Living in a Stolen Land

Whither Israel? Will it still be around in 10 years’ time? Will the Palestinians ever receive justice and see the restoration of their lost lands?

Rima Najjar is a Palestinian activist, researcher, and retired professor of English Literature who taught for many years at Al-Quds University in the occupied West Bank of Israel. Her paternal ancestors, who had lived for generations in the village of Lifta  on the western outskirts of Jerusalem, were horrified to see the depopulation of their village in the 1948 Nakba, when the marauding Jews came marching in with their machetes and their wild eyes.

How many of her family were wiped out, Rima Najjar does not say.

“The Jews ordered us to line up against the wall and started shooting. All were killed: my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunts and some of their children. Halim Eid saw a man shoot a bullet into the neck of my [pregnant] sister. THEN HE CUT HER STOMACH OPEN WITH A BUTCHER’S KNIFE.”

This comes from Fahimi Zidan, a Palestinian child survivor of the infamous Deir Yassin massacre of 1948. (See here). Whether any of Rima Najjar’s family were lined up against the wall in Lifta and shot is unknown. Nor is it known if any of the pregnant females in her family had their stomachs cut open with a butcher’s knife by the invaders of Palestine.

If I mention this by way of introduction, it is to emphasize the fact that Rima Najjar is emotionally involved in the history of Israel, which will be exactly 70 years old in a few months’ time. To be precise, on 14 May 2018. Rima has seen a lot happen in that time, during her tenure at Al-Quds University with its 5,500 students scattered over the West Bank, some in Ramallah and others in the Old City of Jerusalem.

It’s a wonder she’s still alive.

Let Rima speak for herself. She will bring you up to date with what is going on in Occupied Palestine, especially in Jerusalem where her university is located. She is anxious to tell us about the impact of Donald Trump’s preposterous presumption in handing over Jerusalem to the Israelis as their “Eternal Capital”.

Rima writes:

What’s going on in Jerusalem is what has always been going on in Palestine since 1948 — the forced dispossession of Palestinian Arabs of their identity, land and heritage.

Because of Donald Trump’s declaration to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and the resultant global outrage regarding this decision, many people have become interested in understanding what is going on in Palestine and what the global ramifications might be.

They are finally becoming aware, after 69 years of Nakba, 69 anniversaries of Human Rights Day and 69 years of falsification of history, that the Palestinian people, like all other peoples in the world, do in fact have the right to self-determination and return.

Israel is surrounded by the Palestinians (among them 5 million UNRWA Palestine refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan) it drove out of Palestine to establish the Apartheid settler colonial Jewish state there. These people are mostly, but not exclusively, Muslim in religion. They are the indigenous people of Palestine, Arab in culture, the true owners of the land.

At the center of Zionist mythology, she tells us,  is illegally-annexed Arab East Jerusalem. Trump’s declaration flies in the face of international law and has been universally condemned except by the Israelis, the Jewish neoconservatives, and AIPAC-controlled politicians in Congress and the Senate. These have welcomed Trump’s declaration,  proclaiming with sanctimonious hypocrisy that this will now kickstart the non-existent “peace process”.

Trump’s mischievous declaration, designed to curry favor with his Jewish backers and enrage the Palestinians, has also been greeted with bleated cries of ecstasy from the 70 million Christian Zionists who infest America and are Judaics in all but name.

The world has rejected Trump’s declaration as evil and stupid. Only the Jews and their lackeys and sycophantic camp followers have smacked their lips with approval at the President’s latest antics. This is because they know this is “good for the Jews”. The happiest bunny of them all is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been struggling manfully all week to conceal his gloats under a cascade of sunny smiles.

Hamid Dabashi writes in Al-Jazeera:

If you want to understand the psychopathology at the root of the Zionist psychosis, you must go to the heart of their delusion, like an analyst placing a mentally sick person on a couch – and today there is no better place to see that psychotic colonial fixation at work than in an article, titled, Of Course Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital, published (where else?) in the New York Times just hours before Donald Trump’s announcement that in his august moronic opinion, “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.” Jerusalem has never been and will never be the capital of a racist apartheid European colonial garrison state that calls itself “Israel”. Never.

—  §  —

Rima Najjar goes on to argue that Trump was influenced in his decision to hand Israel their best Hanukkah gift in 70 years by elite American Jews like Sheldon Adelson, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and US envoy to Israel David Friedman. He was also swayed by the right-wing Christian Zionists, the 70 million happy clappers longing for the Rapture, Armageddon, and the End Days. The way they’re going, the End Days will be zapping them any minute now, before they know what’s hit them.

Rima Najjar concludes:

Through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and other strategies for resistance, the Palestinian Authority must find a way to get rid of the racist “two state solution” concept, renounce the Oslo Accords, and come up with a democratic alternative, one that does not deny the humanity of Palestinian Arabs nor value the well-being of colonizing Jews (euphemistically called “settlers” or “immigrants”) over that of the indigenous people of historic Palestine.

So what’s going on?

This is the latest idea certain diehard Trump supporters are now doing their best to promote on various fringe websites: that Putin and Trump are allegedly working hard behind the scenes in “secret collusion” to foil the plans of the “evil Zionists” and make sure the Palestinians get a “fair deal”, i.e., a 2-state solution they will be happy to accept. There is absolutely no evidence for this cock-eyed conspiracy theory, but that doesn’t deter its kooky promoters.

An added ingredient to this fantastical conspiracy theory of secret Putin-Trump collusion in curtailing Jewish power and giving Israel a bloody nose, is this: while Trump goes ahead and declares Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel, his co-conspirator, Vlad Putin, intends to step in soon and declare East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. This is all part of a pre-arranged plot, so we are told, to force Israel to the negotiating table and agree to an equitable two-state solution. Israel will be pushed into accepting West Jerusalem as its capital, renouncing all claims to East Jerusalem. The Arabs will then have East Jerusalem as the capital of their new fledgling state of Palestine. (See MAP)

These conspiracy theories have been canvassed on my own site in a rudimentary form, not by me personally of course but by various wacky commenters who happen to be both Trump and Putin supporters. More elaborate versions of the theory will be found on other fringe websites I prefer not to identify by name, because the owners of those sites are known to me personally and I don’t want to antagonize them. I have enemies enough. Frequent references  have been made on my own site, as my readers will testify, to Putin and Trump playing “4D chess”  and of being active participants in “kabuki theater”. According to these internet pundits, nothing is as it seems. It’s all a game, a magic shadow show, a pantomime of pretense. The more stupidly Trump behaves, the more fiendishly clever he is cracked up to be. The more outrageous his behavior, the more he is transmogrified into a paragon of all the virtues. You can’t win with these guys.

Fascinating ideas, to be sure, but they don’t stand up to critical analysis for the following six reasons:

(1)  Trump’s declaration is in clear violation of international law, and 14 out of 15 Security Council members have rejected it. East Jerusalem has already been illegally annexed, with large numbers of Palestinians having been illegally ejected. Trump’s impudent “declaration” is now accelerating the further dispossession of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem, with their residency permits being revoked. Their properties are being confiscated so that Jews can move in and take over their possessions, including their furniture and family heirlooms. In other words, Trump has given his imprimatur to organized theft.

(2)  Palestinians I am in contact with all insist on an undivided  Jerusalem as their capital and totally reject the idea of ceding West Jerusalem to the illegal occupiers of Palestine.

(3) If there is to be a one-state solution—which many if not most Palestinians might settle for—then both Jews and Arabs will have equal rights in West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. There will be no need then to divide Jerusalem into two halves, one for the Jews and one for the Arabs.

(4) East Jerusalem has been illegally occupied by Israeli “settlers”, as already stated, and Palestinians have been evicted from their homes in large numbers to make room for Israeli encroachers. “Who the hell wants East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine,” an angry Palestinian once asked me, “when it’s full of f*****g Jews who refuse to get out? Would you like a capital in which the Jews have stolen all your best land and thrown you the scraps and leftovers?”

(5) The least the Palestinians will settle for, it seems, is a country in which Israel will be forced to go back to its pre-1967 borders, vacating all their illegal settlements in the West Bank and allowing the Palestinians to have a united Jerusalem—both east and west—as their capital. This is the way it was, after all, before the predatory  colonialists arrived.

(6) Finally, there are those Palestinians, backed by large numbers of anti-Zionists in the West, who would like to see every single Jew in Israel driven out of Palestine and forced to return to their countries of origin in the West. The vast numbers of Palestinians in exile will then be encouraged to return to the Palestine from which their families were driven in 1948. As for the Americans and the Brits, it will be up to them to solve the Jewish Problem in the best way they can. Allowing 6.5 million Jewish colonialists to live on stolen land is not the answer.

The Israelis refuse to accept any of this. They insist that every square inch of Jerusalem belongs to them—both West and East Jerusalem. (See picture here). Some of these colonialist land-grabbers go even further, insisting that the illegally occupied West Bank belongs to them in its entirety also, by biblical mandate, describing these “disputed territories” as Judea and Samaria.

They will not rest until every single Arab is “driven into the sea”.

Living in a stolen land can’t be easy.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Don’t forget Lasha, that the International Banking Cartel, and their associates own everything on the planet already. In Israel, they are only making adjustments to achieve a greater goal.The plan unfolds, bit by bit. Any enlightened Palestinian would have got out of there in 1948 when the writing was on the wall, and watched the carnage from their new country. We in peaceful countries emigrate. So why didn’t the Palestinians, do the same? I would imagine they could still do so, and avoid any future hell on earth. I’m sure Australia, Canada and the like would welcome them with open arms.

    1. Why don’t the Palestinians emigrate? Answer: because no country will have them. The neatest and fairest solution is for the 6.5 million Israeli Jews to emigrate to the West. Think of all that brainpower flooding in at once!

      I’m sure the US could accommodate a few more Jews. It already has about 6 million. What’s the problem with 6.5 million more?

      Lots of nice land in Utah.

      1. Better still, the relatively empty swamp lands of north-eastern Carolinas, and Florida, and Cajun Louisiana.

      2. Well it’s called negotiation. You don’t expect them to pack a case and jump on a plane. For peanuts, in real terms, they could be settled in a new country, with a job, some money and housing provided. Incidentally, a friend of mine has worked out there as a professional, volunteering, and he says Palestinians are a great bunch of people and have many talented ones amongst them. Who would organise this? Well the West for a start would foot the bill, just to cure the war problem.

      3. Sardonicus,
        Youre obviously referring to one of my earlier posts. I was simply saying that borders are constantly drawn and redrawn. Your post is incoherent. No Jews or Arabs will ever be relocated to Utah. My point was that the World should move on from the Palestinian issue. Like I said in my post, many Palestinians do well in the U.S. They are more than welcome in the U.S. Sard, come on, the World is changing.

      4. Everything involves the number SIX with them . Jews are heavily into numerology / Kabbalahist Geometry. ” US has about 6 million Jews”. ” 6 million Jews killed in the world PRIOR to WW2 “. The Jews beloved D- Day , as in sickening Speilburgs Private Ryan …Sixth Hour , Sixth,Day , Sixth Month ….the Holocaust ( burnt offerings to Jew God Yahweh) represents Hexogram Star Of Saturn / David / Sheild Of Solomon 666. Within the above article a naggingly wrong headed sentiment is expressed ,in an otherwise fine work. ,” Israel is a EUROPEAN Apartied State “. This a wrong . To believe this will get the Palestinian cause nothing ,and frankly has not . Judaism is at war with Europe ,the Middle East ,and Indeed the world . The land of Canaan there goal as a world center long before Europe was in the picture . There is NOTHING ” European ” , about Judaism. It’s a Monotheist Tribal Sumerian based ideology/ theology . Europe is Polytheistic,and it’s racial / Culture / theology entirely spiritually ,the polar opposite. The Jew harbors deep hatred for Europe ,,( Amalek ,) ,and has done all it could to destroy it’s Hellenic / Pagan / Trinitarian heritage through subversion , war,and now open border for ” eternity “.

      5. There is as much land in the US as China. There is certainly enough room for 6.5 million Jews. One billion more immigrants in the US will be equal to the population of China. Those that don’t like the idea can get the hell out.

      6. @ Morris Polnick

        There is as much land in the US as China. There is certainly enough room for 6.5 million Jews.

        But why should the US let in 6.5 more Jews just because it has enough space to let them in? After all, letting in 6.5 million more Chinese would be a far better idea.

