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I am often asked if the US and Russia will go to war with each other. I always reply that they are already at war. Not a war like WWII, but a war nonetheless. This war is, at least for the time being, roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic. But in political terms the outcome for the loser of this war will be no less dramatic than the outcome of WWII was for Germany: the losing country will not survive it, at least not in its present shape: either Russia will become a US colony again or the AngloZionist Empire will collapse.

In my very first column for the Unz Review entitled “A Tale of Two World Orders” I described the kind of multipolar international system regulated by the rule of law that Russia, China and their allies and friends worldwide (whether overt or covert) are trying to build and how dramatically different it was from the single World Hegemony that the AngloZionists have attempted to establish (and almost successfully imposed upon our suffering planet!). In a way, the US imperial leaders are right, Russia does represent an existential threat, not for the United States as a country or for its people, but for the AngloZionist Empire, just as the latter represents an existential threat to Russia. Furthermore, Russia represents a fundamental civilizational challenge to what is normally called the “West” as she openly rejects its post-Christian (and, I would add, also viscerally anti-Islamic) values. This is why both sides are making an immense effort at prevailing in this struggle.

Last week the anti-imperial camp scored a major victory with the meeting between Presidents Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan in Sochi: they declared themselves the guarantors of a peace plan which will end the war against the Syrian people (the so-called “civil war”, which this never was) and they did so without inviting the US to participate in the negotiations. Even worse, their final statement did not even mention the US, not once. The “indispensable nation” was seen as so irrelevant to even be mentioned.

To fully measure how offensive all this is we need to stress a number of points:

First, led by Obama, all the leaders of the West declared urbi et orbi and with immense confidence that Assad had no future, that he had to go, that he was already a political corpse and that he would have no role whatsoever to play in the future of Syria.

Second, the Empire created a “coalition” of 59 (!) countries, which failed to achieve anything, anything at all: a gigantic multi-billion dollar “gang that could not shoot straight” led by CENTCOM and NATO, which only proved its most abject incompetence. In contrast, Russia never had more than 35 combat aircraft in Syria at any time and turned the course of the war (with a lot of Iranian and Hezbollah help on the ground).

Next, the Empire decreed that Russia was “isolated” and her economy “in tatters” – all of which the Ziomedia parroted with total fidelity. Iran was, of course, part of the famous “Axis of Evil,” while Hezbollah was the “A-Team of terrorism”. As for Erdogan, the AngloZionists tried to overthrow and kill him. And now it is Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey who defeated the terrorists and will call the shots in Syria.

Finally, when the US realized that putting Daesh in power in Damascus was not going to happen, they first tried to break up Syria (Plan B) and then tried to create a Kurdish statelet in Iraq and Syria (Plan C). All these plans failed, Assad is in Russia giving hugs to Putin, while Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Quds Force Commander General Soleimani is taking a stroll through the last Syrian city to be liberated from Daesh.

Can you imagine how totally humiliated, ridiculed, and beaten the US leaders feel today? Being hated or resisted is one thing, but being totally ignored – now that hurts!

As for a strategy, the best they could come up with was what I would call a “petty harassment of Russia”: making RT sign up as a foreign agent, stealing ancient art from Russiastripping Russian athletes from medals en masse, trying to ban the Russian flag and anthem from the Olympics in Seoul or banning Russian military aircraft from the next Farnborough airshow. And all these efforts have achieved is making Putin even more popular, the West even more hated, and the Olympics even more boring (ditto for Farnborough – the MAKS and the Dubai Air Shows are so much ‘sexier’ anyway). Oh, I almost forgot, the “new Europeans” will continue their mini-war against old Soviet statues to their liberators. It’s just like the US mini-war on the Russian representations in the US, a clear sign of weakness.

Speaking of weakness.

This is becoming comical. The US media, especially CNN, cannot let a day go by without mentioning the evil Russians, the US Congress is engaged in mass hysteria trying to figure out which of the Republicans and the Democrats have had more contacts with the Russians, NATO commanders are crapping their pants in abject terror (or so they say!) every time the Russian military organizes any exercise, the US Navy and Air Force representatives regularly whine about Russian pilots making“unprofessional intercepts”, the British Navy goes into full combat mode when a single (and rather modest) Russian aircraft carrier transits through the English Channel – but Russia is, supposedly, the “weak” country here.

Does that make sense to you?

The truth is that the Russians are laughing. From the Kremlin, to the media, to the social media – they are even make hilarious sketches about how almighty they are and how they control everything. But mostly the Russians are laughing their heads off wondering what in the world the folks in the West are smoking to be so totally terrified (at least officially) by a non-existing threat.

You know what else they are seeing?

That western political leaders are seeking safety in numbers. Hence the ridiculously bloated “coalitions” and all the resolutions coming out of various European and trans-Atlantic bodies. Western politicians are like schoolyard nerds who, fearing the tough kid, huddle together to look bigger. Every Russian kid knows that seeking safety in numbers is a surefire sign of a scared wimp. In contrast, the Russians also remember how a tiny nation of less than 2 million people had the courage to declare war on Russia and how they fought the Russians hard, really hard. I am talking about the Chechens of course. Yeah, love them or hate them – but there is no denying that Chechens are courageous. Ditto for the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. The Russians were impressed. And even though the Nazis inflicted an unspeakable amount of suffering on the Russian people, the Russians never deny that the German soldiers and officers were skilled and courageous. There is even a Russian saying “I love/respect the courageous man in the Tatar/Mongol” (люблю молодца и в татарине). So Russians have no problem seeing courage in their enemies.

But US/NATO armies? They all act as if Conchita Wurst was their Commander in Chief!

Remember this:

None of these man were kind or “nice” in any way. But they mattered. They were relevant. And they wielded some very real power.

Today, real power looks like this:

And you know what is really offensive to the AngloZionist leaders?

That this photo shows one Orthodox Christian and two Muslims.

Now that’s offensive. And very frightening, of course.

We are very, very far from the “birth of a new Middle East” promised by Condi Rice(it is a new Middle East alright, just not the one Rice and the Neocons had in mind!)

As for the “only democracy in the Middle East” it is now in full panic mode, hence its now overt plan to work with the Saudis against Iran and its clearly staged leaks about bombing all Iranian assets up to 40km from the Israeli border. But that train has already left the station: the Syrians won and no amount of airstrikes will change that. So just to make sure they still look really fierce, the Israelis are now adding that in case of a war between Israel and Hezbollah, Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah would be a target. Wow! Who would have thought?!

Can you hear the giggles coming out of Beirut?

The scary thing is that the folks in DC, Riyadh and Jerusalem hear them loud and clear which means that sooner or later they will have to do something about it and that “something” will be the usual nonsensical bloodbath this “Axis of Kindness” has been made famous for: if you can’t beat their military, make their civilians pay (think Kosovo 1999, Lebanon 2006, Yemen 2015). Either that or beat the shit out of a tiny, defenseless victim (Grenada 1983, Gaza 2008, Bahrain 2011). Nothing like a good massacre of defenseless civilians to make them feel manly, respected and powerful (and, for US Americans – “indispensable”, of course).

Setting aside the case of the Middle East, I think we can begin to see the outlines of what the US and Russia will be doing in the next couple of years.

Russia: the Russian strategy towards the Empire is simple:

  1. Try to avoid as much as possible and for as long as possible any direct military confrontation with the US because Russia is still the weaker side (mostly in quantitative terms). That, and actively preparing for war under the ancient si vis pacem para bellum
  2. Try to cope as best can be with all the “petty harassment”: the US still has infinitely more “soft power” than Russia and Russia simply does not have the means to strike back in kind. So she does the minimum to try to deter or weaken the effects of that kind of “petty harassment” but, in truth, there is not much she can do about it besides accepting it as a fact of life.
  3. Rather than trying to disengage from the AngloZionist controlled Empire (economically, financially, politically), Russia will very deliberately contribute to the gradual emergence of an alternative realm. A good example of that is the Chinese-promoted New Silk Road which is being built without any meaningful role for the Empire.

