On the Brink of War

By Abdel Bari Atwan

LD:  A war is being engineered in the Middle East in which Israel will eventually find itself pitted against Iran and Hezbollah. The destruction of Iran and Hezbollah would be Israel’s objective, something Israel could do easily enough with help from the United States.
The two big questions therefore are these: (1) Will Trump give Netanyahu the help he needs to destroy Iran and bring Hezbollah to its knees, revealing himself in the process as a Zionist stooge?  (2) Will Putin come to the rescue of Iran and Hezbollah, as he has already come to the rescue of Syria, and will this confrontation lead to WWIII? 

Our region stands on the brink of war.

We should not let small details — such as the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri or the detention of princes and former ministers in Saudi Arabia — divert us from the big picture and the real developments taking place behind the scenes.

The really dangerous phase is the one that will follow Crown Prince Muhammad Bin-Salman’s purge on the domestic Saudi front. It may be the precursor to scenarios for a regional war that could, without exaggeration, end up being the most devastating in its modern history.

All that is currently happening is part of a carefully planned and crafted scheme, and the prelude to a sectarian war waged in  ‘Arab nationalist’ guise against the growing power of ‘Shia’ Iran and its surrogates in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq with American, regional and Israeli backing.

The old Saudi Arabia is no more. Wahhabism is breathing its last, has been all but buried and is in the process of becoming history. A fourth Saudi state, dressed in the garb of modernity and based on different alliances, is being born.

When its would-be founder and man of the moment, Muhammad Bin-Salman, accuses Iran of mounting a ‘direct military attack that may amount to an act of war’ against his country by allegedly supplying missiles to factions in Yemen, and his stance is endorsed and supported by the US, it is clear that a new American-led alliance is taking shape in the region.

Muhammad Bin-Salman’s domestic purge, including the detention of 11 princes and scores of businessmen and former officials under the banner of fighting corruption, is only a first phase. It seems to haves proceeded smoothly so far, without encountering any serious obstacles.

The man now has now brought the four major pillars of state power – the economy, the security and military forces, the media and the religious establishment — totally under his control. He has thrown all his opponents, and anyone who uttered any criticism of his rule, behind bars; or, in the case of the princes and other high-ranking figures, incarcerated them in a luxury hotel for now. The latest round of detentions is unlikely to be the last, for we are dealing here with a bulldozer that levels everything that stands in its path.

In due course, Muhammad Bin-Salman will move on to what we believe will be the second and more serious phase, that of military confrontation. This could include the following steps:

— First, precipitating a military confrontation with Iran against the backdrop of the crushing siege on Yemen, after imposing a total land, air, and sea blockade of the country on the pretext of preventing Iranian missiles from reaching the Houthis.

– Secondly, forming a new alliance along the lines of the Desert Storm coalition formed in 1990 to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Candidates for membership in addition to Saudi Arabia and the UAE include UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco. (The King of Morocco has, coincidentally, been in the UAE capital Abu-Dhabi reportedly seeking to mediate with Saudi Arabia over the recent detentions: but he was sent a clear message from Riyadh not to interfere in what is happening inside Saudi Arabia, according reliable sources).

– Third, the bombardment of Lebanon and destruction of its infrastructure on the pretext of trying to eradicate Hezbollah. Such an assault would prompt the party to retaliate with intensive missile strikes against Israel, and would be more likely than ever before to drag in Iran and Syria.

– Fourth, an invasion of Qatar by Egyptian, Emirati and Saudi forces aimed at overthrowing its regime, precipitating a clash with the 30,000-strong Turkish force deployed there.

– Fifth, an American-Saudi-Israeli counteroffensive in Syria aimed at recapturing the areas lost by the US and its allies’ rebel proxies such as Aleppo, Homs and Deir az-Zour.  The US cannot easily stomach its defeat in Syria at the hands of Russia and Iran, even at the risk of causing a collision with Russia. It deliberately foiled the Syrian national dialogue conference in Sochi which Moscow had called for by getting the Syrian opposition to boycott it.

– Sixth, mobilizing the Kurdish militias in northern Iraq and Syria as US proxies in these wars with the aim of weakening and destabilizing Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

These are just the most obvious of the steps that may be taken by the new US-led alliance – whatever it chooses to call itself. But none of this means that it is assured of success in achieving its aims and reshaping the region to its specifications.

The counter-scenario may be that of the consolidation of an Iranian-Syrian-Turkish-Iraqi alliance with which Russia would sympathize to begin with, and which it may eventually end up leading. These countries combined possess formidable missile arsenals which would mostly be aimed at Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel. The targeted states’ much-vaunted US-made Patriot anti-missile systems would be ineffective in the face of intensive strikes by thousands of missiles fired simultaneously.

The gauge of success in this anticipated and possibly imminent regional war would be the destruction of Iran, regime-change in Qatar and the eradication of Hezbollah. But its failure would mean devastation for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE and the dismemberment of the Saudi kingdom into fragments.

We are neither soothsayers nor fortune-tellers. Nevertheless, this may prove to be the last war that transforms the region, changing its states, its borders, and perhaps its populations as well. The Arabs and Iranians will certainly survive such a cataclysm. But can Israel in its current form survive it too?


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  1. This whole development is an attempt by Israel to first have Hizbollah’s rockets neutralized before it can attack Iran. It cannot do that itself because then Hizbollah would rain its countless rockets on Israel. Therefore Israel plans to cause a second civil war in Lebanon in which Hizbollah (and its rockets) will be destroyed. Hariri was the leader of a Lebanese government at peace with Hizbollah. Therefore Hariri had to go. In his place will come a new leader who will demand Hizbollah to disarm. In the civil war that follows Israel hopes that Hizbollah and its rockets will be destroyed, eventually with interference of Saudi Arabia. Then Israel plans to destroy Syria with help of Saudi Arabia. When both Lebanon and Syria have been neutralized Israel plans to attack Iran – again with help of Saudi Arabia. The destruction of Iran was the plan all along. For that purpose Trump was selected. The Jews don’t think Trump will win a second term. With Trump they have only 3 years left. So they are in a hurry. Saudi Arabia is the docile partner-in-crime of Israel because the Saudi monarchy is crypto-Jewish. They will do everything for their brothers. It remains to be seen if Putin can again thwart such an evil plan.

