Point of Light


“There is a point when you cannot walk away
When you have to stand up straight and tall and mean the words you say.
There is a point you must decide, just to do it ’cause it’s right
That’s when you become a point of light.”
~ Randy Travis, Point of Light

As the year 2017 begins to unfold we find ourselves living in a time of extreme darkness and evil. Trailing years of wars, bloodshed and acts of terrorism on par with those of the French Revolution, 2016 inevitably culminated – on New Year’s Eve – with yet another act of satanic bloodletting as if to reassure the masses that any hope of peace is not part of the Devil’s equation.

And so it begs the question for those of us, the seekers of real Truth, Light, Justice and Peace who are now treading ever so lightly upon a world overshadowed by fear, insecurity, doubt and a deep and unnerving sense of suspended hope, what course we will and must follow in the days and months ahead.

The Trump card still remains a mystery to all but the 45th President and his close advisors as the American Republic inches closer and closer to their own reckoning with Fate. Will Donald actually “drain the swamp” of the elitist bottom feeders and their Talmudic taskmasters who have inexorably pursued the demise of that once great nation since 1913 as he unequivocally stated again and again throughout the US election campaign? No one outside the new insiders truly knows, although speculation has been building to a deafening crescendo on blog sites around the world with each passing day….

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19 thoughts to “Point of Light”

  1. He cant do it. Everyone close to him sounds like role call to a Bar Mitzvah.
    He is just a marioneta. …nothing more….nothing less

  2. Fine Cervantes quote on the link! I’d add “the one who fights more often than not has a chance to survive”.

  3. Being realistic, not only cynical I
    consider all the truthtellers in the world
    like Don Quichote. Truth without power, money and concrete plans to change
    the jew world order will not change a thing! We need a concrete medicine and not only the diagnosis.

  4. Lorn. Seeing as how you profess to be “realistic” as well as “cynical” please inform readers as to what you perceive to be “concrete medicine” for dealing with the JWO. Otherwise, you’re no better that the Lightbearers. In fact you’re just adding to the negativity and the darkness. You sound like the status quo whining Jew bewailing his ill-gotten fate.

    1. Arthur, you are a hero for exposing the jew order, no doubt about that!
      But what can we do but whining about the jew order and talking and showing how intellectual we are to each other on this site. or is that the purpose? Maybe LD should/could write an article about this and the reader can send his ideas, the steps necessary to change the situation.
      Or do we wait for a hero, the jewish nazarener, the jewish fable?

  5. This is a beautifully written and morally uplifting New Year’s Message from Arthur Topham, one of Canada’s brightest Points of Light in the Fight against Jewish Tyranny and Darkness… all the best for 2017 and beyond, Arthur!

  6. Arthur –

    I like your articles very much. They are always on target. However…. I found this claim to be interesting:
    “No one outside the new insiders truly knows, although speculation has been building to a deafening crescendo on blog sites around the world with each passing day….”

    I claim the “new insiders” are the families and agent offshoots of the ‘same” Old Insiders.

    That succession of “insiders” is guaranteed through THEIR Corporations and Trusts which have been designed to be PERPETUAL. For that reason, Jefferson termed corporations as very dangerous entities.

    For instance… the Crown is a ‘corporation sole’. Perpetual succession is guaranteed.

    19 Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.), Corporations §883:

    At common law, a “corporation” was an “artificial perso[n] endowed with the legal capacity of perpetual succession” consisting either of a single individual (termed a “corporation sole”) or of a collection of several individuals (a “corporation aggregate”).

    1. Yes Pat that was implied (although not specified) in my remark. What I was trying to say was that we, the masses, for all our conjecturing and hypothesizing, are still forced to wait until Trump is actually at the helm and grasps the wheel with his hands on January 20th. All that’s been said about his advisors and appointees (one way or another), just like all the campaign promises that he made throughout the race, are being openly presented to the world (not to mention all that the Jew media blatantly spewed forth to prevent his ascension to power), and still the people placed their trust in him rather than Hillary Clinton.

      All that’s left now is to see, in real time, what he’s going to do because given what’s come down to this point, there may still be some surprises awaiting Americans and the world in general. It’s like Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. One way or another we’ll soon know for sure but at this stage we can but opine and (for many) pray. 🙂

  7. And then someone holds up a prism to the light and shouts “Hey look” and the truth is buried under multi-coloured, multi-cultural propaganda.

    And then someone drags you from under the cultural-marxist scrum and says “Look at my light” and shines a laser in your eyes. Blinded, someone else says “Trust me, I’m a doctor” and explores the back of your eyes with a torch, searching for all your secrets.

    You sit down to relax and a film warns you “Don’t look at the light; stay away from the light”. Who produced and allegedly directed that one? 😉

    We’re now afraid of the light.

    1. Arthur is correct when he states how fast the Truther/Alt-Right movement has grown recently, Russia Insider estimates the size of the movement at 20 – 30 million people, that’s a lot of candles.

      This is a superb article and I’m sure Arthur must have some spring in his step due to the massive awakening that is currently underway.

    2. Flopot. That someone would be Lucifer along with his 1st. Lieutenant Satan. They’ve wended their way down through history and eventually manifested openly in the latter half of the 18th century as the “Illuminati”. Just in time for the French Revolution. Ever since they’ve been presenting themselves in a false light. And there’s the rub as they say. It’s our individual responsibility to discern between the false and the true light.

      That prism the Illuminati holds up turns out to be a prison for all who cannot differentiate between the true and false. We require more than intellect and reason to recognize truth. Heart and intuition are the keys to the kingdom. Once the true light is perceived all fear evaporates forever ( or so it is told. 🙂 )

    1. a great and worthwhile investment and not just due to poorly performing loonie 🙂 (i guess soros must be displeased with Justin’s act, not obsequious enough)

      Anyway, i did what i could to help poke a hole in kol nidre balloon.

      win or lose,
      a message to jews.

  8. Thanks Alan and Lobro. I don’t usually solicit on comment sites but I can’t stop others from doing so. 🙂

    The Charter challenge took a lot of extra coin to complete and there’s still outstanding bills associated with it.

    All’s quiet now on the western (Canadian) front until March of this year when the Justice who oversaw the Charter hearing will hand down his decision. What happens after that remains an unknown at this point. Kinda like waiting for Trump’s Inauguration! 🙂

    1. As a daily visitor to this web sight I’m taken aback by the negative comments, since 1945 we have been subjected to awful propaganda, things are changing for the positive at a alarming speed and yet still the defeatist comments.

      Leason learn’t , I will limit my visits to this web site.

      I suspect this is a Baby Boomer Crowd while the movement is being driven by young folk. Those who conspired to hurt Western Civilization will soon be living in fear.

      1. Ja, I often wonder how many of you decadent Baby Boomers have culled a animal, dressed it and made a fabulous diner.

        I despise your type, completely divorced from the Natural Order while preaching from your High Chair of Liberal/Marxist Gibberish, fuck all of you.

        Many of your type are getting uncomfortable with what is coming, nothing you can do, suck it up.

  9. Hi Hunter308. I’m a bit perplexed by your comments here. Am I missing a bunch of negative comments that you’re referring to or are you speaking generally of the site as a whole?

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