Jez Turner — ‘Whites Won’t Survive Without White Nationalism’ (includes 12-minute video)

How To Feel Good

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Is this man ‘dangerous’?

Below are the words of a recent letter from twenty-four year old Lawrence Burns, who is currently serving a four year sentence in an English prison.

For what, you may ask?

Well you don’t go to prison for being a left-wing extremist or for shouting, “Kill all white men!”

Lawrence would not have gone to prison if he had committed buggery, usury, pushed pornography or aborted a baby — all these are now legal.

He wouldn’t be sentenced to as much as four years if he had committed fraud, robbery, burglary, rape or  stabbed someone – or even if he had committed all of these at the same time! But he didn’t do any of those things — he did something worse, far, far worse in the eyes of our enemies — he shared politically incorrect thoughts on his Facebook page. He laughed at the regime.

Yes, he’s a ‘thought criminal’, and he is one of many!

Liberals pour scorn on the historical period of European culture known as ‘The Middle Ages’ by writing it off as a time when ‘life was nasty, brutish and short’ and saying that the best philosophy it could offer was ‘Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!’.  And yet, what does liberalism offer?  ‘Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we go to the gulag!’  perhaps? For what have liberalism, Marxism and materialism ever given us of any lasting value?

Those who adhere to such things have never understood the importance of community, of tradition, of culture, of custom, of religion, of chivalry, of nobility and honour, of identity, of belonging and becoming, which is why they are not averse to destroying such things. And yet those Jews who sometimes brag about directing such destruction, understand completely.  And we White Nationalists, call us what you will, also understand, perfectly!

Both sides understand the importance of such things, which is why one side wants to destroy such things, while the other side wants to preserve and enhance them.  The mass of people in the middle do not understand – at least consciously, but the best of them are beginning to.  And when they do they will find the reason to truly live again, not just exist as they do now – shopping and consuming and drinking and watching television – but to live, really live, to be really alive.  For then, they will have a reason to live and a cause to fight for, and if necessary die for!

Let us read what Lawrence Burns has to say. It is nominally addressed to me, but through it Lawrence wishes to address you all:

Hello Jez,

I thought I’d write to say ‘hello’ to you and all the others, and to say that almost seven months into my sentence, I can still say that taking up the nationalist cause was the best choice of my life!

Being an active nationalist is like living in a different world to the decadent and empty one around us. One has a circle of loyal friends and associates of a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations, yet who share a bond based on their higher values and love of nation.

Being part of this community allows one to live by such noble values as honour, love, duty, loyalty, brotherhood and courage, and through their adherence to these values, to find meaning and a higher purpose in life, which this selfish, individualistic, materialistic, ‘zombified’ modern world cannot provide.

Those of this corrupt world will twist what I’m saying around, and say instead ‘You have been brainwashed’, —  ‘These extremists are not your friends – they are just using you’,  — ‘You should be watching TV, getting drunk, spending money and having fun instead’.

How little they know!

These people could never grasp the fact that others do not share their enthusiasm for their way of life.  Blinded by the illusions sent by hell, driven by greed, lust and the pursuit of a mirage they have turned their backs on reality.

The idea that there could be anything in the world more important than themselves seems unthinkable to them.  Their mantras of ‘humanity’, ‘equality’ and ‘individual liberty’ only serve to make them feel better and righteous in their lack of culture and values. They can’t even understand love anymore. All that is left is the perverse animal drive, which they have ennobled in its place.

Family to them is an inconvenience, a burden.  Instead of raising a healthy family in the traditions of their people, they spend their time partying, getting drunk, taking drugs, and indulging in perverse, loveless sex, and to excuse themselves they have declared the family ‘an outdated social construct’.  Women should not marry and raise children, they say.

Women should instead pursue meaningless careers, and enjoy themselves with different men every weekend. And if they get pregnant, they can save themselves the hassle of raising children by having abortions. Family life is slavery, so they are told, and they will be much happier serving the needs of mass consumption.

They scoff at tradition. They think they know more than all of their ancestors put together. Fools!  Take away all the technology they inherited and see how long they will last!

They laugh at the thought of a creator of the universe, whose ever-present laws apply to us all. The integrated community, perfect symmetry and innate beauty of the universe and of all creations in it, not to mention consciousness itself, is all an accident of nature, they are constantly being told. All this just happened to create itself out of a chance mixture of matter, without any intelligent plan or design. There is no divine plan for mankind, other than to serve the economy and be a slave to their own petty passions.

They denounce Europeans who feel an affinity for their own kind. We are just ‘hate-filled racists’, and ‘race is just a social construct’. There are no races and different cultures in their world, only rootless individuals and their profitable ignorance and selfishness. To them, it is right and just to pursue riches at the expense of others, but it is wrong to care about those with whom we share ethnic and cultural bonds — that is, if you happen to be of European descent.

They deny us the right to our inheritance and our own homelands. They impose ‘multiculturalism’ onto our communities, subvert and slander all traditional institutions, and spread, like a disease, their perverse, corrupt way of life, devoid of all that makes life worth living. And then they isolate, slander and persecute those of us who still value identity, culture, tradition and community. And they still believe that their ‘Prevent Strategy’ will persuade ‘the extremists’, i.e. those of us who believe in something greater than their profane values. They would prefer us to simply give up our healthy values, our very identities, and to betray our friends and families. They would like us to conform to their meaningless, empty, sick world.

Their efforts are in vain!

In their ignorance, they will never understand people like us, or even the very idea that there is much more to life than money and hedonism. They cannot grasp the notion of culture and identity, as they have none themselves, and this is why they will never be able to defeat us.

Their world offers us nothing, for it has negated all that we hold sacred: love, honour, identity, friendship, loyalty, tradition, order.

Their world is in chaos, while our world is one of the last bastions of sanity.

In our struggle, one will find meaning, purpose, true friendship, support, and a world in which one can live by noble values — here to develop one’s character, to be around other virtuous people, to find fulfilment in life knowing that all one holds sacred will live on long after one is gone.

It is in discovering his roots, in taking up the struggle for his people, that one becomes a real man.

Expensive clothes, partying, money and social capital gained through conformity to the current fashions do not make a man.

True manhood is measured by fighting for a noble cause with honour and courage, and through one’s capacity and willingness to endure hardship, persecution and public condemnation, while all the time remaining above the decadence of the world.  And what could be a more worthy and righteous cause than the moral regeneration, freedom and prosperity of one’s nation in line with divine law?

Our enemies can never take this away from us.

If they put a man in prison for defending his family, he is not going to regret defending his family and ‘change his ways’. Likewise, as I sit writing this from my prison cell, I am not going to cease defending what I hold sacred.  This sounds as ridiculous to their ignorant minds, as their expectation that I might even consider doing otherwise sounds to me.

Doing the right and honourable thing in this corrupt world is worth all the persecution and hardships it brings. The condemnation of traitors and lowlifes does not bother me, for I stand before a higher judge — a judge who has a wholly different view to theirs. I would not swap this life of mine for any other life in the world, for nothing beats it — and nothing will beat me either. I would much rather choose a hard life where honour, love, kinship, community and tradition still have meaning than an easy life of conformity to the empty, meaningless and sterile values of a society in terminal decline!

They cannot extinguish this most beautiful and holy flame of tradition. Despite all their efforts, it will only endure throughout the ages guiding all generations of our people, and it will burn ever brighter the more they put us to the test.  And this is why, in the end, we will win, even if the world around us goes under, we will remain strong, standing among the ruins, for God is with us and as long as we are with him, our victory is as assured as the sunrise in the morning.

Lawrence Burns
Peterborough Prison,
6th July 2017

Take a moment to digest that. Think about it for a while. It is moving!

Lawrence is in jail and yet he feels good.


Simple. Because his life has purpose and meaning. The best of purposes, the highest of meanings.

He is part of something good. He has dedicated his life to the highest of causes — ‘THE CAUSE’.

He is living life, really LIVING his life, and you can too!

If you want to feel good, really good, then it’s the only way and I will quote the following passage from one of the best pieces of writing, thus far this century:

“Fight for your ancestors, your civilization, your blood and the salvation of your own soul.

If you don’t fight, there is a singular possible outcome: a painful, meaningless life of degradation and misery. Because even if you “win” in this system, you still lose. We’ve seen multiple high-profile celebrity suicides over the last two months. You can have all the sex and money in the world and never will you feel true happiness in this system, because happiness is derived from meaning, and there is no meaning here.

If you fight, there are two potential outcomes: death or glory.

For me, it’s an easy call to make, but it’s a choice each of you must make. I pray you choose wisely.

We are the throwaway generation and the only thing we have in this world is each other.”

—  Andrew Anglin, ‘What is Moral and Righteous and Good’

The best of people are joining our movement. Join us — join the winning team!

