Jews shut down free speech at London School of Economics by causing rumpus

Introduction — March 22, 2016
By The Truthseeker

On Monday night Zionist Jews protested at a lecture by a former UN rapporteur on human rights to the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk. Instead of answering his charges that Israel was a “racist state” however, protesters at the London School of Economics (LSE)  resorted to an old tactic to silence critics of Israel. They accused Falk of “anti-Semitism”, a charge that is echoed in the Jewish Chronicle report below.

Even though protesters interrupted Falk on a number of occasions, it’s the protesters who portray themselves as victims.

In effect they were trying to silence Richard Falk and other critics of Israel, like Gilad Atzmon, who was also at the LSE, and their protests only confirmed Falk’s accusations.

According to Falk, Zionist Jews were “playing the antisemitic card” as “a smear tactic designed to avoid substantive discussion… because Israel’s arguing position is so weak.”

This appears to be exactly what is happening.

— Editor of The Truthseeker

Here is the article from the Jewish Chronicle reporting these events:

By Daniel Sugerman,
The Jewish Chronicle March 21, 2017

A Jewish “student” trying to disrupt a lecture at the London School of Economics
at which Professor Richard Falk is delivering the lecture
and where Gilad Atzmon is present in the audience

Officials at the London School of Economics have launched an investigation after a public lecture on the Middle East conflict descended into acrimony, with a clash between Jews in the audience and the anti-Israel musician Gilad Atzmon.

Mr Atzmon, who has described himself as “a self-hating Jew”, allegedly told a group of students that the Jews had been “expelled from Germany for misbehaving”, and recommended that they read the work of David Irving, the disgraced historian and Holocaust denier.

In a separate incident, a pro-Palestinian activist in the audience allegedly shouted abuse at the students and attempted to approach them but was restrained. One of the students told the JC: “He turned around and started shouting abuse and tried to assault my friend”.

LD: This biased pro-Jewish article neglects to mention that the original provocation came from Jewish hecklers in the audience who refused to shut up and allow the lecturer, Richard Falk, to speak without interruption. The “pro-Palestinian activist” portrayed here as a villain was just trying to get the Jewish hecklers to shut up.

In a statement, following the event on Monday, the LSE Student Union Israel Society said they were “appalled by the treatment of Jewish students. “It is completely unacceptable that Jewish students were subjected to the comments made during today’s talk”, the statement continued. “We expect the university to take strong action to ensure the welfare and safety of Jewish students at LSE.”


An LSE spokesperson acknowledged that there had been “a number of disruptions during the event which were dealt with by the security personnel in attendance”.

The spokesperson added: “Furthermore, the School has received complaints that a member of the audience made a number of antisemitic comments. The School is investigating these complaints and the timeline of incidents during the event.”

The event featured Richard Falk, a former UN rapporteur on human rights to the Palestinian territories, and a virulent critic of Israel, who has accused the country of being an “apartheid regime” and a “racist state”. Two Israel supporters in the audience interrupted Mr Falk on a number of occasions, holding up signs saying “Richard Falk: Condemned for Antisemitism” and “Richard Falk: Shame on LSE”.

They were both escorted from the room by university staff.

During his talk, Mr Falk said supporters of Israel were “playing the antisemitic card” which was “a smear tactic designed to avoid substantive discussion… because Israel’s arguing position is so weak.”

He defended sharing an antisemitic cartoon on his blog by claiming the antisemitic content was “not very visible” and that it had subsequently been removed.

Mr Falk also said Mr Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who, “challenges a lot of assumptions”.

In the book Mr Atzmon questions whether the blood libel was false, declares that “robbery and hatred is imbued in Jewish modern political ideology on both the left and the right” and that “the history of Jewish persecution is a myth, and if there was any persecution the Jews brought it on themselves”.

Sapan Maini-Thompson, a masters student at LSE, called for the university to conduct “stricter vetting” of campus speakers.  He said: “In attendance was Gilad Atzmon, a known antisemitic activist, who at the back of the room was inciting Holocaust denial, recommending that people read David Irving and saying that the Jews were ‘expelled from Germany for misbehaving’. These sorts of fascists and racists should not be allowed on our campus. I completely agree with open discussion, but we must have much stricter vetting procedures to make sure fascists and racists aren’t allowed on our campus.”

Jews are “playing the antisemitic card … a smear tactic designed to avoid substantive discussion… because Israel’s arguing position is so weak.” — Prof. Richard Falk, former UN rapporteur on human rights to the Palestinian territories

Following the events at LSE, two universities cancelled talks featuring Mr Falk.

The University of East London said a book launch due to take place on Tuesday was not organised in accordance with UEL’s event guidelines.

A spokesperson said: “The University of East London has taken the difficult decision to cancel a book launch by Professor Richard Falk which was scheduled to take place at our Stratford campus on Tuesday 21 March 2017. It became clear, the day before the event, that the University ‘s External Speakers Policy had not been adequately followed.

