Non-White Migrants and the Catholic Church: The Politics of Penitence

By Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

Key extracts from an article published on The Occidental Observer

The Pope kissing the feet of African immigrants at a refugee center in Italy 

The root causes of African and Arab mass migrations to Europe and the USA can be traced back to the grand scheme on how to reshape the Middle East and North Africa, doctored up in the 90s of the previous century by US neoconservatives. Later, in the early 2000s, as the first “pro-democracy” domestic upheavals started boiling in North Africa the upheavals were rebranded by the EU/US media into a cozy name  of “the Arab spring” as if young North Africans and Middle Easterners were all too eager to be cloned into a copy of happy go lucky White liberal Europeans.

Not to be forgotten is the earlier  PNAC scheme devised in the late 1990s by the prominent American Jewish neocons, including Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, and David Frum, whose goal was less the desire to raise the level of political tolerance in Arab states but rather the compulsive wish to double down on Israeli predominance in the  Middle East.  

Fifteen years later the chaotic aftermath of the Arab spring is resulting in the surge of incessant local wars, dysfunctional and lawless states, mass migrations, and the global threat of terrorism.

An early example of “fake news” can be traced back to Western propaganda stories about the existence of “Weapons of Mass Destruction” ( WMD) in Iraq, a story which on the eve of 2003, became an excuse for America and later France to launch  expensive punitive military missions in the Middle East and later in Libya.  An always itinerant world-improving and self-promoting Franco-Jewish philosopher-king, Bernard-Henry Lévy, played a significant role in coaxing the late French president Nicolas Sarkozy into bombing Libya.


Sarkozy et BHL en Libye en 2011, fiers du devoir accompli : un nouveau théâtre chaotique d’opérations destinées à garantir les intérêts de tous à l’exception des Libyens.  — ‘Sarkozy and BHL in Libya in 2011, proud of having accomplished their operational task: a new theater of chaos destined to guarantee the interests of all parties except those of the Libyans.’  

However, the origins of fake news, which also recently marred Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, go back much further into history. Their crude signs first surfaced on the eve of World Wars I and II when supernatural tales about Germany’s “WMDs” started circulating in the USA, France and Great Britain.

Those early tales of weapons of mass destructions took on often bizarre phrasings in the portrayal of German armies allegedly hacking off hands of children in occupied Belgium. On the eve, during and after WWII the language about the weapons of mass destruction culminated in the Allied propaganda consisting of horror stories featuring alleged Germany’s ambitions on enslaving the entire world.

After having failed in the phony effort to export liberalism as a commodity in the war-ravaged North Africa and the Middle East, the end result of contemporary Western/American faked news foreign policy has been to set into motion huge non-White migratory waves. Although Israel and its Western allies certainly bear responsibility for the resulting instability, it is always problematic to speculate about the real or alleged size of the Israeli or US neocon involvement in orchestrating the present migratory tsunami in the Middle East and the resulting mass exodus of Arab migrants.

Instead, one should facilitate the inquiry by posing a rhetorical question:  Cui bono?  Who benefits most from the instability in Northern Africa and the Middle East and the ensuing displacement of millions of locals toward Europe? As long as the main pivot of US and EU foreign policy revolves around the unquestionable support of Israel and its Western fifth column, actors bent on causing chaos will be waiting in the wings.



The geopolitical chessboard is an important field in explaining the current non-European mass migrations, although it carries less weight than dominant political ideas and historical myths that have shaped political decision makers in the EU and the US ever since 1945. Millions of migrants who are waiting now in makeshift camps in Turkey, Jordan and Libya for their entry into the EU may have limited IQ, but they are by no means stupid. They know that they have two powerful allies in the West — the ruling and often self-hating intellectual and political class and the Catholic clergy.

Surely, one can blame George Soros and a host of murky NGO’s for flooding the West with African and Asian migrants. Yet the fact remains that these migrants follow first and foremost the unilateral invitation calls from EU high ranking politicians seconded by the Pope and the high Catholic clergy.


Is Pope Francis an unwitting minion of George Soros?

It is often overlooked that the higher Catholic clergy, both in Europe and the US, is a prime advocate of non-European arrivals. The German Bishops’ Conference, presided by the influential and appropriately named Reinhard Marx — aka “multikulti Marx” —  stands in the forefront of the multicultural doctrine, openly preaching the gospel of borderless racial mixtures. Unlike liberal or antifascist activists, Cardinal Marx does not even try to hide his transracial pro-immigrant sympathies, which he made quite clear in his interview for the German daily Rhein Neckar Zeitung (on February 6, 2016):

Charity knows no borders, just as it ignores any limitations to our asylum law. Anyone entering European soil needs to be treated decently and receive a fair procedure. The borders of Europe must not become the borders of death. It is a shame that already estimated thousands of refugees have died in the Mediterranean or maybe even more.  … Last year I was at the border between the US and Mexico where I saw this huge fence and barriers. I thought to myself: this must not be the future for Europe’s borders.


Archbishop’s Marx’s words only echo the words of the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops and its president Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, who openly pledges solidarity with Muslim refugees. “Welcoming the stranger and those in flight is not one option among many in the Christian life. It is the very form of Christianity itself. Our actions must remind people of Jesus.”

Not all Catholic clergy are exuberant about the arrival of non-European migrants, as witnessed by some rebellious Catholic Franciscans in Eastern Europe who are critical of globalism, Islam, and multiculturalism. Yet they seldom dare voice their views in public. The very conservative and nationalist-minded Catholic Church in Poland, Hungary and Croatia is quite racially aware and therefore frequently on a collision course with the prescribed EU refugee quotas, or with their superiors in Rome. They must however respect the Church hierarchy because breaching the Pope’s words is considered a sin.

