Jews gloat about owning America and hating goyim — ‘Let’s cut their throats!’

Brother Nathanael Kapner
Real Jews News June 11, 2017

 in America? Perhaps a few bars and grills. That’s about it.

But BIG, INFLUENTIAL BUSINESSES like PayPal (Schulman), Facebook (Zuckerberg), and Google (Brin/Page) – are owned by Jews.

Same with media: CBS (Sumner Redstone/b. Murray Rothstein), NBC (Brian Roberts), ABC (Robert Iger), CNN (Vivi Nevo) – are owned by Jews.

Wherever you look, whether its Wall Street (Goldman Sachs), Brewing Companies (Ken Grossman), Real Estate (Stephen L Green) (Automotive (Norman Braman), Hedge Funds (Paul Singer), Casinos (Sheldon Adelson), Tech Giants (Larry Ellison) – JEWS own it.

Speaking of Goldman Sachs, colleges are beholden to its Jewish agenda vis-a-vis its Grants Program, including Gary Cohn’s funding the “Cohn Jewish Student Center” at Kent State.

Jewish patronage of academia is a well-known ‘philanthropic’ (READ: control) endeavor.

Besides owning DC, Jewish Wall Street underwrites the stocks of defense contractors, which means more wars for the Jews.

MANY FEAR USING the “Jew word” but instead use generic phrases, like Alex Jones using “globalists;” Paul Craig Roberts, “presstitutes;” and Gerald Celente, “elites.”

But Jews themselves BRAG about their power and influence. (Jews don’t fear Goys like Goys fear Jews.)

Alan Dershowitz, for instance, recently told an audience at Young Israel Synagogue in New York that “Jewish power” is to be lauded, not denied.

“Don’t ever, ever, be embarrassed about using Jewish power,” Dershowitz urged. “We have to hit them in the pocketbook,” he exhorted when vilifying institutions critical of Israel’s policies. (This is blackmail by any other name.)

Hitting pocketbooks is easy for Jews: because they OWN everything. Except for a few bars and grills.

Yours truly was ‘hit’ by PayPiss which banned me recently. (Schulman owns it.)

But I don’t cave to Christ-killing Jews.




65 thoughts to “Jews gloat about owning America and hating goyim — ‘Let’s cut their throats!’”

  1. Far more insidious than owning everything material in the USA, is the malevolent control (((they))) exercise over the minds and way of thinking of the vast majority of Americans and her slave races in NATO and elsewhere. Before the people can be free they must first free their minds of Jewish thinking i.e. the worship and acquisition of money being the sole reason for lliving.

    1. Good point, Felix. I must confess that, when I was a younger, I too succumbed to Jewish materialism, not in the form of unbridled greed, deceit, or the exploitation of others, but rather by years of hard work advancing my career so that I could enjoy some of the “finer things in life.” Now, I would give everything I own to spend just one more minute with my deceased parents. Everything. The so-called finer things in life no longer hold dominion over me. My possessions now seem only a burden to me, all except the family heirlooms and old photographs I hold dear. Materialism has been replaced by spirituality, which I define as seeking knowledge of and communion with our Creator – something a new watch, or car, or boat can’t give me.

      1. USAF JAG VET,
        I agree with you. It seems that in the U.S. materialism is deeply ingrained in people. I have known many retired and successful couples who live in huge multi-bedroomed homes that they dont really need. They must hire cleaning services every week. Sometimes our family takes vacationes in México at the beach and I wonder why we even go. We swim in the pool or stay in our hotel rooms without actually walking the beach or swimming there. I think most people are materialistic, super-consumers because it makes them feel important. “Man shall not live on bread alone.” I will be 50 next year. As I get older, I feel more espiritual. Being a good husband, father and grandfather is far more important than what I own. When I die, I want to be remembered fondly, to leave a good legacy.
        Best regards.

      2. If you were in the U.S. military, or if you were a civilian employee of the DOD, then you were working for Satan, IMO. Many of us did this before we woke up, and we were all wrong. We were “beguiled”.

      3. @ USAF JAG Vet

        Yep. Been there, done that. I got over materialism in 1990. One of the best decisions I made in my life was deciding that I no longer wanted to be rich. Everything changed for the better after that. I became focused on what I needed, not what I was (((programed))) to want.

      4. @USAF JAG VET
        @Harold Smith
        Yes, usually before one irredeemably gives up materialism and turns to one’s personal religion one undergoes “a dark night of the soul”, where it seems existence itself is against you, everything you attempt turns to excrement! Once it’s over then it’s a slow steady process of building up oneself spiritually and there is no going back or returning to your previous persona! You won’t get rich, but when you need something it’s always to hand.
        Regarding, religion and the military, soldiers can make great saints e.g. Ignatius Loyola. Once one turns to the inner struggle it’s far more difficult than a physical battlefield. You’re waging war and watching your mind in order to be able to think what you want to think, not what the mundane mind wishes.

    2. don’t worry, when the first nuke hits on this earth, the jews will be gone from this planet…this will happen…watch

      1. yep
        June 23, 2017 at 11:38 pm
        don’t worry, when the first nuke hits on this earth, the jews will be gone from this planet…this will happen…watch

        In response to YEP…check this scripture out..

        “Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouths.”

    3. The Rothschilds’ illegitimate usury, Karl Marx’ proletarian dictatorship, Sigmund Freud’s morbid sexuality, Albert Einstein’s plagiarised relativity, Edward Bernay’s manipulative consumerism, Herbert Marcuse’s repressive tolerance, and Milton Friedman’s price theory – the repeating tale of a scorpion and a frog crossing the river. Brave are the ones who squirt out that poison out of their system.


        This is what all societies..nations need to do to stay safe from Jewish Hedgemony…

  2. If you know real history and not the mind-numbing slop taught in our schools, you know what happened to the God-loving Russians after the Bolshevik Jews took over Mother Russia; they turned it into a slaughterhouse, murdering some 60 million Russians who didn’t want anything to do with godless Communism.
    You’d also know what happened to Germany after the Armies of the Rothschild’s destroyed that nation during WW II; mass rapes, murder, kidnappings, torture and wholesale looting by not only the USSR’s Jews, but also by their comrades, England, France and their colony, the former USA.

    What Das Juden has planned for Americans isn’t going to be pretty, it will be a house of horrors unleashed on their American Goyim.

    1. G.B.,
      Youre right. I drive an 18-wheeler in the U.S. All 48 States. At airports or while crossing the border Im interviewed by the “Department of Homeland Security ” because 25 years ago I lost my pasaporte overseas. The personnel of DHS are armed, appear hostile, poorly-trained and unproffesional. I have no doubt that these personnel would hesitate to fire on a U.S. citizen for any reason. A few years ago, I talked to another trucker. He had recently resigned from the army. He explained that before his resignation, he was ordered to complete a questionaire. One of the questions….”If ordered, would you open fire on a U.S. citizen?” He answered, “no”. Later his superiores started “making his life miserable” so he resigned. He explained to me that many young men serving in the U.S. military are openly gangsters with little discipline. I believe, from my own experiencia, that were only 10-15 years away from the day Americans start to bleed. What else should we expect when Satanist Jews control the country?

      1. ” I believe, from my own experiencia, that were only 10-15 years away from the day Americans start to bleed”.