    1. Don’t be so certain, Franklin. The plan all along could very well be the destruction of ISRAEL. This obviously begs the question of who the planners may be and how they are fooling even reasoned observers like yourself.

      Our bearings are set by perceptions based on an appearance of alliances, but all bets are off when you’re dealing with THIS bunch.

      1. Didn’t the Zionist Kissinger himself declare a few years ago that in 10 years time Israel will cease to exist?

        tick tock,tick tock

      2. Carn –

        Thanks for the good old days, when Max was Maximus..!! 🙂

        We had fun back then. He has mellowed now, and I am less than what I was then.
        (I miss SPQR too – the Legionnaire. I do not miss the Ty-Ranter preacher all that much. He was too serious.)

        Have some of our retorts:

        Max Bilney
        August 7, 2014 at 12:22 am
        But as lobro knows I anger in order to tell the TRUTH! Do not be so dumb Pat!

        Max Bilney
        August 7, 2014 at 12:24 am
        If you do not think I tell the TRUTH, then you had better STOP jumping off the thread of my comments, you idiot!

        Max Bilney
        August 7, 2014 at 12:40 pm
        Don’t bother to comment Pat and co, as I have decided I am off this site for ever!
        F**^*! you dumbed-down, JEW-loving YANKS!

        We had “YUGE” fun… He gave it to me.. “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂 🙂

      3. @Pat
        “He has mellowed now, and I am less than what I was then.”

        Yes, a lot of us have mellowed and / or become less than we were then, but not all of it for the worse. In some ways, today’s Darkmoon is more thoughtful and less strident, although it’s also less entertaining. Max can still dish it out when he wants to, or when he’s had a few down down at the pub!

        Those were the days when I was a completely silent reader, and Max and TP had both been banned from VT not long before appearing here. Whatever happened to SPQR? Rehmat, FlyingCossack, and SaveTheGoyim were also frequent contributers. Rehmat still posts at TOO, but FC and STG have gone missing. Quite a few are still here, a good thing about which we can give thanks later this week. 🙂

      4. Yeah, Carn –

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        Preheat oven to 350.
        Mix pumpkin, milk, ginger, cloves, sugar, eggs and cinnamon in a large bowl. Pour into a greased and floured 9×13 pan.
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        ENJOY.!! 🙂

    2. FR –

      “…Trump was selected.”

      YESSS!!! ALL national leaders are (S)elected.

      Secret ballots allow just THAT..!! 🙂

  2. yeah right, Abdel Bari Atwan, and what’s that specialty product of bull’s rear end called again, i forget.

    israel and yahudi arabia, twins out of the same serpent’s egg are mighty warrior nations both.

    i have no doubt that they will smite iran in the righteous wrath of lord g-d, sahudi-bin-yahweh, as soon as they win their current wars against ragtag amalek of hezbollah and yemen houthis or failing that, which is very likely, shoot a few kindergarten stone throwers of the philistine tribe.

    and how about this: Here’s why Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are not going to invade Iran.
    the formula goes as follows: America attacks iran: blame trump.
    America doesn’t attack iran: do not credit trump.
    from the link

    Israel has not attacked Iran in the way it has so frivolously attacked parts of the Arab world. Israel has not done this because Tel Aviv knows Iran would strike back and so too would Iran’s allies in southern Lebanon.

    As Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah recently stated, Israel prefers short blitzkrieg style conflicts that it can win rapidly at little material cost or bloodshed from its own side. History has shown such an analysis to be absolutely correct. Furthermore, as Israel’s last attempt to conduct such a war against Lebanon in 2006 failed, Israel has reverted to measures which from its perspective are more realistically “productive” such as short, illegal airstrikes against Syria and military manoeuvres intended as provocations against Lebanon.

    and no one even mentions what Russia might do, considering that it considers Iran hundred times more vitally important than Syria.


    The Jews don’t think Trump will win a second term. With Trump they have only 3 years left. So they are in a hurry.

    because with Trump gone, jews worry that some peacenik like Hillary or Romney will stop any wars that trump has started … and he started so many already, I lost the count.

    1. Lobro,
      Youre right. Hezbollah has repeatedly spanked Israel since the 80’s. Why would a future conflict be any different? Bring Iran and Russia into the mix and U.S. and Israel dont stand a chance. Its all speculation and, as Señor Pat would say, “fear-mongering. ” One thing is certain, the military industrial complex will continue raking in the shekels.

  3. Having filled the Ritz Carlton Hotel with arrested Saudi princes in order to extort and steal their wealth, Mohamed bin Sultan has now begun filling the next door Marriot hotel. The entire foundation of Arabian government is being undermined in the process, the move is nothing less than a vain attempt at absolute monarchy. Stronly recommended: http://moonofalabama.org “The Saudi System and Why Its Change May Fail” Who in their right mind would invest in Arabia under the current regime?

    The Lebanese government must have received credible intelligence from some source(s). The Lebanese Army has been mobilized to meet an impending threat on the Israeli border. Looks like Mr. Netanyahu really needs some more war somewhere to rescue his failing political career.

    1. How about “Strongly” recommended? Thank you for your indulgence.

      There are a number of supporting, contrasting, and additional points in the suggested article.

      First, while bin Salman describes his campaign as an anti corruption measure, corruption is and has been the way of life and business in Arabia. Bin Salman is seen as shifting ALL business to himself directly, not exactly a popular move.

