One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive

By Paul Craig Roberts


“Without normal relations with Russia,
nuclear Armageddon hangs over us like the sword of Damocles.”
—  Paul Craig Roberts

Before the idiots in Washington get us blown off of the face of the earth, the morons had better come to terms with the fact that the US military is now second class compared to the Russian military.

For example, the US Navy has been made obsolete by Russia’s hypersonic maneuvering Zircon missile.

For example, the speed and trajectory changes of the Russian Sarmat ICBM has nullified Washington’s ABM system. One Sarmet is sufficient to take out Great Britain, or France, or Germany, or Texas. It only takes a dozen to wipe out the United States.

Why don’t you know this?

For example, Washington’s enormously expensive F-35 jet fighter is no match whatsoever for Russian fighters.

For example, US tanks are no match for Russian tanks.

For example, Russian troops are superior in their combat readiness and training and are highly motivated and not worn out by 16 years of pointless and frustrating wars over no one knows what.

If the US ends up in a catastrophic war with a militarily superior power, it will be the fault of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, former CIA director John Brennan and the military/security complex, the presstitute media, and the American liberal/progressive/left, which, made completely stupid by Identity Politics, has allied with neoconservative warmongers against President Trump and prevented Trump from normalizing relations with Russia.

Without normal relations with Russia, nuclear Armageddon hangs over us like the sword of Damocles.

Do you not agree that it is outrageous, astounding, inexcusable, inexplicable, reckless and irresponsible that the Democratic Party, the print and TV media, the military/security complex that is supposed to protect us, and the liberal/progressive/left are working hand in glove to destroy the human race?

Why is there so much opposition to normalizing relations with a nuclear power? Why did even the Greens jump on the anti-Trump propaganda bandwagon. Don’t the Greens understand the consequences of nuclear war?

Why is there such a crazed, insane effort to eject a president who wants to normalize relations with Russia?

Why are these questions not part of the public discourse?

The failure of political leadership, of media, of the intellectual class in America is total.

The rest of the world must find some means of quarantining Washington before the evil destroys life on earth.


104 thoughts to “One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive”

  1. “If the US ends up in a catastrophic war with a militarily superior power, it will be the fault of [everyone in the whole world except Teflon Don]…”

    What would Teflon Don have to do (or fail to do) to convince PCR that he’s not a nice person and that he doesn’t work for “us”? How about if he personally started throwing babies out of Air Force One (at high altitude) and uploaded the video to youtube? Would that suffice? Probably not; somehow it would still be the fault of the “neoconservatives” and the “military security complex”, because after all, nothing sticks to teflon.

    1. I’ve been highly critical of Trump on foreign policy. Just to name two, I am appalled at his provocative, childish comments directed at Kim Jung Un, and also his insane decision to decertify the Iran Nuke deal despite the (alleged) opposition of his top advisors. Yes, Trump shares blame in bringing the world closer to nuclear war.

      Yet, it is beyond crazy to say everything has been Trump’s fault. If Trump had any real power domestically there would be no witch hunt by Torquemada (er, Mueller) into this ridiculous Russian election meddling scam. If Trump had the power that Lincoln exercised, he could have shut down the opposition press and sent John McCain back to Vietnam. Internationally, he could have gone ahead, with Congress cheering him on, to fulfill his big campaign promise to seek better relations with Putin’s Russia. It is clear to me that one amateur outsider (and Trump is indeed an amateur outsider against the DC Swamp Monsters), could have withstood the immense power of the Deep State and its lackeys in the press, which were gunning to take Trump down, by all means necessary, even before he was sworn in.

      So, yes I concur with Paul Craig Roberts. Trump was the only hope this country has seen since Ronald Regan was POTUS. It is beyond tragic that Trump was never given a chance to pursue his agenda regarding Russia. We’ll never know now if he really meant it.

      1. I don’t understand how you can make the statement:

        “Yes, Trump shares blame in bringing the world closer to nuclear war.”

        Followed by the statement:

        “It is beyond tragic that Trump was never given a chance to pursue his agenda regarding Russia. We’ll never know now if he really meant it.”

        Seriously? He doesn’t have a “chance”? He’s the president. He occupies the most powerful political office in the world. He has the power to stop the madness. He has the power to stop making threats. He has the power to stop murdering people with drone strikes. He has the power to de-escalate in Eastern Europe. He has the power to pull the troops out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has the power to stop the senseless genocidal war in Yemen. He has the power to negotiate with Russia over missiles and nukes. He has the power to recall the armada threatening North Korea. He has the power to appeal to the people. He has the power to investigate 9/11. Failing all that he has the power to resign rather than be the Satanic instrument of the end of life as we know it on this planet.

      2. Harold,
        I’ll leave it to the others who post here to weigh in on whether they think that Trump has the dictatorial powers you claim. I’ll just close with this quote I found on ICH this morning in an article by Ray McGovern entitled “The Deep State’s JFK Triumph over Trump.”

        Jewish Senate Minority Leader, Chuckie Schumer, with 36 long years in the Congressional Swamp, ominously had this to say to Rachel Maddow on 1-3-2017. “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being REALLY DUMB to do this.”

      3. Folly,

        “I’ll leave it to the others who post here to weigh in on whether they think that Trump has the dictatorial powers you claim.”

        LOL! Under the constitution, he’s the commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces. He therefore has the legitimate authority to order the removal of all U.S. troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, for example. (Where he went “dictatorial” is when he illegally, immorally and unconstitutionally sent troops into Syria in the first place.)

        But I can see I’m not getting anywhere with that kind of reasoning, so I’ll try a different tack: Does Trump have power to NOT DO something in your view? Would it have been “dictatorial” for him to NOT launch a cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase? Would it have been “dictatorial” for him to NOT undermine the nuclear agreement with Iran? Would it have been “dictatorial” for him to NOT illegally seize more Russian diplomatic property?

  2. This report from PCR is easily dismissed by some as “fear porn”, but on the other hand: Things are heating up in the Middle East.

    Yesterday, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. James B. Jarrard slipped up and admitted that there were 4,000 US troops now in Syria, not the 500 or so claimed as the “official” number. Another official, an unnamed special operations commander, said MG Jarrard “is only human; he just made a mistake.”

  3. For the contelpro “no nuke” crowd may I suggest a request under the FOIA for the original footage of the negatives of the Castle Bravo test at Bikini in 1954, which went awry by the way. Unlike the digital film shown on the internet nowadays, the negatives of the footage shot at that test can easily be shown as fake or genuine. A competent Photo expert can easily prove a fake and his evidence will be accepted by courts. Digital film can be faked, original photography cannot without a photographic expert being able to tell. I am still waiting for proof that nukes don’t exist. Obviously none of these illiterates have the courage to put their crackpot theory to the test.

