My Most Admirable Friend, Ernst Zündel


The slanted French newspaper Le Monde
announces the death of Ernst Zündel

In its edition of Saturday, August 12, Le Monde published a long, two-column article by Thomas Wieder, a journalist whose devotion to the “Shoah” cult is well known. Entitled “Ernst Zündel, Holocaust denial publisher” and adorned with a photograph of the deceased, who died on August 5, its tone is set by the first two sentences:

The French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson called him “dear friend”, considered him a “source of inspiration”, and said that he was “the man he admired most”. German publisher and pamphleteer Ernst Zündel, convicted several times for anti-Semitic propaganda and a Holocaust denier, died on Saturday, August 5 in Bade Wildbad in the Baden-Württemberg region, where he was born 78 years ago.

Two birds with one stone: Zündel and Faurisson were, as is seen, nothing but “deniers”. They denied. We shall understand by this that, apparently, they devoted their existence to denying the obvious.

What, exactly, was obvious? Follow the gaze of Louis Dreyfus, Jérôme Fenoglio and Luc Bronner, who today preside over the destiny of Le Monde. Their newspaper does not know how to repair the “monumental blunder” it committed back in 1978. December 29, 1978 was, as they say, “The day Le Monde published Mr. Faurisson’s feature [on ‘the problem of the gas chambers’]” (the subject of an article by their “grand reporter” Ariane Chemin on August 20, 2012, reproduced in the book Le Monde, 70 ans d’histoire, Flammarion, 2014, 496 p.; p. 469-470).

Throughout Wieder’s article Zündel is described, either directly or by way of insinuation, as a pamphleteer, a propagandist, an unconditional Nazi, a “murderer of [Jewish] remembrance”, a pervert, a provocateur, a coward. In 1958 he had emigrated to Canada “to avoid being called to serve in the armed forces” of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Toronto, at his two great trials in 1985 and 1988, he had not been loath “to appear in court in a bulletproof vest, wearing a helmet with ‘freedom of speech’ written on it”. At the 1985 trial the “Holocaust denier” Faurisson had figured among his “witnesses”.

ERNST ZUNDEL (1939-2017)

In fact, if my friend Ernst had emigrated to Canada at the age of 20, it was not in the least out of cowardice but rather out of disgust with war and things military. At that age he still lent full credence to what was peddled about on the “Nazi horrors” and on the essentially militaristic and criminal past of his homeland. He had thus become a pacifist, and would remain so all his life. In Canada there was no conscription, hence his choice of that country. Afterwards, he read, read very much, and ended up believing he must acknowledge that revisionist authors were right. He then became indignant that, during the two world wars, the Allies’ propaganda had been able to invent such lies about the “Boches” or the “Nazis”. If he showed up at his first trial in a helmet (and let’s specify: a construction site helmet!) and asked his companions to do the same, it was because of the several assaults and attempts on his life perpetrated by his opponents either with open force or more sneakily. Most of the time, as in France, the police or the guards on duty refused to protect “Nazis” (sic). From this standpoint, Ernst Zündel’s existence was an ordeal.

An arson attack devastated his house and a large part of the rich documentation needed for his defence. An explosive device was once sent to him through the mail: he had the good idea of handing it over to the police, who carried out a controlled detonation. Was I his “witness”? No: in the courts, I was the expert admitted to assist his barrister, the admirable Douglas Christie.

In English-speaking countries, in order to be designated as a court expert one must obligatorily undergo an arduous test before the judge, the jury, the prosecutor and the opposing counsel, who may intervene at any time: one must be able to show not only that one knows about a given subject (here, the history of the European Jews, particularly in the period from 1939 to 1945), but also that one can express oneself in a language plain enough for the simplest juror. Those two trials (that of 1985 lasted seven weeks, the one in 1988 a bit longer than four months) were a triumph for the revisionist cause and a disaster for the cause of Zündel’s opponents. Their official transcripts attest to this fact.

In 1985, for example, Professor Raul Hilberg, the prime historian supporting the thesis of the “destruction of the European Jews”, suffered such a humiliation that he refused to appear at the 1988 trial, which proved even worse for the thesis defended by the Jewish organisations’ leaders (see my foreword to Barbara Kulaszka’s Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988, July 24, 1992).

