Last Days of the American Empire

based on comments
edited by Lasha Darkmoon

“If you run out of places to hide, there’s always Antarctica.” 
— Winston

The Darkmoon sites presents articles, links, and comments that clearly identify an agenda of planned destruction. I refer to the historical record. This plainly shows an implementation of step-by-step destruction. 

The situation in the USA with AIPAC today is far worse than the one at the close of the FDR administration, when one of President Truman’s first executive acts was to shut down the communist infested OSS, rotten to the core. It was at this time, through Operation Paperclip, that a good number of talented German Scientists and Counter Intelligence assets were brought to America. The so called “Red Scare” of the 1950s was based on historically proven realities. The much maligned McCarthyite cleanup was absolutely necessary.

Today, it is not the Executive branch alone that is infested. Congress is rotten to the core with Israel firsters, and the FBI and other Intel Agencies need to clean house. I’m reluctant to say more than this: if a sweeping cleanup operation is not done soon,  there will be disaster. Zionist brinkmanship has only just begun to explode in their own faces. There is precious little time left to distance and separate the endless military demands made by Zionist Israel from an economic and socially collapsing USA. The military is already far too overstretched. This cannot go on. It has to stop.

When Jews have to monger more and more legislation in a land that once felt that “less legislation is more” — meaning that widely held traditional values made it unnecessary to burden ourselves with oppressive ‘laws’ that only serve to increase our servitude and make life easier for our Jewish masters. All these recent developments are surely signs of an increasing desperation. With the massive Jew-driven immigrant influx, things have radically changed for the worse. Things are not what they used to be. The old America is dead. We are the mourners now presiding over our country’s funeral.

The Enemies within, like rats under the floorboards gnawing away at the infrastructure of our crumbling world, have been  traditionally very good at subverting and destroying all the things we hold dear.

Maintaining respect for the traditional values that once underpinned our civilization, allowing for dissenting views that might actually be beneficial to all parties, was something clearly beyond the limited capacities of our Khazarian masters.

What they wanted for America is not what we wanted. The “American dream” they foisted upon us has become our nightmare. This is no longer our country.

In the former Soviet Union, since predatory loan sharking was outlawed, many Jews found themselves forced into careers in Science and other generally less lucrative livelihoods. Most of them left for greener pastures as soon as they were able to do this after the Communist collapse. Many of these adventurers, in search of richer pickings, headed for America — their new Promised Land. America is now the New Zion  No sooner had these predatory strangers landed in our midst than they began to befoul their new nests.

They may be running out of greener pastures.

Getting Power is one thing, holding on to it is another.

—  §  —

America has degraded to the point of near total loss of credibility in terms of Mondo political theater.

Don’t say America is devoid of spiritual or moral elements. America is full of good people. There is a large US Navy hospital ship anchored and serving in Puerto Rico. There are American Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians aplenty who feed people not only here but also all round the world on a daily basis. There is no country, not even the European Union, that comes even remotely close to us in humanitarian generosity.

We need to pry the wealthy Kushnerite Israeli thieves away, the predators and corrupters. There are far more needy people than the fat ones in Occupied Palestine, living high on the hog while others starve.

If Donald  Trump can’t read the riot act to Mr Sessions and his deputy, beaucoup quick he deserves to go.

The problem for the Trump Administration, including Mr Pence, is that by the time they finish their so-called  “investigation”, Mueller will be well into indicting and prosecution. At that point, any attempt to hire a Special Prosecutor to go after career criminal Hillary Clinton will give every appearance of a vain attempt to cover up the President’s “misdeeds” as concocted by the dirtiest cop in America, Robert Mueller.

“the dirtiest cop in America”

This is a race, given the situation.

Any immediate action taken now — for something can always be added to it later — would look like a natural progression. Watergate started with a minor event, then mushroomed. There is now an increasing disgust at the way things are going. This is far more than mere disappointment. The theater, the danse macabre, has gone on far too long. We are sick of it. Elites don’t have the slightest idea of the daily desperation felt by most Americans. They continue with a “just be patient” patronizing attitude. Wait till it reaches their throats; it will then be too late.

Laws have been blatantly and publicly VIOLATED by a shameless national and international career criminal politician. The domestic contempt for double standards, for rank incompetence in government, for all-time highs in the level of corruption in Washington, all grow with each passing day. According to surveys, over 50 per cent of Americans qualify as “conspiracy theorists” — so described by braindead talking heads in television’s la-la land.

It just keeps getting worse.

There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

“There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action –
if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

—  §  —

To the terrorized in other lands, and to those about to be terrorized, I say this: what is going to happen to you when (((They))) come to your country? What will you do then?

How will you escape their “rough love” when they bring you freedom and democracy through the barrel of a gun? when they force you to accept happiness with the help of drones dropped on wedding parties? I guess you can always get out of their way by heading for Siberia. Or the Gobi Desert. Maybe you can seek refuge in the Australian outback. I hear Patagonia’s a fine place. There are probably some nice places to hide in the Canadian wilderness.

Have you ever been visited by the strange thought that you might be missing a lot of fun by staying behind in America and falling to pieces bit by bit? that it’s not much fun hanging round on a Sinking Ship?

Makes you think: when the Titanic hits the iceberg, what’s it like for the rats in the hold?

Our country is divided.

There is still major racial segregation in the USA, and it ain’t going away. See how many blacks are welcome to intermarry with Hasidic communities. Not even one! See how many non-suicidal whites go to reside in predominantly black areas of Chicago. The murder rate in such sink cities, almost completely black-on-black, exceeded the entire rate for all of last year a month ago. The Hispanics are not flooding in any more. More confrontation will be seen within “sanctuary cities”, bastions of Cultural Marxism. In fact, more confrontation can be expected everywhere. More violence, more vice, more pain, more misery.

America bleeds. America’s suppurating sores exude a cancerous pus. America is turning into a mad menagerie. America is now a police state run by psychopaths.

The Jews are not monolithic. Right now the right wing faction is bringing a bloodbath to liberal pedophile pervert Hollywood. It’s just getting started.

The deep state knows that public appetites require an occasional victim. These victims need to  be thrown to the wolves to appease their jaded appetites. A facade of justice needs to be maintained within the human zoo. The guys who run the asylum need to keep up the pretence that they are the sane ones, presiding over a largely insane population of inmates. It wouldn’t do at all if the news leaked out that the patients are the sane ones! — and that the doctors and the orderlies are the ones who are stark raving mad!

If I were Bill or Hillary Clinton, I’d be very careful and start vetting my bodyguards a bit more carefully; a double check is highly recommended.

“Getting out of the freaking way”, in the sense of avoiding conflict wherever possible, is good advice as a general rule. But not among us dissidents. Not here. We need to be aware of what is going on and never let our guards down. We don’t need to surrender or quit the struggle.

I mean it’s relatively safe here, isn’t it? It’s fun to sit around here and see their crimes exposed. We need to go much deeper on Trump and the Kushners. The Congress. The whole rotten lot. That is,  if they keep on going down the “let’s start a war with Iran for Israel” route.

Let’s be creative, having learned what didn’t work with Bush and Cheney. Getting out of the freaking way, in this kind of scenario, is only an invitation to those who will never stop at anything to get their way — unless they encounter serious resistance.

As in nature, predators prefer the weak. They prefer those who cannot or will not resist. Yes, it’s the weak who always go to the wall. So let’s be strong, my friends! Let’s stand and fight. Flight is of course always an alternative — a last, last resort when the game is up. But meanwhile, let the fight continue. Please join us in New Zion as we grapple with our implacable Enemy.

If you run out of places to hide, there’s always Antarctica.

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  1. Australia owns, as territorial waters, the greatest part of our planet, the continent of Antartica. It is just south of Tasmania. Us Australians will not let our greater territory become a wild American, Jewish run menagerie. We have our Jews under control. So, Australia or the Great Southland is the only future you have. I am part of the world’s revival and future. We are the only hope you have. I am a wild colonial boy. Trouble is, too many Yanks are now appearing on Oz TV. They are ugly Jewish females with hooked noses and wide, gaping mouths. I could mAke sexual ref to them, but i am reformed.

    1. Are there any vacancies in your club there are thousands of would be members just waiting for the fuse to ignite.

    2. you will not stop the jews from taking over Australia they have much control look at your gun laws

      1. @Admin (Sister Monica)

        This article appears to me as the most confused, pointless and incoherent one I have ever read. Perhaps, I am missing the point(s) and/or some deep and well-hidden thought(s) here. Could you explain, please, why do you think this article is brilliant?

      2. @ Winston

        Congratulations Winston, splendid article! Pay no attention to our resident troll “Circassian” who has never made a single positive comment on this site and whose sole raison d’etre for being here is to belittle and find fault with every article and writer published — with the single exception of Seymour Zak and his evil works! 🙂

        As for the article being “incoherent”, I found it to be the reverse. The whole thing hung together beautifully in a cohesive unit.
        The separate comments were drawn together by skillful editing into a perfectly harmonious whole. Terse, well-written, lucid —
        an article in every sense admirable.

      3. @Circassian

        One can explain brilliance only to a mind that is in itself brilliant. Sorry.

      4. Excellent article! Thank you, Winston! I agree with Sardonicus on all points. What I liked about the article was that it was in no way an overt attack on Donald Trump. On the contrary, its tone was moderate and balanced throughout. You could see the author had more on his mind than taking cheap potshots at Trump. Trump was criticized at one point for not doing more, but this was valid criticism.

        Winston was quite right to say:

        Elites don’t have the slightest idea of the daily desperation felt by most Americans. They continue with a “just be patient” patronizing attitude. Wait till it reaches their throats; it will then be too late.

        This is what the Trump admirers keep telling us all the time until we are sick of it: “Just be patient!”

        It won’t do.

      5. @Madame Butterfly

        Winston was quite right to say:

        Elites don’t have the slightest idea of the daily desperation felt by most Americans.

        Winston was quite wrong to say:

        Elites don’t have the slightest idea of the daily desperation felt by most Americans.

        because, evidently, some very powerful forces are working hard to bring most Americans to the daily desperation Winston finds them in. How is it possible for them not to know that when they are the ones who is doing it?

        Madame, clearly, you are not thinking clearly.

      6. @ Circassian

        Whew, the Devil is certainly a logician! But your argument is fallacious. It’s true that a small segment of the elite (like Soros and the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers) are thoroughly aware of the evil they are doing, i.e., driving the masses to desperation. But the rest of the elite are not, by which I mean the one-percenters. The 1% at the top of society, the super-rich, have no idea of how the proles live and suffer.

        We have two classes of elite here, Circassian: the 1-percenters and the 01-percenters.

        Among the 1% we have people like Madonna and multimillionaire celebrities (Hollywood actors, Wall street financiers, top CEOs etc) who are totally unaware of the desperate lives of the poor and no concept of what is being deliberately done to demoralize and destroy the masses.

        Among the 01%, a far smaller group at the pinnacle of wealth and power, we have a group of people who are thoroughly aware of what is being done to the masses and who are the social engineers of this destruction. Who? People like Soros.

        You don’t have to be super-rich or belong to the super-elite, however, to be aware of what is going on. You and I and many people on this site know exactly what is going on. We are the Thinking Reeds. The Silent Intelligentsia. We are the Winston Smiths of the world, living in garrets and knowing the score.

        We know what is going on, but we are not part of the destructive process. We are the Appalled Onlookers. Understand?

      7. @ Madame Butterfly

        Whew, the Devil is certainly a logician! But your argument is fallacious.

        If you see a fallacy in the Devil’s logic then, perhaps, you are a better devil than the Devil himself …. unless you are a God, of course (or is it the God, Grammar Fiend? the damn articles “a” and “the” bedevil me, why don’t we just abolish them altogether – the life would be much easier then).

        It’s true that a small segment of the elite (like Soros and the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers) are thoroughly aware of the evil they are doing, i.e., driving the masses to desperation. But the rest of the elite are not, by which I mean the one-percenters. The 1% at the top of society, the super-rich, have no idea of how the proles live and suffer.
        We have two classes of elite here, Circassian: the 1-percenters and the 01-percenters.

        Aha, now you are flying, Madame Butterfly! Now we have only one point of disagreement left between you and I:

        (1) You assert that the 1-percenters are good percenters, and if only they knew, how the real original joes are suffering, they would have rushed to ease their pain and smash those evil 01-percenters (which they could do easily for there are ten times as much 1-percenters vs. 01-percenters).

        (2) While I surmise the 1-percenters know just as much as the 01-percenters do, which amounts to much more than you and I could ever know. And they both couldn’t care less about you and I.

        They are fighting each other all right, but what the fight is all about? That is THE question, dear woman.

    3. Excellent article. Although I doubt President ‘bonespur’ will ever do anything to bite the hand that’s fed him all of his career. He’s just as comfy under the covers with Jews and they are with one another. Though he’s not viewed as one of ‘them’, he’s kept in his place as a puppet to further their agenda. If he flinches of shows weakness, or opposes them, he will be removed. He lives at the whim of the jews who put him there. He’s no threat to the status quo.