        Those 6.5 Chinese immigrants would contribute far more to America’s wellbeing than 6.5 million Israeli Jews would. They would be hardworking model citizens of higher than average intelligence. Unlike the 6.5 million Jewish immigrants, the Chinese immigrants wouldn’t add to the pool of financial parasites, Wall Street fraudsters a la Bernie Madoff, and Hollywood porn merchants that would be bound to enter America in vast numbers if it were crazy enough to take in 6.5 more dangerously dysfunctional Jews with a pathological hatred of Christianity in particular and of the goyim in general.

        America has 6 million too many Jews right now. A suitable location for the 15 million plus Jewish population of the world desperately needs to be found, given that we are all against mass extermination and would never dream of physically harming our Jewish brethren.

        Madagascar failed as a humanitarian solution to the Jewish problem. So did Birobidzhan. I would like to suggest Antarctica as a possible alternative, but I don’t think that would be fair on the penguins.

    2. “THE PLAN UNFOLDS.” Larry has written.

      Should we conclude Greece is an example of ‘The Plan” ? Professor Hudson has written that the plan appears to be the total destruction of Greece. Indeed, sovereignty has been turned over to the Troika which has raped the nation for the benefit of Rothschild financiers. [Hitler’s Germany was the reaction of the German people to the Rothschild Plan (the same as in Greece) imposed at Munich.]

      Greg Palast has written of an internal Wall Street memo that identifies collection of the $20 trillion US National debt is the “ultimate goal.” Perhaps we should note that bank accounts of politicians were withdrawn before announcing all bank accounts were seized by the government for the benefit of the Troika.

      After Palestinians flee, and Greeks flee, and Iranians flee, and Syrians flee, and Ukeranians flee, and Spaniards flee, and Italians flee, and U.S. citizens flee, where do we go ? Australia and Canada are only a couple of steps behind the rest. There comes a time when flight is irrational.

    3. Larry writes: “In Israel, they are only making adjustments to achieve a greater goal.” And what is the ‘greater goal’ ?

      John Perkins has written in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN that Wall Street, the moving force for Israel, has a MO of imposing national debt that will bankrupt the object nation. Professor Michel Chossudovsky in GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY documents the results of WS actions. He further develops the MO in his GLOBALIZATION OF WAR. It appears Israel’s greater goal is not in my best interest.

      The Greater Goal MO appears to be developed further in NEW WORLD ORDER DEAD AHEAD

      1. @ Donaldo Colina

        “Sard, go fuck yourself. . . Youre obviously referring to one of my earlier posts.”

        I don’t usually read your posts, Donaldo. I tend to skip them. This is because your comments tend to be too intellectual and scary for most people on this site, requiring a genius level IQ to understand. And unfortunately I’m just a bear with a small brain.

        Any resemblance between what you may have said in an earlier post about Utah and what I said later on has to be purely coincidental. 🙂

  2. Outstanding Dr. Darkmoon. The Psychopathology and the quote from Bibi sum it up, but Deir Yassin, as you point out somewhat here and plenty elsewhere, is an endless and ongoing massacre.

    We in the “peaceful” countries that monopolize arms sales, foment wars, and have taken to false flag murders of our own citizens should boycott, reject, and eject the new Jewish nomenklatura (nomenclature).

    Then trial and hanging.

      1. I bow to the realities Sardonicus, as long as the US military is addicted to the profitable sideline of arms sales with their partners (owners) the Israelis there’s probably no other way.

        It would be nice if they realize this is a partner they don’t need, and take over the business. A goodwill gesture of arming the Palestinians might save a lot of rope.

    1. Sard,
      Never accuse me of being intelectual. That Im not. Im just a drifter on “Darkmoon ” and greatly appreciate administración Tobys extreme patience with my posts. After driving my rig all day, I enjoy my free time reading posts and adding a few of my own. I lack the time to research many of the issues. Pat, Gilbert and many other gentleman of retirement age, are extremely astute and informed intellectuals. They are priceless intellectual treasures. I love educating myself with their posts….especially Pats. Hes amazing.

      1. @Donaldo Colina

        Never accuse me of being intelectual.

        My apologies! I thought you’d be flattered by the term.

        You are obviously no “intelectual”(sic),
        given that you cannot even spell the word properly! 🙂

      2. @Sardonicus

        “Intelectual” is the correct spelling in Spanish, which is the language Donaldo uses for all “difficult” words.

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Gosh, I never knew that! In that case, I have to concede
        that Donaldo could well be a Spanish “intelectual”!

      4. Anyway, Donaldo writes exceptionally good English if English
        is not his native tongue. So he needs to be praised for that.

    1. @ Kevin Moore

      Why are clogging up this thread with off-topic comments?
      All those quotes have NOTHING to do with the subject matter of this article!

      1. Shut-up, Madame. Kevin is articulating something which needs be understood by those who are confused to the point of grooming a bad horse. Understanding the distinction between “Jew” and “Israel” would eliminate the stupid notions of Christian Zionists in America – and my people would not “perish for lack of knowledge”. (see Hosea 4:6)

    2. If you can’t understand the pertinence of Kevin’s comment, you have no business monitoring this site. 😶

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Tell me sugarplum, did you go to a Charm School?

        If so, I’d ask for a refund! 🙂

      2. Telling a lady to “shut up” ain’t good manners
        where I come from! 🙂

        Funny thing is, Gilbert, I don’t mind in the least
        being told to shut up by you. It just make smile.
        It doesn’t bother me one little bit.

        I guess it’s because I’m a lady.

      3. Madame, I DO believe you are a “lady” – and am glad of your good humor. I said it with endearment only a lady would understand! 😊

    3. Señor Donaldo’s IQ score is a point or two higher than the average IQ in Tijuana, so by Tijuana standards Señor is an “intelectual”, if we go by Tijuana border town standards of judging intelligence, 🙂

  3. @ Winston

    I bow to the realities Sardonicus, as long as the US military is addicted to the profitable sideline of arms sales with their partners (owners) the Israelis there’s probably no other way.

    It would be nice if they realize this is a partner they don’t need, and take over the business. A goodwill gesture of arming the Palestinians might save a lot of rope.

    You’re right, Winston. But it depends ultimately on who controls the military. If the military is controlled by the Jews, what then?

    1. Sardonicus

      Control is an interesting word. Technically, there is a chain of command in the American structure stretching from the Commander in Chief on down. However, as we saw in 2007 when Cheney, Bush, and the Neo-Con Trotskiites were getting ready to unilaterally attack Iran, what was termed “the National Security advisors” stated that in their view Iran did not represent a credible threat to the United States. ‘Coincidentally’ over thirty known unusual deaths occurred in less than a years time among military personnel of many different ranks. The war didn’t proceed.

      Naturally, like yourself and many others I wonder what these same experts considered expertise makes of Israeli involvement on 9/11, which will be a festering wound on the American State until Israel and supporters answer for their crime.

      In the end, I defer to the realites. Take my Italian immigrant Grandfather for example. One year when the flu was going around, his young son (my late Uncle) was very ill. My grandfather went to the doctor in the middle of winter (who happened to be Jewish) and said we need you to make a house call. Flu, needless to say, was often fatal in those days. On the English side of the family 5 out of 7 children died in one year, leaving only my Grandmother and one sister. The doctor refused because of the blizzard like conditions. My Grandfather made him an “offer he couldn’t refuse”, the doctor made the call, was paid, and my Uncle recovered.

      Having the guns confers certain advantages in terms of “control” if you you know when and how to use them, don’t you think?

      All the cash in the world won’t save you if the country you live in is destroyed. Weimar Germany is a good recent example.

      1. Donaldo

        I don’t know what caliber, but it did the job. You may recall I mentioned in a previous post he fought against the Turks in what is now Libya before coming here. Some of the things the Turks used to do to prisoners doesn’t make pleasant reading.

        It does give me some hope for all – if or when the Iraq and Afghan veterans learn who screwed them and the rest of the country. and the world.

        My grandfather happened to visit court in NYC one day on business during Prohibition. He ran into a young paisan from Naples by the name of Al Capone, who had been making wine in his bathtub. He asked him “What did you tell the judge?” Al was very newly off the boat and replied “I told him I was making wine”. My Grandfather kindly offered the advice for the future – “You should have told him you were making umbrella sticks”.

  4. Besides being an American, I am aware of my good fortune, and understand how quickly I’d become violently indignant were some government-sponsored assholes come deprive me of my land and country. So, I absolutely can find no fault with those who react by acts of “”terrorism” (which, in Palestine’s case, is nothing more than violent protest against unjust assumption of one’s birthright). Americans have become guilty-by-association with those whom we have allowed to hold high office, and we need to get very angry with those who put us on target for righteous retribution against us. Reading about this outrage, I have begun to despise the president for whom I voted. Jerusalem is not ours to concede to ANYONE. America has overstepped its bounds. Israhell is a blight on the Holy Land – and an anchor around America’s neck.

    1. Excellent comment, Gilbert, but don’t beat yourself up about this. You did what you thought was right at the time.

      (1) You voted for what you sincerely thought was the lesser of two evils. (Hillary would have been worse).

      (2) You fell for Trump’s salesmanship and plausible palaver, like millions of other good trusting Americans did, and then you became slowly disillusioned.

      You are not unique in this. Harold Smith experienced the same awakening. At least you were man enough to admit you were wrong to trust this snake oil salesman. Others have not been so honest.

      1. Truthfully, dear Madame, I am very disappointed with Mr. Trump. Although his brash personality appealed to me – and helped me to trust his sincerity – I am puzzled about his motives. While he seems to be good for American Enterprise, his loyalties are suspect. The billionaires of yesteryear (such as Henry Ford) would have been more to my liking – and more dependable.

    2. Gilbert, Madame

      Excellent observations. I view it as “one jerk down (HRC), one new one to go”.

      For Palestinians, Europeans, North Americans – “Revenge (Justice) is a dish that is best eaten cold”.

      1. Gilbert,
        The model-T certainty was more dependable than a lot of the rigs rolling off the assembly line nowadays. Peterbilt, Freightliner, Volvo , Mac, etc. rarely get 6 months of drive-time before requiring expensive repairs. Oh yes, Henry Ford. Jew-smart and a genuis in his own wright. If Henry were presidente today instead of “Orange Clown” wed definitely be in better hands. 🙂

  5. It has been glaringly obvious since Trump entered into the political realm that he is an absolute tool of the jew. Anyone who suggests otherwise is an idiot or a shill.

    This dumb ole Mississippi redneck called this out in Aug 2015, long before the heavyweights in the web began catching on.

    So, why is it possible that this dumb ole redneck sees it and these others don’t?

  6. The Rothschilds’ Jews were given indigenous people’s land as a gift in return for a monetary bubble that is going to burst.

    The campaign for freeing Palestinians as political prisoners:

    Petition: Stand with Khalida Jarrar and Palestine:

    Intensive arrests of Palestinians [including children] by Israeli mafia:
    ‘The occupying force continues with a concerted campaign of arrests, which intensified immediately after President Trump’s announcement regarding Jerusalem on 6 December… Most of the Palestinians detained in the past few days were violently beaten before arrested. In past few days, they intensified their attack on Palestinians and on their objects specifically university campuses… these mass arrest and harassment campaigns are part of Israeli’s collective punishment measures… Those measures are widespread and systematic and they target all Palestinians, whether men, women, children, or disabled persons. The records have proven an excessive use of force against Palestinians and unlawful extrajudicial killings, especially the killing of the disabled person…’

  7. Nikki the mouth has stated , school playground style, that the current administration shall ” take names ” of any nation daring to vote against the Zionist in the UN tomorrow, still most are expected to defy.
    The Zionist is putting a rope around the US empire’s neck, these votes mark the start of the end of US hegemony, and the 300,000,000 non Zionist US citizens have Zionism , and themselves to blame.

