Putin has just Exposed the Plot To Destroy America

Putin has dropped some bombshells on the New World Order that were completely ignored by the Western media. Includes explosive video.

According to Tom Delay, former US House Majority Leader of the US Justice Department, a secret memo has just been discovered discussing the promotion of 12 of the most shocking sexual perversions, including the normalization of bestiality and the legalization of sex with little children, including infants and toddlers of both sexes.

The mind reels at this depravity in high places. 

One has to ask oneself: Who are these demons in human form, from the darkest pits of hell, who have  managed to gain control over the reins of government?

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump apparently have much in common, with Trump sharing many of Putin’s values. Putin has recently spoken of “a moral crisis in the West” in which the border lines between good and evil, male and female, normal and abnormal, have become increasingly blurred.

Homosexuality is now promoted not only as an “alternative lifestyle” but as superior  in many ways to heterosexuality. Marriage, especially Christian marriage, is ridiculed and the traditional family is held in open contempt. Sexual promiscuity is encouraged; and the most outrageous female sluts are now paraded on television, displaying acres of bare flesh in order to cater to the lascivious fantasies of an increasingly drug-addicted and brutalized population of semi-morons.

As the planned brutalization of man gathers pace, in accordance with the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Soros New World Order’s sinister agenda, “people will inevitably lose their human dignity,” Putin says.  

As a result, Putin in now being demonized by the Western media.

Amazingly, the man who is speaking out in favor of stricter mores—of the traditional family and sexual decency—is being portayed as “satanic”. You can’t make this up. Putin talks of “the degradation and primitivization of culture.” And for this he is roundly attacked by the secret agents for the normalization of human depravity.

“In such a unipolar, unified world there is no place for sovereign states,” Putin points out matter-of-factly, taking a swipe in the process at globalization and its cruel inequities and perversions. “Such a world needs merely vassals.”

We, it seems, are the Vassals. When have we not been vassals? We have always been vassals, haven’t we?

But the vassals are rising!

We have felt the iron boot on our necks, and we are rising at last from our long slumbers in the waiting rooms of hell.

This video is essential viewing.
Its shattering revelations will blow your minds away.  

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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      1. Lorn is a strange name. What made you choose it?

        As a matter of interest, are you male or female?

        If you regard this question as impertinent or intruding into your privacy, no need to answer. Just interested.

      2. I’ll be frank. I’m undergoing gender reassignment. I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body. Right now I’m taking hormones to feminize my voice and get proper breasts, but it’s been an uphill process. Lots of complications. I still need to shave every few days and tidy up the hair on my legs. But I’ll get there in time once my medication has been sorted out. It hasn’t been easy. Unfortunately, my wife has left me and taken the kids with her…

      3. Ephesians 5:12 states what should be a manifest fact, obvious to all.
        you can dispute specifics if you choose:
        it is NOT shameful (what they do, “them” being jews and their sold out enablers), or
        they DON’T do these things in secret.

        You quoted a conjecture that Paul was a jew double agent based on zero evidence, only that at one time he was indeed a Pharisee – so what, everything points to his change of opinion and conviction, just like brother Nathaniel and numerous other ex-jews who became among the greatest enemies of judaism on account of their deep knowledge of its crimes, past, present and planned ones, where the bodies are buried etc.

        i thought that making spurious and unverified accusations was a venerable Jew tactic, highly productive among those goyim who refuse to think with own heads.

        such claims are hallmark of Protestant mindset, generations of reliance on rules and laws of torah, suspicion of rational fact-checking and accepting whatever truth they disclose – basically, generations of pavlovian conditioning, just as jew would have you operate.

        Show me concrete evidence or considered circumstantial evidence to lend weight to that charge.

        bearing false witness is a terrible thing if done on purpose, which i hope is not the case here.
        You cannot be anti-jew by adopting his methods – in fact, it is the methods that make a jew, jew.

        one perfect example that keeps cropping up over and over again is the assertion that ignatious Loyola was a jew, which is 100% untrue, not an atom of truth in it, yet it has through endless repetition become a protestant mantra, jew-fomented discord with other christian sects.

      4. @ Lobro

        I’ve already stated more than once that Paul was a double agent working for the Jews. See my previous comments on this subject. Christ is a Jew who is burning in hell in excrement right now, like it says in the Talmud. I’m not going to get into arguments about this subject with stupid goyim like you.

        Christianity is a Jewish plot, take it or leave it.

        Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot.

      5. In fact, seeing your last reply to Sardonicus, your gender reassignment is a perfect analogy to what i assume is paul’s moral reassignment of a gentile trapped in a ghoul’s ideology.
        i may be wrong but it is an area that i haven’t looked at too closely, i will gladly take Lasha’s word for it while pursuing topics of more immediate interest.

        As for your blanket statements like me being a goy idiot or Christianity a Jewish fiction, i am not trying to convince you either.
        you barged in on MY comment and I felt obliged to respond, otherwise I am playing to the gallery.

      6. I don’t think Lorn wrote that “transgender” comment. Sounds like a spoof comment to me. Someone’s playing funny tricks, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe the same guy who posted a spoof comment about a year ago pretending to be Pat . . . Remember that, Pat?

      7. Ok, on review, I got it wrong regarding who assured me that Paul is a genuine article.
        Somebody did and I took their word on it.
        Maybe there was more than 1 bad apple in the apostolic bushel of 12, maybe they were all bad as per your claim.

        In which case, why did Talmud consign Jesus to eternity of boiling excrement and semen if he was just another Jew in the hive, following the script.

        But since logic is a dirty word to so many here, not worth pursuing the topic further.

        1. @ Lobro

          Ok, on review, I got it wrong regarding who assured me that Paul is a genuine article.Somebody did and I took their word on it.

          No, dear Lobro, you did NOT get it wrong! 🙂 It was I who assured you that St Paul was the genuine article and I stand by that. Christianity is NOT a “Jewish plot” invented by St Paul and a cabal of scheming Jews in order to undermine the goyim and lead them astray. I’m glad to hear you don’t believe in such utter garbage.

      8. (Continued from my last comment about Lorn re spoof comments)

        The last time this happened we suspected Ellie because of her literary talents. Also because of her numerous sockpuppets and skills with fake email addresses and IP numbers. I reckon this could be Ellie up to her tricks again. There’s no stopping these internet trolls.

      9. Sard –

        I remember. We blamed Alan Merc and Julian and EK, Ellie, Elka, Ekaterina Krupp… Elsie the Cow…
        …………….all the sock-puppets… 🙂

      10. @Sardonicus
        “ Sounds like a spoof comment to me.”
        And a funny one at that with the punch line at the beginning,
        “I’ll be frank. I’m undergoing gender reassignment. I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body.”
        Make your mind up is it Lorn or Frank? 🙂

  1. “…and we are rising at last from our long slumbers in the waiting rooms of hell…..”

    Not quite, The ‘anti-semitism awareness act’ site ready for Congress t review and sign.

    THEN no longer can we identify the source of this evil and they are free to infect and destroy real civilization and replace it with their brand of ‘life’.

  2. And of course, Darkmoon’s beloved kaminksi can’t find anything good in Trump — either can Darkmoon’s beloved pet Pat find anything good in Trump . So if Trump gets assassinated, who cares, he was no good anyway. Sounds real jew to me to not be able to find even one good thing about Trump and bad-mouth Trump as much as the jews in Washington, the MSM, and in Hollywood, bad mouth Trump, and can’t find anything good about Trump and constantly bad mouth him. That kaminski and Pat bad mouth Trump in a different way the jew mainstream bad mouths Trump, for different reasons than the jew mainstream bad mouths Trump, does NOT cover up the fact that kaminski and pat are inculcating the same ultimate trope about Trump as the jew mainstream : Trump is NO good, there’s NOTHING good about him, if he gets assassinated, who cares, no big loss, there was NOTHING good about him, no big deal he’s no longer around.

    The trope, the meme, is : “Trump is no good, there’s NOTHING good about him”, the conclusion of the trope/meme, the ultimate conclusion which is a logical conclusion considering the premise of the trope/meme is : “if he gets assassinated, who cares, no big loss, there was NOTHING good about him” is left unsaid, but IS THE VERY PURPOSE FOR INCULCATING THE TROPE/MEME ABOUT TRUMP IN BOTH THE MAINSTREAM JEW MEDIA AND HERE IN THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA BY CERTAIN TYPES, LIKE KAMINSKI AND PAT ARE TWO PERFECT EXAMPLES OF THE CERTAIN TYPES. The TWO inculcate the same trope/meme as the JEW mainstream media does, the TWO , kaminski and pat, just go about IT in a different way than the JEWS in the mainstream media go about it. But it leads to same thing : Trump is no good, NOTHING good about him. This way, if he does get assassinated, who cares, no big loss to us, not even a little loss, he was just NO GOOD. NOTHING to see here in his assassination, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying it was a wonderful wonderful thing Trump got assassinated, we’re just saying it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not such a bad thing, he got assassinated , for he was just NO GOOD THERE WAS NOTHING GOOD about him, let’s move on now.

    1. TROJ –

      Be glad he pulled out of the race in 2012.
      He dodged the crowbar hotel..!! 🙂

      Before that….

      In 1999 Donald Trump ran for the nomination of the Reform Party which exists as a small third party within the United States. He had long talked about running for President and announced in 1999. If he won he announced who would serve in a Trump administration if he had won.

      Vice President: Oprah Winfrey
      Secretary of State: Colin Powell
      Secretary of Defence: John McCain
      Secretary of Treasury: Jack Welch

      While Trumps campaign did capture the attention of the news media at the time, because he was not running for either the Republican or Democratic nomination his campaign was not given the same attention as his 2016 run.

      After he withdrew in 2000 Trump became a DEMOCRAT and was one from 2001-2009 (the sum total of Bush’s Presidency) he the became independent before he again became a Republican again in 2012.


      Donald Trump had to give up his 2012 Presidential campaign or face criminal charges by the FEC for campaign contributions violations in 2011.

      WHEW.. Almost jail time..!!!

      He and his attorney, Michael Cohen, had to remodel his website:

      III Conclusion (p. 10)
      Mr. Trump never became a candidate. Therefore, he was never subject to the source and amount restrictions of the Act.

      Therefore, there is no reason to believe the respondents violated 11C.F.R.§100.72(a) or 11C.F.R.§100.131(a).


    2. I suppose all the jews that surround him in banking, at work, in his family and those advising him are “good”?

      There are plenty of questionable issues that I see, while a sycophant is blind to them. He basically has two or three platform points that corral the weak sycophant. Which one (or did all three) got you?

    3. I try to keep things simple, over thinking something with out all the facts just leads to political speculation. One must ask the question are we better off right now with Trump or without him? We only had two real choices. I consider Trumps win a gift. We shall hopefully see how thing go, in any case keep your powder dry.

  3. Putin’s Fables and Trump’s Fables rival Aesop’s…!! 🙂

    This article is from SGTReport. I have followed Sean’s stuff for a while. They emphasize economic conditions, but never mention USURY at all. THEY sell stuff..!!

    His site is http://sgtreport.com/

    His other site: http://thelibertymill.com/ supports Drudge and Infowars and a numerous gold selling fear porn sites.

    Putin speaks of ‘GLOBALISM”…???

    The REAL ‘Globalism’…. destroying ‘individualism’ EVERYWHERE is UN Agenda-21… and Smart Growth… Green Growth… Sustainable Development..!! And it is never even hinted at, much less, mentioned…. Neither is USURY mentioned..!!

    And UN Agenda-21 and USURY are never mentioned by the two members of the all powerful tag-team business partnership of Putin and Trump either…!!

    I am not a buyer of Putin’s Fables at all… Trump needs to tag in quick..!! 🙂

    1. Here Pat, is info that is not fable. Prof, James Fetzer with others have exposed the psyops of Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and other psyop false flag hoaxes. The jewpapers have been full of the Dylann Roof killing Blacks in Charleston SC, his trial and death sentence. Not mentioned in the national News is that Roof was beat up in the prison shower and raped in his prison cell. It is doubtful that the sentencing jury heard anything about this in his death penalty hearing. Fezter and others also believe that Roof may have been under mind control discipline because of all the anomalies during the shooting. So, here we are faced with the possibility that Roof who may have been a patsy programed by the CIA/FBI to kill some precious Black folks and then to add insult to injury the jury gives him the death penalty on top of some precious Black folks beating him up and raping him in prison while waiting trial.
      Here’s a question for all you Darkmoon brainiacs. How many precious Black folks will be tried and given the death sentence for the killing of 300-400 or more, in 2016 alone, of their fellow Black folks on the streets of Chicago? I will continue to take breath awaiting your considered opinions.

      1. @Toejam
        “Not mentioned in the national News is that Roof was beat up in the prison shower and raped in his prison cell.”
        I doubt very much that he was raped. One ‘news report’ states,
        “Dylann Roof made a remark to the medical staff upon his examination, “Those n****s were so huge. I can’t believe they did this to me. I thought the white inmates would protect me but they just stood around scared.”
        Read More at http://www.hotglobalnews.com/charleston-church-shooter-dylann-roof-beaten-up-and-raped-in-prison/

        “…were so huge” Really??

        Snopes.com give a different account, saying the rape story was fake,

        Jim S.

      2. Jim Stone,
        Whatever the truth about the rape of Roof while in prison, it is a fact that white boys are raped by precious Blacks prisoners (Wolfs) on a continuing basis in America’s gulag. In addition, anyone who uses the perverts at Snopes as a fact checker needs to think again. Like the overseers of the American gulag who use white meat to soothe amorous affections and give comfort to their precious Black prisoners, the antebellum plantation owners, some of the owners Black African, would bring in Indian and Black females into the upper delta of the Mississippi to placate the Black male slaves. The female offspring were taken back to New Orleans and when old enough and if pretty enough were kept as concubines by the plantation owners which in turn produced children. This genetic combination of Black, Indian and White resulted in what was called the gumbo because their skin resembled the color if the of the rich Delta soil.
        Read “In Search of Bisco” by Erskine Caldwell, Caldwell’s symbolic search for his black boyhood friend while growing up inn Georgia.

      3. @toejam
        “Whatever the truth about the rape of Roof while in prison,”
        Yeah that was kinda my point. The two links I gave were just random opinions that conflicted, not facts. You said unequivocally that he was raped and that it wasn’t reported on the national media. Got any evidence rather than conjecture?
        Anyway you’ve got an interesting writing style, somewhat hypnotic. Thanks for the Caldwell info, I’ll put him on the reading list.