      I work with lawyers and I’ve said on multiple occasions, when they regularly bemoan the ridiculous state of American politics, “the ONLY ones who can change it are Lawyers. But you’re all too busy climbing the golden ladder; thinking about your next expensive car or suit. Stop complaining and start writing legislation, because you are the ONLY ones who can. Unless YOU do, you have no place to complain about anything!” It’s a painful truth for them to hear, but they do agree. Alas, nothing can change in DC as long as the treasonous act of dual-national Israeli citizenship is allowed to flourish in the halls of the capitol building.

      @ Max Bliney,
      “…I am part of the world’s revival and future…..” Surprising that you allude to Yanks appearing on Oz TEEVEE.
      One can never be a meaningful part of any reform/revival/future movement and still pay tribute to the stupid box. If you’re not aware that jews own/control/create TV, then you’re not part of any movement except the movement to keep the mental slaves in a box. Lemme guess – you believe the Las Vegas shooting was ONE MAN!

      1. Lawyers are part and parcel of the problem. They’re not going to kill the fed reserve scam that has been making them millionaires for decades just for having a law degree. Sickening scam.

    4. Australia does not have it’s “joos under control” at all. Ask Brendan O’Connell about that; three years in a prison for insulting a Zionist, Israhell ambassador at his trial, etc.
      Wall St dictates as it is a major shareholder of Aust. banks.
      US embassy ‘advises’ govt. puppets.
      To state the rats are under control is empty braggadocio.

  2. brilliant and one of your best. As Nutenyahu is visiting the UK facebook has given thousands of people a months ban to stop any dissent, they knew who to target because of mass spying operations.
    This is an old article possibly 8 years but its all coming true, there is music to it too !

  3. There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?

    Two of Trump’s offspring are married to Tribe members and the third one is dating a Jew. No doubt Baron Trump will follow suit.

    One doesn’t make and lose four multi-billion dollar fortunes in NYC, then acquire another fortune w/o being in bed with the Ashkenazi gangsters that control that city and DC.

    Other than playing to his flyover country crowd and occasionally tossing them some red meat, don’t expect Trump to upset his real base, Wall Street and Tel Aviv Jews.

    1. Greg Bacon,
      A highly unfair comment about Barron (that two r’s). The kid is still only 11 years-old and should be off limits.

  4. This is an outstanding article. Good job, Winston and LD.

    This is a fact from the article:
    “Our country is divided.”

    AND…. therefore, controlled by fraudulent means… with SECRET BALLOTS… producing the selected results to benefit the rulers of the divided captives.

    The same is a fact in all countries using secret ballots. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) make it even easier today.

  5. Lasha has done a wonderful job of assembling Winston’s usually great comments into an excellent article, now published at Truthseeker. Kudos to Winston and LD. 🌟🌟🌟

  6. Pat Buchanan’s , almost word by word but with a clear called to arms that is missing in Buchanan’s rant. All the western world is in deep jewish shit, only Usa with his legions of veterans and gun owners can free us all. Forget Trump.there is no easy way out.

    1. The problem with the notion that the “USA with [its] legions of veterans and gun owners can free us all” is pie-in-the-sky musings. The huge American military with its brain-dead legions shouting USA, USA, USA, kill all the Muslims USA will always be willing to get suited and booted and kill their fellow countrymen at the behest of psychopathic generals. Why? They’ve been doing it since the first Gulf War and these gaggle of misguided misanthropes keep signing-up so they can get their hands on some neat toys with which to play. It’s just like the murder and mayhem they experienced on the newest video game when they were lads; only now it’s REAL! Gee, whiz, what fun! Kris Kyle wannabees, here we come.

  7. This President is teetering! He would like to take “decisive action”, as mentioned above.
    I can see what lobro means. Yet Jews claim he is “their” President.
    He is confused. The basic “human spirit” we spoke about is there, but he is only your Commander and Chief because he is surrounded by Jewish power mongers. Trump Tower was enabled by “out of thin air” Jewish money blips.
    “AMERICA BLEEDS” because you are controlled by prophet Malachi’s Jews. The money-changers and sellers of false doves are your masters.
    The whole world bleeds because the progeny of the devil are ascendant.They use the American war machine as their toy. So called “Christians” have been castrated.
    Ann is correct: “It is all coming true.” The age long Zionist dream is coming true.
    “We the Chosen will rule man and beast. We will decide if none shall breathe”

      1. Eve of Destruction (1964) evokes many fond memories of my youth. My question, “Has the world gone mad, or is it me?”, though hardly an original thought, was a lyric from a song of similar vintage, Hawkwind’s (psychedelic) Master of the Universe. (1971) Happier days. Yep, there are days when I think “I should have taken the blue pill”.

    1. The highlight of the Nov. 4th Antifa call to battle! (lol)
      But don’t get too comfy, tonight is Guy Fawkes Night!

      1. Yes, the Anti-Trump Revolution appears to have fizzled for lack of interest, or maybe Soros is stalling on the paychecks, but next time… Sadly, while they now claim it was all an (expensive) hoax, if there is one thing these people can be given “credit” for it’s persistence. Antifa had Portland, OR tied up for weeks with protests, fires, blocked streets, so again, IMO, it would be a mistake to underestimate them.

        Meanwhile, here’s a quick pic for your amusement. (LARP = Live Action Role Playing)

      2. Carn –

        “…the Anti-Trump Revolution appears to have fizzled …”
        ….because, as I have written before, the battles are waged by folks carrying smart-phones… to beat up others on Facebook and Twitter and blog-sites… etc…

        That’s how FIGHTING(sic) is done these days.

        I was in a fist fight almost every day in grade school and junior high. We always fought over who would bat first or play quarter back…!! 🙂

    2. Carn –

      “Has the world gone mad, or is it me?”

      It is not you at all.

      The world has gone soft. Politicians were flogged and beaten and stabbed and shot regularly in times past.

      Tarring and feathering killed some of them.

      That’s why Congress had to leave several locations where they gathered in secret…. like gypsies…. such as in Albany and NYC and Philly and Princeton and Annapolis and get their own COMPOUND in DC…
      ……to meet in SECRET…!! 🙂

      And later in Philly:

      1. Pat, how true. It really was a much different nation.
        Like when the Ohio Congressman stuck his pistol into Sam Houston’s ribs and …

      2. Yes, HP –

        Andy Jackson carried several bullets to the grave. One was from a duel. Another was from the 1812 kerfuffle.. 🙂

      3. Pat, although today’s ‘tales from the Hood’ rival those times.
        As does Mexico’s ongoing (150,000 killed/murdered) drug war on the competition.
        The devolution of the times and their formerly higher comportments being very apparent via the new definitions of ‘death before dishonor’
        and such..

      4. And then there’s the story of a bullet hitting a bible in Teddy Rooooosevelt’s breast pocket while making a stump speech which he CONTINUED with!

        When men were men and women were glad of it! (:>)

      5. @Pat
        If we could just lure some of the offending CongressClowns into Canada where dueling is legal again…. What is needed is a steady supply of older folks with terminal diseases and expert shooting skills. Could solve a lot of problems. Perhaps we could start a petition to make dueling legal again in the US. If we called it “cultural enrichment” the SJWs would probably go for it. 😜

        People knew how to treat politicians, and other liars, cheats and scoundrels back in the 16th -18th centuries. Thanks for the interesting links.

    3. @ Carnaptious

      “Has the world gone mad, or is it me?”

      Here in Pennsylvania, I believe I am seeing a significant increase in random acts of violence directed against both people and animals (and it is probably that way all across the U.S.).

      An example is the crime of throwing-rocks-at-cars-from-an-overpass:

      Lately this seems to be happening so often that I now pay particular attention to any overpass when I’m driving. I can “understand” a desperate person robbing a convenient store to feed a drug addiction, but these increasingly common random acts of violence – where someone is willing to risk spending 20 years in prison just for the sake of hurting or killing a stranger – simply defy explanation (“worldly” explanation that is).

      Then there’s this kind of random violent crime that seems to be on the rise not only in PA but all across the country:

      1. @Harold,

        Yes, the acts of random violence against people and animals are increasing. While the MSM refuses to cover many of the stories, or obfuscates the facts, a lot of the violence is racially motivated, anti-white crime. For instance, an acid attack on a young girl, right here in the USA: The video at the NYPOST link you provided is a similar case, and there have been literally thousands more in the US and Europe within the last year. White South African farmers are being killed and eaten! (An excellent article).

        The attacks on animals are, for me, even more disturbing. This kind of thing: Locally, a herd of wild horses that lived in the wilderness area outside of town were slain and mutilated for no apparent reason. It made the local print paper, no MSM coverage. The local animal shelter (no-kill, I’m glad to say) has been inundated with seriously abused cats and dogs. My consolation comes from believing that animals will still be on this planet long after the hateful humans are gone.

        I’m on the west coast, and the rock throwing from overpasses has also become a problem here. In my sixty some years, I’ve never seen anything like the crap that’s going on now. As old and decrepit as I am, I’ve had enough! “It’s OK to be White”

      2. I cannot even bear to read any more stories about the animal abuse that’s happening on an almost daily basis around here.

        And the corruption in local and state government here in PA simply defies my ability to put into words; everybody and I mean EVERYBODY is on the take in one way or another.

        I’ve noticed that “things”, when they fail, seem to share the common trait of what you might call a “positive feedback loop” or “vicious cycle”. This seems to be true in almost any context, whether it be the loss of metabolic control in diabetes; a failing mechanical ball bearing; a semiconductor in a thermal runaway situation; aging-related-aging-and-disease (e.g., the more you age – the more you age); and this failing society is no exception. I believe it will soon become catastrophic. In fact I see it as the Biblically predicted “spiritual darkness” that’s descended upon America:

        “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev 18:2).

  8. When the jews did 9/11, they basically walked into a gambling casino and put everything they had on the table. They emptied their pockets; 9/11 was an all or nothing deal for the collective.

    What we have in 9/11 is a perfect microcosm of jewish evil. It’s all there; all their scheming; all their tactics, all their actors; all their brazenness; all their Satanic goals.

    We have the involvement of the Israeli government at the highest level; we have the involvement of the Israeli Mossad; we have the involvement of jewish sayanim; we have the involvement of corrupt Israel-first goy politicians who’ve sold their souls to the beast; we have plotting; we have the preparatory illegal spying; we have the preparatory propaganda campaign; we have the mass murder and the destruction; we have the subsequent attack on the constitution; we have the fraudulent “war on terror”; we have the aggression against the Arab/Islamic world, and all the squandered blood and trillions; of course we have the cover-up; and last but not least, we have the insurance fraud…the in-your-face insult that the jews must always add to the injury.

    Ironically, when they did 9/11, the jews in a sense provided us with a weapon that could very likely slay the beast. And now here we are in late 2017, obviously in the “Last Days of America”, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey have proffered to the world a scientific study that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that WTC7 was brought down by a controlled demolition…which implies that 9/11 was an “inside job”.

    In the face of the by now overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence, there’s no more “sitting on the fence”. There’s no neutral position on 9/11. There’s no more “debate”. There’s no more room to maneuver. If Trump does not now use every instrument at his disposal as president to investigate 9/11, then he is just another traitorous jew-puppet. Nothing else matters; his action or failure to act on 9/11, by itself, completely defines him. And so far we have every indication that he our “president” will DO NOTHING REGARDING 9/11.

    “There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?”

    What’s stopping him is the fact that he doesn’t work for “us”. He apparently sold his soul a long time ago and he now worships the beast. So rather than pick up the weapon offered to him on a silver platter and at least attempt to slay the beast, he steers the Titanic into the iceberg with one hand while he furiously re-arranges the deck chairs with the other hand.

      1. I don’t think the report was published yet, but to quote from the “project summary”:

        ” […] The findings thus far are that fire did not bring down this building. Building failure simulations show that, to match observation, the entire inner core of this building failed nearly simultaneously.”

    1. If some kind of “9/11” had happened in Russia and there was some reason to believe that the Russian government had something to hide – even just incompetence – and some Russian academicians published a paper that portrayed the Russian government in a bad light, we know the jews would be all over it. The jews would be screaming…SCREAMING for an international investigation.

      So when Hulsey et al. publish their paper, and Teflon Don ignores it, I hope Russia and China will start screaming, relentlessly, for an investigation. The U.S. “government” must be challenged on 9/11 both domestically and internationally.

    2. @ Harold Smith

      WINSTON: “There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered. So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?”

      HAROLD SMITH: “What’s stopping him is the fact that he doesn’t work for “us”. He apparently sold his soul a long time ago and he now worships the beast. So rather than pick up the weapon offered to him on a silver platter and at least attempt to slay the beast, he steers the Titanic into the iceberg with one hand while he furiously re-arranges the deck chairs with the other hand.”

      Good point, Harold! If Trump is such a great guy, why doesn’t he step up to plate and order a new investigation into 9/11? Time for the Trump admirers to come forward and answer this question:

      “Why doesn’t Trump order a new investigation into 9/11 if he’s such an honest guy and wants to smash Jewish power?”