    ‘HP Inc.’s legal predecessor, Hewlett-Packard Company, had a long and extensive business relationship with the Israeli Military and other security forces, including supplying custom-designed technologies for maintaining the occupation of the Palestinian people… HP Inc. still sells computers to the Israeli military… HP Inc.’s legal predecessor, Hewlett-Packard Company, had a longstanding contract with the Israeli Ministry of Interior Affairs to operate and maintain the central database of Israel’s Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration (PIBA), which also includes the country’s population registry… Israeli authorities regularly use this information to discriminate between Jews and non-Jews in Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territories… The Israeli Prison Service is in charge of all incarcerated persons in Israel/Palestine. As of April 2017, this includes some 6,400, among whom about 500 are in in administrative detention and 300 are children. Most Palestinian prisoners are transferred from the occupied Palestinian territories to prisons located within Israel, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 76). Furthermore, the Israel Prison Service separates Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisoners, and subject them to torture and other discriminatory treatment… Two companies that were in the supply chain of Hewlett-Packard Company, Matrix IT and its subsidiary Tact Testware, are located in the illegal settlement Modi’in Illit. Involvement in Worldwide Military Operations, Mass Incarceration, Policing, Immigrant Deportations, and Surveillance Systems…’

    Global campaign:
    ‘More than 1.8 million people have signed a petition calling on HP to end its role in Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism…’

  9. You really can’t expect anything but lies from a people who practice a religion of self-supremacy and contempt for all others; a people who’ve convinced themselves that a ‘god’, which they themselves invented, has chosen them above all other humans as special; a people who believe that all humans, not of their religion, are made to serve them; a people who’ve created a history where there was none, out of bits and pieces of the histories of other cultures. Since there was no historical ‘exodus’, it logically (and archaeologically) follows, there was no ‘wandering in the desert’ and thus no ‘promised land’. It’s all fable and folk lore, albeit big business. But the ‘money changers in the temple’ have overrun the temple now and this is the world we live in.

    So when we talk about ‘Armageddon’ and ‘rapture’ and ‘end days’, we need to bear in mind that these are distinctly Jewish inventions too – just like their ‘god’. But let’s not be fooled into accepting this as ‘prophecy’ but rather a ‘recipe book’. Precisely what they view it as.

    Regarding Trump, any man who does that with his hair has a severe self-esteem issue. Thus, beginning with a mental defect, we should expect his actions would stem from and revolve around the approval of others – in particular those from whom he has the most to gain; namely the money changers.

    1. @ Amerikagulag re Trump’s hairdo

      If a man doesn’t know the right type of hairdo to accentuate the good features of his facial bone structure and downplay the negative features of his facial bone structure, then really, WE can’t expect that man to defeat ISIS. Words of “wisdom” from TWO of the world’s leading American political strategists, Amerikagulag and Cher. Sunny and Cher, 🙂 .

      1. @ ADMIN

        My response to what BMan had to say [about Trump’s hairdo] you’re not going to feature and are CENSORING because? Because I’m a “damn” Yankee and I have the gall to defy a Southerner, speak back to a Southerner, not agree with a Southerner, to disagree with a Southerner?

        My response to what BMan had to say [about Trump’s hairdo] you’re not going to feature and are CENSORING because?

    2. Gulag,
      Good points. Ive always contended that “prophesy” is the mother of all lies. It disempowers the people. People of the 3 faiths congregate and are told what is “going to happen.” They spay and neuter themselves believing all this nonsense. Theres nothing humanity cant accomplish. First, we must rid ourselves of religión which is nothing more nothing less than the ultimate control mechanism.

  10. Highest commendations for this article, Dr. Darkmoon. Your concluding sentence: “Living in a stolen land can’t be easy.” is a marvelous juxtaposition of understatement with the rest of the article, which describes daily life for Palestinians as a living Hell that too few people in the UK, Europe and US comprehend, but which all of us are forced to support with our taxes, and tens of millions support for religious reasons (Zionist Christians).

    A headline from today’s Haaretz, “moderate” news from Israel.
    Palestinian girl in viral video arrested for making the occupation look bad
    A young Palestinian woman slapped one of the IDF’s occupation troops, an event captured on video, now gone viral. Many Israelis were outraged that the woman was not pounded into the ground for her insolence. But the “brave” IDF had an answer: “Those who harm our soldiers by day are arrested by night,” tweeted Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Skulking around at night, doing reprehensible things that couldn’t withstand the light of day, is an odd sort of bravery.

    Israeli politicians who are perpetuating the occupation are not really worried about international pressure on Israel or about Palestinian resentment and violence. Their deepest fear is that the broad Israeli public will pay attention … the only thing that mattered was satisfying an atavistic desire that our brave soldiers not be humiliated in public.

    Nikki Haley, Second UN Ambassador of Israel threatened to “take names” of any UN General Assembly members who dare to vote to disavow Trump’s Jerusalem decision. A USG veto of a Security Council (SC) resolution that disavowed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel means the names of the 14 SC nations that voted for the resolution are already on her “naughty” list.

    Philip Giraldi had an article published at Unz yesterday that covers a lot of ground relevant to LD’s excellent article.

    The truth about Israel is quite unpleasant, so it has been necessary to construct a completely untrue but compelling counter-narrative which relies psychologically on cultivation of claims of perpetual victimhood linked repeatedly to the holocaust. The false narrative usually starts with the myth about Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East, that it is a tolerant place where all religions can worship and where everyone enjoys freedom under law. But, alas, poor Israel is treated unfairly by the international community solely because it is Jewish.

    Giraladi notes the increasing numbers of Neocons in the Trump administration, including David Feith, son of Doug Feith, who US General Franks once described as “the dumbest f***ing guy on the planet.”

    Rima Najjar advocates “Through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and other strategies for resistance, the Palestinian Authority must find a way to get rid of the racist “two state solution”…”
    Giraldi writes that “24 states are now requiring statements pledging not to boycott Israel from those citizens and organizations that receive government funding or even seek local government employment.” But that state by state piecemeal approach isn’t good enough for the Israel Lobby. National level legislation pending in Congress – supported by AIPAC and probably written by AIPAC lawyers – will equate criticism of Israel with “anti-semitism” and “hate speech”, and threatens violators with significant fines and / or time in jail for even requesting information about BDS.

    Writing letters or making phone calls to “our” Zionist Christian / Jewish / pro-Israel CongressClowns is quite obviously futile. Jewish donors to Congressional campaigns can outspend those of us who are sick and tired of supporting the most racist, supremacist, expansionist nation in the Middle East; Zionist Christians make up a bloc of about 70-75 million pro-Israel voters that no other religious, ideological, political or philosophical grouping of people can come close challenging. It seems odd to say that our best hopes now lie in civil war, revolution, or a complete socio-economic collapse of the West, but other, less radical paths to change have been or are being shut down. If the Deagel dot com prediction that there will be only 54 million people living in the USA by 2025 is correct, some drastic changes are coming very soon.

    1. The grammar fiend in me requires that I note Philip Giraldi’s name is not spelled with an extra “a” (Giraladi), and “come close challenging” should be “come close to challenging”. 🙂

      While on the topic of stolen land, earlier reports that the USA was putting together new forces, and gearing up for more war in Syria as Russia draws down their forces appear to have got it right:

    2. Carnaptious

      Thank you for the Philip Giraldi and Deagel links.

      Exploring Deagel further, I came across two others of possible interest. The first one contains the “heads Up” from ‘John’ about a lethal event scheduled for Las Vegas posted the day before the killings, also seen on other sites, with information on involvement of AdelsoN, Chertoff, and Israel. The insuation is Adelson wanted Trump to move faster on the Jerusalem move, or we’ll get “more of the same”. The photo from Israeli news underscores the mad dog pariah status.

      The second discusses Deagel’s links which they protest as untrue, but without substantiation. Though somewhat dated, there are some useful Deagel -Military associations and ventures shown.

      The first link covers only “John”, the article found on open search at Chemtrailsplanet on Internet when scoping Deagel.

      1. That second link seemed to work at first when posted. The article can be found on


      2. @Sardonicus, Thank you. 🙂

        @ Winston, I followed posts on Twitter about “John’s” info on Las Vegas. Discussions about it appeared very soon after the shootings. I thought about posting some of it here at Darkmoon, but there were so many anomalies, oddities and incongruities about the LV shootings that one more hardly seemed worth throwing in the pot. There is also some evidence that one of KSA’s princes, now under arrest in KSA, was the target, and things went very wrong. (5 min)
        Thanks for a defective link to ActivistPost! In looking for that article I found one on Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian woman arrested for slapping an IDF trooper who was attempting to arrest her brother.

        Mohamed Tamimi, (another brother?) was shot in the head by IDF troops a week prior to the the slapping incident. IDF troops had come to arrest his brother (cousin?) when the slapping incident occurred. Naftali Bennet, Israel’s Minister of Education, is now calling for a life term in prison for the 16 year old Palestinian girl who did the slapping. Her mother and father have also been arrested. More here including who you can call or write to in various nations about this latest monstrous miscarriage of justice.

        Here is a Palestinian family with one son in a hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, a 16 year old daughter and her 14 year old brother arrested a few days ago, and now the mother and father are both under arrest. And this is all due to challenging the racist, supremacist, expansionist, extortionate tribe that wants to “repair the world”…

      3. Carnaptious

        A pleasure. Rense has very good coverage of LV, you probably know. That freaking warning from “John”…and those black vans on video…and so much more. In the end, all it takes is one good one.

  11. Regarding US policy toward Israel, what is worse: the Status Quo or Trump’s shock treatment? I am reminded of the experiment in which frogs allow themselves to be cooked when the water temperature is increased slowly, versus them jumping right out of the pot when the temperature is raised abruptly. After the assassination of JFK, the water temperature was brought up slowly by the Israel-firsters as the Palestinians (and Americans) were slowly cooked. Now, with Trump’s shock treatment, maybe things will finally change.

    Again, I wish to thank Carnaptious for bring David Stockman’s latest ( 12-19-17) to my attention yesterday. One partial Stockman sentence: “welfare statism and warfare statism is the secular religion of the Imperial City and its collaborators in the mainstream media.” Statism keeps raising the temperature slowly so no one notices. For good or ill, only Trump could shine the mirror on the macabre death dance of the Deep State, as they continue with their slow motion coup d’état. His shock treatment could be working, as the polls show Trump gaining in popularity while Mueller’s fraudulent investigation loses credibility with the American people.

    Stockman: “Either the Deep State and its minions and collaborators in the media and the GOP, too, will soon succeed in putting Mike Pence into the Oval Office, or the Imperial City is about ready to breakout in vicious partisan warfare like never before. Either way, economic and fiscal governance is about ready to collapse entirely, making the tax bill a kind of last hurrah before the mayhem really begins.” Personally, as long as new wars can be avoided (a BIG IF), I’m glad that Trump is bringing things to a head. With his daily tweets, Trump is causing the US to lose prestige and support with the rest of the world. How can that be a bad thing? The US needs another civil war. As WB Yeats once said “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.” As the USA goes, so will go Israel.

    1. Thanks for the thanks, FollyofWar! 🙂 Stockman writes very well, and his articles are often packed with good information, so I try to read them when the subject isn’t economics. Stockman doesn’t credit Trump with playing 4D chess, and seems to see Trump more like a bull in a china shop, whose rampaging is generally destructive, but does clear out a lot of over-priced, shoddy goods.

      That W.B. Yeats quote, and the rest of “The Second Coming”, seem peculiarly pertinent at this time, almost one hundred years after the poem was written.

      1. Carn,

        Good analogy about Trump being a “bull in a china shop.” Indeed, he’s brought the Wall Street Bull Market of capitalism’s creative destruction to the hallowed halls of the Imperial City. Trump is Chaos Theory come to life, and the Deep State oligarchs, (to include PCR’s presstitutes), just can’t stand the light of day on them, as they scurry around like cockroaches. Trump, without a true friend in the WH since Bannon was forced out, will probably fail, and his many enemies are working 24/7 to make that happen. Mueller, the Deep State’s Torquemada, has 17 lawyers working to impeach him. Trump only has his millions of Deplorables – with plenty of guns. 2018 promises to be an interesting year. No matter who wins, the Empire will still be Israeli-controlled territory.

    2. “Now, with Trump’s shock treatment, maybe things will finally change…I’m glad that Trump is bringing things to a head.”

      If that’s the case, how come you didn’t vote for Clinton?

  12. The Zionists have been following their plan as spelled out in THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, please read it, the Zionists intend to rule the earth and we goyim are to be their slaves.

    1. DF –

      “…Zionists intend to rule the earth and we goyim are to be their slaves.”

      Look around.
      That has already been accomplished with control of the world’s fiat currencies, health care and the internet.

      Even 85% of Syrians have mobile phones in a war zone. 🙂

      1. As to how the Federal Reserve BOG is alleged to assist Wall Street embezzle $5 billion daily using the accounts of Treasury security auction which are exclusively handled by the FRBNY and have never been audited, go to: /fiscal-bliss-ignorance-is-bliss/ FN 19 on FUNDING THE NWO is a continuation. The scam will continue until it is exposed.

        [my computer is locking up. If this has been successfully posted on Darkmoon before hit delete.]

