Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class


An Abridged Version  by Lasha Darkmoon

LD:  Kevin MacDonald’s important article, complete with charts and scholarly footnotes, can be read in its entirety HERE. This abridged version of Professor MacDonald’s original 5000-word essay is followed by a short video I have added as an afterthought, together with an extended reflection of my own arising out of reading MacDonald’s brilliant exposé of the dark forces at work in the background of this human tragedy enfolding before our eyes: “The Opioid Epidemic and the Jewish Family behind it.” [LD]

A sense of betrayal seems to lie just behind today’s political discourse—a feeling of being left behind, a suspicion that those at the top, in media, corporations, politics, academia, and finance, have motives and goals at odds with those of the broader population. Put simply, Americans of all backgrounds fear and loathe a hostile elite. Political memes like “the Deep State,” “the 1%,” “Drain the Swamp,” “the Davos Set,” and “Masters of the Universe” each capture this feeling of alienation, suspicion, and helplessness.

Recently, the phenomenon of “The White Death” has entered the public consciousness and received comment by mainstream and elite sources. In a nutshell, working class Whites are dying at an increasing rate, whereas most studies show the mortality rates of non-Whites decreasing. For working-class Whites, almost every indicator of social dysfunction and depression are increasing: they are committing suicide; they are using drugs more often and with damaging results; they are failing to establish families; they are sleeping more and watching more television.

The opioid crisis is an intense expression of this broader phenomenon.

The past two decades have witnessed a major increase in the use of prescription opioids as a means of pain management. Abuse has become rampant and a black-market economy has arisen. The most common of these drugs is oxycodone (marketed under the names OxyContin and Percocet); and the synthesized drug fentanyl, which resembles heroin and morphine in its potency.

As the New York Times reports:

The current opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history. Overdoses, fueled by opioids, are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old — killing roughly 64,000 people last year, more than guns or car accidents, and doing so at a pace faster than the H.I.V. epidemic did at its peak.

Fatalities resemble those of a World War. Some 250,000 people, mainly Whites, have died as a result of the abuse. The journal STAT has estimated that some 500,000 might die as a result over the next decade.

A lot of the discussion centers around research by economists Anne Case and her husband, Nobel-winning Angus Deaton claiming that the increase in mortality comes from “deaths of despair [that] come from a long-standing process of cumulative disadvantage for those with less than a college degree. The story is rooted in the labor market, but involves many aspects of life, including health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion.”

My basic theory here is that it’s not really about despair. I argue there are two things at work here: one is the decline in our culture generally brought about by the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution affecting health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion. But added to that is a very specific situation involving opioid drugs that in turn is linked to academic researchers willing to falsify data for financial gain, a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, especially Purdue Pharma owned by the Sackler family, and lax government regulation of drugs because of manipulation by the pharmaceutical industry.

A 2016 article in the New York Times elaborates on the findings of Case & Deaton based on their examination of 60 million death certificates from 1990–2014, but pins the blame squarely on opioids, not on alcohol or suicide.

The problem for the White working class is a greedy pharmaceutical industry that has manipulated government regulating agencies and mainstream opinion in the medical profession. A fundamental problem in dealing with this now is that the cat is out of the bag. These trends toward increased mortality over 1999 levels will continue no matter what the government does about OxyContin. Increased regulation simply forces addicts into heroin and other illegal drugs. The latest data show that deaths from drug overdoses continue to increase, now around 65,000 per year, despite increased government regulation.


This all started with Purdue Pharmaceuticals, owned by the Sackler family—described by the New Yorker as “the family that built an empire of pain.” This is an amazing and very depressing story.

Originally, OxyContin-type drugs were used only for severe pain — as continues to be the case in Europe, so their use was quite limited. Purdue’s program was to get OxyContin prescribed for even minor pain. Part of that was to claim that OxyContin was less addictive because it was timed-release, but simply breaking the pill up before swallowing negated the timed-release and they were well aware of that. Their promotional materials emphasized their humanitarian motives—what could be more high-minded, after all, than relieving pain without fear of addiction?

Purdue essentially created a very large community of people who benefited financially from prescribing opioids. They set up and funded organizations that lobbied for more aggressive treatment of pain by treatment with opioids. Millions were funneled into organizations like the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine and Purdue’s own advocacy group, Partners Against Pain, as well as to medical professionals willing to provide data supporting the movement. Purdue hired an army of sales reps to promote opioids to all medical personnel, from doctors to physician assistants. A consistent part of the pitch was to minimize addiction rates. Purdue claimed addiction rates were less than 1% by cherry picking studies that did not examine the effects of long-term use. Other studies often showed much higher rates, as high as 50%. This misrepresentation was at the root of the $600M judgement against Purdue obtained by the US government.

The original study claiming very low rates of addiction was in 1986 by R. K. Portenoy based on 38 patients.

Portenoy, of Metropolitan Jewish Health System in New York City, gained renown in the 1980s and 1990s for advocating consideration of opioid painkillers for patients with chronic pain of all kinds, at a time when such use was discouraged. In the 2012 WSJ interview, he conceded that research had not backed up the effectiveness of opioids for these types of pain and that the risks of addiction and other adverse effects were greater than he previously had indicated.

Portenoy also maintains financial relationships with opioid drugmaker Purdue Pharma, as well as other scores of other pharmaceutical companies, many of which have pain offerings: Afferent, Cephalon, CNSBio, Covidien, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Mallinckrodt, Grupo Ferrer, King Pharmaceuticals, NicOx, Prostraken, Shire, Solvay, Wyeth, Xenon, Archimedes, Baxter, Calloway, Flamek, Fralex, GW Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer.

Once Purdue showed how much money could be made, other pharmaceutical companies jumped into the market. When confronted with data showing that addiction rates were much higher, Portenoy recanted his strong claims but still maintained that opioids were a great treatment for non-cancer pain. And in any case, the damage was already done.

Propublica to their credit has taken a major role in showing how doctors and various organizations benefit from the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a pervasive problem in all areas of medicine, but quite often it’s because they promote drugs that don’t really work compared to placebos. They are not killing tens of thousands of people. Nevertheless, the lesson is to stay away from prescribed drugs as much as possible and do thorough investigations before taking anything. This is an incredibly corrupt industry from top to bottom and it goes way beyond being a specifically Jewish problem. However, the opioid epidemic is in large part a Jewish story.

When it comes to pain management, Propublica emphasizes the roles of two Jewish physicians, Scott Fishman and Perry Fine, prominently associated with the American Pain Foundation which got 88% of its budget from Purdue and other pharmaceutical companies. Fine has been funded by at least a dozen drug companies and Fishman has had relationships with at least eight companies, including Purdue, for which he was a consultant, paid speaker and recipient of research support. They claim that all this financial remuneration did not affect their opinions. And if you believe that, you are an idiot.

The FDA also played an important role, for example, not reviewing Purdue’s promotional literature which included a video that claimed addiction was “very rare”; this was eventually removed, but the damage was done. And of course, even if addiction rates were low when patients used the drug as their doctors intended, many quickly learned to break the tablets up and snort it or inject it. Again, becoming addicted is more likely to occur in people who have less impulse control—those in the lower part of the bell curve.

Purdue left no stone unturned. Hospital accreditation groups also played a role. Hospitals were required by the feds to administer questionnaires to patients recording their pain experience on a 10-point scale, and were threatened with loss of accreditation if they were found to be allowing too much pain.

In 2006, it became mandatory to poll discharged patients about whether their pain had been adequately assessed and treated during their stay. The change was put in place by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acting on recommendations of the Joint Commission, the national nonprofit health care quality organization that accredits hospitals [which was funded by Purdue. The results of these surveys are posted online and they contribute substantially to how the Joint Commission ranks hospitals.

The results of these surveys can affect whether or not a hospital is eligible for Medicaid reimbursements, so scoring poorly can affect a hospital’s bottom line. In 2012, the Affordable Care Act made this connection even more direct when it gave Medicare the ability to withhold a portion of hospital reimbursement if patient satisfaction scores were low.

Unsurprisingly, under this regime, the number of opioid prescriptions increased dramatically. Worried that their survey scores would be low for not treating pain aggressively enough (and under pressure to address this), doctors began liberally prescribing opioids.(Jeremy Samuel Faust, ‘The Untold Story of America’s Opioid Addiction’)

Esquire’s Christopher Glazek writes:

Flush with cash, Purdue pioneered a high-cost promotion strategy, effectively providing kickbacks—which were legal under American law—to each part of the distribution chain. Wholesalers got rebates. Pharmacists got refunds. Patients got coupons for thirty-day starter supplies. Academics got grants. Medical journals got millions in advertising. Senators and members of Congress on key committees got donations from Purdue and from members of the Sackler family.