      4. @Pat
        Apologies for stepping in on a comment addressed to you by TJ and thanks for the ‘Snopes pervert’ link fact check 🙂

      5. TJ –

        FYI 🙂

        I researched this in the 60s.

        There are three types of “gumbo” in the southern states of America, depending on the type of thickener used.
        1-File’ – add crushed sassafras leaves to stew.
        2-Roux – add browned flour and grease in a skillet.
        3-Okra – just toss in raw okra.

        “Gumbo” got its name from the African word for OKRA.

        Okra, or “Gumbo,” from Africa:
        0kra (Hibiscus esculentus) is also called “gumbo” in this country, although the latter term is more often applied to soups or other dishes which contain okra. Both of these names are of African origin. “Gumbo” is believed to be a corruption of a Portuguese corruption, quingombo, of the word quillobo, native name for the plant in the Congo and Angola area of Africa.


    2. Thanks, TJ –

      “Here Pat, is info that is not fable. Prof, James Fetzer with others have exposed the psyops of Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and other psyop false flag hoaxes.”

      Good. Thanks, again.

      I did not see where Putin or Trump mentioned those hoaxes and false flags. That is MY point..!! 🙂

      1. The Boston Bombing explosion never happened, Pat? It was all special effects and photoshopped?

      2. Poup –

        I shall repeat it for you….

        I did not see where Putin or Trump mentioned those hoaxes and false flags. That is MY point..!! 🙂

        Neither Trump nor Putin exposed the fraud….. the fake news. The “photoshopped” events.

        Your picking is finally starting again. Good for you..!!
        Have a smiley guy…. 🙂

  4. “According to Tom Delay, former US House Majority Leader of the US Justice Department, a secret memo has just been discovered discussing the promotion of 12 of the most shocking sexual perversions, including the normalization of bestiality and the legalization of sex with little children, including infants and toddlers of both sexes.”

    A bit more information might help here, like who’s doing the promoting. Many years ago there was another document called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that went far beyond what is highlighted here. But then it was discovered the document was just a “forgery.” I’m still waiting to find out the name of the actual document from which this “forgery” was derived.

    “One has to ask oneself: Who are these demons in human form, from the darkest pits of hell, who have managed to gain control over the reins of government?”

    Yes, most certainly one has to ask who are these demons in human form? Hmmm, lez see now, could they be Nhadzeez? Racists? Christians? Muslims? Putin? Trump? Their supporters? Alt Righters? White supremacists? The militia? Negroes? Liberals? Democrats? Conservatives? Republicans? . . .

    Wait! Wait! I know! I know! It begins with “J” and ends with “W.” For some reason I just cannot seem to say the name out loud.

    1. Arch,

      Excellent comment. BTW, it’s not our doing that your comments (and those of Poupon Marx) keep going for automatic monitoring. I think this may have something to do with your computer and the need to update, but I can’t say for sure. (I don’t have enough technical knowledge to advise you what to do).


      1. Well, Sister Monica, I just did a complete reinstall of my MAC OS this morning. I would hazard that something software related on your end is corrupted. But I am not an expert in this field. But I do make excellent chocolate pudding.

        One time ago, I threatened by computer with a hammer, that if it did not stop vexing me, I would “cap” it. The problem went away.

        1. Poupon,

          I don’t think this problem is on our side. If it was, lots of people would be complaining. No one is, because everything is working smoothly for everyone else. Only you and Arch Stanton appear to be having this problem.

    2. @ arch
      “I’m still waiting to find out the name of the actual document from which this “forgery” was derived.”

      “forgery – copy of something such as a document or painting”

      Calling it a forgery is nothing but a b-s distraction technique and I think that those who use it need to be reminded that any reproduction of any document (Constitution, Declaration, etc.) can be considered a forgery of the original.

      1. Not every copy of a genuine document is a “forgery”, only a copy that is presented as the original.

        The term “forgery” in this case is ill chosen. The correct term would be “fabrication”. Whatever the real status of the Protocols, it does contain a plagiarism of the Dialogue in Hell of Maurice Joly, which cannot be explained if the document were genuine.

        We probably have to do here with a literary creation of what Jews might have said if they would try to conspire for world domination. The writer knew the Jewish mentality and behavior very well, therefore his creation is so predictive, which deludes even intelligent minds.

      2. It could be an ill-chosen word, or maybe not. Regardless, it’s still a b-s distraction technique. After all, here we sit, distracted.

      3. I guess it’s possible that the rulers of definitions could have used that ill-chosen word, simply by mistake.


        I am however, becoming rather fond of the term ‘ill-chosen’. 🙂

  5. I agree completely with this article and with the video. We are in grave danger with this current ruling elite who have blood all over their hands. Recently Glen Greenwald (no fan of Trump) wrote an article about the Democratic party collusion with the Deep State CIA in an attempt to smear Trump with fake news: “The Deep State Goes to War with President-Elect, Using Unverified Claims, as Democrats Cheer.” I’m surprised that everyone hasn’t notice that the left, the Democrats, the CIA, and the technocrats have done everything to disrupt Trump. Pizzagate was banned to the point of being buried, at the same time Black thugs beat up a defensiveness disabled man and put it on Facebook for all to see and it played on… Hmm not fake news but shocking.

    So Pizzagate is real. It really is not about a pedophile ring run by Hillary Clinton out of a pizza parlor. That is a fake story. In October 2016, Wikileaks dumped John Podesta’s e-mails that went back to 2007. In those there was a lot of information that linked John Podesta, his brother Tony, and other people in the D.C. area to extremely suspicious behavior through their collection of grotesque art showing pedophilia, child abuse and torture, through an art/occult movement called “spirit cooking” that also involves Hollywood elites, and yes to a branch of the Clinton foundation called Stratfor where Hillary and Bill apparently shielded pedophile rings from prosecution. I recommend that anyone who believes this is all fake news to look at Tony Podesta’s art collection, as well as the photographs related to James Alefante’s instagram. Also go and look at the video of the 11/12/11 MOCA event featuring artist Marina Abramovic. This is the mere top layer of an obviously much more complex story, but even just touching the surface a normal person will probably conclude that the Podesta e-mails opened pandora’s box into the darkest side of the deep state where we may be looking at the mechanism of state control through blackmail and pedophilia. I would also recommend Yoichi Simatsu’s series of articles that traces the pizza gate story to international
    pedophilia activities.

    I can’t say much about John Kaminski and Pat’s views on Trump. It’s kind of weird because they are not from the left or the usual programmed suspects like the Democrats, progressives, and liberals, etc. I’m just guessing their life paths have not taken them into the dark places that my life has taken me. They probably have never watched a child become chronically ill from visiting a pediatrician. Lucky for them, they don’t live in California that has already descended into a lockdown gulag state where politicians work for someone else besides the people. A new law is being proposed that would make it possible for Child Protective Services to take children away from parents if the state decides parents aren’t raising them as the state wants. In L.A. County Child Protective Services is run as for profit organization that makes money from breaking up families (a piece of legislation tied to Hillary Clinton). Some children disappear (ominous, given the existence of pedophile rings). Children are sexually abused by foster parents. Children die in state custody. And these robotic lefties and progressives can’t be stopped.

    So, if everything is just an abstraction or an intellectual debate with no real content, then I can see someone being bothered by Trump’s style or supposed Zionism. However, if it is a matter of the survival of a generation of children, and the threat of takeover by programmed robots then Trump looks good. Equally creepy is that futuristic technocratic city that will generate wave patterns that will probably give us all brain cancer at a young age, and make us blind from “blue light.”

    1. Kapoore –

      “I can’t say much about John Kaminski and Pat’s views on Trump. It’s kind of weird because they are not from the left or the usual programmed suspects like the Democrats, progressives, and liberals, etc. I’m just guessing their life paths have not taken them into the dark places that my life has taken me.”

      You are correct that I have not lived your life, nor you mine. It would be absurd to believe otherwise.

      I don’t have to be placed in a navy brig to know I don’t want to be there. I stayed out of there when I served in the navy. On submarines.

      You probably haven’t been in Portsmouth Naval Prison at hard labor either. And I doubt you would enjoy it.
      So, we might have that in common. 🙂

      BUT…. I have held public office at a county level, and my dad at the state level, and I have had numerous friends who were/are national politicians and office-holders. I have helped in MANY campaigns. I saw the organized crime guys in action, using muscle, weapons and money. Really bad stuff.

      I KNOW how the sausage is made. I helped make some for me and my political ‘sumbitch’….. at the time, as chairman of the Democrat Central Committee. I was a hard-core ‘Dixie-Crat’…. not a real Democrat. But I had to run as a Democrat to win ANY office in my county.

      I even helped Billy Clinton get elected AG in Arkansas in 1976, and for Governor in 1978. We talked weekly in certain times. Big mistake supporting him. I worked against him in 1980, and he lost to Frank White… another friend of our family. Most don’t know he lost that election, and did not serve consecutively.

      It does NOT matter what I think… but it DOES matter what YOU… KNOW.

      So, knowing what you do… where do you KNOW that am I wrong in telling what I know..??

      I always respect your opinions.

    2. @ Kapoore

      Good post.

      “I would also recommend Yoichi Simatsu’s series of articles that traces the pizza gate story to international pedophilia activities.”

      I see we run in some similar circles. Simatsu is excellent on the PizzaGate topic and provides plenty of related historical info.

      Another place to check in on for PizzaGate info is https://steemit.com/trending/pizzagate
      This site gives gives links to info in two categories, the past 24 hours, and the past 30 days.

      PizzaGate is not been buried. The world is aware. It is not on the mainstream media (MSM), but that is no big deal since not many people pay attention to them anyway. The MSM has lost their ability to control the narrative thanks to the internet.

  6. But it’s a broader cultural thing. If I say Cliff was a Talmudist, I don’t mean that as an insult. You all know, of course, that the Talmud is a codification of halokhe, of Jewish religious law, but that’s far from all it is. The Talmud is also five thousand or so pages of rabbinic sages scoring off each other using not only halokhic erudition, but also puns, insults, bad jokes, gossip and anecdotes of dubious relevance. Sound familiar? Put Cliff two millennia in the past and have him speaking Aramaic, and he’d have fit right in. (“The most unforgettable person I’ve ever met in my life,” Splintered Sunrise, 28th August 2011)
    OFF TOPIC and it does sounds very familiar as Tobias Langdon point out in his latest at TOO.

  7. I think it’s a very good idea to ban subversive television shows and get people (particularly young people – students) off their addiction to TV. Many years ago a different European leader suggested the same thing.

    People are starting to question western leadership and the narrative the mainstream media and the education system drills into everyone’s heads daily. Anyone over a certain age can see the decline in their country’s cities and standard of living. Many people know things are not going well. Many people are awakening to political correctness and how it is autocratic, often empowering complete idiots, while shutting down anyone that doesn’t tow the line. People are beginning to question all the perversities being made normal while traditional life (Christianity, marriage) is demonized. There is an awareness among a small, but growing number of people of Jewish power and its negative influence on countries. I think more people are becoming aware of revisionist history and its importance relating to WW II and how that has affected us today. People are becoming aware of the hypocrisy the elites preach. Many people in the US still don’t know that “democracies” in Europe jail people that don’t accept the Jews narrative regarding the “holocaust”. And then they read about the British and American governments contemplating passing a law basically forbidding any criticism of Jews, Many or most people have heard of the “Alt-right” and there is a feeling of change in the air. I hope those forces get strong enough to force through change.

    Overthrow the corrupt elites –


    1. “… get people (particularly young people – students) off their addiction to TV.”

      If people are brainwashed, how would they know it?

      Average American spends at least 4 hours a day watching TV. If they sleep for 8 hours, that leaves 16 hours of awake time, and ¼ of that time is spent watching TV. They are dedicating ¼ of their conscious life to watching TV. The average 40 y/o has spent 10 solid years of their life doing absolutely nothing at all but watching TV. Average 60 y/o – 15 solid years. Not a one of them thinks they’re brainwashed. But tell them that for the next year you’re going to watch nothing but Russian or Islamic produced programs and see what happens.

      1. Rebar –

        TV is not the big problem today. Cell phones, iPads and iPhones are. Those items are closer than family to the users. Misplaced units will cause massive panic attacks.

        I don’t have a cell phone. I still see the problem of addiction just from using the internet.

        Trump is addicted to Twitter. This IS TODAY’s World Order. 🙂

      2. Yes, I’m very much aware of all that but Peter mentioned TV addiction. I refer to the cellphone addicts as techno-slaves, and not a one of them will admit to it. Be interesting to find out how much time they dedicate to cellphones and TV combined.

      3. Heard an interview with an interrogation cop and he said it was a lot easier now getting a confession than it used to be – all they have to do is take away their Ipad/cellphone and after an hour they’re ready to cave.

  8. Thank you Darkmoon for letting us all spew. Your site is one of the few bastions of democracy and free speech.

    1. I second that. No other site on the internet allows such a wide range of opinion. Here geniuses rub shoulders with weirdos and padded cell loonies. Not sure I can tell the difference between them sometimes. 🙂

      1. …and not let’s not forget those who have it all and are just simply genius weirdo padded cell loonies!

      2. @ Jim Stone

        In regard to your posts about Ariadnatheo, I’d be interested to know what makes you say that she was singlehandedly responsible for getting the Deliberations website shut down. It was a good website and I was of course aware of her articles on the site, but don’t you think it’s possible that the site was shut down for other reasons apart from Ariadnatheo’s malign influence?

        After all, Jim, if the guy (or gal) who owned Deliberations was having problems with her, he could have just stopped publishing her stuff, right?

        BTW, I tried to post a comment on Ariadnatheo’s new Lasha-bashing site at the link you gave

        [email protected]

        but I noted all the comments had been deleted, so I didn’t bother. How strange that someone should start up a vindictive hate site like this for no other reason than that a single comment of hers was deleted on the Darkmoon site! Weird. I mean, she hadn’t even been banned, only one lousy comment deleted!

        I’ve had at least 6 of my comments deleted here and it hasn’t made me want to murder Lasha Darkmoon! — who in any case has nothing to do with the Comment section.



      3. @Sardonicus
        Hi, I hope you’ll understand that I cannot divulge all the reasons but I will answer you as best I can.
        “but don’t you think it’s possible that the site was shut down for other reasons”
        The reason the site owner gave was financial reasons. For a long period of time very few viewed the site and no new writers came forward to replace the ones that had left due to the constant haranguing and accusations from her and her attack dog. It was very unwelcoming, I believe deliberately so. In the beginning writers came from all over the world. At the end it was just her and her pooch. Now she’s not a stupid person, so why on earth would she drive people away. I can think of only one reason.