      2. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        Your Allah just might have Mercy on me, for I have ALWAYS spoken up on behalf of your Palestinian people, BOTH the Muslim Palestinians and the Christian Palestinians, and I have always spoken up AGAINST ZOG’S illegal and extremely immoral wars in the Middle East, all designed to destabilize the Muslim countries of the Middle East [ and North Africa ]. I always remind everyone that the Muslims did NOT attack the USA on 9/11, that 9/11 was a JEW/ZOG false flag. I always remind everyone of these things, both online and off-line in my neighborhood with my neighbors.

        I’m opposed to Muslim immigration, NOT because I don’t like Muslims, but because I don’t like ZOG. And if ZOG wants Muslim immigration, then there’s something fishy going on. ZOG wants Muslims in the West as a means to foment more confusion, turmoil, animosity, and ultimately more violence and blood-shed and War. The classic “divide and conquer” strategy of TPTB. My viewpoint is NO different than the viewpoint of The Muslim Sheikh Imram Hosein. So stop hassling me, Mahmoud.

      3. @ ADMIN

        Re my comment to Mahmoud El-Youssef
        starting with the words
        “Your Allah just might have mercy in me…”

        And my reply to Mahmoud El=Yousseph wishing me, in effect, to go to hell, you’re CENSORING that because? And my reply to Mahmoud . . . you are censoring because?

      4. TROJ –

        You would do better if you got your attendants at Chattahoochee State Mental Unit to help you reply DIRECTLY…. to MEY’s comment…. after they hose you down…

        ….. NOT mine..!! 🙂

  13. But the “brave” IDF had an answer: “Those who harm our soldiers by day are arrested by night,”
    Ahhh for the good old days! There was a similar group in the STALINIST SOVIET UNION…. I think it was called the CHEKA.

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe, please accept my sincere and genuine apology for insulting you. I was wrong for what I said. You are better than I thought.

      @ Patti, my initials are: ME and not MEY. As I said before, El-Yousseph is my last name. El is not my middle name, so I have a hyphenated last name.

      1. To Mahmoud :

        I accept your apology and I have no hard feelings towards you. I was confused by what you said, because I sensed you didn’t mean to wish for me to go to hell. So I didn’t take what you said to heart. I thought, “Sounds like Mahmoud is having a bad hair day”, so I figured you were out of sorts that day. That’s the good thing about being a Muslim, if you’re having a bad hair day you can just throw a rag on your head and no one will know your hair is a mess 🙂 though you do have to be careful not to get too neurotic about it and take it out on other people and say things you normally wouldn’t say. Peace be unto you, Mahmoud. May God have Mercy on all of us, for we are all fall short in this fallen world of fallen human nature. I certainly include myself.

  14. Whither Israel? Will it still be around in 10 years’ time? Will the Palestinians ever receive justice and see the restoration of their lost lands?”

    The answer can be found by asking the Lakota Sioux. The same London Pharisee-Jew Bankers took their land.

    My guess is… both lands will be given back concurrently.

  15. The thought of it’s demise being the stuff of “wet dreams” for the lucid/just, Those snakes would explode into the west and enact this INSTANTLY, (or before?);

    I’m not a “bible pounder”, but one must admit, if the Creator DOESN’T step in and deal with The Synagogue as prophesied we are, as a race, pretty much f**ked.
    On their own? Too many fools/cowards – too few “others”. And Lucifer is holding all the cards at the moment.

  16. 10 years? Maybe, but in Palestine square Tehran a clock is ticking down to the Zionist entity’s Removal, it is set to 2040, however by 2030 the Resistance shall have the means.


    Jews are Hamitic Canaanites from Judah and Bathshuah the Adullamite’s daughter see Genesis 38 (Adullamites were Canaanites). Canaanite Jews descend from Shelah the third son of Bathshuah. Jews determine their lineage on the female side from the mother. Jews are therefore not deemed children of Abraham. Jews are not Semitic Israelites so have no racial claim on the land of Israel!!

    Jews worship Satan the Devil, they, being his offspring from The Garden through The Serpent and Eve to Cain and Canaan post-flood.

    “We are a chosen people. Most Jews do not like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we Jews are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.” –

    – Harold W. Rosenthal

    Royal Judahites are from Judah and Tamar to the twins Pharez and Zarah. Pharez to King David and Yashua Messiah and Zarah to British Royalty.

    1. @ Messenger Charles

      Thanks for passing on this message . . . but can I ask you:
      who are you acting as a messenger for?

  18. It can get worse… in Palestine, Israel and US…. Devils will rule…

    Now… even Hassidic Jews are sitting on the bench now. Hassidics don’t even go to college.

    –Judge Ruchie, the Hasidic Superwoman of Night Court–

    Ruchie Freier, as friends call her, a 52-year-old Hasidic Jewish grandmother who has blazed a trail in her insular religious community with so much determination that the male authorities have simply had to make room. Eleven years ago, she became one of the first Hasidic female lawyers in Brooklyn, and last November, she was elected as a judge to civil court, making her almost certainly the first female Hasidic elected official in the country.

    The beat-ing goes on….

  19. The ‘ten years’ question is worthy conjecture, it points up the sad reality of the situation and suggests change.
    Believing in it first is necesssry.
    The answer is yes and worse, unless a major awakening manifests throughout America.
    Christian zion is ts SNAP OUT…
    Zion ism is the manifestation of Jewish fundamentalism.
    The fundamentalists know each other, about the enemy.

  20. Trump has got all personal in regards to the upcoming UN general assembly vote on Palestine, he told reporters that any Nation defying his right to gift Al Quds to the Zionist ,shall no longer receive any US aid, he truly is working for the Zionist.
    However many , indeed most Nations are expected to defy.

  21. You can get into all the “clever” intellectualism you like, but the bottom line, actual reality is that the Jews of this planet (excepting perhaps 5% of their 15 million) are engaged in the act of STEALING, colononising, annexing and acquiring more and more Arab/Semitic land/s.
    This underlies Western plans for the greater state of Israel and Jerusalem becoming the capital of the planet..
    They are supported in this objective by most of the NATO nations and are, in particular, heavily financed by the taxpayers of the USA and Gt Britain, Minnows like Australia also supply substantial aid.
    That lame, Jewish controlled entity known as the UN, despite mock protestations, allows the Jews’ land grab to continue.
    When all the ME black gold fields have been grabbed, the warring will cease, except for sporadic outbreaks by defeated Arab groupings. So retain your stocks in munitions suppliers.
    The good news for the West is that we will have plenty of oil, free from Arab/Semitic control.
    And don’t worry about the Arab Semites who have been moved into Western nations. They are, like most Westerners, already succumbing to the Jewish entertainment industry and watching Ellen Degeneres, Seinfeld and Sex and the City. Many beautiful “Persian” females, as they like to be called, attend singles’ clubs and the bar/party scene in Western nations and I can assure you, they are no different to Ms Cantrell’s character in Sex and the City.
    The Swedish rape epidemic will die down soon enough and Swedish lasses will start marrying handsome ME lads.
    Jews say that without their financial control the Western world will collapse. They could be correct, because, except for the low IQ’d natural losers, most of us are doing quite alright.
    This is precisely why the resistance cannot find leadership – we all think it is great to watch tellie, buy new cars and chase chicks/blokes.
    Of course the land theft will continue and actually multiply many times over the next decade. The Arabs are being shifted out as per YHWH’s eternal orders.
    Who cares if Israelis are the descendants of bad-arse Arabs of ancient times! Today they are JEWS and JEWS RULE!!!!!!!! And most Christians luv ’em!!!!

  22. “Whither Israel? Will it still be around in 10 years’ time? Will the Palestinians ever receive justice and see the restoration of their lost lands?”

    The question I have is: Will the world as we know it still be here 10 years from now? If Orange Clown continues to do everything his masters demand, we will probably not be here.

    Speaking of doing everything his masters demand, I just saw this:

    Now he’s going escalate in Ukraine? He’s pushing hard. Somebody’s DESPERATE.

    1. Harold, you ask: “Whither Israel?”
      Israel will definitely be around in 50 years time and Kissinger and the boys know it. Unbridled Jewish POWER will ensure that the people of our planet accomodate Israel.
      In fact, we will have a brand, spanking new Israel which will dominate the whole of the ME region.
      It is predicted that it will cover a land area similar to Australia.
      Israel will then be the centre of world politics and finances. Mankind’s Supreme Court of Social Justice.
      It will function similar to Communist China and Communist Russia; controlled by wealthy oligarchs and utilizing Darwinian “survival of the fittest” credos.
      If you are a winner you will have nothing to worry about, just like the rich Chinese tourists who are flooding the Gold Coast and buying expensive, ocean view apartments. I deal with these people and they tell me they are happy, rich and free.
      Will the planet be around for long? Of course it will be, for as long as anyone can see into the future.
      Population control will ensure not too many people – say, around 5 billions.
      Huge tracts of life-giving wilderness will be retained and such destructive things as big motor vehicles will be no more.
      Most of us will be happier than ever, living in large, highly sustainable kibbutzes, with our families.
      Man’s spiritual needs will be met by thanking our benevolent Creator of the Universe.
      Because man, psychologically, is a mixture of the yin and the yang, certain satanic practices will be permitted, along with altruistic practices.
      Some of the rules of the ancient ones will be observed, inc “thou shalt not kill other human beings”, along with managerial fees only usury/interest.
      Israel will simply fill the power vacuum in the ME and assist the SUNNI and Shia to a better way of life.
      Note that Arabs living within the inner borders of current Israel are doing quite well, with modern apartments, employment and good schooling for their kids. Arab men are keen to use the services of Jewish and GOYIM prostitutes who advertise in newspapers and sit in shopfronts, as in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

      1. Max
        You’re absolutely correct about the rich Chinese. The Chinese are now the largest group of tourist visitors to Thailand.
        China today, despite being nominally Communist, is now a de facto National Socialist state. When I first came to Asia in 1973 Mao was still in charge of China and they still lived according to his thought, the little red book.
        Also it’s absurd nonsense to say they are controlled by the Rothschild’s. The central bank of China, PBOC is publicly owned i.e. belongs to the state. So what if they’re a member of the BIS? It’s meaningless drivel by cloud cuckoo landers, who imagine membership of it implies Rothschild control.
        I work with many Chinese academics and while they freely acknowledge the shortcomings of their own society and government it does not render them any less patriotic or willing to bow down to the West. In fact many of them tell me the Western media, BBC, CNN and the Economist, and so on, are incredibly biased against their country. I’ve been to China and I feel freer there than in Europe or the US.
        One other little item. After Mao took over in 1949, all the Masonic lodges were shut down and China refused to recognise all the unequal treaties of the 19th Century.
        Too many people in the West imagine that Chinese born and raised in the West are experts on China. Nothing could be further from the truth. Usually their “facts” are either outdated or nonsense based on “Jurassic Park” thinking. The people of China call the Chinese, born and raised abroad bananas, yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

      2. “Will the planet be around for long? Of course it will be, for as long as anyone can see into the future.”

        No doubt the planet will be here for a while, but that’s not the same thing as “the world as we know it”, which Orange Clown and his jewish-supremacist handlers seek to destroy.

      3. @Harold Smith

        No doubt the planet will be here for a while, but that’s not the same thing as “the world as we know it”, which Orange Clown and his jewish-supremacist handlers seek to destroy.

        Nonsense, complete nonsense!

        I will try to clear up the terrible mess that resides in Harold’s head once again.

        1. In reality, there are no jewish-supremacists. There are closet Anglo-Saxon supremacists, though, who do not consider Blacks, Jews, Asians, American Indians, and Latinos in general, as equals to themselves. There were also Nazis, who considered all the listed above + Poles, Czechs, Serbs, i.e. Slavs in general, as untermenschen. The Nazi Germany was brough to its fucking senses by the “untermenschen” Russians and made it successfully to the dustbin of history.

        2. Orange Clown does not have jewish-supremacist handlers for the simple reason that there are no jewish-supremacists in nature. However, it is true that Jews are a chosen people. The question is: chosen by whom and for what purpose? Jews are chosen by the Jews themselves to serve the master, who happens to be at the top for the moment, to help the master to manage the colonies for they are the best medium from which to recruit traitors of the people among whom they dwell. That’s what Jews like doing and they do it very well.