You’ll be among good people, among the best of people and they will be your friends — better than friends — they will be your comrades!

Write to our prisoners of this war against white genocide, support our work, back us — because what happens when you back a winner? — You win!

Our enemies can’t defeat us, they can only delay us, because we are a force of Nature — the greatest force in Nature!

They cannot stop us, not now, we are unstoppable and we are going to win! And imagine how good THAT will feel?

Onwards to victory!


Jez Turner is a former soldier in the Royal Corps of Signals, Pashtun translator, and now chairman of the London Forum, a White Nationalist group of like-minded fellow travellers that is routinely vilified by its enemies as an anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi, White supremacist organization. Jez himself, on his own cheerful admission, has often been described as “dangerous”. Judge for yourself if Jez is dangerous. Here he is in a spirited 12-minute video explaining why the struggle he is engaged in is so vitally important.

VIDEO  :  11.42 mins

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98 thoughts on “Jez Turner — ‘Whites Won’t Survive Without White Nationalism’ (includes 12-minute video)

    1. We should be proud of European civilization and culture. Even now there is nowhere like it. The left wing crowd who have taken over the schools and colleges are anti-white racists.

    2. Our Adversary can’t yet read, or police, our THOUGHTS—but is semi-secretly monitoring our browsing habits. It is only when a few of us are actually EFFECTIVE—and start getting our perfectly reasonable opinions across and successfully warning larger numbers of our kinsmen, that they inject their venom—harassment, intimidation, dismissal from our jobs, demonization, and cunning, HATEFUL ‘Hate laws’ to jail us.

      If they ever achieve full control of formerly White Christendom, as during the guillotine years of the “French” Revolution and 70 years in the Soviet Union, then they will massacre us with their usual mass starvation, freezing, and modern bullets into our heads, Yagoda-Beria style.

      Poor old Charles got his dignified head chopped off, not for arrogance, stubbornness or Catholicism, but for upholding the GODLY BAN on Debt/Usury, and refusing them their central bank, laughingly called the Bank of England in 1694.

      1. Andy –

        You wrote:
        “Our Adversary can’t yet read, or police, our THOUGHTS..”

        They have had dozens of ways to do that for decades.

        One way they have been doing it for 50 years is by monitoring our purchases with and without cards….. but especially online. Even with mail and UPS.

        They have full control… but few know it.

        No need for head chopping today…. Usury is wanted.

        Everyone knows that Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein was correct when he said we are doing god’s work…. with banking and usury:

  1. Brilliant article! Not a word out of place. Passionate sincerity presented
    (in the video at any rate) with lighthearted humour.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Lasha.

    Jez Turner deserves a medal. I’d like to see him as British Prime Minister one day. Instead, I fear, Jez could be heading for a prison cell if he isn’t careful! 🙂

  2. Lawrence Burns’ words to Jez Turner seem reasonable enough, though according to the Mail Online, Dec 6, 2016 he :

    * called for ‘a real holocaust’ to rid the world of ‘sub-human’ Jews.

    * said that he wanted to ‘hang the black race’.

    *compared Jews to ‘maggots in a decaying body’ who are ‘hijacking the genes of a superior white race’.

    * said he wanted to ‘rid the world of sub-human scum’.

    * accused white women of ‘mating with race-mixing filth’.

    * referred to Jews as ‘parasites’ who wanted to create a ‘mongrelised race’ (the only statement I can agree with).

    According to the Mail Online : “He told police he did not intend to stir up racial hatred by his actions but admitted that he had acted ‘immaturely’ against other races.”

    And so it was. White Nationalists who want to be responsible advocates for the legitimate rights of their own race should refrain from statements in which denigrating terms are used for other races or ethnic groups, nor should they call for violence against them, let alone genocide. Even so such responsible White Nationalists will be called by the usual epithets ( “bigots”, “haters”, “white supremacists”, “racists”, “Nazis” etc.), but if they stick to their reasonable language, the public will eventually see through the false accusations. Lawrence Burns is being punished far too severely for his statements, but he never should have made them.


    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, I agree with you absolutely that it is essential at all times for White Nationalists to avoid the use of inflammatory language. If all White Nationalists could sound responsible and civilized like Kevin MacDonald and Jez Turner, that would be just great.

      However, Franklin, bear three things in mind:

      [1] The Daily Mail could be misrepresenting and distorting Lawrence Burns’ words. Maybe he didn’t say all the dreadful things attributed to him. Maybe the Daily Mail is lying, or maybe Lawrence Burns is being quoted out of context. We’d need to hear a recording of his words to be satisfied he actually said what he is alleged to have said.

      [2] The Andrew Anglin quote given by Jez Turner in the article above sounds awfully noble and elevated. But we know for a fact that Anglin didn’t speak in these noble and elevated terms on his own website, the Daily Stormer. On the contrary, Anglin often spoke like a “neo-Nazi” skinhead. He referred to blacks openly as “monkeys” and “n1ggers” and women as “cheap sluts”.

      So this is a flaw in Jez Turner’s article where he describes Anglin’s words in hyperbolic terms as “one of the best pieces of writing, thus far this century.” That’s a bit rich, considering Anglin’s customary signature tune of incendiary unrestraint.

      [3] Finally, verbal restraint and emollient speech of a high order has done Kevin MacDonald no good. Nor Jez Turner. Nor Richard Spencer. Nor any other responsible White Nationalist. They may speak with the tongues of angels, but that has not stopped them from being demonized. Routinely, they are stigmatized as “White supremacists” and “neo-Nazis”.

      It seems you can’t win. Anyone who dares to say boo to a Jew is automatically a “Nazi”.

    2. Franklyn Ryckaert, what you are saying sounds sensible and cultured – the two traits that have been gradually and artificially removed from the mind of whites. Burns may have talked that way to show what happens to whites when they talk on a par with Jews, who, as we know, dis-empower everyone, and over-empower themselves, and are never held responsible. It may have been a strategy for waking up the masses. He is quite young, and publicity is usually orchestrated behind the scene by a group of more experienced people. The good news is that he is alive; Robin Cook and others weren’t that lucky:
      ‘The UK government are desperate to link White Nationalism to terrorism… The arrest of political prisoners in Britain has been going on for a long time now with deaths inside being hushed up… Jez reads a letter from Bonehill and compares our situation today with some from classical Greece, before talking about a visit he recently made to the stately home of one of our Jewish rulers. Waddesdon Manor is owned by a Rothschild… We have become so dumbed down that our enemies can hide their intentions in plain sight.’

      This site offers the addresses of Lawrence Burns and Joshua Bonehill, if anyone wishes to write to them.

    3. I’m not sure what statements “he never should have made”. You wrote “according to the Mail Online” he wrote such things. I would like to see the entire comments he supposedly made, in quotation marks, exactly as he wrote them and in what context he wrote them.

      I am not saying you’re necessarily wrong. But if he is guilty of advocating racism, aren’t the Jews Barbara Specter and Harvard Professor Noel Ignatief far more guilty of racism. And these two are actually endorsed by government and university officials. Both are advocating the genocide of whites, not thru murder, but nevertheless, they want to destroy the white peoples of the world. According to the United Nations, that is genocide, just as Theodore Kaufman’s 1941 proposal to sterilize all Germans was advocating genocide and the Jewish anthropologist Earnest Hooton’s 1943 proposal to take millions of German young men from Germany and mate them with foreign women and bring millions of foreign men into Germany to procreate with German women to alter the German gene pool was genocide. And ignoring that this is exactly what has happened is really an example of a gross distortion of history. Clearly, Jews planned this during, and perhaps before WW II already. While those WW II era Jewish war criminals are long gone, Ignatief, Specter and millions of others advocate these things today and they’re awarded for it.

      So, here is the Jewish professor openly advocating the abolition of white people. Why isn’t he in jail? And he’s a Harvard Professor, not just some guy making a comment on Facebook. The difference is clear – Ignatief, Specter and others are Jews and they advocate the eradication of whites and that is alright, even encouraged.

      1. Well said, Peter! If anyone is guilty of naked racism and HATE SPEECH, it’s Ignatief.

        And Barbara Spectre is just as bad, though in a much more insidious fashion, pretending great concern for Europeans — yeah, the Europeans need more Middle Eastern and African rapists to survive!

        Right, Barbara?

  3. “…we know for a fact that Anglin didn’t speak in these noble and elevated terms on his own website…”
    It is from Anglin’s website, I’m quite sure of it. Anglin is capable of real thinking, and writes beautifully at times. Of course, he enjoys provoking people, but why not? It certainly hasn’t failed him as a tactic, given the traffic flows to his site (until the recent fiasco). He had something like the 8 thousandth most popular site in the US. Some people appear to want to read what he has to say.
    I wonder if the prissy and nauseating, sanctimonious and hypocritical holier-than-thou tactics of “Saint Franklin” could achieve the same results?

