On Troll Techniques and ‘Vendetta Castration’


We apologize for this relatively trivial “off-topic” post. Please ignore it if you have better things to do with your time and proceed to the next article by James Petras which we have just uploaded and which is our main offering this weekend. We post this off-topic bagatelle here partly as comic relief and partly because it will teach us something about trolls and their tricks.  (TL)

“Masha Sunshine, you really are the Queen of the Shit House!
Have I told you lately how much you disgust me?” — Circassian



This is just to let you know that we have received several complaints about you from our regular readers, accusing you of being an obvious troll and enemy of this website. They recommend that you be banned immediately, as you were once before, and one of them says you are engaged in “vendetta castration” on this website. You deploy this technique in at least 95% of your comments. It consists of picking on some individual and telling him he is a stupid piece of trash. In your most recent post made only this morning, for example, you pick on H. Price, a new poster, and Pat, an old poster, to tell them how “stupid” they are.

Can you tell me what purpose is served by these constant ad hominem attacks on particular posters?

You began your assault on this website by conducting a prolonged “vendetta castration” op against Lobro, driving him to near distraction by your constant nitpicking and demonstration of Lobro’s (allegedly) total ignorance of all matters under the sun, including mathematics and quantum physics. Driven to desperation, Lobro threatened to leave the site unless we banned you. Lobro was 100% in the right to demand your removal because you were clearly up to no good. You were obviously conducting a deliberate campaign of character assassination and demoralization against Lobro. This has now been given a name: “vendetta castration”.

Do you think Admin is so stupid not to notice that your sole raison d’etre for being on this site is to piss everyone off and deplete our site of its best posters? This is a classic troll technique, Circassian. Your first victim of “vendetta castration” happened to be a woman: Lasha Darkmoon. Among other things, you referred to our site as a “shithouse” and Lasha as “Queen of the Shithouse”.

In spite of all these insults, we allowed you to go on posting on our site. Why? Because Lasha told us to let you go on posting here, more amused than offended by your insults. Lasha’s patience and tolerance are almost superhuman.

Has Pat become the new target of your “vendetta castration”? Or is it Franklin Ryckaert? Or is it Sardonicus once again? This is just to let you know we can pull the plug on you at any momemt if we receive any more complaints about you. The experienced troll conceals his techniques of trollery so that no one is even aware of the mischief and mayhem he is up to. The inexperienced troll makes his techniques only too obvious, revealing himself in the process as a troll. As you did here long ago, Circassian, when you made it only too obvious how much you hated the Darkmoon site and all it stood for.


Could ‘Circassian’
be a reincarnation of Rasputin? 


Look, Sardonicus. I can see you are really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

I have tried to explain to you earlier that this [darkmoon site] is a shit house, and you are one of the biggest shitters in this latrine. I am one of the few who is cleaning the shit after you, bastard, but you have no appreciation for that.

(“Vendetta castration”, yes or no? Trying to infuriate Admin and Sardonicus at the same time, were you?)

—  §  —


I had very little doubt from the very start that Masha Sunshine was nothing but a Jewish project. All the signs are there screaming for every perceptive mind to see: the hypocrisy, logical acrobatics, sophistries, outright lies, lowbrow attempts at emotional manipulation….

Masha Sunshine, you are really the Queen of the Shit House! Have I told you lately that you disgust me more than Flyingsocks, Pat, SPQR, and Sardonicus combined? These poor souls are for the most part sapheads, but you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you?

(How obvious can a troll get!)

—  §  —


There should be doubt about that in anyone’s mind, Masha Sunshine will be there again sticking in our faces pornographic pictures of some unknown artists proving how the Russian Army raped innocent Ukrainian women, men, and children in millions.

That’s why I am disgusted with this bitch. She couldn’t care less about some alleged rapes that supposedly happened some 70 years ago, but noooo, there she is with her crocodile tears. Absolutely disgusting!

No further comment needed, Circassian.

Be aware that you have broken every single rule in the book. And yet we tolerate your existence here in exactly the same way that God tolerates the existence of Satan, for mysterious reasons of his own. You are here only because Lasha Darkmoon allows you to be here—she whom you have called “Queen of the Shithouse”.

You need to thank Lasha for her infinite patience and tolerance.

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63 thoughts on “On Troll Techniques and ‘Vendetta Castration’

  1. Frankly, I think this is a disgusting article by the tyrant Toby attacking one of the site’s finest posters. If Circassian is not incomparably one of the most intelligent posters on this site, the word “intelligence” ceases to have any meaning for me. Circassian is a master of inductive logic and Machiavellian cunning whose contributions to this site have been grossly undervalued and misunderstood. His attack on Lasha Darkmoon was made a long time ago and he has since apologized for it by stating that he had been wrong. So please, give credit where credit is due.

    1. Obviously Lasha Darkmoon has the patience of a saint for putting up with so many attackers without even blinking an eyelash. Or maybe she’s just a masochist who enjoys being given a good thrashing. Lasha has a decadent streak, as anyone can see from reading her poems and translations. The main poet she translates is Charles Baudelaire, king of the decadents and a known Satanist.

