RANSOMWARE: The Cyber Attack that Crippled the World

Sourced from two separate articles,
and with an endnote by Lasha Darkmoon
“On Hackers, Bitcoin and the End Days.”

Cyber security experts rushed to restore systems on Saturday after an unprecedented global wave of cyberattacks that struck targets ranging from Russia’s banks to British hospitals and a French carmaker’s factories.

The hunt was on for the culprits behind the assault, which was being described as the biggest cyber ransom attack ever. State agencies and major companies around the world were left reeling by the attacks which blocked access to files and demanded ransom money, forcing them to shut down their computer systems.

“The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require a complex international investigation to identify the culprits,” said Europol, Europe’s policing agency.

The attacks, which experts said affected dozens of countries, used a technique known as ransomware that locks users’ files unless they pay the attackers a designated sum in the virtual Bitcoin currency.

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at the Helsinki-based cyber security company F-Secure, told AFP that the attack was “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history”, saying that 130,000 systems in more than 100 countries had been affected.

He said that Russia and India were hit particularly hard, in large part because the older Windows XP operating software is still widely used in the countries.

The attacks apparently exploited a flaw exposed in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency (NSA).

The attacks hit a whole range of organisations and businesses worldwide.

French carmaker Renault was forced to stop production at sites in France and Slovenia, saying the measure was aimed at stopping the virus from spreading.

In the United States, package delivery group FedEx acknowledged it had been hit by malware and said it was “implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible.”

Russia’s interior ministry said that some of its computers had been hit by a “virus attack” and that efforts were underway to destroy it.

The country’s central bank said the banking system was hit, and the railway system also reported attempted breaches.

The central bank’s IT attack monitoring centre “detected mass distribution of harmful software” but no “instances of compromise”, it said.

Russia’s largest bank Sberbank said its systems “detected in time attempts to penetrate bank infrastructure”.

Germany’s Deutsche Bahn computers were also impacted, with the rail operator reporting that station display panels were affected.

Self-replicating ‘worm’

In a statement, computer security group Kaspersky Labs said it was “trying to determine whether it is possible to decrypt data locked in the attack — with the aim of developing a decryption tool as soon as possible.”

On Saturday, a cyber security researcher told AFP he had accidentally discovered a “kill switch” that could prevent the spread of the ransomware.

The researcher, tweeting as @MalwareTechBlog, said that the discovery was accidental, but that registering a domain name used by the malware stops it from spreading. Computers already affected will not be helped by the solution.

But @MalwareTechBlog warned that the “crisis isn’t over” as those behind it “can always change the code and try again”.

The malware’s name is WCry, but analysts were also using variants such as WannaCry.

Message to users: ‘Oops’

Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre and its National Crime Agency were looking into the UK incidents, which disrupted care at National Health Service facilities, forcing ambulances to divert and hospitals to postpone operations.

Pictures on social media showed screens of NHS computers with images demanding payment of $300 (230 pounds, 275 euros) in Bitcoin, saying: “Ooops, your files have been encrypted!”

It demands payment in three days or the price is doubled, and if none is received in seven days the files will be deleted, according to the screen message.

“Ransomware becomes particularly nasty when it infects institutions like hospitals, where it can put people’s lives in danger,” said Kroustek, the Avast analyst.

A hacking group called Shadow Brokers released the malware in April claiming to have discovered the flaw from the NSA, Kaspersky said.

Although Microsoft released a security patch for the flaw earlier this year, many systems have yet to be updated, researchers said.

“Unlike most other attacks, this malware is spreading primarily by direct infection from machine to machine on local networks, rather than purely by email,” said Lance Cottrell, chief scientist at the US technology group Ntrepid.

Some said the attacks highlighted the need for agencies like the NSA to disclose security flaws so they can be patched.

G7 finance ministers meeting in Italy discussed the attacks and were expected to commit to stepping up international cooperation against a growing threat to their economies.



Microsoft’s president and top lawyer has sharply criticized Donald Trump’s administration for failing to do more to prevent last Friday’s massive cyber attack.  Brad Smith slammed US intelligence agencies, including the CIA and National Security Agency, for ‘stockpiling’ software code that can be used by hackers.

Cybersecurity experts revealed the unknown hackers who launched the weekend’s ‘ransomware’ attacks used a vulnerability that was exposed in NSA documents leaked online. As a result, parts of the National Health Service (NHS)  in Britain was battered into submission and some surgeries and hospitals were forced to close their services.

In a post on Microsoft’s blog, Smith said: ‘An equivalent scenario with conventional weapons would be the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen.’

The tech giant’s president and chief legal officer says governments should ‘report vulnerabilities’ that they discover to software companies, ‘rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit them.’

US President Donald Trump ordered his homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, to hold an emergency meeting Friday night.

The meeting was called to assess the threat posed by a global computer ransomware attack, a senior administration official said.

Senior security staff held another meeting in the White House Situation Room on Saturday.

He believes there are three areas that need improving to prevent it happening again.

Microsoft need to address the issue with updates, their customers – companies and government branches – need to take responsibility and the authorities need to be held accountable, according to the lawyer.

Smith added: ‘The governments of the world should treat this attack as a wake-up call.

‘They need to take a different approach and adhere in cyberspace to the same rules applied to weapons in the physical world.

‘We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits.

‘This is one reason we called in February for a new Digital Geneva Convention to govern these issues, including a new requirement for governments to report vulnerabilities to vendors, rather than stockpile, sell, or exploit them.

‘And it’s why we’ve pledged our support for defending every customer everywhere in the face of cyberattacks, regardless of their nationality.

‘This weekend, whether it’s in London, New York, Moscow, Delhi, Sao Paulo, or Beijing, we’re putting this principle into action and working with customers around the world.’

Security experts say a cyberattack that holds computer data for ransom grew out of vulnerabilities purportedly identified by the National Security Agency.

Microsoft has released fixes for vulnerabilities and related tools disclosed by TheShadowBrokers, a mysterious group that has repeatedly published alleged NSA software code.

But many companies and individuals haven’t installed the fixes yet, or are using older versions of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports and didn’t fix.

Chris Wysopal of the software security firm Veracode said criminal organizations are likely behind this, given how quickly the malware has spread.

‘For so many organizations in the same day to be hit, this is unprecedented,’ he added.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that criminals use to attack computer systems.

Hackers often demand the victim to pay ransom money to access their files or remove harmful programs.

The aggressive attacks dupe users into clicking on a fake link – whether it’s in an email or on a fake website, causing an infection to corrupt the computer.

In some instances, adverts for pornographic website will repeatedly appear on your screen, while in others, a pop-up will state that a piece of your data will be destroyed if you don’t pay.

In the case of the NHS attack, the ransomware used was called Wanna Decryptor or ‘WannaCry’ Virus.

The WannaCry virus targets Microsoft’s widely used Windows operating system. The virus encrypts certain files on the computer and then blackmails the user for money in exchange for the access to the files. It leaves the user with only two files: Instructions on what to do next and the Wanna Decryptor program itself.

When opened the software tells users that their files have been encrypted and gives them a few days to pay up or their files will be deleted. It can quickly spread through an entire network of computers in a business or hospital, encrypting files on every PC.

How to protect yourself from ransomware

There are ways to avoid ransomware attacks, and Norton Antivirus has compiled a list of prevention methods:

1. Use reputable antivirus software and a firewall

2. Back up your computer often

3. Set up a popup blocker.

4. Be cautious about clicking links inside emails or on suspicious websites.

5. If you do receive a ransom note, disconnect from the Internet.

6. Alert authorities.


On Hackers, Bitcoin and the End Days

by Lasha Darkmoon

We are constantly being told, without any convincing evidence, that this highly skilled cyber attack has been launched by a criminal gang of hackers and not by a particular country — by a country, for example, which actually runs government courses for its hackers and trains them to the highest levels of cyber sophistication.

