Shut down the internet! — shout the Enemies of Free Speech (Intro to 12-minute video)


The Usual Suspects and their neo-Bolshevik lickspittle lackeys in the mainstream media can no longer endure any opinions that fail to coincide with their own narrow curriculum of “acceptable views”. They alone will decide what is acceptable and what is not. Any viewpoint they dislike will henceforth be classified, magisterially, as “hate speech”. As beyond the pale, and hence subject to Stalinesque censorship, fines, and imprisonment.

For example, they regard different viewpoints on the Holocaust, 9/11, and the right of Israel to go on stealing Palestinian land, as unacceptable. They find these views personally “hateful”, even though millions see them as intellectually defensible views well within the bounds of reasonable discourse. So they intend to ban all such dissident viewpoints as dangerous “conspiracy theories”.

They plan to suppress any embarrassing news items that happen to contradict their own propaganda and spin. This they intend to do by branding all such news items as “fake news”. They regard the internet with fear and loathing, they really fear it, because people are abandoning the mainstream media and flocking to the internet for their news and viewpoints. These enemies of the people simply can’t stand the competition. So they want to police the internet, censor free speech, and force you to return to them for your daily shot of indoctrination.

Yes, they are running scared and they are really angry! They want to rob you of your freedom to surf the internet and find your own sources of information on sites such as this which hold them in open contempt. If they have their way, this will shut down this website and pack us all off to some nice little gulag for compulsive psychiatric treatment.

Soon, all too soon, dear friends, unless things improve and steps are taken to curtail the power of these totalitarian thugs masquerading as your rulers, you will be sitting meekly at the feet of Big Brother and his bully boys, receiving all your wisdom from approved government sources.

VIDEO : 12.35 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Yes, they are running scared and they are really angry!

    Soon, all too soon, dear friends, unless things improve and steps are taken to curtail the power of these totalitarian thugs masquerading as your rulers, you will be sitting meekly at the feet of Big Brother and his bully boys, receiving all your wisdom from approved government sources. [LD]

    i don’t quite see it that way, Lasha.
    1st, let me boil this down to the constituent parts, soap and shrunken heads.

    they are scared and they are angry – no disagreement there.
    but what does this emotionalism entail? instability, loss of control – of the control which they previously had.
    and what does this mean, the shifting fortune of war?
    it means that although they were fully engaged in war against us for 3,000 years, we, the unwashed masses have only started to awaken now and are progressively more awake, more alert and their hostility is starting to get reciprocated.
    If internet is killed, will you revert to being jew-friendly, holohoax worshiper?
    Shutting the barn door after the horse took off …

    even their perpetual, totalitarian snooping, the data dragnet that dredged every electronic signal you emitted in the past 20 years, every credit card transaction – now that you know they know, does it make sense to whisper?
    Might as well let it all hang out, what difference does it make.

    they are scared and angry, we are scared and angry, if nothing else, the emotional playing field is more level every day.

    when the dog is scared and angry, he will at some point snap and go for the throat.

    moreover, who is to say that if jew manages to shut down internet that russia+china won’t enact their own, freer, better, satellite beamed to everyone in the world for free, maybe they even have those contingency plans, just like Russia made GLONASS geolocation available to all, as an alternative to GPS.

    jew is petrified, yes and he will be eventually petrified in hell, whence he came, he will have lotsa time to ponder on the meaning of karma.

    so, all is well Lasha, nil desperandum, noli timere messorem.

    1. The unfortunate prospect, though, Lobro, is that IT WILL GET MUCH WORSE before it gets better. The dog has, yet, to snap at our throats. Many people are, still, unaware of the threat. Incremental attacks against our liberties is the enemy’s strategy of war, and does not inspire a concerted effort of opposition. ‘Diversity’ works in the favor of the attacker in terms of the world.

      1. Gil, by the “dog snapping at the throat”, i didn’t mean the jews, had they had the power to do so, they would have done it eons ago, no, their war is that of a hookworm, by steady burrowing and laying of larvae in secret, that is all they are capable of.
        We are the sleeping beast and they are frightened as hell of what might happen, their fear is showing and squealing getting louder by the day.
        I remember sourcing some survey last year that showed how most Americans not only did not feel threatened by Putin but actually liked the guy and preferred him to Obama – this is when i had a strong notion that Trump will win and all their media manipulations were futile, i still think there was a massive vote fraud and that in a fair count, hillary would have ended up with zilch outside new york and california.
        They had to yield it to trump (narrowly, of course) or face open insurrection.
        At that point i realized that jew and his shabbo colony were scared to death of what’s around the corner for them.

        you think it will get much worse before it gets better?

        i say, let it and the sooner it gets worse, the sooner it will get better, so why not bite the bullet instead of running and hiding even as our sanctuaries diminish and disappear.
        Let those who prefer to roll over do so, my preference is to go for the throat.

      2. While I very much agree with you, Lobro, you misunderstand me about citing ‘jews’ in particular. The ‘dog’ I cite is big brother government and his minions – both shabbots goy AND Jews. The camouflaged diversity of the Jew agenda attracts we of lesser minds than yours into its web of conspiracy, and, before we know it, we’re CAUGHT. Even this Internet exposes our personal information to harm by way of its alluring “freedom” of speech and broadcast of opinion. The convenience of ‘online banking’ and ‘online shopping’ has the users spotted by trends and disposable revenues to the point of their overseers being able to manipulate them with a keystroke. The alternative is settling for an unknown and simple ‘country’ life, such as has become my habit. There is no easy way out. 🙁

      1. You may want to rethink your post. Removing it would not be inappropriate.

        (TOBY: Thanks. Post removed.)