      Believe me, Lasha Darkmoon is a dark horse. There’s something very strange about this woman. How can she be sympathetic to Christianity, Islam and Buddhism at the same time as composing a lot of sexy erotic poems like “The Gybroch”, “Solitaire” and “Satanica”? It doesn’t make sense to me.

      What makes it even harder to understand, she is also an antisemite who has no time for Israel and is constantly writing and publishing racist, White supremacist diatribes complaining about multiculturalism, the migrant crisis, and Third World immigration into Europe. She has no sympathy or refugees and wants to throw them back in the sea. And why does she keep whining on about “White genocide”?

      Listen, no one is “genociding” White people! That’s a false meme. Whites are imperialist oppressors. Whites have never had it so good! The only genocide worth talking about is the Holocaust, the Nazi genocide of six million Jews.

      Never forget that, scum.

      1. “How can she be sympathetic to Christianity, Islam and Buddhism at the same time as composing a lot of sexy erotic poems like “The Gybroch”, “Solitaire” and “Satanica”?
        ADMIN: Hp, sincere apologies but your defective link had to be deleted. Damages site formatting. Please embed link if you can. Thanks!

        vidyāṁ cāvidyāṁ ca yas
        tad vedobhayaṁ saha
        avidyayā mṛtyuṁ tīrtvā
        vidyayāmṛtam aśnute

        “Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessings of immortality.”

      2. six million Jews

        I will never forget that scum.
        Unfortunately, scum replicates and grows back like metastasized tumors after chemo, one day, 4 million out of the “six million” total are reduced to 1.5 million but voila! by the next morning, the total is back to 6 million tumors again – overnight.
        The nastiest, fastest metastasizing tumor known to man and Devil alike.
        Scumosarcoma …

      3. Homer,
        true thanks for that post.
        because it provides an accurate portrayal of Lasha’s growth and development (at that timepoint).

        i was wondering how to depict this but your paragraph did a much better job.
        Admin should save it for the next time the issue resurfaces.

      4. If the owner of Darkmoon can be the Re-incarnation of Dr. John Dee from the satanic jew qabalah court of Queen Elizabeth The First then it’s only fair to allow Circassian to be The Re-Incarnation of Rasputin. What’s fair is fair. And what’s not fair, not at all, is Lasha the fuckin’ phony, lying, two-faced snake cunt hatched out of lilith’s snakepit asshole.

      5. Lobro’s very intelligent, but still, he’s not good at math. He admitted so himself. So you can’t blame Circassian for saying lobro is not good at math and quantum physics when lobro himself admitted he’s not good at math. Not good at math, then ipso facto NOT good at quantum physics. Circassian may be a troll [ I really don’t know ] but Circassian repeating something lobro himself admitted to is NOT proof Circassian is a troll.

      6. Wow, Joe! Steal my thunder! Two compliments a year and you crap all over one!!
        Hardly the behaviour of a good Christian,
        or dog owner..
        I’m still packing soap, Joe.

      7. TROJ,
        someone very perceptive, i think toby, said that lasha is supernaturally patient and tolerant.
        It is indeed so, to wit yours

        Lasha the fuckin’ phony, lying, two-faced snake cunt hatched out of lilith’s snakepit asshole

        this is a mother of all proofs, mathematical or otherwise.
        It boggles the mind, mine at any rate, all the saints (it’s just about All-Saints day what, tomorrow?) must be applauding her forbearance.

        I think that she is doing some penitence, putting up with our likes, i know that i get out of control sometimes and the fact that she comes to my defence makes people like Butterfly question the wisdom of such defense.

        Hm, just realized something, must not lose sight of it, lucky you, TROJ, i will briefly and perfunctorily put a boot up your ass and get on with the other subject.
        While Lasha pads her karma nicely with supernatural tolerance, you are depleting your account at the same rate – lobro’s math, take it or leave it.
        Find me one.
        At some level she genuinely likes you, like a pet GYBROCH, whatever that is.
        But it is not right to maximize that advantage, like filling your pockets, shirt and underwear with host’s food after you can’t eat any more.
        Not Christian. Not Catholic.
        Would Jesus say that, huh TROJ?
        I may be a lousy mathematician, maybe worse than you, but a better Catholic, to realize that Jesus would never call Lasha the fuckin’ phony, lying, two-faced snake cunt hatched out of lilith’s snakepit asshole.
        And moreover, the next time i defend you before the forum or praise your poem, Butterfly or Sister Monica or Sardonicus or Uncle Toby or one of those one-issue entities lurking on the sidelines, ready to cause inter-personal warfare, will backquote and blockquote your entire post at me as proof that i hate Lasha and want to kill the blog.
        Don’t do that, TROJ.

