New York terror attack leaves eight dead and 11 injured as truck ploughs into cyclists and pedestrians


On October 31, 2017, 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov of Uzbekistan drove a flatbed pickup truck in a vehicle-ramming attack on cyclists and runners along 1 mile (1.6 km) of a bike path alongside West Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, killing eight people and injuring at least 11 others. Upon exiting the vehicle, he was shot in the abdomen by police, and then arrested.

The killer shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before being shot by police.

The driver, identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, swerved out of traffic and into a cycle lane on the West Side at around 3pm as the city was preparing for its Halloween parade.

The vehicle, a Home Depot rental pick-up truck, knocked down dozens of people at speed before moving back into traffic lanes and hitting a school bus.

A man in a red and blue jacket then got out of the truck and ran around the street, waiving two imitation guns and shouting ‘Alluha Akbar’ as he crashed into people.

Five victims of the New York terror attack were a group of school friends from Argentina celebrating 30 years since they graduated together.

Hernán Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij y Hernán Ferruchi all died after being mowed down by a pick-up truck.

The group were cycling together in Manhattan when a truck swerved into the bike path and began plowing into them and others.

Eyewitnesses said at first they thought it was a Halloween stunt before an NYPD officer opened fire. The suspect was shot in the stomach. He is in hospital and expected to survive. It emerged he had left handwritten notes in Arabic pledging allegiance to ISIS, according to reports.

Inside the truck there were notes pledging allegiance to Islamic State, the New York Times reported. There was also an image of the black flag favoured by ISIS.

The New York city cop who took down the terrorist has been hailed a hero and “stopped the carnage”. Officer Ryan Nash, 28, had been responding to reports of a suicidal teenage girl at a nearby high school when the attack happened. Nash was among the first responding officers at the scene and was confronted by suspect Sayfullo Saipov running through traffic brandishing what appeared to be two firearms.

The officer fired a number of shots, it is believed, hitting Saipov in the stomach. He was then handcuffed and taken to hospital.

Saipov is from Uzbekistan and came to the US in 2010, according to reports. He had a Florida driver’s licence but was also linked to New Jersey and Ohio. Online records show the suspect has a criminal record in Pennsylvania and Missouri, all for traffic offences.

Authorities quickly confirmed they were treating the incident as an act of terrorism.

In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump said:

“In NYC, looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged person. Law enforcement is following this closely. NOT IN THE U.S.A.! We must not allow ISIS to return, or enter, our country after defeating them in the Middle East and elsewhere. Enough! My thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the New York City terrorist attack. God and your country are with you!”

Belgium’s foreign minister Didier Reynders confirmed a Belgian national was among the victims.

A police officer was also shot and sustained minor injuries in the carnage.

The tragedy happened just a short distance from the World Trade Centre where the US suffered the worst terror attack in its history on September 11, 2001. Tuesday’s truck rampage was the deadliest terror incident in New York since then.

Chillingly, there were visible tyre marks on the bodies of at least two of the victims crushed by the truck. Crushed and crumpled bikes also littered the scene. A child was also seen sitting in the lap of an adult wearing a neck brace.

The NYPD held a press conference, two hours after the horrendous incident. James O’Neill, NYPD Commissioner described the incident as “a tragedy of the highest order” that killed innocent people just going about their day.

Mayor Bill De Blasio: “It’s a very painful day in our city. This was an act of terror, a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at civilians going about their lives. We know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives and more than a dozen injured. New Yorkers are strong and resilient and our spirits will not be broken by an act of violence. New Yorkers do not give in.”

First Lady Melania Trump tweeted: “My heart breaks for NYC today. Thoughts and prayers as we monitor the situation.”

Vice President Mike Pence added: “Saddened by the tragedy in NYC. Our prayers are with the victims, their families and first responders. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

Eyewitnesses posted videos online of the suspect prowling the scene after the crash, armed with the fake guns.

A student from Stuyvesant High School, close to where the shooting took place, told the New York Post: “What happened was there was a car crash… he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns. He was running around Chambers and somebody started to chase him. I heard four to six gunshots – everybody starts running.”

Police say one person has been taken into custody and there are “no other suspects”.

Home Depot has confirmed it had rented a truck. One witness said: “I saw a truck, a white pick-up truck, going down the bicycle lane and running people over.”

