Shadow of the Future


The real world remains hidden by the lies that wreck our lives

How many of them were psychopaths and war criminals?

Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama, all of them psychotic poseurs linked to sex deviance.(1) Simply reflect upon the moral and psychological decline that occurred during the quarter century of their administrations, and consider the depth of depravity we will reach if our next three presidents continue to erode society with their own similar versions of immorality.

It’s on everyone’s mind. The shadow of the future. We’re up to our necks in lies and not getting answers from anyone. From every direction, the forecast is dark. It seems that everything we could have believed in has been destroyed, debunked, delegitimized. With nothing to believe in, there is no light. With no light there is no hope. And no answer from the darkness.

The Deep State has always existed. It has always done its work in secret, and has never had any qualms about mass murder. That has always been the cost of doing business, a cost you pay for with your taxes.

Human destiny has always been sabotaged by those who seek and gain power over others. People who acquire power hire other people to keep others from stealing their power. Any pretense of nobility and honor that you could teach your children is out the window playing this game.

If I could give you anything for Christmas it would be the ability to see what has been kept from you.

The entire nature of the mainstream dialogue is fictitious, meant to regale you with titillating tales about non essential items that keep you from focussing on the real agenda, which is about one particular human group intent on swallowing all the other groups.

More than that, the ability to see demands using your head and transcending propaganda meant to enslave you. Any fondness you have for American history will disappear. From the World Wars to the food you eat and the money you spend, the distance between what actually has happened and what they told you has happened is considerable.

Chances are better than average you will lose your life because of a lie that you were told which you believed. Whether it’s from a doctor, a policeman or a deranged demagogue acting insincerely in a contrived controversy, the end result will be the same.

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  1. Very interesting comment about the caliber of Presidents. Rape and deviance aside for the moment, all of the above seem to be generally speaking inordinately concerned with the interests of Israel, growing progressively worse and worse, whether left or right. The mass murder element of our own citizens domestically calls for a drastic response from the US military in conjunction with Intelligence services or not. No one is able to answer the call – so far.

    On a related note, Major General Albert Stubblebine passed away this year on his birthday at age 87. General Stubblebine besides being very forward thinking, described his job as a high ranking US Army Intelligence officer along the lines of “I was supposed to find out what the enemy was doing, before the enemy did it so that we could take action against the enemy…So I have had a lot of experience looking at photographs. I have looked at many, many different kinds of photographs, from many, many different platforms on many, many different countries around the world…I do know, from the photographs that I have analysed and looked at very, very, carefully it was not an airplane.” (In reference to 9/11 event).

    “…the stories were told – all about 9/11 were false…you take a look at the buildings falling down. They didn’t fall down because airplanes hit them.They fell down because of explosives that were inside. Demolition. Look at Building 7, for God’s sake. It didn’t fall down to it’s side. It didn’t fall to this direction or that direction: just like the two Towers…

    When you look at the temperatures that you can create with fuel in a gas tank or a fuel tank of an airplane, then you investigate the amount of heat that would be required to melt – to melt – the superstructure of the buildings that came tumbling down, when you put all that together, the one thing that shows; it does not match the facts.” -MILITARY OFFICERS OF 9/11 TRUTH

    Larry Silverstein just fraudulently collected close to $100 million dollars this past week.

    What kind of Military are we going to have in the 21st century? A gang of mercenaries for organized criminal pariahs?

    1. What kind of Military are we going to have in the 21st century? A gang of mercenaries for organized criminal pariahs?

      Maj. Gen. Smedly Butler, in a “War is a Racket”, written after WW1:

      “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

      War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

      A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

      That was written early in the 20th Century. The 21st isn’t likely to be any better.

      1. Carn –

        “The 21st isn’t likely to be any better.”

        It will be much better… they NOW have unseen remote control drone snipers and bombers.

        Butler would have really been the ‘mob boss’ with them…. instead of HIS horses.