        Madame Butterfly … a sly one.
        Just a short while back, you mentioned that “maybe you have Japanese blood”, dindya?
        Well, there is an opera, “Madama Butterfly” about a Japanese woman who takes a gaijin boyfriend who dumps her in the end.
        Are you listening, Sard?
        Do the right thing and marry Butterfly, maybe you’ll both end up a bit less bloodthirsty the next time you think I committed some foul crime 💀.
        Don’t dump Butterfly and don’t dump on lobro, everybody happy, including the monastery sensei. 🙏
        (if i can straighten out all 3 of you in one post, it is my shabbat trifecta)

      8. Lobro :

        Catholics are allowed to spot clues, actually allowed to actually see the clues that one comes across, read the clues, understand the clues, and then come to Rightful conclusions as to what ALL THE CLUES mean. It’s called “Videre Licet”.

        Of course Our Lord and Savior wouldn’t describe Lasha the way I describe Lasha [ as per ALL THE CLUES ]. As per ALL THE CLUES, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus describes Lasha as a “whited sepulchre”, or something , lol, along those lines. See Matthew 23 : 27 for a mo’ fuller description.

      9. Just teasing Joe a little. You know, Le Petit Tourette, (not to mention the other thing).
        The soap part stands though, Joe. Not a whole lot I (or Hercules) can can do about that. (lol)

      10. HP :

        I’m a Catholic. Catholics aren’t Christians, remember? Watch who you’re talking to, bud, I just might be a Re-Incarnation of Saint Dominic and Saint Dominic had NO patience for Cathar high perfectii m00n “goddess” priestesses, nor any kind of Cathars. In fact, I think he, lol, greatly enjoyed slaughtering them. Lasha is getting off easy, 🙂 . I guess we get more mellow the more we Re-Incarnate, at least that’s what the hindoos say.

        WE know Catholics aren’t Christians because “Catholic” Moaning Mother “Superior” has told us so, so it must be true as “Catholic” Monica is yet another daughter of Qabalah JEW lilith around here.

        Soap is a GOOD THING! Try to remember next time to take your bar of soap out of your back pack, take it with you to your bathroom, and for a nice refreshing new start in Life actually use your bar of soap in the shower to cleanse yourself, that’s the REAL purpose of soap. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, sonny boy.

        I gotta go. You reminded me. I gotta run over to Pets R’ Us and buy my dog another 3 million dog toys and his favorite doggie treats, 🙂 . I was going to do it yesterday but I procrastinated. Colour me 😉 negligent and abusive.

      11. “no one is “genociding” White people! That’s a false meme.” – Seymour Zak

        The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the ‘white race’ is destroyed. – Professor Noel Ignatiev, Harvard

        We are ready to implement our most important and ambitious program. One which will finally and totally remove from existence the impediments of our absolute control of this Earth. I speak of the death of the white race. We now control the destiny of this race. – Abe Foxman, Anti Defamation League

        It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have. – Rabbi Ishmael Levitts

      12. TROJ,
        interesting, thought provoking … indeed, Catholics not only CAN but SHOULD look for clues everywhere, this is precisely what Jesus wants us to do as part of confirmation and affirmation of truth, of His Truth, because He is the Truth.
        Because the blind obedience is not His way, a Catholic is not someone merely born of Catholic parents and baptized unconscious, shitting his diapers.
        Lasha is a true, fearless Catholic, imbued with a spirit of discovery, thirst for truth, kindness and compassion for others and desire to understand them: are they good gentiles or do they gravitate towards the synagogue of Satan?

        Darkmoon blogsite is the objective proof of this search.
        why condemn those raised in a different culture, who are yet shown to be kind, compassionate, thinking people, as so many intelligent, philosophically minded Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are?
        Is your dog a Catholic, has he been baptized, done first communion, regular confessions (forgive me father, for i have sinned and sniffed other mutts’ anuses)?
        I guess not. Yet you love your non-catholic mutt just the same, because he is not an evil hound of hell.
        So why not extend the same policy of tolerance and benefit of doubt to your fellow man, until you can form a differentiated opinion based on his observed pluses and minuses?
        That is the way of a true catholic, the private ecumenism – how to interface with external world.
        Cutting off heads of infidels is easy, what’s the difference between St Dominic and wahhabi liver eaters? Beats me …

      13. @ Lobro

        No reason for your panties to be in a tight wad, lobro.

        I stood by you in a dark hour and in return you smugly lecture me so superiorily, and make underhanded accusations against me which you fully well know aren’t true. I’ve always been fair-minded to everyone here, whatever religion, and you know it too, lobro. Perhaps I was not so smart to defend you. Perhaps your detractors understand you better than I do,

        I was naive to stand by you in a dark hour. Like Madame Butterfly stabbed me in the back, you also stab me in the back.

      14. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

        All Lobro did was tick you off gently for calling LD a “cunt”.
        Is that “stabbing you in back”?

        This is what you wrote:

        Lasha the fuckin’ phony, lying, two-faced snake cunt hatched out of lilith’s snakepit asshole.

        If Lobro “stabbed you in the back”, he did right!

        He should have stabbed you up the anus and cut off your balls!

      15. @Darlington

        He should have stabbed you up the anus and cut off your balls!

        I am sorry to interrupt your nice conversation with TROJ, but this technique you are resorting to “has now been given a name: vendetta castration” according to Tobias Lang, and, if I understood Tobias correctly, is considered a trolling technique, thus commenters are advised not to use it.