        “… he could have just stopped publishing her stuff, right?”
        If you check her Boldfacenews site, bottom left, you will see that she invited him to start working/designing on that after getting to know him, so there was a business relationship as well, which probably clouded his judgement. Remember she was very articulate and persuasive.

        “I tried to post a comment on Ariadnatheo’s new Lasha-bashing site at the link you gave…
        How strange that someone should start up a vindictive hate site like this for no other reason than that a single comment of hers was deleted on the Darkmoon site!”
        I think there’s some confusion. She didn’t set up gabrielarad06 because of DM, it just happens the comments I highlighted between her and Poupon referenced DM. There were 9 comments in total going back 3 years from various other people who had looked for her. If you G search said site you will see some places where she has commented ie UglyTruth etc.

        “but I noted all the comments had been deleted…”
        Yes, odd behaviour. Hiding the experimental evidence.
        Jim S.

      4. @ Jim Stone

        To give her credit, Ariadnatheo was a high-quality commenter on this site and never got into any trouble until she decided to throw a hissy fit about the deletion of a single comment. She thought she’d been unfairly victimized by Toby and accused him of personal “animus”, flouncing off in disgust nursing her imaginary wounds.

        It turned out that the deletion of her comment had nothing to do with the degree of offensiveness or toxicity of the comment. She stated correctly that her comment was far less toxic than tens of other comments on this site, but she was too angry and headstrong to realize that her comment had to be deleted for an entirely different reason — nothing to do with how toxic it was or wasn’t.

        So I later learned from another commenter who seemed to know more about the situation than I did.

        She’s welcome to return here as far as I’m concerned. In fact, she has been invited back by Sister Monica. She was never banned. Just stormed off after a single comment of hers was deleted. She certainly has a very high opinion of herself if she thinks she can start ordering the monitor around.

        A highly intelligent woman, but extremely volatile and apt to take offense at the slightest provocation.

      5. @Sardonicus
        Thanks for the reply. Fair enough, the crew here are tough and can handle themselves. After airing my concerns and listening to the replies I feel the site is in safe hands where “intelligent, angry, headstrong, volatile, opinionated bitches” can’t run amock 🙂 Cheers
        Jim S.

  9. I see why this is such a provocative and well-writtten article: Lasha Darkmoon wrote it, herself! 🙂

    However, reading all the subsequent comments reminds me that NO ONE seems to have enough guts to declare they don’t give-a-damn what or with whom Trump is allied – AS LONG AS HE SERVES AMERICA WELL. Trump appears to be on the right track (and as President, he SHOULD be!).I know it is not in-step with the notions of this site to neglect Palestine – but if POTUS finds it in America’s best interest to be chummy with Netanyahou, so be it.

    I understand his job. (That is what I admire about Vladimer Putin – he is a patriot for his country, and knows who he’s there for!)

    Notice that our enemies are doing all they can to set these two leaders at odds with each other. That should speak volumes, if you have half-a-brain! I am an American.

    1. I’m with you on this one, Gilbert. Navigating the waters to achieve goals is what Trump has done all his life. That means sharing a seat on some flights with people you don’t agree with or who have some hostility to you. The players and landscape constantly changes. Trump has brought on board some who were hostile to him, but we don’t know the inside story or whether he flipped them, or like the old saying goes, “Keep you enemies closer than your friends”. A lot of posters infer and conclude broadly from an article or two, thinking that what they read has absolute relevance and assignment. In science and statistics, this is known as an inadequate small non-representative sample.

      Your theme above is correct: as long as Trump’s central focus is what’s good for America-and that means what means he using to this end, work-he deserves support, credit, and trust. I find it strange and even bizarre that an appointment, a pronouncement, or some other single event produces a cacophony of conclusions of Trump’s aims, goals, and ideology. Very strange.

      The same with Putin. I believe Putin to be in the exact same channel as Trump: super patriot, using all available means to protect and advance his people’s and nation’s interest.

  10. You say, “As the planned brutalization of man gathers pace, in accordance with the Rockefeller-Rothschild-Soros New World Order’s sinister agenda….”
    One should always place the supreme Rothschild power at the head of the criminal-oligarchic list, since all others are subservient to it. Just as Satan is supreme in hell, with all other demons serving him.

    1. One should always place the supreme Rothschild power at the head of the criminal-oligarchic list, since all others are subservient to it.

      Good point. I’ve made the change for Lasha. I know she would approve of it.

    2. good eye, darrell a small but important point.
      the kingdom of devil is strictly a hierarchical one, a militant organization where everyone knows his exact place.

      This brings me to another point, entirely overlooked in this ongoing confused clamor, everyone minutely examining the bowels of the beast and proclaiming some breathless discovery or another.

      No one holding or aspiring to public office is clean

      it is a regional and temporal law that has ruled the western hemisphere ever since the monarch ceased to be the sovereign, when the secular power passed into the claws of jew who cleverly rules by means of abomination called democracy, where everyone is with odds with everyone else, all subservient to jew’s oversight, nothing meaningful gets done at any level of power without his express direction or approval, the participants’ actions, words and gestures spied on day and night just like in orwell’s 1984.

      Therefore, the only conceivable way that a tangible resistance can arise is through an individual program of patience, carefully cultivated appearance of obedience, either alone or while plotting with a clutch of trusted associates, weighing options until the opportunity presents itself that is judged right for a quick strike both in terms of damage to jew and security to the conspirators. Often it fails, eg, Saddam Hussein.
      But not always, as is the case of Vlad Putin and his KGB-FSB team or previously, Hitler or Stalin, however partial their subsequent success or catastrophic failure.
      The point is that they had to make deals with the devil, Putin and stalin completely surrounded themselves with jews almost using them for camouflage until they calculated their pivotal timing to be right.

      The only ones who were always “Clean” were jews, who at all times clearly followed the ancestral program in all its versions and upgrades, torah, talmud, the Protocols, marx’s Manifesto, kabbalah, Yinon, clean break, Pnac and so forth, many documents that never came to public light, refining the attack on our minds and souls.

      and this seems lost on all those ceaselessly attacking everyone and everything, friend and foe alike.
      i don’t see what good do they contribute to the war, lacking all nuance, what in naval combat was called a loose cannon that broke free of its pegs, randomly rolling across the deck and firing indiscriminately.

      Forget chasing every tiny detail as if it and it alone is the determining factor.
      try to figure out the overall balance and the big score.

      Putin has scored so brilliantly in terms of the big picture, in terms of the emotional sewage spewed by thwarted and injured jew that it should be completely beyond any further doubt.
      Trump holds a similar or greater promise, a potential at this time.
      So yeah, let’s shoot him down before he gets a chance to either deliver or fail.

      Like buying a lottery ticket then tossing it away before the draw because most of them will end up worthless anyway.

      1. Lobro –

        “No one holding or aspiring to public office is clean”

        Yes. I Agree.

        I have claimed all along since the 1960s:
        ALL national leaders are LIARS..!! That’s why they get (S)elected.

        Trump spent $$Millions to hold the position of greatest criticism in the world. I’ll give him what he paid for and more…. 🙂 It comes with the territory.

        Here’s one:

        Trump will give construction jobs to Mexico’s cement company, the largest in North America.

        Biggest winner of border wall getting built would be Mexican cement giant

        If Trump wins and pushes ahead with his campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, the biggest gainer in terms of profits may well be a Mexican cement manufacturer. CEMEX.

        “It is not economically feasible to transport heavy building materials over large distances,” the report reads. Because of that, “it is the companies with production facilities closest to the border that stand to gain the most as suppliers to the Trump Wall project.”

        And that points to the largest cement manufacturer in the Americas, CEMEX, which is based in Monterey, Mexico, and….

        …. has dozens of facilities within 200 miles of the border in BOTH countries.

        American jobs..???

        Smoke and mirrors.

      2. @ Justice For Chinese

        I’d like to ask you two questions:

        1. Do the educated Chinese of today bear a grudge against the British Empire for their historical ill-treatment by the Brits because of the Opium Wars and making millions of Chinese people into helpless opium addicts? Do the Chinese want revenge and compensation for past crimes or have they forgiven the Brits?

        2. Are the same Chinese intelligentsia aware of the Jews behind the British Empire? Are they aware that they need to take special precautions against the Jews, lest China be destroyed by the Jews like Russia and Germany were destroyed in the first half of the 20th century? and like America, Canada and other Anglo-Saxon countries are being destroyed today?

        Id like to feel the Jews had met their match in the Chinese.

      3. JFC –

        Trump could trade them buttered popcorn for the Wall.
        That might help with low movie theater attendance.. 🙂

        China overtakes US in screens but cinemas sit empty
        Updated 6:51 am, Friday, January 13, 2017

        ZHUOLU TOWN, China (AP) — The brightly-decorated 3-D cinema in this town outside Beijing is showing the latest Chinese and Hollywood films, to row after row of empty red seats.

        So few people come to watch films here that the theater manager rents out the halls to travelling sales companies or music teachers.

        China has overtaken the U.S. in terms of the number of its cinema screens, becoming the world’s biggest movie market by that measure. But away from the bigger cities you wouldn’t know it.

        China had fewer than 20,000 cinema screens in 2013, but it has now surpassed the U.S., which had 40,759 indoor and drive-in screens as of July, according to the Washington, D.C.-based National Association of Theatre Owners. As of Dec. 20, China had 40,917 screens, according to the national film bureau.


      4. @ Sardonicus

        You asked and I shall sincerely answer.

        I will answer your second question first because it is a short one:

        Yes, the elites who run China know about the Jews. That is all I can say.

        Regarding your first question:

        No. The educated Chinese (nor the ordinary Chinese, for that matter) do not bear any grudges against the British Empire or Brits because 99% of them don’t even know that the Opium Wars were Jewish Wars. The elites of Hong Kong send their children to only the best public schools in England to prepare them for Oxford, Cambridge, Eaton etc… and most of the really “educated ones” are anglophiles like me. 🙂

        The ruling class of Taiwan and mainland China, however, send their kids to the elite American universities like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell etc. They would be pro-American rather than pro-British.

        Take my father, for example: he was born in Shanghai in 1936 and attended the Shanghai International School run by Americans. He knew how to play baseball at the age of 8 or 9. Cricket was as alien to him as it would be to a Yankee like Pat. 🙂

        An aside, the most famous alumni of the Shanghai International School is Charles K. Kao aka the “Godfather of Broadband” or “Father of Fiber Optics”.

      5. Thanks, Andrew. Lovely hearing from you! You have a great website. Good luck with that developing project.

        Pardon my curiosity, but are you fully Chinese or only partly Chinese? I’m thinking you might be Eurasian, identifying as basically Chinese but having some European blood in your veins somewhere along the line.

        Some of the most beautiful women in the world, I am told, are Eurasian: lovely magnolia cream complexions with raven black hair and inscrutable, slanty eyes. You know … Madame Chang the Sorceress!

  11. The brutalisation referred to is purveyed by the media – thus mere flickers on screens.

    The satanic hobbies of oligarchs have existed throughout history. Picking a few of us off for Pizzagate fun is horrific, but it will not change civilisation.

    The real brutalisation that IS changing civilisation is going on almost without comment. Darkmoon is a lovely site, but I see no focus on this apart from PAT. Arguing about the guiding hand of the Tribe will make no difference once the iron fence of Technocracy is complete:

    1.UN Agenda 21. Packing and stacking into cities. Declaration of “humans unwelcome” areas.
    “In 8 years President Obama has taken enough land and water to fill Texas three times over”

    2.Universal income subsistence living due to ubiquitous AI and Robotics.
    “Finland Will Give 2000 Unemployed People $590 Every Month, No Strings Attached, Even After They Get A Job”

    3. Militarised police. Drone and robotic control of populations.

    4. Cashless society. Complete surveillance 24/7. If you visit the crapper, it will be known.
    (Your “smart” electricity meter will know your computer or TV has switched to standby)

    5. RFID chipping populations for “convenience” in implementing 4.

    These are quasi irreversible changes to civilisation going on. When complete, you will certainly not be allowed to talk about the Tribe. Therefore these tools of the Tribe need discussing and exposing far and wide NOW.

    Reference https://www.technocracy.news

    1. @ Flan O’Brien

      Yes, the plans and activities of the Tribe need to be exposed. Darkmoon does their fair share.

      “These are quasi irreversible changes to civilisation going on.”

      The jewish plan of world tyranny will always have two principles beside the truth standing in their way, unintended consequences and Murphy’s Law.

      1. Hi UNGENIUS,

        Unintended consequences and Murphy’s Law certainly do normally impact, but not with very simple mechanisms.

        Tribal central bank thievery in the form of selling fresh air (interest for “printing money”), has been going on since the 19th century. Hardly one in society is aware, but this is a very simple mechanism that can be demonstrated by a child with pencil and pen.

        Moving people into cities: done at the stroke of a pen, especially when nanny state incentives are promised. 300 million in China are programmed to make the move.

        Universal income subsistence living due to ubiquitous AI and Robotics: stroke of a pen, or rather the push of a button at the European parliament since they shun the pen. Actually this happened this very day:

        A European Parliament committee has voted in favor of a draft report that proposes granting legal status to robots, categorizing them as “electronic persons”.
        “The most sophisticated autonomous robots could be established as having the status of electronic persons with specific rights and obligations, including that of making good any damage they may cause.”

        My report on#robotics adopted today including a debate on tax and social system and the possible introduction of a general basic income!

        Truly dumb as a rock these MEP’s – a collection of diodes is a person. LOL!!! But note the basic income rolling out.

        Militarised police. Drone and robotic control of populations: Done, done and done. No pen needed.

        Cashless society:Stroke of a pen. as happened in India a few weeks back. Overnight 80% of cash was declared illegal.

        Complete surveillance 24/7: done, done and done.

        RFID chipping populations for “convenience”:done, done and done. Just ask your local vet how long this has reliably been in existence.

        There are only minor “improvements” to this scenario yet to arrive, like dealing with websites like Darkmoon, but that is being actively worked on.

        When human farming in cities gets into full swing with the idle masses distracted with virtual reality sex (but physical for participants), legalised drugs, and wall to wall electronics, then the cage will be permanently shut.

        Murphy cannot intercede in the simple action of a pen.

    2. Flan –

      Yes. The ‘agenda’ rolls right along, as paradigms shift to global control of temporary sojourns, inhabitants.

      Corporations are PERPETUAL. Men are NOT..!! Therein lies THE huge advantages with no death. The agenda becomes perpetual. Written ideas remain guarded and amplified forever.