    2. Winston –

      The General was really great… and very accomplished in the military. He did not fit in with the other Generals, because he told the facts, not hype. No one mentions him enough.

      I spoke with him on the phone a couple of times before they left the country in the 90s….. but I spoke more with his wife, Rima E. Laibow, M.D. They were both extraordinary people. Very intelligent and accomplished. Made a great team together.

      They had to leave the country because the AMA thugs, and others, were after them for helping cure many ailments… for free or very inexpensive.

      Bio – –
      General Bert is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point, class of 52) who enjoyed a distinguished 32 year career in the U.S. Army. He retired as the Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

      Prior to this assignment he commanded the US Army Electronics Research and Development Command (ERADCOM). During his active duty career he commanded soldiers at every level. After his retirement he served as the VP for Intelligence Systems with BDM, a major defense contractor.

      He has brought these experiences to leading-edge medical research and development in collaboration with his wife Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

      Promoting natural solutions means more than just talking about what is wrong; it’s mostly about what we do to “discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate” those natural solutions. In this context, we are sponsoring, through the Natural Solutions Foundation of Panama, the Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Community in Chiriqui, Panama. Currently the Natural Solutions Center in Volcan, Panama and the All Natural Valley of the Moon Coffee Finca outside the town are the first two properties in the development.

      1. Pat,

        Thanks for that, someone who tells the facts is rare. It’s great you were in personal touch, I think Rima has returned to the USA, but I’m not positive.

        When things get out of control in many countries the Military often steps in. Revolutionary France, and many others, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. With creatures like Chertoff and Silverstein getting away with mass murder and fraud, something needs to be done. General “Bert” left a legacy of a kind as a starting point – to tell the truth.

        Presidents are in the spotlight, let’s not forget genuine patriots.

  2. Very thought-provoking essay from Mr. Kaminski. It makes me realize it’s high-time to give pause to the procession of conceptions we absorb on a daily basis – especially those fed to us via television and Internet. Turn off the TV and the computers, and read books and indulge in face-to-face encounters with others in this nuthouse of a world! 😮. (See if you can stand a day or two WITHOUT these electronic devices!)
    Pursue a hands-on hobby!

    1. Most of the publishing houses producing books are / were owned by Jews. The Protocols… go into the topic of controlling all publishing and media at length. Even after turning off the TV and computers, it’s necessary to exercise critical thinking skills, something that was once taught in schools, now relegated to the dustbin as another “product of whiteness”.

      Far too many Westerners will open a magazine to the centerfold to pursue their “hands-on hobby”. 😉

      1. Pardon, Carnaptious! I suppose I was thinking of my own, antique library at home, where can still be found volumes which are no longer published. (I even have the National Geographics from 1916, originally subscribed by my great grandfather.)


        The Tribe own the media lock, stock and barrel:books,DVD’s,cinema,websites.

        All one has to do is revert back pre 1965 for both books and video. Project Gutenberg has more free books than one could ever consume. I am not sure about the legality of pointing out the fact that 1930’s onward video is widely available on bittorrent. Does video copyright go beyond 85 years?

        Searching in this manner allowed me to discover the genius of Charlie Chaplin.

      3. Flan, Project Gutenberg is now controlled by the chosenoids. Charlie Chaplin was a chosenoid, who was advertised much, much more than Stan and Ollie. Chaplin was very keen on making fun of Germans, and watching for “anti-Semitism”.

  3. Kaminski’s article paints a dim picture of the likely future, unless one is a member of the tribe. However, in Israel we can see that while all the “chosen” are equal, some are more equal than others.

    The Israeli Knesset has voted 46-36 in favor of a new bill dubbed the “Netanyahu Law,” which aims to retroactively protect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from two different ongoing investigations into corruption.

    Lying, thieving, corruption, deceit and perversion are all part of Jewishness. Tablet magazine’s Mark Oppenheimer wrote an article about it, titled “The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein”. Tablet magazine editors have since issued an apology for sharing such “anti-semitic” Jewish dirty laundry with the dumb goyim, although the article has not been put down the “memory hole”.

