JFK Files: Cover-Up Continues of President’s Assassination

28 October 2017

This recent 3700-word article on the Kennedy assassination comes highly recommended to us by Paul Craig Roberts. Files have been released that reveal that there has been a cover-up for the last 54 years. How do these new revelations impact on us today and what do they tell us about the hidden puppet masters who run America?

November 22, 1963

Who killed the President — and why?

“The release this week of secret government papers on the killing of President Kennedy was billed as a day of revelation and reckoning. Closer to the truth is that the shocking murder of Kennedy continues to be covered-up by the US deep state.” — Finian Cunningham 

The murder of President John F Kennedy 54 years ago has been described as the “crime of the century”. If US and Western news media cannot discuss this seminal event openly and honestly, let alone investigate it, then what does that say about their credibility?

Such systematic media denial of reality inflicts irreparable damage to their credibility. How can they be taken seriously on any other matter, whether it is claims of “Russian meddling” or about the war in Syria, or the claims justifying Washington’s aggression towards Iran and North Korea?

The astounding media denial over JFK’s assassination is a symptom of the tacit totalitarianism that passes for “Western democracy”.

The release this week of secret government papers on the killing of President Kennedy was billed as a day of revelation and reckoning. Closer to the truth is that the shocking murder of Kennedy continues to be covered-up by the US deep state.

The premise of “revelation and reckoning” is absurdly false and naive. The notion that US authorities would “finally come clean” on what happened that day in Dallas is not only flawed. It also creates the illusion that the controversy has finally been settled, thereby supposedly confirming the official version that Kennedy was assassinated by a lone malcontent, Lee Harvey Oswald.

CNN reported the release of official documents this week thus: “More than 50 years after President John F Kennedy was killed, Americans on Thursday may finally get the US government’s full accounting… to quell conspiracy theories that have long swirled around the assassination.”

The New York Times wrote: “The final trove of sealed government records to be released” will lay to rest the “grand-daddy of all conspiracy theories”.

The evidence and truth about Kennedy’s slaying in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, on November 22, 1963, is already out there in the testimony of dozens of eye witnesses who observed the assassination or who were present in the aftermath. The assumption that the release of secret archives could shed any light is misplaced. But the media depiction of a “final trove” of documents conveniently shores up the official account that any other explanation of what really happened is that of a “conspiracy crank”.

CNN and the New York Times, as with the rest of the mainstream media in the US, claim that the release of declassified papers this week confirms the official narrative that JFK was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald firing a sniper rifle from the sixth floor of the Texas Book Store Depository at the president’s motorcade. That was the original conclusion from the government-led Warren Commission, which published its report on the assassination in 1964. For over 50 years, the US media have unswervingly maintained that version of events, despite abundant evidence to the contrary.

What the media have studiously ignored for all these years is the evidence and testimony from dozens of witnesses who were either excluded from the Warren Commission hearings, or their testimonies were distorted by FBI investigators. Many of them mysteriously killed.

One of the best compendiums on the Kennedy assassination is ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’ by James Douglass (2008). Other essential titles for details on the murder – details which mainstream media largely ignore – include ‘Crossfire’ by Jim Marrs, and ‘Brothers’ by David Talbot.

Among the many crucial witnesses recorded over the years, here below are a select few. Their testimonies show that the murder of Kennedy was a much darker “crime of the century” than the mainstream media would ever explore.

Shot from the front, not from the back

Doctor Charles Crenshaw led the medical staff at Dallas Parkland Hospital where the fatally wounded JFK was rushed to minutes after being shot. Crenshaw and nearly 20 other medical staff tended to the president’s wounds trying to resuscitate him. All of these medics testified that Kennedy’s fatal head wound was from a gun shot to the front of the skull which resulted in a massive exit hole at the back of his head. That one detail alone contradicts the official claim that Oswald allegedly shot JFK from the rear, as the Warren Commission contends.

The fatal shot must have come from the front, which the famous amateur video footage recorded by bystander Abraham Zapruder near the Grassy Knoll also purports to show. (Notably, a Congressional panel, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, concluded in 1979 after a reexamination of evidence that there was more than one shooter in Dealey Plaza. But this finding has never been thoroughly explored by the media. Why not?)

Critically important, Dr Crenshaw and his medical colleagues were immediately pressured by the FBI and other authorities to suppress their initial observations. They were tacitly intimidated to change their accounts to say the opposite: that the president’s head wound was caused by a shot from the rear. Crenshaw was not invited to testify before the Warren Commission during its year-long hearings. He says for years after, he and Parkland staff were subtly intimidated to keep quiet about their witness to Kennedy’s final moments. However, three decades later, in 1992, Dr Crenshaw published ‘JFK and the Conspiracy of Silence’. Ironically, it became a best-seller on the New York Times book list, in spite a huge media campaign to discredit Crenshaw’s medical expertise.

Lieutenant Commander William Bruce Pitzer was in charge of the Audio-Visual Department at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington DC where Kennedy’s remains were flown hours after the shooting. That was where the official autopsy was carried out, bizarrely, under the watchful eye of senior military personnel. Pitzer was tasked with filming the remains of the president. As he later confided to a colleague, who corroborated the film’s images, JFK’s head had a massive exit wound at the back of the skull, just as the Dallas doctors had initially maintained. Two years later, Pitzer was mysteriously found dead in his studio. He had been shot in the head, a revolver nearby. His death was officially said to be suicide, which his widow disputed. The film of the president’s remains, which Pitzer had been carefully storing, was removed from his studio by an unknown person.

The contention that Kennedy was shot from the front is not a theory. The direction of fire was witnessed by several people who were near the Grassy Knoll, the stockade-fence area which JFK’s limousine was approaching as it drove away from the Texas Book Store Depository, further up on Elm Street. If Oswald was the shooter from the depository, as the official narrative goes, then how could Kennedy have been shot fatally from the front?

Secret Service men at Grassy Knoll

Ed Hoffman, a young deaf and mute man, was watching the approaching motorcade from the flyover overlooking the knoll. Hoffman says he saw a puff of smoke emitting from where a gunman was standing against the stockade fence just as the president’s car was approaching. The shooter then quickly moved to rail lines behind the knoll where he threw his rifle to another man dressed in work overalls. The second man disassembled the rifle in a twist, shoved it into a holdall bag and proceeded to walk along the rail track away from the knoll. The shooter then swiftly walked back to the stockade fence. Several police officers on duty that day, who immediately ran towards the knoll on hearing the gunfire, reported that they were confronted by men purporting to be secret service agents. Ed Hoffman’s testimony was ignored by FBI investigators when he voluntarily came forward. But his account was verified by a railroad operator named Lee Bowers who also observed the shooting from the Grassy Knoll from the vantage point of a control tower he happened to be working in. Bowers testified his observation to respected JFK researcher and author Mark Lane. Four months later, in 1966, Bowers was killed in a single-car accident. This fate of untimely death has met several other people who spoke out about circumstances of the shooting which did not fit with the Warren Commission narrative.

Another witness on the Grassy Knoll was a young off-duty soldier, Gordon Arnold. Years later after mustering the courage, he testified that he felt the discharge of two shots fired from close behind while he was taking photos of the passing motorcade. Gordon said he ducked for cover, and before he knew it, two men lit on him, one holding a rifle and dressed in a police uniform, who demanded he empty his camera of its film. Arnold kept silent about his story for years out of fear for his life.

Jack Ruby was not a random killer of Oswald

Many serious independent investigators have disputed the Warren Commission report as being riddled with anomalies, apart from its exclusion of key witnesses.

One of the glaring flaws in the Warren findings is that Lee Harvey Oswald purportedly acted alone, and that he had no connection to Jack Ruby, the Mob-connected nightclub owner who shot dead Oswald while in custody in the Dallas police station – two days after Kennedy was killed.

Rose Cheramie worked in Ruby’s Dallas club. Before her death in a bizarre road accident in 1965, Cheramie claimed that Ruby and Oswald knew each other for years. She said Oswald would often call round to the club where he would sit at Ruby’s table.

Julia Ann Mercer was stuck in traffic in Dealey Plaza on the morning of the assassination, at 11am, an hour and a half before the president’s motorcade arrived. She noticed a man getting out of a station wagon parked below the Grassy Knoll and that this man was carrying what appeared to be a concealed rifle as he proceeded to walk up to the stockade-fence area. Out of curiosity, Mercer then rolled her car alongside the parked vehicle and took a look at the driver squarely in the face. It was Jack Ruby. She didn’t know Ruby at that time. Only days later when his infamous shooting of Oswald at the police station made international headlines did Mercer recognize Ruby’s face. Her testimony was distorted by FBI investigators. It was only when Mercer later talked to various independent researchers that her crucial identification of Ruby at the scene came to light, albeit not in a mass media light.

Other witnesses further substantiate the real conspiracy that lies behind JFK’s assassination. The word “conspiracy” is not used here in the pejorative sense to demean. It conveys the literal meaning of an organized plot.

What was that plot? As James Douglass and others have cogently pieced together, after his election in 1960 JFK was increasingly viewed by the US deep state as a “rogue president”. He was firmly opposed to the unfurling arms race against the Soviet Union and wanted to pursue earnest, radical nuclear disarmament with Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 had jolted JFK on the dangers of a nuclear world war. Kennedy also wanted to normalize relations with Cuba’s Fidel Castro following the disastrous CIA-led Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 for which the president vowed he would “smash the agency into a thousand pieces”. He fired the CIA director Allen Dulles over the fiasco. Ironically, Dulles would later be appointed to the seven-member Warren Commission, supposedly tasked with uncovering the truth behind Kennedy’s assassination.

Moreover, JFK had concluded that the looming Vietnam War would be a disaster. In the summer of 1963 he was preparing orders for US military withdrawal. That move was a formidable threat to the anticipated huge profits for the military industrial complex if the war escalated, which it did after Kennedy’s death.

At the height of the Cold War, Kennedy was therefore seen as little more than a traitor by the military-security apparatus and as an obstacle to the vested economic interests of the Pentagon’s military-industrial complex. In short, he had to be got rid of by “executive action”.

The CIA had the motive to terminate Kennedy. It also had the means. CIA contract-killers were often drawn from the ranks of criminal underworld, the Mafia and far-right Cuban exiles living in Miami. This arrangement affords “plausible deniability”.

Jack Ruby, who had long been a Mafia, CIA gun-runner and fixer, was recruited into the months-long planning of the plot to ambush the president.

Oswald the CIA agent who became a scapegoat

So, what was Oswald’s connection?

The 23-year-old ex-US marine had been recruited in the late 1950s by the CIA when he was posted to a U2 spy plane base in Japan. He became fluent in Russian and then “defected” to the Soviet Union. It seems that the KGB did not take Oswald seriously as a reliable would-be agent. He then returned to the US in 1962, apparently of his own volition. Significantly, for an American citizen who had renounced his country and defected to the Soviet Union, Oswald and his Russian wife were not subjected to any recriminations on their return to the US. Indeed, it seems they were given generous patronage to find accommodation, jobs, and connections.

Oswald, who became immersed in both pro- and anti-Castro Cuban political activities in the US, became embroiled in the plot to assassinate Kennedy. How much Oswald knew of CIA involvement or the agency’s true objectives is not clear. But evidence suggests that he was also working as an informer for the FBI to alert them of the plot to kill the president. Oswald was out of his depth. He probably didn’t realize how little a pawn he was in a much bigger nefarious plot.

His close involvement with the bit-player plotters explains how he was an associate of Jack Ruby. What Oswald’s true intentions are not clear. Tragically, he may have had a misplaced belief that his role as an informant for the FBI was trying to save the president.

In the end, tragically, Oswald was made the scapegoat for the assassination. The claim that he fired a rifle from the Texas School Book Depository with three shots in a matter of seconds and hit the president twice – as the Warren Commission contends – defies credibility. Also, according to the Warren report, one of those bullets supposedly exited Kennedy’s neck and then struck Governor John Connally who was riding in front of the Limousine. Dr Crenshaw and the other doctors at Parkland Hospital initially said that the wound on Kennedy’s neck (in addition to the fatal head injury) was an entry wound – another pointer that shots were actually fired from the front, not from the back as the Warren Commission maintains. That’s not to say shots were not fired from the depository. Witnesses say they heard gunfire and saw a gunman in the upper window. But that speaks more to the elaborate CIA plot to frame Oswald, who happened to recently become employed at the depository weeks before Kennedy’s visit to Dallas.

Less than an hour after the president was shot, Oswald hurriedly entered a movie theater. Witness Jack Davis said he noticed Oswald acting strangely, sitting beside individuals, then restlessly getting up and sitting down again beside another moviegoer – this in an almost empty theater! “It was obvious he was looking for someone,” recalled Davis. It is reasonable to speculate Oswald was seeking out a FBI contact whom he was instructed to connect with in a faux-arrangement. Oswald never did meet his “contact”. He was being left out to hang and dry by the plotters.

Another movie-theater customer, George Applin, told how when police officers arrested Oswald, Applin kindly advised another seated man to move to the back of the cinema hall, away from the trouble. The man nonchalantly looked at Applin, ignored his advice, kept sitting in his seat, and then proceeded to intently observe the arrest of Oswald. Days later, Applin recognized the face of Jack Ruby as being that of the man in the cinema hall. Evidently, Ruby had expected the police officers to shoot Oswald on the spot at his arrest, especially because their colleague Officer JD Tippit had just been shot dead minutes before – supposedly by Oswald fleeing from the assassination of the president. As it turned out, the arresting officers did not kill Oswald in the movie-theater, and it would fall to Ruby to follow-up two days later at the Dallas police station.

There are many other such key witnesses to the events surrounding the assassination of JFK, recorded in the reference books cited above, among other sources. All these witnesses were ignored by the mainstream media, or excluded and distorted by the Warren Commission, or were intimidated from speaking out publicly.

State-level organization of assassination

One further crucial story is that of Air Force Sergeant Robert Vinson. On the Friday of the assassination, through sheer happenstance, he caught an unscheduled ride onboard an unmarked C-54 military cargo plane, making his way back from Washington DC to his home near Colorado Springs. During the flight in which he was the only passenger, the pilots announced the president’s death. The plane then banked to another unspoken destination. When it landed on a rough strip, Sgt. Vinson recognized the city’s skyline as Dallas. It was mid-afternoon. During the brief stop, the plane’s engines did not shut off. Two men boarded. The aircraft then took off, landing eventually at the air base at Roswell, New Mexico. It was only when Vinson finally got home on Sunday, watching the breaking news on the TV with his wife, that he recognized the face of the man accused of being the president’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. It was the same facial appearance as one of the two men who boarded at Dallas.

Vinson’s experience confirms what many other witnesses have contended. That in the plot to kill JFK and frame Oswald, there was an Oswald double, an imposter whose task was to incriminate the scapegoat. The double was used to lay down a trail of evidence purporting to frame Oswald as a Cuban or Soviet malcontent. This would explain the strange encounters at the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City only weeks before the Dallas assassination. During those encounters, the Oswald imposter dramatically proclaimed his communist allegiance. Significantly, the Soviet records show that the person claiming to be Oswald spoke very bad Russian, whereas it is known that the real Oswald was fluent in the language.

For years, Sgt. Vinson was subtly intimidated by the CIA to keep quiet about his accidental flight onboard the unmarked cargo plane. However, Vinson did come forward years later to tell researchers of his insights into the plot to kill Kennedy. He also testified that the plane he rode on was not entirely unmarked. On the tail section, the aircraft bore the insignia of the CIA.

But perhaps the absolute key witness in all this was Lee Harvey Oswald himself. His last words shouted out in defiance at the Dallas police station were: “I’m just a patsy!”

Conveniently, Oswald was silenced by the Mob, CIA-connected Jack Ruby before he could tell his side of the story in a court of law. Oswald no doubt could have lifted a very disturbing lid on who really was orchestrating the president’s assassination.

Regime change American-style

The story of JFK’s assassination is one of state-sponsored murder carried out by the deep state power structure in the US. It was a coup d’état against a president elected by the people, whom the deep state viewed as an enemy to their objectives for war and foreign intrigues.

It was a shocking, brutal blow against democracy, a “regime change”, delivered not in some distant country, but right at home in the United States.

Such was the elaborate conspiracy to murder the president, involving contract-killers and secret services, as well as the complicity of police forces, the FBI, the military, judiciary and the corporate media, that the plotters behind JFK’s killing had to be positioned at the highest level of US government – the deep state.

