Mind Death: Western Civilization on the Skids (Video, 17 mins)

LD:  When one views the state of Western civilization, one is reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s witty comment: “What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.”
This frantic video, frothing with rage at the rockbottom level we have now reached, sees the Western world as little better than a madhouse: a hospital for the criminally insane in which the doctors are all political psychopaths and sexual degenerates and the nurses are all celebrity sluts, whores, and mentally deranged feminists.
I can’t help sympathizing with this viewpoint. Because I know it’s true.

VIDEO : 16.53 mins

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  1. Overwhelming. The only thing missing from this inspired rant is the J-word. We all know who is behind this grotesque uglification of society. This corruption of the masses with sleaze and porn. We all know the identity of the Filth Makers.

    He mentions the Cultural Marxists several times without mentioning the word “Jew”.

    He mentions the Frankfurt School once, without mentioning that everyone associated with the movement in the early stages was a Jew. (All except Habermas). And later on it was overwhelmingly Jewish.

    Who controls the music industry? — JEWS!

    Who controls the Art world? — JEWS!

    If you have any doubts about this, read Darkmoon’s ‘The Plot Against Art’, one of LD’s most successful early articles that was translated into at least 10 languages. I give the link to Noor’s site because, though the article is also available on the Occidental Observer and Truthseeker, for some reason all the picture illustrations of disgusting art works have been left out. On Noor’s site, you will see all these ugly pictures intact — and more pictures of her own choosing:


    I can understand why LD has posted this exceptionally fine video. Its sincerity and passion ring true. I feel really sick after watching it though. I ask myself: how much lower are we going to sink into the sewers of this culture our Jewish Masters have cooked up for us?

    This is Culture death. As LD says, it’s “Mind Death”. Can’t go much lower.

    Or can we . . . ?

    1. Sardonicus –

      Yes, they are the ones with whom it started, but I see the contagion is more WIDESPREAD, now. All are culpable. 🙁

      1. Bullshit.

        Get the “Jewish Question” back into public discourse as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh. Neuter Jewish power and influence and THEN see how quickly things change. People for the most part are sheep. Take down the Jew and your “we all are culpable” will quickly change course.

        We must expose the Jew first and foremost.

  2. What shall I say about the western civilization at this moment? The situation is as it is because people/ the white masses want it. The masses don’t think, act on his/her urges but I repeat the ‘ people’ want this. If you say something about the situation they consider that as an attenpt to take their ‘ freedom’ away from them. They love their prisoned ‘ freedom’. The ‘ intellectual whites’ don’t say anything about this afraid for their careers, afraid for the jews.

  3. Paul Joseph Watson delivers a pertinent message about our plight. I would add, however, that the promotion of social media provides the venue whereby the grossest infusions of degeneracy are popularized. Abstain from its usage. Many pre-teens and teenagers seem to be unable to function without their I-phones, and whenever I am around them, I chastise their parents for that indulgence. “Upper Middle Class” is quickly becoming “Lower Class” society, through this vehicle. Our compliance accurately classifies us as “part of the herd” (of cattle).

  4. Ugliness overpowering the ideal of beauty?
    Death triumphs over life?
    Vice overturns the principles of morality?

    Satan wins the bet, his children celebrate, “cooking the spirit”, just like Jesus cooked in semen+excrement.

    Oh, just so I don’t forget: Most Jews are good, normal people … please don’t cancel my Twitter account.

  5. I know Alex Jones, Watson’s boss, has Pharisee-Jew children. He profits from sensationalism….. and even lies…. such as “Jews control nothing.”

    Alex Jones told us that his attorney is Bronfman’s attorney…. which is how he gets released from jails so quickly…. as was the case when he was arrested for ‘bull-horning’ in downtown NY City over 10 years ago. He was RELEASED…. in under a half hour.. while his buddies waited outside..!! He told them “No problem. Wait here.” 🙂

    This is 100% from Daily Stormer:

    Infowars Paul Joseph Watson: “No Evidence Jews Control Anything”

    “Paul Joseph Watson has exposed himself as a full-on cuckold little bitch.”


    Okay here we go, usually this is a question we don’t like to entertain because of, uh, obvious reasons. But we’re gonna answer it anyway because it’s “ask me anything.”
    Uh, ‘England rising in the UK’ says “what is your opinion on the Jewish influence in media?”
    There it is.

    There’s the Jew question.

    Yep. There it sits.

    I don’t … People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the main stream media comes out with.

    I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people are not really that present.

    I don’t really notice them anywhere.

    I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hard-core evidence that it’s taking place. So I mean- it is an obsession. I mean that’s why people avoid it, let’s be honest, because it’s an obsession you don’t want to be associated with; neo-Nazis and white supremacists. And even just- you know, if I saw actual evidence where it was a grand conspiracy then I would talk about it, but I just don’t see it!

    Okay! Well answered!


