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  1. A very nuanced and cogent analysis by the Saker. I was particularly impressed with his account of the (((Atlanticist))) forces that Putin must still contend with inside the Russian State. There is no doubt the Anglo-Zionist Empire is on its last legs. A sure indication of the complete racial and moral degeneracy of its core society is the fact that the US is contemplating drafting women into the armed forces next year. Such a move only reinforces the abject “pussification” of the Anglo-Saxon male.

  2. It is noteworthy that these two gentlemen seemed to conclude they could think of no definitive description of “money”. I remember Alan Greenspan saying “‘Money’ is anything we want to make it. Potatoes could be ‘money’, for instance…”. In my way of thinking, I conclude that, foremost, money is a great civilizer. Men must civilly AGREE on which medium-of-exchange will measure the value of their production. To inflate that value by “usury” is deceptive in the favor of the usurers, and destructive to the favor of the producer. Therefore, the having of “money” SHOULD be primae-facae evidence of honest production. Of course, it isn’t; and perhaps, accordingly, most of our basic differences are enhanced by the resultant confusion. Like almost everything else in this world, the most inciteful differences between Islam, Christianity, and Jewry come from our handling of ‘money’ – about which so little is actually definitive. (It is a very important distinction!)
    If we read Nehemiah 5 in the Christian Bible, we see that Jews are a part of Israel – but have separated themselves by their indulgence in usury. However, anyone who has worked for his ‘money’ knows that money has a particular opportunity cost as a tool of production. How does one lend out that tool without something in return for it?? The wise sheik and Saker should explore this question for us. 🙂

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      The Saker is correct about Jesus not addressing “official” money. Money can be anything from seashells, a handshake, to unverified verbal statements. Money is an agreeable medium of exchange. The English used sticks, tally sticks, for 600 years. In ancient times, salt was used as money and in some places it still is. 600 years ago, some people in northern Africa used verbal statements, known as Macootes, to buy what they needed, key work need, based on honor alone. Money itself is not a problem so there was no need for Jesus to address it.

      The problem is who determines money’s value and charging of usury/gain on money or materials lent. As long as the people using money determine its quantity and value, everything works quite well. When a “high authority” determines the quantity and value, legal thievery commences by that “high authority” whether it be government or bankers. Usury/gain is creation of money/material above what should exist, inflation, and transfers wealth to the creditor and poverty to the debtor. In the simplest terms, it is thievery.

      Concerning usury/gain, the Saker is correct that in true Christianity usury/gain is forbidden which is why it was punishable by death in the Byzantine Empire which initially was comprised of the Orthodox Church and the Roman Church. The Roman Church fell for the jewish idea of changing usury’s name to rent. Presto, the jews settled in Venice which became the banking hub. All the jews had to do was wear some special colored garments (I forget which color) and they could practice usury to their heart’s content without interference from the Roman Church which lead to several jewish Popes, the Meddci family being heavy into to finance provided a couple. Some think that the Protestants were the ones that accepted usury as okay, which they did, but the truth is that the Protestant apple did not fall far from the Catholic tree concerning usury/gain.

      “How does one lend out that tool without something in return for it??”

      I neither the Saker or the Sheik, but the answer is simple. If you are not willing to lend without gain, do not lend. If you are concerned about fitting through the eye of the needle to get to heaven, do not accumulate, take/keep only what you need and share any surplus with the poor. If this sounds too simple, blame Jesus for teaching it.

      1. While being also quite familiar with the history of “money”, Ungenious, I nonetheless have always been confused about why so many people actually believe it should bear no cost of utility. To accumulate it requires some effort and discipline, and if it has no estimable “value”, then it stands to reason we are wasting our time. God forbid!
        I would be fascinated to hear these supposedly-wise old men discuss their righteous opposition to what they call “usury”, and offer us a viable alternative to our “return on investment” (ROI). Why bother having money if it doesn’t provide an easier life??

      2. The real issue for us is “compound” interest vs. “simple” interest (“compounding” being relegated to “corruption”)…

      3. Gil –

        “Why bother having money if it doesn’t provide an easier life??”

        Just USING money… ALREADY “provides an easier life”… it is easier than barter.

        It is much easier for the furniture maker to buy a vehicle with acceptable paper money than it would be for him to haul a whole bedroom set to the car dealership. It would not fit in his pocket. 🙂

        Money offers the benefit of convenience…. an easier life. One of the purposes for accepting it.