      Trouble is, every time you ask the Trump admirers this simple question, they melt away into the shadows muttering darkly. 🙂

      So sad.

      1. Try this, Trump could be taken out if he would tell full truth about 9/11
        If he went after the truth directly, think about ALL the players exposed, not just the JEW: Cheney, Bush syndicate, Rudy Giuliani, THE ENTIRE DEEP STATE – every single Intel agency’s top personnel, Pentagon-DoD, the Fortune 500 corporations and execs, the ENTIRE lying media, here and abroad, e.g., BBC (and thus the whole of the British establishment), quite possibly the National Guard, the foreign powers like the Saudis, … the list goes on, who knows how many more, who even though not directly involved, aided and abetted the cover-up.

        Now you answer my couple of questions:
        – just how many powerful allies would Trump have left, given that he probably had to make several deals with the Devil just to secure the few ones on his side presently, a military faction or two, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and how many of the world’s most powerful entities would be gung go to kill him in open daylight, given (just a single example of the deep storage available) dozens, if not hundreds Manchurian candidates reprogrammed and adjusted in the CIA’s undocumented black (read: torture+mindf**k) sites … not to mention Mossad, Shin Bet and worse.

        – what exactly could Trump expect in terms of successfully and expediently setting up an upright, competent Judenfrei investigative panel, unhindered in its pursuit of relevant evidence, would the alphabet agencies cough it up on request or would they collude to redact, destroy or forge fakes? What about political pushback, charges of antisemitism, treason, collaboration with Iran and Russia?

        – what about catastrophic (read, NUKES) false flags that the implicated agencies, forces and entities, desperate in their fight for survival could/WOULD enact, the REAL Samson option?

        – what about the international turmoil and disarray, as the shabbos like Canada, Australia, Germany, etc, had to explain why they participated in the genocides of numerous nations, all under the GWOT rubric?

        – how many hours of life would you give Trump if he was TRULY alone, even Mattis and McMaster in the “either him or us” mode?

        C’mon, ANSWER, you challenged me, said I am dodging the “simple” issue, now the ball is back in your court.

        On the other hand … if a landmine of incriminating evidence could be concealed to emerge “unexpectedly” in the course of some anti-Trump investigation, say, in the Mueller examination of Mike Flynn, who probably knows where the bodies are buried, who could blame Trump for whatever pops out? 😉
        The political power of a Damocles sword is not in the beheading but in the threat of beheading.

        Try to grasp this point.

        None of the combatants in the global arena care much about Sardonicus’ or Lobro’s entertainment but in possible reactions, strengths and weaknesses of their adversaries.
        Elections may be a popularity contest, The Great Game definitely is not.

      2. Sard –

        Try to grasp this point: Trump was likely shorting American Airlines with the rest of the billionaire oligarchs, Bush and Wall Street insiders on 9/11..

        He knew where not to be… 🙂

      3. @ Lobro
        (to Sardonicus)

        Now you answer my couple of questions…. C’mon, ANSWER, you challenged me, said I am dodging the “simple” issue, now the ball is back in your court.

        If you’d dared to speak to ME in the rude and hectoring tones you have adopted toward Sardonicus, I’d smash you in the teeth.
        I’d beat the shit out of you. You deserve to be booted off this site for trying to pick fights with people all the time and cause all these bad vibes.

        FYI, Sardonicus did not “challenge” you. He didn’t even address you! And the question he asked was expressed in very polite terms: “Why doesn’t Trump order a new investigation into 9/11 if he’s such an honest guy and wants to smash Jewish power?”

        Did you answer that polite and reasonable question? No, you didn’t! Because you didn’t have the answer. All you could do was bluster and work yourself into a froth. It was a perfectly reasonable question and you were unable to answer it satisfactorily. Your answer was that Trump wouldn’t demand an investigation into 9/11 because it was too risky, too scary, and would make a lot of influential people get mad angry with him.

        It beats me how anyone can praise a man for doing F**K ALL because it’s too risky to do anything! So how is your hero gonna “drain the swamp” if he doesn’t get off his ass and DO something? Can you explain that?

        I for one couldn’t care less about someone putting in a good word for Trump, but you don’t know how to do it without flying off the handle and having a fit of hysterics.

        @ Sardonicus

        Don’t bother entering into conversation with this rude and angry little pipsqueak.

        1. @ Dr Parker


          ADMIN: Good try, Circassian. But we can’t allow this mischievous attempt to stir up further underlying tensions on our site. We are seeking peace between the warring parties here, not further anger and hatred. Let the fighters in the ring decide who wins this ongoing fight. We don’t need YOU as referee! 🙂

      4. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “– what about catastrophic (read, NUKES) false flags..”

        There is no need for the parentheses… The Mainstream Media fear porn phony promotions do not use them. Condoleeza Rice did not use parentheses to garner FEAR and support for Attacking Afghanistan..!! 🙂

    1. Messiancdruid –

      Good statement! When I consider this fine piece of land, I have to remember that it was ancient long BEFORE there was a United States Corporation. Whomever of us can survive the coming (and necessary) financial tsunami will, at least, have ground with which to work. Save your seed! Save your tools! Keep your guns and ammo ready! I am convinced that “nuclear” holohoax is akin to the Jewish holohoax… It has been a threat without a bite for far too long for our maniac overseers to withstand temptation from using. 😉

      1. I couldn’t concur more, Gil.

        When the dust settles, the settlers that prevail are Christ’s “meek”

        MAY GOD BE WITH US .

  9. Americans have been pushed to the breaking point and Jews know it. More and more of the sleeping masses are awakening to the truth. One can no longer view any media without having the Jew’s sick poison rammed down their throats. I think the time is nigh for the Jews to pull the plug on (((their))) “golden honeycomb” and let it “blow away”.

    Although the “gun control” issue has been held in abeyance, Jews believe they have the superior firepower, technology and foreign troops to quell any uprising among the American “bourgeois”, that is why they are willing to increase the pressure to the breaking point. Amerika has passed the point of Weimar Germany and is fast approaching the Jew’s murderous, Soviet-gulag, terror state. As I have written, one will either die fighting on their feet or on their knees begging for mercy from a merciless, psychopathic enemy deaf to such pleas.

    My answer was a sailboat; a mobile, wind powered escape vehicle that could be rapidly relocated when the SHTF. While I reached to point of owning such a vessel, the Jew’s legal machinations of divorce stopped me from sailing off into the sunset. However, I now realize there is no safe place remaining for the white man to run.

    As with any serious survival situation, it is impossible to predict any area that will remain safe in the coming global calamity. Survival will largely be the luck of the draw with the advantage going to those who have remained healthy and mobile. We, not the Jews, are the cornered rats. One can only hope our reaction will be the same.

    This is one of the best articles to come out on Darkmoon in a while.

  10. Yes mexsianic druoid or whatever, the lands of the Americas will survive!
    Long after the Jewish pestilence is gone the beautiful land will regenerate
    Fat, ugly Americanos – the product of Jewish junk food – will be gone.
    The media charade will be gone.
    Brownhawk’s people will survive, joined by chief lobro and Pat the wise and Gilby and his old gun.
    O that Druidism should revive and join Brownhawk in the depths and beauty of the primeval forest.
    Near LA, Jews will hang on lamp-posts.

  11. And now comes former loyalist Donna Brazile to throw HRC under the bus. Elizabeth Warren and the heroic Tulsi Gabbard, to name just two other key women Congress critters, have joined in. As in the Weinstein case, there’s blood in the water, so who knows how many democrats will jump ship to save their own cushy seats. Word is that, with the Uranium scandal fueling the mix, Jeff Sessions will not recuse himself this time. Trump has added a swift boot to his butt as incentive.

    So, it appears that a tipping point is being reached. Hillary descends while Trump ascends. With nothing to show for his efforts after more than six months of investigation, Robert Mueller’s time may be running out. Winston’s assertion that it is a race to see who gets indicted first, the Wicked Witch or Trump, may already be outdated. The latest speculation is that Mueller is a corrupt cop. As FBI director at the time, the word from FOX news is that he knew all about the Clintons lining their pockets with Russian rubles in exchange for 20% of our uranium. (One wonders how much he received for his silence?)

    Is it ‘irrational exuberance’ to think this is shaping up to be the end for Hillary? As Winston said, America needs a sacrifice from time to time. At the end of the day, no one is bullet proof once their usefulness has expired. If they don’t get Hillary this time they never will.

  12. Why China is building islands in the South China Sea?

    I believe the map of the western pacific will soon change, China is expanding outward and is no longer sitting idle with USA domination in the region. China builds archipelagos of military bases by dredging up the sea floor onto reefs, and has the ability to build aircraft carriers faster than we can. China, now the economic powerhouse, is expanding and recently made mock nuclear bombing runs on Guam. See this article that total demolishes the official narrative that China is on our side of the fight with North Korea:

    US reacts to Chinese bombers ‘practicing bombing runs on Guam
    “US officials have blasted China for staging mock nuclear attack runs on its major Pacific military facilities ahead of a visit by President Trump.”

    Guam is a natural pivot point for projecting military power. The United States routinely flies it’s bombers all over the western pacific from this rock (Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Alaska). B-1s and B-52s are being launched weekly to intimidate North Korea.

    If the United States was to bomb China they would do it from Guam.

    Guam was occupied by Imperial Japan which is a good reason for fear it could happen again. Wikipedia: “The Japanese occupation of Guam lasted for approximately thirty-one months. During this period, the indigenous people of Guam were subjected to forced labor, family separation, incarceration, execution, concentration camps and forced prostitution.”

    In this video you can clearly see why Guam is a problem for China’s ambitions: Guam Explained

  13. Last Days of America?

    I don’t think so. Many people, and not just Americans, are waking up to the fact that the Jewish Lobby controls America, but nobody in the media or politics dare say it. It really is the most bizarre situation; the elephant in the living room

    If something legal isn’t done soon to end the situation then there could be real trouble. 20 years ago I never used to hear the comments I hear now. Ordinary Americans are very angry, and most of that anger is directed at the Jewish elites, especially the bankers and AIPAC.

  14. The position of “President” is a façade by the secret government to provide the illusion of independence from the secret government or “Hidden Hand”. If a President does his own thing independent from T.H.E.M., he is removed to make room for one who will comply.

    T.H.E.M. = The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind

    There is only ONE Judge, ONE Law, ONE Ruler, ONE God. Everything else is Treason.

    Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I COMMAND you.

    THEIR MONEY MUST BE TAKEN AWAY. WILL YOU learn to sing the New Song?

    The ‘New Song’

    BTW, Australia is owned by a fraudulent Queen. So, how could it be a good place to be? She is both a criminal and a very dangerous person with a lot of worldly power to control. Taking her on is dangerous, but IS NECESSARY. Put your money where your mouth is!

    The TRUTH about the British Monarchy; the “Golden Jubilee” (50 year reign) of the queen who never was –

  15. Thank you for assembling the various observations Dr. LD, and presenting them in general critique format. Many thanks to Sister Monica and fellow commentators for kind thoughts, and criticisms. Some of my scribblings use colorful expressions like “beaucoup” as slang and of course some were written in critique of somewhat differing issues. Mea Culpa.

    Essentially, the core issue remains. The subversive conquest of the centers of power by ruthless elites in North America and Europe, the vicious agenda that extends special privilege to one group who are permitted to exclude hordes of taxpayer dependent savages from their living space and the deliberate destruction of a far greater civilization that took good men and women centuries to build, to be replaced by an unworkable ideology concocted on the basis of implementing the cruelest slavery. The export of criminal wars of mass murder and destruction for naked profit, the violent murder of citizens to bring domestic totalitarian despotism.

    Most dangerous of all the attempts to enslave and loot the reborn Russian nation, leading to insane acts of brinkmanship that can easily spiral into the destruction of human life on the Planet itself.

    So there we are. It sounds better to me with some editing as above, many thanks.

    1. @ Winston

      The article has obviously been a big hit, Winston. One can always tell by the number of comments that have come flooding in during the first few hours. Thank you once again!

