Planet Frankenstein




Disintegration nation, Humpty Dumpty City. What genius can put it back together again? In our fruitless quest to conquer death, humans try to improve upon Mother Nature’s boundless gifts. You see the results: Manic monsters burn the world in their bleeding cesspool of money and lies. And one by one, all the other creatures of this world eventually disappear from the weight of the trash in this human waste receptacle known as Planet Earth.

Let me get this straight! We’re waiting for a bunch of women who insist President Donald Trump molested them and want him to resign his office before he can decide to nuke North Korea. Is that what our world has come to? A perfect ending to a movie about an insane asylum! Absolute lunacy that could end life as we know it. Has it always been this way? When you look hard into history beyond the spin, regrettably you will see that it has.

The countries that have survived and prospered have always been the most efficient killers. Winners play by no rules. Even today aggressive power rules the world, and probably always will.

But if we were rich beyond our wildest dreams and could do anything we desired, would it be to rape children, drink their blood and eat their flesh — as people who are so rich they are above the law are alleged to do in our ugly world? The rumor in Hollywood is that rapist execs drink the blood of children to keep them potent. (See also here  and here)

Is this the zenith of human civilization, as those who practice such things in their secret sanctuaries would have us believe? This is a core ontological question about the human species. How is it that this awful practice has been going on so long, yet the powerful perpetrators remain at large? In many of the royal halls of Europe, even. Is the ultimate power of money a license to rape, murder, and bribe your way out of criminal charges?

Or is all this merely the tragic emblem of a twisted species doomed to cannibalize itself because of an itch it cannot scratch?

In any case, this recent mass emasculation of libido-driven celebrities cannot help but be for the good as sheds light on men’s crimes that have been hidden in the dark for centuries. Wouldn’t it be nice if this light could be shed on more places of darkness, specifically the Deep State’s control of the worldwide heroin business that has kept it at war in Afghanistan for many decades.

I’ve given up asking people to recognize what really happened on 9/11. The enforced coma is just too deep, and brainwashed citizens are likely to call the police if you insist on telling them the truth.

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  1. Zionists worship their god satan , and from that worship comes their plunging nations into wars as a blood sacrifice to satan and we goyim are but cannon fodder and a sacrifice to their New World Order under the rule of satan.

    To see what they have done and are doing and what they have planned , please read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

  2. Kaminski wrote, correctly:

    “We’re waiting for a bunch of women who insist President Donald Trump molested them and want him to resign his office before he can decide to nuke North Korea.”

    YESS!!! Correct!!! Trump’s handlers at Disney’s companies…. ABC and Wall Street Journal and FOX are paying $$Millions for this “YUGE” distraction..!!

    Welcome TO…. the new… Disney World..!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Attorney Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s Daughter, Offered to Pay Woman $750K to Accuse Trump

      Lisa Bloom, a California lawyer and daughter of Gloria Allred, who also represents Trump accusers, arranged payments for women to publicly accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct before the election.

      Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell the story to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off the accuser’s mortgage, and attempting to secure as much as $750,000 to another woman who ultimately declined.

      Earlier this year, Bloom was shamed into dropping Harvey Weinstein, a sexual predator and alleged rapist, as a client.

      The women’s accounts were chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort.

  3. A cry from the heart, John Kaminski, but the seeds of US doom were sown by the arrival of that gang of jew worshipping religious perverts, known as the Pilgrim Fathers, when they arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. It’s all been downhill since then. Washington D.C. built in accordance with Masonic designs. The Pentagon, in 1943 another weird symbol.
    The only worthy President I can think of was Andrew Jackson. The rest, morons and masons! Sorry John but the best outcome for the US would be for all 50 states to secede at once and to hell with the Federal Government. The people of America deserve the right to decide their own fate, something that cannot be achieved as long as the Frankenstein’s monster, known as the Federal Government continues its tyrannical rule over the American people.

    1. “the best outcome for the US would be for all 50 states to secede at once and to hell with the Federal Government.”

