Panic in Tel Aviv: Is Netanyahu losing it? (Part 2)

Part 2 : The Ticking Time Bomb


Pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon


To understand the state of panic currently afflicting the ruling elite in Israel, which has gone to the extent of openly threatening to bomb the presidential palace in Damascus and Iranian military formations in Syria, one need only refer to recent remarks made by Robert Ford, the last US ambassador to Syria.

Ford is currently a fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington. He has long been one of the most prominent proponents and supporters of the ‘Syrian revolution’ and the Western/Gulf-led effort to overthrow the regime in Damascus by force.

But in an interview with the English-language UAE daily The National this week, he conceded that President Bashar al-Assad has defeated the armed campaign that was launched seven years ago to topple him and his regime.

‘The war is winding down little by little’, he stated. ‘Assad has won and he will stay. He may never be held accountable, and Iran will be in Syria to stay. This is the new reality that we have to accept, and there isn’t much we can do about it.’

Ford was resigned to the idea that the regime would eventually reassert its full control over the entire country: ‘The Syrian government cannot and will not accept local administrations or decentralisation, despite the fact that the Russians keep talking about it’, he said. ‘It might take two or four years, but they can’t accept other governments – local or foreign – to control these places.’

And he warned that ‘the shift in the dynamic in Syria has made the situation worse for Israel’. He explained: ‘The Israelis used to fly with no worry over Syria, but now their whole calculus has changed.’

Perhaps this explains the extreme angst displayed by Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he travelled to Sochi on 23 August to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged him stand by Israel’s side amid the strategic changes in Syria that have advanced the rise of Iran as a regional power.

What Netanyahu wants from Putin – as he repeated openly to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres when he visited Tel Aviv earlier this week – is for Iran to be prevented from establishing its presence in Syria and setting up missile factories there and in Lebanon.

Otherwise, Israeli officials warned, Israeli warplanes would attack the presidential palace in Damascus and sites where Iranian military experts are located in Syria.


“The Israelis used to fly with no worry over Syria,
but now their whole calculus has changed.”
— Robert Ford, former US ambassador to Syria

According to various Israel press reports that were confirmed by Russian media, Putin found his Israeli guest to be in a state of agitation bordering on hysteria as he explained the apocalyptic consequences of Iran’s regional ascendancy.

But the Russian president kept calm and replied that Iran was Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East, the main counterweight to the Arab-Islamic variant of Nato which the US is trying to establish in the region, and that Moscow has no intention of abandoning it for Israel’s sake – nor of taking lectures from Israel on how it should make its policies in the region.

By what right does Netanyahu think he can demand that Russia and the US act to prevent Iran form building munitions plants in Syria and Lebanon, or oblige it to withdraw its forces from an allied country that has requested their presence? Does he expect Syria simply to agree to become a defenceless target which Israeli warplanes can bomb whenever and wherever they like?

Syria and Iran never complained about Israel’s US taxpayer-funded Iron Dome and other missile systems, nor did Moscow object to its acquisition of F-35 warplanes, the most sophisticated in the US arsenal. For Netanyahu to demand Russian action against Iran is the height of impudence and arrogance, and Putin was right to slap him down.  

Unlike the US political establishment, Russia is not beholden to Israel nor prepared to take instructions from it, and with its extensive expertise in the region certainly does not need lessons from Netanyahu on how to operate in the region. Its priority is not to defend Israel’s interests but its own, and it cannot forget or ignore the fact that Israel is the US’ closest ally in the region and the world.

What is worrying is that the clearly threatening tone used by Netanyahu – both in Sochi and at his meeting with the UN chief – could be a prelude for Israel to launch a large-scale attack on Syria and/or Lebanon, on the pretext that it faces a security threat from Iran in both countries and is acting in self-defence.

This is made more likely by the many corruption charges that are closing in on Netanyahu, which could lead to his indictment and prosecution and force him out of office and into jail. He may be tempted to start a war to divert attention from these investigations and unite the country in a common cause – just as the embattled former premier Ehud Olmert did when he attacked Lebanon in July 2006.

LD : According to recent reports, six people close to Netanyahu have just been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged corruption over the so-called “purchase” of German submarines by Israel. These include Netanyahu’s former chief-of-staff, David Sharan, and a former navy commander. Sharan was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust.

