Murdoch’s Minions: They Lied About Donald Trump

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One of the secrets of pulling a successful con, most especially a long con, is finding a willing mark, an eager sucker, someone who is just dishonest enough not to ask any serious questions about all this easy money. For Claude Taylor, a former staffer in Bill Clinton’s White House, and Louise Mensch, who has contributed to the New York Times and appeared with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, the currency of the realm is dirt on President Donald Trump. And boy oh boy, did these willing dupes get duped.


Primarily through Twitter and the website Patribotics, Mensch and Taylor — who describe themselves as co-writers — have become high-profile foot soldiers in the national media’s relentless war against Trump, primarily through a number of wild criminal allegations both have publicly made against the 45th president.

There is just one problem: both were reportedly conned by a hoaxer pretending to be a source within New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office.

The Guardian, which first reported the story, reports:

The source’s false tips included an allegation, which has been aggressively circulated by Mensch and Taylor, that Trump’s inactive fashion model agency is under investigation by New York authorities for possible sex trafficking.

The hoaxer, who fed the information to Taylor by email, said she acted out of frustration over the “dissemination of fake news” by Taylor and Mensch. Their false stories about Trump have included a claim that he was already being replaced as president by Senator Orrin Hatch in a process kept secret from the American public.

“Taylor asked no questions to verify my identity, did no vetting whatsoever, sought no confirmation from a second source – but instead asked leading questions to support his various theories, asking me to verify them,” the source said in an email.

It is also worth mentioning that just a few months ago this very same Guardian gushed over Mensch’s awesome journalism skills.

For his part, Taylor has apologized for spreading the false claims. Mensch, however, who used the sex trafficking story to blast Trump as #PIMPOTUS, still claims the story is accurate.

Of course, Mensch also claims Senator Orrin Hatch secretly replaced Trump as president back in May, that upwards of 210 Americans and organizations are under the influence of the dirty Russians, and that Vladimir Putin had Andrew Breitbart murdered to ensure Donald Trump and Steve Bannon ended up in the White House.

Mensch also served as editor-in-chief of Heat Street, a site owned by Rupert Murdoch.


Mensch has been accurately described
as an “unhinged British bitch” and “a textbook succubus“.

To no one’s surprise, the duped duo and/or their fans have raised money off of this nonsense, as much as $18,000 just a few months ago, plus whatever readers have donated through the prominently placed “donate” button on the Patribotics home page.

The full Guardian report is a must-read, a pathetic story of how easy it is to con those who hide and reside in the hate-filled fever swamps, those who are willing to not only believe anything that supports their twisted and desperate worldview, but willing to spread that poison, if only because they so want it to be true.

Mensch and Taylor are not alone, however.

Based on terrible sources they also wanted to believe, CNN and the Washington Post have both published and/or aired numerous anti-Trump stories that turned out to be fake news.

The entire complex known as the liberal mainstream media is a giant fake news factory, which is why Mensch is more than welcome at the New York Times and MSNBC primetime.


LD : A little research reveals that Louise Mensch is the ultimate shabbat goy, a Jewified gentile more Jewish than the average Jew. This explains her close relationship with Rupert Murdoch and her willingness to lie for him. Here she is in her own words explaining her love for all things Jewish:

I write for this august journal [The Jewish News, Britain’s largest Jewish newspaper] as a non-Jew but as a long term supporter of Israel, with a great love of the Jewish faith. As a Catholic undergraduate at Oxford, I was the first gentile to join the L’Chaim society, run by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

My second marriage is to a reform Jew, hence my surname. At my request we had a Jewish ceremony.

I wear two wedding rings, my secular one on my left hand and my Jewish one on the forefinger of my right hand. Judaism is dear to me.

So here we have a genuine case of someone with very close Jewish connections conspiring with one of the world’s most fanatical Zionists, Rupert Murdoch, to do as much damage as possible to Donald Trump’s reputation. From this it is possible to infer that Trump is seen as a genuine threat to ultra-Zionist crypto-Jews like Murdoch, though why this should be so is not altogether clear to me. It will be clear only to someone who subscribes to the eccentric hypothesis that Trump is secretly anti-Jewish. [LD]

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  1. “…From this it is possible to infer that Trump is seen as a genuine threat to ultra-Zionist crypto-Jews like Murdoch, though why this should be so is not altogether clear to me. It will be clear only to someone who subscribes to the eccentric hypothesis that Trump is secretly anti-Jewish. [LD]…”

    Trump is not “secretly anti-Jewish”, he is openly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but he is also openly and genuinely pro-America, and that is what alarms the Jews. The Jews want an American president who is not only pro-Israel but also gets along with the Jewish “New World Order” program for America. That means unlimited Third World immigration, more anti-White racism (in the name of “anti-racism”), more moral degradation, and more free trade. Trump understands that that will destroy America and he wants to “make America great again”. No matter how incompetent, erratic and narcissistic Trump is, his love for America is genuine, and as such he is a threat to the full Jewish agenda. The Jews want a president who serves their agenda for 100% and not only for 50% as Trump does.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Thanks, Franklin. You have explained this conundrum very well. You are saying in effect that many Jews are okay with Trump because he is at least giving them roughly 50 per cent of what they want and has assured them repeatedly that he has Israel’s interests at heart. This is certainly better than giving them zero per cent and being openly hostile to Israel.