        Only 10 to 15 years? You are an optimist. Many are expecting blood as soon as this summer. The attack on Scalise by that nut Hodgkinson (who would have shot up a lot of Republicans if he weren’t stopped by Scalise’s security detail) has actually been cheered by the Marxists on the leftist websites like Huffpost. They are openly calling for blood and set upon destroying Western Civilization.
        Meanwhile, Trump has approved the importation of yet more Muslims from the worst cesspits in the world such as Somalia. I see them here in Pennsylvania, and there are growing communities of them in New York (the city of Utica is just one area that has become 25% Muslim at this point). Trump has turned out not only to be impotent as a supposed “savior” who would “drain the swamp”, but moreover he has actually filled his Cabinet with denizens of that D.C. swamp.

      2. @ Donaldo Colina

        The active and recently inactive military that I have spoken with have always replied to that shooting Americans question have said that they lied and answered yes. One said that a bullsh*t question deserved a bullsh*t answer. All of them said that they knew of no one in the military that would agree to fire on U.S. citizens and that the topic was discussed somewhat frequently among the lower echelons. If the jews think that they can count on the military to do their bidding to destroy Americans, they might be in for a rude and terminal surprise.

      3. that were only 10-15 years away from the day Americans start to bleed.
        right on DC
        gun control is a hoax , they are not after our guns because they know they can never confiscate them . the do sponsor one scare after another so people will go out and buy more guns . there will be a crisis which force these gun owners to shoot each other . all it takes is a nationwide ,say , truck drivers’ strike ,, no food in the markets , and people will turn on each others . being a non homogenous society spell disaster . unlike Japan , after Fukushima , the whole country helped one another because it is a homogenous society .
        they want us to have guns so we would use to kill our neighbors if they are color . diversity in this case naught but a time bomb .

      4. AL –

        You wrote:
        “gun control is a hoax , they are not after our guns because they know they can never confiscate them . the do sponsor one scare after another so people will go out and buy more guns . there will be a crisis which force these gun owners to shoot each other .”

        VERY correct –

        This is the best – most pertinent – comment yet..!!

        AND – Pharisee-Jews make $$$$$ on THEIR gun and ammo sales.


    2. Greg, there are a lot more non-Jews in America than there are Jews, a great many of them are ex military and are armed to the teeth, it was one thing to slaughter unarmed people in Russia , if the Jews push their luck in the states they will come off second best.

      1. Snipper I don’t know how it is where you are, but when I talk to people in my area, there’s nothing they despise more than truth. They would sooner shoot me for trying to open their eyes than they would start to question the “establishment”. They’re communists, but they will be the last ones to realize it; IOW they worship the state, which is their “god”.

    3. I’ve been getting this information for, maybe, 30 years now, from Dr. William Pierce and John Coleman and it appears to be true. The “horrors” have already started (quietly) with their “Targeted Individuals”, “enemy of the state” programs.

    4. Ah ha…a man who knows his history..EXCELLENT POST…I hope people are paying attention.

      Heres more info that will confirm exactly what he has said..God told us about these Canaanite/Edomites long ago…Book of Obadiah confirms they are still here when Christ returns.

      Read these scriptures for the answers to these questions..GOD MADE IT VERY CLEAR TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE..but most FENCE RIDING LUKE WARM Christians do not bother to read the bible..even though God demanded we search the scriptures..

      BOOK OF REVELATION ….The global gov..where its located..and the Whore religion that controls the NWO…OR NJO
      11:8, 17:1, 17:18, 18:10, 18:2-3, 18:23-24

      Matthew 23-37 Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem you who murders the prophets.(Revelation 18:24)

      All prophets have all died in Jerusalem..AND TWO MORE PROPHETS ARE YET TO COME IN THE LAST DAYS of this era of time and be MURDERED IN THE STREETS OF JERUSALEM
      John 4:21..Christ told us “The FATHER will NO LONGER BE WORSHIPED IN JERUSALEM..” SO whats up with this APOSTATE ISRAEL better known as apostate ISA-HELL the home of devils (Rev 18:2-3)

      The Jews sell the land they robbed for tourism profits as HOLY LAND..but the bible called it THE HOME OF DEVILS.(18:2-3)
      The Jews perverted DANIEL9:25 to create the prevalent FAIRY TALES about the end times in Christiandom today in order to control Christians into helping them…This was prophesied to happen in the bible..THE GREAT FALLING AWAY OF II THESS 2..THey have been blinded by Jewish lies.
      1)…The apostate land of Israel …..Jews hate God who since the book of Genesis is Christ, THE WORD…The Jews have their own god Jehovah-Lucifer.. land was given to them by the God of the bible (google Henry Makow-Save the Males- Even Jews ask if Lucifer is the god of Judaism)
      There is no more land of Israel according to scripture See BOOK OF AMOS..There is no more people Israel under the Old COvenant and never will be again..cept a REMNANT OF JACOB will be saved..THE REMNANT WAS THE APOSTELS OF CHRIST..See Book of Hebrews chapters 8, 9..


      2)…The Anti Christ man …..ANSWER: no where in the scriptures is there a teaching of an ANTI CHRIST MAN..ONLY AN ANTI CHRIST SPIRIT..Everywhere ANTI CHRIST is is used in the PLURAL SENSE…NEVER IN THE SINGULAR SENSE AS IN A MAN..More Jewish Fables used to control the Christian people..and the world. (Book of Titus 1:15)

      3)…To build a Jewish Temple….II CORINTHIANS 6..YE ARE THE LIVING STONES OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD….There is no scripture that says there is to be a temple built in PALESTINE..the HOME OF DEVILS according to scripture (Reve 18:2-3).See Brother Nathanial Kapner youtube or Bro Vids..”SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL”..The Jews worship a goddess…as they did in Jeremiah chapters 7 and 44. LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT DAVENING AT THE WAILING WALL..AND WHAT IT MEANS..AND WHY MALE JEWISH RABBIS TRY TO FORBID WOMEN FROM GOING THERE…AS IT WOULD BE LESBIANISM..If you cant figure out what I’m talking about…go to Brother Nathanial – Ex Jew- site..HE EXPOSES JUDAISM..the religion CHRIST REJECTED VEHEMANTLY..

      4)… Jews To start animal sacrifices..GOd never ordained pagan animal sacrifices..See BOOK OF JEREMIAH 7:22-23..See also BOOK OF PSALMS 40-6..there are several other scriptures testifying to this ..that God did not ordain pagan animal sacrifices..