    1. The “results” of Andrew Anglin exist only in the virtual world of the Internet, in his case mostly among immature adolescents. In the real world of politics where real changes must occur, Anglin’s inflammatory language would lead only to lasting marginalization. But you must already be sufficiently mature to be able to understand that (with some people that doesn’t come with age).

  4. Mark Meechan, 29, from Lanarkshire has been arrested for uploading a video of his wee dug (dog) Buddha who he trained to raise his right paw when he said “Sieg Heil” (He also used the phrase “gas the jews” but Buddha doesn’t seem to respond much to this one). It’s a wonder they didn’t arrest Buddha as well and charge him with a “hate crime”. Questionable taste perhaps but far more fun to watch than most of the ugly stuff and endless lies from Hollywood.

    Very best wishes to Mr. Turner and Mr. Burns, and Mr. Meechan and Buddha.

    I hope we can find new symbols – the Nazi salute, used by the Italian fascists as well represents the wrong image to many, especially those of the generation conned into fighting zionist wars to destroy Europe, and new generations of brainwashed. The Quenelle (now banned and illegal) wasn’t bad, but I think we can do better – we don’t want to become zionists who are the most hate filled creatures on the planet.

    Perhaps something with positive overtones like the “Anjali” mudra, used in Thailand (the Wai, used for greeting and goodbyes, the level that the hands are raised very important in denoting status and respect) or a simple hand over the heart. Something hard to ban…

  5. That is a beautiful and inspiring letter. However, I believe the “cause” is lost and better to retreat and regroup.

    The cause is lost due to the permanent zombification (reference the letter) of the mass consciousness in the West. It is permanent due to the science and technology of psycho-history (Reference: Isaac Asimov, Tavistock institute) being absolutely controlled by Chosenites.

    Thus, better to retreat and regroup to another part of Earth where the culture has not yet been destroyed by Chosenites. That necessarily means Russia or some country of non-whites. What matters is tradition and Anglo-Saxon culture and raising new families, impossible in prison. “Whiteness” is a stupid epithet.

    Propagating tradition and Anglo-Saxon culture in the West will just lead to arrest. The zombies will not come to your aid.

    1. Russia is offering free land, about 2.5 acres, to those willing to settle in a harsh winter climate. Those who stick it out for 5 years get the land, Russian citizenship, and a place to raise their children that won’t be overrun with immigrants any time soon.

      If I was a younger and / or healthier man, I’d take the offer. OTOH, it would be a beautiful place to spend one’s final days, as long as you could avoid becoming lunch for a bear.

      1. It would certainly be better than living in the oppressive heat of Florida – with no air conditioning. And waiting for the next hurricane to strike. It always puzzled me why so many whites want to live there.

      2. When we meet in sweet Siberia, in Siber-i-er-i-a,
        When it’s cocktail time ’twill be so nice,
        Just to know we’ll never have to ring for ice…

    2. Or you start to improve yourself and create underground networks who prepare yourselves for the day tha battle comes. It will. You learn self defence, weapon handling and generally teach youself survivalism.

      I am NOT going to run. I hope for the best (non europeans go home and the liberals mostly evaporates) but prepare for the worst (same result through bloodshed).
      And I will NOT just watch my country be taken over by mongrels and destroyed.

      Sweden has shown that the current trend probably will not be altered through democratic means, whatever that is. You are then left with brute cunning force.

  6. I thought I’d take a break from the subject of white nationalism on Twitter only to jump right back into it when I checked in here! On Twitter, a new rap video is making a lot of folks – not just white people – very upset: “A new racially-charged music video by rapper XXXTentacion that rails against police shootings of black men in America depicts a white child being hanged as a black child looks on. The video for the song Look at Me begins by showing XXXTentacion inciting a riot in a school classroom before a mob beats up a white teacher with dildos while he raps about how he “can’t keep my dick in my pants.”

    I did not want to link to the video, which would simply help to increase the view count, but the best non-Twitter coverage of the topic I could find was at Infowars, sorry.

    The good news is that this video has managed to offend a wide cross-section of humanity. The bad news is that the video has almost ten times as many up votes (39K) as down votes (4k), and it has had 5.4 million views.

    More good news is that the increasing count of videos, books and articles with blatant anti-white content are waking up a lot of folks, including some who considered themselves hardcore leftists / progressives. More bad news is that the US Congress just passed a resolution condemning “White Supremacy” while failing to condemn Antifa / BAMN / Red Revolt violence (BAMN = By Any Means Necessary).

    Finally, in an astonishing display of testicular enucleation, the Portland, Oregon police department is purging their gang member database because it didn’t have enough white gang members in it, and dat’s rayciss…

    All in all, I’d have to agree with Jez Turner. Any white person who thinks the anti-white agenda will simply go away if we just give the “protected classes” everything they want is not paying attention.

    1. The United States is lost to the Jews, Blacks, and Mexicans. It is a bankrupt empire whose remaining cards are to invade the world and enforce speech and thought control at home.

      It’s a really sad thing, because I think white Americans will some day react with genuine separation and violence, and that will give the deep state the excuse to implement full martial law in order to enforce multiculturalism and black protection at any and all costs. Combine this with the potential for dollar hyperinflation in order to erase Jewish incurred debts, the ongoing Chinese industrialization, the ongoing depletion of Middle East oil, and you have the potential for a really explosive situation.

      We are playing out an endgame, folks.

      1. Carlos,
        Ah, circumcision the partial castration. Jewish doctors and the medical establishment in the US foisted it onto the unsuspecting, gullible gentiles. Few realize how it breaks the spirit and makes us easier to control. Gentile penises become Jew penises. Subconsciously it makes us side with Israel, as our circumcised men are half-Jews.

      2. Jews did not begin mutilating the white male to Jewify him, (although no doubt they enjoy doing so) they did this to hide from the white male. Jews are cowards. All their secret societies and arcane symbology are established from fear of discovery. In short – Jew! Thy name is conspiracy. They Live in constant fear of discovery. “Please understand they are safe as long as they are not discovered; that is their primary method of survival.”

        The “brit milah” was a positive identifying mark of the Jew’s ancient, secret brotherhood. While other races practiced this bizzare ritual (in fact it was a stolen practice) none of them were equal to the diasporatic vermin of the Jew’s bloody brotherhood. So what about the Jewess? Why not mark them? Women never mattered to patriarchal, brit brothers. Women were considered chattel, owned like cattle, to be used for equally pleasurable Jewish pursuits.

        Originally only Jewish males could enter into contracts and hold title to property. (Hold it! Before we sign, lift the robe; I want to make sure who I’m dealing with here.) The ceremony that provided Jewish male these privileges was called the “Bar Mitzvah,” a coming of age ceremony that inducted the male child into the adult world of Jewish legal insanity. Of course there was no need for a similar ceremony for female chattle/cattle on the same social level as gentiles, slaves and animals.

        Later that millennium, to placate the ugly, mouthy, Freidanian-type Jewess and hide from their continual bombardment of neurotic harassment, male Jews developed yet another phony ceremony, the “Bat Mitzvah”. “Bar”, as in lawyers for boys, “bat” for girls, as in those creepy, shrieking denizens of the dark that use HF radar to detect their prey. I am continually amazed at the Jew’s poetic use of names for themselves and their cultural practices, like naming their ancient capital city in Egypt “Avaris”. Ah the hateful poetry of it all, eh Maury?

        Then one day along came evil Nadzees and horrors of horrors, all one had to do was drop their pants and voilà! they could clearly be identified as Jew – what to do, what to do? Captain Mengele: Women to the right for head shaving, men to the left for pants dropping!

        So a plan was constructed, (isn’t that always the way of the subversive Jew?) Why not enforce the cut upon the white genital male, thereby eliminating the cut as a positive identifying mark of our nasty, bloody, brotherhood, and oh yeah, we ought to make up a medical reason for receiving our mutilating mark – like its really, really, hygienic dude.

        Better yet, why not turn the whole system upside down? Why not continue pushing genital mutilation among white males while eliminating it for Jews? Sounds like a plan! Now all we have to do is find something else for those queer Mohels to suck on.

      3. Oy Vey! The sexual pleasure we can have with our shiksas now that our organs are intact!

        Guess what, I just found out that thanks to white man’s technology, Jews don’t need to mutilate their penis anymore.

        Jews a Race, Not Religion, New DNA Breakthrough Proves

        Jews are a race, and not a religion, a new DNA test breakthrough in Israel has proven – and the test is currently under consideration for use by the Jewish ethnostate’s authorities to help prevent non-Jews from immigrating to that country and from marrying Jews, in line with its already existing anti-miscegnation laws.

        (New Observer Online)

        The DNA breakthrough was announced at a special conference held by Israel’s Puah Institute, the official body which “works with Jewish couples with fertility problems” around the world.