    Only in North America, with the most scientifically illiterate population on earth do you have credulous fools who give credence to such junk science nonsense. I’m convinced these loon theories are spread about by government agencies to assure themselves of the stupidity of the Anglo-Saxon animal masses and also to discredit the alternate media.
    So no nukers, prove your “theory” or STFU

    1. One way or another, the NJWO “elite” plan to kill off a lot of us plebs in the not too distant future. If nukes don’t work, it’s not clear why Israel would have relentlessly pursued development of nuclear weapons. One of the reasons JFK was assassinated may have been that he tried to stop Israel from building nuclear weapons. Mordechai Vanunu’s exposure of nuclear weapons building at Dimona in 1986 led to a lengthy prison sentence. Even now, in 2017, Vanunu remains under oppressive restrictions on travel and speech. That’s a lot to explain if nukes don’t work.

      But even if nukes don’t work, “they” are also developing weaponized viruses that can and will target specific DNA sequences. The linked article is about efforts to gather DNA samples in Russia. Scary stuff. The 1918-19 flu that wiped out millions was probably an early form of biological warfare. One hundred years later, it’s safe to assume there have been substantial “improvements”.

      1. @Carnaptious
        In addition to Biological warfare there is also been the problem of coral die-off around the world. In my younger days I used to dive. Nowadays, my friends tell me coral around the world is dying, just white, dead. Last year the Great Barrier Reef lost 29% of its coral. Coral is dying everywhere, Florida Keys, Red Sea, Indonesia, all over. 25% of the world’s population rely on the sea. No reefs, no fish, mass starvation. Together with Nukes, Chemical and Germ warfare, we are in for a very interesting time indeed. What was the slogan of the Mexican revolutionaries? Viva La Muerte! (Long live Death)

      2. @Felix

        The coral die-off is one more sign of impending disaster, as is the bee die-off. Anecdotally, insects of all kinds are scarcer this year, leading to fewer birds. The evidence is still being gathered, although some of it has been noticeably absent from the windshield of my car, but that would be another bottom of the food chain die-off that will work its way up the food chain. I am very glad that I grew up in a world where the effects of pollution, over-exploitation of resources, and insatiable greed were not yet evident in most places. Today, the evidence of human impact is hard to ignore, and darn near impossible to avoid.

        Deagel has been forecasting large human die-offs for some time. Today, I found a partial explanation on the website. It is dated 2014.

        “Over the past two thousand years we have witnessed the Western civilization built around the Mediterranean Sea shifting to Northern Europe and then by the mid 20th century shifting to an Atlantic axis to finally get centered into the States in the past 30 years. The next move will see the civilization being centered in Asia with Russia and China on top. Historically a change in the economic paradigm has resulted in a death toll that is rarely highlighted by mainstream historians. When the transition from rural areas to large cities happened in Europe many people unable to accept the new paradigm killed themselves. They killed themselves by a psychological factor. This is not mainstream but it is true. A new crisis joins old, well known patterns with new ones.”

        That paragraph is from a lengthier – though relatively short – explanation for Deagel’s predictions that can be found here, at the bottom of each page. It is worth noting that there are quite a few nations for which Deagel predicts significant population reductions. Israel and Germany may both lose half the current population numbers if Deagel’s predictions turn out to be valid.

        Are we all beginning to understand why “May you live in interesting times” was supposed to be a curse?

      1. It depends how close you are to the bomb. The materials comprising the bomb and anything nearby would be immediately vaporized and the “vapor” would be an ionized plasma at a “temperature” of perhaps 10^7 degrees K or something like that, where the “temperature” in this context relates to the energy of the particles in the plasma.

      2. @ JFC
        @ Harold
        Quite correct, Harold. In simpler terms about 10 million°C. The largest detonation, Tsar Bomba, was about 57 megatons in 1961 by the USSR over Novaya Zemlya. It weighed 27 tons and was dropped from 35,000 ft.
        Even though it was slowed by a parachute, the blast almost knocked the aircraft from the sky. Detonation occurred about 1,200 metres above the ground and caused vitrification of the ground below. The shock wave broke windows in Norway and Finland and was measured travelling 3 times around the world.

        Nuclear testing has been carried out in many countries, including a joint South African-Israeli test in the South Atlantic in the 1970’s. The post-separate development government of South Africa released all the documents pertaining to Israeli South African government. The Israelis have been adept at “memory holing” the entire affair.

      3. Thanks for your answer.

        It’s called a “mushroom cloud”. Was this a big mistake or a big joke? It is my understanding that clouds are really nothing more than tiny water vapors. But even if you argue that it really isn’t a cloud but made of smoke — it looks like it to me — smoke, too, is essentially and predominately nothing more than tiny water vapors.

        Here’s the clarification from the US Forest Service: “Smoke is made up small particles, gases and water vapor. Water vapor makes up the majority of smoke. The remainder includes carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, irritant volatile organic compounds, air toxics and very small particles.”

        So if it is true that the “mushroom cloud” is as hot as you two claim, there shouldn’t be any clouds or smoke whatsoever because the tiny water vapors in the “mushroom cloud” would instantly evaporate at 10 million degrees Celsius, right? Or am I missing something?

      4. “It’s called a ‘mushroom cloud’. Was this a big mistake or a big joke?”

        Neither; it’s a “figure of speech”. It’s a metaphorical description of what an observer sees when a nuke is detonated under a certain set of conditions. If you were to detonate the nuke in some other situation, e.g., in space, you wouldn’t see a “mushroom cloud”, but a glowing ball, i.e., a miniature “sun” which would exist for a short time.

      5. @ Harold Smith

        Thanks for your explanation, but I am not convinced.

        The “mushroom cloud” comes after the initial sun-like flash of the detonation of an atomic bomb. In boxing parlance, it would be called a ‘one-two combo’. There are supposedly many reports of eyewitnesses who saw the bright sun-like flashes created by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The “mushroom cloud” is formed after the initial flash. The “mushroom cloud” is not a substitute for the bright sun-like flash, as you have erroneously claimed.

        This begs the question, what exactly is the “mushroom-cloud” made of? It looks like smoke and acts like smoke by billowing up to form the mushroom-like top. But this is theoretically impossible if the atomic bomb can generate heat as high as 10 million degrees Celsius. All matter at that incredibly high temperature would instantly be evaporated. It is impossible for smoke, which is a gas, to exist in that hot of an environment. You make reference to an “ionized plasma” in your initial response; well, that would be the bright sun-like flash of the atomic explosion.

        However, if the atomic bomb was real, the presence of a “mushroom cloud” — either literally or used as a “figure of speech” — is patently ridiculous. Only old folks like Paul Craig Roberts and his generation still give it any credence. The Millennials and even my generation, the Gen X-ers, didn’t grow up on a diet of 1950s cold war propaganda. The “mushroom cloud” is probably one of the most misused and abused memes today. It has become a self-parody.

        How obscene was the US government to scare the living daylights out of its citizens with (((nukes.))) And how idiotic was the American public to believe they would be saved from a real atomic bomb blast if they just “duck and cover.”

        “Duck And Cover” — original TV advert:

      6. “The ‘mushroom cloud’ is formed after the initial flash. The ‘mushroom cloud’ is not a substitute for the bright sun-like flash, as you have erroneously claimed.”