We learn today from another news report that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is dropping what remains of his statesmanlike persona in favor of an angry nationalism that’s popular with his base…. With each new complication Netanyahu seems to grow more bellicose…. According to one report, [even] Netanyahu’s wife Sara is headed toward an indictment for fraud regarding their household expenses.”

According to a correspondent of mine, Netanyahu is being “cornered”. He is himself, so I am told, a puppet of people far more powerful than himself (e.g. American billionaire Sheldon Adelson with whom he is in frequent telephone contact). It is not unlikely that the Israeli Prime Minister is being threatened with a criminal conviction, with years behind bars, unless he does what he is told. Told to do what? One can only speculate.

Perhaps Netanyahu is being pressurized into bombing Syria and starting a war against Iran which will inevitably suck in the United States. Bellicosity, in other words, may be Netanyahu’s passport to survival. Without the US coming to Israel’s aid, Israel wouldn’t stand a chance against a resurgent Syria and a confident Iran fully backed by Vladimir Putin. Tel Aviv could easily be reduced to ashes if Netanyahu overplays his hand and gets too big for his boots. [LD]

Will Netanyahu do the same, and launch a bombing campaign against the Syrian leadership and Iranian forces in Syria? He can try. But he would be well advised to recall that the Decisive Storm bombing campaign launched two and a half years ago – using much the same American warplanes as his own – has failed to impose surrender on impoverished and exhausted Yemen, which is armed with weapons whose sell-by-date expired half a century ago.

So can Israel’s warplanes impose surrender on Syria whose army has stood fast for the past seven years, or Iran with its arsenal of 200,000 missiles, along with Hezbollah and its 100,000-strong rocket arsenal?

Moreover, can Netanyahu name a single war in which his army emerged victorious in Lebanon? Israel’s 1982 invasion and occupation ended in an ignominious unilateral withdrawal in 2000, as did its 2006 assault on the country.

It is not only sophisticated weapons that decide the outcomes of wars, but also the strength of the combatants’ convictions, their willingness to fight until martyrdom, and the capability of their commanders to manage the battles effectively – qualities that Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and their allies have proven to possess in abundance.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu may still try.

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LD:  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made it clear that his government intends to recover “all Syria” – and that includes the Golan Heights which Israel illegally occupied in 1967. Not only this, but last week Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, called on the Lebanese government “to devise a plan to liberate the Shebaa Farms and the Kfar Shouba Hills [both in Lebanon]” from Israel. A number of Israeli commentators are already saying that “the writing is on the wall” for Israel. So Netanyahu has good reason to panic. [LD]

(They have more than 100,000 rockets directed at Israel)

 “Cet animal est très méchant.  
Quand on l’attaque, il se défend.” 

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  1. Day after day, year after year, we endure the endless drama of Israeli’s claiming victim-hood whilst standing on the throats of those they claim threaten them. But the world is awakening, although far from completely out of bed and into that second cup, still, its got to be a nightmare for those who never dreamed their house of cards could fall. And like a boxing match, where one fighter is continually throwing low blows, or the hockey player who shoves his stick into the eye of another player when the ref isn’t looking, we the audience are anxiously, eagerly waiting to see that party get what they deserve.

    1. “Israeli’s claiming victim-hood whilst standing on the throats of those they claim threaten them.”
      An old Polish proverb: “The Jew cries out in pain while he is striking you.”
      See E Michael Jones, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History,” parts of which can be read online at or else see

  2. The paranoia and schizophrenia of the jewish soul is on display for all to see. Because of their machinations, they are constantly looking over their shoulders KNOWING that the day of retribution is coming. Therefore, they must lash out at their neighbors before those neighbors can deliver that inevitable justice upon the children of satan. Don’t be surprised if that Samson Option is used. And the greatest fault lies with the United States who have done the bidding of their little masters since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

    1. naaah they’re too coward to use the Samson Option , trust me I lived with them and I know them . Allah tells us they don’t fight you except from behind a wall . They used to roam around in Lebanon like it’s their farm , but now not only they stopped the thuggery but they built a wall .
      2022 is the end or is the beginning of the end according to prophesy and the zionist Henry Kissenger . The wall will crack open and Hisbu Allah will conquer Jerusalem .

  3. LD wrote:

    “According to a correspondent of mine, Netanyahu is being “cornered”. He is himself, so I am told, a puppet of people far more powerful than himself (e.g. American billionaire Sheldon Adelson with whom he is in frequent telephone contact). It is not unlikely that the Israeli Prime Minister is being threatened with a criminal conviction, with years behind bars, unless he does what he is told. Told to do what? One can only speculate.”