US: the US strategy is equally simple:

  1. Use the Russian “threat” to give a meaning and a purpose to the Empire, especially NATO.
  2. Continue and expand the “petty harassment” against Russia on all levels.
  3. Subvert and weaken as much as possible any country or politician showing any signs of independence or disobedience (including New Silk Road countries)

Both sides are using delaying tactics, but for diametrically opposite reasons: Russia, because time is on her side and the US, because they have run out of options.

It is important to stress here that in this struggle Russia is at a major disadvantage: whereas the Russians want to build something, the Americans only want to destroy it (examples include Syria, of course, but also the Ukraine or, for that matter, a united Europe). Another major disadvantage for Russia is that most governments out there as still afraid of antagonizing the Empire in any way, thus the deafening silence and supine submissiveness of the “concert of nations” when Uncle Sam goes on one of his usual rampages in total violation of international law and the UN Charter. This is probably changing, but very, very slowly. Most world politicians are just like US Congressmen: prostitutes (and cheap ones at that).

The biggest advantage for Russia is that the US are internally falling apart economically, socially, politically – you name it. With every passing year the once most prosperous United States are starting to look more and more like some backwater Third World country. Oh sure, the US economy is still huge (but rapidly shrinking!), but that is meaningless when financial wealth and social wealth are conflated into one completely misleading index of pseudo-prosperity. This is sad, really, a country that ought to be prosperous and happy is being bled to death by the, shall we say, “imperial parasite” feeding on it.

At the end of the day, political regimes can only survive by the consent of those they rule. In the United States this consent is clearly in the process of being withdrawn. In Russia it has never been stronger. This translates into a major fragility of the US and, therefore, the Empire (the US are by far the biggest host of the AngloZionist imperial parasite) and a major source of staying power for Russia.

All of the above applies only to political regimes, of course. The people of Russia and of the US have exactly the same interests: bringing down the Empire with the least amount of violence and suffering as possible. Like all Empires, the US Empire mostly abused others in its formative and peak years, but as any decaying Empire it is now mostly abusing its own people. It is therefore vital to always repeat that an “Empire-free US” would have no reason to see an enemy in Russia and vice-versa. In fact, Russia and the US could be ideal partners, but the “imperial parasites” will not allow that to happen. Thus we are all stuck in an absurd and dangerous situation which could result in a war which would completely destroy most of our planet.

For whatever it’s worth, and in spite of the constant hysterical Russophobia in the US Ziomedia, I detect absolutely no sign whatsoever that this campaign is having any success with the people in the US. At most, some of them naively buy into the “the Russians tried to interfere in our elections” fairy tale, but even in this case this belief is mitigated by “no big deal, we also do that in other countries”. I have yet to meet a American who would seriously believe that Russia is any kind of danger. I don’t even detect superficial reactions of hostility when, for example, I speak Russian with my family in a public place. Typically, we are asked what language we are speaking and when we reply “Russian” the reaction normally is “cool!”. Quite often I even hear “what do you think of Putin? I really like him”. This is in severe contrast with the federal government whom the vast majority of Americans seem to hate with a passion.

To summarize it all, I would say that at this point in time of the US-Russian war, Russia is wining, the Empire is losing and the US is suffering. As for the EU it is “enjoying” a much deserved irrelevance while being mostly busy absorbing wave after wave of society-destroying refugees proving, yet again, the truth of the saying that if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air.

This war is far from over, I don’t even think that we have reach its peak yet and things are going to get worse before they get better again. But all in all, I am very optimistic that the Axis of Kindness will bite the dust in a relatively not too distant future.

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  1. If you read between the lines, you understand what the writer means with the term “the AngloZionist Empire” : it is the US and its allies, controlled by Jews and used to secure the hegemony of Israel in the Middle East and the hegemony of International Jewry in the rest of the world. Here are the relevant passages :

    “… Oh sure, the US economy is still huge (but rapidly shrinking!), but that is meaningless when financial wealth and social wealth are conflated into one completely misleading index of pseudo-prosperity. This is sad, really, a country that ought to be prosperous and happy is being bled to death by the, shall we say, “imperial parasite” feeding on it.

    “…This translates into a major fragility of the US and, therefore, the Empire (the US are by far the biggest host of the AngloZionist imperial parasite) and a major source of staying power for Russia…”

    “…It is therefore vital to always repeat that an “Empire-free US” would have no reason to see an enemy in Russia and vice-versa. In fact, Russia and the US could be ideal partners, but the “imperial parasites” will not allow that to happen…”

    “…For whatever it’s worth, and in spite of the constant hysterical Russophobia in the US Ziomedia, I detect absolutely no sign whatsoever that this campaign is having any success with the people in the US…”

    There is a difference between “We the People” and “The Eternal Parasite”. Hopefully the days of its Empire-by-Proxy are numbered.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      If you read between the lines, you understand what the writer means with the term “the AngloZionist Empire” : it is the US and its allies, controlled by Jews and used to secure the hegemony of Israel in the Middle East and the hegemony of International Jewry in the rest of the world.

      Bingo! Beautifully put. But then, you need to ask yourself, why does the Saker keep using this deliberately obscurantist term “AngloZionist empire”? Why can’t he call a spade a spade?

      Obviously the head of the snake is Jewish power, or international Jewry, centered in Israel but very powerful in America as well as Britain and all the other NATO countries that dance attendance on the United States — which in turn is completely under the heel of Big Jewry.

      The term “Zio-American” would be more accurate than “Anglo-Zionist”, but this too is too narrow because it doesn’t take into account all the other countries which are crippled by Jewish power, e.g., Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

      Let me tell you what would be a litmus test of true emancipation/ liberation from Jewish power: it would be any country that openly questioned the Holocaust and ordered an independent investigation into 9/11. So far no country has done that — not even Russia or Iran. You need to ask yourself: WHY NOT?

      That hypothetically liberated country would also have to ban ALL Hollywood movies and disinfect its media from Jewish contamination. Any country in which the media is run by Jews is obviously a Jewish satrapy. Any country in which the major universities and bookshops are not allowed to sell David Irving’s books is under the Jewish boot. Any country in which Amazon and YouTube and Facebook operate censorship on behalf of Big Jewry is a Jewish police state masquerading as a democracy.

      1. @Sardonicus

        I think IRAN fits your description of a country not under the Jewish boot very well. In 2006 they held a Holocaust Revisionist conference in Tehran. (See : The Guardian, Dec 11, 2006 : Holocaust deniers gather in Iran for ‘scientific’ conference. ) and in September 2010 Ahmedinejad called 9/11 an “inside job” in a speech at the UN (See video : ‘9/11 was an inside job’ : Full speech by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad at Un : ). Iran has no Jewish controlled Central Bank and Jews don’t control its press nor are they able to undermine its morals by promoting cultural degeneration. When Syria recovers, it too will be a Zionist-free country, and need I mention the courageous Hizbollah and its stabilizing influence in Lebanon ? North Korea too is free from Jewish influence. Putin’s Russia too and its ally China are wrestling free from Jewish control, albeit in a more subtle way. Unsurprisingly, all these countries are demonized in the international Jewish press. On the Internet revisionism of both the “Holocaust” and 9/11 is widely spread and the Jews can do nothing about that. They are NOT all-powerful.

    2. Consider what may be the true nature of the “parasite”

      An excerpt from something I wrote a while ago: “…using the enemy’s actions against himself…”

      I don’t know if those words properly convey the thought, so I’ll amend it by saying that I believe (((they))) will annihilate themselves in the end, akin to the idea of the parasite eating ITSELF once the host has been consumed. Not that this implies the destruction of mankind itself, but a gradual “sloughing off” of the hu-man composite that COMPRISES the “host”, and which represents Man having been trespassed against when our true reality was violated and became housed within these inhibitive bodies.

      Everything going on is essentially incidental to the transformation we are in the midst of. It’s now a matter of riding out the storm as this process continues, while upholding the integrity of life in all ways imaginable.

      1. Yes. I agree. Harold Smith, in a comment below, wrote

        “To put it another way, empires generally collapse because empires are generally evil, run by evil people, and evil generally destroys itself.”

        Any religion or ideology that exalts greed, justifies doing “whatever it takes” to get ahead, and lionizes the behaviors of psychopaths or sociopaths is not a long term survival strategy. It is literally a dead end.