        3. Orange Clown does not seek to destroy “the world as we know it”. The opposite is true: Orange Clown seeks to preserve “the world as we know it”, i.e. the task Orange Clown is charged with is to preserve the unipolar world order (with the US at the helm, of course), which has prevailed almost completely in the world with the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

        4. It is the rest of the world that wants to destroy “the world as we know it”, with Putin’s Russia being the main troublemaker for the fucked up Anglo-American Empire. Russia is the Sparta of today if you wish, and Putin is perhaps the best Spartacus the world has ever seen … with the possible exception of Joseph Stalin.

      4. Of course there are “jewish-supremacists”, and of course they rule the U.S. and of course Orange Clown is their loyal puppet whose “presidential” mission is to present an ultimatum to Russia and China: either cede your sovereignty to the beast, or it’s the end of the world as we know it.

  23. I will report you to Trump who voted against the US decision on Jerusalem – Nikki Haley in a letter to UN members.

    The US ambassador is acting like a mob, threatening other countries that she will tell on them. She is making a fool out of herself and USA on the world stage.

    1. No Mahmoud, the beautiful Nikki Haley is simply acting out her role on the stage.
      She is an actress held by the strings of the Jewish mob, puppeteers. She gets paid handsomely for serving her role. Jewish money pays for all, even ISIS.
      It is no use blaming individuals, as the elite’s spider web of deceit is billions of times bigger than any individual. Hence all the crap about Trump is just that – essentially meaningless rhetoric.
      “Morality” and any other descriptor you like do not apply to the Jewish beseiged USA.
      The USA and its commissars are successfully making fools out of everyone else.
      Or, more specifically, Imperial London and the Queen are making the world a laughing stock, even colony USA.
      And John Kirby, the area we loosely call “Palestine” (derived from Philistine) was never a “country”/nation. It was simply an area in the vast hinterland of the great Ottoman Empire. It was formerly loosely called Canaan and then the lands of the 12 tribes.
      Palestinans might want their homes and land back, but it is gone for good. Western nations will see to that.
      And we should stop being fooled by the evil Kissinger’s brilliant dialecticism. “Ten years” was his in-joke!

  24. The Palestinians will never give up. They want their country back.

    They could use cheap drones to attack Israel with pinpoint accuracy.

    Incidentally I think that is how any attack on North Korea will go. South Korea is one of the biggest manufacturers of drones. If there are 10,000 artillery pieces to destroy at the same instant what is to stop 10,000 drones?

    Same goes for Israel.

  25. John Kirby,
    “……what is to stop 10, 000 drones?”
    Lots of methods. Radio jamming, simple old Lupara style shotguns. Also, most of the artillery would be camouflaged, or in fortified redoubts. Small drones would however be useful for waging chemical or germ warfare against Israeli population centres. Although illegal, the four criminal races, USA, UK, Israel and France have abrogated all rights to be treated in accordance with the Hague and Geneva Conventions, due to their use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus, attacking countries without a declaration of war (Hague Convention 1907) and genocide. UK and Israel are the most egregious offenders under the Genocide Convention, e.g. Israel, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and the UK, the Chagos Archipelago under Harold Wilson. BTW, in Palestine in 1948 the British forces were ordered to stand down to allow the Jewish sub-humans to expel the Palestinians from Haifa.
    It’s all very well for the populations at large in those countries to say they didn’t know, however the findings of the Knapp commission into police corruption in New York with regard to accountability can be applied, mutatis mutandis, to the aforementioned countries. They claim to be democracies. They claim to educated. They claim their governments are accountable to the people. Their general populations boast about their democratic credentials and denigrate the authoritarian states. It’s no good saying they didn’t know. They should have known about their governments’ crimes in the past and they should be aware of the crimes being perpetrated by their governments today. Ergo, they are criminal races.

    1. Felix, be careful with the use of the word “races” as nations are NOT races.
      You have fallen hollus bollus into the Jews’ trap and therefore you are compromised.
      Jews love to say they are a distinct RACE of the human species, which anyone with a half brain knows it is wrong/incorrect.
      Hence, we have the use of abusive epithets, by the Jews, which include calling any detractors racists and anti-Semites.
      Arabs are true Semites. Most Jews are not Semites, even though they claim they are.
      As Doris Lessing stressed, we have to get our definitions correct before we can engage in worthwhile conversation.
      The leaders of the UK, the USA, France and Israel should all be gaoled under international criminal law.
      The people of these diseased nations, inc my Australia, should be told to find a brain, even a half brain.

      1. Max,
        There are many senses to the meaning of race. Go and check your Oxford or Collins dictionary. See my reply to Winston. I’m rather old-fashioned in my usage of English. However, Jews are not a race in any sense of the meaning. They are an agglomeration of plague bacilli festering in the agar of Western Christian civilization.

      1. At least I still have a beautiful hardwood forest from which to swing – and don’t have to hoe rice from any paddy fertilized by my own feces – or take a dump on the side of the road! (Becoming enamoured by your own cowardly choices is NOT my idea of “nobility”.) (My mother always admonished me “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with FLEAS!”)
        Go suck a banana, coward. Hide out with your monkey kinfolk!

      2. Gilbert,
        Your problem is that you are a spoilt mama’s boy. You call me a coward but you’ve never had the guts to join up and fight in your own military. It’s all, “I heard it from friends in the special forces.” You don’t even have the guts to take up my dare on those two matters we discussed previously relating to the FOIA. Untermensch!

      3. I’ve never abandoned my post, Felix, like you have abandoned Ireland. I’ve sacrificed much for my country, and my “friends in the Special Forces” know it. I do not intend to have any more words with you, and concede that though I don’t like you, I learn much from your comments. Coward you may be – but you are NO dummy. 😋

      4. Gilbert,
        ROTFLMAO, you talk about me abandoning my post! You’re just too scared to travel. Hide behind mama! When are you going to take up my dare?

      5. “I’ve never abandoned my post, Felix, like you have abandoned Ireland.”

        Gilbert, your “post” abandoned you.

        “I’ve sacrificed much for my country, and my ‘friends in the Special Forces’ know it.”

        As I see it, the country I grew up in no longer exists (if it ever existed in the first place that is).
        What exactly is “America”? In a word, it’s the constitution. If we don’t live by the constitution – which we obviously don’t at all anymore – then we don’t live in America. I’m a man without a country. There was a time when I thought I had a country, but it walked away from me.

        Anyway, I don’t say any of this in a spirit of meanness or just to be contrary, but it seems that you see yourself not as an “individual”, who does his own moral reasoning and is morally responsible for his own actions, but merely as part of a collective, with a collective morality. And this is what we are all brainwashed to be in this society; we’re all loyal servants of the state.

        I know several expatriates, and I can tell you that for them, leaving the U.S. (or any other country in the corrupt “West” for that matter) isn’t generally a matter of cowardice; sometimes it’s a matter of a principle; sometimes it’s a financial thing, etc. But every day Trump’s in the White House we seem to be moving closer to Armageddon, and I’m seriously thinking about leaving, as I don’t see myself as having a patriotic duty to die for the sake of somebody’s evil agenda.

      6. Harold –

        Actually, I HAVE travelled across the pond enough to know it’s not better there. My issue with many of you other Americans, here, is to acknowledge that our country needs YOU, too. Moreover, if it’s so bad, here, why do so many Easterners want to be educated here, or reside here?? Yes, I admit to being a “homeboy”, and I dearly loved my mother, and was schooled to love my country – and try to help improve it. I turned down a Republican Party offer to run me for Congress BECAUSE I WAS TOLD NOT TO VOICE MY ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE FEDERAL RESERVE with Ron Paul. I am well-connected, and have many powerful friends and family. Since I was born into privilege, I have always felt it my duty to help others do better. Other Americans have rewarded me by their loyalty, but I am aging, now, and withdrawing into the mountains to attend a more peaceful life. Still, though, I maintain sanctuary for my friends. I’m not hurting. 😐
        I was fortunate enough to be admonished about discretion at a young age, and I have, so far, managed to stay out of widespread scrutiny on Internet. You will not find “Gilbert Huntly'” as anything other than a pen name.

      7. Gilbert,
        Just an afterthought, FYI. I left Ireland when I was nine and I became acculturated in Australia, Africa, and Asia. Along the way I learnt to speak 4 languages fluently and a smattering of others. So the world is my oyster. The only continents I haven’t been too are Antarctica and South America. On your logic, anyone who leaves their country of birth and chooses to reside in another is a coward. Well, what does that make your ancestors? Didn’t they “desert their posts” in Europe and “run away” to America? According to your logic you have coward’s genes. Which is of course complete nonsense.
        And you may dislike me, but I don’t dislike you. I rather enjoy our verbal jousting, the same way I enjoy a bout of verbal fisticuffs with Pat. Sticks and stones and all that! If I was your father Gilbert, I’d have signed you up in the Marines at 20. Would have made you less thin skinned. Best pedagogical tool in the world; Sarge’s boot and his foulmouth. Go to youtube and watch the opening scene of “Full Metal Jacket” and you’ll see what I mean. No boot like Sarge’s boot applied to the posterior for educating a young man!

    2. Hi Felix, I have read that these drones can drop a package very accurately and it is planned to use them in sea rescues. South Korea must have some of the world’s best drone engineers and simple screening of the low power chip circuitry would prevent radio interference. They already know every inch of North Korea and the journey would only be a few miles. Making 10,000 drones would not be too difficult, and they are a lot cheaper than tanks and F35s.

      I’m sure I’m not the only one to have thought of it.

      1. John Kirby and Carnaptious, How long do you think it will take for ECM to defeat these drones becoming available to the general public when the demand becomes apparent? Or even before it becomes apparent, if someone is planning proficiently. It shouldn’t take long.
        Build your own “Home Drone Defense” right at home! In your very own garage, living room or game room! Only $$$599.99
        Ironically delivered to your own home by Amazon, via drone.. (lol)
        I simply must believe the military is already doing all of the above, and then some..

      2. @HP,

        ECM would go under the heading of “things that WILL go wrong”. 🙂

        Fighting wars with fully automated weapons – planes, ships, tanks, and beta model terminators – has the advantage of not producing body bags that might upset the goyim-“cattle”. The MICC learned virtually nothing from their painful experiences with the Vietnam War except:
        a) Control the news; don’t allow the war, and coffins, to appear at dinner time.
        b) Limit exposure of US troops. Use foreign mercenaries (ISIS and al-Qaeda); promise illegal immigrants citizenship to fight US/Israel wars; automate wherever possible. The massive 2017-18 NDAA appropriations will fund development of more killing machines that don’t argue with their commanders, don’t need to be evacuated when “wounded”; and don’t file PTSD claims or have ongoing medical expenses when the war(s) wind down. No one cries over spilled hydraulic fluid.

  26. Felix

    “Races” is inaccurate as you are aware. Nationalities perhaps, I’d use the term “Zionist stooges” possibly or less polite descriptions.

    We’re all looking for Salvation. You (and myself, though confined to Thailand and India/Lanka somewhat pretty much – more as a retreat than for World ‘leadership’) in Asia, my hope that the US military would do their job like the Thai military does from time to time, many of us here look to the very positive progress of Mr. Putin in Russia and the stunning jailing of Khordokovsky, ejection of Rothschilds, military victory in Syria, stabilization of South Ossetia, Georgia, saving Crimea, really a great record comparatively.

    Virtually all the regulars here agree more or less that there is:
    1. A Jewish/Zionist problem
    2.That it’s historically based and can be traced despite massive efforts to conceal the crimes and has caused unimaginable suffering to Russia, France, Armenia, all the participants in the World Wars, Palestine (as above) and most of the ME.
    3.That it continues today, based on great lies like Holocaustianity, the “beliefs” of Christian Zionists, political Zionists, and is growing worse, wrecking European and North American Civilization and still trying to take down places like Thailand with it, where the US and UK just had another round of “Human Rights” forum sh*tmongering in Isarn province.

    We agree on more than that, but broadly speaking, those are some of the majors.
    The point I’m trying to make here is we all wish to see a stop to this mass murder by design in the 21st century, and all of us seem to be looking for a savior of some sort.

    I’d be cautious about Red China for a number of reasons, the latest among many here

    I have the greatest respect for TRADITIONAL Chinese wisdom and culture. It’s so sad that many architecturally unique traditional structures have been wiped in new China to be replaced by Jewish modernism with neon lights. There’s worse, but I know you’re well aware of plenty – the mass murders you’ve mentioned under Mao. Nonetheless, China has made great progress in many areas and not a notable Zionist catamite.

    At any rate, let’s keep hoping for Salvation from somewhere, knowing that the realities make this a very long shot indeed.