      Here..I have exposed ALL THE LIES made up by Jewish Rabbis in regards to just one verse DANIEL 9:25..and one scripture was used to PERVERT MUCH OF CHRISTIANDOM to GIVE UP THEIR BORN AGAIN BIRTH the Edomites…Just as ESAU gave up his birth right and God hated him for it..How much more will he hate those he called..who gave up their BORN AGAIN BIRTH RIGHTS to Edom? Will the be the ones that Christ will say “I know you not..away from me worker of iniquity”…
      IN THE NAME OF AMERICA..A CHRISTIAN NATION..we have roved the world..and did the evil works of the Jews..attacking innocent nations…(II JOHN not bless the anti christs…do not even let them into your home..OR YOU WILL SHARE IN THEIR EVIL DEEDS>”..and that we did…We have helped Jews murder Christians all around the world..WW1-WW2-RUSSIA-MIDDLE EAST..ETC

      BOOK OF TITUS 1:14
      PAY NO ATTENTION TO JEWISH FABLES (God tells you they are liars-deceivers)
      BUT DO NOT
      TO ALL GOOD WORKS (Evil doers)
      THEY ARE REPROBATES (doomed ones- Book of Obadiah)

      Its quite clear..Jews are NOT the chosen people of God

      Christians are under the New Covenant
      MATTHEW 2:6 AND MICAH 5:2

      It cannot be any more clear than this..These scriptures were written thousands of years ago…and they have prophesied accurately who the GLOBAL GOV IS..AND THE WHORE RELIGION THAT RUNS IT..(The word JEW was invented in the 1800’s..)

      Strongs Exhastive Bible Concordance A1611 KJV
      #1942, #1943, #3068
      Jehovah- Evil perverse thing …VERY WICKED..

      God tells us there is no wickedness in heaven where he dwells.

      Strongs Exhastive Bible Concordance A1611 KJV
      A JEWESS…
      proving Jews are not Gods people..but are EDOM..the doomed ones of Obadiah..THE TARES who are burned up and destroyed in MATTHEW -two will be in a taken…etc..The one taken is the Edomite Tare. See also BOOK OF AMOS 9:9

      BOOK OF OBADIAH 10:18 Edom cut off forever.

      It is easier to FOOL PEOPLE
      than it is to convince them

  3. The Zionist agenda is revealed in THE PROTOCOLS 0F ZION ie a NEW WORLD ORDER controlled by Zionists.

  4. From the article:
    ”Alan Dershowitz, for instance, recently told an audience at Young Israel Synagogue in New York that “Jewish power” is to be lauded, not denied.
    “Don’t ever, ever, be embarrassed about using Jewish power,” Dershowitz urged. “We have to hit them in the pocketbook,” he exhorted when vilifying institutions critical of Israel’s policies. (This is blackmail by any other name.)”


    Alan Dershowitz has one thing in common with the US President’s Administration and Trump’s family…. They support Chabad Lubavitch and Noahide Laws for America and the world:

    Dershowitz at Chabad

    —Questions and Answers with Alan Dershowitz—
    Professor Alan Dershowitz fields questions on diverse topics ranging from his relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe to whether or not international law would permit a preemptive strike against Iran. This Q&A session was filmed at the Chabad House in Miami Beach.(sayanim house)

    Israel, Terrorism, Chabad House

    Dershowitz has a unique perspective on Herzl and Zionism at 2:30:

    I doubt he was thinking KOL NIDRE at the podium.. THIS time..!!

    1. Quite right Pat.
      Toejamicus has read that Dirty Dershowitz has another skeleton in his Lubavitcher closet. He has been known to take flights on convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s private Jet to partake of the delights of underage children on Epstein’s private Caribbean Island. Of course this is all sanctioned by the Talmudic musings of the Rabid Rabbis. Dirty D is just one of many who most likely have starred on film (secretly) taken while visiting the Island of youthful delights.
      Concerning the article at hand, one subject not directly mentioned is the Commodity Exchange. Here, like elsewhere (((they))) maintain almost total control over the food, metal and fiber produced with prices set on the futures market. Just like the stock market, the commodity exchange is one giant casino where one places their bets (money) soon to be departed from same.
      One who is not of (((them))) who is of a materialistic bent, and who understands the how, what, where and (((who))) of the markets can join them uninvited and sometimes make a profit. However, it’s a very tricky business when playing the money game with those whose money manipulation harkens back to ancient Babylon.

      As Felix astutely commended, the (((their))) mind control (even over (((their))) own kind) is the secret of (((their))) success:
      “Far more insidious than owning everything material in the USA, is the malevolent control (((they))) exercise over the minds and way of thinking of the vast majority of Americans and her slave races in NATO and elsewhere. Before the people can be free they must first free their minds of Jewish thinking i.e. the worship and acquisition of money being the sole reason for living.”
      Amen brother!!!

    1. I can vouch for “getting the boot”; Youtube/Google/NSA has banned me from making any original comments on any high traffic youtube channel dealing with “news”, current events, politics, etc.

      Most “internet preachers” have also banned me from their channels. As soon as I try point out for example that the first beast of Rev 13 is obviously not “a man”, or that Rome is not Mystery Babylon, I’m banned.

  5. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices of the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene.

    Almost? ALMOST!? – Jewish chutzpah at its finest. Jews are THE obscenity burdening all mankind.

    The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood! I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last preacher.- Gus Hall

    Lets see now, what other sick, perverse Jewish psychopath can one find making statements like this?

    “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritzky, Zinoviev and Volodarsky, let there be floods of the blood of the bourgeoisie–more blood! As much as possible!” – Grigory Zinoviev

    Jews and their bizzare religious, fixation with blood never changes, it is only mimicked over and over again. Is it difficult to imagine a murdering, subhuman, Jewish pig like this making such statements?

    Before the trial, Zinoviev and Kamenev had agreed to plead guilty to the false charges on the condition that they not be executed, a condition that Stalin accepted, stating: “that goes without saying”. Nonetheless, a few hours after their conviction, Stalin ordered their execution that night. Shortly after midnight, on the morning of August 25, Zinoviev and Kamenev were executed by shooting.

    66 million slaughtered Russians are why, at least from an historical perspective, one might find it altogether satisfying to find this bloodthirsty Jew hoisted on his own petard of lies. Forget about what “goes without saying,” under Jewish communism, what political or legal matter ever went without written order? And to think these are the “Einsteins” shedding so much “light upon the world”.

  6. Things are changing, very slowly. 25 years ago I started to question the holocaust. In those days I was regarded as either a Nazi or a nut case. Not now.

    Give it time. I now think we live in a latter-day version of Orwell’s “1984”. It is amazing how right he was.

    1. One is still considered very much a “Nadzee” or “nutcase” for questioning the sacred Hallowedhoax. Of late, I have had these very accusations leveled at me, as have several others I know that recently attempted to expose this monstrous lie to the programmed masses.

      As for Mr Blair’s prescient vision of the future:

      At one point, Eric Blair was a Fabian socialist. Four Fabians, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, Graham Wallas, and George Bernard Shaw founded the London School of Economics. Fabian school founders Sidney and Beatrice Webb were funded by the Rothschilds and their spokesman, George Bernard Shaw, commissioned the Fabian Window upon which was inscribed, curiously enough, the words of a Sufi, Omar Khayyam:

      “Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
      To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
      Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
      Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!”

      Across the top of the window appears the last line of Khayyam’s quatrain. Beneath the last line, the mural depicts Shaw and Webb striking the earth with hammers. Across the bottom, the masses kneel in worship of a stack of books advocating the theories of socialism. Thumbing his nose at the docile masses is H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as “the new Machiavellians.” The most revealing component, however, is the Fabian crest which appears between Shaw and Webb – a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

      At some point, Mr. Blair was made privy to the Rothschild future plans for globalization. This is where the idea for his book originated. Thus the book 1984 is not an amazing prophetic view of the future, but a fictionalized account of the Rothschild’s very real plan for the future.