      On the other hand, a large percentage of more ideologically extreme Jews are angry with Trump for not being ONE HUNDRED PER CENT their man. They expect him not only to hand them Greater Israel on a silver platter and fight their wars for them in the Middle East, but they also demand that he turn America into a Third World country in which Whites soon become an endangered minority thanks to an unlimited influx of immigrants. This he is reluctant to do because, as you say, he genuinely loves America and doesn’t want to turn it into a Third World dump.

      And so these more extreme Jews dislike Trump for not being totally subservient to their needs, as Hillary would have been if she had ended up in the White House. In short, they dislike Trump for refusing to be their 100% puppet.

      1. Trump’s love for America is indeed genuine. In the following video of 3.49 min. Trump’s pronouncements about his concern about America’s economical interests during his election campaign in 2016 are compared to those in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1988. They have been consistently the same :

      2. OK, so it’s a 50-50 standoff, which is EXACTLY how the “jews” callin’ the shots like it

        and the train keeps a rollin’….

      3. Israel is a ploy
        designed to fool the goy
        to think its jews are keen
        and know the devil’s scheme
        of making them the chosen
        their lofty place begotten
        Yet tucked behind a veil
        beyond its purple pale
        lay golems silent lurking
        antecede to jerking
        staid loyalties around
        then flip the measured ground

    2. “Trump is not ‘secretly anti-Jewish’, he is openly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but he is also openly and genuinely pro-America, and that is what alarms the Jews…No matter how incompetent, erratic and narcissistic Trump is, his love for America is genuine, and as such he is a threat to the full Jewish agenda.”

      I have to disagree. That’s like saying: “Bill is really concerned about his health, but he can’t stop smoking cigarettes; or “Joe really loves his wife, but he needs to have a sexual relationship with his girlfriend”; or Bob really loves his kids, but he doesn’t have any money for food this week because he gambled his whole pay check away at the race track”; etc., etc., etc.

      How can any sentient being not by now understand that the jewish agenda will destroy “America”? The only way that kind of a fundamental contradiction could make any “sense” is if Trump is breathtakingly stupid and/or breathtakingly delusional, IMO.

      I see Trump’s faux “patriotism” as nothing more than the refuge of a transparent scoundrel.

    3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Accurate assessment Franklin. The Zionist dictum to corrupted politicians of any stripe is usually “When I tell you to jump, you are supposed to ask: How High?” Trump’s patriotism is incompatible with the neo-communist globalist criminal minds who pursue the suicidal Kalergi plan of destruction in Caucasian countries (but not African or Asian) and the Agenda 21 grab for all world resources to be given to the very few and who already have so much. It is possible the US military has finally realized where this is leading to and have taken steps, we’ll see. Established powers don’t like usurpers with good reason. The great problem is the fatal danger of aligning with the Zionist right wing military aggressive criminals to the point of being driven over a cliff which may produce short term “victory” but long term disaster and failure.

      Jewish political thought is not monolithic, but the near universal recklessness that characterizes both the Jewish left and the right, driven more by emotion and sheer greed, displaying wishful, magical “thinking” as a substitute for reason is dominant. Reason is something that requires development, and many are simply not equipped, or willing to take the steps which require work and discipline. This attitude with it’s glaring absence of sober and realistic patience and reflection is actively promoted in Academia, Media, Business, and Political expression as “normal” and leads to endless strategic disasters. Emotionally driven criminality as the new ‘norm’, if you will.

      Craven Zionist camp followers like Louise Mensch are an expression of reckless economic opportunism in the wishful ‘might makes right’ mindset (the money’s good – for now). Never mind where the Army may be headed; current “might” or power as badly flawed as the Zionist variety breeds new might in opposition, based on reason instead of emotion. Zionism and it’s reliance on corruption of all kinds and in all fields creates a vacuum that countries like Iran an Russia naturally fill and build on. Empires or nations that wish to survive are built along these lines of mental sobriety and maturity.

    4. @ Franklin Ryckaert
      @ Winston

      Both reasonable posts worthy of serious consideration.

      Concerning the article, the jewish media lies – no duh.

      Off Topic, but important – during the past week, Markus Persson, the founder of the immensely popular game Minecraft, has tweeted to his 3.7 million followers that Pizzagate/PedoGate is real along with numerous Podesta leaked emails to back it up his claim. Now there will be even more millions globally investigating pedophilia. I wonder how the jewish media is going to counter this action since they still have to screech about North Korea, Iran, and Russia. There may not be enough time in the day to promote the desired lies and still coverup the Pizzagate/PedoGate truth which is compounded by the fact that the jewish media has lost all credibility with most of the population.

