Nikki Haley: De Facto Israeli Agent

By Philip Giraldi


December 28, 2017.  The most recent claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “running” Donald Trump as if the U.S. president is a Russian intelligence asset comes from former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper. “Putin knows how to handle an asset, and that’s what he’s doing with the president,” Clapper told CNN last Monday. 

Clapper, who served as DNI under President Barack Obama, and who has repeatedly disparaged Trump both before and since the 2016 election, called the Russian president a “great case officer,” which might be the only nice thing said about Putin by a former senior U.S. official in quite some time.

Clapper was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto, “You’re saying that Russia is handling President Trump as an asset?” He responded “That seems to be… that’s the appearance to me.” Later in the conversation, Clapper backtracked slightly, clarifying his remarks by adding “I’m saying this figuratively.”

It was not the first time that a former senior intelligence official rendered a judgment that Trump is an intelligence asset being exploited by the Russians. Back during the campaign, former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell wrote an op-ed for the New York Times entitled “I Ran the CIA: Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Morell reasoned that Putin, a wily ex-career intelligence officer, is “trained to identify vulnerabilities in an individual and to exploit them… In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” Morell went on to explain that he based his critique on his assessment that “Mr. Trump has…taken policy positions consistent with Russian, not American, interests…”

“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” —  Michael Morell, former Acting Director of the CIA

Having actually been a Case Officer, unlike “experts” in tradecraft Clapper and Morell, I am not sure what figuratively or unwitting really mean. But I will accept the Morell definition that acting for a foreign power fits the definition of an “agent of influence.”

Based on that, I do think that there are some individuals in the Trump administration who are more-or-less being directed by a foreign government and its intelligence service and that government would be Israel.

I would like to know more, for example, about the ties that the President’s son-in-law and family have to Israel and to its leadership. The Kushners are reported to be extremely close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and, if media reports are correct, they have engaged in the financial support of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, which the United States as well as the rest of the world consider to be illegal.

And then there is America’s ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who is known to be a supporter of the settlers and Jason Greenblatt, the designated regional “negotiator.” What exactly is their relationship to Israel? Do any of them have dual nationality? Shouldn’t U.S. taxpayers who pony up their salaries and expenses while also having to suffer the damage they are doing to America’s reputation through their identification with an apartheid regime know who they are really loyal to? Maybe a little transparency is in order.

Per Morell’s model, Kushner, Friedman and Greenblatt might all be considered agents of influence since their brief as U.S. officials seems to include making sure that Israel is both happy and in the loop on everything they do. How often do they meet privately with Israeli officials? Are intelligence officers involved in their meetings? What do they not report back to Washington?

Nevertheless, my candidate for most likely to be a de facto Israeli agent of influence is America’s United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. Haley has from the start made it clear that she is all about Israel and she has done nothing since to change that impression, most dramatically so over the past week when she was “taking names” and threatened retaliation against any country that was so “disrespectful” as to dare to vote against Washington’s disastrous recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which she also helped to bring about.

As governor of South Carolina, Haley first became identified as an unquestioning supporter of Israel. Immediately upon taking office at the United Nations she complained that “nowhere has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel” and vowed that the “days of Israel bashing are over.” On a recent visit to Israel, she was applauded and honored by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations, belongs to a Sikh family from Amritsar in the Punjab, India. Born in 1972 as “Nimrata Randhawa”, she now finds herself working as an agent for Israel in America under the name “Nikki Haley.” This is of course with the blessings of Donald Trump who appointed her to that post in the full knowledge that she was a shill for Israel. 

In February, Haley blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to a diplomatic position at the United Nations because he is a Palestinian. In a congressional hearing this past week, she was asked about the decision: “Is it this administration’s position that support for Israel and support for the appointment of a well-qualified individual of Palestinian nationality to an appointment at the U.N. are mutually exclusive?” Haley responded yes, that the administration is “supporting Israel” by blocking every Palestinian.