      1. Arch –

        “One is still considered very much a “Nadzee” or “nutcase” for questioning the sacred Hallowedhoax”

        ‘Put-On’ would agree. He PROTECTS the “Hallowedhoax”..!!

        ‘Put-On’ is PULLING the “Hallowedhoax” bandwagon:

        Putin vows ‘Russia will never forget Holocaust’ — RT Russian politics

        In Big New Museum, Russia Has a Message for Jews: “We Like You”

        Peres and Putin to Open World’s Largest Jewish Museum

        Putin initiates law against anti-Semitic Biblical commentary

        Russian president continues to surprise with his strong stance against anti-Semitism.

        At the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Duma (Russian Parliament) has legislated a law outlawing “distorted and/or extremist” commentary of Scriptures.

        The purpose of the unusual law, it is widely understood, is the prevention of cynical advantage being taken of Biblical verses for anti-Semitic purposes.

        Russian history has seen many instances in which anti-Semitic elements announced “shocking new revelations” from the Bible and Rabbinic writings to encourage violent anti-Semitism.

        Putin, a former KGB agent, has long been known to oppose anti-Semitism, and violent attacks against Jews in his country have in fact been on the decline in recent years.  He also conducts warm relations with Israel – even as he does the same with Iran.

        Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, said that the law is truly important in the fight against Russian anti-Semitism. He publicly thanked “my friend President Putin who bodily blocks all anti-Semitic phenomena” and the members of the Duma for “proving that Russia  respects the beliefs of all its citizens.”

        Putin’s warm relations with the Jewish community in his country have long been a matter of curiosity. Some say it is because of his many Jewish friends and neighbors when he was a child. One story even has it that a Jewish family befriended him when he was a poor child in St Petersburg whose parents were barely ever home. Another story relates that years later, as Vice-Mayor of that city, Putin stuck his neck out to give permission for the opening of a Jewish school in the city, even though it was not in his authority to do so.

        In 2012, Putin arrived in Israel to take part in the inauguration of the Victory Monument in the city of Netanya, commemorating the sacrifices of the Red Army on behalf of Jews during World War II. Putin said on that occasion, “I am very excited to be here today…. The Jewish Holocaust was the most shameful and dark event in human history, and the Soviet Army was the one who crushed the head of the Nazi monster… This amazing monument strengthens the respect I feel towards to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”


        President ‘PUT-ON’ loves Pharisee-Jews..!!! 🙂

    2. Two things originally made me question the holocaust:-

      1) I found that Ann Frank was not put to death in Auschwitz. In fact she was in the CAMP HOSPITAL, a hospital!!!! in a “Death camp?” She was then moved west to Belsen to get away from the approaching and marauding Red Army. She died there, from Typhus, the very disease that the Zyklon insecticide was used to prevent. Her story is tragic, but she was not murdered.

      2) For 50 years the sign at Auschwitz said that 4 million victims were gassed there. The camp was only active until 1944 because after that the infrastructure of Germany was destroyed. So 4 million over 3 years, that is 25,000 per week, 25,000 bodies to be cremated every week for 3 years, impossible.

      I could go on, but just these two points were enough to raise my suspicions. Everything I have learned since has led me to believe that the holocaust story has been a gigantic scam to extort money and gain sympathy (immunity) and political power. Gentiles have been intimidated and need to wake up to the fact.

      1. Where oh where is Elie Weasel as we speak? Pushing up daises somewhere. I miss him so.
        Such a wonderful Zionist he was. As he slowly rots, despite enbalming fluid, do all the shekels he gained as a Shoah surviver serve him now? Rest in “El Infierno” Elie…….

      2. We’ve got one that can see!

        Here is my response to this webpage Note the Jewish inflection to show I’m not “antisemitic” but anti-Jewish.

        The article about mythical Nadzee gaz vans is nothing more than Soviet hate propaganda projected upon the Germans by Jewish propagandists like Ilya Ehrenberg.

        First off, the article fails to mention the “official” version of the story alleges German “gazzing” vehicles were diesel vans, not gas. See here

        The original Holocaust story claimed Nadzee “death camps” were located inside Germany as was the case for Dachau, a camp originally claimed to be a death camp, but later redacted for exclusion from the list. This massive, glaring revision proves the Holocaust story is a hoax.

        Yet, Jews claim the reason the entire German population as a whole was “guilty” for the hallowedhoax was because the “death camps” were operating in the German people’s “backyard.” Therefore, since the German people did nothing to stop the evil Nadzees, because the German people did not rush to rescue “innocent” Jewish victims of Nadzee atrocities, they are somehow all guilty of supporting the Nadzee “genocide” myth.

        Later on, because evidence in German camps was too accessible, the story quietly changed the entire venue to what was then Soviet Poland. This location assured Jews that any potential evidence for their hoax would remain hidden from inquisitive eyes, at least unit they could phony up more “evidence.” Thus, as travel restrictions eased the Soviets built replicas of the supposed gaz chambers before falsely claiming these “recreations” were the actual gaz chambers built by Germans.

        Despite this glaring redaction of the original myth, the collective guilt of the Germans for the hallowedhoax never diminished one whit. In the same manner as the revised “death camp” locations, the original gaz van story held Germans used diesel powered vans for their dastardly evil exterminations. Like the camp locations,the story has now been redacted to claim the far more believable use of gasoline powered vehicles.

        Thus one finds Jews are working hard to correct the obvious errors made in original eyewitness versions as is the case here Yet once again where can one find any documented evidence for these revised claims?

        It has been repeatedly requested by those doubting such propaganda, that claimants provide any documented proof, like signed German documents, specifying these vehicle’s use for the purpose of execution, as was the case for well documented, Soviet execution vans. Note: photos are not acceptable evidence as many such photos connected with the mythical hallowedhoax have been amply demonstrated to have been purposely altered or misidentified.

        Such photos invariably fail to show anything identifiable to substantiate captions underneath. Thus the unsuspecting reader must rely on captions to explain what these photos are supposedly depicting. Classic examples are photos of shoes, glasses and hair claimed to have belonged to Jewish hallowedhoax “victims.” Yet, where can such claims be verified in the photo itself?

        Take a look at the photo on the website captioned “Jewish men at Chelmno await gassing by “Black Raven” gas van.” Outside the caption, what evidence is there in the photo to substantiate this claim? How do we know these are even Jews, let alone their fate? This photo actually looks more like a still shot taken from a movie than any period photo. The real question underlying this photo is who is responsible for the photo’s caption?

        Jewish Soviet commissars actually did order the use of gassing vehicles, and this is undoubtedly where the idea came from to “project” this method of execution upon the Germans. Interestingly, the Communists were clever enough to use gasoline powered vehicles – not diesel – to gas their victims. In the long run the Jewish Soviet commissars found a bullet to the back of the skull far quicker and more efficient than gassing vans. As was the case here

        The article also alludes to the German’s “producer gas” vehicles powered by carbon monoxide gas. While it is demonstrable fact these vehicles did exist and were very efficient at producing deadly CO gas, once again there are no German documents specifying the use of such vehicles for execution.

        Then too, how might one explain the highly inefficient “death camp” diesel engines allegedly used by Germans to gaz Jews in the camps? Jewish “eyewitness” reports say captured Soviet tank and submarine engines(!)were used as extermination devices in the “death camps,” this despite the fact there is no, none, nine, zero, nada evidence whatsoever the Germans ever captured any soviet submarines.