They flew doctors to “seminars’ in fancy vacation destinations. Doctors who didn’t get on board were offered speaking fees to endorse OxyContin. The feds finally sued Purdue in 2007, with Purdue pleading guilty to felony charges, admitting that it had lied to doctors about OxyContin’s abuse potential.

Under the agreement, the company paid $600 million in fines and its three top executives at the time pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges—after thousands of deaths as a result of their actions. The executives paid $34.5 million out of their own pockets and performed four hundred hours of community service. It was one of the harshest penalties ever imposed on a pharmaceutical company but how can one take it seriously when the people responsible got away with pleading guilty to misdemeanors at a time when by 2001 Purdue was selling $1 billion of OxyContin yearly.

In total, Purdue Pharma has made $35 billion, and the Sackler family walked away with around $13 billion.

Misdemeanor pleas for being responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people while walking away with billions.

Perhaps the height of cynicism was in 2010, when Purdue reformlated the drug to be less easy to snort—very near the end of its patent on the original version. So it got more years of patent protection.

So the Sackler family is in the clear and is now posing as great humanitarian philanthropists. It’s well known that opioid addiction in mothers has a devastating effect on newborn babies.

Opioid withdrawal, which causes aches, vomiting, and restless anxiety, is a gruesome process to experience as an adult. It’s considerably worse for the twenty thousand or so American babies who emerge each year from opioid-soaked wombs.

These infants, suddenly cut off from their supply, cry uncontrollably.

Their skin is mottled. They cannot fall asleep. Their bodies are shaken by tremors and, in the worst cases, seizures. Bottles of milk leave them distraught, because they cannot maneuver their lips with enough precision to create suction.

Treatment comes in the form of drops of morphine pushed from a syringe into the babies’ mouths. Weaning sometimes takes a week but can last as long as twelve. It’s a heartrending process.

Christopher Glazek, ’The Secretive Family Making Millions from the Opioid Crisis,’ Esquire, October 16, 2017, http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a12775932/sackler-family-oxycontin/, accessed December 7, 2017.


Because of this sort of thing, the Sackler family has been especially motivated to make people think they care about children: “Several have made children a focus of their business and philanthropic endeavors.”

And because they are such wonderful people they have donated to high-profile institutions, always with their name on it.

So we have the Sackler Galleries at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London; the Sackler Wing of Oriental Antiquities at the Louvre; The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian, Washington, and the Sackler gallery in Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University, The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences at Yale, and the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts.

There is effusive praise from the beneficiaries. Tufts spokesperson said:

“It would be impossible to calculate how many lives you have saved, how many scientific fields you have redefined, and how many new physicians, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are doing important work as a result of your entrepreneurial spirit. You are a world changer.”

So the Sackler family are being praised for saving lives at a time when the opioid epidemic they started has claimed the lives of over 250,000 mainly White people.

One wonders if the Sacklers would have attempted to engage in such a campaign in Israel.


by Lasha Darkmoon

The Sackler family has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune through Purdue Pharma, a drug manufacturer widely accused of helping to launch the opioid epidemic that has destroyed the lives of millions of Americans, mostly working class and lower middle class Whites. The Sacklers, a plutocratic Jewish clan, are reported to be worth 14 billion dollars; no judge in America would risk his career, if not his life, by daring to put such elite Untouchables behind bars. This is in spite of the fact that Purdue Pharma, the Sackler family’s pharmaceutical company, has been found guilty of criminal deception and the destruction of millions of lives in an opioid epidemic of unparalleled proportions.   

Over the last 20 years, more than seven million Americans have abused OxyContin and 250,000 have died of overdoses. The drug changes the chemical composition of the brain, causes extensive liver damage, and acts as a gateway to heroin addiction. Withdrawal symptoms—including acute anxiety, frequent vomiting, and constant aches and pains—can be horrendous.

The drug was sold to the public on a “marketing lie” in medical journals, many of them owned by Purdue Pharma, the developer of the drug. This was the false claim that only two pills were needed per day to give total pain relief, one pill early in the morning whose effects would last 12 hours, and another pill before bedtime which would give pain relief all night. In fact, this was an outright lie which was pushed by Purdue Pharma’s sales reps. It managed to deceive tens of thousands of doctors into overprescribing the dangerous drug to their patients. Instead of getting the desired pain relief, patients became hopelessly addicted to the drug and needed ever increasing doses to survive, often being driven into heroin dependency, death by overdosing, and suicide as the only way out of their nightmare existence. (Here is a picture of a drug addict ravaged by Oxycontin, one of the many casualties of the Sackler empire). Like many other opioids, OxyContin can be used as a heroin substitute.

In addition, many doctors were “blackmailed” by Purdue Pharma by having their names listed in medical journals for refusing to prescribe the dangerous drug to their patients. They were thus held up to public obloquy by being presented as backward and uncaring doctors who were denying their patients much needed pain relief. It will come as no surprise to learn that the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, had already bought up many of these same  medical journals in which OxyContin was touted as a miracle painkiller and in which doctors who refused to prescribe it were named and shamed as bad doctors.

This quote will provide additional information on these scandalous abuses by Big Pharma, abuses they have managed to get away with so far owing to their vast financial resources and elite networking connections:

“The Sackler family has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune through Purdue Pharma—the drug manufacturer widely accused of helping launch the opioid epidemic. Generous donations have allowed the family name to appear prominently at numerous prestigious art galleries and medical research institutions, but a month-long DCNF review did not turn up a single addiction treatment center named “Sackler,” nor any that had received contributions from the billionaire clan.

OxyContin—a breakthrough opioid-based painkiller and Purdue’s largest revenue source—generated about $35 billion in sales from between 1995 and 2015, according to Forbes. The drug is widely considered a crucial player in sparking the opioid epidemic and made the Sacklers the 19th-richest family in 2016 America, with a $13 billion net worth.

More than 50,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2016.”

Note that  the number of American deaths in a single year (2016) from opioid overdoses (64,070)—all traceable to one Jewish family—is more than the total number of deaths during the entire 19 years of  American involvement in Vietnam (58,220). See here.

It has been estimated that on a global scale 100,000 people die from OxyContin abuse every year. Countless others moreover are sucked into heroin addiction as result of their initial experience with OxyContin. The total number of White Americans who have died owing to the opioid epidemic has been estimated at 250,000—which is more than four times the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

It needs to be emphasized here that the $600 million fine levied on the three Jewish executives working for Purdue Pharma constituted a mere drop in the ocean compared to the company’s total revenues of $35 billion over the years. The company was known to put aside a substantial but easily affordable percentage of its vast revenues for bribes, kickbacks and charitable donations designed to improve the image of the Sacker family as cultured and compassionate philanthropists. All these outgoings, including the $600 million in fines, could be regarded simply as “business expenses”. It is therefore highly unlikely that these three Jewish executives suffered any real hardship as a result of their seemingly “stiff” fines. In real terms, they probably lost almost nothing; it was peanuts.

Effects of cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and OxyContin (a heroin substitute)

It may be mentioned in passing that there are far more dangerous opioids available than heroin, the synthetic derivative of morphine. Fentanyl is 50-100 times more potent than morphine. Even more dangerous than fentanyl is Carfentanil, 10,000 times stronger than morphine and sometimes used as an elephant tranquilizer. Available on the black market, it can be mixed in with heroin to increase its potency to an unimaginable degree. People who enter a room in which this drug has been stored can die of an overdose simply by inhaling the particles in the air. Finally, there is grey death, the deadliest opioid of them all, a dangerous potpourri of other opioids unpredictable in its potency. It is almost impossible to consume it without overdosing.

This short video featured below will give you an idea of the full extent of the opioid epidemic in America vis-à-vis the basic facts and figures it presents. However, the fact that it fails to mention the Sackler family even once is highly significant. There is no mention here either that OxyContin, Purdue Pharma’s  largest revenue spinner, has made the Sackler family the 19th richest family in America with a net worth of $14 billion. Nor is there any hint here of a successful court case against Purdue Pharma, resulting in the conviction of three Jewish executives and a fine of $600 million.

All these important facts, in addition, have been carefully swept under the carpet by the mainstream media. Concealing from the public the significant fact that the perpetrators of these pharmaceutical crimes have been Jewish, and that their victims have mostly been working class White Americans, has been a top priority at all times. Failure to mention the J-word even once in this video below is more than an accidental omission. It is a politically correct and despicable act of moral cowardice one can only deplore.

VIDEO  :  4.37 mins 

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  1. I know a guy who was using oxycontin on only an occasional basis and stopped because of the terrifying nightmares it was causing. Talk about yer blessings in disguise! He told me he felt as though something was trying to literally take over his soul, similar to crackheads during the brief psychotic episodes that happen after smokin the stuff. Speaking of which, I also know a guy who killed one of these crazy crack whores in self-defense.