    Adelson has that same power over Trump, and had to drop back from the campaign picture so as to not having been seen wielding such “YUGE” control of Trump.

    Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate, has spent more than $200 million in the past few years championing GOP candidates and conservative causes…. to control them with bribes and blackmail. He made a Republican out of Trump, the Democrat…. no small feat.!!

    Old Sheldon just might make a Palestinian out of Netanyahu before it is all over with, if he squeezes hard enough.. 🙂

    1. Anyone who is brain dead enough to spend a dime in one of Adelson’s corrupt gambling palaces is giving money to Israel, and to corrupt US politicians.

      1. Folly –

        People will gamble…. all around the world. People flock to ALL casinos globally.

        The House Wins Big: Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson Gets $1.7 Billion Richer In Four Days

        ‘Put-On’ is building casinos in Crimea and Eastern islands to get $$$$… since they are illegal in Russia. 🙂

        Putin Wants To Make The Territory He Took From Ukraine Into Russia’s Version Of Vegas

        China is ready to invest in Crimean infrastructure, housing services – GAMBLING – and hotel industry, Alexander Basov, head of the Crimean Chamber of Commerce, said Thursday.

        The Russian company Diamond Fortune has announced plans to inject a whopping 900 million dollars into the construction of a hotel and entertainment complex in the country’s Far Eastern city of Vladivostok.

    2. Pat,
      Elaborate. I find it hard to believe that Trump could be financially dependent on Adelson. As far as bribery and blackmail? Maybe Trump has some dirty laundry that he dont want us to smell. He was Jeffery Epsteins pal, right? Tell us what you know old man……walking encyclopedia…..

      1. Don –

        Glad to help.

        If Donny Trump is not a good little boy… he may not get in on deals like this:



        PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the New York Liberty Development Corporation (the “Corporation”) is authorized to issue exempt facility revenue bonds (“qualified New York Liberty Bonds”).

        The qualified New York Liberty Bonds were authorized by the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 enacted by Congress in March 2002 (the “Act”).

        The Corporation issued its $1,265,220,000 Revenue Bonds (Goldman Sachs Headquarters Issue), Series 2005 (the “2005 Bonds”) as qualified New York Liberty Bonds for the benefit of Goldman Sachs Headquarters LLC, an affiliated special purpose entity for The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (“Goldman”) for the purpose of financing the construction of approximately 1.9 million square feet of new commercial space to be used primarily as a global headquarters and trading floor facility for Goldman (the “Project”).

  4. hate to say this but I really don’t believe this I wish it were true but I would have to see concrete proof of it

  5. “Cet animal est très méchant.  
    Quand on l’attaque, il se defend.”

    This animal is very troublesome.
    When you attack him, he fights back.

    Interesting and illuminating. We here in the USA are generally mesmerized by a continuous babble informing us of how mighty, wise, and virtuous the Zionists are.
    But this essay portrays Israel as a mighty fat and sick bird sitting on a quite thin and rotten branch.
    Israel’s position is not sustainable.

  6. Hopefully, by now, the people of The united States are perceiving Israhell for what it is, and any POTUS will take heed. Regardless of Sheldon Adelson – or any other Zionist benefactor – the general attitude I sense is one of being tired of Israhell’s demands on America’s waning strength. In the wake of “natural disasters”, Americans have other, more pressing priorities.

    1. G.H.,
      Not to mention unemployment and homelessness. Two weeks ago, I was driving my rig on I95 about 10 miles east of the George Washington Bridge. Beggers were actually walking on the sides of the interstate as traffic was stopped. Crossing the Bridge on the way into N.Y. costs us truckers a $100.00 in tolls. I wonder where the money goes. Joe 6-pack sure dont get none.

      1. Don –

        You wrote:
        “Crossing the Bridge on the way into N.Y. costs us truckers a $100.00 in tolls. I wonder where the money goes.”

        I can help you find the answer yourself. 🙂

        The “GW” (they call it there) is part of the Port Authority of NY-NJ.

        The Port Authority presents its CAFR every year:

        Here is the CAFR for 2015 – as 2016 is not published yet.
        Start at page 47:

        Hint: Most info you want is found in ‘Notes’ starting at page 74… where all the shady deals are hidden in plain sight under various strange names.