Nearly 54 years after Kennedy’s murder by America’s state apparatus, the cover-up continues in the form of a futile release of “secret papers”. And, suitably, the mainstream media declare that this “disclosure” is the final settling of the matter, which puts an end to “conspiracy theories”.

The media’s complicity may simply be due to an inability or reluctance to question the official narrative. This is what we mean by “tacit totalitarianism” – a willingness to believe in indoctrinated thinking, such as the false Warren Commission conclusion.

No wonder the US public – which polls have consistently shown do not believe the official Warren Commission narrative, and who indeed believe instead that JFK was actually killed in a nefarious plot – no wonder the public have increasing distrust and contempt for the corporate media for being dishonest and unreliable.

For the past year, the same media have been trying to slander Russia for interfering in US democracy. The same media have also tried to conceal American state-sponsored terrorism in Syria to overthrow the government there, just like it did when it overthrew the government in Libya in 2011 and killed the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi. And many other illegal regime-change operations carried out by the US and its Western allies, presented as noble endeavors to “defend democracy”, “fight terrorism” or “protect human rights”.

In an era when such commercially-driven mass media pontificate about “fake news” perpetrated by others it is all the more galling that the accusation comes from the very same media who specialize in mass fake news and mass fake narratives.

The US state murder of JFK in 1963 and the decades-long cover-up is perhaps the greatest condemnation of the fraud that is US mass media. The day that the president was assassinated was also the day that American pretensions of democracy took a deadly hit. 


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  1. I think Jews were involved. We know Jews have always hated the Kennedys.

    When it comes to 9/11, I think Jews knew before hand, but I don’t think they did it per say.

    But once again, let me remind you, don’t get distracted by conspiracy theories. Right now, Jews are stealing trillions and trillions of dollars and nobody cares, and why? Because JFK and UFOs and lizards and illuminati and libruls and the CIA! In other words, bullshit bullshit bullshit.

    The Jews need and depend on conspiracy theories, because it takes your eyes off of them. Conspiracy theories are actually invented and promoted by the Jews, because as long as they get you chasing conspiracy theories, you will never address the system as it is, namely, the money system.

    1. “The Jews need and depend on conspiracy theories, because it takes your eyes off of them. Conspiracy theories are actually invented and promoted by the Jews, because as long as they get you chasing conspiracy theories, you will never address the system as it is, namely, the money system.”

      Ummm, no. Since practically EVERYTHING that happens (with regard to jews and “government”) involving more than one person is by definition a “conspiracy”, then every legitimate attempt to understand what’s happening is necessarily a “conspiracy theory” (and of course the “money system” is also a conspiracy).

      The object is to identify and promulgate the most reasonable “conspiracy theory” from among the dishonest and diversionary “competing” theories; e.g., is it more likely that 19 Arab/Islamic extremists did 9/11, or is it more likely that 9/11 was merely another jew crime?

  2. And this is only 2,800 pages out of 113,000? Someone convinced Trump to release a very small part. Someone has something to hide and it ain’t Muslims…….

    On page 64 of the released JFK files shows that Jews were in on the plot.

    From the murder of JFK to the savage and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, to the 9/11 False Flag to the current hysteria gripping America, there is one common factor…ISRAEL.


    The Oswald double ploy would be used again prior to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, when Israeli intelligence assets pretended to be Arabs, going around making scenes at various titty bars, then making subtle points that something BIG was getting ready to happen.

    And it did on 9/11, the day of infamy when Americans would be conned into supporting a phony War of Terror against the Muslim world, conveniently against states Israel wanted destroyed.

    WTFU America and realize our nation has been hijacked by a state of hateful land thieves, racists, mass murderers, land thieves, bigots, liars, false flag experts and con artists that use their control of the (((MSM))) to brainwash us into fighting wars of aggression for Apartheid Israel.

    WTFU, and take back our nation or else this is going to end VERY badly…for us.

  3. To see who killed JFK and the reasons for it, read the book JFK, the CIA and Vietnam by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, it can be had on amazon.com. The same deep state and Zionists also took out RFK and JFK jr. .

    1. Here is Col. Prouty’s website with his videos, articles and his own description of his books ‘The Secret Team’ and ‘The Guns of Dallas’. There’s something unusual about his attendance at the Holocaust Conference and accusations of anti-Semitism.
      “The funny thing was two months earlier I had spoken at the Holocaust Conference for the second annual meeting of the Holocaust Group which I learned later the Liberty Lobby is completely opposed to. Dr. Littel, of the Holocaust Memorial organization invited me to attend and make a few comments, as others were requested.”
      Col. Prouty has been asked to attend at the Holocaust Conference again later this year!
      This classic was found on the internet;
      “An essay written from a leftist perspective by Chip Berlet, deals with the ties, and Mark Lane, and the extreme right-wing paranoid Liberty Lobby. Nothing here shows Prouty to be a Nazi or an anti-Semite, but shouldn’t he show better judgment in whom he associates with?”

  4. The more the msm shouts “Exposure!”, the more elaborate the cover-up. By now, every assertion is suspect. The water is, still, muddy. I’ve heard all kinds of theories from all kinds of credible personages – including CIA, military intelligence, and Secret Service – but the ONE blaring, historic FACT is JFK’s endorsement of Executive Order #11110, dissolving America’s contract with the Federal Reserve, 6 June 1963; and they always neglect to mention it. 😮

    1. Oh, and some may find it appalling that Alan Greenspan was, at that time, JFK’s good friend and advisor while a professor of economics at Columbia University. (Food for speculation, indeed!)

      1. Michael Collins Piper and “Final Judgement” , for more information about the Jew role in the JFK assassination. Michael Collins Piper was ALSO assassinated. So that the author of “Final Judgement” was KILLED , that in itself means there’s ALOT OF TRUTH in “Final Judgement”.

        Also : “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker, about the Bush family.

        Then there’s Gary Webb, he, too, was KILLED. Gary Webb is the one who found out that the father of Ted Cruz, Raphael Cruz, was in Dealey Plaza the day of The Assassination and was part of the assassination team. Webb was brave enough to go public with the info he unearthed, The pharisees wanted Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee, and it was the pharisee plan for Cruz to throw the election to Hellary. In return, I’m sure, the pharisees promised Cruz he would be the next president after Hillary serves her two terms. Gary Webb’s discovery about Ted Cruz’ father lost Cruz the Republican nomination. Webb threw a wrench into the pharisee’s plan for The Election. Trump owes Gary Webb a great debt of Gratitude. Trump would NOT be the president now if not for Gary Webb and his honesty and his bravery. I wouldn’t be surprised if mobsters connected to the Clinton Foundation are the ones who assassinated Webb. Keep in mind the Bush family are also connected to the Clinton Foundation, though secretly behind the scenes. The Bush family and the Clintons are on VERY VERY friendly terms.

        And they say the Italians are mafioso.

  5. More dog and pony show to keep the gullible and very stupid goyim occupied with matters completely inconsequential to their present existence.

    Instead of focusing on the massive poisoning efforts going on daily all over the continent in the air, water, vaccinations, GMO foods et al., why not go into detail about the assassination of Julius Cesar? Et tu JFK?

    There have been several clear films on Youtube showing the limo driver turning around and leveling a large caliber, automatic pistol and shooting JFK from the front at exactly the moment the vehicle slows almost to a full stop.

    This is in keeping with those standard murderous methods used by criminal organizations like the Jew mafia. Always have a backup man close by, a last resort shooter to carry out the murder should other attempts fail. Jews are famous for their head shots like the ones used to kill Lincoln and JFK, as well as Palestinian children.

    It is simple to solve the JFK assassination, just examine who had the motive to risk a covert assassination of a sitting president and then examine the most noticeable hostile race surrounding the operation. Once again, as always – Cui Bono?

    1962 – Kennedy demands UN inspection of Dimona, a nuclear R&D facility whose existence Jews vehemently denied at that time and the gold standard Kennedy was proposing that would have effectively removed the Federal Reserve’s power to coin money.

    (1) Name another group that had anywhere near this level a motivation to murder a sitting president.

    (2) Name another group that had/has sufficient influence in the American government to incorporate the secret service and other federal agencies, required in such a subversive plot. Name another present day group with such a long history of assassinations to achieve their political ends.

    Arthur Krimm – Jew – LBJ’s closest advisor.

    Abraham Zapruder – Jew – Film maker that just happened to be onsite with his camera to make the film used in the Warren Commission investigation.

    Jack Rubinstein – Jew – Oswald’s assassin

    C.D. Jackson – unknown – “Syke-warfare” expert who orchestrated the Buchenwald lie. Later editor of life magazine who purchased the Zapruder film used for the investigation.

    These are just a few of the leading figures – No doubt there are many more.

    Normally a crazed Jew jumps out of a crowd to fire the deadly bullet. JFK was rather unique in the use of a “lone gunman” dupe firing from long distance. No doubt, Jews did not want to direct any unnecessary attention to themselves in this matter.

    Let’s move along. Nothing to see here.

    1. The mushroom clouds… they are a comin Be afraid, very afraid!

      1962 – Kennedy demands UN inspection of Dimona, a nuclear R&D facility whose existence Jews vehemently denied at that time and the gold standard Kennedy was proposing that would have effectively removed the Federal Reserve’s power to coin money.

      Not only is your assertion factually wrong; it is risible. Kennedy was not proposing a “gold standard” or money backed by gold which, in theory, was already in effect, but money backed by silver. Bill Downey explains:

      KENNEDY EXECUTIVE ORDER 11110 (On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank).

      Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. As a result, more than $4 billion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated.

      With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank out of business. If enough of these silver certificates were to come into circulation they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything.

      After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued. The Executive Order was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid. Why then has no president utilized it?

      Virtually all of the nearly $6 trillion [now over 22 Trillion as of today] in debt has been created since 1963, and if a U.S. president had utilized Executive Order 11110 the debt would be nowhere near the current level.

      Source: http://www.orwelltoday.com/jfkdollaramerican.shtml

      Here’s the actual text of Executive Order 1110:

      Executive Order 11110—Amendment of Executive Order No. 10289 as Amended, Relating to the Performance of Certain Functions Affecting the Department of the Treasury
      June 4, 1963

      By virtue of the authority vested in me by section 301 of title 3 of the United States Code, it is ordered as follows:

      SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended —

      (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j):

      “(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821 (b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,” and

      (b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof.

      SEC. 2. The amendment made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

      June 4, 1963

      Source: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=59049

      As for your implied assertion that the Jews assassinated Kennedy because he demanded “UN inspection of Dimona, a nuclear R&D facility….” that is almost laugh out loud funny. FYI, the UN is a 100% Rothschild Zionist created and controlled entity.

      I got one simple question for you: If the evil Jews in Israel have had nukes since the early 1960s and nukes really exist, why haven’t they used them yet? What exactly are they waiting for?

      Why are they instead taking decades to kill us slowly with their poisons in our air and water and food and medicines? — this assertion of yours of Jews killing us slowly — death by a thousand little poisons — I agree with 100%, BTW.

      1. To put it another way, the jews killed JFK to get Johnson. The motive for the murder was to replace a jew-wise America-first president, JFK, with an evil puppet ruler, Johnson.

        It would’ve made no sense for the jews to murder JFK unless they KNEW FOR SURE that Johnson was their loyal puppet who would unquestionably put the jew agenda first, and America last. And with the jew attack on the USS Liberty, we saw how Johnson helped the jews kill his own men and then helped them get away with it.

      2. The chosenoids have been controlling “Free”-masons and Jesuits for centuries, and the Kennedy brothers were obviously threatening to reveal a lot:
        “…the secret societies in America had gained control over a vast material, political, economic, human and natural resources and that no expenditure was questioned or denied. A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” – Kennedy to the Journalists of America, 1961
        ‘Two Presidents Who Died Defying the Rothschilds’
        This first Catholic president of our country enjoyed a deep-roots popularity–a charisma not enjoyed by most presidents. The Kennedy administration was so confident that it had the support of most voters that it ignored the Jewish lobby as the Kennedy brothers (John and Robert, his Attorney General) knew it was unnecessary to have the complete backing of every Jew in the U. S….

        Also, the CIA and the UN were founded by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers for their own interests.

      3. Risible – I like that word, it makes me laugh.

        And now for a totally unreliable source

        Another overlooked aspect of Kennedy’s attempt to reform American society involves money. Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. He moved in this area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency. – Rense

        I wont argue the metal, the fact is Kennedy intended on stopping the Federal Reserve. Silver or gold, no matter. As for Dimona, while the UN may be “owned” by whomever, at that point, it would have been put on notice when the President of the Untied States (especially JFK) put an issue of this nature before them.

        No matter what the outcome of such a request, it would have put the world on notice that Jews were developing nuclear weapons at Dimona, exposing a major Jew lie that they had no nuclear R&D program at that time. If the Jews didn’t kill Kennedy, who did?

        Lets review the choices. Castro? Really? Castro had the power to command the secret service and other federal agencies in an assassination plot? And why, because of the Cuban missile crisis? That was a Soviet ploy. Castro lost nothing having the missiles pulled out of Cuba and besides, he had already made good at the Bay of Pigs.

        How about the Mafia? See above for the ability to control major federal agencies. The mafia are two-bit players on the global political scale. About the best they can do is a mayor or maybe governor. And what motive did the mafia have to kill Kennedy anyway?

        Then of course there is the cause celeb, the very bestest of all, a crazed commie wielding an obsolete, bolt-action rifle with lousy ballistics and slow rate of fire. And why did he do it? He just didn’t like Kennedy! if you buy that one, I got a couple of Jew York trade towers I’ll sell you complete with Arab passport and bandana.

        Obviously Jews were not going to let Kennedy go to bat a third time.

    2. @JFC

      The reason that you can’t understand why the Jews killed JFK because of his insistence on UN inspection of their nuclear plant, is that you have an exaggerated idea about their power and wickedness. The UN may have been created on instigation among others by Jews, but they don’t “control” that institution totally. There is a solid anti-Israel Islamic block in the UN and the rest of the Third World is not exactly friendly toward Israel either. The Jewish state is not popular in the UN and the Jews can do nothing about it. Otherwise so many anti-Israel resolutions by it would never have passed.
      The Jews don’t “control” the International Atomic Energy Agency that inspects Iran’s nuclear program either. Otherwise it would have repeated Netanyahu’s lie that Iran is developing nuclear arms already. Instead it is saying that Iran is complying with the treaty.

      As for Israel being so diabolically evil that if it had nuclear arms it would have used them already (on the whole of humanity no less , you suggest), its nuclear arms are its ultimate life-insurance, to be used only in extreme danger. In 1973 when they were surprised by Egypt’s attack they were close to use them, but were rescued in time by arms from the US.

      It is your fantasy of the mythical proportions of Jewish power and wickedness that prevents you from assessing the reality about Israel.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        As for Israel being so diabolically evil that if it had nuclear arms it would have used them already (on the whole of humanity no less , you suggest), its nuclear arms are its ultimate life-insurance, to be used only in extreme danger. In 1973 when they were surprised by Egypt’s attack they were close to use them, but were rescued in time by arms from the US.

        Are you really serious or are you trying to Jew me?

        Do you mean to say that Israel had nukes and wanted to use them against Egypt but didn’t because it had to wait for conventional arms from the dumb goys in the USA to save it? Is this what you are saying and do you expect Darkmooners to believe this?

        Really? What kind of arms, exactly? How long did the Jews have to wait?

        It makes no sense whatsoever for Israel to wait for conventional arms from faraway USA when it already had nuclear arms in Israel to use immediately to not only deter, but to obliterate the Egyptians.

        Do you really expect us to believe that manic and hyperventilating Jews in Israel would wait even 15-seconds to destroy their enemies if it felt a real existential threat? Moreover, conventional arms are by definition inferior to nukes; which you assert the Israelis had, but decided not to use because of their concerns for “the whole of humanity no less….” Are you really serious?

        Your argument defies logic. It is nonsensical. Your entire comment reads like Jewish sophistry.

      2. @JFC

        Again, you have an almost mythical-paranoid idea about Israel and Jews in general. In reality things are far more mundane :

        1) See : Declassified : Israel nearly used nukes in Yom Kippur war.


        As you can see, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan not even wanted to use nukes directly on the Arabs, but frighten them by displaying their power. Not even that was allowed by Prime Minister Golda Meir.