        Of course simple brains with the slightest understanding of diesel emissions know that using such engines for execution is patently absurd. This advertisement video visibly demonstrates the absurd stupidity of such claims. In light of this empirical evidence, how might one continue believing Germans were actually that stupid?

        Consider the ~ documented ~ facts that Germans were first to develop and deploy the intercontinental V-2 Missile and the first jet fighter. Germans also developed the deadliest binary nerve agents known to man, like “Sarin gas,” a weapon still maintained in US military inventory.

        With such technology at their disposal, how could Germans have been so stupid as to use diesel engines to execute prisoners? As the video below points out, this is simply a matter of Jewish “eyewitnesses” being too ignorant and stupid to understand the technology they lied about.

        Here is another video demonstrating the utter absurdity of diesel gazzing claims.

        It is high time that every non-Jew dealing with these subjects take long, hard objective observations of the evidence – or lack thereof – for all claims connected with the Jew’s “sacred” myth known as the “Holocaust.” No doubt, God himself could provide enough evidence for Jews to ever admit their sacred hallowed is nothing but a monstrous, baldfaced lie used to hammer the German guilt complex over WWII.

    3. THE TRUE HOLOCAUST WAS OF THE GERMAN PEOPLES…some were non communist non Talmudic Jews as well…THE COMMUNIST JEWS WERE IN THE GERMAN WORK CAMPS..SUPPOSEDLY SAFE…except THEY WERE USED AS CANNON FODDER BY ELITE JEWS…There was no such thing as extermination of Jews by Germany


      GO TO HELLSTORM DOCUMENTARY..and learn the truth

      GO TO “EISENHOWERS RHINE MEADOWS DEATH CAMPS” and learn the truth about this vicious SERIAL MURDERER.

      Ive watched HOURS AND HOURS of ADOLF HITLER SPEECHES..not once was the world NAZI used..ever.
      John F. Kennedy told us in time Hitler would be a hero..not a villain…He tried to free his people from JEWISH SLAVERY.

      NAZI is a Jewish word..>They did the evils they blamed on Germans…and had to use their media to make people think Nazis were Germans..when in truth..THEY WERE JEWS

      EVIL NAZI DOCTORS are still experimenting on the AMERICA PEOPLE..AKA LAB RATS for Jews.



      THE REAL NAZIS WERE JEWISH……………………………………….
      Jews are AshkeNAZI
      Jewish princes are called NASI’S.
      In Italy the Jews were called NAZIONE (

      JEWS IN GERMANY WERE MURDERED BY ELITE JEWS from America and England..Eisenhower and Churchill.

      The “KATZ” is out of the bag..and it aint gonna go back in…THE ROACHES ARE EXPOSED and in time will crawl back into the dark spaces..Its up to us to keep exposing them..and forcing them out into public..if were to survive and not end up like Germany and Russia did under JEWISH HEDGEMONY

  7. Ok, my periodic harangue on Jew perpetual hatred of Russia, something that Our Lady at Fatima saw clearly and warned against it.
    Again, i will quote from Analeuskas’ great set of lectures, commonly titled as “Zionism and Russia” (delivered at Berkely, i think), it is of some significance that Analeuskas sees it so clearly, though being of Lithuanian ancestry, age old enemies of Russia.

    The reason I harp on this terrible history is to illustrate how even in 1880, going forward, Jews had incredible power and used it in very focused, single-minded, occult way to achieve their monolithic goals and how the American presidents were quite powerless to halt them in their nefarious plans, even eminently decent men like William Howard Taft.
    I want this to be an eye-opener to the assortment of blinded Trump-haters on this site, who believe that Trump can turn things around at the crack of the whip and prevail over the clear and present contagion.
    Read and compare to present, I will forego the blockquotes in order to save space, hence the following is all quoted, except for my [inserts]
    Reports of U.S.A. Ministers are quoted showing that while 1500 Jews were registered in St. Petersburg with the police, 30,000 were operating there illegally. Jewish editors and writers wielded power on the leading newspapers of St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the liquor trade was entirely in Jewish hands.
    At every turn the United States Government discovered. . . . The Jews represented that their life in Russia was a hell . . .

    Presently, after years of underground work and open propaganda against Russia in the daily press, until the American conception against Russia was fixed almost beyond correction, the agitation took the form of the “Russian passport question”. . . Jews demanded nothing less than that the United States should break all treaty relations with Russia. They demanded it.
    [exactly as today, watch the various Congressional hearings, the pressure on Trump]

    Then, in that same article, how Jacob Schiff, Louis Marshall, Adolph Krauss and Judge Henry M. Fogle (all Executive Committee members of the American Jewish Committee) walked in on President Taft at the White House, on February 15, 1911, is described.
    They had demanded the conference, were dined at the White House luncheon table, but President Taft insisted upon reading them his conclusions that the TRADE TREATY OF 1832 WITH RUSSIA SHOULD NOT BE BROKEN AS AN EXCEPTIONAL FAVOR TO JEWS, despite his sentiments in favor of Jewry. [insufficient kowtowing …]
    Jacob Schiff was enraged. “This means war!” he exclaimed.
    [105 years ago, Jacob Schiff, today, Adam Schiff, EXACTLY the same tactics for EXACTLY the same reasons – observe their power then and imagine how much greater it is now]
    On leaving the White House, Jacob Schiff refused to even shake the President’s hand… Jacob Schiff lived to overthrow Russia.

    Henry Ford wrote: “The neutrality of the United States was torn to shreds by a movement organized and financed on American soil for the overthrow of a friendly nation, and the organizers and financiers were Jews! . . . The United States was to be used as a crowbar to batter down the walls.”
    [Yes, Pat, just the same as today]

    When the Jewish Ambassadors left the White House, orders flew from Washington and New York to every part of the United States, and the Jewish “nagging” drive began.
    It had a center in every city. It focused on every Representative and Senator. It was operated on precisely the same lines as the AIPAC is proceeding today!
    [Pussyhat parades and Antifa marches …]
    Jacob Schiff had said on February 15, 1911, “This means war!” So he had immediately ordered a large sum of money used for that purpose. During this period of political turmoil, the American Jewish Committee cleverly and boldly employed its network of national contacts and supported politicians such as Woodrow Wilson who were hungry for votes in the 1912 election.
    [Woodrow Wilson to replace Taft, Hillary Clinton to replace Trump]
    Louis Marshall was the president and chief strategist of the American Jewish Committee at the time. A contemporary and ally of the Schiffs and Warburgs, he directed the American Jewish Committee in a skillful, uncompromising campaign to spread what was called the “abrogation message” to politicians at the state and national levels. The committee worked openly and unabashedly to make Congress and the public believe that the life of the Jews in Russia was a hell.
    Finally, in New York City in 1911, the American Jewish Committee staged an enormous rally in which featured the appearance of two presidential hopefuls, Woodrow Wilson and Champ Clark, also William Randolph Hearst, a former ambassador to Russia, and several Congressmen.
    On December 13th of that same year — almost ten months to a day after Jewry had declared war on President Taft’s conclusions — both houses of Congress ordered President Taft to notify Russia that the treaty with Russia would be terminated.
    [Aren’t we seeing this same unanimity today? This is what Trump has to deal with]
    The Jews have won.
    Schiff hailed the abrogation victory in jubilant words: “For the first time, Russia, that great Colossus, has received a slap in the face from a great nation, which act . . . must be of the greatest consequence in the history of civilization.” [Cohen, Jacob H. Schiff, pp. 150-151]
    He bragged that the abrogation victory was “the greatest victory for the Jews since Napoleon granted them civil rights.” [Judith S. Goldstein, The Politics of Ethnic Pressure (New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1990), pp. 165-178.] [And they repaid Napoleon by ensuring his defeat by the ever-treacherous England]
    At every stage of the game of take-over Russia for Talmudism, the United States was used a base of operations for the Zionist Jews to put Russia under heel.

    okay? so i advise any of the “Trump is a Jew puppet” crowd to please temper your blether notwithstanding the above history, you got no more excuse for total ignorance.

