Jews Throw Hissy Fit over Trump’s decision to crack down on illegal immigrants — ‘The Statue of Liberty weeps!’

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The “demonization” of Muslims and Mexicans recalls Jews’ treatment during the Holocaust, the center’s leader says.

“Today the Statue of Liberty weeps over President Trump’s discrimination. He is driving our nation over a moral cliff.” — Steven Goldstein, Political activist and Associate Professor at Rutger’s Law School.

Steven Goldstein has form as an ardent supporter of LBGT rights. “In September 2002, Goldstein and his then-partner, Daniel Gross, became the first same-sex couple ever to be included in the wedding announcements of The New York Times, marking both their wedding in Montreal and their civil union in Vermont the next day. In February 2007, they became the first same-sex couple to enter a civil union in New Jersey. In 2015, Goldstein and Gross announced they are no longer a couple.” (WIKIPEDIA)

President Donald Trump’s executive order to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and his promises to limit refugee entry make Wednesday “one of the most hateful days in our nation’s history,” according to an organization founded by Anne Frank’s father in the wake of the Holocaust.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect in New York City is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Jewish girl whose powerful diary written during the Holocaust has been read by millions. In 2016, the nonprofit expanded its focus on history and education to include more direct work on civil rights organizing.

Trump’s election didn’t motivate the center’s shift, but it has given it plenty of material to address. Executive Director Steven Goldstein said in a statement Wednesday that Trump “is driving our nation off a moral cliff” and using “national security as a guise for racism.” 

“Donald Trump is retracting the promise of American freedom to an extent we have not seen from a President since Franklin Roosevelt forced Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II,” Goldstein wrote. “Today the Statue of Liberty weeps over President Trump’s discrimination.”


Goldstein dashed off the unequivocal response to news of Trump’s actions on immigrants and refugees from a cab Wednesday morning. Standing up for oppressed groups is a Jewish value he holds dear, he told The Huffington Post.

“Demonizing refugees and immigrants, and spending billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them out of our nation, will go down in American history as one of the most tragic deviations from our national conscience,” he said in his statement.

Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that calls for the immediate construction of a wall on the country’s border with Mexico. The order follows a number of anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant remarks made during his presidential campaign, which he kicked off by suggesting that many Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.

Goldstein told HuffPost it would be hyperbolic and irresponsible to compare Trump’s actions to the Holocaust’s mass murders. “However, it would be equally irresponsible not to point out the similarities between demonizing and isolating groups of people within our country … and the demonization that Jews suffered during World War II. Unless we speak out now and stop demonization in its tracks, the horrors of history could happen again.”

Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week limiting Muslim and refugee entry to the U.S. A draft of the order obtained by HuffPost includes plans to block Syrian refugees indefinitely, temporarily suspend all refugee entrance to the U.S., reduce the number of refugees allowed to enter the country and briefly suspend all immigrant and non-immigrant entry of individuals from several countries with majority Muslim populations.

The order is not as sweeping as his campaign vow for “a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” but still appears to target the religious group.

Frank’s writings, collected in the book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, are among the tools used to help people, especially kids, understand the realities of the Holocaust. In the early 1940s, she wrote about her family’s experience hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam before they were discovered and sent to concentration camps, where Frank and most of her family died.

Her father, Otto Frank, survived and published his daughter’s writings. He went on to found the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, a partner of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect and organizations in several other countries.

Goldstein said bringing activism to the forefront of the center’s work was true to Otto Frank’s vision, as well as to its namesake’s legacy.

“No one knows what Anne Frank would have done today for sure,” he said, “but if you read her diary, she unmistakably had an activist’s heart and soul.”

LD:  The Diary of Anne Frank has now been exposed as yet another elaborate Holocaust hoax. For decades the public had been deceived into believing that the Diary was entirely the work of Jewish teenage heroine Anne Frank. It later transpired that many pages of the original manuscript, consisting of embellishments, were a forgery produced by her father Otto Frank. Substantial additions had been fraudulently made to the manuscript with the help of a ballpoint pen—something that had not been invented when Anne Frank was alive. Anne Frank had died in a concentration camp in February or March 1945, well before the official end of the war in September 1945, whereas the first ballpoint pens did not come into existence until the early 1950s.  

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Anne Frank Center: Trump ‘Is Driving Our Nation Off A Moral Cliff’
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    1. male so-called “Jews” are not men.

      sodomite so-called “Jews” are not Men.

      Modern day so-called “Jews” are not “Hebrews”
      and they are not even from the Tribe of “Judah”.

      eventually the Language Police will uphold the Law of
      the – PURE LANGUAGE @ Zephaniah 3:9 – and “arrest” those prevaricating
      on behalf of the “BAD FAITH NARRATIVE” @ John 8:44 –
      so-called “Jews” & the talmudic TERRORIST “Proselytes”.,7340,L-4912189,00.html

      furthermore, AIDS is the cure.

  1. Trump “is driving our nation off a moral cliff”. Wrong! The USA was driven off a moral cliff when the first Jew set foot in the Americas.

    1. Felix –

      Absolutely correct. It was driven further into the abyss when the French Pharisee-Jew-Masons gave the US the Statue of Liberty aka Juno.

      The Statue is crying because she has to join the Eastern Star for women Masons. She has to face East.

      It needs to be taken down.

      —The Statue of Liberty and Freemasonry—

      The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor was presented in 1884 as a gift from the French Grand Orient Temple Masons.

      1. – The Statue of Liberty

        Laboulaye and his fellow Freemason, sculptor Bartholdi referred to her as “Libertas” but she was also an early adoption by Romans of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.
        This goddess was the goddess of freedom because she promoted the ideals for the personal freedom to do anything that felt good. She was called the matron goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom. Indeed, she had invented the concept.

        We know of Libertas being referred to as the Mother of Harlots by the famous Roman historian (and senator) Cicero’s writings. Cicero indicates that she was also a very early goddess of the Greeks even before early Roman civilization developed. As time passed, the succeeding generations of Greeks found the other Ishtar doctrines to be appealing and incorporated her into their pantheon of deities as Astarte or Aphrodite. Later still, the Romans did the same and referred to her as Venus.

        It seems that the allure of Ishtar was her doctrine of holy sex or salvation by holy sexual relations with a temple priestess or priest as a means of purification and holiness.

        Of course, this entailed paying the priestess or priest and thus it was officially sanctioned and therefore “holy” prostitution. Ishtar introduced that whole concept to the human race.

        This is why she was referred to as the Mother of Harlots. Harlots had been deemed to be social outcasts so she was also referred to as the Mother of exiles.

        This was later equated with the idea of immigration. Naturally then Ishtar (a.k.a.– Libertas) was known as the Mother of Harlots, the Mother of Exiles and the Mother of immigrants throughout not only Babylon and Babylonia but also later Assyria, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

        There are many things I find interesting about this and how America was formed from the get go by the Illumanati ‘anti-Christ’ despite the presence of men like Jefferson, whom I consider to be a great mind. I remember going over something with my young son who is homeschooled and explaining to him that often times the word itself contains the meaning. For example, transparent or translucent.

        As we were looking up the meaning of lucent in my 200 lb. Webster my eye fell on Lucifer. As part of the definition it said, “The goddess Venus as the Morning Star”. My mind immediately ran on some research I was doing on DC (District of Columbia) and the lady in Columbia Pictures. It appears they are all related to the Illuminati and to Lucifer.

      2. Seeb –

        Brother Washington’s Masonic apron pictured:

        It is well established that George Washington was a member of the Freemasons, a fraternal society that had reached America from Great Britain by the 1720’s.

        He became a member of Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 in 1753 at the age of 20, and would serve as the master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 in 1788. Five years later, while serving as President, he led the Masonic ceremony to lay the cornerstone of the new United States Capitol.

        As a Mason, he would have owned at least one apron, perhaps more.

        These aprons are worn at Masonic meetings, called lodges, as well as at public ceremonies and serve to identify the wearer as a member of the fraternity….