        2) About the US airlift of weapons that saved Israel in the Yom Kippur war :


        But you believe that the Jews are so diabolically wicked that if they really had nuclear weapons they would have used them already to exterminate the whole of humanity and since that has not happened therefore that means that the Jews don’t have nuclear weapons.

      3. FR

        Thanks for the links. I knew you weren’t making things up and would be able to cite sources to back up your argument. However, the Wikipedia article for “Operation Nickel Grass” is simply unbelievable. As I read it, I couldn’t help thinking about the old Polish proverb, “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” I guess the modern day version would go something like this: “The Jew says he has a lot of nukes and will destroy his enemies as he begs for more tanks and artillery and ammunition and shekels from America.” That’s what I call chutzpah! ROTFLMAO 😆

  6. Hi Arch,
    Kennedy had authorized the issue of Treasury Dollars, AKA Greenbacks. The Fed was doomed, but LBJ reversed the decision. I believe it was his first action on becoming President.

    1. John Kirby –

      Those “Treasury Dollars” were, in fact, United States Notes, which are notes drawn upon the “good faith and credit” of the United States government – as opposed to the FRN, which is an OBLIGATION of the United States government and its guarantors. I have a package of $2 and $5 United States Notes, series 1963, the likes of which have been mostly destroyed by FDIC member banks.

  7. I can vividly remember walking out of my childhood house when I learned JFK was shot, I stood in the driveway and new in my heart of hearts that this was very bad event. I would have never guessed or believed what would happen to the nation for the next 5 decades. I did not know that the Holocaust was a hoax, that this terrible Jewish war propaganda is meant to defame Germans and western civilization. I did not know at that time that the faith I was taught (Catholicism) was a terrible Jewish based religion, I did not know I was being indoctrinated in a Hebrew cult of death and destruction.

    Since JFK was assassinated I’ve learned many things I’ve learned that we are all slaves on a Jewish plantation of fractional reserve banking – that real estate, food, and education are sky high because of this fake money system we live under. I now know that the legal system we live under is really Jewish Talmudic suppression of our spirit. I did not know the real reason I was taught the god concept, that god is a meme being used to establish external authority in my mind so that I voluntarily surrender my own personal authority.

    The main thing I’ve come to realize is that Jews are the cause of nearly everything evil because they are a domineering parasitic deceptive race of malcontents who are never satisfied with peaceful living and productivity. No matter how hard we work, no matter how many cows I milk, will the Jew be satisfied with my effort, because the Jew wants everything including my soul.

    I doubt that I could believe what will happen next even if some sage told me today. Things are so bad, the karma of Amerika’s wars so severe, I think that I would not be able to believe what is coming down the Albert Pike freeway to hell. We must rise up and meet the Jew with moral courage and completely destroy this destroyer tribe or we, as a specie, are finished. Since we have not yet met this challenge, things will get worse and worse until we do.

    1. Great post Yukon Jack. I am interested to understand further the issue on Catholicism. Any pointers?

  8. Fine article by Mr. Cunningham. Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw’s books “Conspiracy of Silence” (Now reissued as “JFK has been Shot”) and “Trauma Room One” are receiving the usual treatment by Mcadams and the machine. No one refutes, however, that Dr. Crenshaw, along with Dr. Ronald Jones and Dr. Paul Peters, all present in the ER (surgeons as well, unlike Mcadams and others) could only rationally account for the wounds as having an entry point in the front and exit the through the back of the head. Mrs. Kennedy was bravely and desperately trying to retrieve the fragment of JFK’s head on the back of the Presidential Limousine caused by the exit wound. Next they’ll lie about the color of her hat.

    There is a fine article on http://www,zerohedge.com that covers the clumsy cover up of the JFK Limousine front windshield REPLACEMENT as the original glass clearly showed a frontal entry point, based on some of the newly released documents.

    1. The frontal entry wound via the front windshield was also attested to by the security guards at the Dallas hospital. Setting aside the “why” for now, the front entry wound (pretty unanimous in Dallas Hospital) and eyewitness accounts as well as the virtual impossible logistics of using the Mannlicher Carcano rifle according to the official narrative sets the record straight – and yet there is also sound recordings, missing Zapruder frames, over a hundred dead witnesses and so much more. Besides one of the all time levels of Chutzpah brought forth by Arlen Specters “Magic Bullet” postulation, what is staggering is the contemporary update; ‘the CIA has “doubts” about the official version’. Nice to see the creators of the term “Conspiracy Theory” are finally headed in the right direction, but they put Mr. Specter to shame.

    2. Talk about clumsy – that’s http://www.zerohedge.com and needed elimination of extra “the” in text in comment 1, and Specter’s not Specters in #2. Written in great haste, sorry. I don’t mean to be incorrigible. Zerohedge also has an article speculating on the “who” with a Majestic-12 document, which leads into still unknown territory for most people. The territory is definitely worthwhile exploring with detachment, I’ve discussed it here before including MI-6 agent Pamela H’s testimony, Operation “Zipper”, and so on; the MJ-12 document requires caution – suspended judgement I would say, though at least some of them seem correct in manufacture – but that’s to be expected to enable the introduction of the rotten one(s). AF (AFOSI) Sgt. Doty may have been the messenger, his record includes “Driving Mr. Bennewitz Insane” for which see internet article by the late Philip Coppens. Doty’s book I don’t recommend, and it appears it was determined time to detonate the hoax (which was done in The Huffington Post, though plenty of observers had serious reservations all along) creating disappointment in those who let unscientific belief substitute for methodical and impartial investigation.

      The UK produced Documentary, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” now banned from broadcast due to threats from among others the Johnson crime family, is well worth watching.

  9. JFK was killed by the Cancer In America because he was going to “smash it into a thousand pieces!” and by the Jews because he was opposed to their secret and illegal nuclear weapons program. So much so the latter issue that the then prime minister of Israel resigned a few weeks before the hit was green lighted to use a Hollywood phrase. And the rest as they say is . . . Hollywood/Jewish coverup history!

    Well, my time here at Darkmoon is at an end, just as it was at FreeRepublic and Zerohedge (“highroadtochina”).  I leave this esteemed company of beloved misfits and some of the smartest commentators on the world wide web with these final comments . . .

    (1) How does someone living on a meager teacher’s pension afford to travel the world like a millionaire?  I am sure the answer is simple and innocent, not as sinister as my rhetorical question implies!

    (2) Dear Amigos y Amigas: You need to prepare for what’s about to happen like 5 years ago! 

    If you die before your appointed and allotted time, because you neglected to do some very basic and common sense things like grow your own food, you don’t want to answer the First Question on the Other Side (“Why did YOU NOT do _______?”) by replying sheepishly, “Well, hum, I was too busy posting clever/stupid/frivolous/nonsensical comments on Darkmoon and elsewhere . . .”

    (3) Grow your own food NOW!

    The Back to Eden method really works!  But don’t let gardening become a religion or dogma.  Do what works!  Read my two comments on what we have discovered and proven to work (the Argentinean way of Back to Eden method) by COVERING the soil which is THE KEY: https://www.backtoedenfilm.com/gardenblog/back-to-eden-film-review-by-joel-salatin

    (4) Good luck to Everyone!

    Muchisimas Gracias a Dra. Lasha Darkmoon (whatever your real name is!) and the wonderful team at Darkmoon por todos!!!

    PS If anyone is interested, I will post a few comments more while the lights are still on at http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/, and you may follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/escapepatagonia

    1. Hope you survive the Nov 22 roll-out of Twitter’s new “Hate Speech” policies. With Fakebook, Gurgle and ADL all joining together to force their SJW / PC “values” on Twitter users, I’m far from alone in thinking the days of anything approaching freedom of speech at Twitter are almost over. There have already been a couple of mass purges of conservative accounts. Testing out their software algorithms, presumably.

      I’ve added you to my handwritten list of timelines to follow, but your “Pro-Semitic Cause I am Pro Palestinian” header will probably get you banished in the first round come Nov 22.

      Patagonia… if only…

      1. The JFK assassination, though it happened 54 years ago, still looms large over the political and also cultural landscape as the assassination changed the country into the torn-apart and very divided country we have now and The Cabal who assassinated Kennedy are still in power.

        The assassination was a coup d’etat. Understanding the assassination, who did it and why they did it, is essential to figuring out what’s going on in the United States today.

        The Republican convention, especially, was very much about the JFK assassination. Echoes of the JFK assassination could be heard throughout the whole presidential election campaign. Ted Cruz didn’t get the Republican nomination because of the JFK assassination. And the Bush family came out publicly for Hillary — because of the JFK assassination. The Bush family knew with Hillary as president their role in The Assassination would never be mentioned and they knew the JFK assassination files would NOT be made public. With Trump, they couldn’t be sure.

        Anyone who is into history, especially American history, and thinks the JFK assassination isn’t anything we need to look into is not much of an historian, or is a troll pretending to be an “historian”, or is a troll who IS an historian but doesn’t want anyone else to be an historian, a troll who is an historian who wants to control the historical “narrative” and wants everyone else to be ignorant of history, it’s easier for trolls to control the historical “narrative” when everyone is ignorant of history — how very very Gate Keeper-ish. And to those who are only interested in current events, the JFK assassination to a large degree influences today’s current events.

        Of everyone here at Darkmoon, I am the one who thinks the most like a true historian. FACT. I don’t have a PhD in history, but I DO think like an historian.

        I like history, thank you very much.

        I like history just as much as the Gate Keeping trolls do, but unlike the Gate Keepers I’m not into controlling the historical “narrative” in order to control the “sheeple people” and in order to keep everyone boxed-into the Hegelian Dialectics of TPTB and to make sure no one escapes out of the Hegelian Dialectic cattle corrals-holding pens built by the powers and principalities of this world.

        I’m not a control freak, thank you very much.

        I’m actually very easy-going and mellow but everyone pushes me around so much and abuses me and just because I encourage everyone to escape out of the Hegelian Dialectic corrals and holding pens ….. like I’m a criminal to encourage everyone to free their minds from the TPTB and their Hegelian Dialectic cattle pens.

        I’m a “thought criminal”, a “menace” to the so-called “alt”-media “truth” media.

      2. @TROJ

        Sometimes you write good, clear, well thought out, and coherent comments. At other times, you write deranged, scatological, pornographic, obscene rants. If you could find a way to stick to the former, and stop submitting the latter, I imagine the DM monitors would be glad to let you out of Spamblinka. I know I’m not the first to make this observation. I’m one of the people who hopes you don’t get banned from Darkmoon because you really do contribute to some topics.

        You might encounter less abuse if you can desist from being abusive. Your first comment on the “Queen of the Shithouse” article was, quite frankly, obscene. I was surprised that it wasn’t promptly deleted. But today you made a comment in that thread about computers and asylums that was quite logical and humorous. I sometimes think of you rather like a Jekyll and Hyde character, who forgets to take his meds, or doubles up on the wrong ones. So I have to wonder, just who is the real original Joe?

        I’d miss your good comments if you got banned, TROJ, and hope you can find a way to get out of Spamblinka. I think you know what it will take to do that. A suggestion: perhaps you could try writing one of your rants, then hit the delete key instead of submit. I think you, and the DM monitors, would be happier in the medium run. As Keynes remarked, “In the long run, we are all dead.”

        1. I have news for you, Carnaptious, ADMIN flushes ALOT more of my intelligent, cogent, “good, clear, well thought out, and coherent comments” down the toilet bowl than my “deranged, scatological, pornographic, obscene rants”. You “imagine” the DM monitors this … you “imagine” the DM monitors that ….but what you “imagine” about the DM monitors has nothing to do with reality. Can you imagine yourself minding your own business? Go ahead, imagine that, let your imagination Soar!

      3. @Carnaptious,

        The GOP controls the White House, both Houses of Congress, and there is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Yet why do I get the feeling that the Democrat Left continues to call the important shots? Why are all of these conservative websites and YouTube videos under threat of censorship? And why did a small fish like Paul Manafort get indicted while the criminal whale Hillary Clinton continues to run free, leaving a trail of wreckage in her wake?

        One answer, but hardly the only one, is that the brain dead GOP congressional leadership of Ryan, McConnell, and McCain (Israel-firsters all) never did want Trump to win, always secretly, or not so secretly, supporting Hillary the Beast. They are “cucks” – conservatives in name only, and all tools of the Jews. Trump is a tool too, but at least he continues to fight those bastards who are traitors to this country for preventing him from having a rapprochement with Russia, thus making nuclear war that much more likely. Trump has been every bit as neutralized in his pledge to make peace with Putin as was JFK when he announced he wanted to end the Cold War.

      4. @TROJ

        I was replying to your comment under my comment on David Chu’s pending departure from this site. You appeared to want an opinion on the abuse you perceive you are getting. I gave you an opinion. From now on, I’ll be sure to ignore whatever you write.

      5. @FOW

        I hope those were rhetorical questions because I have no specific answers to offer. Six corporations, all run by Zionist owners, and staffed with large numbers of employees from the tribe, control 90% or more of the media. Their output is hasbara on steroids: fake news, filth, and utter nonsense. The good news is that they lose more of their audience every day. The bad news is that they are attempting to lock down or shut down any alternatives for communication. In response to the Twitter crackdown, which has resulted in some people getting banned for using a single expletive while others are able to produce expletive laden rants one after another without censure, the targeted Twitter users are moving on. Gab and Wrongthink are popular alternatives, for now, but there may be a market for mimeograph machines in the not too distant future. Ahhh, fond memories of freshly printed batches of exam papers. Happier days.

        The establishment’s almost totally united opposition to Trump made me consider breaking my policy to vote only in local elections, on local issues. Neocons and neolibs voiced strong support for HRC, as did the media, academia, and more than half of the GOP. Yes, cucks is a good name for those RINOs, and the term “cucks” has the added benefit of getting the cucks riled up in a way that RINO never did. Then came the 2016 AIPAC convention where HRC and Trump competed to out-cuck each other by kowtowing to the assembled tribal mob, a sickening spectacle. I do think Trump has faced obstacles and opposition that no previous president has faced. Beyond that… For me, the jury is still out until more evidence is in.

    2. Thanks David. Glad we’re in touch other than via this site. As you, I see the light going out very soon…remember, remember the 5th of November, electrical grid drill Nov 4-6, current 100 year anniversary of the fall second phase of the Bolshevik Revolution….I’ve not been commenting because , as I see it, all we, at least all I can do is watch the horrors unfold.

      1. @ David Thatcher

        (((They))) are not going to kill the electricity. (((Their))) illusion of control depends on electricity. No electricity would mean no indoctrination via the media, Hollywood, academia, government, etc., and most critically to (((their))) control illusion, no jewish digital money, no jewish banks, and no jewish stock markets.

        If God were an interventionist, we would have already had a super serious CME to unseat the jewish evil.

        No need to change any plans for the drill.

    3. Dave,
      as regards (1), not sure if it somehow relates to my situation, which at any rate is similar, the explanation is quite simple.
      I ditched almost all worldly possessions, no real estate (one sold, the other given to the kid), no car, no debt, kid quite able to look after himself … prefer life in the tropics, few yearly flights to touch base with family in canada … and that’s it, perfectly doable on meagre income.
      And i wouldn’t have it any other way, every unnecessary possession would only be a burden on conscience – what’s the point if the money would have been better spent on some urgent charity. This way i am spared the temptation and yet have a great life, modesty a pleasure rather than a stricture.

      1. Lobro, you get really good at it after a few decades! (lol)
        The old simple living high thinking, trick..

  10. I only came across darkmoon around a month ago, but I am considering giving it a miss already, it seems its contributor’s , intellectual as many of them seem, are big on relaying what’s wrong, but almost exclusively absent when it comes to suggesting solutions.
    After my first couple of visits ( to darkmoon ) I had a look around the net to see what others had to say, one interesting, if convoluted site entitled ” why I don’t trust darkmoon ” suggests that the site is a Zionist front, designed to wear down us anti Zionist types by portraying the Zionist as all powerful and indestructible, one month later I have come to the conclusion that, either by design or by accident, there is some truth in the claim.

    1. it is neither my duty nor intention to pimp the site to you or convince you to remain – i guess the alexa score will budge just a bit, either way.

      but i want to illustrate a general point about the process of forming an opinion that can withstand some degree of validation.

      if i want to assert “A”, it is not sufficient to marshal some facts that on the face of it are supportive of “A”.

      i must also consider the facts that also, in at least superficially, support its complement, “not-A” and show how they can be legitimately circumvented, i.e., worked into “A” without destroying it.