    1. Lobro –

      I’ll be a brief “mule-headed” … ‘gadfly’, as usual. 🙂

      You explained Russian history. That was good. So is this from Dr Joyce.

      From the article on Darkmoon just before this one:


      “During the war, Soviet Jews worked with their American counter-parts to secure vital lend-lease deals on weaponry.” (Russia had no money then, either.)

      NOW…. 2017..!!

      ”Political and – MILITARY – contacts between Russia and Israel are on the rise. Trying to make sense of what drives Israel’s major foreign policy imperatives and how they are shaped is getting even more important for Moscow.”
      -February 13, 2017-

      As I have repeated over and over and over here….

      The Jews in Russia have always relied on welfare from America.

      Russia is totally dependent on America. Russia would collapse without the US Dollar.

      Fact from your comment above:

      ”At every stage of the game of take-over Russia for Talmudism, the United States was used a base of operations for the Zionist Jews to put Russia under heel.”

      OK..!! It is STILL going on right now…. AND Israel is ALSO helping Russia.

      So…. I am obliged to advise any of the ‘Put-On’ and Trump are “JEW PUPPETS” crowd to please “BIGGLY” INCREASE your flames. Heat up the kitchen..!! They damned well deserve it..!! 🙂

      You can sort it all out.

      1. Pat,
        The Russian economy is vibrant. The U.S. economy? You tell me. If, my memoria serves me, the U.S. is extremely in debt .while Russia is debt free. Clarify your statements , Pat.

      2. Pat,
        Part of the “lend lease” deal is where a one $billion worth of arms were set up on Northern China border hoping that the Soviet would use them when (((they))) would eventually declare war on Japan. Well they did after the Jew A-bombs were dropped. They were never used by the Stalinist hoards. However, repeat, however under the auspices of the US State, full of commies and (((them))), this cache of goodies laid in for the Soviet good old (((boys))) was turned over to Mao to help gin up that little Commie blood bath in the Commie take over of China. Oh how (((they))) love the blood.

      3. Don –
        TJ –


        Russia used Lend-Lease ships to supply N Vietnam – used to kill hundreds of thousands on both sides in the MAJOR skirmish over there. Pathetic.

        “The United States financed the economic and military development of the Soviet Union. Without this aid, financed by U.S. taxpayers, there would be no significant Soviet military threat, for there would be no Soviet economy to support the Soviet military machine, let alone sophisticated military equipment.”

    2. “I want this to be an eye-opener to the assortment of blinded Trump-haters on this site, who believe that Trump can turn things around at the crack of the whip and prevail over the clear and present contagion.”

      Blinded? You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your hapless Chumpster apologia.

      Generally speaking, there are three possibilities in the universe: (1) things can “stay the same”; (2) things can “turn around”, i.e., “get better”; and (3) things can “get worse”. By any meaningful foreign policy metric, Trump is making things WORSE. He has already proven that he is both more aggressive and more reckless than Obama. For example, he is continuing the illegal military buildup in Syria:

      The evidence that Trump is a servile Jew puppet accumulates on an almost daily basis, but you will never accept it.

    3. Pat, all your jingoistic contempt for Russia, as poisonous in its glee as anything from these jews, won’t save you from the barenaked facts:

      • USA has most of the world’s Jews
      • Russia has almost none
      • USA has most of the world’s debt
      • Russia has almost none
      • Russia has ~40% of the world’s mineral wealth, way ahead of the US

      conclusion: time is on Russia’s side, not on yours.
      Russia doesn’t need Jew-paper ($$) and by degrees, the world doesn’t need it either, a need served at the point of the gun, the barrel rusting and will soon fall off too, as the military technology becomes more decrepit, no more brain-drain from China, Russia, india, Iran, all of them able progressively to hang onto the homegrown talent.
      Russia can afford to wait until China is ready to pay for the resources with non-paper value, e.g., gold or finished products, not the artificially inflated petro-benjamins.

      Tsarist Russia lost because they harbored all those traitorous jews who sucked its wealth away, this time it is not happening, the dynamics has changed big time – you don’t see it because of your chauvinist, bloomberg fed tunnel vision that only sees jew’s projections on the empty wall.
      So keep sniffing that bag of Joo-gloo while you’re having fun.

      @Smith – you obviously haven’t read my post or if you did, you didn’t pick up a shred of meaning in it.

      He has already proven that he is both more aggressive and more reckless than Obama

      As far as i recall, Trump did not destroy Syria nor Libya nor groomed ISIS for their diabolical activities.
      As far as I recall, Trump did not collapse Ukraine nor turned it into an ash-heap of a country in order to foment a war with Russia.
      As far as I recall, Obama was a lot more hostile to Russia than trump.
      Yet according to you, he is “both more aggressive and more reckless than Obama”.
      Okay … if you say so.

      Here is what is happening now, just as under Taft (the part you obviously skipped): Senate Overwhelmingly Approves New Sanctions To “Punish” Russia

      The bipartisan legislation, which passed with an overwhelming 97-2 vote, slaps new sanctions on Russia and RESTRICTS President Trump from easing them in the future without first receiving congressional approval.
      [got that, Harold Smith? “mighty Trump, can do but doesn’t want to …”, somehow, i doubt it …]

      The sanctions against Russia are
      “in response to the violation of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and Crimea, its brazen cyber-attacks and interference in elections, and its continuing aggression in Syria,” [LOL]
      according to the deal’s sponsors.

      The amendment also allows “broad new sanctions on key sectors of Russia’s economy, including mining, metals, shipping and railways” and authorizes “robust assistance to strengthen democratic institutions and counter disinformation across Central and Eastern European countries that are vulnerable to Russian aggression and interference.

      But i fully expect you to lay the blame on Trump, aka, “Chumpster” for ramping up hostilities with Russia, for depleted fish stocks, El Nino and the California forest fires.

      1. “As far as i recall, Trump did not destroy Syria nor Libya nor groomed ISIS for their diabolical activities…….But i fully expect you to lay the blame on Trump, aka, ‘Chumpster’ for ramping up hostilities with Russia, for depleted fish stocks, El Nino and the California forest fires.”

        I understand your frustration. I suppose all you can do now is keep lowering the bar. (Btw you seem to have more strawmen than Chumpster fraudster has Jew handlers and terrorist mercenaries, but that’s okay, as it’s sort of entertaining).