      2. Yeah, Jimbo

        I’m just trying to express in ways that reflect this being a spiritual war. It seems to me that this requires accessing deep reservoirs of memory which comes through via the mysterious imagination to “explain the unexplainable”

        Cheers back atcha! (:>)

  2. As usual, a most excellent analysis by the Saker. Given the absurd level of animosity by the Empire toward Russia, I’ll limit myself to the sentence that stuck out most to me. To wit: “Russia and the US could be ideal partners, but the ‘imperial parasite’ will not allow this to happen.”

    At least the first part is exactly what candidate Trump was saying. But the second part is the reality. Perhaps the new president could have done a better job in going over the heads of TPTB to establish relations, but he was virtually a man alone. As a total novice on international affairs, what chance did he have when faced with a united front from the mainstream press and Congress, all the way into the darkest recesses of the Satanic Zionist swamp. Paul Craig Roberts said as much during the transition after Trump’s victory. Skilled experienced Russia-friendly diplomats were needed, but there were few, and Russia-phobic Pence, as Trump’s point man in picking the Cabinet, was not about to provide Trump with their names.

  3. All the wars the U.S. has been in were perpetrated by the Zionists from WWI on to the Mideast, with no end in sight , as every facet of the gov is controlled by dual citizen Zionists.

    These wars have been a blood sacrifice for the Zionist Satanists for both profit and as a stepping stone to their Satanist NEW WORLD ORDER, which will make Orwells 1984 look like a walk in the park.

  4. “From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’ – As one fake scandal fades, a real one emerges” – Justin Raimondo’s latest article will not please supporters of Israel who consider a pro-Israel US foreign policy to be a normal and desirable state of affairs. “No scandal, just business as usual” they cry, after spending the last year sniveling and moaning about the evidence-free claim of “Russian influence” on the US election. These are some of the same people who made Trump’s campaign promise to seek better relations with Russia impossible by calling anyone who wants better relations with Russia a traitor. Yet, if there is nothing scandalous about Israeli influence, why has it taken more than a year for the truth to come out: Flynn spoke to Russians on behalf of Israel. Few MSM sources are reporting on this even now.

    Meanwhile, Plan D for Syria – to stay on topic with the Saker’s article – is for Israel to begin bombing Iranians who are “too close to Israel”. This augments Israeli strategy of covert trouble-making in Lebanon, leading to another Israeli invasion of Southern Lebanon, with the goal of securing water supplies from the Litani River. But that will have to wait until sometime next year, when the weather is a little more conducive to an invasion because the IDF has the same type of “Conchita Wurst” forces as NATO and the US, more familiar with abusing and brutalizing unarmed civilians than fighting combat hardened troops such as Hezbollah’s forces.

    As 2017 nears its end, the sexual transgressions of the high and mighty continue to make front page news, but the MSM remains oddly quiet about ongoing, USG supported war crimes in Yemen. Those war crimes will continue in 2018, but now the Saudis are bombing in support of a man, Abdullah Saleh, who has even less right to rule in Yemen than former President Hadi, whose term in office expired before KSA began a war on his behalf. Yes, the bombing will continue until… No one seems able to provide a conclusion to that sentence. The bombing will continue until it stops, even if there is no one left alive in Yemen to celebrate the event.

    And finally,

    “Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster reported that the chance of a US war with North Korea is “increasing every day,” warning that the US is in a “race” to solve the problem.”

    Racing with who? Solving what problem? It doesn’t matter. The bankers and the MICC want war, and they will have war, one way or another. The Saker is correct in noting that many US citizens do not want war; they don’t want to spend more trillions to make the Middle East safe for Greater Israel; they are sick and tired of “progressive” social engineering; and the US is on the verge of a civil war, a revolution, or economic collapse, or perhaps, all three. If the Russians and Chinese simply allow the usual suspects to reap what they have sown, they may well find themselves greeted as liberators.

    Michael Ledeen, one of the usual suspects, said this about what pro-Israel Neocons have sown:

    “Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace. Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us, for they do not wish to be undone. They cannot feel secure so long as we are there, for our very existence—our existence, not our politics—threatens their legitimacy. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.”

    “Creative Destruction” is an oxymoron, and its advocates are just morons, plain and simple. More than a few US citizens know who turned the American Dream into a nightmare because they can’t help gloating about their success: “I don’t care if Americans think we’re (Jews) running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” – Joel Stein – December 19, 2008

  5. As Saker in Florida noted: “Setting aside the case of the Middle East, I think we can begin to see the outlines of what the US and Russia will be doing in the next couple of years.”
    “Russia: the Russian strategy towards the Empire is simple:”
    NOW…. I shall use the words of ‘Put-On’ (not Saker in Florida) as the basis for MY outline….
    1 – ‘Put-On’ MUST find work for his people, especially government workers in Post Offices, who are making ONLY $60 per month.


    Putin said in June 2017 – that Russian incomes are declining..!!
    June 2017:
    Monthly Salaries in Russia for many are 3,600 rubles = $60.71 US Dollars
    Monthly Salaries for Firefighters are 8,000 rubles = $134.84 US Dollars
    Monthly Salaries for Nurses are 10,246 rubles = $172.69 US Dollars


    This aired live….

    Tatyana Remezova:
    Mr President, you yourself spoke about people’s declining real incomes, and the official statistics confirm this. When will people feel the benefits of the reviving economy?

    Vladimir Putin:
    You know, the decline was rather steep, and so it will take some time before people will feel an improvement. As I said at the beginning, I consider this to be the most important and serious problem.

    Tatyana Remezova:
    Still, many people complain about low wages. Here are many text messages and photos of wage slips. For example, a preschool teacher at Kindergarten No. 111 in Astrakhan is paid 7,935 rubles($120). The slip is for May 2017. Can you live on this wage?

    A medical nurse at the Vostochny Space Launch Centre received 10,246 rubles($170) in May.

    “Should a firefighter risk his life for 8,000 rubles($130) a month?” asks Alexander Melnikov, head of a fire team from the Saratov Region.

    “When will postal workers’ wages be raised? You cannot live on 3,600 rubles($60).”

    Vladimir Putin:

    We will have to check the situation with salaries of 3,600 rubles to understand how this is possible. After all, there is a minimum wage in Russia, and it is more than 3,600 rubles.(HA!!)

    However, all the people you have mentioned are public sector employees who did not benefit from the wage increases under the May 2012 executive orders.



    There are no more issues.!!! No #2 or below..!!

    ’Put-On’ said so:
    “I consider this to be – THE – MOST IMPORTANT and serious problem.” (the #1 problem)

    ‘Put-On’ knows his puny economy country – GDP the size of NY City – cannot support a war with starving and freezing underpaid people….. unless the US companies in Russia make everything for him, as they DO NOW and have in the past. Then Trump will know and be a part of it… for $$$$ for oligarchs in business with him..!! 🙂

    1. Pat,
      As far as currency exchange rates, we can compare the dollar to ruples or yuan all day long. But the fact of the matter is that Americans really dont enjoy a higher standard of living than anyone else. A higher percentage of Chinese are home-owners than Americans. Also, down in México, they have better health care. No deductibles. When a person needs medical assistence, its all paid for by the employer and gov. As far as the basic necesities of life, people all over the World seem to be on equal footing. Its only when we talk about the consumption of imported goods when the exchange rates come into play. In the late 80’s I knew rural farmers in Thailand. When a young man in his early 20’s wanted to marry a girl, hed work on-average for 2 years to save the money to buy the materials to build the new home. Once the materials were ready, the whole village would commit their labor free of charge (whiskey and food a seperate issue ) until the house was built….usually in a couple weeks. Afterwards, the newly-wed couple, in turn, would committe their labor to the community when the time came. In rural Thailand, most people already owned their own homes lock, stock and barrel in their mid-20’s. No banks. No mortgages. No interest paid. They lived their entire lives debt-free. For the rest of their lives they would work their land in prosperity. Sure, due to the low value of the “baht” on the international currency exchange they couldnt afford a new BMW. But they didnt need one either. As far as health insurance, it didnt exist. Local doctors and hospitals provided all health care at very cheap prices. The care would be provided and an interest-free installment plan later. As far as taxes, no I.R.S. exised. They used the V.A.T. (value-added-tax)…..approximently 7%. A very fair taxation. All of this coming from a banana -republic of the 1980’s. And here we are, Pat, in 2017, bragging about U.S. $ favorable currency exchange rates where the average American has to sign a 20 or plus year mortgage just to own a home plus mandated to pay mandatory health insurance as well as harrassed by the I.R.S. So tell me. Who is the real “Banana Republic?” 🙂

      1. Don –

        I have traveled all through Mexico since the 1960s. I have stayed weeks at a time. I have been to their medical doctors and clinics. They are great. The people are great.