Just like me, Zündel had respect for the true sufferings of the Jewish people. A man with a remarkably open mind and great insight, he had the ability to judge a person independently of the group to which he or she might belong. His enemies, prodigiously richer and more powerful than himself, were those Jewish or Zionist organisations that claimed to defend the Jews’ interests by waging a merciless war against revisionists. On the one hand, he was not lacking in Jewish friends and, on the other, he did not lose sight of the fact that some of his opponents could well be of good faith.

Taking, for example, their belief in the figure of Six Million Jewish victims of Hitler, he noted that, from the second half of the nineteenth century (yes, from the 1860’s!), American newspapers, the New York Times at their head, had published numerous press releases from Jewish organisations reporting “At this moment, a dreadful massacre or pogrom of Jews is taking place in Europe [in Russia, Poland, Hungary, etc.]. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying; your financial contribution is awaited”. When, in 1933, Hitler entered the scene and when “all Jewry declared war on him” (“Judea declares war on Germany”) – still more, of course, from September 1939 onwards –, the war drums beat the same slogan. In this regard, who can be surprised if millions of Jews of the time, accustomed for several generations to hearing it repeated that “Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying”, were able to believe that that was the truth? But it was a brazen lie. In 1946, at the Nuremberg trial, the judges, making their own contribution to this lie, attributed its invention to Adolf Eichmann himself (see, in my piece The Victories of Revisionism (continued) dated September 11, 2011, the section “The imposture of the Six Million. Wilhelm Höttl and the Nuremberg tribunal unmasked”).

I knew Ernst Zündel well. It so happens that on the eve of his death I telephoned him. In a long conversation, in which he shared some confidences that I shall perhaps reveal one day, I found a broken man, in despair on learning of the inexorable decision by a senior Jewish official in Washington to forbid him any access to US territory, thus any possibility of returning to the home of his wife, herself seriously ill.

A senior American Jew made the cruelly spiteful decision
that husband and wife should never live together again.

I first received the news of Ernst’s death with a sense of relief. Two days later I thought of the friend I had lost and of his torturers, of the two years of solitary confinement in a Toronto prison in abominable conditions, then of his handing over to the German authorities, his conviction, in Mannheim, to a further five years’ imprisonment. I recalled a hundred details of the times spent with a man who was exceptional in his kindness, his humanity, his intelligence, his thoughtfulness at every instant for our companions in struggle, his good sense, his steadfastness, his moderation, his practicality.

Recently, in a homage to the man who, unbeknownst to all, was at death’s door, I wrote that throughout my trying existence I had, despite all, the satisfaction of having met at least one genius, Arthur Robert Butz, and at least one hero, Ernst Zündel, a peaceful hero, forever determined to fight against warmongering, war and its lies.

For the moment, I request to be allowed to leave things at that, at least for today. I must urgently retake my place aboard the revisionist galley, alongside other galley slaves equally resolved to row through the storm until death arrives. I must take as my example that hero who, even when broken, persisted in signing his letters “E. Zündel, unbowed”.

Note: I recommend a long obituary of Ernst Zündel
written by the black American columnist Jonas E. Alexis for the Veterans Today site.
The comments also deserve a read. (RF)

29 thoughts to “My Most Admirable Friend, Ernst Zündel”