      The US might also break up into regions: a Northwest or American Redoubt
      comprised of three northwest states and parts of two more; a Black Nation comprised of five states in the southern US; a “Progressive Nation” made up of politically correct states California, New York, and the parts of Washington and Oregon not in the Redoubt; Texas – going their own way until subsumed back into Mexico along with New Mexico, Arixzona, and Nevada; and a belt of mid-western “bible states” that could form a theocracy. Fits right in with NJWO plans, too! 🙂

      I don’t see much in Kaminski’s article with which I could or would argue. He has pretty much hit the nail on the head. If the current generations – a few of the Silent, a large but rapidly decreasing number of Boomers, and many millions of X, Y and Millennials – don’t begin to fight back, and soon, the future really will be as dark as Kaminski paints it.

    2. Felix

      First, thank you for your kind comment in the previous post. I’m no admirer of the Pilgrims, but the country they left behind was even worse in terms of permitted religious practice. If you didn’t like them you could move to PA or somewhere else. The country went downhill for the American Indians, but the liberties, freedoms, and attempts at checks and balances for European immigrants and later generation Americans was the best attempt the founders could devise after fighting with the major World power England for 8 long years, and after centuries everywhere of monarchy, tyranny, with brief experiments in Greece and Rome. Injustice continues for the Lakota people and the recent G*damned leaky pipeline under one of their few remaining sources of water (among other issues). Originally, it was scheduled to pass closer to “Sioux” City but the residents there didn’t want THEIR water endangered. The founders made it clear that the best possible then as now was an ability to “Pursue Happiness”, achieving it or not is not possible to honestly guarantee, and almost always must be fought for relentlessly and often ferociously. Most immigrants have stayed here as the alternative is worse.

      Americans usually want people to like them. That is nice, good when possible. So if Mr. Kaminski tries to very very nicely tell folks the realities of 9/11 and so forth and they don’t listen, don’t waste time with them. Buddhists don’t proselytize, do they? Life is short, we have to save ourselves. In my case when they ask for my views as I seem to some to be relatively informed on other matters, I give it to them politely, but blunt and straight. I couldn’t care less if a few don’t like me after sometimes because we disagree – I do care if they have SUBSTANTIVE counter arguments, which I’m afraid are pretty rare.

      I’ve mentioned members of my family served in the British Army and on the other side of the family, the Italian Army, fighting the Turks in what is now Libya. First job as engineer in Libya was to bury scores of dead Italian soldiers who died from cholera. When going for his cholera shot, Grandfather took the hint and offered some small cash for a real one – others who didn’t pay got distilled water. War over, returning to snowy northern Italy, he was told “Captain, your boots are army issue – give them back” and the decision was made to go to America. The Jews have corrupted and degraded the American experiment and a correction is long, long overdue.

      Things were never that great here or anywhere else, it’s a matter of degree. We try to provide people with facts and insights in places like this, it’s better than yet more and more complaints. “Game Over” is when you are dead.

      1. Winston,
        Good points. How remiss of me not to recall that the Thirty Year War, 1608 -1648, was raging when the Mayflower set sail.
        Buddhists are not supposed to proselytise, but nowadays as the Dhamma weakens, there are many Buddhists who do so for money. Dhamma can mean cosmic law and order, but for Buddhists it means the teachings of the Buddha. In fact, the Buddha himself predicted that dhamma would disappear, something we also see in Western Christianity. Nowadays, most of the various denominations, including Catholicism, are spiritual corpses. The only areas of the world where Christianity is undergoing a revival is in the Eastern Orthodox and in Africa. One reason, apart from the geopolitical ones, for the Russian intervention in Syria was the pressure exerted on Putin, by the Russian Patriarch, to save the Syrian Christians. Something our materialist friends find incomprehensible.
        Regarding the US, I think the rot is irreversible. Allow me to cite just one example. Americans are constantly being told that Social Security is going broke. Its not! It would be in profit, if Congress wasn’t constantly stealing from it. And Americans swallow that BS. The 3 branches of the Federal Government are in dire need of group therapy Felix style, one massive tarring and feathering session by the aggrieved American people.

  4. Perhaps it’s true that the “Hollywood rapist execs (do) drink the blood of children to keep them potent.” I could certainly believe it. After all, Oprah Winfrey admitted a few years back that the high end face cream she used to keep looking young contained excised baby foreskins. And selling the body parts of aborted babies is big business.