      You cite the prevailing opinion at Darkmoon of judaism as an almost omnipotent and invincible framework for evil as proof that DM is some sinister morale-sapping structure designed to convince “anti-Zionists” like yourself to give up the fight.

      Fine, if that’s your position.
      But what about the counterclaim?
      that urging readers to a mindlessly incoherent resistance will result in a quick and final defeat?
      that a slow and carefully calculated approach of ever growing mass consciousness of the danger, weighing the probabilities of success until reasonably sure, especially since the formula states that the shift of power favors us in future, provides a much higher guarantee of victory?
      What can a disorganized mob carrying torches and pitchforks hope to achieve against the Ancient Enemy, known as Habiru (thanks to TROJ for this very important fact) to ancient cultures of the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, Sumer, Babylon etc.
      (note: Habiru-Hebrew)
      This Enemy hasn’t suffered a serious setback in 4,000 years and you want Darkmoon to provide easy instructions for its ultimate defeat, a quick cookbook or manual like you get from IKEA.

      Did you work that into your assertion “A” (Darkmoon is a gatekeeping disinfo site)?

      Afaiac, you exhibit the same “softness of mind” (should trademark the phrase, knowing how much Sard likes and covers it 😉) that the inveterate Trump-haters do.

      1. As I understand it, many are s#1ting bricks due to the action direct planned by our left wing friends come Nov 4th, a mob carrying torches shall get more publicly for that one days action than US ( we ) can hope to achieve in , what is it, 7 year’s of complaint ( to each other ) on darkmoon, the pen, or in this case the keyboard, may indeed be mightier than the sword, but G d graced us with two hands.
        PS , thank you for you’re reply.

    2. Harry

      LD’s site is the foremost political diagnostic tool. It is not a source of solutions. However once a good diagnosis is made, the solutions are self evident: Separation of private banksters and ideally the state from issuance of money, elimination of the political “representatives” through devolution of power and institution of (peoples) congress at every level.

      My feeling is that DM is a diagnostic tool for Zionists – to find out what their intellectual enemies are thinking. However I fear for the well being of our hosts now that the UK Cattle Control Experiment is rolling out 15 year prison punishment for “insulting” Zionists. I hope they look to their own well being and close the site at the first indication of Jew intention. Becoming a martyr in the eyes of a few intelligentsia will not divert Zionist evil in any way. Perhaps the registration and “official admin” of the website should be rotated annually among LD’s trusted supporters worldwide.

    3. Suggesting solutions and following up is far too dangerous. Only God knows how many of us Darkmoon posters would start disappearing, commiting suicide or dying under mysterious circumstances. Lets complain. Vent a little. Kind of fun. Maybe relieves a little frustration. Find solutions? Dont even think about it. Its not part of the game.

    4. @ Harry

      … it seems its contributor’s , intellectual as many of them seem, are big on relaying what’s wrong … blah blah blah.

      The plural of “contributor” is contributors, not contributor’s.

      If you are so ignorant and uneducated that you don’t even know this simple fact, how can your opinion on far weightier matters be trusted?

      1. Whoo that hurt now I may cry myself to sleep for a few nights believe I shall recover
        However FIEND you may want to avoid any comments I post as I would not want you getting upset at my Dumas’s (sic)
        All comma’s and full stops have been omitted and spelling has gone unchecked in a attempt to send FIEND into a frenzy.

      2. @ Harry

        “All comma’s and full stops have been omitted…”

        But not the wrongly placed apostrophes! 🙂

        Plural of CAT is CATS (not CAT’S). Plural of COMMA is COMMAS (not COMMA’S).

        You’re out of your league here, Harry. This is a website for relatively intelligent people, not for low IQ illiterates.

        Good thing you know how to spell your name! 🙂

    5. @ Harry

      I can certainly understand your perception about Darkmoon. There are a number of posters that believe that there is no solution. I call them “the hopeless ones” and occasionally post my “hopeless ones” rant to freshen the air a bit.

      The primary jewish problem is that (((they))) control via illusions, lies. The solution to jewish lies is the truth. The more people that know the truth, the less illusionary power the jews have. Darkmoon is an excellent vehicle of truth with what may appear to be some opinion flavoring, but both sides of an issue are usually presented. Most commenters add supporting or contradicting perspectives.

      If you are looking for a website that is organizing an anti-zionist uprising, avoid it. It will be a certain honey trap because the real solution is the truth in the minds of as many people as possible. Darkmoon does a good job of that.

      1. Excellent comment, Ungenius. There are no quick fixes (except an act of God) for some problems. Truth against the World.


    kikes think they’re on top of things…not…day of reckoning is coming,,,Lasha you’re first

    1. Karen,


      Threatening violence is not a good idea.

      I can tell you first and foremost that you have made a big mistake. “DM site researcher” has NOTHING to do with the administrators of this website! “DM site researcher” has posted here before several times. Most of his comments have been deleted. He is an independent sleuth and suspected hacker from Hong Kong. The details he revealed about you came from a comment I posted about you on this website 3-4 years ago. I knew your full name was Karen T*ff*n and revealed it on this website after you attacked me viciously for no reason at all.

      ADMIN deleted my comment as soon as they saw it to protect your identity. I was a bit angry with them for doing that. But they were behaving responsibly, protecting your privacy.

      It was I, Sardonicus, who provided the details of your employment as a physiotherapist at a hospital in Saskachewan. I knew all these details about you because you had posted under your full name “Karen T*ff*n on the Occidental Observer where I was myself a poster commenting under the name of “Adam”. Do you remember a poster called Adam on TOO?

      Well, that was me, Sardonicus! 🙂

      I haven’t posted on the Occidental Observer for years now. I do read the articles there however and am aware that you post there now under the moniker “Karen T”. And here you are simply “Karen”. I’ve noticed how well-behaved you are on the Occidental Observer. A distinct contrast to how you behave on the Darkmoon site. Here your conduct borders on the mentally deranged. I feel very sorry for you, Karen. It’s so clear to me that you are consumed with a bitter jealousy for Lasha Darkmoon. You hate her because she has more talent in one little finger than you have in your entire body. That explains your spiteful vindictiveness toward Lasha and this website.

      You know damn well this is not a “kike” site, as you foolishly claim. If it were a “kike” site, would it republish dozens of articles from the Occidental Observer? And would Kevin MacDonald in turn publish dozens of Lasha’s articles on TOO, going back almost 10 years if Lasha were the evil “kike” you absurdly claim she is?

      Would a “kike” website publish this stunning article by Kevin MacDonald:


      Or this article by Franklin Ryckaert:


      Check out this website and you’ll find many Holocaust revisionist articles here written by LD. How many “kikes” do you know who write articles doubting the gas chambers and praising the work of Faurisson?

      Would “kike” Lasha write this article:


      Let me give you a word of warning, Karen. I think I know who this Hong Kong hacker is who has posted here under the name “DM site researcher”. He has worked for the Hong Kong police as an internet analyst. He has hacking abilities and it’s quite possible he has hacked the DM site… and other sites too. He is a skilled operator much to be feared. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

      If you continue to attack this site or offer further hate speech to Lasha Darkmoon (whom he appears to have taken under his wing), he is capable of doing you serious damage. So be forewarned. He knows your full name and email address for sure. He knows where you work. He could get in touch with your employers and the Canadian police department and give them details about all the dodgy sites you post on, painting you as a dangerous neo-Nazi — unfit to work in a Canadian hospital or treat patients.

      You would almost certainly lose your job.

      It’s up to you what you decide to do, Karen. But I know this guy… Russian with a bit of Chinese blood. He’s a whizkid for digging up info on people. He probably knows the names of your friends, work colleagues, neighbors, and how to get in touch with them. He could do you real damage if you continue to issue veiled death threats to Lasha Darkmoon and the administrators of this website.

      “LASHA YOU’RE FIRST” — that sounds like a death threat to me.

      If anything happens to Lasha now, you’ll be Suspect Number One. That’s for sure. You are more or less forcing Lasha to seek police protection.

      All your details, Karen, as I say, are already probably well known by this hacker whizkid: your full name, your home address, your email address, your employer’s address, the dodgy “neo-Nazi” sites you posts comments on, your bad record of hate speech on this website, particularly in respect to Lasha Darkmoon.

      And now you have issued an explicit death threat..

      “LASHA YOU’RE FIRST.” So how are you going to kill Lasha, Karen? This is now clearly a police matter.

    2. @ Karen

      The next time Lasha Darkmoon gets an article on the Occidental Observer, do you intend to issue death threats to her on Kevin MacDonald’s site? Don’t you think Dr Darkmoon would be entitled to reveal to Kevin MacDonald and the other commenters on the Occidental Observer that you have attacked her with vile hate speech and death threats on her own site?

  12. I was in college when JFK got it. Times were very different in the South, Memphis, back then. I celebrated his being out of the White House.

    Although I did not relish his fate…. his death, I was glad he could not push more integration, along with his brothers…. and other scum.

    Ya hadda be there…..

    Statues being removed today pales in the black-light of what those Kennedys and Spingarns did to ruin white America.

    Even though LBJ was KKK… he was no better.

      1. I’ve also read rumours about that some years ago. That the guy on the morgue slab is actuallt Tippit and not JFK. I don’t know about that. But it is food for thought for certain. I’ve also heard that Micheal Townley, a Gladio asset was in Dallas the same very day. So he could very well have been one of the other shooters. Thay must have been at least three. There can have been even a few more but they never fired any bullets for one reason or other. They might not have been in shooting or something like that. Allegedly Gladio works like that. They study the habits of their victims for days, sometimes weeks. When the comes to act they put the different teams on different spots in the city. I wonder if he is still alive. I guess it is possible. After all Bush the elder still hangs on to life.

  13. The structure and organization of the cabal:
    – mimics the informal power hierarchy of the world
    – the constant jockeying for power within the cabal
    – similarities between the cabal and criminal gangs
    – needing to commit a crime to enter
    – never being able to retire
    – killing members who try to leave
    – The cabal has the power to put innocent people in jail or cause people to be jailed for crimes that would normally be ignored.
    – The cabal has the ability to keep its senior members from being prosecuted for crimes. The consolidation of power by the cabal…
    Presidential relationships with the Cabal… Some highlighted crimes by the Cabal… List of recent probable murders to cover up the crimes of the Cabal… The Machinery of Domestic Death Squads…

    The international alliance opposing the Cabal is very real… They defend against exposure with deadly force. This is why you don’t hear more from the insiders who are dedicated to fighting them… a powerful international alliance comprising most of the world’s nations. Since 2009, we have been getting direct briefings from an international alliance that is working at a high level to defeat this fearsome group. This began with Pete Peterson, who had Alliance briefings in surveillance-free SCIF (Secure Compartmented Information Facility) “clean rooms”. He revealed that there has been a comprehensive plan for disclosure, mass arrests and a currency reset in place since at least the 1950s. Some of the military and intelligence community is still held under sway by the Cabal, so we are dealing with a civil war within the US and abroad…No one will EVER be able to NOT believe that our own f–ing agencies and departments and former admins. didn’t play a huge role in shit like JFK, OKC, 9/11, ISIS, Pizza, Vegas, etc… [There will be] 3 different disclosures…
    A 3 letter (federal) agency
    A 3 letter (central) department
    And 3 letter (federally sanctioned) economic org.
    In American terms, this is predominantly a civil war between an occult, violent Cabal and a conservative element of the US military and intelligence community.

  14. I haven’t read all the comments, so apologies if this one is being redundant

    They can release every last scrap of the CIA files and virtually EVERYTHING on record including the smoking gun would not be found. The best chance for that would have come from prying the hand of JFK’s Secret Service limo driver, Greer, loose – the coup d’grace shooter from the front as shown on the UNEDITED version of the Zapruder footage

    1. Brownhawk-

      Yes, quite right. You might like to have a look at my comments above (the 3 sequence, not the later singles) for links to supporting evidence (NOT THEORY) provided by Dallas Emergency Room physicians (unanimous in view JFK was shot from front, see especially work of Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, present at same and published author) the security guards at hospital (stated windshield shot from front, obvious from safety glass breakage pattern) and link describing the REPLACEMENT of windshield to hide the crime. Enjoy!

      1. Winston

        The unedited version of the Zapruder film was able to be seen on at least one site I’m aware of, although I’m not sure if it still is. In it you can clearly see Greer’s left hand move around his body with a pistol as the right hand remained on the steering wheel as he brought the car to a virtual stop before speeding away to the hospital after making the kill shot. Chilling stuff.

  15. Sometime about 15 years ago, I was watching the Zupuder film on the net when I noticed something that I had not paid attention to in the past, the reaction of the First Lady. When the back of JFK’s head flew off from being stuck in the front of the head, Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy immediately left her seat next to JFK and crawled back on top of the limo trunk to retrieve JFK’s rear head part. I thought that rather unusual for a woman in that situation. Normally, I would expect a woman caught in her position next to her hubby being shot to duck for cover, or attempt to give some sort comfort and aid to her hubby. My conclusion was that Jackie was probably in one the assassination plot. How wrong am I? Some female perspectives would be appreciated.

    1. Ungenius-

      Right about the skull and tissue fragment (later reattached by stitches posthumously and photographed) but your conclusion about Mrs Kennedy being ‘in on it’, don’t think so. If nothing else, it would have been far easier for Mrs. Kennedy to give JFK one of Mr. Angleton’s unusual exotic poisons (which is a traditional female weapon too). Mrs. Kennedy , despite her husbands lifelong serial infidelity, deeply loved her husband. She remarked after seeing Lyndon Johnson being sworn in on the airplane returning to Washington ‘that his manner of expression clearly showed he knew what was going on and was party to it’ – to that effect. Nothing more ever said, she was too much of a lady and bore her loss with great dignity. After the event she lived very close to me for a while. Even Mafia boss Santos Trafficante who very likely provided logistical support (of Corsican origin) stated on his death bed when he was dieing of cancer that he regretted hurting Mrs. Kennedy, “That they shouldn’t have done that to Mrs. Kennedy”. Nothing more of course, he probably thought JFK had it coming, but not in that way.

      You are right to be wary of feminine wiles, especially in the current environment. Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy was every inch a lady and bore her tragedy like nothing less. She lost far more than she gained, don’t you think?

      1. Winston –

        My mother-in-law was in school with Jacqueline at Holden Arms School in Potomac, Maryland, and they remained friends up until the time she married Onasis. Mrs. Kennedy used to come down for fox hunts, and was, indeed, “every inch a lady”. After the President was killed, she resided near Leesburg, Virginia, and was accompanied by a particular Secret Service agent who was close to my own family, and I remember staying there with them, once, when I was little, and Mrs. Kennedy fixed us peanut butter n’ jelly sandwiches while I was playing with John John and Caroline. She loved her children very much, as I recall.
        My own maternal grandfather did not care for the President, though, and I was always skeptical of them because Grandaddy thought they were a “bad seed” – but I realize he was very suspicious of “Papists” and negro integration of schools in those days. (He was a big subscriber to Henry Ford’s “Dearborn Independent”, and the KKK’s “100 Percenter” magazines.)

        1. Good for you, Mr. Huntly. We’re very impressed with your family’s High Society social activity. I bet Onassis invited you to Greece to tour the Greek islands on his yacht, Aristotle, Jackie, and you! Did you know Maria Callas also, 🙂 . I just bet you did!

          Where’s Brownhawk? He disappeared on us. Ask him a few logical questions and he rides off into the sunset. I want you to answer my questions, Brownhawk. My questions make sense. My questions are logical questions. Stop being a chickensh*t, BE A MAN, if you can! Some Indian “brave” you are.

      2. Gilbert-

        Sorry for the slow reply, we just had several roving gangs of Pirates, Tigers, and Aliens come by demanding (and receiving) Candy. Happy Halloween. Thank you so much for the marvelous anecdote. She also briefly resided near Morgan’s Island (also known as East Island) NY. The island once was the property of JP Morgan II, Mrs. Kennedy lived on a smaller island right next to it. Jack Morgan was shot but not critically in his mansion back in the early 40’s if I recall correctly, he died in 1943. Those were the days.

      3. Joe

        I’ve made mention of the website at least twice before on darkmoon. Sorry you missed it. Maybe if you saw one of those posts and followed up on it you would have seen what I saw.