    2. The thing is, it’s not just “revisionist” “history” that they would like to suppress, but they need to control the narrative with regard to current events such as Vladimir Putin’s speeches, the murder of 50+ civilians at a Syrian mosque, the Sandy Hook hoax, Boston marathon bombing hoax, etc.

      They also hate the fact that people are using the internet to share information about home made guns; e.g., CAD files, blueprints, drawings, instructive youtube videos, etc.

      Free speech on the internet is still a serious problem for the Jewish agenda.

    3. @ Lobro

      Good post.

      If I recall properly, when Snowden revealed the extent of the surveillance provided to the West by the internet, the BRICS started to work on their own, separate internet. I haven’t seen anything on their progress which I suspect could mean that they do not want anyone to know until they are ready.

      The purpose of Google and Facebook is information gathering. The jews seeking control over all of humanity need to stay informed of what the dissidents, 5% to 10% of the population, are saying and doing. Too much censoring leads to the jews not knowing what the most dangerous ones to their desired goals are up to. The more they censor, the less they know about that which is really important to them.

      The digital age is a two edged sword. Complete compatibility for monitoring leads to a round house where no one can be cornered by edicts from above. There is always a way around anything on the net and it will get even easier with time and creativity. Those with creativity despise being caged. Jews hate creativity since it threatens their totalitarian dreams.

  2. DM is right, the Truth is slowly being choked to death on the ‘Net. Google removes ads from sites it doesn’t like while Youtube puts video channels into ‘Restricted Mode,’ and FAKEBOOK kicks off those it deems VERBOTEN.

    Those who thought they were safe staying on Blogger or WP are for now, but they will eventually come for us too, especially the sites where 9/11 truth keeps getting exposure, since Das Juden is running out of nations to blame and sue for their False Flag.

    Jew Inc doesn’t like their GOY cattle grazing in free thought pasture, they want us back in the Star of David Corral, where we can babble about Katy Perry or Beyonce, or our favorite sports team or watch porn or talk about their fav subject, the Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ Holocaust™ …

    1. The Department Of Justice (sic) … is to file legal case against prominent Alt Right site, not Goon Squad Greg …? Probably Daily Stormer, they’ve been in the crosshairs for some time now….

    1. I think it is less about the First Amendment and more about publishing. Control what is published, and by association, what is distributed, and you control the narrative. In other words, it does not matter what you say if no one hears it.

  3. While in the US (((Cass Sunstein))) proposes to tax so-called “fake news”, Germany plans to punish it with a fine of €500,000 :

    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has shied away from aggressively regulating the spate of fake news on his network, putting more emphasis on getting users to flag it instead. Now the German government has its own idea for reining in Facebook’s fake news problem, by making it pay 500,000 euros ($522,000) per fake news post.

    The German government is planning a law that will levy fines on Facebook, and it comes amid fears that viral fake news stories could affect national elections there in 2017. “If after the relevant checks Facebook does not immediately, within 24 hours, delete the offending post then [it] must reckon with severe penalties of up to 500,000 euros,” said Germany’s parliamentary chief of the Social Democrat party, Thomas Oppermann in an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine.

    Ministers are preparing to introduce a bill next year that will order Facebook to compensate people who’ve been affected by fake or defamatory stories passed around on the site. Laws around defamation are stricter in Germany than in the United States.

    The new law would also require Facebook and other social networks to set up a “legal protection unit” in Germany for people affected by the stories, according to Oppermann. These local offices would allow companies like Facebook to respond faster to complaints against defamation and fake news.

    Both Oppermann’s party and coalition partner Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats party are considering the bill.

    Source : Forbes, December 19, 2016

    It remains to be seen how far they will get with their attempt at censoring social media, but I think they are fighting a losing battle.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Facebook could give Germany the finger simply by telling Germany to F*** OFF!

      Calling Angela Merkel a “Nazi” and comparing her to Goebbels might also get this brain-dead bitch to shut up and stop trying to blackmail Facebook into silence. After all, she has already been diagnosed as having a mental disorder by one of Germany’s top psychiatrists. Almost singlehandedly this woman has caused the migrant crisis in Europe, bringing ordinary patriotic Germans to their knees. Her Jew-controlled government is also turning the screw on Greece… and Jewish bankers are now buying up the Greek islands.

      So I hope you’re right, and that any attempt to crack down on free speech on Facebook fails spectacularly.

      Having said that, I have to admit I’m not an ardent fan of Facebook. It has its faults, but it would be a tragedy if it followed in the footsteps of Amazon (and Google?) and started censoring free speech as a matter of course.

      1. @Madame Butterfly

        Merkel has been a disaster not only for Germany but for all of Europe. That said, I would not say that she has “almost singlehandedly … caused the migrant crisis in Europe.” In the hierarchy of blame, I’d say the stop spot lays at the feet of then SOS Hillary and the gutless president who was afraid to stop her when she insisted that the US take out Khadafy, for no reason other than to so how tough she was. After his rape and murder in the street like a dog, with the Witch cackling in delight, the floodgates were opened.

    2. This could be naive but couldn’t so-called ‘fake news’ stories be presented in the form of a question?

      Example: “Is it true that there were a few dozen newspaper articles written prior to WWII that claimed the persecution of 6 million jews, going back to the 1800s, and that in 1919 it was even referred to as a holocaust? That’s hard to believe, and I’m sure that it wouldn’t take much research to disprove such a vicious rumor.”