      Second, bin Salman has been shifting the detainees away from hospitals as apparently hospital staff have talked and the word is T-O-R-T-U-R-E. There is a climate of fear and even minor officials now hesitate to make the most basic decisions until they hear from above, fearing what might happen if they make the wrong one. You can’t run a country this way.

      Third, the amount of wealth stolen in this manner while seeming to be a lot is only a proverbial few drops in the bucket. Most wealthy Arabians squirrel away huge amounts outside the country for safety. Foreign investors are told this is only going to happen to them, we won’t do this to you – would you believe them?

      All of this mess aimed at imposing the most tyrannical absolute monarchy is contrasted with the Islamic democracy (which WORKS effectively) in Iran. Which would any sane person prefer?

    2. @Winston,

      I also wonder how Netanyahu’s growing legal troubles may play into these developments. Per “The Economist,” Bibi is under investigation for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. One can only hope that his days are numbered. Probably unlikely, but it would be great to see the Tel Aviv bully in an Israeli jail. OTOH, will his replacement be even worse? Is Soviet-born Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman in line? I’ve read that he is even more extreme.

      1. FOLLYOFWAR,

        Great points. Lieberman does indeed think, speak, and act like a mad dog. Where’s the Veterinarian?

  4. ” The destruction of Iran and Hezbollah would be Israel’s objective, something Israel could do easily enough with help from the United States. “

    I disagree. Israel’s loyal bitch, the USA, could do some serious damage to Iran and Hezbollah–mainly by bombing Beirut–but they won’t destroy them, unless the USA or the parasitic Israel uses nukes.

    And if either one is stupid enough to do that, the world will finally say ENOUGH and ostracize both nations into oblivion.

  5. Israel and SA are suffocating the entire region. Israelis are openly demanding Jews-only territory in a large part of ME. The US Congress have voted against supporting SA’s attack on Yemen, but the US has actually doubled military support for SA. The suffering in Yemen is unprecedented – it’s genocide! Russia is heavily arming Iraq. Obviously, Israel is very useful to American and Russian arms manufacturers – they are robbing Arabs of oil, and killing them. Russia is building up troops in Egypt close to Libya, and the US even more in Somalia, to create more migrants for Europe. In the meantime, Soros is using media to put pressure on Eastern European countries to accept more migrants. How well the global mafia members are coordinated!

    ‘“If we sit 20 years, the world will get used to our being in those territories, in any case no less than they got used to [Jordan’s King] Hussein being there,” Transportation Minister Moshe Carmel suggested…
    “A Jewish state in which there are 40 percent Arabs is not a Jewish state. It is a fifth column that will destroy the Jewish state,” Education Minister Zalman Aranne said in cabinet minutes… “We must increase [the number of] Jews and take all possible measures to reduce the number of Arabs,” Religious Affairs Minister Zerah Warhaftig said… Another “solution” touted by the Israeli PM was to hope for war. “Perhaps we can expect another war and then this problem will be solved,” he said.’

  6. The UN has NEVER been of any use, other than creating a monster – Israel!
    With 50,000 Yemeni children dead in 2017, UK-US-Saudi war enters horrific new stage
    ‘… A Harvard study estimates the Saudis are spending $200 million per day on this war, driving their military budget up to $63.7 billion, the fourth highest in the world… [Yemen] with two-thirds of the population – over 18 million people – now dependent on humanitarian aid for their survival, even these shocking figures are set to escalate very quickly. Seven million people are at immediate risk of famine… The willful starvation of 130 children per day… Save the Children reported that 130 Yemeni children are now dying every day from extreme hunger or disease, with 50,000 dead this year alone. Meanwhile, the cholera epidemic, triggered by a combination of the war’s crippling of water sanitation systems and the Hadi government’s decision to block payments to all waste, sewage and health workers in Houthi-controlled areas – became the biggest in recorded history last month, with almost 900,000 infected by the disease.’

    1. Snez

      The primary purpose of the U.N. was in serving as a front for the surreptitious act of creating the state of Israel after WW2. This is an extension whose earlier form was called “British Palestine” with the equivalence being the front known as the League of Nations after WW1. Everything in the agenda as spelled out in the protocols pivots around this starting with the Bolshevik takeover in 1917.

      I stay out on a limb stating that the destruction of Is-ra-el will be the catalyst for fomenting a short-lived jew-run world totalitarian state.

      Short-lived because the perceived BEGINNING of it will prove to be the virtual END of it

      1. It’s just too easy for many of these modern-day politicos to fall in line with the Chabadian end-game of world totalitarianism, even if they’re not seein the whole picture.

        But I’ll still hold out in saying that Putin may prove to have been “layin in the weeds” the whole time, like a big cat waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time to pounce on a prey that doesn’t suspect him to BE the cat, but just another mouse in a long string of ’em.

        If he is able to stay in his current position long enough in keeping with a correct reflection of Cayce’s vision, then he’ll know when the time will be right to turn the tables – soon after the perceived beginning of this scurrilous “new order”.

  7. I doubt Resident Gump has an army to lend his pals in sandland. His predecessor Butt Stupid turned the US Military into a make work paycheck loan for his genetic failure voting base. They just hit their fifth slow boat. I tugboat no less. those things go less than 15 knots and are as small as a fishing vessel. No White guys are gonna abandon their families to fight another banker war. El Stupido Bush League Dump OWNS the Ritz Carlton so his diseased son-in-law must have “brokered” the House of Saud into being their erstwhile “allies” in the Iran misadventure. I have a feeling Putin and his Spetnaz are gonna pay ZARDOZ the dumb empty head back for Syria and their pipeline plans to undercut Gazprom. Crimea is another reason. Meanwhile China has started cleansing Afreaka by getting dumbass Mugabe arrested.
    Money changes everything. Uncle Sham is NOW BROKE. That new bank with Renminbi is gonna sink the Rothschild System it looks like. Diversity has sunk their yachts and it looks like their houses might burn down next. Resident Gump just got the bird from China. They are keeping Kim Pop Crazy and telling Resident Gump to go screw himself someplace else.
    Gumbo “combover Bush” Gump is a shrimp on the World Stage NOW.

