Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis


LD:  Two diametrically opposite viewpoints are presented here. Both writers agree that the Jews are our main problem, but on most other matters they disagree. The first writer, Lobro, has a great admiration for Donald Trump and hopes that Trump will one day teach the Jews a good lesson. He sees Trump as the “New Stalin” and assumes without question that Stalin was one of the good guys, a heroic figure cruelly misunderstood and much maligned — just like Donald Trump.

The second writer, Arch Stanton, questions these assumptions. He has no time for Donald Trump whatsoever and even less time for Stalin. He regards Stalin as one of the world’s most brutal psychopaths. “Stalin,” he tells us elsewhere, “was clearly a megalomaniac. A bloodthirsty murderer.”

Both writers present their respective cases very well, with considerable verve and panache, and therefore both require a respectful hearing — even though both of them cannot be right. [LD] 


LOBRO :  Let me talk about something a bit off-side, yet important in that it helps to fix the mind on the big picture, allowing us to fill in the in-depth details later.

Note that Russia’s military budget is about $60 billion, roughly 10 percent of the US military budget,  yet in terms of overall field effectiveness there is no comparison. For every dollar the Russians spend on armaments, they are getting ten dollars worth.

So what is going on? This: Russia’s military ambitions are limited and highly focused. The Russians are not interested in global dominance. They are primarily interested in defending Russia and its territorial integrity. That makes their task easier, because their aims are more modest. Their first job is to make sure they can defend their own land so as to ensure that they cannot be easily threatened by hostile outsiders. This they have achieved.

They have achieved the ability to strike quickly and intelligently, to set up a strictly defined operation, and to get out after completing it successfully. In Syria, for example, having taken the requisite action, they leave behind a skeleton crew to monitor the outcome of their meticulously planned strategy, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

What about the US?

Here we encounter an entirely different situation.

The US sees itself as an “Empire”, Pax Americana, treading in the noble footsteps of Pax Britannica and Pax Romana, two empires that once bestraddled much of the known world and are now dust and ashes. In reality, there is no such thing as an American empire. There is simply a rabbinical golem designed for one reason only: to bring about the Jew’s kingdom on earth.

That’s what the American Empire is all about; it’s a tool to bring about Jewish world domination. America has never been anything but that: a giant slave plantation where the slaves think they run the world, when in reality they must beg for every washroom break without realizing it.

Americans are happy to think of themselves as being Jew-lite but this is wishful thinking. I don’t need to belabor this point, many top Jews having bragged about it publicly — in the Knesset, in Hollywood, in academic treatises, in the mass media. The very title of Yuri Slezkine’s famous book, The Jewish Century, tells its own tale.

So, in order to conquer and run the world, the American military needs to project massive, intimidating power to every corner of the globe simultaneously. They need to meddle in the affairs of far flung countries, crushing the various people they invade with all the most evil mass murdering weapons ever imagined. From Dresden onwards, they do this in order to bring about Deuteronomy to the shocked and awed goyim and grind them into unthinking obedience.

All this takes big bucks. Mass murder doesn’t come cheap. So the ordinary American, not noted for his superlative brilliance, puts his nose to the grindstone and lends his support to Project Lucifer. He makes himself an unwitting agent of his Jewish Overlord. With the sweat and blood of their brothers, their sons, their doggedly toiling neighbors, these simple-minded Americans put their shoulders to the wheel and play their parts in the great drama of global genocide. They kill their own goy brethren to appease the bloodlust of their Jewish masters.

Meanwhile, the Jew must keep the wretched charade up: the state of mental debility and incomprehension, which is why Americans cannot remember where Mexico is relative to Canada. This is why Americans, and to a large extent NATO countries too, must be taught to hate Muslims and other Third Worlders, it being necessary to whip them up into a killing frenzy over places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, so they don’t feel too bad when their noble armed forces rain down death and destructions on wedding parties, hospitals and schools in backward countries where blood comes cheap.

The daily butcher’s bill drawn up by the Jew requires manufactured hate, manufactured ignorance, manufactured lunacy.

I never tire of pointing out that at the turn of the 20th century, there were 7 million Jews in Russia and a negligible number of Jews in North America. And yet a hundred years later, you see the exact reverse. It’s now over six million Jews in America, roughly 40 per cent of total world Jewry, and barely  200,000 Jews left in Russia. This huge relocation bears thinking about. What is going on?

This is how I see it.

Khazars, Huns, Mongols, the steppe robbers and marauders of Central Asia would at one time ride along to suddenly overwhelm some unsuspecting community in Russia: killing, raping, pillaging and making off with the loot, and then on to the next settlement in search of further victims. They kept a spare herd of horses, so that when one of the horses tired, they swapped it for another. In this way they kept moving, without a break.

These frightening Asiatic hordes, what became of them? They didn’t die out. They evolved, their underwent a subtle metamorphosis, they changed their camouflage and their clothing. And here they are now — in America! They swapped Russia for America, moving over en masse from the 1880s onward in a series of migrations allegedly caused by pogroms and persecutions in their Asiatic backyard.

Having destroyed Russia, they found a new home in America. The rest is history. And a new history begins now.

—   §   —

Next comes something that puzzles me to no end.

The time now approached when they were all set to grab the whole world by the throat. They had at their disposal the brain dead rambo underlings of their new country, armed to the teeth, to do their bidding and fight their wars for them. They succeeded spectacularly in overthrowing the Soviet Union. If all had gone according to plan, the Jewish oligarch agents for Rothschild would have turned Russia into a satrapy of the United States. Russia would have been Zog 2  to America’s Zog 1. If they had succeeded, it would truly have been game, set and match to them.

But no, it was not to be! Fate decreed otherwise.

As the coronation moment approached, the Jews stumbled and collapsed, like a chain of valets crashing down the castle staircase.

—   §   —

Something went badly wrong at the last moment, almost like some sort of miraculous Fatima intervention. It seemed too unlikely to be accidental.

The moment of big triumph could have occurred after the Bolshevik Revolution, but Stalin threw a monkey wrench into that scheme. So the next big push had to be put off until later. In 1990 that time of triumph seemed to have come, with the demise of the Soviet Union. But again something happened that helped to snatch victory away from the world destroyers: the rise of Vladimir Putin.

Under Putin, Russia awoke from its coma. New life was breathed into the corpse, much to the rage of those who had sought Russia’s ruin.

And now, we have Donald Trump, when the world destroyers are desperate to throw the kitchen sink at Russia and get the job done. And Trump isn’t doing it for them. Which makes them angry. I understand their pain – and I am enjoying it quite a bit.

There is still quite a bit of work left to do before we can dismantle Project Lucifer. If the world destroyers succeed in getting rid of Trump – this is where the bouncing ball is at right now – things will heat up mighty fast.

What does the future hold?

We’ll have to wait and see, as the Devil plays chess with God.

“As the Devil plays chess with God . . . “

ARCH STANTON :  Here are a few facts as I see them.

(1) Trump is the Jew’s front man for WWIII. I wrote this six months before the election and events are now bearing out this prediction.

(2) Jews intentionally put Trump into office, making it look like “the people” elected him by pitting him against the lowest form of political scum that ever slimed its way into Washington DC.

(3) Despite all their moaning and kvetching, Jews did nothing about Trump other than whine and kvetch to a point where they worked up the “left’s” violent insanity. This violence is now going viral. Considering the fact Jews had a sitting president, JFK, murdered in 1963, it is impossible to believe all they could do about Trump prior to the 2016 election is whine and kvetch.

(4) Through auspices of organization like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, Jews have called off the police in stopping the violence of the “left,” allowing matters to become more violently insane by the day. Given the “hands off” attitude by the legal authorities, members of the radical “left” are now pushing matters to their limits.

(5) Jews have are putting more pressure on the so-called “alt-right” by having police step on their legal, constitutional right to protest while maintaining a “hands off” policy towards the left’s obvious violent criminal actions. This is creating increasing pressure on the so-called “alt-right,” the very people that elected Trump.

(6) Knowing this is the case, the left is ramping up their violence, egged on by media Jews who remain in the shadows as usual.

(7) Trump has now denounced many of his own supporters using the Jew media’s “hot button” terms, leaving them more disorganized by his lack of support.

(8) True white opposition is rapidly being pushed to the point where only the following choices remain:

(a) Fully submit to the Jew’s agenda.

(b) Fight the Jews and their violent sycophants to the death or,

(c) Die violently at the hands of a murderous “left” while trying to peacefully protest the hypocritical outrage to their opposition. None of these options bother Jews in the least.

Should a civil war ensue, it will allow Jews to obliterate what remains of any real opposition to their agenda. Draconian legal measures will be called on to quell the uprising, providing Jews the needed reason for confiscating private firearms. This is the standard Jewish, no-win checkmate i.e. fight to the death or lay down and die. Either way, any opposition to the Jew’s agenda will most assuredly result in death. A Jewish wet-nightmare come true, it’z! Jews carried out this same form of terror with great success in their former Soviet Union, so why would they not do it again in a collectivized America?

Present events mirror the manner in which Jews orchestrated the “sixties revolution,” a “revolution” that brought America “civil rights,” “gun control” legislation, unrestricted immigration and “feminism” while tearing the country apart with its “left-wing” anti-war platform. Now the situation has been turned upside down. It will now be a new “coalition” of “left” and “right” pushing for war, with Iran in the lead for total destruction.

The old “left” and “right” will morph into a new collective, a “coalition of the willing” led by so-called “conservatives” who have openly rejected the alleged “radical” ideas of the “extreme right.” These “conservative” “right-wingers,” are comprised of the same violent psychopaths the media labeled “neo-conservatives” of a few years ago. However, because they were primarily Jews, these “neo-cons” never had the “right wing” label applied to them, as Jews did not want the stupid masses to associate this carefully cultivated hot button term with them at that point. These are the same “neo-cons” that led America into a series of recent major wars in the Near East.

Iran will be the culmination of Israel’s plan to take over the Near East. North Korea is simply a minor diversion so people will not pay attention to what Jews are doing in the Near East. However, the bluster over North Korea is effectively priming the idiot goyim masses for the idea of unrestricted warfare. The people being oppressed in these present confrontations are the people who will undoubtedly protest and fight the Jew’s insane plan to start WWIII. This is the attempt to remove the white “right” so there will be no opposition, only unified support for the coming war will remain.

This is likely the Jew’s final push to destroy what remains of white American resistance. There will be no resistance from the masses of low IQ minorities. Coming events may well lead to civil war. Of course, given their control of the media, Jews control the minds of the gullible, ignorant masses. Therefore, they feel they will be able to favorably manipulate any situation that arises. Given the historical record, Jews have every reason to believe this.

One thing is certain, Judaized American culture has been dumbed down to a point where the gullible goyim cannot think their way out of a paper bag. In turn, Jews capitalize on the mass confusion they created. Thus, the stupid goyim are ripe for the Jew’s next Purim/Holocaust festival slaughter.

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105 thoughts on “Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis

  1. It’s all a jewish scam, both putin and trunp are jewish. Putib’s mother name Schmelova, a jewish name. Putin and Trump, ‘right’ clique arre zio–jews and former Obama and his ‘left’ clique are the global jews. It’ s a battle between jew factions/groups with the gullible goyim als sheeple on both sides. That’s the situation!!!

    1. This is too strange for me. Humans have always been strange creatures! We all happen to live in one planet..all of us and we are always planning how to be above the other no matter how,if needs killing do be it or any other way, not feeling remorse… I am definitely from another planet that somehow end up in this horrible crazy world with horrible crazy people!

      1. Yeah, you’re crazy. And you’re gonna find lots of other crazies on this site to hold your hand and drive you even crazier. 🙂

        Welcome to the club.

  2. Lobro :

    “…Khazars, Huns, Mongols, the steppe robbers and marauders of Central Asia would at one time ride along to suddenly overwhelm some unsuspecting community in Russia: killing, raping, pillaging and making off with the loot, and then on to the next settlement in search of further victims. They kept a spare herd of horses, so that when one of the horses tired, they swapped it for another. In this way they kept moving, without a break.

    These frightening Asiatic hordes, what became of them? They didn’t die out. They evolved, their underwent a subtle metamorphosis, they changed their camouflage and their clothing. And here they are now — in America! They swapped Russia for America, moving over en masse from the 1880s onward in a series of migrations allegedly caused by pogroms and persecutions in their Asiatic backyard…”

    Khazars, Huns and Mongols were different peoples (though all speaking Altaic languages) who invaded West Asia and Europe in different time periods. The Huns invaded central Europe in the 4th century, thus triggering the Germanic Völkerwanderung that led to the decline of the western part of the Roman Empire. They had nothing to do with Jews. It is true that the Khazars converted to Judaism, but it is doubtful if the Ashkenazi Jews are their descendants. DNA research has demonstrated that Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Middle Eastern men (i.e. Jews) and European (mainly Italian) women. In the 13th century the Khazar kingdom was destroyed by the Mongols, who like the Huns had nothing to do with Jews. Jews are not bandits from Central Asia, Jews are bandits from the Middle East.