    The devil is goin strong through jew agents like these Sackler cretins who feel right at home thriving in this mortal realm

    1. This truly groundbreaking article presents such shocking information that it left me shattered after reading it. I was totally unaware that the crisis was as bad as this. Something serious needs to be done about these evil criminals. The death penalty is certainly called for.

      A derisory fine and a few hours of community work? No way! Such a slap on the wrist is an insult to the millions of working class Americans who have had to endure this Jewish generated Holocaust.

      1. President Trump has expressed grave concern about the opioid crisis. By far the worst mass epidemic in American history. It remains to be see what action Trump will take against the Jewish elite behind this pharmaceutical nightmare.

      2. Sard –

        It will take more than his applying the same “Art of the Deal” mentality which plunged his casinos into bankruptcy.

        I imagine more privately owned prisons are coming so he and his buddies can invest in them.

        This crisis is a WIN-WIN-WIN for the government and Federal reserve… MORE $$$ needed…!!!

      3. wake up nothing will be done about cause all cops from a small town to the feds will do nothing because they are all traitors. look how they covered up the biggest slaughter in US history in vegas. unless the whites use the second amendment for what it was really written for they will be slowly eradicated. thinking voting and traitor cops will save you is suicide. these demons from hell would have NO power over us without the cops projecting their power and protecting the elites from the people

  2. Sorry, I don’t approve of the antisemitism underlying this sensational article. What do I and Seymour, my husband, have to do with this Sackler family? Nothing! Just because we are Jews you want to put us all in gas chambers?

    You need to be careful before you start blaming Jews for everything.
    We have already had one Auschwitz. Please don’t try and start another.

    It seems to me the white working classes are to blame entirely for allowing themselves to become drug addicts and getting hooked on oxycontin. And I bet the guys selling them these heroin like drugs are other white trash lowlives, not Jews! So don’t blame Jews for the opioid epidemic, okay?

    1. If white trash folk are getting hooked on opioid drugs, blame white trash folk for letting themselves be hooked. If fish are too stupid to avoid the hook, they must pay the price of being caught on the hook. I mean, if you’re a smart fish you learn how to swim round the hook, sniff it, and then swim away. If you nibble on the hook, you get what you deserve.

      What I’m saying is: white victims of this new drug epidemic are to blame for their own plight. This comes of having a poor education and a weak will. Don’t blame the Jews for your own weaknesses and vices! You white trash folk are to blame entirely for being such dead enders.

      1. I don’t agree with what my wife says. She is not saying it right.
        But she has her own laptop and I have no control over what she writes. Her tone is all wrong and I wish she could exercise superior judgment.

        Having said that, however, I have to say this. There is a great deal of evidence that ordinary non-elite Jews like me and my family are equally exposed to the same dangers and pains of the opioid crisis as the white working classes are.

        To make out that this is exclusively a problem for lower class whites is wrong. We ordinary Jews are falling victims to exactly the same opioid crisis as the rest of America. There is no magic wand over our heads excluding us.

      2. @ Seymour Zak

        To make out that this is exclusively a problem for lower class whites is wrong. We ordinary Jews are falling victims to exactly the same opioid crisis as the rest of America. There is no magic wand over our heads excluding us.

        This is a barefaced lie, Seymour! You are making it up. You Jews have a Victim Complex. You always want to be marching in the front line of the victims, carrying banners saying: “Oy veh, oy veh! pity us Jews! we are life’s eternal victims!”

        It won’t wash. Big Phama is run by Jews and they are screwing the entire population! The Sacklers are a Jewish clan and they’ve made $14 billion dollars out of White America’s misery.

      3. Another thing you need to remember is this. One of the reasons for the over-prescription of these killer opioids to vast segments of White America is the disproportionate number of Jewish doctors in America. These Jewish doctors are helping to spread the contagion by their irresponsible and possibly malignant over-prescription of drugs.

        Maybe they are doing this deliberately as revenge for perceived persecutions in the past. This could well be a pogrom in reverse,
        a secret pogrom launched against the goyim by their new masters.

        The secret is: never trust a Jewish doctor. Steer clear of Jewish doctors if you know what’s good for you.

        Even if they are well-intentioned, Jewish doctors are likely to be over-prescribers of all prescription drugs owing to their Jewish links with other members of the tribe in Big Pharma and in the great Wall Street investment firms.

      4. you cannot throw Jewish tear gas canisters in a class room and then blame the students for inhaling it , can you?there is a huge difference between a stupid person and a deceived person . decent people by default assume decency in others and initially trust them . we are dealing here with evil people who have nothing but evil intentions toward their fellow man . shame on you for blaming the victim .

      5. @Hannah Zak,

        Your reaction is typically Jewish :

        1) Ordinary Jews are innocent of the crimes of elite Jews.
        2) Don’t blame Jews for everything.
        3) Don’t try to start another Auschwitz.
        4) If gullible Goyim are so stupid as to be cheated by clever Jews, they are themselves to blame.

        As an inveterate “anti-Semite”, i.e. someone who understands the mentality of the Jews and cannot be cheated by them anymore (my definition), my answer to you is :

        1) “Ordinary Jews are innocent of the crimes of elite Jews.”

        All Jews are indeed not directly guilty of the crimes of some of them, BUT… Jews think, feel and act as a collectivity, and therefore most Jews are in various degrees complicit in the crimes of some of them, especially if they belong to their elite. Ordinary Jews either actively support their criminals, or cover for them, or at least deny that anything like “Jewish crime” even exists (their usual reaction). Successful Jewish criminals are admired by ordinary Jews and protected by them if need be (see the case of the criminal Rubashkin, defended by Alan Dershowitz and many other Jews), and successful Jewish criminals donate generously to Jewish charities, which is accepted without any moral objection. For all practical purposes the Jewish people collectively acts as an ethnic Mafia, and as such it has to be treated, no matter how much ordinary Jews may claim their “innocence”.

        2) “Don’t blame Jews for everything.”

        Jews are indeed not guilty of all evil in the world, but when you study their behavior throughout history, you come to the conclusion that they have been involved in evil vastly disproportionately to their percentage of the world’s population, which is only 0,2%. With the advent of modern technology their evil influence has grown to such a degree that they have become a danger to life on the planet itself.

        3) “Don’t try to start another Auschwitz.”

        The fear of Jews that any criticism of Jews, no matter how justified, might lead to “another Holocaust” is testimony not only to typical Jewish paranoia, but also to the projection of their own genocidal fantasies on others.

        4) “If gullible Goyim are so stupid as to be cheated by clever Jews, they are themselves to blame.”

        This is the most vicious argument I ever have seen, and it exposes the Jewish mentality for all to see : “We Jews are more clever than non-Jews, therefore we have the right to cheat them of their money, their health or even their life. If they come to grief, they are themselves to blame for naively trusting us.”

        Well Hannah, let me say you this : you Jews are yourselves the cause of “anti-Semitism” and you fully deserve the world’s reaction to your behavior.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          You speak for me and for most other reasonable commenters on this website. Brilliant comment! I wish I could have written it myself. Your moral indignation comes shining through.

          This is how things are, and I have to ask myself now: how much worse can things get? and who will rescue us from the hellish situation of servitude in which we find ourselves?

      6. Dear Hannah ,the Jews adore ” white trash “. International Jewry has exploited the Goyim since your nasty ” God ” , Yahweh ” , demanded ,” Thou shall have no other God s) ” but him . Your nasty secret Talmud said ,” The best of the Goyim should be killed “. Your protege Oliver Cromwell ,ignited the lowest white trash ,and petty bougiuse to take Britain for your ” elite ” , ….your Marx revealed the formula to ignite the Proliteriate, your Finance Capitalism created the misery that the formers followers exploited. Your Hollywood / Media celebrate ” White Trash ” and low culture ….. Jews collectively have always refused to take any responsibility for their ” elites ” actions . It’s your mentality which led to the Soviet Gulags and today’s Palastinian Refuge Camps . You demanded war after war ,to protect the Jewish elites interests …. Millions of ” white trash ” , killed in them ….I might add ,as ” Chosen People ” ,of the exclusive genocidal Demeruge of a God ,are you not ALL ” elite ? “. I have no personal animus to you ,or your family . But think anew ,and go to the light ….As Jesus said ,the Savior your ” elite ,” demanded dead ,” Better one man die than an entire nation ” ,Chief High Priest Caiphus ,” All that is hidden shall be revealed”. So Hannah dont bite the hand who feeds Jewish power ; ” White Trash “.


        Sister Monica (7:15 remark to Ryckaert)…oooh! oooh! A pat on the head! Mother approves! Does that include a gold star on the forehead? Hahahahaha …you people are a hoot..