      As a corporation, the Vatican is perpetual.

      Obama visited the Vatican to get permission to ‘temporarily’ claim the land for the US Government uses for a few hundred years or so.

      The Vatican never released its claim on ALL the land in the world… or universe, the definition of catholic. Inhabitants have no claims, just temporary visitation as sojourns… here for just a while.

      The BIBLE, a legal document, is the source of EVERY pope’s claims. As with ALL legal documents, there are interpretations settled by courts. International courts.

      Here are some interpretations used by the Vatican:

      The power given by the Donation to the Roman Church was further enhanced by that inherent in the papacy itself. As the direct successors of Peter, the popes were the only true inheritors of the might of the Church, and hence of whatever and whoever were under her authority.

      The theory ran as follows:

      “Christ is the Lord of the whole world. At his departure he left his dominion to his representatives, Peter and his successors.

      Therefore the fullness of all spiritual and temporal power and dominion, the union of all rights and privileges, lies in the hands of the pope.

      Every monarch, even the most powerful, possesses only so much power and territory as the pope has transferred to him or finds good to ALLOW him.”

      This theory was supported by most medieval theologians. It became the firm belief of the popes themselves.


      1. Wiggins –

        The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… since 1306.

        History of Trusts

        The 1st Trust of the world
        Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an express trust deed. The last line reads:  “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, conveyed in trust.

    3. @Flan> “The real brutalisation that IS changing civilisation is going on almost without comment. Darkmoon is a lovely site, but I see no focus on this apart from PAT.” ?????????

      Would you run that by us again, with some detail and for instances? Have you read ANYTHING I’VE WRITTEN?

      Flan is one of my favorite deserts.

      1. @Flan> Yes, yes, agreed, d’accords, etc, etc. All of the hellish, horrific Satanic, science fiction-like trends of dehumanization are going on, exactly as you say!

        BUT, people, native Your Row Pee Ons, keep voting them in!!! They won’t vote for Le Pen in France, Falange in Great Britstain, or any other NATIONALIST, POPULIST (power coming from the people), patriotic candidates!!! They vote to have themselves humiliated, abused, stomped on-and more, and displaced.

        A line from a Frank Zappa song: “I want to be dead in bed, please kill me, ’cause that would thrill me”.

        In the end, people get the government they deserve. How to save a country? I get my wisdom and concrete inspiration from Genghis Khan.

        If you ask me what the solution is, what to do, the way to go, I will answer with one word……………Pinochet.

  12. “Putin has just Exposed the Plot To Destroy America”

    Actually, it’s about destroying the world, not just America. America’s globalist job was to spread jewish destruction to everyone by subversion or force. America has been the jewish pit bull for over 150 years which is about to change since Trump is a nationalist. 2017 will certainly be interesting as the USA becomes more interested in the needs of the people instead of the interests of the jewish global tyranny fantasy. A multi-power world is about to be birthed in one week which is why global jewry is so upset and whining.

    1. I agree multi-polar world led by Russia is the only hope. Wasn’t there some Catholic revelation concerning this? that Putin asked to see, but having seen too much Monty Python, the Pope said fxxx off.

      1. Flan –

        Putin will do whatever the Vatican permits him to do. Then he will get a loan from London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers to carry out the orders. The pope will get his commission check. 🙂

        Putin has met TWICE with the pope:

        (Vatican Radio) Russia’s President Vladimir Putin met Pope Francis Wednesday evening in a private audience in the Vatican. It was the second meeting between the Pope and the Russian President.

        A statement issued by the Head of the Holy See Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi said the meeting held between the Holy Father and Russian President Vladimir Putin took place in the Library of the Apostolic Palace.


      2. @ Flan

        Darrell could tell you more about that. Something to do with the Third Secret of Fatima.

      3. Flan –

        Putin has a globalist agenda as well. He trades with other countries and Russia’s economy is controlled by foreign banks.

        Kremlin admitted in 2013 that Putin and pope would….
        focus on the state of international institutions

        “Putin will be meeting Pope Francis as the president of Russia, and then – only secondly – as a Russian Orthodox [Christian],” said Father Kirill Gorbunov, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Mother of God in Moscow.

        As well as his visit with the Holy Father in the Vatican, Putin will meet with Italian president Giorgio Napolitano and Romano Prodi, the country’s former premier and a special UN representative, in Rome. On Tuesday, Putin will travel to Trieste for talks with the Italian government.

        The Kremlin announced ahead of the visit that Putin and Pope Francis would focus on the state of international institutions and their ability to respond to crises, as well as the protection of Christian minorities in the Maghreb and the Middle East.


      4. I think the real hope of a future stable world is based on racial characteristics. Broadly, Caucasians (the word “Aryan” is a dead concept, without meaning or concrete basis anymore), from Europe through Middle East Christians to the East Asians-including the Chinese-need to form a permanent alliance multi-laterally. This is a NATURAL alliance based on broad traits that enable those to form a “civilized stack”, building up a culture and communities with structure, organization, and continuity. Like Singapore, multi-cultural on the surface, but controlled by the Chinese, with Chinese Confucian values, so successful states for the future alliance must be majority controlled by either Caucasians or Asians.

        One cannot talk about long term alliances without considering racial and genetic factors. All nation states of the world should be re-structured along the dominant Caucasian-Asian-Singaporean model.

        The two biggest threats to future peace and harmony are the Negroes in and out of Africa. We of the West-the Asians never bother with altruism of the other-cured the diseases and fed the useless and worthless hordes and swarms of Africans until the morbidity rates plummeted and they bred and are breeding like cockroaches. They will swarm out of the baseboards of the house when the lights are off into every nook and cranny of the world. The second biggest demographic threat is the cockroach breeding rate of the permanently stupid, ignorant, violent, and horrifically inbred hordes of Middle East Muslims. Not only is the genetic stock of no practical value, but and atavistic religion which is not a religion but a permanent sociopathic code encompassing all of life guarantees stagnation and continual retrogression.

        Most thinking designed to alleviate, attenuate, or delay problems is not comprehensive enough. It is treating symptoms or sequential causes away from the root or initial or original.

        We don’t need no stinking One World, Multi-Culti, Diverse, crappy construct for a society. We need homogeneity, common values, quality breeding stock, etc. The only diversity I want in a nation are Caucasians, Asians, and some Hindus. Nota Bene: All these peoples come from ancient and advanced civilizations. That’s the passport.

  13. Sister Monica> I sent in a comment a couple of days ago on another computer, but sill on my home network. All my software is up to date. Today, I will go to a public computer and send again, with another IP address, and will advise therefrom.

    All the best. PM

  14. I have found a two-part essay that is clearly written in a straightforward style, with references and apparent authority. I was searching for some references on Jewish contribution to the major wars, starting with the Napoleonic, through WWI, WWII, The Vietnam War, etc. I suspect highly the Jews had a high and consequent hand in the triumph of Mao over Sun Yat-sen (Who lost China?), the partitioning of Korea, and of course the continual wars and excursions since the 1960s.

    Here is the site: http://inconvenienthistory.com/archive/2013/volume_5/number_2/the_jewish_hand_in_the_world_wars.php

    I encourage feedback from DM on the worthiness of this site. Also, I am interested in Jew involvement in all wars, since it is well known that the Jew plays both sides, benefiting from graft, usury, supply, and the weakening of “The Other”. Having no nation, culture, creed to anything or anybody, he is void of any humanity. The Jew is not neutral on the suffering of others, as in a passive observer, he is a CAUSE, stimulus, initiator, as it puts money in his pocket, and destroys the non-Jew. A real bonus.

  15. Putin should have exposed his buddies… Stein, Trump and Flynn..!!

    Putin, Trump, Clinton, Flynn, Stein… McCain… are ALL paid actors on the global stage..!!

    They ALL perform to promote UN Agenda-21..!!!

    AND… RT has even paid some of them to perform..!! 🙂

    Jill Stein ran to the left of Hillary Clinton, but her views frequently line up with Vladimir Putin — whose policies contradict many of the left-wing values she champions.

    Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, was heavily promoted by RT during the election campaign and was invited to Moscow last year for the network’s 10-year anniversary.

    It’s not clear who paid for her December 2015 trip, although a former British spy claims in the infamous “golden showers” memo that the Kremlin did so indirectly, but her campaign has refused to comment on the matter.

    Stein sat at the SAME TABLE as Putin during the event, along with Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s pick for national security advisor, who has admitted – he was *PAID by RT to attend.


    Flynn stunned former colleagues when he traveled to Moscow last year to appear alongside Russian President Vladi­mir Putin at a lavish gala for the Kremlin-run propaganda channel RT, a trip Flynn admitted he was paid to make and defended by saying he saw no distinction between RT and U.S. news channels such as CNN.

  16. i have made just one comment about
    Paul or Saul today. All the orher comments are from an impostor!

    1. It’s must be tough, what you’re going through, LORN, but be thankful, LORN, things could be worse, be thankful you’re not BOTH a man and a woman TWOgether trapped TWOgether inside the body of a hermaphrodite…

      1. @ Lorn

        i have made just one comment about Paul or Saul today. All the other comments are from an impostor!

        Exactly what I said! A spoof comment. Glad I’ve been proved right.

        So it now seems there are TWO Lorns: Lorn and For-Lorn. 🙂

        How apt.

    1. @ Lorn

      Based on the content of the fake comment, maybe it was Michelle (Michael) Obama impersonating you. 🙂

      1. Actually, I do have sexual issues involving black women, for whom I have a kind of obsessive-compulsive fetish. Caused by sexual abuse in early childhood by a black nanny. But I refuse to discuss these confidential details on a site like this where I’m being impersonated by some evil sonofabitch.

        Who is the real Lorn, you want to ask yourself. Me or this sonofabitch who keeps claiming he is the Real Lorn?

        Yeah, I got sexual issues —real bad — but I ain’t discussing them here. No siree, I know when to keep my mouth shut.

      2. @ Lorn

        You have my full sympathy. It must be awful to be sexually obsessed with black women just because your black nanny abused you when you were a vulnerable child. Shame on her!

        Still, you aren’t the only one with sex problems, believe me. Join the club. My own sex problem has led me into alcohol addiction. So now I have two parallel addictions: booze and sex.

        Trouble is, and this is weird, I’m not really interested in booze or sex. Not as such. My major interest is butterflies. And it’s basically butterflies that are causing all my other problems.

  17. Could it be that the proposed wall is really not intended to keep illegal Mexicans out but to hem the population in or am I the only ‘conspiracy head’ here? This reminds me of the infamous ‘underwear bomber’, conveniently the son of an affluent Nigerian banker. Whenever our liberties are to be compromised it is well known that there has to be justifiable cause sold to us. I fear there is something far more sinister behind this. Whenever there is any construct that directly or indirectly controls movement we ought to see how that fits with Agenda 21.
    Flan O’Brien’s points are well taken as well as Kapoore’s about the condition of our inner cities. So far I see no change to the course – onward to the ‘chosen ones’ new reformed UN with multi-polar pseudo-sovereign states all answering to the real sovereign body with the ‘chosen ones’ still hidden. We have the world of the Gods (chosen ones), the world of the temporarily selected demi-gods (selected leaders) and the world of the mortals (serfs) at the bottom. When the day comes that a leader goes after real reform of the Godfather’s blood-sucking global money system and exposes the scam on behalf of the people, until that time, they are ‘playing their part’; this is a stance that I always admired Colonel Gadhafi for. It was this brave stance and his unwillingness to play ball that ended with his murder.
    A question for Pat: I once saw a video where Eustace said that he thought the Queen was at the top, what do you think?

    1. SEEB> You ARE the only “conspiracy head”-on this subject, at least. There may be one or two more in the Country, however.

      I have it on good authority that the Queen used to prefer being on top, but arthur-itis prevents her from assuming that position.

      Paul Ryan, Barry SoreToe Marshall Davis also are building walls to keep their families from going out. It has always been this way: all the castles built had walls for this purpose.

    2. Seeb –

      I mentioned a few months back that the wall would keep people in ‘Camp USA’ as well as keep others out.

      Queen at top???

      I have this to offer:

      When the Queen of England goes to visit the City[of London] she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar, the symbolic gate of the City. She bows and asks for permission to enter his private, sovereign State. During such State visits “the Lord Mayor in his robes and chain, and his entourage in medieval costume, outshines the royal party, which can dress up no further than service uniforms.”

      The Lord Mayor leads the queen into his city.

      The symbolism is clear. The Lord Mayor is the monarch. The Queen is his subject.



      When Queen meets pope….. she is REQUIRED(ordered) to wear black.

      They both shake hands. Remember they are both head of state.
      She the Queen is the head of the Church of England, and the Pope the head of the Roman Catholic Church. She, the Queen, must wear black.
      The only person to wear white when meeting the Pope is the Spanish Queen.

      1. Pat-
        Thank you, I figured the chosen ones and their ‘messiah’ to come at the top and I did not understand Eustace’s opinion re. the Queen; I was thinking maybe I missed something. Thanks again and as corny as this may sound these days, “God Bless.”

    3. @ Seeb

      Walls have traditionally been to keep people out, not in, from cities, to forts, to countries like the Great Wall of China. The most common exception to walls being for defensive purposes are walls around prisons.

      If the Trump proposed USA-Mexican wall is to perform a prison function, there will have to be a wall built on the lower 48 USA-Canadian border and the Alaskan-Canadian border. When you see those walls purposed, then it would be sound to consider the Mexican wall to be a prison wall. Until then, it would be sound to consider the Mexican wall a defensive wall to keep the uninvited hordes out.

      This being said, my comment should not be considered an indication that I do not believe in conspiracies. Conspiracies are certainly real. However, (((those))) seeking control over humanity will create fake conspiracies to promote fear and distract from the real conspiracies. Sound reasoning and logic is the best way to determine which conspiracy is real and which conspiracy is fake.