If there is any such country, I am not aware of it.

The good news, however, is that although roughly 100 countries have been laid low by this devastating attack, Israel has been in luck. Israel is one of the countries which appears to have been spared.

Another factor working in Israel’s favor is that the demand for bitcoin has recently soared to record levels, partly as a result of ransoms and other illegal transactions being carried out in bitcoin. And Israel, by a remarkable coincidence, is now poised to become the world’s ground zero for bitcoin exchange.

In 2011, it was possible to buy one bitcoin for as little as 30 cents. I have an old college friend, a reckless gambler from Rio, who was bold enough at that time to buy 10,000 bitcoins for 50 cents a coin. That knocked him back $5000. I think he had just sold a horse and decided, on an impulse, to invest his money in the cryptocurrency. Whenever the price of bitcoin plunged, he would buy some more. And whenever bitcoin reached another peak, he would sell. Bitcoin has been volatile, experiencing the most violent fluctuations. On 29 November 2013, the cost of one bitcoin rose to its all-time peak of US$1,242.  On 3 March 2017, the price of a bitcoin exceeded the value of gold for the first time and surged to an all-time high.

My South American friend, who has inherited a ranch in Argentina and is about to invest a fortune in a New Zealand bolthole to escape the worse effects of radiation from a coming nuclear war, now intends to relocate to Israel in a few months. Is he Jewish? No, but he has recently acquired a Jewish wife. “She’s my second best investment,” he tells me with a wink. “After bitcoin.” 

After moving to Israel, he hopes to set up a bitcoin business in the financial district. It makes no sense to me. If there’s going to be a nuclear war and rich guys are buying up boltholes in New Zealand to wait out the end days in safety, while the rest of us in Europe and America die from toxic radiation, you’d think Tel Aviv was the last place in the world to be.    

When World War Three breaks out, you can be sure the towers of Tel Aviv will come toppling down before you can say Oy Veh. Yes, the whole of Israel will be toast in six minutes.

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  1. Lasha seems to maybe have some confidence in the invulnerability of Bitcoin currency. In my mind, I reason there must be a “depository” and an attending guardian for its exchange. What is to prevent a ‘cyber assault’ on the Bitcoin stronghold?? Moreover, if bitcoin’s very existence is measured and predicated in USDs, what prevents its usage being tracked to the source?? In this day of cyber intelligence, nothing on-line is totally secret…

    1. Gil –

      You wrote:
      “In my mind, I reason there must be a “depository” and an attending guardian for its exchange.”

      That’s where those items exist… ONLY in YOUR mind… not in fact. 🙂

      That is a false guess…. and all conclusions based on it are wrong.

      ” if bitcoin’s very existence is measured and predicated in USDs..”

      That – also – is a false guess…. and all conclusions based on it are wrong.

      In Canada:


      Here is a simple demonstration of the Bitcoin ATM in Geneva, Switzerland Jul 25, 2014….
      ….using Swiss Currency…. not USD.

      It can be used for withdrawals also.

      Your lack of due diligence is apparent. More study is needed. 🙂

      1. Pat –

        I watched the video… What gets me is having to put ca$h up for a cyber digit I can only access by using a cyber device. Who gets the cash? Who controls the distribution of each Bitcoin – or division thereof?? There MUST be a central administrator who has ultimate control. If the population becomes comfortable in the usage of Bitcoin, the proverbial “Mark of the Beast” is the next logical step…

      2. Gil –

        Thanks for the reply. I know you are sincere. So am I.

        You wrote: “There MUST be a central administrator who has ultimate control.”

        This is not true at all. This misconception is the biggest stumbling block I encountered while looking at info about bitcoin and other Cryptos….. since I used banks all my life…. and dealt with ZOMBIE-LIKE clerks and managers to get my cash…. and was LIMITED…!!!

        The BLOCKCHAIN invention removes centralized control…. removes human administrators.


        –IBM is going all in on BLOCKCHAIN for trade finance–


        Software giant IBM has been a leader in blockchain-based solutions targeting trade finance, launching solutions for Indian Mahindra Group in December 2016, and in partnership with Danish shipping behemoth Maersk.

        Now, IBM has ventured further into this space by rolling out a blockchain-based platform for the Chinese pharmaceutical sector on Tuesday, CoinDesk reports. The new platform, the Yijian Blockchain Technology Application System, was co-developed with Chinese supply chain manager Hejia.


        On July 1, Australia Will Make Bitcoin Legal Money


        Australia announced that as of July 1, 2017, Bitcoin will be treated as legal money.

        But in addition, according to “Cointelegraph.com” Bitcoin will become tax free:
        “Bitcoin traders and investors will not be taxed for purchasing and selling Bitcoin through regulated exchanges and trading platforms.”

        On top of all that, the Australian government, suddenly totally willing to spur the growth of fintech and the digital currency market is trying to put regs together to prevent local banks from unfairly denying banking services to Bitcoin – the gold standard in BTC acceptance.

        According to the Australian government:
        “Innovation will drive productivity growth in Australia. That is why the Government’s $1.1 bln National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) is designed to enable Australia to take full advantage of new economic opportunities. The Government is committed to establishing Australia as a leading global financial technology (fintech) hub and is announcing a new package that aims to position our local fintech industry as a world leader.”

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Lasha seems to maybe have some confidence in the invulnerability of Bitcoin currency.

      If I’d thought that, I would have invested in bitcoin myself.
      As it is, I don’t own a single bitcoin!
      I know others who do though, including a close relation of mine.

      BTW, Pat knows a lot more about bitcoin than I do.

      1. My knowledge of the cryptocurrency is virtually zero. My general impression is that those who bought low are doing pretty well today, having seen their investments in bitcoin skyrocket.

        The secret is : BUY LOW, SELL HIGH!

        It seems to me that the right time to buy anything is when nobody wants it, not when everyone is going crazy over it. As they are right now. I believe the Japanese are buying bitcoin heavily nowadays.

        I mentioned to Pat recently (in an email) that this bitcoin craze reminded me of the “tulip mania” in 17th century Holland when the price of tulip bulbs rose to astronomical levels and then collapsed. The bubble suddenly burst. Pat said he’d heard of the tulip fever phenomenon in Holland but he didn’t think the comparison with bitcoin was at all valid.


        I was willing to concede Pat had a point. Because, as I say, Pat seems to be an expert on this subject and probably has investments in bitcoin.

  2. Pat, you are correct about my “due diligence”. 🙂
    I am naturally resistant to unnecessary exposure to things I don’t quickly understand. I hope some of the sharper minds who read this website can explain the facility of cyber currency to the extent it doesn’t seem like a gateway to nefarious control of our lives. Maybe I’ll get back on here, this evening, and one of you will have written words that will register in my simple mind! 🙂
    (Right now, though, I have to go out and bale rye straw…)

    1. Gil –

      “Maybe I’ll get back on here, this evening, and one of you will have written words that will register in my simple mind!”

      Here are the three most important words to know about ALL cryptocurrencies:


      1. Blockchain technology:

        A BLOCKCHAIN – originally block chain – is a distributed database that maintains a continuously growing list of records, called BLOCKS – secured from tampering and revision. Each block contains a timestamp and a link – CHAIN – to a previous block.

        By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data — once recorded, the data in a block CANNOT be altered retroactively.