    2. “The earliest Jewish settlers in the New World brought freemasonry with them. When 15 Jewish families arrived in Newport, Rhode Island from Holland, they brought with them the continent’s first masonic lodge. ‘Descendants of certain of these Jews originally from Spain and Portugal, went into the whaling industry, and founded some of the First New England families. … The official coat of arms of the English Grand Lodge, even to this day, is the one made in 1675 by Rabbi Jacob Jehuda Leon, known as Templo, who went from Holland to England that year. ‘This coat is entirely composed of Jewish symbols’, explains Dr. Lucien Wolf. ‘It is obviously an attempt to display heraldically the various forms of the Cherubim pictured to us in the second visions of Ezekiel – an Ox, a Man, a Lion, and an Eagle – and thus belongs to the highest and most mystical domain of Hebrew symbolism… If one looks more carefully, it becomes apparent that they have the hindquarters of goats, with hairy haunches and legs and cloven hooves that tread upon the motto ‘holiness to the Lord’. The trail of masonry always leads to, and crosses, that of the wandering Jew, whether he actually founded it or not.’ ‘” – E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Fidelity Press, pg. 345, 346.

      1. Correct, David –

        “Jews have been most conspicuous in their connection with freemasonry….”

        The technical language, symbolism, and rites of freemasonry are full of Jewish ideas and of terms like “Urim and Thummim,” “Acharon Schilton,” “Rehum,” “Sephirot,” “Jachin,” “Ish Chotzeb” (comp. I Kings v. 18, list of terms on following page), but these may have been derived, withoutany Jewish intermediation, from commentaries on the Old Testament. Many of these terms are derived from the Biblical account of the building of Solomon’s Temple (I Kings v. et seq.), and the two pillars Jachin and Boaz take a predominant position in Masonic symbolism. In the Scottish Rite the dates of all official documents are given according to the Hebrew months and Jewish era, and use is made of the older form (Samaritan or Phenician) of the Hebrew alphabet.

        In England a number of lodges exist formed exclusively of Jews, but as a rule the latter have joined the ordinary lodges, in which some of them have reached a very high rank.


        In America, Pike referenced Kabbalah in many places.

        Morals and Dogma – complete book online:

        The Tetragrammaton, the Pentagrammaton, and the Adam_Kadmon
        Feb 27, 2012 … (1999). The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah: Recovering the Key to Hebraic Sacred Science. Rochester, Vermont. Inner Traditions Publishing.

        The Broken Column and its Deeper Meaning
        Dec 10, 2008 … Illuminated by the Kabbalah. Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. vol. i. p. 73-77. Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon.

        Freemasonry, The Misticism of the Royal Arch
        Every single mystic has borne witness to this reintegration with the Source of all creation, the Kabbalah….

        Alchemical Symbols in Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite:
        In the 4th degree we are introduced to the Kabbalah and the tree of life. Most students of the Kabbalah would recognize it as deriving from Jewish mysticism.

  2. If the USA is so “wicked”, why do all these assholes want to come here?? (and better yet – WHY don’t these asshole queers and Jews emigrate elsewhere??)

    1. As Tony Blair once said, “You can tell the value of a country, by the number of people who want to get in.”
      The Jews have a well orchestrated Kabuki Theater going on….with the “Jews” pushing their all-mighty, self-important, goy-hating agenda and then you have the shadow aspect in the form of Zionist Jews….adding to the smoke and mirrors. Add those despicables to the Jewish Mafia, the Kazarians, the half-breeds and you have one smoldering pot of bovine waste. Since their “end-game” is the enslavement of the goys and destruction of Christians, perhaps it is time to return the favor. Their “eight-for-me-and-one-for-you” distribution formula just doesn’t work for me and many others like me.

  3. Lasha, do you have a link to that excellent series of cartoons by some English illustrator who apparently ended up in jail for publishing them?

    Goldstein – founder and chair emeritus, garden state equality … 😀
    Goldstein and Gross … no longer a couple but gross forever.

    “No one knows what Anne Frank would have done today for sure,” he said

    I know, she would have been a flight attendant on Epstein’s Lolita Express working on her draft of “52 shades of grey” or “I was Hillary the Nazi camp guard’s sex bot“.

      1. thanks Arch – Lasha this is what I meant, where you got your Anne “Ballpoint” Frank cartoon from.
        Also felix emailed me the collection and added that the guy got 4.5 years in the slammer for annoying Jews with inconvenient truth.

    1. @ Lobro

      Lasha, do you have a link to that excellent series of cartoons by some English illustrator who apparently ended up in jail for publishing them?

      Sorry, I’ve no idea what cartoons you are referring to — maybe Noor will be able to help.

  4. “The “demonization” of Muslims and Mexicans recalls Jews’ treatment during the Holocaust, the center’s leader says.”

    “Demonizing?” That sounds like something Jews do, as in “demonic” Hitler and his “evil” Nhadzees. Holocaust? Vat Holocaust? Does this lofty minded and titled Jew mean Americans did not give the minorities enough public swimming pools? Wasn’t enough hygiene and medical care provided for them like delousing their clothing? Did America not provide enough instruments for their orchestras? They weren’t promised free citizenship if they went to work? They weren’t provided free food and housing during their stay? Perhaps they weren’t provided free rail transportation to the US.

    I dunno, it looks like although the Nhadzees provided what they could for the Jews, Americans have far exceeded them in generosity toward their parasites. But then America is a bigger country with far more resources and doesn’t have foreign bombers mercilessly holocausting its major cities with day and night firebombing raids. That most certainly would put a kink in generous provisioning for their parasites.

    Isn’t America tired of the Jews’ constant whining and kvetching about a mythical lie that never happened? Are we not yet tired hearing the Jews demonizing their enemies? Isn’t it time to show the Jews the door, right along with the Muslims and Mexicans? Or is that just the white Nhadzee, racist, bigoted, hater in me wanting my own country back, you know, kike – I mean – “like” that shitty little country Israel has a sign on its front door: “For Jews only.” (Whew! I almost did go Nhadzee there for a moment.)

  5. racism and bigotry blinded you to the morals and compassion ,and to be simply a normal human beings ,I’m sick and tired of your drivel laden with deep seated hate for the are simply creatures from planet trump the hater racist bigot in chief.
    you make fun of Ann Frank ,you doubt her suffering ,you doubt the Holocaust, you shameless psychopaths..G-d curse you and the whole world curse you.
    We are collectively more morally superior to you heathens,you intellectual cowards.whom you lack the basic courage to stand up to bullies in power ,whom they abuse their powerful offices to advance their evil agenda of hate and fear mongering ,you are simply an intellectual prostitutes.

    1. @ the who
      (aka ‘The Observer’)

      We have no objection to Jewish trolls, but we insist you use ONE user name only. And stick to the SAME name or your future comments will be deleted. And get yourself a decent email address, will you. [email protected] will not do!

    2. No hate, just facts.

      What you mean “we” kemosabe? You gotta’ racial mouse in your pocket? This sounds suspiciously like a racial collective at work. The type of hive-mind Jews constantly deny the existence of, while snorting how goyim have these crazy conspiracies.

      I must admit, it is refreshing see Jewish “tolerance” of this nature exhibited in the comment section. This is the very sort of marvelous tolerance one finds in the Jewish attitudes towards their Palestinian neighbors.

      Like their American mafia kin, ever the merciful murderers, Jews assure Palestinian children a quick death by specializing in head shots, now isn’t that just special? Who said Tikkun Olam isn’t real?

      Jews are not only morally depraved, psychopathic murderers that take delight in the torture and suffering of others, they are insanely arrogant as well.

      I have a suggestion Dr. Who, why not try wiping your own ass crystal clean before trying it with the hated goyim? Those of whom your unholy book says: “Kill the Goyim by any means possible.” – Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50.

      (I thought you might enjoy the scatological reference.)

    3. @the who: I don’t doubt her suffering, the poor child died after all. I think your point about “drivel” is well taken as much of it is fear driven. Many of us would like the ‘high minded self appointed morally superior’ to stow the words and stop stealing land, and treat the “Anne Franks” of the West Bank and Gaza with the same compassion you would wish to receive and I would wish for. BBC Mid East Bureau Chief Jeremy Bowen reported one incident among many during one of Mr. Netanyahu’s politically motivated invasions of Gaza, detailing in person at the scene where Israeli soldiers called a young girl out of a house promising safety, shot her in the street and left her to die. It and so many other glaring examples of jewish moral bankruptcy is a matter of record. The Anne Frank Diary Fraud is well known, but doesn’t in any way lessen the tragedy of her life and death. However, it was Churchill’s advisor Victor Rothschild who infamously advised on bombing the food and medicine trains, and said “there will be no room for schnorrers in the new country”. Perhaps you could address the problem of your own ‘elites’, Neturyei Karta and others have been trying unassisted for over 100 years ( see http.// and ) then the problem might improve, to everyone’s benefit. You are entitled to your opinion but not your facts.