    In America, all seven media companies are controlled by Jews.
    Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
    Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
    Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
    Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
    Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
    Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

    1. Wiggins –

      Good one.. Saddles-a-Blazin’.. 🙂


      When Soros kicks… who are they gonna throw darts at..?? 🙂

      ‘Bro Natty’ knowz..!!!


      HOLLY BRONFMAN LEV IS Edgar Bronfman Jr’s sister. As founder of the Bet Lev Foundation and 100% owner of Lev Group Ltd, Holly Bronfman’s legal affairs are conducted by the high-powered lawyer, Elizabeth Schurig, who also happens to handle the legal affairs of Alex Jones.

      Schurig’s legal office is located at 100 Congress Avenue, 22nd Floor, Austin Texas 78701. Of particular note, on January 3, 2008, Schurig changed Jones Productions LLC to the same address as her legal firm, 100 Congress Avenue.

      The “Governing Authority” of Jones’ Infowars LLC and his Jones Report LLC are also at the address of Schurig’s law offices.

      The Alex Jones Machine Website puts it all like this — “So now Alex’s corporate addresses is a Bronfman’s lawyer’s address?”

      At the very least, the Jones revenue-streams from his Jewish sponsors present far too many obstacles for him to discuss world Zionism to any realistic degree. Sponsor revenues aside, Jones’ Jewish connections are, indeed, profound, wide-ranging and number far too many for him to dare report the facts and dynamics of the Zionist control, influence and subjugation of much of the planet…even if he wanted to.



      Bhavani Lev and the Bet Lev Foundation and More…
      July 4, 2009


  6. Peace be with the reader.

    The whole world is “on the Skids”.

    Time to wake up.
    Tune into ” BIN radio7 ” for end time update.
    It is easy to ignore me, however, it is not possible to ignore the consequences of ignoring me.

    The faithful one

  7. If you’ve wondered how a small and insignificant party with a Charlie Chaplin fan got a majority in Germany, here you go. Welcome to Weimar 2.0. Satan’s children are a lot like him. Hatred of normalcy and beauty. They follow the Lord of Misrule. An inversion of values and morality. Celebrating the “success” of blacks, and the “criminality” of Whites. Is it deception or insanity? A fair question, but for future scholars. They are the Enemy and want you DEAD. That’s all you should focus on. An ABC poll a few years back said only about 1 in 5 Jews believes in God. Also 1 in 5 who believe there’s a meaning for life. What kind of religion is that? Its an Abrahamic Religion infested by a shitload of Satan’s children.

  8. sex is a form of violence. in and of itself a harmless form.
    technical capabilities, the big porno presentation, now put everything in the steroid league. miley cyrus.
    violence is constantly pushed by the commercial media because it gets attention and makes more money.
    the increased sexuality is a reaction to the increased threat of violence.
    does sexual freedom lead to moral depravity or does it ventilate the violence inherent in our world before it happens?
    you can find evidence for both propositions.
    maybe it does both.
    those seeking celebrity, a loss of personal identity, are imitating the jesus character. the greatest celebrity of all, tortured to death. narcissistic celebrity – it’s another sacrificial death wish.
    look at the irony.
    what they call diversity is actually the destruction of individual characteristics; national, racial, ethnic, political, sexual. welcome to mixico.
    it’s all really a commodification process driven by capitalism, which strips everything of its inherent quality, neutralizes natural spirituality and commonly denominates everything and everybody to a retail status.
    brother marx’ communism was all just a bankster plot to overthrow the czar and take the control he had.
    that was the real marxist ideal.
    they got all the money. now they want your very soul and they won’t stop until they get it.
    and the media gangsta rap violence is now growing out of control, with marx’ racial hatred as its theme.
    large groups of blacks are forming up in cities and roaming through neighborhoods destroying property and harassing and attacking white people.
    soon gang rapes, especially if they’re gang rapes of white women, will go un-investigated and unpunished, like common burglaries now. already happening. then it will be murder.
    cops will rather hide from it than use the force required to stop the violent crime committed by gangs.
    all kinds of fanatic clerics and two-bit gospel stage characters are outright calling for the murder of white people.
    and middle aged white males, designated most hated, are now dying from various causes faster than anybody else in america.
    the media words “white privilege” are code for “too many white people”..
    the genuine artistic and social renaissance isn’t going to happen again, not like the musical one in the sixties and seventies. because now it will be identified and bought up in its adolescence and control-marketed only for max profit.
    society will just have to deal with whatever drives profit. when it comes to war that’s even more profitable.
    youth itself is seen by the commercial media as an extremely valuable and highly coveted item.
    commercial media now moves in with its stuff where religion once had reign.
    sardonicus, pat – alex jones is a typical media jew tool and probably so is the guy who made this video.
    they can say what they want as long as they don’t use the word “jew”..