Another witness said: “I thought it was a Halloween prank. I saw the gun running in a circle and I realised it was serious.”


2-minute VIDEO

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  1. “waiving two imitation guns” – The Spell Check Fiend strikes again! The weapons brandished were, allegedly, a BB gun, and a paintball gun. Neither was an imitation, neither is likely to be lethal, except to varmints or small game.

    “I saw the gun running in a circle and I realised it was serious.” – Yes. Seeing a gun running in circles is a hallucination that could be a sign of serious problems, a brain tumor perhaps.

    “armed with the fake guns.” Nope, the guns were real, a BB gun and a paintball gun, both in good working order, apparently.

    What is puzzling is that many people have been shot and killed for brandishing things like wallets, cellphones or fingers in front of nervous cops. Saipov was running around with two pistols, got shot, yet was well enough within a few hours to gloat about the “success” of his attack from a hospital bed.

    No mention of the fact that Saipov was in the US on a “Diversity Immigrant Visa” program – sponsored with great enthusiasm by Sen. Chuck Schumer. There are reports that 23 of Saipov’s family were also brought to the US with Saipov serving as point of contact for the “chain immigration.” DV program officials were getting set to bring in a new round of low IQ immigrants as of November 1, 2017. President Trump is reported to have a) stopped the program temporarily or b) canceled it, depending upon the report.

    One reporter claimed the attack was a response to US interference in Jerusalem!

    1. As usual, more questions than answers. Saipov was apparently a trucker at one time. Im a trucker. I dont understand why the suspect would choose a Home Depot rental truck as his weapon of choice when a 80,000 lb. tractor trailer on the open highways could have yielded far more damage. Also, with a HAZMAT endorcement (hazardess materials license) an intentional “accident” in the right place could quite literally cause more casualties as well as an environmental state of alert. Oh well. Just a few thoughts. Well see how the narrative unfolds.

      1. Rumors abound, and speculation is rampant. It’s a “pick your preferred narrative” situation.

        It appears I have joined TROJ in Spamblinka. This may be my last post.

      2. @ Carnaptious

        It appears I have joined TROJ in Spamblinka. This may be my last post.

        What on earth are you complaining about? You are one of our most valued posters and we have no reason whatever to put you in Spamblinka! 🙂

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        An embedded link MAY work if you embed it properly, but sometimes it doesn’t. We are then forced to remove the link because it would otherwise damage our formatting and makes the article AND comments virtually impossible to read.

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          Please don’t blame this site for your own ineptitude, Carnaptious. It’s not the first time you’ve screwed up with typos in your user name or email slot. You need to pay more attention to these minor details! 🙂

      3. @Sister Monica,

        I was neither complaining nor looking for someone to blame. If – for whatever reason – I have put myself in a situation where I have to verify every post, I can and will accept that, and would probably go back to being a mostly silent reader. That’s why I wrote that it “may” be my last post. I was hoping for, and received, an explanation. Thank you.

        Not sure what went wrong with that post this AM with the ” as my username. I was literally typing in the dark, and fumbled it I think. Anyway, that seems to have put me into a cycle of having to verify every post. I’ll try a couple of things on my end to reset things.

        I was not aware that even embedded links can cause problems. Thanks for that info.

        Again, I wasn’t complaining or blaming anyone. Heck, for all I know Darkmoon could have implemented a new policy of verifying every comment while I slept last night. For instance, Veterans Today recently made some fairly drastic changes to the site that simply appeared one morning. My old PC doesn’t do well with their new format, so I rarely visit that site now. Stuff happens, no one’s fault. C’est la vie!

        Thanks for your replies.


        1. Ian,

          No problem. I hope you’ll be able to sort out any computer problems you’ve been having. Your comments should go through automatically but sometimes may be delayed or even go into spam if links are defective. Or if you make a typo while filling in your name and email address. Remember: bad links are usually long and lack hyphens between words. (Comments will also be held up if you use more than 3 links in any post).

      4. Donaldo-

        Great idea. Let’s get him a bigger truck and turn him loose in Washington, right near Congress just before they break for the next vacation.

    2. ‘Saipov is from Uzbekistan’ …This guy is anything but a man coming from Uzbekistan unless he is Jewish. You have to live in Uzbekistan to know how those people look like. This man is obviously of Jewish-Arabic origin. It does not matter what name they gave him. I would not be surprised if they wanted to make the name look Russian-like. All these attacks prepared according to the same script. If you go high enough you always come to the same ‘top’ of the pyramid.