Nordic non-Catholic nations, such as Sweden or Denmark, are the cherished goal of Arab and African migrants. These countries, however, unlike Catholic Center or South, have a long tradition of group-oriented tolerance and civic modesty based on the legacy of Lutheran pietism known as Janteloven.  To a White Central European or a White American visitor this brand of civic modesty and excessive tolerance toward the Africans, often appears pathetic — a far cry from early pagan Vikings who never feared blood or violence.  A stray Arab immigrant in some Eastern Europe down town knows that late at night if walking alone he may be worked over by the local youth. It is often the other way around in guilt-ridden Germany or submissive Denmark.

Hence a dilemma for many racially and ethnically aware White Christians in the US and Europe. On the one hand they are well aware of the destructive nature of multiculturalism, while on the other they cannot ignore early Christian sermons  for a multiracial and global society, as put forward by St. Paul’s Epistles to Galatians (3:28): “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

The task of creating White homelands won’t be easy.

The underlying ideology of present day America and the EU is multiculturalism — a new secular religion.  Its legal tenets must never be questioned by public officials if they are to avoid professional disgrace and become proscribed individuals. Each African or Arab migrant knows that once he reaches the Western shores he will become untouchable. In modern Western political narrative the African migrant is portrayed as a quasi-saintly figure symbolizing the victimized “wretched of the Earth” whose time has now come to face off with the evil White Man.

Should a Spanish, Italian or French border guard accidentally utter a word of rebuke against unlawful behavior of a non-European migrant, he will be charged with a “hate crime”—and likely lose his job.

All migrants using the Mediterranean Sea route know that it is far better to be apprehended than not apprehended by the European coastal police. When embarking on their rundown boats they know that when fished out of water by a flotilla of EU high-tech warships off the coast of North Africa, they will soon be able to savor first class medical treatment that they couldn’t even dream about back home.

Once reaching their desired destination in an EU state, and even if engaging in unlawful activities, the legal process aimed at shipping them back will take years if not decades. 


This article by Tom Sunic can be read in its entirety here

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  1. Love that photo of George and the Pope. May God bless Hungary, who alone among European nations don’t have their heads up their… “You want them, you pay for them, Mr. Soros.” He might manage a year or so before becoming economically destitute.

    1. @ Winston

      Yes, it appears that Hungary is the only country in Europe with a government that is not totally insane.

      “He might manage a year or so before becoming economically destitute.”

      I strongly suspect the Soros has access to the limitless virtual digital money that the Rosthchilds have. Soros is the go to guy for getting done what the jewish bankers want.

      1. @ UNGENIUS Very good point about the access to Digital money. Dr. Steven M. Greer claimed to have been offered unlimited spending by way of credit card (the debts simply erased) in return for cooperation with certain interests. He later paid a visit by invitation to some member of the Rothschild family in London for discussions of his research (see published articles and interviews from NEXUS magazine). His “Disclosure Project” wasn’t all bad to begin with but later he seems to have had some dramatic personality changes, notably in his treatment of David Adair, one of the most impressive prodigies in Rocket Science America has ever produced – but that’s another story. I should say that Russia should be included along with Belarus in having a sensible, socially and fiscally manageable Immigration policy as well as Hungary. Love that photo, call it “Frankie and Georgie.” Maybe they’ll do a movie.

      2. [email protected] – Almost forgot that Iceland has a pretty good immigration policy if I’m not mistaken. They certainly have the best record in Europe for dealing with thieving bankers.

    2. Is that photo of the Pope washing the stinky feet of the demon Soros real or photo shopped? Say it ain’t so.

      1. Thanks to Ungenius’ later comment that the photo of Soros and the Pope is fake. I was 99 percent sure it was, but, in today’s self-hating PC environment it’s hard to be completely sure of anything.

  2. Cui bono?

    “Who benefits most from the instability in Northern Africa and the Middle East and the ensuing displacement of millions of locals toward Europe?”

    Easy answer….

    Russia and its DICTATOR – President ‘Put-On’….. Of course..!!

    Now the EU economy will be as bad as his. He won’t be shamed as much for his inability to help his people make more than $300 a month. AND… the Russian people will not want to leave as badly. They will stay and provide cheap labor for Pratt & Whitney partnered with Energomash and GE joint ventures….. and Honeywell… etc.

    1. Haven’t read such an ignorant comment like that on Darkmoon for quite a while. But you’re always good for it, right Pat? Seems like emotions have replaced logic in your non-reasoning. May I suggest taking a course about logic with Jon Rap.

      Russia, being 25% European itself, has nothing to gain from the cultural and economic destruction of Europe. On the contrary, if your neighbour doesn’t have any money, on what grounds are you going to trade with him? Takes two to tango. Sometimes, common sense is so out of the ballpark, it just escapes the right (or wrong) people making the decisions.

      Cui bono? Not Vlad. more like the Spectre woman and her ilk operating out of Scandinavia trying to take over the rest of Europe.

      1. Ditto that, Peter.

        Sorry, Pat. But some of your “guesses” are wearing thin

      2. Uncle :

        I sent you, as you know, a post about Pat’s comment. Just like MachtNichts did. Though I didn’t mention Pat at all, my post is ON-TOPIC, very much so. What is “not good” about my post that you feel the need to CENSOR it? You’re CENSORING it because,

        Because my post is TOO GOOD and TOO GOOD is “NO GOOD” for you?

        You’re not taking your meds for Bi-Polar so what’s GOOD appears to be “NO GOOD” to you?

        When I send in posts TOO GOOD that shames your pets who can’t hold a candle to ME? And “WE” wouldn’t want to hurt the sensitive feelings of “Our” precious pets. Pat was barking impatiently at you for his brefuss so you are TOO busy feeding it its’ brefuss to feature my EXCELLENT post? I guess after brefuss you will TOO busy giving it its’ morning walk around the block. Right?