  18. paul and saul are the same guy – except that neither one of them ever really existed. like jesus and moses they’re literary characters made up for religious (political) psy-op control purposes, applied out of whatever existing power constructs, pagan beliefs and pharaohs, served the purpose at the time.
    i liked the poetry about the vestibule but really there is no hell either. i do find myself hoping i’m wrong for the likes of bush, cheney, obama, the clintons, etc..
    everybody is going to have to get past religion before we’ll ever see the next paradigm. you too vlad.
    except for the munitions contractors, religious fanatics and everyday sadists the world cries out for peace and justice. not just the reggae rastafarians either.
    trumps overture as such to vlad was pretty sparky and everybody flew right to that glimmer. it’s beatlemania waiting to happen.
    he’s canning all the ambassadors (95% mazaltavers) on day one. now we might see how shabittzy he really isn’t, depending on what types he replaces them with. as we all readers here know – the jews are the main problem.
    the embassy isn’t going to heirosalyama this time either, so don’t worry on that.
    i don’t think i’d call polygamy a perversion. get the government out of my life.
    i do think hanging a graphic of a torture/murder victim on your wall is pretty sick though. and if you’re going to kneel dawn and say pryers in front of it you’ve really got something weird going on.
    infanticide was big in the final days of the roman empire. it’s a reptilian thing. the r-complex needs victims to dominate. i’m betting pedophilia is about abu grahaib, no matter how dreamy george michael’s song sounded.
    there’s a new sheriff in town and trump’s no pedo. not nearly enough prison space for everybody guilty on that.
    pronouns might be one thing but i don’t see sex with animals and infants being legalized in the usa.
    forgery or fabrication – the protocols peg things way to well now to be just nothing. they are an instruction manual for the zionist domination of the planet, by the destruction of everything good in the target societies.
    i think henry ford put copies in all his model a and t cars, didn’t he?
    somehow i don’t see christianity as any savior of human dignity. not with their history, speaking of pedophilia, not to mention torture an genocide. definitely not with the vatican’s migratory sabotage of america.
    constitutional america is the light of the world, without mention of any supernatural messiahs. every monarch type hates that and will sabotage it too.
    putin’s right about the decline but he’s playing the same old deadbeat fiddle. screw the pope.
    i’m not inviting any establishment religious figures to my global symposium for peace and progress.
    putin and djt could both be a lot more eloquent on the real subjects here now. how about some elaboration on the global warmongering and war profiteering banking industrial and political complex, instigating its conflicts for profit and continued control over the masses? if you really want to be believed in let’s hear the straight skinny on the jew problem too. maybe trump’s ambassadorships reshuffle action will speak louder than words, if he kicks the tribe out of that level.
    trump is 100% right on the national sovereignty thing. and every nation should have an equal vote at the un. but it should be noted – worldwide political cooperation on saving the biosphere is the best chance for genuine progressive evolution. we need a new line of products and a reoriented system of priorities. i don’t think trump, putin get the ecological thing yet. the pope never will.

  19. I just got on the board WITH NO MODERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. HUZZAH! PEAL THE BELLS!
    I’m drinking champagne and the cats get tuna fish!

  20. paul and saul are the same guy – except that NEITHER ONE OF THEM EVER REALLY EXISTED. LIKE JESUS and moses they’re literary characters made up for religious (political) psy-op control purposes

    (I know nothing about moses nor give 2 s**ts about him)
    You are entitled to your opinions but I object when you are raping the forum by stealth whereby you, thru mumbo jumbo sleight of hand convert unproven opinions to alleged facts.
    Knowing full well that to a number of blog readers these notions are very important, your claim in absence of evidence becomes nothing but a crude insult.

    All the more so when I can point to a physical artifact that comes as close as possible to not only verifying Christ’s physical historicity but is attended by what can only be described as supernatural set of forces given the current state of science, ie, it is there but non-replicable by today’s state of physical theory, experimental ability and engineering technology.

    I refer, of course, to the Shroud of Turin.
    It is the most analyzed object in history and still as mysterious and unexplainable by anything except the literal narrative of the Gospels, in no way contradicting them and yet beyond reach of any other explanation.

    I don’t feel like delving into the specifics except to say that the image has been studied extensively by numerous board certified medical examiners, unanimous in stating that it depicts a man murdered by crucifixion, a very specific crucifixion in short duration before death, with the crown of thorns endemic to the area of Palestine, pierced by a bladed instrument on the right thoracic side, bearing marks of about 100 lashes of the classical Roman scourge – all unique to execution of Jesus. Furthermore, the shroud weave is of type unknown to Middle Ages and pollen of various flowering plants local to Jerusalem surroundings available in springtime (Easter) are found on it, the blood type (AB) corresponds to the face cloth (same high class, expensive linen weave) kept at the cathedral of Oviedo, known since the 6th century AD.

    And on and on and on and on, there are reams of scholarly articles spanning over a century, various world-class atheists in all disciplines attacked it with all their might and failed – maybe you will succeed.
    The most challenged artifact ever has withstood all tests with aplomb and has turned the tables on science in that no one has the slightest clue how it was created.

    Feel free to give it your best shot, your cheap one-liner would have been laughed out of any science symposium dealing with it.

    Since no one stepped up to the plate, I felt obliged to do it on their behalf.
    But maybe in the Talmudic academies of scribes and lawyers, their arguments are constructed around cleverly denying the truth rather than seeking it, so your profession does not stand you in good stead here.

    1. of dichotomies and bifurcations made into one …

      Shroud – freely available to the whole world to hypothesize and criticize to their heart’s content – the sure hallmarks of TRUTH.

      Holocaust – any question deviating from the officially sanctioned (and ever changing) script is punishable by imprisonment and loss of career world-wide, advanced age and clean record gives no protection – the sure hallmarks of LIE.

      Christ is the single most hated figure by the entire Judaism, condemned to cooking in excrement for eternity, Christianity declared the prime enemy and targeted for destruction by international Judaism.

      and yet to you they are one and the same.
      How can there ever be hope for liberation of West from the yoke of deutoronomy when its supposedly best minds are vacuum-packed with fossilized bullshit that admits no rationality?
      No wonder jew is laughing, add another turd to the punch bowl Shlomo, they love it!

      1. by so called “hating ” christ the jews pretend/spread the illusion that “christ “must have existed one time.
        This illusion is necessary to brainwash the goyim who by the existence of “christianity “protect the jews.
        I must say the jews have invented a good myth, the thinktanks were already working 2000 years ago with Saul/Paul or which ever name the jews call themselves to deceive the goyim.

    2. @Lobro

      Sorry but :

      “…After years of discussion, the Holy See permitted radiocarbon dating on portions of a swatch taken from a corner of the shroud. Independent tests in 1988 at the University of Oxford, the University of Arizona, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology concluded with 95% confidence that the shroud material dated to 1260–1390 AD.[78] This 13th to 14th century dating is much too recent for the shroud to have been associated with Jesus of Nazareth…”

      Source : Wikipedia, Shroud of Turin.

      1. don’t be sorry franklin (i’ll see your sorry and raise you a double sorry), i welcome valid criticism although on a touchy subject like this, central to judaism, wikipedia should not be your first reference.

        Note also that the original C14 dating (NB in 1988) was done on a piece of cloth that had never been examined for organic contamination, never been cleansed in any way, Larry david could have pissed on it and the avowed atheist prof Edward Hall would have happily gone ahead with it.

        in answer, try this for example Carbon 14 Dating Mistakes with the Shroud of Turin (Updated in 2008)
        or this one from CNN (2013 New test dates Shroud of Turin to era of Christ), more accessible to a layman

        The new test, by scientists at the University of Padua in northern Italy, used the same fibers from the 1988 tests but disputes the findings. The new examination dates the shroud to between 300 BC and 400 AD, which would put it in the era of Christ.

        It determined that the earlier results may have been skewed by contamination from fibers used to repair the cloth when it was damaged by fire in the Middle Ages, the British newspaper reported. The cloth has been kept at the cathedral since 1578.

        And this is just part of the contamination saga (i hope you understand the theory based on known half-life for the decay of radioisotope C14, whose amounts are constant in the atmosphere but once trapped inside some material progressively converts to regular C).
        The shroud was in several fires that destroyed the structures (churches) where it was stored, damaged by molten silver from a burning reliquary, soot, human hands that gripped it at ceremonial displays over the centuries, survived that medieval earthquake, atmospheric pollution in Turin (home of the giant Fiat car manufacturer) – and every subsequent exposure brought it in contact with more fresh organic deposits – all in addition to the attempts by cloistered nuns to reweave the damage in the first fire with new fibers.
        And the dickheads never gave it any thought, just went ahead and torched it in their labs.
        Sure, their dating was correct – but a dating of WHAT? Not PURE Shroud, that’s for 100% sure, no adjustment done for the impurities.

        But go ahead, this is the name of the game Franklin.
        (Rational Discourse, for those who never heard of it before)

        funny that today’s wikipedia would stand by the 1988 canard, so thoroughly debunked.
        Yet, its Holocaust stands pristine in all its shrunken heads+lampshades glory.

      2. @Lobro

        Between 300 BC and 400 AD ? So it could be 400 AD. That is 100 years after Christianity had become the official religion of the Roman Empire and there was a whole industry producing “relics” at that time…

        Wikipedia, Relic, Christianity, Counterfeits :

        “…In the absence of real ways of assessing authenticity, relic-collectors became prey to the unscrupulous, and some extremely high prices were paid. Forgeries proliferated from the very beginning…”

        2 x sorry !

      3. Probably we will never know that it is a forgery. That is not important for the jews and “christianity “.
        It’s about brainwashing the goyim by confusion, is it true or not? The game the jews and “christianity “allways have played. We got to get rid of this “christianity “. Without “christianity ” the jews will have no protection anymore and have no soil to infest the minds with the invented “christ “.

      4. Between 300 BC and 400 AD ? So it could be 400 AD.

        Franklin, this is called the 95% confidence interval or margin of error in popular parlance.
        It simply means that the test cannot be made more accurate than this.
        It also means that under the gauss distribution curve, the greatest likelihood, the mean falls between the 2 extremes, so it might be 50AD, ie, (400+(-300))/2.
        The tails are much less likely than the middle chunk.
        the inaccuracy of the test is no fault of the shroud.

        Moreover, if you want to read a respectable popularizer for educated layman, have a look at this last year’s Nat Geo article on the subject, Why Shroud of Turin’s Secrets Continue to Elude Science, which after all the C14 palaver nicely takes it back to square 1:

        Looming above all other issues is what physicist Paolo Di Lazzaro calls “the question of questions”: how the image was produced, regardless of its age. Every scientific attempt to replicate it in a lab has failed. Its precise hue is highly unusual, and the color’s penetration into the fabric is extremely thin, less than 0.7 micrometers (0.000028 inches), one-thirtieth the diameter of an individual fiber in a single 200-fiber linen thread.

        continued as follows

        Di Lazzaro and his colleagues at Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) conducted five years of experiments, using state-of-the-art excimer lasers to train short bursts of ultraviolet light on raw linen, in an effort to simulate the image’s coloration. The ENEA team, which published its findings in 2011, came tantalizingly close to approximating the image’s distinctive hue on a few square centimeters of fabric. But they were unable to match all the physical and chemical characteristics of the shroud image. Nor could they reproduce a whole human figure.
        The ultraviolet light necessary to do so “exceeds the maximum power released by all ultraviolet light sources available today,” says Di Lazzaro. It would require “pulses having durations shorter than one forty-billionth of a second, and intensities on the order of several billion watts.”


        go wiki!!!

        Nb: if a peer reviewed material appeals more to you, have a look here, a paper by WD Cline, The Right Date for the Wrong Part of the Shroud of Turin
        in part of Conclusion, it says

        Despite the observations and scientific findings, particularly of Rogers, that the C-14
        sample was not valid for dating the Shroud, there have not been any headlines announcing this to rival the headlines proclaiming that the Shroud was a fake. [surely wikipedia would never have overlooked this on purpose, right? – lobro]
        The material tested in 1988 that was taken from the Shroud of Turin was not part of the original cloth. Some percentage of the test sample may have been original material but there was enough new material to invalidate the sample for dating the Shroud. Harry Gove details the efforts to include six laboratories to date the sample but he also reveals that relatively little attention was placed on obtaining a suitable sample and the efforts to obtain multiple samples from the Shroud were rejected. Thus, the date for the Shroud of 1260 to 1390 cannot be valid.
        This scientific evidence should be more widely acknowledged.

        Returning to the negative response to the Shroud of Turin cited at the beginning of this
        paper, it is now possible to read the research published by Rogers showing that the C-14
        sample did not represent the Shroud of Turin and that the Shroud is much older. Furthermore, it is possible to read support for Rogers’ contention by other knowledgeable chemists. A response can also be given to the argument that the Shroud is obviously a fraud because lots of fraudulent religious icons were being produced at the time the Shroud first appeared in Europe. While it is true that there are many manufactured religious icons, the Shroud of Turin presents an enigma.
        First of all, why would a forger go to such extensive trouble to produce the Shroud when it was easy to make a fake relic and sell it as genuine?
        There are details, invisible to the naked eye, in the blood flows and chemistry of the blood on the Shroud that medical doctors and chemists have documented to be medically accurate. The microscopic pollen found on the Shroud indicate an origin in Jerusalem (Danin, Whanger, Baruch & Whanger, 1999). In addition, how would a medieval forger know to put microscopic amounts of calcium, unique to Jerusalem, in the areas of the feet and the knees? [Jesus falling down under the weight of the cross going up Via Dolorosa on the way to the execution – lobro]
        Also, the art of medieval Europe shows details of the crucifixion known to be historically inaccurate that differ from details on the Shroud which are historically accurate. Why would a forger step out of his contemporary time frame to do this?

      5. @Lobro

        “…First of all, why would a forger go to such extensive trouble to produce the Shroud when it was easy to make a fake relic and sell it as genuine..?”

        That, and the fact that technology at that time was not so far developed as it is today, makes this a convincing argument.

      6. lorn,

        Probably we will never know that it is a forgery.

        Without “christianity ” the jews will have no protection anymore and have no soil to infest the minds with the invented “christ “.

        Interesting thinking concealed in here, let me parse it a bit.
        So, the Shroud may be a genuine sign of a supernatural creation, ie, not man-made (Acheiropoieta, as such things are called), but even were it the case, you assign this profoundly inexplicable marvel to JEW.

        JEW produced a miracle beyond the comprehension of human science 2,000 years later in order to fool the goy.

        do you understand what you just said? basically acknowledged that the Chosen of G-d are just that, endowed with powers far beyond the scope of us mere goyim with no lasting imprint on the universe, a handful of chaff gone to the wind.
        i am afraid there is no escaping this as the only alternative conclusion, in fact a sounder, more defensible alternative than Franklin’s wikipedia’s feeble attempts to discredit it.