      4. @ Gilbert Huntly

        You may have overlooked my last paragraph above where I mentioned accumulation and what should be done instead.

        Accumulation of money does not necessarily make life easier. The person accumulating must protect their accumulation from others that want it like usurers, thieves, governments, etc. A lack of trust toward others is a common trait that develops. Whatever is accumulated begins to rule the life of the accumulator as their master. The most important parts of living become ignored.

        As Pat points out, just using money makes life easier.

        Usury has many disguised names such as interest, simple interest, compound interest, excessive interest, dividends, return on investment, rent, etc., etc. The rabbit hole is deep with created deceptions, but it’s all usury/thievery. Usury is like a lie. There are little white lies and big lies, but both are lies, not a good idea. All of jewish power is based on lies and usury/thievery. Playing their game just empowers them to the peril of those playing someone else’s game. The jewish scam of usury has been so entrenched (brainwashed) into the minds of others that most do not even recognize that they are being scammed.

        The two wise men in the video would simply agree that usury is a bad idea since Orthodox Christianity and Islam forbid it.

  3. What a fascinating interview. What a pleasure to see fundamental deeper questions rationally and so beautifully presented, though make no mistake, both men are passionate individuals. The fundamental question of money and usury is presented and as Gilbert notes merits further discussion and elucidation. Money is one of the core issues but there is another vital component. The Saker and Felix rightly note the Anglo zionist meltdown. The core of the meltdown in my view is also a moral one, implied by both the Saker and the Sheikh – the souless, Godless arrogance of moderns. “The Tigers of Wrath are Wiser than the Horses of Instruction” – William Blake Detachment and contemplation must follow, however, then you produce something like these two outstanding and subtle thinkers.

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  5. A nice video, but I noticed that both parties did not address to (((cult))) behind the (((Empire))), the jews.

    What the Saker said about fear in the first part of the interview is dead on.

    I appreciate two people honorably disagreeing about who Jesus was.

    1. I was not impressed. Two persons behaving politely and didn’t addrres the jew world order. Especially the ‘role’ of the islam or is the islam also led by the jews and isn’t that the reason why the jewish politicians are so willing to let the ‘asylumseekers’ in? Or is that the reason why the musselmen don’t know their route to israel which the musselmen claim to fight? Islam is ruled by the jews, Just watch Turkey. Turkey fighting Isis. What a joke.

  6. If they cannot define money….. they cannot lead anyone out of usury.

    Unlike the Saker Falcon, native to EurAsia, the ‘Saker’ – Andrei Raevsky – in the video, migrated to the West…. even all the way to the hated and scorned US….. and now lives in Florida. He came to the US because his wife was a US Citizen. He told that his site became successful when Ukraine was invaded by President ‘Put-On’.

    Saker bragged about being from many generations of Russian heritage, and the same for his wife. Yet, he and his wife do not live in their beloved homeland. They choose to live on the East Bank of Israel Far West… the East Bank of the “Empire…!!”

    Saker KNOWS…. President ‘Put-On’ – DICTATOR – would not allow The Saker site to exist so freely in HIS “Empire”…!!

    1. I doubt that President ‘Put-On’ would allow this much transparency if the Saker were in Russia.

      This proves Israel is NOT in danger from Russia… but the opposite… Israel is PROTECTED BY President ‘Put-On’..!! 🙂

      Vladimir Putin is friendly to Israel. He promised he would not allow the destruction of Israel; he promised to save its population if the situation should become truly dangerous.

      During the recent visit of PM Netanyahu to Moscow, Putin was not carried away by Netanyahu and Liberman’s hints of possible Israeli re-alliance with Moscow instead of Washington. He told the Israelis that their ties with the US are too strong for such a re-alliance being conceivable.

      Putin said that Russia is satisfied with the present level of friendship and does not demand that Tel Aviv weaken its ties with Washington.

      Putin visited Israel a few times, he received the Israeli PM in Kremlin.

      The Israeli ambassador Mme Golender sees Putin more often than do her American or French counterparts.


    2. It all boils down to MONEY, Pat. For everyone, regardless of their “exalted”(!) station in life. (The Jew knows this, and has profited handsomely thereby…)

      1. the problem is not money. It’s what you you do or not do with it. There is a greater problem and we all know what this is. Talking about money is a deflection.

      2. Mark –

        Writing facts about money is very important. Especially simple facts. Grade school level facts.