        1. @ TROJ

          I haven’t even looked at the Spam folder until this very minute. As it is, I have no idea what post you are referring to. I’m not going to spend all day trying to figure out which post you mean. What are first FIVE WORDS of the post? If you can’t identify the post clearly, how can it be posted? You want me to “guess”?

          LATER: On second thoughts, don’t bother. Someone has just this very minute cleared the spam box. It’s empty. So send in the post again. I presume you’ve saved it?

    2. No, Israel benefits. All those countries, including Syria, are enemies of Israel and several have fought several wars against Israel since its founding in 1948. The instability (destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya) have greatly weakened Israel’s enemies. And this destruction was caused by the neo-con Jew controlled USA. The USA destroyed Iraq and Libya all on its own, has helped destroy Syria and has continuously threatened to destroy Iran.

      Russia has come to the aid of Syria at the request of its leader (unlike the US that has invaded the country and Assad says he wants them to leave) and has stopped the advance of the terrorists. Putin has done a great thing in preventing the slaughter of Syrian Christians, Alawites and the other minority sects there by Israeli and American supported terrorists. Russia also has close relations with Iran, selling them advanced weaponry, making them hated by the Israeli supporting Jewish neo-cons and their American lackeys.

      ISIS Accidentally Attacks Israeli Soldiers; US Quietly Deploys to Turkey; Sunni vs Shiite Turf War in Sweden

    3. Yes, MN – Thanks for the help..!!

      When I answered the question directly head on… I forgot to include the totally logical and NOT “emotional” reply… such as you displayed here, when you wrote about “..the Spectre woman and her ilk..” 🙂

      I would have more preferred writing about Peter Sutherland of Ireland over Spectre…. He’s the main man controlling ‘people-moving’ ALL around the world. He benefits, but not as much as ‘heads of state’ such as ‘Put-On’ of Russia.

      I have done plenty of Pope and Soros and Spectre bashing over the years. There will be no shortage of that by others here. I’ll skip that well-deserved routine.

      Now, for a bit more of MY very logical guessing…. which very few will mention these days.

      With the massive hordes of young people coming in from the Middle East and Turkey…etc… Russia’s youth will be less likely to leave for Europe.

      Russian emigration is a REALLY BIG PROBLEM for ‘Put-On’….

      Young Russians move abroad for “breath of fresh air”

      It’s clear that young Russians want to work outside of Russia…

      A New Emigration: The Best Are Leaving [Russia]

      In late 2014, the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) published Russian population migration data covering the period from January to August 2014. The report at once attracted the attention of journalists: it showed that in the first eight months of 2014, 203.6 thousand people left Russia, compared to the 186.4 thousand who left over the course of 2013. When the final numbers are tallied, the number of Russians who emigrated in 2014 will likely surpass the record high of 1999, when the country officially “lost” around 215 thousand people.

      Germany was the #1 destination in 2014.

      More than 40% of top managers plan to leave Russia 2016-2018
      June 8, 2016

      Almost one in every six senior Russian managers plans to move to another country within the next two years, while even more – 42 percent – are considering emigration.

      “It’s unclear what will happen [in Russia] to pensions, about children – such a highly turbulent environment,”

      Germany was the #1 destination. That will be slowing.!!!

      The unwanted and unruly hordes fleeing into Europe will keep YOUNG RUSSIANS in Russia.


      Update: IT IS WORKING..!!

      More Russian emigrants return home, report disappointment with EU

      9 Mar, 2017

      About 150 thousand people returned to Russia from foreign countries in 2016, the interior ministry said. State support for repatriates and the anti-Russia campaign in Western countries were the top reasons given.

      “Cui Bono?”

      ‘Put-On’ benefits.

      He gets his best and brightest back home… while increasing welfare supported customers for his Gazprom in Germany. 🙂

      B-Hawk – Take notes… 🙂

      1. JFC –

        Naaahh…. Nobody wants ‘Put-On-Bucks’…. or rubles.

        Too much corruption and mafia for economic stability.

        Annual budget loss from corruption in Russia is $1.3 billion
        April 25, 2017 RBTH

        Official figures are – undervalues – of level of real crimes, report says.

        Russia’s General Prosecutor, Yuri Chaika, has revealed that in 2016 corruption was to blame for clawing away more than 78 billion rubles ($1.3 billion) of the country’s budget.

        “In 2016, 32,824 corruption crimes were registered, which is 1.4 percent more than in 2015,” RIA Novosti reports, quoting a report.

        The document also says that the number of registered crimes committed during the last few years is not realistic, given many went unreported.


        BTW – Even Saker lives in Florida…. because he could not write his blog freely in Russia. He would be imprisoned there. ‘Put-On’ wants freedom in other countries… not his. 🙂

  3. This is not immigration. Its invasión. Most of these people are the scum and undesirables of their own societies. Middle-Eastern and African prisiones are empty and the flood gates are opened to Europe. Very pathetic.

    1. Donaldo,
      The birth rate of Western European whites has been below replacement level for a long time. Given that they are losing their liberal countries to invasion from the south, things may appear hopeless to young Euro whites of child-rearing age. So, I can envision that the dearth of white babies will only accelerate. What young intelligent whites, who don’t want their children to be small minorities in their own countries, will want to raise children into such violent, dysfunctional societies? They may well be resigned to being the last generation of their once-great race. Does the Christian church not realize that, as whites disappear, Christianity will disappear with them?