    As for the question whether Trump is an “agent” of the Jews or their secret enemy, that is still not clear. Sometimes Trump seems to do all their bidding, sometimes he goes against their agenda (and is loudly criticized for that). At best he is a clumsy imitation of Putin, but he is not capable enough to succeed in that role. In order to defeat “Lucifer”, one has to be more clever than Trump is.

    1. “It is true that the Khazars converted to Judaism, but it is doubtful if the Ashkenazi Jews are their descendants. DNA research has demonstrated that Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Middle Eastern men (i.e. Jews) and European (mainly Italian) women.”

      DNA research show that Ashkenazi Jews SHARE similar DNA traits as Semitic Jews. Your statement that they are descendants is not exactly correct.

      The more plausible scenario is that the Khazars mixed with the Semitic Jews AFTER the former converted to Satanism! That is WHY the Jews in Israel wanted Crimea (which was part of Khazaria) and the entire “color revolution” thing in Ukraine (read Wayne Madsen’s article “Israel 2.0”). Unfortunately, Putin put an end to Israel 2.0 in Crimea (and Eastern Ukraine).

      So there goes Pat’s and John’s conspiracy theory that Putin is a card carrying member of the Tribe.

      1. David –

        You wrote:

        “So there goes Pat’s and John’s conspiracy theory that Putin is a card carrying member of the Tribe.”

        I never wrote that ‘Put-On’ is a “card carrying member” of any tribe.

        You are making things up again… still….!! 🙂

        I shall write, just for you:

        ‘Put-On’ and Russia are owned by the USA…!! 🙂

        Circ knows that..!!

        August 5, 2017 at 10:59 am
        From few things you have said here and there about Russia and Putin, I got the impression that you do not consider Russia as a threat to the Western civilization per se (i.e. the West minus the Jews), and I have sensed no animosity from you towards Putin or his policies in general.
        If this is, indeed, true – and not just my impression – than you would probably like to have some insights as of what is really going on in Russia and in Putin’s head. I think that might be of interest to your readers as well – at least, to some of them. If so, I have a suggestion for you.
        The best and the shortest way to get that kind of information is to listen to a man who is not only inside the system, but has some informal relations to Putin. His name is Eugene Fedorov – a Deputy of the State Duma.
        Unfortunately, this guy does not speak English, so in order to tap into the wealth of unique information at his disposal one has to have some knowledge of the Russian language. He is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, and he rarely can be seen on Russian TV screens at all. But he does not hide his information and his views; everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site:
        Here is a random sample of his assertions:
        Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.
        The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names: 1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.
        The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.
        Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!
        Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.
        On these and many other insights he elaborates extensively. If you find that this kind of material could be of interest to your readers, I volunteer to translate all of them (or, at least, those you consider suitable for your site) as featured articles.

      2. @ Pat: You like to argue incessantly and split hairs.

        You have argued here on DM ad nausea how Russia is under the Satanic boots aka Jews. So how is possible for “Puton” as you disparagingly call him NOT to be a member of the Tribe if he is running Jewish-runned and -owned Russia.

        For the record: I am Pro-Putin, anti-Trump and all things Yankees. I have stated before that Putin maybe the last hope of our times before Jewish WW3 commences.

      3. Can’t you all understand that even the jews fight against each other. There are two jewish camps and it is only putin the rebel jew who is the barrier to one great
        Centralised jew world order. The jews are still in control of Russia. Read the perestrojka deception etc, criminalising hocaust denial by putin, his father who loved to read the talmud. It’s a scam between two rival jew mafias, the left global jews and the right zio jews That’s why trump and putin love each other two zio jews. Of course he wants to disguise this for the left global jews. That’s why there is all this show with north korea with trump pretenting being tough meantime putin knows that trump must act like an actor.

      4. David –

        You wrote:

        “@ Pat: You like to argue incessantly and split hairs.”

        OF COURSE….

        Seems you do also..!! It is just that you don’t like me arguing with YOU..!! 🙂

        In case you haven’t noticed…. so do the majority of commenters here…. split hairs…
        Especially the best ones..!!

        ALL good evidence requires “YUGE” hair-splitting – “incessantly” – to stand up to “incessant” scrutiny.


        Leaders do not have to be “Tribe members” to be controlled by $$$$$$ and $$$$$ and $$$$$.

        Get with it… Glad to help ya there… 🙂

      5. What John says has merit, although I don’t know about the terms “zio-jew” and “global jew”. It’s similar to what I’ve been writing about regarding a major internecine* rivalry going on between two factions behind the scenes that are steering events. The feud is a very ancient one, and in some circles it is seen as an INTERSTELLAR one that brought their little party to planet Earth

        This definition is the one that hits home with me –

        *internecine: 2) Mutually destructive; ruinous or fatal to both sides

        and when the dust settles……

    2. “In the 13th century the Khazar kingdom was destroyed by the Mongols, who like the Huns had nothing to do with Jews. Jews are not bandits from Central Asia, Jews are bandits from the Middle East.”
      1) The Khazar kingdom was not destroyed, per se. The Mongols gave an ultimatum to every tribe, kingdom, or empire they encountered: join us or be annihilated. The Khazars chose to join. When the Mongols left, all of their their territory may not have been in tact, but their tribe was.
      2) The DNA “proof” is a red herring. Jews were/are not a race any more than Muslims or Christians. The historical/biblical Israel were tribes, not a geographical location. That is why Scots, in the Declaration of Arbroath, claim they are one of the tribes. The Ethiopian Jews have existed for more than 2000 years. The Lemba were Jews before Khazars. Judaism has been the vehicle used by Ashkenazi Jews (Khazars) to further their agenda and challenge the formerly dominant Sephardic Jews in some areas.
      3) As an expansion to 2) above, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat has written a book detailing the hoax used by “Jews”, and their real origin.

  3. Lobro wrote:

    “Having destroyed Russia, they found a new home in America.”

    Actually…. their “new home” was Russia, which they “destroyed” and conquered from their HOME BASE in the USA, since they came to America in the 17th and 18th and 19th and 20th centuries… having been run out of Europe.


    Arch lives here… and got it right…. except for WWIII. There is no need now that 80% of adults have a Smart-Phone for control and location.!! 🙂

  4. Lobro! Trump is the New Stalin? Like the Old Stalin?!?

    Stalin killed 50 million Russians, no? I get your comparison. Trump will do the same and help kill 100+ million Yankees!

    I am with Arch on this one. Listen, we will be really luck if the Jews/Yankees do NOT precipitate GD2 this October.

    The key indicators are as follows:

    Shitcoins is way over what? $3,500 USD?!? The USA public debt is about to blow through 20,000,000,000,000-that’s 20 TRILLION! The DOW is way over 20,000. My prediction about gold being over 2,000 USD will happen AFTER the Great Crash of 2017 (after my awakening to the Jewish Matrix, I know gold is completely manipulated by Jews in the City of London . . . until they can’t).

    As Lasha said, only one can be right.

    So, Arch wins this one. Sorry Lobro!

    1. Stalin killed 50 million Russians, no?

      it is clear to me that you know nothing about Soviet-Bolshevik history of Red terror and Gulag that you didn’t get from jew sources.
      I feel like Zundel must have felt when handing out his leaflets in the 70’s Toronto, when people jeered at him and insisted on jew skin lampshades, jew fat soap, shrunken jew heads and 4.5 million dead jews at auschwitz.
      Why not pick up some literature, even by jew historians, e.g., Vaksberg, Stalin against the Jews?
      Does this character string tell you something already … Vaksberg/Jew, acknowledges the conflict of Stalin against Jews?
      Here, i will give you just the official starting date of the Red Terror (your 50 million Russians “killed by Stalin”).
      On 30 of August, 1918, a jewess named Faina Yefimovna Kaplan shot Lenin at close range 3 times.
      The next day,

      But the “Kaplan attempt” gave the Bolsheviks the excuse they wanted to launch massive, overwhelming state terror. Five hundred hostages were shot in reprisal in Petrograd alone by order of Zinoviev, the head of the local soviet. On September 5, the commissars officially legalized the Red Terror.
      Then, at the Party Conference in April of 1922, Lenin suggested that a new post of General Secretary should be created. Lenin’s choice for the post was Joseph Stalin

      So, the genocide raged for 4 years BEFORE ANYONE EVER HEARD OF STALIN!
      (btw, Stalin instituted a massive purge of Jew Bolsheviks and one of the executed was this same Zinoviev, Vaksberg didn’t title his book “Stalin against the Jews” for no reason, but hey, we (used to) believe in Holocaust, we likewise believe (right now) in 50 million Russians killed by Stalin, right?)

      I get your comparison. Trump will do the same and help kill 100+ million Yankees!

      today is 17 August, over 200 days of Trump presidency.
      Assuming your prediction is correct, projected over 8 years (the daily requirement doubles if only until 2020), trump would have to kill ~34,000 Americans per day, i.e., he should have gotten over 7 million of them by now.
      Sleeping on the job, is he.

      1. Lobro –

        Ooops… another “hair-splitting” comment.. pointing out errors…. and showing 34,00/day needed… so far. Just a small “hair-splitting” matter.. no biggie..

        “Sleeping on the job, is he.” HA!!! Good one..!! “BIGGLY” ..!! 🙂 🙂

      2. So Alexander Solzhenitsyn is wrong about the 66 million figure? The 50 million figure is mentioned here in an article on DM under Stalin’s reign. The truth of the fact is both you and I do NOT know the exact number of Russians killed under his rule.

        Stalin a “good guy”? If so, why did Stalin and the Soviets kill millions of Germans during WW2? Why did he need “blocking units” to shoot retreating Soviets soldiers or why did he killed all those Soviet troops who were captured by the Germans?

        My amigo, you need a reality check on Stalin! What the hell are you smoking?

        When the Jewish Fever reaches its pitch as it did in Russia, the Yankees will be toast. I have lived in the USA for 20 years. I know what will happen when they turn off the food spigot. Those fat GMO Yankees will eat their own.

        These things don’t occur like some linear event, 34,000 deaths per day. When it happens, hundreds of thousands or maybe millions will die in a very short time period.

        Trump does NOT have the majority support of the people and the military. Hitler did.

        Trump came to power as the Jewish poster boy for debts. Hitler came to power from nothing, only with the burning truth that Jews and debts are the works of the Devil.

        Trump is surrounded by Jews and his family is married to one. Hitler . . .

        You are WRONG on Trump and Stalin!

      3. David –

        You wrote:
        “You are WRONG on Trump and Stalin!”

        Who is arguing now..????!! 🙂 🙂

        Now you’re gettin’ the hang uhvitt..!!

        Lobro can handle it.. no hay problema.. 🙂

      4. @David Chu

        Stalin a “good guy”? If so, why did Stalin and the Soviets kill millions of Germans during WW2?

        Here is a little clue for you, David: the good Germans invaded Russia on Jun 22, 1941 in a violation of the non-aggression agreement between Germany and Russia known as “the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact”, and the war has raged for the next 3 years or so on THE TERRITORY of Russia.

        So the “bad guy” Stalin and the Soviets were left with no other choice but to kill the good mother fuckers. Does it help a little?

        Where are you from, Dave, and how old are you, brother?

    2. For what it’s worth, David Chu, Russian expat writer Dmitry Orlov (“The Five Stages of Collapse”), has written that the number of deaths attributed to Stalin have been blown way out of proportion by the West. That makes sense to me, as the US propaganda machine stopped at nothing to demonize those evil atheistic Commies. Now it’s all hand on deck to get both Trump and Putin out of power. If those two leader were just puppets of the Zionists why would they be stopping at nothing to take them down?

      1. I place Orlov in the same disdain category as the Faker.

        Former Russians (is the Faker Russian?) who rather play in the cesspool of the Great United States Of Death, Disease and Destruction than fight the good fight for Mother Russia.

        Thanks for your comment in any case.

  5. the above post, that putin is a jew by birth has been solidly debunked as a typical kosher-stamped smear, exactly the same as against Hitler, i will not waste further breath on it, anyone interested is welcome to their own research.

    I will also limit myself to the following, i get very distressed over how eagerly people overlook the most obvious, ignore the elephants in order to focus on gnats.

    assuming that jew thoroughly controls EVERYTHING, to wit (numbered bullets):
    • (1) Trump,
    • (2) Trump’s opposition, to say, Congress, Deep State, media, academe, justice system, finance, zillion fake “grass roots” orgs like ANTIFA, EU,
    • (3) Putin’s Russia,
    • (4) might as well toss in China, many here will state this as a fact that doesn’t require proving
    • (5) Vatican (and I am largely inclined to believe this) and the Protestant curches (70 million ziochristians in US)

    … okay, ready for the question?
    Why, given Jew’s absolute power, does he bother with this expensive, bothersome, difficult to coordinate charade, what is he afraid of?
    Please give me a cogent, well argued and fact supported reason.