      2. ADMIN: Harold, Your link has been deleted. Hope you don’t mind. But the video you posted will be featured as a main article tomorrow. This will give it the extra prominence it deserves. It’s too important to be wasted as a comment.

    4. Hasn’t Putin been trying to get back some of the loot looted from Russia by the Jewish oligarchs? So now the American Jewish Lobby want to destroy Putin and Russia.

      If you want to know what US policy will be on any matter just ask “Is it good for the Jews?” They have the US government and economy by the throat.

  8. Cathedral hound out Farron for Christian faith. Soon it’ll be sadiq for Muslim faith. Amirite?

  9. Brother Kapner is one of the manifestations of what’s great about the USA and Christianity for those who are awakened, as Felix and JAG vet have observed, and he does great work in his own unique style. Secular individuals with differing viewpoints (they love to present themselves as monolithic, but they are not and never will be) are a category not to be overlooked among those who oppose the ‘one size fits all’ sicko Dershowitz hate narrative mentioned. Take Mr. Jay Sekulow, a superb lawyer who is a contributor to the Hannity program. Unlike Mr. Dershowitz who advocates punitive financial measures against all those who don’t conform to his views, Mr. Sekulow is an advocate of the Rule of Law as it is, which protects even clowns like Dershowitz – up to a point. The problem is that laws have been flagrantly broken by a former AG, Mrs. Clinton and others and are going unaddressed. Prior to the baseball field assassination attempt, Michael Scheuer on this site and Pat Buchanan have said if Mr. Trump and Congress don’t enforce the law (and don’t even pursue the appearance of it) there is bound to be trouble. The ownership shown above has elements that should be aware of that the need to enforce the law is for the good of everyone, or eventually and possibly not too far away their own interests will be damaged, perhaps ruined. This requires intellect above the level of the ability to write checks based on emotional appeals. In my comment a few days prior about Mr. Scheuer’s excellent article posted here I mentioned the need for a sense of URGENCY NOW on the part of lawmakers, who seem to think that at this stage of our nations history with the toxic combination of Soros funded destruction and chaos and the economic devastation of the American middle class that they can continue business as usual, with agreeable baseball games and long summer vacations (while uninterruptedly soliciting funds that eventually enrich themselves personally). The gun the assailant used is reported (briefly) to have been illegal though the liberals and persons from violent backgrounds have been sold by the devil about gun control and ignore the jew media influence on the shaping of the event, while weak, ineffective, and dangerously blind calls to “reach out” to a hardened opponent by Republicans (more whining “Can’t we just do business as usual”? approach, as anything else might be ‘terribly inconvenient’) our bound to lead to more trouble and escalating trouble. Enforce the law.

    1. Sorry for my spelling gaffes and other errors, which are bound, not “our” bound, to happen when I find myself in too much of a hurry, which is frequent lately as retail collapses nationwide and Congress plays baseball.


    i just dont understand…

    jews do hate christians – probably because christians gave them a hard time for 2000 years maybe because christians blame them jews for the crucifixion of jesuschrist when it was actually the romans who did it (romans later became italians and italians built the vatican and love jesus), but romans now are christians . its like they say here in southamerica “stop it already, you are abusing the corpse” in southamerica you have laws that are called “autor intelectual and autor material” but thats just me ..

    jews also hate muslims and this isnt because muslims blame them for the crucifixion of jesus since muslims believe that romans (who like i said, later became christians and probably secretly blame themselves for the killing of “the man” and because of guilt and in a hush hush way “finance” the corrupt evangelist protestant church WHO on those mega evangelist crusades say stuff like “well it was meant to be that way, see … God (or yahve or jehova or whatever his name IS OR “WAS” ACCORDING TO Friedrich Nietzsche BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOOK HIM AND REGISTERED HIS NAME AT THE NOTARY, DID THEY?) WANTED HIS SON -he is the son and the father and the holy spirit with tentacles and all- to die for us so he can wash away our sins .,.. ROMANS got the wrong guy and crucified him up high but it wasnt jesus!
    jews hate us because we have become a thorn on their side.. (numbers) boy that guy moshes was a true prophet, he told them “kill them rape them steal from them kill the kids burn their temples attack them with f 16s (courtesy of the sons of Jesus) because if you dont … there will be a daesh day .. there will be a MOA.ISIS day”
    but things have gotten better in the jew-crusader scenario because now, thanks to the “financing” jews are innocent.. they didnt kill jesus, god wanted to commit suicide blah blah
    yes, ok but after what? after perturbing them jews and traumatizing them jews for 2000 years you now realize this?
    on the other hand
    muslims say …. “the jews they got the wrong guy” (judas the snitch was the one who hanged up there instead, which is a good thing but absolves the jews whom… i admit it .. hate deeply)
    but islam does warn us about crusaders and jews gang banging on us muslims
    so ..
    jews hate christians and muslims
    christians hate jews and muslims
    muslims secretly hate jews and christians
    but cinicaly
    they all say shit like
    No! we are not allowed to hate anyone different from us because its a sin
    if you kill one single man its like you killed the whole of humanity
    but go tell that to an isis guy who is about to decapitate (by slicing, ouch) a yazidi snitch who gave the coordinates to the u.s. air force and you would probably have to run really hard afterwards. you would probably have to chew gum and run .. at the same time
    i personally want the whole holy planet to go
    puff because
    jews and christians and even muslims gave my country to the jews so now i have to be a wetback for the rest of my life and listen to your daily moaning about how you lost your diswashing job at a restaurant because i get payed less when i actually dont do that because .. i was born here in colombia and there other things i prefer to wash.. go tell that to the d.e.a. guys
    yes, christians are now saying that no! the jews ARE God´s chosen people and yes! that land G-O-D gave to them and the palestinians should go to jordan but after what? ovens, gas chambers, inquisition, chasing them, killing them, kicking them out of 114 countries in 2000 years etc etc
    will there be a 2.0 114 countries kick them out event again? if so please include palestine on that list 🙂
    the sad part of all this is that meanwhile children are starving the world over
    no comprendo

    1. jews trick gentiles into killing one another

      jews don’t care if you know about jewish crimes against humanity … jews will find something else you are frustrated with and set you against it … christians? muslims? religionists? anti-religionists? environmentalsits? anti-environmentalists? men? women? parents? children? north? south? blue? red? sunni? shia? black? white? republican? democrat? hulk hogan? nikolai volkov? … jews will try to get you into conflict with anything … but jews

      learn to spot a jew … and learn to spot jewish sites … the alternative hasbara that bashes america for being jewish owned, but lies (by insinuation) that russia is free, is protecting the jewish escape plan … both usa and russia are run by jews

    2. Avatar,
      Your post makes no sense. Have you been drinking? Too many “frias” ….cold ones….I suppose. Dont let me interrupt your binge….keep drinking Jew boy. Salud!

  11. Putin’s humor and commonsense on display again, Putin Offers Asylum To “Leaker” Comey

    “It looks weird when the chief of a security agency records his conversation with the commander-in-chief and then hands it over to media via his friend,”

    Putin was quoted by Russia’s Tass.

    “This is strange. What is the difference then between the FBI director and Mr. Snowden? He is not a head of the special services, but a human rights activist.”