    1. “Stupid is as stupid does.” — Forrest Gump, the Jews’ favorite stupid redneck from the South.

      The term “Gumpization of America” is relatively new to me. I first heard it used about 3 weeks ago by a caller to Don Blacks’ Stormfront radio broadcast. Basically it means the dumbing down of Americans. I assume Dr. Doom is both making reference to the Gumpization of America phenomenon and also parodying it. The ‘Gumpization’ or ‘Gumping down’ of America is one of the Jews’ culture wars on goyim, and, in particular, it’s a culture war against White American males.

      Although Adam Gismondi doesn’t mention Jewish malevolence — probably because he isn’t Jew-wise and doesn’t know Jews are behind the Gumpization and dumbing down of America — I still recommend his short little article for those who, like me, are generally interested in culture and the Jews’ wars against it: The “Forrest Gump-ization” of Now

      Here’s an interesting excerpt from his article:

      In Forrest Gump, history is blurred. The events that we once presumably had clear knowledge of are viewed from a romanticized distance, which one may certainly argue is merely a function of filmmaking. To dive into the sociopolitical issues of the mid-20th century may have been too complicated a task for this particular movie, or it may have just not been the film’s purpose. Either way, though, major events are presented as hollow structures — we recognize their shape and general outline, but the true substance is absent.

      I believe that as we learn – about historical events for instance – issues enter our consciousness as blurry, then they evolve to a point of peak clarity, and then finally, as time passes, they settle into a final level of blurriness once again. Consider an event like the ballot/voting mess in Florida in the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. First, we (as a collective people) were unclear as to what exactly was happening, then as information came to us we learned about the many voting considerations (hanging chads, misalignment in the ballots, potential hand-counting errors, etc.), and then after the issue came to a conclusion, it faded back into a history that your average citizen could likely explain only in general terms.

      So what?

      If you will grant my basic assumption that the above accurately describes the patterns of historical events within the public consciousness, I would like to extend the logic one step further. This process, in which issues clarify and then blur is now being greatly accelerated by new media. The primary drivers of this change, I would argue, are social media platforms and 24-hour news channels. — Adam Gismondi, Ph. D.

  8. Zionists and dual citizens control the U.S. government and as a result when Israel goes to war the Zionist controlled U.S. goes to war , this has been proven over and over again and most recently in Iraq and Libya and Syria , where the U.S. went to war for Israel.

    ISIS aka AL CIADA is a creation of the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 to do regime change and destroy the Mideast for Israel and this has set the table for and Israeli perpetrated war against IRAN . Trump is a TROJAN HORSE for the Zionists and will do anything that Netanyahu and Israel demands of him and so again , when Israel goes to war , the U.S. ZIONIST CONTROLLED MIC will go to war and Russia and China will side with Iran and all HELL will break loose.

    Israel is going to cause the destruction of AMERICA.

  9. Last question of the article “can Israel survive?” (a cataclysm of war). The answer is, obviously, “No”. Of COURSE America will be pulled-into the fray, because of Zionist influence. Putin knows this, and will join the resultant festivities on different terms. End result: End of Israhell. I wonder, sometimes, whether Putin and Trump might be in collusion planning the party, just for that purpose… 😋

    1. Putin knows this, and will join the resultant festivities on different terms. End result: End of Israhell. I wonder, sometimes, whether Putin and Trump might be in collusion planning the party, just for that purpose… 😋

      That’s exactly what Lobro thinks. And, you know, Lobro could be right! 🙂

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the “Lobro Thesis”, however bizarre and unlikely it may seem on the surface, actually turns out to be the correct one.

      Only time will tell.

      1. The thing is, Sard, there WILL be war – and the magnitude of it WILL rearrange ME regimes, no matter who is fighting for whom. I feel like the temper of most thinking Americans is to be rid of the whole scenario – especially the irritable parasite, Israhell. I told a preacher, not long ago, that he shouldn’t be confused about the exodus of congregants from churches. Many people have begun to question the Chosenoid bullshit, and don’t care to hear it, anymore.

  10. In the long run we are all dead and the stock market is valued at zero, how we get there, now that is the question. I am an advocate of nuclear war on Jewry, why put up with these circumcised peckerheads? Why hasn’t someone just taken one of these smart missiles and put a nuke on the Knesset and ended the entire War of Jewish Terror on the world? All it takes is a thought and a switch, no great heroic combat effort is needed, no one has to storm the beaches to fight this war. This war can be fought with missiles activated by buttons and switches. Push the button and no more Jew problem.

    Maybe they can’t wage nuclear war, because the aliens who own the planet won’t let them. Scum politicians like Trump may wage verbal terror of nookular combat on the Koreas but he can’t actually go in and nuke Pyongyang. If he could he would. If someone cared enough they could nuke Tel Aviv – then why hasn’t someone done it? Because no one is sane or they can’t, something is preventing them and that thing is alien intelligence that owns and controls this planet.


    It is beyond me why any sane person in a position of political power allows the current system to keep going. Why do nation states allow private central banks when they could print their own currency interest free? Why would any sane nation want to spend hundreds of billions on weapons of war when they could build a wonderful society? Why do we keep giving Israel money after 911? Why, after 911, are any Jews allowed to hold positions of power?


    Well let me tell you why. People are not sane, they are completely insane because of religion. All we need to do is look at religion in Amerika to find the answer as to why there is no will to fight Jewry. Fundamentalist Christianity is the scourge infecting this free nation, all the Evangelicals are in love with Israel! That is not just treasonous but insane. Amerika has a massive case of national Stockholm Syndrome, the nation is in love with the abuser Israel.