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        Gee “sista”, I thought you and your fellow disgruntled aggrieved lapsed “Catholics” JEW qabalah daughter of lilith witch bitches were going to “rescue us from the hellish situation of servitude in which we find ourselves”. I bet you’re looking for a pat on the back and praise today the Catholic feast day of The Holy Innocents. Like you’re innocent, as if you’re holy. U f*ckin’ phony face lying bitch [ U were NEVER a Catholic nun, you were NEVER a Catholic period, u LIAR u ] . Go fuck yourself and your fellow JEW qabalah daughter witches of the JEW witch lilith, bitch.

      2. Seymour,
        Nice to see you post again. Your lovely Hannah seems frustrating and angry. I , as a husband, know what that means. Tell her to put down her laptop. Give her what she needs Zak. In the morning, she’ll be chirping cheerfully like a bird nibbling in the bird feeder. She may even start singing Christmas carols and serve you breakfast in bed. Do us posters at Darkmoon this favor amigo. Get to work so we dont have to read anymore of her ridiculous posts. 🙂

      3. TROJ,

        I-I-I-I-m-m, I’m sensing what seems like anger, or some form of discontentment from within you. But I could be wrong.

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        “I bet you’re looking for a pat on the back..”

        NO WAY..!!!

        You MUST stop bringing my name up in every conversation..!!

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        You mention ME all the time… and now YOU are betting on me to be found on a back here..!!

        Stop it.!! HALTAMUNDO..!!(Sp. for halt) 🙂 🙂

    3. Hannah zak you are a degenerate liar and being a jew it is in your DNA. there was never more then a few thousand jews died of disease at auschwitz so take your fairy tales used to blackmail the west and shove it. you are defending the demonic jews so you are part of it. if you had any decency which is impossible you would say as a jew I am shocked and stunned by this and he should be jailed for life

      1. “…you are defending the demonic jews so you are part of it…

        Just what I am saying.

      2. SPQR70AD,

        I-I-I-I-m-m, I’m sensing what seems like anger, or some form of discontentment from within you. But I could be wrong.

    4. Auschwitz? The fake ‘death camp’ that was built after WWII? Where no trace of Zyklon B was found? Where a crematorium was faked as a gas chamber? LOL you useless Dew troll, is this the best that you can do?

    5. Stop playing the victim. Most cognizant people know the difference between those who are Jewish by faith, and those who are Jewish in name only, and are involved in the Devil’s work.

    6. Physicians are the real middleman. Most are White and many are Jews. I am not antisemitic but using the Jew card is shameless. You should be as concerned about anyone about this crisis. It can strike anyone including Jews. The Second World War was no harder on Jews than anyone else. You just have better publicity thanks to you media presence. Few Jews died compared to Russians and Chinese or even Christians. I have worked in substance abuse, and am an RN

  3. so what Is new? same old news. jews becoming billionaires thru pain misery torture and death. it is the same for 3000 years. the difference now is the people would wake up and kill and drive out the rest of the jews and had peace for maybe 50 years. today the white race has been deballed controlled by rotten women who run the show and are to meek and powerless to do anything about the problem just like in the article where it said what judge would risk his life to put suckler in jail. there is the problem a few hundred years ago he would have been hung
    white men on the fake right have sold their manhood to traitor cops who they think will “protect” them. if a guy were to go after the jew sackler he would be mowed down by the same cops he worships. meanwhile the rotten corrupt justice system will do nothing about this genocide but will focus on giving a soccer mom a ticket for slightly rolling thru a stop sign.
    if the whites are not willing to use force of arms to correct this along with all the tons of laws and methods being used to eradicate them they may deserve to be erased from the earth. it will go down in history that the whites were slowly genocided while being the most heavily armed people in world history without firing a shot. American gun owners the biggest cowards I ever saw and should send their guns to the Palestinians who are the bravest people on earth and will die for their freedom like the guy with no legs unarmed in a wheelchair shot in the head by a jew sniper

    1. SPQR70AD –

      All true. I agree.

      Now… YOU and the other Legionnaires… can take your swords, knives, lances and shields… and show how it should be done in Italy… and most of Europe… where millions of African invaders are taking over and raping your women..!!

      1. Pat great idea except I would be the only one fighting the cannibals. as I stated above the whites have lost the strongest instinct that can be put into a living being the instinct for survival. even a tiny ant runs all over the place to hide when you try to stomp it . I have given up after 35 years of trying to rile up men. I should have been born 120 years ago to be around real men they were proud of being white and more then willing to fight for it

    2. @SPQR70AD
      “…like the guy with no legs unarmed in a wheelchair shot in the head by a jew sniper”

      The man’s name was reported as being Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, 29.

      The jews are now denying it…
      “Army says it’s not sure how Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, who reportedly lost his legs in a 2008 Israeli airstrike, was killed, but finds no ‘moral or professional failures'”

      1. “Army… finds no ‘moral or professional failures’”
        Nor do the Sackler family in the article above. That’s how the tribe operates: they kill the best of Goyim, then deny.

    3. Yep. Times have changed. In 1915, Atlanta, Georgia, Jew Leo Frank was strung-up from an oaktree by a “love-mob” of good ole boyz a few years after raping, murdering and urinating on a young, innocent , Christian teenage maiden named Mary Phagan an employee at his pencil factory. They sure knew how to string him up. Very profesional job. The son of Satan died instantly with no suffering. To the contrary, poor Mary must have suffered terribly in her final moments…..her young mind desperately questioning, “What have I done to deserve this?”……..and then…….darkness…..death. Leo was lucky Donaldo wasnt a member of the “love mob.” When I was finished with him, hed be begging to join Lucifer. Anyway, to point, rich and powerful criminals today (Jewishness irrelevant) commite crimes on a “massive” scale with impunity because Western man has essentially been de-balled unwillingly to act with moral courage despite consecuencias against the evil ones among us.

      1. De-balled is a great term, but a more accurate description for American men is probably that they’ve been de-foreskinned at birth, cruelly and with great malice sexually mutilated in infancy, and purposefully emasculated by this sick luciferian cult we call jews. I’d love to see every circumciser hung by their balls for what they’ve done to American men. Of course, female doctors also participate in this sick, sadistic ritual, including well known and well promoted midwives like jewess, Ina May Gaskin. She’s so gross, she even butchered her own son. A very sick creature indeed. It’s in the genetics.

      2. @ Jeanice Barcelo

        Why do you hate Jews so much? I think people like you deserve to be sectioned in psychiatric hospitals. Believe me, Ms Barcelo, one day when Israel is mighty, you will be tracked down and given special treatment of an unspecified nature whose end result,
        to put it tactfully, will give endless pleasure to the vultures.

      3. I will predict your fate in a foreign language,
        you horrible antisemite: DELENDA EST BARCELO!

      4. @Hannah Zak – let’s see. Why would anyone despise a race that worships lucifer, has sought for generations to take control of our earth, poisons and mutates every living thing that exists here, sexually tortures newborn infants, regularly engages in human and animal sacrifice, perverts human sexuality everywhere they go, steals the wealth of every people they have ever cohabited with, and seeks to destroy the white race? It’s a mystery why anyone would have any bad feelings about such creatures.

        But seriously – surely those engaged in the atrocities I have just outlined are the ones that need to be locked up! Or better yet, blasted off into outer space and quarantined in the furthest corner of the furthest universe for all eternity or until such time as they choose to align with the energy the love.

  4. And where does all of this opium come from we might ask?
    Can you say, “Afghanistan”?
    Hmmm… that’s the only legitimate reason I can think of as to why we invaded that country to overthrow the Taliban who actually BANNED the growing of poppies for heroin.
    We are ultimately ruled by a (((race of liars))) whose every action and word is contrary to the well-being of mankind.

    1. Jeanice,
      Its getting late and Im tired. Ill just say this. Circumcision has in no way ever effected me in any way, physically, or espiritulalmente. All women Ive ever been with have described me as a good lover. 🙂

      1. Donaldo – I understand. But I do invite you to watch the following 5 minute video of a circumcision taking place in an American hospital so that you can see not only what happened to you, but what they are doing every day in the U.S. to helpless infants. These very vulnerable children are at the height of sensitivity when they are just born, and within hours, they are strapped to torture boards called circumstraints, sometimes with pacifiers shoved into their mouths so they choke on their screams, while medical personnel jam sharp pointy instruments into their penis and systematically cut off the most sensitive part of their penis, 96% of the time with no anesthetic whatsoever. I assure you, there is no way any male that has had this done to them emerges from the torture unscathed. The trauma goes deep into the psyche and affects the emotional and spiritual development of the child. Sometimes the trauma effects them so deeply, they will insist that their own children suffer the same cruel and senseless fate. This is so that the wounded adult man can justify what happened to him and what his parents allowed. There is deep psychology behind this. I could send you numerous quotes from men who have become conscious of the damage and have sought to heal it. In any event, this is not to make you feel about yourself in any way or about your ability as a “lover.” However, it is important to understand that your ability to actually experience the full breadth and depth of human love has been severely undermined by the loss of the foreskin. The foreskin is designed so that, when it meets with the vaginal wall, it will trigger the male brain to produce neurochemicals of love and bonding. Without the foreskin, it will be more difficult for the man to experience a bonded, enduring love. I could actually spend several hours here giving you information about this. I have written an 80-page chapter in my book, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine,” on this topic. The book contains many hundreds of citations to back up what I am saying. It also documents the extensive damage done to the psyche, neurology, physiology, and spirituality of those who have been tortured and mutilated in this way. Circumcision is trauma based mind control. I’m sure if you watch this video, you will agree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmX6RdRNoqk&t=1s I truly do wish you all the best. May your heart and soul be healed.