Middlesex University cancelled its event 24 hours before it was scheduled to take place on Wednesday. A spokesperson cited “safety concerns” for the decision.

Jonathan Arkush, president of the Board of Deputies, said he had contacted both LSE and Middlesex University to express his “anger and disappointment” over the invitations to Mr Falk, and had sent them a dossier on him.

Jews have managed yet again to shut down free speech
and valid criticism of Israel by playing “the anti-Semitic card”.

29 thoughts to “Jews shut down free speech at London School of Economics by causing rumpus”

  1. Some remarks :

    1) Richard Falk is himself Jewish :

    “Falk was born into an assimilationist New York Jewish family which all but repudiated the ethnic side of Jewishness.[2] Defining himself as “an American Jew”, he says that having an outsider status, with a sense of not belonging, may have influenced his later role as a critic of American foreign policy.[2][5][6] His being Jewish signifies above all for Falk, “to be preoccupied with overcoming injustice and thirsting for justice in the world, and that means being respectful toward other peoples regardless of their nationality or religion, and empathetic in the face of human suffering whoever and wherever victimization is encountered.”

    Source : Wikipedia, Richard A. Falk.

    I think in the case of Richard Falk, like in the case of Gilad Atzmon, we have to do here with the rare, genuine “good Jew”.

    2) Gilad Atzmon doesn’t call himself a “self-hating Jew”, he calls himself a proud self-hating Jew”.

    3) Jews of course are all for “free speech” except that speech that goes against their interests :

    “These sorts of fascists and racists should not be allowed on our campus. I completely agree with open discussion, BUT we must have much stricter vetting procedures to make sure fascists and racists aren’t allowed on our campus.”


    “In attendance was Gilad Atzmon, a known antisemitic activist, who at the back of the room was inciting Holocaust denial, recommending that people read David Irving and saying that the Jews were ‘expelled from Germany for misbehaving’. “

    Jews were always expelled for misbehaving. It’s about time they be expelled from Planet Earth for misbehaving on a global scale.

    1. If racists and fascists are not allowed on campus, then the jews should be permanently banned from it. Oy vey! We didn’t mean that kind of racism and fascism!

    2. I like Gilad. Paul Eisen is a friend of Gilad, he is Jewish, he knows the holocaust is a lie and he’s an advocate for Palestinian and German rights. He’s a good man too. He had a great blog with fantastic articles and photos, many relating to WW II and hateful Jews forced him to disable it.

  2. “What is good for the Jew is good for the gentile!”

    Being “racist” is a term I get sick and tired of hearing. People who scold Jews for “racism” don’t have any business sending their children to mostly white, private schools, or residing in mostly white, secluded neighborhoods. It is hypocritical to call someone “racist” and not mingle with nigras, muds, Jews, or wetbacks. Oh? Think otherwise?? Well, then, EVERYBODY has a tendency and right to mix n’ mingle with their own kind – even the Jew.
    Quit calling the Jew “racist” as a negative. Doing so reduces one to being as hypocritical as is Mr. Jew. Let’s think of another term to use…
    Mr. Falk has “assimilated” because he recognizes a better way! 🙂

    1. Every ethnic group has the right to be ethnocentrist, i.e. to prefer the company of its own ethnic group and to care for its legitimate interests. However the Jews claim that right only for themselves, while vehemently denying it to others (especially to Whites).
      The Jews therefore are not “racists”, they are hypocritically exclusive ethnocentrists.

      1. Thank you, Franklin! I will endeavor to use that term whenever the subject is broached. 🙂
        I am thinking that Jewry is more a religious thing than ethnocentrism… Consider a beautiful Jewess like, for instance, Ingrid Bergman, the old film star. Almost ANY white man would like to have her.

      2. Ethnocentrically-speaking, Jews and whites are often so much alike, it is hard to distinguish the difference. Consider the beautiful Ivanka Trump and her Jewish husband… She made a conscious RELIGIOUS decision; but, ethnically, there seems to be little distinction.

      1. Bullshit. Objectivity is not necessarily “hasbarat” thinking. I try to take things at face value – regardless of ethnicity. It is only fair and judicious to do so.

    2. Gilby ,it’s nice to read your indirect confession for being a racist.
      usually trumpy supports are .the apple didn’t fall far off from the tree