        The research was carried out by the Eretz Hemdah Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, and was presented by that organization’s head, Rabbi Yosef Carmel, who also sits on the Gazit rabbinical court—one of the religious courts which controls Israeli citizenship and marriage eligibility rules.

        Carmel told the Israeli news service Ynet News that the “Jewish gene,” can help prove one’s “Jewishness” in line with Jewish religious law.

        The test—for female descended mitrochondrial DNA (which passes down unbroken ) can be undertaken with a simple saliva swab.

        Ynet news enthusiastically told its Jewish readers that the “breakthrough study by Israeli experts on genetics and Jewish Halacha (the religious law) claim that the so-called ‘Jewish gene,’ can be identified by ‘using a sample of saliva, and can save a long and complicated conversion process.’”

        Rabbi Dov Popper, an adviser at the Puah Institute, added that researchers in Israel and the world have been studying mitochondrial DNA—structures within the cells— which a person receives only from his or her mother.

        “We can find the gene with a simple blood or saliva test. As soon as you find the mitochondrial gene in a person, this serves as a considerable piece of evidence in proving his Jewish roots,” Rabbi Popper said.

        The Eretz Hemdah Institute is preparing a paper to submit to the Chief Rabbinate n Jerusalem, detailing the Halachic-scientific breakthrough that claims: anyone whose Judaism can be proven genetically is legally (in the Jewish legal sense, that is) Jewish, Ynet news went on to say.

        “People who wish to get married in the State of Israel via the Chief Rabbinate must be recognized as a Jew and prove own Jewish dynasty,” the Ynet article continued, confirming the already well-known fact that in Israel it is illegal for a non-Jew to marry a Jew.

        Ynet News went on to explain:

        According to the Jewish law, one considers as a Jew only if he was born to a Jewish mother. Otherwise, he has to provide proof of Judaism several generations back in the form of documents—such as birth and marriage certificates.

        This has already made a problem for over 400,000 immigrants especially from the former Soviet Union, who couldn’t provide all family files.

        Jewish people without the proof for their Jewish roots called “undefined,” and must undergo a long, hard and toilsome religious conversion according to the “Halacha.” This frightening process many trying to avoid.

        “If the Chief Rabbinate accepts the gene research, this would be a significant change” for the hundreds of thousands who considered “undefined,” Rabbi Carmel said.

        Rabbi Menachem Burstein, the head of the Puah Institute added “We began researching this because of the issue of egg donation and the ramifications that would have on the Jewishness of the newborn baby.”

        * Although Jewish lobby pressure groups such as the ADL and SPLC which operate in white countries in Europe and North America, are always the first to condemn any suggestion that genes and race are interconnected, they also all fanatically support Israel which actively uses genetics to help keep the Jewish racial strain pure.

        There is, of course, nothing wrong with using the science of genetics for racial improvement, and it is a field of study which should in fact be mandatory across the board for all races.

        However, under the current hypocritical modern Jewish-lobby dominated societal structure, only Jews are allowed to practice the science of racial purity, and any white person who dares suggest following the same ideas is attacked as a “bigot” or “racist” by that same Jewish lobby.

      4. @Arch Stanton

        …“Bar”, as in lawyers for boys, “bat” for girls, as in those creepy, shrieking denizens of the dark that use HF radar to detect their prey. I am continually amazed at the Jew’s poetic use of names for themselves and their cultural practices…”

        Did it ever occur to you that those words “bar” and “bat” could have nothing to do with English? “Bar” means “son” in Aramaic and “bat” means daughter in Hebrew :

        “Bar Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּר מִצְוָה‎) and Bat Mitzvah (Hebrew: בַּת מִצְוָה‎) (Ashkenazi pronunciation: “Bas Mitzvah”) (plural: B’nai Mitzvah for boys, and B’not Mitzvah – Ashkenazi pronunciation: “B’nos Mitzvah” – for girls) are Jewish coming of age rituals.

        Bar (בַּר‎) is a Jewish Babylonian Aramaic word literally meaning “son” (בֵּן‎), while bat (בַּת‎) means “daughter” in Hebrew, and mitzvah (מִצְוָה‎) means “commandment” or “law” (plural: mitzvot). Thus bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah literally translate to “son of commandment” and “daughter of commandment”.

        Wikipedia : Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

  7. As viewed in the general public, many members of the white race aren’t worth defending. Whether or not a subject is born that way – or raised to be worthless – really doesn’t matter. If the white trash wants to mingle with trash of another color, don’t get bothered about it. They will manufacture their own demise. Likewise, so will the Jew who promotes the mingling.

    1. G.H.,
      Ive never seen a well-dressed, educated white woman in an affaire with a black guy. Fat, tatooed, body-pierced, chain-smoking whores….yes….lots of them. Oh well. Let the brothers have them. No descente white man would want a woman like that anyway.

      1. If a white person wants to get away from anti-white racial oppression….go live in México. Mexicans have a tendency to respect white people there. Its part of the culture. Ill tell a short story.

        Four years ago, I and my Mexican wife were driving our Chevy Cheyenne with camper……loaded with leather shoes to sell. On a winding, desert stretch of highway in the state of Durango about 9:00 a.m., all of a sudden, two pick-ups forced me to the side of the highway. I jumped out to see what was going on and was confronted by 2 teenagers with AK-47s aimed at my face. One of the boys ordered me to my knees, but I refused. My wife was freaks gracias out saying, “Hes not Mexican! ” They forced me back in my truck. One boy started driving and the other sat on the far passenger side, my wife and I sandwiched between them. I was forced to keep my head down. If I raised it, I got the butt of a 9 mm to the head. One of the punishment said not to worry….death is peaceful.

        15 minutes later, we arrived at a deserted pueblo (town) and I was ordered out of the truck. Outside there were about 30 guys all armed with military weapons. The head of the group was about 40, clean-shaven and educated. He looked at me and realized due to my fair complexion and authentic Spanish accent that I was a foreigner. At that point, to my surprise, some of the banditos actually became friendly and asked me where I was from. A few of them said they had relatives working in the U.S. The commander of the group then ordered our 2 captores to give us back our money ($20,000 U.S.) He then looked me in the eye and said in Spanish, “Tell your presidente Obama that we have treated you well.” I responded, “Gracias Senor.”

        At that point, they all got into their trucks and left. I quickly got into my Chevy and drove in the opposite direction.

        Once in the truck, as we were speeding away, my wife said that she had seen two male blood-soaked corpses lying on the side of the road. She then asked me with nerves of steel if I had been frightened. I responded…”No. It all happened too fast.” I in turn asked her, Were you frightened? ” She replied, “No. There is no greater honor than to die beside the man I love.”

        End of my narration.

        At least once, my life was spared because Im white. Secondly, there is at times honour among thieves. Thirdly, my wife, despite being female, has balls of steel……Theres not a Jew boy on planet Earth who has balls like hers.

      2. Donaldo –

        Why is it that Mexicans and El Salvadorans seem to despise each other so much? I have witnessed the animosity many times. Once, I asked a (Mexican) friend “why” he was so brutal in his knifing of an hombre with whom he had gotten into a knife fight, and his quick response was that the fellow was from El Salvador – as if I should simply KNOW. (I had just driven to Charlottesville to get him out of jail for “malicious wounding”.)
        Most Mexicans I know are quick with the knife – and proficient with it. They also abhor Salvadorans and Guatemalans.

      3. G.H.,
        The answer is simple. Mexicans arent Spanairds. They speak their own dialect of Spanish -Indian languages. My wife speaks good Spanish when she wants me to understand her. But when shes conspiring with her 2 daughters, from her 1st marriage at age 15, she starts speaking Tolteca or Mayan. Basically Mexicanos are groups of many different indígenas tribes of Indians living under one banner. Mexicans share absolutely no comraderie and are very territorial. As my above post witnesses, if Id have been a darkie Mexican that morning 4 years ago in Durango, Id be a rotting corpse at this moment.

  8. With each new encroaching sovietization of Western culture, the day of the white man rapidly draws to a close. “Thought crime” was a Jewish Bolshevist invention. Those who did not swallow the Jew’s communist lies were labeled an “enemy of the people” and either executed, imprisoned or confined to a mental institution.

    At the same time Jewish communists were doing this to the Russian people, American Jews were doing this to Americans like Ezra Pound. Slowly, like the Fabian turtle, Jews have been eating away the substance of Western culture leaving behind an empty shell, like a discarded exuviae, mistaken for the living organism.

    The more I examine the situation the more I am compelled towards the conclusion the white race is finished. We are slated for either extermination or miscegenation into a race of mud-people, smart enough to labor for the Jew master, but too stupid to comprehend or address its slavery.

    This has been accomplished with malevolent intent by our Jew overlords. The masses have been “educated” to welcome and actively support their own destruction. The few willing to stand against the Jew’s massive cultural onslaught and the even fewer who are willing to fight, are far too small in number to alter the outcome.