      1. The destruction of Christianity doesnt require the genocide of the white race. The serpiente is slow and subtle….never outright. “Christianity” of today is unrecognizable from centurias ago. The “Pope” , I believe, is a seriously compromised man. Why is he kissing peoples feet? I ,personally, would never allow another human being to kiss my feet out of disgusto and humility. Why does he support marriage between two sword-swallowers? This is not Christianity. Christianity was originally action-based and political. Their was harmony between Church and State….not seperation. Instead of “Christians” taking the bull by the horns and making things happen in strong, unified communities, they are taught to quietly pray only in private and remain passive and silent as Bruce Jenner mutilates his genitals , becomes a woman, and Jewish banks continue to screw us with usury. Christianity in the West exists only in name. The true church died centuries ago. Very pathetic.

  4. After 2000 years of Catholic Church wealth accumulation it is certain they could solve world poverty overnight, at least superficially, lasting up until freeloaders used up their free supplies. Catholics even have their own country in order to obfuscate their true wealth.

    The current Pope, a communist by background, hails from South America, where in earlier decades his predecessors did not speak out or act to save a ‘Catholic people’ ground into the dust with countless numbers disposed of by death squads. The current change of coat, now supporting communism as opposed to fascism, is only superficial. What counts is wealth accumulation through Mafia linked proxies such as Roberto Calvi, ‘God’s Banker’ found ‘suicided’ on London Bridge in 1982.

    The current dummy Pope supports EVERY aspect of Cultural Marxism, including of course the mass invasion by fighting aged men from alien countries.

    There have been many reasoned calls to cut off ‘charity’ , foreign aid to the invaders countries of origin, due to rampant, rotten, multi-generational and persistent corruption. It seems only a torched earth policy is the only thing that could redeem them. Now it seems the torch will have to be applied to more than one continent.

    1. Flan

      I think we can safely say that for all intents and purposes, Francis is a Chabadian.

      1. Pope Francis once said that Christ’s life, “humanly speaking” of course, ended in failure. This is using sophistry as mockery. Thanks for sowing confusion and discord, Dope Francis the Shabbos. He’s probably having a talmudic giggle and his flock’s expense.

      2. Flopot, i have a definite sense that Jorge bergoglio is a flaming Marxist, materialist and atheist, as his statement that Jesus was a human failure, another way of asserting his human limitations, “a decent guy who paid the price of agitating against a secular power“, just like anti-Trump demonstrators today.

        in his view, denying Christ’s divinity is okay, a matter of one’s preference, whereas denying Holocaust is surely a crime against humanity.

        yes, for a period i sat on the fence regarding this apostate usurper of the St peter’s job, but the evidence of his treachery and mendacity is overwhelming.

        I can to an extent overlook it in a politician, whose main weapon and survival tactic is lying and dissimulating, as long as their actions belie their words but an apostolic figure has no other recourse but the words of truth, as Stalin memorably and incisively asked, “how many divisions does Pope have?”, Jorge has no maneuvering room, either he serves the Way, the Truth or the Father of Lies, petty politics is not a job for the head of the Roman Catholic confession or head of any other faith professing to guide the man’s soul through the perils of Devil’s temptation.

        Did Jesus ever utter a lie in order to evade the consequences of truth?

        ,,, rarely it seems that the current batch of popes utters a truth in order to evade the consequences of lies … i still wonder about benedict, i think he tried and failed.

        nb. not sure how Toby and Monica might react to this but i hold that it in no way makes me a bad christian and Catholic, in fact, i would be remiss as such not to speak the truth revealed by the facts.

      3. @Lobro

        That pretty much sums up Pope Frances’ pronouncements — mendacious dissembling about Christianity compared to simplistic propagandizing on behalf of his Jewish Masters. You will notice his ambiguous sophistry when he refers to Christian doctrine; his plain-speaking when promoting the holocaust narrative and the “special chosen uniqueness” of the Jews. After-all, according to this Pope we’re all Jews inside 😉

        That last point proves he is a lying scumbag — he knows fine well what the real Jewish Holy Books say about Christ and Christians.

        Yes, there are questions surrounding the motivations of Benedict. If I have time, I am going to look back over his words, actions and connections.

      4. Back in 2012, I think Rome sent selected Priests to a so-called “Noahide” Centre in Israel for “education”. This was supposedly one of those interfaith dialogue doo-dahs. But how can you have a dialogue with practitioners that revel in their part in the execution of Jesus Christ.

        I write down these points as a non-practicing Catholic; a thoroughly Judaized Westerner who has awoken from a lifetime of brainwashing via academia, media and politica. Now that my eyes and mind are opened I see Jews and their messages everywhere. Lol. Just like that moment in “They Live!”.

        Anyway, my point is that that “Noahide Centre” might have been a Chabad outlet, but I do not know for certain.

        1. @ Flopot

          I write down these points as a non-practicing Catholic; a thoroughly Judaized Westerner who has awoken from a lifetime of brainwashing via academia, media and politica. Now that my eyes and mind are opened I see Jews and their messages everywhere. Lol. Just like that moment in “They Live!”.

          Yes, as a former nun, I know exactly where you are coming from and can sympathize with your viewpoint. Lasha and I find ourselves in a similar position. While we have great affection for Holy Mother Church and love all good Catholics trying to live a good life, we ourselves remain semi-practicing Catholics, going through all the motions but remaining outcasts and heretics among the congregation — banished to the back pews, so to speak.

      5. Flopot

        For all intents and purposes, may as well refer to ALL of them as “chabad centers”

  5. Tongue in cheek – he kisses feet, but why not go all the way for a real confession and kiss their posterior.

    He has the look and feel of a disciple of Liberation Theology. We South Africans had enough first hand experience with these kinds of Priests with a marxist undercoat – Allan Boesak, Desmond Tutu. These persons, in normal, healthy societies would do some hard labour in concentration camps.

