Palestinian Rage: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem ‘will cause all-out war’

By Stanley L. Cohen

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Stanley L. Cohen is a New York lawyer and political activist who takes an anti-Zionist line in his defense of the Palestinian people and their rights. He sees Donald Trump’s support of Israel as morally indefensible. 


One need not be a soothsayer to note a steady unbroken pattern of Israel swallowing more and more of the occupied West Bank even as U.S. politicians, republican and democrats alike convene feel good peace conferences or wax on about the need for justice for Palestinians.

As then President, Jimmy Carter noted “There has to be a homeland provided for the Palestinian refugees who have suffered for many, many years.” Ronald Reagan, spoke of “autonomy talks to pave the way for permitting the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate rights.”

George H.W.  Bush criticized the presence of illegal settlements in the West Bank noting “Outposts, yeah, they ought to go.”

President Clinton opined about the need for the creation of a new Palestinian State based on the idea of self-determination for the Palestinian people.

George W. Bush called for a halt to Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian lands needed for a state.

Several years ago Barrack Obama decried…“more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time.”

Though these sentiments have been echoed by each occupant of the White House over the last 40 years, in reality they’ve reflected little more than a conspicuous political subterfuge to garner votes while providing Israel unlimited funds to support its endless aggression.

The cold hard reality is US politicians care far more about the domestic political mileage and influence of American Zionists than they do abstract notions of international law or justice for Palestinians.

One simply can’t have it both ways… calling out for justice while subsidizing Israeli hatred and violence with an open checkbook and empty rhetoric. It’s just not possible to be a neutral and detached arbiter at the same time courting votes.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Israel simply does not care. 68 years of its history, and counting, has shown that it has and will continue to do whatever it wishes to Palestinians unless and until the United States holds it accountable by ripping up the blank check or until the pain and suffering of its colonial enterprise becomes just too much for Israelis to bear.

Enter Donald Trump

Donald trump is a simple man with a simple mind. It’s his way or none. He loves the challenge of being the smartest, toughest and most creative thinker in the room even when he knows he’s far from it.

To Trump there’s nothing like the grand dare, even when he knows he’s not up to it. And when all else fails, he simply makes up the narrative to suit his view. In Trump’s world honesty is for the weak, reality for those who can’t lie and then simply move on.

For decades presidents have determined that they could pontificate to the world about justice for Palestinians but finance Israel in its drive to purge them from the river to the sea without costs that they were unwilling to bear.

However, these same presidents discerned a bright red line beyond which they could not cross without unleashing consequences far too explosive to contemplate… namely, moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Palestine in Jerusalem.

Apparently Donald Trump does not care.

To the politically naive, such a move would be of little practical consequence… a mere symbolic gesture. To millions of Palestinians, indeed hundreds of millions of Arabs, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem without their specific invitation would constitute a point of no return… a veritable disaster in the waiting.

In one fell swoop, it would signal an end to two separate yet related fictions that, since Oslo, have helped to enable a relative calm in Palestine even in the presence of the loss of much of it to settlers: 1) that the United States was interested in even the semblance of neutrality and 2) that the PA has the ability to represent the traditions and aspirations of the Palestinian people with meaningful capability and authority.

And so, Mr. Trump, proceed at your own peril. If you feel, as Ambassador-to-be Friedman does, that Jerusalem is “Israel’s eternal capital”… proceed with your folly.  Move the Embassy.

To millions of Palestinians, the only answer will be militant and fierce resistance, and it will come… as sure as the early morning call to prayer.



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  1. Three or four days ago, I happened to catch Hannity interviewing Trump on the Fox News Channel. Hannity asked Trump about moving the embassy to Jerusalem and Trump’s reply was, “I’m not going to talk about that.” Hannity moved on to the next question.

    Since Trump prides himself on being unpredictable, what did Trump mean with that reply to Hannity? Only Trump knows. Everyone else will find out later. To use Pat’s favorite word, let the guessing begin. 🙂

    1. UNGENIUS, I believe what we are witnessing is what I had expected would happen once Trump was in office – he would be surrounded by govt-experienced resources that would advise contrary to his circle of advisors with a narrow-minded ideology that advised him to during his campaign. In other words, people that know better are now advising him, and he is listening. I suspect Trump seriously regrets making public the idea of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. In a post below I will explain why I believe this.

  2. The Muslims will not be able to start an “all-out war” (against whom? against the US and Israel?). At most there will be some riots all over the Muslim world, like we have seen as a reaction to the Muhammad cartoons. That will fizzle out after some time. The rest will be business as usual : more expropriation of Palestinian land to build more settlements on, while the charade of the “peace process” will continue.
    Trump’s presidency will change nothing substantially.