        I didn’t erroneously claim anything of the kind. I neither stated nor implied that there wouldn’t be any kind of an initial flash. Naturally the sequence of events doesn’t all happen instantaneously.

        Think about what happens in a thunder storm. There’s a high voltage, high current discharge – lightning – which turns the air into a hot ionized gas, a plasma (similar to although not as hot as that from a nuke), creating a flash of light. But since light travels faster than an atmospheric pressure disturbance (sound), you see the flash of light before you hear the thunder, right?

        So in an analogous way, the bomb releases energy very fast creating a plasma at very high temperature – basically a “black body” radiator, which then heats the air and creates the “blast”.

      7. “This begs the question, what exactly is the “mushroom-cloud” made of? It looks like smoke and acts like smoke by billowing up to form the mushroom-like top. But this is theoretically impossible if the atomic bomb can generate heat as high as 10 million degrees Celsius. All matter at that incredibly high temperature would instantly be evaporated. It is impossible for smoke, which is a gas, to exist in that hot of an environment. You make reference to an ‘ionized plasma’ in your initial response; well, that would be the bright sun-like flash of the atomic explosion.”

        You’re really hung up on a figure of speech, aren’t you?

        The “10 million degrees” exists for a relatively short time in a relatively small volume near the bomb. The temperature falls off rapidly as you move away from the bomb.

        It’s similar to lightning. Lightning can supposedly create a temperature of 30,000 degrees kelvin, but only in a small volume. It falls off rapidly with distance.

      8. “However, if the atomic bomb was real, the presence of a ‘mushroom cloud’ — either literally or used as a ‘figure of speech’ — is patently ridiculous.”

        The blast from the bomb creates a “cloud” of debris that looks kind of like a “mushroom”. How is it “patently ridiculous” to call it a “mushroom cloud”, accordingly?

        But let’s say it is somehow “patently ridiculous”. So what? How would that suggest that there are no such things as nukes?

    2. Felix –

      You are really frustrated today.

      You wrote some nasty stuff:
      “Only in North America, with the most scientifically illiterate population on earth do you have credulous fools who give credence to such junk science nonsense.”

      That is a false claim. You are spreading disinformation. You may need to look in the mirror and holler, “STFU”…!! 🙂

      The most prevalent on the internet… and most ardent supporter of ‘no-nukes’ is Rae West – a BRITISH writer and researcher..!! 🙂 🙂

      Rae West is the ‘Rerevisionist’ who is the proponent of “NUKE LIES” … and he is interviewed here by John Friend, in 2014:

      (NOTE: He does not have a North American voice and speech pattern)

      1. Pat, As I asked you 2 years ago, if you truly believed in no nukes to check photographic negatives under the FOIA! Are you too cowardly to do so? Put your money where your mouth is! A couple of other points if nukes don’t exist, why haven’t you been whacked? That’s the standard MO of TPTB to whistle blowers of deep conspiracies. Secondly, as a former submariner in the US navy, aren’t you bound by non-disclosure agreements of classified information? Why haven’t you been prosecuted? As a former cop, I’m still bound by the Official Secrets Act.
        You might be able to BSBB (Bull Shit Baffles Brains) others but I’ve spoken to people who’ve witnessed such explosions. So please stop insulting my intelligence and your own with such absurd nonsense. It’s people like you that discredit and make the alternative media a laughing stock.

      2. Felix –

        You wrote:
        “Instead of North America I should have said Anglo-Saxon world. Happy?”


        Definitely..!! Made my day..!! 🙂

        …. since you seem to be an “Anglo” as well..!!

        The “Anglo” world built the fake bomb… Asians and Africans and others did not.

        So…. whether real or fake… “Anglos” get the credit..

        Smart enough to fool the world..!! 🙂

      3. Pat,
        I’m Teuton-Celt. Stop evading the issue and please give a reply to my very reasonable questions.

      4. Felix –

        The only question you asked, which was not a hypothetical question was, “Happy?”

        I answered that one. 🙂 🙂

        If I answered the others…. I would be forced to give hypothetical answers, formed by my interpretation of the fakers’ actions and writings, which would be dismissed by most anyway.

        There is no need for me to fool around and waste my time with FOIA….
        ……… They redact ALL of the good stuff..!!

        I’ll just keep “discrediting” others until they get it….!!!

        I have some time left.. 🙂

      5. Pat,
        If you are given negatives of the footage of nuke tests, that is not hypothetical. So it’s now clear that you don’t really believe the no nuke theory. You’re afraid, aren’t you of this “theory” of yours being exposed as fake? Come on, Pat, man up, a brave submariner of the silent service! Man up and admit it’s all absurd nonsense.

      6. Felix –

        I write:
        NEGATIVE on the “negatives” you wrote about.

        Negatives are easier to fake than nukes..!! 🙂

        Photo-shopping started in the 1800s.

        Almost as soon as the science of photography was perfected for use by the general public, artists and others began to manipulate the images. Beginning with daguerrotypes, photographers used double exposures to create humorous effects.

        Photo manipulation was soon employed in numerous ways, as early photography had several limitations. Correct exposures in landscape photography often led to the sky being overexposed, for example. To circumnavigate this, photographers combined two images, each section with the correct exposure.

        “Spirit” photography used multiple exposures to depict the medium or subject with ghostly presences in the same image.

        Photo manipulation could illustrate concepts, such as the proposal to allow airships to dock at the top of the Empire State building.

        The advertising industry used it to improve the appearance of products.

        The artistic community also took up photo manipulation, for instance, with the creation of narrative images. Later it was adopted by the constructivist movement in Russia in the 1920s, and then again by the surrealists.

        I like this one…. where General US Grant was faked:
        “General Grant at City Point,” Levin Corbin. This photograph is a montage or composite of several images and does not actually show General Ulysses S. Grant at City Point. Three photos provided different parts of the portrait: the head, from Grant at his Cold Harbor, Virginia headquarters; the horse and man’s body, from Maj. Gen. Alexander McDowell McCook; and the background, from Confederate prisoners captured in the battle of Fisher’s Hill, Virginia.

        Image: Library of Congress

      7. Pat,
        Evading the issue, yet again! You are being deliberately obtuse. A photographic expert can detect fakery. Hence negatives required of original footage. Why can you not grasp this simple fact?
        Your long screed only serves to reinforce my point! Thank you!

      8. Felix –

        Glad to help… as always.. 🙂

        “..original footage” of a big blast an mushroom cloud proves a big blast… that’s all… Negatives or no negatives… There are no words – “NUKE BOMB HERE” – written into the mushroom clouds.. 🙂

      9. Pat,
        I beg to differ. As you yourself claimed in previous posts, the film of the tests in Bikini were all faked. So negatives would prove otherwise. They would also prove the size of the explosion and the locale. Come on Pat, man up and admit your theory of no nukes is insane and inane. I’m not going to let you wriggle out of this one by evasions and hair splitting.
        And while I’m at it! What’s hypothetical about my question of you signing a non-disclosure agreement upon leaving the navy? I had to sign a form acknowledging the provisions of the Official Secrets Act every 6 months.