        On one trip, I was rushed to the emergency room in Cancun in 1985, after a stingray ran his spear through my hand, when I tried to grab it(I always grab snakes and other varmints and scorpions and have been bitten a lot 🙂 ). My arm was totally paralyzed and in “YUGE” pain.!!! Once the cabbie, Jorge, got me to the ER area… the service was great… comparable to the US.!! But NOT better.

        Yes, the government paid… that means the people paid for my great help..

        I thanked the doctor, who even made two house calls to my room. He would not take any of my money. But he finally said…. if I insisted… to make the check out to the hospital. I did that.

        I helped the Mexican people pay for my care.

        Somebody ALWAYS pays..!!

    2. GDP the size of NY City – rings a bell. That was roughly the size of the South African economy back in the 1980’s at the height of the Cold War. Source: my memory (was in some press report back then). My fellow ex South African, monniker “Felix” over here, should be able to confirm.

      About two years ago I met a Russian civil engineer in Europe while attending a course. He told me he was a Mig pilot during his conscription years, but not in Angola, but everyone knew about the war in Angola. He started engineering studies to get out of the military. He told me what happened when the Soviet Union collapsed – massive suicides, alcoholism and despondency. Terrible. They do not need a war on top of it all, at least not the common people who are just pawns in the game. I just hope this will not be the USA future should it ever crash. Or Europe for that matter.

      1. Ex South African
        Yes, you’re correct about South African GDP in the good old days. However that was real tangible wealth. The so called GDP of New Year comprises electronic valuations which appear magically at the shysterism of white Mugabe kaffirs and it they call it wealth creation. They can disappear just as easily.
        Unfortunately, as Marc Faber said recently the US can go the way of Zimbabwe and looking at current trends, it appears more and more likely. Ditto Europe.
        OFF TOPIC
        Where did you live when you were in RSA? I resided in Pretoria and Messina, Northern Transvaal. I got on well with the old boer farmers. Salt of the earth

      2. Ex South African
        Correction and “they call it wealth creation”
        I’ve given up on Europe and North America. The majority of them are tailless monkeys. Give it a generation and they’ll be swinging from the trees.

  6. As an analyst and a pundit, The Saker still seems suspect to me. Once again we have an assessment written up as a global soap opera, each “country” a character, some with fatal flaws, no doubt hinting at a sudden demise come the end of the broadcast season. By all means and for all reasons, let us give up hope!

    The word “internecine” came to mind as I scanned his post. Do recall that both China and Russia have central banks beholden to the BIS — what’s not to like about their coming predominance and hegemon[e]y? Did not someone from that democratic ME(first) nation describe a process of milking the US, Inc., dry and letting it blow away in the wind? Why not? Every dog has its day, then does not.

    In Chess, one side, black or white, wins — or not! A draw merely heralds another day of reckoning. Even that great slayer of Russians, Bobby Fischer (!) had his share of draws during world-level competitions. As always, should we live so long, we shall see the outcome, perhaps even a final handshake after this seemingly endless series of headfakes.

    For those of us in despair, fallen in disrepair, for whom not another single breath will suffice as compensation for keepin’ on truckin’, we may have a painless solution before too long: Comments to that post offer cheap, equivalent products for your consideration, should you self-identify as such.

    1. Alan –

      What is most sobering about the suicide article you cite is the prospect of the demographics. Every day, I hear of someone aging beyond their usefulness to themselves and their families, and I wonder about the insanity which condemned Dr. Kavorkian and his “assisted suicide” method. People are now programmed to think they should never die, and they burden themselves and their families – AND their (American) society – by artificially postponing their expiration date (about “threescore years and ten”). What would be most helpful is a healthier attitude concerning death. I believe it would inspire us to better behave for the few years we all have. Never get the attitude of being “bullet proof”.

      1. Gilbert, a person’s mother deserves cared for until she passes on. The very thought of euthanizing (killing) one’s mother and father, grandpa and grandma, for convenience, because they’re now a burden or gumming up the plans, (no pun) is hardly the path of a good son, daughter, niece, nephew, soldier, etc. Especially if they can’t respond coherently (aka) give permission. Even then..
        This might be and should be an event, an ordeal, a curse or a blessing which demands the best a person can be.
        That’s not a hindrance, it’s an opportunity, if not a duty. Dharma.

        Not a personal remark, just a generalization.

      2. Hi Gilbert,

        In promoting healthcare rationing, former Colorado governor Richard Lamm once said, “We have a duty to die and get out of the way.” However, I notice that he is still alive at 82. Not taking his own advice, so it seems.

        HP, Thus the need for Living Wills and naming a Power of Attorney while one is still coherent.

      3. In this day and age — herbals, exercise, a peer group willing to allow wrinkles to show and muscles to grow, a spiritual renaissance always about to dawn! — we have no excuse to call it quits earlier than summoned by the Divine. Woe to the Grim Reaper and those in its employ! Karmic debts so incurred may well require another lifetime or two to work off. Such beliefs I hold, having studied for decades so-called esoterica and taken the medicine I myself prescribe — not as faithfully, I admit, for maximal health and well being in this moment — namely, prayer and fasting!

        But, wait! There’s more! If you act now…. My dear wife of 30 years (marriage, not age) took up some masochistic, sadistic practice called “cross fit” nine months ago. My dear Lord! I cannot describe the gradual reversion of age-related “signs & symptoms” she has achieved thus far! I note here that the gym where she works out, three to four times a week while her own “woman’s cave” nears completion at home, features a much older woman competing at international levels!! Yes, I feel shamed to consider beginning my own exercise program as instructed by wife, to complement meditative approaches.

        I myself shall not go gently into the night! I hope none of you blessed souls do either. I hope we can refashion our culture and society to accommodate and foster growth in our elders, not toss them in the garbage or (soylent green) recycling bins.

      4. HP –

        I agree with you. However, I believe we, ourselves, should not be condemned for making that decision for ourselves. Of course it disturbs those left behind, and my contention is in dealing with it. My own mother fell from my arms as I was helping her to her bedroom (she was 96), and all her children (I have 3 older sisters) followed the ambulance to the hospital, where she lingered for two miserable days. She held my hand and asked me to let her go from here. It was hard, but I understood.
        Sometimes, were it not for the knowledge that it would devastate my daughter, I, myself, think how easy it would be to ride into the mountains, dismount, sit under a big poplar or oak, and shoot myself. The coons and possums and bears and coyotes would take care of the details. 😋

      5. Gilbert, yes I understand and I also understand, as I’m sure you do, there’s a world of difference between ‘letting someone go’ and actively assisting someone to go, whether via pillow, morphine or by proxy.

        My own grandfather escaped to the woods of O Canada where he had previously lived for decades. He meant to be that man whom you described, sans the shootin himself. The body as dinner for the ecosystem he wanted. The relatives tracked him down and brought him back to civilization where he died miserably but mercifully, anon.

      6. The importance of having a living will cannot be overstated. Making a living will with the participation of those who may be asked to make life or death decisions is also vital. At a minimum, discussing your decisions, as outlined in a living will, with the people who may carry out those decisions is necessary.

        I’ve participated in three assisted suicides. Each time was in a hospital setting, with doctors advising that the person involved would not live for long in any case, but might last for a short time before dying an agonizing death. None of these people had living wills, although all of them had discussed with me the general idea of what to do if they were incapable of making their own decisions. However, filling out a living will challenges a person to consider things that would never come up in a general discussion of “what to do in an emergency.”