    4. With the Jews constant indoctrination of people with anti-German holocaust hatred in all areas of society for over 70 years, people like The Who can’t think straight, or are afraid to and be called a “holocaust denier”. Despite the fact that, as the article above accurately states, the diaries are fraudulent (or at least, are partly fraudulent) because parts of it were written with a ball point pen (which was only invented after WW II ended) The Who and others continue to insist they are not fraudulent and are real.

      Also take note that with the intense non-stop propaganda, hundreds of millions of people believe Anne was “gassed”, as they believe all sorts of lies and don’t realize Anne died of disease, which was widespread in the camps. They also don’t know German Jews were arrested starting in 1941 after the war started as “enemies of the state”, as the Americans arrested Japanese for the same reason. The difference is Germany had many more reasons to suspect Jews than Americans had to suspect Japanese.

      Also, despite the fact that the Jews reduced the supposed number of people murdered at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1.1 million in the early 1990’s (still without any evidence for the new figure) after citing the higher figure for over 45 years, The Who and others refuse to recognize these liars for what they are. He calls the people that point out the facts as racists and bigots, when the real racists and bigots are those who have mercilessly spread hatred towards Germans worldwide and benefited hugely from what is called “The Holocaust Industry”. According to The Who and others, Germans and others are the haters if they refuse to believe these exposed lies and not the Jews, who have spread more hatred towards Germans than has ever been laid on another people in the history of the world. If you don’t believe and spread the Jews hatred of Germans, you are the “hater”.

      Below is my article written for Radical Press in defense of a German Canadian being persecuted for her refusal to lay down and accept the hatred the Jews and others direct at Germans. The article also discusses the central role Jews played in starting WW II, with a short video of the atrocity propaganda the Jews began immediately upon Hitler taking office and statements by American hero Lindbergh and the Polish ambassador to the US on the Jews determination to drive the world into war. Also includes FDR’s ridiculous “secret map” speech to justify the USA’s entry into WW II and the Jews dominant role in murdering millions of Christians in the atheistic Soviet Union as President Putin states the Jews made up 80 to 85% of the USSR’s communist government. The Jews had completely taken over the Soviet Union and proceeded to murder millions. Then the Germans attacked the USSR, determined to smash the Jewish murderers.

      1. Peter, just to update you, the article above is NOT entirely accurate. To clarify…

        The ballpoint pen was invented in the 1880’s but was considered unusable. It had its problems. By the 1930’s a workable version was patented in England. Production and distribution began in the late 1930’s. The ballpoint pen was available to the public well before the end of WWII, and for a couple of years before the US entered the war in 1942. However, both production and distribution was limited to the declining economy of Argentina, where many Jews leaving Europe sought refuge, including the Jew that invented the ballpoint pen we all know and love today. The primary market for ballpoint pens outside of Argentina, at the time, and prior to the late 1940’s, was with the British RAF. I have wondered if the RAF use of the ballpoint pen was due to knowledge of it since the patent for it was just a few year prior in England.

        Argentina was the world’s 3rd largest economy up until the 1920’s when the communists started securing political gains there. From then on it was all downhill, slowly at first, then picking up speed until Argentina was completely in the toilet as the 3rd world country it is known as today. Prior to that, Buenos Aires was very much a 1st world, European city and a favorite tourist destination for the ‘beautiful people’ of America and Europe. In all likelihood, souvenirs of ballpoint pens made their way back to America and Europe well before Frank and her diary days.

        Great 7-min video how BIC ballpoint pens are made:

  6. The Anne Frank diary hoax goes well beyond ball point pens.

    “A noteworthy decision of the New York Supreme Court confirms this point of view, in that the well known American Jewish writer, Meyer Levin, has been awarded $50,000 to be paid him by the father of Anne Frank as an honorarium for Levin’s work on the Anne Frank Diary.

    “Mr. Frank, in Switzerland, has promised to pay to his race kin, Meyer Levin, not less than $50,000 because he had used the dialogue of Author Levin just as it was and “implanted” it in the diary as being his daughter’s intellectual work.” Further inquiries brought a reply on May 7th, 1962 from a firm of New York lawyers, which stated: “I was the attorney for Meyer Levin in his action against Otto Frank, and others. It is true that a jury awarded Mr. Levin $50,000 in damages, as indicated in your letter. That award was later set aside by the trial justice, Hon. Samuel C. Coleman, on the ground that the damages had not been proved in the manner required by law.”

    And of course since we’re dealing with Jews here, one can expect the following:

    “The action was subsequently settled while an appeal from Judge Coleman’s decision was pending.”

    (Comments and italics are mine – Arch)

    Now about Obama’s book and his confidant, one Mr. Levin . . .

  7. Trump Tweet…..

    12:20 PM – 27 Jan 2017

    Donald J. Trump Verified account

    Statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

    “It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust. It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.

    “Yet, we know that in the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest.‎ As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

    “In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

    1. Since you think Trump is such a liar, Pat, how do you know he isn’t just blowing political smoke up their asses?? (It seems to me like they’re scared of him, anyway.)

      1. Gil –

        Smoke??? Sure. He should be using smoke-signals…!! He sure blew enough up your ass..!! 🙂

        ALL national leaders are liars.

        He told Hannity yesterday that he is not going to keep all of his promises…. as I told you would happen:

      2. I think the only other people that call Trump a liar are liberals (extreme liberals) and neo-Cons, which are disguised liberals. Trump has huge support and the people that voted him in and would have the best reason to complain if he was a “liar” and went back on his word disagree with you. He is being given credit for doing exactly what he said he would do. I even saw an article of a complaint by a liberal (Whoopi Goldberg) complaining that he is doing what he told the voters he would do; he is following thru with his promises.

        I don’t see evidence he is a “liar” at all. He went out on a limb saying things no one else had the guts to say and had every reason to suspect he would fail in his quest for the presidency and would just be despised as a “bigot”, “racist” and everything else the Jews accused him of and indeed the entire mainstream media said he would fail. Despite being opposed by everyone with any power in the US and tsking more abuse than anyone running for president in history, he succeeded. Those are not the qualities of a “liar”. Politicians that lie usually do so out of weakness or expediency, to take the easy street and do whatever makes them look good, despite what they may have previously said. He was being insulted the whole way for his opinions.

        That is why I find your posts boring and without much value. The statement “ALL national leaders are liars” could be replaced with “all people are liars”. Your comments can never take anyone and objectively criticize someone that you might otherwise support and criticize the things you don’t support or give an example of someone going back on their word, because everything you always say is negative. Apparently you think saying “ALL national leaders are liars” shows how smart you are about politics. I think it shows the opposite and sounds like something a ten year old says.

        I think there is one thing you could argue Trump “lied” about and that was Israel-Palestine. At the beginning of his campaign he said he would be “neutral” in negotiations and subsequent statements have indicated that he’s changed his position and will support Israel. But even there I don’t think he lied. A “lie” is something you say that you know isn’t true and I don’t think he knew what he was saying wasn’t true. I think that is the one example in everything Trump said of showing some weakness and changing his mind out of expediency and that is something not only politicians, but many people do too often in their lives. Indeed, except for that one instance, Trump has indicated he will forge ahead and do exactly what he has said, despite all the name calling, insults and howling directed at him by the entire power structure.

        And that is why, as I said, I often find your comments boring and contributing nothing. But there are a lot of people that appear to disagree with me and find value in what you say, so you can be feel good about that.

      3. Peter –

        WOW..!!! Over 500 words directed at me..!!

        You have made me a more important subject than Trump here.

        Thanks for the recognition. You made my day..!! 🙂

        Thank you for constantly and repeatedly reading ALL of my so very boring comments.

        Thank you for studying, absorbing and memorizing ALL of my so very boring comments.

        Thank you for PROVIDING more PROOF of my very accurate statements where I point out that — I am critical of ALL office-holders and for that…. people like YOU attack ME.

        Your criticism of me is great..!! I enjoy it.. so much so that I even ran for office and won in 1974 to get more of it. Once was plenty and enough for me for a lifetime.

        But, I have come to realize that a person who argues is just wanting to be proved wrong and wants more information. More facts. I fit that description.

        Trump spent $$$Millions to get into the highest position of criticism in America. I am helping Trump get what he paid for…. And ‘Trump the blustering braggart’ is eating it up. Trump wants it. Trump needs it. Trump feeds off of it…!!

        Trump gets EXACTLY what he paid for from me. 🙂

        Now, Peter…. enjoy and memorize some more “boring comments” from me.