      10. Felix –

        I also differ…. 🙂

        My default position is that the government lies 100% the time. That way I take the opposite position, and come out ahead.

        You choose to believe the lying government. You never know when thy get ya.

        So be it.

        My non-disclosure agreement – de-briefing – upon leaving the navy did not include weapons systems, since my position was in nuclear propulsion. I have not violated any of the terms there.

      11. Pat,
        Good, so finally you admit you know nothing about nuclear weapons. Thank you. Whew! Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

      12. Felix –

        Nothing there has changed in any way.

        I did not write that I knew nothing about nuclear weapons. I wrote that I was not responsible for those systems. I did not have to be de-briefed there.

        I have always claimed I was a nuclear engineer. I never claimed to be a nuclear weapons expert in the navy.

        Also… I have written that I have used my knowledge of fission reactions to do further study since 1973, when I left the navy.

        I’ll bet I have onloaded more nuke(sic) ICBMs than you have. 🙂

        You just keep believing the government.. 🙂

      13. Pat,
        So your sole criterion for asserting that nukes don’t exist is that all governments lie. You repeat this voodoo mantra ad nauseam. So you’ve failed to prove your case and you lack the courage to do so. Assertions aren’t proof. Please prove the government has lied.

      14. Felix –

        You lawyers are really persistent…

        Please stop whining about how I do not answer your questions the way you want me to. It looks weak of you.

        Your training as a lawyer is showing..!! 🙂

        You believe the US Government… like lawyers are required to do… and I do NOT..!!

      15. No Pat, I’m just asking you to prove your assertion that there are no nukes in spite of masses of evidence to the contrary, from all around the world, from assorted eye witnesses, e.g. nuclear fallout at Bikini atoll renders it still unlivable after more than 60 years. Also the hundreds of witnesses in the US navy to the Castle Bravo test which went awry. The marines were forced to spend 10 days below decks to escape the radiation. All reliable and credible witnesses. I’d take the word of a US marine over yours anyday. And the evidence doesn’t only come from the US. Britain tested nuclear weapons at Woomera in Australia. Even today there are still areas of Woomera that are no go due to radiation. France also tested weapons in Algeria and French Polynesia. Go to Novaya Zemlaya and one can still see the evidence of the Tsar Bomba blast of 57 megatons which is a bit difficult to fake. But no, you just keep coming up with BS “explanations”, or you cower behind your voodoo mantra, “All governments are liars”. Unprovable assertions are easy to make and and are an insult to your intelligence and the intelligence of those credulous enough to believe them. So again, proof please!

      16. Yes, Felix –

        Too bad that you believe the US Government’s lies… like all lawyers are required to do… 🙂
        …………..and I do NOT..!!

      17. Come on Pat, you can do better than that. If you read my post properly you’ll notice that I didn’t only quote the US government. Please remember you instigated this discussion, but please be aware that from now on I’m going to reply to you if you continue to purview this, mischievous, pernicious and crackpot “no nuke” junk science. Proof Pat! Proof!

      18. Yes, Felix –

        I KNEW you would reply and resort to calling me names, as you have done many times before, even calling me a jew troll…. as you resorted to calling me a coward this time.

        No “YUGE” deal. Fun times… I LIKE IT “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂

        Too bad that you STILL believe the US Government’s lies… like all lawyers are required to do…
        ………….. but I STILL do NOT..!!

      19. Pat, Again you fail to read my posts correctly. I called you Pat. I called what you purvey, mischievous, pernicious and crackpot Junk science. Which it is! A subtle distinction I know, perhaps a bit beyond your grasp.

      20. Felix –

        I like your ‘Tar-Baby’ approach.. Sticking in there.!! 🙂

        You wrote:
        “Are you too cowardly to do so?”
        So…. that sorta lets you off the hook there. 🙂

        You continue to spread government fear porn. The use of NUKE weapons in a conversation is promoting government fear porn.

        I am beginning to suspect you have fallen victim to your lawyer training…. that governments know best… and lawyers are needed to intervene for every human activity..!!

        Just imagine the mental freedom and the money and human lives not wasted if the governments would stop NUKE fear porn. Hell…. It was enough for Condy to convince many around the world to invade Afghanistan..!!

        Too bad that you STILL believe the US Government’s lies and other governments’ lies… like all lawyers are required to do…
        ………….. but I STILL do NOT..!! 🙂 🙂

      21. If all the fear porn we hear about “nuclear winter” is true (making the world uninhabitable), then how does one explain the continuity of life in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan??

      22. @ Pat,
        And you are cloud cuckoo land porn monger. I’m curious to know where you studied your nuclear engineering. I’ll make a point of not sending anyone I know to study there. Methinks, judging from your failure or tardiness to grasp basic concepts that you were not an A student? Or possibly you misunderstood or failed to read your textbooks?
        Also, Pat, you’ re the one who started this discussion with me, so stop whinging and moaning about my persistence. I’m on to your BS. I’ve sussed you out. And please be more original in your posts. No voodoo mantras about governments always lying.
        @ Gilbert,
        The nuclear devices dropped on Japan were not big enough to cause a nuclear winter. May I suggest you acquire a good textbook and learn something about nuclear weapons and extinction events such as massive volcanic eruptions.

        Anyway, it’s 00.22 hours here and I’m off to bed. I await your replies with great anticipation.

      23. Felix –

        You wrote:
        “No voodoo mantras about governments always lying.”

        Thanks for letting us know of your total mindless support of the criminal governments using fear for control. Lawyers do that.

        I’ve sussed you out now as a whiny cringing moaning purveyor of fear porn following the lines of the governments. I’ll be watching for your cheap tricks..

        I suggest you acquire a good textbook and learn something about nuclear weapons. 🙂

      24. Pat,
        Weak, unoriginal reply, as can be expected from you, a graduate of MMU (Mickey Mouse University). I’ve never encountered a “nuclear engineer” like you before. No wonder the US has to rely on the H-1B Visa workers to maintain its high tech industry. They certainly can’t rely on “engineers” who make risible assertions, which discredit the alternate media and make it a laughing stock. Hey ho, back to the trees with Pat we go! All part of Jewish “education” for the goyim. I’ll say again, PROVE YOUR ASSERTION, or is it a case of A CRACKPOT AND HIS THEORY ARE NEVER PARTED.
        It’s no wonder the US navy are having all these problems, with collisions and so on, when “engineers”, like yourself are running all this supposedly cutting edge technology.
        When you reply, please try not to parrot everything I say! BE MORE ORIGINAL

      25. BTW Pat
        I don’t fear nuclear war. In fact I’m looking forward to it as I’ll know it’ll mean the racial and biological extermination of the Jewish Empire, so what’s left of humanity, if anything, can rebuild. And in case you’ve forgotten I don’t live in your monkey’s paradise. Why should I be afraid of your government?

      26. BTW Felix –

        It seems you needed more sleep than you just got… 🙂

        The “YUGE” lack of originality is piling up “BIGGLY” on your side of the fence… young man.

