SHOCK NEWS — “We may not be alone!” warns Pentagon expert on UFOs

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The former head of the Pentagon’s secret UFO-hunting bureau has said he believes “we may not be alone”.


Luis Elizondo’s admission came after declassified footage showed US fighter pilots reacting with astonishment as they observed an unknown aerial object off California in 2014.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Programme ended five years ago, when US defence officials shifted attention and funding to other priorities. Democratic senator Harry Reid led the initial push for funding.

After the Department of Defence admitted the programme’s existence Mr Elizondo said the objects it had observed provided “compelling evidence” to support the idea that we humans are not alone.

“We humans are not alone.”

He told CNN his team’s role was “from a national security standpoint, [to] identify those things that we see, whether we see them electro-optically, we see them with radar, we see them as eyewitness reports … and try to ascertain and determine if that information is a potential threat”.

He added: “We found a lot. I think it’s probably been a little bit mischaracterised in some of the social media you see and what people put out. A lot of times, when we don’t have a lot of information, we tend to fills in those gaps with what we think is logical.

“And there’s still, by the way, a lot we really don’t know. I think what’s important is that we have identified some very interesting, anomalous type of aircraft. Things that don’t have very obvious flight surfaces, any obvious forms of propulsion, and manoeuvring in ways that include extreme manoeuvrability, beyond, I would submit, the healthy g-forces of a human or anything biological. Hypersonic velocities, low observability, positive lift – again, seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics.”

Some of the craft displayed abilities neither the US nor any other country was able to match “that we are aware of”, Mr Elizondo said.

“I can’t speak on behalf of the government, obviously, I’m not in the US government any more. My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone, whatever that means.”

“You may not be alone . . . “

“We could be watching you!”

After the Advanced Aviation Threat Idenification Program was dismantled, many employees were simply shifted to different areas of the Pentagon — but they still hunt for flying saucers in their spare time, according to the New York Post.


ADDENDUM. Many Americans believe in alien encounters. A 1997 poll from CNN/Time found that 80 per cent of Americans thought the government was hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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  1. Air Traffic Control in the U.S. has several “classified” recorded sightings of huge unidentified aircraft rapidly maneuvering around airliners coming over the Pole. (I viewed them at the home of the Director.). That being said, there is no absolute proof those craft are “extra terrestrial”. In fact, William Cooper warned the patriot community in 1988 that the fear of “alien invasion” would be hyped to achieve certain population controls – like the fear of “nukes”. (To my knowledge, Cooper never said that nukes were fake, but I, myself, believe the fear is hyped for expedient reasons.)
    Anyhow, it is reasonable to speculate that any entity smart enough to space-travel “light years” from its headquarters home base is something waaay beyond our ability to confront. Don’t worry about it.

    1. Excellent article! Just right for this time of year. An obviously serious article but given an amusing spin by Lasha Darkmoon. She must have had great fun choosing those “scary” pictures. 🙂

      1. Yeah, MB –

        Just look at what the so very healthy lookin’ bug-eyed vegan guy got at the ‘pick-up’ agency..!! He’s due a refund… 🙂

    2. @ Gilbert Huntly

      Air Traffic Control in the U.S. has several “classified” recorded sightings of huge unidentified aircraft rapidly maneuvering around airliners coming over the Pole. (I viewed them at the home of the Director.). That being said, there is no absolute proof those craft are “extra terrestrial”.

      An excellent comment, Mr Huntly, and reflective of the more cautious school of thought that sees these unidentified flying objects as belonging to some unspecified nation on this earth — what nation I don’t know — that has developed an advanced technology and is currently snooping on the West.

      However, this article goes far beyond that. The Pentagon expert actually uses the words: “WE MAY NOT BE ALONE!” Which indicates an extraterrestrial presence.

      This crucial passage in the article may have escaped your notice,
      but no nation on earth has come anywhere near developing such mindbogglingly advanced aerodynamics as this:

      “I think what’s important is that we have identified some very interesting, anomalous type of aircraft. Things that don’t have very obvious flight surfaces, any obvious forms of propulsion, and manoeuvring in ways that include extreme manoeuvrability, beyond, I would submit, the healthy g-forces of a human or anything biological. Hypersonic velocities, low observability, positive lift – again, seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics.”

      In other words, “we are not alone”. Because these space craft are employing technologies quite inconceivable to us humans beings,
      inventions far beyond the level of our current scientific knowledge.

      Dr R.H.C.,
      (Space Scientist and UFO Researcher).

      1. Space Scientist –

        The g-force factor IS a consideration that something “alien” is aboard those vessels. I agree – but I’ve become very much aware of things in THIS world which surprise me; and I know such things are exploited to use to scare-the-hell out of a calculated number of people for a pre-determined effect. As always, our speculation amounts to “guesses”… 😁

      2. Dr. R. H. C., Gilbert Huntly

        Nice to see some adults in the room.

        My father, son of an Italian immigrant who achieved much with the equivalent of a junior High School education, attended the then named Guggenheim School of Aeronautic Engineering at New York University. One of his professors was a man by the name of Alexander Klemin, an early aviation pioneer and engineering genius who founded his own aircraft company and worked with Mr. Sperry developing the gyroscope for applications in aircraft.

        One day Professor Klemin mathematically demonstrated the so called “Right Hand Rule” of a Gyroscope using the three 4ft. by 20ft. blackboards he filled with sequential equations around the walls of the classroom. The demonstration was a tour de force, and my father stated it was “understandable, but not repeatable” that is, with the exception of only one student, a brilliant young mind by the name of Alexander Flax. Dr. Alexander H. Flax went on to head the NRO, and passed away in 2014. My father described him as the nicest guy you’ve ever seen, a real gentleman. His parents ran a small stationery store in Brooklyn.

        Dr, Flax, as head of the National Reconnaissance Agency was asked about “UFOs”. Always a gentleman, with a genuine sympathy for his fellow man, he uniquely stated for the time to the effect “that he was unable to discuss the matter because of National Security rules.”


        (UFO-USO Researcher)

      3. Dear Dr RHC,
        Firstly, we are made in God’s image as Scripture tells us and if there were other God-created beings on another planet somewhere, Scripture would have told us. It has told us and prophesied many things to date including Christ’s birth, suffering, death on the Cross AND Resurrection and even that the soldiers would cast dice for His garments.
        Are we supposed to believe as Christians that Christ died for us 2017 years ago and also died again on their planet…? Please….!! No true Christian can believe in ‘aliens’.
        There are many reasons why earth is unique listed on various sites. It doesn’t matter how advanced the technology may be; the stealth bomber was flying for 10 years before the Pentagon admitted it. I appreciate the technology seems to be way beyond our understanding but that doesn’t mean it must be
        “extra terrestrial”. Are we supposed to believe that ‘aliens’ have the technology to travel millions if not billions of miles thru space and escape the dangers of the Van Allen belt and yet all they do when they get here is crash at Roswell…??

      4. @Tom

        “…Firstly, we are made in God’s image as Scripture tells us and if there were other God-created beings on another planet somewhere, Scripture would have told us…”

        All scriptures of all religions on planet earth were made by men living under the limitations of the understanding of the universe of their own time. At their time people in the Middle East thought that the earth is the center of the universe and is a flat disc not very much bigger than the Middle East itself. The idea of “other worlds” did not enter their minds.

        The Hindus too believed that the earth is a flat disc, though much bigger than the Middle Eastern model, but they believed that there are numerous such discs in the universe, which they called brahmāṇḍas (“eggs of Brahma”). Their idea of “cosmic time” too was more in accordance with ours than that of the Middle Eastern model, though it was arrived at by speculation.

        Limitations in “sacred” scriptures do not mean that such limitations are cosmic, but in order to be able to accept that you first have to accept the idea that such scriptures are man-made and not “the Word of God”.

      1. Also,
        Why would a technological civilización capable of traveling light- years through space have to resort to such crude mutilation of cattle or humans on planet Earth? Wouldnt a simple test of saliva given them the DNA sample they desired? I dont know. Inform me please, my beloved Darkmoon posters.

  2. I think it is highly irresponsible of the Darkmoon lady to publish this scary article at this time of year. This is the festive season, after all, and the last thing we want to read right now is about being invaded by aliens from Outer Space. I’ve been to quite a few dating agencies in my time and,
    I assure you, I’d refuse to get into bed with a spooky extraterrestrial like that guy in the final picture.

    The inclusion of that picture in this article shows very poor taste on the part of the Darkmoon lady. Her sense of humor is too dark and macabre for my taste, and it scares the hell out of me.

    Most inappropriate for the festive season.

    — Hannah Zak
    (Seymour Zak’s wife)

    1. Seymour is too disgusted to post a comment.

      He says this article is meant to bring discredit on the thousands of good people all over the world who have had alien encounters and even been abducted by aliens.

      I know a woman in Tel Aviv, a close friend of my aunt, who was abducted by aliens and taken to a remote location in Iran where secret research was being carried out by extraterrestrials in collusion with the Iranian government. She would not be amused by this article.

