10 thoughts to “La vie en Chosen: A Satirical Song by Alison Chabloz”

  1. I’m sorry, I strongly disagree. This woman needs to locked up, preferably in a padded cell in the darkest dungeon, and the key thrown away.

    I am all for corporal punishment when I encounter feminist shrews like this. A thousand lashes is not enough. She is probably a masochist anyway and would enjoy a good thrashing. So the obvious answer is capital punishment. I’d tie the noose myself and put this evil harridan out of her misery if I had the chance.

    Yep, I’d love to see her dancing on air.

    1. Gideon Falter, Chairman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) would back me on this. Long live Gideon! I’m hoping Gideon will one day becomes Prime Minister of Britain. Then we’d see the sparks fly!


      The first one to bite the bullet would be this Alison Chabloz character, a female vampire if ever here was one. Gosh, how I’d love to feed her into a giant sausage machine and see what came out the other side. Grrrrrrrr….!

      1. See Seymour Zak, this is why jews are too hardcore. This woman is singing a satirical song and you want her dead and to throw her in the sausage machine. Jews make fun of gentiles ALL the time and we may not like it but we aren’t thinking of ways to kill them… maybe some gentiles are? Some jews ruin it for everyone you gentile hater, Seymour Zak!

      2. (((Some people))) love humor when its directed at others, merciless and incredibly demeaning humor, but want those locked up who make them the target of the humor. Similarly, the hypocrisy of the left that spoke out for “free speech” and were against “book burning” in the 30’s and 40’s, these same people now support censorship backed by jail or worse, now that they have the upper hand. So their stance was never for the principle. This is consistent with the claim also that principles that Europeans/whites/Christians hold, apply to all people in the world, not just themselves. Jewish morality and principles only apply to other Jews, but a Jew can do what he likes to a non-Jew without violating Jewish morals, in fact he’s encouraged to go against the interests of the non-Jew.

      3. Zak is a living example why an organization like CFA (Campaign For Anti-Semitism) is necessary.

  2. My husband has my full backing. I’ve asked him repeatedly not to post on this antisemitic site and he has promised me not to do so. But he has always weakened, driven on by righteous indignation. I said to him the other day, “Stop this, Seymour. This is bad for your blood pressure. Your anger will kill you!”

    You think he listens to me? No way. “It is my duty, Hannah, to fight evil and untruth,” he says to me. “This woman has mocked the Holocaust and deserves death!”

    What can you do? I shouldn’t be posting here. I don’t like this site and I don’t understand why it doesn’t delete Seymour’s comments. That would be doing him a favor.

    There is something evil about these people. They are like cockroaches that need squashing. One day their time will come. Then we shall all rejoice and sing songs of praise to the Creator of Good and Evil and the Ten Emanations.


    Look at goyim hater (((Stephen Slitherman))) of the CAA (Campaign for Ashkenazi Autonomy) posting on here pretending to be called Seymour. (((Gideon))) for PM? Will require more than 1% of the UK voters to fall for that one. No gentile will EVER support you, even with your shekel bribery.

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