        You are using the same old worn out government fear porn methods and PROPAGANDA they have dished out since 1945..!!

        I have my eye on government sympathizers, supporters and lawyers like you.. who want us to fear NUKES(sic) being dropped around the world… especially in Asia.. 🙂

      27. Pat,
        I’ve just realised I’ve been having a dialogue with a parrot. All you can do is repeat my arguments. Obviously, you have problems pertaining to your senility, Old Boy! Unlike you, I’m not a loyal subject of the Jewish Empire so I have no reason to be beholden to your propaganda. Pretty Parrot!

        To be quite frank, your level of discourse indicates that you are certainly not a nuclear engineer. In fact I am certain you were low level personnel, who picked up engineering jargon from your betters. Any one joining the navy with a degree in nuclear engineering would have been a commissioned officer. Thank you for this opportunity to expose you as a fake.

      28. Any idea why Pat doesn’t believe in nukes?

        @ Pat

        Hey Pat, this is not a confrontational question, but why is it so important for you to doubt the existence of nukes?

        If there were no nukes, just think of all wild implausibilities that would spring up at once. How many nations are said to have nukes? Last time I checked, it was 9 nations: US, Russia, China, UK, France, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea.

        If your theory is correct, all these countries are lying to each other about having nukes. None of them have nukes, right? They’re all conning. So what is to stop other countries jumping on the bandwagon and claim to have nukes also? Wouldn’t it make sense for Iran and Syria, for example, to join the Liars’ Club and say: “We’ve got nukes too, so you’d better leave us alone!”

        That would make Israel a bit nervous, wouldn’t it? So why don’t Iran and Syria pull the same stunt as the other nine nuclear countries and claim they have nukes just to get respect and hands-off treatment?

        Heck, at this rate, 300 countries could soon be joining the nuclear club! Even the Eskimos could say, “We got nukes now, America, so don’t try and invade us or we’ll nuke you into the Stone Age! 🙂

        1. @ PAT


      29. Felix –

        You should be writing for Haaretz, Forward, NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the rest of the MSM which your position matches. Your position also matches every zio-controlled government in existence.

        My stance is the opposite of MSM and governments. That is good enough for me. 🙂

        You are a nice enough young man…. It is just that you worked in the police force and for the government too long, where you were brainwashed. They also programmed you in law school to believe the government. It is hard for you to shake the loyalties. I understand. You are helpless there.


        Sard –

        I want to stop the fear porn which is used to control people and drives them to support the out of control governments.

        Read Kaminski’s article posted today. “Word Controlled Humans” is the basis for his writing the article.

        We all are affected and directed by the “YUGE” lies…. about the Holohoax, 911 and NUKES…. to name just three.

        Costello would agree… 🙂

      30. @ Pat

        I didn’t really expect you to change your mind about nukes. If it gives you comfort to believe in their non-existence, that’s okay with me! Doesn’t really affect my life. I can live with the knowledge that Pat doesn’t believe in nukes, without losing any sleep over it!

        Same with the moon landings. Whether they landed on the moon or not doesn’t really impinge on my life. My attitude to these kooky conspiracy theories is: big deal, shrug shrug.

        People have got to realize, however, that the creation of mendacious conspiracy theories is a full-time occupation for government disinfo agents. They create these wild-eyed theories with deliberate intent as a “cry-wolf tactic” — black propaganda disinfo — to make people think that 9/11 truth and Holocaust revisionism are also garbage theories strictly for the loonies.

        Like the Hitler conspiracy theories, for example.

        I read somewhere that Adolf is still alive and well at the hollow center of the earth, achieving miraculous longevity courtesy of a team of Nazi scientists who have taken refuge in an underground city located at the North Pole.

        Did you know that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter? 🙂

        And yep, Elvis is alive and well too. Saw him last week picking up his groceries in Walmart. Asked him for his autograph. (He didn’t seem too pleased). 🙂

      31. Sard –

        YESS!! You get it..!! 🙂

        “They create these wild-eyed theories with deliberate intent as a “cry-wolf tactic” — black propaganda disinfo….”

        ….. even to make people believe the Warren Commission and that Oswald acted alone..!!!

        And the MSM and zio-governments and agents call the non-believers… with ‘THE glasses’…”crackpots”..!! 🙂

      32. Pat, please correct me if I’m wrong and excuse my inattention, if so.
        Is it true you DO believe ‘nuke’ devices are real and possibly have even been demonstrated via Alamogordo, but you do not believe ‘nukes’ can be made small enough to fit inside a rocket nosecone, much less a suitcase. (miniaturized) This due to the mass and weight of the material required.
        Am I guessing correctly?

      33. HP –


        I believe the possibilities of testing with elaborate systems and huge mechanics involved at various sites, all destroyed by the blasts. Alamogordo and Bikini, etc. POSSIBLY… 🙂 fit there.

        It is my belief… that Miniatures do not fit into the REQUIRED ‘buckling’ equations for any of the isotopes involved.

        I do not believe there are nuclear weaponized warheads on missiles. Certainly not 12 to 16 MIRVs on each one..!! A REAL joke..on the people..!! 🙂

      34. Pat,
        Very gracious of you to call me a nice young man. However, I’m neither nice nor young.
        As I said before you are just making an assertion without producing a shred of credible evidence to support it. It’s because I’ve been a police officer and prosecutor that I question your assertion.
        With regards to brainwashing you allege that I am brainwashed, but you swallow the biggest Jewish lie and scam of all, that the US dollar is almighty and you believe the (((statistics))) put out by the zio-media and zio-economists. You strain at a gnat (no nukes) and swallow the camel ( zio-economic statistics).
        I gather from what you have said about your antecedents that you have had the great misfortune to spend your entire life immersed in the Jewish Anglo-Saxon milieu. Being based in a naval base overseas doesn’t count. You still remain inside the bubble. You entire mindset is based on ((($$$$$$))) i.e. materialism. Unless the Anglo-Saxon world reverses course they will remain the instrument of the Jews in world domination. This is clearly stated in the Protocols of Zion, which the US War Department authenticated as true after World War One. A further addendum to the protocols is the Project for the New American Century (((PNAC))), authored and signed by a mostly Jewish gang of Neo-Cons. You can download both of these documents from the internet. The PNAC is a clear blueprint for mass murder, it even “predicts” 9/11.
        So it’s for this reason I regard the Jewish Anglo-Saxon races as a clear menace to humanity.
        It’s all very well sounding off online and so on, but the average Anglo-Saxon is a dumb, ignorant moron easily distracted and diverted by trivia into doing the will of his Jewish masters.

  4. Why why why is PCR still asking “why?”

    Shall we tell ‘im and disturb his comfortable little paradigm? (:>)

    1. PCR’s mindless defense of Trump reminds me of his mindless defense of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. I remember several years ago arguing with him about that to the point of absurdity. I concluded that while PCR is generally reasonable and accurate in his analyses, he does seem to have some bizarre “blind spots”.