      1. @ Sister Monica

        Thank you so much. I guess this means that I won’t be working in Hollywood anymore, and that MacMansion I was counting on will have to wait. There’s always play acting in social protests I suppose…it seems to be a growth industry. I think I’ll draw the line at dancing the “Achey-Breakey” in Vegas, however. Don’t get me wrong I love Jim Reeves… “Make the World go away”…

      2. Carnaptious,

        Let’s not give Mr. Soros any bright ideas, he’ll be financing trash cans and rubbish thugs with an attitude before we know it…

      3. Wig –

        Do you mean TROJ’s porno-buddy..
        …Mel Polatnick… time-sharing in Florida …. ?? 🙂

        1. @ WIGGINS :

          The joo in the picture can’t be Mel. Mel the joo is in solitary confinement here in Spamblinka. The guards told me he’s in the solitary confienment cell right next to mine. I haven’t seen him for years. The guards ordered me to stop asking about Mel or else, so I stopped inquiring about the joo. I’m in that area of Spamblinka where they throw the joos — just because uncle and Pat who can’t figure out their asses from their elbows “figured out” that I’m “really’ “a joo”. The TWO got everything figured out alright. They figured everything out to their benefit, and to the detriment of us “thought criminals” totally Spammed Banned Rammed, those of us who have a tendency to question everything. Everything, of course, questioning EVERYTHING includes questioning the Heliocentric theory of The Science Mafia who employs Pat and uncle to stand guard in front of the solitary confinement cells, Sun “god” forbid any of us “thought criminals” escape, the Sun would never come up in the morning ever again. Logical common sense Empirical Science questions make Us nervous and makes Us go pee pee in Our pants. A little bit petrified of Flat Earthers are WE, now now, don’t be scared whiddle boys, be Brave boys, here’s a Sun 🙂 to protect mommy’s ~ lol, little brave men, lol ~ from the ;-( Big Bad Flat Earther meanies.

      4. @Sister Monica,

        (Off Topic) Never mind my silliness, I never worked in Hollywood. I took a look at TheTruthseeker and have to say what a fine website it is indeed. Some of the areas like the ones covered at Darkmoon are greatly interesting. I’ve been there before but it has been a while. The topic of the Apollo program Moon landings is of particular personal interest. Jack White’s Apollo Studies (online only), Bill Kaysing’s “We Never Went to the Moon”, and “NASA Mooned America” by Rene all present various evidence. Photographic anomalies are stunning. Coming from an Aviation family, my view is that it happened but very differently from what we have been told. Ingo Swann’s “Penetration” and Timothy Good’s latest book (I recommend all of them) clarify things a good deal, but one needs to delve deeper, including our own history.

        I mention this not to wander way off topic, but because it certainly underlines a lot of the “Official” Agenda we are so critical of, and rightly so. I freely acknowledge the governments of the World are being confronted with a major and unusual ongoing problem (and incredibly dangerous) but would argue that it is counterproductive to attempt convenient rule along the lines being pursued – it makes thing far too easy for more than Israel and it’s supporters. I concede however, that certain technology should not be freely available, given what people do (abuse) with what they already have. The Agenda we criticize so fiercely here at Darkmoon only multiplies this problem by way of liberal Marxist Academia, Media, and vicious Social Engineering. Then the murderous False Flag Ops. All societies need a Moral Anchor to survive, and constantly eroding what we have with Solzhenitsyn’s beautifully described “Cult of Modernism” is very dangerous. The proffered replacement of endless sensual gratification, entertainment, and marginal material comforts won’t work in the long run, any more than Marxist economics.

        The cumulative evidence in the field on a worldwide scale available today is massive. It is endlessly fascinating, and I hope The Truthseeker will continue to explore the very deep rabbit hole.

  16. a fine medley of comments, going off every which way, like firecrackers, though a bulk of them in a predictable direction (Trump the Zio Puppet).

    “There is nothing to stop this President from taking swift, decisive action – if he can be bothered.
    So why doesn’t he? What’s stopping him?
    — § —

    I’d like to add to the variety for Franklin’s continuing education, 4D CHESS 101
    (Trump’s Long Game to Drain the Swamp)

    So happy that there is even a single blogger in North America with a clue to the underlying action.

    1. @Lobro

      Well this may be true, but what according to you is the “4D Chess” explanation of Trump’s use of the MOAB on a small grotto with a few terrorists in Afghanistan, or his threat to “completely destroy North Korea” in front of the UN ?

      1. Or his cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase; or his seizure of Russian property (and two day time limit for personnel to vacate the property); or his escalation in Afghanistan; or his effort to undermine the agreement with Iran?

    2. Far too many are far too impatient that President Trump hasn’t solved the nation’s problems in a mere nine months. It’s an old cliché, but Trump is now the captain of the Titanic, and there is an “iceberg dead ahead.” Just as the real Captain Smith went down with the ship, odds are that Trump will share the same fate. But who else willing to try it could do better? Trump, despite his many faults, is the only one not completely wedded to the satanic status quo. I’ll suspend disbelief for a while longer and pray that Lobro is right about Trump playing 4D Chess. It’s too bad that deceased Grandmaster Bobby Fischer is no longer around to advise him.

      1. Yet “a mere nine months” was more than enough time for Teflon Don to make everything worse.

        1. “God blesses those who support Israel” so (((they))) say. The overwhelming number of Americans have been supporting Israel for decades, and I’m talking about average working class Americans, not just the VIP politicians, but Americans in general, grass roots America, in return for supporting Israel us Americans are “blessed” with the prospect of a Civil War and massive blood shed in America, and if not Civil War, if the JEW Deep State fails in starting the Civil War the JEW Deep State wants, never ending mass shootings, even at/in Christian churches, and even at/in Christian churches where everyone supports Israel. This is what ((( they ))) call a “blessing”.

      2. Which group of Jews do they support? All groups despise Christians and Goyim in general.

        ‘Lubavitcher messianism is precisely what Jews through the generations have seen as classic, Christian-style false messianism.’ – Rabbi David Berger, Orthodox Jew, ‘The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference’

        ‘Marrying anybody from Chabad is like marrying a non-Jew.’ – Sephardi Rabbi Gaon of Vilna

        ‘A non-Jewish soul comes from three Satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.’ – Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

      3. One more group:
        ‘The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drug them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood!’ – Gus Hall, chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A.

    1. The agenda becomes clearer. Max Boot, arch-neocon, HRC supporter, Swamp Scum on Steroids, and colleague of people such as David Frum, Richard Pearle, and Bill Kristol tweets:

      Max Boot‏ Verified account @MaxBoot 2h2 hours ago

      I’m sick & tired of “thoughts and prayers” for mass shooting victims. What we need: legislation & regulation. Start with assault-weapon ban.
      857 replies 1,554 retweets 4,036 likes

      The shooter has been identified, Devin Patrick Kelly, 26 year old. His social media accounts have been scrubbed, except for some basic information, and a picture of an “assault rifle”. There is some speculation this was part of the Nov. 4 Antifa Revolution, but the guy’s mother-in-law lived in the town, and may have been in the church.

      1. I agree completely with “Max Boot”. I’ll gladly give up every gun I have, and I’ll even give up any sharp objects, potentially dangerous household chemicals, etc. Yessir, you’ll see me standing in line to hand them over, right behind the military and the cops.

        1. @ Carnaptious

          If you think of it, this story sounds more fake than genuine. It’s more than likely this is a publicity stunt by Tesco’s, a major British supermarket, to get its name splashed all over the newspapers. I bet the checkout lady assistant who held up the teaspoons and queried the sale was part of the scam!

          Anyway, this amusing teaspoon kerfuffle is not going to harm Tesco’s sales figures in the slightest way. 🙂

      1. I’m a little unclear on why the website of a Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, is relevant to an investigation of a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. True, they are both Baptist churches, but there must be something more to lead you to think “it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch.” Care to be somewhat more specific about what you found when you “investigated”?

        Here is the website for the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the scene of the shooting (note the pastor’s name is Pomeroy):

      2. Carnaptious,

        You’re right. Thank you for setting me straight. My mistake. Strangely though, when I searched the first result was the correct site, I recognise it immediately. It however flashed away in eehh, well, a flash and redirected me to this other site, which rendered me to conclude what I posted. And indeed, although this is also a Baptist Church I can’t extract enough information off its site to come to the same conclusion.

        Well, that’s cleared that up.

  17. From the article:
    “To the terrorized in other lands, and to those about to be terrorized, I say this: what is going to happen to you when (((They))) come to your country? What will you do then?”

    The US Dollar (((THEY))) invented – $$$$ – is already in every other country. It is even used in Iceland.

    The question should be:

    “What are you doing about it… NOW..?”

    1. Pat, “What are you doing about it … NOW …?”
      Have it printed on T-shirts, singlets, car stickers, etc. “JEWISH $$$$’S CONTROL THE USA..”
      REPEAT it ad nauseam: “6 million Jews control our government.” Print 1000’s of copies on your computer and drop them everywhere.
      Get everyone saying it. Get the common man to understand this simple truth.
      Write childrens’ story books about the bad ogres that took over the world.
      As Mr Root said: ” Trump is the first truly Jewish president.”
      They said the same about the vile Obummer.
      Destroy the moneychangers of the Federal Reserve. Enter their synagogues. Enter their holocaust museums.
      Challenge them on the streets of New York. Talk to the military trained.
      Boycott their filthy movies. Boycott the ex porn star and willing couch auditioner, Cameron Diaz. Make people like her feel shame.
      Reveal the truth about Darren Star – the poofter, woman hater, who turned women into whores with his Sex and the City pornography.
      Open up about the sons of satan, the Jews. Heed Jesus’ warnings. Read the gospels to learn why all Jews are bad. Tear out Saul the Pharisee’s lies. View the 5 books of Moses as a violent tribal march.
      Read the only part of the Old Testament that matters – Malachi’s ringing condemnation of the filthy Jews. Read what the Babylonian Jews did to the temple.
      Ask why the USA is now “a den of thieves.”
      Finish Jesus’ job. Blacklist all Jews. Deport them all to their beloved Israel and let the true Semites deal with them. Take away their American welfare payments.

      1. New Song, if you keep quoting from the Torah, then you owe it to us to quote all the dirty bits as well. How about YHWH flattening the “cities of the plains” and the crazy man’s invocations to “leave none breathing” among the Semitic-Arab tribes that had long occupied what we now call Palestine? The Israelites’ desert god was a mass murderer and arch fiend. Modern Jews love him. I hate him as he set up the Jews genocide of the Arab peoples. Are you an Israel-firster? Would you like an all expenses paid trip to live in Gaza for 6 months? Then you might have to make up a new song. Nothing like American made missiles and drones flashing over your head!

      2. Maxie –

        “Have it printed on T-shirts, singlets, car stickers, etc. “JEWISH $$$$’S CONTROL THE USA..”

        Great idea…. You must have printed thousands of each of them…. using your “YUGE” and obscene wealth at your disposal. 🙂

  18. However, I now realize there is no safe place remaining for the white man to run.

    It’s been a pleasure to read your posts over the years and that of so many Darkmoon commenters. The knowledge base found here is rich, challenging, stimulating and though unpleasant and disturbing, still in some measure comforting.

    Not too long ago there was someone commenting that there aren’t solutions found here. While that may or may not be true, at the very least you don’t feel like you’re alone. Whatever spiritual path we take at least, here, we identify and elucidate the criminal activities of the Luciferian spirit that is progressing, pell-mell with its system of slavery over all of humanity.

    And yes, I concur, the white nations are in the crosshairs of the Beast and by extension, all free thinking people who naturally aspire to live with some sense of liberty.

    As someone who worked in the education system, and still does marginally; as a father who is raising a 22 year old autistic son and one who home-schools all of my children till University level; I feel like there is less and less space left for you.

    Last week I wrote a simple poem of how it feels to be a father confronting the system of the Beast.

    ………..Father, My Father……….

    Selfish, selfish, little old man
    You do and do
    All that you can
    That they, the little ones
    Might get a chance to stand
    Beyond the detection
    Beyond the deception.

    Selfish, selfish, little old man
    Who do you think you are?
    Dare to withstand!
    “Keep them safe.”
    I dare you
    If you can.
    We are Legion
    Destined to overcome.

    Selfish, selfish, little old man
    Why persist?
    ‘Tis futile to resist.
    Let me treat you,
    Let me dine you,
    Let me entertain you,
    I will even ‘fame’ you.

    Selfish, selfish little old man
    For all your effort and time
    When I find you
    I will crush you.
    “They will be mine.”
    Great article by Winston – thank you.

  19. Yes, SEEB, we will “crush” them, just as Jesus told us we must. Jesus is the way of life. Jews offer only death.

  20. “Today, it is not the Executive branch alone that is infested. Congress is rotten to the core with Israel firsters, and the FBI and other Intel Agencies need to clean house.” Nice thought Winston. The FBI and the intel agencies are part of the Excutive branch and “rotten to the core”. Don’t hold your breath waiting for one part of the whole rotten edifice to clean house on the other rotten part. And forget the Federal Courts. The only thing standing in the way of totalitarian America is the Jury and even then the Juries are manipulated. Just today Sunday Nov. 5, 25 or so church goers were staughtered in Texas by, now wait for this, a “lone” gunman. This killing in the opinion of TJ is another Black Psyops brought to you with loving care by your criminal psychopathic government and for your viewing pleasure on ZIO-Vision. For course there was more then one shooter, like there always is. Just like the multiple shooters that went down in Lost Wagers slaughter Oct 1st.
    Never,ever give up your guns America.

  21. And in the entire sordid history of mindless (i.e., possessed) lone nut gunmen (alternatively referred to as “redneck hillbilly yahoo with a racist grudge”), Islamic fundamentalist jihadis (always shouting “Allahu Akbar”), they share 2 traits: while loudly professing hostility to Jews, scrupulously making sure that no Jew is ever hurt.
    Even at a “random” sweep of a busy bicycle lane in Jew York by a pickup – no dead jews.
    I guess it dovetails with the meaning of CHOSEN.