    Also, keep in mind the following points when cooking up your arguments (more bullets, with alphabet):
    • (a) at all times throughout the history, Jew has adhered powerfully to the satanic narrative, starting with Torah, also the rest, talmud, kabbalah, mishnah, Zohar, etc, etc, all of them forming his metaphysical worldview, reflected in everything they do, numerological disasters, events, false flags, atrocities, etc.,
    • (b) every time he has demostrably had the absolute power, it resulted in near absolute genocide, from Deuteronomy 20:16 to the massacre of Mamilla Pool in 614, to 60+ million murdered russians during Judeo-bolshevik Red Terror (Trotsky/Zinoviev – NOT Stalin), Morgenthau-run genocide of millions of germans post-WW2, today’s West Bank, Gaza, lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya even under the weak restraint of watching shabbos … they don’t mince words, they don’t hide aims, methods, means and ends – SO WHY NOW, all this “get Trump (our boy)” namby pamby?

    Let me tell you right now.

    The rabbinical literature and outright statements of the leading rabbis describe these Messianic End Days (When Israel Is Mighty) with great clarity:
    deuteronomy 20:16

    However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.


    The Gentiles shall come to your light,
    And their kings to the brightness of your rising…
    You shall drink the milk of the Gentiles,
    And draw milk from the breasts of their kings.
    Strangers shall stand and feed your flocks,
    And the sons of the foreigner shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.
    You shall be named the priests of the Lord and the Gentiles shall call you the servants of God.
    You shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory you shall boast as they surrender unto you their gold and incense…
    The children of those who afflicted you
    Shall come bowing down to you,
    And all those who despised you shall fall prostrate at the soles of your feet,
    The sons of foreigners shall build up your walls,
    And their kings shall minister to you, as your gates remain open, day and night,
    So that men may bring to you the wealth of the Gentiles,
    And their kings led in humble procession before you,
    For the nation which will not serve you shall perish, it shall be utterly destroyed

    the protocols

    (#23) 3. The supreme lord who will replace all now existing rulers, dragging in their existence among societies demoralized by us, societies that have denied even the authority of God, from whose midst breeds out on all sides the fire of anarchy, must first of all proceed to quench this all-devouring flame. Therefore he will be obliged to kill off those existing societies

    more (begin to carter) …

    Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves

    so how do you, who insist that everything is already in jew’s control square it with the above quotes?
    jew suddenly got real nice and palestine apart, wants us entertained even though there is no opposition from either trump or putin?
    Tell me, i am real curious.
    (and i am 100% certain that you will conveniently ignore the rabbinical statements)

    1. Lobro –

      “ how do you, who insist that everything is already in jew’s control square it with the above quotes?”

      Uuuhh…. lemme see, now. Hmmmmm … Maybe… Pharisee-Jews chant kol nidre.??? They lie..?? Follow Talmud instructions on public quotes..?? Follow protocols..?? Always whine, to feign weakness..???

      Ever heard any of dat..?? Huh..???

      You ALWAYS wrote it is best to watch what they do… and Not their words,,!!

      WHEW…. more circles..!!! Pass the waffle syrup.. 🙂

    2. Pat,
      a rather pitiful reply.
      Would you kindly note the EXACT correspondence of the quoted rabbinical statements, written and oral, with the reality of the Great Terror (widely acknowledged by all, including many jews, e.g., Slezkine) and Gulag archipelago of death camps across Siberia?
      Or is Gulag also kol nidre.
      And the cave of bones at the Mamilla Pool, recently excavated, relating to the mass slaughter of Palestinian Christians by jews who ransomed them off the victorious Persians back in 614 – not forensic enough for you, another kol nidre?

      your argument goes like this:
      Jews say they will kill on a massive scale.
      Physical evidence confirms massive atrocities by Jews.

      and yet, you claim that Jew’s threats and promises of carnage (you call that whining?) are nothing but kol nidre, i.e., lies unconnected to the reality.

      1. Lobro –

        My pitiful reply here now, is exceeded “BIGGLY” by yours from the past… 🙂

        You used the quotes… not me.

        I shall repeat…

        You ALWAYS wrote it is best to watch what they do… and Not their words.. because of kol nidre..!!

        More syrup, please.. Pure maple, this time 🙂

    3. @ Lobro

      In defense of Isaiah concerning your Isaiah quote, as I was researching the sacrifice aspect of the jewish cult, it dawned on me that the jewish liars and murders (John 8:44) apparently monkeyed with the book of Isaiah (I think they made-up or monkeyed with all of the Old Testament). In the first chapter or so, Isaiah stated that God was fed up with sacrificing and questions who told them to do it, but later on in the book of Isaiah, sacrificing is endorsed again. Isaiah starts out his book by chastising the tribe of Judah for their evilness and then, according to your quote, returns to all nicy nice that the world will be theirs. I doubt that Isaiah actually said what you quoted because he was apparently a really good guy since he appeared with Jesus in the Garden before Jesus was nabbed for “trial” and execution. Isaiah had to come from heaven for the meeting.

  6. LD: Both writers present their respective cases very well, with considerable verve and panache, and therefore both require a respectful hearing — even though both of them cannot be right.

    Well, I certainly agree with that. I’ll say this for Lobro. He does a damn good job, in pretty graphic prose that leaps off the page, in presenting his case.
    He may be wrong about Trump, but it’s still too early to tell. Maybe the Great Magician of the White House is getting ready to pull a few rabbits out of his hat … who knows? 🙂

    The passage I liked best in Lobro’s piece was this. The mental image it gave made me laugh:

    “As the coronation moment approached, the Jews stumbled and collapsed, like a chain of valets crashing down the castle staircase.”

    Wow! That hilarious simile is worth its weight in gold. “Like a chain of valets crashing down the castle staircase.” Totally brilliant!

  7. … both of them cannot be right.

    True. But both of them can be wrong.

    I would like to hear from both esteemed proponents of the “The universe rotates around the Jews” hypothesis an answer to a simple question: What role did the Jews play in the ONLY genocide in the recent history known to us – the genocide (in the literal sense of that word) of the indigenous redskin population of North America?

    1. Well, the most likely is that they are both correct and both wrong. Not entirely, of course, but in part. The problem we face is determining which parts are correct.

      1. You see Frank, it turns out that it was the Jew, after all, who did genocide the Native Americans.

        Me thinks that White Americans who inherited America from the Indians should wage a war on the Jew as a revenge for their redskin American brothers.

    2. @ Circassian

      There was never a “genocide” of the indigenous population of North America. They were dispossessed yes, and eventually driven into reservations. During clashes with the American army some 35,000 were killed. At the time of Columbus there were an estimated 2 to 4 million Injuns in North America. Now there are some 4 million (though not all full blooded). The surface of all Indian reservations in the US combined is 2 to 3 % of the total. That is somewhat more than the UK, which has a population of more than 60 million. With their casinos on their reservations, the Injuns need not be poor, unless their alcoholism is a problem.

      1. Frank,

        Are you sure that the Jews had nothing to do with what happened to the Native Americans? How could that be?

        Did you hear that, Brownhawk? The surface of all Indian reservations in the US combined is 2 to 3 % of the total which is somewhat more than the UK with a population of more than 60 million. So, you should be happy in those huge reservations … unless you are an alcoholic, of course.

        Do the math, redskin brother: some 4 million (though not all full blooded) redskins occupy today as much territory as 60 million of your white skin brothers who were generous enough to give you 95% of your blood! What genocide? Be reasonable now, Brownhawk.

        Frank, one more question. Do you understand the meaning of the word “reservation” in the context of what happened to the redskins?

      2. Methinks Franklin has been dippin into the wikipedia playbook again, as opposed to the firewater that I don’t touch a drop of anymore, even on Thanksgiving when partyin with my half-blood brothers. (:>)

        But I will say this – the VAST majority of indigenous peoples’ deaths on BOTH the North and South continents was due primarily to the smallpox and other insidious diseases of which my understanding suggests was pre-planned long ago. This, in keeping with the original 1492 protocols that called for wiping them out in order to pave the way for their “Great Plan of the Ages” as it would concern what became known as “America”.

        I’ve written extensively here about how it was no mere coincidence that the Iroquoian Great League was just starting to get rolling when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. This presented a giant thorn in the side of “those who would be king”, and so…the rest as they say, is history

  8. … both of them can be wrong.

    I would like to hear from both esteemed proponents of the “The universe rotates around the Jews” hypothesis an answer to a simple question: What role did the Jews play in the ONLY genocide in the recent history known to us – the genocide (in the literal sense of that word) of the indigenous redskin population of North America?

    More than two ways of being wrong, as the above quote shows …

    Poisoners of the Wells: The Jewish Role in the Native American Genocide

    What most of them don’t know is that the slave dealers, slave ship owners and slave holders, both initially with Native Americans and later with African Blacks, were mostly Jewish.
    They do know that whiskey was systematically used as a means of ‘domesticating’ Native Americans. What they don’t know is that the whiskey distilleries were mostly owned by Jews, and so were the business men who handed out the whiskey to them.
    Many people know about the slaughter perpetrated on Native American communities by “bounty hunters”.
    What they don’t know is the leading Jewish role in that genocide.[3]

    The least known Jewish contribution to the Native American genocide is the deliberate starvation caused by the near-extinction of the American buffalo. Investment banks owned by the Jewish Rothschild crime family had invested heavily in the railway lines built across the country. By making the US government hire unemployed former black slaves as ‘Buffalo soldiers’ to slaughter herd after herd of buffaloes they killed two birds with one stone. They prevented those herds from damaging the tracks of the railway lines and they freed land for millions of new settlers by forcing the surviving Natives to surrender and accept imprisonment in concentration camp style reservations.

    ONLY genocide in the recent history known to us
    so the armenian genocide by Donmeh jews never happened either, no Holodomor, no genocide of post-ww2 germans by the Allies on the orders of top jews …

    proving jew innocence in just about any known atrocity on a large scale is such a thankless task … proving it in total, i.e., poor, grossly maligned jews never did anything wrong … Wow!

    thus, the one solution left, properly instituted by the Jew bolsheviks: immediate death sentence for any suspicion of “antisemitism”, i.e., truth and facts.

    1. lobro

      Thanks for reminding me.

      Starvation was a big-time killer of the Indians on the Great Plains and surrounding areas, especially after the brutal winters hit, as you can well imagine. That and the diseases aforementioned by me accounted for probably well over 90% of their casualties

    2. I might add I once pointed out how Jews were major merchants in the textile industry and were therefore most likely behind Tubercular blanket plot to murder the Indians, only to have it pointed out that the Tubercular blanket story is a myth; Like the Hallowedhoax, it never happened. No doubt this myth was simply another Jewish attempt to slime the white man.

      As for “genocide,” not only are there large contingents of “native Americans” in the region where I live, they own most of the Casinos and enjoy privileged status in the fishing industry. Most assuredly, from a Jewish standpoint (they invented the word) this “genocide” was a failed attempt. One might take a look at what Jews are doing to innocent Palestinians for a comparison of a truly genocidal process from the Jewish perspective.

      Native American? Exactly how many generation are required before one is considered native to a country or region? Third world “Muslims” are considered native citizens of Britain at the moment of birth in that country, as are Mexicans and Somalians born in this country. So after three hundred years, why aren’t white people considered “native Americans?”

      1. Arch

        Gimme a break. Just because a small number of “native americans” run casinos and have fishing industry privileges, it doesn’t negate the FACT that a genocide occurred on BOTH “American” continents. This, regardless of whomever invented the word “genocide”

        Call me a reporter who believes he has it on good authority in trusting sources that go back hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years of oral tradition, that far from Franklin’s characterization of the Indians being “dispossessed”, there was indeed a systemic slaughter for the purposes of getting rid of them and paving the way for America’s role in the “Great Work of the Ages”.

      2. @Brownhawk

        Genocide means extermination of an ethnic group. Since Injuns are still around, there was no genocide. But if you misunderstand the word genocide for “massacres” (of tribes or villages) , those did indeed occur, but mostly the number of victims ran in the hundreds rather than thousands. Those numbers have been duly collected, and as I said, don’t exceed 35,000. Violent expulsion and resettlement in reservations is “dispossession”, not genocide. If you resent dispossession, then openly say so, but don’t invent a “genocide”.

      3. Franklin

        Oh dear. Can I say VIRTUAL genocide, then? As in, “for all intents and purposes”?

        I like to think that most readers get my drift (:>)

      4. @Brownhawk

        Oh dear. Can I say VIRTUAL genocide, then? As in, “for all intents and purposes”?
        I like to think that most readers get my drift (:>)

        I do.

        Your ancestors were proud people, BH: they refused to be slaves and that was their undoing. Do not argue with Ryckaerts and Fuckaerts – your time is better spent learning as much as you can about your forefathers.

      5. @Brownhawk

        If the Whites had the intention to exterminate all Injuns they could easily have done so since they were the majority and had superior weapons. Instead they chased them away from their encroaching civilization and eventually resettled them in reservations. In doing so they fought many small battles against tribes in which in total 35,000 people were killed. That is the historical reality. How you deal with that reality emotionally is your own choice, but don’t resort to exaggerations or fictions. We don’t need “virtual histories”, we need fact-based histories. Moral judgments of course are welcome, but they should be based on the truth.