        I have fun with it… You might also. Good luck.. 🙂

  7. the first rule when hearing jew’s narrative, whatever it is is without any hesitation assume that he is lying and you can safely eliminate his version from the list of truthful statements on the subject.
    The one YUGE and precious exception is my legalistic favorite: statement against interest, for example, knocking the dead jew count from 4m to 1.5m as per the famous auschwitz midnight plaque swap.

    so when they threaten the samson option, you can store it in the 6m dead jew drawer and forget about it.
    it’s a lie endlessly repeated by the lying tribe to deflect your thinking from the correct course.
    Look at their famous massada fantasy of brave jews knifing themselves rather than face “indignity” of roman mercy.
    Archaeologists dug it up and found some women’s perfume and a bunch of pig bones and still they parade up there in their solemn military baonding, “all vows, pledges, oaths …”, yeah right. Never happen, never will, there was never any samson nor will there ever be any samson option.
    Ask white helmets or something.

    As for trump, consider Putin’s history, how many were accusing him of being jew’s bumboy 6-10 years ago, how he posed for chabad pictures, “gave his monthly wages to their charity’, bovine feces by the steaming truckload, instead of paying attention to what he was doing in realpolitik terms, the geopolitical developments.
    And same for trump: tell me the last time an american president terminated a war, since nixon.
    And moreover, he killed a giant CIA false flag/gladio operation, no one credits him with this except the jews and it’s a minus credit of course.
    How many were saying that he is pouring in forces to occupy and dismember syria, hand it to kurds, to jews, to turks … and? And nothing.
    USA is practically out of the Middle east as far as military footprint is concerned, no getting around this reality.
    Israel marooned and must look after themselves, make deals with enemies, open and secret ones.

    i’d like some never-trumper to explain this without dodging the reality by switching to kushner-ivanka national enquirer gossip.
    and for all the breathless talk of how he will attack north korea and iran (the exceptionally low iq nikki haley is quite an asset in the ability to produce convincing sounding talk followed by no action), i keep assuring everyone that it won’t happen – not while trump is in washington.
    Rub my face into these posts if i turn out to be wrong (of course some strangelovian incident is always a possibility but i don’t think that either mattis or mcmaster are that stupid)

    And nyahu is a walking dead, the tables have turned on him disastrously and the former puppet master has become Putin’s and Trump’s puppet, those strings are his life support, every so often they will feed him some window dressing incident to make it look like jews are not total losers, just to keep him in office.

    without their hand-picked employee in oval office, 9/11 evidence (and i have no doubt that Putin got some too) hangs over the jews’ heads like damocles sword.

    if i was on Lucifer’s policy board at chateau rothschild, i would urge patience and keeping a low profile until the odds are again stacked in their favor, with one of the usual remote control reptiles in the white house, maybe not hillary but bernie sanders, al franken or some other judean hooker with mass appeal as a “cool liberal”, from the same shop that put together obama.

      1. Lobro

        You must consider that It can’t be a rollback if it was never meant for Israel to become mighty in the first place (per several of my previous posts)

        just sayin’ (:>)

      2. b-hawk,
        the blind obedience to halachic law, the babylonian talmud reading of torah, is coded into the jew dna.

        as saul, the merciful (saved virgins for r+r, what begins with “R” and ends with “APE”?) found out to his grief, covered his head with prayer shawl and rolled in ashes, the slightest deviance from Yawa’s instructions is punished – not relative to crime, but absolutely, to be commemorated as yet another jew banking holiday and for jews to learn from inception that you just follow the orders – no questions, no thinking, no independence.

        therefore, don’t expect fundamental detours from the script, it only gets generationally refined through additional protocols but the backbone remains untouched – israel mighty, cosmic darkness, slavery, anguish, vale of tears and pain for you, orgy of joy for jew.

        don’t believe me, b-hawk? 🙂 read on (with apologies to whoever likes apologies)

        Zinoviev literally licked the boots of his executioners minutes before his death. Then he raised his hands to the heavens, and shouted, “Shema YISRAEL Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad!” (“Hear O ISRAEL, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One!”)
        This is the first line of “Shema” (from Devarim–Deuteronomy 6:4), a central affirmation of faith in Judaism; among Orthodox Jews, it is traditionally the final utterance of a person before death.
        [Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews, p. 42]

        must remember this heebroo line to show off to my “good jew friends”
        “Lick my boots, Shema on you”

      3. Zinoviev literally licked the boots of his executioners minutes before his death.

        Cowards! Jews are abject, craven cowards who invariably show their true colors when facing death alone. They are a race of cowards who show their collective yellow colors in battle. Cowardice is why Patton slapped the malingering Jew. Cowardice is why they have a losing track record in their wars and why they use host proxies to fight their battles.