  5. Whether via ‘bombs away’ or via angelic Lullaby, our own private Armageddon is coming.
    But yes, via Lullaby does have a waaaay nicer ring to it!
    Sounds like a goal to me..

    1. HP
      Look up at the stars at night and say to yourself, “There’s plenty of worlds out there”! However from what I’ve been able to infer from your posts, you will be going to Krisnalokha!

  6. WE don’t look up at the stars at night, Felix, WE are Darkm00ners, at night WE look up to a dark black moon which does NOT emit any light whatseover, thank you very much, but you can keep the stars, WE got a dark back moon which totally begrudges the earthlings of light-at-night to inspire Us and WE don’t need no stinkin’ twinklin’ star light. twinklin’ star light is for sissies like peter pan. WE hope you’re not a sissy, Felix. MAN UP and get with the program or get lost.

    [ like me mo’ betta now, uncle? *grin* ]

    1. TROJ
      I gather you’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere. Go out into the Kalahari Desert at night. It’s like walking under a carpet of Christmas lights. Remember the Northern Hemisphere points away from the centre of the Milky Way, hence fewer visible stars. “Behold the universe in the glory of God!” It might change your perspective.

    2. TROJ –

      If the earth were flat there would be no need for locks and trams at both ends of the Panama Canal. There would be no difference in sea levels on Pacific and Atlantic sides of Panama. I went though the Panama Canal on the submarine – USS Tecumseh(SSBN 628) – in 1969.

      I got ya beat for ‘off-topics’ today *grin*… and 🙂

      1. Yes, Pat, and I’m sure the Red Sea parted for you, you’re ALL THAT and So Much More!

      2. TROJ –

        Yes..!! EGG-ZAK-LEE..!! The Red Sea parted for ME..!!! 🙂

        But the ‘REED SEA’ – “Sea of Reeds” – just a few feet deep – was the one which was “introduced” as “Red Sea” by King James…. the woman torturer, whose male lover had to be banished…. *grin* and 🙂

        “The translation “Red Sea” is simply a traditional translation introduced into English by the King James Version through the second century BC Greek Septuagint and the later Latin Vulgate. It then became a traditional translation of the Hebrew terms. However, many modern translations either translate YAM SUPH as “Sea of Reeds” or use the traditional translation and add a footnote for the Hebrew meaning.”

      3. Pat,

        You are a fund of useful information on all sorts of weird topics, not least of these being famous Biblical mistranslations. I had no idea until now that “Red Sea” was a mistranslation for “Reed Sea”. That’s good to know.

        I was equally bowled over by your revelation concerning the famous quote by Jesus Christ in the New Testament: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” The word “camel”, you pointed out, was a mistranslation. The word originally used was “thick rope” (or cable).

        Very interesting! But don’t you think we are all better off for these inspired mistranslations? I really do feel that “Red Sea” is so much more evocative than “Reed Sea”. And who would change “camel” for “thick rope”? I think even Christ would have smiled at the mistranslation of “camel” and given it a nod of approval.

      4. HP –

        Yes… the Reed Sea is just ankle deep in most places…. which is why the reeds grow there. The ‘reeds’ can be parted by anyone walking through them.

        I have my opinions – guesses – which are very different than others’ guesses…. because I know what I know, and cannot write it all at once.

        I cannot change beliefs. People like scary movies and lies. They can’t handle the facts.

        For instance….
        Most commenters here do not know that King James enjoyed torturing women to death. He even wrote a book about it – “Daemonologie” – the basis of “Macbeth”. So they take his writings as ‘gospel’…. literally (HA!!) … even though they would be repulsed to know that he had 3 male lovers, and had to be kidnapped and imprisoned to keep him from stopping the banishment of the 1st Duke of Lennox, Esmé Stuart.

        **Jamesʼs sexual orientation was so widely known that Sir Walter Raleigh joked about it in public saying “King Elizabeth” had been succeeded by “Queen James.” 🙂

        What is really amazing…. even hypocritical…. is that most commenters here know, and claim, the US Government lies about everything…. including JFK, RFK, JFK Jr, USS Liberty, Holohoax(invented in the 70s), 911, Sandy Hook, Vegas shootings….. but NOT about NUKES..!!! Go figger.. 🙂

        To answer your question…. It is very costly to follow a lie.

      5. Sorry, Sard –

        I was so impressed with HP’s example… I retained his name…. and should have addressed you in my response…. not Homer… 🙂

  7. We are truly living at the end of an era of irrational exuberance and all around bonfires of insanity at least partially caused by helicopter loads of zero interest fiat Jew money. The world is in an everything bubble, a crypto Tulip mania of Biblical proportions. For instance exponential Bitcoin was over $7,400 this morning and a dilapidated 90 year old rotting house in Vancouver BC sold for $80,000 over it’s 2.4 million asking price:

    The stock market is at all time highs and el Trumpo, the glorious ZOG Emperor Yellow Haired Orangutang leader of Israelified States of Amerika says our weapons are the greatest ever! Yet we have a report of an ancient S-200 anti-aircraft battery shooting a hole in one of free F-35’s we gave our bestest ally Israel.

    Hebrew indoctrinated Amerika is in serious financial bubble territory, and the financial overstretch extends into the Zionist infested halls of the Pentacon which has only waged unfair wars against 3rd world armies. So here we sit in our overpriced homes being terrorized by mad dog generals issuing daily ultimatums to the fasci haired ‘wocket’ man. What a laugh, we may all wake up dead tomorrow as Zombies in a Jewish Simulacrum.

    Paul Craig Roberts is spot on, the nuclear sword of Damocles hangs over all of necks. But why worry, we all got smart phones that not only track our every move and keystroke, we can check how our fake crypto money is going straight up compared to the fake Jew fiat paper money in our pocket.

    1. Sounds very swampy, the reed sea, so it’s NO surprise Pat a swamp critter would know all about the reed sea, it’s really a swamp, NOT a sea, so Pat knows what he’s talking about, knowing swamps like the back of his hand, being a swamp critter all his life, *grin*

  8. possibly because they are even more christmas lights like,
    when viewed using the powerful camera lenses that are being produced
    these days to get images like this
    and yes I’m 100% with TROJ in my opinion the earth is not a globe
    nor is it an “oblate sphere” as niel de grasse tyson,
    the other actor that plays a “scientist” on TV has said
    as for the “stars”

  9. did you ever sail the suez canal PAT?
    no locks there as far as I’m aware
    so ships should be going up hill so to speak, from one end,
    and downhill from the other
    as its over 100 miles long…..what do you think?
    and of course there are lots of debunking videos,
    which I also view occasionally
    but they never cut the mustard
    whenever I look at the ocean using my eyeballs and logic
    it’s plainly evident that it is a completely flat surface, as indeed is all water
    whatever the amount
    once poured into a container

    1. Tee –

      I never sailed the Suez.

      You wrote:
      “it’s plainly evident that it is a completely flat surface”

      I write:
      …..but only to the naked eye.

      You will not see the tide change in a bathtub.. 🙂

      Seawater levels vary hundreds of feet across the planet at any given moment.