    1. Franklin Ryckaert
      You are absolutely right franky.
      Arabs and Muslims are all talk no action.
      the masters know that very well , they choose a loony clown to implement the next phase for Zionists’ world domination ,the the zio protocol of the learned elders were implemented perfectly to the tee, you dumb intellectual midgets ,you should know that franky ,did you get a raise lately from shlomo number4


  4. Between mankind, everything boils down to the matters of the differences in ethnicity, sex, and religion. Often, one is predicated upon the other. When facing the compulsion to address the issue of Palestine vs. Israhell, we Americans are confronted with relegating our own sordid history of gradual land-theft from the ‘Native Americans’ – or face the condition of hypocrisy. We’d rather just ignore it, and resent being placed in the situation of being arbitor of the dispute… (We are well-aware of the injustices – but either side we choose has uncomfortable consequences for us!)

    1. @ GILBERT
      Skeletons in the closet are just that. Dead and ossified. Some may attempt to justify their presence, others may denounce the past acts. Emphasis on ‘past’. That the dusty bones are there doesn’t mean we will shove fresh bodies in.
      As far as support for the unfortunate Palestinians, I see no requirement that Americans must send money and arms to Israel, and no bar (supposing we have the means) to supplying humanitarian (medical, food, etc.) support to Palestinians or anyone in need.
      Israeli aggression would largely cease to be a problem if zionists were not enabled by certain other countries.
      Problem solved.

      1. It appears that continuing to assist Israhell may be a consideration by Trump of protecting our investment in Middle Eastern oil. There is no other defensible reason (aside from the idiotic confusion of what constitutes Biblical “Israel”).

      2. Gil –

        Trump loves Israel. He already does business there.

        Today’s Israel is the hub of big business in the ME. They broker to the world and give crapola to the Palestinians, whose land they stole with help from US and UN.

        Trump is also trying to help Putin protect his LNG and oil purchases from Israel over the next 20 years…. so Putin can sell it to Turkey. 🙂

        Putin’s Gazprom Signs 20-Year LNG Purchase Deal with Israel

        A subsidiary of Russian energy giant Gazprom has signed a 20-year deal with Levant LNG Marketing Corp. to exclusively purchase liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Israel’s Tamar offshore gas field in the Mediterranean.


        Putin’s Gazprom signs 20 year deal with Israeli firm
        February 26, 2013, 12:21 pm


        Putin’s Gazprom Levantine Adventure

        A few years ago Gazprom declared it was planning to export natural gas to Israel—under the Black Sea through the Blue Stream pipeline, across Turkey, and then via another underwater link in the Mediterranean. By late 2010, its managers admitted they had changed their minds and were seeking a role in developing offshore gas fields of Israel.

        Today, Gazprom is eager to just buy gas from an Israeli project.

        A Swiss branch of the Russian gas giant’s trading arm Gazprom Marketing and Trading (GM&T) recently announced it had signed a 20-year contract to resell Israeli gas from the Tamar project. The other offtaker under the contract is Israel’s own Levant LNG Marketing Corporation.

  5. Maybe the simple minded Trump wants a war. Maybe the simple minded Trump wants the world to see once and for all what inhumane savage animals the Jews really are.

  6. Brilliant article by Stanley Cohen about a very timely subject. Thank you Darkmoon too for covering the subject.

    Only two countries around the world, Guatemala and El-Salvador , have recognized it as such. Countries such as the USA, Canada and all European nations only recognized Tel Aviv as the capital and hence maintain their embassies there.

    U.S. policy has long refrained from recognizing any nation’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital, with Israel declaring in 1980 the city was its undivided capital. A 2015 Supreme Court decision reaffirmed U.S. practice that forbids Americans born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their country of birth on passports.

    The U.S. embassy in Israel is in Tel Aviv, but the country maintains a consulate in Jerusalem. Congress passed a law in 1995 calling for the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, but presidents since then have used their waiver authority to prevent the change.

    1. MAHMOUND EL-YOUSSEP, both El Salvador and Costa Rica, which were the last two countries to have their embassies in Jerusalem, moved their embassies to Tel Aviv sometime shortly after 2000. Guatemala had moved its embassy out of Jerusalem long ago. Currently, no country has an embassy in Jerusalem.