        Through the use of a peer-to-peer – P2P – network and a distributed timestamping server, a blockchain database is managed AUTONOMOUSLY.

        Blockchains are “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and PERMANENT way. The ledger itself can also be programmed to trigger transactions automatically.”

        Blockchains are secure by design and an example of a distributed computing system with high byzantine fault tolerance. DECENTRALIZED consensus can therefore be achieved with a blockchain.

        This makes blockchains suitable for the recording of events, medical records, and other records management activities, identity management, transaction processing, and documenting provenance.

        The first blockchain was conceptualised by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and implemented the following year as a core component of the digital currency bitcoin, where it serves as the public ledger for all transactions.

        The invention of the blockchain for bitcoin made it the first digital currency to solve the double spending problem, without the use of a trusted authority or central server. The bitcoin design has been the inspiration for other applications.

        WITHOUT the use of a trusted AUTHORITY or CENTRAL SERVER.


        Blockchain business entity:

        Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial system.

      2. The problem with bitcoin is it is only an idea, a thought, it is not tangible. Like a religion, it requires the masses to “believe” or it loses value and disappears into nothingness. As long as there is ‘belief’ support, bitcoin is viable. But when more people disbelieve than believe, bitcoin is finished.

        Because bitcoin is only an idea, a non-tangible belief, it is also vulnerable to culture. The idea of bitcoin is embedded in language. Culture changes faster than language. Bitcoin today could be very different than bitcoin tomorrow. Example:

        In 1900, if you were gay, you were a happy person. One-hundred years later, in 2000, if you were gay, you are a homosexual. The culture changed but the language did not.

        Traditional currencies are tangible, I can hold a dollar, a euro, a yen. Because they are tangible it is so much easier to “believe”, to have “faith”, in their value … they are physical. Not so with bitcoin. Every night when I turn off my computer, bitcoin literally ceases to exist. It vanishes, suddenly it has zero value.

        The only real wealth are hard assets; something tangible that someone else will always want: precious metals, land, water…

        Going forward, the blockchain technology may or may not be relevant. Your PC as a platform for computing was never intended for the internet. The internet was not developed for PCs. A local radio talk-show had someone on talking about VMUNITY, a new platform intended for use with the internet. VMUNITY platforms should be available beginning the end of this year. It is possible you PC will become a digit purse for your bitcoins. No need for blockchain technology.

      3. Gilroy –

        “Every night when I turn off my computer, bitcoin literally ceases to exist. It vanishes, suddenly it has zero value.”

        That is not a fact. The market determines the value. Just like metals markets. It does not vanish even if you toss your computer out the window. The platform is designed to be portable.

        You must not be aware you can ALSO download YOUR cryptocurrencies to a memory stick. Take it with you.

        There will be more changes than we can imagine…. especially in trading.

        Cryptocurrencies are NOW being traded in REAL TIME every day (not just 5 days) similar to the FOREX platforms which are handled on the internet.

        FOREX was not available to all before the internet.

        Although Forex is the largest financial market in the world, it is relatively unfamiliar terrain for retail traders.

        Until the popularization of internet trading a few years ago, FX was primarily the domain of large financial institutions, multinational corporations and secretive hedge funds. But times have changed, and individual investors are hungry for information on this fascinating market.

        Questions About Currency Trading Answered:

      4. Pat, I think you may have missed my point. I was referring to myself, not the ether.

        How do I spend my bitcoins if my computer is turned off? I cannot. Literally, when I turn off my computer, bitcoins cease to exist for me until I turn it on again … if I can turn it on again. Bitcoins are not tangible. But, the legal currency in my wallet still exists when my computer is off.

        If I download my virtual wealth of bitcoins to NVM (non-volatile memory – a memory stick), how do I spend it if my computer is turned off? I cannot. Again, when I turn off my computer, my virtual wealth ceases to exist, NVM or not, but the money in my wallet does not cease to exist.

        I believe terrorism is being used as an excuse to push the agenda for all currencies into the ether as virtual currencies. What will the value of bitcoins be when dollars, euros, and yens are also virtual currencies? If bitcoin ever becomes anything more than a boutique currency, what will its value be when govts start requiring transparency – all bitcoin transactions be recorded and registered with the govt. I believe terrorism will be used as the reason why the need for any bitcoin transparency.

        Fwiw, read an article yesterday about the wealthy everywhere are now hording cash, not bitcoins. They do not trust the viability of the banking systems.

        There is so many more complexities to currencies than their tangibility or not. Bitcoins do not share those complexities.

        Pat, forget the virtual currency. I have something better … a virtual attorney. No kidding. I have never seen or met the attorney that filed a lawsuit on my behalf. I sent documents through the mail or by fax. I have not seen any paperwork associated with the case, have not seen the complaint, have not seen the answer. I have not signed anything except an agreement (that came through the mail) for the attorney to represent me. My attorney and the opposing attorney, whose name I do not even know, are somehow going to mediation, today. The two attorneys are several hundred miles apart. Who knows where the mediator is, I am not part of the mediation. I hope the virtual settlement to the virtual lawsuit filed by the virtual attorney is not in virtual bitcoins. 

      5. Gilroy –


        I was discussing with a friend… just last week…. that lawyers and plaintiffs… etc… do not have to file in person anymore.

        I have been party to e-signatures on insurance policies and claims.

        Like it or not… we are IN ‘Today’s World Order’… and always have been…. More coming.. 🙂

        BTW – I own some cryptocurrencies… for fun.. and have plenty of the precious metals:
        Lead… (to preserve the other two).. 🙂

      6. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data — once recorded, the data in a block CANNOT be altered retroactively.

        Great. All my financial transactions recorded forever. Peered (get it 😉 ) over forever.

        Besides, it doesn’t have to be altered — you just have to get some “expert” to “audit” your blockchain and they will create the reality of your blockchain. They can lie about what you did with your naughty key. And presumably “they” will eventually create some sort of digital crawler that will be able to change the blockchain at will. Perhaps the very same spooks that created Bitcoin. Perhaps that is the end game in some nefarious multistage plan: STEP 2, release the Kraken.

        Go sell crazy some place else; we’re all stocked up here.

      7. Like it or not… we are IN ‘Today’s World Order’… and always have been…. More coming.. 🙂

        Nope, I still have that £20 in my pocket, we’re not totally cashless just yet. Besides, your statement that “we are in today’s world order and always have been” seems a pretty lame excuse to embrace Bitcoin. Stockholm Syndrome perchance?

        Learn to love your slavery by wrapping yourself in even more chains (see how I have pre-empted your standard trope of “we are already enslaved”?). There is no need to encourage people to dive deeper into the morass.

        Please forgive my attitude, Pat, but your flippant attitude to selling hopelessness starts to grind when you start flogging bitcoin simultaneously.

        The evidence is pretty overwhelming that Bitcoin is a Jewish controlled technology that provides awesome powers of CENTRALISATION. Reminds me about the crap about Uber being decentralised. In before the “internet is Jewish controlled” — of course it is, but that is no excuse to adopt even more kosher chains.

      8. Flo –

        I have laid out the facts as I know them… not in a flippant manner at all.

        No one else has done that… taken the time to do so here.

        I am not pushing anything. Take it or leave it. No skin off my back.

        Your fighting while guessing… armed only with very few facts shows….

        Last sentence removed on request.

        ADMIN: Sorry, this is a mistake. No request made for removal of last sentence on THIS post. Got the wrong post! Will try again. (This was the “last post” in the editing box, but not the “last post” on the comment board — which is totally different.)