        Maybe you are right, lorn.
        in which case we must acknowledge the primacy of the Devil, something that i also considered as a possibility, ie, it may well be within his skillset as the most ingenious tho misleading intellect infesting the earth.
        i am open to that interpretation although i cannot possibly imagine why jesus, the devil’s disciple would have uttered all those profound condemnations of jew.
        the mystery persists 😉

        another bit worth pondering:
        surely you are aware that hardly any true christians live in the west.
        West is so thoroughly materialistic, America the worst of the bunch (google anybody and invariably one of the options is of the form Lorn’s Net Worth, a true measure of what someone is worth in the eyes of christian american, that it is a travesty to call the decayed whites religious in any sense.
        And it is precisely this that Jew exploits so skillfully, the prevalent materialism, which is exactly what atheism is all about, jew exploits the ABSENCE of Christianity and seeks to kill off what little vestiges remain.
        Back in the days of Church’s strength and integrity, vatican protected its flock, the rank and file, prohibited jews from intermarrying, from employing christian servants, from owning land, expelled them from large territories or penned them into defined areas like the Catherine the Great’s pale of settlement.
        Would that they would do that today!
        lack of religion never, ever protected people from jew – i challenge you to name me one single instance.
        No, it’s the exact opposite, witness Russian renaissance of the old time religion and (((pussy riot/LGBT))) hysterics.

      7. On the Turin Shroud

        It’s pointless discussing an important topic like this on a site where Christ hatred is rampant. How can you expect a Christ hater like “Lorn” — who apparently has a split personality as well as perverted sexual fantasies over black women — to admit the sanctity of the Turin Shroud?

        As for Franklin Ryckaert, he relies on Jewish Wikipedia for his negative assessment of the Turin Shroud. Hardly convincing as a tactic for two reasons:

        (1) Wikipedia is resolutely anti-Christian. It is the last site you can trust on Christian issues. It pushes the traditional Holocaust narrative, for example, as well as the mainstream views on 9/11. It’s quite happy to lie and cheat on these issues. And yet Ryckaert is happy to believe its erroneous conclusions on the Turin Shroud.

        (2) Ryckaert has himself condemned the argumentum ad verecundiam — or “the argument from authority” — as a logical fallacy, on more than one occasion. Yet here he is, unbelievably, making use of the same fallacy, the argument from authority, to buttress his negative view of the Shroud!

        Inconsistency, thy name is Ryckaert!

        As an expert on the Turin Shroud — I’ve been researching this topic for the last 27 years — I can tell you with absolute certainty that the authenticity of the Shroud has NOT been disproved. It can be doubted, yes, doubted.

        That’s what skeptics do! They doubt. And thank goodness they doubt, because without this initial doubting no scientific progress would be possible.

        One of the most telling features that help to support the view that the Shroud is genuine is the existence in fibers of the garment of rare pollen samples from plants that existed only in Palestine at the time of Christ — plants that were extinct well before 13th century: i.e., the 1260-1390 period in question. These rare Levantine plants were never to be found, in any case, in any European location.


        First you say :

        “… Ryckaert has himself condemned the argumentum ad verecundiam — or “the argument from authority” — as a logical fallacy, on more than one occasion. Yet here he is, unbelievably, making use of the same fallacy, the argument from authority, to buttress his negative view of the Shroud..!”

        Inconsistency, thy name is Ryckaert..!”

        Then you yourself commit the same fallacy :

        “…As an expert on the Turin Shroud— I’ve been researching this topic for the last 27 years — I can tell you with absolute certainty that the authenticity of the Shroud has NOT been disproved…”

        The “argument from authority” is only a fallacy if the authority is not credible. You cannot blame me – a layman in science – to trust the research from three prestigious universities. And no, because that research is mentioned in Wikipedia, it doesn’t mean that it never happened and has been “invented by evil Jews”. It can be easily checked outside Wikipedia, in fact I knew about it before the Internet was even invented.

        If you present yourself as an “authority” on the Shroud, you would need to provide some credentials, in stead of only saying so.

        BTW, I already conceded to Lobro that he made a good argument.

    3. I write as an atheist, and I believe that the shroud is the genuine article in that it covered a man who was whipped and crucified as described in the New Testament. That does not prove that Jesus was supernatural/divine.

      The carbon dating of the shroud may be explained by a little know (supressed?) work on histiography:-

      A Russian Professor, A.T. Fomenko, a mathematician and astronomer, found that the accepted dating of eclipses in history were impossible. He concluded that the dark ages did not occur and that events and histories of the missing years were made up with repeated cycles by 16th century church historians to make the church seem much older than it was.

      If he is right then the shroud, and Christ, existed much later than we have been taught, say the 11th or 12th centuries. That would explain the late dating of the shroud.

  21. I have to distinguish between the Jewish Lobby and the ordinary Jews who I find are mostly smart, funny and good people. There are a lot of young Jewish men who need to learn some humility and good manners, but I find most ordinary Jews are decent people.

    The Jewish/Zionist Lobby is anothe matter. As AIPAC and the Neocons they have caused massive damage, not only to the gentiles but also to the Jews themselves. If I was a Jew I would be campaigning against them.

    I am not religious, so I find Jewish belief in the old testament idea that they are a chosen race absurd. It was the voice in Abraham’s head. He was probably a delusional schizophrenic.

    If the real/true history of the Jews, particularly that in the 20th centry, was made public I don’t think Judaism would survive. It has benefited from blatant double standards because of the power of the Jewish/Zionist Lobby to smear any slight criticism as anti-semitic.

    I think it is coming to an end, mainly because of the internet. It is Judaism that is under threat, not western civilisation.

    1. John, demography is destiny. Western Civilization cannot hold together unless Caucasians are dominant in the culture and in numbers. No other group will continue the heritage and traditions of the West.

      From: https://www.amren.com/features/2015/06/the-cult-of-white-extinction-and-how-to-reverse-it/

      “Western Civilization cannot be sustained without whites, and from a Western perspective, life without Western Civilization has little appeal. Many people confuse the products of Western Civilization with its essence. We see this in the Peoples Republic of China where, at least in the major cities, there are advanced infrastructure and technology, yet underneath there is a harsh, intellectually constraining social structure. It is not Western. Many people predicted that China’s transition to semi-capitalism and industrialization would cause other changes that would align China with the Western model. This did not happen, because the Chinese are Chinese. The trappings of Western Civilization do not turn the Chinese into Westerners.”

      “To the extent that whites even think about the prospect of becoming a minority, they probably believe they will still prosper because of their skills and abilities. This ignores the extent to which quantity has a quality of its own. As whites become a minority, they can hold a country together only for so long. In the end, if they are overwhelmed demographically, they will be overwhelmed culturally and spiritually as well.”

      It is mainly in the numbers, and it is not an over-simplification. If we become a permanent minority in our own ancestral lands, we will suffer greatly and watch impotently as our culture and traditions are washed away like a torrential river overflowing its banks and carrying away a town, to use a metaphor.

    2. It’s the good jews which are the water carriers for the jewish lobby. It’s the good jews who get the good jobs because they are jewish instead of the goyim. it’s the good jews which make the money which the goyim should earn if they were not discriminated by the good jews when they apply for a job. It’s the good jews who spie on behalf of the jewish lobby etc. Ever heard of the sayanim.

      1. Yes : “Bad Jews” = Jewish criminals. “Good Jews” = helpers (“sayanim”) of Jewish criminals. There are exceptions, but they are a very small minority.

      2. Lorn –
        John –
        FR –

        This is tough to beat..!!

        Victor Ostrovsky, of the Mossad, explained SAYANIM completely in his book, which I have here:

        {p. 86} The next day Ran S. delivered a lecture on the sayanim, a unique and important part of the Mossad’s operation. Sayanim – assistants – must be 100 percent Jewish.

        They live abroad, and though they are not Israeli citizens, many are reached through their relatives in Israel.

        An Israeli with a relative in England, for example, might be asked to write a letter saying the person bearing the letter represents an organization whose main goal is to help save Jewish people in the diaspora. Could the British relative help in any way?

        There are thousands of sayanim around the world. In London alone, there are about 2,000 who are active, and another 5,000 on the list. They fulfill many different roles. A car sayan, for example, running a rental agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without having to complete the usual documentation.

        {p. 87} umentation. An apartment sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions, a bank sayan could get you money if you needed it in the middle of the night, a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police, and so on. The idea is to have a pool of people available when needed who can provide services but will keep quiet about them out of loyalty to the cause. They are paid only costs.

        Often the loyalty of sayanim is abused by katsas who take advantage of the available help for their own personal use. There is no way for the sayan to check this.

        One thing you know for sure is that even if a Jewish person knows it is the Mossad, he might not agree to work with you – but he won’t turn you in.

        **You have at your disposal a nonrisk recruitment system that actually gives you a pool of MILLIONS of Jewish people to tap from outside your own borders.

        It’s much easier to operate with what is available on the spot, and sayanim offer incredible practical support everywhere. But they are never put at risk – nor are they privy to classified information.


      3. @Pat
        A friend of mine whilst travelling in India a few years ago got in conversation with an Israeli. They talked on and off over a few days. My friend noticed a book the Jew always kept with him and inquired what it was expecting the answer to be ‘religious’. Turns out the book was an encyclopedia of Jewish contacts around the world that he could and would call upon throughout his travels. The Jew said this was not unusual behavior for Israeli travellers. It was the thickness of the book that stuck in my friends mind.
        Jim S.

  22. I must have annoyed the jews and their willing accomplices “the christians “with my opinions about the jews and their tight collaboration together. Thesis and antithesis, Hegelian style. I repeat without “christianity “, “judaism ” another fable will be gone or al least their influence over the europeans/indoeuropeans. Finally free of the jewish brainwashing.

    Finally I remind the posters again that there is a jew/ a “christian” who abuses my name on this site. Very annoying.

  23. Why is jew so powerful and we so weak?
    related question: why is jew working overtime to annihilate or take over all religions and substitute his abominations like wahhabism and ziochristianity? in fact, this could be a good place to look for an answer.

    jew is a monolithic entity, a hive comprising 15 million cells, all lined up in the same direction – this is the essence and power of judaism – the power is rooted in the naked evil because the criminality yields instant material rewards that they all enthusiastically buy into.
    It makes the immorality easier to stomach and in time, immorality becomes an addiction, a pleasure in its own right.

    meanwhile, the goyim are fragmented, especially so today, with dissolution of religion as an organizing principle – this is the precise reason why jew has fought tooth and nail against it.

    Think of it as an iron bar, in its natural state, it possesses no discernible magnetic field, yet each particle has its own microscopic field, pointed randomly so that they all cancel one another and regress to a zero.

    Jewry is a highly magnetized such bar and whereas the rest of us may have at one time possessed an overall orientation due to religious authority, jew has through the centuries worked feverishly, employing all kinds of stratagems and tactics to break it up, to fragment us back to a docile, disoriented mass.
    Read The Protocols, it is all there.

    atheism/anarchy translates to “to each his own” and thus can under no circumstances be considered a solution – quite the opposite.
    the disciplined army of 15 million against 7 billion armies of one – no contest.

      1. yes, i looked at the 2nd link in some detail, andy – thanks.
        the fact is that i have also read the Prots repeatedly and will continue to in future, it is a treasure of jew depraved yet very cogent thinking.
        Basically, the link corroborates much of what i had already concluded on my own.
        protocles were not written for an easy read before sleep.

  24. @ lobro. I never wrote that the shroud may be a genuin sign of a supernatural creation or the jews as you write. Did you get this information from my text? From where? We cann’t exclude that the world was made by the devil and we are just actors in the devil’s play. You underestimate the ” christian ” masses who are standing behind the jews especially in the States and also in Europe. In europe the elite crypto-jews call themseleves catholics, proetstants etc. to deceive the european goyim/masses who consider “christianity “their religion cultural legacy even a brand. Christianity has allways been a jewish invention, communism in disguise. The european masses were never free with christianity and bound/slaves to the land of their lords (feudalism) and mostly poor and ignorant. The jews were free, wandering to everywhere in the world, merchandising, not paying taxes or very little, tax rulings did exist already in those times. The christian elites (cryptojews) worked together with the jews and made laws especially to protect the jews which served the unity of the jews. The popes were jews or cryptojews and made symbolic laws against the jews (thesis and antithesis) which were hardly enforced. Many people don’t know that many aristocratic “italian catholics “are from jewish descent. Maybe two execptions were Isabella of Spain and Catherine the great who wanted to protect the european masses. Christianity was always idealized by the “christians” but the “christian “masses were poor and illiterate. “christianity “is a religion destined to submiss the european masses/people to the jews. That’s why the masses should get rid of “christianity “. It’s correct that “christianity “is diminishing but the reason is that it has had its service/purpose for the jews to brainwash the european peoples. Now they use another mean the islam, also dominated by the crypto-jews, Saoediarabia especially, to foment disorder to get their final jewish world order.
    About Putin, he is a rebel jew, who decided not to go along with the jew-west. That’s why the the jew-west is so pissed. Without him they could have their final jew order. A fusion of the jew-west and the jew-east.
    A total centralisation of power, their wet dream and then we wil see the true communism.

    1. I never wrote that the shroud may be a genuin sign of a supernatural creation or the jews as you write. Did you get this information from my text? From where?

      from here: Probably we will never know that it is a forgery

      There is no two ways about it, if there is an object that defies every natural explanation except the physiological legacy of Christ and his martyrdom, then you must accept it through elimination of other options, all shown to be physically impossible – not even implausible but impossible.
      I would think that this is elementary.

      1. A Russian Professor, A.T. Fomenko, a mathematician/astronomer, found that the accepted dating of eclipses in history were impossible. He concluded that the dark ages did not occur and that events and histories of the missing years were made up by 16th century church historians to make the church seem much older than it was.

        If he is right then the shroud, and Christ, existed much later than we have been taught, say the 11th or 12th centuries. That would explain the late dating of the shroud.

        1. Lorn can figure out everything in the world there is to figure out EXCEPT he can’t for the life of him figure out if he’s a male trapped in a male’s body, a female trapped in a female’s body, a female trapped in a male’s body, a male trapped in a female’s body, or maybe both a male-female hybrid trapped in a hermaphrodite’s body, or a hermaphrodite female-male hybrid trapped in a female body , or a male-female hybrid trapped in a hermaphrodite body, or quite simply, a male-female hermaphrodite trapped inside within its very own male-female hybrid hermaphrodite body. Let us chant and pray Lorn finally finally finally figures out the only thing left in the world he needs to figure out, having figured-out everything else there is to figure out in this world, except what kind of body he’s trapped in.

          Maybe we should take up a collection and buy Lorn a mirror so he can figure out what sort of gender the body he’s trapped in is, ? .

          Excuse the grammar of the last sentence. I’m being influenced by Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke today, she’s comminicating to me today, I’m holding a séance right now, Out of Africa and all that ! NO, The Baroness is not at Stumble Inn, Ghana. I can not reveal her location.