        ( And don’t listen to Circassian. He lives in his own “virtual reality” in which among others Stalin was a good guy.)

  9. Trump appears to be a slightly dim megalomaniac.

    He has ingratiated himself with all agencies that he believes will preen his ego: mafia mobsters, globalists, Zionists and lately the genius of Bannon and that part of the American electorate that is still sane. He has and will instantly slough off these relationships when the ego preening diminishes.

    I believe it was FRANKLIN RYCKAERT that said above he is not intelligent enough to oppose the Tribe, as Putin and Russia appear to have done. Note: that the Russian constitution was partly written by US consultants under the “watch” of drunken Yeltsin is no surprise.

    That said, a dim megalomaniac is very much better than a psychotic hateful megalomaniac like Killary.

    If Russia can pull off that act of a multi-polar world, the Tribe will over time diminish in influence. The US world thug military will become weakened. With that, the world can organically grow.

    What concerns me about Putin is his public and prominent support for two central planks of the Tribe slave galleon:
    – The scam of CAGW
    – The UN.

    Can somebody explain that?

    1. One can add to the planks:
      – Restriction on free speech and free internet. Holocaustianity has already been mentioned. He recently effectively banned the use of virtual private networks, heavily used by dissidents. Supposedly this was to combat pedophiles, but when a sledgehammer is used to crack a nut, it does suggest ulterior motives .

    2. Flan –

      You wrote:
      “What concerns me about Putin is his public and prominent support for two central planks of the Tribe slave galleon:
      – The scam of CAGW
      – The UN.”

      “Can somebody explain that?”

      You have the same questions I had until a decade ago… when I figured out ‘Put-On’ is a pawn. A PAPER BEAR…. “BIGGLY”..!!

      The two issues you mention are branches of the same tree planted on 1st Ave in NY City… the United Nations Building. There you will see a “YUGE” bronze sculpture of a handgun with a TWISTED barrel…. So as to represent gun control.

      **Russia is too small to go it alone… and ‘Put-On’ admits it.

      HE NEEDS $$$$$… for his little economy..!!!

      He has stated that he needs help from both… UN and US.

      ’Put-On’ asks U.S. businessmen to help restore normal dialogue with Washington

      Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a business roundtable session ”Russia – USA” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, June 2, 2017.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin called on U.S. businessmen on Friday to help restore normal dialogue with Washington, saying good U.S.-Russia relations were in the interest of both nations.

      Putin, addressing senior U.S. business executives during an economic forum in St Petersburg, said Moscow would continue to talk to U.S. President Donald Trump and the new U.S. administration.

      “Help us restore normal political dialogue,” Putin said. “I ask you on behalf of Russia and I address the American side: help the new president and the new administration.”

      ’Put-On’ admits HE NEEDS US today

      June 17, 2016

      The Russian president admitted the world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs.

      ST.PETERSBURG, June 17. /TASS/. The world needs such a powerful country as the United States but Moscow does not want Washington to meddle in domestic affairs and prevent the European Union to build relations with Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

      “The world needs such a powerful country as the United States. ** And we also need it. But we don’t need them to constantly interfere in our affairs and tell us how to live and prevent Europe to build relations with us,” Putin said.

      ’Put-On’ says America is probably the world’s ‘only superpower’..!!

      “America is a great power. Today, probably, the only superpower. We accept that,” the Russian president said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.

      “We want to and are ready to work with the United States.”


      It cannot be stressed enough that ‘Put-On’ is pushing “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ from UN Agenda-21:

      “We are ready to do everything to bring back Russian-US relations on a – “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” – path. This would benefit both the Russian and the US people and would positively impact the overall climate in global affairs, given the particular responsibilities of Russia and the US in maintaining global stability and security,” Putin said.

      The Russian leader said Moscow was ready to do its utmost to return relations with Washington on the trajectory of *SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Restoring the ties would not be easy, but Russia is ready to follow its course, he said.

      1. Thanks Pat.
        What you quote could be interpreted as general good business-speak, even the sustainable development comment. It could be interpreted in the way you imply also.

        Putin statements approving of the the CAGW scam are unambiguous. UN nations are just a bunch paid off whores, like Congress, but Putin lauds the UN. The attacks on free speech are encoded in Russian law.

        Some on this site would say these things are just distraction for Tribe observers, with Putin biding his time.
        At least Trump has made some anti UN/CAGW/globalist speeches, unfortunately not backed up with action, yet. Putin makes speeches advocating these three. Smells very fishy to me. I tend to agree that it seems Putin is a put-on.

      2. Flan –

        Glad to help, as always.

        The situation in Russia today is much the same as in 1917. Poor people, low wages, low life expectancy and little say in what they can do. The state tells them what they will study and where they will work.

        To make matters worse… Social Security is in jeopardy. Losing funding.

        Few know this… because the globalist plan is to lift Russia to at least as big an economy as California…. which would be double what it is in Russia today. 🙂

        How America Helped Build The Soviet Machine

        To bring their nation to the leading edge of technology, Soviet leaders are turning to the United States. Their grandfathers did the same thing.

        *Stalin summarized the Soviet celebration of American technology and management in 1924: “The combination of the Russian revolutionary sweep with American efficiency is the essence of Leninism.”

        The Soviet economy passed through several phases between the world wars. From 1917 to 1921, the period of War Communism, the Bolsheviks attempted desperately and unsuccessfully to turn industry over to trade unions and committees of workers. The country overcame the foreign and civil wars of these years only after the authorities began to restore managers and engineers to their old jobs. Then, in 1921, with the country near exhaustion and industrial production stalled, Lenin called for a New Economic Policy. It involved a temporary retreat from centralized planning and control. The regime now tolerated substantial private and market enterprise while retaining control of the “commanding heights,” which included heavy industry, transportation, and electricity supply. During these years the government embarked on the national planning process that culminated in 1928 in the First Five-Year Plan. With it came a drive to eliminate private enterprise in both industry and agriculture.

        Foreign loans were rapidly industrializing many regions of Russia before the 1917 Revolution. But the speed of change was multiplied after 1921 by the forced adoption of foreign technology.

        By 1926 dreams of “Americanization” were mesmerizing Soviet engineers and managers. Soviet planners believed that their future required large systems of production on a regional scale, larger even than those in the United States; they would be feasible because socialism would not be burdened by the political and economic “contradictions” of capitalism, which constrained the full development of modern production technology. Lenin understood that modern industrialization involved more than machines, processes, and devices; it involved order, centralization, control, and systems. And so the regime drove peasant workers mercilessly to gather grain and cut wood and dig minerals that were exchanged in prodigious quantities for foreign, especially American, technology.

  10. Stalin was not in any possible way a “good guy”. During his government he was surrounded by Jews at the top positions of the Soviet Union, even in his own family, wife’s and lovers always were Jewish women. The kapos in charge of the Gulags’ were in their immense majority Jews. Surely is difficult to imagine all their atrocities but there are evidence. The “Road of Bones” or Kolyma Highway is based with the bones of the millions of Russians goyims that died at the gulags. The 66 million figure was calculated by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov. Perhaps you should read, aside from Solzhenitsyn, Josef Landowsky’s “La Symphonie en Rouge Majeur”. Finally, I would like to say that my arguments are not ad hominem, because I respect everybody in this forum.

    1. I think that is why Lobro equates Trump with Stalin. Both were surrounded by Jews, married to Jew(s)

      I think Lobro is correct for the wrong reasons.

      Trump will do to the Yankees what Stalin did to the Russians. Or in other words, he will allow the Jewish Fever to manifest under his watch like Stalin, maybe even encourage it.

      Time will tell if nukes are fantasy and if Trump is the Saviour. Putin too.

      PS How does one explain away Stalin’s 22,000+ tanks that were about to roll across Europe to the English Channel if he was a “good guy”? If it wasn’t for Hitler and the Germans?

  11. Back in early July, an article appeared on Darkmoon entitled “US Guilty of Premeditated Murder of Civilians”, by Peter Van Buren.

    I bring this subject up here because I believe it is relevant to question of who Orange Clown is really working for – if there should be any remaining doubt.

    The article began with the statement: “The US has been targeting civilians for a long time but pretending that all such deaths are accidental, aka “collateral damage”.

    I’ve noticed the same thing that Mr. Van Buren noticed: a pattern of gratuitous – deliberate – murderous violence that seems to go way beyond any apparent geopolitical objective.

    From the militarily unnecessary firebombing and atomic bombing of Japan, to the atrocities against civilians in Korea and Vietnam, to the barbaric slaughter of retreating Iraqi troops on the “Highway of Death”, to the atrocities of Clinton, Bush II, Obama and now, Trump, the slaughter continues, as senselessly as ever (from a “worldly” perspective at least).

    An illuminating example is the case of Clinton’s attack on Yugoslavia. Before the “air campaign” began, the U.S. “government” was making demands, and Milosevic was agreeing to everything, or at least, almost everything, until the advent of “appendix B” of the “Rambouillet Accords”; regarding which Madeline Albright said:

    “We intentionally set the bar too high for the Serbs to comply. They need some bombing, and that’s what they are going to get.”

    And get it they did, even though in the end the U.S. government got essentially the same deal that was agreed to before the unnecessary violence.

    This brings me to my point: there seems to be a “requirement” for jew-controlled presidents to make a blood-sacrifice to the jews and their god, satan. This requirement is apparently above-and-beyond the violence inherent in the of staging coups, propping up of corrupt puppet rulers, etc.

    One of the first things that Donald John Trump did upon being inaugurated was to immediately increase the gratuitous mass-murder of civilians in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

    I claim that this action by Donald John Trump, BY ITSELF, proves that he works for the jews and their god, satan.

  12. David,

    So Alexander Solzhenitsyn is wrong about the 66 million figure? The 50 million figure is mentioned here in an article on DM under Stalin’s reign. The truth of the fact is both you and I do NOT know the exact number of Russians killed under his rule.

    with all respect but though we are in murky waters, history-wise, these things are only now being brought to light and moreover, though you admit to have your knowledge derived from one or two DM articles dealing with the subject, I tried to go into somewhat greater depth.
    Yes, Solzhenitsyn did quote that figure, largely attributed to Stalin and he got WORLDWIDE audience for this, plus a Nobel prize.
    Yet, when he had a chance to take a closer look as certain Soviet archives were getting declassified and wrote his “200 Years Together”, with focus on jews, what happened?
    Total shutdown and obliteration, death in obscurity.
    That alone should tell you that something important hides under that rock.

    And i looked under that rock and was amazed.
    This history is of breathtaking importance, on truly eschatological scale, driving not only the tale of 20th century and present but directly impacting on the future – which may be a very short one.

    I felt compelled to write at some length about it, despite being out of order and was pretty much lynched in these threads for my transgression against the order, so trust me that i don’t feel comfortable venturing there again.

    But, the ignorance about these catastrophic events is so widespread that I have no choice.
    I never said that Stalin was a good guy, a nice person.
    Consider someone working in a slaughterhouse (I met couple of them) with a daily quota of let’s say 150 heads of cattle – is he automatically a bad man but all those meat eaters who pay his wages are perfectly upright?
    He was a brutal, straight shooter, like say, genghis Khan or Julius Caesar, he does what must be done to achieve some goal, which in his case was ridding Russia of Jew power – and he did it.

    Did you not read that the Great terror started in 1918 after the assassination attempt on Lenin?
    Stalin was involved in huge power struggle with Jews and didn’t gain upper hand until about 1928, when he started whacking them big time, so that for these 10 years of terror, mass killings, deportations to Siberia, etc., he cannot shoulder the blame, even if he had to participate in order to prove his belonging to the Mafia.
    Get a load of this

    It was Sokolnikov who in 1926 would demand from the tribune of a Party congress Stalin’s removal as General Secretary

    With the passage of time, and particularly after 1928 [see this, David?], the Jewish role in the top leadership of the Soviet state and its Communist party diminished markedly. Via the purges of the 1930s, Stalin overthrew Jewish Bolshevism and installed a Russian version. It is frequently argued that Stalin’s rise to power marked the end of the Jewish phase of communism. In support of this, it is pointed out that while such Jews as Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Martynov, Zasulich, Deutsch, Parvus, Axelrod, Radek, Uritsky, Sverdlov, Dan, Lieber, Martov, and others were prominent in the early history of the revolution, these have almost without exception been executed or exiled.

    But by and large, Jews ran the entire bloody show during those 10 years and even afterwards, when the Ukraine Famine (Holodomor) got underway in 1932-33, the man responsible was Lazar Kaganovich.

    i will quote some stuff (probably again but at least I cannot be accused this time of being OFF-TOPIC):

    … In 1932-33, there was a true genocide in Ukraine.