        Money is used for control by the criminal Pharisee-Jew London Bankers…. Once the military has conquered the lands….. PRIVATE central banks and stock markets control the people.

        In fact, money is not written about nearly enough in simple terms. MORE is needed.

        Money changers were a violently opposed issue with Jesus. It is THAT important.

        He kicked ass because the bankers were charging fees to exchange Roman money into shekels. The merchants in the yard were ‘price-gouging’ on doves and cows and sheep. 🙂

      3. Pat

        Russia’s “interest” in U.S. dollars goes hand in hand with their national survival, seeing that in the only game in town the dollars are tied to the “petro”. So how do they, or any other country get out from under the fallacious debt that keeps the whole shithouse afloat without sinking under the weight of it? Or put another way, what junkie is gonna up and decide to quit the dope and go cold turkey?

        Who would, say, fire the first shot that upends the entire game board and then be the one who thinks they can successfully gather the dust that settles?

        Answer: nobody

      4. Pat, I’ll bet you know the answer, so I’ll ask you: Were those ‘shekels’ Byzantine coin? I recall hearing there was an issue with the Roman coin having been corrupted, and Rome had to send its legions to enforce acceptance of its coin by the trans-asiatic traders (according to Gibbon). (Byzantine coin was notorious for having been meticulously refined, and pure.)
        Parallel circumstances are happening with THE CURRENT empire. There are so many derivations of $$ spawned from compounding of interest fees, that it has numbers in the quadrillions. Over-inflation of the tire will cause it to EXPLODE, at some point. I feel we are near that point…

      5. Gil –

        I don’t know. Many metals have been counterfeited as gold over the millennia, as you know.
        Shiny brass will break teeth..

        But Bitcoin, ironically, can’t be ‘bitten’ at all..!! 🙂

    1. Mark –

      What I need is more TIME. 🙂
      While I enjoy lingering too long at morning coffee, I have chores to do. I could sit on my ass all day and theorize about money – but no one pays me to do it (unlike a lot of these talking heads who keep us apprised of current affairs!). Of all things, I’ve gotta go plant sorghum, today. (Did you know that sorghum was all we poor southern folks had to convert to $ugar to make our $hekels after the War of Northern Aggression?? (It’s a habit!) 🙂

        1. @ Gilbert Huntly

          A 😉 fascinating tid-bit of Southern agricultural history, Gilbert, though I really don’t think the Yankees ever forced the Southerners to plant ONLY cotton and tobacco. There are other crops BESIDES cotton and tobacco farmers can plant and harvest and also actually make MONEY from. Not to mention crops that one can eat and can sustain Life. Southerners planted so much cotton and tobacco the Southerners had to import food from the North, lol. I guess Southerners forgot to diversify their farms and grow Life sustaining crops before fomenting the War Between the States, lol. Nothing like fomenting a war against an area of the world where you get your Life-Sustaining food stuffs, real smart 😉 .

      1. Hey, TROJ! 🙂

        I reckon it’s getting to be about time for “lights out” down yonder at the Chattahoochee Inn. Bed time for Joey!
        I planted a little over two acres of sorghum, today (NOT tobacco or cotton!), which is enough to cook-out about 25 gallons of syrup this fall. Same way corn syrup or maple syrup is “cooked” out of the squeezings or drippings. It’s more than enough to keep and sell some for my own use – and a good social event for drinkin’ buddies and lady friends. (You’d probably enjoy it, if you weren’t so crazy.)
        The sorghum we plant for cattle ensilage is a different variety than the sorghum used for syrup or sugar. I don’t involve myself in it too much, because I am sort of lazy, and don’t like to work too hard – like you. (Besides being nutty, I can tell you’re lazy, too.) 🙂

  7. Ungenius –

    “The two wise men in the video would simply agree that usury is a bad idea since Orthodox Christianity and Islam forbid it.”

    The greedy musselmen in Islam are waffling there. 🙂

    It took the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London 1300 years to devise the deception for musselmen, but they did it..!!

    Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ aggression has NOW taken over Islamic Financing.


    “SUKUK BONDS” are designed to get around Islam’s religious laws banning the payment of interest for money lending.

    The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London have just recently (20 years) corralled the Islamic banks globally…. With their own ‘new deal’ …. SUKUK…. The plural of SAKK = contract.

    Sukuk is contracts and is the plural of sakk meaning contract.