  1. Another brave German:
    “Capital must be! Labor must be! Labor alone can do little. Capital alone can do nothing! Capital without labor can only be sterile! … Big capital has not created the means to large-scale progress; rather big capital has grown from labor! All capital is accumulated labor. Big capital is in itself unproductive, because plain money by itself is a thoroughly unfruitful thing. From mind, labor, and available or already developed raw materials or mineral resources, values are produced and goods are manufactured – through labor and only through labor… The idea of interest on loans is the diabolical invention of big loan-capital; it alone makes possible the lazy drone’s life of a minority of tycoons at the expense of the productive peoples and their work-potential; it has led to profound, irreconcilable differences, to class-hatred, from which war among citizens and brothers was born. The only cure, the radical means to heal suffering humanity is the abolition of enslavement to interest on money… The abolition of enslavement to interest gives us the possibility of pursuing the repeal of all direct and indirect taxes… Mammonism is the sinister, invisible, mysterious reign of the great international money-powers. Mammonism is however also a mindset; it is the worship of these money-powers on the part of all those who are infected with the Mammonistic poison. Mammonism is the unlimited hypertrophy of the — in itself healthy — human drive for acquisition… Solon in the year 594B.C. abolished personal debt-slavery through legislation. This law was called the great Seisachtheia (shaking off of burdens). In ancient Rome the Lex Gemicia of the year 332 B.C. abruptly forbade Roman citizens entirely from charging any interest. Under Justinian a prohibition on compound interest was enacted, with the regulation that no more interest whatsoever should be demanded when overdue interest has accumulated to the level of the sum originally lent… Of course such laws were now much opposed and frequently circumvented, and in this quite short historical retrospective it may only be mentioned as an astonishing historical fact that although under the canon law of the 11th to 17th centuries the charging of interest was forbidden to Christians, it was permitted to Jews.”
    Gottfried Feder, 1919, “The Manifesto for the Abolition of Enslavement to Interest on Money”

    1. thank you, snez! never heard of that guy but he is undisputed champ compared to the venomous jew pygmies hauling their worthless nobel prizes in economics.
      right off the bat, i see this quote by hasting russell, full of admiration for the genius of the concept:

      Hitler not only engaged in barter trade which meant no discount profits for bankers arranging bills of Exchange, but he even went so far as to declare that a
      country’s real wealth consisted in its ability to produce goods; nor, when men and material were available, would he ever allow lack of money to be an obstacle in the way of any project which he considered to be in his country’s interests.
      This was rank heresy in the eyes of the financiers of Britain and America, a heresy which, if allowed to spread, would blow the gaff on the whole financial racket.

      let newsong deal with that within her customary anti-hitler, pro-yahveh blether.

      and look at this, frau merkel, phd in quantum chemistry, see if you can wrap your head around it

      the German State offered loans for a set price. For example, marriage loans up to 1000 marks were implemented and were repayable in interest free installments.
      A quarter of the loan was forgiven at the birth of each child.
      Via this method, people were never stuck paying off an interest charge each month like they are today with the credit card scam, but instead their payment actually went towards paying off their initial debt.

      ***A quarter of the loan was forgiven at the birth of each child.***

      instead of that, the kalergi’s coudenwhore imports sex offenders from sub-saharan neanderthalia to keep the population from crashing, special birthing and midwifery lessons for dizzy blondes squeezing out chimpithecus (“gestation, 3 months, careful when nursing, they are breeched with teeth”).

      1. snez: struck out on that one, sorry to say.
        just seeing this should be the reason to bail out of that article (written by a catholic-hating, jew-loving serb)

        The Pope: a Supporter of Holocaust-Denier Franjo Tudjman

      2. It seems to me that Jesuit popes are quite fond of both Jews and Israel, don’t you think?

      3. some of them, for sure, esp. jorge bergoglio.

        jp2, the jury is out, he wasn’t a jesuit and he may have been hedging his bets in order to see through his other projects, like dissolution of the ussr … very murky stuff there, we will probably never know the full truth, e.g., was he guided by the prophecy of fatima? because on the face of it, collapse of the soviet was a total disaster for russia, yet looking at it from today’s standpoint, after the intervention of intel+military loyalists led by Putin, it was the best thing that could have happened, not only to Russia but to the whole world … ask syrians.

        apart from the initial carpetbagging locust plague, jew lost out on that one, so how friendly was jp2 in reality?
        And why would he express friendship and support for a holohoax denier?? somebody explain that one … in fact, this m/o sure reminds me of what trump is up to nowadays, speak nice of jews, kick their butts on the ground, as if, oh, sorry, accidental.
        Friendly fire can be useful.

        and what about abdication of benedict 16th?