  2. Murdock’s minions always lie.. they are paid to do so..!!

    Trump is a ‘Democrat-Reform-Independent-Republican Wind Tester’ candidate and president. He and his family know him best.

    Trump believes one of his strengths “lies in my unpredictability.” He could, without question, become one of the most feared corporate raiders around. Trump has cash and – almost unlimited borrowing capability.!!

    His sister’s one-liner says it all:
    Says his sister Maryanne Trump-Barry, – a FEDERAL DISTRICT JUDGE – in New Jersey, “success brings success, which brings more success. The more he gets, the more he wants.”

    **BTW – When owning CASINOS and bankrupting in New Jersey… it is handy to have a sister as Senior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit..!!!

    Trump on Trump:

    “I do those things which seem correct to me today. I trust myself. And if security concerns me, I do that which today I think will make me secure. And every day I do that, and when that day arrives that I need a reserve, (a) odds are that I have it, and (b) the true reserve that I have is the strength that I have of acting each day without fear. According to the dictates of my mind. Stocks, bonds, objects of art, real estate. Now: what are they? An opportunity to what? To make money? Perhaps. To lose money? Perhaps. To ‘indulge’ and to ‘learn’ ourselves? Perhaps. So f—ing what? What isn’t? They’re an opportunity. That’s all. They’re an event. A guy comes up to you, you make a call, you send in a brochure, it doesn’t matter. “There’re these properties I’d like to see.’ What does it mean? What do you want it to mean…”

    “There is no one my age who has accomplished more,” he boasts openly.

    –The Other Time Trump Was Huge: Newsweek’s 1987 Look at the Presidential Candidate–

    *Trump learned a lesson in the Grand Hyatt deal: It was important to have government officials on his side, particularly in New York, where a thicket of regulations makes it extremely difficult to build anything.

    He became, in the words of one major developer, “the ultimate inside player.” When other developers made relatively small campaign contributions to government officials, “Trump was giving $50,000—and bragging about it,” says a former government official. He also hired key government people after they left public service because he wanted their intimate knowledge of bureaucracy. *MONEY IS POWER..!!

    “If people are fair to me, I’m fair to them,” he says. “If people screw me, I screw back in spades.”

    “Friendship is not part of his agenda,” a business associate says, and Trump concedes as much. “I hate to have to rely on friends,” he says. “I’m not a trusting guy. I want to rely on myself.”

    His only “real friends,” he says, are family members.


    Donald Trump has considered running for President many times before, and has actually ran once before.

    1988: Donald Trump has first considered running for President, but he was in debt so it would’ve been hard to do so

    2000: This is the only other time he ran. Trump announced his candidacy under the Reform Party, and actually got about 15000 votes in California

    2004: He considered a presidential bid in 2004, but ultimately decided not to due to his new show called The Apprentice

    2012: Many polls start showing that Donald Trump is more popular than Mitt Romney, although he doesn’t run, his endorsement of Mitt Romney was valuable, and Trump has also been criticized by his attacks on President Obama’s birthplace/certificate

    2016: The Donald does not renew his Apprentice contract in April 2015, which creates speculation that he will make a presidential run. In July 2015, he formally announces. He beat out Hillary and became President.

    In 1999 Donald Trump ran for the nomination of the Reform Party which exists as a small third party within the United States. He had long talked about running for President and announced in 1999. If he won he announced who would serve in a Trump administration if he had won.

    -Vice President: Oprah Winfrey
    -Secretary of State: Colin Powell
    -Secretary of Defence: John McCain
    -Secretary of Treasury: Jack Welch

    While Trumps campaign did capture the attention of the news media at the time, because he was not running for either the Republican or Democratic nomination his campaign was not given the same attention as his 2016 run.

    After he withdrew in 2000 Trump became a – DEMOCRAT – and was one from 2001-2009 (the sum total of Bush’s Presidency) he then became – INDEPENDENT – before he again became a – REPUBLICAN – again in 2012.
    *This proves here are NO differences in the political parties… they are PRIVATE Tax-exempt Corporations (IRC 527)..!!


    Donald Trump had to give up his 2012 Presidential campaign or face criminal charges by the FEC for campaign contributions violations in 2011.

    He and his attorney, Michael Cohen, had to remove his website:

    Trump campaigned for President in 2011. He did what he wanted to do rather than follow the rules.
    **Michael Cohen was in charge of Trump’s campaign and set up a website to see if it was feasible.

    Press Release of Federal Election Commission results: *SCRUBBED..!!!


