climate Change agreement, signed by former President Barack Obama as an executive agreement in 2015 without congressional approval, the Associated Press is reporting.

  16. i wonder, did the spectres get a free house on the american taxpayers when they moved to yiz in 1967, or did they just steal one from the palestinians?
    why did the swedes pay $4,000,000 for the jewish clubhouse?
    what makes americans hand $4,000,000,000 a year over to the israeli zionists?
    some say it’s the sampson option – the zionists have nukes planted around the country and will set them off if anybody doesn’t like it too much.
    maybe they did the same thing to the swedes.
    sweden has a long history of anti-israel politics. so it’s being undermined by kalergi’s multicultural/diversity immigration mongrelization program. but more, it’s the whiteness they really hate.
    olof plame’s (a major critic of apartheid-not just in south africa) assassination remains unsolved after 30 years. care to hazard a guess who killed olof?
    blackmail is pretty lightweight compared to the murder of world leaders. they murder the ones they can’t blackmail.
    somebody – you’re right, masonry is a jew thing. so is catholicism. the angles on the pyramid on the back of the rothschild fed bank fiat us legal tender dollar match the hexagram and point to the letters spelling a mason…
    i can get why the orange (the word ‘orange’ is an mnemonic of ‘master race’) protestants are in with the masons against the irish catholics, but why would the orange love the queen, if the pope’s archbishop of canterbury puts the crown on the royal head?
    didn’t the mason and jews work together to defeat monarchy and papacy in the american revolution?
    it’s because orange masonry is allied with the jews, yes, but the queen now is a crypto german jew and the catholic church serves the jews as well.

    1. (FOUND IN SPAM)

      The fact that somebody who lives or lived in Gernany doesn’t mean he/she has a germanic origin as we all should know.
      As we know/should know the jews are chameleons. Take fake names, change identities, changes counrry, politics etc to fool the goyim. And they did it again in Jewish France. Congratylations stupid french goyim.

  17. SPECTRE – Wikipedia

    SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) is a fictional organisation featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, the films based on those novels, and James Bond video games.

    1. And we also have this meaning…

      the idea of something unpleasant that might happen in the future

  18. This is beyond the ‘trick’ they use called ‘antisemitism’. (((They))) are the worst antisemites to ever walk the face of the earth.

    Simply do a search for ‘explosives found in nuclear power plant’ and behold the results. Also, search Jim Stone for the Fukushima Report to learn about Magna and their Magna BSP Owl camera and learn the truth about Fukushima. It can be found at the top of the page in a 80+ page detailed pdf. It was (((them))) again. There is no depth to which they will not sink. Nuclear blackmail is the game here. Think ‘Sampson Option’.

    Also keep in mind that they have an openly feminist government.

  19. There will be no mention in the mainstream media of the articles by Balder and Carlquist.

  20. I wrote about Paideia five years ago.

    And this state department for production of Zionist ideology, nine years ago.

    Media and culture are today owned or controlled by Jews or Jewish interests in Sweden. In education recently there was a test for young children, where they have to agree on the Political Correct version of massmigration to pass the exam. Sweden is dying, and Swedes will become a minority in their own country if a Civil war in time do not stop it.

    1. All very best wishes to you and your country. Study SunTzu, and others…

  21. The money isn’t real, no money in the world today is real, it’s all fiat, except gold. That’s another secret that Jews know.

    However, Jews control much of the gold as well, so they are covered there. Except for the Indian and Chinese gold. We’ll see if that makes a difference.

    1. “cept for the Indian and Chinese gold”

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London “FIX” BOTH of their prices twice a day ALSO..!! 🙂

      1. what does it mean that “Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London “FIX” BOTH of their prices twice a day ALSO”?

        Rothschild fixes gold price in terms of Rothschild money, which when you think about it is totally meaningless.
        Now, Rothschild money is a figment of Rothschild imagination which they mesmerized the world into believing is real, like the wizard of Oz behind the curtain operating levers of scam, it is perishable, can be created and destroyed.
        Gold cannot and – important – quantities are strictly limited-noninflationary, whatever they are, so these are pretty fundamental differences that make nonsense of any attempt to fix one in terms of another.