    I like this man. What he says, should also count for Religion:

    1. Stop moaning, Monica, nobody banished you and Lasha to the back pews, neither literally nor figuratively. You TWO sit in the back pews because you TWO want to. Maybe you TWO should try sitting in the front pew for a change, maybe the witch spells you TWO cast during Mass will have more effect if you TWO sit closer to The Altar and The Priest. Or, is it TOO obvious you TWO are witches, got warts on Our noses do WE. TOO obvious you TWO are witches if you sit in the first pew of the church, TOO much light in the front of the church, a little bit darker in the back of the church, you TWO are less noticeable in the back pew. Less chance the congregants will see you TWO are witches and are in the church only to cast your witch spells. Who are you kidding.

      And what exactly makes you and Lasha “heretics” and thus “outcasts”? Answer, and you know it’s a Truthful answer : Because you TWO are witches, you TWO only go to church to cast your witch spells [ from the JEW Cabala ; “Cabala” = the Catholic spelling for the JEW’s JEW Qabalah-Kabbalah ] that’s why you TWO are “heretics” and thus “outcasts”. You TWO daughters of the JEW “goddess” “Lilith” from the JEW’s JEW Cabala/Qabalah/Kaballah. I bet you TWO spell IT “Q-A-B-A-L-A-H”, right? YES, I’m right, and you know it too, but neither you nor the other witch Lasha will ever admit you TWO are Cabala witches. Videre Licet.

      1. TROJ –

        Front row seats are very expensive….. Have to give $$$ “BIGGLY”… and get a brass name plate…. A showy deal.

        Only the “YUGE” bucks donors…. like ‘EK entity’ can afford to sit there..!! 🙂

      2. My friend, Lilith ,told me last year, that this site is run by a Jewish witch ,after examining the poetry and some of the art work done by the QABALAH WITCH ,Lilith, told me these are the trade mark of a Jewish Witch.
        I am almost certain ,we are NOT dealing with strictly human beings here ,some mix inter-species breeding ,hybrid kind of thing is controlling this blog.

  6. I have to wonder, observing this papal behavior, whether debasing oneself is inherent in the Catholic grooming. It does not correlate with the opulent splendor of papal attire, or Vatican environs… (The Judaeic stategists probably rely upon it.)

  7. The photo of the Pope washing Soros’ foot was removed from of The Remnant (a Catholic Newspaper) site since it was fake, but the article associated with it explains why it could have been real based on what the Vatican has been doing.

    German Archbishop Marx, I’ve seen that name before. Oh yes, Karl.

    Based on what I’ve read, there are no migrants living in the city state of the Vatican. If the Vatican was really sincere, they could double bunk some migrants with the staff. Do as I say, not as I do comes to mind.

    Since the hierarchy can’t be voted out of office, looks like it might be time for another Reformation. 🙂 Instead of Reformation 2.0, it could be called TheRealOriginalCatholicChurch (TROCC). 🙂 No need to take off on this TROJ, it is just a funny.

    On a serious note, if the head organization of the Catholic Church ceases to be what it is supposed to be like Vatican II and the current situation, what, if anything, can the main body of the church do about it?

    1. Reformation 2.0 is described here (in English, the original, in full German rigor, is on another site) :

      I would appreciate the intellectual laser of Darkmoon contributors. I’ve just started reading it. so far so good.

      The main tool of the elite through which they have exploited mankind for many hundreds of years is the ability to charge interest, often on “loans” of monies which have never existed. The only crime specifically forbidden in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Germany is the charging of interest as this is the root cause of almost all other strife.
      By eliminating both interest and compulsory taxation, it becomes reasonable to reduce the normal working week to about 22 ½ hours. Even then, most people will have a disposable income at least twice that which they presently have. In the present system, around 81% of your gross income disappears in interest charges and a plethora of visible and hidden taxation, most of which goes directly into the pockets of the banking cartel.

      1. @ Flan O’Brien

        There are numerous good things in the idea.

        Education is fine as described as long as it is not mandatory. The jews are the ones that introduced mandatory education 300 – 200 BC for indoctrination purposes. If anything is a good idea for mankind, there is no need for it to be mandatory. People will naturally be attracted to it.

        Systems of health care, retirement, and health insurance are unnecessary hold overs from the jewish financial control system. These systems did not exist prior to the jewish fanatical control system.

        The biggest problem I see with it is the eco-management which is another unnecessary holdover from the jewish financial control system. Who decides what is and is not good or bad for the planet. Eco-management is naturally occurring without usury and corporations. Eco-management wasn’t necessary before jewish rise to power.

    2. Ungenius –

      If a man who identifies himself as “supreme pontiff” doesn’t make you want to PUKE over his kissing the foot of a big black nigra, you have your head too far up your ass to pay you any attention! (Just sayin’)
      If I were Catholic, that’d be enough to make me QUIT the Church! You Catholics should reassess yourselves, before you criticize Jews!

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        My, my, a little irritable today it seems. I ask a sincere question hoping for a sincere Catholic response and instead I get a “head up your ass” reply from a non-Catholic.

        When you say “you Catholics,” does that mean that you think I am a Catholic? FYI, I’m not.

        Even though you do not have a horse in the race concerning the question, your “QUIT” is duly noted.

      2. Ungenius –

        I’ve had a horse-in-the-race a helluva lot longer than YOU. Catholics are a huge part of my country (America), and to see them demoralized and trashed by the very man they are commanded to hold in highest regard makes me sick!

    1. @ Flopot

      “…de-population agenda going on in the Middle East…”

      Although a lot of Muslims are dying, the de-population agenda appears to be primarily aimed at Christians. When the US re-started their invasion of Iraq in 2003, almost all Christians in Iraq (I forget how many, but it was a lot of people) fled to Syria. Now Syria is under the gun of the JewS/JewK/Israeli created and supported ISIS. ISIS seems to go out of their way to kill as many Christians as they can get their hands on. The corralling effect has occurred.

      This Christian genocide may not be the primary objective, but we all know that jews hate Jesus more than anything else, so if it is not the primary objective, the jews are celebrating the secondary “benefit” of Christian deaths.