    Here’s some scary news
    Speculation is the blackout was contrived to permit circumvention of Nuclear War head controls.
    Has someone done an end run around the US Military?

    Cheney’s missile attack on that particular section of the Pentagon and the Minot Air Force Base criminality all over again on steroids?

    First link defective, my apologies. Article is present on Activist Post. Second link maybe same…

    1. Winston –

      “Speculation is the blackout was contrived to permit circumvention of Nuclear War head(sic) controls.”….
      BECAUSE…. people just luv the invented – “speculation” – scary stories which make more $$$ for the MSM…
      ….. and even the Alt-Media..!! 🙂 🙂

      1. Pat

        Yup. Somehow I don’t think they were carrying medicines for Palestine.

        As I was discussing with Felix, that’s another ‘little’ fact of life many of us agree upon here –

        4. False flag operations exist, are ongoing, and a matter of great concern in terms of degree and scope.

  27. Winston,
    Good points! However races have many senses of meaning. It’s not only confined to ethnicity. Churchill although a stooge of (((them))) was a master of the English language used race in the sense of nationality!
    Unfortunately, the Anglo-Saxon countries are now paying the price for their neglect of education. In his younger days a M. R.
    Chatumongkol Sonakul worked as a Permanent Secretary in one of the government ministries of Thailand. He proposed certain educational programmes which should be financed by the government. Someone objected, saying it would cost too much. To which Chatumongkol replied that it would cost far more not to educate. He got the money. Witness Finland in 1920, they became independent. They spent their money on education and social programmes. Come 1940 they kicked the shit out of the Russians, according to some sources 600,000 died in that war. Simo Hayha, the top sniper of all time with 542 confirmed kills came out of the Karelian War of 1940. All because they had an educated and motivated population. The US and UK no longer have this, which is why they cannot win any wars. You need a dash of socialism, not dog it dog, Jewish capitalism.
    This is what I observe with regard to the educational systems in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The neo-liberal system where the students buy their degrees and incur massive debts in the process doesn’t work. The result, semi-literate and poorly educated graduates. I’m appalled at the lack of basic knowledge of the average Anglo-Saxon university graduate these days. They know all about political correctness, nothing about history, their powers of retention and attention spans are woefully deficient and they rely too much on cutting and pasting from the internet. Many of them confess with pride, the fact that they don’t read books. They get bored. Basically the so-called generation of hope, the millennials are brain washed, brain damaged and brain dead.
    Contrast this with East Asia. The Shanghai system is among the best in the world. Singapore, Korea, Japan are streets ahead of the West. Witness your own country, which still has some excellent universities, 70% of the PH Ds in science and mathematics go to Asian born orientals.
    Witness too, the damage done to the focus of the alternate media, where criticism of the real enemy is deflected by the proliferation of junk science theories. The ordinary layman lumps the genuine conspiracies such as 9/11 with the voodoo science of these loons, thus damning the entire alternative media to being labelled crackpots.
    I criticise the West for very good reason, my father fought in the German paratroopers during the war, my mother was in the British army on anti-aircraft guns during the V1 offensive in 1944. An uncle of mine was in the South African army and saw action in North Africa and Italy. In fact my father and uncle faced each other during the Battle of El Alamein in October 1942. In 1992 I accompanied both of them to a memorial service at El Alamein, 50th anniversary. It was a joint service, Allies and Axis together, nary a dry eye to be seen. I walked with both of them around the war cemeteries, tragic and what a waste. I’m a Westerner and it pains me to see the needless suicide, self inflicted moral and intellectual degradation of both Europe and the USA.
    Imagine me, if you will,as a foulmouthed nasty training instructor, who tries to inspire his trainees by being as honest as possible. I was very lucky to have such an instructor in 1969. The West has to be confronted with the truth. Honeyed words on how wonderful and how nice they are won’t work.
    A sense of introspection must be instilled otherwise it’s curtains.

    1. Agree TOTALLY with need for criticism and examination, with NO coddling. Though races is a minor point, a technicality, it is commonly used that way you mention.

      Thank you for insight.The Dumbing down of Europe and North America is producing disaster. The Asian emphasis on REAL education is paying off handsomely. Most Western millenials are hopeless, though there are a few exceptions. Real education only begins in Schools and Universities is what we used to be taught. Then the Jews decided they knew better. My sense is they corrupt education and install a parade of idiots in power because they subconsciously are aware that the Jewish superiority they flog daily is a house of cards, though most will never admit it.

      I didn’t know about M.R. Chatumongol Sonakul’s wonderful efforts. The Royal family has worked very hard in this department, one Thai friend got her degree in one of the last personal presentations made by the late His Majesty the King Bhumibol (Rama 9). Imagine the emphasis conveyed when the KING himself awards you your degree personally. Another friend of mine is a M.R. ( M. R. or M. L. signifies member of the Royal family for those new to Thai titles) he was British educated, probably speaks better English than I do.

      Did you see the Bangkok Post online news 14/05/2015 “Israel ‘disappointed’ over Thai royal’s holocaust denial (denial is of course a spurious term) (hope this one works) concerning ML Rungguna Kitiyakara?

      What a fascinating family story.

  28. Winston,
    Yes, I saw that story from the Bangkok Post and had a good chuckle. You’re obviously a Thaiphile. Have you ever thought about retiring here? You don’t have to stay in BKK, there are some cheap retirement places up country. You’d be amazed at the number of Westerners retiring here. Of course Laos and Cambodia are popular as well. Cambodia is a favourite for those who like the Rastafarian herb. They even have “happy” pizzas. And for those who like cocaine, they sell a “darwin” award type. Coke is expensive so they blend it with heroin, because it’s cheaper. Our “awardee” snorts the coke and, of course, ODs. One less! There’s one Vietnam vet retired somewhere in Esarn, always writing to the newspapers complaining about America going to the dogs. He’d drive Gilbert insane. I guess he couldn’t get Indo-China out of his system.

    1. Felix

      Thank you, the way things are going here, you never know.

      To underscore your point about Finnish military superiority over Soviet Russia, here’s what Solzhenitsyn said about the Jewish Bolshevik wrote about the time from 1934-1935 when Jewish Commissar ‘Genrikh Yagoda’ (Yanokh Iyeguda) headed the Soviet secret police. Yagoda’s black vans would go out every night in St. Petersburg, and round up “class enemies”; former members of the aristocracy (educated) former civil servants, former businessmen, former teachers, professors, and professional people, any Russian – any real Russian -who had graduated from a University. A quarter of the population of the city was arrested and liquidated by Yagoda during this two year period.

      Solzhenitsyn concludes if they fought back, even with crude knives and hammers, they could easily have overwhelmed Yagoda’s forces and put an end to mass arrests.

      This is typical of Jewish communism, seen in Cambodia, China (when Epstein and others sat in the politburo) during the cultural revolution, Tibet, North Korea, and now common in schools and Universities in the USSA and elsewhere -social engineering along strict lines first, gender confusion and perversion, worship of the Jew as eternal victim without debate, and so on, on into the media, Hollywood, you name it.

      Though a vegetarian, I’d be glad to get some salad and sponsor some friends at Thailand’s “Hitler Fried Chicken” take out food joint at this point. How wonderfully refreshing.

      1. “Written about”, not “wrote” in above. Sorry!
        It’s hard to sympathise with the professional victims after watching them gloat about the Bolsheviks for decades. They always bring up “The Pogroms” which were not nice but nowhere near the thousands of TONS of Flesh they took later, besides destroying a whole country and many others with it, and still going…

        Today we have black vans in Las Vegas.

        We do have more guns and population than “Leningrad”, and the warning from history…

      2. Winston,
        Tis indeed, Thais don’t have any Old Testament religious and cultural baggage. They’re delightfully pragmatic and non-pharaisaical.
        Getting back to Russia, many people think Russian victory over Nazi Germany was a foregone conclusion. Were it not for the German 4th Bureau (later GRU) spy, Richard Sorge, Moscow would have fallen in 1941. He was German with a Russian mother, fought in WW1, which turned him into a communist. In the 30s he was sent to Tokyo where he established a very efficient spy ring. In late 1941, Russia had no reserves with which to defend Moscow. Sorge informed his controllers that Japan was going south to attack the US, Britain and the Dutch. The Russians were able to transfer their best Siberian troops to beat back the Germans at the gates of Moscow. Being an avid bibliophile you will enjoy reading “Target Tokyo” by Gordon W. Prange. The Soviets were ungrateful they left Sorge to be hanged by the Japanese, even though they offered them an exchange. They denied knowing him. It was only in 1961, under Krushchev that he was honoured by postage stamps and made Hero of the Soviet Union.
        Another writer on the subject is David M. Glantz a retired US army colonel. His books are downloadable from the internet. His talks at the US War College are on youtube. Absolutely fascinating. Taught me a thing or two. I’d always believed that Kursk, in 1943, was the biggest tank battle in history. Not so, Dubno, or Brody, in 1941 was much bigger.

      3. Wow! Thanks Felix. I always thought it was Kursk.

        Richard Sorge, German born, Communist and Soviet Spy was indeed critical. I’ve studied him a bit, down to the postage stamp. What a difference at Stalingrad and for History had the Japanese made even a feint or two in the East.

    2. Are any of those countries without a residential property tax?

      I have a serious philosophical issue with any government that elevates itself above God, and one indicator of such blasphemy is the concept that a person has to pay tribute to the state merely to exist, which is how I see a tax on residential property.

      This is one of the reasons I want to get out of “America”. Impending nuclear war notwithstanding, America has embraced some of the most prominent features of communism, one of which is confiscatory property taxation, especially in states such as PA, NJ, NY, IL, etc.

      Unconstitutional and immoral laws have unleashed neighbor-on-neighbor treachery and the result is a class of politically-connected people who have a superior right to exist.

      It used to be that the school district served the community; nowadays, the community exists to serve the school district. Our neighbors have discovered the illegitimate, plunderous power of the state, and they use it with reckless abandon. It matters not one whit to the privileged class that 10,000 people per year are forced out of their homes due to an inability to pay the ever rising property taxes.

      So here we are with no manufacturing jobs, in the middle of a “retail apocalypse” with stores closing all over the place, with the cost of housing – a basic necessity of life – rising beyond the means of the average person. And then they wonder why there’s an opioid crisis, for example.

      Anyway, I did live in the Philippines for a while but that didn’t work out very well. A permanent resident in the Philippines cannot legally “own” land, not even a fraction of a hectare, nor can they own a gun. So even after being thoroughly vetted, the Philippine government sees a permanent resident not as a person with any kind of right to exist, but merely as a convenient source of funding. Eventually the in-your-face corruption got to me and I left.

      Where to go now? Maybe somewhere in South America? I don’t know; I’m disgusted with the whole world at this point.

      1. My idea was a boat, a thirty seven foot, steel hulled, hard-chined cutter to be precise. Like a turtle, it pays to take your home with you. Sail in, drop the hook, quaff down drinks sporting tiny umbrellas until the revolución begins, then up anchor and sail to the next port. Sound’s like a plan eh? Into every dream creeps reality. The wind blows free but sails, engines and fuel cost money. What I discovered was that I had missed the boat, so to speak. Then too, sailing is hard work and I cannot imagine hoisting sail at seventy. Even with power assist, there are too many things to go wrong.

        It happened one day not many years ago as I was doing a bottom job on my houseboat (what one owns after a divorce.) As I lay upside down on the creeper, painting highly toxic bottom paint on the underside of a football field, I asked myself “Do I want to be doing this at seventy? More pointedly, will I still have the ability to spend a week in the boatyard doing calisthenics for ten hours a day? It was then I picked up my oar and headed for Fiddler’s Green, somewhere west of Tel Aviv, to spend the rest of my days land-lubbing.

        The tide had gone out with the boomers. A sufficient number had plied the seaways to the point of polluting the economic environment. Whereas not long a ago a single handed sailor sailing into an exotic Pacific port would be greeted with a village feast and accommodations ashore, the port authorities (every port has them – every port) now arrive in uniform with their hand out. Hell, one has to pay to drop the hook around the Hawaiian Islands.

        Tahiti has a delivery ship so the one percenters can have their mega million, luxury motor yachts shipped to the Pacific isle where they are unloaded with crew to await the owners to jet in so they can blast around in their pig liners, disturbing what was once a peaceful environment.