        Twice I was on the periphery, relaying the stated desires of people I loved who could no longer speak for themselves. Once, I had to make the decision for someone I loved whose stated desires were in conflict. My mother loathed the idea of ending up in a nursing home unable to care for herself, but she also wanted to experience every possible moment of life “to see how things turn out”. Without getting into details, it’s enough to say that after a medical emergency, and treatment, she was stable, but beyond the care of family members. A 24 hour full care facility would have been the only option. Eighteen years later, I still wonder if she would have wanted to experience her last few months, even if it was in a nursing home with strangers taking care of her every need.

        Everyone should make a living will, and discuss it at length with those who may carry it out. Put a copy on file at any hospitals you may be taken to in an emergency, and make sure that friends and family – your decision-makers – also have copies.

  7. But in political terms the outcome for the loser of this war will be no less dramatic than the outcome of WWII was for Germany: the losing country will not survive it, at least not in its present shape: either Russia will become a US colony again or the AngloZionist Empire will collapse.

    A couple of important point to make here.

    (1) Russia cannot become a US colony again for the simple reason that Russia did not stop being a US colony.

    Unlike some arrogant and ignorant fools, the Saker at least understands that Russia became a US colony after the collapse of the USSR. But the colonial status of Russia did not change since 1991 – Russia still operates under the same colonial constitution imposed on her by the US. Thus the colonial wages of few hundred dollars per month (or even less, as Pat points out correctly) for the majority of the workers.

    (2) AngloZionist Empire is a misnomer: there is no such thing as AngloZionist Empire – there is Anglo-American Empire.

    1. Circ –

      You wrote:
      “Russia still operates under the same colonial constitution imposed on her by the US. Thus the colonial wages of few hundred dollars per month (or even less, as Pat points out correctly) for the majority of the workers.”

      Thanks for the validation. I cannot take the credit.

      One of the women, Tatyana Remezova, who called into ‘Put-On’ on his open forum show and stage this summer… pointed it out to him and he agreed.

      $60 a month is not good for postal workers who pay much higher prices than I do here, for common necessary food items.

      Please give the credit to ‘Put-On’…. as he needs the help “BIGGLY” 🙂

    2. Gilbert is so upset and so distraught and so broken-hearted because RUSSIAN BEAR pooteen defeated his girlfriend ISIS in Syria Gilbert wants to commit suicide. Boy, that’s true Lerv.

      To the tune of “Vincent” ( Starry Starry Night) by Don McClean :

      ~ and when no hope was left in sight, on that dark dark m00nless night, you TOOK YOUR LIFE as lovers often do, but I could’ve told you, Gilby, this world was never meant for one as “beautiful” as your long lost love from ancient Egypt now dead in Syria ~ *grin*

      1. TROJ –

        I’d think you, of all people, would agree with me that “Life” ain’t so precious that we should suffer extreme discomforts to prolong it. (Don’t you get weary of that asylum confinement, sometimes???)
        The FIRST thought in my own mind whenever I hear news of shootings or killings is to wonder if the target NEEDED killing, or not. Everyone wrings their hands and boo-hoos over “loss of life” – but I wonder…
        (If YOU decide to check-out, TROJ, I believe we’ll all understand.) 😉

    3. uncle :

      Will you and your buddy-buddy Gate Keepers for The LYING Science Mafia have to pay more taxes with this new Trump tax bill? Or [ and this more likely ], you and your fellow buddy-buddy Gate Keepers for The LYING Science Mafia NEVER had to pay no stinkin’ taxes and NEVER will have to pay any taxes, right? Pretty comfortable and smug and doing alright for ourselves, aren’t WE.

      1. I see “Catholic” Darkmoon desperately needs to be reminded that suicide is AGAINST Catholic principles. In Catholicism, suicide is a GRAVE SIN. Catholicism and Existentialism, Catholicism and Existentialist angst and despair, are polar opposite worldviews. One would think Darkmoon which is comprised of “Catholic” intellectuals would know that already, but I guess not.

      2. @ TROJ

        Lasha is a renegade Catholic, not a conventional orthodox one. As such, she is a firm believer in euthanasia and completely rejects the Catholic Church’s prohibition of euthanasia. She has campaigned resolutely for euthanasia all her life, firmly believing that the denial of assisted suicide to those who are in sore need of it is an act of mindless cruelty.

        “If you can put your dog out of its misery,” Lasha says, “why can’t you do the same for your dearest mother?”

        I agree with Lasha absolutely. We are all 100 per cent committed to ending our lives in a suicide pact, if and when the need ever arose. The Soylent Green solution makes sense. Vive la mort!

    4. Gilbert would than become a legend of Old-Western folklore. He rode up inta them thar mountains and werent ever seen again. Some folk say he still thar. 🙂

  8. I can see that Saker has put a lot of research into trying to grasp the current geopolitical situation. I trust Russia and Turkey more than the U.S. deep state when it comes to Syria, and I’m relieved they have come to the rescue of Syria. Why not let those closest at hand control their important spheres of influence. I only hope that they don’t sacrifice the Kurds in the process.

    Israel probably is an unworkable state. It has depleted its aquifers with its insane dream of making the desert bloom. The big solution of desalination plants isn’t such a solution after all because it requires energy, and it yields distilled water that doesn’t work as a water supply for populations or for growing food. I assume they can mineralize it like we do here in the U.S. with the toilet to tap solution–distill water run through rocks. Some have speculated that this is a reason for taking out Libya because Libya still has pristine deep water resources….but who knows what is happening in that failed state. When thinking of war in the Middle East always think resources, resources. Turkey, Russia, and probably Iran have water because they have mountains. Lebanon has water. Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian territory, and Saudi Arabia have a water crisis.

    Supposedly the so called globalists want to control the world. What is it, though, that makes them so blind to their own limitations? In the end it’s always the centuries old saying of “Pride comes before the Fall.” Saker is probably right that we are controlled by Zionist interests. Is Trump a huge Zionist, probably, but it isn’t his main preoccupation. It looks to me at the moment that Jared may get ensnared by the Mueller witch hunt–he asked Flynn to put a word in for Israel when he had his Russia conversation in late December 2016–thereby breaking the Logan Act??? Not that Obama didn’t break it by sending a emissary to Moscow in the 2012 campaign to help him with some constituents in swing states who were ethnic Russians… just shows you where the power still lies.

    Big question? Will they go after Jared and disconnect the umbilical cord in the process. And will all this witch hunting of people who work for countries without registering as foreign agents eventually come down right smack in the middle of AIPAC’s business as usual influence peddling? You see it’s better to have a bull crashing and smashing through the deep states delicate structure as Trump does, not on purpose but completely accidentally.

    1. Kapore,
      Excellent points, particularly regarding fresh water. May I suggest you go to youtube and watch the film “Blue Gold”. In future, the next 50 years, if we’re still around, the 3 richest countries in terms of water resources, will be Canada, Brazil and Russia (Siberian Rivers).
      Regarding the current geopolitical situation the Saker neglects to mention that Russia is a member of the SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is basically the entire Asian continent; China, India, Pakistan and all the other “stans” in Central Asia and is basically immune to sanctions from the so called International Community, comprising North America and Europe, two little continents with about 11% of the world’s population. What you are not being told is the abomination the rest of the world have for you.
      Some examples:
      Japan, almost daily demonstrations against the US occupation troops because of their crimes of rapine and murder of local women. Ditto, the Philippines. In fact Duterte, called Obama a son of a bitch and said the US was a lousy country he doesn’t want to visit. Vietnam and China are currently holding talks regarding their dispute in the South China Sea, when the US offered their “help” they were politely told to FO. Even in South Korea there have been large demonstrations against the current US stance vis a vis North Korea. Thailand is moving away from the US, not surprisingly as every Thai knows the bombing of one of the country’s holiest religious shrines was carried out by a CIA proxy, the Grey Wolves, from Turkey. Of course plausible deniability lets the US off the hook. Cambodia has expelled US NGO terrorist front organizations. I could go on and on! So Kapore most of the world detests America not because of your non existent freedoms, but because of the murderous actions your country and its European vassal states, particularly the EU carry out around the world on behalf of the Jews.
      One last point history has shown the Anglo-Saxon race, US and UK, to be one the most treacherous people ever to walk on this planet. If you like I can give a plethora of examples. You only have to ask!