    If ever Jesus needed to return, it’s now. But Jesus isn’t coming back, nor will there be any divine intervention, because the universe does not function in the absurd manner described by religious idiots.

    Faced with a clever, duplicitous, conniving enemy like the Jew, left with naught but their twisted, perverse, psychopathic, cultural concepts, the white race is surely doomed.

    1. Agree with all you wrote except:

      We are slated for either extermination or miscegenation into a race of mud-people, smart enough to labor for the Jew master, but too stupid to comprehend or address its slavery.

      The prognosis for the mud people is not good. With exponential improvement in pattern matching and mathematical goal training; commonly called AI, all physical and almost all intellectual human labor is finished with.

      Mud people will be distracted by virtual reality sex and pharmacopoeia (as hp put it). Any uppity ones will get full-on dystopian Robocop DHS treatment.

      Why keep a population of Mud People? Amusement. A permanent reminder of Chosenite “superiority”. Pizza Gate fun?

    2. Agreed. The Jews won. Behind the optimistic, technological facade of American life is a bankrupt, broken, terminal country and culture.

    3. @Arch
      “Jesus isn’t coming back, nor will there be any divine intervention, because the universe does not function in the absurd manner described by religious idiots.”

      Would you describe St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, John Henry Newman, and G.K. Chesterton as “religious idiots”? I don’t think you understand Christianity, or even religion in general, nor do you realize that you have a religion yourself, or at least a metaphysical interpretation of reality. Maybe you’re a worshiper of Satan without realizing it. And BTW, Jesus is not to return until the end of the world at the final judgment. That’s when your body will rejoin your soul in hell, i.e. unless you repent of your sins and believe in Christ who died for them, and believe in the Church he founded, The Catholic Church, even though it is presently infiltrated, corrupted, crippled, and subverted by its enemies within and without. May God lead you to peace of soul.

      1. I do not understand Christianity?

        Read the first four chapters of my 750 page book, then maybe we can talk of what I know and understand about Christianity. Be sure to read chapter four, my rewrite of the Genesis stories that set forth the Torah’s legal precedence

        Before one can have any understanding of Christianity, one must first have a thorough background in ancient Judaism’s religion, culture and history by which to frame the subject properly. Barring that, all one has are stories created much later by people with a highly vested interest in creating the stories they tell.

        Do you know what “Para Aduma” refers to, do you know how this was applied by Temple priests? Do you know first century Jews buried their loved ones alive to avoid paying for this religious ceremony? Do you know that Jesus’ raising of Lazarus was a public refutation of sacrificial law that heavily taxed a Temple Jew for coming into contact with a dead body, and that doing so invoked the Para Aduma, which explains why ancient Jews developed the sepulcher in which to bury their loved ones?

        Do you know that the “Torah”, or “Pentateuch” as you might know it, were books of legal instruction? Do you know that the Hebrew definition of the word “Torah” has a dual meaning of “law” and “instruction?” Do you know that the ancient Jewish definition of a “miracle” was “an unintended outcome to the law?” Do you know by that Jewish definition, every “miracle” Jesus performed was an act of political insurrection against the second Temple, like the stories of the Gadarene swine and water into wine? Do you know that healing was not considered a miracle by first century Jews?

        Do you know the New Testament stands in direct opposition to the old? Do you know that when Jesus said he came to fulfill the law, it meant that he came to end the rule of Temple law? Do you know that Jesus was a renegade Temple priest who, by Temple law, had to have such authority to argue and revoke the Temple’s laws?

        Do you know that Jesus was an Essene and that the Essene were one of the three major groups of Jews in first century Judea? Do you know that the Essene were vegetarians diametrically opposed to the Temple’s murderously bloody sacrificial system? Do you know that Jesus’ cousin John inducted Jesus into the Temple priesthood with the “mikvah” purification rite, later renamed the “Baptism”?

        Do you know that Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian? Do you know that Christianity did not exist until long after his death? Do you know the founder of the Christian religion was a former Temple authority assigned by Temple priests to persecute followers of Jesus’ teachings? Do you know that Saul saw an opportunity in grabbing the power from a failing Temple system profoundly damaged by Jesus’ teachings? Do you know that Jesus specifically commanded his disciples not to address the “gentiles” or even the Samaritans and that Saul went directly against this command of his “Lord and savior” in doing so? Do you know what that says about Saul/Paul?

        After you read my book, (at least chapter four) why not read these books to see just how convoluted Christianity really is.

      2. @Arch
        I looked at the chapter on Jesus in your historical novel. You are a very learned man but I don’t know where you get some of your information, e.g., ” Mariam and Yosef retired to a small house rented by Shaphan as a wedding gift to the couple. It was in this small place in Yerushaláyim that their love and their marriage would be fully consummated.” I guess you don’t believe in the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. That’s unfortunate for you, since that alone is enough to lead to your damnation. Also, Christianity began at Pentecost with the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, immediately after which 3000 Jews accepted baptism, as it states in the Acts of the Apostles. So it is absurd to say that St Paul founded Christianity. There is much more to say but I’ll leave it at that. I suppose you don’t believe in the resurrection of Christ either. My guess is that, like so many others, unrepentant sexual sin has blinded you to so much supernatural truth. It may be something else, though. We are called to believe what Christ has revealed and handed on to his apostles and continues to be taught by the Church he founded upon them, which is the Catholic Church, despite all its warts and wrinkles, esp. today with a judaized and apparently apostate pope and so many judaized and apostate bishops and priests. Our Lady of La Salette in the mid-1800s stated that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ. The Church will go into eclipse.” It seems that may be happening now.

    4. Hello Arch, I don’t blame you a bit, I feel that way now and then too, miscegenation and Kali Yuga Blues, if you will. Then a little voice asks: Imagine if you were a member of the African Race say, anywhere from 70 or more years ago, what do you think your prospects might have been, whether in Europe, the US, or Africa? If they can tough it out from such a lower level starting point, others can to, especially with a great deal more to help them – if they wish.

      In a very real sense, we don’t actually have a choice. Like the Palestinians, it is survive or die. There is no doubt plenty of whites and others are brainwashed – reap what you sow – it’s still more a problem for them as secretly or otherwise many of us are not going to buy Zionist rule, not now, not ever. Looking at all the historical examples of what happens when Marxist Jews take over, they must be stopped. The Russians finally kicked them out, others can too. Globalism/neo-Marxism is crumbling; slowly, but surely. The Internet and modern publishing has exposed Jewish crimes like never before for the whole world to see.

      They lost in Lebanon. They have lost in Syria. Benjamin Ephraim, Mossad terrorist, has been apprehended in Libya – exposing the mass murder of innocents the International Pariah Zionist state is now intending for Egypt. The fact is the Zionists cannot tolerate ANY successful state or wholly un-owned moderately successful state whether near or far; this will sooner or later be their doom – as the robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders increase in the EU the Zionists will eventually get it in the neck.

      1. Winston –

        You wrote:
        “…many of us are not going to buy Zionist rule, not now, not ever.”

        Those are pretty words. Anyone using the internet IS “buying” Zionist rule.

        Of course, I am included there. 🙂

        Millions of people are “buying Zionist rule”…. even more “BIGGLY” today.. RIGHT NOW..!!

        The $1,000 iPhone X Is Just the Beginning

        A $500 phone would be relatively cheap now — most brand’s flagship models start at $650 and work their way up from there. As of Monday morning, a base iPhone 7 is $649, and a fully loaded 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus is $969.

        A very astute business friend of mine bought one for just under $1000 the first day out… Tuesday.

      2. Hi Pat: I don’t use an I-phone, but would be willing to if the goal was worth it. Never been on Facebook, never Twittered, never been a gamer, whether video in the old days or on computer today. I use technology along the lines I stated – to discover and educate myself (with hopefully others) to help expose animals like Benjamin Ephraim and their cowardly murderous intent on unarmed and non hostile civilians in Egypt and elsewhere. I also pay taxes – it can be argued it supports Zionist wars, but I write letters to Congressmen and women asking them not to do so.

        Having said that, you are right about many using technology and other products that put yet more shekels in the wrong place, so like yourself, I join you in suggesting that people try not to.

        Wouldn’t it be great to see Benjamin Ephraim in the Hague as the first Israeli terrorist to stand trial? Since it isn’t going to happen, Darkmoon is the next best thing. Further suggestions welcome.

      3. @ Winston

        It appears that you and I have a lot in common. Distracting technology is not my thing either, the internet is most useful for real education, and mankind has inherit goodness fostered by the Creator’s loving power.

        “Further suggestions.” Just keep telling the truth every chance you get whether it’s on Darkmoon or not. The truth is like a stone thrown into a placid lake. The ripples just keep on going and the thrower of the stone does not know the total effect.