      1. Lighten up, Hannah. And wish Seymour a Happy Christmas
        from me! . . . Ooops! I meant “Happy Hunukkah”.

      2. Hannah,
        Find a real lover. Your “Zak” aint doin it . Youre doing all the posting for him. Does he, like most Orthodox , only penetrate you through the sheets? Dont delete this, Toby. Post it please.

      3. Haha: classic.

        Even extra terrestrials are antisemetic and working in cahoots with Iran.

        Let me guess, it was ETs that hacked the US election?!

        Thanks for the laugh Hannah.

        Heh antisemetic ETs working with Iran to destroy the illegal occupiers of Palestine….. Classic.

    2. Whoever or whatever these ET’s are, they will still be goyim from a jewish perspective. From whatever distant planet they come from, they have still not been chosen by “god”. Ergo, they are goyim as much as we are and therefore must be subjugated at any costs. Just because they are more technological advanced than us, doesn’t mean they aren’t as gullible as earthly goyim. They are probably unaware of the kind of strategy and warfare you make against an enemy. Using infiltration and then divide and conquer strategies. So most likely if they seek contact, they will be manipulated into enslavement by the chosenoids. Once that has been achieved, you will steal all their technology and after that exterminate them as to not being threatened in the future. You will probably teach them cultural marxism. That all species are the same and equal. Species are just a social construct. The extra terrestrial goyim will be doomed the moment they get in touch with jews. I hope (((Zak))) gets repulsed by this comment too.

    3. Hannah

      I was saddened by your comment yesterday about how Lasha Darkmoon ruined your Christmas spirit by posting a story about invasion by aliens from outer space. So, I chose to share with you this one. Perhaps it would put you and your husband Seymour Zak in the Christmas mood and spirit. Hope the moderator does not mind me doing this. Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends on this site.

    1. The missing link between human beings and apes was agreed upon and sealed with a heartfelt vote (if not a kiss) some 2000 years ago. The missing link is “man” and it took a mere three words to prove.
      “We choose Barabbas”

      1. Wiggins,

        As a matter of interest, at what age did you decide to stop watching the box? Were you always against it, or did you develop a slow aversion towards it? Just wondering . . .

      2. Sard….about 1990…..I was fed up with all the horse shit…I get all my info online, sure, you have to sort the chaff from wheat – but hey! When you are retired like me – you’ve got time on your hands to sort things like that out… 😉

        Merry Christmas to All.

  3. This is old news, the gov has been lying about this as the gov lies about everything, they are finally forced to acknowledge the truth.

  4. When the notoriously dishonest US government starts talking about UFOs and the “danger of aliens”, keep in mind this possibility :

    “I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun in early 74, at that time Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played, that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control Earth from space and space itself.

    He asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was to ill to speak, and I did. And what he asked me to do was to educate decision makers and the public about why we shouldn’t be putting weapons into space . . . and what the alternatives are, how we could be building a cooperative space system.

    What was most interesting to me, was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again. . . . And that was the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers, and the scare tactics, the spin that was being put on the weapons system. And that was how we identify an enemy.

    The enemy at first he said, the enemy against whom we’re going to build a space based weapons system . . . First the Russians are going to be considered the enemy . . . then terrorists would be identified and that was soon to follow . . . then we were going to identify third world crazies, we now call them nations of concern. . . . The next enemy was asteroids . . . [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.

    And the funniest one of all, was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials, that would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.

    ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens,’ and all of it, he said, is a lie.

    Source : Collective Evolution, Oct 27, 2016 : Is a ‘False Flag’ Alien Invasion in the Works ?

    1. Well, Franklin, that more or less sums it up for me. Brilliant comment! The whole idea behind UFOs is intrinsically absurd.

      What is this idea?

      It’s the idea that these space aliens are so deeply concerned about our welfare that they have traveled light years across the universe, perhaps from some distant galaxy, for purely altruistic reasons — i.e., to rescue us from this evil tendency to have to commit nuclear harakiri and blow ourselves up.

      I mean, imagine if WE were technologically advanced to the same degree. Would WE jump into a goddamn space ship and go tearing across to the other end of the universe, a zillion light years away,
      to rescue some crazy coots on another half-assed planet where they wanted to blow themselves up?

      Of course we wouldn’t! We’d let them get on with it!

      1. Sardonicus,

        Nice to see another adult in the room.

        It’s interesting to note Dr. von Braun’s statement on January 1, 1959 concerning the malfunction of the Juno 2 Rocket. His words to the West German press: as if it had been “deflected”. He followed by telling a reporter for Newes Europa that “we feel ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed… More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with these powers and in six or nine months’ time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”

      2. Sardonicus,

        If you look at the declassified CIA documents recently released you’ll note in between the blacked out parts the interest in sites with Uranium ore all over the world, from South America to Africa, to far away Siberia.

        Some of them are interested in biologic and genetic material. As a South American, you should be aware of the events that took place in Colares, Brazil from 1977-1978. Colonel Hollanda of the Brazilian AF headed the official investigation, considerable parts of which were declassified and released, with no coverage in mainstream US media whose universal position of belittling anything on the subject speaks volumes to me. So sad to see so many here and elsewhere doing their work for them – but that’s the idea, isn’t it?

        Here’s a link:


        That is an official government statement from Brazil that was declassified, quite ahead of it’s time with respect to other World nations. The events so rattled the late Lawrence Rockefeller he commissioned a beautifully printed limited edition investigation report, though with no mention of Colares – there were deaths involved, as well as radiation like injuries. The report is now a collectors item.

      3. Naturally, the Rockefeller Report was for limited distribution to his wealthy friends. It is very, very basic, but not inaccurate.

    2. UFO’s and space aliens, more bullsh*t, more LIES, from the Heliocentrics. UFO’s and space aliens, yet another common sense legitimate reason to question the heliocentric theory, for everything that stems from the heliocentric theory is a LIE ; So how honest and truthful can the root be if all the branches that grow out of the root are rotten LIES? We know a tree by its’ fruits, and the tree called Heliocentrism produces nothing but rotten fruit, dirty LIES, unending LIES.

    3. I was going to make a comment about how demons, aliens, devils, ghosts and other ephemeral entities for which there is no empirical proof, are encountered only by an hysterical few. These human manufactured chimeras, based on man’s deep seated fear of the unknown, are actually nothing more than the the product of Jewish mind control efforts to sow fear, terror and endless diversion among the minds of their goyim herd hosts. However, Mr. Ryckaert beat me to it with his excellent quote.

      Here’s evidence of yet another Jewish lie concerning supposed “alien abduction”. Note the skin tones?

      Alien abductions? Bet you can’t guess who invented this scenario.

      As these two old cronies, Elijah and Elisha, walked along and talked one day, “behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven” — something more than a million light years distant. How these fiery objects could have come so close to Elisha without burning him or the mantle of Elijah, which fell from him as he went up, is not explained. Elisha organized a posse and beat the woods for Elijah for three days (2 Kings 2: 17 ), thinking evidently that the driver of the fiery chariot had kidnapped him. This would seem to discount the inspired statement that Elijah was visibly whisked away into heaven before the very eyes of Elisha.

      Here are a few other applicable thoughts about the Jew’s unholy book of lies and duplicity.


      The prophets, as described by Inspiration, were a precious set of lazy and worthless vagabonds of Israel, the exact counterpart of the howling dervishes and divination-mongers of their cousin Ishmaelites. In speaking of prophets one thinks naturally of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and such reputed “holy men of God”: these are but a few signal ones out of thousands of unkempt and unclean loafers, who went publicly naked — as did Aaron, Saul, Samuel, David, Isaiah — or wore old bran-sacks for clothes — like John the Baptist and others — and wandered about begging, and selling sorceries and magic, and talking in a wild sing-song jargon of which they themselves did not know the meaning. The usual term to describe them was in the Hebrew language meshuggah (frenzied); they wandered about “prophesying,” or, as the Hebrew word actually signifies (see the Revised Version) razing through the land. Their current Hebrew name was Nabi, which “signified to speak enthusiastically, ‘to utter cries, and make more or less wild gestures,’ like the pagan mantics” (Cath. Encyc., Vol. 12:p. 477, art. Prophecy, Prophet, and Prophetess). They were “seers,” fortune-tellers, and diviners, through pretended dreams and trances, and by the use of sacred dice and arrows, and phallic images of Yahveh.

      (Note: the Yiddish term “meshuggana” means “insane”, the Jewish race in a nutshell – Arch)

      The job of a prophet was a free-for-all occupation, which any one who pretended to feel the divine afflatus, or was a fluent liar, could take up at will and without license. The prophet Amos frankly states his own case, which was typical and has passed into a proverb: “I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet’s son; but I was an herdsman; … and Yahveh took me as I followed the flock, and Yahveh said unto me, Go, prophesy unto my people Israel” (Amos 7: 14, 15 ). Elisha, the baldpate, was a farmer, who when Elijah passed by, dropped his plough and ran after him, and became a prophet too. After this manner are many modern “divines” self-“called.”