  5. A “tragicomedy” this.
    Western “civilizations” willing to quietly allow this labeling of the Talmudic “culling” of we “goim”, sold to science/government as “living green”, rather than risk being called “politically incorrect”.

    A steaming pile of dog shit may be CALLED Chanel #5 but it’s still just dog shit.

    Jews’ “agenda 21/U.N. 30 might be CALLED “living green” but it’s still Jews’ agenda 21/U.N. 30.
    And Kissinger is STILL a “special” war criminal shielded from justice by this empirical pig-sty.

  6. I have to agree with Hannah Zak about the “white trash” observation. My own daughter knew better than to meddle with the opioids she was peddling out of Mexico, and her useage of them for “getting high on her own supply” landed her in jail, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in “civil forfeitures” seized by the cops with licenses to steal. As long as the legal profession and the police and the pharmaceuticals are making such massive amounts of money – as well as the narcotics trafficker – there will be no end to this nightmare. If it were all legalized, perhaps the younger people would take note of the physical devastation enough to stay-the-hell away from it. The “easy money” brings it on, everywhere. It ain’t just Jews!

  7. Arthur Sackler died in 1987, before Oxycontin was invented.

    However, the notable Sackler Institutions are spread across the globe:

    The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian, Washington (US).
    The Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts(US).
    The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences at Yale(US).
    The Sackler Galleries at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London(UK).
    The Sackler gallery in Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University(UK).
    The Sackler Wing of Oriental Antiquities at the Louvre(France).

    In 1993 the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology opened at Peking University in Beijing(China).

    Ooops…. China allowed the ‘opium boyz’ back in…. just about the same time ‘Oxy’ came into being available.

    I’ll bet China’s doctors get ‘kick-backs’ there as is done in the rest of the world.


    Blame the US Marines in Afghanistan.

    Marines grow opium for their masters.


  8. Thank you, Dr. Darkmoon (et al.), for publishing this abridged version of “Kevin MacDonald’s important article, complete with charts and scholarly footnotes”. I just finished reading the full version at TOO, and Dr. D has done an excellent job of reducing the article to a size that is more easily readable without losing much of the complexity of the original article. MacDonald makes many excellent points in support of his general thesis which is:

    My basic theory here is that it’s not really about despair. I argue there are two things at work here: one is the decline in our culture generally brought about by the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution affecting health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion. But added to that is a very specific situation involving opioid drugs that in turn is linked to academic researchers willing to falsify data for financial gain, a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, especially Purdue Pharma owned by the Sackler family, and lax government regulation of drugs because of manipulation by the pharmaceutical industry.

    Darkmoon featured an article by Howard Kunstler on 12-26-2017 that made an argument that the “opioid crisis” was the result of a “landscape of despair”. In short, Kunstler blames corporations and “elites” for abandoning US citizens in pursuit of ever greater corporate profits. Kunstler notes that corporations have moved abroad, leaving a collapsing infrastructure and millions of “people who have suffered their economic and social roles in life to be stolen from them. They do not work at things that matter. They have no prospects for a better life.” MacDonald argues that it’s not really about despair, although he does note the “decline in our culture generally brought about by the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution”.

    MacDonald writes:

    As I have noted, the problems disproportionately affecting the White working class stem from the changes wrought by the 1960s counter-cultural revolution. But the specific problem of increased mortality has to do mainly with opioids, likely in a context where working class Whites are less attached to their jobs—do not find their jobs rewarding, where they have available to them generous disability programs, where they are less likely to gain financially from experience on the job (unlike jobs where promotions are possible), and are more likely to experience pain as a result of their jobs than college-educated Whites.

    My proposal is that the problem for the White working class is a greedy pharmaceutical industry that has manipulated government regulating agencies and mainstream opinion in the medical profession.

    I enjoyed reading both articles, and thank Darkmoon for publishing them. But I have an issue with both articles in that the authors use the “opioid crisis” to make points that could easily have been made without putting a focus on an “opioid crisis” that has been manufactured by the same greedy corporations and elites decried by both authors. I’d like to make an argument for that thesis, and hope Darkmoon monitors will tolerate what will be a fairly lengthy comment, with quite a few more links than usual.

    First, a couple of disclosures. In 1985, while driving in Los Angeles, I had to make a quick stop to let a pedestrian cross the road. The vehicle behind my vehicle also stopped, but was struck from behind by a truck, the truck driver having been distracted by a scantily clad, attractive young woman sashaying along the sidewalk. The resulting chain reaction left me with a permanent back injury, which was exacerbated by incompetent chiropractic treatment, and further exacerbated by twenty years of treatment by doctors (MDs) more concerned about what my insurance would pay for than about my complaints of chronic unrelieved pain. It wasn’t until 2006 that I finally found a doctor who was willing to look into my complaints about back pain. Without getting into details, my spine now resembles a corkscrew because of compression fractures in two vertebrae. I was prescribed opioids to manage the pain. Now, as a result of the manufactured “opioid crisis”, I am one of millions of veterans being weaned off opioids by the VA because of guidelines developed by the CDC, which the VA was required to adopt to qualify for funding.

    Managing pain effectively is a perennial problem. As noted by Kunstler, many people seek painkillers to deaden the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that are, ultimately, a result of corporate profit seeking. As noted by MacDonald, corporations have used the despair of millions to boost profits, and used some of the profits to press Congress to pass legislation that will further increase their profits. Part of the reason that it’s difficult to manage pain, both chronic (long term) and acute (short term), is that individual perceptions of pain are impossible to quantify or diagnose. Patients of some conditions – fibromyalgia and migraine headaches, for example – may experience “chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure”, but have no observable physical causes. Further complicating the problems are the various “Pain Scales” used to evaluate patient pain. Smiley / frowning faces and numbered scales give an unwarranted impression of objectivity to such scales, but again, each individual will interpret the scales differently, and for drug seeking patients the scales are wide open to abuse.

    In my sixty one years on the planet, during more than thirty years of which I have experienced chronic pain, the pain management pendulum has swung back and forth three times. Unrelieved pain produces shocking numbers of suicides, and increased alcohol and street drug abuse. Commissions are formed, reports are written, changes are made, and doctors begin to prescribe pain medications more freely. The relative ease of obtaining drugs that make one feel good invites abuse of prescription drugs. Commissions are formed, reports are written, changes are made, and doctors stop prescribing pain medications. Unrelieved pain produces shocking numbers of suicides….

    One of the websites at which I often find informative articles about pain is www dot painnewsnetwork dot org. It’s a non-profit site, and I can’t say for sure who might fund it or operate it. I will say that the wide variety of articles leads me to believe the site is not a tool of drug corporations or social engineers, but perhaps that’s a facade. I have no way to know with certainty. Links to articles at that site are made because the articles include interesting material, but I have tried to include only those links that are based on more “credible” sources.

    However, as noted by MacDonald in his original article, it must be remembered that:

    an ascendant Jewish elite … now holds a dominant position in our culture—dominant in the sense that they are able to severely punish those who dissent … slanting media coverage and threatening loss of job, and … (able to ) significantly reward those who go along with (their programs) — everyone who has any aspirations to public life understands what can and cannot be said, and great careers await those who go along with the system.

    Hence, there is no reason to think that even “credible” sources are immune to bias.

    The links below provide more information about a very complex subject. The links are to short articles that illustrate points I planned to make, but realizing that this comment is already too long, I’ll simply give a brief description and let the reader draw their own conclusions.

    Ten myths about the “opioid crisis”.

    The deadliest prescription drugs are NOT opioids.

    CDC statistics showing opioid prescriptions rising and then declining from 2006 to 2016.

    Fentanyl & Heroin Deaths Lead Soaring Overdose Rate (not prescribed opioids used as directed)

    Although it is becoming clear that many different types of drugs — opioids and non-opioids — are fueling the nation’s overdose crisis, politicians, the media and public health officials still insist on calling it an “opioid epidemic” or an “opioid crisis” — diverting attention and resources away from other drugs that are just as dangerous when abused. We never hear about a Xanax epidemic or a Valium crisis.

    President Trump’s opioid commission recognized the need to improve drug overdose data when it released its final report this month.