        Cowardice is what the Masada myth demonstrates, i.e. “don’t fight to the death, instead kill yourself”. which is exactly what they expect the white race to do for them. Remember how people used to say, “suicide is a cowardly act?” Is it any wonder why one never hears this phrase anymore? The Warsaw Ghetto “uprising” and “brave” Jewish partisans fighting evil Nadzees? Don’t make me laugh.

        What these Jewish cowards have is media bull and they have it by the horns. They use their media bully pulpit to continually blare out lies about their “bravery”, their military acumen, their “genius” in all matters, their “justice,” their “persecution” and “victimization”, their “fairness” and “mercy”. Lies! All, all lies! Lies from a race of cowards who, like Negros, only demonstrate slight bravery when in the midst of a pack of psychopathic murderers having overwhelming superiority over their enemy. Like the massive response using advanced American military weaponry in retaliation for alleged Palestinian bottle rocket attacks.

        There’s a good reason why there were no Jew champions at the medieval jousting matches where combat was mano e’ mano. No doubt Jews will invent one for the next episode of The History Channel.

      4. lobro, I beg to differ

        I would call jews like Zinoviev “sacrificial collateral”.* If cretins of his ilk were ever allowed to hold sway, then only complete annihilation would come of it, and any long-term plan for corralling humanity would become moot. Stalin was unwitting about the greater cause he was serving as a useful tool. These players are essentially marionettes who are caught up in the general scheme of things and serve as fodder in the long-term plan of those jews on a higher level of hierarchy who are calling the shots. Netanyahoo is in the same camp, and Israel as a whole.

        It is in this context where I see a “mighty Israel” to ultimately be a paper tiger whose demise will only give the APPEARANCE of a rollback. These “uber-jews” are manipulating ALL the integral players, including the “zionists”, who ironically enough aren’t affiliated with the “elders of zion” protocolian authorship.

        This SURREPTITIOUS manipulation is angling for the whole world to be on the same page in conforming to Agenda-21 under the faux banner of the “united” nations. Israel’s termination will signal putting the finishing touches on it, but this will ALSO be the cue for that which will show it to be unsustainable.

        When “metaphysical” loses some of it’s abstract nature

        *collateral- 5) having an ancestor in common but descended from a different line

        i.e.; there are jews, and then there are jews…

      5. lobro

        We are in agreement regarding the unchanging fundamentals of the protocols. My basic point was in stressing the hierarchy of jews when elaborating on the depth of deception. With this in mind, it gives new meaning to the “Israel” in “When Israel is mighty”

        you follow?

      6. lobro

        I’m somewhat unclear as to why you would suggest that I don’t believe you in regards to the various modes of servility and degradation demonstrated by jews of all stripes. This of course excludes the descendants of the Essenes, who shouldn’t be referred to as such for purposes of applying a proper assignation.

        Again, my greater point is in emphasizing the depth of deception involved, in keeping with my “Russian dollhouse” references. (:>)

    1. Lobro, Masada may have happened in Roman times. Now, after Jewry has tasted a cosy life thanks to their robber leaders, not even Israelis believe in the myth of Jewish bravery. It is an interesting time we live in, when people are starting to realise that Jerusalem has nothing to do with spirituality.

  8. “Israeli political leaders lashed out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eldest son Sunday for posting an anti-Semitic caricature aimed at his father’s critics.”

  9. “The shift in the dynamic in Syria has made the situation worse for Israel”. – Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu

    So who made it worse, Bibi? Who started the process?

    “The Israelis used to fly with no worry over Syria, but now their whole calculus has changed”. – B. Netanyahu

    It gets worse – Israeli murder sprees in Libya are starting to be contained as well. Mossad ‘Arabist’ terrorist Ephraim Benjamin, Daesh leader of about 200 in Bengazi posing as “Abu Hafs” has been arrested and subjected to worldwide exposure. Little Drummer EU girls and boys take note – you’ve been fighting for the wrong side all along.

    1. One wonders about the details of Mr. Benjamin’s capture; was it the Libyans, independently, tired of their country being trashed to pieces by Israel and proxies; did the Egyptians lend a hand – allegedly Mr. Benjamin and his group were targeting Egypt for murder sprees from relative safety in Libya, or, was it someone else?