    Israel is destroying us so why would so many people love a nation destroying it? There is only one answer, the power of the Holy Bible spell. Just take a look at that fat pig John Hagee, waving the Bible around in mesmerizing circles and sayin’ we all got to support Israel or Gawd will condemn us. What kind of shit logic is that? He started Christians United for Israel and is a key note speaker at AIPAC and personal friends of Bibi Netanyahu.


    Well I got some extra rope handy, the very same rope we rustle cattle can be used to string up these mother f-ckin’ traitors who love Israel more than America. I think the winds are shiftin’ a different direction these days and I think the first crack in the pole propping up the economic dead horse then people are going to start demanding some changes.


  11. ‘Put-On’ wants all of the Middle East for Russia. “BIGGLY”.

    The Jerusalem Post article, below, was written August 23, 2017:

    Netanyahu meets with Putin, expresses concern over Iran’s role in Syria

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Sochi on Wednesday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his fourth visit to Russia in the last 16 months.

    *Putin, in the part of the meeting to which reporters had access, did not address Netanyahu’s remarks about Iran’s role in Syria.

    “Mr. President, with joint efforts we are defeating Islamic State, and this is a very important thing. But the bad thing is, that where the defeated Islamic State group vanishes, Iran is stepping in,” Netanyahu told Putin during talks at Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi.

    Netanyahu also said that “Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent in already in practice in control of Lebanon.”


    *Putin, in the part of the meeting to which reporters had access, did not address Netanyahu’s remarks about Iran’s role in Syria.

    That means a lotta “YUGE” guessin’ goin’ on..!! 🙂

    Since everyone else is guessing about what took place in secret… so shall I:

    Meetings like this are going to continue with ‘Put-On’ and all leaders in Israel and others until….

    Russia is given control of ALL of the Mid Eastern territories, including Israel.


    Israel in Russia – Russia in Israel.

    Israel in Russia:
    In addition to the embassy in Moscow, Israel also has a consulate general in St. Petersburg.

    Russia in Israel:
    Russia has 2 representations in Israel. These representations include an embassy in Tel Aviv a consulate general in Haifa.

    The Israeli embassy is one of 360 foreign representations in Russia, and one of 158 foreign representations in Moscow.



    Russia’s strategic VISION for Israel (From a Russian – 2017)

    [ Dmitry Maryasis, Ph.D., is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at Skolkovo Business School’s Institute for Emerging Markets Studies. He also serves as a director general of the Russia-Israel Business Council. Maryasis, an expert in the economics and politics of contemporary Israel, has authored more than 50 research papers and the book “Innovation Economy Building Experience: The Case of Israel” (Moscow, 2015). ]

    A RECENT TREND in Russia is to consider itself a potential MAJOR PARTNER to Israel — a capable substitute, at least partially, for the United States.

    Having effectively “returned” to the Middle East, Russia is seeking to become a “fair moderator” in the region striving for its general stabilization.

    Moscow welcomes Israel’s stable relations with Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are positive spots in the overall unstable situation in the Middle East.

    Political and military contacts between Russia and Israel are on the rise.


    “…military contacts between Russia and Israel are on the rise.”

    ”A RECENT TREND in Russia is to consider itself a potential MAJOR PARTNER to Israel — a capable substitute, at least partially, for the United States.”

  12. The current leader of the alsaud dictatorship , egged on by nuttyahoo and Kushner is hoping to cause and create discord and civil war in Lebanon, this is their last and only hope, it will fail.

    The Resistance will continue to build it’s ability to Remove the Zionist curse, until it chooses to make a move, in the meantime should any entity attack the core resistance forces, a proportional response shall be forthcoming.

    1. B-Hawk –

      Why would I want to do that? In fact, I may not want to amend anything I write.

      I don’t understand what you mean at all…. unless you see Israel as Russia already. That case could be made.

      You have my permission to rewrite what I wrote… with words to suit you… under your name, if that helps you make your point.. 🙂

      1. Pat

        What I meant simply reflects a guess that the state of Israel will cease to exist, and this conjoins with my agreeing with YOUR guess of the entire ME coming under the purview of Russia when this becomes a fait accompli.

        This wouldn’t mean “Israel as Russia”, per se. The territory presently inhabited by “Israel” may revert to being called “Palestine” again; this time a Russian protectorate once existing as a British protectorate

  13. As I type*, Hariri is flying back home, he may be surprised at the feelings of his supporters, many are voicing their unhappiness at now his control by Alsaud has brought Lebanon closer to civil strive.

    * ” as I type “, generally my comments appear much later.
    PS, not that I am claiming discrimination, or even that my comments are Worthy.

  14. I have to say this about that. Most commentary, here and elsewhere on topic, appears to identify geographically defined land masses as if each were a conscious, unitary (collective?) being. For instance, we have Russia, US Inc., Israel, SA, etc. Some comments appear to ascribe personality and other attributes, conscious intention, and motivations to past, current, and possible future actions of “countries”. I wonder here how anyone could profess to know the multidimensional, intercultural dynamics among very different peoples, much less their “international relations” with any accuracy or depth of understanding, even less the multidimensional frequency distributions of knowledge, attitudes, and predilections of human beings so grouped and homogenized for purposes of “analysis” or, more accurately, rank speculation.

    Each such arbitrarily (though not always capriciously) defined locations — Iraq, Syria, Somalia, New York, China (!), Indonesia (!), India (!) — hold or contain large, even vast numbers of individual human beings. How is it, for example, that “Putin” becomes the ______ (your descriptor here) of Russia? Is any “leader of a nation” truly more than a puppet of behind-the-scene directors and producers? If Donald Trump has simply taken on the role of Puppet in Chief, as in soap operas replacing a “dead character” (in our case, Obummer) with yet another in an endless series, then where in the search of Reality for Truth shall we look for realistic explanations and understanding of “world affairs”??