        The Caribbean, while beautiful, is another slice of paradise lost. Once a scene from a campy, 1940s Humphrey Bogart movie, now It’s like living in downtown Miami. Europe? Pay ~ PAY! ~ as you go. Every place on the planet has been corrupted beyond redemption. There is no place left open for escape. Look skyward; see those chemtrails? They are laced all over the planet. Try escaping them.

        If you are over fifty, I suggest you get thee to the quietest place within reason and hunker down. Find a useless, inane preoccupation to keep you busy, like writing these comments, and await the inevitable end.

        Whether you’re a Christian waiting for the Jesus train to take you to heaven or an atheist waiting for the final obliteration. The end will arrive soon enough no matter who you are, where you live or what you do – I promise, cross my heart, hope to die.

        Cheers! Merry Christmas and happy fortuitous New Year. May the New Year be Jew free for you (I know, fat chance of that happening, but it’z the thought that counts)

  29. Depicting ISISrael is as a country who is “built on stolen land” is an accurate and clever way by Lasha.
    So, next time someone asks you the question, “where is Israel?” the accurate answer would be: It is located in the heart of the Arab world. It was built illegally in 1948 on stolen Palestinian land and on the ruins of hundreds of towns and villages that have been erased from the face of the earth so the native inhabitants will never have a chance to return home to what is rightfully theirs. Thank you Lasha!

    1. There is no land of Israel, there is a nation of Israel, they are a people destined to walk the earth as directed by G D , as laid down in their own Holy Book,
      Then there is the Zionist entity, land stolen by Zionists, and soon to be cleared of their ( Zionist ) presence, G D willing.

  30. The American way – ‘Settle For More’ and praise Pharisee-Jews in this ‘stolen land’ :

    We can see the making of a beautiful money-chasing monster…. almost as deadly as the bleached-blonde dragon girl on “Game of Thrones”. 🙂

    Kelly is reportedly being paid between $15 million and $20 million a year at NBC.

    Megyn Kelly, once a very successful attorney, has become a feminist icon who is going out of her way to praise Pharisee-Jew women….. and has even earned praise from liberals such as Chris Matthews, Joy Behar, Gayle King and Bill Maher… especially since she joined NBC in June of this year.

    Kelly, age 47, was raised in an Irish-Catholic family in a suburb of Albany, N.Y. She remains strongly identified with the Catholic Church. She feels guilty about not getting a church annulment for her first marriage..

    In 2003, Kelly moved to Washington, D.C., where she was hired by the ABC affiliate WJLA-TV as a general assignment reporter. While there, she covered significant national and local events, including live coverage of the confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court. Kelly then applied for a job at Fox News in 2004.

    She went on to become a big part of and a ‘stand-out’ at Fox News… and successfully hosted her own show there.

    In February 2016, Kelly signed an agreement with Harper-Collins to write an autobiography scheduled for release later that year, in a deal worth more than $10 million. The book, titled Settle for More, came out on November 15, 2016

    On June 2, 2017, Kelly interviewed Russian president Vladimir Putin, first in a panel discussion she moderated at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and later in a one-on-one interview for the premiere episode of NBC’s Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, which aired June 4. Kelly’s daytime talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, premiered in September 2017.

    She has become very, very popular.

    So far, this week she has praised Pharisee-Jew women.

    First it was Sheryl Olitzky who has formed Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom,about 600 strong.

    Then it was Hasidic Jew Judge Ruchie Freier as the trailblazing Chasidic female figure.

    I posted this to show… no matter how insignificant these THREE women may seem… they EACH have infinitely more control over people today, and are capable of infinitely more public appearances than Lenin, Hitler and Stalin combined. One Hasidic Pharisee-Jew even delivers courtroom decisions..!!

    And… I have yet to hear about 600 internet readers joining in to further and give $$$ and support to oppose these types of highly motivated people.

    1. [Judge} Freier’s appearance on [ Kelly’s ] show included a video clip, which she scheduled for Erev Shabbos Chanukah, so that the audience would have an opportunity to see both her work in criminal court and her home life.

      The film crew got to experience Jewish family life on one of the busiest Fridays of the year, enjoying Freier’s home made potato kugel and learning all about setting Shabbos clocks, making cholent in a crockpot and putting up a blech.

      The timing couldn’t have been better for Freier.

      “I wanted them to see my husband lighting the menorah and to see me lighting the Shabbos candles,” explained Freier. “I am always asked about feminism and as much as I believe in women’s abilities and empowerment, we each have our own roles and we all work together. I am not being discriminated against just because I don’t light Chanukah candles.”

      1. HP –

        Broke.. who..???

        Trump made her worth $15 million a year to NBC… and helped sell her book for another $10 Million.!!


        He made ALL fake newscasters rich.. He said so.. 🙂

        John –

        She knows that… bank it…
        ….and she gets a pass.. fer jus showin’ up so purdy. 🙂

      2. Pat, philo$ophy of philo$ophie$ aside, he broke her ego and her heart and her soul. Pretty sure he even made her bleed! (lol)
        I was paying attention..

      3. Well, HP – –

        I was paying attention also….

        He never “broke her ego and her heart and her soul…. or even made her bleed” …. not even close….

        ….because she was too busy poppin’ out kids every 2 years.

        She was too busy doing somethin’ HE COULD NOT DO…!! Plus dealin’ with his “YUGE” phony bluster…

        He’s so tough… he can’t even whip a pregnant woman.. 🙂

  31. Nations that dare to vote against the US-Israel for the UN’s General Assembly vote on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel may / will lose US funds:

    Some clarifications, and much more as “Israel Tackles Existential Threat Posed by 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl” –

    Israel’s very existence is threatened by a 16 year old girl! 😂 She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

  32. Well the votes are in, and the zionist leader of the current Zionist administration of the US can count it’s supporters without taking his socks off, this despite the threat of the ” taking name’s “, the Zionist orange clown has the backing of such illustrious Nations as Togo, Palau, the Marshall Island’s, and Micronesia, the last one , forgive my ignorance but I have never heard off.
    The end is nigh , for America hegemony.

  33. Palestinian land has been given away by people who didn’t own it – first the UN, now the Trump regime – and most of what was left has been stolen by the people who cherish “poor little Israel”, people whose humble ambitions include usurping much of the Middle East and the Arabian peninsula, or all the land “between the Nile and the Euphrates.”

    But the people who claim to own the planet and everything on it, as outlined in the books they wrote back in the Stone Ages, aren’t content to merely steal the oil heartlands of the planet. They want it all. Christianity, despite all the shortcomings of organized religious institutions, presented a giant obstacle in the path of Jewish hegemony, so Christianity has been under fire from Jews for a very long time. In fact, some of the most repugnant aspects of organized Christian religions may well have been products of Judaic/Talmudic minds.

    Paul Craig Roberts has published his “Christmas column” today, a column with which I almost entirely agree, particularly the conclusion:

    Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed, and Washington now claims, unthinkable. Be we religious or be we not, our celebration of Christ’s birthday celebrates a religion that made us masters of our souls and of our political life on Earth. Such a religion as this is worth holding on to even by atheists.

    As we enter into 2018, Western civilization, the product of thousands of years of striving, is in decline. Degeneracy is everywhere before our eyes. As the West sinks into tyranny, will Western peoples defend their liberty and their souls, or will they sink into the tyranny, which again has raised its ugly and all devouring head?

  34. OK, this is my last comment for a while. Truthseeker published this article, “Living in a Stolen Land” yesterday. Kudos to LD. 🎉🎉🎉

  35. Hi John,
    Yes drones are cheap, but rely on GPS which can be jammed or even fooled into giving false locations. Any device relying on radio waves is vulnerable. Remember Trump’s unsuccessful attack on the Syrian airbase with cruise missiles? You might like to subscribe to the free ezines from Australia.
    They’re full of the latest advances and ideas relating to science etc.

  36. Of course today’s UN vote won’t free Palestine or remove Zionism, that will take the blood of million’s of martyrs.
    Join the RESISTANCE.

  37. My understanding of the Jerusalem embassy debacle was that this bill passed under Bill Clinton way back in the 90s. Congress voted as a majority to move the American embassy to the eternal capitol of Israel. It never happened despite every President since vowing to do it. The decision comes up for renewal or deferment every six months. The first review Trump must have passed on and the second he went for. In other words, this idea has been around for a very long time and has full Congressional support. However, Trump hasn’t moved the embassy yet, and it might actually take years, if at all.

    What this outrage shows me is the deterioration in the world’s attitude toward Israel since the 90s. At one time it was taboo to even whisper the word zionism. Well, now it’s OK. Rather than see this symbolic gesture as totally disheartening it might be the silver lining in the clouds. Personally I don’t see symbolism as a problem, but I’m completely opposed to another war for Israel. Is it better or worse to have all this come out and realize there is no peace process. Now it’s time to give the Palestinians something real like their fair share of the water, like justice, like the end of the police state. Agree, though, that Trump is not on the side of the Palestinians but he doesn’t pretend to be. Notice, though, that Jarred was acting as a foreign agent and the Mueller team ignored it. Want real change…get AIPAC to register as an advocate for a foreign government.

  38. Monte, Lasha, uncle, moaner, Lucy, whoever , ADMIN in general :

    My post I sent in this morning about Heliocentrism being a religion, NOT science BUT a religion, and thus a CONTROL MECHANISM, in response to Señor Colina’s post about religión being all about CONTROL, where’s the post and why is it not up on the commentary board? ¿Why? is it Okay to tell everyone their respective religions are CONTROL MECHANISMS but it’s not okay to tell Heliocentrics their Heliocentric religion is also a CONTROL MECHANISM. A little bit TOO thin-skinned are WE? Can dish it out but can’t take it, is that the problem ADMIN is having with my post in response to Señor’s post about religion being a CONTROL MECHANISM? If that’s not the problem, what the f*ck exactly is your problem?

    1. @ TROJ

      Your post is slightly off-topic, Joe. It’s a bit hard to find a connection between the Flat Earth theory of the universe which you espouse and the Arab-Israeli problem. 🙂 If it’s any consolation to you, however, an excellent full-length article on the Flat Earthers and their cosmological concepts is in the pipeline, so you will then be allowed to step forward and give us your views on the subject.

      1. “It’s a bit hard to find a connection between the Flat Earth theory of the universe which you espouse and the Arab-Israeli problem.”

        Chattahoochee Unit notwithstanding… True, THAT..!! 🙂 🙂


        Criticizing Heliocentrism does not necessarily make one a “Flat-Earther”. But it would make one a Geocentrist.

        Maybe he is a Flat-Earther as well, but I can’t recall since we don’t get to see too many of his posts.

        Why not offer Joe a feature article on the subject? He is correct to argue that Heliocentrism is both a religion and a form of control.

        Heliocentrism, the Reformation and Darwinism have a lot to do with our current state of affairs.

  39. What a day at the UN, which showed that Emperor Trump and Queen Witch Haley have no clothes. Despite incompetent Haley’s toothless threats that she was taking names – maybe putting coal in their stockings for Christmas? – the vote was 128-9 against the US resolution to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – with 35 abstentions. The seven countries that voted with the US & Israel were: Togo, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia, Palau, Honduras, & Guatemala. Not a major power, or a minor power, among them. Even US poodle the UK apparently defied the Hegemon. Will it be business as usual after this stinging rebuke of Trump & Bibi’s power play, or will this be a turning point? Have the Jew’s FINALLY gone a step too far? I know I’ll be watching with amusement.

    1. “Have the Jew’s (sic) FINALLY gone a step too far?”

      In a word, yes; that’s apparently the plan.

      Forgetting about Jerusalem for the moment, Orange Clown is escalating EVERYWHERE. In many ways he’s gone far beyond the provocations of his predecessors.

      While he continues the military buildup in Europe and inches closer to war against North Korea, for example, he gives a speech which Paul Craig Roberts describes as “a declaration of war against [Russia and China]”.

      As I see it, there’s a method to the madness. Consider the “big picture”. He’s confronting Russia in the Mideast, Europe, Ukraine and North Korea, while he confronts China in the South China Sea and North Korea.

      While he’s doing this, he decides to confront the whole world by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

      Many people are saying “it’s just ‘symbolic'” (as if it doesn’t mean much of anything). But what is it exactly symbolic of? They don’t say. And why now? They apparently have no answer for that either.

      Months ago I opined here that the jews are DESPERATE, and that Orange Clown is a “deep cover” or “sleeper” agent called to power at a “now or never” moment for the jewish agenda of world domination and control. IOW, the jews realize that the U.S. is going into the toilet, fast, thus time is not on their side, and the political ascendancy of Orange Clown is the result.