        The conflicts between the Church and the United States [JEW] did not become less, even with the passing of John Paul II [huh, what’s this? wasn’t JP2 supposed to be the jew’s favorite? i guess not, in retrospect]. They instead continued during the pontificate of Pope Ratzinger, in the course of which, what exacerbated them was not only the [policy and strategic] investment made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood during the so-called Arab Spring, but also
        the firm desire of Benedict XVI to achieve an historic reconciliation with the Patriarchate of Moscow [under Patriarch Kirill], the true and proper religious coronation of a geopolitical project of Euro-Russian integration, which were in his intentions strongly supported by Germany and also by Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy [YUGE mystery here]
        – but not by that more American-friendly one [Italy], which is to be recognized in Giorgio Napolitano [Italian President, 2006-2015].

        How it has come to an end is well-known to everyone. The Italian and papal governments were simultaneously hit by a scandalous, coordinated, and unusually violent and unprecedented campaign, even involving more or less opaque maneuvers in the financial field, with the final effect coming to a head in November 2011 with Berlusconi’s departure from the Palazzo Chigi and, on February 10 [sic – 11], 2013, the abdication of Ratzinger. At the height of the crisis, Italy progressively saw its access to international financial markets closed, while the Institute for Religious Works (IOR) [the Vatican Bank] was temporarily cut out of the Swift 4 circuit.

        In spite of the considerable change made both in Italian politics and in the Vatican, the difficulties have, however, continued to persist, a fact that confirms their structural nature and does not allow for our envisaging any short or medium-term simplification of the context within which our (sic – Italian) government will have to assume in the future the most important decisions in the field of its foreign policy.

        i think that this pretty much explains the appearance of St Jorge, the whiteface version of St Barack, both enthusiastically endorsed by Soros.

        more there than meets the eye.

      4. Ignatio Loyola was a “converted” Spanish Jew. The Jesuit oath sounds rather like a Sayanim’s swearing, and it hadn’t existed before Loyola. I know that some popes condemned the Swastika; whether they knew that it means ‘wisdom’ is another question.
        The former USSR was financially and otherwise supported by Jewry through the US; it is no coincidence that a successful implementation of the Federal Reserve in US in 1913 was followed by a successful implementation of communism in Russia in 1917 – both events were preceded by several unsuccessful attempts accompanied by bloody assassinations which scared royalties and presidents. The “Cold War” was only used as a strawman to keep the state of fear and an appearance of war.
        As for the moment of awakening, mine was the reading of Henry Ford’s “International Jew”.

      5. Great post. The Jews will never get over Adolf Hitler because he beat them by creating a money system devoid of their interest power. No private International Bankers funding the nation. Money only as a way to build things ,and not a miserly value in itself . Zero unemployment during the world wide depression despite Jew boycott Versailles, and choking reparations. That had to go ! An entire nation working together for it’s people ! The Chosen People not in charge . The Left / Right paradigm Jew prison with two wings unlocked .

    2. Seems to me any reference RE recent “popes” of the Church of Rome ought to cite and recommend Michael Hoffman’s marvelous work, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”. Further, Michael Hoffman’s “Usury in Christendom” offers detailed insight into how the “Catholic Church” changed usury from a “mortal sin” to doing “business as usual” for (((some))). I just finished reading cover to cover MH’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”. Astounding scholarship, well written, fascinating for the “Roamin’ Catholic”, happily ensconced in a hotel away from my ISP/IP that gets blocked 99/100 times from Darkmoon.

      Greetings, all.

      1. Hello Alan
        Regarding your access problems, try “Tor Browser”. It is a modified Firefox browser using a relatively private network.
        It should get you through to

        Note to Admin., an alternative news website have been forced to switch on Cloudfare’s (that you use already) access denial protection (DDOS). Someone is paying to force them offline.

        But perhaps you are already prepared.

    3. What SNEZ posted is essential to understand this battle . Jews created ” interest ” or ” usury ” to take control of the world’s money . Private Central Banking controlling government. Selling of money : Finance Capital . This in contention with Industrial Capital / Labor . NS Germany ,Japan ,Italy ie the Axis took this on with huge success: ” He is not going to get away with this “. Bernard Baruch on Adolf Hitlers successful economy without Jewish Capital; 1937.

  2. Well he’s in heaven now and even though we’re still ‘down here’ working on our ulcers
    (or equivalent), that makes me feel pretty darn good..