      16. Circassian,

        “Vendetta castration” is not being abusive to particular poster on a one-off basis. Darlington has been abusive to TROJ only once and he is unlikely to repeat his abuse. “Vendetta castration” is attacking a particular poster repeatedly, as you attacked Lobro, in post after post after post, until Lobro grew sick of it and gave us an ultimatum.

        “Vendetta castration” is a definite troll technique. Its object is to demoralize the poster attacked and make him leave the site in disgust. This is the way trolls try to empty a site of its best posters. You almost succeeded with Lobro.

        You are now trying to use the same technique against other posters. Don’t do it. We welcome your posts provided you address the issues and lay off the ad hominems. You are a highly intelligent person and don’t need to spit and vomit over every single poster on this site.

  2. Pay no attention to your distractors, Lasha, your website is currently the center of this fight against the self chosen imposters out of the Khazarian empire. The real shit house is, of course, the state of Israel, and it’s associated “holy” books like the Talmud and Torah, which is taking a big dump on mankind and our humanity.

    The god parasite has matured from the text and is now unleashed on the world in the form of a state to wage war on all of us. With the god meme the Rabbi/priest established external authority in the minds of men and now we are paying the price for allowing the negation of our personal authority.

  3. It seems to me that Western civilization puts too much emphasis on being intelligent. Why is that? I really don’t know.

    The human quality that we call intelligence does not necessarily come with other, way more important, human qualities like dignity and sense of justice. But a human being with dignity and sense of justice is rarely, if ever, lacking intelligence.

    I do not care if Seymour Zak is a British, a Jew, or a Gipsy – he has dignity and sense of justice, so he is OK and he will be OK.

    I do not care if TROJ believes in Flat Earth theory or in Quantum mechanics – he has dignity and sense of justice, he is OK, and, unlike so many here, no one can force him act in an obsequious way – a rare and precious human quality.

    1. Circ –

      I have also noticed that Russia does not put emphasis on intelligent people… even though it needs intelligent people… but is lacking there…..
      ……. so Russia pulls people with brains from the US..!! 🙂

      Dan Russell Meets with Federal Anti-Monopoly Service(FAS) Deputy Head Andrey Tsyganov


      On 30 September 2015, in Moscow Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia), Andrey Tsyganov, had a meeting with Mr. Daniel A. Russell, President and General Director of…
      US-Russia Business Council (USRBC).

      At the outset, Daniel A. Russell expressed his gratitude to FAS for continued efforts to support competition and ensuring access to the markets for Russian as well as foreign companies.

      Andrey Tsyganov thanked Daniel A. Russell for the interest towards the work of Russian antimonopoly authority and outlined structural changes – transferring the tariff regulation functions to FAS. Andrey Tsyganov also informed USRBC that on 30 September the Federation Council unanimously adopted the antimonopoly package – liquidating excessive pressure on small and medium business.

      The parties arrived to a common view that Russia improved its position in the global competitive ability ranking to a considerable extent exactly due to reduced administrative barriers.

      In conclusion, the parties expressed hope for further strengthening cooperation between FAS and USRBC.

      US-Russia Business Council (USRBC) has over 200 US companies doing huge business in Russia.


      The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law

      Founded by the U.S. Russia Investment Fund in 2008 with $137 million endowed through December 31, 2013.


      To promote the long-term development of Russia’s market economy, working in close partnership with the Russian government and leading Russian institutions. In this way, USRF seeks to encourage Russian entrepreneurship, support the legal, regulatory and institutional development that strengthens a market economy, and build strong and enduring ties between the United States and Russia.

      The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF)

      USRF History
      The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) is the legacy foundation of The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF), funded by the U.S. Government in 1995 to promote the development of the private sector in Russia through direct investment and technical assistance to private Russian enterprises.

      Through highly effective management, TUSRIF made a major contribution to a growing Russian economy and earned sufficient capital to create an endowment.

      At the G-8 Summit on July 15, 2006, Presidents Bush and Putin announced their intention to establish USRF with the twin goal of promoting long-term economic development in Russia and strengthening ties between the United States and Russia.

      Origins of USRF legacy
      In 2008, USRF was registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the United States and in early 2009 USRF was established in Russia as an affiliate of the US organization.

      1993/94: Russian American Enterprise Fund (RAEF) & Fund for Large Enterprises (FLEER) established in Russia
      $330 million of U.S. taxpayer money committed to the effort
      1995 – RAEF & FLEER were merged into TUSRIF
      From investments, sales, and reinvestments over the 17 years – TUSRIF has put more than $1 billion into Russia’s economy
      In 2004-2005 TUSRIF began sell off investments
      2005: TUSRIF recommendation to U.S. White House & Congress: Create USRF
      2008: U.S. White House and Congress adopted TUSRIF recommendations – President Putin agreed
      2008: USRF Established – Continues U.S. Russia partnership efforts in Enterprise & Rule of Law
      2009 – the Moscow office was opened

      1. I have also noticed that Russia does not put emphasis on intelligent people… even though it needs intelligent people… but is lacking there…..
        ……. so Russia pulls people with brains from the US..!!