    “The Commission recommends the Federal Government work with the states to develop and implement standardized rigorous drug testing procedures, forensic methods, and use of appropriate toxicology instrumentation in the investigation of drug-related deaths. We do not have sufficiently accurate and systematic data from medical examiners around the country to determine overdose deaths, both in their cause and the actual number of deaths,” the commission found.

    N.B.: “We do not have sufficiently accurate and systematic data from medical examiners around the country to determine overdose deaths, both in their cause and the actual number of deaths,”

    The “opioid crisis” is based on anecdotes, not evidence. Weaning people who experience chronic or acute pain off opioids will result in an increase in suicides, an increase in alcohol abuse, and an increase in abuse of street drugs, with (CIA sponsored) heroin – imported from Afghanistan – as the most likely alternative.

    A couple of links to CDC statistics on alcohol abuse and deaths.

    Deaths due to alcohol (almost 10% of total deaths in 20-64 age groups)
    Not really a “readable” article – Fact Sheets – Alcohol Use and Your Health

    One of the “alternatives” to opioids is a drug called Suboxone. It is recommended as part of a treatment plan to wean pain sufferers off opioids. Here’s their website. Out of the frying pan…

    I will understand if this lengthy comment gets deleted because it doesn’t fit on the article, has too many links, or otherwise fails to meet with Darkmoon policies. My original comment (saved for posterity 🙂) was even longer, and had more links, because this is a very complex set of interlocking topics that are being lumped together under a heading of “opioid crisis”, and used by some to facilitate their discussions of topics that have little to do with opioids.

    1. @ Carnaptious

      “I will understand if this lengthy comment gets deleted because it doesn’t fit on the article, has too many links, or otherwise fails to meet with Darkmoon policies.”

      This is a star comment, Carnaptious, exceptional in every way and raises a number of important issues. We’d be incredibly foolish and narrow-minded to delete it because of alleged “Darkmoon policies”. Our policies are ultimately the same as yours: to arrive at the truth, and in no way to censor a sincere and cogently argued comment backed up by several supportive links.

      If you wish to send in your original much longer comment, “saved for posterity”, we would be quite happy to publish it on this site.

      All the best,

      Toby et al

      1. Thank you, Toby. 🙂 I stopped working on the original when I realized it was going to get longer than I expected. It’s part finished, part draft, so it’ll take me a couple of hours to clean it up. I can’t get to it today, but I’ll get ‘er done ASAP, and send it to the “Contact Darkmoon” mailbox under “About”. Unless instructed otherwise, that is. Please let me know if submission as a comment works better.

        1. @ Carnaptious

          Best to post the comment as an ordinary comment (not in the ‘About’ box) so everyone has easy access to it.

      2. ADMIN: Carnaptious, all your links were fine apart from one. I had to delete this because it was defective, even though it was embedded. Sorry about this. (T)

        Somehow, while working on the remainder of this comment, I managed to lose the original document formatting entirely. I had to reassemble everything into a new document, without anything from the original, which carried over the formatting problem.

        The following comment would have gone in after this paragraph:

        The “opioid crisis” is based on anecdotes, not evidence. Weaning people who experience chronic or acute pain off opioids will result in an increase in suicides, an increase in alcohol abuse, and an increase in abuse of street drugs, with (CIA sponsored) heroin – imported from Afghanistan – as the most likely alternative.

        The Final Report of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis runs to about 131 pages.


        The report is long on recommendations for more government intervention, the creation of new panels, advisory groups, and mechanisms for enforcing stringent new laws and “guidelines” that call for mandatory “weaning”, regardless of patient or doctor recommendations. Also recommended: more funding for existing “anti-opioid” organizations, and “alternative treatment programs” that just happen to be financially beneficial for an assortment of “experts” and “professionals” within anti-opioid organizations, and the owners and managers of various alternative treatment programs.

        The Trump Commission was composed of the following individuals:
        Governor Chris Christie, Chairman
        Governor Charlie Baker
        Governor Roy Cooper
        Congressman Patrick Kennedy
        Professor Bertha Madras, Ph.D. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertha_Madras )
        Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

        This small collection of people with obvious political biases seems a rather odd group to set pain management policies and recommend pain management practices that will impact the lives of millions of people experiencing chronic or acute pain. But, perhaps not surprisingly given the Commissions title, the focus was on addiction, and treatment of addiction, not management of intractable pain or concern for patient welfare. The commission notably lacks any physicians (MDs), and is loaded with known authoritarians, including one food addict (Christie) who has so far managed to stay one step ahead of a string of corruption scandals. I hesitate to recommend reading the full report, it’s long, tiresomely repetitive, and full of jargon and acronyms that make reading slow and painful. However, a review of sources in the appendix may be enlightening. There is a notable shortage of advocates for patients experiencing chronic or acute pain, and a remarkable over-representation of organizations and individuals who stand to profit from focusing on anti-drug law enforcement and addiction treatment.

        Evidence of the self serving nature of those bleating about an “opioid crisis”, as well as their lack of concern for patient outcomes, is particularly visible in the Veterans Administration’s adoption of CDC guidelines developed with the secret collaboration of a panel of “experts” who run addiction treatment centers. The Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) group specifically recommend that patients taking opioids should be weaned off them without regard to patient / doctor preferences.

        “Although confidence is limited by the very low quality of evidence overall, findings from this systematic review suggest that pain, function, and quality of life may improve during and after opioid dose reduction,” – Erin Krebs, MD

        “This review found insufficient evidence on adverse events related to opioid tapering, such as accidental overdose if patients resume use of high-dose opioids or switch to illicit opioid sources or onset of suicidality or other mental health systems,” – Erin Krebs, MD

        Krebs was an original member of the “Core Expert Group” – an advisory panel that secretly helped draft the CDC opioid prescribing guidelines with a good deal of input from PROP. She also appeared in a lecture series on opioid prescribing that was funded by the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation, which coincidentally is the fiscal sponsor of PROP.

        Curiously, while Krebs and her colleagues were willing to accept poor quality evidence about the benefits of tapering, they were not as eager to accept poor evidence of the risks associated with tapering.

        The authoritarian approach to pain management also disregards specific CDC recommendations:

        The CDC guideline also stresses that tapering should be done slowly and with patient input.

        “For patients who agree to taper opioids to lower dosages, clinicians should collaborate with the patient on a tapering plan,” the guideline states.

        When I got the call from the VA, there was NO opportunity to agree with the decision to be tapered off opioids. It was a decision that had been made elsewhere, and it was forced upon me. Here are a couple of representative comments form other veterans:

        “After taking opiate pain meds for nearly 15 years, the VA has now decided to take them away. I had a decent life while on these, and now they have cut them in half, I am in constant pain. I wish some of these people that make these stupid decisions had to live like I do,” a Vietnam veteran who had a leg amputated above the knee wrote to PNN.

        “The pain meds allowed me to have some semblance of a normal life. Now that is gone. I don’t know what I am going to do. I can understand now why vets turn to alcohol and other street drugs, because you have to do something to take the edge off this constant pain. But do they care? Not one whit. They practically throw this stuff at you when I first started going, now it is up to me to figure out how I am going to make it without any of it.”

        The fact that the “opioid crisis” has been manufactured – by someone – can be seen by repetitive references to the quality of evidence for the “crisis”.

        Although much of the research and clinical evidence used to support the new guideline was considered “low or very low” quality, a panel of experts found “mounting evidence” that the risk of harm from opioids — such as addiction and overdose – “far outweighed the potential benefits.”

        Instead of opioids, the panel recommends exercises such as yoga and psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to treat chronic pain, along with non-opioid drugs such as gabapentin (Neurontin).

        Here we get to the heart of the matter. Opioid “addicts” will simply be switched to other Big Pharma products, SSRIs, SNRIs, Suboxone, Gabapentin, and others, which come with their own host of unpleasant side effects and adverse impacts, including addiction (see Suboxone link)! The “alternative treatment” offerings – yoga, psychiatric and psychological counseling, non-opioid drugs – all provide financial benefits to someone. Deeper investigation reveals that the same folks howling about the “crisis” are often the same people who stand to make substantial profits.

        Here’s the bottom line on the “crisis”.

        “The origins of the opioid crisis may have roots in the overprescribing of opioids, but a growing number of studies have found that opioid medications are no longer involved in the majority of fatal drug overdoses. Deaths categorized as “opioid related” often involve non-prescription opioids like heroin and illicit fentanyl, or benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and other substances.”

        1. Excellent comment, Carnaptious. Many thanks for taking such pains to get your point across. Obviously it’s a very serious problem if the government goes from one extreme to the other: from the over-prescription of opioids on the one hand, leading to massive misuse of painkillers, to the UNDER-PRESCRIPTION of opioids on the other hand, leading to the denial of proper pain relief to hundreds of thousands of people.