      Jerusalem does not belong to Israel, and it does not belong to the US, so Trump cannot give it to Israel. Jerusalem belongs to the UN, whether the US embassy is there or not, so only the UN has the legal authority to give Jerusalem to Israel, should it be so inclined. The UN is hell-bent determined to keep Jerusalem autonomous from Israel, and for very good reason …the al Aqsa mosque.

      The way I see it, the US cannot move the embassy to Jerusalem for two reasons; (1) that would locate the US embassy to Israel in no-man’s land, not in Israel, and (2) Palestinian citizens of Israel are forbidden from entering Jerusalem without prior application and the issuance of a pass. Often the passes are issued only for specific areas of Jerusalem, and only for specific hours of a given day. It would make access to the US embassy, and the services thereof, by Israeli Arab citizens difficult. A Jerusalem embassy would basically service Jews only and Palestinians would have to go to the consulate (formerly the embassy) in Tel Aviv.

      For the US embassy to move to Jerusalem, a coalition of embassies would have to move their embassies together, thus giving implied legitimacy to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, with or without the UN’s blessing. But doing that will isolate a lot of foreign govt services for Israeli Jews only, the Palestinians would be virtually denied those embassy services in Jerusalem … unless Israel opened up free travel in/to/from Jerusalem for Palestinians. That is not going to happen. In addition, it would put the socialist-inclined European countries that moved their embassies to Jerusalem at odds with their beloved socialist-inclined UN.

      I do not see how it is possible to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Now that I have made that statement, look for the embassy to move to Jerusalem in the next 15-minutes.

    2. I, for one, like Darkmoon a lot, that’s because Darkmoon introduced me to the Fascinating New Age NWO teilhard hindoo-buddhist-sufi-chrISLAM religion of the New World Order, BUT I refuse to look into it and learn more about Darkmoon’s FASCINATING New Age NWO religion until Darkmoon SHUTS THE FUCK UP ABOUT DARKMOON’S FASCINATING New Age NWO religion, ? .

  7. Arch Stanton – November 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    “So why are Israeli Jews slapping each other on the back over Trump’s win? Might it be because Trump has demonstrated his total allegiance to them by giving his full support to making Jerusalem the capital city of Israel, thus putting the last nail in the coffin of the Palestinian state and propelling the world to within a hairsbreadth of John Hagee’s joyous Armageddon?

    “Jews are big on fulfilling their holy book’s prophecies – really big. Few realize at this point that Trump’s actions have now given the green light for the go ahead to build the third Temple. This will entail the destruction of the Muslim Mosque on the Dome of the Rock, a primary symbol of holiness for the Muslims.

    “For Jews this destruction and then rebuilding of their own temple Temple will provide the visible symbol they have won, they now have full global domination, the world belongs to the Jews.

    “According to their book, this Temple and the reinstated sacrificial system, brought to an end by Jesus in the first century, will signal their final triumph over the hated goyim. For idiot Christians, this will provide a clear indication the end of their world has drawn neigh.

    “Accordingly, the scriptures will now be fulfilled with a final battle before (or after, depending on the version) which their savior will come down from heaven to deliver them up to a place filled, not with trees, grass and blue skies, but gold and pearls.”

    I wrote it, now a descendant of the second Temple’s priest class has written it. When will the ignorant goyim wake up to it?

    The problem is the goyim are programmed to ignore the Jew; therefore, they neglect studying this parasitical race. Because they do not study the Jew, they are not even aware of their sworn enemy. While Jews’ lies and actions are unfathomable to the goyim mind, these are not some incredibly complex, unfathomable creature. In fact if one studies them and their lies closely, they find the efforts are not very inventive nor imaginative. Since their Biblical days, Jews have played the same game over and over and over. The key to the Jews’ success is replaying the same old hoary scenario over a period of time when goyim forget their past.

    A prime example of this is the Jews’ creation of communism and their efforts at taking over Russia. Jews do not air their filthy past in public and since they own the major information sources, twentieth century Russian history is virtually ignored. Yet one does not have to review many early twentieth century publications to find Jews not only publicly acknowledging, but actually crowing over their communist victory in Russia.

    Karl Marx, whose father was a rabbi, invented the idea and wrote the book on communism, a cultural/political system based on a mishmash of Old Testament principals, Talmudic law and second Temple structuring. Yet how many people know of Marx’s racial heritage let alone comprehend the profound significance of that fact?

    In the present world, the Jews’ strength lies in their ability to never forget and never forgive, as well as a policy to assign guilt by grouping; thus to Jews, when one is guilty, all are guilty. And while Jews are never guilty, their enemy is always guilty. The goyims’ weakness is they always assume the Jews’ assigned guilt and never remember beyond yesterday.