        Trump LIED when he said he had NO business dealing with Russians

        “I have ZERO investments in Russia,” he tweeted.
        Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

        3:50 PM – 26 Jul 2016
        “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.”


        Donald Trump 24K Vodka at Moscow 2009 Millionaires Fair

        “The Russian market is attracted to me,” he once boasted.

        He registered his name as a – TRADEMARK – in Moscow and even licensed it to a liquor company, which sold Trump Super Premium Vodka. Government officials claimed that they wanted to do business with Trump because they also considered him super premium.

        “Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies.”
        Trump’s foreign policy advisor Carter Page has his own business ties to the state-controlled Russian oil giant Gazprom. He recently delivered a speech in Moscow slamming the United States for its “hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization” and praising Russia for a foreign policy supposedly built on “noninterference,” “tolerance” and “respect.” (Try telling that to Ukraine.) Another Trump foreign policy advisor, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, flew to Moscow last year to attend a gala banquet celebrating Russia Today, the Kremlin’s propaganda channel, and was seated at the head table near Putin. Flynn is a regular guest on Russia Today; he refuses to say whether he gets paid.

        Federal court records recently released showed yet another link to Russian financial interests in Trump businesses. A Bayrock official “brokered a $50 million investment in Trump SoHo and three other Bayrock projects by an Icelandic firm preferred by wealthy Russians ‘in favor with’ President Vladimir V. Putin,’” the Times reported. “The Icelandic company, FL Group, was identified in a Bayrock investor presentation as a ‘strategic partner,’ along with Alexander Mashkevich, a billionaire once charged in a corruption case involving fees paid by a Belgian company seeking business in Kazakhstan; that case was settled with no admission of guilt.”

        For all of his denials of Russian ties lately, Trump has boasted in the past of his many meetings with Russian oligarchs. During one trip to Moscow, Trump bragged that they all showed up to meet him to discuss projects around the globe. “Almost all of the oligarchs were in the room” just to meet with him, Trump said at the time.



        BTW – If you haven’t noticed it yet…
        …… “ALL national leaders are liars..!!” 🙂

      4. @Pat –

        No, most of your comments I don’t read. Lets just take this from your tirade. “Trump LIED when he said he had NO business dealing with Russians” No, I don’t think he did. He probably doesn’t have any business dealings with Russians. He may have at one time, but he doesn’t.

        I wish I was as bankrupt as Trump is.

      5. ““Trump has sought and received funding from Russian investors for his business ventures, especially after most American banks stopped lending to him following his multiple bankruptcies.” LOL. Another hit piece from the Judenpresse. The quote shows they’re not even trying to look objective. He is the 150th richest American in the US.

      6. Peter –

        “No, most of your comments I don’t read.”

        THIS reply REALLY proves THAT..!! HUH??? You even had to search for it since…..
        …it is NOT nested under your comment ‘reply’ link. 🙂

        “Lets just take this from your tirade. “Trump LIED when he said he had NO business dealing with Russians” No, I don’t think he did.”

        “No, I don’t think he did.”
        “THINK ” = You are guessing again. 🙂

        Thanks for the chance for me to repeat….

        This is NOT a guess….

        —Donald Trump 24K Vodka at Moscow 2009 Millionaires Fair—

        He registered his name as a – TRADEMARK – in Moscow and even licensed it to a liquor company, which sold Trump Super Premium Vodka. Government officials claimed that they wanted to do business with Trump because they also considered him super premium.

      7. Pat –

        You ignored the most important part of what I said. “He probably doesn’t have any business dealings with Russians. He may have at one time, but he doesn’t.”

      8. Peter –

        “He may have at one time, but he doesn’t.”

        NO… I did not miss your guesses..!!

        “May have” is guessing..!!

        You keep replying to me with guesses…!! 🙂

        Write what you KNOW when you argue… with me.

        Leave out words such as “may” “might” “think” and “could”..!!

        I like the way you don’t read my comments… 🙂

      9. Pat – You were the one that claimed you had information. I don’t claim to know everything about Trump and since you have ignored my point again, then I must be right. When Trump said he didn’t have any business dealings with the Russians he was speaking the truth. He “had” a business deal with the Russians years ago, but he didn’t have any business dealings any more, when he was asked the question. There is a difference.

        LOL. Apparently you think the Russians hacked into Hillary’s e-mails so they could throw the election in Trump’s direction too. Hilarious.

      10. Peter –

        I forgot to mention your use of “probably” as well….

        “He – probably – doesn’t have any business dealings with Russians. He may have at one time, but he doesn’t.”

        I still REALLY like the way you DON’T read my comments..!!

        Now… you cannot be trusted to be accurate..!! You proved YOURSELF to be wrong..!! 🙂

        Now you guess at what I think… you are diverting the conversation.

      11. Pat – I think you are wrong. Can you present evidence that Trump still had that business deal with Russia when he answered the question? Like I’ve said several times now, I don’t think he currently has any dealings with Russia. I think he probably would have been lying if he said he did have a business deal with Russia.

      12. Peter –

        Thanks for the help. I always need a little shove…. to find more on my own…

        Here is a pic of Trump and his fancy vodka:

        BUT……. in ‘True Trump’ fashion….LOL!!! 🙂 I should have known…
        …he BANKRUPTED the company..!!


        “The company that licensed Trump Vodka ran out of money after a few years in production. In 2010, the Trump Vodka distillery went bankrupt, and a year later, the licensor, Drinks America, was sold to a Mexican company.”

        When the going gets tough… bankrupt.. and SELL to Mexico…!!

        We now have…. America’s ‘Bankruptor-in-Chief’..!! 🙂

    2. “It is impossible to fully fathom the depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.”

      So why does everyone insist on trying?

      “As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.”

      We don’t have to remember those who died, there are plenty of survivors to address. Apparently those clever, but evil, Germans designed their gazzz chambers with revolving doors because (((Jews))) would go in one side and come out the other unscathed.

      “In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world.”

      So what Jew has been assigned the task of defining “good” and “evil?” If past performance is an indicator of future results, Jews will be forever squeaky good, while every Nhadzee and Muslim will be terribly evil. And we all know that means death to the goiym.

      “It is with a heavy heart and somber mind that we remember and honor the victims, survivors, heroes of the Holocaust.”

      My fellow ‘mericans, this sounds like an LBJ speech.

      Pass the barf bag please.

  8. “…I’d have survived and I’d probably still be living today!”
    Ann Frank
    This is probably a sample of how the diary had been forged:
    The original script was probably written ABOUT Ann, in the THIRD person then turned into the first person to fit her narrative (if it ever existed):
    “She would have survived & she would probably still be living TODAY!”
    “Today” betrayed the author of the diary. Ann couldn’t speak of “today” while already gone, nor could she know that the Allies had bombed the German roads and rail-roads (unless they were tipped by the German guards!).
    Smart Ann (or rather Dumb Frank) told us that the German were to save them if the stupid Allies hadn’t bombed the German roads and rail-roads. After all, the German were not that cruel, the Allies were. Go figure out!
    All in all, The Huff Post article was more about the Holocaust and Ann Frank Center than about Muslims and Mexicans.
    Suffice to note that LGBT dare talk about morality! “Trump “is driving our nation off a moral cliff”.

  9. Goldstein said, “one of the most hateful days in our nation’s history”

    It appears that Goldstein doesn’t think that bombing people in numerous countries is less hateful that border control. Oops, I forgot that jews consider killing goyim a fine and dandy exercise.

    Goldstein did not say anything that is true in his article.

    Again, Jesus is correct when he said that the jews are liars and murders in John 8:44.

  10. Instead of saying, “The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect in New York City is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Jewish girl whose powerful diary written during the Holocaust has been read by millions,” I think you should say “…during the SO-CALLED Holocaust,” even though that is increasingly becoming criminally punishable “hate speech” throughout the world, in at least 18 countries, I believe, so far, including Canada.