    Wonder if “ODIGO” works out to an interesting anagram in Habiru language of schnozzal grunts, phlegm-choked horks, whimpers and bleats.
    The sounds of rattlesnakes is music by comparison.

    1. Lobro,
      Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun possession in the world. Every Swiss male keeps his army issued rifle at home plus ammo. The level of private gun ownership is also high. I was visiting some Swiss friends in 1980 and we spent nearly every free afternoon at target practice. I’ve never heard of any Swiss people going out and gunning people down. It seems to be an Anglo-Saxon or Jewish “thing”. It seems to indicate the racial inferiority of the Anglo-Saxon or perhaps a stage managed event.

      1. Felix –

        I believe it is an AGENDA which is being pursued to try to get the average white American more conciliatory to the anti-gun legislators. The MK-Ultra strategies are at play, here. The objective is a disarmed populace
        such as fell prey to the Bolsheviks once-upon-a-time. America is, now, the biggest impediment to global domination, no matter how much you hate her.

      2. Gilbert,
        Sorry, I must disagree. America is now the main instrument, along with the her European and other Jackal allies, of the Jewish plan to exterminate most of humanity. Download from the internet, the Project for the New American Century written in 1996, and signed by mostly Jewish Neocons. It clearly states that JUSA will not allow the rise of any state in the Eurasian landmass to challenge their dominance of the world. The document even “predicts” 9/11 as a means of motivating Americans. By implication, it’s a blueprint for mass extermination, because the only way America can prevent the rise of China is through the use of nuclear weapons. Perhaps this is why you doubt they exist, an ostrich in a state of denial, unable to contemplate the enormity of the catastrophe to come.
        Let’s take a look at the English Common Law definition of Murder, followed in 49 states of the USA, except for Louisiana, who use the Code Napoleon. Here goes:
        “Any person of sound mind, who unlawfully kills any reasonable (human) being, with malice aforethought,
        express or IMPLIED, shall be guilty of murder.” When I first studied law, there was a provision that death must occur within a year and a day, but because of HIV this was dropped.
        So yes, I do not like America, or the contemptible Jackal races that crawl up her anus. And it’s not because of her so-called freedoms, (you don’t have any) but because of the fact she has allowed herself to become an intrument of the Jews, who are hell-bent on the mass murder of most of humanity and the enslavement of the remainder. All at the behest of their infernal master who reigns in hell. So tell me, Gilbert, why should I like America? And you as an American, who is supposedly, Jew wise and patriotic, may I ask what you personally have done to prevent the Jewification and defilement of your country by this diabolical plague bacillus?

      3. Felix, the chosenoids have chosen America, not Switzerland, because the Swiss population is too small, and Swiss banks are too important. I lived there, and believe me, it’s a place of drug addicts – drugs, alcohol and money are all that matters there. It was the first country in the world that legalised the use of drugs for recreational purposes.

      4. I’m convinced that without Zionists over the past hundred years, there wouldn’t have been more than 10% of the warfare and all those invasions. The Rothschilds’ mafia made the British economy dependent on weapon production and drug business, and even helped Japan with loans, weapons and propaganda attack other Asian countries. Now, the same mafia is trying to make the economy of the US and other countries dependant on the casino “business”.
        ‘It is worthwhile mentioning here that 80% of the British MPs are Zionist puppets, claimed to be signed-up members of Friends of Israel, a membership that is considered a stepping-stone to higher political office. Therefore, one must not wonder that these politicians exhibit this pathological inhumane complete denial of the British colonial crimes and responsibility for occupation of Palestine and the genocide of its indigenous people not mentioning the other multiple crimes around the world… Theresa May stated the following statements in different occasions:
        “As Prime Minister, I am proud to say that I support Israel. And it is absolutely right that we should mark the vital role that Britain played a century ago in helping to create a homeland for the Jewish people … born of that letter, the pen of Balfour, and of the efforts of so many people, is a remarkable country … We are proud of the role that we played in the creation of Israel and we will certainly mark the centenary with pride.”’

      5. Sneez, In all the main cities of the world drug addiction is rife. Read Alfred W. McCoy’s book, “The Politics of Heroin, How the CIA controls the world’s drug trade.” The CIA use the profits to enrich themselves and to fund black ops around the world. This, in addition for the need to have an FOB in Central Asia for the coming world war, is the reason the US won’t leave Afghanistan. If you want to eradicate drugs in your country shut down the CIA. And for all this talk about owning guns I have yet to see any action against the (((swine))) in your country. And sitting around waiting for the (((enemy))) to make the first move is a recipe for defeat.
        Do an internet search on the German General of Panzer Troops, Hermann Balck. He’s probably the greatest general from WW2, that no one has ever heard of. You can download his memoirs from He was famous for his night marches and always attacked his enemies first. He was one of the 27 Germans to be awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Crossed Swords and Diamonds in WW2. In the Battle of State Farm 79 in 1942, his Panzer Division, after a forced 300 Kilometre march, destroyed an entire Soviet Armoured Brigade. As a young teenager, in South Africa, I met his former Chief of Staff, F. W. Von Mellenthin, who’d been on Rommel’s staff in North Africa and he rated Hermann Balck the greatest. Take a leaf out his book. Don’t sit around waiting for the enemy to attack you. Take action, or is it too late? Is the US f**ked up beyond all salvation? So far I haven’t seen any indication that the West can be saved. Do they deserve to be saved? Are they worthy of life?

      6. @ Felix

        Don’t sit around waiting for the enemy to attack you. Take action, or is it too late? Is the US f**ked up beyond all salvation? So far I haven’t seen any indication that the West can be saved. Do they deserve to be saved? Are they worthy of life?

        An excellent post, Felix, showing your vast intelligence and background knowledge. But may I ask how remedial action is to be taken to free America from its Jewish shackles when those at the very pinnacle of power in America are not only completely under Jewish control but “Jewified” to such a remarkable degree that they are Jews in all but name?

        The sheep need a shepherd, Felix. Tens of millions of sheeple armed to the teeth with guns are impotent unless they are organized into militias and told where to go and whom to shoot.

        Gilbert Huntly here is a great patriot. He probably owns several guns. He is willing to fight. But what can he do on his own? He can’t go out and start shooting Jews outside synagogues! That’s not the way to solve the Jewish problem, is it? Gilbert is one of millions. There’s also JB Campbell, willing to fight. There’s his pal Lonnie Totman, a former poster on this site. These are all private individuals, i.e., loners sitting in different rooms, without a guiding hand to organize them into an efficient fighting force.

        How did the Bolshevik Revolution get off the ground? Meticulous plotting and planning by rich Jews with a network of contacts and access to vast amounts of wealth. Lenin couldn’t have done it on his own. He needed gold, and he got it from the Jews.

        Even with all that money, after 60 million deaths in Russia and more millions dead in Mao’s China, (((they))) are still busy cracking heads and spilling blood all over the world. They have access to all the opium in Afghanistan. They sit in the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, spinning their webs of financial intrigue. They sit in the Pentagon and maybe even in the White House.

        So what can we poor sheeple do against this monolithic Enemy at our throats, draining our life blood?

      7. Felix, thanks for the recommendation. Can you provide a link for McCoy’s book?
        I am not American, nor in in America, but I have empathy for anyone whose country is so infested with Zio-mafia which has abused its hospitality in so many ways. Just look at this:
        As for drugs, the CIA took over the trade, which had been the Rothschilds’ main business in the UK and north-central Europe, after the banks. It is true that the Dutch/British East India company has always belonged to Dutch/British royalties and aristocracy, but the mover behind it was the Jewish money power. Also, the CIA has been tormenting Americans as much as everyone else. Switzerland is a safe haven for the drug industry. And again, the Jews Rothschilds are main actors in money laundering schemes, creation of the pseudo-legal CIA and the bogus UN, and the loan sharks in pushing for more and more wars. All ordinary people deserve to be saved. 🙂

      8. Hi Sardonicus,
        America needs a fascist revolutionary party. Remember Hitler when he started out had only a small cadre of seven members. And contrary to being funded by rich businessmen they relied at first on party dues from members, speaking fees and so on. Later after electoral success they began to receive fees from the big industrialists. Nowadays political parties have the advantage of bypassing the MSM and using social media.
        Develop a simple message of America first and I don’t mean like Trump.
        Autarchy is the key. Really withdraw America from the world. Close all the 900 odd bases around the world. Withdraw from the UN, IMF, WTO and so on. The US has all the resources it needs to restart it’s industrial base. Erect the strongest trade barriers possible to punish companies that leave. The same for agriculture. When I was growing up one of my agricultural science teachers mentioned. “The Americans eat what they can, and can what they can’t”. Not anymore. So get the farmers back on the land. Educational Reform is another key area. Make it free. The cost of not educating the youth in the Anglo-Saxon countries is now patently obvious. My youngest sister teaches at a public school in Australia and she informs me that she has students in 12th grade who are unable to write a simple essay. I hear similar tales from friends in the US and UK. As a friend of mine once said, the trickle down effect of the US is like a golden shower, everyone gets pissed on. But it’s difficult to wean Americans from their current economic system. They still believe in the Horatio Alger dream, which has now become the American nightmare. Last, but not least, get rid of the MBA. It’s the most absurd and useless academic discipline imaginable. It’s an academic discipline that converts commonsense into nonsense.

      9. Felix –

        It is obvious that the Jew/neocons/zionists who have assumed power in America are getting very nervous about their being exposed to the populace. I agree with you about your objective perspective – but what, exactly, have YOU done to abate the onslaught?? (Besides being able to articulate the problem?). You pose no threat to (((them))), and merely seem to serve as a cheerleader for their progress (as far as a subjective audience is concerned). Keep hiding out in the tropics of Thailand, and keep us informed! 😁

      10. Felix –

        I AGREE with you about the absurdity of the “MBA” designation! I remember suffering through that damn commerce school bullshit, to the point when I just brushed-off my final exams, and said “Fuck it!”
        Despite the dean of the commerce school saying we flunkies could “never make it in New York”, I sent the asshole a card from the Waldorf Astoria, and informed him that I had become a ‘self-made’ millionaire, doing business in Manhattan. My buddy, Chris, had become executive vice-president of a Big-Eight brokerage house (and he only graduated as an English major with a 2.2 GPA). (He signed the card with me!)

      11. Snez,
        Try the website If it’s blocked in your country use TOR or VPN to take you to a proxy server.
        They have over 2 million books on their site, all available for free download. You could also try, also free. It’s a bit more of a rigmarole downloading but it’s well worth it.
        BTW, during the Vietnam War, the CIA airlines of Air America and Continental were notorious for flying the opium out of Laos. Nugan Hand, supposedly a private Australian bank was used as a front to launder their drug profits through Hong Kong.

      12. Gilbert,
        First of all I’m an Irish citizen and Ireland is small insignificant country with zero influence in the world. Imagine how the Americans or Brits would feel at a “thick paddy” coming and fomenting revolution in their countries. You’d be very resentful. So as I am not a US or UK citizen it’s not my place to meddle in the politics of those countries.

    2. @Lobro

      “…they share 2 traits: while loudly professing hostility to Jews, scrupulously making sure that no Jew is ever hurt. Even at a “random” sweep of a busy bicycle lane in Jew York by a pickup – no dead Jews…”

      Five of those killed have been named as friends from Argentina who had travelled to New York as part of a larger group celebrating the 30th anniversary of their graduation from high school.
      The Argentinian foreign ministry named them as Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij and Hernán Ferruchi, all in their late 40s.

      Source : The Guardian : Five Argentinian friends named among eight killed in New York attack.

      Ariel is a typically Jewish name. ALLAHO AKBAR !

    3. Amazing how my fairly 1-dimensional comment (light on content) spawned so many more interesting ones in the wake.
      As I watch the morning news with my aunt in Toronto, the tube is bellyaching how Trump refused to blame widespread gun ownership on the highest Sutherland Springs church, TX, death toll ever recorded at Sutherland Springs church, TX, instead laying the blame on MK ULTRA graduates of various Deep State agencies (did Sirhan Sirhan shout Allah Uber Alles after shooting Bob Kennedy?).
      Clearly, says the Kabbalah Broadcasting Corporation, Trump is to blame, let us depose Trump, grab the guns of disaffected lone gunmen of the moribund white male race and the globe will return to the Tikkun Olam bliss of hearts+flowers that we intended for you since time immemorial.

      NB, Franklin: Jew names are hugely popular in Latin America, and not only Jesus but Uriel, Ariel, Rubin, Absalom, … I knew at least one each and they were pure goyums, mostly mestizos.
      But just in case the Uzbek guy did clip a Jew by colossal mistake, I will do a shiva, cover my head with a shawl inscribed with pentagrams and hexa-stars, rock side-to-side while inserting razor blades into the next year’s Halloween-o-caust candy.