    In 1987, Stuart Kahan, an American relative of Kaganovich wrote a book about him. The author interviewed the elderly Kaganovich — in Yiddish — and concluded that his relative “was, to put it mildly, a devil. That relative exuded evil, an evil that put millions of people to death…” [Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin, (New York: William Morrow and Company, 1987), p. 5]

    The precise number of Ukrainians murdered by Kaganovich’s custom-made famine and Cheka firing squads remains unknown to this day. The KGB’s archives, and recent work by Russian historians, show at least seven million died, almost half of them children. [Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow, pp. 303-4] Other millions died from the killings and sickness as a result of the deportations. [Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow, pp. 304-7]

    Finally, a quote from Trotsky, the Great Satan of Bolshevism, on the eve of the Oktober, 1917 takeover:

    “We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.
    We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars quake and pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence… At the moment, our young men in their leather jackets, who are the sons of watchmakers from Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa, know how to hate everything Russian! What pleasure they take in physically destroying the Russian intelligentsia — officers, academics and writers!…”

    Don’t blame Stalin.
    Blame the Jew, however much there are always ready defenders, facts are facts.

    Pardon me all, but I will take a vacation, too much posting and arguing because it seems that practically none of the forum see my viewpoint, so I must reply to each and every one individually … a tiring job.
    (I will not deal with Hitler-Stalin question because honestly, i don’t know much about the verifiable data, i have some clues and hunches but that’s not enough to stake a case, this is an even murkier area that needs much research and yes, it is tremendously important to figure out what happened – i got my usual suspects though 😉 )

    1. @ Lobro

      Pardon me all, but I will take a vacation, too much posting and arguing because it seems that practically none of the forum see my viewpoint, so I must reply to each and every one individually … a tiring job.

      Oh dear me, not another “vacation” surely? And all because the Divine Lobro is not getting all the pats on the back he thinks are his due!
      So sad!

      In order for him to stay here and continue posting, our Stalin and Trump expert needs lots of hugs and kisses and compliments galore from his many groupies! (Of whom I am the foremost). Or else he threatens to decamp and deprive us of his Divine Presence!

      Don’t be too long, you gorgeous hunk of humanity!

      Awaiting your return with bated breath. 🙂

  13. I never saw myself in opposition to Lobro. While we may disagree on minor points (and who doesn’t), I consider Lobro a leader among the other astute observers posting on Darkmoon.

    Let’s consult a leading Jew on this matter:

    Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich announced the following during a convention in Budapest Hungary on 12 January 1952. As for the program Mentioned? Could this be “Project Lucifer?”

    “This program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all of the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against gentiles. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generations of white children are being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy, will become only a memory.”

    “We will embark on an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      Obviously, the Rabbi was full of crap or jewish chosenite propaganda, same difference.

      “Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted…”

      I am pretty sure that Iran has a different idea about Israel being neutral. Numerous times, Iran has said that if attacked by anyone, they will unleash all they have, fuel-air missiles, on Israel. I’m sure Hezbollah will join in for even more devastation on Israel.

      “I can state with assurance that the last generations of white children are being born.”

      Even if you use the jewish generation of 40 years, the Rabbi was wrong. Lots of white babies are being born everyday in the USA and I’m sure the same goes for Europe and Russia.

      “The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women.”

      I cannot speak for Europe, but I can speak for the USA. Being in the wedding industry, mixed marriages are very few compared to non-mixed. Based on what I have read about Russia, they are now back in the baby business expecting to pass the replacement mark in the very near future. I am sure that there are not enough blacks in Russia to even come close to fulfilling what the Rabbi said.

      As Brother Nathanael explained in one of our conversations, the Jews fell for the same temptation from Satan that Jesus rejected, world dominance by worshiping Satan. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the jews are brilliant when they cannot even figure out that the world is not Satan’s to give away. Consequently, certain failure is assured.

      1. Ung –

        Yes. Russia is in the ‘baby business’ for sure. 🙂

        Russia’s economy is so weak that ‘Put-On’ has a “YUGE” foreign adoption business going there…. along with his black markets and casinos.

        ‘Put-On’ sells his white babies. The children are orphaned because of the low life expectancy of parents and abuse due mainly to alcoholism

        The Russian economy is smaller than NY City’s economy…. so, he needs USDs any way he can get them.

        Children Available for Adoption in Russia

        Two groups of children are typically available for an international adoption from Russia, babies relinquished in the hospital at birth to orphanages, and older children who are removed from their families because of neglect.

        There are over a million orphans in Russia, the majority of which are true orphans, or have parents who were unable to provide for them.

        Most major cities have several orphanage-type facilities called baby houses which house children from birth to approximately 4 to 5 years of age. Older children ranging from 5 to 18 years of age are frequently held at boarding schools or other facilities called orphanages.

        Boys are more readily available than girls. In addition to healthy children, siblings and children with special needs are also available. For some families age or the sex of the child is the main concern while for other adopting persons the medical information is the main concern.

        Other families feel that appearance is a higher priority, while some individuals are simply open to any child whom they are referred. You should make sure to discuss your preferences with your U.S. based adoption agency and the agency conducting your home study.

        Families who are interested in adopting from Russia need to be aware that many, if not most, of the children available for adoption from Russia have medical diagnoses in their records. Frequently prospective adoptive parents are frightened when viewing a Russian medical report describing the child that has been referred to them. This is because the information often seems to be at odds with what their agency has told them, with the previous information received about the child, and even with the evidence of their own eyes as they look at the child before them in the orphanage or baby home.

        In some cases, the children’s diagnoses are exaggerated, or false.

      2. @UG — mixed marriages are very few compared to non-mixed

        But, blacks, by and large, don’t get married.

      3. @ Pat

        “… so, he needs USDs any way he can get them.”

        Obviously not through adoptions to the USA which were terminated January 1, 2013 by Russia due to excessive abuse by adoptive parents in the USA.

      4. @ Dicarlo

        I’m not sure what the “by and large” number is for the USA, but about 50% of our wedding clientele are black. Of all the black people that I personally know, only one is not married with children, but I do not know any of the project rat category.

  14. @ David Chu

    So Alexander Solzhenitsyn is wrong about the 66 million figure? The 50 million figure is mentioned here in an article on DM under Stalin’s reign. The truth of the fact is both you and I do NOT know the exact number of Russians killed under his rule.

    Take it from me, David, Lobro’s figures are worthless. Pay no attention to them. They are all derived from pro-Stalinist sources that seek to minimize the immense damage inflicted on the Russian people by this atheistical psychopath.

    Stalin was in complete control of the Soviet Union for several decades, from the early 1920s on to 1953, and there was no one else one can possibly blame for the Red Terror, the 7-10 million Holodomor famine deaths, deaths under extreme torture in the gulags , and the 2 million German women raped mostly by Stalin’s Red Army, with Ilya Ehrenberg — Stalin’s Jewish propaganda minister — cheering these rapists on.

    Stalin presided over all this murder and mayhem. He was the Big Honcho. If you can’t blame the Big Boss for all these rivers of blood, who else can you blame?

    If Stalin was such a Jew hater as Lobro supposes, how come his genocidal policies were all carried out with Jews behind him all the way? Why didn’t he kill Ilya Ehrenberg? How come he remained a big buddy of Lazar Kaganovitch, credited with the death of at least 10 million Russian Christians?

    Lobro professes to care for Christians but seems to be totally oblivious to the millions of Christians whom Stalin and his Jews put to death in the Soviet Union.

    Anyone who prefers Lobro’s view of Russian history to Solzhenitsyn’s view has to be a fool if only for this reason: on a previous thread, Lobro frankly admitted that he hadn’t read a single biography of Stalin. He not only admitted it, he actually boasted about it! —as if ignorance were a feather in his cap!

    Not for our Lobro to have his mind cluttered up with useless facts! 🙂

    Well, all those who have studied the Stalin era for decades, foremost scholars such as Robert Service and Robert Conquest, point the finger of blame at Stalin and quote TWENTY MILLION as the LOWEST figure. Others like Solzhenitsyn say 66 million died under Stalin and this would include Eustace Mullins.

    See “The Secret Holocaust”:

    1. @ Lobro

      I wish you could try a bit harder not to sneer at Lasha Darkmoon’s scholarship. Try to be grateful to her that she is actually willing to edit and publish your comments as feature articles, improving them considerably in the process.

      The comment below is an example of LD’s genuine scholarship. Mock her as much as you want, but know that her knowledge of Stalin is ten times greater than yours.

      Click on this article of Kevin MacDonald’s here:

      Scroll down to this picture:

      Just under this picture, you will read this meticulously researched comment by Lasha Darkmoon, the person whose scholarship you think is so inferior to your own. I challenge you to refute a word she has said in this comment:

      † “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka [Soviet secret police] stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and shot by a Jewish investigator.” — Leonard Shapiro, British academic historian, quoted by Slezkine (p. 177)

      † “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish…. Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity.” Jewish Writer Sever Plocker, here

      † LASHA DARKMOON notes: MacDonald gives the total number of Russian Christians killed during the Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath as 20 million, as opposed to Solzhenitsyn’s 66 million mentioned in the quote above. 20 million, however, is the lowest conservative mainstream figure, the exact number of casualties often being put much higher.

      In a private email to me, Mark Weber confirmed the 20 million figure, but drew my attention to a footnote in one of his essays:

      “Russian professor Igor Bestuzhev-Lada, writing in a 1988 issue of the Moscow weekly Nedelya, suggested that during the Stalin era alone (1935-1953), as many as 50 million people were killed, condemned to camps from which they never emerged, or lost their lives as a direct result of the brutal “dekulakization” campaign against the peasantry. “Soviets admit Stalin killed 50 million,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988.

      R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, has recently calculated that 61.9 million people were systematically killed by the Soviet Communist regime from 1917 to 1987.— R. J. Rummel, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917 (Transaction, 1990).

      — Mark Weber, The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime, n. 35.

      In his introduction to the 800-page compendium “The Black Book of Communism“, published in 1999 by Harvard University Press, editor Stéphane Courtois states that “Communist regimes turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government.”

      He calculates a total death toll of 94 million, with two countries claiming a total of 85 million between them: 20 million in the Soviet Union and 65 million in Communist China. The remaining 9 million victims of Communism came from Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and Cuba.

      That’s what I call genuine scholarship, Lobro. Painstaking scholarship. Have the humility to admit that you are determined to find reasons to admire Stalin, a bloodthirsty psychopath if ever there was one, and are therefore determined to push your pro-Stalin propaganda on this site.

      You might as well put in a good word for Jack the Ripper next! 🙂

      1. I wish you could try a bit harder not to sneer at Lasha Darkmoon’s scholarship.

        why the FUCK am I constantly accused of puking all over Lasha, whatever i say?
        it happens in nearly every thread, what did i say now that, in your opinion (next time it will be someone else from her vicinity) is seen as a personal attack on Lasha?
        Just what is the point, what is the end goal of such insinuations?

        i didn’t take an issue with 66 million or 99 million or 23.19 million.
        figures are figures, bodycounts are bodycounts, i confirm or dispute when i see convincing evidence and so far i haven’t disputed anything by way of numbers.

        what i did dispute, Sardonicus, is that 66 MILLION ARE ATTRIBUTABLE TO STALIN.
        Please tell me that you understood the above line, as proof that you occasionally read my stuff with intention other than discovering where i am sneakily insulting Lasha darkmoon and maybe warn your friends who made similar, baseless charges to be a bit more circumspect next time.

        “It is 10 am here in sarajevo today, the day is sunny and the weather forecast warm, in 30’s”

        – which in google translation means that I am insulting Lasha darkmoon in the vilest, most egregious way imaginable … just saving you the effort by admitting it straight out.

        Look sard, i got nikolai who gets his regular daily dump on me, previously it was gombrich and some silent reader, what need is there for you to join this procession of defecators?

        Okay, you say that Stalin killed 66 million RUSSIANS, jews killed none.
        Go tell it to RUSSIANS, because i posted a link to a survey that RUSSIANS consider Stalin the greatest person that ever lived, ahead of Putin and Pushkin and way ahead of 3 non-russians (Napolean, Einstein and Newton).
        Because sardonicus knows absolutely everything there is to know about Russian history, Russians know absolutely nothing about russian history, the two being at polar opposite ends.

        maybe Russians are also spitting on Lasha, huh? they don’t really care about history, they just want to spit on Lasha like Lobro does as part of the daily satan worshiping ritual.

        Holy shit! what’s this world and forum coming to when after years of meditative practice in some zen temple, your mind works like this, lots of chemtrail spraying over Kyoto, sard?

      2. Sard,

        That’s what I call genuine scholarship, Lobro. Painstaking scholarship.

        i take this to be an unintentional joke, sard, spoken in righteous anger.

        i also did some scholarship in my day, not all that proud of it, just a paying job, bringing bacon to the table, know what i mean?
        and what would the peer reviewers have said if i said, say in the Abstract; ““Soviets admit Stalin raped and sodomized 50 million grandmothers and ate another 50 million babies pureed into power shakes,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988.“.
        Oh Lobro, your research is beyond incredible, how did you ever discover the existence of Sunday Times, what are you laboratory techniques? is it because you don’t read Saturday Times, it being the holy shabbath?

        now, i don’t claim Stalin scholarship, because I don’t speak Russian, i don’t read cyrillic script (not too well, anyway), never been within 2,000 miles of Russia, let alone kremlin basements and even if i did, i doubt that the curators would ever let me get my sweaty hands on originals – which would constitute proper scholarship in my books.
        So, i resort to secondary and tertiary quotes of quotes and try my best to stick with what i consider credible sources.
        Bob faurisson is as credible as they come, so is germar rudolf, fred leuchter, bradley smith, elizabeth dilling, michael hoffman, … david irving a bit less, david cole even less, andrew anglin way less.
        And so it goes.