  8. Francis is NOT, he is NOT the Catholic pope. He is the anti-pope.
    All ‘popes’ ( including John XXIII) chosen after the Vatican 2 Council ( 1962-65) are NOT/were not the Catholic popes, BUT are/were judeo-masonic stooges/puppets.
    Their main work is to DESTROY the Catholic religion and Catholic faith. And they have been doing a great job in it. Anybody, who thinks just a little, sees it and knows it.
    Those people/ anti–popes, ( along with the so- called Vatican Hierarchy) are servants of the Dark Forces.
    All of that was prophesied in the St. John’s Apocalypse and many other Catholic apparitions , ( la Salette , for example, .
    Anybody who thinks that Francis IS the real, true Catholic pope knows nothing about Catholicism.
    Francis is the joke. He is a fraud, very dangerous , deceiving person. Traitors always are ,not only very sleazy and disgusting, but they are also very dangerous , since they present themselves as something/someone that they are not. They pretend to be on the right/ ‘good’ side , YET they secretly cooperate with the opposite/evil forces. Judas from the Gospel comes to mind.
    Francis is like Judas. One must to realise that. The Vatican -2 sect is NOT the Catholic Church. It is demonically anti i-Catholic and does everything in its power to destroy Catholicism and Christianity.
    But …..ale of it was foretold/prophesied , so , in a way nihil novi sub sole.
    We are just witnesses to the unfolding of the Apocalypse, whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not.
    Throughout the centuries people were witnessing many different. oftentimes horrible or great things.
    We are the ‘Apocalypse generation”. Whatever it means 🙂

    1. fine post, renee, i wish everyone would read this because it is true to the last word, better than i could have said.

      1. ditto that

        The psychopathic inroads have been making great strides from John XXIII on (although I remember kinda liking the guy back in the 60’s, the “inroad” having just begun, I suppose)

      1. Thanks, Lobro –

        This is good..!!

        When they go this far in admission in 2003… the (((BOYZ))) at Princeton Univ know (((THEY))) have control of Christian religion:

        “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans. In all likelihood, the passage in question emanates from fourth-century Babylon, then the center of Talmudic scholarship, and beyond the reach of both Rome and Christianity. Although several hundred years had elapsed since the lifetime of Jesus, and therefore this is not at all a contemporary source, the Talmudic passage indicates rabbinic willingness to acknowledge, at least in principle, that in a Jewish court and in a Jewish land, a real-life Jesus would indeed have been executed … Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)”

        “The very fact that the Talmud’s claim of Jesus’ closeness to the Roman government reflects some knowledge … of the New Testament narrative, particularly of of John’s version of it … this detail exonerates the Roman government from the blame of Jesus’ condemnation and consequently, adopting the Gospels’ message, puts the thrust of the accusation on the Jews … What we then have here in the [Babylonian Talmud] is a powerful confirmation of the New Testament Passion narrative, a creative rereading, however, that not only knows some of its distinct details but proudly proclaims Jewish responsibility of Jesus’ execution. (Jesus in the Talmud, Peter Schafer, Princeton University Press, (2003) pp.73-74)”

  9. what anti-pope Francis preaches is not MERCY, but connivance, indulgence and weakness.
    Charity is not weakness or indulgence.
    Here is a pretty interesting article that explains the difference between Catholic mercy and Francis’s ‘mercy’.
    Francis is the Piped Piper of Vatican, who leads his highly gullible and ignorant flock into physical and spiritual destruction by preaching indulgence , connivance and weakness and calling it “God’s mercy’.

  10. Sacre Bleu! A celebrity who is not a crypto (though how can you ever, ever know? 😉 ); not a shabby goy; not a bribed, satanic moron…

    “I am very patriotic. I was raised by a father and a grandfather who fought for France and instilled in me a love of my homeland. I am not proud of what France is today… I’m not a ‘facho’ [fascist], any more than Marine Le Pen is. Marine Le Pen has the will to take France in hand, to restore borders and give priority to the French.

    In before “le Pat”: yes I know Le Pen is married to a Jew and her niece is Mossad off-spring and her team is stuffed with Zionists…but that’s how things roll in a Jew World Order: they cling to every threat like a rabid koala. So just for once give hope a break, and Bardot her belief that Le Pen is the one 😛

    1. @ Flopot

      “…rabid koala.”

      Of all the animals to pick from. Thanks for the laugh. It’s amusing for me to try and picture a vicious koala that stays zoned out on his food. 🙂

      1. @Ungenius

        You’re a genius — that exactly describes the thrill, the frisson, the sheer pleasure a Jew feels when he successfully manipulates his goy target. They get high on the anti-semitism they engender. Perhaps the cure is to completely ignore ’em?

      2. @ Flopot

        Perhaps the cure is to completely ignore ’em?

        There’s a quicker and more effective cure
        But I daren’t draw attention to it.
        ‘Twould solve the Jewish Problem for sure—
        But I’m forbidden to mention it!

        — Sardonicus, Forbidden Doggerel

        1. Yes, the best thing to do is ignore ((( them))), that’s why I always ignore “Mother” “Superior’s” moans, lol.

      3. @Sard

        I suspect that at the end our only recourse to defiance will be The Book of Forbidden Doggerel

  11. From it’s inception, the Judaic-Neanderthal created and run Catholic Church is fulfilling is ultimate goals; the destruction to Western Civilization and the extinction of the European race. From the beginning of his mission, Christ had these blood suckers nailed to the wall and it’s been down hill ever since. While the Poop is doing all this kissing he can kiss my ass.
    There is only one hope for the survival of the White Race. Complete separation from all non-Whites and soon, if not, the only Whites left on this planet by the year 2150 will be a hand full of white females in the harams of Islamic potentates and a few in the zoos of the Orient used for breading stock for the sale of White females on the open auction market. For insight into this dystopian future read John Hersey’s novel “White Lotus” and “Camp of the Saints” by Raspail. Also the four NW Novels by H.A. Covington for a possible solution.