      9. @Pat

        You are pushing Bitcoin; I pushed back. Your flippant dismissal does not fool me in the slightest. I followed the Bitcoin propaganda on The Keiser Report for years, so your patronizing attitude seems to be based on an increasing myopia developing in YOUR old age.

        You remind of a tail-gater — you put people under pressure and then blame them for their reaction.

      10. Flopot –

        That is a foolish and childish reply…. name calling.

        When you do that.. YOU LOSE..!!

        Circassian entity was known for that…. Gone now..!! 🙂

        According to your logic(sic)…. when I go into depth about explaining kol nidre I am pushing the chant of kol nidre…!!

        I thought you were sharper than that.

        BTW – you did NOT “push back” at all… You offered NO FACTS with which to push…. just WEAK guesses..!! 🙂

        1. @ Pat
          @ Flopot

          Don’t quarrel, dear friends! Remember we are all on the same side, facing the same deadly Enemy. So let’s keep our powder dry and not waste our ammo on our fellow comrades. 🙂

      11. FLOPOT –

        For the record…. YOU need better facts when you “push back” on me.. 🙂

        You show confusion..!!

        I have many many semesters of anatomy and physiology of the human body….. and eyes in particular. I studied ophthalmology before entering the US Navy.

        PRESBYOPIA … develops in old age… NOT MYOPIA..!!

        Presbyopia is the OPPOSITE of myopia. The lens will not flex as easily as a function of low glutathione production.. and the action of ‘accommodation’ of the lens decreases.

        By age 50 the accommodative amplitude can decline so that the near point of the eye is more remote than the reading distance. When this occurs the patient is – PRESBYOPIC.

        Once presbyopia occurs, those who are emmetropic will need an optical aid for near vision.

        Those who are myopic – nearsighted and require an optical correction for distance vision – will find that they see better at near without their distance correction…. as they age..!!

        Those who are hyperopic (farsighted) will find that they may need a correction for both distance and near vision.

        Health Note:
        If cataracts appear glutathione will help dissolve them. Cheaper and less risky than surgery.

      12. @Pat

        Strange that you cannot see the planks protruding from your very own eyes. I was right — myopia indeed.

        @Sister Monica

        No problemo. Pat doesn’t give a hoot anyway (no skin off his hooter) but his blasé tip-toeing through the Bit-Tulips demanded a response.

      13. @Pat

        Again, your cleverness betrays you — myopia can increase with old age.

        I have spent many many semesters interacting with people who use knowledge to brow beat people into silence; to make people unsure of their own reasoning via a barrage of “unassailable facts”. Luckily I developed a backbone in standing up to such bat swingers.

        Your hollerin’ and trumpetin’ about Bitcoin deserved a response.

        PS I hope you are not an Ayn Rander?

      14. Pat, Flopot,

        The evolution of crypto currency will go from the requisite of using a computer, to a “smart” phone, to a chip IMPLANT. The end seems quite obvious, to me. Participating in its use accelerates our journey down that road to Perdition (Mark of the Beast). I believe everyone reading this site understands the implications, so there’s no use in reciting tedious facts. Regardless of its convenience, Bitcoin presents the opportunity for central control. It is only for that reason I will not participate in the necessary “good faith” for its further manifestation.

      15. Gil –

        There is NO central control with cryptocurrencies.. which is the reason for the invention.. of BLOCKCHAIN…. NO CENTRAL CONTROL..!!



        You need more study… less guessing..!! 🙂

      16. Yawn. Central control is automated. Fantastic! 😉

        Pat knows; everyone else is guessing. You are blinded by arrogance man. Good grief!

    2. @Gilbert

      That perfectly sums up my attitude to Bitcoin — it automates centralisation. Once its anonymity is broken then it becomes a tool of oppression. Firstly, why use a technology that has such a risk hanging over it? Secondly, such feelings of insecurity (@Pat oh I must be in my dotage, feeling so uncertain, oh deary deary me 😉 ) become a certainty when you realise the anonymity has already been broken — see the random link I grabbed from “the interweb”.

      1. Flopot –

        I have little doubt that Pat knows a helluva lot more than I about it. However, whether “central” control, or “microscopic” control, I believe ANY of it is subject to scurrilous dealings by those more educated in its function. Why expose ourselves to it??? 🙂

      2. Gil –

        You wrote:

        “Bitcoin presents the opportunity for central control. It is only [ONLY!!!] for that reason [one reason!!] I will not participate in the necessary “good faith” for its further manifestation.

        Now you have another “only” reason…?? 🙂

      3. History provides hard evidence of mankind’s tendency to abuse power. I do not want to tempt fate, or offer more ammunition with which to shoot me! 🙂

      4. Pat –

        I know many of you might call me “antiquated” (my own daughter called me “archaic”), but I just can’t wrap my mind around the advantages of trending toward a “cashless” society. As important as a medium of exchange is to the enhancement of civilization, it frightens me to think about transitioning from a medium of exchange we can roll-up and put in our pockets, to a medium which requires electronic impulses and device for its facility. The same progression occurred with motorized machinery… Back a few decades, farmers had the pleasure of being able to use a variety of fuels until Standard Oil decided we could use only a refined fuel from them and their counterparts – creating a monopoly on means of production. You already know how that progressed to the “Petro” currency circumstance to which we are now subject….
        My contention is we have LEARNED enough from history – it’s about time we started REMEMBERING the lessons! 🙂

      5. Gil –

        “History provides hard evidence of mankind’s tendency to abuse power.”

        That is correct.

        History provides almost zero on BLOCKCHAIN invented in 2008.

      6. Flo –
        You wrote:
        “@Pat Again, you’re wrong.”

        Hell… I know that..!!

        “PAT” is nowhere to be found on MY birth certificate..!! 🙂

      7. @Pat

        You’re presenting fake news — you ignored the carriage returns and a blank line. Case closed.

      8. Flo –

        You have presented no facts… Just called me names… That’s all ya got…

        Case never closed for me..!! I continue to learn and comment on it.

        But…. I can see why you quit..!! Weak case.. Now ALL totally closed down…. doors shut permanently for ya.. 🙂

  3. WCry for Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North America, South America…but not Israel. What a surprise. Multiculturalism for all the ‘racists’ and ‘haters’ in Asia, Eurasia, Europe, North America, South America…but not Israel. Neanderthalensis Ashkenazii as usual…Ground zero for all that’s evil.

    1. Exactly right Winston. As Darkmoon not so subtly hinted, what was that very special country that somehow by some miracle of the muses was left high and dry from the “wanna cry”.
      Tell Toejamicus that it’s not so that the very special country, who got their hands on the Promis software from the US State Department, (back in the 80’s) in which a back door was designed to where the very special people could gain access to every major government and major private computer system on earth. Cui bono from all this mischief?
      Here’s something the inventers of the Jew Bomb could do. Use their expertize to shut down all the computer systems that control all the nuclear weapons on earth, except their own of course. Then they will be able to enter into their earthly Biblical kingdom, with their very own nuclear side arms, as promised them by their blood thirsty war God, as the top dogs. Then even Toejamicus along with all the rest of the goyim (that is those of us still breathing) will have the privilege and distinct honor of servitude and kissing the hairy toes of the “Neanderthalensis Ashkenazii…Ground zero for all that’s evil.” You know that every special kind of righteous evil. Glory to (their) God in the highest.

      1. Yes, TJ (Toejamicus) what a surprise. The intense volcanic activity currently being experienced in the region of Naples, Italy is part of a broader area of geologic instability. There is even a not inactive fault line running right under occupied Palestine. They used to say “Pray for Rain”, these days, a little selective fire would be nice…however, a local to same area coastal event would do nicely as well. Then they could really enter their “earthly” kingdom.