Haley is inevitably a hardliner on Syria and Iran, reflecting the Israeli bias. She has said that regime change in Damascus is a Trump administration priority. A recent foray involved the White House warning that it had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime.” Haley elaborated in a tweet, “…further attacks will be blamed on Assad but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” At one point, Haley warned “We need to see Russia choose to side with the civilized world over an Assad government that brutally terrorizes its own people.”

I would point out that none of these positions taken by Haley is an actual American interest, but they all involve Israeli preferences. As in the cases of Kushner, Friedman and Greenblatt, I would like to know how frequently she meets alone with Israeli officials and, most particularly, intelligence officers. Is she taking direction from the Israeli government? Is she an Israeli agent of influence or just a gullible fool? The American public, which pays her, and has to bear the consequences of her actions need to know.

Philip M. Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001.
This article was originally published by American Herald Tribune 


60 thoughts to “Nikki Haley: De Facto Israeli Agent”

  1. Here is Nimrata Randhawa (sorry : “Nikki Haley”) speaking at the AIPAC conference of 2017, doing her best to show what a good fighter-for-Israel she really is, which is, as we all know, the only task of every American politician :

    Her interviewer is no other than Dan Senor, a Jew who played a leading role-behind-the-scenes in the Iraq invasion.

  2. The US has a higher level of government than the three home based branches, called the Knesset it is based in Al Quds ( Jerusalem ) , it is in this ” branch ” that all US policy is decided.
    This is problematic for the Zionist rulers of America as it puts them within range of the Resistance forces, time is running out for the Al Quds base, they know this and therefore are panicked into going all out in an attempt to put back what is Coming,.
    The Zionist latest attempt to stir discord among the Iranian peoples, follows a set pattern, used many time’s throughout the world, however as the Iranians have seen it before , with all school’s, University’s, media outlets, and Mosque replaying the lessons from 1959 since the 79 revolution, this Zionist scheme shall fail.
    In conclusion, the Zionist UN mouthpiece is indeed working for the Entity, but as the Entity is Soon to be removed, her cause is lost.

    1. Harry

      It is the overall plan of what controls “ZION” and thereby IS-RA-EL for the ENTIRE cause to be lost, and jettisoned into history’s overflowing dustbin.


  3. Poor actors, poor scripts, and everyone knows it’s a charade – someone with no talent is singing discordant noises, but not everyone is pretending to be deaf!
    ‘On December 12, America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, , gave a press conference… As a backdrop for this dramatic presentation, Haley had assembled various components and debris recovered from two previous missile attacks by the Houthi on Saudi Arabian targets. “If we do nothing about the missiles fired at Saudi Arabia, we will not be able to stop the violence,” Haley warned. “There is clear evidence that the missiles that landed on Saudi Arabia come from Iran,” she said, adding: “The evidence is undeniable. The weapons might as well have had ‘Made in Iran’ stickers all over it.”’
    ‘Israel’s transport minister wants to dig a railway tunnel under Jerusalem’s Old City and name a station next to the Western Wall after Donald Trump. Yisrael Katz said he wanted to honour the US president for his decision to recognise the city as Israel’s capital…’
    ‘Iraqi trade unions are considering penal measures against the United States in response to the U.S. Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital… the measures include abstention from downloading cargo from U.S. ships, and an invitation to cancel contracts with U.S. companies in Iraq, replacing them by others with friendly countries…’

    1. Nimrod Randhawa Nikki Haley claims “There is clear evidence that the missiles that landed on Saudi Arabia come from Iran,”. Nimrod’s Haley’s “clear evidence” is nothing of the kind. It is mere supposition and conjecture, denied by the Houthis who launched the missiles, who say they designed and built the missiles – albeit perhaps based on Iranian designs.

      I’d like to see someone show up at the UN with a pile of fragments from some of the clearly labeled US ordinance used to slaughter large numbers of civilians in Yemen. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of US arms and ordinance have been sold to KSA, and there is NO doubt that civilians in Yemen are being killed by US supplied bombs. But while Nimrod Haley considers a tenuous connection – at best – between Iranian designs and Houthi missiles to be sufficient evidence to condemn and demonize Iran, the very clear connection between US supplied weapons and the deaths of thousands of Yemeni civilians is evidence of nothing, at least according to some “US officials (who) have tried to downplay their direct role in the Saudi war in recent weeks, and despite Mattis’ talk of improving the Saudis’ targeting, other Pentagon officials have claimed that the US has nothing to do with Saudi targeting whatsoever, and can’t be held responsible for what they hit.” A plan “to kill fewer Yemenis civilians” is apparently cause for celebration among Washington’s warmongers.