    Worse, the goyim are the first to offer understanding and forgiveness to their enemies while invariably providing the benefit of the doubt in every situation. The goyim never dare to assign guilt by grouping. So while Jews will maintain all the goyim must be killed, the goyim will immediately point to the “good” Jew or Negro, supposedly negating the overall racial characteristics of these people.

    The world has become the Jews’ game and the goyim cannot win using their rules to play the game. Should the day come when no Jews remain, or at least they have been relegated to a role of total insignificance among western culture, perhaps then the goyim will be able to return to their basic racial instincts of love, tolerance and understanding.

    However, until that day arrives they must understand they have long been unknowingly immersed in a deadly war with a murderous, psychopathic foe that, while demanding every quarter and consideration, gives not a single jot or tittle to their enemy.

    All that is required is for one to fully know their enemy.

  8. I can’t figure out what this site is all about.
    seriously ,this site attract a bunch of contradictory characters from Jackals to spooks and in between.
    a mix of travelers ,Farmers,university scholars,poets ,writers ,journalists ,shrinks and their patients ,observers , nuns and bystanders ,what is this site exactly , a meeting place in cyberspace or asylum?

    1. Who –

      The site is akin to an airport terminal waiting area, or a good pub. Ya never know WHO ya will overhear.

      Some are knowledgeable and interesting. Some… not so much.
      Some are drunk. Some are loony. I plead guilty.. 🙂

      No need to figure it out. Just take the ones ya want… toss the rest.

  9. It’s nice to see Mr. Cohen address the issue in a rational manner, Jerusalem and belief systems have a tendency among some to amplify the irrational, and we hear too little of jewish opposition to wholesale theft and murder, corruption and so forth. Largely, Franklin is probably right, but I don’t think entirely so, as far as credible and meaningful (costly to the aggressor) responses go from the Arab world – but not the Islamic world. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, there was little bluster, little threatening, little grandstanding. This is because the Afghan people who’s country used to resemble a garden preferred a new lunar desert moonscape to live in rather than to surrender to the Mongols, and the Mongols obliged, temporarily, though some of their descendants still reside in Afghanistan as Muslims, but a minority. Greek invaders and many others learned the same lesson. The point is that the Islamic World is not monolithic, there are ferociously strong areas like Afghanistan, site of America’s longest and still far from resolved war, and others. The Muslim world has the potential to FINALLY wake up and destroy the zionist enemy of mankind, the International pariah Israel, but they must learn that it can’t happen by threats, jawboning, and murdering unarmed women, children, and helpless old people, and blowing up statues. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houtih of Yemen are the only credible resistance at present. But terrorists recruit all over the place – North Africa, the poor children of Pakistan, and elsewhere so there is certainly manpower. Leadership and vision is needed, preferably very low profile, and of course the discipline to fight a real war against hard targets, not civilians. Arms are not a problem, Pakistan alone could probably supply a great deal from the Western workshops. Funding should not be a problem, a huge amount of oil and gas revenue could potentially fund the destruction of Israel. Manpower as mentioned is formidable in potential, most would agree in the Islamic world that the zionists are overdue for punishment. So if petty differences can be set aside until the goal of freeing Al Quds (Jerusalem) is achieved and a certain discipline instilled as Hezbollah has successfully accomplished the potential is waiting to be realized.

  10. The “idiotic confusion” of what “‘Biblical’ Israel” is occurs because of the people’s failure (to be able) to see beyond their own Self-ish views of what constitutes reality.

    Biblical Israelites (Israel) are now modern-day Christians due to the success of Jesus’ Mission 2000 years ago. They are the Bridge between the Old Covenant and the New.

    The Abrahamic Covenant –

    The ‘New Song’

  11. The Palestinians want their country back and are prepared to fight to the death. Israel will eventually/inevitably make a mistake and the pent-up anger of the Arab/muslim world will be released. Nukes don’t work against guerilla tactics in your back yard, and there are millions of AK47s and RPGs.

    If I was an Israeli father I would move my family to America.

  12. Israel captured East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War and annexed it in a move that is considered illegal under international law. Not a single country has its embassy in Jerusalem.

    President Reagan once opposed the move and threatened to veto legislation calling for it.

    A White House official under George W. Bush commented: “Moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem now would complicate our ability to help Israelis and Palestinians advance toward peace.”

    Barack Obama similarly renewed the waiver during his time in office.

    Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will exacerbate rather than diminish tension in the Middle East and will threaten the lives of US citizens abroad.