      1. “[…] Japan, almost daily demonstrations against the US occupation troops because of their crimes of rapine and murder of local women. Ditto, the Philippines. […]”

        There was a point where the U.S. was gone or almost gone from the Philippines, then the utterly corrupt Philippine government let the U.S. come back. That was a big mistake.

        “In fact Duterte, called Obama a son of a bitch and said the US was a lousy country he doesn’t want to visit.”

        Unfortunately though, Duterte himself is a shameless, brutal mass murderer, so he doesn’t really have any moral standing to criticize anybody else, and to his further discredit, he seems to have taken a liking to Orange Clown.

      2. Where I stayed? Ex Sasolburger, Wartburger and Pretorianer. Regiments Munitoria, Mooirivier and Pretoria.

      3. Ex South African,
        Beautiful places! Thanks. A shame about what’s happening now. I’ve met quite a few young South Africans here and I still correspond with friends from the old SAP.
        Tot siens, Ou Maat

    2. Having researched reverse osmosis water I chose to take heed of the following:

      1. Absorption of water borne minerals is negligible.
      2. Absorption of minerals is primarily through vegetables – through organic molecules that encapsulate the minerals.
      3. Unadulterated water has health benefits because it is not subject to government meddling or pathogens.

      Thus Israel should be fine with its processed seawater provided they eat their green leaf veggies.

    3. The deliberate contamination of water and air is even a more serious danger.
      Chemtrails and aluminium irreversibly damage the brain, the nervous system, the heart and the lungs, and the plants:
      GMO food damages the brain, the digestive system and the DNA, including the babies that are about to be born:
      Here is some useful advice for self-protection, and for recognizing the symptoms associated with chemtrails:

      No US-Russia war is necessary. The globalists’ warfare is geo-biological, psychological and economic, and it is against the population.

  9. “The biggest advantage for Russia is that the US are internally falling apart economically, socially, politically – you name it. With every passing year the once most prosperous United States are starting to look more and more like some backwater Third World country.”

    Exactly. In a sense, the corruption that brought the jews to power in the West is a “Sword of Damocles” hanging over their collective “head”. This is why the U.S. government has such serious trouble procuring cost effective weapons (to beat the rest of the world into submission), for example, while Russia and China deploy game changing weapon systems.

    To put it another way, empires generally collapse because empires are generally evil, run by evil people, and evil generally destroys itself.

    Thus as the Saker implies, time is not on the jews’ side, and I believe Teflon Don is their U.S. puppet ruler of last resort.

  10. The biggest confusion I see is calling the the opposition ‘Satanic’. They are not Satanic or Satanists, they are followers of the Torah and Talmud, their god is Yahweh or Jehovah. Satan is a very confusing diversion that stops the mind from discovering the true source of the problem – the Torah and then later the Talmud.

    In the Holy Bible, the God Yahweh is ordering or doing nearly all the killing. It is not Satan telling the Hebrews or Israelites to kill, it is Yahweh. So to call murderers like Netanyahu Satanic is wrong, he is killing just like the Torah God, not the opposition god. Of course, both of these gods are fictions and it is really humans killing each other in the name of their god(s).

    SATAN is not a rival god, but the rival religion of the Rabbis that we now call Hinduism, it used to be called the SANATAN DHARMA. This religion opposes Judaism, this religion creates a vibe that goes against the grain of the Jewish warmaking religion. So the Jewish Rabbis demonized it and made it the enemy of their god – and thus all of the confusion that still exist ’till today.

    The Jewish holy books are really hateful war making manuals written by the learned Rabbinic class used to motivate their tribe into war for their goal of domination. The purpose of religious indoctrination is to allow the person to kill without guilt because the person is convinced they are helping God defeat the evil/devil/opposition/Satan/Lucifer. That is why Christians are indoctrinated – so they will willfully kill for Jewish tribal goals. A perfect modern example is 911, Israel did 911 and then got Amerika to willfully destroy Middle Eastern states and the Hebrew indoctrinated nation will not even make a peep against Israel and willfully goes to war because of their allegiance to the Holy Bible and Jewry.

    In western jargon, the worst evil is assigned to the devil so Satanic is used to describe the worst people who are doing the most despicable evil deeds. But it is incorrect to use Satan to describe Trump, Netanyahu, Zionists, or a Pastor like John Hagee. These people are following a Yahweh template found in the Old Testament.

    I wrote and essay just to clear this up, “The Satanic Diversion of the Jews” located here:

  11. The US, going forward, is going to find it harder & harder to support its empire and that includes supporting its “enemies”…. real ones and, fake ones.. like Russia – THE Paper Bear. 🙂

  12. “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” – Gerald Celente.

    Paul Craig Roberts is always at his best, IMO, on the subject of economics. His column today, on “Plunder Capitalism” is PCR’s take on the impacts of the tax cuts that will soon find corporations paying a lower tax rate than the average $50,000 a year worker (and those are the lucky ones). US citizens, who have spent the last thirty-five years watching their real incomes decline, will soon discover they will now be paying higher tax rates than corporations and the already too wealthy. But that’s not all. As George Carlin remarked, “now they’re coming for your Social Security money…” (video – 3.15).

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury” – a perceptive individual, possibly G. Washington.


    What we are witnessing is the complete looting of America and the entirety of the West. While the Western World collapses, the insouciant, submissive people sit there sucking their thumbs while they are being ruined.

    Nothing is left of the West except looters at work.

    This tax bill is an abomination, an act of brutal plunder. Its sponsers should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, if not hung from a lamp post.

    Best buy a rope, and some tar and feathers while you can still afford them! 🙂

    1. Hi Carn,

      Trump did say, during the campaign, that he wanted a HUGE tax cut. Unfortunately, this is the promise he kept, while he failed in his promise to make peace with Russia (not all his fault, BTW, which I have written in other comments). This reduction of the corporate rate from 35% to 20% is all smoke and mirrors, or so I have read. With all the deductions available, and with their top flight accountants, few corporations pay anywhere near to 35% and a good many pay ZERO. Unless you go to a straight across the board flat rate for individual filers, with only personal exemptions, and no itemized deductions, all tax changes are scams.

      And Carlin was sure prescient about them coming after our social security. For the 65+ set, anyone middle income or higher will see a large increase in their Medicare B monthly payments next year. Mine are tripling from the base amount of $134/month, so I’ll only receive a check for 60% of my gross. This is in addition to workers not receiving a deduction for social security/medicare payments from their wages. If it’s not double taxation I don’t know what is.

      The only silver lining about Trump’s tax plan may be that it will add to civil unrest and hasten our dissolution as a viable nation. Anything that speeds that along is a good thing.

  13. Another setback for the dark side, in Yemen the latest Zionist scheme of divide and conquer has failed as former pez Saleh having switched sides once too often, has left the building, just as reports are surfacing that the missile fired by the Houthi at KSA international airport hit paydirt as US anti missile systems, Missed.
    As it stands any war instigated by the Zionist against IRAN , Hezbollah, or even N Korea, will end with a much weaken Zionist, and waiting means the Resistance becomes stronger, the end is high , it is coming, cheer up.
    As per a link to the above story, Russia, is waiting, a confident smile upon the Bear.

  14. ‘This war is, at least for the time being, roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic.’
    When one has in mind that those who own, control and direct information, economy and physical movements on this planet are the SAME people, it becomes clear that the “war” is about depopulation, strengthening of control, and further robbing of the global population, and that both US and Russia are their colonies with different roles. There has been only one empire in the west since the Roman empire sold it to the tribe.