    The trolling concluded when Putin said that

    “by the way, if he (Comey) is subject to any sort of persecution in connection with this, we will be ready to give him political asylum in Russia. And he should know about this.”

    touche … maybe instead of training with Mossad in Negev desert, they should retrain with FSB to gain a semblance of professionalism.

    1. long live KGB st. putin and the red army … saviours of the aryan race!

      1. i wonder if putin knows he is a bigger comedy than comedian

        atleast the cosmos is beautiful

      2. the RED ARMY was the Jewish BOlshevik COmmunists..

        THe White ARmy was the Russians

        the Kulaks were white Ukrainians

        I like Putin..He knows allllll about Jews.and what they do..and hes tried to warn us in his videos..

        PUTIN PAID OFF THE JEWISH BANK DEBT..THEN KICKED THE JEWS OUT..the people made it UNCOMFORTABLE for Jews to remain in Russia.


        OUR JEWISH PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON..SMUGGLED IN MANY MANY JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS FROM RUSSIA…that is why the Jews are freaking about about Trumps immigration policy..

        Screw the red army…

  12. In typical fashion, Brother Nathanael does not shy away from identifying the jewish culprits even when the head of the out of country Russian Orthodox Church tells him to back off of the jews. Now a Russian Orthodox Christian, Brother Nathanael is completely familiar with the jewish mindset and jewish tactics since he used to be a jew (he certainly knows being jewish is not genetic). From death threats, hacks, and DOS attacks, Brother Nathanael has remained true to his calling by God in 2007 to reveal the evil of the jews. He is committed to Jesus and the truth.



      No one can kill anyone unless God ordains it




      Brother K knows this too..

      This is why CHRISTIANS make good ANTI EDOM warriors…We know GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME..THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD….and were not afraid to die for THE CAUSE..

      That’s why Christians are always GENOCIDE by the Jews..especially in the 1900’s…WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM..AND THEY CANNOT DECEIVE A TRULY SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIAN..

      JEWISH RABBIS CANNOT INTERPRET THE according to scripture..ONLY THE HOLY SPIRIT INTERPRETS THE BIBLE IN BOTH OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT…except today…THE HOLY SPIRIT ONLY DWELLS IN there is no way for deception about what God has said…
      SCRIPTURE VALIDATES SCRIPTURE…all the Jewish lies are exposed by scripture..very easily..if you read it avidly…

      They cannot get away with anything..when it comes to Biblically well read Christian’s..We can see their lies and deceptions of all of those of the WORLD SPIRIT..\



      WE CAN SEE THAT TODAY….its the immoral..the sexually deviant…the morally deviant…the pagans..who try to change the gov..

      DANIEL 7:21..THOSE WHO SEEK TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS…are the JEws..They have changed the OT feast days..into Jewish days…THe Jews seek to change our laws..


      scroll down and see all the Democrat Jews who are pushingfor Gun Control..

  13. Jews don’t own Israel.
    The Holy Lands belong to us all.
    How is it possible that the powerful Evangelical Ministries of the United States of America.
    ALLOWED ……… these are the only words we can use here ……. gave permission ……. all agreed.
    For the Jews to have the Holy Lands as their own personal home land.
    Who were these religious leaders that agreed to allow the Jews to take procession of the Holy Lands.
    Evangelical America – Baptist America.
    Do you realize how powerful these people are – they have much influence in Washington – the Jewish lobby is nothing before these groups.
    Orthodox Christian Churches in Europe.
    No way would the Jews be allowed to be given the Holy lands without their consent – It was after the war & there was no money – Most likely these religious denominations were promised OIL MONEY.
    Today they must want to undo that deal & be given the Holy Lands back.
    According to the Holy Bible it is End Time – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – Judgement Day.
    Which one of these prominent religious leaders – do you think – will be happy the watch Jesus Christ descend from heaven on American TV ?

    1. The bible calls Jerusalem the HOME OF DEVILS..not the HolyLand…Nothing holy dwells there today.
      REVELATION 11:8, 17:1, 17:18, 18:10, 18:2-3, 18:23-24.


      SO how can that place be called ‘holy’?

      WE ARE THE “LIVING STONES OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD”….II Corinthians chapter 6.

      The Jews twisted DANIEL 9:25 to create the big JEWISH FABLE of a land of apostate Isa-hell where Jews dwell..the Anti Christ..another Jewish fable…and a temple to be built in BABYLON? (Rev 11:8, 18:10)

      GOD NEVER ONCE gave any land to anyone who was disobedient to him…The Jews blaspheme God..because the God of Abraham..IS NOT THE GOD OF JUDAISM..(See Henry Makows (ex Jew) site about this…”SOME JEWS ASK IF LUCIFER IS THE GOD OF JUDAISM”)

      SEE BROTHER NATHANIAL KAPNERS site..Hes an EX JEW..AND GREATLY exposes Godless Goddess worship of the JEws….(Jeremiah chapter 7 and 44)

  14. Read the BOOK OF ZECHARIAH 14:21…The time of the Canaanites is short..They will be destroyed forever..and no more shall the Canaanites be in the house of the Lord of Hosts..


    If you look up JEW in the STRONGS EXHASTIVE BIBLE CONCORDANCE A1611 will find that where JEW is used…it is used in the context of “AS IN A COUNTRY” not as in the People called Israel..

    THIS IS THE GRANDEST SCAM SINCE THE FAKE JEWISH HOLOCAUST where not Germans..BUT OTHER JEWS killed the Jews of Germany and in the camps when they FIREBOMBED GERMANY..and destroyed all the food and medicine lines..


    Today..the Canaanites are called Edom..or Jew..

    JUDITH..wife of Esau..parents of Edom

    I think its pretty clear now who the Jews really are

    RABBI STEPHEN WISE as recoded in the Jewish Encyclopedia…said “The Jews today are MODERN DAY EDOM..”

    Don’t worry….THEY ARE THE NEW WORLD ORDER…but scripture says they loose.

    For all you DELUDED CHRISTIAN read this..and stop being ESAUS who sold their BORN AGAIN birthrights to the Jews..God hated Esau for doing this..and I’m sure hes not pleased with you either..I used to be a Zionist TILL I READ THE BIBLE FOR MY SELF..AND LEARNED THE TRUTH..

    JOHN 4:21..Jesus , “No longer shall the FATHER be worshiped in Jerusalem”..THAT BEING then can anyone call that wretched place a holy land? What holy happened there? Christ was born in Bethlehem…Jerusalem-THE GREAT CITY is BABYLON…

    REVELATION 11:8, 17:1, 17:18, 18:10, 18:2-3, 18:23-24..

    BOOK OF TITUS 1:14.God tells us Jews are liars, NOT HIS PEOPLE..and REPROBATES…

    Jesus said BY A MANS WORKS..YE SHALL KNOW HIM”..well..the works of the Jews proves exactly what they are..Pure Evil according to scripture….self worshipers…supremacists..hateful..and full of themselves…

    THE MORE CHRISTIANS THERE ARE…THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO DESTROY JEWISH POWER..The scriptures I just listed from Revelation..prove that this happens…



    STop allowing preachers to have such control over your thoughts..THey are good..BUT..many have fallen into ZIONISM..a JEWISH CULT…disguised as Christianity



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