      The Wars for Israel will continue until morale in Israel improves!

  4. ¿When? is de facto Science Mafia agent uncle going to feature the Flat Earth Geocentric article he’s been promising but so far hasn’t delivered.

    1. I would imagine Uncle is hoping you’ll fall off the edge of the earth BEFORE he has to endure your fantasies, TROJ. 😃

  5. “Clapper was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto, ‘You’re saying that Russia is handling President Trump as an asset?’ He responded ‘That seems to be… that’s the appearance to me.’ Later in the conversation, Clapper backtracked slightly, clarifying his remarks by adding ‘I’m saying this figuratively.’

    Are they talking about the same “President Trump” that just approved the sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine?

    Are they talking about the same “President Trump” that refuses to end the illegal, immoral and unconstitutional U.S. military deployment in Syria?

    That they’re still trying to milk this nonsense in the face of such open anti-Russian treachery by “President Trump” shows the breathtaking contempt they have for the intellect of the average person.

    1. @Harold,

      Despite a few past differences, I believe you are 100% on point this time. Those who call Trump a Russian asset of some kind are delusional liars. Clapper, in particular, lied to Congress, but nothing was done as he is an Obama/Hillary operative. Flynn, who committed no crime, other than a “process” crime by foolishly lying to the FBI, is getting figuratively water boarded in some dank cellar. Trump claimed to want peace with Russia, so, in the eyes of the Hillarybots, that made him a Russian agent. But by appointing the wicked witch Haley to her influential post (even IF it was at the recommendation of Pence), he showed from the get-go that he was either ignorant of her views (did he even interview her?) or never serious about peace in the first place.

    2. Clapper, and a few of his HRC supporting cronies, filed an amicus brief with the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia in a case concerning “An invasion-of-privacy lawsuit, filed in July 2017 by a former DNC official and two Democratic donors, alleges that they suffered “significant distress and anxiety and will require lifelong vigilance and expense” because their personal information was exposed as a result of the e-mail hack of the DNC, which, the suit claims, was part of a conspiracy between Roger Stone and the Trump campaign. (and Russia)”
      Apparently, failing to toe the DNC party line is now considered evidence of “Russian influence”, at least according to Clapper & Co.

      In a brief but troubling article, Daniel Larison writes about the Neocon obsession with balkanizing the Middle East (a la Yinon and PNAC plans), with the aim of disrupting Iranian influence.

      Ex-General “Mad Dog” Mattis, probably under orders from the “Mad Dogs of the Middle East” – birds of a feather… – announced that while the US hasn’t yet identified exactly who it will be fighting, the wars in Iraq and Syria will continue until the US decides they are done.

      The US government is full of agents of Israel. Nimrod Randhawa Nikki Haley is better paid than most, but there are many who take their marching orders – along with fat envelopes of cash – direct from Tel Aviv / Jerusalem. It was truly repulsive to see how quickly Mueller lost interest in his investigations of “foreign influence” when Flynn’s contacts with Russia implicated Israeli influence at the heart of Russiagate.

    3. All is charade . Trump used ” Nationalism ” to win the primary,and general elections ..The warning signs always there . Drug User Bannon of Goldman Sachs ( He and the late Wide Beard ,” went to Israel and fell in love ” ) is a Jew Worshiping con man ,Kushner , and Adelson lending support . The Jew media war on Trump is to keep him going in the right path ; and that trails home to the Bush 2 Neoconservative/ Fundamentalist Republican Base . Trump is desperate ,and unhinged . He do anything to stay in power . Like Wilson ,FDR ,and Churchill that means disaster to the world ! Nikki Haley the donut store clerk , turned Koch Brothers Tea Party puppet Governor of 2010 , is now AIPACS of 2017 . The UN ,and ten bedroom apt at the palatial Waldorf is a long way from South Carolina. She wants the White House to .. Her role as an agent of International Jewry audition .