  3. Rest in Peace Herr Zundel. He seems to have followed a path taken by many of us. I believed the official holocaust story until about 1990. Then I read that Ann Frank had not been gassed at Auschwitz; just the reverse. She had been treated in the camp hospital and had been moved to Belsen to flee the approaching Rusian army. She died at Belsen, of typhus and/or dysentery,

    I now don’t believe that there were any cyanide (Zyklon) gas chambers in the camp system. There were atrocities, on both sides, but were those of Germany any worse than those of the allies? I doubt it.

    The past is a different country. Europe had been a bloodbath for many years. Even dropping the atom bombs did not seem such sin.

    1. Excellent post : Ernst Zundel was a giant. Few are such individuals ! He was a martyr to free speech . His life devestated by fighting for the truth . How many ” Liberals” came forward to help ? How many ” Conservatives” stood up for ” freeeeeeedom ‘l?”,in Mr . Zundels case ? NONE . Why ? They are controlled by the Jews within the Talmudic Left / Right Matrix. The Jews ” Holocaust ” ( burnt offerings to Yahweh ) the new world religion. 666 Million Jews died to create a new world . ” Tikum Allum ” ( Remaking the world ) in which all Gentiles fall in form, Foundations,and race. New conflicts justified to, prevent new Holocausts ” ,all while making more Holocausts over the Gentile . Ernst Zundel challenged this . This cannot be ! The Jews Foundation to rule . Their victory over the world in WW2 undone . To take away the Holocaust lie over the Reich.,and Adolf Hitler as an individual opens the possibilities that people would find out that the Second World War : it’s reasons ,and.justifications not what the Allies / Jews told them it was about . For the Jews to rule,this cannot be !

  4. One of the great misconceptions is that the war of extermination against Germany and by implication the rest of the White race ended in 1945. Au contraire. The war of White extermination started with the Jew instigated American war of Northern aggression leading to WW1, the Russian (Jew) Bolshevik revolution, through WW2 up to the present time. The trick of the Zionist-Jew-Religious hammer lock over the minds and beliefs of Western man, is to get Whites to slaughter one another for the benefit the tricksters. The war of German extermination is continuing with the Jew led mud races invading the Western World to finish off what was started in 1860 with the genetic hemorrhaging of over 600,000 killed during the Northern invasion of the South.
    With the emasculation of the Western White male that is seemingly unable to stand up and fight to protect his White females from the depredations of third world males that are being imported under the watch-full gaze of the (((parasite))), and is seemingly unwilling to fight for his traditional brood lands, the war of extermination of the White Nordic-Alpine-Mediterranean continues apace. (There is some push back among the MEN in Eastern Europe who have a lengthy history with the (((parasite))) and know what the fuck is going on). It would be redundant to outline to Dookmooners how those with their ample and generous proboscis’ insinuated into every nook and cranny of the White man’s world has led to the present dire situation.
    Rest in peace Herr Zundel, warrior for the truth. And Ingrid is in our thoughts.

  5. Looking at what happened to Herr Zundel it is clear that Jewish Power is so overwhelming that stating facts and asking pertinent questions can bring down ruin onto your life.

    There is still hope. The strange thing is that it is now the left wingers who are best informed and resentful of Jewish Power.

    Decent Jews owe it their own people to stop the Jewish Lobby’s skullduggery and to allow open debate on all matters pertaining to Jews and Jewish history.

    1. Even if the official 6 million holocaust story were true it would not be comparable in scale or cruelty to the terror inflicted on the Russian people by the Jewish Bolsheviks; 66 million dead.

      When will we see a program on the History Channel that reveals that the five men who murdered the Tsar, his wife and children were all Jews?

      Ernst Zundel watch over us.

      1. Jews see themselves as the ultimate victims. They would have us believe that nobody in history suffered like the Jews. The truth is the reverse. Nobody ever caused as much death, suffering and war as the Jews did in the 20th century,, yet they have persued this victimhood holocaust religion with such force that most people dare not say a word against this pack of lies.

  6. Thanks to those historians devoted to re-visioning history — that which the victors write, discarding naysaying “pamphlets”, book-length with footnotes notwithstanding — I too discovered Mr. Zundel, Robert Faurisson, and others. Mr. Faurisson’s eulogy brought tears to my eyes.