        One of the most obvious ways of knowing that the jewish evil is not winning concerns the world’s human population. In spite of all the jewish efforts to destroy humanity through wars, disease, and lies as they do the lusts of their father, the devil, global population keeps out pacing (((their))) efforts, 7.5 billion and increasing. Every child born is another reinforcement for the kingdom of God. The Creator of life has the upper hand over the evil destroyers of life.

      4. Hi Ungenius – Thank you. The Welsh have a saying you are probably familiar with “Truth against the World”.

      5. Ung –

        You replied to Sard….. AND I AM in full agreement with it:

        September 15, 2017 at 4:38 am

        @ Sardonicus

        “Why was everyone asleep in America?”

        It’s actually worst than being asleep. It’s called brainwashing which the jews use because it works. It is a lot easier to wake from sleep than it is the overcome brainwashing that has been going on since 1789 with the jewish Constitution which was marketed as “ordained by God,” the “Saint” Paul ruse. Consequently, the propaganda of “Christian Nation” has been going on ever since along with the lie “Of, For, and By the People.” Reinforce this 228 years of propaganda with artificial history via ed-Jew-cation and jewish control of most media for that same period and, presto, the USA is a jewish as you can get, a giant a synagogue, just like the rest of the West. The reason the jews use propaganda is because it works.


        SO…. MY CLAIM is that in 228 years or so…. another ‘Ungenius’ will use the same points for the Pharisee-Jew established INTERNET….. started by DARPA and RAND Corp with MIT and UCLA…. etc… It was “Arpanet” back then.

        BUT few can see it today…. it is SO handy,

        The hardbound books and documents will be in the deep catacombs of the Vatican….. with NO ‘general public’ access. The heavily scrubbed and monitored “Internet 10.0+” will be censored by layered accessibility.

        To borrow from, and build onto, your narrative:
        Reinforce this INTERNET with 228 MORE years of propaganda with artificial history via INTERNET ed-Jew-cation and jewish INTERNET control of most media for that same period and, presto – the WORLD – will be as jewish as you can get..!!

        Truth will be changed to fit their circumstances… as it is today… faster..!!

      6. @ Pat
        @ Ungenius

        OK, the Americans have been “brainwashed”. I fully agree with Ungenius’s diagnosis. But how does this in any way invalidate my question: “Why was everyone asleep in America?”

        To say that everyone had been “brainwashed” is no different to saying that everyone had been “hypnotized”, or that everyone had been turned into a somnambulist or sleepwalker in America.

        All this begs the question — or questions:

        WHY were Americans so dumb as to agree to their own brainwashing? Why did they let themselves be mass hypnotized? Why didn’t they resist the somnambulism imposed upon them?

        These are the questions that need answering.

      7. The simple answer is this: Americans were collectively too gullible and stupid to realize they were being taken over. And their elite were of course being bribed and flattered into collaboration with the Enemy. Americans fell for the cunning wiles of the Jew.

        In fact, not a day goes by when some credulous fool does not fall for the latest scam of the confidence trickster.

        This is why the Jews have won: because they are the world’s oldest confidence tricksters, and we are the world’s oldest gulls.

        Sad but true.

      8. @Pat
        Why do I sometimes get the feeling when reading threads on these pages that the people here are just as nihilistic as your average Joe? And as a consequence just as brainwashed?
        How many times do you have to repeat that ‘the Jews have won’? Is it to try to make us all believe it?

        Here is an alternative approach: look at yourself in the mirror one sunny day and ask yourselves: Am I alive? If the answer is yes, the Jews have not won.

      9. Thanks Bjorn –

        Why you get that feeling is…. your definition of winning differs from mine. Just being able to look into a mirror, as any inmate can do, is not a win for me. 🙂

        If you still believe they have yet to reach their goals, then you are deluding yourself . . . in large part because of the training and education the Jews have etched into your brain with their control of all media, education and cultural options for longer than you yourself have been alive.

      10. @ Sardonicus

        The answer to your question is simple.

        The Creator/Heavenly Father makes all humans expecting the truth just like he expects the truth. Those humans that worship and do evil, i.e. the jews and their stooges, know of this natural truth expectancy and use it against the rest of mankind with lies for (((their))) perceived benefit. No one is immune to lies until something occurs in their life that causes them to question the lies.

      11. Bjorn,
        i agree entirely.

        If you still believe they have yet to reach their goals, then you are deluding yourself

        according to the above, the following are true:
        ※ jews gave up on the romance of judean gothic, as amply described in the Torah (Deuteronomy, Numbers, Leviticus, Judges, Isaiah, etc), Talmud, Gematria, zohar, sayings of their bloodthirsty sages, what Rabin said to Jimmy Carter … all that kept jews slobbering with anticipatory pleasure for 2 dozen centuries, now you claim they abandoned the project just because they became a bunch of wall street suits and the rabbis no longer provide the spiritual fuel and the inspirational platform that singularly defines JUDEA, Der Ewige Jude … why Ewige (Eternal)?
        Because of Wall Street derivatives, the Black-Scholes formula?

        ※ once again we run into the question of Russia and our diametrically opposite views of its relationship to the Phariseic project.
        There can be no disagreement that the rapacious mass of jew oligarchs that as recently as 20 years ago was in near absolute control of Russia’s immense riches has had its wings brutally clipped, majority exiled, jailed, physically deleted,
        that Russia is practically Judenfrei, fewer Jews in Russia than in Toronto,
        that in the global geopolitical theater, Russia pulled the rug from under the jew’s feet, the Eurasian axis growing in independent strength each day, starving the imperial marquees of parasitical opportunity, on a regional scale utterly destroying the carefully crafted Yinon Plan of dismemberment and control of Israel’s neighbors, the exact opposite taking place as the Iran-Iraq-Syria axis waxes strong, even Turkey looking to join, pushing toward Palestine borders.
        To argue that this is all to jew’s specs in incredibly disingenuous.

        Therefore the conclusion is:
        Not only does the Jew lack the full control of the sort the Talmud sees as predating the arrival of the messiah, the fact is that he’s been experiencing serious setbacks.
        To assume an attitude of fatalist defeatism would be tragic and a huge morale booster to Jew.
        It is true that the American mentality, the fighting spirit and political health lags behind the central and eastern Europe but that is no excuse to lie down and wait to die.

      12. Pat

        I think both of us are left with a lot to be desired after looking at ouselves in the mirror. Especially in the morning ;-).
        But I have decided to go down fighting, and something is telling me you are as well. Among other things in memory of inspiring people such as Eustace Mullins.
        I wish you luck in your endeavour.

      13. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “..fewer Jews in Russia than in Toronto..”

        That could be the case. ‘Put-On’ cannot afford the expensive counting systems that Canada has. He is still trying to get his people more than $300 a month. You should try to keep up with what is really going on in Russia. 🙂

        BUT…. even if the figures ARE correct… ‘Yah BOY’ wants MORE Chabad Lubavitcher bastards to come to Russia.

        Putin offers refuge in Russia for European Jews

        According to Russian news outlet RT, Putin replied: “Let the Jews come to us then,” adding that “during the Soviet period they were leaving the country, and now they should return.”

        A delegation for the European Jewish Congress (EJC) met IN KREMLIN with Russian president Vladimir Putin:
        Issues raised during the discussion included the rise of anti-Semitism around the world and the threat of global terror, which is frequently aimed at Jewish targets.

        “While Jews were once again a prominent target for global terror during 2015, the attacks in Paris, the US, and the mass murder of Russians on an airline in the Sinai show that the terrorists target us all,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said during the meeting.

        At Putin’s initiative, the Duma (Russian Parliament) recently passed a law outlawing antisemitism and “distorted and/or extremist” commentary of Scriptures.

        Putin has long been known to oppose anti-Semitism, and violent attacks against Jews in his country have in fact been on the decline in recent years. 

        Putin conducts warm relations with Israel and Jews.

        Berel Lazar, the Chabad chief rabbi of Russia IS a Putin ally.

        Russian President ‘Put-On’ greeted Russia’s CHABAD Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar in Moscow:

        There is a web of connections with Vladimir Putin and a vast network of Chabad-Lubavitch benefactors and their associates.

        It’s long been known that a set of Russian oligarchs are also Chabad mega-donors, helping seal a mutual admiration society between Chabad leaders in Russia and Vladimir Putin.

        There are personal links between the Russian oligarchs and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner — who also support Chabad..!!! They would make “YUGE” friends for Chabad loving ‘Put-On’ in Russia. 🙂 But, Jared’s trip to Moscow would never be made public.

    5. Pat,
      I said, “well-dressed and educated.” Those Hollywood bimbos are neither. Theyre hardly dressed at all and have probably never read a book in their entire lives. Their talentless negroid husbands, supported by Zew entertainment, are just feeding the drug habits of these loose women. It would terrify me to have intercourse with any of them.