  3. ADMIN: ‘Palestinian’ = AVATAR

    I have come to realize, as i get older, that the Jews, who, among other terrible deeds, stole my ancestors land and built a headquarters for world´s evil right at the place where they crucified Jesus, are number three on the list of enemies of humanity.
    let me explain and please don’t rush to assume that i am some kind of a hasbarat troll, paid by the chosenites agriculture dept up in kiriat shmona…
    first let me tell you who I define and consider “enemies of humanity”…. enemies of humanity are those who are against Islam because Islam is the last obstacle for the protocols of Zion to take effect since they are already done with Christianity; look at the churches and Christian temples: empty and its pastors? false prophets and like Mark Glenn says, bought preachers paid by the Jews to spread the biggest lie ever told: the Jews are the chosen ones and that land in Canaan was given to them by “the Just” but he, as wise as he is, forgot to tell us Palestinians about this generous gift, thus creating a terrible conflict.
    Or maybe Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah or whatever his real name is, is just a mean old fart who does this kind of shit on purpose.
    And I here make a pause to once again ask KRISHNA “next time, Mr. punk you ask me for permission to create me, you just say something like “listen jalid I am gonna create you as a Palestinian being, no homeland, no money, no nothing, chased the world over, like Al Capone” and I would´ve just said “no sir, thank you, let me stay a spermatozoid inside my Palestinian mother´s womb”
    Israel is number three because the enablers, the wasp and Arab regimes, are to blame for what’s happening in Palestine and as the article states, England too.
    So, what we must do is catch people like
    Bashar Assad
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    The Jews will pack up and leave Palestine and move to Texas where they will find a teary audience that will nod as they listen to the second biggest lie ever told.

    1. @ Palestinian (aka ‘Avatar’ , ‘Jalid’, ‘Khalid’ etc.)

      I’ll let this comment through, but it is against the rules for a banned poster (‘Avatar’) to sneak back under another name (‘Palestinian’). So readers need to be alerted to the fact that you have already been banned from this website for several reasons, including hateful and defamatory comments about the Administrators of this website.

      — Admin Toby

    2. rabbinical caliphate speaks:

      So, what (((we))) must do is catch people like
      Bashar Assad
      Donald Trump
      Putin (oh that one i want badly)
      And just do the Kaddafi thing to them

      and now you have the confirmation of who does “Kaddafi thing” to enemies of jew, as first stated by bernard henri-levy and hillary clinton.

      yeah, spoken like a true palestinian from what did you call it, Dear Yowsa or something?
      Absence of Netanyahu from that list is not accidental.

      good for darkmoon that jew has onsite dedicated trolls, must be doing something right.

      1. @ Lobro

        “Palestinian” = “Avatar”

        Take with pinch of salt. Troll warning. Rather than shut the trolls out, we let them have their say occasionally. Site would be too dull if everyone permitted to speak here sang from the same hymn book.

  4. Are you sure that Ingrid Bergman was a Jew,or she became a Jew in order to become famous?

    In my opinion she was beautiful but not a good actress.

    A famous Greek composer said once: “In order to succeed you must be either a Jew,or a Communist or Gay.

    1. I think she was, Tayeth (because I seem to have heard that, somewhere). Anyhow, the movie “Gaslight” was playing on my TV when I was typing, and she stars in that movie – and looks very fetching. 🙂
      There are many beautiful Jewesses, and I am not ashamed to say I have been enamoured by a few of them, and enjoyed their company and feminine pleasures. (However, my most beautiful girlfriend of my life was a Greek goddess – and she is just a couple of days younger than I – and STILL a gorgeous woman!). 🙂


        Is she your wife then?

        The Greek women have very beautiful usually brown eyes,brown hair and very white skin.

        Is she like that?

      2. Yes, she is like that. She was my high school sweetheart, but I sometimes still see her. We never married each other, though, and we have always regretted it. Way too late, now.

    2. I believe Ingrid Bergman was Swedish. She may have been Norwegian. She lived in sin with Roberto Rosellini, the great Italian director. But, I don’t think she was Jewish. But, the Zionists trying to shut down a speech is pretty common. Their message is, ‘don’t question the chosen or any of their pet dogmas.’ If you do you will be labeled an anti-Semite. And the irony here is the ones calling you anti-Semite usually don’t have an ounce of Semitic blood in their veins.

    3. Ingrid Bergman was not a Jew. She was a beautiful blonde born to a beautiful German mother and a Swedish father. She was a Swedish citizen. Ingrid Bergman was offered the opportunity to work in Germany’s film industry by Josef Goebbels, but she eventually went to the USA to work in Hollywood.

  5. Hi Tayeth,
    In New York City you find many Jews who look European. You also see a lot of short fat Jewish men with tall, slim, gentile blondes from Russia and Eastern Europe, who convert to Judaism before marrying the man. They then have children who are officially Jewish.

    So the Jews are gradually getting better looking but less Jewish. Isn’t nature wonderful

    1. Good for them so that they can better hide their jwishness to fool the goyim. It’s nothing new. It’ s good for their survival as you know they have allways been persecuted in history. We already know the ashkenazi-jews. Better looking I doubt that! Unless you like jewish types who seem germanic BUT are not.

  6. @ gilbert huntly, I disagree the jews and whites are not alike. The jews consider the
    Goy as inferior and MUST not be treated like a ‘ brother’, see OT and the Talmoed. The ‘ goy’ who behave like the jews have been influenced by them,for example the nurnberg race laws were based on the OT and the talmoed. It is not a coincidence that many right wing nazi parties are/were led by jewish leaders and of course stupid goyim following them.

  7. “David Irving, the disgraced historian and Holocaust denier.” Disgraced by liars and their supporters. A great historian and entertaining writer according to many other historians and those interested in the truth.

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