      1. “[Orange Clown] do anything to stay in power.”

        For his own sake, or only as a means to his masters’ ends?

        If political power is an end itself for Orange Clown, I would ask: Why did he wait until he was 70 years old before seriously seeking it? It doesn’t make sense to me that a 70 year old multimillionaire with so much already going for him would all of a sudden need to go on a power head trip – unless he is somebody’s loyal servant and they needed his services.

  6. Not only Haley, but Trump and his mossad son-in-law Kushner and actually congress aka the lower house of the Knesset, actually the gov is under Zionist satanic control and has been for over 100 years starting with the FED which prints our money and is privately owned by the Zionist banking cabal.

    America is under Zionist control and this is proven by the fact that Israel did 911 and got away with it.

  7. Ever since Phil Giraldi was fired by ‘The American Conservative,’ it appears that that’s freed him up to tell the truth about Jewish domination of the USA. This is hardly the first time that he’s gone after Haley, who does not seem know what her job is supposed to be, as she only speaks for one country (not her own). But, IMO, you cannot condemn Haley without also condemning her boss. I’m willing to concede that the President had so much on his plate after he was surprisingly elected that several bad appointments slipped through the cracks – none worse than Haley. But the fact that she is still there, spewing her Zionist bile all over the UN, speaks volumes as to who’s really in charge.

    Trump, if he wants to save his presidency, needs to get rid of Haley and tell his strange SIL Kushner to go back to 666 Fifth Avenue and face the music – and take Ivanka with him. Then he needs to bring in a few wise old heads like Pat Buchanan and Russia expert Stephen Cohen. But what’s the chance of that happening? My growing belief is that the Trump Admin will either bring America back from the precipice or hasten its demise. As for now, I’m betting on the latter.

    1. “My growing belief is that the Trump Admin will either bring America back from the precipice or hasten its demise. As for now, I’m betting on the latter.”

      Those were the choices many of us thought we were voting on in the election of 2016. So it all gets back to the fundamental and critically important question: “Why did Trump want to be president in the first place?”

      And if the answer is that he’s a liar, fraud and “sleeper” agent for the “beast” who was called to power to pursue the Satanic agenda for his masters, then a world war and the destruction of “America” is a virtual certainty, IMO.

      Perhaps it is the subconscious unwillingness to face this unpleasant reality that the Russian government appears to be in a state of denial regarding the Orange Clown administration.

      From my perspective, despite all that’s happened in the last year it seems Putin et al. still don’t realize that the minute they let their guard down, they will be screwed over…again and again and again. Any kind of appeasement, show of good faith, etc., will be taken as a sign of weakness and ruthlessly exploited.

      Nowadays, instead of “know your enemy”, it’s “pretend your enemy is Mister Rogers”; Sun-Tzu must be rolling over in his grave.

    2. Of course Mr. Giraldi would be ” fired by the American Conservatve .”. One must not upset the Kosher ” Patriots ” , who are now the most rabid of the International Jews mob. When the Jews got all they could out of ” the Left ” ,they moved ” Right ” which as reactionary Old Testament is their original state . Kosher conservatives ( Francis Parker Yockey called them, ” churchillians” ) adore International Finance Capitalism that is killing them ,and fall for the Jews Left / Right Matrix which leads them in circles if not the circular firing squad !

  8. The photo that accompanies this article is a picture worth a thousand words: a master giving orders to his obsequious servant…

  9. As 2017 comes to an end (it’s weird how quickly the years fly by once one turns 40 or so), the blogosphere becomes full of articles in which people make predictions for 2018. Some are based on sound facts and evidence: the 2018 Winter Olympics will include transgender men competing as women. US high school sports for female competitors have been ruined by allowing young men who claim they are young women to compete. The Olympics will now go the same way. Sports were gender segregated for a reason. Progressives think reason is a “white male construct”.