    Kaminski paints a dark but not unrealistic picture of the world in which your children and grandchildren may live, if they are willing to kiss the boots of their “chosen” masters in a sufficiently submissive and grateful fashion. Otherwise, the “anti-semites”, the “useless eaters”, and the genuine intellectuals among the gentiles will all be put into labor camps, or terminated if their productive days are over. Some of the “chosen” are already smirking and gloating about their anticipated victory, making plans for their 2,800 gentile slaves, and possibly drawing up architectural and landscaping plans for the vast estates that exist in their imaginations.

    Yet how will the NJWO be any different from Israel as it is today? If the NJWO includes tribe members who live in deep poverty; if the NJWO includes tribe members who oppose the favored few, even if their opposition amounts to little more than a feeling that they should be the ones making the rules; if the NJWO includes tribe members with the same kind of revolutionary aspirations as exist in Israel as it is today, the NJWO is not going to last for 10,000 years, or even 10,000 days. And all of this assumes that Jewish plans for ultimate supremacy will play out as planned, despite the evidence of at least 109 previous failures. Put simply, when the parasites have no one else on whom to feed, they feed on each other.

    Maybe it’s just unreasonable optimism; maybe it’s an ill-informed and unrealistic appraisal of the situation; or maybe it’s an irrational faith in the ineffable, but I sincerely doubt the NJWO will ever exist. That’s not to say the future will be ” turtle soup and venison with a gold spoon”. It seems far more likely that, however it plays out, the living may well envy the dead. But I take a certain measure of comfort from the fact that after thousands of years of plotting, scheming, bribery, corruption, and deceit, the plan for ultimate Jewish supremacy has yet to come to pass.


      Technology is the enabler for success at the 110’th attempt.

      Nano technology such as Smart Dust provides the capability of monitoring to the nano meter scale everything on the surface of the Earth.

      When every tiny gesture and thought is monitored there appears to be no possibility of reversal of Tribe control, unless a superpower such as Neo in the Matrix movie rides to the rescue.

      Could mud dwelling be the answer? Will Tribalism care enough about mud dwelling peoples to exterminate them?

      1. Smart Dust is but one of a range of new technologies intended to create a panopticon police state. The fact that we know about it means there may well be still more terrifying technologies that are, as yet, undisclosed. But it can also be argued that simply putting out the IDEA that such technology exists is almost as effective as actually developing it. It’s about keeping the sheep / cattle in a constant state of fear and near panic. Truth or fiction can work equally well in that regard.

    2. Good post, Carn. especially the part where you say, “when the parasites have no one else on whom to feed, they feed on each other,”

      I’ll simply add that NO members of the tribe are safe, even the most useful idiots among them. ALL are subject to a satanic fury where the master his bad self would be all that remains. And if it comes to a point where the living will envy the dead, then maybe that simply suggests that we aren’t living as our loving Creator intended for life to be led, i.e.; (as I continue pounding the drum of this main theme) in this state of existence as presently constituted in it’s material state.

  4. “Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama…”

    Wow, “24 years”? That’s really planning ahead, isn’t it? Especially With Teflon Don presently holding the office. We’ll be lucky if we survive the next 24 weeks, let alone 24 years.

    And speaking of Teflon Don, he seems conspicuously absent from this essay. I wonder why? Or have I answered my own question? Teflon is amazing stuff.

    Anyway, it seems hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of Teflon Don ramping up the carnage somewhere (or setting the stage for more carnage). Why just today “thetruthseeker” published a piece: “Donald Trump Triples The Number Of Bombs Dropped In Afghanistan”

    This from the person who deceived the world with statements like this:

    If there is a “worldly” explanation for Teflon Don’s madness, it completely escapes me. Thus I have to conclude that he’s making a blood sacrifice to his “god”, Satan, just like his psychopathic war criminal predecessors.

    1. @Harold,

      Are you warming up to the President just a little? Telfon Don is certainly a step up from the insulting Orange Clown.