  11. I must say that I find the ongoing battle between the so-called “Jew-wise” Christians, and the Zionist Christians and Jews to be the most profoundly absurd situation of circumstances. It would be funny if not so painful.
    Christianity is still part of Jew religion. What I gather from the scriptures, and documented historical context, is that Jesus was an insurrectionist against Rome, another would-be Hebrew messiahs, one of many, both at the time he lived, and after he was supposedly crucified. If indeed, he actually did live. Perhaps Jesus was an amalgam of insurrectionist messiahs, common in the 1st century. Indeed there have been a slurry of messiahs through the ages. Perhaps the religion was created to bring Gentiles into the Jewish umbrella, serving Yahweh.
    (Caesar’s Messiah) Of course Yahweh is a psychopathic god, there is no other way of interpreting the quite evil scriptures, for one who is capable of remaining objective.
    Islam of course is Jew Religion Part 3. Observe the insanity of all 3 branches of Abraham on a global stage.
    Jesus stated that he came ONLY for the lost sheep of Israel. It was Saul, aka Paul, a former bounty hunter of insurectionists and a Roman citizen, and a huckster extrordinaire, who sold Jew Religion Part 2, to the Gentiles. It was Paul who wrote most of the New Testament, and placed little emphasis on the teachings of Jesus. Did he not have a show-down with Peter on whether or not the Gentiles should be included via circumcison? Oh indeed, do your research on how the practice of circumcision, aka the Hebrew’s covenant with Yahweh has affected the sexual experience between male and female. And how Yah ordered the chosen to circumcise their “slaves”. Today 80% of male infants in the USA are still mutilated.And how demeaning the scriptures refer to the Gentiles, how typically Hebrew supremacist in their attentions. Do you not recognize that? Or were you so brainwashed into the cultural hypnosis so long ago, it has hardened your consciousness from expansion?
    I find bible dupes simply amazing. Let go of the pacifier and stand on your own two feet. And for any of you who still claim Jesus did not wholeheartedly support the clearly psychopathic god Yahweh, you are ignoring vital passages in the scriptures, a very common behavior of Christians. For instance, the great Yah, ordered his chosen to sacrifice their own children. A clear example of how Christians totally ignore evil in the bible. And we wonder where the Pizza-Gate ideologies originate. It’s disturbing to observe such level of mind on an otherwise intelligent commentary section. Do you think our European ancestors were incapable of a viable culture without Christianity? Because that is the underlying message I receive from this insistance on worshipping the disturbing and quite confusing messages of Yahweh Jr. and the evil Yahweh. It was quite possible that the compilation of Jesus, an Essene, was another rabble-rouser in Rome, (the missing years?) so much like the modern-day Jews that the supposed Jew-wise Christians constantly complain of today. I often find this situation completely ironically absurd and I’m embarassed for you.
    In presenting this purported evidence from Suetonius’s Claudius 25.4, Christian apologists typically cite an English translation, such as:

    “As the Jews were making constant disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus (another spelling of Christus), he (Claudius) expelled them from Rome.”(Josh McDowell, Evidence that Demands a Verdict (1979), 83)
    Although I truly admire this web-site, I don’t often visit.
    It seems Christians have taken over the comment section. Is there no place to go to retreat from the reach of Jew religion and its off-shoot ideologies? I fully expect the knee-jerk mental programmed reactions to follow.
    But you will not sway me, your efforts will only reinforce your own mind control programming.

    1. MEV –

      “Is there no place to go to retreat from the reach of Jew religion and its off-shoot ideologies?”

      Sure. Here.

      I get shoved around all the time for having views on religions akin to Tom Paine. No big deal. I am prepared to not even have a funeral ceremony. Unnecessary.

      Just don’t be too mean when attacked….. and goaded. 🙂

      “Sticks and stones…”

    2. Magna est veritas, et prevalebit, you have made some very astute observations. Such observations require objective knowledge of the subject matter, a rare combination in this instance. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to return to Darkmoon and elaborate your views further.

      You state: “Although I truly admire this web-site, I don’t often visit. It seems Christians have taken over the comment section.” I concur, trying to convince Christians their starry-eyed version of the Bible is completely false is truly an uphill battle.

      “Perhaps the religion was created to bring Gentiles into the Jewish umbrella, serving Yahweh.” Actually, Paul’s intent was to usurp the original Judaic religion and use Jesus as a replacement for the Temple’s old god Yahweh. More here.

      You are far closer to the truth than the vast majority of people, both religious and secular.

      You have pinpointed the primary issues with not only the Old Testament, but Saul/Paul and most of all, the bloody and murderous character of Yahweh, or YHVH as Jews know him.

      If the truth about Jesus was known, it would end the endless squabbling over his character and his mission and take down all three religions. My book, “Conspiracy of Man,” attempts to demystify the Bible and Jesus by framing the story in physical, real world terms with which everyone is familiar.

      Perhaps the best example of this is the story of Lazarus. No one in this modern world would believe that someone was raising people from the grave. Yet the religious masses fully accept this is what Jesus was doing. The real story is that Jesus was reversing the Temple priest’s decree of death.

      Temple law imposed a very expensive sacrificial tax called the “Para Aduma,” for coming into contact with a dead body. To avoid incurring this sacrificial tax, people were burying their loved ones alive before the priests first decree of death.

      The magical, mystical idea of Jesus raising people from the dead has no basis in any known physical reality. In contrast, the idea of burying people alive, especially Jews doing so to avoid paying an expensive penalty, is perfectly in keeping with the physical world with which everyone is familiar, as is the reversal of an official decree.

      If you would like further information, might I suggest you take a look at my website Conspiracy of Man? Just click on my name.

      1. @ Arch Stanton

        Temple law imposed a very expensive sacrificial tax called the “Para Aduma,” for coming into contact with a dead body. To avoid incurring this sacrificial tax, people were burying their loved ones alive before the priests first decree of death.

        Garbage! The Jews may be a terrible people but the last thing they would do is bury their loved ones alive so as to escape a tax. Your knowledge of these matters is absolutely zero.

        Who is your source for this bizarre horror story?

        I challenge you to provide detailed documentation giving chapter and verse.

      2. I’m glad you asked. There is no chapter and verse. That is not how the Bible works, instead it works on miracles and metaphors. My conclusion is drawn from an extrapolation of details gleaned from known Jewish history, culture and religion.

        The definition of a “miracle,” as defined by first century, Temple Jews, was “an unintended outcome to the law.” Jesus raising of the dead were acts of political/religious insurrection that reversed the official decrees made by Temple authorities. These “miraculous” acts therefore represented an unintended outcome to their law. Of course it takes an authority to counter authority and that is why Jesus’ cousin John inducted Jesus into the priesthood with his Mikveh ceremony at the Jordan.

        (1) How many people outside the Gospels have been verified to have risen from the grave at the insistence of another? Of course if one believes Jesus is god, then his raising people from the grave is perfectly reasonable. Barring that possibility, there must be another explanation for how and why Jesus raised the dead.

        (2) Why the sepulcher system of burial if not to provide a comfortable resting place for the dying? Why would first century Jews wait until a body had decomposed and then put the bones in an Ossuary? Why did this burial system fade into disuse by traditional Judaism soon after the fall of the Temple?

        How many Jews today are buried in a sepulcher before having their bones transferred to an Ossuary? Note this custom was followed by Christians AFTER the first century, yet I can find no reference outside the Bible for such burial practice before the establishment of the second Temple.

        The legal precedence for this custom is originally found in the story of Abraham’s burial of his wife Sarah. That story also elaborates how Jews might purchase their way into legal property ownership in a foreign host’s community.

        (3) The Para Aduma purification rite required the ashes of a red heifer. From the time of Moses to the time of Jesus, nine – count em’ (9!) – red heifers were said to be sacrificed by the Temple priests. That’s nine cows in some 1500 years!

        Knowing the Jews’ penchant for “jewing” people on prices, what might those rare ashes have cost the sinner and how difficult would it be for the priests to “forge” such ashes for their own use? Just look at the exchange rate of the Temple money changers for another example of Temple greed. It is most telling that the first story of a “dead” individual being raised by Jesus was the daughter of Jarius, a rich, influential member of the Temple.

        Why a daughter? Once again, knowledge of Jewish culture comes into play. All females in first century Jewish culture were chattel, basically the property of their male owners. Ancient Jewish females had no rights; they could not enter into a contract or own property. Without a male patriarch to legally protect them, Jewish females were reduced to short, miserable lives of slavery or prostitution.

        This is not only laid out in the religious laws, but is quite evident in stories throughout the Bible where various women scheme to produce or align themselves with a male patriarch. For example, Jacob’s mother dresses him up like a man to steal Esau’s birthright because “Issac favored Esau while Rebekah favored Jacob.” Then there is the story of Tamar who dresses like a whore to enable her to become impregnated with a son. Therefore, unlike a son, especially a first born son, a daughter would not have been worth the price of the Para Aduma – even for a rich man.