      No matter – for now. With Shimon Elliot aka “al Baghdadi” dead in Syria, a live one like Mr. Benjamin might open the door (after complete interrogation) to stand trial for International Terrorism in a civilized court of law. Certain countries need not apply.

      1. Not to be missed is the report on “Abu Hafs”/Benjamin Ephraim on The Mossad lists with photos and info comprising 417 pages in one file and revealing articles, including Ephraim and Gideon Allman aka “Victor Gonzalez Moreno” (detained in the UK) presented by John A. Robles II, former Voice of Russia and Information Warfare Specialist (“Fighting the 9/11 Criminals Online Since June 6, 2003”). Lots of photos. Now we can finally learn who those strange new neighbors with the Hebrew accents really are…


    Note the American national markings on the “Israeli war planes” in the photo? Considering the present state of the ZAG, this is more than just coincidental irony.

    1. Those are US markings. It could just be an incorrectly captioned photo, although US aircraft were certainly used in ’73. Israel had a large fleet of F-16s by 2015 (thanks to US taxpayers). Here’s a photo from F-16 dot net that shows almost identical tail markings. It looks to be from the same run of aircraft or close to it.

      Click on [next] to see a better shot of markings on the fuselage of the same aircraft.

      1. @ Carnaptious

        The picture comes from an article in the Jerusalem Post. Title of article: REPORT: ISRAELI AIR FORCE ATTACKED HEZBOLLAH TARGETS IN SYRIA. The article is dated October 31, 2015. So this obviously refers to an attack on Syria in 2015.

        The picture carries the caption: US-made F-16 fighter jets in action.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

        So I presumed these were F-16s given to Israel by the US in order to enable the 2015 attack. I could be wrong, but in any case this is the picture I made use of.

      2. @LD

        Thanks for explaining how the photo got its title. I would guess that it’s a stock photo of US F-16s that could pass Israeli censorship more easily than photos of IAF planes.

    2. A nation’s military does not fly the markings of a foreign power without agreement, as it can be construed as an act of war not to mention drawing “friendly” fire. Of course the deceptive false flag operation uses this very technique. This, by the way, is where the term “false flag” originates.

      Warring powers and pirates of the 16th 17 centuries would fly the flag, a “false flag”, of a different nation to fool approaching ships, sometimes even using ships captured from the false flag’s nation. The false flag ship usually feigned either alliance or neutrality until it was in firing range. This was not looked upon kindly by the country whose colors were being misused.

      The Israels flew unmarked French Mirage fighters during their attack on the USS Liberty, relying on the aircraft’s identifiable outline to fool and confuse both American and Egyptian enemies, as the French were also flying these aircraft in the region at the time.

      An Israeli Air Force general by the name Spector has stated without question that he was the first Israeli pilot to overfly the Liberty on that fateful day. He said his objective was to determine the origin of the ship and to what country she belonged. He stated that he was flying a French Mirage at the time and as he approached and flew over the Liberty.

      I don’t think Israeli censorship was the issue either. I think the photo sends a clear messageto their audience, those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

  11. These include Netanyahu’s former chief-of-staff, David Sharan, and a former navy commander. Sharan was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust. [. . .] According to one report, [even] Netanyahu’s wife Sara is headed toward an indictment for fraud regarding their household expenses.

    I don’t get it, why the criminal indictments? Why the outrage? Everyone, especially Jews, knew what they were dealing with when they wrapped these snakes around their necks, but now they’re pissed? Why now?

    Netanyahu have just been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged corruption over the so-called “purchase” of German submarines by Israel.

    Purchase? PURCHASE? You’ve got to be kidding! (Note the quote marks, like, ‘Yah sure, you betcha, Jews “purchased” these submarines.’) After more than seventy years of hammering guilt into the German people over the mythical hallowedhoax, how can anyone think Jews are going to pay them a single silver shekel for their advanced technology? Any non-Jew buying this bullshit is a complete idiot, brainwashed by the Jew’s “fair and balanced” media.