    6. Arch Stanton, don’t be so gloomy. What we are beginning to comprehend is that this is a biological attack on us as the European peoples, the WHITE race. As with any disease, the organism that is under attack needs to become aware of this condition before taking measures to ensure its own survival. When a bacteria invades your body, you are not even aware of it until you become sick, and then, and only then, do your WHITE blood cells kick in and the process of identification and isolation and elimination begins. Your defensive measures do not ask about the “feelings” of the invaders, your defensive measures do everything they are capable of to decontaminate yourself from whatever it is that is making you sick.

      We are now in the process of identifying the problem and can expect the biological response to be triggered once this reaches a certain critical level. These processes have happened many many times before and can be recognised by what is called “The expulsion of the Jews”. The only difference from the countless times before, is the magnitude. But the result will be the same. I do not see the parasite or the invaders as being up to exterminating the WHITE MAN. The decades of “easy life” were not good for us, and as conditions deteriorate, we will find the conditions under which the WHITE man has always proven his resourcefulness and ability, to do what it takes to survive. This is a bad time to be a non-white in a white country. The temporary “dream” is over.

      1. Alfred –

        You wrote:
        “These processes have happened many many times before and can be recognised by what is called “The expulsion of the Jews”. The only difference from the countless times before, is the magnitude.”

        I agree….

        AND… I claim… The only difference from the countless times before, is the magnitude…. due to the INTERNET lies and promotion of non-whites, especially through sports. Jesse Owens showed that he could become the icon of turning the black gladiator into the wedge for miscegenation. Then, when they pay the gladiators hundreds of $$ Millions each.. more than the GDP of some countries… to become their own brand….. the white women flock to the glitter and coins. Out pops the expected and planned.. ‘Karmel Kids’..!!

        There ya go. Pretty easy. It just involves more screwing 🙂 … so it happens.

      2. Pat,

        Jesse Owens ended his sad career as a circus freak racing horses in country carnivals. BTW, Hitler never snubbed him during the 1936 Summer Olympics; that’s another filthy Jew LIE!

        Joe Louis, his contemporary and fellow mulatto didn’t fare much better, ending up as a glorified doorman-cum-greeter in Oy Vegas.

        Moral of the story: Never trust a Jew. They will flush you down the toilet like a piece of turd as soon as they’ve done their BISness.

        Speaking of Joe Louis, how ironic was it that White America rooted for the “Brown Bomber” when he fought Max Schmeling — dubbed by the Jews as the “Fight of the Century”— at a time when the overwhelming majority of Americans were of Germanic stock?

        Gotta give the damn Jews their due credit when it comes to brainwashing. They’re fucking geniuses at it, especially when they got Americans to fight and kill and firebomb (a real Holocaust) their own cousins in WW2.

      3. JFC –

        I agree….

        “They will flush you down the toilet like a piece of turd as soon as they’ve done their BISness.”

        Yesss… B.I.S.-ness..!! “YUGE” B.I.S.-ness..!!

        South Africa

        BRICS countries are all a part of the B.I.S-ness..!! 🙂

        No more ‘B.R.I.C.S. Bank’.

  9. All my life I’ve sought in vain for community. But I was part of one for two years – in the military. Perhaps that is why so many decide to make it a career – they are part of a built in community.

    But, for most people, there is no sense of community in the nomadic USA. Children move three thousand miles away from their parents and are not seen again for years. Once the kids are gone, many elderly parents are isolated. Grandkids don’t even know their grandparents. It is no wonder why 55+ communities are growing.

    Modern day America is the opposite of a community. We have all been dumbed down by the prison system of public education and the endless materialism of rapacious capitalism. Buy, buy, buy!

    In my opinion, the USA is a bucket of slime that cannot be saved. The voluntary Constitutional Republic ended when Lincoln invaded the South, but its final demise was not until the Big Lie of 9/11. The Jews and their useful idiots control all the levers of power in the US. I hate to be so downbeat, but I agree with Arch Stanton – the White race is doomed. Nonetheless I’m proud of the Whites who have the courage to stand up to Antifa and BLM, even though the press and the politicians are all against them. A Lost Cause (as was that of Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis) is better than no cause.

    1. I live in a 55+ community in a small town, and there’s no community here, either. There was about twenty years ago, but now the residents stay in their homes watching the idiot box, reading or listening to books, and waiting for their kids or family to visit – which almost never happens. The favorite pastime on the few occasions when neighbors encounter each other – on the way to and from the mailboxes – is predicting who will be next to leave in an ambulance, never to return. The managers do try to get people involved with potlucks, game nights, or dough-nut bribery, but if anyone does show up it is invariably the same five or six people out of the forty or more who live here. Basically, we’re all just waiting for our turn in the ambulance.

      I can’t disagree with comments that the US, and white people in particular, are finished. There are some younger people trying to change that (that’s why I read Twitter), but I think it’s too little, too late at this point.

      1. Carnaptious –

        Don’t go down with the herd. Make yourself stay active! I am now 58, and I make myself do things, still, from which others have “retired”. Although I am feeling my mortality, I feel better thinking I’ll “die in the saddle” rather than die in bed (where most older men pass away). The older I become, the less I care about a controlled demise – as long as I am able to meet our Maker unashamed. Unfortunately, not knowing how to die goes along with not knowing how to LIVE. All must face it, so it’s an appropriate subject to discuss.

      2. Folly+carnaptious (someday i will look it up in dictionary, probably something with meat),
        significant comments re. dystopian alienation of american family and community.
        A distorted mirror of Jew, like him, no roots in the soil but unlike him, no social cohesion either, thus a huge mass of individually lost and aimless wanderers, easily distracted and redirected to a new trivial amusement – surely by some long term design.
        I recall many years ago, before i started seeing the big outline, reading the Economist, thought at the time to be a clever piece of analysis and it praised this perpetual, unceasing internal migration of americans as a great advantage over european societies, the highly mobile workforce that quickly adapts to marketplace requirements.
        Of course, the Economist is Rothschilds mouthpiece and they already envisioned the same nation-destroying paradigm for Europe, i have no doubt that the abomination of the european union was already drawn up in highly detailed blueprint.

        The wished for destruction of israel would achieve little on its own, what is needed is the fundamental eradication of Judea in order to effect the proper healing of humanity.

        Iudea est delenda.

      3. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “…what is needed is the fundamental eradication of Judea in order to effect the proper healing of humanity.”

        That is possible only for those who have a few $$Quadrillion to spare. 🙂

      4. Pat,
        That is possible only for those who have a few $$Quadrillion to spare. 🙂
        I got it, no sweat, as long as it is fiat money.
        I can figure out how many zeros are needed for a quadrillion, don’t want to overpay them.
        The major investment is in piece of paper, and I am willing to cover that.

      5. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “I got it, no sweat, as long as it is fiat money.”

        GREAT..!! Have it done by Monday..!! 🙂

      6. @GH, Ken, Lobro, Folly

        I have, perhaps, painted a somewhat bleaker picture of life after 55 / retirement than warranted, but it is true enough that there is little sense of community, even in this small, rural town that is 85+% white. You all make good points which I’ve spent the last hour or more attempting to address without going so far off topic that my comment gets deleted, but I find my mind just doesn’t work the way it did before radiation and chemotherapy. Rather than spend another hour or two at the task, I’ll defer to a recently published article which covers most of the points I’ve been struggling to make:

        The insane president is not Trump, but Lincoln. I know VT doesn’t have a great reputation at this site, but a few authors who are published at VT write excellent articles, and this is one of them. It is a long article, so not advised for those pressed for time or with little interest.

        Thank you for offering your advice and support. We find community where we can. For some of us it is here at DM.

      7. @ Lobro,

        Carnaptious is a word of Scottish origin, and means bad tempered or curmudgeonly. Oddly, it’s not in the compact Oxford English Dictionary, and the only place I could find a definition is Websters 3rd edition. I consider myself somewhat cynical, but not particularly bad tempered. I just liked the sound of the word.

      8. Number of years ago, a long gone, high quality poster named Grettir tried to organize a physical meeting of xymphora’s commenters in Mexico.
        I thought it was a great idea but nothing came of it, for whatever reason.

        Don’t know why I brought it up now but it may be worth exploring because things have gotten appreciably worse since then and it doesn’t take a major seer to predict the nasty future for what little freedom of speech remains.

      9. @Lobro

        Yes, it would be interesting to get together in person with some of the Darkmoon community. If things keep going they way they have been, it may be the only way to share the thoughts we can now share digitally. Another blow to free speech was struck by our US CongressClowns last May when they passed H.R. 672 – The Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017. Here are examples of the kind of speech that would be “monitored” (i.e. not a crime, yet):

        (B) Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such, or the power of Jews as a collective, especially, but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government, or other societal institutions.