          The answer surely is that those who desperately need these powerful opioids to live a decent life should continue to receive them and in no way be denied effective pain relief. But at the same time there should be a drastic cutback on the irresponsible over-prescription of powerful and addictive opioids to those who DON’T need them and could make do with far milder medications. It makes no sense to prescribe dangerously addictive heroin substitutes to someone suffering from occasional migraines or a sprained ankle.

    2. I wanted to suggest that you try the plant called kratom, which is helping many people with pain. It is also helping people detox from prescription pain medicines and stay off them permanently. The FDA is trying to ban this plant because it is a real competitor and a completely non-toxic way to address pain. And it works. Extremely well. More information here: http://kratomdivine.com

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I used marijuana as an alternative to impossible-to-get pain medication(s) long before it was made legal for medical purposes in some states. The expense of illegal / about to be illegal medications, and the necessity of dealing with shady characters to obtain illegal substances, makes me very reluctant to go down that path again. I’d like to try kratom, but my guess is the FDA will ban it soon.

        Incidentally, last time I got my MMJ card renewed – an annual requirement in the state where I live – the physician agreed with me that while using marijuana can be effective for some conditions, it is not a panacea for all that ails one. https://www.painnewsnetwork.org/stories/2017/12/12/enthusiasm-for-medical-marijuana-ahead-of-science All drugs – natural or synthetic – carry some risks. In my opinion, those risks and choices should be discussed solely between doctors and patients, without interventions by government, insurance corps, or anyone else.

  9. Jews absolutely control the medical system, the medical journals, the pharmaceutical industry, and much more. It is this wicked luciferian cult that has masterminded a diabolical attack against Mankind, and this attack begins at birth and is orchestrated through the hospital birth conveyer belt. The opioid drugs they are giving to laboring women during childbirth (pitocin, demerol, morphine, fentanyl, to name a few) are leaving children with a predisposition toward opioid addiction later in life. Fentanyl is given to birthing mothers in the form of epidural anesthesia and is totally controlled by the criminal luciferian jew family discussed in this article. Babies, of course, are imprinted with memories of a drug-induced “euphoria” at birth but not love. These opioid drugs block the release of natural oxytocin in the birthing mother’s body. Hence she will not be able to bond with and love her child and her child’s oxytocin receptor sites will be damaged for life. All of this is leaving young people desperate for a sense a well being that should come naturally to them but does not, BECAUSE OF THE DRUGS THEY WERE BORN ON! These drugs are predisposing young people to opioid addiction — i.e., addiction to the very same substances they were born on.

  10. We absolutely need to start seeing the big picture here. The attack starts at birth. BILLIONS of young people are born on opioid drugs. And billions have had the bond with their parents broken through the extremely traumatic, highly drugged, and very well orchestrated, hospital birth system. And it is absolutely THE JEWS who have masterminded it all. Enemies of mankind and destroyers of life.

  11. Taxes from all our incomes are swindled by the Jew-Global-Complex. These taxes are simply going to fund the manufacturing, orchestrating and generating of all Wars. Armies in these Wars are simply to SERVE the end-purposes of the Jew-Global-Complex–such as the protection and cultivation of the opium plantations as given by “TOEJAMICUS” at the above comment.

    This cycle WILL NEVER BE BROKEN UNTIL WE CHOOSE DIFFERENT– the other alternative being THE PEACE PLANET and its System:


    If we don’t break the cycle, it will break us to our own deaths and final extinction.

    I would like to see some ordinary Jews, such as who we have here in the comments section, support it. And perhaps they can help with other ordinary Jews to support it. That way, they will confirm to the rest of us, that they are not of the Sackler ilk–and really don’t mean ill on the rest of us.

    1. I didn’t read the “love” link because no amount of prayer and love in your heart will deter a rabid, rapacious, instinctual predator.

      Right ACTION is the modus operandi on Earth. Actions such as refusal to be taxed for wars, refusal to vote unless blank votes are counted, etc.

      Too late for that now. Humanity is farmed by the Tribe and soon the control will be total and technically impossible to overthrow. The political awakening has been too slow.

      Divine (but natural) intervention is the only way global slavery can be avoided. For example, God gifting the knowledge for local energy solutions such as highly efficient cheap open source solar capture would allow creation of off-grid, off-government, fully resourced communities; but even then I wonder if millennials have been programmed to prefer grunge and city dependency.

      This scenario may be depressing for some, but the efficacy of God’s plan is not known to us. Perhaps a torched earth scenario is necessary. However to those reading this who may survive – save backups of Darkmoon.me so that surviving generations may recognize Tribe behavior and stamp it out.

  12. For those who would like to know more about how they are setting children up for addiction through the hospital birth process, please check out some of the articles I have written on this topic:

    Also, please see my book, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine,” and my website: http://BirthofaNewEarth.com

    1. Jeanice Barcelo knows what’s she’s talking and writing about. TJ can tell you from personal experience about the difference between hospital births and home and birthing centers births with a midwife. There is no comparison.

    2. Hi Jeanice,

      As an outspoken critic of Male Genital Mutilation (aka circumcision), I am a big fan of your work in debunking the myths in American society that it is medically beneficial. Indeed, it is a crime against humanity, and can lead to a lifetime of sexual and psychological problems. It was little practiced in the USA until Jewish doctors brought it here and fooled the stupid Goyim into accepting it. Most do not know that the USA is the only country in the world that mutilates the majority of its infant boys for non-religious reasons.

      1. Hi FollyofWar – yes, you are correct. When the jews took over the American medical system, including the AMA, they also bought out the medical journals and lied through their teeth about the so-called benefits of sexually torturing infants and genitally mutilating them. They did this primarily because circumcision has been used to identify them as jews in many countries. So when jews were being kicked out, they were identified through circumcision. Now, they are very keen to hide among us knowing that the time will come again soon for them to be kicked out of yet another country — this time America. Hence they want all American boys circumcised so they, as jews, will not be so easily identified. This is also why they change their last names and pretend they are Christians. So they can hide their jewish identity. A truly deceptive bunch.

        Here a rabbi discusses why Naziism in America is inevitable and why the jews can expect another expulsion. https://youtu.be/GY7PpXIXnDM

  13. Seems to me that opioids are pushed on every generation. Every push results in more normalisation of drug abuse and countless deaths and misery. Think about it.
    Beat poets, sixties sex, drugs and rock and roll. By the 1980s counter culture presented itself as the ‘Greed is Good generation. In the late 1990s counter culture was all about FTW with Tarantino and pulp fiction.
    Also seems to me that (((they))) are now deploying their ‘isreal first’ legeslators to formulate retarded legeslation designed to fail. – the pain scale.
    Everything old is new again… Behind the opium addiction that riddled the British royal family of the 1600-1700s were jews. Jews have a proven track record of treachery and deciept….
    … And yet they are still here.
    Jews just need to be gone.

    1. “Jews just need to be gone.”

      By George! I think you’ve got something there! But how is it to be accomplished? After all, Jews destroyed all those nifty, reliable gazzz chambers at Auschwitz zo it could neffer happen again.

  14. This planet has never seen much peace and absence of greed and killing. The chosenoids are masters for directing human mind towards killing to make themselves rich. They are profiting not only from the ill and from making Goyim ill, but also from the dead. If someone is interested, here is a long documentary about the decades of creating the current opioid epidemic, and how the 20th century Jewish financial fraudsters turned the west into mindless consumerism and mass suicide by drugs. While infiltrating a cop inside the people’s mind, they, dialectically, offered “liberation” from that cop – antagonism that has proven to be the most profitable means of control. [If you check the background of the actors, you’ll see that about 90% of them are Jews.]
    Documentary : Century of the Self [2005]
    The documentary consists of four parts:
    – Happiness Machines
    – The Engineering of Consent
    – There Is A Policeman Inside All of Our Heads, He Must Be Destroyed
    – Eight People Sipping Wine In Kettering
    ‘Bernays and Lippmann wanted to give people a feel-good medication. The basic idea of democracy is changing power, whereas for them it was maintaining the power even if it meant stimulating the psychological lives of the public. Then the leadership could do what it wants to do.’ – Dr Ernst Federn
    ‘People can be uncrippled from their own neurotic impulses, and never question the reality’ – Dr Neil Smelser
    Ernest Dichter became a millionaire, and invented a slogan “A tiger in your tank”.
    ‘There are things that people cannot verbalize because they are too secret, too much part of their nature, and they would be embarrassed.’ – Fritz Gehagen, employee of Ernest Dichter
    ‘Removing the guilt in housewives about buying a product. The consumer should not be aware of their needs. You need to know those needs in order to exploit the consumer. It’s about giving people what they want by taking away their defences.’ – Bill Schlackman, employee of Ernest Dichter
    ‘Individual citizens are not capable, if left alone, of being democratic citizens. The elite is necessary to create conditions which would produce individuals capable of behaving as good consumers.’ – Ellen Herman
    ‘What we wanted was to create a terror campaign, to terrify Arbenz [president of Guatemala] much as Germany terrorized Holland, Poland etc.’ – The CIA’s Hower Hunt
    ‘Ewen Cameron believed that psychiatrists should direct and monitor political activities… Cameron dealt with forgotten and repressed memories; he used LSD and ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) to erase them, and produce new people; hundreds electro-shocks a day would reduce a person to a vegetable, then put in positive contents.’ – Dr Heinz Lehmann
    ‘Hidden Persuaders, by Packard – reducing people to emotional puppets whose only function was to keep the production line running… This kind of production leads to schizophrenic existence.’ – [criticism by] Arthur Miller
    ‘The worst thing Reagan did was make the denial of compassion respectable.’ – Mario Cuomo
    ‘Instead of treating voters as targets, treat them as owners; in order to manipulate the voters, you need to learn what they want.’ – Dick Morris
    ‘It’s not that people are in charge, but that people’s desires are in charge. People exercise no decision-making power in this environment. So, democracy is reduced from something that assumes an active citizenry to something that is now increasingly predicted on the idea of the public as passive consumers, the public as people who are essentially what you deliver them is doggy treats.’ – Ewen Cameron