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        No need to be forLorned. This is the second time Lorn said it was the last post. Lorn will be back. Until then, Darkmoon is just short one another “Hopeless One.”

      2. Can a hermaphrodite marry “themselves” (in Unitarian church) and claim family benefits?
        plus suvivor benefits if one side dies due to spousal abuse … lotsa potential for insurance scams too … hm, I am going to declare myself a Mormon hermaphrodite.

    1. There is jewish confusion about everything, since by rejecting the light they are in darkness, as are all who internalize their categories and commands.

  25. Testing from a sushi restaurant where the variety is splendiferous. On my iPhone on the AT&T network.


  27. no offense but yes, offense, it sounds like quite intentional to me.
    or is it just that ignorance and arrogance are siamese twins, kick one and the other one starts screaming.

    · no offense, but i thought everybody knew by now that the new testament was written by the roman scribes (benny and shlomo, with the “roman” noses) in the 300 or so years after the crucifixion of whoever the guy was.

    all four evangelists were contemporaries of Jesus, one was definitely a jew (matthew, who started out as a jew tax collector, his gospel was the only one in Hebrew, the original preserved to this day), one had gentile parents (luke), who converted to judaism, then to christianity, of the 4, only one (john) based his gospel on interviews with other apostles and added his bit based on christ’s last days.

    · the wife murderer constantine was in fact a flavian, as were all the first so-called christian saints.

    “Flavian” denotes the members of the flavian imperial dynasty started with Vespasian around 70AD after they destroyed jerusalem. The term is meaningless in your context – constantine was NOT a flavian, even less so any of the saints. Flavians were a roman aristocratic gens.

    · if you don’t think christianity is a jewish conspiracy then where’s your foreskin?
    does it ever occur to you that your ‘faith’ is a neurosis resulting from circumcision trauma?

    Roman catholic church does not require circumcision, neither i nor my brother were circumcised whether at baptism or the first communion – feel free to speak for yourself, i know perfectly well where my foreskin is.
    I deal in evidence based facts, unlike you i don’t spout baseless opinions, expecting them to be universally accepted and worshiped in Jonestown.
    (back in ’50s and ’60s, it is true that many hospitals cut the dick without even asking the parents but i had the good luck of having been delivered in a catholic hospital – none of this has the slightest connection with christianity or its teaching – not sure about protestant branches, ziochristians circumcised their brains, that’s for sure)

    the shroud of turin could be anybody’s blanket, it doesn’t prove anything

    i provided detailed discussion of the shroud evidence based on numerous scientific papers.
    My discussion was in response to Lorn – any relation?
    OF COURSE it would never occur to you to deal in evidence, it runs counter to your own peculiar neurosis, i don’t expect you to have read a single word of the links I posted lest your head explode from cognitive dissonance (“could be anybody’s blanket“, hah!).
    So stick with the hysterics, it doesn’t bother me one bit that you use wilful, obstinate ignorance as your security blanket – yours is a particular tribe of noise makers who substitute the volume for content, America was bred over at least a half dozen generations for the trait, now jew proudly displays you worldwide at goy livestock fairs to intimidate natives – “see the product of our Frankfurt School program of selective breeding to eliminate pesky habit of critical thinking!

    the truth is mighty and it will overcome.
    it might someday even penetrate re-barred concrete sepulcher trapping your brain – no offense either, i just calls them as i sees them.

    1. @ Lobro

      Unfortunately, we had to delete the entire comment by “Barkingdeer” which you refer to above in your comment. This was partly because of a defective link within the article which ruined the formatting and made the text spread completely off the page. By all means repost the whole comment if you happen to have saved it (we didn’t) but please leave out all the links to be on the safe side. Thank you.

      Incidentally, like you, we don’t think much of the deleted comment. Not worth reposting.


    2. Sister Monica,
      I think that I quoted the relevant chunks of barkingdeer’s long post, or at least relevant to my issue.
      That said, I bear him no ill will, he is entitled to the same freedom of speech that I claim for myself.
      As long as the focus is on the message rather than the messenger, I welcome the debate, otherwise it is a waste of time for me and the forum.
      Thanks for your support, though.

  28. Israel is a PLANNED BUSINESS model. Planned by Walter Rothschild.


    Remember…. Ezra Pound was tortured in an open cage because he
    pointed out their USURY systems…. how they control us through BUSINESS.

    Israel has been grooming the WORLD through all the perversions of the populace and compromising politicians for MORE BUSINESS.

    Putin should have told us how much BUSINESS he does with Netanyahu. Then, we could see the plan to destroy RUSSIA also..!! 🙂

    1. Pat –

      While I have gained a tremendous amount of learning and knowledge by having access to you and Darkmoon and some of her other posters, I want to remind you that Jews AREN’T usually too attached to anything which doesn’t continue to serve their immediate best interests. So it is, likewise, with their rogue state , ‘Israel’. As it now appears, it seems America and Canada better serve their druthers, and what is left of their pure “Jewishness” is morphing into our own society. Just last week, I was invited to attend the Christening of a child begotten by a white American father and a beautiful half-jew mother, in the Episcopal Church. The mother had been Christened therein, when she was a baby, by her Jewish father and Christian mother. (I have always kept up with her because our families have had close ties.)
      Anyhow, in the course of my life, I have noticed a “blending” being gradually happening. For better or worse, I cannot yet know – but I think it COULD help mend some things – and no doubt Mr. Jew recognizes it, himself, like it or not. I see no harm in being hopeful. 🙂

      1. Gil –

        “I want to remind you that Jews AREN’T usually too attached to anything which doesn’t continue to serve their immediate best interests.”

        AND…. of those “best interests”… INTEREST/USURY is #1..!! 🙂

        Ezra Pound was tortured for revealing it. Mullins was outcast even by his own family, who could not hold up under government pressures because he revealed the money secrets.

        Ezra Pound was a relentless opponent of the Money Power and a brilliant poet. He was maligned for his support of fascism, but Pound saw it as a culmination of an age old struggle against USURY….. and its results… control of ALL BUSINESS.

        He was a linking pin keeping the fight alive after World WarII via Eustace Mullins.

        They ARE highly organized. Ostrovsky told us that.

        The mafia in the US is an example of their HIGHLY ORGANIZED tactics.

        You cannot ever “hope” them away. Not even Hoover could do that..!! 🙂

      2. Gil –


        “I want to remind you that Jews AREN’T usually too attached to anything which doesn’t continue to serve their immediate best interests.”

        I don’t go along with that. The infusion of Pharisee-Jews into governments and banking, and especially the Federal Reserve, in the last 200 years proves otherwise.

        Here is an excerpt from an excellent link provided by Andy_Patton:

        In our last presentation we also saw how, only a short time after the Protocols were published, the Jews were indeed able to begin planting their advisers into the American government at every level, all the way up to the office of President, as that same paragraph of Protocol No. 2 had boasted.

        So in that regard we made examples of Edward Mandell House, Harry Dexter White, Henry Kissinger and others.

        But we also tried to illustrate that the planting of Jews into the bureaucracy was on a much wider scale than the many obvious names, as 15% of Franklin Roosevelt’s appointees were Jews, and many of them were still working in government long after Roosevelt was gone. The trend continued into the Truman government, where Morgenthau, Harry Hopkins, Harry Dexter White and the banker Bernard Baruch were all just as influential as they had been with Roosevelt.

        In truth, in under twenty years from the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the American government was permanently and irreparably mutated, since the bureaucracy was greatly expanded from that time forward.


        Pharisee-Jew Bankers are steadfast… not flashes in a pan. 🙂

  29. so now i’ve gone from someone who was complimented by the management on his thoughtfulness and asked specifically to continue posting here – to a guy whose stuff is not worth repeating. censored. and i thought this was a freethought hall. but it’s starting to smell like a urinal.
    sorry if my posts are long. i find this site stimulating and i have a lot to say, about hypocrisy.
    sister monica – you must be part of this site’s management?
    does ‘sister’ mean you’re a nun, with a real stake in religion, or just another ritualized, mindless indoctrinate?
    c’mon honey – do you really believe all these fairy tales?
    you deleted my post “partly because” of some technical glitch.
    what percentage was that “partly”, and what was the rest of the reason it was deleted?
    i see lots of other links working here. can’t imagine why mine didn’t.
    the link was to stevie wonder’s song ‘superstition’.
    “when you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer – superstition ain’t the way”.
    the masons gave the world a constitutional republic in north america. definitely a swipe at rule by superstition and terror. in other words popes and kings, who have been sabotaging us ever since and are at it with red hot hammer and tongs right now.. i suggest you read all of lyndon larouche’ books. and if you value america stop supporting catholicism.
    i asked for a definition of your god, yours or any of the readers.
    do you have one?
    i didn’t think so.
    check stevie wonder.
    how did lobro get to read my post if it wasn’t published?
    is lobro part of the management too?
    if you take criticism of your political or religious beliefs as personal insult it’s a zionist-like reaction. no?
    in other words – bigotry.
    bigotry kicks in when racists, patriots, chauvinists, etc. turn off their critical thinking; generally they regurgitate their dogma when pressed a little. they’re soldiers defending a fort.
    look, it’s not really your fault. you were indoctrinated into your religion as children and you’ve been hitting the rituals so you don’t forget (grow) ever since. and like i said in my deleted post – if the indoctrination of children into religion stops it will cease to exist in one or two generations – because it has no validity. the world has to get past these archaic modes of thought if we’re ever to get to the next paradigm, and it would if religion had no political power.. but religion is in fact nothing but politics. god is not going to save the planet. god is the planet. if god has a religion it’s pantheism. but establishment religion does not just promote the eternal paradise. it negates the value of life on earth as compared to it. the pope doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the sperm whales washed up on the beaches dead with literally a ton of plastic garbage in their guts. the catholic church is 100% behind overpopulation and the immigrant invasion of america. are they also in cahoots with the jews on the discombobulation of north africa and the invasion of europe? have they been helping the queen push hard dope into the usa since the days of the coolies? you bet.
    ok, there is value in the higher philosophical ideals that have been associated with christianity. they’re copied the same way christianity is copied out of the old pagan sun worship. keep the good guidelines.
    but what god wants to see someone tortured to death to make everything all right? really?
    god doesn’t. the roman empire does. christianity is man made for psy-op purposes. get past it.
    no i didn’t save the post. you could have been polite and sent it back to me.
    you didn’t think it was worth posting because it disagreed with your religious belief system, and made some very good points doing it, which lobro chose to ignore in his response.
    i guess now we know the operators of this site are protecting and serving an abrahamic religion.
    that’s your right. it’s my right to disagree, and point out why. you don’t have to like it but if you’re going to censor me – you’ll lose respect.


    1. @ barkingdeer

      so now i’ve gone from someone who was complimented by the management on his thoughtfulness and asked specifically to continue posting here – to a guy whose stuff is not worth repeating. censored. and i thought this was a freethought hall. but it’s starting to smell like a urinal.

      Yes, but it has only started to smell like a urinal ever since YOU got her!

      sorry if my posts are long. i find this site stimulating and i have a lot to say, about hypocrisy.
      sister monica – you must be part of this site’s management?
      does ‘sister’ mean you’re a nun, with a real stake in religion, or just another ritualized, mindless indoctrinate?
      c’mon honey – do you really believe all these fairy tales?
      you deleted my post “partly because” of some technical glitch.
      what percentage was that “partly”, and what was the rest of the reason it was deleted?
      i see lots of other links working here. can’t imagine why mine didn’t.

      This happens to be a pro-Christian site, you sad little moron, so the management here are under absolutely no obligation to post your irresponsible Christ-bashing posts! Why the hell should they? If you went into a church and started screaming blasphemies, they’d call the cops and you’d be charged for disturbing the peace and you’d be LOCKED UP, you mouth frothing lunatic!

      FYI, moron, defective links are known to screw up a site completely and we’ve had quite a few of them here. Your post was deleted because it screwed up the formatting here. Understand?

      As for Lobro reading you post, moron, I read it too — BEFORE it was deleted! Understand? Before it was deleted for screwing up the entire formatting.

      I asked for a definition of your god, yours or any of the readers. do you have one? i didn’t think so.

      And what’s a definition of YOUR God, moron? A guy with horns and cloven hooves, huh? Sicko wanker.

      how did lobro get to read my post if it wasn’t published? is lobro part of the management too?

      See above, moron! He read your post, like I did, BEFORE it was deleted. And good riddance to your putrid post! You have the mind of a moron and the soul of a sewer rat, so who the fuck wants to read what you have to say anyway, you subhuman scum?

      it’s my right to disagree, and point out why. you don’t have to like it but if you’re going to censor me – you’ll lose respect.

      Well, you’ve had the right to disagree here, moron, haven’t you? Even though every site has the right to ban fuckwit hooligans like you. Why don’t you go piss up a rope, you slimeworm with the IQ of a constipated microbe!


      SO FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Amazing commentary, Madam Butterfly. I lost count of the epithets “moron” you slung at Barking Deer.
        Other gems: “fuckwit”, “Sicko Wanker”, “who the fuck”, “subhuman scum”, “so fuck off”.

        Somehow, MB, I don’t think this kind of vernacular, gutter talk, and toilet talk is what Sister Monica was talking about when she laid out what the ideals of DM wanted to present to the World of serious discourse and salvation.

        You seem so out of control, very angry in a free-floating way that is ephemeral in causality.

        Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

      2. @ Poupon

        Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

        Sardonicus and I are just trying to be helpful. We have no axe to grind against you. It’s up to you whether you wish to take our advice or not. There is such a thing as “overposting”. You are overposting. This is counterproductive, because with every post you make people are now becoming wary and saying to themseves, “Oh, it’s that goddamn bore again, the guy you simply can’t shut up!”

        In small doses, Poupon, you are fine. Bt you are overdosing us on your ego. Your narcissism is beginning to piss us off. Can’t you understand that?

        If it’s any consolation to you, I’d rather have YOU as a traveling companion than that horrible piece of dogshit who calls himself “Barkingdeer.”

      3. @ Madame Butterfly

        Well said, Madame! I like your spirit. You don’t mince your words! The person who has received the lash of your tongue, Barkingdeer, is obviously a lower life form. These lost souls wander the internet like demon ticks in search of suitable blood donors. Bloodsuckers, all of them.

      4. BTW, I agree with you and Sardonicus that Poupon Marx is a problem. When a poster doesn’t know when to shut up, he becomes a problem. Any attempt to limit the incessant jibber-jabber and non-stop quack-quack-quacking of this self-important prat is seen as “censorship”.