    -MUR 6462 * ALSO SCRUBBED..!!!
    COMPLAINANT: Shawn Thompson

    RESPONDENTS: Donald J. Trump; Michael Cohen; Stewart Rahr; The Trump Organization, LLC; Should Trump Run Committee, Inc. f/k/a

    SUBJECT: The complaint alleged that Trump engaged in “testing the waters” activities during the 2012 presidential election cycle, was a “de facto” candidate for president, and accepted excessive or impermissible contributions from The Trump Organization, LLC (Trump LLC) in connection with a website, (ShouldTrumpRun) created by Cohen, a Trump LLC employee, and from Rahr, who paid for a flight Cohen took on Trump’s privately owned jet. The complaint alleged further that ShouldTrumpRun was a political committee that failed to register with the Commission.

    DISPOSITION: The Commission found no reason to believe Trump failed to file a Statement of Candidacy or that ShouldTrumpRun failed to register and report as a political committee. The Commission also found no reason to believe that Cohen, Rahr, Trump LLC or ShouldTrumpRun made, or that Trump accepted, excessive or prohibited contributions. The Commission closed the file in connection with the remaining allegations.

    III Conclusion (p. 10)
    Mr. Trump never became a candidate. Therefore, he was never subject to the source and amount restrictions of the Act.
    –Therefore, there is no reason to believe the respondents violated 11C.F.R.§100.72(a) or 11C.F.R.§100.131(a)

    WHEW..!! Almost a criminal. 🙂

    1. If Trump applies the method “keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer”, there is hope for some justice and some improvement. To me, he seems more confused than deliberately “unpredictable”. Apart from knowing few tricks for taking advantage of an existing opportunity to gain some wealth and social positions, “Free” Masonry is an ideological mess, a mixed bag of religious doctrines and social systems considered equally valuable, and thus fits the NWO agenda well. Another, more dire, challenge for Trump is that his masonic “philosophy” [if you don’t believe that he is a Mason, just look at his body language and his home] is that Zionists took over Masonry less than a century after its inception, and prevented it from developing a clear independent doctrine. All the presidents who were Masons served Zionist Jewry’s goals directly or as controlled opposition, and all of them were slaughtered, hitlerised and erased from the mass memory upon their expiry date. The branch of Masonry called P2 most closely co-operates with Mossad’s Sayanim and Jesuit army in bloody assassinations of persons undesirable for the Genghis Khan family [the Rothschilds]. It is particularly true for the Scottish Rite, which is much richer and more violent [in a mixed-up way] than the York Rite.

      1. Snez –

        MOST importantly … His sister is… Judge Maryanne Trump Barry….
        Senior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit..!!!

        She was appointed by Reagan and Clinton, showing no real differences between them:

        Senior Judge United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
        Incumbent – Assumed office June 30, 2011

        Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
        In office September 22, 1999 – June 30, 2011
        Appointed by Bill Clinton

        Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
        In office October 7, 1983 – October 25, 1999
        Appointed by Ronald Reagan

        Anything is possible when he knows everything about the judge…. and she know all about him.. and all about the dirty deals in New Jersey. She can stop bushels full of lawsuits every day.!!!

        And she can alert him to good deals coming down the pike.. Judges get rich doing that… and putting it into trusts…. and in dummy accounts on Chicago Merch Exch.

        BTW – I guess you liked my ‘Paper Arrows’ composition. You should research what the MSO – Manufacturer Statement of Origin – for your car is. It will surprise you. No one that I know actually owns their vehicles, even when paid off..!!

        ‘Certificate of Title’ is NOT Title.. 🙂

      2. The same goes with the birth certificate. All citizens had owned until recently was their mind. With the introduction of surveillance [inspired by the ADL], we are being prepared to be possessed by an alien force.

  3. Nooooooo! Rupert “I am the best Shabbat Goy in the whole God damn world!” Murdoch lies?!? Or his paid Presstitute minions?!?

    This is a BiG Surprise for me!!!

    Hey, Franklin, how do you square his obedient servitude for Jews and his “love” for the USA?!?

  4. Once again Jews set ’em up and Jews knock ’em down. The gullible goyim working for Jews are far too stupid to realize the end result of their befriending of these murderous psychopaths has placed them squarely on the Jew’s sacrificial altar. They are far too stupid to examine Jewish history; far too ignorant to realize these psychopaths once sacrificed their own children to an incinerator called Ba’al.

    And they left all the commandments of the Lord their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made a grove, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal. And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger. – 2 Kings

    Knowing this makes it obvious Jews have no compunction, and feel no remorse, for sacrificing “friends” to further their agenda. The day of the left is fast closing down and this “outed” false news report is yet another signal of their imminent demise. Note how many articles like this are quietly circulating the web. Even Nanzi Pelosi has now officially decried “antifa” violence . Jews purposely removed their velvet glove from the left, allowing left wing terrorists to be as stupid and violent as they wanna’ be. One might say, idiot’s gone wild.