  15. The Saker writing about how the Great American imperium likes to take on countries that can hardly defend themselves didn’t mention Panama. At the cost of many, many Panamanian lives, the US imperial storm troopers invaded Panama,1989, to get it’s hands on Panamanian strong man Manuel Noriega (d. May 29, 2017) who was a CIA asset and later a drug dealer partnered with the Bush crime family. Evidently, Manuel who was skimming off more then thought proper in drug profits, plus, he also knew to much, ended up in the American gulag where, at 83, he passed on to be joined soon by Poppy Bush.
    TJ prefers the term the “eternal parasite” to that of “imperial parasites”. The eternal parasites, the masters of usury and money manipulation, dating back to the ancient Babylonians, have been the hidden hand in the fall of many, many empires since. When the last drop of blood is sucked out of the American imperium they will search out a fresh new host. But are there any fresh new hosts they can stick their ample proboscis into?
    The Chinese (opium wars) and the Japanese seem to be wise to this odd strain of human DNA. The Russians have seen, up close and personal, from 1917 till 1990 and a little beyond, what life is like ruled by the apples of God’s eye. Even Latin America has experienced the fool’s gold of eternal debt brought to them by the usual suspects and their partners in crime, and since the 1500’s the most holy Catholic Church. So far as can be seen the Western part of Europe is becoming a lost cause. Eastern Europe will side with Russia which may be it’s only salvation.
    Now America, 21 trillion fake dollars in debt, a debt greater then the rest of world combined is within a few decades of descending into the black hole trash heap of history. However, this little factoid of info from USA Watchdog can be added to the 21 trillion national debt, the 250 trillion in unfunded liabilities, not counting all the 1.5 trillion student debt and all the trillions in corporate, personal, city, county and state debt.

    Missing $21 Trillion Means Federal Government Is Lawless – Dr. Mark Skidmore
    By Greg Hunter On December 3, 2017 In Political Analysis 64 Comments

    1. “ruled by the apples of God’s eye.” – More like ruled by the apples of God’s roads.

      The Rothschilds extended family holds $500 trillion, the Bush Cabal another $200 trillion. Probably safe to say HRM the Queen and the Black Nobility hold another $100-$150 trillion. A few more old-name families – Rockefellers, Gettys, Schiffs, Duponts, etc. – hold another $100 trillion. Leo Wanta, alone, finessed the money markets and exchange rates to extract $27.5 trillion from Russia when the USSR went belly up, and he wasn’t the only person to make trillions raping Russia. There cannot be many more large caches of money left in which to jam that Tribal blood funnel. Things could get interesting PDQ, unless the Chinese government has been bought off to allow China to be the next cash cow.

      1. China will be the major industrial country.

        The US will be as the UN claimed in a memo c.1959:

        1-Breadbasket for the world
        2-Entertainment and R&R center for the world
        2-Mobile and aggressive police force for the world in partners with others

      2. When (((they))) finally have ALL the money, ALL the planet, and ALL of everything and nothing, THEN can we live in peace, harmon[e]y, appreciation of Life and Light? Perhaps the best strategy is to give (((them))) all they ask for. (((Their))) having received, then we be free, correct?

      3. It is good to feel patriotism for one’s mother country, but one also needs to be realistic. It is obvious that the rulers unauthorized and unsolicited by the population, whom Carnaptious precisely names, have decided on the roles: the US – the military tool, Russia – the resources, China – the industry, Europe – the workforce, etc. To dream about the badly damaged US soil being the food supplier and impoverished Russia being the military primacy is insensible. It is clear that their global agenda can be stopped only by a globally coordinated effort.

      4. The US is already, more or less, owned by China. Russia is to some extent controlled from outside but its infrastructure is not owned by foreigners. Chinese have learned a lesson, and won’t allow to be robbed again. I don’t think that Russia is a problem for America in any way.
        [3 videos]

  16. Pat,
    “1-Breadbasket for the world”
    Not anymore. The US accounts for only 14% of world wheat exports. Russia about 11%. Also no one willingly wants to buy American agricultural products because they are GMO defiled. Even US beef is unpopular, because US cattle are corn fed and stuffed with growth hormones. The best beef is Argentinian. Cattle eat the grass of the Pampas, the natural diet of herbivores. The only way the US sells its agricultural products is through FTA’s and by corruptly having the forced removal of labeling.
    The unfortunates residing in the US have no choice but to purchase that shxt as the corrupt court system won’t mandate GMO labeling.
    “2-Entertainment and R&R center for the world.”
    Again wishful thinking. Most Asians prefer Korean TV series also K-POP and J-POP. Bollywood in Mumbai has the largest film industry in world. As for Jewish Hollywood they haven’t made a decent Western since the 60’s. Although the best Westerns of all time were made by Sergio Leone, an Italian and filmed in Spain. R&R it’s only morons from the UK and the other Jewish, holocaust worshipping baboon colonies of Europe who travel to the US for that purpose. For shopping and entertainment it’s Asia.
    As for the third point you raise, I wouldn’t call it “mobile and aggressive policing”! How about terrorism and the murder of innocent women and children by “collateral damage”? Of course most Americans are oblivious of this and revel in their ignorance.

      1. Felix –

        “Not guesses I’m afraid. Statistics!”

        Relax your fears here, even though you like and support the Zio-Media and Alt-Media Fear Porn of nukes for garnering eyeballs for ads.

        Don’t be “afraid” at all. Stop the fear.

        Liars manipulate “statistics” to commit fraud… which is the MAIN use of “statistics’ today.

        You are guessing they did not lie in this ONE instance…. just for your pleasure.

        I claim you are guessing.. 🙂

      2. Felix –

        “I’ve actually been to those countries. Have you?”

        Sure I have… Wanna play one-up….

        I was a Diplomatic Ambassador to all of them at the same time..!!

        TOP THAT.. !! 🙂

    1. I’m an American and completely agree with what you say.

      Best beef – Argentina (as well as wine)
      R&R – not the US with it’s gulag control at the airport and PC everywhere else. People seem like children afraid to say anything their “parents” disapprove.
      Movie – I watch foreign as good US films are rare.

      1. Alex,
        There are many excellent vineyards in the U.S. ….especially in Missouri. Theres a vineyard in St. James, Missouri which offers daily wine-tastings of sweet red wines from grapes and even blue berries usually of 10-12% alc. Very good wines for steak or seafood. 🙂

    2. Yep,
      GMO’S are pretty dangerous stuff. Theres lots of evidence that they cause stomach cancer. Americans basically eat toxins. Back in the late 80’s to late 90’s while living in Thailand, I enjoyed the best organic food the World has to offer. Such great flavor! Now, for the last 7 years as a trucker, I enjoy deep-fried , expensive, tasteless, fattening junk-food that even most dogs wont eat. Has anyone ever wondered about the existance of condiments such as ketchup or mustard in the American diet? They exist to create a flavor that the “meats” dont provide. Decades ago, condiments didnt exist because people ate organic. Just “food for thought.” No punn intended.

      1. ¿Then why don’t you just go back to Thailand? and then you won’t have to eat toxins in America, easy peasey solution to save yourself from geting stomach cancer, plus you’re a fat slob from all the fattening, greasy food you stuff in your mouth all the time. You know, you’re not supposed to talk with a mouth full of shit. I bet you LERV all the greasy food you stuff in your mouth all the time, u scuzzy little wetback greaser spic.

  17. There is one little fact that is missing from all the information being bandied about here. In 1968-69 China and the USSR had a series of border clashes on Damansky island in the Ussuri-Amur border region of their two countries.
    Apparently the Russians approached Nixon to ascertain his position regarding a pre-emptive Russia strike on China to knock out their nuclear facilities. Nixon directed that no reply be given to the Russians and of course the rest is history. The US and China began talking to each other and a decade later opened diplomatic relations. I wonder what would have happened if Nixon had agreed to the Russian approach?

    1. Felix –
      “Apparently the Russians approached Nixon to ascertain his position regarding a pre-emptive Russia strike on China..” … just as they were scripted to do by Kissinger’s and GHW Bush’s handlers – London Bankers – to allow the public to accept the meeting between the – VIOLENTLY HATED!! – Communist Red Chinese and Nixon.

      Even with that phony set-up… the whole nation was appalled..!!

      Nixon was deemed a traitor in the minds of the American people..!! AND it helped later to work against him, when Hillary was at point on the team…. which forced him to resign… as a traitor. Nixon was the fall-guy..!! 🙂

      China got all the heavy industry from the US as planned and brokered through GHW Bush…. who was appointed Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office to the People’s Republic of China in September 26, 1974, just after Nixon resigned in August. ALL planned at the top.