        Not to mention that it is cholesterol and gluten free.

        Rothschild can skip and hop his jew folkdance to feeble-minded worshipers in western pews but he can’t fool the easterners, russians, chinks and injuns, their traditions extend a lot further than the khazar highway robbers.

      2. Lobro –

        “what does it mean that “Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London “FIX” BOTH of their prices twice a day ALSO”?”

        It means….

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London “FIX” BOTH India’s & China’s GOLD prices twice a day – Mon thru Fri – ALSO..!! 🙂

    2. Could that be why the USA & Australia have been waving a war stick at China these last few years – are our banks lusting after their Gold supply.
      Wanting to alienate China seems to be incredibly stupid – seeing as the USA & Australian governments shifted their manufacturing jobs to the Asia Pacific Region – which means we need China to make all the cheaper goods that we import.
      Dear God – where will our next years fashions come from if we go to war with China.

      1. P.S.
        The Gold Heist of Ukraine – the first the world heard of Ukraine gold was when Max Keiser told his viewers on The Keiser Report that the Ukraine Gold was safe at the US Federal Reserve.
        The FRB denied all knowledge – Max has no reason to lie here.

        No to the Coup in Ukraine – Natlia Vitrenko’s Paris Webcast – youtube
        Notice how Ukraine police offer no resistance to attack from Neo-Nazi protesters – even when they are attacked with chains & set on fire – what police force lets themselves be treated like that ?.

  22. 3 years ago on May 13th, Ingrid Carlqvist was a guest of Deanna Spingola on her talk show on Republic Broadcasting Network. Ingrid was asked if she knew about Barbara L. Spectre and what she said regarding Europe and multiculturalism. Ingrid said she hadn’t heard of Barbara. Also, I believe either Ingrid or her counterpart Lars Hedegaard who was also on the show is Jewish. Lars wrote a response about the show, which from what I recall, wasn’t flattering. But it has since been deleted. It appears that Ingrid has become Jew wise???

    You can listen to the interview without the commercials here, just scroll down to the date mentioned above;

    1. @ Steven Lewis

      Thanks for this info. On his blog, Balder links to the 103-minute RedIce TV show and mentions Deanna Spingola. He says:

      “The program also contains sound clips with reactions from Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard right after they were confronted with the Spectre video by an American nationalist blogger by the name of Deanna Spingola…”

    2. Hedegaard is a convert, not an ethnic jew. I do not know his reasons for conversion. Carlqvist is a former counterjihadist who has been redpilled. After her and Hedegaards pet project Dispatch International fell apart, she started working for the Gatestone Institute. She quit Gatestone as late as last summer. While DI was staring to fall apart, she started a podcast called Ingrid & Conrad. It was certain things said on the podcast that forced her to leave GI. I don’t know if I have influenced her. I only know that I from time to time posted links about Spectre and other sionists in the comments section. But since I’ve also been both leftie and counterjihadi like her, I do believe she is honest. Mrs Spectre is an excellent red pill if not anything else. Rumour has it that Henrik Palmgren also was awakened by her.

      1. I stand corrected, thanks for the info. I love posting that video of Barbara, only hard core stubborn Jewish supporters will deny it.

  23. Freemasonry in Sweden was introduced by the Swedish Order of Freemasons, founded in 1735 as the oldest still active Swedish fraternal order, working the Swedish Rite of Freemasonry. It is under royal patronage of the King of Sweden and closely associated with the Lutheran Church of Sweden.