        (4) In the same manner that modern death requires the decree of an authority like a doctor, the decree of death of a Temple member and their loved ones required the authority of a priest. The decree of a Temple priest was law. If a priest said one was dead, they were dead – period – this was THE LAW. So if one came into contact with an officially sanctioned “dead” body, breathing or not, the contact invoked the Para Aduma.

        (5) Unlike his other “rasings,” when Jesus raised Lazarus it was a public demonstration intended to be witnessed by the masses. A large crowd from nearby Jerusalem, the very seat of the Temple, were brought in to witness the event. “Now Bethany was nigh unto Jerusalem, about fifteen furlongs off.” How could people from Jerusalem have known about Jesus’ intended actions beforehand had they not been informed of the event? Who would tell these people and why? Imagine a recognized member of the Temple Priesthood reversing the decree of established Temple law. This would be more entertaining than any present day football game. Word of the event would have spread quickly among the people.

        (6) Most telling, the reaction of the Temple to Jesus’ raising of Lazarus was to have them killed. “But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death” – John 12. So Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead and the “chief priests” want Lazarus put right back in the grave along with Jesus.

        Why might that be? Lets review the story a bit further.

        “These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.” Here one finds Lazarus is merely “sleeping” and Jesus is in no hurry to “waken” him at this point. Why would Jesus intentionally wait for Lazarus to die before going to him? Why did he not immediately go to heal Lazarus of his illness like he had so many others?

        “Howbeit Jesus spake of his death: but they thought that he had spoken of taking of rest in sleep.” Is Lazarus live, or is he deadorex? Why the confusion?

        Then something changes and Jesus suddenly proclaims Lazarus is dead. “Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead.” What changed? The official proclamation of death by a Temple priest!

        “Then when Jesus came, he found that he had lain in the grave four days already.”
        Once again knowledge of Jewish custom and Temple law is essential to understand why this passage is important enough to be included in the narrative. After three days a priest returned to the sepulcher to verify the state of death.

        Why three days? Because in Judea’s hot climate, a person would normally die from dehydration by that time. When Jesus arrived on the fourth day, he risked actually finding Lazarus dead and beyond any help. It is also notable that Jesus first command upon raising the “dead” was to “feed” the revived individual. After laying deathly ill for three days without food or water in a sepulcher, this would be medically sound advice.

        There is another interesting aspect to this custom. Jews wrapped the body and the head of the deceased, or soon-to-be-deceased, separately. This was done so the head could be easily unwrapped to verify the individual was in fact dead. This is why the fabled “Shroud of Turin” is a fake. The shroud is a whole piece of cloth not wrapped in the traditional manner of Jewish burial custom.

        So why would Jesus want to make a public demonstration of “raising the dead” and why would the priests want both Jesus and Lazarus killed for this act? Ask yourself this question, if you were head of a ruling elite with the power to find out how such a miraculous act occurred, would your first response be to kill both the miracle worker and the newly raised dead? Wouldn’t you want to ask Lazarus what its like on the other side? Wouldn’t inquiring minds want to know?

        Now consider that, as a member, or head, of a ruling elite you find that an individual is performing an act of religious insurrection against the laws of your economic system, depriving your Temple of its god-given revenue; might you feel justified in having the parties involved in the demonstration killed?

        Then there’s the Jews’ odd preoccupation with being buried alive. This bizarre cultural twist can be seen in many Hollywood productions and was a favored form of torture used by Jewish Soviet commissars. I never considered the possibility of such a horror until I saw it in a Hollywood movie and until reading Soviet accounts, I never dreamt it might be used as a form of torture.

        Think about it, when, or where, was the first time you heard of someone being buried alive? So what happened to Jew’s to make being buried alive such a preoccupation in their culture? Might it be the onerous demands for ritual purification made by the first century Temple upon its followers?

        Why this Jewish preoccupation with blood and death? It all stems from the original Tabernacle’s sacrificial system and the requirement for a blood marking – but that’s another long and involved story.

      3. Arch –

        Hundreds of men, not women, are “raised from the dead” in Masonic ceremony every day around the world. It is accomplished with the “Lion’s Paw” after being killed ceremoniously.

        REBIRTH… even today..!!

        Damn..!! If only a disciple could have concealed his cell-phone to upload the most popular events recorded(sic) in the bibles..!! 🙂

      4. “Hundreds of men, not women, are “raised from the dead” in Masonic ceremony every day around the world. It is accomplished with the “Lion’s Paw” after being killed ceremoniously.”

        There is the concept of dying before one dies. This means the death of the ego, or as the Sufis call it The Commanding Self, to enable the rebirth of the true soul. Even Marine Corps boot camp worked on this principal, saying the individual (personality) had to be destroyed to be rebuilt into a Marine. The same principal applies to any group that incorporates a symbolic death of the self so they may implant their own ideals.

        The Marines did not require any ceremony however, they simply took away everything with which one had previously identified and in this groundless, confused state dressed the individual in a uniform and began heavily applying Marine Corps ideas and principals. It worked like a charm. I never found one of the seventy recruits in my platoon that wasn’t completely changed by the end of the nine week training period.

        Kidnappers employ much the same immersion technique to bring forth the so called “Stockholm Syndrome.” This is exactly what Jews did in the 1960’s to America’s youth. Because of the Jew’s control over the media, America became awash in poisonous, destructive Jewish ideas.

        While I never fell for Marine Corps programming, I fell completely for the peace, love, multicultural, egalitarian concepts of the 60’s Jewish revolutionaries. It took many years to understand that programming that had been instilled in me and my peers through a process of total cultural submersion via the media.

        The vast majority are weak in mind, weak in spirit and weak in will. They easily fall prey to this type of programming and programmers know it. This morning, after reading some of the headlines, (those I typically ignore) I find this very type of immersion programming now flowering around the nation. The anti -Trump insanity is building to a point I never thought possible. I am beginning to wonder if the Jews are not using Trump to test the full extent of their social programming, perhaps intent on using it to tear the country apart as they have already done to Europe.

        As I said A government and its people divided against themselves cannot stand. The divide and conquer concept is as old as the story of the Tower of Babel.


        Reporter Joanna Small–well over one thousand, if not tens of thousands”. [video shows a crowd of a few hundred, blocking major roads without police response] Many Muslim women in hijab. Mainly almost illegible handmade signs.

        Chant: Resist”.

        Speaker: “This nation is not for white people and never will be.”

        Mass chant: “Black Lives Matter”.

        Reporter Deborah Horne: There may be a march later on.

        Sign: “Refugees are America, not hate”.

        High school teacher from Highline School District states Trump and his supporters are racists.

        Costa Rican immigrant says Trump is hate and all immigrants who want to come should be free to come.

        Joanna Small: Crowd of a few hundred split from the group at Westlake Center, marched north, and marched back down the middle of Fourth Avenue, southwards, shitting down much of the downtown. Many signs have obscene messages. No physical attacks but many people who are “verbally aggressive”.

        Somali speaker working with One America [Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Hate Free Zone]. Second Somali speaker denounces hate; she is a member of Muslim Student Association-Franklin High School. She states that Muslims should be safe and that Muslims fear the American haters. [Note: Franklin High School bans Christian groups.]

        Iranian-American women denounces American hate: Trump is racist and hateful; she is a “One America” militant organizer.

        Sarah Baker, Japanese American Citizens League leader: Japanese-Americans were incarcerated in concentration camps by the racist Roosevelt. [Omits co-incarceration of German-Americans, Italian-Americans] Trump wants to put all Muslims in concentration camps. All Muslims are innocent. Mass genocide against Indians was done by immigrants: We need unlimited immigration. America is all about racial murders, racial murders take place everyday. The members of the Japanese American Citizens League stood to occupy Seattle-Tacoma International Airport yesterday. She demands that multicultural America fight white racism and hate.

        Then a fight over a speaker that organizers do not want and some women chant “let her speak”. Horne says the speaker is drunk. Then a drunk Black man spoke.

        Black man who lives in Seattle, Martin Luther King County, Jesse Wineberry, speaks about how it is racist that American Indians were displaced here by Whites. He calls for unity and chants denunciation of Trump, and “No Ban”.

        Mexican musician Hector Hernandez starts talks about needing more immigration; KIRO shuts off microphones.

        Crowds have continued to grow. Police have shut down all roads in the downtown.

        Near I-5 a splinter group chants :”No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA”. Police are trying to divert group from interstate. Chant: “No Hate, No Fear, refugees are welcome here.”