  22. I think that Winston’s article is very good. Hopefully, some good changes will prove the title wrong. 🙂
    ‘According to surveys, over 50 per cent of Americans qualify as “conspiracy theorists”…’
    This could easily be said about the rest of the world. When someone calls me a “conspiracy theorist”, I ask them if they work for the CIA. 😉 “Conspiracy theorists” are people who are most aware of the inmost layers of their self, so corrupt “authorities” cannot manipulate them. There should be more “conspiracy theorists” particularly in revealing Jewish and Israel’s influence in the US and Europe.

    1. It was the CIA [created by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers] who have been spreading communism in the west. Kissinger too was in it up to his neck. That’s a real conspiracy! The CIA’s war on communism has always been fake, and this organisation actually uses communist strategies in controlling, manipulating and murdering people. Very little can be found on the web about it, but it is so obvious that, I think, many are aware of it.

  23. America is the first empire the Jews have truly owned. One can argue they had influence in the British Empire, but they never fully acquired it like they did with America.

    Through the dollar, the Jews control the world reserve currency, and, therefore, can create an unlimited amount of dollars. It is through this mechanism that America can run perpetual trade and government deficits while keeping inflation under control and only showing up in asset bubbles.

    But because they have created so much dollars, the inflation is starting to show up big time in areas like housing, healthcare, education. All the standard prerequisities for a civilized existence for the people. As such, the Jews are slowly squeezing Americans out of existence, as they replace them with compliant hispanic, and, to a lesser extent, asian workers.

    Having divided up the populace three way between white, black, and hispanic, the Jews have also guaranteed that no uprising will occur against them, since all uprisings against Jews happen from a united people.

    The game is finished, people, we are playing out the endgame. But you know, these things come and go in cycles. Nobody in the world is going to care as America falls into civil war.

    1. @ Dolph
      @ Winston

      “America is the first empire the Jews have truly owned. One can argue they had influence in the British Empire, but they never fully acquired it like they did with America […] The game is finished, people, we are playing out the endgame. But you know, these things come and go in cycles…”

      An excellent comment which has persuaded us to change the title of the article from “Last Days of America” to the more accurate “Last Days of the American Empire”. This new title, please note, has also been used by the editor of the admirable Truthseeker site. So we think it’s better.

      1. Nice work Toby, the new title is more accurate and also suggests the possibility, however small, of some kind of redemption if appropriate action is taken.Thanks to Dolph for describing accurately the situation in his comment – an Empire, not a Republic, which is being run by a group that don’t really see themselves as American and with a different agenda.

      2. Toby,

        The Truth Seeker is indeed admirable, I highly recommend it (please see reply to Sister Monica above commending same).

  24. That hardheaded poster who keeps on adoring and supporting the clown charlatan ,in every chance he gets.
    next he will claim that his lying baboon idol is superhuman who excels at playing a non existent galaxy D 10 Chess Game to out wet a cunning Zionist cabal made of of devils and hyenas ,whom they falsely claim that they are Jews ,which definitely , are not.
    The tribe disowned them centuries ago.they are fakes ,such as the clown being a fake human.
    and that poster is a fake poster.

    1. Going by most of the comments I read here, it appears the majority must be pining for the good old days of Obama, the drone king himself who hated the West, destroyed Libya, wanted Assad removed because he ran a secular state and was Israel’s enemy, and accelerated and endorsed the coming end of the White majority in the USA.

    2. thanks for endorsement, avatar.
      it means a lot to me.

      children, my labors on this mortal coil are done, i am putting my house and house of my father, in which there are many rooms, in order, having received the long sought endorsement of avatar, the true prophet … in which cupboard did He Who Shall Not Be Named put the vacuum cleaner?
      As soon as done, i will retire to play Candy Crush until summoned to the Final Sanhedrin.


        It’s probably best to legalize all drugs. Considering the cultural memes about drugs “doing drugs is ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT” “Rebels Agaisnt The System Take Drugs” “Drugs Are Kewl The Pig Cops Don’t Like Drugs So Take Drugs If You Don’t Like Cops Telling What You Can And Can Not Do NOBODY Can Tell You What You Can And Can NOT DO” ” Drugs Liberate Your Mind” “Get In Touch With Real Spirituality Take Drugs” lots of other LYING memes, too many to list. Considering the memes about drugs, legalizing drugs takes the cache out of taking drugs.

        Alot of kids take drugs because they think taking drugs is rebellious and they want to feel grown up so when they want to rebel against their parents and other authority figures to prove they’re independent thinkers and not exact copies of their parents and want to feel grown-up they take drugs. Legalizing drugs that’s takes the cache away. That undermines alot of the LYING memes about drugs, especially those memes about drugs the teenagers are most suspectible to believing.

        I’m just opposed , and very deeply opposed, to turning pot and any other drug into a “religion” [ like BMan and ilk do ]. That is WRONG, it’s morally and ethically WRONG to promote pot and/or any other drug into a “religion”.

        Legalizing pot and drugs in general then promoting legalized pot and drugs as a “religion” is disgusting. Just legalize drugs and then don’t promote drugs as being anything special. Don’t promote drugs at all.

  25. harry truman was a crypto jew, a 33 mason and the 33rd president of the usa. JUST ANOTHER COINCIDENCE I GUESS. he was vice president when him and fdr filled the oss (killed patton} up with russian communists and president when the paper-clip rat-line brought ss general reinhard gehlen and a few thousand other nazi party bigwigs into the the various police organs of the federal government. that was the basis of the zionist-us-bolshevik deep state. general ghelen’s supposed anti-communist activities in the usa were a front to keep the globalist deep state safe.
    can’t say for sure but to give the benefit of the doubt – if trump did order a 9-11 investigation he would be out on his ear in a week and he knows it. besides, who would investigate it? the fbi and cia do not investigate themselves. he would have to fire everybody senior in the fbi first and replace them with fresh graduates of the military academies. not a bad idea. but then the schmucko congress would still be in the way, and all the commercial media. it’s easier said than done.
    if hillary goes to jail then maybe we’re on to something. and there will be no draining the swamp unless a lot of dc insiders do go to jail for a long time.
    but there are no good cops to make that happen. mueller is an old hand mossad creepo from al the way back to the bush and cheney 9-11 days. he’s keeping pizzagate covered up, because that’s just way too big a scandal.
    the fbi never even subpoenaed the dnc server. they only got some info on it from some mysterious go-between. what a stinking fiasco.
    felix – switzerland is the main home of the egyptian pharaoh bloodline ISIS TRIBE.

    1. Barkingdeer,
      You are right on concerning the 9/11 investigation. If Trump makes any noises about reopening it, no one with any power will support him, and he’ll be gone, in a straight jacket, as soon as Congress and VP Pence removes him via the 25th Amendment. Hell, the CIA/FBI would not even let him release all the JFK documents from an assassination that occurred 54 years ago, though Trump clearly wanted to.

      Also, regarding that sicko who shot up the Texas church, he apparently spent about a year in a military prison, more than enough time for the CIA to brainwash him and turn him into their personal Manchurian Candidate. Just sayin’.

      1. From the CriminalElement article: FDR…..

        —Opposed using the atomic bomb on Japan (charade to kill masses)
        —Opposed establishing Israel
        —Intended to dismantle the various British colonies scattered across the globe and help them become self-governing nations.

      2. Pat,
        Go to David Irving’s website and download his book on Goebbels. He states that Goebbels published a photo of FDR in masonic regalia. FDR was a very high ranking mason and in fact he designed the US banknotes still in use today. You know the dollar notes with satanic all seeing eyes and other masonic rubbish on them. The city of Washington is apparently a masonic design and look at the f**king pentagon, a satanic design if ever there was one!

      3. Felix –


        Yes, I have seen the Masonic designs in DC street layouts…. and phallus – Washington’s Monument – and its receptacle – Reflecting Pool.

        It goes back centuries…. started that way from the beginnings.

        San Jacinto Battleground Monument – with the 5-pointed lone star…. and Statue of Liberty – facing the rising sun.. and numerous others across USA are Masonic symbols also.

    2. @ Barkingdeer
      If you are referring to ISIS the terrorist group then their funding comes from Saudi Arabia and they are armed by the US. Suisse is French for Switzerland, but the majority of Swiss are German speaking and would use Schweiz. I am not aware of any ISIS Pharaoh tribe. Isis was an Egyptian fertility goddess and is also a river in Oxford. The last Pharaoh of Egypt was Cleopatra, but she was of the Ptolemaic line and Octavius made sure her son with Julius Caesar, Caesarion, was topped. The Ptolemaic dynasty was imposed on Egypt by Alexander the Great, hence the city of Alexandria in Egypt, which was the capital during rule of the Ptolemaic dynasty. I’ve never heard of any ISIS tribe in Egypt.

      1. A couple of years ago, I looked up ISIS on DuckDuckGo and came up with this website: Note that the name of this outfit, a PMC (private military contractor AKA mercenaries), is now SIS. Jim Stone recently did some work looking into this shady outfit, and they subsequently changed their name. But look closely at the front page of the website. In the top line it still reads “About ISIS” and the URL still has isishq in the name! Are these the “brains” and hired brawn of ISIS / Daesh in the Middle East? That’s a question not likely to get answered any time soon, if at all.
        Jim Stone has more at (scroll down until the report appears)

    3. @ Barkingdeer

      “if trump did order a 9-11 investigation he would be out on his ear in a week and he knows it. besides, who would investigate it?”

      The top forensic structural engineer in the U.S., Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, has already come out and said that “fire” did not bring down WTC7. His group will soon be publishing a paper to that effect after a two year study based on finite-element modeling of the building.

      Hulsey’s conclusion proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a monstrous crime has been committed against the people of the U.S. (and the world for that matter), apparently by “insiders”.

      If Trump was an honest person who actually wanted to save America, he would consult with Hulsey and then give a press conference, telling the people of the U.S. and the world that he has no choice but to order a new investigation into 9/11.

      What are they going to do to him then? He announces an investigation into 9/11 that he is forced to conduct because of new evidence, and they next day they try to impeach him? I think not, because at that point it’s already too late.

      Anyway, if you’re going to argue that Trump can’t take any meaningful action whatsoever against the “deep state” lest he be impeached or assassinated, then I am going to argue that his whole campaign had to be a complete calculated fraud from the beginning, because if it was not, he already would’ve been assassinated or impeached. The “deep state” cannot let anyone not 100% in their pocket anywhere near the levers of power. One tiny slip and they’re screwed. Even an innocent mistake can damage their agenda, let alone a determined effort to investigate 9/11, for example.

      If I was “the jews” and I thought Trump might be sincere and that he might actually investigate 9/11, I would be pushing hard RIGHT NOW for his impeachment, even if it had to be done on the basis of his impeachable war crimes in Syria. After all, it would be better to lose Syria completely than to have 9/11 be exposed as a jew crime, right?

      How do you get to have it both ways?

  26. The Judgment regarding Trump was spoken 2000 + years ago by The Lord Christ Jesus:

    Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and materialism.

    Christ Jesus was reiterating what His Father Spoke thousands of years earlier to Moses:

    Deuteronomy 17:14 When thou art come unto the land which the “I AM” thy God giveth thee, and shalt possess it, and shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, I will set a king over me, like as all the nations that [are] about me;
    17:15 Thou shalt in any wise set [him] king over thee, whom the “I AM” thy God shall choose: [one] from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger (a gentile) over thee, which [is] not thy brother.
    17:16 But he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor cause the people to return to Egypt (slavery under man-made laws), to the end that he should multiply horses: forasmuch as the “I AM” hath said unto you, Ye shall henceforth return no more that way.
    17:17 Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.

    Before any of the confused react to “a gentile” from verse 17:15, God was speaking to the Israelites (not jews). Gentile = non-Israelite. Ashkenazi counterfeit-jews = gentiles.

  27. This article by Winston / LD has generated more comments here at DM than recent articles by Giraldi and Kaminski. And, Truthseeker has left it up among the headline articles, and given it the new title. More kudos to author and editor! 🎉🎉🎉

    IMO, all politicians have feet of clay. The best are barely tolerable. The worst are lying, scheming, corrupt, murderous, degenerate, despicable scum. One of the worst has recently been sworn into office as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. That would be Victoria Nuland’s old job. The new officeholder makes neocon Nuland look like a moderate.

    Justin Raimondo, whose articles appear here at Darkmoon from time to time, has finally recovered from major surgery, and was feeling healthy enough to pen a column that gives Trump some credit for not yet getting us into a war, as HRC would surely have done. Unfortunately, most of Antiwar’s commentariat, including the site’s moderator, are still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. All I can say is, Trump isn’t HRC, and while there are some discouraging recent developments (see link in previous paragraph), things could very definitely be worse at this current time.

    As for the last days of the American Empire, there is something very strange going on in Lebanon. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri unexpectedly resigned Saturday during a trip to Saudi Arabia. Israel wants to invade Lebanon, again, and just a few months ago massed troops and equipment in Northern Israel as part of an exercise to practice their next invasion. But the 2006 butt-kickin’ that Hezbollah gave the IDF has made the Israelis reluctant to tackle the job on their own. Israel appears to want a solemn commitment from sold out US CongessClowns to support Israel’s next invasion of Lebanon with US troops and treasure. The ducks are slowly being put into a row for the USG’s next war for Greater Israel. Lebanon, rather than Iran, may be the target.