      Or, they can use the tactics that MSM reporters often use, by finishing off a b-s story or rumor with – “but I don’t know”, or, “but nobody knows for sure”.

  4. listening to Cass talking out of his ass …

    sunstein is a typical prof, used to respectful obsequiousness of bovine smelling classroom, especially at Harvard, which at one time used to have an occasional goy student, so when challenged in an open forum as by Luke radowski, he turtles.

    however, the money moment occurs at 6:41 when he slips in this phrase:
    and earns himself instant talmudic immortality.
    This is Judaica at its best, the (((Father))) is so proud of his sons, “When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies“. And of factual assumptions 😀

    refute this, cass.

    1. @ Lobro

      I know exactly what this sonofabitch means by his mealy-mouthed phrase “introducing factual assumptions.” What is the “factual assumption” par excellence which this guy thinks should form the major premise of all discourse? Can you guess?

      It has to be something self-evident and axiomatic that no serious person would question. Like: “All men are mortal.” Or: “The sun is hotter than the moon.” Or: “Three books are more than two books.”

      The factual assumption that Cass Sunstein would like to make the basis of all discussion is this: “Six million Jews died in gas chambers on the orders of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.”

      There are other factual assumptions of course which all “reasonable” folk must accept, like “Jews are nice people who have been persecuted for centuries without good reason”…. and, “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and deserves our full support at all times”, but the Holocaust assumption is the most basic “assumption” that needs to be inculcated in the minds of the young from an early age.

      1. well yes, Sard, you see the abomination (let’s assume that Holocaust is true, therefore Holocaust is a fact 🙂 ) – fact is one thing and assumption is quite something different and exclusive of fact, ie, the two have no overlap, except in Jew’s linguistic rape of the language – this is what got my attention.

        a fact is something that results from and can be ascertained by probatory evidence.

        assumptions are hypothetical premises agreed on by all parties from which the rules of inference proceed to build a body of theory – but if the assumptions are doubted or challenged, there is no point continuing.

        Example, Euclidean postulate of parallel lines that though lying in the same plane, have no point in common.
        It doesn’t work in a number of other geometries, eg, hyperbolic or Riemannian.

        thus, an example of factual assumption is a Chosen Gentile, ie, no such thing, but a jew would love to slide it past our noses.

  5. T.H.E.Y. are kicking themselves for “giving us” (technology kept hidden from people) the internet in the first place. The internet was intended by T.H.E.M. to totally control people and it has instead (by the Hand of God) awakened (some) people, but is used to control/manipulate many others into a stupor. Evil was defeated by Christ Jesus, so, if evil continues as it has been, then fault lies with a lack of people following Christ Jesus.

    Disinformation is a dreadful tool, and alternative media is not always truthful, nor does it lead to freedom. If it did, then people would be freed by now; instead of more controlled.

    T.H.E.Y/M. = The Hierarchy Enslaving You/Mankind

    As disconnected people might be by its (internet) loss, people really need to get connected to God. Always a necessity, being led by God is essential to survival.

    The Way home or face The Fire

  6. The internet is a big moneymaker and also it is easy to spy on us, smart phones another money spinner and easy spying access. The old call phones – not easy to spy on – soon disappeared…(((They))) wouldn’t cancel a nice little earner like this. How many people actually use Alt Right sites? Not many I’d say in comparison to facewoz and twatter….

    1. @ Wiggins

      I don’t think there is any suggestion that (((they))) intend to “shut down the internet” in a literal sense. As you say, it’s a money spinner and they have no intention of shutting down all the millions of juicy porn sites they own and which not only give them control over the masses but which have great blackmail potential also — provided they can catch some really Big Fish accessing dodgy sites.

      By “shutting down the internet” I mean emasculating it by censorship, so that it’s no longer a useful source of information for dissidents.

      What would the internet be like if all the alt.right sites were banned? all the Holocaust revisionist sites? all the sites criticizing Israel? all the sites giving information on dangerous pharmaceutical products?

      The internet could be rendered toothless by government censorship at the behest of the Usual Suspects.

      1. It would be a sad day, I read a lot but as with the recent Amazon purge, most books have been abridged as per the Kosher Nostra…even the new version of Mein Kampf.

      2. I think you’re right in a general sense. Internet is too important to totally disappear. Important for control and making money. However, I think they would shut it down temporarily if things spin totally out of control. For a few day or a few weeks perhaps. It would give them time to clean out a lot of unwanted sites. A lot of people would get scared if internet went down and I think they would like that. Ordinary folks would be forced to television, radio and newspapers for daily information.

  7. The technical opportunities to shut down thought are legion. Many have already been mentioned.

    Sites like this one come under the application of the ridiculously defined “hate speech”. Participants can be arrested.

    Sites with a less powerful version of truth will come under licensing of news websites. The definition of “news” will be as ridiculous as that for “hate”. ALL governments want to control thought and thus licensing will go through and they’ll slap a tax on it to boot.

    The internet will not be shutdown but a graduation of technical means will be applied such that there will never be any hope for the 90% who stay in Facebook’s world to ever escape.

    Other technical means that are converging to create a zombie like population, only good for Pizzagate pickings, are:

    – Poisoning of the environment: food, water, air, “vaccines”. Some would also add “chemtrails” but I do not know enough on the subject.

