Lady Renouf—’The Real Holocaust victims were the Germans’ (Video, 17 mins)

Revisionist activist Lady Michele Renouf here argues convincingly that the real Holocaust victims during World War II were the millions of Germans who died under the horrific firebombing of their cities by the British Air Force. In her rich plummy voice, this aristocratic Englishwoman  delivers her speech to an audience in Vancouver, British Columbia, in June 2015. The video is produced by Justice For Germans.

VIDEO: 17.23 mins 

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  1. what a massive difference in class and dignified femininity from the previous “Eminently Respected Historian Dr Stolen Name”.
    and yes, my suspicion is confirmed that the Jewess chose Lancaster as surname to commemorate the repeated, day and night torching of live civilians in 60 German cities, Lancasters being equipped with extra tanks to take them behind the front lines in order to, what was the term Churchill had used, braise/glaze/amaze women and children screaming in undefended terror.

    And that war historian hired for the purpose of recording the napalm war against the innocent, who clearly spelled out that the United Shabbos had hoped to provoke the unwilling and hesitant Hitler into retaliating in kind against the British civilians.
    Tells you all you need to know about then and now.

    Why God allowed Hitler, Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe to fail instead of completely eradicating the global vipers nest is a great theological mystery of the 20th century.
    I know why they lost but why were they ALLOWED to lose?

    1. I like your comment. There is no doubt she or one of her forebears adopted the name Lancaster. It’s not a Jewish name. But Lancaster is also the name of a city and I think they sometimes take names of places as their last name. But, I’m not discounting your theory. If she has the amount of hatred she appears to have, it’s possible.

    2. I don’t think God actively takes sides.

      Hitler and Germany lost because they were too damn gentlemanly towards you know who. For example, they could have used their stock piles of chemical weapons against the Soviet hoards on the Eastern front, but Hilter was too nice. That would have given the Germans time to develop their jet fighters and nuclear bombs which would have decisively won WW2 for the Reich.

      1. Quite right David. They also developed a fuel air bomb and more (see authors Henry Stevens, Geoffrey Brooks, Dr. Joseph Farrell, prolific military author Igor Witkowski and others). Mr. Hitler also allowed himself to be provoked by the Polish atrocities against ethnic Germans that Establishment (the real revisionists) would just as soon not and never see mentioned (see authors Gregory Douglas, M. S. King, and others). He further allowed himself to cancel the strategic victory possible within weeks over the lions of the RAF – they were inflicting incredible casualties, but the loss in pilots was unsustainable. Churchill’s first of it’s kind air attack on unquestionably civilians (yet another Jerome-Churchill War Crime) enraged Mr. Hitler and he foolishly followed suit. Sending soldiers into Russia with parade uniforms was never a very bright idea and there were plenty of other mistakes. We must remember, “God helps those who help themselves” though I think Mr. Churchill would say a detente with Germany would have been better option in hindsight than war crimes – which we hope he and his followers answer for – for a very long, long time…

    3. @ Lobro

      Expanding on David Chu’s first sentence is necessary.

      We are mislead by the Old Testament to believe that the Heavenly Father gets involved on behalf of his followers which cannot be true. If he did, the gift of free will would not exist. Additionally, God’s law according to Jesus is aimed at individuals, not groups, requiring the individuals to make proper decisions toward their fellowman to acquire salvation of their souls. Outcomes of events here on earth all depend on the decisions and actions of individuals. Consequently, individuals were given the power, their voice, to protect themselves from natural calamities and the aggressive actions of their fellowman. Assuming that what Jesus said about moving a mountain with your voice and belief that it is so, dissolving/disarming aggressive weapons should be a simple matter. The mightiness of such individual power is not taught by “Christian” organizations even though it is integral to the teachings of Jesus so the mayhem of war continues which benefits evil, thus the jews engineer wars of death and destruction of the ignorant non-cult members.

      Had individual Germans known that they could have simply disarmed the falling bombs with their voice and belief, there would have been no super destructive war. Had the individual Frenchman known that they could have dissolved the arms of the Germans, there would have been no war, etc., etc., etc.

      If God had intervened on behalf of the characters in the Old Testament or destroyed “evil” groups for not obeying, why did he stop? The answer is obvious. He did not stop because he never started. There was and is no need since God gave individuals tremendous power for protection of themselves and their fellowman from the beginning of creation.

      Ignorance is not bliss as we have been told by evil. Ignorance is hell on earth especially when it comes to war.

    4. Lobro –

      “Why God allowed Hitler, Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe to fail instead of completely eradicating the global vipers nest is a great theological mystery of the 20th century.”

      The root question and underlying assumption is… WHICH God allowed it?

      Baal = Lord = God to many people.

      I admit to only a Creator God…. not a “jealous” one…. who came to Moses.
      NONE of the OTHER ‘fakers’ exposed themselves to me. 🙂

      So, I have NO answer for the original assumptions.


      Peter –

      Geographical locations were almost always taken as the family CORPORATION name – surname.

      Saul of Tarsus would be Saul de Tarsus as Ponce of Leon was Ponce de Leon and Charles of Gaul was Charles de Gaulle.

      In Turkey it is a law that all people have a CORPORATION name.

      There… many Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Bosniaks, Jews, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Georgians and Kurds were and – ARE still – forced to adopt last names of Turkish rendition…. CHANGE the names of their CORPORATIONS.

      Damn that Commercial-Law and Admiralty-Maritime Law..!! 🙂

  2. that woman is gorgeous classy and real smart and with her magnificent breasts she is a perfect woman

  3. Why is it that just about every time I watch one of these revisionist presentations there is some idiot in the audience with an uncontrollable cough who refuses to excuse himself? Maddening. She should’ve​ told him that it was being recorded and to go outside and drink a cup of water or something…

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