        If I take a hypothetical issue with some source that lasha quotes, is it proof of some personal vendetta because i am in rape+sodomy mood or want to garrote her with a length of barbed wire?
        I would think not, but what i think is of no interest here, i want to know what you would think – seriously, because for years i always said, “Sard is a real upright guy” and don’t want to add a subtext “but not right in the head”.
        Certain innuendos thrown at me in the past aside, I never willfully expressed any negative opinion of Lasha nor harbored her the slightest ill-will.
        Must I swear on the memory of my virgin grandmother?

      3. @ Lobro

        For all my faults, I know sincerity when I see it, and I therefore have to admit that you are 100 per cent sincere in what you say. So I need to apologize to you for my outburst earlier on and assure you I have nothing to do with Gombrich and Nikolai and your other attackers.

        I was simply concerned, genuinely upset, that you had crossed a red line as far as I was concerned (in a previous post) where you seemed to be suggesting that Lasha was a Jew. “A rabbi could have written this article,” you said. Didn’t you say that? How do think Lasha would have felt about you likening her to a Jew just because she had written an anti-Trump article?

        Even Admin got upset by that comment of yours and took you to task over it. That’s when the so-called “rift” started about which you spoke earlier. There was no “rift” until you started attacking Lasha and calling her a Jew. You initiated the “rift”, don’t you see that?

        I mean, be logical. You don’t attack Harold Smith and call him a Jew, do you? So why call Lasha a Jew for being critical of Donald Trump? Isn’t she allowed an independent viewpoint? Or do you think she is letting you down as a “friend” for having a mind of her own?

        You don’t understand, Lobro. I have met Lasha. Long ago. I know what she’s like. I regard her as a kind of spiritual daughter. For years I have felt the need to protect her from calumny and defamation. My attack on you was not motivated by any personal dislike of you, or jealousy of your enormous talents. It was driven entirely by my need to make sure that my spiritual daughter was not dissed.

        Anyway, enough of this! I leave the field to you. I am taking a long rest. If I ever return, it will probably be under a different name. Or maybe I’ll use the same name.

        Meanwhile, do me a favor. Try paying Lasha the occasional compliment. You are extremely mean with your praise. Praise is cheap. It costs you nothing. So do be a bit more generous and offer praise to Lasha where praise is due.

      4. There was no “rift” until you started attacking Lasha and calling her a Jew.

        ***alarm bells ringing in panic***
        Sard … no need to exile yourself, nor change the name or anything, certainly not due to this.

        This is the very cause of this cancer, it is all in that blocked line.
        This is utter bullshit, whoever came up with that, I call a LIAR, a DOUBLE-LIAR, right here, right now.
        Okay, no, not fair either, but a WILFUL MISREPRESENTATION of reality.
        I knew that it was the crux of the matter and I thank you for saying it outright.
        In fact – get this, Sard – the truth of the matter is the very opposite of what you claim.

        It goes like this (do me and everyone else a favor, pull out the URL or coordinates of that “offending” post of mine and let’s work backward from that to prove how wrong you – and Toby and Sister Monica – are.

        Lasha quoted someone saying something that I disagreed with strongly and I said that this-someone’s words could have come from a rabbi.

        Okay? That, in English, as I was taught – or is it logic, the universal language – does not in any way imply that Lasha is a jew.

        if X says that Y claims Z and I disagree with the statement Z, in fact say that Z is so strange that Y could have been a rabbi,
        it does not follow that i am accusing X of being a rabbi.
        It doesn’t even follow that I am accusing Y of being a rabbi, only that on this particular occasion he sounded like one.
        Is this so complicated to figure out? do you need to print it and sit around a table discussing it?
        So, X is Lasha, Y is whichever author she quoted and Z is the quoted statement that I commented on.


        When Toby raised this matter, I assured him that i meant no offence to lasha whatever, by which time we had moved onto another thread (another article) and said that my mentioning the “rabbinical” connection in a wrong thread was due to my DYSLEXIA.
        And I considered the matter closed.
        Because this is the way between friends that I am used to, during my entire life.
        I trust my friends implicitly and expect the same in return, no questions.
        If a friend says “this is the way it is” or “this is what i mean”, who am I to doubt it?
        As soon as i do, he is no longer my friend, if he doubts my word, I am no longer his friend.
        Maybe it is different in the “Perfidious Albion”, huh? gotta watch your back at every step, check your back for daggers sticking out.
        Well, paint me the goddamn Slav, so sorry for cultural misstep.

        Because, a few threads on, all this witches brew bubbling and simmering and Sister Monica fires the death ray at me, refers to my claim of Dyslexia as “Dyslexia”, as in

        Lobro’s excuse of “Dyslexia”

        Not to mention that I am a “friend” of Lasha.
        In sum, a liar and a false friend.

        Now that, my “friends” is a mortal trespass.
        If Gombrich or Nikolai had used it, no big deal but to hear this from people in whom I had heretofore had FULL, 100%, implicit trust – i cannot begin to describe the sense of betrayal.

        And of course, it didn’t end there, you sardonicus did your bit as well, disappearing from the site, changing handle does nothing, the truth is ineradicable, there is no escape:
        lente, lente, curite noctis equi, right, Lasha?
        So why not stand up and face it like a man, own up to the truth, if you were wrong, say it instead of slinking off to hide in the temple’s lavatory.
        It goes for all of you, because Lobro is not that dumb, he knows a synoptic mentality when he encounters it, in fact i praised it as a very effective counterpoint to Jew mentality, equal but opposite cohesion.
        You tossed this back and forth and decided that Lobro is a liar and a false friend and it befell poor, sacrificial Grammar Fiend to tell me that in his style.
        That is when I started feeling the heat and responded to it.
        I said, and remember it clearly (another weird side effect of dyslexia is that you forget almost everything instantly but certain odd moments stay etched in mind forever, from the earliest childhood to the very end) that I sensed a “growing hostility” and was ridiculed for that.
        Well, it was true.

        there you go, I stood up and spoke openly, as much as i consider this a rather private matter and don’t like to drag it out in the open but i guess there was no other venue, so let’s see if we can deal with this landmine, either defuse it or let it blow up if that’s the fate.

        (as for “paying Lasha occasional praise” … I paid lasha praise, not occasional but 24/7 during all those years, never deviating to another site, except for an odd joke at Niqnaq, maybe twice a month, because Rowan Berkeley is my FRIEND and a real one, weird for a Limey, we have trust like brothers-in-arms, no need for loud declarations … but I have nothing but limitless admiration for Lasha, never did … and again, cultural thing, always felt like no need for public oratories in that regard … what she did with my input to this article is quite beyond my ability and I am very grateful – okay, i said it now and meant it from the first time i read it … similarly, the new article, the montage of statements by trump and others … dramatical genius, good for Mt Olymups and I mean it)

      5. Friend Lobro,

        By this above post, you have completely “exonerated” yourself as far as I’m concerned. Now listen to me carefully and don’t jump down my throat because I’m going to explain it all to you! The “rift” you speak of developed because of a grotesque misunderstanding which must be laid partly at your door. You are guilty not of any intentional harm but of an incredibly sloppy and slipshod way of expressing yourself that gave the WRONG IMPRESSION that you were referring to Lasha Darkmoon when you said: “This article could have been written by a rabbi.”

        Not for a moment did I think you were referring to someone else’s article whom Lasha had quoted. I was not the only one who got the wrong end of the stick. I imagine Lasha got the wrong end of the stick too. And so did all the rest of the Administrators: Toby, Sister Monica, Lucy Skipping. We all have a soft spot for Lasha, believe me, and I guess we all thought you had “betrayed” Lasha by suddenly turning on her and sticking an ice pick in her skull. That you had done a Trotsky on her. A Judas Iscariot on her. All of us turned cool and Arctic toward you because — and here is the monstrous misunderstanding! — all of us thought you had likened Lasha to a Jew.

        It’s your dyslexia, Lobro. It’s not a moral fault. No one is castigating you for imprecise and ambiguous English. But you need to be more careful how you express yourself in future so as not to give the wrong impression. No, I’m not blaming you! Because you are absolutely free of guilt of any kind. You did nothing wrong. What you said was simply misinterpreted. “This article could have been written by a rabbi” was MISINTERPRETED by me (and I think by ALL the adminstrators including Lasha herself) as a reference to Lasha. Without exception, we jumped to the wrong conclusion that you were referring to Lasha as a “rabbi”, in effect calling her a “Jew”.

        Imagine the consternation you caused! Lasha, accused of being a “Jew”! For the “crime” of writing a single anti-Trump article! 🙂

        So where does this leave us? It leaves us feeling we have all been victims of a verbal misunderstanding caused by your imprecise and ambiguously articulated English. And we can now all breathe a sigh of relief that the conundrum of the so-called “rift” has been solved. If ever you were “in the dock”, you are now “acquitted”.

        In one word, Lobro: MISUNDERSTANDING. I need say no more.

      6. Let me tell you a true story which will amuse you. Let’s call it “The Misunderstanding”. I had a friend who was madly in love with a beautiful woman 30 years ago. She was called Polly and she was a brilliant opera singer. Polly and my friend Peter were engaged to be married. The day before the wedding, she broke it off. Cancelled it without explanation. Gave Peter back his ring.

        Peter was shattered and emigrated to Australia. Didn’t set eyes on Polly again for almost 30 years. One day he sees her on a beach in Australia. Recognizes her at once. She’s still beautiful, slim and tanned, but Peter now has a paunch and gray hair. They talk, they get on fine. Polly’s husband has just died. But Peter is now happily married to an Australian woman and they have three kids.

        Peter asks her, “So why did you dump me? What did I do wrong?”

        She explains: “You said you couldn’t stand my voice. That I was a ‘regular squawker’. How could I marry a man who spoke like that about me behind my back? My singing meant everything to me. You dissed me by saying such a horrible thing about my voice.”

        Peter was amazed. He’d never said a darn thing about Polly’s voice. He couldn’t believe it.

        It all came out in the washing.

        Polly’s sister had told Polly that Peter couldn’t stand her voice and had said she was “a regular squawker”. It turned out it was all a huge misunderstanding. Peter hadn’t been referring to Polly his fiancee at all. He was referring to Polly — her pet parrot!

      7. all cool, sard, sorry that you are developing insomniac tendencies because of my broken english.

        so, you told me what needs to be deposited at my door and i accept it.
        and being such a slippery rat, i will also leave some at your collective door.

        first, i have an email address, easily accessible to all of you, anyone could have written to me privately and said: “just what do you mean by this nasty garbage you wrote about lasha” and things could have been handled off-stage in no time at all, in real-time in fact.

        second, my english may not be as convoluted as you think: if lasha had simply reprinted someone else’s article, then my saying “this article stinks” in no way reflects on lasha’s qualities, does it, in fact Lasha did not write any articles at all in that particular case, so my comment couldn’t have possibly referred to her. Just saying.
        Look at that video-poem she published just now.
        If i said, this poem could have been written by a rabbi (ya know, the torah love-psalms 😉 ), would that mean I am calling Lasha a Jew? It would mean that my poetic comprehension is excreable, that’s all. Excreable and execrable (just caught it on a rebound).

        third: this is exactly what i meant, i have not the slightest clue which was the contested article anymore and don’t care, we can all go to the scene of crime with magnifying glasses and do some “me Sherlock, you Watson” tarzan sh1t, i have no fear whatsoever.
        Know why? because one thing i always know is the contents of my conscience and it is empty on this account, clean as the proverbial whistle, so go look all you want.

        So that’s that, Sard, let’s call it a day and watch out you don’t trip when you step out the door in the misty morning.

      8. So that’s that, Sard, let’s call it a day and watch out you don’t trip when you step out the door in the misty morning.

        You don’t know how to accept an olive branch?

        Too bad! 🙂

    2. Lobro frankly admitted that he hadn’t read a single biography of Stalin. He not only admitted it, he actually boasted about it! —as if ignorance were a feather in his cap!

      and i equally frankly double down on it – I never will read one either.
      because i don’t read biographies, have no interest in people’s private lives, only in their impact on history.

      but i DID read the lecture notes of a revisionist historian on the subject of early Bolshevism (8 lectures in 2006 – thus, recent), Zionism & Russia / 8 Pacifica Forum Lectures by Valdas Anelauskas and it seems to me that no one else has bothered.

      note too, that the access to the Russian (Soviet) documents has been greatly facilitated, including the voluminous KGB files … but why bother when we can read biographies by people who never met Stalin but know all about golden showers in remote dachas, so much more fun to read.