    – Accelerated educational dumbing down – fat, dumb and Marxist is beautiful – electronics and games being promoted as “advanced education”

    – Promotion of intellectual chaos in the media – an expert and his opposite for every subject, causing people en masse to abandon critical though as a waste of time.

    Banning of cash will mean only rebels willing to die for a cause will be interested in truth.

    I could go on.

    Finally, it appears to me that the intellectual level found on this website is as rare as hen’s teeth. I would hazard a guess at 1 in a million. Personally, after a lifetime of active travel and social contact, I know of no one interested in the subjects broached here. Some have a passing interest in “conspiracy” X, Y or Z but they cannot not expand on the subject.

    Conclusion: This can only be pulled back by technical means invented by God-sent geeks. In the same way that the tor network enabled dissidents to communicate under authoritarian regimes, another network and search engine needs to be invented, this time peer to peer with no central locations to take out. I am confident they will see the light of day. You may try to see what I mean about peer to peer search. For the underlying network look at peer to peer mesh networks – every home connected to millions of others – worldwide – every home a router.

    1. Flan –

      At that point in time, anything, or act, which promotes anarchy will be constructive. Suffering encourages pursuit of better ways. I read, last evening (on Steve Quayle’s website) a well-laid-out scenario wherein the population of America will decline by more than three quarters of its current population by the year 2025. That isn’t far away.
      Whether far-wrong, or not, there are many causes of concern about our fragile existence. It may well be true that peer-to-peer communication will only be ‘long distance’ via Pony Express, once again. We’ll have to be quite resourceful and self-sufficient.

  8. It was to prevent this sort of censorship that the First Amendment was written. Is the US government going to allow this book-banning to stand? Surely the Supreme Court would tell Amazon and Google to desist. It was the very FIRST amendment.

    I used to believe the official Holocaust story but about 25 years ago I started to notice some things just didn’t add up. It is not race hatred to question a story that does not stand up to scrutiny.

    They cannot keep the lid on the truth forever. The dam will break, soon I think. They are bringing more pressure on themselves by acting like this

    1. JOHN KIRBY asked: “It was to prevent this sort of censorship that the First Amendment was written. Is the US government going to allow this book-banning to stand?”

      ANSWER: I hope so. I do not want to think about the gvt getting involved in what a book retailer can and cannot sell, what the business must do to adhere to gvt policies.

      Amazon can quit selling a $12 book, which it did, if it wants to, for whatever reason. And my $12 worth of business moved over to the Barns and Noble website to buy the Amazon-banned book there. Who sells what should be an economics issue, not a governance issue.

      1. Hi Gilroy
        Point taken, Amazon and Google are not part of the government. Are freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly only protected from government? or are they generally protected.? I am not a Lawyer.

      2. John,

        You are right! B&N no longer sells ‘The Bad War’, either. The “ban” is spreading. B&N does allow ‘The Bad War’ to be sold by marketplace sellers. Price: $111.44 !!!

        I bought M.S. King’s ‘The Bad War’ from B&N on March 12th, the day after the article about the ban went up here. Price: $17.37. It arrive last week, have not read it yet.

        Last year I bought ‘The Six Million … Fact or Fiction?’ by Peter Winter, a book questioning the mass extermination of Jews by Nazis. I noticed it is no longer available on Amazon or B&N, either.

        ‘Against Our Better Judgement’ by Alison Weir is still available at both, as is the recently published ‘State of Terror … How Terrorism Created Modern Israel’ by Thomas Suarez.

        Recent updates about the ban state it is books about WWII revisionism that puts Israel in a bad light and books about holocaust denial that are banned from sells.

        M.S. King’s ‘The Bad War’ is up on the web in PDF at It is downloadable.

      3. @ Gilroy Kelly
        @ John Kirby

        “I do not want to think about the gvt getting involved in what a book retailer can and cannot sell, what the business must do to adhere to gvt policies.”

        Too late in the USA. The cake baker that refused to sell a wedding cake to a couple of gays getting married a couple of years ago know that government policies dictate what businesses do. The “free market” is just propaganda that the jewish want us to believe is true.

        “…Amazon and Google are not part of the government.”

        Google is part of the government of the USA. One of the investors in the start up was a front company for the CIA (I forget its name), the same for Facebook. A lot of jews got more wealthy, but most people already know who controls the CIA, it’s not the President. Sometime during the past 10-years or so, China banned Google from China with the excuse that Google would not ban porn. China knows exactly what the primary purpose of Google is, intelligence gathering by the CIA, which is another indication that China is not controlled by the jews.

  9. The fact that Mr Sunstein et al have supported book-banning has made me question their intellectual honesty, to question their very intellects, which they poke in our faces every day on TV and in Universities.

    If they can’t see that what they are doing is wrong, and dishonest, then they have no right to be educating/brainwashing our college students.

  10. The history of the past 75 years will eventually be re-examined, and the main beneficiaries will be the German and Palestinian peoples.

  11. What irony.

    The juice are hanging themselves by their own petard.

    And can’t even see it.

    It was designed that way.

  12. The other Hallowedhoax – Amelia Earhart, a mystery that never was.

    Once again I am faced with a complete rethink of a well known historical incident. During my life in Judaized America I find this is an all too common occurrence.