      1. No Folly I’m actually not; it’s just that sometimes – depending somewhat on the context – I’m in the mood to call him “Orange Clown”, and sometimes I’m in the mood to emphasize his supernatural blamelessness, hence the “Teflon Don” moniker (which is the mood that this piece evokes).

    1. Glad to see you’re still here, Snez. 🙂 Interesting links, as usual.

      I was unaware that MARTIN VAN BUREN … in 1840, “intervene(d) on behalf of Jews … to protect the Jews of Damascus who were under attack because of a false true blood ritual accusation.”

      What was Van Buren’s payoff? Van Buren was president when indigenous Americans were driven from their lands into Oklahoma. Why would he intervene on behalf of Jews in Damascus?

      Buren’s presidency had been problematic, with the U.S. economy mired in a severe downturn; also of concern were several divisive issues—slavery, western expansion, and tensions with Great Britain—that provided opportunities for Van Buren’s political opponents, and even some fellow Democrats to criticize him… The Whigs did select Harrison as their nominee, and presented him to the nation as the antithesis of the president (Van Buren), whom they derided as ineffective, corrupt, and effete.

      Hmm, “Ineffective, corrupt, and effete”, “presided over a troubled economy.” Can we say bribery?

      VT has an article up today about 9/11. Very interesting stuff, with links to a whole lot more. One of the comments lists all of the Zionist’s associated with Trump, a very long list. Thanks to Amelius for putting it up, and thanks to VT for letting a comment longer than 1,500 characters stay up.

      1. Thanks, Carn. Why wouldn’t I be here? 🙂
        Here is some advice for couch potatoes, back from 2012:
        ‘Careerist politicians will never stand-up to the Wall Street banksters and legislate the demise of the Federal Reserve System… The only alternative that the beleaguered taxpayer has to combat the nefarious scheme to keep the public in interminable debt is to withdraw from the banking system… States should use Nullification as a means to renounce unconstitutional money.’

  5. Unfortunately, history will show Bert as yet another overly-self-certain (and thus closed-minded) ‘useful idiot’. DR JUDY WOOD has collected thousands of bits of anomalous evidence that is simply not explainable by any theory, conventional or otherwise. It is becoming apparent that the only reasonable explanation of all the evidence from 9/11 involves a new kind of weaponry. See website, formed years before 911, where huge military contractors don’t hide but instead sell memberships, classes, books on Directed Energy Weapons. website shows photo comparison of DEW effects at WTC, Pentagon, Iraq, China, Napa Cali (“wildfires”) and other locations. If this is “news” to you, you are already many decades behind reality.

    1. Judy Wood does make a powerful presentation. I’ve watched a few of her videos on YouTube. I wonder how many 9/11 skeptics she has swayed to her side. Jesse Ventura, for one, now believes that she is correct. Assuming Dr. Wood is right, the destructive power of this new technology could make conventional warfare obsolete.

    2. “It is becoming apparent that the only reasonable explanation of all the evidence from 9/11 involves a new kind of weaponry.”

      Judy Wood is simply full of it. No, there are no lasers or other directed energy weapons in existence today (or which are likely to exist anytime in the near future) that would be capable of destroying the WTC towers for example.

  6. Every POTUS listed was and is under Zionist dual citizen Israeli control and the Zionists control every facet of the U.S. gov, as was proven by the coverup of the attack on the USS LIBERTY and Israels attack on the WORLD TRADE CENTER on 911.