    Jews then turn around and out the idiots by showing the stupidity and violence of these cretins, allowing the left to hoist themselves on their own “revolutionary” petard. In the meantime, it’s another twofer for Jews as they use their useful idiots to destroy what remains of the cultural and historical icons of white America.

    The left will soon disintegrate, leaving solid backing by the gullible folks of the “red states” in flyover country supporting the Jew’s coming Trumped-up war. The media’s bull-horn bull about Trump being evil belies (and who is it that always be-lies?) the quiet messages coming out behind the media scene for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    This goes hand-in-glove with Trump’s appointment of slime, e.g. his son-in-law, to top advisory positions. Jews are telling fellow tribesman: “Don’t take any of this Trump/Nadzee nonsense too seriously, we are merely using it to further the agenda. Trump really is our boy.” Of course the left’s useful idiots, stupid sheep followers they are, listen only to Jews egging them on instead of looking at the obvious evidence in front of their noses.

    No one has bothered asking from whence this violence emanates. The left has been riding high for years, culminating with the election victory of their golden porch Negro. Normally they would simply wait for the next election to rectify the “problem” with another minority candidate. So why all the sudden intolerance? Of course there’s the media’s obvious daily two minutes of Trump hate-fest, but beyond that there is the constant, low-level agitation and terror continually overlaid on the public though media auspices, e.g. the constant din of “bad” and bloody news, horror movies and reality TV shows.

    Everything from “progress” that destroys a city’s neighborhood infrastructures that prevents one from maintaining any contact or familiarity with their own environment, to constant traffic jams on the freeways, to a lack of jobs and ultimately the lack of any meaning in one’s life, combined with the present, open destruction of historical monuments while screaming how these long standing inanimate objects are symbolic of “hate”, has created an environment ripe for violence and social upheaval; destroying nations and their people are what Jews do best.

    Despite their past victories, the left wing element knows something is terribly wrong with this country and are looking for a solid figure to blame it on. Voilà! Jews present Donald Trump as the target du jour. Is the scripting not obvious? Forgive them Father for they know not their own ignorance and stupidity.

  5. It has always been readily apparent to me that nobody gets paid to tell the truth. There may be some truth emitted from journalists from time to time, but that is not the reason they are paid. Truth is free and easily told. Now lying, and or managing truth for the benefit of the oligarchs, that takes some skill and can be somewhat expensive.

    Did I miss anything?

  6. President Trump is a dilemma. He speaks and poses like Mussolini, but he was the only candidate who struck a chord that resonated with ordinary Americans. That chord is their deep hatred of the arrogant, isolated, overpaid and over-powerful elites. Jews lead these elites out of all proportion to their numbers, so Jews fear Trump’s supporters, so they are now using their media power.

    The systematic denigration of ordinary white Americans in the media is unforgivable, and unprecedented.

    At the next election Mr Trump may win by an increased margin,

    Meanwhile I have stopped watching CNN..

    1. “President” Trump is a lying, mass-murdering, traitorous, America-hating, jew-loving piece of subhuman filth.

      Orange Clown didn’t run for president to save America from the jews, rather, he ran for president to save the jews and their stalled agenda from America.

      BTW Orange Clown just escalated the diplomatic war with Russia. This scumbag obviously had no intention of seeking improved relations with Russia.

      1. @ Harold Smith

        I gather you don’t have much time for Ryckaert’s more moderate view that Trump, though he is in bed with the Jews, is in a sense a “divided” man who genuinely cares for America and doesn’t want it to turn into a multicultural zoo.

        Let me ask you, then, what do you think is Trump’s driving force? Is he just a shallow man, in your estimation, whose only aim is to get richer than he already is? Or is he after fame? Or is he just a Jew puppet taking orders from the Jews?

        Right now he seems to have abdicated all responsibility for foreign affairs, letting his generals do exactly as they please.

        Who is running the show? Who gives the orders? Is Trump just following orders or does he have a mind of his own?

        I would like to ask the same questions of Lobro and Circassian, assuming they are still around. And also of Franklin Ryckaert.
        I am genuinely baffled and would appreciate guidance from wiser heads than my own.

        Basically my questions are: what makes Trump tick? What does he want? Why has he gone into politics? What does he hope to accomplish? What is his motivating force?

      2. @ Sardonicus

        You could have saved yourself a lot of time if you had asked me those questions. As a trained psychologist, I would have given you the correct answers. Trump is an instrument of the Jews. We chose him to further the Jewish agenda. Without our support, he would have gotten nowhere. He was groomed for his part.

        Like all men, his actions are determined by the carrot and the stick. Or reward and punishment. Already his daughter Ivanka has enriched herself by hundreds of millions of dollars. This is Trump’s reward for doing as he is told in regard to Russia, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea. His generals are not making the “decisions” any more than Trump is. They are all waiting for orders from above — from the Deep State controlled by a small cabal of Jews including George Soros, Henry Kissinger and Lord Rothschild. As usual, it is the Jews, we Jews, who pull the strings.