    This time the story is about Amelia Earhart. A long time aviation buff, I began following this story many, many, years ago and until the other day, pretty much accepted the mainstream story that Amelia Earhart crashed somewhere in the South Pacific near Howland Island. I have been vaguely familiar with various alternative theories, but like the rest of the masses, never gave them any credence. All that changed when I found a reference to a book titled Amelia Earhart: The Truth At Last by Mike Campbell. Naturally I ordered the book.

    “Amelia Earhart, so what?” many will say, as did I after many years of following a story with no seeming resolution. I was there when Tighar International first began its much ballyhooed search for Amelia’s lost Lockheed model 10. From the beginning I felt something about Tighar wasn’t right.

    Tighar came out of nowhere to quickly become the last word on aviation mysteries, but their presentation was all too slick, all too advertised and they never produced any verified results, just tantalizing tidbits; largely consisting of remains that “might have belonged” to the aviators under investigation. Of course Amelia Earhart was the jewel in Tighar’s crown of aviation mysteries.

    So what’s the connection to the sacred Hallowedhoax? First, as with the mythical Hallowedhoax, there is a standard accepted narration while other evidence, unsupportive of the accepted version, has been heavily suppressed omitted or altered by the usual media suspects.

    Like the Hallowedhoax, the Earhart story is also based on eyewitness accounts. However, unlike the Hallowedhoax myth that bases its evidence of proof on eyewitness hearsay from people with a vested interests in maintaining the lie, the Earhart story is based on eyewitness accounts with no vested interest and are fully suppressed as “crackpot theories.” Again one finds a bizarre darkly mirrored reversal of accepted history in this story.

    Finally the classic Jew ad hominem attack is continuously leveled against various people throughout the story’s eighty year history. For years I heard and wondered about the commonly accepted allegation that Fred Noonan was a notorious alcoholic, while his considerable flying experience with Pan Am has been constantly downplayed. Noonan’s character is typically impugned with the accusation he was probably drunk when they took off that fateful morning. Yet there is ample proof Noonan hardly touched a drop from the beginning of the transpacific flight.

    This leads to another interesting similarity to the Hallowedhoax that is of course never overtly pointed out in the book, i.e. there are Jews all over the story. While there are probable Jews like the mysterious Colonel Greene, (a classic Jewish spelling of the name) there are undisputed Jews found at the very highest levels in the Earhart story. For example, Paul Mantz, a noted Hollywood stunt pilot, served as technical advisor for the transpacific flight. Mantz actually piloted Earhart’s Lockheed on a long distance test flight to Hawaii.

    Most notably was the obvious Jewish presence of Henry Morgenthau Jr., U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under FDR and Bernard Baruch a member of FDR’s “Brain Trust” who formed the National Recovery Administration (NRA).

    Baruch was a “trusted adviser and confidant” of President Roosevelt, who was appointed to head the War Production Board. In 1944 FDR spent a full month as Baruch’s guest at his South Carolina estate, Hobcaw Barony. Such are the notable Jewish figures curiously interwoven throughout the story right up to the present day.

    Another interesting similarity is how, along with official government policy, the Jew media is first up to deny or suppress any and all alternative views about what happened. The real question is, why the coverup? To date I still have no answer for this pressing question that would undoubtedly link the pieces to provide a coherent explanation.

    To summarize the book’s point, the American government funded Amelia’s Lockheed 10 for use on a spy mission. The aircraft was purchased under the guise of a Purdue University grant for scientific advancement. Overwhelming, highly credible, eyewitness evidence points to the fact that Amelia and her navigator actually made a forced landing on Mili Atoll in the Marshal Island chain.

    The Japanese dispatched a small vessel to intercept the pair at Mili, arresting them as spies. From there Earhart, her navigator and the airplane were transported to Saipan where Earhart died in the late 1930s most likely of either dysentery or starvation, while around the same time, Noonan was beheaded as a spy. The Lockheed Electra remained on the island until 1944 when it was intentionally destroyed by US Marines (another proud moment for the corps)

    Interestingly, not long after Earhart disappeared, Hollywood produced a thinly disguised movie about the flight that mirrored the actual event. In the movie, Rosalind Russell, in the role of Earhart, is spying on Japanese military buildup in the Pacific. She intentionally crashes her plane, sacrificing her life to provide the excuse for the American Navy to scout the islands. This is especially interesting considering how frequently Jews telegraph their intent or the truth behind an incident in fictional movies.

    In the actual incident, the Japanese dispatched a fishing vessel to pick up Earhart, Noonan and the Lockheed from Mili atoll and take them to Saipan. It was there Earhart died of either starvation or dysentery while Noonan was beheaded. Both were buried in unmarked graves on Saipan. Their bones were disinterred by Marines in 1944 and taken to Washington DC where they remain in a top secret file.

    The Lockheed was repaired and was seen flying over the island in 1944. After Saipan was taken, FDR personally ordered the destruction of the aircraft, which was incinerated by US Marines under orders. Once again, one finds yet another link to “Holocausting” in this act.

    Here are some interesting quotes from the book:

    Earhart’s secretary Margot DeCarie asked in the 1960’s. “Do you really think Purdue University bought that plane for Amelia and do you think it was intended for some kind of vague experimentation?” Second, if the whole thing was a publicity stunt (a popular claim from the beginning – Arch) why did the government assign some of its top experts to the flight and why did President Roosevelt have an airfield built for her?

    It is also claimed that DeCarie said Bernard Baruch and Major general Oscar Westover, Army Aircorps chief, met twice with Earhart during mid-April 1937. (Earhart disappeared two months later in June – Arch) These meetings were said to be held under tight security at March Field in Riverside California.