  12. Arch Stanton hints at the truth in the above: “Why the outrage?” And he is correct when he infers that many of you are unable to understand the complete picture of the Zio-Jew situation because your brainwashing is so complete that you simply cannot make sense of the world unless you are wearing Jewish media/academia sunglasses. You need to free your minds and stop getting caught up in the miniature. If you cannot do this you are enslaved in the web of diabolical Jewish dialecticism. Netanyahu will become a hero of the Jews just as the previous Prime Ministers – assassins, murderers and criminals extraordinaire – are now idolised. Remember the Jews are prepared to take 2 steps back, followed by 5 quick steps forward. Nothing will change one iota until the Jewish Money Power is destroyed, as they have made sure that money makes the world go round; just as “fat bottomed girls make the world go round.” (Freddie Mercury)

    1. Correct, Maxey –

      You wrote: (my emphasis)
      “Nothing will change one iota until the Jewish Money Power is destroyed, as they have made sure that money – $$$$ – makes the – WORLD – go round; just as “fat bottomed girls make the – WORLD – go round.”

      Oligarchs like Adelson have the power over Netanyahu, Trump and ‘Put-On’ and always will. 🙂

  13. In other words, your whole sensorial system and, therefore, your whole interpretation of the world is Jew dominated. Only the best minds are not imprisoned in their total brainwash. Be careful not to fall into the trap of their constantly changing vocabulary. JEWS are the enemy of mankind and this must never be forgotten. They use every diabolical trick they can to fool you. The honesty ingrained Anglo-Saxon mind is basically unable to comprehend the depths of the progeny of satan’s evil. There will be more Goldas and Bibis, as all Jews remain in a state of rebellion against God. Jesus warned you all you need to know, but noone has listened. Hence a small group of satan’s disciples rule our planet. They have created the stinking swamp we live in. Filthy heretical pseudo Christians, in their 100’s of million, now support the diabolical state of Israel. These fools are of the damned. They admire such devilish fiends as Adelson and Soros. They are the Messiahs of the evil Jews. The question is: What are you going to do about this very visible evil?

    1. Max, if the US-Israeli symbiosis, as a war machine created by Zionists’ centuries long push of the economy towards weapon production and away from livelihood, becomes threatened by weakening religious ties with Israel, the weapon industry may turn against its own people. It is the big corporations that decide how much war on the globe we have in their quest for total monopolisation of business. If the battlefield created with the help of Israel dies, they will create another, and it is always the tax-payers who pay for it with their hard work. Just to remind you where our hard work went:
      Monopolists must have known that the world population would get sick and tired of Israhell. It’s not a problem for them to shift the war focus. I think that people will very soon start avoiding working for rogue big companies – that’s what we all are going to do.

    2. Pseudo Christians. Where do we start? Joel Osteen? Mega minister. His haircut costs more than my rig.

  14. Consider this statement:-

    “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”
    Thomas H. Moorer
    (1912 – 2004)
    US Navy & Chairman,
    Joint Chiefs of Staff during interview on
    24 August 1983.

    With that kind of power it is going to be very difficult to escape the stranglehold the Jewish Lobby has on America.

  15. His Excellency Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu & his good wife are currently being investigated for fraud.
    If taken to trial & found guilty – it will mean a custodial sentence for the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu & his good wife.

    What is going on here ?
    Netanyahu is being investigated for criminal activity ?
    How is this possible ?
    The Darling of the banking conglomerates behind Israel are not there to protect & defend their favorite champion ?
    Can it be true that the banking cartels behind Israel are really going to let him be flushed down the toilet over mere money indiscretions ?
    Look at how diligently he has worked on their behalf.

    Or … has the world had enough of the rubbish that is Israel & drawn a line in the sand ?
    Is Netanyahu & his good wife being sacrificed ?
    By the very banking people he has so loyal served ?

    So – how many other’s will be offered in sacrifice along with Netanyahu & his good wife to earn forgiveness ?
    Will the Neo-Cons also be investigated & sent to prison to appease the wrath of the world ?
    Maybe –
    A competition would be good.
    We could call it –
    The Letting of Sacred Jewish Blood By Their Banking Buddies.
    Try & Guess Which Neo-Cons Will Be Sacrificed To White Wash The Sins Of Israel.

    1. Have vested interests allowed thing to go too far ?
      Allowed things to get out of hand ?
      Who are those vested interests ?
      Surely the waring in the Middle East was a wrong move ?
      They went to far ?
      The European Union is flooded with peoples it can not hope to support.
      but behind the scenes – we have no way of knowing how bad the damage is to all concerned.
      Who is wealthy enough to be able to pick up the tab for all the wanton destruction caused by the Pentagons brainstorm idea “war with 7 countries in 5 years” & the pipe dream that the US – the EU & Israel could redevelop the Middle East.
      No one has that kind of money – nor could they afford the resources to pull of such a stunt. In the mean time refugees pour out of Africa & the Middle East.
      Where will all these people go – they will go to saturate the populations of the US the EU & Israel.
      Hooray for the Pentagon think tanks.