        There is also the stick. Trump has many skeletons in the cupboard, meaning guilty secrets going back to his early twenties. Most of America’s politicians are also deeply compromised individuals with scandalous sex histories often involving pedophilia. All of them are subject to blackmail. If they don’t do as they are told, they will be outed as criminals. They have committed almost every crime in the book — and more.

        What do you think Mossad exists for? It is to collect incriminating secrets on men like Donald Trump and the political flunkeys who surround him.

        Ask Tamara. Tamara knows. Tamara is that remarkable exception: a Jew who is not afraid to tell the truth. We intend to eat you alive. You will pay in blood and tears for centuries of our oppression. We will grind your bones and drink your blood.

        Wait for it.

      3. @ Sard

        There are several lines of reasoning that lead me to the conclusion that Trump is a complete fraud; his campaign a monstrous conspiracy against “the people”.

        For example, one argument I’ve made here before is that it seems Trump was actually the candidate that the jews intended to win the election, not Clinton.

        Anyway, my present overall view of the situation is that the jews were (and still are) in a desperate situation, and Trump was in essence a “deep cover” (aka “sleeper”) “agent” who was “waiting in the wings”, to be used, politically, in the event of such an “emergency”.

        I believe that Trump couldn’t care less about “America”, and his true mission is exactly the same as his predecessors, i.e., to preserve jewish rule, and to the extent possible, to advance the jewish foreign policy objective of world domination and control, whenever and wherever possible.

        I believe Trump’s basically following jew orders, but he apparently has some modicum of discretion with regard to some of the details at least.

      4. @ Sard

        I forgot to say I believe that the jews MUST AT ALL COSTS maintain complete control over the “office of president” of the U.S., lest their agenda be stymied and their historic crimes exposed. As I see it, the office of president has so much power (both “hard” and “soft” power) that if one honest person were to get in there, the jewish project for world domination and control would be toast.

        It’s conceivable that a sitting president if he had too much “freedom” could even trash the plans “by accident”; e.g., by setting something in motion that could spiral out of control at some point, say an investigation into the downing of TWA Flt. 800.

        I believe this is one of the implied messages of Biblical prophecy: The second beast of Rev 13 (aka little horn of Daniel 7) both refer to the “office of president”, IMO, and it’s implied that this entity is a puppet controlled by the first beast, which is the way it has to be if the beast is to wreak havoc.

      5. @ Tamara Cohen

        “We intend to eat you alive. You will pay in blood and tears for centuries of our oppression. We will grind your bones and drink your blood.”

        Spoken like a true jewish cult member proving that Jesus was correct in John 8:44 about jews being liars and murderers like their father, the devil. Wise up. The devil, has the jews on his hit list just like everyone else. All probability is that your chosen elite will sacrifice you and your ilk just like they have done in the past to accomplish their desires or to save their own ass.

      6. @ Harold Smith

        Thanks for your input. I agree with your general assessment of Trump as a deeply embedded sleeper agent for the Jews but I have some problem accepting your idea — which I would like to accept — that the Jews are “getting desperate”. I look around and I see them gloating everywhere and boasting about their new-found power and glory. Take Netanyahu. Doesn’t he project total arrogance, more or less repeating in every utterance he makes Ariel Sharon’s famous words, “We Jews control America.”

        Sharon could say that in 2001 and mean it. What has changed since then? Weren’t Bush and Obama both pliant Jewish puppets, dancing to Israel’s orders?

        So how come you say the Jews are getting “desperate”? Desperate about what? Isn’t everything falling out according to their plans? Just think. They are now censoring the internet, shutting down White Nationalist websites. They won a great victory at Charlottesville. Two of the major White Nationalist websites, the Occidental Observer and Counter-currents, feel so intimidated by Jewish power that they have made all discussion of the Holocaust “off-limits”.

        Bear in mind this famous aphorism attributed to Voltaire:

        I think Jewish power can easily be gauged by Holocaust denial. The more you are allowed to discuss the Holocaust freely, without being criminalized, the more you can be certain that Jewish power is on the wane. If you can’t deny the Holocaust on television or radio, on the other hand, that tells you something: that the Jews are in total control.

        Be reasonable, Harold. Hasn’t Amazon just banned hundreds of “anti-Semitic” books, many of them openly critical of the Holocaust? Doesn’t this show you that the Jews are wielding MORE influence right now, not less?

        I notice a lot of Jewish chutzpah around. These people really believe we are their slaves and can be treated like dog shit.

      7. @ Snez

        You explain that very well. Brilliant! What you are saying in essence — and it makes sense — is that the driving force behind Trump is the profit motive. Given a choice between serving God or Mammon, he chose Mammon. He bombed Syria because it made his stocks and shares go up. He made a killing. Yes, it certainly makes sense.