        Unfortunately the video is no longer available, so the best I can do is recommend going to educate-yourself.org to the current news page and scroll down to the featured articles section where you’ll find the related info that was first posted in 2013.

        P.S. it’s not like (((they))) can hide every little nugget of conspiracy every step of the way, although it looks as though the Langley boyz finally got wind of the video and put the ol’ kibosh on it

  16. Anyone who thinks an unedited version of the Zapruder film is at any website on the www or anywhere besides Langley is truly a naive jackass. So what’s the name of this website, Brownhawk? So we can go to the website and see if the website still has the unedited version of the Zapruder film available for us to view. Why didn’t you go to the website before sending in your post, this way you would have known if the unedited version is still up at the website or not up anymore. And why could you not tell us the name of the website?

  17. many people in my country of palestine say that both hermanos were killed by palestinians and that it was done because they were zionists.
    france gave them jews in palestine plutoniom but Amrika (thats how they pronounce America) gave them the the uranium nukes
    i dont know but has there been a president in america who wasnt a zionist except mr benjamin franklyn, may he rest in peace forever next to allah swt?
    here is he —
    “There is a great danger for the United State of America. This great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in every land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have remained apart and unassimilated; oppressed, they attempt to strangle the nation financially, as in the case of Portugal and Spain.

    For more than seventeen hundred years they have lamented their sorrowful fate — namely, that they have been driven out of their mother land; but, gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine and their property, they would immediately find pressing reason for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and vampires cannot live on other vampires –they cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race.”
    wait a minute there
    Whats benjamin franklyn doing saying the word PALESTINE when according to Darkmoon´s finests PALESTINE never existed, the people of palestine isnt a people, palestine never existed as a people, a race a country a territory a word
    and then they will be lucky if they dont get shot by a palestinian like me

      1. The text “Benjamin Franklin on the Jews” is as fake as a 3-dollar bill. You can check it out for yourself. The references from which it is allegedly derived do not even exist; it is not in 18th century English; and it is not in Benjamin Franklin’s writing style (which is very distinctive). Try it; you’ll see.
        If you believe that, you may as well believe the “Chief Seattle” speech. Same story: a transparent literary fake.

        1. Carlos,

          Welcome back! I don’t know what we’d do without you! Your verdict on the fakery of the Ben Franklin quotes confirms my own suspicions that Ben Franklin never said these words often attributed to him. And yet fake quotes like this circulate all over the internet and are swallowed wholesale by the gullible.

          1. @ Carlos Porter
            @ Anyone else with an opinion on Hitler


            I’d like to ask your opinion about a matter that has been troubling me much lately, also to do with the topic of “fake quotes”.

            Are the Hitler quotes in Hitler’s ‘Table Talk’ to be trusted? I know these quotes are now widely accepted as 100 per cent authentic (e.g., by David Irving and Hugh Trevor Roper among others) but others point out reasonably that the German Nazi official who edited ‘Table Talk’ (a committed anti-Christian atheist) could have “doctored” or forged certain quotes, putting words into Hitler’s mouth that Hitler never said. I refer specifically to the Hitler quotes in ‘Table Talk’ where Hitler is shown to be an atheist and denounces Christianity as a “slave religion”.

            My doubts about the full authenticity of these anti-Christian quotes in ‘Table Talk’ spring from the fact that Hitler expressed totally different views about Christianity — more positive ones — in Mein Kampf.

            This question vexes me a great deal and I wish someone could clarify the murky situation. What did Hitler really think about God and Christianity? Was he FOR or AGAINST?

      2. SM –

        There are many notable writers and sources all over the internet claiming Oswald shot JFK..!!

        Go figger.. 🙂

        The same lack of proof – with guessing and lying – is applicable to the FAKE quotes by Franklin and Hitler.

      3. Sister Monica,

        Am I correct that you are equaling belief in Christianity ( or perhaps any other ‘world’ religion ) as only legitimate way to express your belief in God? If so, that is not right. One can not be a Christian, like me, and still believe in God. The definition of what God is is the difference. For me it means the design of the universe and its inescapable laws. And anyone who disregard these laws, or denies the existence of such laws, can be regarded as an atheist ( I think ). It has however nothing to do with being for or against Christianity or any other acknowledged world religion.

        Anyhow, Adolf Hitler was no atheist. No National Socialist is an atheist. It is the ultimate belief in, or respect for, the universe and its laws. Christianity isn’t.

        1. @ 1138

          Am I correct that you are equaling belief in Christianity ( or perhaps any other ‘world’ religion ) as only legitimate way to express your belief in God?

          No, you are not correct in believing that. I don’t think Christianity is the ONLY way to God.

          Anyhow, Adolf Hitler was no atheist. No National Socialist is an atheist. It is the ultimate belief in, or respect for, the universe and its laws. Christianity isn’t.

          I have no views on Hitler’s religious beliefs. I was simply asking for information about the Hitler quotes in Hitler’s ‘Table Talk’.

          @ Hp

          Thanks for the info you give in response to my query. Very useful.

      4. Sister Monica,
        Here are two links with food for thought, as per Hitler and religion.
        Many facts and details of the true Aryan religion Hitler aspired to and pursued so uber-passionately are to this day kept tamped down, unheralded due to feelings of bona fide racism and, basically, profound ignorance.
        Especially from modern pseudo-Aryans.

        As Srila Prabhupada said … “Hitler was a great student of Bhagavad Gita”
        Hitler, Buddha, Krishna. (An unholy alliance from the Third Reich to the present day)

        Though I don’t agree with the author’s obviously biased feelings and intent, there is nonetheless a trove of nuggets here for those people who (lol) ‘really want to know’

        Here is a chat with Professor Karlfried Graf Dürckheim in 1974. He died 1988.
        “The German teachers of Zen Buddhism, Eugen Herrigel and Karlfried Dürckheim, propounded a link between National Socialism and Zen philosophy.”
        He is one of the of the (Zen) religionists mentioned in “Hitler, Buddha, Krishna” link.
        Srila Prabhupada with Professor Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

      1. Forget the quotes, forget quotes period, just look at the actions. Quotes don’t mean sh*t. Politicians are infamous for saying one thing in their speeches , ” I believe in ABC, I’m going to do ABC!” , and doing the complete opposite, “XYZ”, after the speech is over and the crowd disperses and the politician goes back to his office. See Pat for more information.

  18. Thread seems to be losing focus, aimlessly meandering.
    Here are the essential facts.

    9 presidents succeeded JFK and every one maintained a chokehold on assassination files.

    Until Trump, who released all of them except couple dozen … hm.

    At least one says very specifically that the KGB instantly identified Jew LBJ as responsible, and this is a gun pointed straight at Jewry, Israel, judea … the previous point relates very much to this threat, imo.

    And yet, the standard line, that Trump is a Zionist Puppet, continues to be peddled.
    Why would a Zionist Puppet put a gun to the Borg Hive like that, despite entreaties to keep blocking access to the files?
    If they push Putin or his allies beyond some line in the sand, he may well disclose the reason for KGB’s immediate, unwavering certainty of LBJ’s guilt … and of course, LBJ was not alone … and then, the ’67 war of conquest of Palestine, the Golan Heights, USS Liberty … it’s a fast moving shadow war while lardasses lick fake news off TV screens.

    1. Lobro:
      What you say is, I believe, untrue.
      The US government released all their Kennedy files in the 1990s or long before.
      The argument that they did not is logically fallacious, as I have just pointed out.

      1. @Carlos,

        The US government released all their Kennedy files in the 1990s or long before.
        The argument that they did not is logically fallacious, as I have just pointed out.

        Umm, maybe my logic is a bit rusty, sorry.
        Let me try my best:
        The US gov’t has never wavered from their assertion that LH Oswald was the sole, deranged gunman.
        You claim that they never held back any files related to assassination – as if the FBI knowledge of the firm KGB assessment that LBJ ran the op somehow doesn’t qualify for an interesting file … released just now.

        But if the US government had no files to hide, then it follows that you believe the official version of Oswald as the single shooter, no conspiracy – otherwise it is absolutely certain that there would have been a massive cover-up and denial of access to the files.

        Despite the fact that the best marksmen were physically unable to squeeze off 2 shots from that Manlicher-Carcano carbine within the time span afforded by the moving motorcade, never mind leading the target, aiming and hitting it like jason bourne.
        Am I missing something?
        Note: i don’t consider myself a JFK expert, just a curious bystander in the debate and quite skeptical of the assassination aftermath, so similar to the 911 whitewash, with the usual suspects benefiting exclusively.

    2. @Lobro
      “…losing focus, aimlessly meandering…”
      So does everything else remotely related to the Kennedys.

    3. Ok, lobro, but what line in the sand might be gone beyond? In other words, would he consider ANYTHING worth opening pandora’s box?

    4. lobro

      For all we know, any falling dominoes that would lead to revealing a clear culpability of the rotten state of Israel is no skin off the noses of the protocolian designers whose ultimate aim may be to engineer it’s very DESTRUCTION

      To be frank, I think you’re relying too much on deductive reasoning, which is really only a trifle, given the depth of obfuscation cloaking everything.

      You’re better off being wildly imaginative….like me! (:>)

      1. Thanks, Carlos….

        This is why I was SO disgusted with JFK and his mobster family and buddies, who were adored by criminals in Chicago, Vegas, NYC, Boston and DC:

        JFK: Money, Media, and the Mob:
        How John F Kennedy was elected President in 1960


        Inside you will:
        – Learn how Joseph P Kennedy amassed a fortune through illegal activity (bootlegging) and unscrupulous stock market speculation; and how he used his money and connections with organized crime to influence both the media and the American political establishment.
        – Learn how Joe Kennedy used his money, the media, and the Mob
        to get his son John F. Kennedy elected President in 1960.
        – Learn how Joseph P Kennedy, as US Ambassador to England, supported Adolph Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany.

  19. I have only one other comment at the moment (since everything else is just wasting my time), but I should like to point out that the process of “releasing the documents” can never possibly end, because it puts the government in the position of proving a negative.

    Let’s say your theory is that the Vietnamese killed Kennedy (this has actually been suggested). To disprove your theory, they would have to release millions of pages on Viet Nam!

    Then, if you can’t find anything that proves your theory, you simply assert that they haven’t “released all the documents”!

    Then they have to release millions more, while you continue to churn out your “theories” one after the other! It’s an industry.

    As I understand it, the Hitler Table Talk text is reliable in German but not in English. Where the texts deviate, the English is all lies.

    “…sources all over the internet claiming Oswald shot JFK..!!”
    Well, well, another kactological true believer. I have a number of questions to ask people like you.
    You can answer them if you are able.
    But I know what you will do: you will ignore them and start someplace in the stratosphere, if not some distant galaxy. The stratosphere is no doubt a very nice place, but why not come down to earth once in a while?
    The questions are listed in http://www.cwporter.com/letter41.htm.
    Let’s start with the theatre.

  21. I believe someone else mentioned Bernard Piper (aka Michael Collins Piper), a sure sign that any rational discussion is coming to an abrupt end.

    I know de mortuis nil nisi veritas, and all that sort of thing, but….

    well, https://www.cwporter.com/pipernote2.htm

    (from that museum of bad writers in the sky)… RIP

  22. Teddy the Floating Scumbag
    Lived by the Sea,
    And nothing above the waterline
    Could sink that S.O.B.

    One grey day it happened,
    Teddy Scumbag swam no more,
    His putrefying, bloated corpse
    Was washed up on the shore.

  23. The only real significance of this talk of releasing the “Kennedy” archives (without any definition of what that means — for example, does it include everything relating to JFK’s complicity in the assassination of President Ng Dinh Diem of South Viet Nam and his brother?) is that it proves that Trump has reached the bottom of the barrel and has absolutely no idea what he is doing any more.

    He’s like the ball in a pin-ball machine, bouncing back and forth meaninglessly, up, down, right, left, directionlessly, planlessly, cluelessly, pointlessly.

    At this point, the only question in his mind is, “What am I going to say today to distract people from asking where the ‘wall’ is, what happened to my ‘contract with the American voter'” , etc. etc. ? (That’s a laugh!)

    It’s all distractions: one day, he’s going to start an atomic war with North Korea, the very next day, it’s going to be with Russia, and the day after that, with Iran, etc. etc.

    Nothing ever comes of it (so far — thank God), and everything he says and does is forgotten in 2 days, so then he thinks up some other stunt! This is the latest, that’s all.

    I’ve seen a lot of American Presidents come and go, since the end of Eisenhower’s first term, and I never had such a complete impression of complete cluelessness before.

    Of course they were all clueless, but it was never so obvious. For some reason, the worst disappointments are always the conservatives: Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Ron Paul, etc.

    I once called Ron Paul “the most fantastic faker, liar, con man and four-flusher in the history of dark horse politics” (which is really saying something), but I’m beginning to think Trump is worse. It’s like blind-man’s bluff.

    That’s the reason for all this Kennedy talk: to have something to say — as simple as that.

    Kennedy was incompetent, but you got the impression that he knew what he was doing. It was a lie, of course, but he was a good showman. Trump might do something good yet, but at this point, it will be purely by accident. He’s like a weak parent who lets his children make a monkey out of him.

  24. Brief excerpt from “Teddy the Floating Scumbag”:

    “The real question is: 70% of the American people reportedly believe that the JFK assassination involved either a cover-up or conspiracy.

    “Is this because they are intelligent enough to see through a thicket of governmental lies on this one particular topic, when they are too stupid to understand anything else?

    “Let’s face it: if it weren’t for the mass media, particularly publishing and films (JFK), the American people wouldn’t even know who Kennedy was, because they can’t remember what happened last week .

    “They get fooled over and over again, because they can never remember how the trick played out last time…”

    With that I take my leave.

  25. Excuse me, the links to a site called “the real cuba.com” have disappeared, so the site is obviously defunct.
    I shall resurrect what I can from the “wayback machine”, if that is possible (sometimes it is not). Some astonishing photographs.

    In the meantime, while we are on the topic:


    The topic came up when Hillary and all the other idiots were talking about “universal free health care”, which eventually became “Obamacare”, another example of… well, you describe it.

    Anyway, Cuba was one of the models they kept talking about. So let’s have a look.

  26. Regardless, there were reasons for the killing of President Kennedy. Here is what we know, with or without the JFK papers.
    1. The CIA, FBI, some leading officers in the Military, the Jewish/Sicilian mob, the Dallas police, Israeli Mossad, and other minor players but last and not least psychopathic VP Lyndon Johnson, were all involved in the Kennedy assassination. Johnson most likely didn’t plan the event but was cognizant of it and only to willing to go along in his personal grasp for power. ( Besides, LBJ hated he Kennedy’s who didn’t want LBJ on the 1960 ticket in the first place, but were pressured to reluctantly put him on.) The deep state cabal at that time could not take a chance of not letting LBJ in on the plot not really knowing how he would react possibly exposing the conspiracy. Not likely, but possible..
    2. To gain insight into Oswald while in New Orleans, a must read is Judyth Vary Baker’s book “Me & Lee, How I came to know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald”. http://www.trineday.com/ She and Oswald worked with David Ferrie under the direction of Dr. Mary Sherman. Baker contends that Oswald went to Dallas to try and save the President. Most likely, Oswald, under FBI discipline at the time, was sent by the FBI to Dallas to ‘help” out but was from the beginning the designated pasty. Nothing new here about FBI dirty tricks.
    3. In the Book Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward Haslam, also from trineday.com. Haslam details how the monkey virus (SV40) was injected into US teenagers and young adults during the late 50′ and 60’s via the Polio vaccine that has given rise to the exponential rise in soft tissue cancers in those now in their 40’ 50’s and older who received the polio vaccine as youngsters. Both Salk and Sabin and others knew about the connection between SV40 and potential cancers in later age. Hence, the work of Dr. Mary Sherman, in an attempt to find a solution to the SV40 cancers. Sherman was murdered (burned alive) by the linear particle accelerator she was working on. There is much, much more to this story and how Lee Harvey Oswald was drawn into the work of Mary Sherman via his relationship Judyth Vary Baker, and his connections in New Orleans that were part of the Kennedy assassination.

      1. Carlos –

        No answers came from me, and possibly from others, because… NO QUESTIONS were ever asked….. only statements are written with a “Q:” of front of them 🙂 …. such as:

        “Q: Seven years old, in second grade. I remember coming home and finding that my favorite TV show wasn’t on because of news coverage……..”

