5 thoughts to “La Belle Dame Sans Merci : A Poem by John Keats (Video)”

  1. here’s a poem I wrote about love

    When love visited my heart early on
    It broke it to pieces, then flew away without a trace

    It was like a landmine I stepped upon
    Moving away from it, it burst beneath me with deadly force

    Behold a veritable testimony! my many a wound
    Come, feel love’s lacerations if you will, move closer and see

    What’s love’s value unless we nurture it with our lifeblood
    Can the harvest be delightful if we watch not the fruit on the tree

    How cowardly a heart that loves no woman at all
    Whose love sets the heart aflame and afire the soul

  2. “To be in love is merely to be in a state of perpetual anesthesia – to mistake an ordinary young woman for a goddess”

  3. And this is my poem…..just thinking of her makes my heart flutter!

    …………………………………….. Anon………………………………..

    From ere mine tender years this heart doth search

    Till Lo! When time doth wane the clock to slow

    And hope seems lost to find in vain

    The kindling soul to strike again

    Ah! – Is it true? Or is mine spirit too dull to know?

    What folly games life doth play!

    Hast thou, foolish heart lost its way?

    Oh! Breath! Be still and obey thy master yet again

    Betray me not now
    For others may fain to know

    Nay betray me anon!
    Sweet betrayal – to dance again and again!

    Oh! Heavenly God who made such beauty be

    To be lost in the pathways of her eyes

    Surrendering to the unending soul’s sea

    Oh! Sweet Sea –

    Let fellow souls be –
    Caressed and immersed and drenched in thee

  4. the background sure looked like Bangkok … for all my bag of tricks, writing poetry is definitely absent but i think i have a pretty good understanding.
    sometimes, i think that the things best understood are the ones not mentioned to oneself, no?

    i think this video will soon be banned because it shows white heterosexual love, it could mess up kids’ minds.

    1. Lobro, Sir
      i think this video will soon be banned because it shows white heterosexual love, it could mess up kids’ minds.”

      Yes this is not pleasing to the satanists who are working so hard to invert all natural things.
      God says we have created you from a single male and female so you may know one another.
      God also said If we had willed,we would have made you one single race . This does not sit well with the chosen ones . When I lived in Palestine , those bastards poisoned our water,sold us expired food and radio active belts to sterilize us , and harvested our youth’s organs .

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