      Put simply and succinctly: The whole point of the Orange Clown presidency is to present an ultimatum to the independent world, particularly the independent world powers Russia and China.

      I submit that Orange Clown is EXACTLY the “person” that “the jews” need in the office of president right now for the task at hand. Anyone paying attention knows that Orange Clown didn’t formulate the “national security strategy” that he presented to the world in his speech, for example. He is perhaps the stupidest, most ignorant, most immoral, most mentally unstable, yet most obsequious puppet to ever slime the White House and shame America. So the question is, who’s Orange Clown taking his orders from?

      IMO this is where Jerusalem comes into the picture; why and why now?

      At some point the would-be world rulers have to take the mask off, right? After all, what’s the point of ruling the world if you have to hide? The whole idea is that, ultimately, the “chosen people” will OPENLY rule the world with an iron fist, thus the consummation of Satan’s kingdom on earth.

      Now that ultimatums are being presented, “the jews” apparently feel that it’s time to take off the mask. So how would they officially proclaim to the world that they run the U.S. government? By writing a letter to the editor of the New York Times? Most likely not.

      Probably by way of an unambiguous demonstration of power. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – because it basically offends the sensibilities of the whole world – is the perfect way to demonstrate exactly who it is that’s running things in the U.S.

      IOW, Orange Clown didn’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for the sake of Joe and Jill Sixpack; rather, he did it for the sake of the beast’s agenda. And very noteworthy is the fact that there is no domestic political opposition whatsoever.

      Thus the U.S. government has now formally become “an image of the beast”, as per the prophecy of Rev 13.

      1. The USA government is “of the people, by the people and for the people.”
        What sort of people are these Americans of the USA?
        THEY ARE Joe six pack, obese, good ‘ol boy freaks and whores.
        They use over 50% of the planet’s energy and natural resources.
        They make most of the planet’s porn.
        They create all the wars and murder countless millions.
        Yes, they are “the beast” nation.
        The American people can blame no other than themselves for their current situation, where the rule of law has totally broken down.
        Gee, they are dumb! Go buy a monster burger and a 2 lite bottle of coke!

      2. Harold, there is one statement with which I support: “So the question is, who’s (sic) Orange Clown taking his orders from? ”

        Background: Trump shafted Wall Street bankers after they financed several of his construction projects when he repeatedly (7 ?) filed bankruptcy. Trump obtained financing from Russia and laundryed (hot ?) money with overpriced NY real estate. WS has no love for Don.

        WS controls both political parties. Trump’s victory in the primary was from his directed platform plying on grass-roots appeal which his advisors/polls found popular. WS could not conceive that he would win the election.

        After inauguration, the relentless use of the press to push for impeachment, and even the Republican opposition, was subdued ONLY after Trump got the message. The coup was successful without further public awareness. [Stockman and Roberts eventually accepted this conclusion.] Trump’s acceptance of WS’s agenda superceded his objectives.

        The coup originated from Wall Street. Control of the media is linked with the CFR. Intelligence controllers have assisted cronies on Wall Street since its creation. Ref. David Talbot, DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD; Stephen Kinzer, THE BROTHERS; Douglass Valentine, CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME; John Perkins, CONFESSION OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN; William Blum, KILLING HOPE; and many more.

        As to WHO is giving the orders from Wall Street, who has a public image of a vampire squid on the face of humanity ? How unlimited funds are obtained for these goals has, for this writer, been mathematically, conclusively determined thru years of research. Ref. /fiscal-bliss-ignorance-is-bliss/ The goal of world-wide warfare they instigate is detailed in footnote 19.

  40. Off topic, but I am not interested in Flat Earth theory, as it is not real – just a pack of lies.
    Joe probably thinks the world is a flat plate floating in the heavens, with precipitous edges which ships, cows and lemmings fall off.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      You may not be interested in the Flat Earth theory, but this is not what the proposed article is about. It is about the psychology of the Flat Earthers and the bizarre fact that never before in history have there been so many Flat Earthers around, including dimwitted celebrities, thanks to the internet. So the article is not so much about Flat Earth theory, which you rightly regard as a boring and irrelevant subject, but about mass delusion and the systematic manufacturing of conspiracy theories. This is a subject, I’m sure, you would find very interesting. Most of our intelligent readers would.

      1. Toby –

        “…mass delusion and the systematic manufacturing of conspiracy theories.”


        This is why I have claimed that the internet is MORE of a fish trap and NOT a highway for freedom.

      2. Toby: “It is about the psychology of the Flat Earthers and the bizarre fact that never before in history have there been so many Flat Earthers around, including dimwitted celebrities, thanks to the internet. So the article is not so much about Flat Earth theory, which you rightly regard as a boring and irrelevant subject, but about mass delusion and the systematic manufacturing of conspiracy theories.”

        Speaking of mass delusion and conspiracy theories, the only people today who still believe the earth is square and flat are the Muslims. Every year at Mecca they religiously and symbolically perform (act out) their Flat Earth Geocentrism by circling their Kaaba! 😯 😆 🙂

  41. STEVE . . . acting as an agent for the Israeli land-grabbers :
    Maybe that should be (((Steve))) 🙂

    What a load of crap. So what, they took the land in 1948. Big deal. Been going on since the beginning of Homo sapiens being here on planet earth. According to the accepted “science” all humans originated in one small area in Africa, then over time spread out across the globe. And they have been fighting over and taking each others “land” ever since. The Israelis now occupy the area referred to. If some one else wants it, let them get it the old fashioned way; TAKE IT back by force. Move on already.

    1. I actually agree with Steve on his two most important points:

      (1) that there is nothing new about land grabbing and that this is the basic way of acquiring Lebensraum. After all, how did the Americans and Australians acquire their respective territories? Answer: by taking the land by force.

      (2) I also agree most emphatically with Steve’s common sense recommendation: “If some one else wants it, let them get it the old fashioned way; TAKE IT back by force.”

      Precisely. The Palestinians have every right to resist the Israeli land grabbers and get back their lost lands, if they can, by force of arms. The may not be able to do this right now, but who knows what the future will bring?

      If Israel is ever destroyed, it won’t be by the Palestinians. It will be by others who are far more powerful than the Palestinians. Israel would be a dead duck in the water, for example, if the United States should ever come to its senses and decide it had had enough of this parasitical troublemaker.

      It wouldn’t be the first time that a sugar daddy decided it was time to dump his ageing whore.

      1. LD

        Keep in mind that this parasitical troublemaker was CREATED only to be DESTROYED by a goaded arab world that has been manipulated to this in keeping with the agenda for a sovereign-busting one-world state

        I’m getting tired of reiterating what I’ve been saying for years that alludes to this, with the basic theme of emphasizing how thorough is the degree of manipulation moving towards this end.

      2. I love Dr. Lasha Darkmon usage of the phrases sugar daddy and ageing whore. Perfect description of the US/ISISrael relationship.

        UN res 3103 gives the Palestinians the right to resist and fight their occupiers by whatever means necessary! Ahed Tamimi in my today’s article is a prime example. To Palestinians, she is viewed as Rosa Parks viewed by Americans. A symbol of courage and dignity. When People are occupied, resistance is justified.

    2. I agree Steve, and that’s what the Resistance intends to do, I sure hope the Zionist won’t whine too much when the shoe on the other foot is standing on the Zionist neck.

  42. The Palestinians were in Palestine during WW2 minding their own business. They never attacked Europe, England, or the United States. The Western powers fomented WW2 and uprooted the jews in Europe and sent the jews to Palestine.

    The Palestinians are labeled “terrorists” as if that’s their inherent nature, yet they didn’t bring about the violence and turmoil and bloodshed and war in the Middle East, the Western powers did, in service to the jews.

    If I were a Muslim I would be a Hezbollah Muslim. I don’t know if Hezbollah are Sunnis, Shia’s, Alawites, doesn’t matter, I would be a Hezbollah Muslim.

    1. Joe,

      This is a high-quality comment. The best from you so far.
      If all your comments were like this, you wouldn’t be in Spamblinka.
      Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! 🙂

    2. TROJ –

      Great comment. Great idea..!!

      You could slap, kick and shove Israeli soldiers while they try leaving your driveway…. and have someone film it… and post it on the internet.

      Then… you, too…. could try to figure out why you were jailed..!! CRAZY..!!

      But, since ‘crazy’ and ‘jailed’ are no strangers to you… you have to escape the Chattahoochee lockdown-unit first.. 🙂

    3. I concur with this being TROJ’s best comment

      In their hearts ALL lovers of Truth are Hezbollah muslims

    4. Joe, there are Christian Hezbollah, no need to change your religion.
      A simple search , say ” Christian Hezbollah ” will bring multiple points of information.

  43. Yes there’s a connection between the flat earth ers and the current state of geopolitical immaturity – flat earth ers are magical thinking fundamentalists, who live in a loaves and fishes world. The believe in a creator, who is ultimately in charge and they want to hang everything on the hand of god. half the people on the round earth are thusly brainwashed through and through their 2 digit iqs. They think heliocentricism is a masonic plot against the church. The oceans don’t run off the sides because there are ice walls all around the edges, which are mistaken for the Arctic regions.
    Apparently the sun and the moon are discs too, but they’re turned.on their sides?
    People voted for Trump to shake things up. We’ll then so be it with the embassy move. It does.make plain the us and Israel”s minority of opinion on the subject.
    Will the rest of the world make backlash?
    How great would that be.
    This might provide impetus for.more bds. And it might tip the Arab world into active soladarity with the Palestinians which is what lacks first.. those on the border of Gaza could help a.lot. maybe the decent world will now force a confrontation over another aid flotilla.

  44. – Off Topic
    I just came from the Friday service at our local Mosque. It left me in tears.
    Ah! The verses about Maryam (peace be upon her).
    [Mention, O Muhammad], when the wife of Imraan said, “My Lord, indeed I have pledged to You what is in my womb, consecrated [for Your service], so accept this from me. Indeed, You are the Hearing, the Knowing.”
    But when she delivered her, she said, “My Lord I have delivered a female.” And Allah was most knowing of what she delivered, and the male is not like the female.
    And I have named her Maryam, and I seek refuge for her in You and [for] her offspring from Shaitan, the expelled [from the mercy of Allah].” [Quran 3: 35-36]

    So her Lord accepted her with good acceptance and caused her to grow in a good manner and put her in the care of Zechariah. Every time Zechariah entered upon her in the prayer chamber, he found with her provision.

    He said, “O Maryam, from where is this [coming] to you?” She said, “It is from Allah. Indeed, Allah provides for whom He wills without account.” [Quran 3:37]
    And [mention] when the angels said, “O Maryam, indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds. [Quran 3:42]
    And mention in the Book (O Muhammad , the story of) Maryam, how she withdrew from her people to an eastern place, and veiled herself from them.
    There We sent Our Ruh (angel) to her and it took on for her the form of a handsome man.
    She said, ‘I seek refuge from you with the All-Merciful, if you have fear of Allah.’
    He said, ‘I am only your Lord’s messenger so that He can give you news of a pure son.’
    She said, ‘How can I have a child when no man has touched me and I am not an unchaste woman?’

    He said, ‘It will be so! Your Lord says, “That is easy for me. It is so that We can make him a sign for all mankind and a mercy from Us.”
    It is a matter already decreed.’

    She brought him to her people, carrying him.
    They said, ‘Maryam! You have done an unthinkable thing!
    Sister of Harun, your father was not an evil man nor was your mother an unchaste woman!’

    She pointed towards him.
    They said, ‘How can a baby in a cradle speak?’
    He said, ‘I am the servant of Allah, He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet.
    He has made me blessed wherever I am and directed me to Prayer and Charity as long as I live, and to show devotion to my mother.
    He has not made me insolent or arrogant.
    Peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die and the day I am raised up again alive.’

    Such is ‘Isa, son of Maryam. It is a statement of truth, about which they are in doubt.
    (Excerpts from Surah Maryam).
    To everyone, and especially my Christian brethren, I wish you a safe and blessed Christmas; we have a lot more in common than some of us realize.

  45. “Whither Israel? Will it still be around in 10 years’ time? Will the Palestinians ever receive justice and see the restoration of their lost lands?”

    Mr Trump’s ordering the US Embassy to Jerusalem may be the last straw. America is fast losing any support and that may bring future US governments to their senses.

    I support the idea of taking all Israelis into to the US/UK/EU as refugees. If it cost trillions it would still be a lot less than WW3.

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