      Panama Canal runs east and west and is drastically affected by the rotation of this planet, which causes the CONSTANT difference in sea levels.

      For the Suez… it runs north and south and is minimally affected by the rotation of the planet. However, there are non-tidal currents there as well.

      Port Tewfik and Port Said have different sea levels, which vary throughout the year. The current flows north most of the time, and south in July, August and September, and is even still in between shifts.

      1. Pat,

        Thanks for the interesting info. As the resident Sinologist, I would be remiss not to point out that the grand daddy of canals was China’s “Grand Canal”.

        It was an engineering marvel of the ancient world — originally started in 5th century BC — and now designated a UNESCO site, though it is still in use today!

        YouTube video (segment, about 5 mins) describing China’s Grand Canal during the building of the Forbidden City in Beijing 500 years ago.

        The Grand Canal (also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the longest canal or artificial river in the world and a famous tourist destination.[1] Starting at Beijing, it passes through Tianjin and the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the city of Hangzhou, linking the Yellow River and Yangtze River. The oldest parts of the canal date back to the 5th century BC, but the various sections were first connected during the Sui dynasty (581–618 AD). The Yuan and Ming dynasties significantly rebuilt the canal and altered its route to supply their capital Beijing.

        The total length of the Grand Canal is 1,776 km (1,104 mi). Its greatest height is reached in the mountains of Shandong, at a summit of 42 m (138 ft).[2] Ships in Chinese canals did not have trouble reaching higher elevations after the pound lock was invented in the 10th century, during the Song dynasty (960–1279), by the government official and engineer Qiao Weiyue.[3] The canal has been admired by many throughout history including Japanese monk Ennin (794–864), Persian historian Rashid al-Din (1247–1318), Korean official Choe Bu (1454–1504), and Italian missionary Matteo Ricci (1552–1610).[4][5]

        Source: Wikipedia

      2. PAT
        that’s all very well, (and complicated, I find the naysaying always is)
        but my point Is always to do with “curvature,”
        and the scientifically accepted, supposed circumference of the earth.
        due to which certain things should not be possible to observe,
        the statue of liberty can be seen apparently from 60 miles out at sea for example
        according to the math of “curvature” at that distance it woud be well below the horizon and impossible to see,
        there are literally thousands of such anomalies
        recently I was in the bell tower of cadiz cathedral,and the ocean can be viewed from side to side as far as the eye can see,
        in the past having noticed that I found myself “autosuggesting” a curve to the sea when I looked, I took to holding a straight edge up to the horizon
        in Cadiz I used the edge of the tourist guide to the Cathedral as I slowly looked from left to right,
        the atlantic ocean is resolutely flat
        do you really believe that we are on something spinning at 1,000 miles an hour, whilst flying around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour,
        the whole kit and kaboodle streaking along to eff knows where at 2,000,000 miles an hour!!?
        all without the slightest sensation of motion!
        as for the differences in levels of different oceans and seas,
        that may well be so
        but whatever the level, they are all observably flat to the naked eye,
        which for the sake of keeping it simple,I will continue to trust in.

      3. Tee-

        That was an engineering report I chose… because it was performed way before today’s narrative.

        The engineering reports were necessary to maintain the viability for merchant – admiralty- insurance risks purposes…. before a government stamp of approval was given for the routes.

        Yes. Engineering reports are very complete… and inherently complicated to non-engineers.

        No “naysaying” was written there. It was positively submitted… wanted for safe travel…. especially for cargo vessels…$$$$.!! 🙂

        Don’t feel too dismayed. Most have trouble following diagrams and charts… especially ones involving complex major engineering tasks.

    2. @ Teejay
      Actually the curvature of the Earth was apparent to the ancient Greeks, who noticed that when looking out to sea the mast of a ship could be seen before the rest of the ship became visible. Go and try it for yourself!

      1. @ FELIX
        all down to perspective, atmospherics and other factors.
        none of which involve a “curved” ocean,
        ponder that for a minute or two, a curved ocean….
        covering most of a giant ball that is spinning at 1000 mph.
        I digress,
        now had those ancient greeks possessed half decent telescopes or binoculars
        to look through
        they would have been able immediately to bring the whole ship back into view,
        because there is no curve to disappear over
        I would say you should get down to the nearest seacoast with a telescope or binocular,
        and try that for your self!

      2. TEEJAY,
        Did that with a telescope on Bray Head when I was a schoolboy and observed the top of the vessel first!

    1. Lets see how the ANTI-Trumpmites twist it around, for years the alt-media has been calling for a NON jew at the Federal Reserve and demanding somebody please get rid of the jew Yellen. Now Trump did what the alt-media has been advocating and insisting on for years, let’s see how the same ones who always wanted the Jew Yellen out and a NON jew to replace the JEW Yellen, lets see how they spin and twist this all around in order to bash Trump and cry and complain and bitch and moan.”Oh, orange clown is a jew-pharisee-lover he only got rid of the jew yellen and replaced her with a NON-jew to fool us into thinking he’s “really” on our side but WE know he’s not, so who is orange clown think he’s kidding. This non jew orange clown appointed is a shabby low-life goy who sucks bagels outta jew assholes, or maybe this new apointee is a crypto joo, he’s probably a crypto joo or some kind of joo.” Something like that, lets see what The Spin is going to be now.

      1. Oh, orange clown is a jew-pharisee-lover he only got rid of the jew yellen and replaced her with a NON-jew to fool us into thinking he’s “really” on our side but WE know he’s not, so who is orange clown think he’s kidding.

        This non jew orange clown appointed is a shabby low-life goy who sucks bagels outta jew assholes, or maybe this new apointee is a crypto joo, he’s probably a crypto joo or some kind of joo.

      2. @Harold Smith

        “Jerome Hayden Powell (born February 4, 1953) is a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and has served since 2012.” ( )

        He’s a banker, regardless of his race, religion, ethnicity. His Wiki biography provides little reason to think he’ll be different from any of the usual suspects, and some good reasons to think he’s a Shabbos goy.

      3. @ Harold Smith

        [The Orange Clown] only got rid of the jew yellen and replaced her with a NON-jew to fool us into thinking he’s “really” on our side but WE know he’s not, so who is orange clown think he’s kidding?

        Who does Orange Clown think he’s kidding? He thinks he’s kidding his most ardent supporters, including those singing hymns of praise to him on this website. In that belief the Donald is absolutely correct. There’s a sucker born every second.

      4. @ Carnaptious
        @ JP

        In lieu of a substantive reply to TROJ’s prospective-sarcastic-judeo-rant, I facetiously cut and pasted some of it.

        My own thoughts are: Big deal. So what? Nikki Haley isn’t a jew either for that matter. The bottom line is that jew-puppet Orange Clown would never appoint anyone to any influential position who would go against his masters’ wishes.

        Of course I’d love to be proven wrong about Orange Clown, so the minute he appoints David Duke (or even Jesse Ventura, Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, etc.) to some important/high-profile position somewhere, please let me know.