        Sign: Fight for the World, not for your country. Many Black Bloc masked fighters appearing on the crowd. Chant: “No hate, no fear. Refugees are welcome here”. Unionist states that the hierarchy must be opposed: Taxi drivers must refuse to take people to the airport, etc.; union people should refuse to provide services or work to the fascists. Cambodian-American whose family fled Khmer Rouge is shocked that now America is worse that anything (including the Khmer Rouge). Reporter struggles to restate the protesters statements.

        Second group is leaving Westlake Center towards Pike Place Market. Sign: Racist Trump, shut up asshole. Then it turned away from Pike Place Market. Signs: We outnumber the system; End White Supremacy; #Revolution; chant: Refugees Are Welcome Here.

        Muslim women in hijab chanting: Hey hey ho ho, Trump has got to go. Sign: Socialist Alternative. Third group breaking off in a different direction. Lines of police are starting to block streets directing the crowd to the south. Polish-Jewish holocaust survivor in paramilitary garb suggests violence against the system in inevitable now and notes that the media is the ally of the people against Trump.

        Horne notes: Iranian immigrant living in Bellevue states that at the time of the Iranian revolution Jimmy Carter banned visa extentions for Iranians, but the process worked and the Trump plan is a good one in order to fight, what he called, radical Islamic terrorism.

        Second group (main group?) wandered though the downtown and came back to Westlake Center. Sign: “Ban White supremacy not immigrants”. Many signs in Arabic and Spanish. Women in hijabs carry “Impeach Trump” signs. People’s microphone promotes Socialist Alternative. Americans for Refugees & Immigrants announces wrap-up of rally but people keep chanting.

        Small splinter group of Black Bloc militants refuse to talk to cameras or appear on video.

        Small notes: Three hours after the start of the protest, many groups of protesters are scattered throughout the downtown. One splinter group, sitting in an intersection, is quiet because there are no loudspeakers. Small observes, Now there is no more shouting profanity (but she never reported there was any before). One red flag.

        Then: Large crowd (300-400). Its route is north then west, then south back towards Westlake Center. Some with Black Bloc face masks, chanting “no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here” or “say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here” and marching; “down down with deportation, up up with liberation”; “unacceptable, un-ac-cept-able, say what?”; “This is what democracy looks like”; “what do we want, justice, now”. American flag with Mexican flag overlaying it. March shrinks as it goes and walks on the sidewalk; then back into street filled with cars, shouting “Justice Now”; “Fuck Donald Trump”. March goes on and on but dwindles to about 100, but walks across street to block two way traffic as it returns to Westlake Center. Dogged by bicycle cops, who block side streets. Chant now has trumpet and saxophone players. They do not enter Westlake Center, which is now occupied only by police, but occupy the intersection by Nordstrom. After a big cheer, small crowd starts to visibly thin, groups of Somali women leave. Last 50 start using people’s microphone to congratulate themselves. In the distance a small group of counterprotesters can be heard briefly chanting “USA, USA”. [?]

        1/28/2017 7:45:01 PM
        AirTrain JFK service has been temporarily suspended between Jamaica Terminal and JFK. Free shuttle bus service is being provided. Please allow extra time to reach your destination.


        1/28/2017 7:10:50 PM
        Until further notice, AirTrain JFK limited to ticketed pax and employees only at Jamaica and Howard Beach to control crowding.


        1/28/2017 7:09:28 PM
        Ongoing protests outside of Terminal 4 at JFK may lead to increased traffic. Contact your airline for your flight status prior to arriving.


        Emily Johnston

        “Opinion: Why I Risked Jail Time To Fight Climate Change”, in Seattle Times, January 27, 2017. p. A13.

        In an act of “peaceful civil disobedience”, Johnson tried to sabotage an emergency shut-off valve on an Enbridge Energy oil pipeline in Minnesota in October. Security and safety systems she was unaware of immediately shut down the pipeline.

        Johnson says America wants to destroy the world, the “world’s stability is falling apart”, and American arrogance dooms today’s young people to deaths by famine or drought or the “terrible storms of an unbalanced planet”. Donald Trumps’ approval of Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline shows that corporations continue to have the power and desire to destroy the planet.

        Americans want mass civil disobedience to fight global warming. This is simple physics and is just like John Lewis’ Civil Rights Movement against White racism. Yet, how will we share food worldwide “when the world’s food systems start to unravel?” — “God, justice, karma, decency”, who knows”?

        People must wake up.


        Washington Gov,. Inslee helps organize anarchist attack on Seattle-Taccoma International Airport. Officers from at least four police agencies are present but are barred from helping passengers attacked by rioters, who shut down parts of the airport. When police do nothing, it is because their superiors have ordered them to do nothing.

        A thousand protesters or more have closed down much of the airport and the light rail. Gov. Jay Inslee started the protest of the ban on travelers from selected Muslim countries and said that this is where the Trump Administration ends: Inslee said he “is drawing the line right now”. A federal judge has issued an injunction against any deportations of such travellers. One Somali was deported to Heathrow, but nothing is known about him. Two people were placed on an airliner to be deported by federal authorities, but they were taken off by someone and provided attorneys.

        The ACLU has pledged to block the deportations and find them attorneys. Attorney General Bob Ferguson pledged that the state would fight any deportations and said the order was unAmerican. Rep. Suzan Del Bene and Gov. Inslee stated any deportations are illegal.

        In New York, a judge issued an emergency injunction to block any deportations of people with valid visas: It is estimated that this affects 100 people. Attorney Lee Gelerent called on people in airports to report any attempt to deport anyone so it can be blocked.

        Escalators and baggage areas were blocked and protesters prevented arriving passengers from getting their baggage and leaving the airport. Many signs proclaim the person carrying them to be Muslims. and Microsoft vowed to defy the ban. Microsoft has 76 employees who are citizens of the affected countries.

        Followup report: Protesters are attacking people trying to get their baggage and leave the airport, shouting “This airport is closed”. Police from many agencies are present but are allowing the attacks on travellers. Police are present include: Federal Way Police Department, Tukwila Police Department, Seattle Police Department and Wshington State Police. No police entered the airport terminal occupied by the rioters.


        And finally a an incredible show of Jew chutzpah, that amply demonstrates why the Hallowedhoax lie must be exposed. Now NOT mentioning Jews is antisemitic hatred. Only the Jew could jinn up this kind of insanity and have it fly with the gullible goyim. Common Mr. Trump, they have said you’re a “Holocaust denier,” now take their claim to task and call for an open televised debate on the Hallowedhoax. Do that and I will vote for your transition from president to dictator of America. – Arch


        Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election, told NBC News’ Meet the Press on Sunday morning that President Donald Trump was guilty of Holocaust denial.

        Kaine based his argument on the complaint that Trump’s statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day did not specifically mention Jews. He also took a swipe a Breitbart News.

        He said:

        I think all of these things are happening together. When you have the chief political adviser in the white House, Steve Bannon who is connected with a news organization that traffics in white supremacy and antisemitism [sic] and they put out a Holocaust statement that omits any mention of Jews. Remember, remember earlier administrations have done these statements and the first thing you do is you pull up what earlier statements have said and the earlier staples, president Obama, and President Bush with the slaughter of Jews and the final solution was about the slaughter of Jews. We have to remember this. This is what Holocaust denial is. It’s either to deny that it happened or many Holocaust deniers acknowledge oh, yeah, people were killed and it was a lot of innocent people, Jews weren’t targeted and the fact that they did that and imposed this religious test on Muslims in the executive orders on the same day is not a coincidence.


        Of course after having one of their sycophants make this incredible claim, Jews make a big show of piously backing off from the claim. Jews set em up, and Jews knock em down. – Arch


        On Saturday, Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, chided Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League for making a similar complaint to Kaine’s — though even Greenblatt did not use Kaine’s extreme language. Lauder said:

        “It does no honor to the millions of Jews murdered in the Holocaust to play politics with their memory.

        “Any fair reading of the White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day will see it appropriately commemorates the suffering and the heroism that mark that dark chapter in modern history.

        “There are enough real anti-Semitism and true threats facing the Jewish people today. Our community gains nothing if we reach a point where manufactured outrages reduce public sensitivity to the real dangers we confront.”

        Most Jews, and the State of Israel, observe the memory of the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah, which occurs in spring, according to the Hebrew calendar.


        Can you see the confusion of voices here? This is why I usually avoid reading the news, it’s like reading a daily report on how insane asylum inmates have taken over the institution and in their wild insanity are now destroying it without a moments reflection on what life will be like when they are out in the cold with no food or shelter.