      1. @Emma

        The people of Central Asia are mostly of the Turanid type, which is a mixture of the Mongolian and the Caucasian races, that came into being after the invasion of Turco-Mongol peoples into the area inhabited by Iranian peoples. This person looks more like an Irano-Afghan type, but if you look closely, you still see some slight Mongolian traits in his eyes and cheek bones. Irano-Afghan types occur mostly among Iranians, Afghans and Arabs (and Jews), but are not absent in Central Asia. For further information, see Wikipedia : Irano-Afghan race.

        Due to the cultural influence of Russia, the peoples of Central Asia (and often also the Caucasus) have Russified their names. Hence typical Muslim names ending in -evich and -ov.

  2. A Halloween ritual of death and destruction by a probable victim of CIA MK ULTRA programmed to kill pedestrians instead of the governmental officials behind the NWO.

    1. Sounds about right, New Song, i am thinking the same.
      They’ve known for over 60 years how to break a mind down and implant a code for a specific action, probably have their bucket list of bizarre killings scheduled for the next 5 years posted in some mossad office.

      And happy Haile Selassie day to you, if you are of that religious faction.

      1. @ Lobro

        As you know, 1948 was a significant year; the year Palestine was stolen by counterfeits who say they are jews but are of the synagogue of satan. A generation is understood as being approximately 40 to 60 years. With 2018 just around the corner, we are reaching the 70 year mark post abomination by the counterfeit-jews’ creation of counterfeit Israel.

        Biblically, it is recorded that the generation we are in now will be and is the very last one before the start of the New Millennium headed by the most Holy One and Saviour Christ.

        I am not a Rastafarian or fan of Haile Selassie. Nothing personal against Bob Marley, etc.

      2. @New Song

        A generation is “all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.” It can also be described as, “the average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children of their own.” – Wikipedia

        the average span of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring – Merriam Webster

        Where did you come up with 40-60 years? Until about 75 to 100 years ago it was fairly remarkable to live past age 50. Most people died young.

      3. No need for apologies, New Song. If we were all unlucky enough to live to the age of Methuselah, a forty to sixty year old would be a mere whippersnapper.

  3. Making terrorist attacks by car is called car-jihad by Allah’s courageous warriors. This form of jihad (which is a Muslim duty) is increasingly popular in Israel , Europe and now has also come to the US.

    For those who are interested in some cultural background, suspect’s name Sayfullo means “Sword of Allah”, another sign that Islam is truly a religion of peace :

    Saifullah, also spelled Sayfullah etc. (Arabic: سيف الله ‎‎), meaning sword of God is a male Islamic given name, originally an honorific awarded for military prowess. In modern times it may be used as a surname.

    Wikipedia, Saifullah.

    1. F.R.,
      These Jihadists dont understand the meaning of the words “bravery” or “courage.” While it may be a bit off topic. I suggest that our readers google “Jeremiah Johnson, Crow killer.” There, they can read the story of a 19 th century pioneer whos family was murdered by a renegade band of Crow Indians. He than embarked on a vendetta against the tribe which lasted more than 20 years. He killed scores of them single-handedly as they were sent to track him down and kill him one at a time by the elders of the tribe. What is significant, and my point, is the manner in which he killed. Once ambushed or attacked, he , through amazing strength and skill, would render his assasin unarmed and defenseless. But he would not kill his opponent immediately. He would offer him a second chance by providing his would-be-assasin with exactly the same weapon with which he intended to kill him with. (knife, hatchet, etc.) The fight became perfectly fair. Face-to-face. Man-to-man. This display of courage and bravery continued year after year as Jeremiah killed each and every one of his many dozens of opponents. Jeremiah was a man in every sense of the word.
      “Brave and valient Jihadists ” murdering innocent and unarmed civilians by whatever method hardly deserve to be called men . They less deserve a proper burial. Any dirt to cover their undeserved graves would best be used for potted plants. Let the vultures consume them.

      1. P.S.,
        Eventually the Crow gave up and made peace with Jeremiah. He died of natural causes in his 70’s somewhere in California.