        Yes, Pat, we do need intelligent people. Did Russia pull you from the US as a person who has brains rather than an empty brainpan? Or, perhaps, as a leader, for we need good leaders too.

        Toby, please pay close attention: I did not call Pat any names, I just asked him a simple question. Besides, I would never suspect Pat of being one of those weaklings who complained about me, for he is a fighter… a lousy one, fore sure, but a fighter nonetheless, not a complainer.

      2. Correcto – Circ –

        I did not complain at all. No need to.

        I have enjoyed making – YOU – so “disgusted” at me that you have called me dozens of bad names over the years….

        You are fun to watch after I wind – YOU – up as tight as a spring… 🙂

        Like this…

        November 11, 2014 at 3:46 pm

        “Pat, have I told you lately that you disgust me?”


        That means I fight – YOU – very well….

        I keep – YOU – off-balance….

        I routinely set – YOU – up for defeat. 🙂

      3. TJ can’t express enough his admiration of those you are on the receiving end of Circassian the Assassin’s loving affections. Zak is also quite affectionate. How hurtful TJ feels that his offerings are not good enough for notice by the “assassin”.
        Cirassian is a prime example of the “shithouse mouse”. The mouse waits in the “Shithouse” in egger anticipation to gorge on the “offerings” of those he deems worthy of his loving comments.
        TJ has to admit that many years ago when he was less than half his present age, he was honored with a personal interview with the regional ADL Honchos. TJ had been making waves in the 70’s about the mythical 6 mil in the local media. TJ was dismissed by a wave of the hand when he didn’t attempt to strangle the Honchos during the “interview” and was most likely considered harmless given the 1st Amendment and all. It seems TJ doesn’t even rate a wave of the hand from the Cirassian. After all, we all need encouragement from time to time to indicate that we are doing something right.
        I suppose that Pat, one of the objects of Cirassian’s affections, is older then TJ, but not by much. Pat is quite right to ignore the “Shithouse Mouse” and his fellow dwellers in the outhouse. And they should never, for the most part, be banned into the wilderness without proper shelter from the verisimilitudes of historical veracity. How else will we know if we are going in the right direction?

    2. Circassian,
      Ive posted several times on the “intelligence ” theme. The Western World seems to have a poor grasp of what intelligence is (or isnt). What is really hilarious is when a person assigns a number to someones intelligence…….the IQ. The West is obsessed with numbers. Its a Jew thing. A Russian friend once said that intelligence is a myth. All that exists is información. Some people gather and store more info. than others. Some people are more informed than others. In Universities, several professores commented on my “intelligence. ” I felt baffled. The advanced mathmatics classes taught me formulas. To solve a problem, all I did was fill in the variables and the problem was solved. No thinking required. All I did those years in University was regurgitate info. given me by professores. Again…..no thinking required. One definition of intelligence, I believe, is the ability to solve problems. By this definition, most Westerners, their governments and especially Jews totally lack “intelligence.”
      Theyre really good at creating problems. Not solving them.

      1. @Donaldo Colina

        The Western World seems to have a poor grasp of what intelligence is (or isnt). What is really hilarious is when a person assigns a number to someones intelligence…….the IQ.

        I agree. Intelligence has so many dimensions that trying to measure it by a single number, called IQ, is ridiculously inadequate. The IQ tests, at least those that I have seen, measure mostly person’s ability to recognize patterns of certain types, which is, admittedly, part of brain’s quality we call intelligence, but intelligence is much more than that.

        My definition, which, as all definitions of a complex notion as intelligence, will necessarily be of little value, is:

        Intelligence is one’s ability to reflect the world around, with all its manifestations, in adequate way; the more accurate and more complete that reflection, the more intelligent the creature is.

  4. I come to read here often I do not post but enjoy the debate on several topics.
    Karen are you the poster from incogman?
    This is ridiculous..

    1. Yes, Karen is the same poster who has made a fool of herself on Incogman. She is rumored to have opened her legs to Incogman and become his mistress. To have a hold over Incogman, blackmailing him. Whether there’s any truth in this rumor I don’t know. It could be false.

      TROJ seems to know a lot about Incogman and Karen. TROJ has posted on Incogman for years and (I think) he has been banned by Incogman (Or by Karen who is said to have influence on the site).

      Perhaps TROJ will tell us more about this seedy couple, Incogman and his malevolent mistress Karen.

      1. As far as I know Incogman and sog are a homosexual couple and Karen is a fag hag. She goes along with them when they hit the bars and gay hot spots on Saturday nights. I was banned from Incogman for awhile, though I think I just got myself banned again, 🙂 .

  5. This article ” Lasha Darkmoon, Queen of the Shit House “, is Lasha’s confession that she is a troll(sinner).

    Darkmoon me is “Evil Incarnate” on the web.
    Lasha has exposed this pseudo intellectual website for what it is.
    The evil that rules the world, is projected by the members as the so called ‘JEWS’. The symbol of the evil that rules the world, is the zero, the abomination of desolation. Darkmoon means there is no moon(darkness), in contrast to full moon(light).
    Lasha’s confession was motivated by this link: http://www.goo.gl/FhxmJm

    Here is a book review that outlines ‘ZERO’ the biography of a dangerous idea: http://www.goo.gl/0fFn5g

    1. @ Duke

      This article ” Lasha Darkmoon, Queen of the Shit House “, is Lasha’s confession that she is a troll(sinner). Darkmoon me is “Evil Incarnate” on the web.