    2. Almost all of the computers effected are running obsolete Windows XP as the operating system. Last March, Microsoft issued a patch to fix the vulnerability for Windows 7, 8, and 10. I suspect folks in Israel, being tech-suave, are not using Windows XP on any machines connected to the web. Any machine running Windows 7, 8, or 10 with auto-update enabled was already protected against this ransomware since last March.

      I use AVAST anti-virus software because it is free and the least offensive on CPU usage. I got a message from AVAST they have successfully block all versions of this and all other ransomware, regardless of which version of Windows is being used or if it is updated.

      Last I heard the country of origin for this ransomware attack is thought to be the United States. The offender/s have only accumulated between $50,000 and $70,000 in two accounts. No one got their data unscrambled after paying the ransom. The perps can never collect the bitcoins because those accounts are being monitored around the clock. Anyone accessing those accounts will trigger an immediate, rapid, globally cooperated forensic trace back to them.

      1. Gilroy – Right and timely. This demands the question, “If money wasn’t the motive (at least through bitcoin) what was?”

      2. Winston –

        “If money wasn’t the motive (at least through bitcoin) what was?”

        Money is power…. today. Trump became Prezzy with it…

        Money and self-sustainability – self-support – is the ultimate underlying motive in most human endeavors. Computer programmers usually want to be paid. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are examples of those efforts. They got a lot of tat NASTY OLD MONEY..!! 🙂

        The initial “motive” was the BLOCKCHAIN technology and how it could be used …. and how the inventors could benefit also…. even with that NASTY OLD MONEY..!! 🙂

        Bitcoin was an afterthought… a test… which was successful. The first purchase was a $24 pizza.

  4. When World War Three breaks out,.

    It is laughable that anyone believes any particular spot on the Earth will survive or that underground will be safe for a sufficient time. Web-search half-life, nuclear winter, nuclear war atmospheric vortex, 15 000 nuclear warheads.

    Southern hemisphere occupants will probably have protracted suffering before death, if that is what they prefer.

    It is also laughable that NZ ranch purchasers believe they will have time to get there. Transit time of nukes from EU NATO to/from Russia : 5 minutes. US to/from Russia : 20 minutes. Or are these super wealthy going to be happy living with NZ sheep permanently? I think not.

    It is also laughable that they believe that financial accumulation will buy them out of trouble caused by insane global financial accumulation mentality.

    About Cyber War – this “War on Terrorism 2” designed to further strip away natural rights. The Wall Street Journal was saying decades ago that anyone running MS Windows with important data (aka financial) was a fool. Any server computer running a professional operating system (not Windoz), maintained by professionals, isolated from the network is safe. The famous Stuknet virus that supposedly attacked an Iranian nuclear installation was apparently introduced by a fool with flash USB disk.

      1. Flan –

        Your great link showed this:


        I claim:
        Nuke missiles are as phony as the moon landings.

        All invented… imagined by fakers. Believed by the ignorant. I did so for years. I was ignorant. I ‘believed’…. “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂

        For instance… This shows a pic of Minuteman Missile guidance system that was in the link you provided:


        Power, space, weight, and site preparation
        Power, computer: 0.25 kW
        **Air conditioner: Closed system
        **Volume, computer: 1.55 cu ft (44 Liters)
        Weight, computer: 70 lb (32 kg)
        Designed specifically to fit in *cylindrical guidance package.


        This is a video showing a Polaris Missile launch at sea from a submarine, with others included:
        (I have taken part in this)

        The Polaris Missile was approximately 32 ft long and 4 ft in diameter… and carried 12 MIRVs = Multi Independently-targeted Re-entry Vehicle(s).

        The ‘I’ stands for Independently-targeted…. And means each Re-entry Vehicle would need a GUIDANCE SYSTEM to get to the target….. along with a method for propulsion….. an engine to keep it on target…. AND… Air Conditioning in order to work properly.

        NO ROOM for 12 of them..!!

        So… all info nowadays…. Claims… JUST 3 MIRVs..!!

        They told us for decades there were 10 to 16 MIRVs… in each missile..

        So preposterous…. They changed it..!! 🙂

      2. Pat –

        Although I’m in and out, today, this conversation has me thinking: Do you believe the many ‘missile silos’ located in our Midwest were built pre-maturely, and might have NEVER housed any missiles?? It is typical of government waste and excess to construct anticipatory edifices which are never used for their originally-intended purpose. (I have seen these mammoth underground ‘silos’, and could discern no evidence of heavy activity.)

      3. Gil –

        They are being phased out…. if they ever were legitimate.

        They made for a lot of jobs and helped the debt economy. Wall Street $$$$.

        AND… Americans in 50s & 60s wanted protection from Russian K-mart shoe-pounders..!!!

        Russia was made out to be waaaay worse to fear then… than today.. We practiced hiding under desks and sinks..!! 🙂

  5. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

    Adolph Hitler in “Mein Kampf,” correctly predicting the future of that parasitic organism that is the world’s biggest gangster state.

    On a side note, notice how the Allahu Akbar™ FF specials have dropped considerably as Americans are now being conditioned to hate Russians?

    1. So do these idiot Zionists believe physics (see my post above) or the Talmud? Do they think they will survive or will the final orgasm of hate for goyim be worth it in their eyes?

      1. Name the parasite concerned about its survival within a host body.

        Jews are parasites. In the classic manner of all parasitical organisms, their history is one long episode of gnawing host cultures to death and then moving on to new ones. This is the metaphor behind unleavened bread. When the end of a host culture arrives, it invariably does so in a manner that Jews do not even have time to allow bread to rise. This time they will not even able to make unleavened bread.

        Consider for a moment the underground construction technology that has arisen since the Germans first moved their factories underground. Consider this technology has advanced to the point where the Zionist American Government has sold off many of the old underground installations, notably the “city” intended to provide for the survival of government.

        This is a mutation of the parasite whereby it will move underground for this portion of its life cycle. Thus, elite Jews plan on fleeing the destruction to underground installations. No doubt in time the world will come to resemble that of H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.”

        Jews are psychopaths. Psychopathy is by nature irrational. The psychopath functions on a thought process based only on material gain, the philosophy of “what’s in it for me right NOW!?” If the answer is nothing, then, outside potential adverse effects, it is irrelevant to the psychopath’s life.

        Considering the vast financial resources at their disposal, I have no doubt Jews have developed technology that will allow them to survive the coming cataclysm in underground sites. Recent Hollywood movies like “The Matrix” mimic real world development of this technology. These provisions serve to convince these parasitical, insect-like psychopaths that they have provided themselves with the capability to survive a nuclear onslaught.

        My only wish is that these parasites live long lives in this poisoned nightmare world they have created, as this world provides the best location for those incapable of spiritual progression. Jesus is not coming back as his mission has been fulfilled. Nor are any of the other great mystics and teachers returning; they have moved beyond this material world. Their examples provide the solution for all souls.

        Working for the soul’s enlightenment is the key to escaping this nightmare world of the soulless psychopath. Prepare for death, for it is inevitable. In doing so let it go, let it all go. There is nothing here that will sustain the soul. When the soul has no desire for this world, the world must let it go. Move beyond your worldly desires to achieve spiritual perfection, leave this world to the soulless.

      2. Wig –

        “..what about off World??”