      Jeremiah describes their single qualification: “Every man that is mad [ish meshuggah], and maketh himself a prophet” (Jer. 29: 26 ). Hosea also declares the same truth: “The prophet is a fool, the man that hath the spirit is mad [meshuggah]” (Hos. 9: 7 ). Elisha is called “this mad fellow [meshuggah]” (2 Kings 9: 11 ). A thousand instances prove the truth of these candid admissions that the prophets were a rabble of frenzied fakirs. We have seen the example of Saul, when “the spirit of Yahveh came mightily upon him, and he prophesied” (Heb., raved), along with the whole band of howling, naked prophets (1 Sam. 19: 6 ); and frequently afterwards it is related of him: “The evil spirit from the gods came upon Saul, and he prophesied” (raved; 18: 10 ). Like the devils that came down from among the tombs, their name was Legion; they infested the land like the locusts of the Egyptian plague. Jeremiah describes them gadding about the country, crying: “I have dreamed, I have dreamed,” and, saith Yahveh, “prophesying [raving] lies in my name” (Jer. 23: 25 ).

      [ . . .]

      The most perfectly frenzied of the whole troupe of prophets, so far as the record goes, is Ezekiel. His regular diet seems to have been “bread” made of human dung; but for some unrevealed reason, Yahveh indulgently gave him a substitute of cow’s dung, and commanded him: “Lo, I have given thee cow’s dung for man’s dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith” (Ezek. 4: 15).

      According to their book of myths, fables, imaginings and outright lies, Jewish “prophets are scatologically fixated shit eaters. Therefore, should one be surprised at the abundance of scatological reference made throughout the Jew’s media? Here’s more:

      Jehoshaphat insisted, however, and Micaiah was sent for. The messenger told him that all the other prophets had “declared good unto the king with one mouth,” and asked him to speak good likewise. But Micaiah replied that he would speak only “what Yahveh saith unto me.” So when Micaiah came before the kings, he prophesied also: “Go up, and prosper; for Yahveh shall deliver the city into the hand of the king.” Then Ahab, mistrusting, said to him: “How many times shall I adjure thee that thou tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of Yahveh?” (22: 16 ) Micaiah then retorted with this lying prophecy of conspiracy, which is a blasphemy against any real God of heaven: “Hear thou therefore the word of Yahveh: “I saw Yahveh sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him. … And Yahveh said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? … And there came forth a spirit, and stood before Yahveh, and said, I will persuade him. And Yahveh said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so”! And, said Micaiah, “Behold, Yahveh hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and Yahveh hath spoken evil concerning thee” (22: 19-23 ). What precious revelation of God!

      It is curious that after Yahveh had framed this conspiracy, and inspired four hundred of his prophets to lie and entice Ahab to his death, Yahveh should be so careless as to let another of his holy prophets “spill the beans” by revealing the conspiracy. All that Micaiah got for his word of truth was the kingly order:

      “Put this fellow in the prison, and feed him with the bread of affliction and with water of affliction” (22: 27 ). As Micaiah was led away to his doom, be fired this Parthian shot at Ahab: “If thou return at all in peace, Yahveh hath not spoken by me” (22: 28 ). And this time the event proved the case for Micaiah, for Ahab was struck by an arrow shot at a venture, and was killed (21: 35-37 ), and the other four hundred prophets of Yahveh were proved wholesale liars by the “lying spirit from Yahveh.”

      [ . . .]

      It is impossible to relate all the trumperies and lies and false prophecies of these inspired prophets of Yahveh; the Holy Bible is too full of them. Elisha told a bare falsehood, saying: “This is not the way: … follow me, and I will bring you to the man whom ye seek” (2 Kings 6: 19 ); and he led the blinded messengers astray to capture and all but death. The false prophecy of Isaiah as to the outcome of the war between the kings of Israel and Syria against Judah, warped into a foretelling of Jesus Christ, will in due order be fully shown (Isa. 7 ). Jeremiah tells several patent lies and makes false prophecies, besides being a traitor to his country; for instance, he agreed with the king to make a false report about their conference together (Jer. 3 . win, 25 ); and he prophesied falsely to Zedekiah that he should die in peace (34: 2-5 ), though he himself unblushingly relates that the King of Babylon captured Zedekiah, put out his eyes, and kept him languishing in prison until the day of his death (52: 10, 11 ). Every one of these “prophets” seems to have considered himself the only one who spoke the truth of Yahveh, and all the others impostors and liars, as they unanimously and eloquently testify in the only truthful utterances which grace their gibberish.

      Judaism – a religion whose god and prophets are based on nothing but mythical lies of terror and deception.

      What better way to control the uncritical masses than through fear so great there is no hope of confrontation outside a unified collective effort designed to produce yet more advanced weaponry Jews will then siphon off for their own use? All the alien/demonic/evil/vampire/undead fictional movies and TV shows are nothing more than advanced Jewsih programming efforts to twist the mind of the gullible masses with fear and terror, programming efforts that began with their Bible. It is no surprise to find Sufis saying that one must first overcome their fears and terrors if they are to progress on the spiritual path.

      The only devils and demons on this planet are man’s basest natures being played out in the human drama. These chimeras are frequently overlayed upon other non-human life forms, some of which actually exist, like dogs that are turned into demonic “devil dogs” as well as mythical “Satanic devils” and “aliens”. The Jew’s unholy book, authored in their private, hellish minds, is filled to the brim with such bullshit fears and moronic terrors.

      This Christmas and New Year, spend time reflecting on the bizarre, insane corrupted world of lies and hate we currently inhabit. Then try picturing a peaceful world of love and compassion spread thickly among humanity. Picture a world of real progress and prosperity, as opposed to the relentless push to destroy the existing, so it can be rebuilt with hellish Tikkun Olam. Picture a world with little fear or terror. Picture a world without war and the constant threat of nuclear holocaust. Picture a world absent monumental greed, corruption and destruction. Picture a progressive world of pre-war German National Socialism. Picture a world with no Jews, for only a world absent the Jew can have any hope of peace, prosperity and stability.

      “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

      1. Arch –

        “Judaism – a religion whose god and prophets are based on nothing but mythical lies of terror and deception.”

        … further FEAR and their FEAR PORN.!!!

      2. Imagine a world without jews. It isn’t hard to do, should be inserted into John Lennon’s Imagine. It would certainly make the song enjoyable again if nothing else. It would also improve it ten fold. What Yoko thinks about that idea I really don’t care.

      3. As soon as he had realized “Who is Who” among the NWO globalists, Lennon was murdered – by reptilians. 😉

    4. People have been talking for years about Project Bluebeam. That they will use holograms to fake an alien invasion. That the Phoenix lights in 1997 might have been a test as well as the strange light phenomena in Norway a few years ago.

  5. “We may not be alone!”
    Watch for a strange puffy alien creature dressed in red… in a sleigh pulled reindeer across space tonite. 🙂

    1. I saw three of these puffy alien creatures (with white beards) in different department stores today. They didn’t have their sleighs with them obviously. I think the sleighs were parked outside.

      I didn’t see any reindeer though.

      1. The Iranian scientist Keshe suggests that space travel is best accomplished electro-magnetically. Its many times faster then the speed of light. No propulsion. “Darkmoon posters, ” check out his website.

  6. of course we are not alone!
    we have been invaded long ago by a different race whose sole job is to destroy human values because they serve a different master!
    but they are easily exposed because …
    they don’t know how to be honest in relationships.
    They never compliment others when deserved.
    They are polite only when they practice their craftiness and treacherous ways
    They are never kind to anyone.
    They are never generous with their belongings
    They never ever remember their manners because they have none
    They never think of others….
    you will figure them out easily because They never smile and when they do it’s only with sarcasm, cynicism and sardonicism
    they are so screwed up they killed the kindest man ever and when confronted with it they attack you : “dont go there”, doing so is “anti human” and then they bribed and blackmailed and threatened until they made it law
    but there are worse than them ….
    there are some amongst us humans who want to make the aliens capital the city where those aliens crucified their God!
    what a lovely invasion!
    merry chris… oh my bad … ooops!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  7. It’s good that the Pentagon released the gun camera footage along with the guarded statements. The USA is now approaching the official Russian position, a much more intelligent one, but no less “hands off” as far as the technology goes – for good reason. Just look at what “we” do with the technology we already have.

    It’s apparent that many can’t handle the possibility that we aren’t alone in the Universe, or on our own Planet for that matter. We frequently discuss a dominant aspect in the Jewish psyche, that of total instability when faced with ANY situation they can’t control. Bobby Fischer noted:

    “Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans. The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way.”

    I’m afraid that this trait, based in fear, is not exclusive to Jews, is it? More prevalent in general perhaps, more pronounced in plenty of instances, but not exclusive. The reality is the Universe is a big place, grow up and deal with it.

    Having said that, there is ALWAYS plenty to fear. THEY (as opposed to (((they))) ) are not all friendly. Wariness would be a better word. Some countries are full of really nice people, like Thailand. Some are not. Do you think the Universe is any different?