    In writing fiction, I understood from early college education that “conflict” is the key to holding readers’ interest. I did not accept that dictum then or now. Nonetheless, we appear to have no greater conflict than “war among nations” — at least until Preston James’ ETs arrive! The principals — US, Inc., Israel, SA, Russia, Iran, etc. — serve as main characters. We merely opine about possible story lines, moving symbolic markers on a planetary game board.

    And who fights these wars? Increasingly, machines. Deadly weapons fashioned and delivered by machines, decreasingly with human oversight and responsibility. If at all possibly worse, we have virtually entire populations of human beings estranged from the decision-making and approval of such conflicts! The very human beings who suffer the consequences directly, inevitably.

    What to do? I contemplate that question daily as I enter my eighth decade of life here and now. “The Kingdom of GOD is within.” comes to mind, more often than not!

    1. Yes, AD, in some countries they chop heads, in others they “suicide” people, and ‘we the sheep’ put up with it – so much of the collective conscious being!

    2. It is well and good to explore parameters of humanity and ethnicity by way genetic and epigenetic vectors, how do influences of region, climate, diet, work and so forth leave their mark on individual and national personality.

      But there is another way, in some sense more revealing of core traits and that is to study the JEW.
      He is evil by design, because his welfare is inversely reciprocal to ours.
      By examining the salient elements of the universe’s most sophisticated parasite, we can draw numerous conclusions about the host, especially its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which the parasite was customized to exploit.

      1. Lobro,
        But we must remember that Jews arent necessarily a cohesive group. Theyre many factions many of whom hate each other. My grandfather, a Jew and die-hard Zionist supporter of Israel hated “faggots” and “orthodox religious nuts.” “Just look at how they dress, grandson! And they dont eat pork! I hate to imagine what these faggots do to each other! Its a disgrace! If I want to eat porkchops or drink on the Sabbath, Ill damn-well do it! Im a Jew and will do what I want!” Thats how the old man lived, refusing to take orders from anyone. In a way, I respected his spirit while disagreeing with lots of his Marxist views. My point is, please dont lump all Jews into one category. At the end of the day, some are good and some are bad. Bibi is an arch-criminal and his days are numbered. But my grandad owned his own business selling home- refrigeration units for 25 years. He earned his millions, though being somewhat of a “Scrooge ” to his employees, honestly.

      2. Lobro,

        I read with care and great interest Judaism Discovered and, more recently, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, both master works of Michael Hoffman. I have read translated chapters of Alexandre Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together. I remain greatly bothered and unsatisfied by unnuanced, unqualified, indiscriminate use of the term “JEW”. Why? I get this deep sense of a play for Mind’s attention and acquiescence based on a Hegelian dialectic designed to obfuscate, not to illuminate.


      3. @Donaldo & Alan,

        i welcome the opportunity to clear the air regarding my notion of JEW, in future correspondence (hopefully with OTHER posters, because you two would have got it by then) instead of repeating the argument, i will just link to this post.

        First and foremost, we must come to an agreement on what constitutes a Jew.
        genetics cannot do it, because of the huge diversity of their genetic material, from the purely arabic ones in yemen and saudi arabia, iraq, the palestinian sephardis, ethiopian falashas (black), kurdish jews (very white), chinese, indian, asiatic khazars, mixing in a ton of north european blood by way of their brothels … it goes on forever and only serves to thoroughly muddy the waters – precisely what they want – and what i don’t want.
        So that’s out.
        Notice too, that a number of jews have declared themselves non-jews: Gilad atzmon, Morris108 video guy, Mordecai vanunu, benjamin freedman (who ranked so high in the JEW hierarchy that he served on FDR’s JEW panel of close advisors and “negotiators”, before catching the light of Christ), brother Nathaniel and numerous others going way back in history (e.g., a converted Jew, Theobald of Cambridge who around 1155AD spilled the beans on the occult significance of Purim, the “festival of lots” and in that greatly harmed the JEW cause, which to me is the mark of the true conversion, the willingness to speak the hitherto hidden truth and thus damage judaism, it being automatically inimical to just about any given truth).
        So, if Donaldo’s grandfather was just a shrewd merchant who dealt in fridges and amassed a fortune, while keeping himself completely clean of judaic cabal, then as far as i am concerned he is not a jew.

        Similarly, the notion of religion is an even bigger red herring.
        Judaism is NOT a religion, being the very antithesis of it, feel free to call it Anti-religion, whereas atheism can be thought of as a neutral territory.
        Any religion is by definition, a relationship with the cosmic spirit of balance, justice, eternity, a moral code universal to all beings (yes, even animals have a sense of justice and fairness, some highly developed), decency, charity, truth, freedom of choice, brotherhood with all life, an interconnectivity, whereby one is judged solely on one’s works.
        Judaism is the very opposite of each of these elements characterizing religion, i don’t need to belabor this point.

        therefore, JEW is the state of (non-) being whereby one buys into these notions of deception, materialism, slavery to an unjust, wrathful entity that demands instant and ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE in return for material gain, the totality of temporal life, supremacism and exceptionalism by way of birthright AND obedience, evildoing free of punishment, glorification of perversion, cheating, stealing, moral filth … etc, again, no need for exhaustive listing on the present board, after all, aren’t we assembled here under this common understanding?

        Notice the term JEW, capitalized in the singular, in order to highlight the monolithic essence of the Judean hive of the sayanim.

        get it now, Alan and Donaldo?

        example: barbara Streisand, the Jewess, is a JEW, simply based on that photo of her sitting next to Adelson at the IDF fund-raising gala.
        I don’t need any other data on her, i don’t care who endorses her as a Philanthrophist who funds orphanages or museums or whatever deceitful identity she peddles and hides behind.
        She is one of the JEW hive, period and deserves to share the fate of Judas Iscariot in the epicentre of hell.