      I’d hate to have your sluggish brain. If the site were a “shithouse” and “Evil Incarnate” as your cretinously claim, do you think the site monitors would allow you to say this openly on the site?

      I’m not quite sure if your problem is an IQ problem — under 100 for sure — or if, as I suspect, you are just a Bible quoting religious maniac who belongs in a mental institution.

      “The Faithful Witness” (hah!) 🙂

      1. @ Duke
        @ Karen

        An article like this is cunningly designed to flush out the hidden trolls and the madly jealous, hostile loonies. It has done this in your case (Duke) and in Karen’s case. Both of you fell into the trap of agreeing that the DM site was a “shithouse”, thus showing yourself in your true colors as haters of everything this site stands for.

        Doesn’t it occur to you that if Lasha Darkmoon were the epitome of “Evil Incarnate”, as you stupidly claim, she would not be a regular columnist on Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer (over 100 articles published there) or on the prestigious Truthseeker site (226 articles)?

        No, I guess not, Mr Bible Thumper and Karen the Canadian Dog Breeder! (doubling as a physiotherapist in Saskatchewan!) 🙂

        Dr Lasha Darkmoon: Articles on Occidental Observer

        Dr Lasha Darkmoon: Articles on the Truthseeker

        I won’t mention the countless other websites which have published Dr Darkmoon’s work, including Veterans Today, Renegade Tribune, and the Ugly Truth. They can’t all believe that Lasha Darkmoon is “Queen of the Shithouse” and “Evil Incarnate”.

        Only sick loonies like you Karen can.

        Number of articles published on internet by “Duke” = 0 (zero)
        Number of articles published on internet by “Karen” = 0 (zero)

      2. @Sardonicus

        ..’ do you think the site monitors would allow you to say this openly on the site?’
        They do, this site is a free speech site that does not censor opposing views. I have never been censored on this site, and I have refrained from using vile language.

      3. @ Duke

        The reason none of your comments have been censored on this site so far is that none of your comments are worth censoring. You are the ultimate religious bore with all your off-topic bible quotations and your pompous and boastful sign-off as —

        “Duke, the Faithful Witness”.

        Faithful witness of what? Only of your own narcissistic self-importance. It’s religious fanatics like you who drive people away from Christianity in droves. If you are a Christian, you should be ashamed of yourself.

        You are losing, not making converts — because you are a walking example of all that a Christian should NOT be!

      4. @ SARDONICUS

        Sardonicus wrote: …’ you are just a Bible quoting religious maniac who belongs in a mental institution.’

        John 10:20 ” And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad; why hear ye him? ”

        This time my work is not to convert, but remove the curse once and for all. Now is the time of judgment, separating the chaff from the wheat, gathering the wheat into the barn.

        The recorded judgment time announcement: http://www.goo.gl/AUBg5Z

        I am the faithful witness(Rev 1:5)

      5. @ Duke

        Accept my sincere apologies for my comments to you. My problem is that I have an allergy to Bible quotations and would really enjoy your posts if you could comment on the issues of the day without quoting the Bible all the time. I don’t think you are a troll. I think you are a genuinely sincere religious person of higher than average intelligence who has shown great restraint under attack.

        Please continue to post here as before.

        This is not the time to leave the site and abandon your mission. The Faithful Witness is needed.

  6. @ Seymour Zak
    @ …


    Try saying something original.

    Your obnoxious bad behavior becomes a bit boring.

    Why are you here — to tell us we are all fools?

    1. It’s ironical how all the people addressed above by ‘Circassian’, an undeniable troll, are all people with psychological problems.

      Seymour Zak is a self-confessed Jew, who like Circassian attacks this website relentlessly.

      TROJ is a certified lunatic who denounces this website and LD in particular in post after post, and the fact that Circassian should have words of praise for this loonie, simply confirms our view of Circassian as an evil bastard. TROJ is also a sexual pervert. We know that from his own posts. Toby tells us TROJ’s unpublished comments refer constantly to bestiality and dildos, sex between women and horses. A loonie if ever there was one, banned from most sites.

      This is the same poster (TROJ) who Karen thinks the “best” poster on the site (!) — an obvious insult to the site. About ‘Karen’ more is known than she thinks. We know exactly what other websites she posts on, what she looks like, and exactly where she works. She is the ultimate fool and failed writer, seething with bitterness and jealousy of others far more talented than herself. She is also, judging by the photo of her which we have found in Google Images, mannish looking and extremely unattractive.

      As for Duke, he is the best of this bunch, but his IQ is remarkably low and all he is fit for is posting bible quotes. A harmless fanatic with learning difficulties.

      What a bunch of losers!