    1. @ Toe Jam
      “From it’s inception, the Judaic-Neanderthal created and run Catholic Church is fulfilling is ultimate goals; the destruction to Western Civilization and the extinction of the European race.”

      Maybe you haven’t heard – The Catholic Church preserved all that was good in Western Civilization during the centuries of barbarian destruction and then elevated it, giving us the first hospitals, universities, social welfare, the best of art, poetry, music, advancing science (yes, science too, despite what its enemies mendaciously say), law, medicine, the political and economic order, pretty much everything good that we used to have before the jewish takeover of our culture primarily thru criminal usury, assisted by their Father below.
      Tragically today the Church is by and large an apostate church, infiltrated, subverted, corrupted by its judeo-freemasonic enemies, esp. since Vatican II. Our Lady of La Sallette said in 1846 that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-christ. The Church will go into eclipse.” But despite that, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Mt. 16.19) Just as Christ rose from the dead, the Church, which is his mystical body, will rise again as well. Our Lady of Fatima promised this in 1917, but since “the salt has lost its savor” to such a great extent and has become “good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot,” that renewal of the Church will almost assuredly happen only after much suffering and devastation.

  12. The “Neanderthal” Catholic Faith/Catholic Church gave Europe Her High Culture. And it was the “Neanderthal” Catholic Church, by the way, that United The White Race, at least United The White Race in Europe, back when The White Race was called Christendom. The Catholic Church now is totally usurped. But back in history, it was the “Neanderthal” Catholic Church/Catholic Faith that gave Europe, and by inference the whole White Race, Her High Culture. To label a Church which played such a huge role in shaping the culture of Europe and the White Race and giving The White Race Her High Culture “Neanderthal” is really the height of ignorance and stupidity, perhaps even the height of troll-ish mendacity, perhaps even something a hydra-head of Arch Stanton would say about The Catholic Church.

  13. We’re living in a world of illusion where the masters of deception have managed to squat the HQ of ‘mankind Administration’. Their Offices must be located in a separate realm since they don’t seem to be affected by the ‘fallout” of their mad enterprise.
    Before they became masters of deception, they had to master the flow of money by hijacking the Federal Reserve and other financial mechanisms. With money, they created or bought the major tools of propaganda, aka news agencies and entertainment corporations. Thanks to these media, they can make us believe the unbelievable: How can we not when “different”, seemingly antagonizing media suddenly drum relentlessly the same story line? Give me a break.
    They hijacked national Intelligence Agencies and they use them to spy on nationals, systematically and indiscriminately.
    They groom candidates for Office, and when the time comes, they let us choose one of them. When in Office, they blackmail him/her to serve the corporate interests exclusively. Furthermore, they may feed the President “compelling” fake Intelligence, and if necessary, they back their forged reports with real (false flag) atrocities against innocent national citizens. The bloodthirsty cabal use these victims as a starter for more bloodshed in the targeted foreign country (ies).
    In short, they know how we function, they know what we crave, they know what we loathe and they plan our demise accordingly. Overall, they might not belong in our kind, the human kind.

    I bet the hypocritical pope never kissed the feet or the hands of his mom who bore him and nurtured him for 9 months (perhaps more, as a pope-to-be😏) from her blood. I can only wonder how deeply he committed himself to serve the cabal by play-acting in this manner, giving the watchword to the Christian community: “Do as I do”. Forget about it!
    * The picture with Soros is photo-shopped.

      1. PAT.
        Thanks for the linked videos; the second one was much interesting. Here’s an exclusive CNN lie : “SEAL describes killing Osama bin Laden”:
        Notice how this fictitious hero barely refrains from laughing at the end of each reply.

      2. Sean –

        He said OBL was standing a few feet from him, and…”I shot him twice in the head. He fell to the floor, and I shot him one more time. And I killed him”

        I don’t believe THAT for one second. OBL’s head would have exploded like a wtermelon at close range and the second shot AT his head would have missed….. and OBL would have dropped like a bag of dirt. Head torn off.

        This kid has watched too much TV and video games.

        I have shot plenty of deer and hogs. If they are shot in the head they drop too fast to shoot the same spot.

        A .22 into a cow’s head will drop it immediately…

        ALL BS..!! 🙂

  14. I think this blog is run by some wicked characters as a delusional mind games.
    someone is conducted a mind manipulation games .
    this blog is definitely an experimental Zionist virtual madhouse.
    All names are fictional ,made up to fool the unsuspecting victims to this Zionist honey trap

    1. In future, Admin may add three brackets to certain names if it sees fit. This doesn’t mean we think the person posting is necessarily a Jew but that we suspect the individual of being either a troll or a mentally disturbed person of some type. If they wish to go on posting with their name between scare brackets, that’s OK with us.

      1. I would propose for Jews : (((Jew))), for mentally disturbed persons : {{{Mad}}}, and for ordinary trolls : [[[Troll]]].

  15. As a former RC, PF makes me cringe. His excruciating cuckishness ensures the collapse of the church among respectable White people. He doesn’t rep the views of my parents who are anti-White Genocide, but (like most of their gen) don’t realize how disgustingly CultMarx the fag is. Darkies & retarded scum of society Is all that woll be left. W/o respectable White men to pay for the RCC, it will collapse.