      I said the following (Sard never read it, obvious from his comment, so i must repeat)

      Yes, Solzhenitsyn did quote that figure, largely attributed to Stalin and he got WORLDWIDE audience for this, plus a Nobel prize.

      Yet, when he had a chance to take a closer look as certain Soviet archives were getting declassified and wrote his “200 Years Together”, with focus on jews, what happened?
      Total shutdown and obliteration, death in obscurity.

      Sard, have you heard of “200 years together”? Please consider the possibility that Stalin did not live for 200 years.
      And i do urge you to read the Anelauskas lecture notes, described in the J-mainstream press as whoo-hoo, anti-semitic.
      Or at least in that previous post of mine, read the quoted stuff and tell me which of the blocks contain lies and inaccuracies.

      Arch, thanks, of course we are not in some cage fight as the onlookers would hope for their entertainment, we are both searching for truth, wherever and whatever it is.
      We all win when it is finally uncovered and established by incontrovertible, indisputable facts.
      Someday, the legitimately recorded and documented numbers will out, how many executed, deported, dead from starvation, hypothermia, disease in each year of the Soviet talmudist experiment that paves the way for what is presumably in store for all of us goyums here.

      sard says that 66 million were killed by Stalin, maybe a few more by jews … okay, let’s wait for data.
      Moronic Russians think Stalin is their hero to this day, instead of listening to all-knowing Americans telling them the facts.

      1. @ admin

        i congratulate you for publishing this article on your site by lobro and arch stanton. i’m sorry to see that lobro is such a sissy that he feels the need to take a “vacation” every time he comes under attack here. it seems the only thing this man wants is for everyone to agree with him and flatter his ego.

      2. @ lobro

        Moronic Russians think Stalin is their hero to this day, instead of listening to all-knowing Americans telling them the facts.

        wrong! i am a russian and I do NOT share your admiration for stalin! nor do my russian christian ancestors who suffered death and torture under this cruel bastard! get your facts right, moron! how dare you speak for me and all other russians!

        my grandmother was raped and sodomized on stalin’s orders!
        bet you didn’t know that, you ignorant piece of shit!

      3. get your facts right, moron! how dare you speak for me and all other russians!

        my grandmother was raped and sodomized on stalin’s orders!
        bet you didn’t know that, you ignorant piece of shit!

        hm … i backed out for a while b/c i am tired of typing, no other reason, also get bored with repeating stuff ad nauseam.
        but you require a special effort.

        first, do you have a piece of paper signed by stalin that says: “rape+sodomize nikolai’s grandmother!” (as if sodomizing is not part of the rape).

        then, most families would keep such stuff under the hat, certainly the colorful details such as sodomy.
        Women suffering gang brutalization, especially in traditional, christian environment would bear the brunt of such indignity in silence … jews would make money off it through hollywood propaganda + entertainment sausage factory.

        Really, Nikolai, who are you?
        I notice that you only show up to disgorge you bile at me, never seen your writing anywhere else on anything else, just to attack me.
        Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.
        Say hello to Gombrich, tell him his antics are greatly missed.

        And here is a bit of true news, not fake news, if you are interested – kind of doubtful if you are on 9-5 shift – Russians name Stalin ‘most outstanding’ world figure, Putin ties for second

        Soviet leader Joseph Stalin has once again been named the most oustanding world figure by Russians. Vladimir Putin shared second place with poet Alexander Pushkin. Among non-Russians, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton made the top 20.

        wow, russians think so highly of einstein they put him in the 19th place, wonder if it is on the account of that s+m session with anne frank …

        as for calling me moron, piece of shit, go right ahead, it’s worth it for the entertainment you provide, especially the lurid tales of intra-family tragi-porn.

        but to this moronic POS, you appear as brightly painted in troll colors as if you’d been tarred and feathered.
        you need to dial back the sex part of the dog and pony show if you wish to sound more convincing.

      4. @ Lobro

        If you strongly object to Nikolai’s comment, we could easily delete it. Just say the word. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, however, as that would be giving you a special protection that no one else gets on this website. Reconcile yourself, dear Lobro, to the fact that this site is an unmonitored madhouse! 🙂

        This is the way it has turned out. Not by design, but by accident. As flies go to dung and bees to honey, trolls and loonies come to Darkmoon. That’s how it is.

        Kind regards,

        Sister M

      5. @Nikolai

        wrong! i am a russian and I do NOT share your admiration for stalin! nor do my russian christian ancestors who suffered death and torture under this cruel bastard! get your facts right, moron! how dare you speak for me and all other russians!

        my grandmother was raped and sodomized on stalin’s orders!
        bet you didn’t know that, you ignorant piece of shit!

        Nikolai reminded me of one entry in the collection of maxims presented in a remarkable book “KGB jokes …” by Leonid Shebarshin, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Department of the KGB for many years:

        We Russians are very talented. Especially the Jews.

        Nikolai, indeed, comes across as an exceptionally talented Russian.

      6. nooo, Sister, on no account ever delete anything just because it may rub me the wrong way.

        Nikolai’s post is Nikolai’s shame, not mine, only he has the right to request its deletion on account of possible contrition.

        let me quote something by a guy named edward, my namesake, who did some research in kremlin on a kgb agent named khayyam and translated from the original cyrillic:

        “The Moving Finger writes;
        and, having writ, Moves on:
        nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
        Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”
        [coz moscow don’t believe in no tears]

        and we know this to be true, don’t we, Sister?
        there are no memory holes further on up there, so we shouldn’t dig any down here either.

  15. It is with relief that I have read some sane comments about Stalin, truly one of the most vile incarnations of the devil we have endured thanks to the Synagogue of Satan enabling it feeding off his reign of terror.
    Even the mildest revisionist historians struggle to suppress their revulsion for that abomination known as Stalin. For example in 1941:

    “The Soviet archives show that the Soviet Union had amassed the largest, most powerful, and best equipped army in history… the Soviet Union was on the verge of launching a massive military offensive against all of Europe. Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union was a desperate preemptive attack that prevented the Soviet Union from conquering all of Europe. ….
    One secret of Soviet success in building its military was the use of terror to control the Soviet population… The Soviets planned in advance the number of prisoners that would be needed for the next year, and would place an order in advance with the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD) to obtain the needed workers.”
    Trump by contrasted is a useful tool driven by his narcissism, one wonders if he can truly comprehend being a Shabbos Goy or really thinks he is self-made.

    1. Bravo.

      An excellent comment, especially the parts about the need for Hitler’s preemptive strike to prevent a Soviet invasion and the intentional imprisoning of people to provide slave labor for various Soviet planning disasters, an act worthy of Jewish projection upon evil Nadzees.

      As a young lad of a military officer in the early sixties, I remember hearing at parties and gatherings confusion and outrage over why America was providing grain shipments to their sworn and most dangerous enemy, the Soviet Union. Of course these men were oblivious to Jews and the Janus-faced nature of their ideological coin featuring Capitalism and Communism.

  16. Very interesting debate in all of the above, but the International Jew (Churchill, 1920) is laughing all the way to the bank as he directly proceeds to prepare for the monumental task of building the Third Temple. The plans are on the drawing board, the Dome of the Rock will be demolished soon and the Head Priest has already been appointed, along with his priestly underlings. PM Ben Gurion’s Supreme Court of Mankind is in its advanced preparatory stages and the judges sit presently in Congress and the City. Jerusalem will become the capital of the New World. Over 100 million half-Judaized Christian-Zionist Evangelicals will soon convert to Pharasaic-Judaism and the Chosen will use their money and military might to rule the planet. All resisters will be executed or turned into slaves.

    The International Jew, as per the Talmudic writings, will use our present state of induced crisis and confusion to work towards the above grand plan. As Rahm Emanuel said, “We can do allthat we want in a situation of crisis.” Yes, get the lowly Goyim arguing amongst themselves in order to facilitate our grand plan. And as Alexander Gelfant, the rootless Bolshevik said, “A situation of constant crisis and endless warfare serves as our smokescreen.”

    As I said earlier, Trump works for International Jewry as did Stalin (read Potok, The Gates of November) as do all Western governments and our bought politicians. A jew is a Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew. Their seeming differences are all a big con.

    The Old Testament (Malachi) ends with the Jews as a cursed-by-God, fallen people. Jesus entered the scene to tell them the truth about themselves and life. Those Jews who refused his simple peace offering are today’s Jews, the people who are about to revive Solomon’s Temple. Soon they will reveal the earthly kochab who will rule over our new Jewocracy. Fall down and pray at his feet and thus be saved. You will thus be allowed all earthly excesses: paedophilia, sex, sex and more sex, and you can do whatever you like to your neighbour. Such evil fun!

  17. THEY ARE BOTH RIGHT .. IN PARTS .. and supplement each other BRILLIANTLY.
    Lobro is right ..that a wrench was thrown in the JEWISH Machine
    Arch Stanton is right that TRUMP is a Zionist stooge .. the latter because he KNOWS he will not survive without their support …. thats why he since the start of his presidential Campaign has advocated an attack on IRAN ( a High Priority Jewish Issue in order to create a Greater Israel from the Nile to Eufrates )
    Both authors do not mention the FACT that before the US ZIO EMPIRE came to fruition .. there was a ” BRITISH EMPIRE ” which in reality was a JEWISH EMPIRE meticulously and gradually established since 1695 . The ZIO BRITISH EMPIRE provided the Foundation for UNSURPASSED and CRUSHING GLOBAL WEALTH of the Zionists .The ZIO BRITISH Empire was exhanged for a ZIO US Empire especially since 1913 ( The Federal Reserve Act ) which further consolidated the Zionist Grip on Financial Power. It became necesary in the quest for GLOBAL DOMINANCE , the coming of Messiah , to either eliminate or control Russia ( se Mackinders The Geographic Pivot if History ) which was achieved by the Zionist incited and financed ZIO BOLSHEVIK Take over of Russia and the derived free hand to dismantle Germany and Austria . So far so good…… Something happened .. What ? Was it Stalin who started to purge the Jews ? But he died 1953 ! …. Nobody knows for sure.. but sometime in the 60ties .to 70 ties everything changed…. The USA became Bosom Buddy of Israel in the UN as well as in Global Politics, a Role the Sovjet Union had occupied , We saw a massive Under the Radar Flight of Jews from the Sovjet Union ,mainly to the USA and in lesser degree into Israel… We saw a Solzenitsyn receiving a Nobel Prize ( never to have happened if the Jews still had been in Control of Russia ) and the previous daily Praise of the Sovjet Union as well as the intellectual declarations of Love for this ” Paradise ” .. dissapeared almost over night in the Jewish owned Western Media…. What was the cause of this 180 degree turn around ?… I dont know for sure..
    … Sometimes I think it was simply because the Russians were fed op with the JEWS .. too much Blood , too much Nepotism, to much Incompetency … so the Jews FLED much like they fled from Ancient Egypt as outlined in Exodus .. and for the same reasons .. they had done too much mischief and evil .. and were in fact a MINORITY , who had ammased an unproportionate Slice of the Cake simultaneosuly having been especially bloodthirsty they had NO FRIENDS LEFT .. and their SLOGANS nobody except Morons believed anymore …. Characteristically the translocation of the Jews also coincided with the translocation of MORAL SUPERIORITY which today is possessed by PUTINS RUSSIA where the USA has become the abolute dispised and Hated Nation on Earth .. How will it play out ? I dont know.. it will be a TREMENDOUS BATTLE ..if the European Race shall survive.. The JEWISH SATAN knows.. if he goes down this time.. he will be finished .. as he has done simply too much EVIL ! He knows this .. and will therefore use ANYTHING in order to stay on Top ..

    1. OCGO –

      Correct about Brit-Pharisee-Jews:

      The British heritage is interwoven with Pharisee-Jews, as they settled the early colonies in the Americas.

      The Jewish Historical Society of England lends some info below.

      British Coat of Arms contains Pharisee-Jew symbols:

      On August 22, 1654, the first Ashkenazic Jews arrived with West India Company passports from Amsterdam to be followed in September by a sizable group of Sephardic Jews, without passports, fleeing from the Portuguese reconquest of Dutch possessions in Brazil.

      The legal-cultural foundation of toleration as the basis for plurality in New Amsterdam superseded matters of personal intolerance or individual bigotry.

      Hence, and in spite of certain private objections (including that of director-general Peter Stuyvesant), the Sephardim were granted permanent residency on the basis of “reason and equity” in 1655.

      The rest is history…!! 🙂

  18. I’m no scholar on Stalin or the USSR, so perhaps my comment should be ignored. But, IMHO, Stalin must be given credit for preventing the USA from taking over the entire world after WWII. The USSR lay in ruins after the war, and probably the last thing Stalin wanted to do was to divert so much of Russia’s scarce available resources to the military. But the belligerence of the US war mongers gave him no choice. It is good for the world that the USSR wasted little time in developing nuclear weapons after the war. They were faced with an enemy that was insane enough to drop TWO A-bombs on a defeated Japan (a massive war crime by Truman). So the Soviets must have thought that they would be next. To date, the evidence shows that Nukes have kept the peace – or at least peace between the Super Powers. All these endless proxy wars for Israel is a different matter. Ironically the existence of nuclear weapons may be the only thing that has prevented WWIII. Any country that currently has them would be insane to get rid of them.