      4. here is an interesting take on the subject by a frenchman, herve ryssen, a refreshingly original and independent thinker, at least on these, north american shores:
        PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF JUDAISDM, where he likewise denies that Judaism is a religion or that being a Jew is a racial construct.

        from the opening paragraph:

        Judaism is NOT merely a ““religion”, as many Jews are overt atheists or agnostics, and they do not consider themselves less Jewish for all that.
        Jewry is also NOT a race even if it is true that a ““trained eye”, most of the time, can recognize a Jewish appearance, that is to say, a characteristic pattern which is the result of their strict observance of endogamy for centuries.
        Jews see themselves as the ““chosen ones” of God, and marriage outside the community is strictly frowned upon. However, mixed marriages do exist and have also helped to renew the blood of Israel during all the centuries spent in the various ghettos where the Jews preferred to live, separately and apart from the rest of the population. The essential condition for such mixed marriages is that the mother be Jewish, since Orthodox Rabbis recognize as Jewish only the child born of a Jewish mother.
        [thus the whorehouse sperm collection as explained by that jewish poster who got kicked off for profanities but otherwise provided this and another couple of invaluable insights – his name escapes me now but i kind of liked his unusual sincerity – TROJ would remember]

        However, having just a Jewish father or grandparent can suffice for a person to identify completely with Judaism. Jewishness is therefore a ““mental race” that has been shaped over the centuries by the Hebrew religion and the universalist project of Judaism.

      5. Lobro, just adding that Herve Ryssen, a very intelligent man, is a big obstacle for la mafia juive. He doesn’t stop speaking, despite the bogus “anti-Semitism” law. When the Jewish mafia had no other argument against him, a bunch of them came in front of his home with a poster reading, ‘It’s true because Jews say it is!’ He put a photo of it on his website and distributed it to other truth tellers.
        ‘The Jewish mafia is the main mafia that exists on this planet today: racketeering, pimping, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, trafficking in smuggled diamonds, trafficking in works of art, murders under contract, organized gang scams, armed robberies, etc. The pornography, the environments of the casinos and of the discotheques are also widely held by these Mafia Israelites.’
        More of his work here:

      6. thanks snez, he is indeed bright and fearless, a young guy who should be declared a national treasure in france – like dieudonne m’bala m’bala, instead of that his own compatriots pretend he does not exist.

        just as canadians with art topham.

        i plan to watch those documentaries, even with my atrociously forgotten and neglected french.

      7. listening to Hervé Ryssen – The Jews & The ((( Russian))) Revolution narration, very much in agreement with the 8 Pacifica lectures on the subject by Valdas Anelauskas that i keep mentioning, it is worth pausing at the 30:30 minute mark, where lenin decrees the law against “entisemitism”, cut into thousands of gramophone vinyl recordings and played in all the public venues, all over the country

        On July 27, 1918, just after the execution of the Imperial family, a special law on anti-Semitism was promulgated, the conclusion of which was written by Lenin.
        According to this law, Solzhenitsyn said, the anti-Semites had to be placed “outside the law”, that is to say – shot. The mere possession of documents could bring you death.
        Another law encouraged Jews to report any violation of their national dignity.
        Article 59-7 of the 1922 Penal Code (“incitement to hatred and national or religious division”) was amply sufficient to impose convictions which could be further increased by confiscation of property or death penalty.

        I urge everyone to watch/listen/read subtitles of this video for a realistic look at the JEW at his unbridled worst.

        … there is also a bit on how as soon as “promoted” to head Cheka, Zinoviev executed hundreds of high ranking clergy (no problem with “hatred and national or religious division” this time) … the same Zinoviev that groveled in bowel dumping fear and literally licked his executioners’ shoes begging for mercy after Stalin ordered him shot later on.

      8. https://johndenugent.com/tag/herve-ryssen/
        This article on courts punishing revisionists is inexplicably ignoring the 11-month jail term for my friend Hervé Ryssen. Maybe because Hervé has lanced the boil of the biggest scandal perhaps in Jewry, incest.
        The hideous Big Cheese of Jewry 150 years ago — Adolphe Crémieux; Ryssen explains Jewish incest and the real Jewish agenda

    3. Alan,
      Entering your 8th decade and still pondering what to do. Whe I was 10 years old I knew everything. Now closing my 5th década, I have more questions than answers.

      1. Donaldo,

        A few years ago — a seeming age! — immersed in the nascent, quickly evolving domain of Doom & Gloom, then both learning and unlearning much of constitutes my current “knowledge base”, I began a series of communications with an exponentially dwindling number of correspondents. The more rabbit holes I explored, the deeper I went, the fewer among family, friends, and colleagues who wished to read of my adventures in this modern-day Wonderland. I entitled the series “Dyin’ Ignorant”.

        By “dyin’ ignorant”, I mean that I aim to die completely disabused of nonsense, BS, lies, and fairy tales, left in Peace, bathed in Light, filled with Joy, contemplating only the Truth of the matter. I submit to you, a good death indeed to which to aspire! Of note, the essays of Miles Mathis propelled me on my way forward, to which I can attest to this day! I highly recommend his collection of “revisionist history” to all who have yet to engage Mr. Mathis’ theories and conclusions!

        With my continued emptying of Mind of detritus of supposed experience, an inner push to “do something’ has begun to overwhelm any desire I have to know more or know less. I already have what I need, so the still inner voice counsels. Nonetheless, I shall insist upon a whispered Word from the Divine before I gird my loins for what may well prove a final battle.

  15. The author, Abdel wrote:
    “Our region stands on the brink of war.”

    That lets the world know that, with his guessing… nothing has changed since 1947.