    2. The Letting of Sacred Jewish Blood By Their Banking Buddies. Try & Guess Which Neo-Cons Will Be Sacrificed To White Wash The Sins Of Israel.

      Make of this what you will

      The traditional reading for morning focuses on the offerings that Aaron is to bring before God as atonement. He must make expiation for himself, then his household, and only after this is an offering brought for the entire community. The Yom Kippur Avodah service is based on the ritual that the priest performed in the ancient Temple on Yom Kippur. That ritual, in turn, is reflected in this reading.

      The LORD spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron who died when they drew too close to the presence of the LORD. The LORD said to Moses: Tell your brother Aaron that he is not to come at will into the Shrine behind the curtain, in front of the cover that is upon the ark, lest he die; for I appear in the cloud over the cover. Thus only shall Aaron enter the Shrine: with a bull of the herd for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. He shall be dressed in a sacral linen tunic, with linen breeches next to his flesh, and be girt with a linen sash, and he shall wear a linen turban. They are sacral vestments; he shall bathe his body in water and then put them on.

      And from the Israelite community he shall take two he-goats for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. Aaron is to offer his own bull of sin offering, to make expiation for himself and for his household. Aaron shall take the two he-goats and let them stand before the LORD at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting; and he shall place lots upon the two goats, one marked for the LORD and the other marked for Azazel. Aaron shall bring forward the goat designated by lot for the LORD, which he is to offer as a sin offering; while the goat designated by lot for Azazel shall be left standing alive before the LORD, to make expiation with it and to send it off to the wilderness for Azazel.

  16. the sampson option may be just another of their lies but i wouldn’t be too sure.
    they’re well into nukes and they control whatever american security. 9-11 proved that.
    soon everybody will want to see an end to the terrible travesty known as the state of israel.
    but unless that becomes something the zionists themselves actually want, then it could be a rough ride to the exit…
    that is the real question – how to make those jews themselves realize what a waste of time and money it all is?
    and what a lot of baloney their scriptures are. and their supposed history.
    if it’s true that the new media is having an enlightening effect on the world then that would be a major increment.
    it could happen too. maybe it is happening. maybe all it’s going to take is enough of the goyim turning their backs on the whole program for the jewish zionists to get the message themselves – get out of palestine for the greater good of everyone including yourselves…
    everybody has been used in the plot anyway, the jews themselves have been well used by the big rabbi banksters.
    the whole state of israel was only about the british navy and others going from coal to petrol distillate in the first place. the “black gold under the sand”…

  17. how sweet the music of panic: Iran is Israel’s ‘shaping trauma,’ says ex-deputy chief of staff

    For Israel, Iran is “much more threatening compared to the Daesh threat,” Golan asserted, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS, “because the Iranians are sophisticated, they are a higher form of civilization, they have a nice academic infrastructure, nice industry, good scientists, many talented young people.

    “They are very similar to us,” he said. “And because they are similar to us, they are much, much more dangerous.”

    actually, iranians are incomparably superior to jews, their civilization is real, they don’t need their caterpillar archeologists destroying other peoples’ historical tracks to prove the existence of theirs through equivalence of poverty, ancient persian monuments are everywhere.
    Persians MADE stuff, like all superior cultures, roman, greek, german, chinese, indian, egyptian … jews only STOLE.

    the scale of justice inevitably regains equilibrium.
    It’s the basic law of universe, torah’s missing keystone, which is why the antiChrist’s arch of power, built on lie, betrayal and deception will collapse, the cosmic Ponzi scheme cannot last (Bernie Madoff was Yhwh’s avatar, a caricature of Jesus Christ).

  18. [“Assad must”:]
    Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has said Israel should pressure the world’s major powers not to allow Iran to establish a stronger presence in Syria.
    While delivering her speech at the annual ICT’s World Summit on Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, the Israeli Justice Minister said that the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad must keep Iran out of Syria in case he wanted to stay in power, according to Jerusalem Post.
    “The Iranian-backed forces are trying to build a bridge stretching all the way from Iran to the Syrian-Israeli border”, Shaked warned while obviously referring to the Lebanese movement Hezbollah.
    She then said Israel must ensure that Hezbollah does not receive any shipments of weapons, warning that its military arsenal is constantly growing.

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