    So the good news is that during the last year the USG has not entered into any new wars. The bad news is that it seems to be a very temporary condition.

    1. Carnaptious,

      Thank you for your kind comments. You are absolutely right to keep an eye on Lebanon, Arabia just told the Lebanese people who their owners really are.

    2. And now the other shoe:

      KSA is flush with $350 billion dollars worth of US arms and equipment, and their brother in arms – Israel – is cheering and goading them on from the sidelines. The JPost article omitted to mention why KSA believed Lebanon had declared war. The article above is short, but does provide that casus belli: a missile fired by Yemen that KSA claims was shot down over Riyadh. This fits the narrative pushed by US neocons, neolibs and assorted warmongers that Iran is driving its proxies in Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon to make war on KSA and, of course, “poor little Israel”. The excrement is about to hit the rotating cooling apparatus in the Middle East.

  28. Jews have been relying on gentile submission in the face of the bible and the Holocaust.

    Let’s make it clear, the Old Testament is Jewish Fairy Tales, most of it written by the Jews themselves, and much of it based on older Sumerian Fairy Tales. If you believe this crap you deserve to be subjugated.

    The New Teastament? Jesus was a good man but to tell us to turn the other cheek plays straight into the hands of the bad guys. That is how Tyrants and Dictators rise and thrive.

    The Holocaust? again mostly invented by the Jews and used to subjugate gentiles. The numbers do not add up. The Jews and Israel now have us by the throat. They only have to utter the words “Anti-Semitism” and they silence any questions, not criticism, but questions. When has it ever been a crime to investigate what is supposed to have been the crime of the century?

    Time to really resist: no need for violence just the courage to say enough is enough.

    1. @ John Kirby

      What is clear is that your comment is a jewish fairy tale based on lies from evil sources referred to as the synagogue of satan by Jesus. Saying enough is enough is not enough.

      1. @New Song

        Saying enough is enough is not enough.

        So pray tell us what is enough… unless “saying enough is enough is not enough” is enough.

        @John Kirby

        Jesus was a good man but to tell us to turn the other cheek plays straight into the hands of the bad guys. That is how Tyrants and Dictators rise and thrive.

        Don’t turn the other cheek, my fellow Americans. If you can do nothing else, you can always do this:

      2. @BH

        Your fellow Americans, Circassian?
        You got some splainin’ to do?

        I hold a dual citizenship – Russian and American. I believe I have mentioned it here on multiple occasions.

      3. Circ –

        You wrote:
        “I hold a dual citizenship – Russian and American.”

        There is NO such thing as… “American Citizenship”…!! 🙂

        You never took the classes… to become a US Citizen..!!

        You are a phony…. sitting in your Mossad cubicle in Haifa…

        I must REALLY “disgust” you now..!!! 🙂 🙂

      4. @ Circassian

        To start with, being able to defend oneself whether it be with a gun or words, it depends.

        Victims from CIA MK ULTRA, it appears, are being called-to-action at an alarming rate. The making of terror to destroy a nation from within by its own CIA military Psych-Ops.

      5. Pat,
        If what Circassion said is true, then Afrikaners have just the name for him. A “soutpiel”, saltprick in English. The Boers use the word to describe the English. They say, the Englishman stands with one foot in South Africa and the other in England and his prick dangles in the sea. In Circs case, he has one foot in America and another in Russia. In his case his prick dangles in the Arctic Ocean. You could call him “frozen salt prick”!

  29. Before we wax too self-congratulatorily over our “understanding” of Realpolitik, I think reading the latest over at Veterans Today salutary:
    EXCLUSIVE: The San Antonio Distraction from Trump’s Impending Fall
    Gordon Duff and Co. reveal a bit of where The Donald came from and how. Many of you will probably not like what you learn, much of it news to me, too. VT thus takes on one hand’s puppet — call it Tweedle Duh. Waiting with bated breath for Duff et al. to take on the Klinton Krime Syndikate — call Hillary “Tweedle Demon” — seems likely to prove a life-ending wait. Nonetheless, the Punch and Judy and the Howdy Doody shows continue their respective runs to what indeed appears an inexorable end.

    1. They will be drinking ice-water in Hell before Duff and Greenhalgh (D&G) say a word that tarnishes HRC, the “Klinton Krime Syndikate”, or George Soros. D&G are committed liberal Democrats, not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you like the direction that Obama was taking the country. Waiting with bated breath may leave you with a wormy taste in your mouth (pun, not ignorance), but please, don’t hold your breath waiting for D&G to offer even moderate criticism of HRC / Soros, or you’ll surely suffocate! 🙂

  30. Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out and brought out into the open even though most readers and commenters and authors are aware of the obvious. It needs to be said again.
    During the last 1000 years human freedom has only really been gained when the common man and/or women has weapon technology equal to or near equal to the King, Prince and/or ruler.
    Two prime examples out of several makes the point.
    1. Just North of 800 years ago a hand full of British barons were able to extract from King John the Magna Carta at the famous Runnymede meadow. How could they do this? Because the Barons and their Knights had weapon technology equal to r nearly equal to what King John could muster.
    2. Nearly 250 years ago the American colonists, even though a minority in the colonies, were able to fight the powerful British Empire and win independence for all the people of the New Country, the Union of independent and sovereign States called the United States of America. Why could this happen? Because the revolutionary colonist under the leadership of General George Washington had weapon’s technology equal or near equal to what the Brits were able to bear. Plus the colonists were fighting on their home turf while the British empire in all it’s glory had to cross the pond.
    It should be obvious that the totalitarian US Government has at it’s command weapon’s technology way, way beyond what the American people could very think of bringing to the fight. Kind of like bringing a pea shooter to a gun fight.
    However, have patience, all empires collapse, as will the American empire along with it’s ZIO overlords. When that happens it will be the time to make the move to regain freedom with the help of true Americans who will come to the side to the new revolutionaries bringing with them some of the Imperial weapons technology.
    Be watchful and keep your powder dry.

    1. TJ –

      The American Revolutionary War was a staged event by the Rothschild Bankers in London to garner payments from the colonies for established real properties… under a national leader, Congress and the ruse of freedom.

      King George told them to make the payments of debts ONLY in silver. So…. the command to the states was placed in the US Constitution in 1787…. as ordered in 1783..!!

      For that… the US got to fish off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, as written in Article 3..!! 🙂

      Article 4:

      It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in – STERLING MONEY – of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.

      The supposed LOSER of the phony war…. dictated the terms..!! 🙂

      1. @Pat

        “…The American Revolutionary War was a staged event by the Rothschild Bankers in London to garner payments from the colonies for established real properties… under a national leader, Congress and the ruse of freedom…”

        At that time the Rothschild bank of England did not yet exist :

        The Rothschild banking family of England was founded in 1798 by Nathan Mayer von Rothschild (1777–1836) who first settled in Manchester but then moved to London.

        Source : Wikipedia, Rothschild banking family of England.

      2. FR –

        Thanks for the reply, the help and correction.

        I should have written Bank of England founded c. 1690…… controlling the Crown.

        I am so much in the habit of blaming that ‘Red-Sign’ scum family….. who deserve every bit of that attention, reward and infamy… 🙂

      3. Speaking of the great American Revolution, a little known fact about it is that the French and Spanish supported the rebels. Opportunistically, both France and Spain tried to take back Gibraltar from the Brits at about this time.

        According to Wikipedia, “The Great Siege of Gibraltar was an unsuccessful attempt by Spain and France to capture Gibraltar from the British during the American War of Independence. This was the largest action fought during the war in terms of numbers, particularly the Grand Assault of 18 September 1782.”

        Incidentally, it was during this great siege that nukes were first used and the dreaded “thermonuclear mushroom cloud” was faithfully recorded by an artist in an oil painting. Honest Jew, nukes exist and there’s no photographic fakery here!

      4. @ JFC,
        You obviously received a very deficient scientific education. Now if you can go to Wiki about the siege of Gibraltar, then I suggest you go and look up pyrocumulous clouds and how mushroom clouds form. There is nothing “Jewish” about them. I’m sure you’re aware that hot air being lighter than cold air rises, as it rises cooler air replaces it giving the pillar effect. As the hot air becomes cooler it billows out to form the “mushroom”!
        BTW, you don’t only get mushroom clouds from nuclear explosions. Any explosion involving heat produces a mushroom cloud, so the explosion in the painting could have been a gunpowder store blowing up. Remember JFC, HOT AIR RISES, THE HOTTER THE AIR THE FASTER AND HIGHER THE RISE. GOT IT!

  31. I need to edit the title and some of the poem which was composed by the late Syrian poet,Nizar Qabani ,he was known as both a revolutionary and love poet..his many poems was adopted and used for a rallying call for the oppressed masses.
    The Arab women’s movement for liberty and freedom has begun in earnest to destroy the phony kings and their fake kingdoms of the sands.
    it will be the real Arab spring to take down tyrants and their corrupt rotten regimes
    to bring about real freedom ,real democracy ,liberty ,dignity and real peace for all.
    Together we shall prevail.
    P.S would you accept the poem in here or later or never.

    1. We can’t accept a poem we have never seen. If the poem is relatively short, well-written, and relevant to our discussions on this site, we will publish it as a comment. Not as a feature article, because we don’t accept unsolicited submissions of any kind.

      See our ‘Site Policies and Guidelines’ document, Item #2:

  32. trump is the best we were gonna get. he’s been around a year and i would say the game is just getting started.
    i think william of orange established the bank of england in about 1688, after assuming the throne from belgium/holland/netherlands… the way i heard it, the dutch banking barons of that time were the rockenfelders. but the bank of england has always been rothschild. i’m sure the rothschilds and rockefellers are related. rothschild operatives hamilton and morris etal established their bank in the usa from the days after the revolution until when its charter expired under jefferson, who was president from 1801 until 1809. he refused to renew the charter, which is why the bank of england instigated the war of 1812 to force the usa to borrow from the rothschilds, which they did under madison who established the second bank. the second bank lasted until andrew jackson killed it. aaron burr killed hamilton in a duel. the bank stayed dead until 1913 when it was reinstated under the puppet wilson. that’s the creature from jekyl island. it’s still here and now we’re like 25,000,000,000,000 in debt to the city of london.
    pat – the british monarch is named as prince of america under the treaty of paris 1783, right?
    and whatever really did happen with USACORP and the national emergency scam in 1947 we are still basically a lawful constitutional republic, if people will act like it. but most don’t know the difference to begin with. lawyers are all ‘attorneys at law’ controlled by the rothschilds’ BAR association. we have no lawyers. an attorney functions primarily as a collections agent for the corporation. courts are military annexes controlled by corporate operatives called judges, which are not constitutional or lawful; they are not mentioned in the constitution, which gives juries the power over the courts – the judicial branch of the government.
    now we no longer have law; we have legalities.

    1. Bark-

      You wrote:
      “now we no longer have law; we have legalities.”

      Correct… and more precisely……

      ‘Legal’ denotes ONLY correct and proper FORM.
      ‘Lawful’ encompasses both FORM and SUBSTANCE of the law.

      An action or motion or suit or filing may be ‘legal’ and, yet…..
      ….. NOT ‘lawful’ at the same time…

      And…. in Boston…”If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal.” 🙂

  33. right pat – fdr’s bankster note bears the label “legal tender”, whereas a silver certificate is the “lawful money” of the usa as specified in the constitution. and it will say so on it. under the privately owned fed bank there is never enough money in circulation to pay off the national debt. it is a plan for debt slavery imposed upon the working class.
    and the gist of the matter is – will enough of the usa public ever, first catch on to the scam, and then force (toejamicus) the GLOBALIST power structure back into compliance with the constitutional republic by demanding the courts be returned to lawful venues? once juries are returned to power the usa will again function as a democracy… they think they finished the usa off with 9-11, whereafter, as the maryland state police captain stated “everything changed”. that means under the patriot act and eventually the ndaa, which is contradictory to the rest of the constitution, the police can murder anybody as long as they are acting as agents of the president. once you are construed as an enemy of the state you have no constitutional rights. the president’s eagle sits on top of the gold fringed British Admiralty Registry flag in the courtroom. the queen REIGNS. the president RULES under the british monarch. and the queen is a jewish zionist from germany. ENGLAND went to hell shortly after oliver cromwell allowed the jews back in. right before the upcoming bank of england. it became GREAT BRITAIN, in COVENANT with ISRAEL. BRITH means COVENANT.. the three cities empire VATICN, CITY OF LONDON and PENTAGON call all the shots in the usa. that’s what the 3 stars on the dc flag stand for. STANDING is a LAW TERM. the district of columbia, built as a masonic energetic device, is not part of the usa. it is a DISTRICT, as in DISTRICT COURT.. as i heard it, JUDGES (corporate officers owned by the vatican) will not allow any defendant to bring a copy of the constitution into a courtroom, and so far sheriffs act as stooges for them. the us constitution has 7 articles and 27 amendments with about 53 sections. ii don’t see the word JUDGE anywhere in the constitution. the pope’s statue of the goddess, satan’s abducted bride, the national rape victim, STANDS ON the top of the capitol building, above the flags. no law goes into effect without their approval, because the usa is a corporation owned by the the three cities empire.. that’s why the zionista flake nancy pelosi says “we have to pass the law so we can see what’s in it”.. so far the majority of police have been quite willing to sell out to the militarist posture and most will have no idea the difference between LAW and LEGALITY.. it has given them much more immunity, and hence now the rise of the black lives matter movement protesting police ‘misconduct’ and unaccountability. football will survive the protest but maybe will not the national anthem. if they quit playing it before games is marks one more nail in the coffin.
    my guess – they’re worried their empire will not survive an enlightened public made bright by the free media, and since everybody knows there are way too many people in the alchemical zone on the surface and that the biosphere is being killed by them they have a plan to exterminate probably 90% of us, as alluded to upon the mr. ROSENCRANZ’ georgia guidestones.. look up ‘microwave weaponry’… the star wars project is really about weaponized orbital platforms for the purpose of microwaving cities.
    felix – i think there is actually a mnemonic link between ISIS from egypt and SUISSE, which is the same expression, and the current land pirates ISIS with their many renditions. switzerland, always neutral in the contrived wars, is one hq of the global banking scam, as established in basel at the big zionist conference in 1886. icke’s idea is that the same royal bloodlines of ancient times, which are extraterrestrial to begin with but now somewhat diluted, still control the world. i don’t doubt it… remember, masonry is the mysteries religion of ancient egypt.