        The fanatical Trump supporters would obviously disagree. They insist Trump bombed Syria for some noble motive, or for cosmetic reasons, because it made Trump look strong and assertive.

        I guess it’s always possible to find a good motive for the worst deeds. Witness Jack the Ripper. He killed prostitutes because he was doing his best to stop the spread of syphilis. 🙂

      8. @ Sard

        “So how come you say the Jews are getting “desperate”? Desperate about what? Isn’t everything falling out according to their plans?”

        A powerfully resurgent Russia has seriously messed up their plans, IMO. Their “NWO” agenda of world domination and control is basically out in the open, and it appears to be stalled. The days of “easy (geopolitical) pickin’s” are gone as it seems both Russia and China have drawn some lines in the sand.

        Finally the U.S. military seems to be falling behind Russia and China, and even Iran now seems capable of giving the empire a bloody nose.

        “Just think. They are now censoring the internet, shutting down White Nationalist websites. They won a great victory at Charlottesville. Two of the major White Nationalist websites, the Occidental Observer and Counter-currents, feel so intimidated by Jewish power that they have made all discussion of the Holocaust “off-limits”.

        Yes, but in a sense all this is a sign of their desperation. They are now showing their hand everywhere as they try to micromanage everything, as it all begins to come unglued. Orange Clown is simultaneously threatening North Korea, threatening Iran, threatening Venezuela, escalating confrontation everywhere, and accomplishing nothing but demonstrating for the whole world the demonic madness that is the U.S. government.

        If the-world-as-we-know-it still exists 3.5 years from now, who will they run for president then? I could be wrong, but I think Orange Clown is their last gasp. I believe Orange Clown will preside over the end of America as we knew it.

      9. Thanks for your very full answers to my questions, Harold. Yes, what you say makes a lot of sense and it all adds up logically. The resurgent power of Russia, thanks to Putin, has certainly taken the Jewish neocons by surprise and upset a lot of people who thought full-spectrum domination by America (controlled of course by Jewish puppeteers) was only a matter of time. They thought they had it all in the bag and of course they were wrong.

        But make no mistake: Russia is the ancient enemy vis-a-vis the Jews, as Germany once was, and they intend to “get” Russia if they can. A lot of scores to settle there. Hence the saber-rattling against Iran and the constant meddling in Syria. (All proxy wars).

        I don’t think Trump will be a second-time president. His core supporters are heavily disillusioned with him and are unlikely to vote for him again. After all, what has he given them? Zilch.

        The Jews will find a new puppet. Trump will spend the next few years concentrating on what he does best: making money. He will use his presidency to enrich himself and his family beyond the dreams of avarice. Sure, he has enough wealth already. But enough is never enough for these guys…

      10. Whew! He’s certainly taken his gloves off! I guess the big question now is: how will Russia respond? How much longer can they go on playing tit-for-tat?

      11. “How much longer can they go on playing tit-for-tat?”

        With Orange Clown now openly bitch-slapping Russia (and apparently taking full personal responsibility for it) I wonder if the Russians might finally conclude that Orange Clown is a complete fraud and WW3 is back “on the table”?

    2. Next election? What are you smoking, John Kirby? You guys will be VERY lucky to make it through this year, let alone the rest of the Trumpster admin!

  7. Why are you people so scared of the Jews ?
    look at it this way ,the haves and the have not
    it’s a classic social and economic and class struggle ,it’s an ancient as when God Almighty created this earth and Adam and Eve and some believe Lilith ,the seducer of all species of God’s Creations.
    The Jewish people at large have nothing to do with the misery, the 1% bring about the 99% of humanity.
    When I was very young as long as I remember at age 2 or 3 ,I heard made up stories about the devils living beyond the borders ,ready to attack and devour us ,I was made to believe that the favorite meal for the hyenas are us .
    I would ask as a kid ,how the Jews look like ,the lying elders would describe ,beasts with long tails ,big wide mouths with long sharp teeth ,stinky as hell ,they said ,run and hide ,if and when you smell the stickiness in the air.
    I remember as a very young man ,facing the Israeli soldiers for the first time ever,face to face,what I found is normal people ,brave ,beautiful female soldiers,the male ones
    are also brave, decent and discipline.
    I realized back then ,the depth of the official Arab deception and lies to the Arab masses.
    I highly doubt the accuracy of Arabic history taught in their schools or their official retarded media ,lies upon lies ,a fabricated history books and corrupted Arab Governments in each and every Arab country with no exceptions ,including the Palestinian Authority and the PLO and the retarded Arab league.
    All of them are corrupt to the bones ,it’s a classic Ali Baba and his forty thieves saga.
    On the other hand ,The Jewish People are honest ,decent ,hard working ,smart ,innovative and above all ,they care about each other as a communities around the Globe ,and that is historic fact.God Bless them
    The Arabs ,and I’m really sorry to say that ,are brave only when fighting ,destroying ,killing ,looting ,stealing each other.
    The gulf Arab hyenas would spend all their wealth and give it away ,just to destroy other Arab countries ,if for humanitarian purposes ,they wouldn’t give one penny if it were to be given to another Arab ,the envy ,the revenge ,the evil wickedness ,is mixed in these gulf hyenas DNA ,it’s a historic fact.
    in essence ,I will take A Jewish Person as a dear friend any day .
    Gulf Arab hyenas never to be trusted ,can you trust slithering cunning poisonous snake?