    But actually killing babies, and drinking their blood, is a step beyond. Did Mel Gibson actually utter such words about Hollywood vampirism? According to the story and the video, Gibson made these remarks “in the green room, backstage after the show.” So, who in attendance will come forth to corroborate them? Is there a tape? Gibson heroically told the truth about Jews and their control of Hollywood, but it cost him ten years of his career. Now that he’s made something of a comeback, does he want it to end permanently? If he admitted making such statements, that is exactly what would happen. He would be pilloried by the main stream media and become a laughing stock. Unless there is actual proof, write me down as a skeptic. (BTW, if I’ve missed something, please correct my comment.)

  5. “[…] Trump is just another in a sequence of placeholders who do the bidding of the well-cloaked forces who continue to engineer the wars for profit. […]”

    I have to disagree with you here John. First, the “placeholder” (aka the “president” of the U.S.) is a very important element of the control system. To put it in Biblical terms, the first beast of Rev 13, in pursuit of its agenda, needs the services of its loyal puppet ruler, the second beast of Rev 13.

    Moreover, the placeholder/president has free will and therefore has a moral choice to resist or to resign, for example, rather than allow himself to be an instrument of such evil. Referring to Orange Clown as merely a “placeholder” after he calculatingly went out of his way to deceive us and after he demonstrates on an almost daily basis his personal responsibility for doing evil, seems unjustifiably generous.

    Lastly the “wars” are obviously not “for profit”. Of course some people will cash in, but that’s what they’re all about. The politically well connected “military/industrial/security complex” will make money on some bogus pretext even if the rest of the world was magically transformed into “Mister Rogers’ neighborhood”.

    The wars are apparently a blood sacrifice to spiritual force of evil which motivates the beast. And from the beast’s perspective, they’re a necessary step in pursuit of the agenda set forth in the dialog of Isaiah 14: 13,14, IMO.

    1. Harold Smith

      you said:The wars are apparently a blood sacrifice to spiritual force of evil which motivates the beast. And from the beast’s perspective, they’re a necessary step in pursuit of the agenda set forth in the dialog of Isaiah 14: 13,14, IMO.

      I agree with you and I think MBS , the crown prince of SA did just that in order to become a king by destroying and murdering the people of Yemen . You don’t get what you like on merits but rather on the price you pay .

      1. According the UN Human Rights office, 5000 Yemenis have been killed including 1184 children as of last September. Many Yemenis are facing starvation, infectious diseases, and malnutrition due to the sea, air, and ground blockade. Meanwhile,Prince Alwaleed Ben Talal gifted 100 Saudi pilots a luxury British Bentley car each as reward for their bombing mission over over Yemen. Talking about rewarding war criminals!

      2. Excellent report, Mahmoud, most worthy of notice and world attention, thank you. Ben Talal serves Bin Salman I believe, please correct me if I’m wrong. Buying loyalty for a Bentley. How cheap are some souls.

        I would add in addition to the $450,000,000 Leonardo da Vinci painting “Salvatore Mundi” Mohammed bin Salman bought for himself, he also bought the Worlds most expensive mansion at over $300,000,000 in France.

  6. I hope it is PC enough to say that those at the top of the social pyramid, the only ones with the legally defined natural right to property [ ], including those unnaturally exempt from any law, for whom the Bible’s God chosen have done most of the dirty work, [e.g. ] didn’t need to persuade the non-chosen to obey them, the earthly masters. No persuasion necessary if the free thinkers [aka heretics, infidels and dissidents] are too few. In the madhouse of the Papal Bull Unam Sanctum and Cestui Que Trusts only the lost at sea can survive, at least for a while.

    1. Frankenstein on the planet: Rothschilds, British Monarchy, Vatican, World Council of Churches, CFR, Trilateral Commission, UN, World Bank, IMF, Free Masonry, Scientology, [private] Bank of England, [private] Federal Reserve Bank, IRS, European Central Banks, Israel, ADL [B’nai B’rith], Chabad Lubavitchers, AIPAC, Board of Deputies of British Jews and their Canadian and Australian counterparts, etc.

      1. @ SNEZ
        Instead of “Vatican” I think it would be more accurate to say “Freemason-infiltrated Vatican.” And I’m happy to see you didn’t say “Jesuits” like so many enemies of the Church (jews, Freemasons, Proestants) and so many of the brainwashed multitude do.