      2. Donaldo-

        Those were the days. Contemporary wannabees are such a bunch of cowards. Jeremiah Johnson, also known as “Liver Eating Johnson” (he consumed the livers of each of the roughly 20 or so Crow braves sent to get him, man to man as tradition demanded, over a period of about 20 years) and others of his breed like Anton Sepulveda, renowned with a knife, are classic American folk heros.

        Still, if some Jihadi out driving spotted Angela Merkel out for a walk I’d have to say “Keep on Trucking”.

      3. Donaldo, you wrote ’“Brave and valient Jihadists” murdering innocent and unarmed civilians by whatever method hardly deserve to be called men.’ The same goes for the heavily armed Jew-led western Goyim who invade Arab countries, murder innocent unarmed civilians by whatever method to protect those who rob Arabs of their oil, drugs, gold etc., those who choose leaders and borders for Arabs, and those who impose usury on Arabs against their will.

  4. This attack can’t be good for UBER. Here this guy was, with a criminal record for traffic offenses in two states, yet UBER hired him to drive people around. Why did he still have a license? It’s no wonder so many don’t trust cab drivers. And, do these politicians seriously think that Americans won’t take these kinds of jobs? Let’s see if Congress goes with Trump and immediately shuts down this insane Diversity Lottery program. But, then, what happens to their brain dead motto: Diversity is our Strength?

    1. I recently, maybe a month or two ago, read somewhere that Uber is founded and owned by chosenites. So if it kills goyim it is always good for jews, right?

  5. Here’s hoping someday you will be able to see through these staged events pulled off using crisis actors. Until then I really can’t take you seriously on anything.

  6. More 21st century progress brought to you by idiots from across the political spectrum. The Liberal Mayor and his associates, who offer US citizenship through a lottery with little requirements (a high school diploma bought at the corner store suffices, literally) which is how Saipov entered the USA. Prominent among the idiots the Black Caucus in Congress, who are so busy trying to stick it to “Whitey” that the genuine employment needs of the Black community are ignored (Saipov worked as a driver, a job that could have been filled by an American blue collar worker). Senator Chuckie Schumer of NY, Wet Start Bronfman Crime family in law John McCain (who else) and others falling all over themselves to get Soros and liberal Khazar cash (guilt runs high in those circles).

    Then of course, the International challenge. Radical Islam, resorted to by individuals with little or no future prospects, whipped up by Mossad to murderous frenzy (Security is a “Growth” industry, for those lacking the skills and can’t contribute anything else). What ever happened to “Voice of America” and BBC as exponents of something other than pandering liberal Judaic agenda? But then, they never seem to have understood the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution very well in modern times and why they matter. Around 70 years of self appointed elites in Bilderberg, the CFR, and the Trilaterals pontificating about population control while far too busy enriching themselves further to bother with serious practical measures in Africa and elsewhere.

  7. @ ANON 1

    “Here’s hoping someday you will be able to see through these staged events pulled off using crisis actors. Until then I really can’t take you seriously on anything.”

    Here’s hoping you will someday be able to understand that this website publishes a wide variety of articles on the issues of the day, both from mainstream and alternative sources, leaving its readers free to make up their minds whether to take the articles seriously or not.

    Until you can realize that, I really can’t take you seriously on anything.

    1. Maybe a disclaimer of sorts where you state “This website publishes a wide variety of articles on the issues of the day, both from mainstream and alternative sources, leaving its readers free to make up their minds whether to take the articles seriously or not.” would make people with eyes to see and ears to hear less liable to see your article as just another ZOG propaganda piece, where people such as Alex Jewns make a very handsome living playing the “Judas Goat”.
      Personally, I have neither the time or patience for those who speak half truths, as half truths are just a kinder, gentler type of lie.

      1. @ Anon 1

        Fair enough.

        So what are doing on this website? Have you come here to tell us we are a “ZOG propaganda site” and that you are a really smart cookie for having figuring this out? And everyone else commenting here, I presume, is intellectually subnormal for taking us seriously?

        These being your negative views of the site, indistinguishable from the views of the average Jewish troll, may I suggest that you now head for the EXIT DOOR?

        Good-bye! 🙂

  8. Since Israel and the U.S. and Britain via the mossad and cia and mi6 created ISIS aka AL CIADA then logic says that the ones who created this proxy terrorist force are also the blame for this killer and all the ones killed in the mideast, thus the real terrorists are the creators and their spawn.

    Also the terrorists in europe are the same spawn and operate via NATOS OPERATION GLADIO and here in America it is the same operation.