    America is under the control of Satanists aka Zionists and to see their plan for a NWO, please read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

  7. The main reason why the US [the UK too] supports dictators worldwide is that it is a military dictatorship – it promotes its own militarism, and provides experienced trainers. Check out the Masonry handshake [Obama-Gadhafi] in the first article, and really sad photos in the second.
    US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World’s Dictatorships
    By Whitney Webb November 27, 2017
    By the numbers: U.S. backs three of every four dictators.
    Freedom House’s bias makes the results of Whitney’s analysis even more damning. The organization is funded by a combination of Western government and nongovernmental-organization sources, including the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations…
    For instance, Israel receives over $10 million in U.S. military aid every day despite the fact that all Palestinians living within its borders are disenfranchised and subject to either concentration-camp conditions or imposed military rule.
    By MARK NICOL 26 November 2017
    Up to 50 UK military personnel have been teaching battlefield skills to soldiers who will be deployed in the so-called ‘dirty war’… Due to the concern surrounding Saudi Arabia’s military operations in Yemen, Operation Crossways was never supposed to be made public. – Jeff & Terrible Tim – ‘Absolute Control, Absolutely’
    ADL has a Command and Control Centre in the Silicon Valley. The goal is to download your brain into a 2-dimensional box of the matrix.

  8. The common people are smarter than the smartasses think. They do not believe the official 911 story.

    Steel is a ductile material. It will bend and stretch, but it will not crumble. If you look at the photos of the twin towers after the collapse the massive central cores are missing, but the curtain walls are still there.

    I have no idea how it was done.

    1. And the rulers made the buildings fall, appearing as if terrorists committed the great crime. But the people viewing it on their TVs knew not whence it was: (but the servants which blew up the buildings knew;) Then Larry Silverstein, the governor of the trade towers, saith unto the people: “Every man at the beginning doth set forth this act as terrorism; and when men have well drunk of this lie, then a war will come that will be good for Israel.” – John 2:9-10

      It’z all Biblical

  9. The [secret] focus of the current US military interference in the ME seems to be the Rothschilds’ new financial network: New York – London – Riyadh: – The Saudi Purge and the Rothschild New World Order – Part 1

    The Rothschilds are not so smart as believed. They had lost the market several times to Brits, French, Spaniards, Italians etc., before they “won” by spreading fake news about Waterloo:
    ‘The chronicler of the “Stock Exchange” says: “One cause of Rothschild’s success, was the secrecy with which he shrouded all his transactions, and the tortuous policy with which he misled those the most who watched him the keenest…” It sometimes happened that notwithstanding Rothschild’s profound secrecy, he was overcome by stratagem…’

  10. I’ve read several of Kaminski’s essays and appreciate his many insights regarding Jews. Yet, he appears to be clueless regarding how centuries of infant circumcision has ruined the Jewish male. It is a perverted demonic act performed on innocent babies which thus produces perverted men. Harvey Weinstein is just the most recently outed circumcised pervert in a long line of influential Jewish perverts, of which Philip Roth’s Alexander Portnoy is the best known fictional character. At least the much maligned Sigmund Freud grew to become an opponent of this filthy religious/cultural rite.

    I’ve written on this topic here before and doubt if most circumcised readers who choose to scan my comments agree with me. But, no matter which way you spin it, the US will always be owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Jews as long as its sheeple buy into the deception that male genital mutilation is a harmless, even beneficial, thing, and then turn their sons intact/natural penises into shortened, less sensitive, Jewish ones. How is it possible to believe that God created Man to be perfect and in His image, except for this little defect covering half of his penis that He mandated had to be cut off? Bobby Fischer, born a Jew but with penis intact, was certainly hip to circumcision damage (see If Kaminski is listening, I’d sure like to get his opinion on the subject. Or could he be in denial too?

    1. I think you’re absolutely correct, FollyofWar. And I have a personal perspective on the subject. I never really agreed with your thesis until I looked back on my own life. I never really wanted to blame my circumcision on my failure in four major relationships though I was willing to concede that my overemphasis on sex was a major contributing factor in those breakups. I continue to believe that there were more telling reasons for my inability to maintain these relationships, foremost being as a low paid newspaper reporter my financial inability to create a secure life for myself. As the victim of a late circumcision (aged 9), combined with no sex education of any kind, I have stumbled through relationships without the faintest idea of a long range plan. Fortunately I have passed through these raging ages, and reached a nice plateau where I can finally make friends of my own without the necessity of getting them approved by a woman with her own agenda. For me, those relationships were kind of like a prison driven by my sex addiction. Not the right way to do it. From what I can see of all the long term relationships I’ve observed that have turned into tortuous exercises in banality, and the children who have been raised in dysfunctional relationships that only add to the disasters of the world, I consider myself pretty lucky to not have been saddled with embarrassing progeny but also lucky to have known lots of wonderful people, unfortunately none of whom I married.