  7. From the article:

    So while China’s government actively invests in supercomputing, AI, biotech and, most importantly, in a trillion-dollar “Belt and Road” program that’s building infrastructure in other countries, the US pours mo into a jobs program that doesn’t produce consumer products, isn’t rebuilding roads and bridges, isn’t bui new electrical grid, nor alleviating crushing student debt.

    It seems globalists will only enrich China, a favored society that passed the test of swallowing communism that is now willing to forgo all their natural rights:

    “China Will Be Key To Creating A Global Circular (Green) Economy”

    “China’s CCTV Surveillance Network Took Just 7 Minutes To ‘Capture’ BBC Reporter”

    Europe as well as the US is doomed:
    “Rothschild family, Russia’s fault for everything, ISIS, Globalism and North Korea – MUST READ INTERVIEW”

    Europe is now sailing adrift. 8 years ago, Europe accounted for 25% of world GDP. We are currently at 17% and if we continue at this pace, it is estimated that in less than ten years we mean less than 7% of world GDP.
    We have stopped being competitive, we are not able to sell everything we could get to produce and, above all, in a situation of economic weakness we are selling all our strategic sectors to China, which is the last straw.

    1. Flan –

      You wrote:
      “It seems globalists will only enrich China, a favored society that passed the test of swallowing communism that is now willing to forgo all their natural rights:”

      “China Will Be Key To Creating A Global Circular (Green) Economy”

      Correct. I have written here dozens of times that China and Russia are following THE… Sustainable Development and Green Plans of UN Agenda-21 and 2030.

      New Economic Vision For Russia – Strategy 2030:

      Russia 2030:

      Full Implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    2. It seems globalists will only enrich China, a favored society that passed the test of swallowing communism that is now willing to forgo all their natural rights:

      “China Will Be Key To Creating A Global Circular (Green) Economy”

      The (((globalists))) are only interested in enriching themselves. It took the Jews about 200 years — starting with the Opium Wars in the early 19th Century — to take over China. Today, China is no more “communist” than is the US of A. Capitalism is the flip side of the Jewish coin con of Communism

      Walter Burien author of The Bigggest Game in Town explains:

      What I learned in grade school per communism (Russia and the soviet block countries of the 50’s) and those Communistic governments owning it all, the much more “efficient” and “productive” blueprint for doing so has been well surpassed in the US of A… Do the people of the USA comprehend this? No, they do not. Masterful entertainment of the population from the USA (good, bad, and the ugly) is designed so they never generate a cognitive thought of the specifics of this situation that has developed over the last few decades. Also as noted in the last CAFR1 National post per the WND articles from 1999 and 2000: “You now know why Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev for Russia and then the China Government several years latter made the change “to go Democratic”, the government here in the USA showed both the better blueprint method for ultimate population control and the complete takeover of the wealth of a country by government. Just masterfully entertain the population into distraction, maintain the cognitive void of your wealth held, increased annual income, promote you are always running at shortfalls, and the rest is easy.”

      1. JFC –

        Walt is THE MAN… for sure. He told me 15 years ago that he found $$Trillions at the Univ of Texas, then when he questioned and disclosed it… they erased that portion of the CAFR.

        He wrote:
        “…Russia and then the China Government several years latter made the change “to go Democratic”, the government here in the USA showed both the better blueprint method for ultimate population control and the complete takeover of the wealth of a country by government….”

        I found in the late 1950s ….

        That was made possible in a great part by the efforts at the Univ of Chicago – 1313 Metro Plans in the 1930s and 1940s:

        University of Chicago
        1313 E. 60th Street
        Chicago, IL 60637

        $10,000,000 was provided for The Spelman Fund by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial shortly after the latter organization merged with The Rockefeller Foundation in 1929. The Memorial had developed a broad program in child study and interracial relations. Though the Fund continued to support some of the agencies previously supported by the Memorial for the duration of the particular grant, the main program of the Fund was in the area of public administration and intergovernmental relations. This was an area the Memorial had just begun to develop in its program, and it soon became the primary interest of the Fund. The Fund worked to improve the technical aspects of public administration. They supported activities which would improve exchange of technical information and experience and also activities of research to discover improved methods and techniques of organization.