      Russia helped GHW Bush’s plans. They also got more US factories for helping. HA!!

      So, there is another “little fact that is missing from all the information being bandied about here.” 🙂

      1. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Attr. to: Franklin D. Roosevelt, who apparently didn’t say it.

        But here’s one that appears to be a true quote, at least it has yet to be debunked.

        “There are no accidents in politics.” Joseph P. Kennedy — Selected Quotations — Remark to a reporter, 1960.

        “Believe nothing you hear, and only one-half that you see.” Attr. to: Edgar Allan Poe.

        “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Attr. to: Benjamin Franklin.

        “Don’t take life too seriously. It isn’t permanent” – Anonymous.

  18. As I’ve said repeatedly, the USA is a dead nation walking. You are in a Jewish orchestrated fishbowl, or should I say a festering swamp.
    Just like an idot doesn’t know he is an idiot because he is an idiot, Americans can’t see their Jewish masters because they are dumbed down Americans.
    Again,as I said the other day, China and Russia would do you a great favour by invading you.
    Otherwise, goodbye Americans of Quarry America,
    The south east Asian people, with there highest IQ’s on the planet, generally destest negroes and would soon return them to their gang-raping, violent tribal lands in Africa.

  19. A lot of you Guy’s ( no gal’s! ) are ultra pessimistic, it could Almost lead one to the conclusion that you’re only here to convince the rest to give up the fight.
    As for the ” rest “, tune into Al Manar now and then, see the RESISTANCE in action, if will do you’re heart a world of good.
    Remove Zionism,
    Free the world,
    Join the RESISTANCE.

      1. Wiggins,
        If you are referring to the author of the Arabian Nights, it’s Sir Richard Burton. No relation to Richard Burton the taff actor!

    1. @Harry
      “A lot of you Guy’s ( no gal’s! ) are ultra pessimistic, it could Almost lead one to the conclusion that you’re only here to convince the rest to give up the fight.”
      There could be some truth in that. Anyway here’s an uplifting tune for ya with some interesting lyrics 😉

  20. Government workers in Russia make $60 a month under ‘Put-On’ the Paper Bear… YET…

    At 39 percent of GDP, Russia’s shadow economy is the fourth largest in the world, according to a new report

    Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
    30 june 2017

    Russia’s shadow economy makes up 39.37 percent of the country’s annual GDP — 33.6 trillion rubles — according to a new study by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

    In terms of percentages, that’s the fourth largest shadow economy in the world, behind only…
    Azerbaijan (67 percent),
    Nigeria (48 percent), and
    Ukraine (46 percent).

    ACCA observed the smallest shadow economies in the United States (7.8 percent), Japan (10 percent), and China (10.2 percent).

    ACCA’s 28-nation study relies on qualitative interviews with local entrepreneurs and area experts, as well as quantitative mathematical models.

    Though ACCA expects the global shadow economy to decline by two percentage points by 2025, the association’s researchers don’t expect the situation to change in Russia.

    In April 2017, Russia’s Finance Ministry estimated that Russians received roughly 11 trillion rubles ($186 billion) in “off-the-books,” “under-the-table” income. In 2016, an unnamed federal official told the news agency RIA Novosti that Moscow believes Russia’s shadow economy accounts for only 22 percent of the country’s GDP.


    See… Everyone has their OWN “statistics”.. FACTS… TRUTHS…!! 🙂

  21. It looks like our (((Lords))) and (((Masters))) have decided on the division of labor and your assignment in the aborning new world order, writ LARGE. Our children will have little choice as to their assignments. This part of the world does this. That part of the world does that. Here, these people get to dig canals and waterways with their bare hands just they did under the glorious Soviets and Uncle Joe, the mentor in spirit to China Mao. Some, in this new division of labor will have the distinct privilege of pulling in front of the plow, not pushing behind the refigured swords.
    After all, an optimist is a coward leading us all into the joyful future that awaits us all: The early grave

  22. ‘Put-On’ was caught cheating…. And the Paper Bear
    has been banned from South Korea in 2018..!!

    The 2018 WINTER OLYMPICS are coming to South Korea and
    yesterday (December 5, 2017), Russia was banned for good

    The 2014 Winter Olympic games held an enormous secret
    and the world remains naive.

    Russia needed the performance and crossed every line
    of decency to achieve it.

    Before the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics began, some
    predicted that the Russian team would astonish the world
    with unbelievable feats of accomplishment due to the
    illegal use of a performance-enhancing drug that was
    undetectable. That drug, called Mechano-Growth-Hormone,
    is a powerful gene-spliced version of Insulin-like
    Growth Factor-I (IGF-I).

    In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Russia won 15 medals;
    about 5 percent. The Russian team finished 11th.

    In the 2014 Winter Olympiad, thanks to team use of an
    illegal, but undetectable PED, Russia finished first
    and was the only nation to finish with more than
    eleven percent of the medals awarded!

    Many sports fans continue to debate whether
    freestyle skiing and snowboarding are real sports.

    In the 2014 Sochie Olympics, twelve of
    USA’s 28 medals were won by snowboarders or
    freestyle skiers.

    Compare that to the Russian athletes who took home
    one medal in freestyle skiing and four snowboarding
    medals, 2 for America-born Vic Wild who could not
    earn a position on the American team, so he competed
    for Russia thanks to his dual citizenship.

    On February 7, 2014, SCIENCE reported:

    “On 2 February, television reporters for the German
    WDR network broadcast their undercover investigation
    (ZZZlink in German) of a Russian scientist willing to
    sell them 100 milligrams of something called
    ‘full-size MGF’ for $100,000.”

    On February 8, 2014, after completing an investigation,
    it was reported:

    “Two members of Russia’s Winter Olympics team have
    been found to be in possession of a sophisticated
    performance enhancing drug (PED) for which there
    is no test…Are we witnesses to an Olympic-sized
    cheating scandal?

    “Two Russian biathletes including Irina Starych have
    already been found to be in possession of “version A”
    of Mechano Growth Factor (MGF). 

    “Genes from the IGF-I protein were spliced to produce
    different protein/peptides which usually have different
    biological functions. New molecular biology technologies
    made it possible to create a new artificial hormone
    with incredible cellular proliferation capabilities.
    MGF was created by splicing the genetic material
    from insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) into various
    human peptides and then cloned.

    How did Russian athletes perform in 2014?
    What can we compare their2014 performances to?
    Answer: The 2010 Winter Olympiad.

    Canada won 26 total medals (10.08%).
    Germany won 30 total medals (11.63%).
    USA won 37 total medals (14.34%).
    Norway won 23 total medals (08.91%).
    Russia won 15 total medals (05.81%).

    Here is the score:

    In the 2014 Winter Olympics 27 nations won medals.

    Russia (226 athletes) won 33 total medals (11.15%).

    USA (230 athletes) won 28 total medals (09.46%).
    Norway (134 athletes) won 26 total medals (08.78%).
    Canada (221 athletes)  won 25 total medals (08.45%).
    Germany (153 athletes)  won 19 total medals (06.42%).

  23. This is the next installment of my immensely popular series “Putin for Dummies”.

    Every reasonable person would agree that hiding one’s head in the sand, with his ass up in the air, is not the best policy for a global superpower. Yet, that’s exactly what the US is doing today, as exemplified by Steven Metz in his exercise of ostrichizing, if I may coin a new word, the Russian challenge to the hegemon:

    “The good news is that”, – enlightens us Mr Metz in his final conclusion, – “however much Russia draws from the Soviet Union’s playbook, it will never be able to build a world order centered on Moscow.”

    The bad news for Mr Metz is that he does not seem aware of the position he is taken and the risks that are involved in taking such an awkward and unmanly position:

  24. America is looking for salvation in a global war, but Putin is calm like a cucumber. How come?

    The world is undergoing a global shift of unprecedented proportions, brothers and sisters, and it is high time for you to start learning the language that will help you, like no other, to understand what is going to happen in the run up to presidential elections in Russia on March 18, 2018 … and why is it so important to your life.

    Listen to a wise and good man, folks, and do as I advise you.

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