      The most intelligent poster here is the Jew Seymour Zak, the second is Circassian who is also probably Jewish. TROJ and Karen come next in ability, of equal intelligence — except that Karen is sane and TROJ is mentally deranged. Finally, there’s Duke, who is a gentile but unfortunately a pretty stupid gentile with a lower than average IQ.

      It’s time ADMIN banned all these time wasters.


        You know nothing about me. Another woman, a distant relative, has the same name. She lives in Saskatchewan and I’ve never met her. You know this fact from my address, which you know is in Ontario,proving once and for all that all of you at Darkmoon.me are LIARS. JEWS.


      I couldn’t give a shit about what you do or do not know about me. Low-life, parasitic kikes, you’re a plague on earth,

  7. WOW!! Reading all these comments makes me know I’m right in never commenting, although I visit this site daily. You all sound like a bunch of reprobates.
    Lasha, I wouldn’t blame you if you just shut down comments altogether.
    Commenters; If you REALLY think this is a shithouse, what does it say about you hanging out here. You are like green flies!
    This is my first comment, and my last.

    1. Sandy,

      99 per cent of our commenters don’t think this a “shithouse”. Or why would they post here? Only the troll Circassian, and one or two loonies who are also possibly trolls, keep abusing us and telling us how dreadful our site is. We must be doing something right to be the object of such hatred.

      1. @Admin Toby

        We must be doing something right to be the object of such hatred.

        Toby, you have to excuse me brother, but I am very sensitive to “logical crimes” so to speak – almost as sensitive as Grammar Fiend to “grammar crimes”.

        Don’t you think that evil Jews could use this gross transgression of the rules of logics and say: “We, the Jews, must be doing something universally right to be the object of such universal hatred”?

        Just asking, uncle – no accusations of being stupid, fool, or anything like that.

        And, please, don’t call me a Satan – if you must, meet me halfway and call me “Logica Fiend”.

      2. You make a good point, Circassian. No doubt about your “satanic” intelligence! The Devil himself is famous as a wise logician. He quotes the Bible constantly to justify his evil ways, but his remarkable “logic” is always found to consist of logical fallacies.

        My advice: copy the best posters on this site who need no monitoring. Never ONCE have they had a comment deleted. Why not? Because they comment responsibly. They don’t keep attacking other posters all the time, like you do. They are more concerned with discussing the serious issues of the day than with picking on other posters and telling them how stupid they are, how their logic is deficient, and how everything they say is wrong, wrong, wrong!

        This is what you do, Circassian. You engage here in unrelenting NEGATIVE CRITICISM. Ad hominem attacks are your speciality. This is why you have left the impression of being the Ultimate Troll.

        Point to ponder, Circassian: If the DM site, as you claim, is a “shithouse” and most of the commenters here are mentally retarded “lavatory attendants”, why continue posting here? Why not just go away and find a better site?

        Think about it.

  8. I say farewell to anybody on this website who has recognized me 🙂

    The faithful one
    The written(then), and spoken(now), Word
    The two witnesses of Revelation 11

  9. there are 3 persons i don’t understand in this site
    madame butterfly ,Saradanicus and Toby.
    madame ,i could try to understand her behavior
    Sard ,who suppose to be wise and friend of Lasha is actually demeaning posters in fits of rage and giving a bad vipe and bad karma to this site
    and Toby ,suppose to be the uncle who care about his niece’s blog and keep the peace, but Toby comes across as tyrant ,and you know what tyrants provoke ,disobedience and revolts and that is a bad omen for the future of this site
    BTW ,Who is that DM researcher ,I guess is that one of the pretenders who appear from time to time to intimidate both posters and the silent readers of this site ,my advice is to ignore these ignorant fools

    1. @ trifecta

      “Sard ,who suppose to be wise and friend of Lasha is actually demeaning posters in fits of rage and giving a bad vibe and bad karma to this site…”

      You are wrong about Sardonicus. He performs a valuable function on this website, defending Lasha Darkmoon from needless attacks. Here is Sardonicus at his best. He sounds a really nice guy. He is talking to “Duke” who has just announced he is leaving the site because Sardonicus attacked him for calling the site a “shithouse” — which Duke should never have said!

      @ Duke

      Accept my sincere apologies for my comments to you. My problem is that I have an allergy to Bible quotations and would really enjoy your posts if you could comment on the issues of the day without quoting the Bible all the time.
      I don’t think you are a troll. I think you are a genuinely sincere religious person of higher than average intelligence who has shown great restraint under attack.

      Please continue to post here as before.

      This is not the time to leave the site and abandon your mission. The Faithful Witness is needed.

      You call this “bad vibes”? I call it saintliness.

      1. As for Toby being a “tyrant”, if he was a tyrant he would have deleted your comment at once and banned you from all further posting. On the contrary, he lets you call him a “tyrant” and publishes your attack upon him!

        Does that sound like “tyranny” to you? 🙂

      1. We now need someone who has the moxie to run off the commentators who are also back stabbers, like madame and lobro, the TWO backstabbers. Where are the TWO today? In bed together, the TWO kissing cousins. Sharpening their daggers no doubt and with the full approval of ADMIN.