      5. @HS,

        The facetious nature of your first reply was not lost on me. Without the removal of a whole lot of swamp creatures, the addition of a “David Duke (or even Jesse Ventura, Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, etc.)” would simply be throwing red meat to alligators. Jerome Powell is already a creature of the swamp, so I expect his confirmation to go through smoothly. When installed in office, Powell will cause no ripples in the swamp. His time on the Fed. Res. Board of Governors was spent proving his loyalty to the other swamp monsters.

  10. He doesn’t have a “chance”? He’s the president. He occupies the most powerful political office in the world. He has the power to stop the madness. He has the power to stop making threats. He has the power to stop murdering people with drone strikes. He has the power to de-escalate in Eastern Europe. He has the power to pull the troops out of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has the power to stop the senseless genocidal war in Yemen. He has the power to negotiate with Russia over missiles and nukes. He has the power to recall the armada threatening North Korea. He has the power to appeal to the people. He has the power to investigate 9/11. Failing all that he has the power to resign rather than be the Satanic instrument of the end of life as we know it on this planet.

    Perfectly correct Harold Smith. The only obstruction to action by modern Western “leaders” is willing cronyism and fear of being murdered. In such cases the person should not stand for election.

    Let them take actions and if they are disposed of, let it be known and the next upright candidate stand. Strategic 4D chess is all very well but a balance has to be struck with action.

    Of course honorable leaders can never rise in the US because Tribe money and media select the dishonorable.

  11. Regarding the no-nuke theory, here is a depiction of a nuclear device:

    The theory says that particles from the trigger explosion cannot attain 1 joule of energy (7MeV) or they can’t be produced in sufficient numbers.

    Here is a graphic of the size of the missiles:

    It appears to me that considering today’s technology and the volume of the warheads (especially the old ones – see pic), the non-nuke theory is cranky. Therefore PCR and all of us are right to denounce warmongering with lighted matches in a basement full of explosives.

  12. “Few things are more distressing to a well regulated mind than to see a boy, who ought to know better, disporting himself at improper moments.” – My old School Line, had to be written out twenty times before breakfast as punishment for disporting myself.

    Updated 2017 version: “Few things are more distressing to a rational mind than to see a person, who claims to be sane, waffling on about a flat earth.”


  13. While governments work on creating new biological weapons, no one beats Mother Nature’s creative talents.
    DM readers in the UK may have seen this.

    “Deadly airborne plague in Madagascar is now at ‘crisis’ point and the ‘worst outbreak in 50 years’ as cases rocket by almost 40% in just 5 DAYS and could hit a further 20,000 in weeks.”

    “Officials in Madagascar have warned residents not to exhume bodies of dead loved ones and dance with them because the bizarre ritual can cause outbreaks of plague.”

    Pneumonic plague is one of several types of plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, the other two being septicemic plague and bubonic plague. Together, they make up the types of plague known as the “Black Death”.

    “The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60% of Europe’s total population. In total, the plague may have reduced the world population from an estimated 450 million down to 350–375 million in the 14 century.”

  14. @felix,
    I got a bit side tracked with the mast first stuff,
    what I meant to say was that,
    after the ship has supposedly disappeared over the “curve”
    completely gone from view, top of the masts et al,
    the whole ship will leap back into view providing the equipment used to look through is powerful enough,
    and that’s not a problem these days, here’s an example
    might I add that it isn’t a big deal for me,and I’m not evangelical about it.
    it’s a bit like the holohoax ,
    once I was able to blow down the house of cards I had constructed in my head,
    after years of having had it shoved down my throat more or less since birth,
    it simply joined the pantheon of horrors the chosenites have been responsible for for millenia
    albeit as the lynch pin, in particular for our generation,
    and for all that followed and follows

    why am I conflating the two? because the same people are behind the space stuff,
    life got much less complicated for me,when started to simply invert everything reported as “real”,
    check the stupid stuff nasa puts out as “real” for instance, bubbles of water in “space”
    astro nots swingin from harness’s
    it’s in plain sight stuff, they are laughing at us, they want people to see it’s fake
    we all here know about the holohoax, but the earth not a globe?
    woah! thats a bit far out man! they wouldn’t do that would they?
    why not?
    they bloody well would, and they bloody well have done!

    peace and blessing to all who sail on the good ship darkmoon!

    1. @ Teejay
      Thanks for your reply. I’ve had a very different life to yours. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in Ireland, Australia and South Africa and I think the first Jew I, knowingly encountered was in South Africa in 1970. Back in those days the term “Holocaust” didn’t exist as it pertains to the Jews. It was an corruption of the English language by Eely Weasel in the early 70’s. Likewise the word “gay”, when I was growing up it meant happy. The first time I heard it used to denote a homosexual was in 1969, I think. Again a debasement of the English Language and the ruination of a perfectly good word.

      Regarding the Jews in South Africa they were not well liked by the Afrikaner. In fact one South African PM in the 50s, Hans Strijdom, was famous in the Northern Transvaal, his home constituency, of getting up at political rallies and denouncing the Jews, saying they should be hunted into the sea. He had the affectionate nickname of “The Lion of the North”. In fact South Africa started to go downhill after B. J. Vorster quit as PM in the mid 70’s. He’d been detained during WW2 as a Nazi sympathizer, along with Hendrik Van Den Berg, who was the head of the Security Police, when I was there. He later set up and headed BOSS (Bureau of State Security).

      I have visited, your country, the US, on numerous occasions, last time 1987. Quite frankly, I didn’t like it very much because it’s infested with Jews and Jewish thinking. The nicest people I met were in the South and mid-West, mostly former CSA. What a pity they didn’t win the Northern War of Aggression. Now the Jews have the status of Royal Game in the US. Above all criticism, nobody can hunt them.

      1. “Eely Weasel” – 😂

        True about the people in the South, they are the nicest folks, with a tradition of hospitality to strangers that they still honored when I was there in the early ’00s. And, they generally get along better with their People of Color than do the damned Yankees, despite H’Wood movie portrayals to the contrary (The Help).

      2. @FELIX
        It’s always a pleaure to read what is posted in the comments
        this is a great site.
        confirmation that I had made a right decision
        in continuing to visit here,
        came in the form of the article by UNGENIUS some weeks ago,
        re the difference betwix calling oneself a christian, or a follower of Jesus,
        I fall into the latter, for want of a better word, category,
        both the article, and the comments beneath, warmed the cockles.
        I think, that largely , I am amongst freinds here,
        even trolls visiting, something will rub off on them!
        BTW, I am English, not American,
        tho I have spent quite a lot of time in the countries you mention
        except for australasia.
        and thank YOU for your reply!

  15. “In the summer, I stretch out on the shore and think of you. Had I told the sea what I felt for you, it would have left its shores, its shells, its fish, and followed me.”

    “And how can I erase you from my memory’s papers? When in my heart you’re like engraving in stone. I love you, one who resides in my blood, whether you were in China or you were on the moon.”

    “Because my love for you is greater than words, I’ve decided to keep quiet.”

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