  24. The shameless and deceiving theft of the noble Greek aspiration found in Paideia as appropriated by thieving jew shakedown artist Barbara Spectre (also found in !9th century French handbooks on the rights and duties of citizens, as well as other countries) bears closer examination. The goals, essentially, are stating that Europe was wrong to be European and that it ought to be something else as dictated by jews like Spectre, Norwegian Council of Rabbis, as well as these parasites infecting other countries, notably Germany. But not Israel as noted by LD, where they are called “invaders”. By perverting education and media through jewish racketeering and criminal monopoly, the jew is once again attempting to create, as NY jew Bronstein/Trotsky infamously described in his program for Russia, the reduction of a civilized law abiding people into drooling mindless “white negroes” (sic). The rape epidemic and failure of government to address the problem is the initial result, how much worse it will become before Swedes and others address the jewish problem is a matter of conjecture. In his definitive Protocols of Zion toolkit, Australian author Peter Myers notes that while he believes the Protocols to be a genuine document he notes the limitations of human knowledge which comprise only partial truths but points out that in strict comparison only less than 17% of the total document found isolated in only one section match Maurice Joly’s “Dialogue in Hell”, falsely claimed by jewish propagandists as a “rare” document but commonly available, then and now as the “true” origin of the whole. The match, while there, is more indicative of Joly lifting something from someone else to suit his agenda, a common practice with many writers, as it lacks totally the more complex financial formulas and other elements, which may or may not have been added later but highly unlikely added by Nilus as the ‘legend’ goes which Myers examines painstakingly. Myers also states in his introduction regarding government that his basic philosophy has nothing to do with jews. In his “Living Without Utopia” (March 22, 1994) he says: “One might argue that structure or form, on its own, does not guarantee quality or content. That one might have a good Monarchy or a bad one, a good or bad Republic, (even) a good or bad Communist society. Revolution-borne experiments to create the perfect society….are destructive and typically fail. That is not exactly a pessimistic view…it argues that any good government, of whatever type…will be replaced by another, which may or may not be better. This is our fate.” I would argue that objective historical study clearly shows that jewish clan mentality, habitual criminal racketeering, total intolerance for the cultures, religions, and peoples of the countries they infect make it more likely to produce bad governments of ANY type once they sink their hooks into them and sooner or later need to be addressed. This as a matter of degree and frequency, human incompetence and inhumanity do as well produce bad governments, but in our times the jewish element has been the most destructive and consistently so. (for Peter Myers see )

  25. by the way, about kalergi …
    he is a complete nonentity but very useful to jew as a decoy to capture a specific audience in his orbit, viz, the european aristocracy, already enfeebled by inbreeding and boredom, having lost any vitality and creative spirit.

    Kalergi is a study in intellectual impotence and mediocrity, while simultaneously pathologically vain (Einstein formula) and embittered, having fallen between the cracks of nobility on both parental sides, neither knight nor samurai, no good jobs for a knamurai mongrel except as a Jew figurehead, so he grabbed it with both hands.

    So it was easy to set him up with a Mossad wifey who would spoonfeed him the Protocols talking points and they used his exalted name to create some toxic prize, later renamed when his convenience index fell below the threshold.

    basically his proclamation rings a death knell for Euro aristocracy and its replacement by the aristocracy of pornographers and organ thieves, just like Spectre did it for the aryan masses and their mud conquerors.

  26. With the fall of White Civilization in South Africa and Rhodesia and the continuing and on going extermination of the Whites in Southern Africa, the “Spectre” of what the rest of the White race can expect is there for all to see. The “conversion” of SA White civilization into the “Heart of Darkness” was and is the linchpin for the down fall of all White Western Civilization. Can the Whites of the West, that set back and allowed White Civilization to be destroyed in SA, save themselves? The only force on God’s green earth can save the remaining White 9-10% of the earth’s population are the Whites themselves.
    The same cast of characters that are attempting at destroying White Civilization and what’s left of the White race, wherever found, are the same ones that did in SA. The hand writing is on the ‘Wailing War”.

    1. Case in point. The election of Marcon to lead France.

      Macaroon To Lead France To Final Suicidal Muslim Death

      France Surrenders To Globalist Islam Domination
      Marcon Defeats Le Pen – France Commits Suicide

      Kirwan – France Est Fini

      1. @Toejamicus – Good case in point, yet another Goldman-Sachs stinker as seen habitually in the USA (Rubin,Paulson and others) as well as Italy, Greece – all over. One of the more interesting recent Government-Sachs persons of interest was French native Fabien Tourre who advised “betting massively” against” BP’s Deepwater Horizon only ONE DAY before the disaster, probably to get some non insiders to join in and obscure the positions Tourre and his associates had already massively invested in. France can expect no less, along with Europe.