    Taking off in 2011…. the SUKUK MARKET is getting big. Over $7 Trillion USD by some estimates…!!

    Slick Pharisee-Jew Bankers and agents write that interest is referred to as “RENT” for musselmen to use.


    The debut of sukuk began in 1990 with the issuance of RM125 million (USD 30 million) Al Bai’ Bithaman Ajil sukuk by Shell MDS Malaysia (Pharisee-Jew owned).

    [Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad operates as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc….. Pharisee-Jew trick from the start.]

    In September 2001, the State of Bahrain issued the world’s first sovereign sukuk for USD 250 million. This Sukuk Al Ijarah carried a fixed lease payment for 5 years

    In December 2001, Kumpulan Guthrie, a Malaysian government linked company issued a USD 150 million Sukuk Al Ijarah with a floating rate of return.

    In 2002, the Federation of Malaysia issued a USD600 million Sukuk al Ijarah that was listed in Luxembourg Stock Exchange and rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

    This is a landmark sukuk as it is the first global sukuk that complied with the US Regulation S and Rule 144A and meets conventional bond practices such as listing, ratings, dematerialized scripts and centralized clearance (Rafe Haneef, 2009)

    Sukuk Market and Its Recent Developments – IRTI


    Islamic banks’ debt structures use LIBOR and Moody’s and Standard & Poors just like Pharisee-Jew bankers instruments and contracts do….. to be traded on London Pharisee-Jew stock exchanges..!!

    In the classical period of Islam, Sakk (sukuk)—which is cognate with the European root “cheque” —meant any document representing a contract or conveyance of rights, obligations or monies done in conformity with the Shariah. Sukuk were extensively used during medieval Islam for the transferring of financial obligations originating from trade and other commercial activities.

    In 2000, the government of Sudan issued domestic sovereign short-term sukuk worth 77 million Sudanese pounds on the basis of musharaka. In 2001, the sukuk market went international with the issuance of the first US-dollar-denominated ijara sukuk, worth $100 million by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Since then many sovereign and corporate sukuk issues have been offered in various jurisdictions.

    In 2004, Euromoney published the first book exclusively on sukuk investments, Islamic Bonds: Your Issuing, Structuring and Investing in Sukuk. It was co-authored by the Islamic banking specialist Nathif Jama Adam.

    While a conventional bond is a promise to repay a loan, Sukuk constitute partial ownership in a debt (Sukuk Murabaha), asset (Sukuk Al Ijara), project (Sukuk Al Istisna), business (Sukuk Al Musharaka), or investment (Sukuk Al Istithmar).

    The most commonly used Sukuk structures replicate the cash flows of conventional bonds.

    Such structures are listed on exchanges, commonly the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange in Europe, and made tradable through conventional organisations like Euroclear or Clearstream. A key technique to achieve capital protection without amounting to a loan is a binding promise to repurchase certain assets; e.g. in the case of Sukuk Al Ijara, by the issuer. In the meantime a rent is being paid, which is often benchmarked to an interest rate like LIBOR.

    The most accepted structure, which is tradable, is thereafter the Sukuk Al Ijara. Debt certificates can only be bought before the finance occurs and then held to maturity, from an Islamic perspective. This is critical for debt trading at market value without incurring the prohibited Riba (interest on money).

    One of the characteristics that distinguish sukuk from other Islamic instruments of other investment vehicles and which have contributed to its widespread prevalence is that it is….

    Based on the principle of participation in profit and loss:

    The appropriate posts underlying principle of Sukuk issuance in terms of the relationship between the participants is to participate in the profit and loss regardless of the investment formula in place, which gives the owner a share of the profit, not the proportion of predefined nominal value, and the share of bondholders of the profits from the project or activity which is funded by a percentage determines when hiring, Fmakouha captured from participating in the agreement as set out in the prospectus, and bear Grmha by owned by each of them, according to the base of profits and losses sharing.

    Bottom line:
    The musselmen are ‘hooked’ by greed and fear….. as much as the Christians and Westerners..!! 🙂

  8. Internet already totally controlled… If it is there.. they want it there.

    This video was removed……

    “This video is unavailable. Sorry about that.”

    I copied this yesterday:
    Awesome Imran N.H Talks only

    “The Greàt Wár Coming in Few Months | Millìons of People will Dîe | Sheikh Imran Hosein 2017”



    Published on Mar 22, 2017
    Sheikh Imran puts lights on whats going on in the W0RLD

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