        Discover Magazine answered that over a decade ago. Even all the money in the world will not get a guy a safe space trip off this planet.. 🙂

        “Are We Trapped On Earth?”
        Impossible Journey?

        by M.G. Lord

        From the June 2006 issue; published online June 19, 2006

        Indeed, the dangers posed by cosmic radiation are so daunting that even some members of the normally upbeat astronaut corps are beginning to question whether a human mission to deep space will be feasible anytime in the near future.

        “Radiation could be a showstopper,” says Shannon Lucid, the blunt-spoken 63-year-old astronaut who has spent the longest time—223 days, 2 hours, and 50 minutes—of any American woman in space. “You don’t want to send dead astronauts to Mars.”

        Solar particles are just one form of radiation astronauts will have to contend with on a deep-space mission, however, including X-rays, gamma rays, and—above all—galactic cosmic rays. “Right now, the radiation has an uncertainty of a factor of six,” says John Charles, an assistant director in NASA’s Space Life Sciences division. “Which means that if you want to protect your biological specimen on a trip to Mars to a set conservative limit, you will probably be carrying six times too much shielding, just because the uncertainty is a factor of six—a 600 percent uncertainty in the measurement.”

        **The possibly unnecessary addition of shielding, he continues, “means a whole lot MORE MASS, which means the rocket is heavier, which means it can’t launch as easily.”

        Yet some scientists suggest that – EVEN BULKY SHIELDING – will not protect a Mars-bound human cargo.

        –Health threat from cosmic rays–

        The health threat from cosmic rays is the danger posed by galactic cosmic rays and solar energetic particles to astronauts on interplanetary missions. Galactic cosmic rays consist of high energy protons and other nuclei with extrasolar origin. Solar energetic particles consist primarily of protons accelerated by the sun to high energies via proximity to solar flares and coronal mass ejections. They are one of the most important barriers standing in the way of plans for interplanetary travel by crewed spacecraft.

        Cosmic rays are energetic charged subatomic particles, originating from outer space. They may produce secondary particles that penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

        The term ray is historical as cosmic rays were thought to be electromagnetic radiation.

        Most primary cosmic rays (those which impact the atmosphere from deep space) are composed of familiar stable particles that normally occur on Earth, such as protons, atomic nuclei, or electrons. However, a very small fraction are stable particles of antimatter, such as positrons or antiprotons, and the nature of this remaining fraction is an area of active research.

        Bottom line… We’re ALL stuck here..
        …..TRAPPED on this BLUE spaceship..!! 🙂

      3. Even the ‘off worlders’ got it coming, kid. Every last one of them and the parasites, bacteria and germs which rode in on them. They got it coming too.
        Even Lord Brahma, who lives the longest life in the universe, (300 trillion+ years, one exhalation of Vishnu) has it coming.

        The good part though, is via transmigration of our individual eternal soul, everyone just keeps on keeping on getting whatever they want, forever!
        Helluva Catch-22, innit! Practice, practice, practice!

      4. Speaking of numbers… Here’s an odd quote. (Even A.I. is awed) So why don’t intelligent people hear them, except perhaps as nagging doubts or passing fancies? Numbers are meant to not only prove words, but to compliment them as well. Shucks, even I know that and I once Earned ‘F’ in Geometry. To receive a ‘C’ was thrilling!!

        “In Ancient India, numbers were not abstract concepts, though used to measure phenomena. One wonders, what were they measuring at 10^53-421!”

    2. GA

      You quote Toland and find that credible?

      A word to the wise – It’s not

  6. “On Hackers, Bitcoin and the End Days”

    “Hacking”, “ransom”, “Bitcoin” and “Israel safe” are the key words of the article and the key to understanding the pivot role of Israel in the “operation”.
    When I reached the end note of Lasha, I forgot all about the “main article” because the gist was here in this end note: It clearly stated what I suspected right from the beginning: (((someone))) was leading a multi purpose attack : Hacking, blackmailing, ransoming and advertising Bitcoin.

  7. Gerhard –

    Coons are not the issue, here. Get over it!
    I’ve been working all day, and still do not see any direct answers to my inquiries….

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Your reservations are justified.

      All digital currencies whether crypto or not are virtual, not physically existing. Unless totally isolated, all computer data bases are accessible and alterable for those with the talent and desire, hackers. Computer SOFTware is called that for a reason. Since Israel is going to be “ground zero” for Bitcoin exchange, you can rest assured that (((they))) have already determined how to rig the system for their benefit/fraud. Fraud is a jewish mainstay.

      Not only that, a major corona mass ejection (CME) that directly hits earth will result in the disappearance of all digital currency and it won’t matter what it is stored on or where. The last major CME that hit the earth was about 150 years ago when there was almost no electric anything being used. No one knows when the next CME will hit.

      On a positive side note, a major CME would eliminate all “Mark of the Beast” chips embedded in humans.

      Since you are a farmer, you are involved in the oldest currency in the world, food, and it has been that way since the beginning. Everyone has to have food whether the power is on or off, “civilized” or not. Just be sure that you grow some food for yourself instead of the commodities market. BTW, CME’s do not bother plant and animal life.

      So, if your desire is return on investment, most any digital currency will do, even the US dollar digital currency. If your desire is to have accumulation of very sound currency in a SHTF scenario, owning physical gold and silver are your best bet, but that comes with the risk of thievery. If your desire is to survive regardless of calamity, food is your best bet.

    2. Ungenius –

      Yes, I share your skepticism concerning Israhell’s excitement over Bitcoin. (If it looks like shit, and smells like shit – DONT STEP IN IT – because it probably IS shit!)
      Also, it is logical to me that once an entire society’s commerce is predicated on a cyber currency, the realities of a “cashless” society will be achieved, and we will be unable to buy, sell, or trade without a number (Mark of the Beast). My biggest reservations against cyber currencies stem from that possibility, regardless of how much $$ I can gain (but don’t actually NEED).
      Fear and Greed are great motivators. Fear of “nukes” and Greed for $$ is a lure to perdition.
      Yes, farmers are as caught-up in commodity trading as any other businessmen. I am actively trying to commemorate a simplified lifestyle wherein land resources and conservation methods are more valued among our youth – not just fancy titles, expensive cars, and other needless pursuits.

    3. Wait for it, Ungenius. A CME seems very likely

      Blow the whole shithouse to Kingdom Come!

    4. @ Gilbert Huntly

      “I am actively trying to commemorate a simplified lifestyle wherein land resources and conservation methods are more valued among our youth – not just fancy titles, expensive cars, and other needless pursuits.”

      Bests wishes for a successful good thing.

  8. New digital virtual currency which is more expensive than gold, is a code name for the new world order
    bitcoin is the mark of the beast
    Israel is the beast.
    the latest hacking was done by the beast’s minions as a test , BIBI was bored ,so he wanted some drama prior to meeting up with his loony puppet

    1. You are right another fine jewish invention. And the goyim think they can handle anonymous on the web/darkweb with bitcoin etc. Don’t trust the jewish inventions.

    2. Nomad –

      “New digital virtual currency which is more expensive than gold…”

      You have NO clue.

      There is ONLY ONE “virtual currency which is more expensive than gold”…. and that is BITCOIN.

      Here is a list and prices of 830 of them:

      CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

      ‘RIPPLE’ is being accepted by banks and is only 39 cents today. It has more than doubled in the last 7 days. It has the 2nd largest capitalization at:

      Japan’s Biggest Bank Partners Ripple, Plans Global BLOCKCHAIN Money Transfers in 2018

      The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU), the banking arm of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) has joined Ripple in its endeavor to establish an international – BLOCKCHAIN – payments network of global banks.