  27. The whole mood of Europe is changing. You can almost feel the rising anger in the white, native European people. They have been betrayed.

    The backlash is coming.

  28. the pr cover movie on the deepwater horizon is out.
    “a true story account”..
    how mazaltavy is mark whalberg?
    but the put options give the bombing away..
    same thing with the airline stocks right before 9-11.
    some insider always has to get greedy.
    no worries though, it will never be investigated either.

  29. I love this article….. The age of Enlightenment is upon us…..and we need to expose these vermin…..and it is not because they are Jews……NO, they are just bad and terrible people….terrible humans……terrible spiritual beings…..terrible breathing organisms……
    They pollute everything they look upon, breathe upon, think about, see, feel, hear and touch……

  30. Behind Spectre is an army of hellish proportions. For those who need a little more evidence to share:
    Rabbi: Jews are fighting alongside their Muslim brothers against Old Europe:
    Why is there so much controversy around the Jews?
    The future looks like this : South Africa: Johannesburg: WARZONE officially declared in Eldorado Park riots: Part 1

  31. Those unfamiliar with the Boers may be interested in how they have survived this long against tremendous odds.
    The future is uncertain for Boers but their spirit is not dead, there is fight left:
    Political Warfare: How the Boers defeated the British & Jewish Elite

  32. May 12 is coming tomorrow. Just another of the Paris fiascos. In 1784. 233 Years. Got to write again 233 years of absolute control by the impostors fake sociopaths. Gringos never learn. Mr. Trump is of German ancestry. Does he knows the names Kaufmann and Morgenthau. Check out what those two wanted to do there back then. Ashkenazi + Gringo = Equal. Contagious connections. No doubt about it.
    Check this one out.

  33. The American Jewish Committee and the World Jewish Congress were pressuring Sweden already shortly after WWII into establishing the first “Hate speech” legislation:

    Initially, [Einar Åberg‘s] agitation upsets only Jewish congregations in Sweden, but when he distributes his material on an international scale, both the American Jewish Committee and the World Jewish Congress start pressuring the Swedish government directly to do something about it. There are calls for a law for the specific purpose of outlawing Åberg’s activities, and the new law would sometimes be referred to as Lex Åberg – The Åberg Law. Though Jewish groups are very anxious to see immediate action, the law takes several years to sort out, but it is eventually enacted on 30 June 1948, in force from 1 January 1949 and onwards. The new law was placed under the “Crimes against public order” section of Strafflagen, the law code that preceeded Brottsbalken, the Penal Code. Chapter 11, paragraph 7, of Strafflagen now reads as follows: “If anyone in public threatens, defames or reviles an ethnic group with a certain descent or religious belief, he’s sentenced for agitation against (an) ethic group to a fine or prison.” Åberg is naturally the first one to be convicted under this law, and he’s sentenced to a fine on 25 August 1949. Before his death in 1970, Åberg would be convicted five more times under the HMF law, even though he contested the notion that his propaganda really fell under the new law. Even in spite of the convictions, Åberg proceeds with his agitation, to the dismay of the World Jewish Congress. Then general secretary Siegfried Roth had this to say to Swedish newspaper Göteborgs Handelstidning on 13 July 1954: “The antisemitic propaganda, which the Swede Einar Åberg in his pamphlets spreads across the world is one of the greatest problems there is for Jews today. There has to be some way for the Swedish government to put an end to his activities.” By 1964, bad health was taking its toll on Åberg and his propaganda came to an end. The HMF law would live on, however, eventually becoming the tool of censorship it is today through various revisions. In 1965,Strafflagen was transformed into Brottsbalken as the bulk of Swedish law, and the law was moved to chapter 16, paragraph 8, where it still remains today. Ah, if only someone instead had ‘accidentally’ deleted it discretely during this transition. The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society. Av Daniel Hammarberg.

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