    Bilimon Amaron’s eyewitness account is widely considered to be the most important of the Marshall island’s witnesses. “As a Japanese hospital corpsman in 1937 Jaluit, Amaron’s shipboard treatment of an injured white man, surely Fred Noonan, accompanied by a white American woman the crewmen called “Meel-ya” is legendary among the Marshallese.”

    Here’s a Marshall Island stamp version of the story. Here is more from that story story

    I have a couple of question of my own, foremost among them, why now? While this story has gone on since 1937, surfacing from time to time in the public arena, suddenly there is once again mounting interest in the Earhart story. In fact, quite unexpectedly I have been offered a ticket to a musical (of all things) about Earhart this week titled “The Crossing”. The play however is about Amelia Earhart’s earlier transatlantic crossing.

    The most pressing question is still why the cover-up? In the early forties, FDR dispatched the schooner Lani Kai under the command of Navy lieutenant Kemp Tolly to “scout” out the Japanese. Had Tolly succeeded in his mission, assigned personally under secret orders by FDR, it would have undoubtedly sparked WWII. Four years earlier Earhart presented the perfect opportunity to begin the war, yet every effort has been made to cover up the incident.

    Here are a few more interesting notes from a website that provides views in common with the book.

    John Heine, a prominent Marshallese attorney had this to add in 1989. When he was just entering high school in the middle of July, 1937, their schoolmaster took them outside, handed them Japanese flags and told them to parade down the harbor wharf. When they arrived at the waterfront he saw that a ship had just pulled into the harbor towing a barge with an airplane on it. He could tell that it was silver colored with two propellers on it, even though it was partially covered. He couldn’t see the tail, but he wasn’t sure if it was missing or just covered up. The plane was held up by slings coming from the stern of the boat. He did not know what kind of an airplane it was, but later he was told that it was the plane an American woman had been flying when she had crashed. Condensed from Lost Legend, Don Wilson, pages 86 – 87).

    “Jim Golden had this item to add in 2008” ‘After the air base at Roi Namur, part of Kwajalein Atoll, had been captured by US Armed Forces in February 1944, “the Marines wrote up a detailed report capturing the info that two white persons, a male and a female were brought by plane to Roi, the man with a white bandage on his head and the woman with short cut hair wearing men’s pants, who were taken across a causeway to the Namur Administration Building.’ I read the report myself”.

    “The other item that I want to point out is that there were over 90 people in the Marshall Islands and on Saipan that remembered seeing Earhart and/or Noonan or had stories from friends and relatives related to their sightings. The most common statement heard from these folks was that the woman had short hair and wore pants. Earhart’s style of hair and dress. When shown a photo of Amelia and Fred during the interviews, most became excited and said they were sure that was who they saw.

    Although several investigators have pointed out that eyewitness identifications are often in error, my position is that we are not looking at the commission of a crime where you see the perpetrator for a few seconds or minutes, but people that saw Amelia and Fred for anywhere from a few hours – to accounts where they were seen over the span of two months. I’m sure that all in these remote islands who made statements about these two wayward adventurers were merely relating events as they remembered them. There are too many similarities in those accounts made by people that had no contact with each other to be made up stories. Certainly no vast conspiracy”

    Obviously, someone did not want war in 1937 and just as obviously FDR, Baruch and Morgenthau were all working in close alliance under the command of that person or persons. While Earhart disappeared some four years after “Judea” declared war on Germany, she disappeared two years before Britain’s official declaration of War.

    In 1937, a pacifistic America was not yet ripe for war, yet Earhart’s capture might well have changed that view just as readily as Pearl Harbor. So what happened between 1937 and 1941 that would ultimately result in far more loss of life and suffering than the capturing of a couple of notable American aviators?

    However, what is most troubling is the massive evidence that virtually every version of twentieth century history has been purposely twisted into false accounts to meet a specific agenda. These accounts bear little, if any, semblance to the original incident. These are not minor variations of a story, but major alterations that leave only the barest scraps of meaty truth clinging to the dead, dry bones of Jewish lies.

    These massive Orwellian-types of historical rewrites began with the Spanish American War (remember the Maine?) and continue unabated to this day. The shear volume of these lies have made it impossible for the ordinary person to determine the truth. Today, specialists are left to sift through the massive landfill of lies to find relatively rare nuggets of truth. In the meantime, the remainder of humanity is left to rely on Jewish lies to form their worldviews.

    In the end, with conflicting stories abounding, one is left wondering what can be truthfully verified. The last, undoubtedly intended result of this confusion, at the very least, leaves one groundless with nothing of fact on which to base sound, rational decisions. Such confusion was amply demonstrated by people who actively supported politicians like Bush, Clinton and Obama.

    In the final analysis, one must ask how an accurate, realistic worldview might be formulated with nothing but lies and disinformation on which to base one’s ideas? With such a skewed view of the world, how can anyone be expected to make an accurate assessment of a situation that might allow the formulation of a workable solution? Early in the computer age, this became known as “GIGO” or “Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    I am certain that, from the beginning, this is exactly how Jews have planned it. One result of this is how the Boasian garbage Jews shoveled into the goyim’s head led to misguided egalitarian concepts that eventually led to a massive white vote for Negro leadership over a formerly white country – Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    Can there be any rational hope for humanity when a culture is filled chockablock with Jewish lies and disinformation? Can there be any rational hope for the future when even the smallest glimmer of truth, honesty or accuracy has never existed in the goyim mind?