    Stop reading right now if you’re one of those who can’t handle this, and be cautioned “not at night.” The trouble is you might be forced to deal with worse, just looking at human history of war, torture, starvation, fiendish enslavement, and ‘human’ indifference doesn’t present the lovely face of Homo Sapiens very well does it?

    1. Winston –

      “The reality is the Universe is a big place, grow up and deal with it.”

      Yes… “ with it”… Deal with the very thick SOUP of unseen DEADLY ionizing radiation which fills the universe…. just as the unseen non-ionizing radiation in the form of radio wave are penetrating you right now.

      That SOUP of unseen DEADLY ionizing radiation…. prevents manned space travel.

      Solar particles are just one form of radiation astronauts will have to contend with on a deep-space mission, however, including X-rays, gamma rays, and—above all—galactic cosmic rays.

      “Right now, the radiation has an uncertainty of a factor of six,” says John Charles, an assistant director in NASA’s Space Life Sciences division. “Which means that if you want to protect your biological specimen on a trip to Mars to a set conservative limit, you will probably be carrying six times too much shielding, just because the uncertainty is a factor of six—a 600 percent uncertainty in the measurement.” The possibly unnecessary addition of shielding, he continues, “means a whole lot more mass, which means the rocket is heavier, which means it can’t launch as easily.”

      1. Pat,

        Some day you might learn there’s more to it than rockets. Dr. Flax certainly thought so.

      2. Winston –

        Some day you might learn there’s more to it than fake UFOs… which cannot travel through the DEADLY soup of ionizing radiation… which even prevents electronically controlled machines from operating in space..

        All vehicles in operation do so within 300 miles of the earth’s surface. Beyond that… too much ionizing soup.

        PhD guys have lied to us for centuries. They make things up.

        Life on Earth is protected from the full impact of solar and cosmic radiation by the magnetic fields that surround the Earth and by the Earth’s atmosphere.

        The Earth also has radiation belts caused by its magnetic field. The inner radiation belt, or Van Allen Belt, consists of ionizing radiation in the form of very energetic protons—by-products of collisions between GCR and atoms of Earth’s atmosphere. The outer radiation belts contain protons and electrons.

        As we travel farther from Earth’s protective shields we are exposed to the full radiation spectrum and its damaging effects.

        In addition to a protective atmosphere, we are also lucky that Earth has a magnetic field. It shields us from the full effects of the solar wind and GCR. Without this protection, Earth’s biosphere might not exist as it does today, or would at least be limited to the subsurface.

      3. Pat,

        Essentially the argument you are presenting is there can no technology greater than what “we” already have. Very comfortable, but historically, things develop.

        You might look at the late Dr. Zundel and his wife’s work as a starting point, or Polish military author Igor Witkowski. A good starting point is Nick Cook, former aviation editor of Jane’s, “The Hunt for Zero Point”.

        I found them fascinating.

      4. Winston, if you accept the theory of alien presence or visits, then you can’t deny the possibility of alien interference in existing religions, technology etc. With the “chosen” ones around as a global super power, aliens are unnecessary. 🙂

      5. Snez,

        Accept is not the term I would use. Belief is unscientific. Like Air Traffic Controller Carnaptious, it is what I’ve seen that is first and foremost. Then the the fact that I come from a Pan Am family, and have lifelong experience hearing reports from pilots.

        But persons of the level of Dr. Linus Pauling, who advised on these matters and whose collection is now in a University collection, Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, Dr. Hermann Oberth, Billionaire Robert Bigelow, and so many, many others I respect. There are many periphery issues as you mention.

        This site is as you point out an attempt to deal with an earthly domestic problem – the unwarranted and psychotic aspects of Zionism, which is indeed plenty. But I don’t create topics, I merely comment.

      6. ‘Essentially the argument you are presenting is there can no technology greater than what “we” already have.’
        Winston, there is no need for a species more developed than us to be interested in us except for some charitable reasons. If a higher consciousness means more greed, then the chosenoids wouldn’t need to plagiarise so much. You are accepting theories [beliefs] not yet proven, guesses, potential conspiracies and stories which, however authentic, may be a result of natural phenomena. Keeping an open mind is good, but caution is the mother of balanced development.

      7. Snez,

        You are partly right. There is a darker side, during Margaret Thatchers time there was an elite unit of SAS personnel called 5-8 (58). Here’s what they had to deal with across Europe, though this one is from Colares:

        There’s more on the subject but i wouldn’t blame you at all for neither wishing to see it or hear about it, especially on Christmas eve.

    2. The mutants of Marvel fame are just an analogy for jews. Those characters are created by jews and they call themselves Homo Superior and they are always at war with the humans. Humans are an analogy for goyim in the Marvel universe.

  8. A commentator once mentioned on this site that any attempt to rationally discuss Zionist crime was pretty hopeless as people have been pre-conditioned and are as “dumb as rocks” on the subject. Maybe that’s not the only subject that a “normalcy bias” preconditions people to.

    I certainly would not call Dr. Flax unintelligent – you can look him up on Wikipedia.

    1. Winston –

      “I certainly would not call Dr. Flax unintelligent..”

      Not being unitelligent is NO measure of veracity.

      Intelligent people lie to us constantly.

      1. Pat,

        Yes but the point you seem to have missed was he was an exception. He was a gentleman.

        As a former submariner, if you were to discuss say the German Schnorkel device with someone, or the type 21 U-boat and they had no idea what you were talking about, you’d suggest research, wouldn’t you? Those ones are pretty basic though revolutionary for the time. I’ve provided plenty of leads, and more or less happy to provide more.

        But I can’t do your research for you.

      2. Winston –

        “But I can’t do your research for you.”

        HA.!! Nor I for you. 🙂

        You seem to be writing from the position that I somehow lack proper research… when, actually, I have done decades of research on these subjects. I have a very extensive physics and math background. I use that background as as a guide.

        You have your methods, and I have mine. Mine do not include fairy tales and rumors.

        I have used scientific data and actual government and university and NASA sponsored experiments. When I found the endeavor was fruitless, I put it all in the basement for now. The money issues affect all of us much more… RIGHT NOW..!!

        Carrying my findings further…
        …much of the scientific documentation has been taken down over the last 20 years. That is especially true with STRV-1A and 1B.

        Here is one on STRV which is still active…. but it has just a shell of the data that was once available. The reason is that they found that the radiation in space was too harmful – EVEN to the equipment – to get meaningful results.

        The Space Technology Research Vehicles (STRV 1A and 1B) were designed with the principal aim of providing the technology community with affordable access to earth orbit to allow an in-orbit evaluation of new technologies. The spacecraft were designed, built, and tested at the UK Defence Research Agency (DRA) at Farnborough (with assistance as required from subcontractors) and were operated (1994-1996) from a ground station facility at DRA Lasham in Southern England. The short duration time scale of the project (from design phase to operations in 3 years) has guaranteed the return of experimental data in a meaningful time frame.

        The STRV 1A and 1B satellites were almost entirely experimental, with the majority of the platform systems incorporating new features or techniques. Despite a maximum mass of 55 kg each, a total of fourteen different experiments were incorporated in the design of the two vehicles. The majority of the technologies flown were associated with ongoing research programmes within the Space Deparment of the DRA. These programmes were both intramural and in conjuction with UK industries and universities. In addition, there was a major international collaborative aspect to the project. The Ballistic Missile Defence Organization (BMDO) Materials and Structures Programme sponsored four experiments that were built at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and were flown aboard the STRV-1B. The BMDO also negotiated antennas to supplement the DRA ground station. The European Space Agency (ESA-ESTEC) also submitted experiments and solar panels for STRV 1A and provided the programme with design effort and radiation facility time. The United States Air Force Phillips Laboratory, Albuquerque, provided solar panels on STRV 1B, together with experimental cells as part of one of the experiments.


        Here is another from Rice University which will give daily info on the SOUP out there:

        This is current: [ NOTE – Images are black & white.. 🙂 ]

      3. Pat,

        Thank you for those, it’s one of your better offerings. The problem however is they come from the Choir, not the desert fathers if you might pardon the poor comparison.

        My research doesn’t include fairy tales or rumors either as you attempt to put it in a an attempt to demean that which is clearly outside your decades of research, research which in contrast I don’t demean, I suggest it may be incomplete.

        If you looked at the human mutilation case link provided above I can tell you that the legitimate Guarapiranga data is not isolated. I’ve suggested before on this site looking at former police officer David Paulides books Missing 411. There are hundreds of cases worldwide, most of which are extremely hard to get specific data on – however, there are still plenty.

        One such case was that of Jeffery Geesey in La Crosse, WI in 1999. His body was located on 24 May, he went missing 10 April. Photos show the corpse was in rigor mortis at the time of recovery, which means that Jeffery didn’t die right after he went missing – an impossibility. The coroner could not find any blood in his body. The case was also discussed in Gannon and Gilbertson’s book “Case studies in Drowning Forensics” – the body had been exsanguinated by someone very proficient as they also “removed the vitreous fluid from the eyeballs”. It was further noted that this was somehow done without leaving any marks that were observable to a forensic pathologist, and no conclusion could be made as to how the fluids were removed. As there was no lividity present in the body, the exsanguination had to take place after death. This is as you may or not be aware, is well beyond the current expertise of the medical profession.