  8. Louise Mensch loves the Jewish faith and loves the nation of Israel. She suffers a serious case of cognitive dissonance. This is, in fact, a disease of the human mind. It is borderline psychopathic. She says she seeks love and human integrity, but this is impossible, as it is with around 100 million dialectically-charged Christian Zionists, given she lacks the gift of empathy. To remedy her problem and to make her a decent human being she needs to live with the Palestinian people of Gaza for a period of six months. As the American supplied, Israeli rockets explode around her; as young children are tortured and shot; as medical supplies are unavailable; and as she suffers daily salvation, and is forced to drink filthy water, etc. – she will realize that the Israeli Jews are evil people …. and any supporters of them are evil people by association. She will realize she is part of the Jews’ love of satanism and the death syrum. But she will probably choose to stick with her psychathic, cognitive dissonance. The Money Power makes her rich. She is human shizum!

  9. looks like Tamara is trying to get nominated for the 2017 Rosenthal Award. Nobody does hubris like a Jew.

    1. @ Paul & Ungenius

      Good posts, including news of Pizzagate. Remind me to be careful should I require the assistance of a trained psychologist, I was unaware the Zionist variety advocate cannibalism for perceived adversaries. Perceptions can be wrong; mine plenty of times, I can say from experience. While there has been plenty of oppression in the USA in many cases, the all time worst that Jewish immigrants ever received was from their own people in the sweatshops of the Garment district in NY at the turn of the century – virtual slave labor and death from being locked up in firetraps. Some day the brighter ones may realize that little has changed in a certain broad sense, and rationally examine who the real oppressors are, whether Jewish or non Jewish.

  10. The American Legion may be giving Chumpster fraudster a chance to show the country and the world how much he actually “loves” “America” and what he really feels about the “U.S. military”.

    I predict that Chumpster fraudster, the lying, traitorous, treasonous, murderous, jewophilious, consummate-demon-possessed-sack-of-filthy-subhuman-animated-dog-excrement that he is, will ignore the American Legion and their resolution, just as he’s ignored 9/11 and every other jew crime under the sun.

    1. RESOLVED, By The American Legion in National Convention assembled in Reno, Nevada, August 22, 23, 24, 2017, that
      The American Legion calls upon the


      to publicly, impartially, and thoroughly investigate the attack on the USS Liberty and its aftermath and to commence its investigation before the end of 2017, the 50th anniversary year of the attack.

      have i got the right link? do i need glasses … oh, but i got them on, maybe need new prescription because i read
      CONGRESS, is the name of the 45th US President “CONGRESS”?
      i thought it was “TRUMP” but nowhere in that American Legion resulution do i find the name “TRUMP”, maybe those old vets don’t know their Constitution, surely some mistake.

      just to make sure, i went directly to the American Legion’s website and found the relevant Resolution No. 40: USS Liberty, as follows
      Reno, Nevada
      August 22, 23, 24, 2017

      searching for “TRUMP” in that document … uh-huh, “phrase not found”, let’s try “Chumpster fraudster, the lying, traitorous, treasonous, murderous, jewophilious, consummate-demon-possessed-sack-of-filthy-subhuman-animated-dog-excrement” … good luck with that.

      just let’s not blame the said 115th US Congress for the lack of response, they get to go scot free, innocent as the driven snow.

      1. “have i got the right link? do i need glasses … oh, but i got them on, maybe need new prescription because i read CONGRESS, is the name of the 45th US President ‘CONGRESS’?”

        So your traitorous scumbag of a hero should just sit there and ignore the opportunity that the American Legion is giving him? Your traitorous scumbag of a hero who was willing to risk a nuclear war with Russia over false allegations the Assad “gassed his own people”, feels no patriotic duty to demand justice for Americans murdered in cold-blood by organized jewry? Your traitorous scumbag of a hero who is supposed to be the “commander in chief” of the U.S. military should just sit there mute and leave it all up to the American Legion? How about just a little tweet from Mr. Twitter; would that be asking too much?

        No doubt if it was something that Iran did your traitorous scumbag of a hero would be all over it by now, but because it was his precious jews, he’ll probably ignore it and/or work against it.

  11. if you start connecting the dots you will find that the wasps irish zionists the biggest race traitors

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