        “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”

      5. Arch –

        “Can you see the confusion of voices here?”

        Yep. It is obvious.

        Trump was (S)elected for a reason…. They wanted him.

        I have thought, as you have… “Limits testing” seems like it might be part of the reason.

        A real live public ‘thermometer’ in the flesh.

        They may find they need to cook our brains some more.

        The cell-phone ‘Towers of Babbling’ do a good job. 🙂

        BTW – my boot camp did a good job also.

    3. @ Magna est veritas

      It seems Christians have taken over the comment section. Is there no place to go to retreat from the reach of Jew religion and its off-shoot ideologies? I fully expect the knee-jerk mental programmed reactions to follow.
      But you will not sway me, your efforts will only reinforce your own mind control programming.

      Poor dear, you must be feeling so disappointed that no one here has attacked you or attempted to “sway” you!

    4. @ MEVEP

      “Is there no place to go to retreat from the reach of Jew religion and its off-shoot ideologies?”

      You might try some Hindu sites, Buddhist sites, atheist sites, or a host of other religiously oriented sites. Don’t be lazy expecting others to do your chores. Use Google yourself.

      Above all, if you do not like the company that you keep, change the company that you keep instead of complaining about the company that you keep. The power of decision and action is truly amazing.

      On the other hand, if you are just really into complaining as a past time, stay around and see if you can stand the heat in the Darkmoon kitchen.

      1. @ Ungenius

        Beautifully put, dear friend. The only quarrel I have against you is that you chose the wrong name. If you wish to be honest, leave out the first syllable! 🙂

  12. “What I gather from the scriptures, and documented historical context, is that Jesus was an insurrectionist against Rome, another would-be Hebrew messiahs, one of many, both at the time he lived, and after he was supposedly crucified. If indeed, he actually did live.”

    One more time: JEWS DO NOT HATE MYTHICAL CHARACTERS, therefore Jesus did exist.

    Thus, one gathers wrongly when using scriptures of the traditional Judaeo-Christians. Jesus was an insurrectionist against the Temple not Rome, that is why Jews have maintained such vehement hatred for the man for over two thousand years.

    Jesus was not, and never claimed to be a “messiah.” This label was applied to him by Christians after his death. The Jewish concept of a messiah was a strong military leader that would ultimately deliver the Jews from Roman “oppression.”

    This is the traditional (((Jewish))) idea of a “Messiah”: Simon Bar Kokhba led a Jewish revolt against Rome in 132 AD. The revolt quickly spread from Modi’in across the country, cutting off the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. Roman Governor Rufus unsuccessfully engaged the Jewish rebels early in the uprising. Initial rebel victories over the Romans established an independent state of Israel over parts of Judea for over two years. While Bar Kokhba took the title of “Nasi” (prince), he was regarded by many Jews as the Messiah, who would restore their national independence.

    Does this sound like the type of activity in which Jesus engaged? Do you think Jesus was a Nasi? Maybe Hitler, but Jesus?

    In fact, Temple priests tried setting Jesus against Roman rule so they would have legitimate reason to have the Romans step in and execute him for treason to the state. Jesus however outsmarted the clever Temple Jews, adroitly sidestepping the issue by saying “render unto Caesar what is Caesars” thus removing himself from any antagonistic stance towards Rome. Later, Pilate told the Temple priests: “I find no fault with this man” (Jesus). As Pilate represented Rome, he was in effect saying, “Rome finds no fault with this man.”

    By any and all Jewish standards of the day, this exempted Jesus from any possible claim to the accepted idea of being a Messiah. When the Temple priests’ attempts at setting Jesus against Rome were unsuccessful, they finally had to try Jesus in the Temple’s high court, the Sanhedrin.

    Jesus was not the “Son of God” and never claimed that title either. Once again it was later Christians that deified Jesus after his death. Jesus did however claim to be the “son of man” some 88 times in the Gospels. This simply meant he was a Jew like the people to whom he was ministering. This was his way of saying: “I’m a Jew too, I am one of you.” Such a claim was designed to help engender solidarity with those oppressed by Temple law.

    The most tragic aspect of the story of Jesus is that, due to Christian mythology, stories attributed to him completely obscure the truly incredible feat he performed, i.e., Jesus sacrificed his life in the most terrible death imaginable to deliver his people from the bloody clutches of the sacrificial system. He did not do this for any personal gain. As proven by his lifestyle, Jesus was totally devoid of such desires.

    The sacrificial system, was based upon the concept of sin from which one could never be fully absolved. This required continual sacrifice to the god YHVH, represented by the Temple priests. By the first century, the original Tabernacle’s blood sacrifice, of which the priests took ten percent, had been replaced by money. This situation is clearly described in the story of Jesus and the Temple’s money changers. The change to a monetary system relegated the blood sacrifice to a ceremonial role that typically involved the purchase of a sacrifice from Temple vendors. Unlike the earlier Tabernacle blood sacrifice, first century Temple’s sacrifice more often required total immolation of the animal.

    Jesus set himself up as the final blood sacrifice which, during the feast of Pesach or “Passover,” is traditionally a lamb. Thus Jesus was the final Pesach lamb offered up for sacrifice. This is why he is referred to unknowingly by Christians as the “lamb of god”, “the sacrificial lamb that died for our sins.” Jesus did not die for the sins of the later Christian world, he died for the sins of his people, a people that lived in a Jewish world requiring continual sacrificial atonement.

    In an act of unimaginable altruism, Jesus sacrificed himself for his people, a people terribly oppressed by the onerous sacrificial taxation imposed by the Temple priesthood. His death signified the full and total absolution of all Jewish sin for all time. Never again would Temple Jews have to pay tribute to the temple to atone for their sins. This was the beginning of the end for the Temple and its sacrificial law. That end came some thirty seven years later in 70 AD.

    One should note that modern Jews are hell bent on reestablishing their ancient Temple and its sacrificial system. Unsurprisingly, the very first reconstituted Temple relic is the sacrificial altar.

    There are two major myths today that would profoundly change the world were the truth to become known.

    (1) The true story of Jesus and his opposition to the Temple.

    (2) The true story of Hitler and the National Socialist’s actual treatment of Jews.

    Jesus and Hitler are the two most hated men in history because both fully exposed the hypocritical duplicity of the Jew’s criminal economic system. Jesus exposed the criminal elite Temple priesthood to his people and Hitler exposed the criminal elite Jewish bankers to his people. These are essentially the same Jewsih economic systems modified to accommodate the times.

    While Jesus was not God nor the Son of God, (at least by Christian standards) he was one of the greatest men that ever walked this planet, a fact obscured by his deification.

      1. @ Justice For Chinese

        I’m not Arch, but I can assure you that Jesus was not a jew. The acceptance of the lie that Jesus was a jew is the foundation of jewish power ever since the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

        BTW, off topic, since you have founded a Chinese Anti-Defamation organization, I forget what you actually called it, when are you going to come up with a term similar to anti-Semitic that can be used to cause compliance in the minds of the non-Chinese to the wishes of your new organization? 🙂

      2. Ok Ungenius, if Jesus wasn’t a Jew, then what was he?

        There is ample evidence in the Bible that Jesus was a member of the Essene, a Jewish sect. According to sources outside the Bible, the Essene were one of the three major sects of Jews in first century Judea. As I have stated before, and this is also stated by Dr. MacDonald in his seminal trilogy on the Jews, that Jews have long had a history of being an intense in-group culture that rejects all outsiders.

        So why would religiously zealous, Temple Jews pay any attention to someone who was not a member of their racial grouping; especially someone questioning the fundamental principals of their religious law? They would never do that today, why would they have done so in the first century?

        Then too, Jesus said 88 times: “I am the son of man,” meaning “I am a Jew”. He also stated that he had come for the “lost sheep of Israel” meaning the Temple followers. So if Jesus wasn’t a Jew, then what exactly was he that could command the attention of a highly collectivized, racial in-group like the Jews and preach revolutionary doctrine against their religion without being set upon and stoned to death?

        I don’t get it. Why are people so insistent in their denial that Jesus was a jew? What is there to gain by denying the obvious fact of his racial heritage? At best, doing so only aids Jews who claim he was the bastard son of a Roman soldier and a harlot. Jews like nothing better then to have the gullible goyim denying Jesus’ Jewish linage After all they hate Jesus even more than good ol’ Adolf, whom they secretly revere as the patriarch of Israel. Thanks for the Holocaust Adolf, we couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

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