        Paulides is well worth studying, he presents hundreds of highly unusual cases in his “Missing 411” series.

        Does that sound to you like a fairy tale or rumor?

      4. Winston –

        “Thank you for those, it’s one of your better offerings.”

        Really..!!! You could not know that..!!

        You replied within 20 minutes.!!

        It should have taken you hours to completely review those links… and research the familiar and unfamiliar terms and equations.

        BUTT – you dismissed them as coming from some church Choir…. in an attempt to demean the data.

        I claim:
        Mutilations prove that there were mutilations. 🙂

      5. Pat,

        Please pardon my poor writing “in a an attempt” but you seem to have gotten it. No, I haven’t thoroughly reviewed your offerings you are quite right. What’s of greater interest to me here is new data specifically related to the topic, and your links show some non classified but certainly human produced technology.

        Franklin offered us Dr. Carol Rosin’s report from Dr. von Braun, though things may or may not have changed. I am disappointed but not at all surprised that no one has contributed any further data regarding Dr. von Braun’s work and expertise such as the late June Crain’s interview , recorded on 27 June, 1997. Dr. Crain worked with Dr. von Braun for years at Wright Patterson AF base. Another view of a personal relationship related to the topic like June Crains’ may be found in the various interviews with David Adair, bona fide genius and mostly self taught inventor in the field of rocket propulsion. His mother was a caregiver to General Curtis Lemay’s father, and Neil Armstrong’s mother Mr. Adair always regards as his second mother. Whether or not the latest events are as Franklin accurately describes remains to be seen. What he didn’t mention is that both von Braun and Carol Rosin tend to view our visitors as benevolent. Data shows this is not entirely the case, but I certainly don’t disagree with Dr. von Brauns’ view of government.

        Your response about mutilations “happen” is no different than the official narrative given since the 1970’s, though study will show they have occurred possibly less frequently for much longer, frequency is an open question. The problem is the extremely unusual exsanguination and the level of precision in mammalian excision.The fact that they happen worldwide is beyond debate, the problem is as noted in the case above that the method in a great many cases is beyond known human abilities, though not in all cases.

        Some answers may be found in the research of author Derrel Sims. Sims has found very unusual evidence in both mammalian excision cases and human abduction cases.

        Sims found fluorescent markings on many of the mutilated cattle. He’s also found and photographed the fluorescent markings on many abductees; in some cases they appear to be rather large hand prints. Abductees who become aware of these markings during the inquiries Sims conducts often try to wash the markings or hand prints off; this is impossible as they are somehow imprinted subcutaneously. They remain for a period of about a month, then degrade and vanish.

        You can view the data and photographs in his books. Sims has also done some very interesting work on implants he and the late Dr. Roger Leir have surgically removed from a good number of persons. The level of skill encapsulating these implants with biologic material is of a very high level indeed. Photos and data are in Dr. Leir’s books, highly recommended. Sims maintains they are not tracking devices, though some do have very unusual radio frequencies. Sims retired early from a CIA career due to ethical differences with the agency.

        David Paulides’ books are not random accumulations of strange disappearances. Paulides examines thousands of cases worldwide, but only presents ones that seem to share certain inexplicable patterns. He does not offer any theories or conclusions, just amazing data.

        Mutilations “happen”; but so do subcutaneous fluorescent markings and extremely unusual technological implants. There is much more to the subject that is open to study and observation, I would again suggest leaving beliefs aside – belief is unscientific.

      6. Winston –

        Thanks for the reply.

        You wrote:
        “I would again suggest leaving beliefs aside – belief is unscientific.”

        I agree….

        Your “belief” in those men is unscientific.

        If you MUST want to believe von Braun, then believe everything he said.

        Wernher von Braun, Father of Nazi V-2 Rockets, Father of the Apollo space program, writing in Conquest of the Moon:

        “It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility.

        “It would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity and, having traveled all the way to the moon, it must still have enough fuel to land safely and make the return trip to earth.

        “Furthermore, in order to give the expedition a margin of safety, we would not use one ship alone, but a minimum of three … each rocket ship would be taller than New York’s Empire State Building [almost ¼ mile high] and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary, or some 800,000 tons.”


        BTW – I did not write that the mutilations “happened” …. but that… mutilations prove there were mutilations…. There were damages.

      7. Pat,

        I don’t believe or disbelieve any, I present data. Naturally everything we don’t directly experience is subject to the qualification “if true”, which you contort in the most desperate fashion to support YOUR beliefs.

        Like yourself and others, there is no explanation I’m willing to offer of the method of exsanguination in Jeffrey Geesey’s death. The matter is in the coroner’s report.

        When I present data, unlike yourself I make no belligerent demands that you or anyone else spend months reading it, especially when the data presented such as you frequently present in volumes is off topic, which I try to avoid – with one personal exception being the most recent findings in Lincoln’s assassination where the topic was Mr. Putin. As other posters have noted, however, you do this frequently, and indulge in some often highly bizarre links. The “mutilations prove mutilations” is a weak response given that the specific events topically referred to conform to a highly unusual pattern, comprise thousands of cases in scope both here and abroad, and are inexplicable in terms of exsanguination.

        I can’t do your research for you, the narrow very early selective quote from von Braun was made in “Conquest of the Moon” way before the Apollo program, but Dr. von Braun wrote volumes in direct opposition to your quote in his later books such as “First Men to the Moon” and especially in his final book co-authored with Frederick I. Ordway III titled “History of Rocketry & Space Travel”. I’d recommend the revised edition, but you seem more interested in petty sophistry than challenging research.

        As you are presumably a veteran of the US military (I’ll take your word for it, though it doesn’t represent a belief structure) I wish you a Merry Christmas. I do find your work in financial matters interesting.

      8. Winston –

        You wrote:

        “..unlike yourself I make no belligerent demands that you or anyone else spend months reading it,”

        I made no “demands” and I was not in any way “belligerant’ at all.

        You are making things up.

        Your claims about what I wrote are pure inventions.

        I wrote hours not months.
        I understand why you cannot connect the dots with the data I presented for you . 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Winston is a respected and highly intelligent poster who has had a feature article published under his name on this site. His ideas need to be given the respect they deserve. I don’t know whether his ideas on this subject are correct or not, since I am no expert on this subject, but Winston’s ideas are interesting and cogently presented and therefore need serious consideration.

          Just my two cents, Pat.

      9. I like that because it is so True. Hence People are in a conundrum when it comes to “believing someone” 🙂

      10. Sard –

        You wrote:
        “I don’t know whether his ideas on this subject are correct or not.”

        That was my point also.

        Thanks for helping make it more clearly.

        Its all a guess about outer space. 🙂

    2. Winston, I have a friend who is a UFO enthusiast, and sounds very much like you. If the sightings and the results of independent researchers are correct, we should think about how to turn ETs against the global mafia and international chosenoids. 🙂

  9. If no air exists in space, then why aliens have noses?So how did they come up with shape of the alien,
    Well, he cannot have eyes similar to us, humans, so they took creatures like a fly and a bee and modeled the alien’s eyes’ shape after them . When it came to the color , well, every color we have familiar to us has special meaning , so the alien’s skin color must be something different , say GRAY , yahh that’s gray,
    On the authority of the holy books alone, we live under a dome called the FIRMAMENT . no one can come down to earth and no one can leave .Hence we never landed on the moon and we never will .So nobody should fall for the alien invasion lie . I won’t .

    1. Super arguments. Similar to the observation made above, WHY be doing “experiments” in the field when being so advance they can just beam -up the victim, quarantine and experiment in their ships.

  10. Looking at the painting at the top of the article jogged my memory. Now les’ see, where have I seen that spaceship before? Hmmmmm, I know! I know! It’z der eeeeviiill Naaadzeees! Damn those eeeeviiill Naaadzees! With all their incredibly, diabolically, eeevill technology, it’z a wonder were not all speaking Naaadzeee today – instead of Yiddish.

    1. Yes it’z true, we’re all Jews, so we’re telling you beware,
      We cannot lie, we must divulge, there are Naadzees everywhere!
      Yes it’z true, those Naadzees flew spaceships through the air,
      But it’z worse than that, so we must say, we find it so unclear,
      To find that Naadzees roam about, while we must live in fear!
      There are Naadzees paper-clipped to gubment, all of it’z shot through,
      With evil Naadzees under every bed, they’re in the attic too!
      Can’t you see those Naadzee specters rising from ghostly graves?
      To persecute us helpless Jews who cannot help but rave,
      Naadzees! Naadzees! Eveywhere! It’s like we’re living in a cave.
      And so we find that many here ignore our frantic call,
      despite the need to heed the words that will make a world safe for all.
      So if you see a Naadzee, even if it’z not clear,
      Yell and scream it loud and long, “I found a Naadzee here!”
      Fail not to make the world constantly aware,
      There are Naadzees! Naadzees! everywhere,
      They’re always in our hair.