    1. Folly –

      The US gave Stalin everything he had:

      Lend Lease to Russia-From Major Jordan’ Diaries
      (NY: Harcourt, Brace, 1952) Chapter Nine

      MUNITIONS $4,651,582,000 NON-MUNITIONS 4,826,084,000 —————- Total 9,477,666,000 Note: the figure of $11 billion includes services as well as goods furnished.

      The U.S. Government has never released detailed reports on what was sent in Lend-Lease, so Major Jordan’s data, gleaned from the Russians’ own manifests, is the only public record. More than one-third of Lend-Lease sent was illegal under the terms of the act which specifically prohibited “goods furnished for relief and rehabilitation purposes.”

      It should be kept in mind that Russia was an ally of Japan throughout the war, that it had been the ally of Hitler during the first two years of the war, that its division of Poland with Germany started the war, that it was an aggressive imperialist force that attacked Finland and subverted the Baltic states as well, that it had announced that it intended to take over the world and that most of the aid sent in 1945 was sent after Stalin’s February speech in which he said he would continue the war but against the United States.

      Franklin Roosevelt’s alter ego and Lend-Lease administrator Harry L. Hopkins, a KGB agent, declared to Russia before a crowd at Madison Square Garden on June 22, 1942, that:
      “We are determined that *nothing shall stop us from sharing with you all that we have.”
      He was not joking.

      Partial list of thousands of items: (see link above)

      ITEM Quantity Cost in Dollars

      Beryllium metals 9,681 lbs. $ 10,874.
      Cadmium alloys 72,535 lbs. 70,029.
      Cadmium metals 834,989 lbs. 781,466.
      Cobalt ore & concentrate 33,600 lbs. 49,782.
      Cobalt metal & Cobalt bearing scrap 806,941 lbs. 1,190,774.
      Uranium metal 2.2 lbs. —
      Aluminun tubes (for reactors) 13,766,472 lbs. 13,041,152.
      Graphite, nat., flake, lump or chip 7,384,282 lbs. 812,437.
      Beryllium salts & compounds 228 lbs. 775.
      Cadmium oxide 2,100 lbs. 3,080.
      Cadmium salts & compounds, n.e.s. * 2 lbs. 19.
      Cadmium sulfate 2,170 lbs. 1,374.
      Cadmium sulfide 16,823 lbs. 17,380.
      Cobalt nitrate 51 lbs. 48.
      Cobalt oxide 17,800 lbs. 34,832.
      Cobalt salts & compounds, n.e.s. 11,475 lbs. 7,112.
      Cobaltic and cobaltous sulfate 22 lbs. 25.
      Deuterium oxide (heavy water) 1,100 grs. —

      1. Pat and Toejamicus- Thank you for “Major Racey Jordan’s Diaries”. The information is an important historical source I was previously unaware of. Vaksberg and Anelauskas from Lobro and Rabinovitch from Arch Stanton are essential historical reading which I also learned of earlier here.

        Off topic note, many of you may already be aware of, but dated 2017-08-16 – “Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932” The very mirror image with the translation from German to English, “Antifaschistische Aktion” to “Antifascist Action”. Handling Mr. Soros will reveal much about Mr. Trump, I’m reasonably certain that I can guess how Stalin would have dealt with him.

      2. TJ –

        I got a copy of the diaries from John Birch Society in the 70s….. after hearing it from Stuart Crane in 1968.

        Skousen and Sutton exposed the charades also:

        Winston –

        Glad to help. 🙂

        The Russians have never paid back the $11 Billion.

        When you lend or lease someone something, and they never give it back or reimburse you for it… and you KNOW that up front….

        IT IS A GIFT..!! 🙂

        The US has given Russia everything they have ever since 1917. They have a puny economy, smaller than NY City’s GDP

        The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia has over 600 members….

        Russia is USA-East…

        The food, automotive and technology sectors in Russia have several major American players, according to a report from the International Research & Exchanges Board and the U.S. Russia Foundation.

        PepsiCo (PEP) became the first American company to do business in the Soviet Union in 1974. Over the 40 years since, the company has created more than 30,000 jobs and invested more than $3 billion.

        Coca-Cola (KO) and privately held candy maker Mars Inc. also have a footprint in Russia’s food sector. In 1991, McDonald’s (MCD) opened the doors to its first restaurant in Russia.

        General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) manufacture cars in Russia, while Caterpillar (CAT) has plants that build its heavy equipment.

        IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) have a large presence in the country as well.

        According to the company’s website, Mars entered the Russian market in 1991 and has since invested more than $1 billion. Mars built its second chocolate factory in Russia two years ago.

        Procter & Gamble (PG) also launched its Russian unit in 1991, and the segment has grown to become one of the largest for the consumer goods giant.

        The report said ExxonMobil (XOM) has invested the most in Russia over the years, despite the difficulties of doing business in the country. From 2000 through 2011, the largest U.S. energy company poured $10 billion into its Russian operations.

        Boeing (BA), Chevron (CVX) and ConocoPhillips (COP) have also been heavy investors. Between 1992 and 2009, Boeing spent $5 billion in Russia.

        Russian investors have increasingly looked to the U.S. as well, focusing primarily on the iron and steel industry, financial sector and telecommunications.


        Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.
        There are over 600 member companies. Here are some:

        Royal Bank of Scotland
        Goldman Sachs
        Coca Cola

      3. Pat,
        I didn’t know much of what you wrote, and perhaps no one is reading here as it’s on to the next article. But, three points:
        1) If Russia was an ally of Japan, it must have been on paper only, as they never fought with Japan against the Americans. Or am I wrong? Also, was not the Soviet army preparing to invade Japan at the end of the war, and that’s one reason why Truman dropped the bombs?
        2) Any Soviet threats to take over the world were probably about as serious as Kim Jung Un’s statements of destroying the US.
        3) Where can I find Stalin’s speech in which he said he wanted to fight the US? That’s news to me. I didn’t think he was crazy, but I could be wrong.

  19. Violent uprising against Jewish Power would be a civil war and like any war would cause death and terrible suffering. Forget it.

    The best weapon aginst Jewish Power is the truth.

    Like somebody once said, it will set us free.

    1. @John Kirby

      Violent uprising against Jewish Power would be a civil war and like any war would cause death and terrible suffering. Forget it.
      The best weapon aginst Jewish Power is the truth.
      Like somebody once said, it will set us free.

      What “truth” are you talking about, John? It might have escaped your attention but every single poster on this site – and everywhere else for that matter – has his own pet “truth”. “Truths” are not the engine of the history – the interests are. Different people, different groups of people, different races, and different countries have different interests, and the “truths” are subjugated to those interests. Is it so hard to understand?

      Now, if you want to settle the matter by the “truth”, you have to
      (a) determine whose interests are more “truthful” and, most importantly,
      (b) convince your opponent that your interests are more “truthful” and, therefore, he has to abandon his less “truthful” interests in favor of your more “truthful” interests.

      Do you see the stupidity of that “somebody” who told you that the truth will set you free?

      Freedom cannot be acquired via an intellectual debate; it can be acquired only through the willingness to fight to death if that’s what it takes. If you are not willing to fight for your freedom, you do not deserve to be free, and might just settle for slavery.

      This is a cruel world, John, and there is no free cheese in it … except in the mousetrap.

      Personally, I think it would be only fair if America was made to taste for once the pill it administers so methodically to the rest of the world – a civil war.

      1. Hi Circassian,
        I was born in 1937 and grew up in England during WW2. i am against war because I saw it close up. I know that sometimes it is unavoidable, but every possible effort should be made to avoid it.

        It was Jesus who said “The truth shall set you free” and I never realized how true that statement was until about 30 years ago when I began to read the hidden history of the Jews in the 20th century. Their role in the tragedy/horror of the Bolshevik Revolution, in which Jews ran the system that murdered 66 million Russians (Solzhynitzin) is never mentioned in the Jewish-controlled media. I now know that the holocaust has been at best greatly exaggerated or at worst a gigantic fraud that has given Jews Carte Blanche to dominate and loot any country or person they don’t like.

        If this was widely known then AIPC and the ADL would be finished. It is a matter of the WHOLE TRUTH being know.

        No need for violence, just the truth, spoken openly.

      2. @John Kirby

        If this was widely known then AIPC and the ADL would be finished. It is a matter of the WHOLE TRUTH being know.
        No need for violence, just the truth, spoken openly.

        Hi John,

        Let’s do a little thought experiment. Say you are allowed to announce on TV openly the WHOLE TRUTH, as you see it, at prime time every day for 30 days in a raw (or as many times as you deem necessary) all over the world – in the USA, in Great Britain, in Germany, in Russia, and everywhere else. Now, I have a couple of questions for you:

        1. What would you announce, John?
        2. What would be the impact of your announcement on what is going on in the world?

        Here is another thought experiment. Let’s say you have enlightened the world with your WHOLE TRUTH and – as the result of that – we, the enlightened, identified all the Jews according to the procedure you gave us. What’s next? Since you are a nice old man, who is against violence, you probably would cringe at the thought of killing them all to the last one. So, I will make it easy on you: let’s say we ship them all to Israel, or to some remote island in the Pacific, and lock them there forever.

        What happens next, John? Would the Russians and the Anglo-Saxons stop competing for the place under the sun? Would that change anything at all in the world when it comes to violence and fighting for the interests of each?

        What do you think, John?

      3. Hi CIRCASSIAN
        Your thought experiment is interesting.
        It is a given that there are some highly talented media people and therefore the message could get through to the majority of all populations.
        General populations coming to appreciate the soft slavery to which they are chained would create outrage and calls for reform. Whether the right reform would be put in place is another matter.

        ” Would the Russians and the Anglo-Saxons stop competing for the place under the sun? ”

        No. However, material competition is several orders of magnitude better than having a Tribe intent on spiritual destruction and despoliation of all ‘goy’.

  20. I don’t need to read the article to give my opinion ,.
    First ,Archie is a wise man ,I always appreciated and enjoyed reading his wise lengthy comments.
    I agree with him 100% and then some.
    as for LOBRO ,the man obviously is losing it ,he is smitten by the orange cretin ,this condition ,has impaired his logic and common reasoning process.
    honestly ,I can’t figure out why some people admire psychopath maniacs
    , Lobro ,take a vacation to the vast wilderness with my ex ,she is as WILD as you.
    she is half Russian ,half Indian and half Sufi Muslim ,half mysteriously unknown


  21. Both good post from Lobro and Arch Stanton with Lasha’s proper editing that shows two viewpoints of how things will turn out. That being said, this comment is probably one for the Lobro viewpoint.

    I could be wrong, but it appears that Trump is dismantling the USA’s effectiveness in the drive of the jews to control the world in a couple of significant ways just recently. The message sent by the North Korea saber rattling session was that the rest of the world has nothing to fear from the empire, regardless of threats there will be no attack. To back up that message, Trump is initiating a trade war with China which could lead to the inability for the JewSA military to supply their global control narrative. As an example, if China simply restricts rare earth metals, high tech weaponry is in serious jeopardy. Obviously, time will tell.

  22. ” Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are
    Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship
    before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

    1. ” For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God “

  23. Dear Lobro, don’t take what I or others say here too personally.

    We love you and let’s fight the real enemies of mankind (and womenkind!).

    These options are just that . . . opinions. In the overall schemes of things, they amount to nada, just a lot of hot air. What is important is the EXPOSURE of JEWS and their deceptions and lies.

    Con mucho AMOR, AMIGO!!!

  24. Whatever one thinks of Trump, one has to realize that the fanatics attacking Trump are also attacking the presidency, which belongs to Americans, which means they are attacking us.

    If you know (((who))) owns the MSM; the FED and Treasury; Hollywood and has turned Congress into a cheap whorehouse, you’ll know who is behind these nasty, relentless attacks against Trump and America.

    Trump committed–in their hate-filled eyes–two mortal sins; When he went to ‘Stolenland,’–AKA Israel–he didn’t go to the Holocau$t™ theme park at Yadda Yadda Vashem. The other sin is that he is winding down the US invasion of Syria. For those sins, Israel, its AIPAC attack dog and its numerous Jew sayanim will never forgive Trump and will settle for nothing less than his removal from office, by any means necessary.

    With regards to the Antifa protesters; one should always wonder, when the government, MSM and police are on your side, who exactly are they protesting against? And why does is the Antifa flag a mirror image of the 1933 Germany Communist Party flag?

  25. I do not wish to impose my view of Stalin on anyone here. Of more interest is Stalin’s view of Stalin, and I quote:

    “I know that after my death, a lot of rubbish will be dumped on my grave, but the wind of history will ruthlessly disperse it!” – Joseph Stalin (per Memoirs of Marshal A.Golovanov)цитата/153204

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