      MUFG has today announced [PDF] its membership in Ripple’s ‘Global Payments Steering Group’ (GPSG). CCN reported on the GPSG in September 2016, set up to create a ‘rules-based BLOCKCHAIN payments network’ as Ripple describes it.

      The goal of the Ripple-led banking collective is to create uniform policies and governance to facilitate the transfer of money, globally, over a BLOCKCHAIN.


      The “beast” got “marked”..!! 🙂

      1. Under most radar….

        What on Earth is Going on with Ripple?
        May 16, 2017


        Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every day and see your money doubled, and then again, and again? Welcome to ripple, the latest to go parabolic in a musical chair that started with Monero some months ago and seems to be going around digital currencies.

        Ripple seemingly did not want to be left out and so far their show is the most spectacular. Up 10x in just two weeks, rising in market cap from insignificant to an incredible near $13 billion at the time of writing, almost half of bitcoin’s market cap.

        This parabolic rise began shortly after April 26th when Ripple announced in a press release ten banks had joined following a previous press release on March the 1st that stated “forty seven Japanese banks move towards commercial phase using ripple.”


        Previously – Global Banks involved with ‘RIPPLE’:

        “The steering group was founded with six banks from three continents, namely:
        Bank of America Merill Lynch and Royal Bank of Canada from North America;
        European banks Santander, UniCredit and Standard Chartered;
        and Australian banking institution Westpac Banking Corp.”

  9. if ww3 break out .you can run but you can’t hide from the radiation fall out
    .this earth will become Mars 2.00
    uninhabitable and unbearably deadly toxic to humans and any living things
    even the wealthy and the powerful who have bunkers ,will not be able to survive
    we have only God to seek refuge to from this Talmudic madness.

    1. Wig –

      Dis-info abounds. It is not your fault at all. It is intentional and inevitable when fake weapons are critiqued. I am a victim also…. to a point. I hate it.

      It appears Popular Mechanics is hurting for readership so they report “Doomsday” and “entire country” crap… for eyeball gathering.

      And the ‘scoop’ reporter is lacking experience or just plain sloppy…. or BS artist.

      The reporter claims 8 Trident II missiles… and there are 16. (we had 16 in 1962)

      The reporter claims 40 nuclear(sic)warheads and there are 128 to 192..!! Way off..!!

      If each missile were counted as just ONE warhead, then there would be 8 … not 40. Wrong either way.


      Verifiable…. to a degree of faith:

      Trident II missiles are carried by 14 US Ohio and 4 British Vanguard-class submarines, with 24 missiles on each Ohio class and 16 missiles on each Vanguard class.

      Trident II Warhead:
      8–12 thermonuclear MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable re-entry Vehicle);

      Maneuverable(engines ??) Re-entry Vehicle..!! (W88 or W76 thermonuclear weapons)



      So… with those shoddy-arsed credentials the whole article is suspect to me.

      I know nothing about computers on submarines… Magnetic amplifiers are more reliable in casualty situations. The whole ‘Windows’ claim is probably a joke. We did just fine without them.

      Since the whole nuke missile deal is mostly a HOAX… it doesn’t matter that much if they have W-XP ‘Pro’ or ‘Home’ either. 🙂

      There are NO ‘Windows’ on nuke subs, anyway.. We had to use the periscope to watch the whales..!!

      It was called ”Periscope Liberty”..!! 🙂

  10. UNGENIUS said:

    “All digital currencies …accessible and alterable for those with the talent and desire”

    Not true. Bitcoin transaction database is stored by EVERY participant. ANY participant can audit the transactions.

    PAT said:
    “Nuke missiles are as phony as the moon landings.”

    I read a well researched book skeptical of the moon landings. The mass of evidence is convincing. But on nuclear physics – are you doubting the science – do you doubt that 80% of French electricity is generated from a few kg of nuclear source material? If so where are they hiding the real electricity generating stations? If you do not doubt the principle of E=mc^2 then why would it be so difficult to develop a bomb?

    1. Flan –

      It isn’t the bomb that is unlikely – it is being able to propel a device of such enormous weight via an ICBM. Nuclear explosions have been detonated at stationary test sites (islands and deserts), yes; but a spherical container large and massive enough to accommodate a detonation cannot be hurled across the oceans. This also renders the idea of a “suitcase nuke” improbable… (unless one of those genius jig-a-boos from Africa figures out how to do it, we’re safe!) 🙂

    2. Flan –

      My claim is… and has been for 30 years….
      “Nuke missiles are phony”

      Nuclear REACTORS are real…. I have operated three different designs in the US Navy. They are small compared to commercial reactors…. but entail the same physics, chemistry and mechanics. Just a heat source. Expensive stove for a tea kettle…!! 🙂

      “why would it be so difficult to develop a bomb?”

      “NUCLEAR GEOMETRIC and MATERIAL BUCKLING” is the main reason. Very few have studied it… so very few know to mention it.

      The firing mechanisms and shelf-life decay present problems also… There are numerous others.

      –The main obstacle is ‘BUCKLING’ as it pertains to fissionable materials like U and Pu.–

      ‘Buckling’ is the material geometric flux profile.

      It varies with the material. The material must be the type of radioactive material which is constantly undergoing spontaneous fissions. (and YES…there is a shelf-life 🙂 )

      Geometric buckling is a measure of neutron leakage, while material buckling is a measure of neutron production minus absorption.

      –‘Buckling’ variables are critical size, critical shape, critical mass and critical density.–

      If any one of those are not present the reaction will not occur. Although, not a part of ‘buckling,’ there is a minimum temperature needed, and that temperature varies with the type of material and ‘buckling’ components.

      Here are the definitions of ‘buckling’:

      Unlike other explosives, such as gunpowder or C-4, a small amount will not produce a smaller explosion once the proper mass is obtained, known as the ‘critical mass.’

      Only a BIG BOOM ‘might be’ … ‘might be’… ‘might be’…. available with nukes.

      That means there are NO ‘mini nukes’…period. No ‘suitcase’ nukes either. Forklift required due to lead shielding weight..!! 🙂

      Gil is very very CORRECT about DELIVERY also.. Especially missile(size) problems…!!

      1. By this it would stand to reason there is potential for having nuclear bombs placed around the world to simulate aerial attacks, a la the Pentagon and World Trade Centers.

        I lack the background to address your claims. However, by what I have read, these claims should be closely examined by those with such knowledge.

        As for Negros developing suitcase nukes, it’s “logical” that any race capable of developing and flying gliders around the massive pyramidal structures they constructed would be capable of doing this as well. Isn’t Jewish historical reality fascinating?

      2. Arch –

        Thanks for the reply.

        You wrote:
        “By this it would stand to reason there is potential for having nuclear bombs placed around the world to simulate aerial attacks, a la the Pentagon and World Trade Centers.”

        That is a possibility I wrote about years ago in my newsletter in the the 90s.

        That’s why I wrote: “Only a BIG BOOM….. ‘might be’ … ‘might be’… ‘might be’…. available with nukes.” 🙂

        Then you wrote:
        “I lack the background to address your claims. However, by what I have read, these claims should be closely examined by those with such knowledge.”

        That is the case with everyone but a very. My knowledge is not sufficient to be the last word there either.

        My endeavor is to provide the skepticism for further review and findings. I do not harbor blind acceptance of those in charge of our information.

    3. @ Flan O’Brien

      “Not true.”

      Just because you believe the Bitcoin hype, does not make my statement untrue. When a hacker hacks into your computer system and does a Bitcoin transactions as if the hacker were you, all you may have left is a record of you losing your Bitcoin in a bogus transaction that shows up as a valid transaction. It is called SOFTware because it is not hard.