    2. Folly

      Consider that it is NOT possible for a loving Creator to have created Man in His image when the imagination producing it was not His to BEGIN with.

      This goes directly to the idea that the primate status of Man (making for the prefix “hu”) represents a coercion, or “kidnapping”, if you will, of Man’s state of Being as a spiritual entity that transcends gender altogether and reflects the intent of the TRUE creating power.

    3. Here we go again with the circumcision topic. I was circumcised and grew up normal and quite a few women have called me a good lover. However, some Jewish male infants arent so lucky. Part of the circumcision rite in Orthodox communities is for the “Rabbi” to clean the bloody member orally. How disgusting. David Icke, the British researcher, once wrote an article about how some Rabbis having oral herpes have infected these young, innocent infants with herpes many of whom later died due to young, vulnerable immune systems. What a tragedy! Im ok with circumcision, but am glad a Rabbis lips never touched my “young toro.” Otherwise Donaldo Colina might not be alive today.

  11. All American Presidents are now figureheads, and have been since at least Reagan.
    Congress has some power, but chooses to exercise it to support empire, and not the people.

    The real power behind the scenes is that of the Jewish Federal Reserve, which can create unlimited dollar denominated debt out of thin air. They can do this as long as the dollar is accepted as the international reserve currency.

    Checkmate, guys. The Jews control your money, and they control the media, what people see and hear. And let me remind you, they accomplished this with zero pushback from Americans, whether white, black, hispanic, or other.

    In some sense, one has to hand it to the Jews. As we know, the women are just whores, but the men are cunning beyond measure. There will be no victory against the Jews in America. This thing will sort of play out until civil war.

    1. Jewish “art” is kitsch.
      Definition of kitsch: Sentimentality or vulgar, often pretentious bad taste, especially in the arts.
      ‘When money tries to buy beauty it tends to purchase a kind of courteous kitsch.’ – William H. Gass

    2. Jews love and produce kitsch because they have never had royalty like real nations. Even if Solomon really existed, it must have been very briefly, with the gold Jews had stolen from Sumer. It is typical of “nations” who have never experienced nobility, to remain brute, rude and barbarian – they have no culture to build on.

    3. @Dolph,

      “The Jews control your money, and they control the media, what people see and hear. And let me remind you, they accomplished this with zero pushback from Americans,”

      Back in 1913, there was a lot of pushback against creation of the Federal Reserve, and against imposition of income tax. In 2017, there are still a significant number of people who want to:
      a) Audit the Fed.
      b) Eliminate the Fed and allow the USG to create fiat money, or
      c) Return to a gold / silver / rare metal standard.
      d) Simplify or eliminate income taxes.

      The process of creating money as debt was deliberately made made opaque, but it’s not that difficult to understand. Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” is a good book on the subject.

      “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin, which is in my local library – and probably in a library near you, would also help to bring you up to speed on the subject.

      Interesting “Future” lyrics Richard.

      “Maybe Leonard Cohen knew more than he was singing about…”
      Yes and his songs come across as more of an admission than a prophesy;

      “Ah you loved me as a loser, but now you’re worried that I just might win
      You know the way to stop me, but you don’t have the discipline”

      Makes yer think!?!