        Many major appropriations were made to the “1313” agencies, i.e. the American Association of Public Welfare Officials, the American Legislators Association, the American Municipal Association, the American Public Welfare Association, the American Public Works Association, the American Society of Planning Officials, the Civil Service Assembly, the Council of State Governments, the Federation of Tax Administrators, the International City Managers Association, the Municipal Financial Officers Association, the National Association of Housing Officials, the Public Administration Clearing House and the Public Administration Service. These groups were brought together in Chicago in 1932, and later in a building on the campus of the University of Chicago.

        The address was 1313 E. 60th Street, hence the name.>/strong>

        The final grant of unexpended funds was made to the Public Administration Clearing House, the nerve center of the “1313” agencies, and in 1949 the Fund was dissolved.

        Among the correspondents are:

        American Legislators’ Association
        Henry Toll
        American Municipal Association
        Carl Chatters
        Earl Mallery
        Clifford Ham
        Paul Betters
        American Public Welfare Association
        Fred Hoehler
        Frank Bane
        American Public Works Association
        Donald Stone
        American Society of Planning Officials
        Walter Blucher
        Civil Service Assembly
        William Brownrigg
        Charles Messick
        Clifford Amsden
        Council of State Governments
        Frank Bane
        Henry Toll
        Mark Graves
        Federation of Tax Administrators
        Albert Lepawsky
        International City Managers Association
        Donald Stone
        Louis Brownlow
        Municipal Financial Officers Association
        Mines B. Phillips
        Carl Chatters
        National Association of Housing Officials
        Charles Ascber
        Public Administration Clearing House
        Louis Brownlow
        Charles Ascber
        Joseph Willits
        Public Administration Service
        Louis Brownlow
        Donald Stone

        Winthrop Aldrich
        Kenneth Chorley
        William E. Dodd
        William Tudor Gardiner
        Robert M. Hutchins
        Fiorello LaGuardia
        Lewis Meriam
        Charles Merriam
        Guy Moffett
        Francis Perkins
        John D. Rockefeller 3rd
        Beardsley Ruml
        Harold Stassen
        Charles P. Taft II
        Lent D. Upson
        Leonard White
        Arthur Woods

      2. Pat,

        Thanks for the heads up about (((1313))).

        Just found this site (METRO 1313 – HEAD OF THE BEAST), which starts off attacking the 1810 Titles of Nobility (TONA) and declares:

        “Due to TONA – everything post 1819 is legally invalid for if one BAR agent was involved in any ACT post 1819 it is invalid. TONA makes cleaning out the DC CESSPOOL – SWAMP very very easy!”

        Darkmoon had a good article about the Rothschilds which had lots of great comments about TONA awhile ago but, alas, it mysteriously got lost.

        Walter Burien is the man behind CAFR1 and the title of his YouTube video cited above should be “The Biggest Game in Town.” It will tell you how we have all been scammed and lied to about the deficits, when in fact, there are surpluses — even if you include the phony and fake debts the Jews have created out of thin air!

      3. JFC –

        Yes.!!! Burien is THE BEST!!! He swerved into the criminal actions by the (((BOYZ))).

        They murdered his friend and accounting guru retired from USAF as one of the chief government bean counters… Colonel Klatt.

        “…. letter from Gerald R. Klatt to Walter Burien from 1999. I attached at the beginning a cover letter I composed 11/27/12. Gerald wanted me to keep his name confidential in 1999 but being that he died in 2004, I am releasing his letter at this time.”

        Lt. Col. Gerald Klatt died in 2004 under mysterious circumstances.

        The Elusive CAFR Money

        Burien is a former commodity trading adviser who has spent many years peering into government books. He notes that the government is composed of 54,000 different state, county, and local government entities, including school districts, public authorities, and the like; and that these entities all keep their financial assets in liquid investment funds, bond financing accounts and corporate stock portfolios. The only income that must be reported in government budgets is that from taxes, fines and fees; but the investments of government entities can be found in official annual reports (CAFRs), which must be filed with the federal government by local, county and state governments. These annual reports show that virtually every U.S. city, county, and state has vast amounts of money stashed away in surplus funds. Burien maintains that these slush funds have been kept concealed from taxpayers, even as taxes are being raised and citizens are being told to expect fewer government services.



        If you find any mention of “1313 Metro” anywhere, you should save it.

        The links I copied years ago are all dead now.