  11. There are UFO vehicles; no doubt about the witness and video evidence; but they perform such sudden moves that humans would be killed by the G forces. Maybe the grays can withstand these manouvres.

    Science understands at the Newtonian level, but at the quantum level it is still only scratching the surface.

    My personal theory…. life is the answer.

  12. The government is afraid that creationist racist space nazis are coming to rain on their Forever War Banking Cartel. Martian War Machines aren’t as easy peasy as outdated Soviet equipment for the Mercs in the Military Industrial Complex. Mars needs women, and Martians just hate diversity. The Pyramids on Mars were made by superintelligent racists like Sutekh.
    Everybody knows the Earth is flat right? The CIA is floating that trial balloon as the New “consiracy theory” to explain how anyone that notices that Mars Probe is way too small to beam live TV to Earth and the Space Station looks bigger on the inside than the outside are “Flat Earth” people or something.

    The “elites” are kid diddling Satanists. We’re not being “led” by geniuses based in science. It really is a conspiracy. No way are these idiots the “best and the brightest”.

  13. Pat, Arch, Winston, –

    This Christmas morning, I got up and checked-in, here, and have been enjoying the edification I get from all your comments! Thanks. (I DO try to read them carefully – although I know I read too fast, sometimes…)
    That being said, I suggest we resolve to be content with the knowledge THERE ARE THINGS WE CANNOT KNOW ABOUT because it is not given us to know. As Pat often says – “We can only GUESS”.
    Thanks to Darkmoon and friends for all your continued attention to esoteric details! 🎀

  14. One of my favorite flying saucer/alien movies is “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951).

    Numerous truths are revealed in the movie. Klaatu is obviously not a human, but appears in human-form. He comes in peace, but receives hostility from everyone, except the few who see the benevolence in him and hear his message: learn to love one another, or else!

    Malachi 4:1-6 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing). But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in The Day that I shall do [this], saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts. Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments. Behold, I will send you EliJAH the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the “I AM” (Sura 43:61): And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    Other movies: –

  15. Battle Plan – How to Defeat the Jews

    I have a battle plan how to defeat the Jews. Right now the Jews are trying to shut us down, they ban people on twitter, only a matter of time before they control the internet like in China.

    We need to work together, like an army. Get organized.

    In the movie 300, when the Spartans work together, in a Phalanx formation, they become undefeatable.

    The war is for now online. Our job is to wake as many people up to the Jew. Like John Nada, we need to simply destroy the antenna that is constantly brainwashing people.

    There are many jwoke posters online, but they are disorganized, and waste a lot of energy on talking.

    Here is the plan:

    An army of posters who can storm the comment sections of Infowars, Breitbart and other conservative websites. The comment sections are uncensored. Also on youtube and other comment sections.

    The liberals are too brainwashed, but the conservatives just need a little push, to become jwoke.
    It is a game of numbers, the more people we awake, the more powerful the movement becomes.

    People are persuaded by a majority opinion. If, in a comment section, only 3 or 5 comments mention the Jews, they will be considered “crazy”.

    If you have an army of posters, you could have 200 comments, and 100 of them talk about the Jews. When the majority of people talk about something, then an ordinary reader will think “maybe I should look into it”, “it is impossible that all these people are crazy”.

    It can be like an army, with lieutenants who coordinate a single attack, and a general who coordinates all the attacks on the comment sections.

    This is war, and this is serious. The Jews will start to assassinate the key leaders, just like they did with Lincoln Rockwell. We need to be organized like an army.

    We also need to give our soldiers ammo. Soldiers need bullets to win the war.

    We now have people who post cryptic stuff like “1488” or “the goyim know” or “oy vey, shut it down”.
    This will not persuade any conservatives, and it will just look weird. They will not understand this kind of language.

    We need to post cold hard facts, in a language that a normal person can understand, and that doesn’t look weird. This will prompt people to do their own research.

    No cryptic speak – just facts and data about the Jewish control – as detailed as possible.

    I understand that not everyone has a way with words.

    For this, we can have a website…. with texts one can post. You have the knowledge and the sources and the eloquence to write this.

    Just a database with short texts, filled with facts about the Jewish control – that people can copy paste onto comment sections. They can be creative about it, but they have something to work with.

    This can open people’s eyes. It will be the ammo that our soldiers use. It is better than posting “1488” or “Hitler was right”. Most people don’t have a way with words.

    There needs to be a website with quotes and information people can copy and paste. Then, we need to spread the word, and all the alt-right people who post shit on the internet…. can join this army.

    Another website can post links to specific comment sections; an army of posters can then descend like a swarm of bees and redpill people.

    This is like WW2. We are fighting for our own survival. For now the war is online, and we need to work together like an army.

    There needs to be some kind of organization for this to work, a general who can look at the big picture, and a few lieutenants who can coordinate single attacks. The rest will be anonymous soldiers.

    I have also seen a few people who make twitter threads with history lessons about the Jews. Some of them have already been deleted. Even if they are not deleted, few people read their posts, and it becomes an echo chamber.

    All their knowledge can be put to good use. They should make a website with all the history info (that they now post on twitter and it gets deleted) — and an army of posters can post the link to that website on the comment sections.

    You have the contacts and the knowledge to make this plan work. This is war. We need to work together, and become organized.

    The work is to redpill new people.

    Then, as the movement grows, the political leaders will also appear. Paul Nehlen is a new dawn, there will be more like him.

    We need to be smart, use the right ammo, work together like an army. The Jews have incredible power and money, they can literally hire 30 thousand people to delete all our twitter accounts and youtube channels. They have a lot of money and power. Only if we work together and get organized as an army, will we make the transition from fringe movement to mainstream consciousness.

    We need to reach critical mass, and for this, the priority is to redpill new people.

    If enough people are jwoke, the war is already won.

  16. The only ones who are getting/are going to get us are the jews, the children of jhwh. Stop believing the jewish myths.

  17. We are not alone, never been alone.
    In the Holy Qur’an it’s suggested that the Earth had been populated by “Biological Entities” who misconducted on it, even before Adam was created (02:30).In verse (02:34) God ordered the Angels to prostrate before Adam. They all did but Iblees (Satan) who refused to do out of arrogance. In verse (02:38), God sent them ( Adam, Eve and Satan) down to Earth as a punishment for their disobedience: Satan for refusing to prostrate before Adam, Adam and Eve for failing to abide by the Divine instruction not to near the forbidden tree .
    In addition, the Holy Qur’an contains a full Surat ( #72) by the name of “ the Jinn”. Jinn is a collective noun for the (normally) invisible entities Westerners call Extra-terrestrials. (The singular of “Jinn” is Jinny i.e, genie).In the Holy Qur’an it is mentioned that the Jinn, just like Humans, are of different kinds of character (72: 11.): “And among us are the righteous, and among us are [others] not so; we were [of] divided ways.”*
    Beside the fact that these entities live with us on Earth, it isn’t excluded that some (of them) come from outer Space. I can’t remember right now the source of the allegation that President Eisenhower signed a treaty with “them”, allowing them to abduct a certain number of Humans for experiment purposes (of course they didn’t commit to the clauses of the treaty and nobody could oblige them to do) in counter part of advanced technology they provided the Government with.

    To Hannah ,

    “He says this article is meant to bring discredit on the thousands of good people all over the world who have had alien encounters and even been abducted by aliens.”

    Apparently the warning issued with the picture doesn’t address men-folk, so I don’t mind it!
    An abduction by/ or an encounter with aliens is not necessarily a bad experience, not in this case anyway:

    Antonio Villas Boas: Abduction Episode Ground Zero
    – by Terry Melanson ©, 2001 (Last Update: May 10th, 2005)


    “In Brazil during the 1950’s worldwide “UFO Flap” comes a report of one of the most bizarre accounts on record—the seduction of Antonio Villas Boas. The first recorded incident of a UFO abduction in the modern age happened to the 23 year old Brazilian on October 15, 1957. It also stands as a well documented “physical” case with doctors examining the effects after his encounters.”
    “Boas lived on his family’s farm”…” it[the spaceship] looked like “a large elongated egg” with several technical features about it. Three legs extended from beneath it, and as it settled to land, Boas ran to his tractor in terror. When he reached it, the tractor and its lights died. Making his escape out the other side and running toward the house, his arm was grabbed by “a small figure (it only reached to my shoulder) in strange clothes, which he violently shoved away. Three more small figures surrounded him and lifted him off the ground by the arms.”
    Inside the Craft: The Encounter
    Boas described these creatures in great detail, “All…of them wore a very tight-fitting siren-suit, made of soft, thick, unevenly striped gray material…His abductors then grabbed and held him in place while communicating in sounds that had “no resemblance whatever to human speech…I can think of no attempt to describe those sounds, so different were they from anything I have ever heard before…Those sounds still make me shiver when I think of them! It isn’t even possible for me to reproduce them…my vocal organs are not made for it.” He compares the sounds to animal grunts, “some…longer, others shorter, sometimes containing several different sounds at the same time, at other times ending in a tremor. “Curiously, these creatures then began undressing him, despite his constant opposition…A little while later a door opened and in walked a naked woman!…”She came in slowly, unhurriedly, perhaps a little amused at the amazement she saw written on my face. I starred, open-mouthed … she was beautiful, though of a different type of beauty compared with that of the women I have known. Her hair was blonde, nearly white (like hair dyed in peroxide)—it was smooth, not very thick, with a part in the center and she had big blue eyes, rather longer than round, for they slanted outward, like those pencil-drawn girls made to look like Arabian princesses, that look as if they were slit … except that they were natural; there was no makeup. Her nose was straight, not pointed, not turned-up, nor too big. The contour of her face was different, though, because she had very high, prominent cheekbones that made her face narrowed to a peak, so that all of a sudden it ended in a pointed chin, which gave the lower part of her face a very pointed look. Her lips were very thin, nearly invisible in fact…
    It was about 5:30 in the morning when Boas returned to his tractor, by his reckoning four and a quarter hours from the time he had been picked up.