      2. @ Pat

        He runs off commenters who are weak and cannot handle criticism..!! 🙂 🙂

        That’s why I leave YOU alone, buddy — because you knocked me out in round one! I’m still reeling! 🙂

        Seriously though, I have no idea why I attacked you and deeply regret it. I guess I was having a bad day. Having said that, I think it would be fair to say that I don’t really want to attack anyone here and I have never attacked most of the posters on DM because they are all all absolutely brilliant. I have attacked Lobro quite a lot recently, in spite of the fact that I find him a likeable person of exceptionally high intelligence, but LD has convinced me that I was wrong to do this and that Lobro is entitled to his hero worship of Donald Trump and Josef Stalin — even though most of us here disagree with these strange views! 🙂

        There is no poster I dislike here, even the obvious troublemaker Circassian, whose intelligence I respect. I even have a soft spot for TROJ — though as everyone knows, he is the ultimate “padded cell lunatic”! 🙂

      3. Sure, Sardonicus, you’re right On-Target, bud, I’m in a padded cell, that’s why I have a computer. Mental asylum inmates in padded cells get computers [ MacBook Air ] . The doctors and nurses in mental hospitals, lol, hand out Apple lap tops to the mentally deranged right after they’re put in strait jackets and right before they’re thrown into padded cells, 🙂


      I have envisioned that madame butterfly looks exactly like the young woman in this article.
      as Lasha as well as her sister Lucy ,very attractive ,mysterious and into Gothic tattooing ,dark make up and clothing with lots of piercing and accessories.
      as my fellow Jewish tribe’s man,Mr.Zak Seymour mentioned before the poetry that Lasha compose reflect a deep insights into another spiritual realm which reflects a keen interest in the unknown shadows , the invisible dark world. and there might be a spiritual connection with that realm.
      That the main reason ,I keep coming back to this site to observe Lasha’s poetry and words.
      I don’t care that much about politics or current affairs of this insane world.
      My main interest is the spiritual world ,the known and the unknown ,the visible and the invisible ,the seen and the unseen.
      Regarding Circassian ,I believe that He is a good ,intelligent man ,he means no harm to anyone ,its just his integrated modus operandi ,due to the learning methods and technical doctrine implemented in his region to provoke, the critical thinking of his audience ,that the prototype, he learned at the education system .and I believe that he is a Muslim ,I might be wrong about that the Circassians, I believe are Muslims.

  10. Ahhh, I always laugh when I see the term, “Six Million Jews”……that amount has repeatedly denounced and dis-proved, but people (the you-know-who “lovers”) keep dragging that gunnysack of dead cats out onto the stage and shining a spotlight on it. 6 million jews….hardly. During the time this supposed Holocaust happened, the means and the facilities needed to accomplish such a dastardly event where not available nor workable. It was simply a mathematical impossibility. There was no way to dispose of such an incredible number of people in the time allowed. (But, Stalin’s rampage? Well, that had all the time and means needed to accomplish his sickest-of-all-sick events against humanity. Today, social media and the iPhones would be melting in people’s hands as they upload the videos to the World Wide Net!)

    There is a great line in a Don Henley song, “One for you, eight for me, very fair”. There is a simple verbal equation to use as an overlay of the over-stating of the true numbers, but that is what the “you-know-whos-love-to-do; create lies, repeat them over-and-over and live by them. Such pitiful scum.

    But, the other false claim that walks hand-in-hand down the runway of deceit and deception is the claim that the “you-know-whos” are God’s “Chosen People”. That is not only laughable, but it is also illogical. I here state that no “god”, who truly loves his creation, would pick these self-appointed vermin as his “Chosen People”. That is a load of wishful fabrication….in fact, they are anything but the so-called, “Chosen People”. The whole idea is spiritually counter-intuitive to whom God is and has been created as a concept and platform by the “you-know-whos” to feel they can replace God’s selection process so they can rape, pillage, steal, lie and destroy the good things about humanitiy……with their self-produced and self-annointed rise to the top of spiritual chain-of-command.

    My advice to the “you-know-whos” is drag their bag of dead-cats off the stage and stop their charade of “We-Are-Better-Than-You-Because-God-Said-So-To-Us-So-You-Gotta-Believe-Us-Or-You-Will-Be-Crushed”, These “chosen people” show their vermin motivations daily in the news. The Weinsteins, The Wieners…..the-blah-blah-blahs…..they are all here for their self-enjoyment and WE are their designated fodder…..especially white women. Ugh!

    I say, enough…..they need to be exposed and held accountable, now.

    We can start right now by pulling all support from Israel…and I mean ALL support….and slap them on the back and say, “Time to stand on your own two (maybe 3?) feet, Slomoe”. The end result would be quite interesting to watch because when I think that humanity basically desires “goodness” and is willing to fight for it….. I think of the “you-know-whos” whining in the peanut gallery…..and I truly question “goodness” having a chance when the sewage water created by the “you-know-whos” rises around us.

    But, pull out the drain plug and tell them to “start swimming” will be a thing of beauty. Who knows, they may become enlightened. Then, again, the DNA of “light” is counter-reactive to the lives of darkness they live and desire to impose upon the rest of us.

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