  13. I just got this in the mail. With the permission of Darkmoon Administrators, John Scott, Lasha, and Sister Monica, I would like to post this letter as I feel it is vital to this very subject you raised. Thanking you in advance. M.E.
    Contact: M. Theresa Basile
    Email: [email protected]

    Twelve United Methodist Missionaries Write to Donald Trump
    Open letter opposes moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

    February 10, 2017 – Twelve missionaries representing diverse personal and theological backgrounds, who have served the United Methodist Church’s ministries in Israel/Palestine over the last four decades, have published a letter to President Donald Trump expressing their deep concern about the proposed move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

    Dear President Trump,

    Grace and Peace to you in the Name of the Lord.

    We the undersigned are all the United Methodist missionaries who serve or have served in Israel and Palestine. We represent over 100 years of direct experience in that part of the world.

    We want you to know that we firmly oppose moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Such an action would have the effect of endorsing Israel’s claims to full sovereignty over that beloved and holy city which should be open to all and whose fate should be determined through bilateral negotiations. We can likewise assure you that going down this road would provoke tremendous opposition to the United States from the international community, from Muslims and Arabs around the world, as well as countries with whom we now have close relations, like Jordan. Palestinians will be especially grieved as they see their chances for a true homeland diminished even further.

    In all fairness, for the U.S. to be a just broker of peace among Israelis and Palestinians, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem must be simultaneously matched with recognizing a Palestinian state and opening a U.S. Embassy in that new state.

    Already 138 nations and the Vatican recognize Palestinian statehood.
    As peacemakers who follow the Prince of Peace, we urge you to consider our urgent requests. We commit to pray for you and your administration as we together seek to establish just and lasting peace for all — Israelis and Palestinians.

    God’s blessings on you.

    Rev. Michael Arteen
    Rev. and Mrs. Alex and Brenda Awad
    Rev. Kristen Brown
    Rev. and Mrs. Bob and Peggy Hannum
    Janet Lahr Lewis
    Bob May
    Rev. Peter Miano
    Rev. Sandra Olewine
    Rev. Romeo Del Rosario
    Tina Whitehead

    United Methodists for Kairos Response strongly agrees with these missionaries’ view that the proposed embassy move would incur severe consequences for the people of that region and damage U.S. relations with allied nations. UMKR notes that no nation in the world has their embassy in Jerusalem, despite Israel’s claim of all of Jerusalem as its capital, including East Jerusalem, which has been under military occupation since 1967 and which has been subject to ethnic cleansing by Israel since that time.

    UMKR seeks freedom, justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis, and in all its work, heeds the words of fellow believers, the Christians of Palestine. In the Kairos Palestine Document “A Moment of Truth” – endorsed by all the Heads and Patriarchs of the Churches of Jerusalem and signed by over 3000 Palestinian Christians – they write:

    “Jerusalem is the heart of our reality. It is, at the same time, symbol of peace and sign of conflict. While the separation wall divides Palestinian neighborhoods, Jerusalem continues to be emptied of its Palestinian citizens, Christians and Muslims. Their identity cards are confiscated, which means the loss of their right to reside in Jerusalem. Their homes are demolished or expropriated. Jerusalem, city of reconciliation, has become a city of discrimination and exclusion, a source of struggle rather than peace.”


    “Jerusalem is the foundation of our vision and our entire life. She is the city to which God gave a particular importance in the history of humanity. She is the city towards which all people are in movement – and where they will meet in friendship and love in the presence of the One Unique God….Today, the city is inhabited by two peoples of three religions; and it is on this prophetic vision and on the international resolutions concerning the totality of Jerusalem that any political solution must be based. This is the first issue that should be negotiated because the recognition of Jerusalem’s sanctity and its message will be a source of inspiration towards finding a solution to the entire problem, which is largely a problem of mutual trust and ability to set in place a new land in this land of God.”

    1. Mahmoud –

      I believe you mean well. You are being USED by the Pharisee-Jews who formed the UN..!!

      It is a money pull…. From both sides.

      The UNITED METHODISTS were formed to support the UN. They are not for freedom.


      “United Methodists in UMKR are working together to inform church members about the contradiction between our church’s words and actions regarding Israel-Palestine. We seek to align the church’s -INVESTMENTS- with its longstanding resolutions opposing Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.”


      “The United Methodist Church, therefore, reaffirms its support for the United Nations and calls upon all governments to fully support the United Nations in the fulfillment of its charter and in its highest calling to work for peace and justice for all the world’s people.”

      United Methodists… cannot have it both ways.


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