    Some 2018 predictions are based on past experience, and known proclivities. Pro-Israel Neocons are once again ascendant, meaning that Israeli plans to balkanize the Middle East, create Eretz Israel, and pursue global dominance through the NJWO become USG plans to do the same. Paul Craig Roberts has a fairly short article up today in which he makes predictions about 2018: more groveling to Israel, economic collapse, and wars for Israel – probably in Ukraine. PCR bases his predictions on a recent Saker column, linked from PCR’s article How Much Death and Destruction Awaits Us in 2018? (Yes, PCR missed a “c” in destruction, so I put it in.)

    1. Carnaptious, you are font of wisdom and knowledge, dare I say the “American Saker”? I wish you a healthy and happy New Year.

    2. Thank you USAF JAG Vet and Sister Monica. 🙂

      A Happy New Year to you, and all Darkmooners, readers, admin, and owners.

      That wish seems a little disingenuous given the content of the articles by PCR and Saker. It might be better to Hope We’re All Still Here in 2019!

    3. Transgenderism is all around us. Examples…..Selena Williams, tennis star. Born a man and later undergoing sex change to dominate “womens” tennis. Also “Melanie Trump ” featured on magazine covers. These are 2 examples of many “trannies” posing as women. Ive never met the 1 st lady and assume she exists as a woman. But the photos I see of her on Walmart magazine covers are trannies pure and simple. Layers of make-up cant disguise two important clues. First…….the size of the hands. Men have larger hands than women. Secondly, and most importantly, a mans ring finger is always longer than his index finger. A womans ring finger is always shorter than her index finger. Any male reading my post, look at your hand and compare it to your wifes. Youll understand. (If youre like TROJ , who has a boyfriend, your hands will look the same) Than take a close look at many of the “women” athletes, celebrities or other famous people on magazine covers. Youll see what I mean. Also, as I drive my rig through the Southwestern states, the cosino billboards love to feature trannies. Nothing new. I personally believe Lucifer is a flaming tranny. Hes trying to build a World in his-her own image. 🙂

    4. I predict that I will not have a clue as to what will happen in 2018. With Jews, it’z anyone’s guess. At the beginning of 2016 who would have thought Trump would be president, then there was that Negro abomination before him.

      Since Jews are a race of insane, psychopathic narcissists, it’z quite impossible for the normal, sane mind to comprehend their thoughts, never mind trying to predict them. However there is one thing for which everyone can be fully assured, 2018 will not be a better year than 2017 or any year prior to it.

      In fact we will be lucky if we do not look back on how 2017 was the best year before (fill in the looming disaster, calamity or destruction of your choice) happened.

  10. The entire Nikky Haley business is puzzling. This woman is thick, crude, rude, and of gnarled and harsh appearance — soothing to neither eye nor ear. Why is she on display? My guess is that only she truly believes she is an Israeli/neo-Con asset. To my mind, she is the very send-up of the latter. Even Mark Regev, inveterate liar though he is and was, is far, far less lumpen prole that this woman. Did Trump (I ask wishfully) put her in place to discredit the Israeli asset? I hope she stays, for she does a delightful load of damage to the tribe. And she is a guffaw a minute.

    1. Touché Sophie Johnson,

      I’ve always considered myself to be a contrarian, but I’d never thought that the hated Haley might be in there just to show how absurd are the neoconservatives. She is most definitely hard on the eyes, even worse than her predecessor Samantha Power. I cannot look at the hag without getting physically sick. So much for attractive women always getting ahead at the expense of the homely.

      Lobro with his 4-D chess might think that you’ve got something there, but he’s gone missing, perhaps thinking up some new defenses of Trump. In any case, the world laughs at Haley’s idle threats as the 128-9 vote against Trump’s embassy move clearly demonstrates. Indeed, after previously saying that I wanted her gone, now, using your impeccable logic, I’d like her to stay.

    2. “Did Trump (I ask wishfully) put her in place to discredit the Israeli asset? I hope she stays, for she does a delightful load of damage to the tribe.”