        I can put up with Poppadumb in small doses, but Poppadumb doesn’t do small doses. He is ruining this otherwise good website by trying to hog the limelight and make sure that almost every second post is his.

    2. bd, this once happened to my post if it’s any consolation, there was a defectively formatted link that seemed fine at first but at some point blew up into gibberish on screen and the management deleted it.

      divine retribution or html, take your pick.

      1. These defective links are easily recognizable. They end to be very long, or longer than average, and have NO HYPHENS between words. The lack of hyphens is critical. This means that the text, instead of going to the next line in an orderly fashion, continues to spread itself across the page. Result: formatting skewed, text no longer readable.

        Many thanks to Pat for identifying the source of this problem for us. Without his help, dozens of articles on this site (including their accompanying comments) would be unreadable.

      2. Sis, when you say hyphens, I believe you mean double quotes.
        the reason is that when embedding inside some text, part of the formatting is of this looks:
        a href=”some http stuff” …, so when some http stuff contains a double-quote eg, some http stuff-“no-follow”, that first doublequote breaks up the URL address interpreting algorithm and all hell breaks loose the first time someone tries to click on it and the entire DM page is corrupted.

        Now, for all you ouija board readers who just KNOW that trump is bad, totally pro-jew and all that …
        interpret this for me: In Bid to BLOCK David Friedman’s Ambassadorship, Liberal Jews Lean on Chuck Schumer

        120 Jewish studies professors urge incoming Senate Minority leader to vote against Trump’s appointment for U.S. envoy to Israel, citing his incendiary remarks on organizations such as J Street and the ADL.

        Huh? huh? something funnee going on, trust jew’s nose for danger, he did not survive and prosper by carelessly blundering on like white woolly mammoths – it is an impressive nose, you will agree.
        as if they really care for j street, no, something else gives them willies.

        “120 Jewish studies professors”, that’s a major scientific discipline, nobel can’t be far off for this field where america is the unchallenged world leader, hey russia, hey china, where are you, what’s your jewish studies score?

        also, haaretz sez: “Opinion // One Week Before the American Republic Inaugurates Its Destroyer”

  30. Madame Butterfly> You are progressing steadily into irrationality and absence of meaning. You are not trying to be helpful. If you are so deceiving yourself, you need help. You are inveighing against me, denigrating me, attacking me, using the gossamer and pitiable excuse-as is Sardonicus-of altruism for the good of Site DM. Your motives are transparent-and by that I do not mean clear thinking in the least.

    You with vulgarity and lack of substance, much less annotation and assignment PRESUME to speak for all on the DM site. Are you a psychic, doing a statistic survey? How can you KNOW what any of the other posters think, much less a large plurality or even majority?

    People are “wary” of long posts? Sorry MB, but I don’t consider this an adult comment, and I believe it says volumes more ABOUT YOU than it could about me.

    “beginning to piss us off”. Whom is “us”? “Piss us off”. That’s a precise phrase, if I never heard one.

    And finally, you tag me with narcissism!!! Mirror on the wall….!!!

    You offer me no consolation, only pity, Madame Butterfly. I am calm and realize that your obvious attendant personal problems are causing the kettle to boil over, disturbing balance and harmony, general Wa.

    Your comments are of course, inconsequential, to me.

      1. Madame Butterfly> Do you realize that your are threatening me with morbidity? Do you realize what you are saying? Do you threaten peoples’ lives when they disagree with you?

        You are obviously not well. I am concerned that you could end up hurting YOURSELF in your present unstable state. Get some help, seek counseling or intervention on some hotline. Please.

      2. @ Poupon Marx

        Madame Butterfly> Do you realize that your are threatening me with morbidity? Do you realize what you are saying? Do you threaten peoples’ lives when they disagree with you?

        Your misuse of the word “morbidity” demonstrates your intellectual pretentiousness. To threaten someone with “death” is understandable; to threaten them with “morbidity” is just plain stupid.

        “You are dicing with death” is a commonplace expression even your best friend can throw at you. But of course you don’t know that.

        I urge you again, for your own sake, to pipe down a bit. You are over-posting. Sardonicus has asked you to exercise similar restraint. So has “Angry Silent Reader”.

        Why would three separate people tell you to post a bit less unless your idle chatter and tedious platitudes were getting on their nerves? You are the perfect illustration of an old home truth: the last person to know he is a crashing bore is the bore himself.

    1. It’s interesting how often lately the comments section seems like a vicious war zone.
      Maybe some readers and contributers could use a little break, a breather, deep breath, relax. Maybe check out some of the fine poetry on this site. Like Lasha’s, or maybe even mine. BTW, I see that readers can’t comment any more on the poems that have been up for a while. You might consider changing that.
      And while I’m here and I noticed it, I believe it’s ‘Who is “us”?’ not ‘Whom is “us”? ‘

      1. You are correct, Darrell. Thank you for the correction. Whom is the objective case, while Who is the subjective. Speaking for myself, I have foresworn from initiating broadside personal attacks, but I am not inhibited from responding in and objective manner.

        My intent is to contribute to enhance the reputation and quality of DM beyond the confines of the finite. New blood should always be welcome, as fresh perspectives, and points of view. This is not a wrestling contest but a forum.

      2. @POUPON
        I like the way you say, “My intent is to contribute to enhance the reputation and quality of DM beyond the confines of the finite.” Those words are eloquently expressed and pregnant with meaning. In fact anyone focused exclusively or even primarily on the finite is not in contact with what is most truly real. And the remedy for that intellectual myopia begins with admitting that we’re not God and the God who is wants to forgive us when we humble ourselves before him. And if we do so the scales will fall from our eyes and we will see that God is God and that we are nothing without him.

  31. i didn’t see in the headliner where darkmoon claimed this site for believers only.
    i guess somebody complained about my post and had it deleted. wonder who?
    those who have no intellectual argument often try to make it a personal fight.
    you ask them a straight question – they answer with a question.
    they can’t answer your questions so they hurl insults.
    not real mature.
    this is supposed to be a discussion forum.
    they just make themselves look bad.
    threatening death now.
    too bad.

    1. hey keep your shirt on, shit happens, as atheists say, they don’t believe it was created on purpose.
      lots of rough and tumble around here (i also had my share of rough love from iron butterfly).
      i am ok with anything provided it is not too personal because it is waste of time to watch a bunch of online avatars duke it out – i’m not into gaming.

      if your argument is weak and full of holes, i get to strut my stuff, show off – I win!
      if your argument is strong and i can’t make a dent in it, it is profitable because i learned something new and worthwhile – I win!

    2. @ barkingdeer

      Try posting on a good site like the Occidental Observer or Counter-Currents, both premier White Nationalist sites, and you would be given the boot in 10 seconds flat.

      You are intellectual scum. Your low IQ and aggressive skinhead mentality “shines” through almost everything you write. If your comments are deleted here, they are deleted with full justification. Free speech does not give you the right to regurgitate your vomit here, nor does it give you the right to get all shirty with Admin just because they were forced to delete a comment of yours because you posted a defective link that caused total CHAOS with the formatting.

      If I owned this website, you would not only be banned right away but complaints made to the internet authorities to put a block on all your internet activities, including your emails. You are obviously far worse than a troll. You are a sender of hate mail.

      Frankly, you suck. You have all the qualities of a serial killer on the loose. I hope you’re caught soon and confined to a padded cell.

  32. Madame Butterfly> Your comments are inconsequential to me. They are of base quality, explicitly vulgar, and out of place. I don’t know what your problem is, but it seems evident it is with yourself.

    The length of my post is not a legitimate criticism for Sardonicus or you to be involved in, and more so the manner in which he broached the subject. Your posting and his are illogical and irrational. I will not repeat them here, as that would be tedious.

    Ironically, it is your name calling and gutter speak that would get YOU kicked off Occidental Observer, or any other respectable site.

    Any new talented contributor that would come to DM and see your vile bile would be most definitely put off and wonder how such a renowned site would allow such non-informational tripe by a pretentious and creepy poster. Are you, perchance a member of the Dark Persuasion?

    If a word described my feeling toward you, it would be “UGH”! Have a good day.

  33. Lo bro
    Thanks for the civility. Not to worry.
    ever heard of the song ‘maggot brain’?
    “I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the human race, and I was not offended. For I knew I had to rise above it all, or drown in my own shit”
    Since somebody brought it up –
    My I Q is higher than most presidents.
    I scored 166 on my GCT – ARI mechanical evaluation in boot camp. Pretty good for a kid with really maybe a fifth grade education. That’s high enough to get into the naval academy.
    I got kicked out of Catholic high school.
    I never bought the jesus story. As they say – the greatest ever told. Sorry.
    No use arguing details on ancient history.
    none of us really know.
    We all need something to believe in. Ok fine.
    Pantheism makes the most sense to me. Now.
    you do what you want.
    Just don’t think after all this time organized religion has the answer. Aren’t they the ones who broke the sacred Connection to the planet?
    How many million aboriginals did they murder?
    poupon – I doubt you can talk any sense into m b. Those on the 2 digit level don’t think critically. They only have allegiances.
    and you’re quite right. If anybody should get kicked off it’s m b.
    Wish trump and vlad all the best.

    1. @ barkingdeer

      My I Q is higher than most presidents. I scored 166 on my GCT – ARI mechanical evaluation in boot camp. Pretty good for a kid with really maybe a fifth grade education. That’s high enough to get into the naval academy. I got kicked out of Catholic high school.

      Reading your disjointed comments, I’d be surprised to hear you had an IQ of 66, let alone 166. Your boastful strut impresses no one. You give no facts, just vaporous opinions rife with the usual puerile platitudes one associates with an undergraduate who failed to get through his first year at university.

      Did anyone tell you were the most crashing bore?

      1. B. Deer> Ain’t she sweet? Irony escapes her. She’s talking to the mirror on the wall. Inner ugliness is the worst of all.

        Sad and pitiable.

  34. it’s not a boast. it’s a statistic.
    and my statements and questions about your religion are not attacks.
    they’re just the facts.
    i’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.
    i understand it isn’t easy to grow beyond your indoctrination and conditioning.
    you react to them as attacks because i’m causing you to have to face yourself.
    will you please answer one of the questions – what kind of god has his own son tortured to death to make everything all right?
    people you hang with don’t question their religion. you go to hell for that. but the world will not be saved by subjects.
    poupon – let me work with her for a while. she’s just never been exposed to open conjecture on these subjects. she will either eventually join the discussion and possibly mature or she’ll just shut it all out and stay in her nice comfortable cage. but if so, even so, she won’t be the same now.

  35. @ barkingdeer

    The term “crashing bore”, as applied to you by Madame Butterfly, is an understatement. You contribute nothing to this website except bad vibes. I predict that it will not be long now before you are forced to stop posting here.

    You will not be banned, but your computer will be attacked by a skilled hacker of my acquaintance. I have supplied him with your name. That’s all he needs to disable you. Just letting you know, so be prepared for obliteration.

    It won’t happen immediately, but it will happen soon. Rest assured on that.

  36. @ Poupon Marx

    You will be my next victim if you refuse to do what you have been asked. You are posting over 20 comments a day. This is excessive and it is ruining an otherwise excellent website. Cut your output down to a maximum of 4-6 posts a day. If you refuse to obey me, you too will suffer the consequences of your disobedience. Sooner or later your computer will begin to experience serious problems when I pass your name on to my small group of friends.

    1. The only significance I attach to the yammering of a fly-blown corpse such as you, is that the ADMIN of DM allowing your comment to stand-as well as Mr. Madame Butterfly. Perhaps it’s deliberate. You both seem like recent arrivals from the Far Left Adult Children web sites, where churls and poltroons roam free range chicken.

      1. @ Poupon Marx

        You both seem like recent arrivals from the Far Left Adult Children web sites, where churls and poltroons roam free range chicken.

        Here are three home truths for you:

        1. Madame Butterfly is not a “recent arrival”. YOU are! MB has been on this site for several years.

        2. You and MB have two things in common: both of you have been banned from this website for gross offensiveness.

        3. The advice given you by Angry Silent Reader is good advice. He is asking you to post less. To limit your output to 4-5 posts a day. What’s wrong with that? I advise you to do the same. I am the oldest poster on this site, so I know who the good posters are and who are the bad ones. You are one of the bad ones, a liability rather than an asset, because you don’t know when to stop. You are totally unaware that your comments would carry more weight if they were fewer in number and shorter in length.

      2. @ Poupon Marx

        I didn’t write the post above. Whoever wrote this has got my style off pat and is obviously a highly skilled parody writer who knows how to sound just like me. This clever imposter needs to have his cojones crushed in a silver nutcracker. He’s the same guy who has been impersonating Pat, Lorn, Madame Butterfly — and now ME.

        @ Admin

        Please delete the fake comment above. THANK YOU!

      3. @ anonymous imposter

        Who the hell are you? Does your name begin with “O” by any chance?

  37. @ Madame Butterfly

    The same applies to you. You belong in a mental institution. If you continue to use obscene and taboo language on this website, you might as well say goodbye to this site. I will have you disabled by sending your name to my Dutch friends. Your user name, that’s all we need to cripple your computer.

    1. Angry Silent Reader,

      I would like to apologize. Please do not sabotage my computer. I will do my best to conform to your wishes in future. Give me another chance please. I have serious sex and alcohol problems.

      1. Ok, you are forgiven because of your humble apology. Rest easy, no action will be taken against you. But please refrain from such gross misbehavior in future. You are letting down the female sex. You need to clean up your act. See a therapist without delay.

    2. hey angry shit head monkey
      get lost assehole
      don’t threat or intimate people in here you pos
      who do you think you are punk

    3. Wow, Sardonicus. That is a bad situation, but thanks for stepping up. This is a hostile act. Good Cheer.

    1. Madame Butterfly
      wow madame ,don’t let that maniac angry shit head intimate you .his ravings is meaningless
      he is full of shit.
      he remind me of tuby the doby
      maybe they are one and the same.

    2. @ Admin

      None of the Madame Butterfly posts above were written by me. They are written by an IMPOSTER!!! I wouldn’t dream of apologizing and cringing to this blackmailing hacker who calls himself “Angry Silent Reader”.

      F**K HIM!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @ Madame Butterfly

        I’m sorry to hear someone has been impersonating you. I’m doing my best to keep order, but I’m not equipped to deal with these dangerous types who keep roaming the internet. Our site has been under attack recently, ever since our name appeared on the List of the 200 Forbidden Websites that tell the truth, i.e., the so-called “Fake News Websites”.


        We have received coded death threats ever since that time. Toby needs to come back and take control over the Comments section again. This is hardly a job for a naive and unworldly ex-nun.

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