  16. Francis and Radhanath sitting in a tree, (((k-i-s-s-i-n-g))).
    (and Dalai makes three)

  17. When the Pope is looking through that Vatican telescope, an old Chinese saying comes to mind

    A picture is worth a thousand words,

    And this picture implies a timetable*, wherein the Chabadian “scholars” are telling Francis about that planet he’s viewing. They tell him its Sumerian name is Nibiru, and that the Babylonians called it Marduk. They tell him the messiah is there, on his way for the second time to finish the rescue mission he started over 2,000 years ago. In their delusional folly they all truly believe this version, duped by the greatest con man the world has ever known – Satan his bad self.

    But the nature of the con is really something to behold. According to the TRUE seers, Nibiru/Marduk was destroyed eons ago by its inhabitants, hence the plan to take over THIS planet, which they would inevitably destroy as well, given that this is all they know. The seers go on to say, however, that only its shadow remains. The upper echelon “esoteric jews” have always known this, but not their Chabadian minions and their shabbo ilk doing the dirty work of fulfilling the bogus “prophecy” (in varying degrees of wittingness)

    *no one can say exactly when the planetary “shadow of its former self” will return to this solar system and be in close proximity to the Earth. Suffice to say, the “elders” runnin the con have a rough idea, and the fact that it can be seen from the celestial observatory tells them it’ll be soon.

    Meanwhile, the deluded minions in their twisted fashion are making preparations for paving the way for the “messiah” to take over the helm of a new world govt., thus justifying the erroneous “need” for moving towards globalism (which to most of them sounds innocuous enough, little do the fools know)

    psycho rabbis holding sway
    oer men in power rule the day
    ere dust is settled come what come may
    to what degree be hell to pay

    1. Ja, Brownhawk, maybe Nibiru/Marduk was destroyed eons ago. There is still the story of Earth having collided with ‘Planet X’, different name same connotation. Thus our wobble and the existence of water on this planet.

      The (((aliens))) wreaking havoc in all our affairs, aiming for globalism to the detriment of the ‘gold-digging’ slaves deserve to be sent back to where they came from even if it is just a sliver in space.

      Evolution or not, I couldn’t care less about Darwin, we deserve to have a shot at things without interference.

      Wishful thinking?

      1. Machtnichts,

        I don’t think it’s “wishful thinking” at all. I’ll concur with Ungenius in saying that (((their))) wet dream has zero chance of prevailing. As dire as things SEEM, I would first suggest to readers something I’ve been alluding to probably ever since I crossed paths with darkmoon a few years ago, which is to put things in a proper perspective when it comes to the notion of God’s “omnipotence”. The problem I have with that is in it’s conveyance of a sense of authoritativeness that assigns all power to an arbitrary figure we call “God” without realizing how this diminishes the power of Creation’s emissaries of Truth – MAN.

        This arbitrary assignation has served the ENEMY of Man very well indeed, and the ramifications of Man relinquishing his power have been all too plain to see, which is the primary reason for Christ to be summoned to this planet. Nothing less than a dire emergency prompted it, and just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, constructing a “Christ Consciousness grid” couldn’t be either, given how desultory and corrupted human beings had become before his arrival. Not that this isn’t still the case today, but therein lies the rub, because we are presently living in a time where the lines will finally be drawn, i.e.; keep runnin’ with the devil and regress with him in the continuance of a troubled existence, or experience a TRUE evolution* of spiritual progression.

        *what can I say about Darwin? “Shabbo charlatan” comes to mind


  18. Here is a pretty interesting news given by the anti -Catholic , Vatican- 2 sect media, ( which poses as “Catholic’ media of course).
    In short, the fake ‘ American’ president ,called Trump, will meet soon with the fake’ Catholic’ pope ,called Francis, to discuss “……an attempt to UNITE three of the world’s leading religious faiths IN the COMMON cause of fighting terrorism, reining in Iran, and “unifying the world against intolerance,…” and blah, blah , blah.
    Those who know anything about ONE world, Satanic religion know that this is a very ominous sign.
    Btw , what is “reining in Iran”??? 🙂

    1. I might have to convert to Shiite Islam if it is the only remaining authentic religion 😀

      In before the howls — I am joking to make a point, no need for any tirades against Muslims.

    2. @ Renee

      “…unite three of the world’s leading religious faiths in the common cause of fighting terrorism…”

      Too late. All of the true believers in the major three religions are already opposed to the terrorists unless these a-holes assume that Judaism is a major religion. So, who gets to decide who the terrorists are? Could it be one of the ones calling for unity? Guaranteed.

      “reining in Iran”

      They must be shopping for religious volunteers to do the fighting. Crusades 2.0.

      “unifying the world against intolerance”

      Could that mean that they will be fondling something besides feet?

      “White House officials said May 4. “

      For sure, the jews are running the White House.

      They can “meet” all they want to, but there is zero chance of accomplishing their wet dream.

  19. ADMIN: Comment rescued from SPAM.

    Francis continues to ‘put a spell’ on his gullible, ignorant sheeple.
    Very interesting analysis of his recent video- gimmick designed to convey the judeo-masonic agenda into subconscious minds of the people who consider themselves to be Catholics.
    parts of the article :
    ” …Thus, the “Merciful Jesus” remark is but a sales gimmick, a wholly interchangeable placeholder at the service of Francis’ dogma-less religion of universal human brotherhood, in essence also known as Freemasonry, the archenemy of the Catholic Church.
    No wonder the Masons are cheering him on. (And no, don’t fall for the silly ruse that Francis has a problem with Masons. He TALKS LIKE A Mason, ACTS like a Mason, and SHAKES HANDS like a Mason.
    In Buenos Aires, he is even an honorary member of the Rotary Club.)…”
    “..On the other hand, mirrors certainly do have special significance in Freemasonry,
    according to this Masonic source:……
    Who knows what the point of the mirrors is in the May 2017 “Pope Video”. What’s clear is that Francis has once again managed to PROMOTE the doctrines of Freemasonry under the outward veneer of the Roman Catholic Papacy, and untold millions of people will once again fall for the CHARADE … .”

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