  16. Saudi Arabia: Israel’s Dream State, and Israel has proven it with the way it treats its own and anyone who happens to be on the territory Israel has stolen from Palestine.
    Saudi Arabia: Israel’s Dream State
    Zvi Bar’el, Nov 20, 2017 8:09 AM
    ‘Israel is happy to let Riyadh lead the anti-Iranian alliance, but not so happy to pay the political price of real cooperation.’ [the article is not available further without payment – how typical!]
    ‘Israel has no better ally than Saudi Arabia. It fights Hezbollah and overthrew the Lebanese prime minister who had lived in peace with that organization for a year. There is no other country in the world, including the United States, that acts with such resolve against Iran. Saudi Arabia even went to war in Yemen, not for the Yemenis, who as far as Riyadh is concerned could die of starvation, but to block Iran’s influence… It seems as if Saudi Arabia would be happy to have Israel join the “Sunni axis.”’

  17. @LOBRO 11-23-17, 0401 hours
    RE @Donaldo & Alan

    This is not the thread to engage a debate with you, Lobro! Nonetheless, a veteran of D&G, especially on salient topics, I very much disagree with your “starting point”. You wrote: “First and foremost, we must come to an agreement on what constitutes a Jew.”

    The issue as I see it relates more to DISRUPTION of honest communication among persons of like mind. Consider contemporary “CONnotations” of just those three selected, re-ordered letters of the alphabet — J, E, and W. Knowing, appreciating, taking into account the likely IMPACT of deploying “JEW” in a comment or essay, given an audience with wildly varying kinds and intensities of programmed sensitivity to reading or hearing the term “JEW”, why would one want to risk the success of a communication if the word “JEW” appeared in it?

    I write as one who has a long-time friend and colleague, a person with the patience to instruct me well on this subject. I also rely on works of Michael Hoffman. Just as I suspect the meaning and significance of words like “Iran”, Israel”, ***US, Inc.***, “Russia”, etc., I have come to realize faults of my own. One of those faults is accepting without thought or analysis certain terms, terms I once took for granted.

    No one, in my opinion, should take — in speech, or in print — the array of letters, the sound JEW without careful consideration of not only the “meaning” of the sound, but also, and much more importantly, the SIGNIFICANCE of the sound. The significance (import) of the use of JEW is a function of many factors, of course — for example, makeup of one’s audience (speech, print), context of statements including the word JEW.

    I’ll go for a more detailed reply either off-line and on another thread. Thanks for your edifying reply, which I read with great interest.

    1. No worries, Alan, I won’t pursue this further, though I didn’t catch your point.
      Another time.

      Though to briefly clarify, my reason for using “JEW” is precisely in order to be specific as to MY intended meaning and to avoid confusion due to variance in a multitude of definitions and perceptions.
      I provided MY definition without insisting that it be universally accepted.
      However, note that part of the trouble is just this great number of ill-defined views using the same term to denote varying concepts.

      I would wager that the “ex-Jews” like Atzmon would gravitate towards my viewpoint, which treats “Jewry” as a state of voluntary membership, sort of like hereditary nobility, e.g., squatting in the House of Lords (hmm, and just who is packing it these days), thus giving them the opportunity to opt out.

      1. Yes Snez, cast iron stomach is a prerequisite for reading Ariel Toaff’s description of the ghetto “soul”, which shaped and to this day exerts a vice grip on “People Who Shall Dwell Alone”.
        “Matzo of Zion” also makes for queasy read.

        I am generally an easygoing guy, willing to advance benefit of doubt but not to those for whom lying, deception and betrayal are sacred virtues, according to their own assertion.

    2. Alan –

      Like you, I also suspect the meaning and significance of words like “Iran, Inc”, “Israel, Inc”, “US, Inc”, “Russia, Inc” and numerous other Unions and Republics… which are ALL commercial entities, corporate persons.
      Each of them can sue and be sued. That happens all the time.. 🙂

  18. The word ” Jew ” conjurers up many thoughts in many different people, it’s hard not to notice that in a considerable amount of DM contributor’s the work conjurers up disgust, if I may however remind ( or point out ) that due to the mind control of the last 60+ years of TV and film propaganda , this portrayal of the ” Jew ” is greeted with a large degree of scepticism by many , if not most of the Western populist.
    What to do?, I would suggest replacing the word with ” Zionist ” whenever applicable ( almost always ), that word is more likely to be to successful in weaning the common man/woman away from their state of mind control, and towards a state of mind the will countenance the removal of the problem.

  19. Israel judíos que no son judíos si no Jazaros provenientes de Jazaria en el Caucaso.
    Una vez más, la Palabra de Dios demuestra ser correcta y la humanidad en todas partes está confundida. Muchos cristianos creían que las personas que hoy día se declaran judíos, descendientes de Abraham, eran exactamente lo que decían. Ellos insistieron en que sus antepasados, sus padres fundadores, les habían dado título sobre la tierra de Israel según el Antiguo Pacto de hace más de 5.000 años y muchos creyeron en ellos.

    “Estimado Lord Rothschild: Tengo el placer de dirigirle a usted, en nombre del Gobierno de Su Majestad, la siguiente declaración de simpatía a las aspiraciones de los judíos sionistas, que ha sido sometida y aprobada por el Gabinete: El Gobierno de Su Majestad contempla con beneplácito el establecimiento en Palestina de una nación para el pueblo judío y hará uso de sus mejores esfuerzos para facilitar la realización de este objetivo, entendiéndose claramente que no se hará nada que perjudique los derechos civiles ni religiosos de las comunidades no judías existentes en Palestina, ni los derechos ni estatus político de los judíos en cualquier otro país. Estaría agradecido si pudiera poner esta declaración en conocimiento de la Federación Sionista”. Dice la carta dirigida al barón Lionel Walter Rothschild, líder judío para que se la transmitiera a la Federación Sionista.

    ¿Por qué un país como el Reino Unido le rinde reverencia a una minoría, a un grupo religioso minoritario además, prometiéndole todo su esfuerzo para darle un país?

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