    1. The more Jewish quotes I read, the more I think burning at the stake should be reinstated so psychopathic Jews might have the opportunity to suffer a small taste of the ongoing horror, terror and torment they foist on their hosts.

      Maybe the post trial event could be made into a reality TV show titled, “Burned at the Steak: Rare, Medium or Well Done?” The audience could choose how they want their Jew cooked.

      Then too, nothing like cleansing hellfire to purify body and soul. Just ask any dimwitted, TV preacher.

    1. Yes, HP – Especially STUPIDITY begins at home. All these minions who whine about what “the Jews” have done are, simply, victims of their own goddam STUPIDITY!
      Our society is full of ’em. (I try to take responsibility for my own faults.)

      1. Pat –

        Thanks! This is probably the most important aspect of our scrutiny of government I’ve ever heard! 😃
        Walter Burien should become an icon of American heroes.

  15. The Saker has an interesting article on the chances of war, and more despair, in 2018. https://thesaker.is/2018-war-or-no-war/

    My comment… Yikes! The (mostly Jewish) Neocons are back in charge, with a new list of seven countries to defeat (for Greater Israel) in five years. Saker thinks Ukraine is at the top of the list. The Trump administration recently authorized lethal weapons for Ukraine’s (mostly Jewish) government.

  16. Thanks, Darkmoon, for correcting the record.

    My only explanation for this appalling lack of sympathy for the lives of addicts and their families on the part of the Saker family may be the double think, double life lived by many with a Jewish background. So… there is us and them and never the twain shall meet. This is simply not true. The epidemic may have hit working class white Americans hardest but it has also hit the minority population of Jews who will not raise another generation as robust and healthy as the last.

    Vaccines are also a deadly epidemic killing a broad swath of society, and this epidemic is driven by Jewish politicians. State Senator Ben Allen supported the bill to take away philosophical exemption in California. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer stood next to him the day he announced his intentions. People say Ben Allen is in the pay of big pharm, big time. U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein sponsored legislation that requires full vaccination for Head Start—the poorest and least capable of dealing with vaccine injury are targeted. Then there is the loathsome Congressman Adam Schiff who would like us all to be vaccinated cradle to grave with his mandatory adult vaccination program. Until recently the head of the Democratic Party in California was a big pharm guy. Worst of all, though, was U.S. Congressman Waxman (who has been replaced by chief anti-trumper Ted Lieu) who sponsored and pushed through the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act that freed all doctors, hospitals, and vaccine manufacturers from liability. With no fear of lawsuits there is no need to make vaccines either safe or effective, and as a consequence the greedy pigs have bloated the vaccine schedule upward of 60 vaccines by the time many kids get out of school. The health consequences to a generation of kids has been devastating.

    Jewish children have not escaped this devastation. A whole generation of Jewish children, especially males, have succumb to lifelong illness and disability. Jewish day schools have been leading the battle to require vaccination and Jewish mothers are in the front lines of forced vaccination. It’s kosher. There is something goyish maybe about the unvaccinated who are treated like outcasts.

    No doubt over-vaccination is bad for all races and ethnicities–poison is poison. So…. there is no us and them… there is only us. There is no fictional double life, double religion, inner or outer. There is only our children and they are sick and dying.

    1. Kapoore – thank you for your brilliant commentary, which is absolutely spot-on. I would only add one thing. Prenatal ultrasound is also wreaking havoc with the incoming children, save the ones that are raised in indigenous cultures and being gestated and birthed away from technology. Ultrasound IS radiation and without a doubt, it is causing very severe biological damage akin to that caused by x-rays and other forms of “ionizing” radiation. After 4 years of research on this topic for my forthcoming book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound,” I can unequivocally state that ultrasound is contributing HUGELY to the autism epidemic and also the massive reduction in sperm count that we have seen since the 1970s (when prenatal ultrasound was mainstreamed). Ultrasound stops sperm production. It causes alterations and mutations in ovarian and testicular tissue. It causes severe mitochondria, cellular and DNA damage and, for those exposed to this type of radiation in utero, may signal not only future infertility, but the destruction of entire genetic bloodlines. It is also causing intrauterine growth restriction and/or growth retardation, microcephaly, and macrocephaly. The dark ones have known for at least 100 years that ultrasound can cause the same type of damage as atomic radiation and yet those who control the medical system (jews from top to bottom) have lied for decades, telling pregnant mothers and fathers that ultrasound is safe. There is nothing safe about it and right along with vaccines, it is one of their top biological weapons. Here’s a short blog I wrote about it a few weeks ago: http://birthofanewearth.blogspot.com/2017/12/prenatal-ultrasound-is-causing.html

      It’s wakey wakey time people. We have made a huge mistake by walking into their lair during gestation and giving birth in their luciferian temples of the occult.

  17. Trouble is district attorneys and local cops don’t do their jobs protecting the public
    Everybody knows Perdue ships way.more ceu ts than are documented. Obvious crime.
    One town of 400 or so.people in west Virginia received from the Perdue factory millions of oxycontin, hillbilly heroin.
    That’s two locations where prosecutors could have acted. But they don’t, because the corporate hierarchy have national security protection, and local cops are punk ed out on the subject.
    Ghwb did that, and the idiot prince 9-11 caper fixed it in the rest of the way.
    Corporate predator immunity.
    Like the state level police official said “everything changed after 9-11”.
    The corporate class was all for 9-11. It was intended to give them more power and.immunity. it did.
    The USA is a corporation not a country.
    Dope money feeds the stock market.
    Profits trump health and safety as national security concerns, especially in the dope business. The endless war in Afghanistan is about protecting the poppy crop from the taliban. War on terror will push dope wherever.
    The ADL – “a bunch of thugs who push dope” – lyndon Larouche.
    Ruling class has always run dope. They own the corporation – queen, pope, city of London. Hof Jude n bilderbergers occupy next lower level.
    War is good for the opiate trade, pain meds.
    Intel creeps facilitate war and dope trade. Realpolitik.
    No good people left at fed level.
    Only a few at county level.
    International dope is a prime national security consideration. Oxy hooks people on heroin.
    The Sacklers caught an attachment. Oxy Jacks the opiate dopiate trade. Cia loves it.
    Jews yes of course you know it., but plenty of goyim doctors prescribe the stuff. Take the kickbacks.
    A normal script is for six weeks worth. You’re hooked in one week.
    Shake the bottle – the hillbilly mating call.
    See the documentary – oxy ana.

  18. Kapoor – it is interesting that the Jews would be so far in support of vaccines. And I don’t doubt it.
    I notice also the support for vaccination all over RT, while one of RT’s main hitters, Mike papentonio , ‘America’s lawyer’, keeps his teeth together on the subject, this while he’ s always after ‘big pharma’ with bucoup lawsuits, and he constantly points out how msm outlets can’t tell the stories he does because they’re afraid of their corporate sponsors. Hypocrisy.
    Mike and RT are all guilty of a major lie of omission on the vaccine damage problem…
    Remember too, the Jews in general are every bit as brainwashed and brainlocked as any other benighted religio-ethnic demographic, and the average stienie knows effall about what really goes on in the world. Everything outside his world is a blurred threat. They’re up to their eyebrows in their cultural mythology. There’s a good chance their big victim thing makes them gulp the vaccine baloney, if they think vaccines actually do do what they purport.
    As in other issues – getting the Jews themselves to wise up would be a big help.
    Trouble is they’re still caught up in the stupid victim/aggressor game… and in the end they will be badly used for it…

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