    Antonio Villas withdrew from public life to continue his studies, receiving a law degree and becoming a practising attorney in the city of Formosa, Gojas. He died in 1992 in the city of Ubera, in Brazil’s Triangulo Minero.

    For further info about the Jinn in Islam go to:
    See also: ” How to contact space people” by Ted Owens.

    PS. On October 5th , at dawn, I saw well above Air Traffic Corridors, what looked like a” rectangular piece of intense light” moving from south west to north east. It moved several times (20 times?) faster than any jet I ever saw.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    1. We should dismiss everything jewish.
      As soon as you take them or their myths serious you are dead meat, just a tool for the ‘ masterrace’.

      1. Lisa,

        I suspect you are Jewish yourself.

        Everything you say could have been be said by a Jew:

        (1) You say bad things about Christianity on a pro-Christian website, exactly as a Christ-hating Jew would. Your aim is to mock Christianity, to rubbish Christianity. You behave just like a good Jew would in this respect. We are not stupid, Lisa. We know what you are up to. We know your game: to promote the Jewish cause by pouring S**T on Christianity.

        (2) You tell us in every comment you write how evil Jews are, trying to whip up a faux anti-Semitism, exactly as a Jew would. We had a Jewess on this site called “Ellie K” who would kept repeating the phrase “Evil Jews! Evil Jews!” in everything she wrote on this site. You do the same, parroting Ellie K.

        I strongly suspect that you are a Jewess like Ellie K, doing exactly what the rabbi in this picture is doing:

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        You could be right about Lisa. For what it’s worth, her anti-Semitism comes across to me as bogus. Exactly like the anti-Semitism of the rabbi in that cartoon.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lisa is one of those Jewesses who goes around drawing swastikas on walls. Her hatred of Christianity is the giveaway. She sounds positively Talmudic in her hatred of Christ and his teachings.

        You’d like Jesus Christ to be boiled in excrement . . . right, Lisa?

  18. @ sardonicus, there is no proof that the ‘king of tje jews’ ever existed. Give me one!
    Christianity is a jewish invention. As long as the Goyim don’t understand this nothing changes for us living in the jew world order. There are more jews being ‘ christian’ wotking/living in the ‘ christian’ chuch/world than the jews want the Goyim to know. it’s the Goyim christians who protect the jewsI hope my comment will not be deleted for speaking out. For my part all ‘ abrahamic ‘ cults should be deleted!!! Fortunately i am not jewish I was catholic as my ancestors brainwashed by this jewish cult. I must say that my intuition tells me that this site is run by jewish ‘ christians’. The jews want the goyim to be ‘ christams’ as it is the jews who rule Christianity!!!

    1. @ Lisa

      I must say that my intuition tells me that this site is run by jewish ‘Christians’.

      And what make you think, dear madam, that the Darkmoon administrators will let you go on abusing them on their own website? You deserve a good thrashing, you insolent little bitch. The negative comments made about you by Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly meet with my full approval.

      You are a f***ing Jewess, pure and simple. And you’ve been caught out. A dirty little Jewish troll who calls herself a former “Catholic”. Nothing you say is credible. You need to go back to troll school.

      The idea that Jesus Christ “never existed” is one of a number of conspiracy theories invented by Jews and is promoted almost exclusively by Jewish websites. But you are too damn stupid and uneducated to realize that.

      @ Admin

      Get rid of this c**t.

      1. @ Bradley Arnold

        Note also that her anti-Christian comments concerning Jesus Christ — that he never existed — occur in almost every single comment she makes on this site.

        She is too stupid even to realize that her negative comment about Jesus Christ is totally OFF-TOPIC on this thread.

        @ Lisa

        Tell me, dimwit, what does your anti-Christian comment
        got to do with this article on UFO’s and aliens from Outer Space?
        What is the connection between Jesus Christ and UFO’s?
        Can you explain?

  19. @ bradley and madame, it’s a shame that you use that foul language as
    ‘ christians’ I assume, As expected no proof of the existence of the jews as he is an invemtion of the jews. It’s the jews who
    sold this myth to the romans/goyim amd destroyed the roman empire etc. They want you to believe this myth to control the goyim and they have succeded I see.
    Read the Talmud and you will see that the jews admit that the king of thr jews existed. They don’t deny him as bradley writes. This is all dome to give credibility to the jewish myth of this so called ‘ king’. It’s all about thesis, judaism, and anti-thesis, christianty. As long as the goyim don’t understand the jewish tricks the jew world order will remain. My reaction was not of topic because I made the observation about the article about the UFO’s was written by a jewish writer as is the bible is a jewish invention written by jews.

    1. @ Lisa

      “bradley and madame, it’s a shame that you use that foul language as ‘christians’ I assume, As expected no proof of the existence of the jews as he is an invemtion (sic) of the jews.”

      Nice try, Lisa! But it won’t work. You have all the marks of a Jewish troll. Even if Bradley Arnold and Madame Butterfly used “foul language” against you, this would not in any way prove that they were wrong about you.

      Since when does polite language prove that a person is right?
      And since when does “foul language” prove that a person is wrong? 🙂

      In any case, Lisa, you lie! Because Madame Butterfly did not use any “foul language” against you. She simply called you a “dimwit”. Is the word “dimwit” your idea of foul language?

      A “dimwit” is what you are, Lisa. Since you have yourself foolishly admitted that the story that Christ never existed was invented by malicious Jews. And who believes this malicious Jewish lie and repeats it on this website?

      Why, who else but YOU?!? 🙂

      Yes, Lisa, I have to say it: if you are not a Jewish troll, then you are certainly an extremely gullible Goy dimwit. You are a gullible dimwit because you have bought into a Jewish conspiracy theory promoted by Jewish websites that Christ was a fictional character.

      1. Lisa play-pretends to be ANTI-Jew, what she’s really doing : Pretending to be ANTI JEW then reminding us that the Catholic Church was started by jews so the Catholic readers who don’t like what the jews are doing, don’t like the way the jews are, don’t like their thinking, don’t like their M.O., will reconsider being a Catholic and leave The Faith.

        So Lisa’s anti-Jewism, really ostensible anti-jewism, is really a device she uses to bash Catholicism. It’s Catholicism which is THE REAL TARGET of Lisa’s ire, NOT judaism. It’s called Smoke and Mirrors. I guess we’re not to see Lisa’s ostensible anti-jewism is a guise she uses to inculcate the idea that Catholicism was started by the jews and if you don’t like jews then leave the Catholic faith.

  20. There is something inhuman and alien in the “holy” scriptures.
    ‘Jewish Roots of Christianity
    The Bible, thus so-called, is a compilation, or gathering into one volume, of sixty-six separate and different “little books,” or fragmentary “sacred” writings, which compose it, from Genesis to Revelation. These sixty-six little books, or manuscripts, were written, or edited and compiled, in very different ages of the world, over the space of some centuries, by wholly different, and mostly unknown, persons, in different countries and languages, Hebrew and Greek principally; but, except maybe one Book, by Jews invariably… Such a thing as the “Hebrew” language, as a separate and distinctive speech of the ancient Israelites, in which they held familiar converse with Yahveh, and which Yahveh spoke with Adam and Eve and with the Patriarchs and Moses, never existed. Abraham was a native of “Ur of the Chaldees” (Sumeria) and hence naturally, with all his family and people, spoke the Chaldean or Babylonian language… The truth is, that Israel worshiped the same Gods as the Assyrians and the other nations, and never believed in or worshiped Yahveh, except as a local phallic Baal, one of their many gods… The Assyrians, no less than the Egyptians, the Hindus, the Canaanites, the Israelites, the Christians, and many other religious peoples, had and have their Trinity, purely phallic in origin and significance…’

    ‘Reading the story of the Exodus carefully and objectively left us horrified. The view that had been formed in our minds during our Christian-focused upbringing was quickly turned on its head. Instead of a noble and great people winning their freedom and finding their ‘promised land,’ we read a disturbing catalogue of primitive demonology, betrayal, mass murder, rape, vandalism and grand theft. It was the most disgraceful statement of origin for a new nation imaginable.’ – Lomas & Knight, ‘The Hiram Key’

  21. Alien abductions and UFO’s seem to be an American phenomenon. Where did it originate? The UFO’S all seem to avoid Africa (I would not blame them, being of higher intelligence). When the Europeans left for the USA, before it was the USA, some strange bedfellows must have migrated along, to whom you could sell any snake-oil.