      2. That’s right, Pat. They canceled Saturday morning cartoons. I’m not sure I ever got over that. 😉

  27. ME: There is another misconception, one of many. We are told the Jews have enabled all of this. True. But the Jews are already here. We are not being invaded by millions of Jews.

    Analogy with cancerogenesis and chemotherapy:
    chemo shrinks tumors but more, and drug-resistant variety of cancer cells are spawned in the primitive, hard-to-kill (((stem cells))) that rapidly re-colonize previously infected tissue weakened by chemo, leading to even worse metastases and patient’s death.
    Thus, i hold that the ROOT CAUSE MUST BE DEALT WITH FIRST.

    Analogy 2, a sinking boat, hole below waterline.
    What to do first, bail the water or plug the hole?

    1. Apologies, I asked many questions, but the questions to which I particularly require an answer all begin with the words “Is it, or is it not, a fact, that….”
      Any takers?

      1. “Is it or is not a fact, that…”
        I heard about the theatre immediately after JFK was killed, but for 50 years nobody mentioned it. Why?
        Because it proves Oswald was guilty. So, down the Memory Hole it goes.
        “It may interest a few philosophers to know the truth, but the people will always prefer dreams…”
        Gustave le Bon

  28. “The Kennedys are an industry in which anything will sell. There are no limits. They tell you the Kennedys were a dysfunctional family of sexual sociopaths and financial criminals with Mafia ties, having extra-marital affairs with movie actresses and plotting to murder them, then in the next breath, the same people tell you they were selfless idealists whose saintliness would have transformed America!…”

  29. “a) Is it or is not a fact, that Oswald was arrested in the Texas Theater in possession of the same pistol that was used to kill Officer Tippit?
    b) Is it or is not a fact, that he produced that pistol and attempted to kill the officers arresting him?
    c) Is it or is not a fact, that he was also carrying a forged Selective Service card bearing his photograph, and
    d) the name, in his own handwriting,
    e) of Alex J. Hidell, the name used to purchase the firearms used in both murders?”
    [Bugliosi, pp. 105-108; Sturdivan, pp. 14-15, Posner, 3-4, 280-282]
    [references just for starters; search and ye shall find]

  30. If what you say is true, Mr. Porter, that Oswald killed Tippit, that in-and-of-itself does not prove that Oswald shot Kennedy, and if Oswald did fire a shot or shots at JFK, that does not prove Oswald was the ONLY gunman in Dealey Plaza. Even if Oswald did fire shots at Kennedy from the Texas Schoolbook Depository, that does NOT prove he was the only gunman in Dealey Plaza and does not prove he was the only one involved in The Assassination.

    When asked where he was on the day JFK was assassinated, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush Big Daddy, said he didn’t remember where he was on November 22nd, 1963, lol. Turns out he was in Dallas on the day of The Assassination, but he 😉 doesn’t remember where he was the day of The Assassination.

  31. You are really grasping at straws, aren’t you? All the bullets and bullet fragments came from his rifle. The ammunition manufacturer used trace amounts of up to 20 different metals in his bullets, antimony, bismuth, some very rare stuff, thus even the tiniest fragments could be proven to have originated from the same bullets. The technique used to prove this is called Neuron Activation Analysis, a non-destructive (but very expensive) form of testing, so you can presumably have the tests performed again tomorrow, if you feel like it. Not to be confused with Bullet Metal Analysis. See Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, 2,500 pages (including a CD of footnotes).

    You might as well say, “Just because we only see one moon at night, doesn’t mean there isn’t another moon we can’t see”.

    After all, it MIGHT be invisible. It MIGHT know you’re looking for it and duck into hiding when it sees you coming. Why not?
    I can see you have not read my article.

  32. You might also try The JFK Myths, by Larry Sturdivan (ballistics, acoustics, etc.); a very technical book, but not as difficult as it looks.

  33. The US Government’s leaders and agents LIE… ALL THE TIME..!!!

    Many years – 54 – after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the U.S. intelligence community finally released its files on his death….

    Only it didn’t release all the files – it “BIGGLY” appealed to the Buffoon on the Potomac…. to hold the release of MANY of them. The intelligence agencies claimed that the files contained highly sensitive material that would damage national security and that they needed MORE TIME(!!) to review and remove this information.

    What is amazingly incompetent of them…. is that more than half a century after the assassination there was still material so sensitive it had to be withheld… AND they hadn’t identified all the critical information.. after 54 years… HUH?? NOT YET..!!

    There is something wrong. The intelligence community wants the public to believe that the material is highly sensitive and that the act of removing the information is beyond the public’s ability to handle it.

    The intelligence community is hiding something important. Speculation grows about what that something is. This is called a conspiracy theory, and anyone who subscribes to conspiracy theories is ordinarily described as being “nuts.” 🙂

    There are STILL MANY questions to be asked about the Kennedy assassination.

    Here is a story that his never fully explained:
    Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. The Soviets sent him to Minsk to work in a radio factory in slave labor wages. At the factory, he met Marina. She lived with her uncle, a colonel in the MVD, the security arm of the Soviet Interior Ministry. He married her after knowing her for ONLY six weeks…. then he applied for an exit visa from the Soviet Union and received it for Marina and himself. That would have cost Lee $$$$Thousands… but he was a low-level factory worker…!!

    This was at a time when exit visas from the Soviet Union were as rare as hen’s teeth. BUT…. the niece of an MVD colonel was permitted to marry an American defector…. and leave with him because he was supposedly dissatisfied with life in the Soviet Union..!! That’s a good reason… HA!!! 🙂

    Upon returning to the U.S…… the Oswalds were NOT subjected to extensive debriefing.

    Sooo…. I KNOW….
    ALL national leaders ARE LIARS..!!!

    1. Pat November 4, 2017 at 12:55 pm
      Your question about the exit visa appears quite logical but what is the source of your information about the uncle?

      1. Carlos –


        Marina Oswald — born Marina Prusakova — met Lee Harvey Oswald in Minsk, where he worked in an electronics factory after having defected to the Soviet Union in 1959. She was then 19 years old. Her father had been killed in the war; she lived with her stepfather in Archangel, in the far north of Russia, before moving to Moldova as a small child and then to Leningrad at age 12. In 1955, she entered the Pharmacy Technikum for what the Warren Report called “special training.” She received a diploma in pharmacology in June 1959 and then was assigned to a job in a warehouse, which she quit after a day.

        Two months later, she moved to live with her uncle in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Her uncle was a colonel in the MVD — the Russian Interior Ministry security service. At that time, the agency — which was a mixture of a national police force and the FBI — carried out several functions, from running large parts of the Gulag to serving as an internal security force. According to the Warren Commission, Col. Prusakov was head of the local lumber industry, which would have certainly made him part of the Gulag apparatus and therefore part of the security structure. With a rank of colonel, he clearly had substantial responsibilities. According to the Warren Commission, Prusakov “… had one of the best apartments in a building reserved for MVD employees.”

    2. Exactly Pat.

      A US citizen, former marine who was in a top secret facility in Japan from where U2 planes flew over USSR , ENTERS the USSR and then leaves it with his Soviet wife only to RETURN to the US. Oswald does all this without a hair falling off his head. Well I say he is “Special” and the Fairy Godmother must have been very special. Sort of like the one that helped make sure that Trotsky got safely to Russia in 1917. Here is how they continue to lie about this “miracle” in Western Media,

      “The most famous internee at Amherst was Leon Trotsky, the Russian revolutionary, who was removed from a ship at Halifax while travelling from New York to Russia in April 1917. He spent his month there denouncing capitalism and the war until the new revolutionary government in Russia secured his release.”

  34. Pat November 4, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    The first three points on that website you quote — doesn’t anyone read books anymore? — are untrue.

    1. “1. Oswald had a beautiful, unobstructed shot from the Texas Schoolbook Depository building in Dallas as the presidential motorcade approached. He passed on a perfect shot, choosing instead to allow the motorcade to turn left and proceed below his window, and then took a much more difficult shot with his view partially obscured by a tree. Why would he have done that if he were acting alone?

      2. The idea that he took three shots with his bolt-action Italian rifle in the elapsed time (a few seconds) — taking out Kennedy with the head shot — is just outside the box of credibility. No matter how we strain, we can’t get there.

      3. The trajectory of the bullet that was supposed to have hit the president and Texas Gov. John Connolly similarly strains credibility.”

      These three points are untrue ?

      1) So he “acted alone” and passed up a perfect shot ?

      2) He used that old piece of junk, and got off 3 shots in those few seconds ? Cranking back that bolt , searching for the target in the eyepiece, and shooting, …..

      3) One bullet hit JFK and did the number on Connolly as per WC ?

      For those interested have a look at how others debate these questions ,for the most part, rationally.


      1. In 1963, the Mannlicher Carcano was still being used by the Italian NATO rifle team in international competition [Bugliosi, p. 493]. The bullet could penetrate 2 feet of pine board or 30 inches of gelatine tissue simulant, come out the back and penetrate the earth so deeply it could not be found. The rifle could be cocked, shouldered and fired twice in as little as 1.66 seconds (“The HSCA later found that Oswald’s rifle, using the iron sights rather than the scope, could be fired twice in a shorter time than 2.3 seconds. ‘The Committee test-fired a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle using the open iron sights. It found it was possible for two shots to be fired within 1.66 seconds'” [Bugliosi, p. 490]). Oswald had at least 5 seconds for the 3rd shot. In the Marines, Oswald scored 91% in rapid fire at 200 yards, and only 76% in slow aimed fire [Bugliosi, p. 496]. Remember, he missed 2 out of 3 shots, since he wasn’t aiming for JFK’s upper back, he was aiming at the head. So he “scored” below his usual average [see Bugliosi generally, pp. 490-496].

        World class marksmen obtained world-class results using Oswald’s rifle, the same weapon. His shooting has been duplicated many times by Marines qualified at his level of skill, with identical weapons. They talk about all kinds of impossible glass bullets, exploding bullets, short-charge bullets, long-distance cross-shots, “saboted” bullets [which would have required following Oswald around as he does his target practice, recovering a bullet fired by Oswald, non-deformed, using the same bullet to assassinate the President, from the same building, using a wooden or plastic “sabot” or “shoe” to hold this same, used, but non-deformed, bullet, through the barrel of another rifle, which would of course be much less accurate, as well as impossible in many other ways – you see how crazy this all is; it is also an implicit admission that all the shots were fired from Oswald’s rifle], but no, absolutely impossible with an ordinary bullet at only 88 yards! In the Marines, you qualify at 200 yards. The rifle can be fired at least twice as quickly without the telescopic sight. At 88 yards the telescopic sight offered no advantage and he almost certainly did not use it. Oswald had the reputation of becoming icily calm in any real crisis [Bugliosi, p. 840].

        … In 1968, in an hour-long TV special with Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite, a team of Marines qualified at Oswald’s level were given a chance to practice with an identical rifle at a nearby firing range, and were then filmed firing at an identical moving target from a platform. Everything was duplicated, the angles, heights, slope, distances, size of the target, everything, and most of them outdid Oswald in less time. The head-size target was mounted on a moving electrical trolley, etc. travelling at the same speed, 11 miles an hour, same slope, 3.9 degrees downwards, same distance, 59 and 88 yards for the 2nd and 3rd shots [Bugliosi, p. 496], etc. (“A weapons engineer had the best score, making three out of three hits in 5.2 seconds, meaning he was operating the bolt and firing accurately every 1.7 seconds, clearly besting Oswald’s marksmanship on November 22, 1963”, [Bugliosi, p. 495-6]).

      2. Alex November 5, 2017 at 9:06 am
        “1. Oswald had a beautiful, unobstructed shot from the Texas Schoolbook Depository building in Dallas as the presidential motorcade approached. He passed on a perfect shot, choosing instead to allow the motorcade to turn left and proceed below his window, and then took a much more difficult shot with his view partially obscured by a tree…”

        ANSWER: If he had fired when the motorcade was approaching, first, the sun would have been in his eyes, and, secondly, everybody would have been looking in his direction — hardly a desideratum, conspiracy or no conspiracy. His view was only obstructed by a tree for a few seconds while he fired the first shot, which missed.

      3. Alex November 5, 2017 at 9:06 am

        “3) One bullet hit JFK and did the number on Connolly as per WC ?”

        As for Connally and the fairy tale of “one bullet causing seven wounds”, allow me to answer a question with a question, or a number of questions:

        If the shoulder wound did not exit the neck, where did it go? If the bullet that went through JFK did not hit Connally, where did it go? Where else could it go? If the neck shot is an entry wound, where did it exit? If the shots were fired from the front right, how did Connally get shot? From the lower back of the seat in front of him? Connally’s wound was oblong, indicating it was tumbling, i.e., it had already hit something. What could it have been, if it was not JFK? If a shot was fired from the Grassy Knoll, what happened to the bullet? It didn’t hit anything, and was never found. It didn’t even hit the car. And so on. You’ll never get an answer.

        To me, the JFK conspiracy theorists are irrational and illogical. Plus, they lie. For example, for 45 years they’ve been saying, how could “one bullet cause 7 wounds”? First, they cannot count straight, and second, they count every through-and-through bullet wound as TWO WOUNDS. That is dishonest. So we get JFK, [1] through-and-through bullet wound, shoulder, counted as 2 wounds; Connally, [1] through and through bullet wound, back, also counted as 2 wounds, + [1 wound] wrist + [1 wound] leg. That’s 6, not 7, and in reality it’s only 2 through-and-through wounds, plus the wrist and leg, = 4. The thigh wound did not even penetrate the muscle. Where was it fired from? The floor of the car?

        For 45 years, they’ve been talking about the “pristine bullet”, which isn’t pristine at all, it’s smashed completely flat on one side, flatter than you could smash it with a hammer, the sign of a tremendous impact. Why don’t they ever show the end-on view of it? For 45 years I never saw an honest picture of it. Why not?

        On frame-ups and conspiracies :

        How do you frame someone who will almost certainly have an alibi if he is innocent? How could the conspirators have known he wouldn’t be watching the motorcade with the others? The only way a conspiracy could know that Oswald would have no alibi would be if they knew for certain that he would be concealed for the purpose of killing the President. Oswald was notoriously rebellious and unreliable. What happens if he doesn’t even come to work that day? OK, so no frame-up.

        How about a conspiracy? No conspiracy will use a rifle that can be easily traced to one of the members. A conspiracy would probably use a sporting rifle with hollow point ammo. A hollow point bullet for the neck shot would probably have blown JFK’s head off. Also, a conspiracy would certainly have used a silencer.

        No conspiracy would send its principal assassin into action without his pistol, with no discernible means of escape, and with 4 bullets for a 6-bullet clip.

        No conspiracy would allow its principal assassin to wander around in the street afterwards getting in buses and taxis with $ 13.87 in his pocket.

        Oswald applied for 3 different jobs the month before and was only assigned to that warehouse more or less by accident. They had two warehouses. He was trying to leave and find another job. The visit to Dallas was only decided on about a week before, or less. The motorcade route was decided upon 4 days before, announced in the newspapers 3 days before, Oswald was living separated from his wife in a rooming house and never went out. During those 3 days, he never went out, made one phone call per night to his wife, in Russian, received no visitors, no mail, no nothing, and had no money. His total net worth when he died was about 180 dollars. All these tales about the last-minute change in the motorcade route are just fiction. And so on. There are a million lies.

        By the time he was arrested, he was guilty of at least 5 or 6 serious state and Federal felonies or misdemeanors, worth about 25 years imprisonment, even without the 2 murders (2 counts, violation of Federal Firearms act, 10 years; forgery of Selective Service card, 5 years; carrying a concealed weapon, in Texas, probably a year, although anything is possible; attempted murder of a police officer, probably 5 years, maybe 10; making false statements to the Post Office — don’t laugh, this is a Federal felony punishable by 5 years imprisonment, it’s Title 18, US Code, Section 1001, False Statements). Why did he do these things, if he was just an innocent victim?

        So, no conspiracy. OK. There are 2 ways of shooting a public figure: from above, where nobody can see you, with a rifle, or you mingle with the crowd and plug him with a pistol.

        No conspiracy is going to place an assassin on the Grassy Knoll, on ground level, in plain sight of thousands of people, including hundreds of amateur photographers, at the end of a Sheriff’s Department parking lot [!] which was also used by the Dallas District Attorney’s office [!] and was sealed off by the police for 2 hours before the motorcade [!], so that’s out.