      “Bitcoin transaction database is stored by EVERY participant.”

      Just imagine having every Bitcoin transaction record in the world on your computer as a significant portion of the world starts taking Bitcoin seriously and starts to use it. I forget the term for the amounts of data past the terabyte, but the amount of data to be stored will be almost unimaginable. Every Bitcoin user will have to have some serious storage capabilities just to record keep all the exchange activities occurring in the Israeli Bitcoin exchange when it gets going. Every Bitcoin user would have to have fiber optics into their location just to handle the bandwidth required for the record keeping download. Obviously, this is not a workable situation for John Q Public.

      The system has its failure built in to it from the beginning, unless of course, it was designed for just the big boys like jewish bankers, etc. The other clue about who it was designed for is evident in its current value of over $1,200.00 per Bitcoin. With a fixed number of Bitcoins, the value can only increase as more speculators get involved until (((somebody))) decides that there has be more Bitcoins to satisfy demand and the value drops per Bitcoin. Sound familiar? Jewish financial system should come to mind.

  11. “RANSOMWARE: The Cyber Attack that Crippled the World”

    Thanks a lot. I didn’t even notice until you told me..

    1. @ HP

      I agree. I noticed absolutely nothing out of the ordinary at my location.

  12. Bitcoin has less ‘hands-on’ control by individuals than precious metals.

    From Bank of England to to New Amsterdam to Chinese opium trade … to today… the Grosvenor Group has a great deal of ‘hands-on’ control of metals and much more.

    The Grosvenor Group Limited is an internationally diversified property group, founded 1677 – 340 years ago – and headquartered in the United Kingdom. It has a global reach, now in 60 international cities, with offices in 17 of them, operated on behalf of its owners, the Duke of Westminster and his family.
    Headquarters – 70 Grosvenor Street, London W1K 3JP, United Kingdom.

    It has four regional development and investment businesses:
    in Britain and Ireland, the Americas, Australia, and Asia Pacific; an international fund management business, which operates across these markets and in continental Europe; and a portfolio of indirect investments. Its sectors include residential, office, retail, industrial, and hotels.

    The Secret Society That Controls The Precious Metal Market

    Charles Savoie exposes the centuries long scheme to control, suppress silver by the secret society called ‘The Pilgrims’.

    Charles Savoie’s Silver Squelchers series of articles stretches more than 3,000 pages in length and reveals incredible details about the silver suppression .

    The Pilgrim Society controls the precious metals market and is the upper tier to the central banking system. These individuals keep silver suppressed because it is the people’s money and if silver was allowed to rise it would be in direct competition with the dollar and people would realize that the dollar was continually devaluing.

    These individuals promote war if they do not get their way.

  13. Just watched a YouTube video by Brendon O’Connell regarding Operation Talpiot.

    It’s rather long and can be boring at times, especially on a nice sunny day like today.


    Basically, O’Connell claims that the Jews control the Internet and can hack any site without too much difficulty. They can selectively target an individual or shut down the whole system if it suits them.

    Found this related article at “Media Whores”:

    1) How Israel planned over 40 years ago to dominate the high technology communications sector.

    2) How Israel trained officers from Israeli Military Intelligence to become private entrepreneurs. Now they dominate both the public and private high technology sector.

    3) How this plan was titled “Operation Talpiot”.

    4) How Israel dominates databases of all kinds from banking to medical, to policing, to NSA sub contractors, to government encrypted communications, to video surveillance systems for Class A critical infrastructure.

    5) How Israel and Jewish Power have a tradition of the Sayanim or Helper who assist Israeli Intelligence where ever these Jews live and work, anywhere in the world, giving access to all sorts of public and private sensitive locations.

    6) How Israel is setting up high technology co-operation schools under The Technion – their premiere research facility. This co-operation is used to infiltrate into the country of interest.”

    Source: http://mediawhores.co.nz/2017/04/05/operation-talpiot-israels-kill-switches-on-the-worlds-infrastructure/

    I wouldn’t be one bit surprised, no pun intended, if Bitcoin is an offshoot of Operation Talpiot.

    1. Well, everything on the “interweb” seems kosher these days.



      I would not like my ENTIRE financial history recorded on a chain-for-block-heads, easily available for unravelling, thank you very much. Every issue of the Beano I bought; every fiver I gave to a family member; every second-hand book I purchased; every cause I donated to; every community meeting I attended; every subversive group I tried to fund with some spare cash. BOLLOCKS I say.

      “But we’re in a cashless society already” I hear some whine — no we are not. Propaganda. Gibberish. Nonsense. We are MOVING to a cashless society which is quite a different argument. The globalists are clearly planning a cashless society and Bitcoin is part of that trend (in my opinion 😛 ). The whole story of Nakatomy Towers Satoshi baloney probably hides another Western spook operation.

      I have £20 in my pocket at the moment. If I wanted to, I could engage in plenty of low-level and ANONYMOUS financial transactions. So we’re not a cashless society atm; so you cannot fall back on that ridiculous argument, “oh we’re cashless already, might aswell go full Bit-gird-the-loins-of-the-globalists coin” crap.

      Last sentence removed on request

      1. @ADMIN

        Could you please remove the last sentence from the above post — -it is pure ad hominem. I distrust the whole bitcoin story but there are plenty of sincere and extremely bright people who swear by it. I just wanted to fight back against what I see as the bitcoin hype some are pushing on this site.

  14. If the goal of the hackers was to make BITCOIN price go down, then they weren’t very successful…. !! It is at record highs…. 🙂

    #WannaCry Ransomware Exposed as a False Flag to Attack Bitcoin

    In this video, software and blockchain developer Vin Armani examines the WannaCry ransomware that the corporate media acted like it was the end of the world. Ultimately it appears to be an amateurish false flag attack on bitcoin. But upon digging into the bitcoin addresses used in the attack, Vin discovers a more potentially much more nefarious attack on bitcoin.



    1. Russia was hit hardest by the global ransomware attack, and it is unironically angry

      May 15, 2017

      The White House and federal cybersecurity officials scrambled over the weekend to grapple with a “ransomware” cyberattack that hit 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries, according to the European police agency Europol.

      But while a few U.S. institutions are known to have been affected by the malware, believed to have exploited stolen NSA cyber tools, most of the damage has been reported in Europe and Asia, including freezing up many …. **British National Health Service HOSPITAL SYSTEMS…!! [Must need $$$ reform]… 🙂

      The biggest victim, however, was Russia, according to the Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. And Russian officials are pretty upset.

      “Humanity is dealing here with cyberterrorism,” Frants Klintsevich, a top official on the Russian Senate’s defense committee, told Russia’s state-run Tass news agency. “It’s an alarming signal, and not just a signal but a direct threat to the normal functioning of society, and important life-support systems.”

      The goal of the attack, which freezes hard drives and servers until a ransom is paid, was possibly “frightening the whole world,” he added. “The attacks hit hospitals, railroad transport, and police.” Older and unlicensed versions of the Windows operating system were particularly vulnerable to the attack.


    2. Ransomware was a heavy attack on UK HEALTHCARE SYSTEM.

      Cyber Attack: Ransomware causing chaos globally – BBC News

      Tens of thousands of organisations have been caught out by a computer virus called WannaCry. The malicious software locks data away and demands a payment of up to $300 (£230) a time before it will restore scrambled files.

      In the UK, many hospitals fell victim and some health organisations diverted ambulances and cancelled non-essential services as they sought to contain and clean up the infection.

      Infections in more than 99 nations are being reported by security firms.
      It appears that the hardest hit are Russia and Spain.


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