        (C) Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the State of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

        (D) Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

        (E) Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own countries.

        The text of the bill is here:

        I never cease to be amazed by the volume of US legislation that concerns Israel. It really is quite remarkable, for now.

      10. CARNAPTIOUS, it means that, in essence, the Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017 criminalises the truth, by the US on the European soil. Thus, the truth is going underground on two continents at once.

        ‘It is a true saying that “One falsehood leads easily to another”.’ – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    2. “In my opinion, the USA is a bucket of slime that cannot be saved. The voluntary Constitutional Republic ended when Lincoln invaded the South, but its final demise was not until the Big Lie of 9/11. The Jews and their useful idiots control all the levers of power in the US. I hate to be so downbeat, but I agree with Arch Stanton – the White race is doomed.”

      The White race in the Satanic, utterly corrupt “West” is doomed, but in Russia for example, where there is apparently a spiritual revival going on, things seem to be looking up. And this is of course the main reason why the Jews hate Russia so much.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        If things are looking up in Russia, this may be because there are so few Jews left there to plague it. Only 180,000. There appears to be a correlation between high numbers of Jews in a country and moral anarchy and mass misery for the rest of the population. Witness Weimar Germany and Bolshevik Russia.

        Over 40 per cent of the world’s Jews now live in America. That’s the problem. America imported the Plague and has only itself to blame.

        There’s something wrong with a country that allows its entire mass media to be taken over by Jews and its immigration policies (the 1965 Immigration Act) crafted entirely by Jews. Why was everyone asleep in America?

      2. @ Sardonicus

        “There appears to be a correlation between high numbers of Jews in a country and moral anarchy and mass misery for the rest of the population.”

        Yep, jews are toxic to humanity, and a basic principle of toxicology can be stated: “sola dosis facit venenum”; i.e. “the dose makes the poison”.

        Unfortunately, Western society has ingested a fatal dose, and I think it’s only a matter of time now (and perhaps not very much) before the jews bring the missiles down on us.

      3. I appreciate the jews’ predicament. In order to achieve the kind of control that they have over “America”, they first had to corrupt “the people”. That is, they had to pervert the morals, trash the culture, sabotage the education system, weaken the family, decimate the “middle class” (by out-sourcing manufacturing and engineering jobs), etc. etc., etc.

        In essence the jews elevated themselves to the top by bringing everything and everyone else down. But the perverse, lawless and generally dysfunctional society thereby created is now at a serious disadvantage in comparison with other societies (societies with less jewish influence, e.g. Russia and China).

        The jew plan for complete world domination and control almost worked…but for the extant “good example” of Russia. The agenda of Isaiah 14:13,14 is apparently an all or nothing deal, and they don’t have it all, so they will ultimately have nothing.

        Just like a failing ball-bearing, a semi-conductor in “thermal runaway”, or the loss of metabolic control in severe diabetes, etc., the jews and their Satanic agenda are caught up in a destructive positive feedback loop from which there is no escape, IMO. The more their weakness shows (i.e., their inability to control a certain outcome), the more desperate they become, thus the more reckless, shameless, lawless and failure prone is the next act, and so on and so forth. They must continue to double-down on failure until it becomes catastrophic and final.

      4. @ Sardonicus

        “Why was everyone asleep in America?”

        It’s actually worst than being asleep. It’s called brainwashing which the jews use because it works. It is a lot easier to wake from sleep than it is the overcome brainwashing that has been going on since 1789 with the jewish Constitution which was marketed as “ordained by God,” the “Saint” Paul ruse. Consequently, the propaganda of “Christian Nation” has been going on ever since along with the lie “Of, For, and By the People.” Reinforce this 228 years of propaganda with artificial history via ed-Jew-cation and jewish control of most media for that same period and, presto, the USA is a jewish as you can get, a giant a synagogue, just like the rest of the West. The reason the jews use propaganda is because it works.

      5. @ Harold Smith. You correctly quote Isaiah 14, referring to the modern day ‘Jews’ as God’s enemies: “the seed of the Serpent”. Many good patriots still fall for lying fables of The Fallen Ones —kicked out of Heaven, to Earth, long long ago.

        Old prophet Jeremiah (completed his sacred ministry in Ireland—evidences on ‘British Israel’ websites) tried to warn us about these clever, cunning impersonators of the true Israelites of the Bible:

        Bill Finck: “…These “bad figs” dispersed from 70 A.D. forward, and those already in Babylon, Rome, and other cities, who never fulfilled the prophets by accepting Christianity (i.e. Deuteronomy 18:15-20, Daniel 9:24-27, Acts 3:22-23, John chapter 10), are not truly genetic Israelites, they have no part in the covenants of either the Old or the New Testaments, and they do not have any merit in their claims to Palestine or to be “God’s chosen”, but rather they are His sworn enemies (as attested to by Malachi 1:1-2, Luke 19:27, and John 19:15). The people attached to today’s mainstream “Judeo-Christian” sects are surely the most deceived group of people in all of history. The dispersion of the enemies of Christ cannot be confused with the much earlier dispersions of the (true) children of God!…”

  10. Zio-Masonic steps further to the left:
    The practice of civil asset forfeiture allows law enforcement agencies to seize property – anything from cash in a wallet to a car or a home – from a person suspected of violating the law without actually charging or convicting the person of a crime. It is a perversion of the most basic principle criminal justice, where people are presumed guilty and face significant financial and legal hurdles to prove the “innocence” of their own property.

    1. Snez –

      You wrote:
      “The practice of civil asset forfeiture allows law enforcement agencies to seize property..”


      Anything – any property – purchased with any type of fiat currency is not held lawfully by the purchaser named in the contract. Very few even “own” their own clothes.

      The police have been given the power to do as directed.

      1. We don’t own our life, according to our birth certificates. We are just a commodity for the owners of corporations – we are less than slaves!

      2. One more thing: if you look at the position of God’s eye in the pyramid on your dollar note, the symbols are clear – those on the top of the social pyramid are above God. That is why the pyramid is broken. Only the highest degrees in Masonry know this. Actually, very few notice this symbolism.

      3. Snez –

        Correct, again. Births recorded in bibles are still valid, but, having no contract with state brings civil death.

        Most of what we mentioned is evidenced in “Kelo” in 2005.

        Sandra O’Connor quit SCOTUS in disgust over it.

        Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner to another private owner to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

        The case arose in the context of condemnation by the city of New London, Connecticut, of privately owned real property, so that it could be used as part of a “comprehensive redevelopment plan.”

        However, the private developer [Pfizer & agents] was unable to obtain financing and abandoned the redevelopment project, leaving the land as an undeveloped empty lot. (Still is empty except for rubbish..!!)

        For those not liking Wiki:


      4. Henry Ford criticised the chosenoids for turning “the high art of management into slavery”. It seems to me that even he wasn’t aware of the tribal savagery.

  11. [A small part of Lawrence Burns’ poem:]

    The Adversary

    You control our people’s livelihood
    that those who dare protest
    might be crushed under your heel good
    and swiftly dispossessed

    We who reject your slavery
    you persecute and oppress
    and for our deeds of bravery
    we are slandered in your press

    Your presence precedes the darkest ages
    when defenders of their nations are labeled traitors
    liars and hypocrites are loved as sages
    while patriots are jeered by the masses who hate us

    We are not your consumers and slaves
    we faithful and determined few
    our people from you we’ll save
    they are not the property of a Jew


  12. Abortion not just legal but as Hilary Clinton said the other day, “SACROSANCT” : ” most sacred or holy” (Mirriam-Webster)

    Origin and Etymology of sacrosanct
    Latin sacrosanctus, probably from sacro sanctus hallowed by a sacred rite

    That which is sacrosanct is doubly sacred: the two Latin components underlying the word, “sacro” and “sanctus,” were combined long ago to form a phrase meaning “hallowed by a sacred rite.” Sacro means “by a sacred rite” and comes from “sacrum,” a Latin noun that lives on in English anatomy as the name for our pelvic vertebrae-a shortening of “os sacrum,” which literally means “holy bone.” Sanctus means “sacred” and gave us “saint” and obvious words like “sanctimony,” “sanctify,” and “sanctuary.”

    She may as well have said: “Killing innocent unborn children is a sacred and holy ritual ”

    When you add that to the constant fussing over the rights and comforts of murderers, paedos ,rapists and other criminals , and illegal aliens, it all starts to look rather…evil

    1. Nilus,
      Thankfully that demon-infested lesbian bitch has been throw into the dumbster where she belongs. Pushing 70, I wonder how the old bat entertains herself nowadays. Hate to imagine.

    2. @ Nilus

      She may as well have said: “Killing innocent unborn children is a sacred and holy ritual.”

      For those that worship and do evil, the killing of innocents is a “holy” sacrifice to the devil in their view. The ultimate innocence is a child before it has even had the chance to take its first breath.

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