    May GOD help us.

  9. In the new york attack I dont believe this man shouted Allah Akbar because the windows were unbroken and the windows were up and nobody would have heard him shout above all that traffic on a busy new york street if the windows were up. Again we have Isis claiming responsibility which is nonsense and comes from the Jewish SITE and Rita Katz. See the link below

    1. Here is one more site asking the same question:
      . . . the windows were UP! Allahu Akbar? Screamed repeatedly. In New York. And everyone heard it, when the windows were rolled up? Yeah, the other side is the same, the windows were UP. I don’t ever recall hearing what was going on inside a car with the windows rolled up, even as it was going 25 mph in a quiet neighborhood. So there’s your story killer with this one.

      1. @Terence Smart (smart?)

        You guys didn’t read the article :

        A man in a red and blue jacket then got out of the truck and ran around the street, waiving two imitation guns and shouting ‘Alluha Akbar’ as he crashed into people.

      2. Still, FR, if you look at it, the previous time it was a white man, now it is an Arab, and the chosenoid is pulling the strings. The police talk is without any arguments:
        New York Shooting hoax vehicle hoax police explain how they figured out it was terrorism

  10. Obviously its time to outlaw trucks. After years of resistance by the public, Congressional Representatives finally implemented truck registration, but its simply not enough! Imagine the number of children that will be saved by outlawing these deadly automatic transmission vehicles.

    At the very least one should not be able to own any automatic trucks. Trucks should be limited to standard transmissions only, with additional limitations on the size of their gas tanks. We cannot allow Congress to merely “sporterize” trucks by having manufactures provide them with convertible tops, as this does nothing to stop trucks from killing people.

    I am always amazed by how many trucks kill people, it happens all the time. Automatic trucks are truly a dangerous weapon and ownership by private citizens cannot be trusted. I cannot believe the government has not taken ANY legal action regarding limiting private ownership of these deadly vehicles.

    Only the police and military should be allowed to own trucks. Of course NTA (National Truckers Association) members will say utterly stupid things like” “When trucks are outlawed, only outlaws will have trucks.” And no doubt they will dredge up that hoary old saw about Hitler outlawing trucks, saying that after taking dictatorial power, the first thing Hitler did was to outlaw the private ownership of trucks and look at where that led? Hardly any produce could be moved through the country.

    We must not listen to these specious arguments. WAKE UP AMERICA! It’s time to start outlawing all trucks, especially semi-automatic trucks. This needs to happen right after concealed-carry box-cutters are outlawed.

    1. Bravo Archie! I would only add in the defense of trucks that no truck ever took a man to Hell who didn’t already have a ticket in his pocket, or at least was fooling around with timetables.

  11. “A police officer was also shot and sustained minor injuries in the carnage.” If the perp didn’t a real gun who shot “A police officer…”? Was he shot by the officer who shot the perp once in the tummy after firing off several rounds? Or was he shot by someone else. In the 2 minute video we read “cop just shot down a shooter”. What shooter? The perp reportedly didn’t have a real gun.
    Then there is this little tidbit of information to read on the video: “someone got shot in the head 5 times”. WTF was going down in Mayor Bill De Blasio’s sanctuary city of goodness, light and multiculturalism.
    This little dustup of “carnage” in the camp of the big (((Apple))) of god’s eye, has all the earmarks of an FBI-CIA-ISIS sting-black-ops for the evenings entertainment on Judaic-vision. In the first place why would Home Depot rent this genius from Chaostan a truck with his “criminal” driving record spanning half the country? What exactly was Home Depot part in all this and was the truck designed to be remotely controlled with the hopped up driver-perp full of FBI-CIA-ISIS “God Is Great” brain rot with scores of virgins awaiting him in eager anticipation. However, it looks like the sharp shooting police officer of the NYPD did managed to wound this fine example of humanity in the tummy. So the virgins will have to wait a while longer.

  12. New York terror again! Why? Jews control NYC so they can pull false flags and get away with it because they own the police, the courts, the judges. Every false flag terror event is preceded by a drill in a Jewish infested city. Las Vegas is a Jewish controlled city. What does that tell ‘ya? Jews can pull false flags with impunity in the cities they infest, see this graphic just to see how obvious this is:

  13. America is a Jewish country. Obviously, some Muslims are going to have a problem with it.

    But, being Jewish controlled, there’s nothing you can do. The war with Islam, whatever you think of it, is now terminal and will not resolve.