  9. He sounds just like Hitler. Isn’t that a popular (((American))) and perhaps (((English))) expression. Well, in this case it’s true. The criticism of modern art preceded that of popular culture. The ugliness or at the very least, art without beauty became popular at around the beginning of the 20th century I believe. Apparently more conservative people disliked this kind of art then already. Someone can tell Paul Joseph Watson the “NAZIS” were critical of such things more than 80 years ago already, they outlawed it and branded it degenerate art. Jews have been promoting “degenerate art” (I believe Jewish artists were well represented) ever since “Hitler” and many others opposed it and these same Jews denounced the art approved by Germany, which they often described as “kitschy”, among other things.

    I don’t know if people still write like this as much as they used too. I often felt I could identify a Jew by how he wrote about certain things. If it was regarding Germany and it was dripping with hatred, I thought there is a good chance the author was Jewish. This is certainly often the case. I think that is the case with the following article. Some of Hitler’s art work went on display and this article discusses it. I’ve seen some of Hitler’s paintings, which I thought looked nice, a cross in a pasture, a church and one of the nativity scene if I remember correctly. Whatever his talents in that area, as everyone knows, they weren’t good enough to get him into Vienna’s art school.

    But here is how the author (no doubt a popular culture fan) describes this kind of art. “Working girls happily returning from the fields, a dutiful mother dishing out soup to her ten children in lederhosen, and a number of naked blondes as asexual as Claudia Schiffer are on view in Weimar from this weekend”. Claudia Schiffer was the top earning supermodel in the world for years. She’s German. The painter apparently considered the female body beautiful, but for this reviewer the German women in the picture were as unattractive or “asexual” as the supermodel Claudia Schiffer. I’m guessing if they were wearing high heels, pantyhose and were sticking their tongues out in a seductive manner, he wouldn’t consider the art “banal” and would talk about how good it was. Of course when they discovered some pictures of Melania Trump naked recently they weren’t described as “asexual”, it was just the opposite in an attempt to smear her. Whatever works for them.

    Other paintings are of “Muscular peasants who never sweat, village scenes without a speck of visible mud and above all young women who seem to be passing the time, in various states of undress, waiting for their chance to bear children for the Fatherland”. Is it just the sight of German children or does the last part of the sentence suggest he doesn’t like white children in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if the world’s overpopulation, feminism, LGBT rights and abortion rights are some of his interests. Anything to keep white people from reproducing.

    Much of this art sounds attractive if you ignore the words this apparent art critic uses to describe it: kitsch, asexual, banal, crude, depressed, mediocre, etc.


    Some National Socialist Art


    Actually, I have seen a number of articles over the past few years daring to say art, car design and architecture in National Socialist Germany was quite good, and Jews are typically outraged. Like here. Germany will be renovating Munich’s famous Haus der Kunst to it’s original design from he 1930’s.


  10. The purpose of Alex Jones and his crew, Watson included, are to make people believe that things are really bad and that there is nothing you can do about it. Hopelessness is the desired result which is a jewish control mechanism. Fortunately, they are failing.

    I do not live in a bubble. Due to my wife’s business, I meet lots of people, both young, middle aged, and elderly. Rarely do I encounter those that Watson describe as the norm today, pop culture. I meet just the opposite kind of people.

    Even the internet demonstrates that what Watson is saying is not true. I follow the PizzaGate pedophile investigations. Most of the citizen investigators are what the jews classify as the “millennials,” less than 30 years old. That is kind of odd for those that supposedly embrace the pop culture.

    The jews want everyone to believe that they have control. It is an illusion, a deception, a lie, just like their father the devil uses. Do not fall for it.

  11. This info is slowly, oh so slowly leaking out to the general public. The Watson rant is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Dave Hodges had the courage to interview Jon Robberson. I believe Rense has also interviewed Jon.
    I friend told toejamicus that already this year around 500 children are missing in Virginia. Virginia-DC is a hotbed of Luciferian sexual-child depravity as is half of the Catholic seminaries still pumping out more pederasts and of course Hollywood the “Empire of Their Own”

  12. Excellent video. Cultural Marxism has triumphed. But I still have hope for the future because for Cultural Marxism to sustain itself then it has to maintain the attention and how are they going to do that when a new generation will find this immensely repugnant and will rise up in the night.

  13. In regards to Ghandi’s comment…………………….ironically at the time he made such comment; Western Civilization wasn’t all that bad. And his ‘quality of life’ was the result of Western Civilization. The fact that he can crap in a toilet and have clean water is a result of Western Civilization.

    So………….not impressed. Did Ghandi expose the Jew? I don’t know…did he? I doubt it.

    Not my hero.

    1. in this Age of Mediocrity, mediocrities like Mandela, MLK and Gandhi are the avatars of wisdom and spiritual ascension.
      all as per the Protocols.
      well, Gandhi, the holy mediocrity was reincarnated into Dalai Lama, a holy mediocrity to keep the treadmill of Torah-Maya-Kaballah at the full workout speed and the goyim in the state of hypnotic abject veneration.

      Noteworthy is the fact that all these avatars of low hanging fruit are non-white, bound to have a subliminal effect.

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