      I’ve spent some time pondering questions like this (you could ask a similar question about Trump discrediting himself over the Jerusalem embassy issue, IMO).

      My present belief is that our rulers are doing so many outrageous things – for which jewish extremists are the only possible beneficiaries – for the express purpose of sending an unambiguous message to the people of the world.

      I believe that the military, economic and political challenges being presented to Russia and China are intended to be taken as an ultimatum, and at the same time, the true powers behind the scene are taking off the mask.

    3. Sophie,
      Great perspective. Hope to read more of your posts in the future. The Zios show a complete lack of understanding of Geo-politics. Its almost as if theyre engaged in a huge drunken orgy of blood -thirst and only living in the moment not knowing what tomorrow will bring. In short…..theyre stupid. 🙂

      1. Donaldo, your kinetic tableau is a joy to behold. You worked it beautifully, for it is a compelling setting for your very gratifying ‘they’re stupid’ conclusion. Thank you. I really lapped this up.

        That they are ‘only living in the moment not knowing what tomorrow will bring’ is ever more apparent. I now dare to think that, despite their unrivalled money power and control of mainstream communication channels, web sites like this one, and quite a few other (if lesser) ones, have subverted the lies we have been compelled to swallow since 1945: That it was possible for them to set the terms and framework of our public discourse, and thereby to dictate our ethical values, is no doubt the product of the huge holocaust lie that they succeeded to turn into a religion, and of their relentless insistence on the superiority of Jewish intellect that they turned into an aphoristic truth. Admittedly, their latter achievements were pretty big, for they had us in a stranglehold (or a spell!) for most of seventy years. But no more. (Wells’s Time Machine turns out to have been astonishingly prophetic.)

  11. Our strategy right now is to unite and each of us should shout from the rooftops – the truth about Jews. We need to criticize Jews and make jokes about them.

    They cannot silence all of us if we all speak up loudly.

    It’s like those Danish guys who drew Mohammed and received backlash.

    Then people created “Draw Mohammed” day, and everybody started drawing Mohammed…. They could not censor everybody.

    Right now we need to ridicule and criticize the Jews as loud as we can… like people did with the MOhammed cartoons.

    Nobody is beyond criticism.

    I’ve been thinking of some slogans. Each of us should post these on the internet.

    We can have a revolution, take these slogans outside the internet into the street. Maybe we can have a D-Day, like the allies — a day when each one of us does graffitti and writes some of these slogans on walls.
    They are meant to make people think.

    Just to break the bubble of offence, we should all make jokes about Jews and criticize the Jews.

    Here are some of the slogans. Feel free to use them, and invent your own.

    1. Jews control your mind because they control the media and Hollywood.

    2. Antisemitic is not someone who hates Jews, but someone who speaks the truth about Jews.
    3. Nobody is above criticism. Except Jews.

    4. Antisemitic is someone who makes a harmless joke about the Jews. Don’t believe me? Try it!

    5. Antisemitic is someone who doesn’t praise Jews unconditionally.

    6. Jews are beyond criticism.
    Don’t believe me? Try it and see what happens.

    7.Question the Holocaust, you go to prison. In 25 countries.

    8. Questioning the Jews is always anti-Semitic.

    9. It’s ok not to like Jews unconditionally.

    10. Jews are more powerful than God. We can criticize God, but nobody can criticize the Jews.

    11. I’m not prejudiced. I don’t hate the Jews because they are Jewish. The Jews hate me because I am not Jewish.

    12. Jewish privilege is real.

    13. Check your Jewish privilege.

    14. If you don’t believe Jews control America, try to criticize the Jews and see what happens.

    15. Jews did 911. If you don’t believe me, write it on a banner and stand in the street. Wait and see what happens.

    16. Jews who want open borders live in all-white or all-Jewish neighborhoods.
    17. Look up your favorite actor on Wikipedia. He/she is probably Jewish, and you did not even know it.

    18. Write “Jews are the most successful people in America” on a banner and stand on the street. Wait and see what happens.