  14. In a typical year, nearly 100 American deaths are caused by bee stings. In fact, this number probably represents an underestimate, since some bee sting deaths are erroneously attributed to heart attacks, sun stroke and other causes.

    Let’s call it 200 to be on the safe side. 24 more attacks like this to be more significant than bee stings.

    Jihadi Sayfullo is now a pop celebrity but what about those bees? Nobody concerned?

  15. Lets hope that most of the deadly bee stings are not the disappearing honey bees.
    Without the honey bees we all will be up the shit creek.
    TJ wonders how many Americans die from falling in the bathtub and falling off ladders or falling down the steps going to the basement. We all ready know that over 250,000 Americans are killed, the third leading cause of death, and many more debilitated by Medical errors.
    “Medical errors encompass a range of potentially harmful mistakes a provider or hospital system could make: misdiagnosis, administering the wrong dosage of a medication or neglecting the care of a patient because of a communication breakdown. Errors like these can be benign, but they can also cause people who have otherwise long life expectancies to meet an untimely death.”
    Does the 250,000+ include patients who contacted drug resistance bacteria while in the hospital and die soon after?

  16. Left wing apologists have a new excuse for Saipov’s rampage. A traffic ticket (might have) made him do it.

    Odd. I’ve had a few tickets in my day, for moving and non-moving violations, yet never felt the slightest urge to drive a truck through a crowd of people, then jump out brandishing a pair of poor-excuses-for-firearms, only to get shot, and end up gloating from a hospital bed about my “success” at killing.

    I dunno, maybe it’s a Florida thing. Ya think?

  17. Yes, it’s a Florida thing. The jew mobsters in Boca Raton, Florida bring over a Uzbek muslim terrorist from Uzbekistan so Yes, it’s A Florida thing alright! Floridians have a 😉 very LONG history of being Islamic jihadist truck terrorists on the jew’s payroll, lol.

  18. Saying ‘Bismillah’ (in the name of God) before eating pork does not make it permissible for Muslims to eat. Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) before or after killing innocent people does not make it permissible either. Muslims say the beautiful phrase “Allahu Akbar” all the time. They say it during the five daily prayers and when anything good happens, along with phrases like ‘Alhamdulillah’ (praise be to God) to show that they credit God with good things. That said, invoking Allah’s name during murder is despicable.

    Killing innocent people you never met is pure evil! Regrettably, that is exactly what a 29-year-old Uzbek man did two days ago in New York City, leaving eight dead and a dozen injured behind. Muslims are commanded by the Quran to do good and avoid evil. As a Muslim, I am saddened by this act of terrorism and my heart goes to the victims and their families and loved ones. This retired veteran also salute and stand-in solidarity with the city of New York, which ranks among the list of 340 sanctuary cities in the good old USA.

    Sayfull Saipov, the Uzbek immigrant who committed this crime, was ungrateful to the fact that America opened her arms to him and gave him safety and security. After all, the attacker also failed to recognize New York City, a city that shut down its airport in protest of the “Muslim Ban.”

      1. Thank you good friend. My comment above was published as a letter to the editor in the Independence UK the day after the truck attack in NYC.

        I have had had irregular heart beat following my heart attack 5 years ago. Have to go for an operation or procedure to correct it at Ohio State University. I am expected to stay there for 3 days. My doctor will try to correct it with medications first, then he will shock my heart, if that does not work, he will do the procedure. Please do a duaa (a prayer) for me. If you don’t see any of my articles here or comments posted by me before the end of the year, that means I will be in a better place.

      2. Mahmoud El-Yousseph –

        I wish you well…. as one US Military veteran to another.

        OSU is much better than the Veteran’s Administration.

        The US has better hospitals and can allow quicker entry than other countries.

  19. Mahmoud El-Yousseph,

    We hope your medications or procedure are successful and that you will recover to post again and continue the vital good work you have been doing.

      1. Hoping the least intrusive measures prove successful, and you are soon back on your feet.

    1. I did not mean to hijack the conversation here about the tragic truck attack in NYC here, but felt compelled to to answer Ruth question.

      @ Carnaptious , Thanks a lot. I hope so too. I keep my faith in God’s hands.

      @ Pat, your words of encouragement are heartwarming. Especially when they are coming from my strident critic on this site.

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