    But the USA was not alone in this. South Africa also wielded some strange people, for example the Jerusalem Trekkers.

    All this tells us is that we are distributed over the whole spectrum of the bell-shaped curve, also with our susceptibility for strange beliefs. The Age of Enlightment has not arrived at every address.

    For Dr. Hermann Oberth and having seen UFO’S – some acquaintances of him would burst out with laughter or lokked at you with suspicion if you were compos mentis should one tell them this (most of them have passed away since though). He visited South Africa in the 1960’s (Vanderbijlpark) and I knew some of those people very well. Not in their wildest dreams they would believe in UFO’S, and many those people were highly qualified scientists working at the newly established petrochemical factory SASOL (many foreign workers where employed by SASOL for their expertise on for example the Fischer-Tropsch coal-to-oil process).

      1. Well it’s true, we’re always being watched. I guess Mark Glenn and Lasha are Space Aliens because the TWO bitches are always watching us readers via the embedded cameras in our computers and the TWO bitches obviously have high-up connections in The Deep State to be able to access and activate the embedded cameras in our computers.

      2. SASOL, the initiative of the Boer/Afrikaaner government (it started off as a public company, financed by white taxpayers, and later privatized by a management buy-out as the international oil problem became the lesser issue), seems to unfortunately have forgotten its roots (it was an out and out Afrikaans company), and in the new South Africa has aligned with the English speaking world, that is, it has aligned itself to Henry Fords International Capitalist. But perhaps it has to diversify its roots, for under a black government this excellent company might be run into the ground.

        In South Africa, SASOL being one of the handful of companies which can maintain itself on the international front, and having the most PhD’s south of the equator (which perhaps is no big achievement, for Africa is not exactly known for its academic intellect, except perhaps South Africa, where 90% of Africa’s whites stay).

        Here is an older film, with the title “And so Afrikaans sees his arse at SASOL (Part1)”:

      3. Allthough a late comment, this just to document some Sasol facts for the english language sphere. I know of no place where this is documented in English.

        The white Sasol employees inside South Africa are being marginalized more and more, and the fear remains that as soon as the foreign factories, including in the USA, and up and running and profitable, Sasol South Africa will be covertly be dropped like a hot potato. That means Sasol has become foreign property. Sort of hijacked, while it was a white Afrikaans project. This is the way the largest Iron and Steel provider in South Africa, ISCOR, went. It started off like Sasol as a state project, and then was given away to Mittal Steel. The South African shareholders and taxpayer had no say in this affair. It was decided over their heads by the treacherous De Klerk government.

        Here is an Afrikaans report with the Sasol concerns. You don’t read this sort of stuff in english papers. The website has blocked the copy-and-paste features (because their articles are being ripped illegally by other persons/papers). It is too much to translate. Some white Sasol employees comment their concerns.

        The title of the report: “Sasol race tension over empowerment”.

        empowerment=black empowerment, affirmative action, handing out of preference shares in the company where whites are being excluded. Many large companies have gone this way. If you read the year-end company reports of South Africa (see for example Liberty Life Insurance South Africa – reports are online), you will see that every report includes a black empowerment section. These reports are read by government inspectors, in order to control the speed of blackening the companies (the employee population must represent the race distribution in the country by province). Non-compliance means huge fines, in the worst case a complete nationalization of the company. The rules are obtainable on the Departement of Labour website.

        Mr. Franklin Ryckaert might understand. I remember he is Dutch.

  22. All reliable evidence shows that UFOs are false manifestations of the supernatural, i.e. of demonic origin, or else have their source in human imagination, trickery, and/or propaganda by the Oligarchs who rule over us.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, Darrell, but you are totally wrong in your wild statements. How would you like it if someone said the events at Fatima were of “demonic origin” or had their “source in the human imagination”? You wouldn’t like that at all, would you? It would clash with your faith.

      Let me tell you that my own half-sister was abducted by extraterrestrial aliens in a cigar-shaped spaceship and was spirited away to an unknown location where they did complicated surgery on her under hypnosis, without anaesthetics, and she was fully conscious throughout the process.

      You want to know what they did? I’ll tell you.

      They extracted her eyes and transplanted them into the sockets of another female lying next to her, an extraterrestrial woman. And then they put this other woman’s eyeballs into my half-sister’s eye sockets. In other words, they did a swap.

      I know this for a fact. Because when my half sis came to visit me next time she had purple blue eyes like I’d never seen before. Before this incident took place, her eyes were hazel brown, just like my own eyes.

      No, they weren’t contact lenses. They were her own eyes. I took her to an opthalmologist to check out her new eyes and he was absolutely amazed. “I’ve never seen such eyes before!” he said. It was not only the color of her eyes, their translucency, but the sharp vision that no other person he’d ever tested had achieved. She could read the bottom line on the chart with ONE eye from THREE times the normal distance. Totally incredible. No one had ever achieved such visual acuity in his experience.

      He was scratching his head in wonder. “I’m not sure if this is possible,” he kept saying. He wanted to call in a whole bunch of specialists to do further tests on her eyes, but we gave him the skip before he could get on the phone.

      My half sis refuses to have her eyes seen by eye scientists or have tests done on them because the alien doc who gave her those new eyes told her she would go blind if anyone ever photographed her eyes.

      This is a true story, Darrell, and I don’t care if you disbelieve me. Which you are almost bound to do. Fact is, my half sister can see ships at sea that no one else can see except through a very powerful telescope. How about that?

      1. I have no problem believing you, Butterfly. I remember Hamlet’s comment to Horatio: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I have experience of these matters myself but prefer not to speak of them. The less said the better. I would advise you not to reveal this information to anyone else or it could be highly dangerous for you and your sister.

      2. @ Admin

        Please consider deleting Butterfly’s comment lest the classified information it contains falls into the wrong hands. Her life is in danger, grave danger, as long as this comment remains here for all to read. I cannot be too emphatic in my urgency to advise instant deletion of this toxic comment. And then delete my two comments in response.

        Butterfly, you have been very foolish to reveal this information. Never do this again. You are playing with fire and putting your life at risk — and your sister’s life.

      3. “sister can see ships at sea that no one else can see except through a very powerful telescope. ”

        Careful now. You might be opening the door for TROJ to talk about flat earth theory.

        1. Don’t worry, REBAR, after Butterfly’s moving testimony about her half sis I am now 😉 totally convinced the earth is spherical, the universe is heliocentric , and that there’s space aliens everywhere, and I’m 😉 totally convinced Madame’s drug/booze habit which causes her to get real dizzy and black-out and go into comas on a regular basis, plus about a month ago Madame said she was battling demons who she said have taken control of her, and her LERV of mixing pills and gin and vodka and more pills all together to get High As A Kite if not everyday at least every other day doesn’t in any way cloud her thinking, *wink* *wink*. The half sister also sounds like a real winner, *grin*.

  23. i offered a comment on your “jesus” day which was obviously uninvited and was censored…nice that you give your “regulars” unimpeded pages of trifle…some of the contributants are so far up their own ass its sickening…perhaps you should form the darklashadisciples …in all the various languages and hidden agendas that you describe….i would like to point out to your piedpiperswallows…that religion is the cause of mans/womens eternal demise…while you people discuss the “bible”…Jews ..islam…etc you perpetrate and extenuate the distorted thinking available to people who want to think….you people have spent millions of hours chasing garbage…unbelievable

    1. If a previous comment of yours was “censored”, there was probably a good reason for this. However, I don’t recollect reading any of your previous comments. As you can see, your present comment complaining about “censorship” has been published.

      1. @ Harry Ash

        Amazing. You complain about “censorship”, but would like to silence anyone who happens to be a Christian. You would have gone down very well in Stalin’s USSR where Christian churches were burned down to the ground.

        I can understand why your previous “censored” comment didn’t get published. There’s such a thing as “quality control,”

        What you write, and the hostile way you express yourself,
        tells me you would benefit from a course in anger management
        — if not from psychiatric treatment! 🙂

      2. Don’t let it bother you, Madame. He’s just part of the ridiculous cycling of humanity – which generates self-importance which generates anger. Nothing changes. “Greed” and “Fear” still motivate every significant human exchange. (Mister Rotheschild knew this, and generated the world’s greatest fortune thereby.). You can see it in the lengthy comments, here, on this site. They all overrate their own importance.

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