        Much of my info comes from patriot brochures and books from the 50s and 60s.
        Here is a small bit of it:

        1313’s Hidden History
        by Bruce Thomas

        On the south side of the Midway, just west of the Orthogenic School, and east of what used to
        be the Continuing Education Center, is an amiably Gothic building that used to be the Charles
        E. Merriam Center. Today the sign on the lawn in front of the building contains a number–
        1313–and, under it, a name: Chapin Hall Center for Children. [ for the children 🙂 ]

        1313 East 60th Street: One of the more famous (or, for some, infamous) addresses in
        American history, though few today, even in Hyde Park, are familiar with either the vision
        that inspired its construction or the notoriety that for a time enveloped its inhabitants (who
        nonetheless remained comfortable, because 1313 was the first air-conditioned University of
        Chicago building).

        1313, completed in 1938, embodied the vision of two men, Charles E. Merriam, and Louis
        Brownlow. Brownlow had forged a career (without benefit of formal education) as a city
        manager and as a forceful advocate for the public service professions. Merriam was a
        University of Chicago political science professor with a bent for activism that led to service as
        a Chicago alderman and to two (unsuccessful) runs for the Mayoralty. The two men
        conceived 1313 as a vibrant center for (in the words of a 1963 booklet) “the improvement of
        the organization, administrative techniques, and methods of government–municipal, county,
        state, and federal–in the United States.” Within a few years, 1313 had clearly become a
        nerve center for American public administration.

        By 1963, it was organizational home to 22 non-profit entities, including:
        American Public Works Association
        American Public Welfare Association
        Council of State Governments
        American Society of Planning Officials
        ‘ American Society of Public Administration
        National Legislative Conference
        Public Administration Service
        National Association of State Budget Officers
        National Association of Attorneys General

        Proximity was a key factor in the Merriam-Brownlow concept: proximity of the building’s
        organizational inhabitants both to each other and to the resources of the University of
        Chicago. The lively, continuous, cross-fertilizing exchanges ensuing from these proximities
        were to advance the professionalization of public administration in the U.S.

        1313 grew from a 1930 lunchtime conversation in Geneva, Switzerland between Brownlow
        and Beardsley Ruml.
        Ruml was executive director of the **Spelman Fund of New York, a
        relatively new entity created to disburse Rockefeller dollars. Brownlow pressed his case for a
        public administration clearing house, Ruml enthusiastically embraced the idea and, in 1937
        the Spelman Fund disbursed $1 million to the University of Chicago to underwrite the
        construction of what became 1313.

        The Public Administration Building, as it was initially known, opened in April 1938.

  8. After Defeat of ‘Net Neutrality’, Twitter Bans Right-Wingers

    Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, campaigned for Net Neutrality, claiming it was “indispensable to free expression”. To show his dedication to free expression, Twitter now is on a roll banning prominent right-wing figures.

    The Trump administration said that net neutrality rules needed to be abandoned so the FCC would have the authority to prevent content providers like Twitter from censoring commentary. Now we get to see if the FCC actually will follow through on this promise. So far, not word.

    **They were NOT supposed to BAN anybody anymore..!! 🙂

  9. For Dorsey, “Free Expression” means some people are free to express any thought that comes into their empty heads as long as it targets white people, particularly white males. So “kill whitey”, “die you white scum”, “white men should kill themselves”, and “white genocide can’t happen soon enough” are all “free expression” that Twitter will protect. But “kill POC”, “die you POC scum”, “male POCs should kill themselves” and “POC genocide can’t happen soon enough” are all hate speech, and heavily censored. Now that’s progressive! 😉

    I’m shocked, shocked to find that lying is going on about net neutrality…🙂

  10. On planet Frankenstein (is Frankenstein a Jewish name 😉) some are far more equal and wealthy than others. Crony capitalism – monopoly capitalism, product of Talmudic “Babylonian Money Magic”, is at en end stage in which the few have looted just about everything from the many. Wealth inequalities are worse than during the period preceding the Great Depression. A handful of people control more wealth than that possessed by more than half of the people on the planet. I have been somewhat puzzled to see billionaires among the populations of nations that claim to be socialist or communist, albeit with some “private enterprise” permitted. This article helps to clear things up for those of us who despise lengthy, jargon filled treatises on economics.

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