    1. Another fascinating post and read.

      The Big Picture: War seems to me to be a Talmudic thing and the Declaration of War has to follow strict Judaic protocols. It’s almost formulaic by now, for those who have paid attention that is.

      This formula and the formal declaration of war is alien to the Chinese. For example, the Japs invaded China in 1931 but China never formally declared war on Japan until the (((Americans))) made this a condition of helping China; by making China formally declare a state of war against Japan, after the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. China and Germany were actually allies before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

      Moreover, the Soviet Union invaded Poland on the same day as did Germany, but the West never declared war on Stalin and the Soviets, until, bizarrely, after the end of WWII and called it the “Cold War” which supposedly did not end until 1989. The damn Jews are trying madly to restart it once again!

      Think about it, and getting back to the main point of Arch’s post, why did America have to declare war on Japan, after Pearl Harbor? Why did Americans suddenly want to fight the Japs after Pearl Harbor? Because we have all been conditioned to think like Jews, that’s why! An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, and all of that kosher nonsense.

      1. JFC –

        Arch always writes very well.

        FDR had to have war to make $$Billions for the Pharisee-Jew Bankers and come out of the depression.

        Follow the $$$$$…. again..!!

        General Billy Mitchell traveled all over the US, Europe, Japan and Asia…. even telling the Japanese exactly how to attack the US and start WWII. He showed complex plans, maps and diagrams.

        That had to be a paid-off plan…!!

        The article below praises Mitchell as a PROPHET. I see him as a traitor for telling how to wage war on the US…!!

        His report on the Chinese is very interesting.


        Major General Billy Mitchell’s 1925 Report–

        Major General Mitchell published his report as the book Winged Defense in 1925 which foretold wider benefits of an investment in air power.


        Messr. G. Katsuda made the most striking declaration which was not included in Billy Mitchell’s report made in 1924.

        **”Our people will cheer your great Mitchell and, YOU MAY BE SURE, will study his experiments.”

        Messr. G. Katsuda was responding to a correspondent of the Hartford Courant. The statement was made after Billy Mitchell demonstrated the capabilities of air power by sinking the Ostfriesland in 1921. Furthermore, the Japanese House of Peers statesman added:

        “Should there be such a war America would have to fight it a long way from home…It would be gravely embarrassing to the American people if the ideas of your General Mitchell were more appreciated in Japan than in the United States.”

        Mitchell resigned on February 1, 1926. Billy Mitchell began a four-month lecture tour across the continental United States. He continued to show films of the bombing of ships and expressed his theme of the necessity of military preparedness in the air. Major American magazines as well various aviation journals published his sweeping charges.

        **He continued to bring attention to the major advances in aviation made by Europeans and in Asia.

        Billy Mitchell continued to warn Americans of Japanese plans to seize Hawaii, Alaska, and the Philippines. Billy Mitchell accurately predicted the Japanese would not formally declare war:

  13. Under the title of the article is:


    In particular, that would be the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London WHO ARE “WATCHING YOU..!!”
    That would also be the same Pharisee-Jew Bankers who own the insurance companies.

    The internet is THEIR best tool for watching you….. since it is used to monitor ALL financial transactions, from gas pumps to grocery stores to wire transfers and the $5 Trillion per day in FOREX trades.

    Here is what has been written FOR CENTURIES that Jesus was supposed to have done. It is claimed that HE set the example of ACTION as described in the book of John:
    “So He made a WHIP out of cords and DROVE all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle.
    He poured out the coins of the money changers and OVERTURNED their tables.”

    There it is. The plan. It is written for all to see that HE showed… when hope and prayer is not enough… to take ACTION, even with a WHIP… and DRIVE THEM OUT..!!

    People do not have to be Christians, or members of any religion, to repeat this message of ACTION….. as the “way, truth and light” to the world….. especially the business world, which is controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers…. driven, in large part, today…. by PROFITS in oil and drugs. These are their METHODS right NOW..!!

    The internet is the greatest tool of “BIG BROTHER..!!” It IS here to stay…. and it will even be improved. Strengthened.

    1. pat,

      take ACTION, even with a WHIP

      especially with a WHIP 😉
      it is the only goy language they understand and respect.

      nb: “driving out” has been proven not to work … because the earth is round.
      drive them out the front door, they return thru the back door.

      i say, give them land: Gaza, the Jewish State and maybe after couple of centuries of gaza treatment, the judaist demon will be exorcised out of them.

  14. Timely topic, especially given Amazon’s recent book burning suppression. The comments regarding “Metadata” are important because the subject involves far more than current shopping trends. Microchipping human beings, population control through “Soylent” Monsanto” linked to determinable medical issues for the racketeers in medicine, and more are linked to collecting and processing Metadata. Boycott and resistance may seem negligible, but they are a great starting point until others wake up and join the party. I use credit cards ONLY when absolutely forced to, never been on facebook or other social media, and make pushing back QUIETLY, please, a way of life. It’s very satisfying, though not very consequential of course. There is another way, not to be trifled with, but available for those who look – Intelligence Agencies have looked into these “Arts” decades ago, and found that the work can be deadly for those seeking selfish or evil ends. Still, protection is always good at the very least… I’d advise those with the inclination to “Vaya con Dios” – keep a very open mind, explore the depths of the rabbit hole. Read all you can – you could do worse than start with American Indians (Rolling Thunder, Fools Crow, John Fire Lame Deer, others). Note that CIA employee “Gus” Avrokotos paid a visit to a literally charming old Greek lady in Appalachia when he was handed the “Afghan” desk (by his own request) considered a losing position at the time when the jew brained Bill Casey and others were focused on S. America. “Hollywood” Milt Bearden (Pres. George H. W. and Pres. Clinton by betrayal and indifference) and others queered that one too for a while, but Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud will always be a national hero, the Taliban and Hekmatyar remembered for all time as treacherous jew run CIA dogs. The rest of you – keep up what you are inclined with, but we all should try to send a message to Bezos and his masters. All best. For Gus, it all began with a visit to Appalachia…