        For 45 years, they’ve been regaling us with obvious absurdities as if they were self-evident truths, usually in the form of single sentences, without proof or elaboration, but with great displays of righteous indignation, for example: “The CIA killed Kennedy”, “The FBI killed Kennedy”, “Oswald was in the CIA”, “Oswald was in the FBI and was trying to prevent the assassination”, “JFK, RFK and MLK were all killed by right-wingers”, just as if it were all perfectly obvious. They don’t stop and explain, they just run over it and keep going — a sort of “Hit and Run Assertion Technique”.

  35. The headline to this article contains a significant irony which is lost on the kactologists: the word “Why?”
    Why, indeed?

    What is the point of publicly assassinating a mediocrity?

    The JFK conspiracists go on and on about JFK’s would-be “accomplishments”, but the same people cannot name one success of the Kennedy presidency. What do they consider a success? The Bay of Pigs? The Cuban Missile Crisis? You see how irrational this is. Why kill him? He was an opportunist, a fun-lover. In short, he was a Kennedy. The Kennedys were, and probably still are, interested in 4 things, and 4 things only. Money, sex, power, and adulation, not necessarily in that order.

    Bugliosi quotes someone who says “JFK is remembered, not for anything he did, but for his promise”. What does this mean? He was in office for nearly 3 full years. Is the White House a playpen for political adolescents with “promise”? He turned it into a house of prostitution (literally). I defy the admirers of JFK (including Bugliosi) to cite one single success of the JFK administration, of his entire political career. He was in Congress for nearly 14 years, was rarely present and almost never voted. He never got his name on any bills. He never introduced any legislation. His attempts at writing legislation consisted of “borrowings” from bills written by other people (Lasky, pp. 329-332 ff).

    All JFK conspiracy theories are based on 3 assumptions.

    a) that JFK was worth assassinating;
    b) that destroying him politically or preventing his re-election would have required his assassination;
    c) and that assassinating him would have required shooting him from a distance.

    All these assumptions are false and contradict everything known about the man.

    The Secret Service are trained to observe everything and be prepared to sacrifice their lives for the President, if necessary. But as soon as they went to work for JFK they were told to ignore everything they saw, forget everything, and keep their mouths shut [Hersch, p. 240]. Everywhere JFK went, local party hacks showed up at JFK’s hotel with carloads of prostitutes who had to be admitted to his private quarters without any I.D. check, no search of their person, their purses, nothing. They could have been carrrying drugs, poison, weapons, syringes, spy equipment, anything.

    [“We didn’t know if these women were carrying listening devices, if they had syringes that carried some type of poison or if they had Pentax cameras that would photograph the president for blackmail” – Hersch, p. 229].

    And when they left, the Secret Service weren’t even allowed to enter the President’s suite to see if he was still alive! To find out whether he was still alive, they had to wait until he came out next morning [Hersch, p. 226-230], perhaps many hours later. The assassin could have been in Cuba, Israel or anywhere else by then.

    [” ‘The women would be brought out of the president’s suite after three or four hours. ‘This became a matter of great concern (…), because we didn’t know who these people were or what they had on their person (…) We were just told not to interfere with it. We didn’t know if the president that next morning would be dead or alive (…).’ ” – Hersch, p. 228]

    Plus, JFK injected himself with massive doses of painkillers, and was constantly asking his friends and associates to inject him in the buttocks [Hersch, p. 235]. What happens if an assassin switches the medications for an overdose, or another drug, or poison? He could also have been forcefully injected, since he was incapacitated about half the time.

    The only type of person (or persons) who would have bothered to try to shoot him from a distance (an effort almost certainly foredoomed to failure, with the resulting capture of the would-be assassin), would be an outsider (or outsiders), without inside information, resources or money, i.e., a loser, an attention-seeker, someone with a private grudge — someone like Oswald.

    And this is the Chief of State who spent years trying to poison Castro, hiring people who couldn’t even get anywhere near the guy? Personally, I don’t see how he could have gotten through even one more year in office without some huge scandal, or a disgraceful death of one kind or another.

    One of his Secret Service agents is on record as saying the same thing: not one more year.

    [“In [Secret Service agent William T.] McIntyre’s opinion, a public scandal about Kennedy’s incessant womanizing was inevitable. ‘It would have had to come out in the next year or so. In the [1964 presidential ] election campaign, maybe.’ “- Hersch, p 248]

    [“Secret Service agent Larry Newman said:] ‘You were on the most elite assignment in the Secret Service, and you were there watching an elevator or a door because the president was inside with two hookers. Your neighbours and everybody thought you were risking your life, and actually you were out there to see that he’s not disturbed in the shower with two gals from Twelfth Avenue…Other times when we were in hotels around the country and Powers would bring these girls that we didn’t know, we often said we would draw the black bean to see who got to testify before the House subcommittee (…) if the president received harm or was killed in the room by these two women. This was the President of the United States, and you felt impotent and you couldn’t do your job. It was frustrating.’ ” – Hersch, p.230]

    [“Secret Service agent Tony Sherman said:] ‘I got mad (…) I got angry at any president who doesn’t treat the White House like I think he should (…) The possibility of blackmail and things like that are astounding. I never knew the name of the outsiders, where they came from, where they were, or anything. I opened the door and said good evening and they said good evening. And in they went and the door shut. And when I reported for my shift the next day, the president was still alive.’ ” – Hersch, p. 243].

    [“(…) ‘You’re going to see a lot of shit around here. Stuff with the president. Just forget about it. Keep it to yourself. Don’t even talk to your wife.’ Over the next few days, McIntyre said, he saw ‘girls coming in — hookers.’ (…) McIntyre recalled with a laugh, ‘How the hell do you know what’s going on? He could be hurt in there. What if one bites him’ in a sensitive area? Despite such fears, McIntyre said, ‘we would never stop them from going in if [JFK personal aide] Powers or [JFK personal aide] O’Donnell was with them. We wouldn’t check them over.’ ” – Hersch, p. 246]

    [“According to Secret Service agent Tony Sherman:] ‘It was just not once every six months, not every New Year’s Eve, but was a regular thing (…) I’m serious in my job. I didn’t want a part of it. It’s difficult to talk morally about other people, but we aren’t talking about other people. We’re talking about the President of the United States. We’re talking about my country. And we’re talking about people my age with wives and children who were willing to give their lives.’ ” – Hersch, p. 241]

    [“‘Each agent is, after all, a sworn law enforcement officer’, [McIntyre said], ‘When you see some type of criminal offense, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, occurring in your presence, blatantly, that makes you feel a bit used’ — especially if it’s done by the president. ‘And if you have procurers with prostitutes paraded in front of you, then as a sworn law enforcement officer you’re asking yourself, ‘Well, what do they think of us?’ (…) McIntyre said he eventually realized that he had compromised his law enforcement beliefs to the point where he wondered whether it was ‘time to get out of there. I was disappointed by what I saw.’ ” – Hersch, p. 241], etc. etc. etc.

    Oh, well, a short life, but a merry one. All tail to the Chief.

    1. Carlos, I certainly take your point as to shooting skill.
      My own father could drive nails and light matches with a rifle. Incredible sharpshooter.
      He could and would routinely shoot woodchucks at 100 yards with a .22 long rimfire.
      And then, yep, we ate them..

      1. hp November 5, 2017 at 5:42 pm

        Thank you. I’d like to have met your father. People like that are the backbone of America.

        Incidentally Oswald’s brother Robert says Lee was a very good shot. They used to go bird and squirrel hunting at age 12 and Robert said Lee usually bagged something, or usually got what he was shooting at, something like that. He was certainly an expert with the bolt on the Mannlicher Carcano, which was not an easy rifle to operate, but was very accurate and deadly, firing a very heavy bullet with very little tendency to tumble (because it was much longer and heavier than modern ammo) and tremendous penetrating power, initial muzzle velocity 2100 ft. per second.

        It was obsolete because of a change in military fashion, no other reason. It made nice neat holes in people when it didn’t hit bone, but if it hit bone it made jagged holes. Well, jagged holes are out of fashion. After all, all we want to do is kill people, we don’t want to hurt nobody — who us?

        The rifle was corroded, gouged, nicked, worn, etc. but mostly on the exterior. The working mechanism was in very good shape. Typical war surplus weapon. Still, there are a lot of good weapons. The Brown Bess flintlock used in the Revolutionary War was very accurate up to 300 yards but you could only fire 2 shots a minute. Then they tell you it takes 19 seconds to fire 3 shots with a bolt action? That would make a bolt action only 4.5 times as efficient as a muzzle-loader. The kactologists are nuts.

        As I say, the Mannlicher Carcano can be recocked, reshouldered and fired in as little as twice in 1.66 seconds (point shooting), moving one’s head and the barrel only a few inches. How can anyone imagine a battlefield weapon that couldn’t be?

        Don’t forget, Italy was considered a world power until 1943, and they fought 3 major wars with the Carcano, which was essentially a modified Mauser. Jim Marrs says it was basically a “piece of junk”, because it was called the “humane rifle”. This is an example of the superficiality of the critics. The way to determine whether a rifle is any good is to test it, which has been done repeatedly.

        Why was it called the “humane rifle”? Because it makes a perfect rhyming couplet in Italian, “Mannlicher Carcano, fucile umano”. In many parts of the Mediterranean there are elaborate rhyming jokes in which every woman in a village will be said to possess some quality which rhymes with the name of the village.

        If I say “femmine romane, tutte puttane”, does that mean Roman women are all whores? Or does it just mean I want to insult the Romans, probably because I don’t like their football team? So how much of this “humane rifle” business is serious criticism and how much of it is an idiotic rhyming joke?

        If a Marine sharpshooter can’t shoot somebody in the head at 88 yards, we’re in more trouble than I thought.

  36. Is this discussion going to close soon? I’ve researched the answer to Pat’s question.
    Pat November 4, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    1. Is this discussion going to close soon?

      Not yet. Comments may be posted for roughly 4 months (120 days) after publication of article, then comments are closed.

  37. Reply to: PAT Nov. 4, 2017 12:55
    This is the full text of Pat’s post. Every word in capitals is either untrue or is a distortion of fact:

    “Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. The Soviets sent him to Minsk to work in a radio factory in SLAVE LABOR WAGES. At the factory, he met Marina. She lived with her uncle, a colonel in the MVD, the security arm of the Soviet Interior Ministry. He married her after knowing her for ONLY SIX WEEKS…. then HE APPLIED FOR AN EXIT VISA FROM THE SOVIET UNION AND RECEIVED IT FOR MARINA AND HIMSELF. THAT WOULD HAVE COST LEE $$$$THOUSANDS… but HE WAS A LOW-LEVEL FACTORY WORKER…!!
    This was at a time when EXIT VISAS FROM THE SOVIET UNION WERE AS RARE AS HEN’S TEETH. BUT…. the niece of an MVD colonel was permitted to marry an American defector…and LEAVE WITH HIM BECAUSE HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY DISSATISFIED WITH LIFE IN THE SOVIET UNION..!! That’s a good reason… HA!!!