  12. The core issue in John Kaminski’s article is the quality of leadership. My point about General ‘Bert’ was not to debate his accuracy in assessing the method fraudster Larry Silverstein employed to drop (his own term, not mine) WTC Building 7, or any other structure, but that mass murder is taking place of civilians and it requires HONESTY to address the problem. The ugly fact that the shameless subhuman criminal monster Silverstein collected money in settlements with United Airlines and American Airlines makes it worse. Mass murder by genocidal starvation is taking place in Yemen, but members of the US Military are not citizens of Yemen, they are US citizens. That they are being deployed as morally bankrupt mercenaries to prop up certain failing ME regimes, Israel the most notorious, is a fact that is beyond debate.

    This is an issue that won’t go away. Israeli criminal complicity in many areas is apparent; in the WTC mass murder it is evidenced by the tipping off of Israeli owned Odigo workers to safely exit the WTC, as well as other aspects, while Americans and persons of other nationalities were left to die horrendously. Certainly “Nixon” and “Kennedy” would have no part in such a filthy plot, though Lyndon Johnson is a different matter (who according to good sources, was Jewish by birth, though not by adopted religious posture).

    Architects, Engineers, Scholars, Pilots, and other organized groups who recognize the great lie are all well and good at raising awareness, but in the end it is the ones holding the weapons who “call the shots.”

    Bilderberg and Globalists have spent years slyly chipping away at “Nationalism”, decrying it as inherently dangerous to the peaceful co-existence of nations. Yet what have they brought? Deceitful betrayal and repeated mass murder through false flag events, the erosion of civilization and the rule of law by miscegenation, the degrading of human intelligence by design to produce functional illiterates. The question is not one of “Nationalism” but one of Patriotism and the rule of law – the foundation for civilization itself. Patriotism means sacrifice. Russia seems headed in the right direction along with a handful of other countries. The existence of nation states does not preclude peaceful co-operation between nations with different geographies, histories, and cultures. One size does not fit all. The existence of Globalist/Internationale imposed Zionist tyranny is an open invitation to Revolution.

    1. Good comment, Winston,

      The Odigo phone call to members of the tribe is well documented, and is just one of the smoking guns that prove Israel did 9/11 or, at a minimum, knew well in advance that it would be done.

      Russia’s recovery is, IMO, based at least partly on a renewal of faith. I am not a believer in organized religion, but it’s easy to see what lack of faith and spiritual center has produced in the Western world. The (((media owners))) never let up on depicting Christians as ignorant, perverted, and ridiculous, while the stone age, barbarous religion of the tribe is rarely seen, and if it is, believers are portrayed as wise, dignified, kind, etc. I’d like to see Hollywood produce a movie featuring the chicken swingers of New York, or the Third Temple movement in Israel, which focuses on (((their))) desire to tear down the al-Aqsa mosque, and renew animal sacrifices.

      “The existence of nation states does not preclude peaceful co-operation between nations with different geographies, histories, and cultures.” Exactly right, but it does preclude Jewish supremacy and creation of the NJWO, which is why advocating for nationalism, particularly white nationalism, is called “hate speech”.

  13. Lobby for, vote for (!), a better brand of puppet, an honest face and a clean conscience a must. The hand of (((TPTB))) will no doubt be pleased to select a puppet meeting your specifications. Apparently, it’s Howdy Doody time all the time in US, Inc.

    1. @ Alan

      Thailand has a unique form of democracy. With about 21 coups since 1900, of which 14 were successful, the Thais seem to have perfected the process to a level well above other nations. Essentially, the most recent coups may be seen as a direct response to Zionist/Globalism and the assault on the Nation state and Monarchy. They are relatively though not completely bloodless events, employing Force Majeure and willingness to eliminate threats to the internal order by ALL means necessary. Confronting thoroughly corrupt Globalist/Internationale creatures like Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters is balanced by a rapid return to relative normalcy accompanied by the understated rooting out of the sources of the problem and elimination, mostly by legal process.

      The message to Zionist filth is clear – pursue your schemes elsewhere.

      When repeated mass murder of citizens occurs and remains unanswered, many are not interested in new “puppets” along the lines you suggest. Study of Thai style democracy and defense of National Institutions is rewarding, with obvious applications where needed elsewhere. But first the military, not the politicos, must clean house.

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