    Austin, Tex., March 12, 2017 … At SXSW, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt announced Sunday that ADL has secured seed funding from Omidyar Network to build a state-of-the-art command center in Silicon Valley to combat the growing threat posed by hate online. The center will employ the best technology and seasoned experts to monitor, track, analyze and mitigate hate speech and harassment across the Internet, in support of the Jewish community and other minority groups.

    Of course it’s all about “fighting hate” and “promoting inclusivity” :

    “Inclusivity is key to a healthy society and yet this is being challenged and attacked in countries around the world, including the United States. Cyberhate is a big, growing part of the problem and it needs a big response. ADL’s work against hate is unmatched and the launch of the center in Silicon Valley will enable them to further collaborate with the technology industry to tackle these problems.” said Stacy Donohue, Investment Partner, Omidyar Network.

    Source :

  16. Shut down the internet! — shout the Enemies of Free Speech

    Tsk tsk
    How dare we speak out of station, I mean the horror…..
    How dare we criticize and ridicule, after all, there are those things that simply cannot be questioned or ridiculed.
    Don’t question the Jews and the holocaust….
    Don’t question the history of Islam and the life of Muhammad…..
    It is getting rather laughable, to say the least…
    Speech is either free, that is unrestricted or it isn’t free speech.
    So is Darkmoon a bastion of free speech believing it sacrosanct or not?
    Well that’s rather easy to answer. Speech is restricted on Darkmoon, therefore it isn’t free.
    Or have I missed something and there’s now a fourth line to Orwell’s mantra:

    Freedom is Slavery,
    War is Peace
    Ignorance is Strength
    Freedom of Speech is restricted speech

    You either believe in the freedom of speech and expression or you don’t. This website doesn’t. Many people on this site do not believe in freedom of speech. I think myself and Pat are probably the only two who actually do.
    So if you’re going to restrict speech, as you have; if you’re going to listen to commenters who call for restricting others because they’ve hit a nerve and they’re offended, then FOR CRYING OUT LOUD stop putting up articles defending freedom of speech, when you most certainly do not practice what you preach. Oh no, there I go again, lecturing the Lasha Darkmoon website…..or wait a minute…could it be that I’m calling them out for their hypocrisy?
    I wonder…
    Hey Madame, I’m waiting for you to come and reprimand me, for upsetting your antennae 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Harbinger,

      I regret to say that you are unfit to post on this website. You are either on medication or you are mentally unbalanced. I know of no other website that would allow you the freedom of speech to abuse it and insult it in the way you have done.

      This bad behavior on your part is all the more unacceptable, given that the administrators of this site have done nothing whatever to provoke this latest hissy fit of yours.

      Please return to the site at a later date when you have recovered your wits.

    2. @ Harbinger

      Speech is either free, that is unrestricted or it isn’t free speech. So is Darkmoon a bastion of free speech believing it sacrosanct or not? Well that’s rather easy to answer. Speech is restricted on Darkmoon, therefore it isn’t free.

      Garbage! I have been been free to say anything I want here and I have never had a comment deleted or censored in any way at any time. And the same applies to virtually every other poster on this site.

      The reason you are making such a scene is that you obviously don’t know the difference between free speech and abuse of free speech. Freedom of speech does not include shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire! And free speech certainly doesn’t include constant rudeness and disrespect to Admin.

      You are NOT free to spit in people’s faces and vomit all over at them at your pleasure. Do you understand that? No, I don’t think you do.

      I strongly recommend that you be banned from this website ASAP.

  17. The filthy rats took down my site last night.


    I’m writing to inform you that Weebly’s policy team has banned the following Siteground customer site for TOS violations specifically related to Section 8-1a (
    [email protected]

    Weebly’s policy team attempted to notify the customer directly, and provide an export of their site, however, Siteground does not provide the user’s actual email address when creating sites.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience regarding this incident, but we greatly appreciate your support with regard to Weebly’s TOS, which applies to all Weebly sites. If you have any questions about this, please do let me know.


    1. Damn, Andy..!!

      I hope you saved some content.

      They are taking down the internet…. by the hundreds each day.

      No need to interrupt banking and porn sites by taking it all down at once.

      1. @ Pat

        Thanks for your concern. Just got good news from my tech guy that all my site content can be salvaged. But it will probably take me 2 weeks to get my site up and running again with another sitebuilder/host. Will try WordPress this time.

        @ Jacob Rothschild aka The King of Jews

        Why not just buy me off? I mean, you make it from thin air; actually, you make it electronically these days by simply typing numbers and adding zeros. It’s not like real gold or silver.

        My price is 6,000,000,000 (six billion) shekels. Sorry, I know you love the figure of (((6 million))) but 6 million dollars doesn’t buy much these days. It’s called inflation.

        You know where to find me. Shalom

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