    I purchased and read Mr. Faurisson’s treatises with great interest, equipped by then with education and training in both Chemistry and Pharmacology. In time, I became — a “denier”. I suspect it might be good fun to explore Talmudic loopholes for such a charge, such a label. Properly endowed with a “legal mind”, I suspect I could worm out of such predicaments easily.

    At 70 years and counting, though, I have to pick my rabbit holes carefully in this seemingly infinite warren. Someone in HorrorWorld made dodging bullets look easy in The Matrix; I suspect I would have a more difficult time of it! My prayer is go out with a substantial victory or two for which I can take at least partial credit!! Where do I sign up for the “revisionist galley”? 😉

  7. Yours truly has been reading Kant’s _Critique of Pure Reason_ every day for the last 3 years. Let me say, if this was the only book ever written by a German it would prove that the Germans are a superior people, and that America’s conduct in the war against the Nazis was morally very wrong. Who were we to bomb the cities of these superior people? Anyhow, I owe it to Zundle that I discovered Holocaust revisionism. He gave the issue publicity, and I heard of it through him. The arrest of Zundel in the United States should be an embarrassment to every American. It is such to me personally. Before I close I wish to state that it is not necessary to prove that the Holocaust never happened in order to prove that the Holocaust was an evil psyop. All you need to prove to get this conclusion is that there is too much contrary evidence for the Holocaust to have the status of an Established Fact. That the earth revolves around the sun is an example of an Established Fact. How much contrary evidence is there here? I don’ think the Holocaust happened at all. I think it was a complete fabrication. But you don’t need to prove this to prove that it was (and still is) a very evil psyop. May Zundel rest in peace.

    1. Hi Kendra,
      It seems that post-war Soviet propaganda, directed by Ilya Ehrenburg, a Jew, was aimed at blackening the name of Germany. Once the story got going the Jews have used it to silence any comment.

      Jewish Power, especially in Washington DC, is a hidden tyranny.

    2. Kendra –

      “America’s conduct in the war against the Nazis was morally very wrong. Who were we to bomb the cities of these superior people?”

      Morals do not come to mind when Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London take what they want.

      “Who were were we…?” “WE” did not include you, I guess. 🙂

      “WE” ….. were the Pharisee-Jew Bankers… mainly holed up in London New York.

      Antony C Sutton: Wall Street and the rise of Hitler & communism

      Read it here:
      Wall Street and the rise of Hitler

  8. Of course, Ernst Zundel told the truth! We know the Red Cross told the factual truth with its various, documented screeds on deaths in concentration camps: Approximately 150,000 Jews perished at Auschwitz, many of poor health, old age and nutritional deficiency. Gypsies, Poles and others died in their 100’s. All in all, approx 200,000 Jews died in WWII. Over 65 million Gentiles died. Most Jews had already been spirited off to Palestine, Many 1000’s travelled on German and/or Nazi ships, reflecting the fact that the Zionist poliburo was in cooperation with the Nazis. It needs be remembered that Bolshevik Reds were trying to take over Germany throughout the 1930’s and Hitler and the military were always fighting and imprisoning them. The situation was similar to what is happening in the USA, where Reds are on the march carrying ak47’s etc, with complete impunity. We all know that the Jews’ living Messiah, George Soros, is funding the Reds. Soon the complete Jewish Bolshevik agenda will be unleashed in the USA and your rivers will run red with the blood of their victims. To all intents and purposes the USA is now a Communist nation.

  9. I found it ironic that Zundel’s publication of “Did Six Million Really Die?”, which was at the centre of his conviction in both trials, was shown to be bogus with the collapse of the USSR and subsequent opening of Soviet archives. Whether the change in the plaque at Auschwitz – reducing the total number of Jews dying by at least 2.5 million played a part in his appeals, I do not know. It is interesting (sarcasm) that those who shouted denier at Zundel and others don’t acknowledge that his denial of 6 million is, indeed, not a denial, but an observation.

    1. Quite true. You make some excellent points.

      But how do you account for the bizarre fact that, despite the Soviet reduction of the Auschwitz dead from 4 million to 1.1 million, organized Jewry still keeps insisting on the sacrosanct SIX MILLION figure?

      Can’t they do simple arithmetic?

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