    1. PAT: Oswald’s “STARVATION WAGE”
    Neither Marina nor Oswald was ever paid a starvation wage, because neither one of them ever starved. Marina earned 450 rubles a month, about 45 dollars at the official exchange rate, as a fully-qualified pharmacist, working as a pharmacist’s assistant, at the Third Clinical Hospital in Minsk; this was the standard wage for that job all over Russia. She lived with her uncle in a big apartment in the best part of town, paying no rent, because her uncle told her to spend her money on herself. She also received an orphan’s pension of 16 dollars a month (160 rubles). People forget that she was fully-qualified because she was expelled from pharmacy school in 1959 but returned to school that same year and graduated with a degree in June of 1959. Oswald earned two or three times as much as Marina, including all his perks and bennies; he had a nice apartment in a posh building in the very best part of town, with a balcony and view over the river, practically rent-free (6 dollars a month); he was given 5,000 rubles (500 dollars at the official rate) in cash to pay his debts and expenses (mainly his hotel bill at the Hotel Metropole in Moscow and his ticket to Minsk), PLUS 700 rubles a month salary, PLUS 700 rubles a month from the Russian Red Cross (an agency of the Russian government), PLUS piece work at the factory; there were months in which he earned more than the director of the factory! Oswald had 5,000 rubles saved up which he concealed from Marina! (p. 513). So not only were they not starving, Oswald, at least, had extra money. One of Oswald’s principal complaint about Russia was that there was nowhere to spend it! (p. 605).
    From Bugliosi, Reclaiming History:
    “On November 27, 1959… the Central Committee of the Communist Party… passed a resolution on his behalf: ‘To agree with the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the KGB to grant US citizen Lee Harvey Oswald temporary residence status for one year and to resolve the question of his permanent residency in the USSR and Soviet citizenship during this period. 2. To oblige the Belorussian National Economic Council to place Oswald in a job in electronics and the Minsk City Council of Worker’s Deputies to assign him to his own small apartment. 3. To instruct the executive committee of the Societies of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent to assign five thousand rubles for equipping the apartment for Oswald and to issue him an allowance of seven hundred rubles a month over the course of one year’ ”. (p. 593)
    “Oswald’s pay was seven hundred rubles per month (about seventy dollars on the official exchange rate), normal pay for his type of work. However, he also received seven hundred rubles monthly from the Soviet Red Cross, and he thought his total of fourteen hundred rubles per month was about as much as the director of the factory made. Since he was paid based on his production, he could make up to nine hundred rubles per month. [or 1600 rubles total if I understand this correctly. –C.P] ” (p. 598)
    “…The Russian Red Cross…[not a private charity but an organ of the Soviet government]… gave him five thousand rubles, or about five hundred dollars at the official exchange rate… “The following day Oswald met the mayor [of Minsk] Comrade Sharapov, who welcomed him to Minsk, promised him a near rent-free apartment…” (p. 594)
    “On March 16, Oswald was given a fourth floor apartment in a riverside building… very tiny but attractive, and to get any apartment there at all was remarkable, since many of his co-workers spent months or even years on a waiting list for such an accommodation, sometimes delaying marriage for however long it took… Oswald knew he was getting special treatment, describing the tiny one-room apartment as ‘a Russian dream’… The building itself was very grand and located in the best part of town, and the view of the river four stories below and just across Kalinina Street was outstanding. Oswald described the place as ‘almost rent-free’… it cost him just sixty rubles, or about six dollars a month. The preference shown him was not all that remarkable. Foreigners residing in the Soviet Union were often given financial subsidies and other aid, and foreign students were paid a stipend double that of Soviet citizens…” (p. 599)
    From Oswald’s diary:
    “ The work is drab the money I get has nowhere to be spent. No nightclubs or bowling alleys no places of recreation acept [sic] the trade union dances I have had enough.’
    “Although he was well-off by Soviet standards, he had learned about the peculiar quality of Soviet money, which was more like military scrip than the money in capitalist countries. You could not invest Soviet money in anything at all except a low-level interest savings account, and you didn’t need to save it for medical expenses or your children’s education, since these were covered by the state. Its only real use was to exchange it for consumer goods and services, and those were severely limited in variety, quantity, quality, availability and style. It’s not that the parsimonious Oswald didn’t have enough money, just that there was no place to spend it” (p. 605).
    There were only 5 restaurants in Minsk (although the food was cheap), including two identical stand-up cafeterias, for a city of 510,000 people (p. 595).
    It appears to me that if people were really “starving”, they would be less concerned with finding places of amusement, which do cost money, after all; plus the fact that Oswald was a notorious skinflint. I suspect that this was just an excuse to complain. Marina later said she thought he would only have been happy “on the moon” (p. 739).
    In addition to his other talents, Oswald was an accomplished scrounger, in constant contact with Russian or international assistance organizations (Russian Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Traveller’s Aid), trying to cadge varying sums of money to return to America (p. 627) In the end he borrowed $435.71 from the State Department and returned to the US on what is called a “repatriation loan”, available to US citizens whose loyalty is “not in doubt”, but which are also issued under an “escape clause” permitting such loans to disloyal US citizens when “the United States national is in or is the cause of a situation which is damaging to the prestige of the United States Government….The State Department did indeed feel that Oswald’s “continued presence in Russia was damaging to the prestige of the United States because of unstable character and prior criticisms of the United States”.
    Vincent Bugliosi remarks that “Government officials knew about his botched suicide attempt when he first tried to gain residence in the USSR, and no one could be sure that he would not pull some other stunt that would created an international incident embarrassing to the United States….” (p.629)
    (Most Americans don’t know this, but almost any US citizen stranded in a foreign country is eligible for a loan of return passage to the U.S. (this used to be limited to 400 dollars, later raised to 500; I don’t know what it is now). They issue a passport endorsed “Valid For Return to the United States Only” and if you don’t pay back the loan, they ask you to surrender the passport. If you don’t do it (or maybe even if you do), they charge you with “misappropriation of government property”, (i.e., the passport), which is a Federal offense punishable by 3 years imprisonment! This was one loan Oswald paid off very quickly.)
    So what was the reason for this conucopia of largesse extended to a foreign nobody by the second most powerful nation on earth? Let’s hear the Soviets tell it:
    “Former KGB colonel Oleg Nechiporenko, with access to KGB files, writes in his book Passport to Assassination that ‘the news of Oswald’s visit to the [US] Embassy, in conjunction with his attempted suicide, upset the people who ran Intourist… Now the Western mass media were clued into events, which could lead to reports that in the Soviet Union tourists are ‘driven to commit suicide’. This could damage the image and the commercial interest of Intourist by scaring away potential tourists to the USSR…” Bugliosi, footnote, (p. 592).
    “KGB defector Yuriy Nosenko told author Gerald Posner, ‘After years of cold relations between the superpowers, they were just starting to warm up. We didn’t want to do anything to hurt this new atmosphere or to give pretext to those who wanted to ruin relations. By telling Oswald he had to leave, he was so unstable he might try and succeed in killing himself. Then we would be criticized for a KGB murder of an American tourist…’ ” (p. 594).
    Was Oswald really such a great catch as a hotshot “electronics expert”? Hardly. In fact, he was so incompetent that he couldn’t fix the most minor defect in an ordinary portable radio; he couldn’t even put the film in a child’s camera; he tore 2 wires out just trying to put the batteries in; his knowledge of radar was very primitive, barely above “textbook level” (p. 596).
    “Pavel Golovachev [a friend of the couple] told author Gus Russo in 1993, ‘I would say that he wasn’t a spy because when he bought a camera, he couldn’t even put film in it. And it was a very basic camera, a Smena-2, which even a Soviet school child could use, and he couldn’t’. Pavel also said that Oswald couldn’t repair the simplest defect in a radio while working at the Belorussian Radio and Television factory in Minsk… ‘He bought one of the cheapest radio sets, and it only had short and long-wave frequencies. He complained that he couldn’t receive certain broadcasts. So, with a kitchen knife, I adjusted the capacitor and it worked fine. I have no doubt he was not a CIA agent. His knowledge was too primitive’. Pavel also reported that Lee managed to rip two wires out while trying to insert batteries into another portable radio” (p. 589-90)
    (Golovachev was Oswald’s and Marina’s best friend in Russia and knew them well, although the reason he befriended them was because the KGB asked him to (p. 599). Oswald was spied on day and night for 3 years [although the agents usually turned the equipment off at midnight]. Oswald’s hotel room at the Hotel Metropole was equipped with an infra-red camera [p. 583]; his flat was bugged; he was shadowed and photographed everywhere he went, for 3 years. If he bought 200 grams of vanilla biscuits, they knew where he bought them, the date and time, how much he paid, and everything else he did during the day: absolutely everything. He was completely oblivious (some spy, huh?) . Two books have been published based on these KGB transcripts: Oswald’s Tale, by Normal Mailer and Passport to Assassination by Oleg Nechiporenko. According to the transcripts, all they ever did was quarrel.
    “Vladimir Semichastny, the KGB chairman during the period of Oswald’s stay in Russia, said, ‘We [the KGB] concluded that he was not working for American intelligence. His intellectual training, experience, and capabilities were such that it would not show the FBI and CIA in a good light if they used people like him…Oswald’s actions in Minsk were not those of a foreign agent. His primary interest was in attending dances’ ” (p. 626).
    Vacheslav Nikonov, an aide to the first KGB chief after the fall of Communism, reviewed the entire Oswald file and told PBS’s Frontline, ‘Oswald looked very suspicious to the KGB and to the factory authorities because he was not interested in Marxism. He didn’t attend any Marxism classes. He didn’t read any Marxist literature and he didn’t attend even the labor union meetings. So the question was, what he doing there?” p. 602
    “For the Soviet authorities, allowing Oswald to leave the Soviet Union was a desirable solution. By the end of 1961 they had been studying him for over two years and he had been trying to depart for nearly half that time – and they had come to the conclusion that he was not a spy. His carefully watched trips to the countryside on hunting parties produced no evidence of any interest in military installations. He hadn‘t even bothered to take his camera to photograph anything he might have come across by accident. Several approaches to him, offering the bait of secret information or access, had also been ignored. And they were confident he had no military secrets to give them that would be of any value. Also, he clearly had shown himself to be someone who could only cause them trouble, someone so tenacious in his determination that he was literally ‘willing to do anything, including the use of violence against his own person, in order to get what he wanted’ ” (p. 626)
    “Oswald also didn’t seem to be much of a worker. His radio plant had forwarded a report on his performance at work to the Minsk City Militia Department, which found nothing favorable to say about him: ‘During his employment as regulator his performance was unsatisfactory. He does not display the initiative for increasing skill as a regulator. Citizen lee Harvey Oswald reacts in an over-sensitive manner to remarks from the foremen and is careless in his work. Citizen L. H. Oswald takes no part in the social life of the shop and keeps very much to himself’”. Bugliosi’s comment:
    “Sending Oswald back to the United States was, all in all, good riddance” (p. 626-27).

    2. PAT: He married her after knowing her for ONLY SIX WEEKS…
    It is almost embarrassing to have to “explain” an objection as silly as this one.
    Putting it crudely, Oswald was horny, 21 years old, and the Soviet Union was a very puritanical place. Thus, getting married was the only way to start an adult sex life with a reliable supply of sex! I think he would have married almost anyone. “…The great lottery of Soviet life was to find a man you loved – who had an apartment” ( p. 614). Why shouldn’t get married? He was young, he was good-looking, he was American, he had stacks of money, and he had a fantastic apartment by Russian standards — the only place where one could be intimate — although it was very small, about 10 x 17 feet). He could have taken his pick of any of the girls in Minsk.
    One of Marina’s girl friends told her she was “insanely lucky” to land an American boy friend who so good looking, an opinion widely shared. He was involved semi-romantically (but not usually sexually), with at least 5 other young women (not counting one who was a KGB agent), at the same time, or in the months immediately prior to his meeting Marina. Their names were Inna and Anita (two Jewish sisters from Argentina [he had sex with Inna, although she was a virgin (p. 603); Ilya, Nellya (of Polish peasant stock), and Ella, another Jew, very intellectual although also of peasant stock, a 24-year old virgin who had no intention of getting mixed up with Oswald; he suspected her of using him to make the other girls feel jealous! In actual fact, Oswald wanted to marry Ella! In his diary, he wrote: “Inspite of fact I married Marina to hurt Ella, I found myself in love with Marina”… “The trasition [sic] of changing full love from Ella to Marina was very painful esp. as I saw Ella every day at the factory…” (p. 614).
    By all accounts, Marina was quite a looker, with beautiful black hair and green eyes. Oswald met her at a dance, where she was wearing a red dress and white shoes. Wow!
    Marina was an illegitimate war orphan, extraordinarily tough, stubborn, rebellious and outspoken; she was also, with hindsight, a world-class fool who made a world-class mistake, as a result of which she lost her profession, her language, hurt her family and brought shame on her country.
    Oswald was manipulative: a pathological liar who lied for no reason; when he got caught in a lie, he never apologized or explained; he just pretended it didn’t matter (p. 617, 620). Marina knew he was liar when she married him. Oswald went over there, to her uncle’s flat, and told him what he wanted to hear — a pack of lies about how he wanted to “stay in Russia”, when he’d been trying to leave for 4 months! The old man agreed to the marriage “because he didn’t want to be blamed for her unhappiness later on”, and gave them his blessing. A fatal mistake, but she was of age.
    “Ilya, favorably impressed with Oswald, “put his arm around Lee’s shoulder and said, ‘Take care of this girl. She has plenty of breezes in her brain”… “ ‘Let’s drink to it’, he added, and they retired to the kitchen table where they drank cognac” (p. 612).
    Later he found out they had flown to Moscow to visit the U.S. embassy without telling him (the KGB told him), which he considered equivalent to a lie, and he told Oswald he was no longer welcome. But it was too late. They were devastated. It is obvious that they loved Marina a lot. They held a brief reception before leaving for the USA:
    “Eventually, Marina noticed that her Uncle Ilya and Aunt Valya had indeed come. They stood a long way off, in a corner, forlorn and furtive. Marina and Lee went over to them. ‘We didn’t want to be in the way’, Valya said. The Prusakovs kissed Marina, the baby, and even Lee, whom they begged to take good care of Marina, and then scuttled away” (p. 631).
    This is another mixture of innuendo and untruth. Let’s start at the end:
    –“rare as hen’s teeth…”: this is untrue. This was the propaganda story we heard from Russian Jews during the 60s and 70s, who were demanding exit visa privileges over Russian Christians! Exit visas were regularly issued to Soviet citizens who married foreigners in the 60s, but their papers had to be in perfect order. It usually took about six months. There were between 4 and 20 documents to file, and they had to be perfectly correct. Since Oswald was dyslexic, this was not easy. The husband had to promise to support his wife after they left the USSR. Marina was asked whether she was disloyal to the Soviet Union and she said, no, she was motivated by loyalty to her husband. They accepted that. It took six months, the normal time.
    — THAT WOULD HAVE COST LEE $$$$THOUSANDS: I find no mention of the cost of an exit visa at all, but if 45 US dollars a month was considered a “living wage” – and it was (because of the exchange rate, remember prices were correspondingly low for most things), I find it hard to believe that an exit visa could cost “thousands”. What’s this? Dollars? I find no mention of any fee, anywhere at all (although the difficulties of exit visas are discussed by Bugliosi on p. 619).
    This is what Vincent Bugliosi has to say in a footnote:
    “Conspiracy theorists, ever suspicious, believe that Marina was granted an exit visa more quickly than normal, and they thus infer that she (and hence, her husband) was a KBG agent. Although Marina formally applied for her Soviet exit visa on August 21,1961, she initiated a request in a letter to the Soviet authorities more than a month earlier, though the exact date is not known. However, we know that as early as July 17,1961, her husband gave the Soviets a statement guaranteeing the support of his wife if they allowed her to leave for America.[references]. So we know that at least five months transpired between when the Soviets received a document of some sort requesting an exit visa and they granted her permission to leave on December 25, 1961. Of eleven cases examined by the CIA, Soviet wives of American citizens had to wait from five months to a year to obtain an exit visa. Of six cases examined by the US Department of State after 1953, the liberalized post-Stalin era, the approximate waiting periods for Soviet wives of American citizens were, in decreasing order, approximately thirteen months, seven months, three months, one month, and ten days [references]…” Bugliosi, p. 626, footnote about Soviet exit visas.
    Again, this is untrue. I am at a loss to understand what Marina could be “debriefed about”, except maybe her membership in the Komsomol, the Communist Youth Organization, which she denied.
    Oswald was extensively interrogated on July 11, 1961 at the US Embassy. “Marina waited outside in the waiting room, while her husband was searchingly interrogated by [Richard E.] Snyder, who asked to see Oswald’s Soviet papers and questioned him closely about his life in Russia and any possible expatriating acts that would preclude his returning to America. Oswald stated that he was not a citizen of the Soviet Union, had never applied for citizenship (dubious, since we know he did request it, although not by formal application), had never taken an oath of allegiance to the Soviet Union, and had never become a member of a Soviet trade union, the latter being untrue. He also said that he had never given Soviet authorities any confidential information gleaned from his service in the military, had never been asked to give such information, and doubted that he would have done so had he been asked” (p. 617).
    In short, since Oswald never made a formal renunciation of citizenship, he had an absolute right to return to the United States! The only questions were whether he had committed any treasonous acts (I assume that a person guilty of treason would be permitted to return to the United States), and whether he qualified for a repatriation loan.
    Formal renunciation of citizenship is considered an extremely serious matter, and must be completed formally. Every signature must be witnessed by two persons; in practice, the witnesses are always Embassy employees (so they can be located later). One of the regulations states that all signatures must be signed using the SAME PEN, for a total of anywhere up to 28 signatures! (It was 28 signatures when I did it.)
    Instead, Oswald walked in with a handwritten, un-witnessed letter, late Friday afternoon in 1959, saying he was “renouncing his citizenship”. He was told to come back Monday morning and make an appointment (which usually takes about two days because of the witnesses). Instead he later accused the Embassy of “refusing him his right” to renounce his citizenship! This is a perfect example of Oswald’s mendacity and chutzpah.
    I don’t want to sound like a “commie pinko” or anything, but from Oswald’s own point of view, I think he was perfectly right about the Soviet Union and should have stayed there. It was just the place for him. He had more money that at any time in his life; he had a great place to live; he had the best job he ever had without quitting or getting fired – a job where nobody cared much how lazy or sloppy he was – his employers never had a good word to say about him, but he was never fired – he had free education; free medical care; girls, the lot. Far from “starving”, he was on top of the world in Minsk.
    He just didn’t have what it takes to get ahead in America, namely, dedication to one’s work, attention to detail, a willing attitude, loyalty to his employers, a willingness to get along with others, and the desire to please.
    Of course there was a lot to put up with (15 compulsory meetings per month on worker time – “let’s all cheer the latest statistics”; potato picking on Sunday morning to show “solidarity with the workers”, etc. ) – all he had to do was conform a little bit. They never knew real poverty until they went to America — not because of America, but because of his own character defects: a pretentious mediocrity who expected to be treated like a big shot.
    Personally, I think he was schizophrenic, and if he had lived long enough I think it would have been diagnosed. It manifests itself by the mid-20s; the symptoms are delusions of grandeur and paranoia. Towards the end of his life, he was obviously losing his mind. In the third week of August 1963, he became obsessed with a “plane hijacking scheme” which he forced Marina to rehearse for two weeks:
    “They would buy tickets separately under different names, he said. Lee would sit in the front of the cabin with a gun, Marina in the rear with a gun. Once Lee had subdued the pilot, Marina would stand up, address the passengers and urge them to be calm and cooperative. Marina reminded him that she did not speak English. “That script won’t do’, he admitted, but it barely slowed him down. Shortly thereafter, he bounded into the bedroom shouting to her ,’Hands up and don’t make any noise!’ Marina didn’t think she could handle even that much English, but he told her she could speak in Russian and if she stuck her gun out everybody would know what she meant. He begged her and promised to buy her a small handgun, one suitable for a woman. He had already been shopping around for one.
    “’Do you really think anybody will be fooled?’, Marina asked. ‘A pregnant woman, her stomach sticking way out, a tiny girl in one hand and a pistol in the other?? I’ve never held a gun in my life, much less shot anyone.’
    “Lee offered to teach her, and explained how easy it would be. Nothing could go wrong. Marina thought plenty of things could go wrong and probably would, things he couldn’t even imagine. There was no way she was going to take part in the hijacking of an airliner. “’Only a crazy man would think up something like this’”, she said…” (p. 738-39).
    The following is a brief excerpt description of his conduct at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City:
    “Oswald, already nervous and agitated, suddenly became hysterical when he started to tell of his persecution by the FBI. He sobbed, ’I am afraid… they’ll kill me.’ He was, he said, even being followed here in Mexico. Suddenly, he stuck his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out a revolver. ‘See, this is what I must now carry to protect my life.’ …”Oswald went on sobbing for a while…”
    (For a complete description of Oswald’s descent into madness, see Bugliosi, pp. 738-757-58).
    Whom the gods wish to destroy…

    1. Carlos –

      NOW… THAT’S a REPLY…. I Luvvitt..!! Thanks, MUCH..!!

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  38. Thanks.
    One of the consequences of believing things that aren’t true, is that many things will seem “strange” too you. For example, if you believe that snakes are mammals, it will seem “strange” to you that they do not suckle their young. You could spend your life “solving” the mystery of why they do not. Understand what a thing is, and you will understand what it does. This applies to JFK and Oswald both.
    Glad you opposed integration. I didn’t at first but I learned to.

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