    19. Jew woke and proud of it.

    20. I’m not ashamed to be white.

    21. It’s ok to criticize Jews. It’s not ok to censor people who criticize Jews.

    22. We live in a free country. Until we start criticizing the Jews.

    23. Jews have a great sense of humor. Except when you joke about them.

    24. The Illuminati are the Jews.

    25. Once you go Jew woke, you never go back.

    26. 109 countries can’t be wrong.

    27. The Jews are such master liars, that if someone tells the truth about Jews, he is considered crazy.

    28. Stop preventing scientists from researching the Holocaust.

    29. Truth always comes out in the end.

    30. Make a habit of googling whether someone is a Jew or not. It will wake you up.

    31. Jews own the Fed, Hollywood and the media

    32. The Federal Reserve is Jewish owned.

    33. The Federal Reserve is a Jewish owned bank.

    34. Jewish suffering is more “special” than other people’s suffering.

    35. Jewish control of America is the elefant in the room that everyone pretends not to notice.

    36. 70 years of lies.

    37. Awake and fight the Jewish debt slavery.

    38. America – a Jewish owned slave plantation

    39. Kevin MacDonald was right.
    40. Kevin MacDonald – The Culture of Critique. It will wake you up.

    41. Blacks, whites, Muslims and Mexicans unite against your Jewish slave masters.
    41. Wake up. We are slaves to the Jews in our own country.

    42. Multiculturalism really works. Ask Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.

    43. WW1 and WW2 were nations fighting each other for the benefit of Jewish banks. WW3 will be the world fighting the Jews.

    44. America is Israel’s shabbos goy.

    1. 45. When God gets confused about something he consults with the Rabbis.
      46. Why does Jewdom/Israel get to have two reps in the UN? Nothing new here.
      42. “Multiculturalism really works. Ask Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.” NY, the real capital of Jewdom is a fine example of this. Take a peek at the reelected Mayor, his wifeepoo and two kids. All four fine examples of UN world plantation Citizens.

  12. Okay boys and girls, it’s time for our math lesson. Lets’ begin by counting the number of dual citizen Russians on Trump’s staff. Hopefully your calculators have a zero place setting. Now then, are we done? Okay, lets count the number of Jew dual citizens on Trump’s staff. Remember you must use a single finger keystroke for each input. When your finger gets tired use another one. The middle finger works quite well when counting Jews.

    Now then, let’s move on to logic and the question that rewards the most points, considering the number of Russians on Trump’s staff compared to the number of Jews, is it really credible to think that Trump is a Russian “asset?” Which is more likely, Trump is a Russian asset or a Jewish asset? Decode your answer now. Occam! Put down that razor and pay attention!

    1. Arch,
      “The middle-finger works quite well when counting Jews. ” Good one amigo. 🙂

      1. Feliz año nuevo to all my fellow Darkmooners. I sit here in a Louisiana bar next to the truckstop thousands of miles from my wife in México. Three hours more and 2018 will arrive. Us Darkmooners are well aware of the evil Zionist plan. But remember that this plan is thousands of years old but strangely has never realized fruition. Why? Because theres a greater force at play. Greater than human minds can contemplate. Lets not submit to “fear porn” a favorite Pat expression. Perhaps theres a brighter future for Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. Lets adhere to a couple simple principals. I, years ago, met an Iranian-Jewess in Atlanta. She told me, “Originally we Persians were Zoroastrians. It taught us two things. 1) Think good things. 2) Do good deeds. If we humans practiced only these two principals….the World would be paradise. ” The Jewesses words bought tears to my eyes. All fellow Darkmooners, lets absorb the wisdom of this wonderful and insightful Persian Jewess. Feliz año nuevo from Donaldo!

  13. Snez,
    I send you a million red roses from mi corazón. You are indeed a flower. Your response to my post is indeed an honor. Need I say more? Tomorrow, may the sun rise in your honor.

  14. Today in Palestine
    Zionist settlers attacked the village of Urif, beating locals and damaging property , when local people put up Resistance the Zionist occupation forces arrived and shot one local Palestinian youth dead, several other villagers where injured, as the Zionist settlers continued their assault.
    This is the 18th Palestinian civilian murdered by the ZOF in 2018.

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