    1. The NFL is PAID by the US Government for the flag ceremonies..!!

      The United States Department of Defense – PAID – the National Football League $5.4 million between 2011 and 2014, and the National Guard $6.7 million between 2013 and 2015 to stage onfield patriotic ceremonies as part of military-recruitment budget line items.”

      In the recent days of argument over whether NFL players have the right to protest racial inequality and systemic injustice in the United States, few have brought up the fact that…

      ……less than a decade ago, professional football players didn’t even APPEAR on the field during the national anthem.

      That changed in 2009, as the Department of Defense poured millions of dollars into the NFL in exchange for displays of patriotism during games. “Until 2009, no NFL player stood for the national anthem because players actually stayed in the locker room as the anthem played,” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith explained in 2016. “The players were moved to the field during the national anthem because it was seen as a marketing strategy to make the athletes look more patriotic.

      $$$$$$$$..!!! 🙂 🙂

  34. I am a pacifist. I think that warfare and killing do terrible damage to both sides, So what to do about Jewish Power?

    I have come in for criticism for advocating passive resistance to the unbelievable control the Jews have, particularly in the USA.

    I think Jesus was right in advising us to turn the other cheek, BUT JUST ONCE, AND WITH A WARNING THAT A SECOND BLOW WILL BRING RETALIATION. I am not such a pacifist that I think we should submit.

    Jewish Power is the great unspoken problem for the USA, and it should be called out, loud and clear.

  35. The real “USA, USA, USA” is what you see on WWE “Raw” and “Smackdown.” Take a look at one of these shows. The very best acting you can find: The fake battle of good versus evil, the McMahon “witch”, Randy the serpent, thuggery and violence, fat, ugly fans screaming “USA, USA, USA”, Jews behind the scenes. … Go to the Jew managed and owned cage fighting/UFC and there is blood everywhere and “USA, USA, USA” and fat ugly Americans. I love women and big strong men like myself, and I love physical encounters in Oz pubs, but I would not live in your American Jewland if you paid me. Your swamp is an indictment of the American people. You did not listen to Jesus’ and your Founding Fathers’ simple warnings about the progeny of the devil. No wonder your fake churches get shot up. As I’ve said, we laugh at fat American pseudo children over here. Yes, we lost some old guns, but we still have most of the good ones and I have hands that could dispense easily with your Brock Lessner.

  36. right. the nfl deal was part of the whole bush cheney war on terror bs. we’re all supposed to be patriotic while they gutted the constitution, doing more real harm to america than any terrorist ever would. they paid ex military officers to come on tv and gas about it. i saw some of the pricks. and when i did i said – man what a prick this son of a bitch is…
    but if the players don’t come out and stand for the anthem it breaks the contract and the team doesn’t get paid by the dd?
    but, as i remember it as kid, the national anthem was always played at all baseball games, even the small town ones…
    now, there is plenty of grievance against police brutality and unaccountability but if the black players want to impress us they should start by cleaning up the officiating in the nfl. you can’t watch a game without seeing the obvious bad call that turns the tide.

  37. I have no power to change you
    or explain your ways
    Never believe a man can change a woman
    Those men are pretenders
    who think
    that they created woman
    from one of their ribs
    Woman does not emerge from a man’s rib’s, not ever,
    it’s he who emerges from her womb
    like a fish rising from depths of water
    and like streams that branch away from a river
    It’s he who circles the sun of her eyes
    and imagines he is fixed in place

    I have no power to tame you
    or domesticate you
    or mitigate your first instincts
    This task is impossible
    I’ve tested my intelligence on you
    also my dumbness
    Nothing worked with you, neither guidance
    nor temptation
    Stay primitive as you are

    I have no power to break your habits
    for thirty years you have been like this
    for three hundred years
    a storm trapping in a bottle
    a body by nature sensing the scent of a man
    assaults it by nature
    triumphs over it by nature
    Never believe what a man says about himself
    that he is the one who makes the poems
    and makes the children
    It is the woman who writes the poems
    and the man who signs his name to them
    It is the woman who bears the children
    and the man who signs at the maternity hospital
    that he is the father

    I have no power to change your nature
    my books are of no use to you
    and my convictions do not convince you
    nor does my fatherly council do you any good
    you are the queen of anarchy, of madness, of belonging
    to no one
    Stay that way
    You are the tree of femininity that grows in the dark
    needs no sun or water
    you the sea princess who has loved all men
    and loved no one
    slept with all men… and slept with no one
    you are the Bedouin woman who went with all the tribes
    and returned a virgin
    Stay that way.’

    Nizar Qabbani

  38. Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA

    Pacific Gas & Electric(PG&E) is owned by Rothschild.
    Weather Central is owned by Rothschild.

    Debora Tavares is MISSING. She has been heading a group to stop Smart Meters and dangerous Electro-Magnetic Radiation from the Smart Meters and from Rothschild’s Radio-Frequency generators used to control the jet stream.

    Here is Debora Tavares’s interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 conclusively provides documented proof of premeditation of fire destruction of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, in Northern California using microwave weaponry.

    Agenda 21 in under 5 minutes

    1. Pat,

      Thank you so much for the Debora Tavares interview. This subject is one of the very most important and wouldn’t surprise me at all if it resulted in violent and fatal response to the highest levels of perpetrators. In Thailand the going rate in the early 70’s for a hit was less than $10. Prices change, but Jihadis and increasing numbers of people who feel they have little to use may make high level assassinations in all kinds of places formerly considered safe a real growth industry. If you killed a high level zionist or Montefiore banker in Denmark for a pay package for your family, the worst you could expect is years in some of the most lenient and relatively comfortable jails in the world. Ditto Norway and others.

      The economic background of the UN Agenda 21 and its implementation by foul means should not leave our minds or sight for a moment. It appears lasers were used in CA., followed by a possible cover story blaming an illegal immigrant knowing the left would circle the wagons to quash any investigations.

      1. Glad to help, Winston. And thank you.!!

        I bring these ‘under the radar’ issues to the table because whatever the Mainstream Media and much of the alternative media are publishing are distractions away from NM Rothschild & Sons in London.

        Debora Tavares was a threat because she linked the ‘Red-Sign Boyz’ to the major problems in weather and Smart Meters and UN Agenda-21, etc.

        I have been beaten up here numerous times by well-liked commenters, and ‘pop-in Petes’ as well, for writing that the ‘Red-Sign Boyz’ ARE – ARE – all powerful at this point…. and may not be able to be stopped ever. The ‘NMR Boyz’ control our directions of emphasis… such as whipping Soros nonstop in the media….until we are whipped down with it. 🙂

        As long as the commenters here want to continue to suppress the fact that NMR & Sons ARE the ones who actually own the ‘Werlt’ – the world, nothing will ever get done. The ‘Boyz’ will keep knocking off the ones getting close to exposing the facts…. if calling the investigators crackpots’ does not deter them from exposing the deep secreted facts.

        The mantra:
        “Why, that can’t be true. You’re a crackpot..!!” 🙂

  39. Thanks for your thoughts Winston. We certainly live in confusing times. I have no idea how the whole thing is going to shake down in the end. Will Hillary Clinton once again get away with murder, plus racketeering, etc. Will the so called “Deep State” which is probably basically Jewish or pro-Jewish manage to stay in power as everything teeters on the brink of collapse? Will some war come along to totally muddy the waters?

    I listened to a lecture from a classics professor from California who described the tension between Democrats and Republicans as class warfare. The Democrats are the moneyed white guilty class who looks down on lower class uncouth whites. They see Trump as low class, and as representing the low class. The poor live in the shanty towns behind the freeway walls that the rich cruise by without noticing. Poor people are deplorable and irredeemable. They were the ones written off a long time ago, so the power elite could stay in power. Remember Main Street versus Wall Street…. the wealth transfer.

    No place is this more true than in California. If you don’t have money here and you are not an illegal immigrant, forget it!. Your children can be taken from you, your house can be demolished if it happens to pre-exist on a place that the rich want. The Democratic Party pays no attention whatsoever to constituents because they are pushing the globalist agenda 100%. Right now Jerry Brown is in Europe trying to convince the world religions to put Global Warming into the sermons… or maybe the bulletin. In the meantime, the beautiful wine country of California is recovering from being burned down possibly by a lazar weapon that started 17 fires one night in a high wind, or at least that is what conspiracy theorists say happened. There was a big blue streak… then the inferno. Maybe the globalists wanted to redo the wine country as a model for the globalist village–wired, concentrated, robotized, barren….no more little tree filled neighborhoods with big back yards.. no more local activism.

    Will America become like California, a shanty town in the interior with billionaires owning the coast in exclusive enclaves. This is what the Democratic party hath wrought.

    1. A lot of white people fleeing Calipornia’s insanities are moving north, Californicating everywhere they go. The larger towns and cities in the Northwest have become bastions of politically correct a**holes, while some people in the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon are talking about secession, and creating a “redoubt”.

      The Bradways (ex-Californians) are among the vanguard moving to an area of the Pacific Northwest known as the American Redoubt, a term coined in 2011 by survivalist author and blogger James Wesley, Rawles (the comma is deliberate) to describe a settlement of the God-fearing in a lightly populated territory that includes Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon. (- republished from a Washington Post article)

      1. Carnaptious,

        With enough redoubts quiet defacto secession becomes a real possibility. Certainly useful as a refuge and staging zone.

    2. More news from Commiefornia: the Sacramento Bee reports the US National Anthem is racist because a verse that is almost never sung, and most people don’t know exists, contains a reference to slaves.

      The California NAACP President, Alice Huffman, gives credit to Colin Kaepernick, a Jewish-American with an Afro who has parlayed his “oppressive” $16 million PA salary into a grab for greater fame and fortune.

      Alice Huffman, who lives in a gated community (😂), and who is a friend of anyone who gives her money, and an enemy of those who don’t, got a write up from the SacBee that is so politically correct I couldn’t stomach finishing it.

      Get out while you can, Kapoore. 🙂 The end is nigh!

    3. @Kapoore

      Thank you Kapoore, I’ve been hearing about this gradual slide for some time. The problem would be softened somewhat if Trump and Sessions really enforced the law on all the illegals. Where I currently live in NY is going through the same process. Thousands of illegals, resulting in citizens by birth(s) handed bigger and bigger tax bills to pay for housing, education, medical bills, you name it. Worse, the illegals have thinly veiled contempt for everything, living basically under the assumption that all whites are decadent, lazy, and too rich, an image the Democrats riddled with liberal guilt have tried to impose everywhere. Neither the Democrats nor the illegals understand the Constitutional structure that endeavored to give humans liberty and the ability to pursue happiness. The Democrats who do and don’t care because they are packing voting districts are guilty of high treason and hopefully will be treated as such. Where legal means fail, those enclaves you noted make high value targets. Having encouraged an attitude of widespread contempt the residents really should not be too surprised when it turns on them.

      Very sorry about wine country, fire was always a problem in Southern CA; that possible laser or particle beam merits much further investigation.

  40. Kapoor – the political parties were both quaffed up a long time ago by the deep state globalists. The democratic party didn’t do it – it just didn’t stop it. There were those who would have stopped it but they were taken out of the game.
    Prophet – telll nizar that’s a pretty good poem. Doesn’t make much sense though.
    The male is the sun, harsh at times but reliable. The female is the moon, so beautiful but more erratic.

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